Has anyone used internet schools? Briteschool,interhigh,First College

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diplomaticspouse Fri 22-Mar-13 21:52:26

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ignis Fri 30-Sep-11 14:19:28

Just thought it would be worth listing all the British online schools here:
Academy 21
Academus (not sure if they function as could not get any answer from them)
Accipio (RIP)
First College
Periplus Education (they actually do offer all the subjects not only core ones as well as personal tuition which can be tailored to the needs of each particular child and is not that strictly timetabled)

Thanks thats very helpful. DD loves the routine of school but she hates playtimes and the playground and such, shes finding in big classes or mixed classes that she is being ignored because she is quite.

We have found a very active home ed group locally and intend to spend as many afternoons as possible doing their planned activities so that she can cover the less formal subjects and play with other children etc.

It certainly worked for DS, he enjoyed it and got a good set of results. There's certainly an advantage in it not being disruptive - if one pupil is causing difficulties then the teacher can "silence" them and take them to another area to talk to them about what their problem is, while still overseeing the rest of the class, though obviously not actively teaching them.

I think it depends really if your dd learns well from a school "model" - there's set subjects, a set curriculum and timetable. You can't wander off at a tangent in the way that other types of HE allow. If she's happy enough with that kind of set-up then it might well suit her.

But you do still need to add a lot of extras on top of the academic stuff - socially it isn't the same as actually spending time with other children, though you have them around to interact with in class there is still a need for the rest of the social stuff. And there are no practical things like art, music, sport, so you would also want to add those on.

I'm not sure it's a choice I would have gone for in earlier years, not that I ever thought about it anyway as DS was fine in schools. But I'm not sure the advantages outweigh the things lacking for younger age groups. It was perfect for 2 years for getting IGCSEs though!

Basically we have tried state and private system and dd doesnt manage well in the noisy, disruptive setting of school, we have offer of a school that may or may not be better for dd and improve the situation or we can home ed, happy to do either, which ever works for dd, she is too young for interhigh at the moment but looking at it for when she is year 7, just wondered what the lea had thought of it and if the results from exams were ok and if anyone had personal experience of it being a success for their child.

Was also looking at briteschool but for upper primary only, again looking for personal experiences smile thanks

I'm here for a little longer - anything specific?

AHH it was your thread I found when I searched earlier. Will quiz you monday haha have a lovely weekend away.


Very happy to answer anything after the weekend grin

Yes we used Interhigh for DS for Year 10 & 11. But I'm away for the weekend so might not be around to answer questions. There's a couple of previous threads though, I'll have a dig and try to link in case they say anything useful.

Just looking for some experiences and advice really.

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