How to de-register a child from school (England and Wales)

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Julienoshoes Mon 25-Feb-08 18:19:42

A thread for bumping up, for information, so we don't have to keep repeating ourselves.

You'll find a sample de-registration letter (England and Wales) and other information about the realities and legalities of home education on the Education Otherwise and Home Education UKwebsites.

It is recommended that you get a receipt for the letter.

You are not obliged to have any further contact with the school once they have received this letter.
You are not obliged to contact the LA yourself at all, that is the school's responsibility.

Note that if you were already being pursued for truancy, that offence still stands but your child cannot be a truant if they are not a registered pupil. If you are providing an education under s7 of the Education Act 1996 by the time it gets to court, you may be fined for the earlier truancy but it seems unlikely a court would order a parent to prison.

For information about home education in Scotland contact Schoolhouse



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needmorecoffee Sat 01-Mar-08 11:12:28

Except special schools. When you have to beg permission <angry>

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Flight Mon 31-Mar-08 07:24:03

Julie, can I ask please if you have to deregister when your child is attending school but is not yet five?

I am taking out my son, am going to talk to the school about potentially holding a place till the Autumn in case he misses it, and to thank them for their work with him, but I am not sure whether I need to write and formlly deregister him also.

TIA! smile

Runnerbean Mon 31-Mar-08 08:19:22

Is he in nursery or reception?
If he is on the school register in reception, I would think, yes, you would have to de-register.
If he is only in the nursery you could just decline to take the place.

not sure hmm

Julienoshoes Mon 31-Mar-08 08:23:05

I think Runnerbean is most likely correct-is he in nursery or in Receprtion?

I have also asked the question of folks who know more than I do about legalities.
I'll get back to you ASAP.

Flight Mon 31-Mar-08 08:56:50

Oh thanks both smile

Reception. Has been there with much absence since Sept. last year. Just had enough really!

Julienoshoes Mon 31-Mar-08 16:52:05

Flight-one of my more knowledgeable contacts has got back to me.
I asked asked whether a parent has to deregister a child officially if the
child is attending a school, but is not yet 5.

The answer I have been given -assumes that you will not want the place when the child is 5 -and says;

"No you don’t - more or less

Its been complicated by the fact that the new pupil registration regulations
mean that if a child has been offered a place, even if it has never attended
then the child will be deemed to have been registered.

So if the parents have been offered a place for next year at the school then
they will have to formally write to say that they do not want it.

So the short answer is that they do not have to formally withdraw for this
year but they may have been offered a place for next year which requires
them to positively decline."

So it looks like you do not have to formally withdraw from this year-but as you may want the place for when the child is five, you may have to confirm that in writing.

I don't know if the head teacher will have to hold that place for you or whether he will give it to a child who does attend before they are 5.
Is it a very popular/heavily subscribed school?

Given that you said that "Has been there with much absence" is he likely to miss it?
Have you managed to find other home educators locally so that your child can see that there are others around that don't go to school, that he can be friends with?

I'll let you know if my other contact is able to come back with any more info.

Flight Tue 01-Apr-08 07:43:51

Thankyou Julie, that is really helpful. (Sorry not to reply earlier but I wasn't well yesterday pm.)

I'll have a word with the school I think, as we might want to take up the place again next autumn...he just is too small at the moment, to cope physically. He manages and enjoys it if he goes about one day a week, that is all he can really manage, otherwise he is pretty wrecked.

It's very oversubscribed and I suspect they may say 'no' to keeping his place.
In which case we will just chance it.

Thanks again for the info.

Julienoshoes Fri 04-Apr-08 07:58:53

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cupcakesinthesnow Thu 24-Apr-08 14:09:48

Hi, Can anyone give me a bit of info and advice? I am taking my eldest son out of school afer he finishes year 3 at hs current school in July. This is for a number of reasons but primarily as we have been unsuccessful at getting him a place in a local school from year 4 that we are happy with (oversubscribed area) I want to home educate on a temporary basis until either a place becomes available at him at our chosen schools or we move to another area.

If I use the deregistration letter who would I send it to? I am presuming the head of the admissions dept or ?

I understand I have the right to home educate but are there any factors I may not be prepared for when I advise the local authority fo my decision? Am I likely to encounter conflict in my decision? Obvioulsy I want to avoid any legal proceedings.

To be honest I am really looking forward (with some anticipation) to home educating him and don;t want to make mistakes withthe authorities etc.

Any advice will be gratefully appreciated and I look forward to joining the Home Ed boards

Hi cupcakes.

Normally you would write to his current school to deregister him. If your son has been allocated a place at a school in the autumn, then I think you would probably have to write to that school to have him removed from the register, even though he has not started attending there. It is then the responsibility of the school to inform the LA.

If you want to remain on the waiting lists for schools, you should definitely make that clear to the schools involved, as some parents would only be interested in being on the waiting list till the start of term.

The Local Authority should not cause you any problems, but they are likely to contact you to ask how you are providing your son with a suitable full-time education. They may send you a questionnaire, and may suggest visiting you at home and meeting your son, but neither of those are compulsory if you prefer to give them the information in another way. Legally, they are only meant to make enquiries if they have reason to believe that you are not providing a suitable education, but in practice they will normally contact any family they know of, and it is generally advised that you should provide them information if they ask for it, though you can do that in whatever format you choose.

As to legal proceedings, so long as your son is not registered at a state school they cannot pursure for non-attendance. However, if they have reason to believe you are not providing an education, and you do not satsify them if/when they make enquiries, then they could in theory start legal proceedings at that stage. But they would have to give you ample opportunity to explain about how you are educating him first.

Hope that helps!

Oh, and welcome to the world of Home Ed grin

cupcakesinthesnow Thu 24-Apr-08 20:46:46

Thanks so much, that's all really helpful

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just bumping up the threads where information is needed frequently, to save us saying the same thing over and over.

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Bumping thread, for anyone interested, as the new school term draws near.

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information about home ed for onefunkymama to read.

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Yurtgirl123 Tue 01-Sep-09 21:04:51

Bumping this for my purely selfish reasons blush

I am off to microsoft word to convert my draft into a beautiful formal letter

Off to school tommorrow (first day of term) to hand it in

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Doobydoo Mon 28-Sep-09 21:00:06

Thanks for the info cupcakes and julienoshoes.Wrote 'the letter' today!
Not sure about secondary next sept we are taking it slowly.
Thanks again...answered my immediate questionssmile

julienoshoes Mon 28-Sep-09 21:29:59

Happy to help.
Yours is the third deregistration letter I know of that has been written today!
Welcome to the wonderful world of home ed.

Did you see the threads on 'books about HE' and 'websites on HE' and the one about 'finding local home educators'?

Shout if you have any questions or need any more help.

Doobydoo Tue 29-Sep-09 07:39:09

Thankyou! We home edded in Ireland for approx 5 years give or take a couple of months.Felt more nervous doing it over here in case it is more beaurocratic...ds1 is just 10 and seems happier already.
Have found local home ed group and are going to one of their meetings soon,they also go ice skating weekly which I think is fab. and so does ds.
Dp and I [and prob ds1]are going to read some home ed books are there any you particularly recommend?
Thankyou again.
I have noticed that more people seem to be choosing to home ed too.

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I'm dashing out now but bumping this and other hopefully useful threads

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noodle6 Sun 13-Jun-10 00:48:13

Hi, I'm typing out the letter at the moment using the template from

I wonder if its worth pointing out the reasons for home-edding my children on the letter itself. The head already had a long chat with me last thursday about her unhappiness with my daughter's poor attendance due to school refusal. Would she give me problems about this or not authorise the deregistration? And would explaining the reasons why make my case stronger, etc.???

noodle6 Sun 13-Jun-10 00:52:13

I suppose I have always felt a bit intimidated by her... she is like those well-dressed polished ladies who is very sharp and forceful and pushy... and the chat proved how scary she can be up close... Not sure if it was rational but yes I'm a bit wary of provoking her...

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nelehluap Mon 20-Dec-10 22:57:17

thank you julienoshoes xx

smasid Wed 22-Dec-10 11:10:19

could someone send me a link to another letter for deregistering your child, the ones in the link don't work?

nelehluap Wed 22-Dec-10 13:11:01

smasid....can I just ask....are you de-reg your own children and why are you doing it? and how old are they? thanks.

julienoshoes Wed 22-Dec-10 14:28:26

Hello smasid
here is Education Otherwise's webpage that includes the dereg letter example.

figcake Thu 23-Dec-10 22:41:42


I have a question on behalf of my lovely neighbor who is non-MN. Her DD aged 8 has been bullied at primary school for the last 2 years and it is definitely not getting any better or being addressed by the school. Outside school she is really lovely, friendly, bubbly good com skills - infact, people stop her in the street/supermarket saying how they wished their Dc was "that lovely" "friendly" "chatty"etc.

Because she is increasingly ostracised and bullied at school and neighbor complained on a few specific occasions, they placed her DD on the SEN reg as they insist that she has difficulties socializing and none of their pupils would have said any of the horrible things she quoted as they sound too "grown-up" and effectively accused neighbor of lying even though she is a very honest person.
They have really been pressurizing neighbor into agreeing to external assessments (and made her sign a referral form) even though she was dead set against it as nobody anywhere else thinks there is an issue and is more to do with the school (btw no places in other schools in LA as there is a shortage of places here). They have not relented and have now written to say that they will be looking into other official ways in which to force her to agree to the assessments they require if she does not comply.
She has been talking of home-edding for a while and def feels equipped to do it but she now feels that LA will be 'on her back' even after she deregisters DD and not leave her alone as things are too far gone against her. We looked at the procedures for our LA and they def mention "home visits" with EWO (where DD would have to be present) in order to gain approval to Home Ed, submitting suitable ed philosophy, min 25hr/wk schooling and periodic visits thereafter in which examples of work must be shown; this all seems to go against advice on MN re LA rights. I don't home-ed so I can't help any further really.

Could anyone help us separate fact from fiction?

SDeuchars Fri 24-Dec-10 08:46:16

Posting this as a new thread so people will look at it.

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Talkinpeace Wed 02-Feb-11 22:12:24

Do these people ng fill out all the relevant paperwork when they take the girls out of school at 11?

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saz73 Mon 04-Apr-11 10:56:17

Hi, I've just deregistered my yr2 child to start home ed. Have sent the letter to the school and informed the council.

Just out of curiosity what happens to the childs school record, does the school keep it or are we entitled to it? Just asking as they's loads of preschool stuff in there which I would like to keep.

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MollyNollyNoo Thu 07-Feb-13 16:49:56

Thank you so much for bumping everyone, I really need this thread today!! I'm marking my place for later when I can concentrate when the DC's are in bed.

I have just spoken to DD's headteacher about various things, she told me that if we peruse the HE route all sorts of people will have to be involved and notified -she some how managed to convey that there would be a concern over DD's welfare. I am not easily panicked usually, but that give me a wobble.

mummytime Thu 07-Feb-13 17:02:11

I don't even HE (yet), and I can tell you she is just scare mongering you. Do use the two links, to get clued up before you do anything. Or most importantly agree to anyone visiting you etc.

SDeuchars Wed 13-Mar-13 22:34:10


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MaddestMother Sun 31-Mar-13 11:56:48

Thank you for this, I'm looking at withdrawing dd from school after the holiday and this, along with other interesting threads on here, has helped me realise I am finally doing the right thing for her.
She has had an awful year 7 so far in school & has become really anxious and showing signs of depression. Just the thought that I don't have to even talk about going back after Easter makes me feel like a huge weight has been lifted smile

twinklesparkles Sun 31-Mar-13 23:48:07

Is there any notice warning you have to give the school?

Can you just show up one day, hand in deregsiter letter then take dcs out straight away? Or do you have to notify them of such and such a date they would be finishing school?

MollyNollyNoo Mon 01-Apr-13 09:46:34

No warning notice needed, I did book an appointment to chat with the headteacher and handed the letter to her, as per this link here it I asked her to give me a receipt for the letter. Then I went home, DD was taken off the register that day. The 2 websites in the OP have loads of information plus a very good standard letter which I used.

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maxybrown Tue 06-Jan-15 20:30:45

when you send your de registration letter do you give a date of when they will leave school? Can it essentially be when you say? Thank you smile

Saracen Tue 06-Jan-15 22:56:05

Yes, you can choose the date, and it can be whenever you want. In the deregistration letter, it would be a good idea to tell the school when your child's last day at school will be. Or if your child isn't coming back, say "with immediate effect".

Phaedra11 Thu 15-Jan-15 18:56:33

Thank you. Very helpful.

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