help! shopping trolley and toddler does yours?

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victoria1985 Sun 22-Nov-09 02:38:11

Hi everybody, Hoping one of u may be able to help me with a problem I’ve got at the mo??
My youngest son is 20 months old and he never I put him in to a shopping trolley, five minutes later as im comparing the “sausages” I turn around only to find him just about to stand up on the baby seat in the trolley. I’ll put him back in but then guaranteed he will continue to wiggle his legs up through the holes in a bid to stand on the seat again… after the 50th!!! Time I give up and always end up carrying him right round the store whilst getting the shopping and pushing the trolley…. My issue is the fact that I don’t see any other children doing this ever!!! Is it a common thing….that I’ve missed do they all make these desperate attempts to escape the trolley sear?? Or is their a secret distraction tactic I’m not doing……. He’s getting bigger and much heavier all the time and I cant continue to carry him around the store…. And If it is a “common thing” how old are they when they stop it and realise that its dangerous
Ttthhhhaaannnkkk yyyyoooouuu xxxxxxxxxx

savoycabbage Sun 22-Nov-09 05:02:42

Is there not a strap on your trolley? Like a seat-belt? I do remember singing 'the wheels on the bus' as I went round the supermarket like a loon with my dd1.

doingthelambethwalk Sun 22-Nov-09 06:19:07

I would say go for internet grocery shopping instead!

But if that's not for you, then maybe he would walk holding on to the trolley if you told him it is either that, the trolley seat (on his bottom!) or leaving the shop - works for my toddler but only for fairly short shopping experiences I have to admit. Also maybe the promise of a chocolate button after the shop if he is good might work?

MrsBadger Sun 22-Nov-09 08:58:39

agree do big weekly shop online

for top-up bread and milk shopping let him wlak - use reins if necc

XmasElkwithFrostyAntlers Mon 28-Dec-09 10:37:57

my dd does exactly this..i switch between savoys tip of singing like a loon and also letting her sit in the actual trolley itself....
and letting her get involved in the shopping, she chooses the items, works out where to put them in the trolley etc. you have to watch them with the eating items stuff!! but it does work.
And ENDLESS patience. awful isn't it smile

ilove Mon 28-Dec-09 10:40:24


nappyaddict Mon 28-Dec-09 10:40:27

Don't your supermarket trolleys have belts?

MiceElf Tue 05-Jan-10 21:41:14

If the shopping trolley doesn't have straps, use reins & clip the D-strap to the trolley.

If he's 20 months, he's got an attention span of a newt, but with both my daughter & now my son, I used to distract them with a toy, or food.

My daughter used to get a punnet of blueberries to munch on the way 'round - I just paid for the slightly-emptier punnet once I got to the till. It wasn't priced on weight, so I wasn't ripping off the shop.

My son gets a car dashboard thing, or an apple to munch, which keeps him quiet. Failing that I do a "trolley dash" saying Wheeeee! & then backup to where I needed to be, or play Boo, or something else.

Yes, I get funny (& sometimes pitying) looks, but not once (yet!) have I had a temper tantrum or embarrassing moment whilst supermarket shopping.

BikeRunSnowflake Tue 05-Jan-10 21:52:11

My DS (16 months) does it if I don't strap him in. Does it in his highchair too. I use a combination of internet shopping, snacks, toys, local shops as well as the strap.

nappyaddict Fri 08-Jan-10 10:55:04

Everyone be warned of doing what MiceElf does and paying for half eaten stuff at the end. My mum got told off by security and had a french baguette removed from her because she was letting DS eat some on the way around.

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