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What colour hearth and fire surround do you have?

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cloudwine Thu 07-Nov-13 18:00:09

After years of having no fire in our living room, I want to get one asap.

We have oak floors and cream walls. I really like stone fire surrounds, so that will be pale too. Will a black granite hearth and back panel dominate the space too much, and will I be forever dusting it? Does a beige coloured granite look old fashioned?

It's a 1930's house so I'm thinking nothing too modern incase it looks out of place. Any ideas? Don't want to regret my decision!


We have a woodburner in a 70s house, so quite different from what you describe, but I love our hearth which is terracotta tiles - I think they look classic without being oldfashioned, and are a nice 'cosy' sort of colour.

mummaemma Fri 08-Nov-13 22:25:16

We have a stone fire surround with black granite hearth, looks fab

Eastwickwitch Sat 09-Nov-13 15:33:10

We have a Bath stone fireplace & hearth. It's supposed to be washed but I don't bother. it's very pretty.

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