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Pleeease help me find some curtains for DS!

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I have been looking loads for some not-too-expensive curtains for DS's room, but my mummy-brain is so bad I can hardly even think of any more places that sell curtains (have searched on web a bit too, but not yet found anything particularly good).

I don't think I am being TOO fussy, just want something with a bit of print or decoration (as the rest of his room is quite plain - but it could be stripes, spots or any sort of pictures/prints, especially if some sort of transport theme) and any combination of blue (any shade), red, purple or white as his room has all those colours in. He has this bedding now, so something that more or less goes with that would be fab, but it doesn't have to be too exact.

The window is pretty much standard size (or will be when I move the curtain rail), and they don't have to have blackout lining as he already has a blind. If anyone has seen anything that would work, then DS and I will be very grateful!

amummyinwaiting Mon 16-Aug-10 20:33:40

Have you tried Dunelm? They have some that look like they might match what you have allready got.
I dont know how you do the "redirect thing" but here is the link:
http://www.dunelm-mill.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search3_11100_childrens+curtains_-1_1_10 551

Or if you go onto Dunelm and type in Cihldrens curtains.

do you know anyone with a sewing machine?
if so just get some nice fabric on ebay and get them to run some up?

Oh thank you mummyinwaiting! Dunelm is one of the places I should have thought of if not so fuzzy-headed at the moment (DD is teething...)!

I have had a look, couldn't get your link to work but they have 2 that would probably work, either the diggers or locomotives ones I think would match pretty well, and the prices are good too so I think we'll probably go for one of them once I have managed to decide which would match best!

I thought about sewing them thisisyesterday but not sure how complicated it is to do curtains (esp pencil pleat type ones which I think we would prefer)? My mum would be able to I'm sure but isn't local, and I don't really know anyone locally who has one except MIL and I am not sure how good she is with it.

amummyinwaiting Wed 18-Aug-10 16:17:14

I thought the digger ones when I saw them!
I couldnt think of the word dunelm for ages...only rosebys that have gone bust (which I didnt know until then)

Yes I thought of Rosebys too but couldn't think where else was similar!

Our nearest Dunelm doesn't have them in at the mo sadly, but said they might get them Friday so I am going to go have a look at both pairs when they have them, and see which ones will match best in the flesh. Getting very excited at finally ticking that job off my list! Just got DD's room to sort now grin

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