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Venetian blinds - should they match?

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AnythingNotEverything Thu 21-Nov-13 13:12:08

I've just had a local company measure up to quote for wooden Venetian blinds on a number of windows at the front of our house.

At the last minute I decided to have them also quote for our bedroom windows. I have asked them to quote based on white blinds in the bedroom and dark brown on the other windows.

Will it look odd from the outside if they aren't the same? Our neighbours had the same throughout and it did look nice ... But is it necessary?

I have a new baby and can't think straight at the moment - opinions gratefully received!


grants1000 Thu 21-Nov-13 15:45:35

We have dark brown one's downstairs and white upstairs and they look great from outside, not that I'm that bothered what the look like from outside because a dark blind in the bedrooms would look much more odd, and we spend much more time looking out that looking in, if that makes sense!

AnythingNotEverything Thu 21-Nov-13 18:40:16

Interesting. I'm really torn between caring and not caring!

Typically I've also hosed the most expensive wood from the samples ... Think I'll be choosing again.

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