DH told to lie if he wants to leave meetings to see children before they go to bed [angry]

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mrshospital Thu 02-Oct-08 18:23:06

I'm so angry

DH is quite senior at local hospital - and left a meeting last week at 7pm - after he'd finished his stuff - apologising but saying he wanted to put the children to bed.

Next day he was called into CE's office and given a dressing down, told they were disappointed in him and he must never leave work for 'family reasons' again. They told him just to lie and say his wife was ill or something.

This is just a general rant really but I thought that it fitted in well with the Home Front theme. I am so angry. He was really hoping to start working less hours next year so he can do some of the childcare, but there is such a macho men-don't-take-time-off-for-family culture, especially at a senior level. He will ask but thinks that he will be a marked man and seen as not committed enough. It makes me fume that 'senior' people are supposed to be 'above' family committments.

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