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D'you reckon I can use KingSize Duvet & cover with a SuperKingSize bed?

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champagnesupernova Fri 22-Apr-11 13:11:41

Er. That's all really. Looking to upgrade to help with cosleeping but have so much linen and don't really wanna spend loads more on linen. (would obv need to get fitted sheets and mattress protector.

stealthcat Fri 22-Apr-11 13:20:51

I think that it would look funny - it would be noticably smaller than the bed.

NorthernGobshite Fri 22-Apr-11 13:26:00

Not sure. Try it and see?
You can always buy good cheap-ish bed linen from Dunelm or similar. Don't have to spend a lot.

adamschic Fri 22-Apr-11 13:29:08

I was thinking about doing this. I sleep alone (most of the time) in a superkingsize. I hate making the bed up, the duvet is so big and most of it doesn't touch a sleeping person.

izzybiz Fri 22-Apr-11 13:29:26

I have a kingsize bed and a double duvet its fine.

DuplicitousBitch Fri 22-Apr-11 13:30:38

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

It'll be fine. It will just lie flat on the bed and not hang down the sides. Only thing is, you'd need to sleep quite close together or the duvet won't stretch the width of the bed when you're under it!

However, I adore my sks bed and could never have a smaller bed.

Pagwatch Fri 22-Apr-11 14:07:09

It's fine.
I have a super king bed but I have loads of different duvets and covers and a couple are only king size and they are fine. They just don't drape to the floor and you have less overhang.

Mandy2003 Fri 22-Apr-11 18:50:29

I am the same as Izzybiz - double duvet on a kingsize bed, hate overhang!

deliakate Fri 22-Apr-11 19:55:35

We are using our old king on our superking bed. Looks-wise its fine. It can be annoying when DH and I want to sleep far apart, as it doesn't snuggle when you are both at the edges.

medicalmayhem Fri 22-Apr-11 19:59:53

No it wont work you will have to sleep much closer together to have any quilt on you which negates the point of a lovely huge bed, tried it when we first bought our super kingsize.

LadyInTheRadiat0r Fri 22-Apr-11 20:10:24

It'll be fine, you just won't have quite so much overhang, but if you are co-sleeping might you want bigger covers? You can always get superkingsize later on when you could afford it?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

upthehill Fri 22-Apr-11 20:16:39

Yes, I have a Superking bed and a Kingsize duvet - tis fine for 2 people and doesn't look funny.

Pagwatch Fri 22-Apr-11 20:17:07

I wonder if some king sizes vary? Because our white company and Duchamp king size bedding is fine. I sometimes get dh, dd and ds2 all in bed with me and the bedding is never too small, nor does it negate the size of the bed. Of course the super king is a bit bigger but the difference isn't that much.

How odd?

ThingOne Fri 22-Apr-11 20:33:57

We have kept our king-sized duvets and covers and used them happily on our super king for three years. It doesn't look too small at all. There's no overhang. My DS2 is nearly five now so mainly is in his own bed but when it was cold, one of us slept under a single duvet and the other shared the king-sized with the incomer. We had done this in the king-size anyway, as it was more comfortable.
If both boys are in the bed we're all so bloomin' hot it doesn't matter!

WhatTheActualFuck Fri 22-Apr-11 20:45:31

It's fine. When we first got a super kingsize bed (about 12 or 13 years ago), the selection of bed linen was crap; and what there was available was way beyond our means at the time. So we stuck with the kingsize duvet & covers we had and just bought some superking sheets. The duvet is plenty big enough for the 2 of us (plus a large dog, on occasions) and doesn't look odd at all on the bed since it is big enough to cover it fully, just with less overhang at the sides and end.

southeastastra Fri 22-Apr-11 20:47:01

ooh what did DuplicitousBitch say!

i have a kingsize duvet and it's huuuuge, oh i would so love a superking size bed

mawbroon Fri 22-Apr-11 21:03:42

We've got a superkingsize and I didn't want a SKS duvet because I thought it would be really hard to put on and would take up the whole pulley drying etc plus the bed was expensive so didn't want to have to fork out more when I had spare duvets.

So, we ended up with two double duvets, because that's what we had spare. DH would prefer a single for his side, but I have ds2 on my side of the bed, so a double suits us fine.

Much more choice of bedding in double size, and no duvet hogging!!

Cutiecat Fri 22-Apr-11 21:53:53

When we upgraded to a kingsize it didn't work for us using a double duvet. I think I would try it for a few weeks before buying a new duvet. I have some really nice double sets that are used in the spare room, tis a bit of a shame.

Incidently I had a Norwegian friend who told me that it was common there to have two single duvets.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eeky Sat 23-Apr-11 20:56:22

we have recently gone for 2x double duvets and covers (2 of these are cheaper than half a sks, iyswim!) on our sks bed, and is so much more comfortable than one big duvet. Dh and I are both large-ish and like to wriggle in bed.

Can also use v.cheap supermarket duvets - would love a silk or wool one in the future, but with a labrador and cat and 2 dd's under 3y who visit often, reluctant to shell out just yet on duvet that will have vomit/milk/nappy leakage on!

FellatioNels0n Sat 23-Apr-11 21:38:33

Yes you can do it - it just doesn't overhang the edges quite so far, but it's fine.

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