How often do you clean your house?

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Schmaffy Mon 21-Feb-11 16:58:12

Conflicting discussions with friends have prompted this post (and the fact that I'm ridiculously nosey!)

I think I'm pretty normal, so on a good week I
* Wipe down kitchen surfaces (and sink) every day
* Wipe down and bleach loos every few days
* Polish furniture once a week / fortnight
* Hoover once a week
* Mop once a week
* Clean bathroom once a week
* Wipe down kitchen with kitchen cleaner once a week
* Bedding changed weekly
* Towels changed weekly

On a busy week less is done ... (hoovering and polishing normally first to go...)

Toying with getting some of those e-cloths to wipe bathroom over with every day so less hard water marks but not sure if I can be bothered grin

However, I have friends who hoover house and 'propely' clean bathrooms and kitchens every day. Others hoover every half-term.

What's a mn 'normal'???

fl0b0t Wed 06-Feb-13 17:44:19


I've got morning sickness. Not sure a toilet in our house has been cleaned for weeks.......

I'm sure once baby comes along I will be much more houseproud.... right?! ;-)

tinygreendragon Wed 06-Feb-13 17:02:31

Kitchen surfaces, oven hob, kitchen floor, toilet, bath and shower get a quick once over every day. Then both kitchen and bathroom get a proper full clean once a week.
2x Bedrooms get a dust, sweep & mop once a week.
Living room, stairs & hallway gets a dust and hoover once a week.
Bedding and towels get washed once a week. Clothes when there is enough for a full loads (about twice a week)

Once a week I'll do a different 'yearly' or 'every 6 months' job like cleaning the oven, washing the curtains, descaling the kettle, decluttering, cleaning the patio, rotating wardrobe, clearing the drains, cleaning the fridge etc.

Plus every couple of days I'll wander round the house with baby wipes and clean the doorhandles, bannisters, phone, window sills, skirting boards, light switches etc whilst I'm on the phone or waiting for the kettle to boil.

Now writing that down actually sounds alot, but I don't think I spend anymore than about 20 mins a day cleaning unless anything becomes a particularly big job which is rare.

Same as you OP except I have a dog so Hoover downstairs most days and bleach the loos every morning once kids have gone to school. Very rarely iron though!!

Tryharder Wed 06-Feb-13 16:25:04

Hoover every day. Wipe kitchen surfaces and bathroom quickly every day. Mop twice a week. It's not the cleaning that bothers me unduly but the constant tidying up. I have 3 DCs aged 2-8 and the mess they create is astronomical.

Work full time as well. I am stressed!

notso Wed 06-Feb-13 15:00:14

When I was working in between DC1&2 and DC3&4 the house was so clean, but then there was no-one in to mess it up!

Now I am back to SAHM with DC3&4 it's disgusting again. I try but all I end up doing is hoovering the front room, (a must because DS3 has started foraging and eating his finds whatever they maybe) and keeping the kitchen reasonable although the floor is minging plus a couple of loads of laundry.
I start something but then someone is crying or needs changing or feeding, then DS2 empties duplo everywhere and before I know it it's time to pick DS1 up.
So what is the secret and I can't afford a cleaner.

StripeyCircle Wed 06-Feb-13 14:38:26

Once a fortnight does for me.
My mother hates it, but she never worked when we were young, and then went part time so has always had the time (and inclination!) to get the hoover out.
The house isn't filthy, just a bit untidy!

Oh and change bed sheets weekly.

Daily - wipe down kitchen surfaces and hob, change tea towels, washing up cloths/ sponges, washing.
Every couple of days - change bath towels.
Weekly - clean bathroom, hoover, dust.
Monthly - clean oven, pull out furniture and hoover.
That's it I think. Not as much as some people do, but a damn sight better than I used to be!

Locketjuice Wed 06-Feb-13 14:36:04

Hoover every day, bathroom and kitchen everyday, mop every other day... Washing usually 1-2 tubs a dayish?

moogalicious Wed 06-Feb-13 14:29:47

Hoover daily (dog hairs)
Clean kitchen floor daily (dog paw prints)
tidy daily
kitchen tops daily
wipe bathroom daily
dust and hoover whole house including skirtings weekly
proper clean of bathroom and cloakroom weekly
kitchen cleaned weekly
wooden floors washed weekly
bed and towels, when I remember usually once a fortnight handtowels changed weekly
Curtains 3 or 4 times a year
carpets cleaned 3 or 4 times a year

No ironing.

How come my house still looks like a shit hole sad

CharlotteBronteSaurus Wed 06-Feb-13 14:26:12

kitchen wiped down daily
hoover downstairs twice weekly, upstairs once fortnightly
dust when I can see it and it gets on my nerves
clean loo daily
bathroom fortnightly, although I spot clean as I go IYSWIM
mop floors when I remember - I'm sure it goes from one month to the next without my getting the mop out sometimes
towels changed twice weekly
bedding - probably fortnightly, although i aim for weekly

i would prefer a cleaner house but I am too tight for a cleaner and too lazy to do more myself.

Samsallows Wed 06-Feb-13 14:21:03

Ahhh posted that before I was finished!
I Hoover every 2-3 days.
I mop floors when I Hoover.
I clean skirtings and doors get a wipe down once a week. I clean my cupboard doors in the kitchen at the same time.
I do dishes after every mea/drink
Clean oven once a week.
I wash curtains and cushion covers every month or so.
I clear out the house once a month. We are so crammed in a one bedroom flat, so a clear out is needed often!

Samsallows Wed 06-Feb-13 14:18:16

I clean quite often.
I clean/wipe surfaces most days. Roughly 5 days a week.
I do washing everyday
I clean the bathroom about 5 days a week with bathroom cleaner & bleach the loo.
I do bedding wash once a week.
I do towel wash every 3 days. We use a clean towel everyone we wash, and I put a new hand towel in everyday.
I h

I am not a clean freak, but I do find myself cleaning constantly. But this is only because my 5 dc are aged 8 down to 1. And now the baby is crawling I brush floors 6 or 7 times a day. Kitchen benches& sink are cleaned after every meal. Floor mopped twice a week, no mean feat let me tell you. Bathrooms usually every day I clean them. 4 peeing boys, you can imagine! Glass in doors and mirrors twice a week. Upstairs does not get the same attention, I usually get it all done on sat mornings, change beds, hoovering.

TheSecondComing Mon 21-Feb-11 18:05:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crystalglasses Mon 21-Feb-11 18:05:00

I knew someone who regulalry cleaned the inside of the u bend under her kitchen sink. There's a little screw underneath that she unscrewed and then used a small brush to get right inside the bend. Excessive !!

She made her dh bend over the kitchen sink whenever he had his last drink at night in case he left drips on the work surface.

EdwardorEricCantdecide Mon 21-Feb-11 18:00:39

i am quite openly lazy and disgusting at best i do most jobs weekly. at worst (more often than not) i've gone a month without touching the hoover! blush i try to tidy up everyday - don't always manage.
but im trying to change my slovenly ways gutted house last week and have kept it clean since so far so good.

my MIL hoovers twice a day, polishes leather suite every day with furniture polish FFS, weekly she cleans her garden path and concrete sills outside window with bleach! cleans windows inside and out twice weekly, and irons everything including towels, sheets and pajamas!!!!
and she constantly comments on how disgusting my house is! "no wonder DS isn't eating could you eat in that?" shock it wasn't that bad!

LIZS Mon 21-Feb-11 17:50:31

Not often enough judging by the contents of our hoover today blush Hoover lounge about twice a week, upstairs less frequently, sweep kitchen 2-3 times a week, bathroom/toilet twice a week (or when I'm passing through!), dust not often, oven weekly, hob as and when, sink /drainer weekly, wipe over ktichen surfaces and table as needed.

DurhamDurham Mon 21-Feb-11 17:36:21

Schmaffy I have the same routine as you. The house never gets a chance to look dirty but I don't feel like I'm always cleaning.

I tidy up at end of each day, I would hate to come downstairs to a mess on a morning. Both me and DH work full time and the girls are at school all day so there's never loads of mess.

I have fiends who wait for things to get v grim and then they spend a whole day having a 'muck out' and moaning about it. And they think I'm mad for being so 'anal' as to have a routine!!

Lotkinsgonecurly Mon 21-Feb-11 17:33:39

I've got a cleaner, they came today but I was in the bath grin so had to quickly interupt my bath otherwise the bathroom wouldn't have been cleaned. I love them.

Schmaffy Mon 21-Feb-11 17:31:57

You're welcome anytime TwinMummy30 grin

Just stopped having a cleaner as too expensive and felt could do better myself for the amount we were paying ....I work full time so this routine seems to eat up my Sundays but I do love the feeling when the house is all 'done'.... (until the next day when it suddenly, magically, all becomes 'undone ... confused )

Galdem Mon 21-Feb-11 17:30:46

I fucking hate cleaning and do it under duress.

We have a cleaner who comes once a week and cleans floors, kitchen, bathroom.

I do essential daily cleaning (wiping kitchen surfaces, wiping table, cleaning loo if necessary etc) and mop the floors downstairs maybe once a week max on top of that.

peeriebear Mon 21-Feb-11 17:29:57

I hoover at least twice a week because my house seems to generate loads of floor dandruff. Not to mention huge dust bunnies of dog and cat hair under the kitchen table. Hoovering gives instant visual results too
My kitchen floor is dark wood on purpose, to hide muddy footprints!
Bathrooms get a wipe down when I notice they need it but bathroom floors get mopped when pigs fly.

laosvher Mon 21-Feb-11 17:29:06

I polish about once a month
Vacuum every other day/every few hours if the dog is shedding his winter coat
I change my bedding weeky, the DDs are old enough to do their own and do it about once every 3 weeks.
I rarely ever clean the toilet or bathroom confused what does it actually need doing to it?

FioFio Mon 21-Feb-11 17:28:16

Message deleted

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