Walthamstow, Forest Gate or Shooters Hill!!???

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its very nice here, anyway!

shooters hill! I live on the hill. Outstanding primaries, grammars within reach, lovely woodland all around, views over London, blackheath village an easy bus ride away for lovely bars,restraunts etc, great little farm over the hill and 20 mins to bluewater in the car grin... Whats not to like? Well, its over an hour to get into central London, and house prices are shooting up. How it compares to Walthamstow etc i have no idea! Its

MightyQuin1201 Sat 06-Apr-13 22:09:56

Just joined- hello! I need some help. DH & I are looking to buy a house with a budget of £375k and we've been looking around Walthamstow which is depressingly more expensive than we thought. We've widened our search to Forest Gate, but both areas seem to have very little on the market, and now DH is all excited about the size of property in SE18 (Shooters Hill). We need a house with 3 bedrooms. Transport links are pretty important too.

We need to start trying for a baby which I'm reluctant to do until we have a house- we currently live in a small flat in Whitechapel, which we just sold. Can anyone give me some advice? Where should we live and live happily ever after? Please help!

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