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I said I would start a support thread for all of us at or going to Uni this September. I'm all packed and ready to move on Tuesday. The uni is just over 2 hours from home and I've never lived on my own before. Got married from home when I was 20 and always been with someone since. I've started to talk to fellow students on FB and am meeting up with a couple of them on Saturday.

MessedUpWheelieBin Wed 14-Sep-16 10:01:36

Wishing you a great start Ilovelearning. smile Hopefully you're unpacked and finding your way round campus and having an exciting first day?

In theory I should be at uni in 12 days but things aren't going to well here and am unsure of what happens next. Trying to wing it and pray it will somehow all work out, but tbh at the moment it's far from the exciting fresh start I was expecting, just a continuation of nothing working properly and a bit of a resulting crisis of confidence .

Sorry to hear that Wheelie Bin. I hope things work out for you. I'm settled into my flat and start my Induction Week on Monday. Sort of in limbo at the moment, if I was at home I would have loads of things to do.

MessedUpWheelieBin Sun 18-Sep-16 08:39:41

It's looking like I'll be going with funding unsecured and just hoping it comes through in time, but it's not looking too good on the timing stakes, and I may have to withdraw four weeks after induction, but fingers crossed. Currently waiting for SFE helpline to be open again.

Love the idea of a new flat to study from, not filled with years of accumulated clutter! Sounds brilliant. grin
What are you going to be studying?

I'm studying Textiles which covers a huge range of things from weaving, embroidery, design. Just received timetables and receiving induction info. I'm lucky that my friend is also doing the course with me, otherwise I would have been the only mature student on the course.

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