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Help with a Degree Project

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Whealey Sun 17-Nov-13 19:23:36

Hi everyone,

My name's Will and I'm currently in my final year of a Design degree at Loughborough University.

For my major project, I have decided to design a power drill that addresses some of the major concerns surrounding safety and usability, including drilling into electrical cabling behind a wall, keeping the drill straight while using it, etc.

The goal is to design a product for people who want to make home-improvements, but don't feel they'd get enough use out of a fully fledged power drill, maybe lack the confidence to use one, or feel they might struggle doing a good job.

I'm really hoping that I can address some legitimate issues and concerns and end up with a product that most people would find benefit in using, instead of some patronising "drill for dummies" gimmick that doesn't really help anyone.

This is why I'm here on Mumsnet, then, as what I'm really hoping for is the opinions of people who, while not necessarily DIY experts, do understand the needs of a modern home, and would hopefully be interested by the product.

Anyway, I'll stop rabbiting on.. Below is a short questionnaire that I've produced, and if you could spare a few minutes to fill it in, it would be incredibly helpful for my project, and I would be very grateful smile

Also, if you have any extra questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!

Thank you!!


NCISaddict Mon 18-Nov-13 07:50:56

Done, would love a product like this as both DH and I are crap at DIY and virtually never do anything that involves drills. Consequently the house is littered with things that need hanging!

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