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What´s the best way to clean a cream leather sofa? Don´t say wipes!

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bebespain Mon 26-Nov-07 13:26:54

I´ve noticed how its looking rather dirty of late and those leather wipes you buy are rubbish!
Anyone know of a better way to clean leather?

yes warm water and baby soap.
putmthe sopa in the water and let the water get a bit soapy. dip a cloth in and wring it out then wipe the sofas. brings the up lovely.

Scootergrrrl Mon 26-Nov-07 13:28:12

Baby wipes are quite good - and much cheaper than the leather ones!

CorrieDale Mon 26-Nov-07 13:28:52

Yes, it's quite scarey how effective baby wipes are at cleaning a leather sofa.

LadyOfWaffle Mon 26-Nov-07 13:31:03

Ditto baby wipes, mine looked clean but the wipe was brown when I wiped just the seat bit! blush

baby soap and water cheaper!!! and less chemicaly.

pud1 Mon 26-Nov-07 13:34:23

i was told by the sofa shop that i tried to buy the special cleaner that you first get with the sofa that lux flakes ( the type you used to wash babies nappies in) has the same ingredientsas the expensice liquid cleaners.
i bought some and tried it and my sofa came out looking like new. you have to desolve them in really hot water. add cold water to and wisk so that you can use the foam to clean with

bebespain Mon 26-Nov-07 16:57:36

Thanks ladies I´ll give those a whirl!

jetson Mon 26-Nov-07 17:09:02

Can't remember where I heard it but Vim and a little green scrubby cloth works wonders

CarGirl Mon 26-Nov-07 17:11:36

someone in a leather shop specifically recommended johnsons baby wipes!

evenhope Mon 26-Nov-07 17:13:26

Those magic white sponges work a treat.

purpleflower Mon 26-Nov-07 17:15:10

I buy leather clean and feed from poundland. It lasts ages and works really well.

Joash Mon 26-Nov-07 17:17:14

Apparently Dove soap works wonders on cream leather. Use a damp cloth, rub on the soap and then clean the leather. Make sure you rinse it all off - supposed to be really effective.

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