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Panasonic combi microwave oven Inverter model.

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1944girl Sat 29-Jun-13 22:34:39

I have just bought a new microwave combi oven yesterday.It is the above named brand and is the third one of this same brand and type of oven I have had in 20 years.The other two have given me excellent service and have always recommened them.The second one has just died of old age 10 years.
This one does not work.Cuts itself out after 2 seconds in microwave mode and fails to heat in convection oven mode.I have complained to the shop I bought it from and it is being returned on Monday when I hopefully will get a replacement which does work.I have also sent an e-mail to Panasonic website describing the faults.The oven was sealed in a cardboard box, no signs of previous use.
I am rightly annoyed that an obviously faulty oven has left the factory causing inconvenience and told Panasonic so in my e-mail.
It just makes me annoyed that a previously reliable(sp) brand has failed to come up to standard.I know this might be just a one off and I have been unlucky but I could scream.

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