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If you have a not too modern red carpet in your living room...

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craftycottontail Mon 11-Mar-13 13:13:46

Happy to help smile

StuffezLaBouche Sun 10-Mar-13 09:33:30

Oh wow crafty, I LOVE those pictures. Luckily my furniture is already dark, as well. I would need to consider a deeper coloured wall by the looks of it. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

craftycottontail Sun 10-Mar-13 09:31:15

What about Indian inspired style?

Maybe one wall painted deep red, with mango/dark wood furniture, chunky candlesticks on the fireplace, a few pretty throws on the sofas.

Something like the first few pictures of this image search.

StuffezLaBouche Sun 10-Mar-13 09:15:51

What kind of furniture and accessories do you have?
I live in an old Victorian rented terrace which is most definitely not decorated very modernly (I know that's not a word).
I do quite like it though and I thinking done not too bad a job furnishing it entirely second hand and through free cycle. (Moving here cost me every penny I had!)

If you have a few seconds to look at the picture on my profile, would anyone be able to suggest any improvements? Decorating is not my forte. Oh by the way I think the landlady would book with painting the walls, but that's about the most major change I could make.

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