FLYLady Products - anyone bought any?

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taliac Tue 08-Apr-08 13:14:07

I cant help it, I read the testimonials and think oh, that Rubba Scrubba DOES sound quite good..

Am I just falling for marketing? Or is it worth ordering it all the way from the states?

And how about the other products, anyone tried any of them?

I keep hearing about the Rubba Scrubba too - BUT I think I've seen sth similar here so will hold off !

I have their calender which I DO find good - and DS1 (3) loves looking at it and sticking all the cute stickers on it.

Also have the feather duster which is pretty good (actually need a taller one to do the ceilings).

The only thing I've been disappointed in was the famous "office in a bag". It is NOT big enough for an A4 folder (just a cm too small, really bad design flaw imo). I loved the idea, but I have a semi-"control journal" file with a few papers in transparent pockets and it won't fit in it.

Oh, just remembered, I have the timer too ! Could have bought the timer elsewhere but with 2 DS + full-time job + house in the country I never get time to go shopping to get one. I use it for cooking but also to get DS to tidy up and to get me kick-started on my piles of marking... Which I will return to now. sad

Cappuccino Tue 08-Apr-08 13:25:30

I think you have to find out how much the excise and Royal Mail handling fee is because that will add to the cost of anything you get from the States

the office in a bag will be too small because the US don't use A4 as a standard size, their standard size is smaller

you can get ostrich feather dusters in John Lewis

Organised Mum does a similar calendar with stickers but the dates are right for the UK

I think you can get the rubber brushes from Kleeneze or somewhere like that

taliac Tue 08-Apr-08 13:49:26

And this is why I love you people.


Cant believe anyone anywhere ever has bought and liked this though:

Thinking about it, the testimonials praising it are what made me suspicious about the other products..

cerys Tue 08-Apr-08 14:06:19

Dear God, that vest shock. It's only a step away from the checked tabard my lovely Gran used to wear...

Cappuccino Tue 08-Apr-08 14:07:00

they sell them in every market

No1ErmaBombeckfan Tue 08-Apr-08 14:08:49

I am sure Lakeland will have good equivalents.... hmm and postage not too bad...

I know - THAT vest just makes me wonder if I can really admit to receiving fly emails...

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Tue 08-Apr-08 21:28:36

I've got the small and large feather duster. I like them, yes I can get them over here but what the hell.

When I started FL 2 years back, I got a digital timer from Sainsburys £2.99 or £3.99, she is selling them now as her "new" timer.

I've bought a rubber sweeping brush (works great) from Woolworth £5.99.

Oh, the vest? ............. tasteful wink

ColumboGoesBananas Tue 08-Apr-08 22:42:14

I have the timer which I do use, the small and large dusters which are good and use as well - and the purple wrist band which strangely enough does remind me during the day, to try to FLY. Agree that its all probably a waste of money as you could get the stuff here, but what the hell. If it encourages me to learn a routine and stop being a slob then fine.

chipmonkey Tue 08-Apr-08 23:02:18

I loved the timer but unfortunately so did ds3 and I haven't seen it for months! Probably hidden amongst some undecluttered clutter, too!blush

taliac Wed 09-Apr-08 10:45:28

Undecluttered clutter grin love that. Describes my house perfectly.

Seabright Wed 09-Apr-08 14:07:30

I have quite a few Flylady bits and have found them all to be good value and good quality. I like the feather dusters a lot, but keep them away from pets - both my cat and dog often want to kill them!

Seasider Wed 09-Apr-08 15:15:43

I have a tip about timers. If you've got a mobile phone look at tools bit and you'll probably find a timer there. I find it invaluable for everything, including getting DS (7) to get offline etc...

cheekycherryza Fri 19-Feb-10 11:53:14

Agreed about the vest... real stylish!

I know it's old fashioned but I use a huge apron over my clothes because I'm such a klutz that when I clean I land up with detergent and god knows what else all over my clothes. The apron works a treat!

But regarding the flylady products... My mate in the states bought ALL - yes every single flylady item - after struggling for ages with other inferior products and I'm starting to get annoyed with her gushing comments about how good they are. I'm going to have to take a look at them myself!

But with regards to the feather duster - look up the following on E-bay -

Feather Duster: Best Quality Ostrich feather duster 24" Luxury Plumes

with P&P it comes to £12 and if you like flylady's detail duster then you can also get these on e-bay and they're called JML Dust mit. I think they were £5.99 with free delivery.

Also, if you are interested in those microfibre (no need for detergent) cloths then try the pound shop (I got 3 in a pack) or even Morrisons is selling them now.

scattyspice Fri 19-Feb-10 17:08:31

I have a rubber broom from Lidl. Its the best broom I've ever had, esp for carpet/rugs

cheekycherryza Sat 06-Mar-10 17:52:11

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to give a bit of a review on the JML 'Flylady' products I bought recently.

If you look on JML's website under the clever cleaning section, they have their own version of the rubba scrubba called the rubber wonderbrush which is actually better and has a squeegie edge on the one side for washing french doors and windscreen or even mirrors. Their version of the rubba sweepa called the rubber wonderbroom is also excellent as is their version of the detailed cleaning mitt.

I bought a detailed cleaning mit for £2.99 and got a really good mop, the rubber wonderbrush and the rubber wonderbroom for £16.99. With P&P the lot came to £23 and I got it within like 3 days. Good value for money and the products work great. Better than the import duties on the Flylady products anyday.

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