Opening windows in the winter

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Abubu Mon 18-Jan-10 13:48:44

Hi everyone,

I hope this isn't too boring a topic, but I am genuinely interested....

This weekend we went to visit 2 different friends at their homes. Both times they had several windows open and said they were airing the house (I didn't enquire, they just mentioned it for some reason)

At this time of year we rarely open the windows in our house because of the temperature?
Should I still be doing this? If so when and how often? I am at work all day and in the evening and morning I don't want to let all the warm air out that I've just paid to heat up for 2 hours?!?


BlueKangerooWonders Mon 18-Jan-10 13:58:15

I always try to open windows when I'm taking dc to school/ preschool. But close as soon as I get back ! Gives the house 40 mins of fresh air and gets rid of condensation.

But I'm a fresh air fiend anyway and love throwing open the windows and doors.

SilveryMoon Mon 18-Jan-10 14:03:38

I like to have the windows open for a little while each day. Only a bit though for maybe 30 mins to an hour and maybe not all rooms at same time, but that's because if the condensation gets bad, we get mould

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 18-Jan-10 14:07:14

I never have heating on in the morning, we get up, eat, wash and go out.

I leave the windows open when I take the DC to school and then close when I get home. It's never properly freezing, if it's very cold I put an extra jumper on.

TabithaTwitchet Mon 18-Jan-10 14:16:17

We have a small window in our bedroom open all night long - I open it when DD goes to bed - although she is in a different room - and close it when I get up (which is also around the time the central heating turns itself on).
DH and I now so used to having fresh air while we sleep that we can wake up with dry mouths and headaches if we stay anywhere overnight where you can't open the windows.

allthatglisters Mon 18-Jan-10 14:25:47

I have found that opening windows doesn't get rid of the condensation on my windows - it seems more effective to keep the house warm and wipe off the condensation with a towel or flannel.

TheProvincialLady Mon 18-Jan-10 14:28:23

I do that too. I can't stand the dry air and the stale smell if I don't.

Montifer Mon 18-Jan-10 14:29:39

I was wondering the same thing this morning, our house definitely needs some airing.

Seems ridiculous if the heating is on though which it is today as DP is working from home and is nesh feels the cold.

Abubu Mon 18-Jan-10 14:31:08

I admit that we do have a mould problem... the trouble is I really can't stand being cold.

SilveryMoon Mon 18-Jan-10 14:32:46

I hate being cold. I normally have the windows open first thing (yes when heating's on) when I'm doing most of my rushing around.

potoftea Mon 18-Jan-10 14:33:56

Unless it's snowing, I do open the windows for at least a few minutes every morning. I feel it gets rid of stale air and germs, as well as smells that I don't get, but visitors would.

Usually do this as soon as we're dressed in the morning before we go out.

missorinoco Mon 18-Jan-10 14:37:25

I open them to get rid of the consenation (which otherwise leads to mould for me).

Does wiping them work better? I do find it silly having my windows open and heating on, but I'm not keen on the mould.

Montifer Mon 18-Jan-10 14:38:01

Abubu - have you tried a dehumidifier.

We used to live in a damp basement flat and had one, I was astounded at how much water it produced - about 5 litres of water every couple of days.

teatotal Mon 18-Jan-10 17:27:21

Yes, always.
Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor.
Loads online to read. It's a bit like a dirty fish tank that is never cleaned out and we continue to breath in stale air. Check it out, hope this make sense.

fairybubbles Tue 19-Jan-10 08:10:59

usually open bathroom window for an hour or so a day plus I always open kitchen window when we are cooking as I hate food smells (especially the george forman and DP loves to use it).
In between times if I feel the air is dry or we are too warm I open the rest. I love a good day when I can leave them open for hours.

herbietea Tue 19-Jan-10 08:17:41

Message withdrawn

GooseyLoosey Tue 19-Jan-10 08:23:53

Yep - I live in an old damp house and have been told by lots of old building surveyors that old houses are meant to breathe - they need air to flow through them to get rid of damp, condensation and all of the other problems associated with them. The bedroom windows are almost always open a small amount (although not when it was completely freezing) and when I am at home during the day, I always throw open the downstairs windows for a while.

Slight hijack!

How do you air a flat when their isn't much airflow? It's all one aspect and no through draught so the air doesn't really 'air' the house IYSWIM.

DaisymooSteiner Tue 19-Jan-10 09:11:39

I only open upstairs windows as I find that downstairs gets an airing through having the front and back doors opened (and left open by the dcs!) Also, the moist air tends to rise upstairs naturally, so this is the bit that needs airing IMHO.

Abubu Tue 19-Jan-10 11:18:00

Thanks for all your responses! Our house is fairly old and a little bit damp so we probably should try to air it more. MIL is always mentioning it so but I've just been fobbing her off about it being too cold.

Montifer - yes I do have a dehumidifier but don't put it on that often, usually only after we've had the shower on. We probably need to use it a bit more though as we have mould some of the corners of our bedrooms. Yuck.

I think I may try just opening the windows for 20 mintues a couple of times a day at the weekends.

I'm wondering if there is an odd smell in our house now that we can't smell but visitors can.....

Roll on the spring!

misscph1973 Tue 19-Jan-10 13:57:58

I have two big dogs and carpets so my house just doesn't smell great in general ;) We both work from home and cook a lot so this adds to the smelliness I guess.

My aim is to air out for 10 min 3 x day (that is the recommended) but I only manage once x day.

I keep a little one open at night in our room. Heating is off at night. I like breathing in the cool air and it makes dh less snory. I also like to be able to hear the weather at night grin
if dd is night coughing we open her window too and it does seem to help.

Bonsoir Tue 19-Jan-10 14:16:57

It's a good idea to air houses every day - it's much healthier.

I live in an apartment with large windows and heavy metal shutters, so tend to air at night in winter - I shut off the front part of the apartment, shut the shutters and open the windows, and that way the living rooms and hall get a proper airing. I also open the kitchen window at night.

Then, in the morning, after we are all up, washed and dressed I open all the bedroom and bathroom windows for about 30 minutes while I retreat to the front of the apartment to keep warm!

onlyjoinedforoffers Tue 19-Jan-10 14:32:38

i open all windows at some point during the day to air especially the living room it makes all the difference

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