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Smell of wee in toilet that I can't get rid of, no matter how well I clean

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Since a few weeks there is a smell of wee in my toilet, and I can't seem to get rid of it. I have cleaned it twice a week with Domestos for the loo, and normal all-purpose cleaning liquid for the surfaces (incl. floor)but it doesn't help. There are no obvious stains, although there is a slight yellow edge where the lino meets the base of the toilet, but that has always been there. Any tips what I should use or where I should clean? Help greatly appreciated!

onebatmother Wed 18-Jun-08 23:12:57

I bleach the floors as well, and leave it to soak in a little, esp with lino.

Collision Wed 18-Jun-08 23:13:09

you need a new loo seat.....ours was the same til we changed it!

herbietea Wed 18-Jun-08 23:14:47

Message withdrawn

TsarChasm Wed 18-Jun-08 23:18:58

Ours was exactly as you describe and it turned out the toilet was leaking very slowly onto the floor and had soaked into the floorboards.

It was horrible and smelly. I was constantly cleaning it until we worked it out.

Dh said the seal on the toilet needed replacing, which he did. Personally I'd have called a plumber, but he did it cos it saved money. He did a good job, but it wasn't pleasant.

We ripped up the carpet and threw it out. I then scrubbed the floor with all sorts of claning stuff and we left it bare of carpet for a month to dry out and to make sure it was ok.

Would it really be as simple as a new loo seat? going to try that. I hope the toilet is not leaking, that is a lot more work!

Tsarchasm, where is the seal you say might need replacing and how do I check it?

TsarChasm Thu 19-Jun-08 08:29:10

Yes try the seat first. Hopefully it's that.

The seal is at the back where the toilet is attached to the outlet pipe. It's like a big black rubber ring seal tightly between the toilet and the pipe to stop leaking between the join.

It's quite visible on ours, but I guess various toilets might have a different set up.

If it is that, it's not something I would have been able to attempt. You have to be strong enough to get the toilet off for one thing. Dh only did it in a quest to save paying for a plumber. Not a nice job though, I think he wished he had got the plumber in at one point.

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