Slim double glazed units

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user1464788317 Wed 01-Jun-16 14:55:34


I thought I'd write a small post about slim double glazed units and how they should be correctly fitted into timber windows and doors.

We've been installing slim double glazed units into existing frames for around 7 years now with no problems at all.

We don't use traditional putties to bed in and face putty with, we always use a product such as Repair Cares Dryseal. Which doesn't dry out and crack like oil based putty. This coupled with the customers keeping on top of their decorating will see the units have a very long life span.

They must be filled with Krypton gas and not argon. Argon filled units won't have a very good U-Value (U-Values measure the insulation properties of dg units)

Water drainage is impossible on existing timber windows which is why the correct products and up keep of painting must be used/undertaken.

Heres a link to our website with lots more information regarding slim double glazed units and sash window renovation.

Thank you.

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