Win a Hugless Douglas bear in our World Book Day costume competition.

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 24-Feb-14 11:27:18

It's World Book Day on March 6. What inspired (or desperate) costume feats have you pulled off in the past? Post your pictures (old or new) here and on Friday 14 March we'll put all the entries into a pot and pluck four out. The winner will receive a wonderful Hugless Douglas bear and three runners up will each receive a bundle of books from World Book Day authors.

If you are stuck for ideas visit our World Book Day page for some great suggestions from mumsnetters and Book Aid International.

CompleteUninspiredNameChange Mon 24-Feb-14 17:27:39

Name changed for anonymity!
Couple of different world book days here.
One year DS1 was one of the Weasley twins from Harry Potter, DS2 was a cat - can't remember which book now, and DS3 was the Highway Rat
Another year DS1 was Reepicheep the mouse from Narnia, DS2 was a butterfly out of the Gruffalo, DS3 was the mouse out of the Gruffalo, as I was going into school that day I made a gruffalo hat for me too...

CompleteUninspiredNameChange Mon 24-Feb-14 17:28:33

The gruffalo hat...

ummlilia Tue 25-Feb-14 14:32:18

my daughter dressed as a geisha (as in Memoirs of...) Had old long jilbab (middle eatern style dress) which I cut down to fit..tacked by hand just to last a day. Was either going to be that or a witch...

schilke Tue 25-Feb-14 16:03:49

Ds1 as Dick Whittington and ds2 as The Gruffalo....taken 9 years ago shock How did that happen!

pegasus1975 Tue 25-Feb-14 16:07:45

my son darren as aragorn or as he called himself daragorn he was and still is a huge lord of the rings fan smile

Sukebind Tue 25-Feb-14 18:11:28

Our school doesn't have dressing up for WBD but has it for Book Week the following week. Last year the theme was characters from, or aspects of, a poem. My DDs went as The Christmas Tree Fairy from the Cicely M Barker poem and the Queen of Hearts.
The fairy dress was a charity shop bridesmaid dress which cost a couple of pounds. Then I added wings, card headband and a wand.
The Queen of Hearts dress was an old Mothercare dress (in the sale) with felt and button hearts sewn on. As it was actually snowing here that week I got an old Sainsbury's cardigan and sewed felt hearts onto that, too. She had a wooden spoon with heart on, a wooden play tray with cardboard heart tarts she made herself blu-tacked on and a crown.

MrsPnut Tue 25-Feb-14 18:51:06

This was last years costume, Fantastic Mr Fox and she may wear the same again this year if the costume still fits.

somebodyoutthere Tue 25-Feb-14 21:47:07

My daughter as Matilda and my son (James) and his giant peach (space hopper covered in coloured paper).

OhSoVintage Tue 25-Feb-14 22:10:18

I will put a couple from over the years.

We have A Mary Poppins! Dorothy with a fairy and Last years The worst witch complete with flying broom!

No doubt I will add this years zoo as Im busy sewing on demand!

Lizzzombie Wed 26-Feb-14 15:29:57

Reception year my DS was "Happy" from Snow white & the 7 dwarves. Though he asked to be a "door" from Snow white so it took me a while to work out what he was talking about! Primark sale rail items were customised and it cost about £3. The maribu trim beard didn't stay on very long though!
This year he was a fox cub from Fantastic Mr Fox. The fox costume in total cost me about £2, I was mega pleased with my make do and mend skills! (I have before & after pics!)

Blatherskite Wed 26-Feb-14 15:39:48

This is DS as Scaredy Squirrel - complete with Friend Making Kit smile

argoswan Wed 26-Feb-14 16:19:19

DS as Mr Twit. We had fun glue gunning the cornflakes onto the beard.

phoebeerin05 Wed 26-Feb-14 16:43:27

This is my daughter Phoebe from 4 years ago dressed as Maisy mouse. Looking forward to her being Winnie the witch this year and her sister going as Angelina ballerina.

Puppypoppet Wed 26-Feb-14 17:31:28

DD as Katniss Everdene from The Hunger Games. From this year - we had world book day dress up a couple of weeks ago.

Hulababy Wed 26-Feb-14 17:49:20

Queen of Hearts (I also quickly made the other two outfits shown, manly masks and props)


Fairy from Midsummer Night's Dream

clopper Wed 26-Feb-14 18:08:34

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole (Guardians of Ga'Hoole)

gerrybo44 Wed 26-Feb-14 19:28:58

Myself as The Gruffalo, and son, Gabriel as The Gruffalos Child, I also work at the school he attends, so had a fun day, made the costumes by hand in two days, was also my birthday and I made a Gruffalo cake for the staffroom smile

TwoTeaTessie Wed 26-Feb-14 21:43:17

We've done Grabber Jack from Cops and robbers. Just a white t shirt with painted stripes, a flat cap, a scarf and a mask which was just an old t shirt cut up.

We've done Mr Gum, from You're a bad man Mr Gum. Just went in looking scruffy and a wool beard which was wool stuck onto cardboard

And last year he went a Willy Wonka, which was one of my cardigans with card lapels stuck on, a cheap top hat from ebay and a cane from a charity shop, oh and a bow tie borrowed from my FIL

NineteenOatcake Wed 26-Feb-14 23:23:01

Last year we did Pippi Longstocking (in an old Cher wig of mine-it's seen some action) and cut up tights. Year before, DD was Hermione Granger in a school uniform, and bathrobe with a cardboard Gryffindor badge, wand and LOTS of backcombing!

sarrita Thu 27-Feb-14 13:17:29

My son went as Fantastic Mr Fox.

ChloeOmissi Thu 27-Feb-14 14:21:57

All so cute! Good work mums!Can't wait to make some costumes for my little one (six months is a bit young right?) :-)

Ronstertodd Thu 27-Feb-14 18:39:55

Love making a costume for world book day - this has been our favourite so far - the mouse from the Gruffalo!

MrsLoada Thu 27-Feb-14 18:40:22

Son as Riddler from batman

csmony Thu 27-Feb-14 20:52:14

World book day costume ideas! Fear not traditional outfits come for rescue!! My most gorgeous DD in our traditional ghaghra Choli depicting our culture

Chatty1986 Thu 27-Feb-14 22:28:23

Dorothy from the wizard of oz....made from two school summer dresses smile

Lurleene Fri 28-Feb-14 09:13:18

My DS isn't a big fan of dressing up as he get's embarrassed, but he wanted to join in last year. Here he is as Special Agent Jack Stalwart. Best of all, we didn't have to buy anything.

Snapespeare Fri 28-Feb-14 14:42:47

This is from waaaaay back in the past, I'm not entering the competition, just wanted to boast!

DS1 as (Johnny depps) willy wonks and DS2 as the wicked witch of the west. I got up at 6am to paint DS2 green and he still had green paint in his ears several bath times later.

DS1 hasn't really grown out of the habit..,

saule135 Fri 28-Feb-14 20:19:41

World book day costume ideas!
My daughter Monika as Ladybird.

KellyMarieBoomBoom Fri 28-Feb-14 21:11:22

Where the Wild Things Are, wild thing costume (for birthday party)

The trousers took my blimmin ages to sew!

Sparklymommy Mon 03-Mar-14 12:43:04

The Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. We even made the jam tarts!

The giant cards were drawn onto a big sheet of card and cut out. The skirt was an old circular character skirt with hearts tacked on out of felt, and some bric a brac. Same with the top, a red felt heart tacked on, dd helped to make the crown out of a cereal box and crepe paper.

The mad hatter was just bits we threw together. His sisters leggings, parts of other costumes and a clown wig under a hat!

Little Red Riding Hood (note the bottle of wine in the basket which mysteriously disappeared shortly after. Hic.)

namechangechicken Wed 05-Mar-14 10:11:32

This is my lot in various guises. All home made don't ya know [smug] wink

We have Sadie, Willum & Anika as The cat in the Hat and Two Things. 2013

Sam as Sam I am with Things (first showing 2011) and Sam and Willum as Cat in the Hat and Mr Willy Wonka, complete with pretend chocolate bars and cane (2010)

Bit of a theme but Dr Seuss is SUCH a Classic grin

aaaaagh Thu 06-Mar-14 07:24:28

Stig of the Dump by Clive King. A lovely book and a nice easy costume! Fun fur and black hairspray - the monobrow is all his!

MinesAPintOfTea Thu 06-Mar-14 07:36:16

DS's nursery told us to take them in costumes on Tuesday. I was most annoyed, I'd been fabric shopping on Sunday but hadn't got anything for this. I ran up this Very Hungry Caterpillar costume from my old clothes and a few spare scraps of fabric in under an hour.

DS doesn't like the hat though, I suspect it will only be worn for the photo when I held it down

Lovecat Thu 06-Mar-14 09:49:10

DD as Bellatrix Lestrange. Various bits from previous Hallowe'en outfits, a hacked up Primark top, some ribbon & silver paint (and we found the perfect branch on a tree in the garden for Bellatrix's oddly-shaped wand!)

chinichats Thu 06-Mar-14 09:57:36

My son looking like a right Wally! smile

AmyEaling Thu 06-Mar-14 10:20:36

Here is my son as Martin the Warrior mouse from Brian Jaques' Redwall books.

Bubbles2002 Thu 06-Mar-14 10:43:22

Willy Wonka

BeCool Thu 06-Mar-14 10:48:05

I knocked together a fantastic Alice costume from stuff we had at home grin

There were about 30 girls is Alice costumes hmm

Dd's was the best (really!) grin

Emmaereira81 Thu 06-Mar-14 10:54:15

Macie aged 4 loves Little Red Riding Hood!

Mamafratelli Thu 06-Mar-14 11:18:03

This is Eve as Pippi Longstocking. She loves Pippi because she is funny and fearless. We used pipe cleaners to make Eve's hair stick up. I think it might catch on!

LittleBoxes Thu 06-Mar-14 12:02:55

Goth Girl this year. Her new favourite book. And once again I have failed to take a decent photograph smile

Squiffie Thu 06-Mar-14 12:04:55

This is Alexander as The Cat in the Hat and Elizabeth as a mouse because I only have red, white and black face paint as she didn't want to be left out!!

zoewowie Thu 06-Mar-14 12:05:25

Here's my very own little Dorothy! the shoes were amazing £2 job with a tub of red glitter paint I am so impressed with myself! hope shes having a fab day at school.

Maxwell1212 Thu 06-Mar-14 12:30:30

My little boy Maxwell as Funny Bones smile

clareandtribe Thu 06-Mar-14 12:37:16

the hungry caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly smile

newtlyn6 Thu 06-Mar-14 12:40:08

my little nephew Jake and niece Sophie called in on me this morning on their way to school to show me their outfits for world book day smile they really made me smile smile

csmony Thu 06-Mar-14 13:02:57

Here's my DDs costume for this years WBD( today)Disney princess Rupenzal( oh Disney your magic is all around)

anchovies Thu 06-Mar-14 13:03:08

The ace of spades and a very lazy ladybird. Both homemade <proud of the rare show of creativity>

MsCD Thu 06-Mar-14 13:04:48

OK so never ever base a World Book Day outfit on a pair of lovely red sparkly Christmas shoes before trying them on! Spent last couple of days in mild panic as wig not turned up in post and shoes cutting off circulation in DG feet. Thanking my guardian angel who took me to H&M where there was one pair of ruby slippers (slightly too big but thats what extra socks are for). Then sale at local party store for extra wig options et Voila.....OK so Toto is black not white but please.... oh and the shoes in the book are crystal not red - ARGH. Glad they don't do it in year 3

bernadette1980 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:09:05

lucas loves reading about pirates

Lizardqueen555 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:10:58

My two gorgeous World Book Day Bookworms, Sonic and Belle smile

raynecld Thu 06-Mar-14 13:11:38

My son went as the Pied Piper of Hamelin today.

Book days don't have to be expensive: two cheap pillow cases made up the tunic; a construction paper hat; and the string of rats was made out of scraps of material stuffed with toilet paper.

PeppermintPasty Thu 06-Mar-14 13:12:11

Mr Bump!

Mrsjcb Thu 06-Mar-14 13:12:12

My little miss sunshine .flo age 4

drkag Thu 06-Mar-14 13:15:10

My artful dodger and his little apprentice Oliver!! Oliver was meant to be a gruffalo but insisted on a waistcoat like his brother so this was very last minute!

AlwaysRightNeverWrong Thu 06-Mar-14 13:15:37

The Lion from Dear Zoo!

thesoupdragon44 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:17:12

We usually forget or do something very last minute. This year we have been super organised and he went as Bugsy Malone. He was very proud of his duck tape splatter gun!

AlmostMrsRobinson Thu 06-Mar-14 13:17:13

My little poser dressed as Wanda? I think from Where's Wally. She kindly told me on Tuesday that the theme was Where in the world is Wally.

The hat is made from a John Smiths England hat!

AvonRachel Thu 06-Mar-14 13:17:41

My daughter as the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland.

lemony7 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:18:07

I've got my own Princess Holly! And she has her own handmade Gaston the Ladybird :D

The very hungry caterpillar and butterfly

bridgetjones43 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:20:03

my girl as little red riding hood.

ThornOfCamorr Thu 06-Mar-14 13:20:19

Wally, Alice and Harry! Dd3's last three years WBD costumes. We used a Cinderella dress for Alice and made the extra bits. Wally wore 3D cinema glasses minus the plastic lens,Tin Tin's dog Snowy doubled up as Woof and Harry had the actual robes this year because I thought he deserved a treat grin and the HP books are our children's favourites.

leosmam Thu 06-Mar-14 13:21:55

This is DS1 dressed as Moonface from the Magic Faraway Tree. He's five and has just started getting into this Enid Blyton series. He loves them

Kveta Thu 06-Mar-14 13:22:52

This is supposed to be the gingerbread man, as nursery had a traditional tales theme!

Haribolicious Thu 06-Mar-14 13:24:03

My boys dressed up this youngest DS 'Going on a Bear Hunt'!! He loves this book and sees an opportunity to 'bear hunt' wherever we home, outside on shops....we look for clues everywhere!!

OrionLeah Thu 06-Mar-14 13:27:25

For our world book day teaching autonomously we went to castle and dressed up in tudor costumes. My son enjoys reading Horrible history and re living some of the scenes and cooking the foods.

OrionLeah Thu 06-Mar-14 13:29:21 photo of the costume

DD1 as Wolverine and dd2 as Raphael from the Ninja Turtles.

My girls as Goldilocks and Little red riding hood.

Greenfingers3 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:34:26

Toad from Wind in the Willows, bought the mask, but the suit is made from the old kitchen curtains!

Thesimplethings Thu 06-Mar-14 13:36:06

Little lumpty. Our first attempt at costume making grin

Alice in Wonderland made from altered Cinderella dress and a pillowcase!

EmzieE Thu 06-Mar-14 13:40:10

Little Red Riding Hood this year & Alice In Wonderland last year, modelled by Macie smile

OwlCapone Thu 06-Mar-14 13:42:05

Our primary doesn't do this nonsense so I have no photos to submit.

BeCool Thu 06-Mar-14 13:48:40

Half the girls in DD's primary (inc DD) were wearing pale blue Cinderella dresses refashioned as Alice dresses smile

Raahh Thu 06-Mar-14 13:52:28

Ds as 'The Boy in the Dress' (brave choice considering most of year 6 didn't bother). looked like Mia Farrow grin
dd1 as Lucy as an evacuee fro 'The lion, witch and the wardrobe'
dd2 in her sister's Rapunzel dress (nursery were very last minute telling us, and I didn't have a bear costume for 'Bear hunt' grin )

mummybgot4 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:53:06

My daughter as Willy Wonka and my youngest son as Charlie

VanessaSH1969 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:57:21

May I present her highness, Cleopatra...from that well-known play Shakespeare wrote for kids 'Anthony & Cleopatra'...

babybearsmummy Thu 06-Mar-14 14:05:11

Off to baby group as Katy Morag (unfortunately we only have a red tartan skirt!)

FernArable Thu 06-Mar-14 14:09:49

'Madeline' and her brother had to be in it!

Worldbookdayboyz Thu 06-Mar-14 14:13:34

Bruce Bogtrotter and his chocolate cake from Matilda

Mr Stink ( and he did! ) has got lots of work done sat on a desk by himself, Doggy even did a whoopsie in class

Sixgeese Thu 06-Mar-14 14:54:03

This year we had a cowboy theme

Zohop76 Thu 06-Mar-14 16:33:04

Pirate Stegosaurus from Captain Flynn the Pirate Dinosaur and the Gruffalo, or should that be the Gruffalo's child??

molesworth2 Thu 06-Mar-14 17:27:56

Let the wild rumpus start!

Sarahleaf1989 Thu 06-Mar-14 17:45:05

Our little over excited Goldilocks xxxxx

Squiffie Thu 06-Mar-14 17:52:57

It won't allow my photos for some reason sad

claremmm Thu 06-Mar-14 17:54:43

My wee Pippi Longstocking with Mr Nilsson the monkey on her arm.
(Mr Nilsson's coat is stolen off a paddington bear :-)

YellowWALLS Thu 06-Mar-14 18:13:44

My son as Peter Pan's shadow. At today's school assembly.

MoogDroog Thu 06-Mar-14 18:16:58

My Mr Twit grin

BabyPulse Thu 06-Mar-14 18:17:16

Here is our little one dressed up as "Wheels on The Bus" which is her favourite book at the moment. It only took me a week of nights to do it, once she had gone to bed!

BabyPulse Thu 06-Mar-14 18:18:02

Here is our little one dressed up as "Wheels on The Bus" which is her favourite book at the moment. It only took me a week of nights to do it, once she had gone to bed!

claireabelleh Thu 06-Mar-14 18:43:55

My little girl as The butterfly from The Hungry Little Caterpillar smile

olivia280177 Thu 06-Mar-14 19:28:21

Melody and Flynn had the books 'Snow White' and 'Aaaarrgghh! Spider!'

mumofEandE Thu 06-Mar-14 20:23:40

Thanks to a nan who can convert 2 old school summer dresses!!

JustOneMoreBite Thu 06-Mar-14 20:44:08

My DD as Sophie from The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Frankiejac Thu 06-Mar-14 20:53:39

Our son Callan , 4, celebrated world book day by dressing as his favourite character the Gruffalo, and taking a stroll in the deep dark wood!we made his mask together using paper mâché.

ellaballoo Thu 06-Mar-14 21:59:08

He's not Tommy Cooper.

PrincessPotsie Fri 07-Mar-14 04:30:25

Dogs Don't do Ballet and Captain Buckleboots on the Naughty Step. DS had to copy DD's pose!

Slh016 Fri 07-Mar-14 09:50:26

This is my baby Rhea, shes two and decided to go to book day at nursery as the big bad wolf! She says she going to huff and puff and blow everyones house down lol

oxfordma Fri 07-Mar-14 10:50:36

My DS as NoBot; The Robot with no bottom by Sue Hendry.
Costume made using 10p mouse mats stitched onto jeans and a sweatshirt. He has moving switches and a graphic equalizer on his back which is sound activated!
My DD as the Witch from Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. All made with paper mâché over a real broom handle, the animals were made with paper mâché over plastic detergent/milk bottles.
We LOVE world book day! The kids on our street look amazing!

PrincessPotsie Fri 07-Mar-14 11:13:53

That broomstick is amazing oxfordma!

Tmop Fri 07-Mar-14 11:25:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oxfordma Fri 07-Mar-14 11:47:09

Thank you so much PrincessPotsie! It took a long time! I work full time so we started in January!!!

aristocat Fri 07-Mar-14 12:22:59

My best book day costumes were Harry Potter and Hermione. I made the capes and the wands myself smile

izzyswhiskers Fri 07-Mar-14 12:56:28

My son's playgroup had the theme of nursery characters, so Ace went as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in our homemade creation, he loved it!

BookDayName Fri 07-Mar-14 13:33:11

Here is my 5 year old DD as Abigail the Breeze Fairy (her name is Abigail)
She was v excited about it smile

Lurleene Fri 07-Mar-14 14:07:29

Here is DS dressed up again, this is today's effort. ( His school had dress-up today instead of yesterday).

Presenting The Doctor, 5th version! (Waves at ellaballoo, maybe some other versions will join the thread and complete the line-up?)

What a lovely thread this is. I have really enjoyed looking at all the proud children and their fantastic creations. smile

Julestar Sat 08-Mar-14 07:24:24

My little Snow White, aged 3, attempting to 'read' (more like recite!) her favourite book!

Helspopje Sat 08-Mar-14 07:30:42

Biff from 'Dogs don't do ballet'

Tanfastic Sat 08-Mar-14 09:59:46

The Cat in The Hat!
I cheated a bit as I bought the hat from Ebay but just black jeans and black t-shirt, white gloves from the pound shop, black eyeliner for his make up, I found a brilliant tail in the market which I pinned on to the back of his jeans and a local material shop had scraps of fur which I sewed on to the front of his t-shirt.
He looked ace grin

chrissieone Mon 10-Mar-14 16:57:22

My little boy as Oliver! Hadn't a clue what he could go as and then remembered my mother gave me a pair of small braces (random!) the week before and I went from there!

AliceMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Mar-14 15:39:44

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone for posting their fantastic costume pics - it was a very tough decision. We are delighted to announce that Mumsnet editorial team have chosen claireabelleh as the winner of the Hugless Douglas bear for her DD's butterfly costume from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Congratulations also to YellowWALLS for Peter Pan's shadow, Worldbookdayboyz for Bruce Bogtrotter and KellyMarieBoomBoom for Where the Wild Things Are, who all win a bundle of books from World Book Day authors.

We will be in touch on how to claim your prizes. grin

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