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Extending a room, what should we do about the floor tiles?

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Karbea Sat 15-Jun-13 17:48:48

Hope someone can help advice me.

Currently I have light cream shiny porcelain tiles in a similar formation to this, although my tiles are lighter and bigger. The tiles run all over the downstairs (hall, kitchen, downstairs loo, utility room) which I like.

Anyway, currently we have an external alleyway between the utility room and the garage. We are building over the garage and making the alleyway part of the utility room. I need to work out what to do flooring wise, along the alleyway and where the external wall used to be on the utility room.

I know we can't match these tiles as we had some building work done in the kitchen and thought we'd have to match them up, but luckily found enough spares in the garage.

Do I rip up the utilty room tiles and tile there and the alleyway, if so what colour/style would look good?

Or do I keep what we have and just find something different for the alleyway bit? Again what's going to look good?

It's going to be fairly dark, so either way figured something light, but worried it'll look like we are trying to match existing and it'll look rubbish iyswim.

Thank you!

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