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Anyone fancy helping me find some curtains?

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Jojobump1986 Tue 16-Apr-13 08:29:18

We're thinking of moving DS1 (18m) into his own room but it'll need new curtains. The colour scheme is neutral/cream/chocolate & needs to have blackout lining. The width of the window is 49" & the pole-bottom of the window length is 72". It needs to be pencil-pleat & as cheap as possible!

Ideally we'd like to move him this weekend & I'm so sleep deprived today that I've spent an hour looking at curtains, have no clue what I'm looking at, have developed a headache & just want to cry! Help!

newtonupontheheath Tue 16-Apr-13 13:55:57

Have you tried wilkinsons? Or dunelm mill? I've been looking for my ds. We need a specific shade of blue and we couldnt find a colour from there that matched. They have loads of shades and start at £20 at wilkinsons.

In the end we went with gltc as they had 20% off over the weekend, plus the 15% mn discount. They've just arrived and are fantastic quality but aren't cheap (£65 full price... Well out of our usual budget!) but like I say, we needed this awkward blue.

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