get rid of dummy before move?

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zim Thu 18-Apr-13 14:07:02

Hi dd is coming up to 3 and still has dummy and comfort blanket. We have been talking for a while about the dummy fairies coming. However, as we are due to move house soon I'm not sure whether to wait until we are settled in. We haven't even signed contracts yet so to be perfectly honest it could be another 6-8 weeks AT LEAST so am i just using it as an excuse?! Part of me feels that the dummy fairies should arrive with her birthday presents on her third birthday but then (as i was at christmas) im scared that it will ruin her special day (crying for dummy&bunny/getting overtired with all the excitement/not having the comfort they give her). Sigh! I just need to bite the bullet don't I? She starts school nursery in September+i really don't want her having a dummy then (she does MAINLY have it for sleeps but constantly HAS been known to have it in the house during the day as well ) I'm just scared of her growing up so fast sad

ladycelestial Thu 18-Apr-13 21:47:51

She really doesn't need a dummy at age three, and with continued use, there is more chance that the structure of her mouth will be affected. This in turn can affect how her teeth, and her permanent teeth later on, meet when she closes her mouth or when she bites. Dentists and other health professionals actually recommend stopping the dummy when the child is a year old!

Surprisingly, children get over stopping a dummy much quicker than you expect. I'd definitely send it off to the dummy fairies asap. Good luck.

zim Sat 27-Apr-13 07:08:41

been a full 7 nights of crying for dummy! Help!

MissMarplesBloomers Sat 22-Jun-13 10:47:34

TBH my dentist said is you have a sucky baby (some are more than others) they will use their thumb instead which although it is cuter to look at is harder on the teeth in that you can't ration it.

I had a thing about dummies, hate the bloody things but they keep many a mothert sane, and I took DD1's away from her too early and she turned into a thumbsucker, she is 18 now & still sucks it when tiresad DD2 had her until 3 and has never used her thumb but has much better teeth!

Let her have it to sleep with, & make her take it out when playing or talking. If you are stressed/rushing around packing etc she will be more anxious. She'll get rid of it in her own sweet time, just try & limit it during the day & take it out of her mouth when she'd settled & at the slack jaw stage.

Nursery should let her have whatever she needs to settle in, they'll soon get it off her if she's happily playing.

zim Sun 23-Jun-13 00:21:54

oh missmarplesbloomers how i wish you'd replied sooner!! seriously, as much as ladycelestails advice was sane/common sense/theory backed etc, i just feel like i have to say this for the sake of anyone else in my quandary picking up this thread....a. before you give a child a dummy think long and hard and b. if you dogive them one... before you ask them to give it up think long and hard!! Dear me, it has been/still is a complete and utter NIGHTMARE. she gave up was forced to give up her much love doh doh the day after my original thread (19th may) and over a month later she is still struggling. We moved quicker than originally thought and i just totally regret rushing her. I'm not AT ALL criticising Ladycelestials advice, obviously I was aware of all the 'horrors' associated with dummies which is why i knew it was the 'right' thing to do. Age 1 was not an appropriate age for us to give up (she wasn't even that attached to it at that age but it helped her sleep and we would have done/still will do ANYTHING to get some sleep;) I have heard some friends say that when they asked their children to 'relinquish' their dummies that they have quite happily given them up without a fight. so im not trying to put anyone off trying to get their child off the dummy because all children are different and if you dont try you'll never know how easy it is! but just be VERY afraid!!!
Sorry, i'm only joking and haven't even been into the story of how hard it has been but needless to say we've been very unlucky (hospital trips etc have been involved where i would have given my right arm for her dummy but there was no turning back) it is still a mourning process for us.....sigh;)
todays example-on seeing a tiny baby "look at that baby mummy, do you think the dummy fairies gave him my dummies?"
Yesterday-"when i go back to being a having a dummy again...."
Other days-" I want my doh doh. I don't like my bun without my doh." sad ;(

I'm a great believer in letting them do things in their own time and LadyC is talking bollocks. None of the many dentists I have spoken to regarding this have recommended stopping by a year, because they all know that what MissMarple said is true. Drag the dummy away kicking and screaming and they become long term thumb suckers out of habit. Let them drop it in their own time when they don't have that need to comfort suck something.

People who advocate taking a small child's comfort item and leaving them screaming actually make me extremely pissed off.

DumSpiroSpero Sun 23-Jun-13 01:24:01

Tbh, if she's still that distressed after a month I'd be inclined to let her have it back, especially if it's primarily for sleeping/upsets.

We initially tried to get rid of out DD's dummy when she was three and she had the most horrific night terrors, so we abandoned the idea and tried again when she was 4.3, which went pretty well - 3 days of iffyness, but fine within a week.

We read a book called The Last Noo Noo, and like the monster in the book, we planted her dummy in the garden and said she could have a good try at going without but there's be a 'noo boo' tree in a few weeks if she still wanted one - she didn't.

She is nearly 9 now and she does occasionally say to me 'That noo noo tree never did grow mummy...' with this face hmm !

MissMarplesBloomers Sun 23-Jun-13 13:24:42

Oh I LOVE that noo-noo tree story.

My DD2 finally gave hers up at age 3 when she chucked the last one she had been hiding down the back of her car seat guarding out into rush hour traffic as we negociated one of the biggest intersections in London.

Much wailing ensued but nothing we could do! She wouldn't sleep that night so I cuddled her & just put my (clean) little finger knuckle to her lips & she was soon off.

Sorry I didn't see your post sooner OP .

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