What's the best washing powder??

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I know, such an exciting topic for Saturday night!!

What brand do you find the best?
I've tried Asda's own and Surf. Neither get plain old mud out.
I'm fed up of either rewashing jeans or just wearing them as the dogs get me dirty within minutes anyway.

And as an aside, Powder, gel, tabs or liquitabs?

crockydoodle Sat 12-Feb-11 19:13:10

Ariel powder is the best

MrsJamin Sat 12-Feb-11 19:21:27

I like Bold 2 in 1 the best as I can put flannels, cloths, towels in as well as everything else. Gets it pretty clean too.

Speckledeggy Sat 12-Feb-11 19:53:21

Ariel or Persil powder

Seona1973 Sat 12-Feb-11 20:26:22

I use what is on offer out of Ariel, Persil and Daz. I use powder as it leaves the drum of the machine less slimy (I got marks on my clothes when using liquids). I always use Bio powder.

CeliaFate Sat 12-Feb-11 20:29:52

I use Aerial or Bold. For really muddy clothes I'd use a pre-wash programme and put some Napisan in the wash too. I'd use gel - the liquitabs tend to cause bleach spots on my clothes where the contents have pooled in one spot.

bibbitybobbityhat Sat 12-Feb-11 20:35:21

I am Mumsnet Queen of Laundry. Come to me for all your Laundry needs.

For mud: put muddy clothes in the bath and spray with cold water from the shower to get the worst off.

Soak in a bucket in a solution of biological colour powder and warm water for 4 hours.

Rinse in the machine.

Rub any remaining grass stains with washing up liquid.

Wash with bio powder at 40 minimum.

Best colour bio powder is Persil, imo.

Best non-bio = Fairy.

Best bio for whites = Persil.


CeliaFate Sat 12-Feb-11 20:55:45

Or you could just buy waterproof trousers to go over your jeans when walking the dog! grin

bibbitybobbityhat Sat 12-Feb-11 20:57:14

Indeed grin

MammothNobdie1 Sat 12-Feb-11 21:03:02



Ariel makes our entire family itch and it does not smell nice. (IMO)
I use Surcare with a shake of napisan in the drawer and always do an extra rinse.

I have, however, not found a way to get white school socks nice and sparkly again, I've soaked overnight in v weak bleach but it failed miserably!

choccyfiend78 Sat 12-Feb-11 21:36:29

We get Formil non bio from lidl. Sounds cheap I know but can honestly recommend it and it is only 6.50 for a big box. It also has a which recommendation for best value

Do you think I could teach the dogs to wipe their paws when they come in??wink

mousymouse Sun 13-Feb-11 08:51:19

I use ariel colour and ecover bio powder (weird mix, I know...)
if I have bad stains I soak in a mix of powder and warm water for a few hours and after that chuck the whole load, soapy water and all into the mashine and switch on.
I find washing mashines vary quite a bit, in our old flat we had a hoover mashine which got everything clean in the normal wash, now I have a whirlpool mashine and I need to pre treat a lot more, it just doesn*t wash as well.

JaxTellersOldLady Sun 13-Feb-11 10:16:23

persil liquid or Ariel Gel are my 2 faves, although I have used the Formil from Lidl, very good and much cheaper.

sarahtigh Mon 14-Feb-11 15:25:28

try washing at higher temperature say 60C

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