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Blinds. I'm not sure quite how they work.

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TessTing123 Sat 26-Jan-13 04:31:33

I wonder if it's for a different sort of blind?

BuiltForComfort Fri 25-Jan-13 18:37:39

How strange! If you bought a ready made roller blind kit from eg John Lewis it would come with all of that. It wouldn't occur to me to buy fabric which you then glue in place and roll onto a roller. And the kits probably wouldn't cost much more than the fabric, plus work to make the blinds.

The advantage to them leaving it all is that you have it all in place so don't need to drill new holes, you could get rid of the old rollers and either fit whole new blinds to the current fixings, or put new fixings into the old holes. though if the windows aren't standard width you have to cut down the blind fabric, roller tube etc.

TessTing123 Fri 25-Jan-13 17:44:56

We've just moved into a new house. The previous tenants have left blind fittings but no blinds. Everything - the housing, the roller bit, the brackets, the pulley string. But not the actual fabric that covers the windows.

Can I buy just the fabric bit then?

I thought when you bought blinds they came on a roller thingy with string and fittings?

How would I get the right sized fabricy bit to go on fittings we have?

And why would the previous tenants take the blinds but not the fittings?

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