Calling all steppers old and new, fancy joining me ready for the September thread

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CatsInChaos Sat 25-Aug-12 23:18:43

Come and sign in here ready for September and the return to school.

Where we attempt Flylady babysteps or whatever we can get done! wink

Where are you all? Zoo, Carrots, bessie, Adora, Scout, Camper and any newcomers who would like to join. smile

CatsInChaos Sat 25-Aug-12 23:19:45

<Hopes she hasn't forgotten anyone>

CatsInChaos Sat 25-Aug-12 23:25:47

I guess you all in bed this time of night, Will come back to check if anyone around tomorrow --as long as I can get near computer--

AdoraBell Sun 26-Aug-12 04:45:17

I'm here, vino in hand having cleared detritus from DD2's cupcake makinggrin

So, TA Das

Up and sorted coffee while OH cleared DW from last night
Roused DDs, we needed to get things in town.
WM on twice
S&S'd main bathroom
Cleaned hob
Reloaded DW & switched on
Hung washing
Went out
Lunch out
Got errands
Dropped DD1 at party
Sorted shopping
Had discussion refrained from killing OH
Cleared away, OH went to collect DD1
Loosely supervised DD2 whilst leaving her to get on with decorating cup cakes.
Cleaned kitchen floor and new carpet, foot prints.

loads more laundry, we bought new bedding for DDs.
Make brownies
General tidy up
Feed everyone
Plan Monday's packed lunch
Water plants
Retain sanity
E-mail friend
Set up Skype on new PC
Print Ins. claim forms
Walk dogs

Not neceasseraly in that ordergrin

CatsInChaos Sun 26-Aug-12 08:04:45

Morning Adora smile,

You have been busy! My list would just contain something like this:

Ta da's:
Make bed
get dressed
sort some stuff for charity shop (decluttering)
one load of washing
recycle bins
referee several arguements etc between DC

Now having Coffee brew trying to "wake up"

Can I join? I don't know much about Fly but I've looked at the website a little and it seems like a good way to get things done. I'm a SAHM with a 3.1yo and a very demanding 8mo. I have a chronic spinal problem which makes movement painful and so I often end up vegging with the kids instead of doing housework. We only live in a 2 bed flat but it's a pit. sad

CatsInChaos Sun 26-Aug-12 08:16:39 Here is the link to flylady. smile

I think I will be doing minimal though till the DC are back to school! wink

CatsInChaos Sun 26-Aug-12 08:20:41

Hi TheJoyfulPuddlejumper (great name) (smile)

Yes, all new and old members welcome!

I am trying to get organised for when the DC go back to school nursery. I have a 3 year old too so know what a challenge that can be.

DD starts preschool on the 5th [sob] so I'm hoping I may get a little more done around the house. Atm I'm trying to sort out all the clothes the kids have outgrown so that I can sell them and raise a bit of money - great idea, but it means I have binbags of clothes all over the place! The flat is rented and has no storage space so there are just piles of stuff everywhere. sad

However so far this morning I have done a load of washing and hung it out, cleared the living room floor and hoovered the entire flat. smile

bessie26 Sun 26-Aug-12 11:36:10

<opens biscuits>

CatsInChaos Sun 26-Aug-12 12:53:51

<Puts kettle on to go with biscuits> brew anyone?

How are you bessie?

I did wonder if everyone had abandoned ship. grin
I find it hard to get much done with DC underfoot but thought I would like to try again once they are back to school. I am trying to do bits here and there but it is quite hard.
Can't spend the whole time cleaning and tidying anyway but it's trying to find a balance that works.

CatsInChaos Sun 26-Aug-12 12:56:45

You have done well Joyful (hope you don't mind me shortening your name)

I have:
made bed
Showered, got dressed
done breakfast
and not much else yet blush

That's fine, I'm usually known as Joyful around here. smile Cats that sounds like a perfect Sunday morning to me!

AdoraBell Sun 26-Aug-12 14:47:47

Hello Joyful and welcome

I'm just getting started, laundry's under control, clean stuff put away, but nothing much else is going on right now.

<leaves brownies to nibble with the coffee/tea>

pokes nose round the door and leaves a box of chocs

CatsInChaos Sun 26-Aug-12 18:16:47

Hi all, Hows it going?

I have done some hoovering and some paperwork shredding. Just cooked and ate dinner. Now having a coffee brew.

<Eyes up chocolates> smile

<hides chocolate wrappers behind back and looks innocent>

I have the most unbelievably shiny kitchen sink today! I decided to wash the cushion covers from my rocking chair and they're handwash only. So I chucked some non-bio detergent and some Vanish in the sink to soak them in. And now it's sparkling! I'm very impressed. grin

AdoraBell Mon 27-Aug-12 03:38:08

Right, all but 1 load of laundry got done today, plus breakfast, vacuuming, shopping, dog walking and dinner. I think I did 6 loads of washing. All dry and ready or ironing. I'm going to burn the current contents of DD's linen baskets, it'll be quicker than washing

OH finally did the kitchen windowsill today - 4 years after telling me he would do it. Stink of silicone prevented me from cooking lunch, so we had naice sarnies out. I've just swept and mopped kitchen floor. Dried DD1's hair and packed them off to bed, tomorrow's packed lunch is prepped, DW is on and I'm enjoying a vino before I retire for the night.

6 loads? Wow. Sounds like you had a busy day!

My target for today is the kitchen. I've been ill for the last few days and while DH has been fab taking care of me and the kids, he hasn't had the opportunity to do much in the kitchen. As a result it looks rather like something from a student house - dirty pans and dishes stacked haphazardly everywhere. confused So first I need to tidy it, then do all the washing up (and I do mean all) then I can clean the surfaces.

I also have a load of washing to do today and I still have several binbags of baby clothes to sort through if I get the chance.

RhubarbCrumbled Mon 27-Aug-12 09:39:14

Hello, can I join too please? I've had a look at fly lady before but really need to get my backside in gear! I was all sorted with a routine and then fell pregnant with DC2 and it all went out of the window. I need to do some decluttering and get a daily routine before I have the baby and before DH goes completely spare with my slatternliness. So, so far today I have...

Done 2 loads of washing
Got DS up and sorted with breakfast (about to wrastle him into clothes...)
Up and dressed myself!
Decided where we're going for the day as it's sunny here

To do
Hoover at least the downstairs
Put away washing
Make dinner

That's all doable right?!

Rhubarb that is definitely doable.

Welcome to all the newbies. Hopefully you can all infect me with your enthusiasm. My dcs went back to school last week and I seem to have lost all interest in keeping things looking good.

I forced myself to declutter the lounge this morning and I have hoovered the open plan kitchen/diner/family room, hallway, vestibule and lounge, which was a massive job, despite having been done on Saturday. It was dog hair city. Why do I have beige floors and 2 black dogs?

I have loads to do so any pointy sticks and gentle boots would be gratefully received smile

How about brew?

I have my second load of washing on and am having some quiet time in bed with DS. I'm still not well and he's a bit grizzly so I think he may be feeling rough too. sad

I am rewarding myself with a brew and a cookie having unloaded and reloaded the dw and cleaning and polishing the worktops. The place looks considerably better already. smile

LackaDAISYcal Mon 27-Aug-12 10:34:23

Lurks quietly.

have fly-ed before with modicum of success, but we are drowning in a sea of clutter. I have three DC, and Too Much Stuff. I'm starting a 2day/week college course in Sept so hoping that having less time to do stuff will focus my mind. I feel, that once it's sorted, then I'll be able to whizz round in no time, but it always gets blitzed, then ignored.

I also battle a chronic illness, so have good days when I can do loads, and then other days when I can only lounge about feeling ineffectual

Hi DAISY, come on in! The regulars on this thread all go up and down for various reasons as well so we will encourage on the good days and nurse you on the others. zoo is our resident baker for those occasions. grin

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