Cleaning windows like the pros, what do I need?

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But grrrrrrrr, just tried the extension pole and it's bent! And the ebay person is being a bit arsey about it angry

evelynj Fri 28-Jun-13 21:25:58

Haha, glad you're pleased with it. Since your my new bf, I could have a small list of favours.... smile

I love mine-doing our house tomorrow!

evelynj, you are my new best friend smile I ordered an Ettore kit and have just cleaned the entire downstairs windows in 10 minutes. OMG, I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much flowers

Fabulous, thank you!

evelynj Sat 22-Jun-13 21:22:34

You need ettore mop & squeegee- it's wonderful & you can get kits on eBay like this

I love mine & can do whole house in an hour (inside & out). Use a little warm water & washing up liquid & vinegar, make it frothy & wipe. Love it!

Yumpopbythesea Sat 22-Jun-13 21:11:29

Wash the window with a rag and a bowl of warm water with a dash of vinegar and a little bit of washing up liquid. Then use the sqiudgee thing. Go horizontal outside and vertical inside then when it dries you know where any smears are x

You know professional window cleaners go swish, swish, swish with some sort of squeegee thingy and the window is cleaned in 4.6 seconds flat? What do I need to buy to do that? I've deduced that I need something like this to wipe the suds off but how do I get them clean in the first place?

I'm sick of spraying with window cleaner and then wiping with kitchen towel and I want the quick way!

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