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Making grey shirts white again

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Does anyone have a magic solution that will enable me to restore to whiteness all the shirts that dh has turned grey by not separating the whites and coloureds when he puts a wash on?

I have tried explaining to him that his and the ds's shirts will last longer and look nicer if he does a separate whites wash, but though he listens, and does separate the wash for a while, he always goes back to his bad old ways, and all it takes is one wash with a pair of the ds's black jeans, and all the school/work shirts are grey.

They are only cheap shirts, but they will last at least a year, and it would be nice if they looked white for that year. I have tried Vanish oxyaction crystal white, but with little success - does anyone out there have a miracle solution - I am worried about just soaking them in bleach, as they are cheap shirts and I think they might just fall apart.

Dylon colour run works pretty well at taking dye out when you've had an accident with a mixed wash - but if they've been through the wash again since, its less likely to work.

You could try the stuff they sell for net curtains? That's not quite bleach, but does "whiten" fabrics.

shodatin Sun 17-Oct-10 12:44:51

Been trialling Dr. Beckham Glow-white, but can't see any improvement so will be trying something else while lurking here.
I understand there's some kind of a cloth to add to the load, but can't remember details so hope someone else comes along soon.

Deux Mon 18-Oct-10 00:30:56

Try soaking them in hand hot water and napisan. Soak overnight then machine wash with bio powder.

canyou Mon 18-Oct-10 00:53:20

I second the napisan or curtain cleaning for whites.

Fayrazzled Mon 18-Oct-10 17:57:33

Or you could try the Ariel stain remover powder or gel; there's one which contains whitener.

I use ecover laundry bleach to help keep my whites white- I find that good.

DaftApeth Tue 19-Oct-10 14:14:33

Once you have managed to restore the whiteness, you could try colour catcher. I have no idea whether it works (would be interested to find out!)

saffrone Tue 19-Oct-10 14:44:22

Colour catcher works - as long as item is not really poorly coloured - I find many suits and fabrics bought from Pakistan and India run like a river and you need to use Dylon Colour Seal for those items first.
If it is just a matter of catching the small amount of run that may occur when you first wash a new item, then Dylon Colour Catcher or similar product from Poundland does work! (have the colour sheets in my bin this morning to prove itsmile )

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