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magnetic paint for kids' drawings.

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hairtwiddler Tue 23-Apr-13 09:37:34

Had to make a decision with the painter so went just with ordinary paint. May paint over myself with blackboard paint, or get a bit of sheet metal for it. Deferred the decision! Web reviews are terrible for the magnetic paint. Not worth it I think.

OrWellyAnn Mon 22-Apr-13 21:17:11

We used blackboard paint and I have to say the chalk dust is pretty minimal.

I've never seen great reviews for magnetic paint to be honest. Why not get a hug magnetic board and mount it?
If you want to get artsy with it you could frame it or add decals?

hairtwiddler Mon 22-Apr-13 10:43:25

We're redecorating our kitchen/den. On one wall we have made a large frame with four pieces of frame, so it looks like a big noticeboard. It was previously painted a bright colour and covered in kid's drawings. Looks very cheerful at one end of the room.

I wanted to use magnetic paint but I'm having trouble sourcing it (B&Q only had bright purple) and the reviews I read online aren't good.

Any suggestions? I don't really want a blackboard because of the chalk dust but also don't want messy bluetack all over the walls.

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