how much does it cost to get curtains dry cleaned?

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brimfull Fri 04-Mar-11 19:35:31

have had them up for yrs and desp need to be cleaned

snorkie Fri 04-Mar-11 19:46:44

We paid £70 for 2 pairs - complete ripoff imo

brimfull Fri 04-Mar-11 19:53:30

that's what I am afraid of.

may have to do one at a time

northerngirl41 Fri 04-Mar-11 21:10:56

Are they interlined/thermals? If so be prepared for the horror of £150 for 2 pairs. Mind you, I'd had those up for 6 years so £25/year ain't bad!

Do they really need to be cleaned though? Could you get away with Frebreeze and a steam iron? (Massive amount of faff but I've just regenerated a pair of curtains which have been in a plastic bin bag for 25 years with that method!!)

brimfull Fri 04-Mar-11 21:18:56

they're lined but not interlined
they are cream and filthy if you look closely
I have a steam cleaner actually , never thought about using it.

CeliaFate Sat 05-Mar-11 14:46:14

Do them on cold wool cycle in the washing machine. Do one at a time, low spin speed and plenty of fabric conditioner. Hang them up straightaway and pull them so they dry with very few creases.

Ooopsadaisy Sat 05-Mar-11 14:52:49

I started a thread on here regarding dry cleaning a while back.

I admitted to never having ever had anything dry cleaned and asking if I was weird.

I have always just hand-washed anything that says dry clean - curtains, rugs, bridesmaid dresses, coats, duvets etc.

One post was all about the chemicals used in dry cleaning.

Definitely made me feel I'd made the right decision!

If curtains are lined, I would detach the lining and wash separately. Then sew back in when dry. Sometimes one will shrink just a tiny bit and this makes the hems/seams all bobble up. By taking out and sewing back in you will be able to line them up again.

brimfull Sat 05-Mar-11 15:04:27

great thanks
Can't be arsed to take the lining out , would take me hrs
am willing to risk it
will put one in and do test

thanks sooo much !!!

why the fabric conditioner?? haven't got any

CeliaFate Sat 05-Mar-11 19:57:02

Fabric conditioner will make them soft and less creased and your room will smell gorgeous while they dry!

potplant Sat 05-Mar-11 20:00:30

They charge by weight in my local dry cleaners. Couldn't believe how much it cost.

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