Looking for Twickenham Homeschoolers

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worldtravelfam Sun 01-Jun-14 05:40:34

Hi, globetrotting family travel bloggers newly arrived in Twickenham looking for fellow home educators. Where are they all? I can't find any groups or websites. Two boys, 7 and 10, both homeschooled/unschooled. Looking forward to connecting with like minded families.


We're in Kingston but clueless. Homeschooling from Sept.

worldtravelfam Sat 07-Jun-14 14:27:50

Hi Starlight, I've found a huge and active London homeschooling scene now. It's awesome! Look for Home Education London on Facebook

Thanks. We did investigate it back in January but chickened out. About to deregister from school next week.

HSRocks Mon 01-Jun-15 20:28:29

Looking for homeschoolers in London
Hi everyone we are a homeschooling family living in North london looking to connect with other homeschoolers for playdates/ craft days/ science co op type activities.
please pm if your interested or any suggestions on how to connect with other homeschoolers would be appreciated thanks, I'm homeschooling my 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter

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