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Living room curtains

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gloriafloria Sun 27-Jan-13 12:11:17

Hello, We're doing up our living room on a budget and I quite like these curtains although not 100%. What do you all think? The room is quite long and narrow and opens up into the kitchen at one end which is painted a green/grey. For the living room I was thinking of having similar green on chimney and then possibly a pale stone. Have seen a biscuit colour sofa from John Lewis. I'm rubbish at bringing it all together so any advice would be great. The window with the curtains is East facing so very sunny first thing but not so much in the afternoon. The other end is sunny in the pm but doesn't get too much light because of the kitchen. Hoping to have some sort of wooden flooring as the room will be the only entrance into the kitchen.

If you've read all that thank you!!

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