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Wood flooring- minimum breathing time?

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mervynmouse Fri 07-Jun-13 20:39:02

Reassuring advice Valium- thanks smile

valiumredhead Thu 06-Jun-13 23:22:53

Ours was about 4 days and had been down 6 years and is fine.

mervynmouse Thu 06-Jun-13 23:17:01

Thanks APsmile I guess they say as long as possible to cover themselves. Great, one less thing to stress about!

We were told a week, and ours has been down for a couple of years and is perfect. So I'm sure 12 days would be fine.

mervynmouse Thu 06-Jun-13 22:54:34

I want to replace the laminate flooring in the sitting room of the house I am in the process of buying with solid oak. The suppliers advice is to leave it in situ for at least 2 weeks before fitting to acclimatise. Now, I have a 2 week window between moving out of rented house and into new one when I was planning to get most redecoration jobs done, while there is no furniture/children/pets to worry about.

This means even if i get the flooring delivered the very day I get the keys, I would be pushing it to get it down in time. Would say 12 days really not be long enough? I don't want to risk ruining the floor, any advice gratefully received!

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