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At home wedding reception theme ideas - HELP!

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missjulie Fri 18-Feb-11 21:24:10

Hello all!

I am trying to help a fellow MN mate.
Looking for ideas on how to jazz up her home for her wedding reception, nice, but cheap.
Theme is ivory and gold.

I have NO imagination what so ever, so looking for inspiration, please!

All ideas greatly appreciated! xx

ilythia Fri 18-Feb-11 21:32:26

I had my reception at home, we had a trestle type table along one side of the room with long sheets tablecloths on and pinned fresh ivy around the egde with margeurites (sp, you knwo, those big daisies!) pinned in every so often.
The we got about 8 clear vases from tesco and went round all the saupermarket the night before and bought up all the cream flowers and spread thema round the house.
I had little cream pots (poundshop) filled with edible silver hearts from ebay dotted around everywhere as well.
Pushed all the furniture to the walls and covered it in cheapy cream throws/blankets.

Pots of white flowers out the front of the house decorated with ribbon covered bamboo poles ina tripody type shape (mum did those) and a cream daisy wreatn on the door (my sister)

um..what else..oh yes, I got up on the morning of the wedding (couldn't sleep) and made a playlist on the xbox that played through the surround sound in the background.

Food was from local sandwich shop type place that supplied food for meetings for my office. bought a load of cheap glasses from ikea and everyone basically helped themselves. was lovely. hth!

missjulie Fri 18-Feb-11 21:53:37

That sounds lovely!
Do you have any pictures you would be willing to share?

ilythia Sat 19-Feb-11 09:09:53

not on this pc but will have a look and see if I can find any.

missjulie Sat 19-Feb-11 15:49:46

Many thanks! Am sure mate would appreciate it, thank you. x

ilythia Sat 19-Feb-11 21:21:45

The only photos of the house I can find atm are on my profile.
This is view down the room, so everything was creamy and clear. I am clutter queen and had my mum come up a few days before the wedding to box everything apart from bookshelf and photos in frames and hide it in the spare room!

Still unsure why there was a candle. It has never been lit and is over on my mantelpiece now!

I also bought some fakey flowers in lilac and white and put them on the paintings/round doorhandles/around the table.
The food was transferred onto silver platters my mum has by everyone there. Was veyr funny, the only person who did nothing was my GMIL, everyone else dug in and poured drinks, served food etc. We onyl had 30ish people in the house but it was very fun as we were all helping out, so muhc less formal than usual, which suited me to a t.

Best bit was we fecked off to a hotel and then they all stayed and tidied upgrin

missjulie Sat 19-Feb-11 21:35:00

Lol! Sounds fab!!!!
Thanks for this!!
Shall forward her the link! xx

ilythia Sun 20-Feb-11 13:22:55

That's okay, they are shit photos though!
Let me know when she has seen it as I don't like them being up on t'internet too long. All the rest have family/friends in and no background but you get the idea anyway.

ilythia Sun 20-Feb-11 13:24:49

re:photos they were taken by people there, everyone was asked to bring cameras and take pictures so we have loads of 'proper' posey ones from different angles (felt like a sleb with all the clicking) and then did group pics all women and then all men so we have everyone in at least one picture.
It was nice having friends take them as I got emailed cd's after the wedding with everyone's photos on and there were loads of stuff I hadn't seen, people chatting in the garden and messing about with hoovers afterwards and stuff that I woudl never have seen with a proper photographer.

missjulie Sun 20-Feb-11 17:48:43

Ok hun, shall ask her to let you know.
That's a fab idea!!

Off to have a nose! (didn't have time yesterday) xx

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