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Would you have plain or patterned blinds/curtains in this sitting room?

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workingtitle Tue 24-Sep-13 07:00:21

Our sitting room has parquet flooring, walls in F&B strong white (a very pale grey), one sofa in dark grey and one in duck egg blue.
We then have multicoloured things shown in the pics - a big rug from anthropologie and these cushions.
I need coverings for a big bay window, and can't decide if plain fabric will be best given everything else going on in the room, or if it will be just too much of a block of one colour.
Any thoughts? And if a plain colour, what would look best? Thanks

I always prefer plain white or off white curtains myself.

workingtitle Tue 24-Sep-13 11:23:30

Thanks, overmydeadbody. Maybe a cream would be best, as long as it looks OK with pale grey...

cream should be fine with pale grey, it is all neautral and the point of a neautral palatte is that it is unobtrusive and not really noticable.

We you be making them yourself or buygin them? It's just that Ikea have a very good weight off white curtain fabric that would work really well. John Lewis also sell a good weight and quality off white curtain fabric.

debsdoodaa Wed 25-Sep-13 12:30:16

I would bring the grey element in and have made roman blinds in a shot silk fabric to match with the dark grey of your sofa.

Then have some static (not working) hand made curtains, in a cream material (to match the background of the cushions) with a banding of the grey silk from the roman blinds (about the bottom quarter) giving you a dressed window that works with existing colours. Don't hold/tie the curtains back and make the heading at the top chunky by lining with black out.

EastwickWitch Wed 25-Sep-13 13:15:28

No advice, but wanted to say I love the rug. Anthropologie have sold out in the big size, I've been eyeing it up for weeks envy

workingtitle Thu 26-Sep-13 08:46:40

Thanks for the fabric suggestions, overmydeadbody, we'll be having them made so I'll need t source fabric.

And thanks also for the suggestion of blinds plus curtains, debsdoodaa - I hadn't thought of that so will talk it through with our curtain maker.

I think cream will work well though, or grey.

EastwickWitch it is really lovely I must say, unusual though--more of a tapestry than a rug! I need to find some thick underlay/liner for it, and I think it might be difficult to keep clean. But so pretty.

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