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How long will the freezer contents be ok for in a Powercut?

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nobodysfool Sun 25-May-08 18:58:46

My mums power has been off since 10.30 this morning.
How long will the food be ok for in the freezer?
She hasn't opened the door.
Many thanks

SaintGeorgeasaurus Sun 25-May-08 19:00:57

Depends on age and efficiency of freezer.

Unopened should be ok for at least 12-18 hours.

Modern, A rated, probably more like 18-24 hours.

nobodysfool Sun 25-May-08 19:04:13

It's about 5 years old but i'm not sure on the energy efficiency.
Poor Mum, she lives on a pension and does a big meat shop once a month and it's full of meat at the moment.

SaintGeorgeasaurus Sun 25-May-08 19:07:12

Lots of meat can be refrozen.

If it is kept in the freezer undisturbed it should be ok. It is only when the meat is allowed to come up to room temperature that you start getting problems.

If the power stays off too long, then most could probably be cooked and then refrozen.

nobodysfool Sun 25-May-08 19:07:53

Thanks for the advice.
Will pass it on.

WendyWeber Sun 25-May-08 19:08:21

I thought if you didn't open the door (don't keep checking!) it should be more than 24 hours.

My freezer is more than 5 years old but it's A rated (or it was when I bought it)

WendyWeber Sun 25-May-08 19:10:16

If the freezer is full, 2 days; if part full, 1 day

SaintGeorgeasaurus Sun 25-May-08 19:12:06

I think the general guidelines assume that the freezer might not be full.

If it is full it will stay frozen longer. Packed to the gills you are probably looking at 48 hours.

SaintGeorgeasaurus Sun 25-May-08 19:13:08

Cross posted Wendy.

Hey, for once the guy selling me something got it right! Well done ^that freezer salesman grin

nobodysfool Sun 25-May-08 19:15:08

thanks for the link.

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