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messybird Fri 30-Sep-11 11:55:59

Help! We are moving to Llandudno early next year with work, himself in February, me with the children in the summer holidays. Any advice on schools (one into year 6 in 2012 and one to start A Levels), areas, language (completely and utterly non-Welsh speaking but happy to learn). We have looked around, and like the area around the pier and off Mostyn Street. All thoughts, suggestions, tips welcome!

CaliforniaLeaving Wed 26-Sep-12 03:42:20

Living in Llandudno itself off Mostyn street bear the pier is nice, except for theres no parking, ever it's awful. My first bf lived there in his family guest house and they had one car, it would have to be parked miles away. I'm amazed they remember where they left it half the time.
If I was working in Llandudno I'd want to live in the Llanrhos/Deganwy area, you can walk into Llandudno from there and the infants/juniors school is nice and it feed into Ysgol John brights for High school.

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