More stupidness from the pub at the back of my house

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EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 14:51:27


Last bonfirenight i posted a thread about the pub having a bonfire and fireworks less than 25 meters from my livingroom. The South yorkershire fire service came on the thread and investgated so the pub took down the big bonfire and put all the wood into three oil barrels instead. The year before that the pub owner burnt my fence down and the fire service was called to put the fire out.

So now their newest stupid idea is to have two big dogs in their yard and use beer barrels as a wall to stop the dogs getting in my garden where my 1 & 4 year old play. Please see picture.

This has gone on for two weeks now so i dont think its tempary but no fence or wall has been put up. Its not safe, i want to get something done about it or AIBU?

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 14:57:30

Try again to attach pic

why have they not replaced the fence that they burnt down. That is not a fence that is borderline fly tipping!

HandragsAndGladbags Tue 24-Sep-13 15:00:50

YANBU! That's terrible

ButterMyArse Tue 24-Sep-13 15:06:20

I remember your bonfire thread. What total morons!

Don't know what to suggest ... council?

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 15:07:23

HI paid £600 for two guys to put up a 6 foot fence the pub burnt it down and replaced with inferier fence that broke and fell down before xmas in the wind. So they did replace but it fell down and we dont have money to replace again just for the pub to burn down again.

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 15:11:35

They have two dogs living in that yard.

My ds could knock a barrle over and squish his little sister.

The dogs could jump up and knock the barrles on to my kids (im keeping kids in house but thats not fair as well).

HumphreyCobbler Tue 24-Sep-13 15:13:38

That is not on. Apart from the safety aspect, it is a total eyesore. I remember the bonfire thread. YANBU

CostaLady Tue 24-Sep-13 15:14:32

I remember your last thread and was absolutely horrified. They are just ridiculously stupid, aren't they? How anyone with such a massive lack of common sense can run a (presumably) successful business is beyond me.

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 15:17:36

1 in 4 pubs close everyday, its been 8 years and im still waiting for this pub to go under.

adagio Tue 24-Sep-13 15:18:13

I remember your bonfire thread, and OMG that is crap. I can't remember if you are renting or own.

If renting, can you get the landlord involved, failing that do you have legal cover on your home insurance?

If so they often have a free phone line which you could call for advice. What springs to mind is that they did not put you back in the position you would have been had they not burnt your rather nice fence down (they put a crap one up). Possibly small claims court for costs of a 'proper' replacement. I would be surprised if this is particularly quick.

For the specific dog issue right now, I would be tempted to call the council for 'advice' questioning the health and safety aspects of their back yard (looks like fly tipping to me too!) and if they have any suggestions about the dogs as you are scared for your families welfare- they may redirect you to RSPCA or something like that but at least you have a ball rolling.

Then you could start making frequent complaints to environmental control about dog noise, dog mess, etc.

Good luck xx

MothershipG Tue 24-Sep-13 15:18:34

Does the pub landlord own the pub or is it part of a chain? Could you complain to the brewery? If not won't the local council get involved? Do you have a dog warden? My Mini Schnauzer could easily clear those barrels! shock Bigger dogs would have no trouble.

How about sending this pic to your local paper? Or threatening to, get the pub some bad press?

Hope it gets sorted.

GobbySadcase Tue 24-Sep-13 15:20:22

Dog Warden or Environmental Health at the council?

I remember bonfire night, they're idiots

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 15:20:23

So do i contact
the rspca
the council (which department?)
The MP
Someone else?

iheartdusty Tue 24-Sep-13 15:24:20

go to citizens advice bureau as well. You could get a court order that compels the pub to replace the fence with a proper one and not to keep dogs in the yard until they do.

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 15:33:28

Are they legal required to put a new fence up if they want to have guard dogs in the yard?

FruOla Tue 24-Sep-13 17:02:14

That sounds awful. I don't remember your thread from last year.

If you contact the Council - maybe Health & Safety and Environmental Health (or whatever the relevant departments are called)?

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 17:17:01

I will call the council in the morning as its not fair that my kids cant go in their own garden for safety reasons due to the stupid pub owner.

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 17:17:05

Barrels remain the property of the brewery. There is a company called Kegwatch that repatriates stolen barrels to breweries. The barrels there will have brewery name plates on them - they are worth £70+ vat each reconditioned so brewers will want them back. Kegwatch may well be able to help you. If you PM me a list of the breweries I will ring kegwatch for you and ask what they can do. If you don't want to be seen examining the barrels then make a note of the colour banding eg top green middle yellow, bottom black. Breweries can be identified from this.

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 17:17:52

Sorry, then they will have to get a proper fence and it's all ammunition for the licensing authority.

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 17:40:21

there are three with blue top then red, one with purple at top and one with cream in the middle. Some say tetley on it.
Does this help id them?

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 17:55:00

Yep. Hang on a sec and I'll call them.

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 17:59:54

Their phone line closed at 5pm. The number you need is 08081001945 they will be very helpful because they earn money every time they get a keg back to the right place!

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 18:03:17

I really think the best move would be to contact the local licensing authority, they really do not take kindly to licensees being twats. If you cll your police local non emergency number during office hours and ask to speak to the person in charge of licensing they may help. Either that or your local council licensing team.

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 18:05:02

Safeguarding of children is part of what they have to learn in order to be able to get a license in the first place. This is actively endangering children.

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 18:07:41
JenaiMorris Tue 24-Sep-13 18:21:00

Nice work, shrinkingnora grin

Bloody hell though OP, what tossers! What are the locals like? Would you be in danger of alienating yourself from the entire community if you get the terrible landlords removed, or are they not enamoured of them either (as was the case near me - the landlords were terrible and literally violent - they got hounded out of town)? Do they own the pub, or are they tenants?

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 19:31:02

Thank you shrinkingnora

They own the pub and have done for 20 years so i guess people may not like it shuting down.

DameFanny Tue 24-Sep-13 19:34:45

I remember your thread next year. You poor thing!

YoniBottsBumgina Tue 24-Sep-13 19:38:46

shock I remember your thread from last year too. Utter morons! Please do keep your DC indoors, if they are as feckless with training their animals as they are with everything else then the dogs could be dangerous too sad It's not fair though to have to keep them out of your own garden!

I don't know who is best to call, sounds like posters have some good advice though!

YoniBottsBumgina Tue 24-Sep-13 19:39:27

Keep the DC out of their own garden, not the dogs. The landlords should be doing that, of course!

JenaiMorris Tue 24-Sep-13 19:47:02

Your aim shouldn't be to get the pub shut down (presumably it was there when you moved in) but to either get the landlords to up their game or have the pub taken over by someone else.

If they actually own the pub, losing their licence would ideally force them to sell but there is a chance (risk maybe) that they'll get someone else in to act as licensee. Which might be enough.

If they're doing such a shite job of maintaining their boundary and are so lackadaisical when it comes to fire safety it might well be that their pub management skills generally are crap - in which case the locals might be as pleased to have the pub change hands as you would be.

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 19:47:08

Keep a log of every single transgression of the license - in that link it links to the licensing objectives so pay particular attention to these, they won't be interested if it's just that you don't like them. Lots of people buy houses by pubs and then complain that it's noisy at 930pm... This is so far beyond that it's ridiculous.

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 19:49:25

I think if they lose their license then they can't have 'an associate' apply for a license for the same premises. Could be wrong though!

DoItTooJulia Tue 24-Sep-13 19:58:53

Is there any evidence of rats? Lots of rubbish? They may be breaching the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act. The council enforce this.

Licensing review is a must too.

Sometimes the police have a team that also deals with licensing enforcement. Have you got a copy of their full license? You are entitled to have one and review any if the conditions on there. If they are not being met the licensing officials need to be involved.

There is always more than one way to skin a cat. Really hoe you get it sorted.

JenaiMorris Tue 24-Sep-13 19:58:59

Shrinking Another pub near me had problems with NIMBY neighbours (I'm not accusing the OP of being unreasonably NIMBY btw!).

After years of unreasonable licensing restrictions which utterly destroyed their trade, and several licensees, the pub owner threw in the towel and the council gave change of use permission sad

On the upside, whinging neighbours now have a building site where the pub once stood as developers convert the site into several flats. HA flats, at that. Twat neighbours are apoplectic grin

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 20:55:42

This pub has burnt down my fence, set off fireworks next to children and by standers, now they have two guard doys and have put beer barrels up on a wall that could fall on children and let dogs that may bite my children in my garden, and im the one being a knobb lol

I would be happy with HA flats thanks, instead of drunk men watching me breastfeed on my sofa in my livingroom.

Apart from the bonfires and the dangerous shit they do the pub is ok, no noise no late nights no rats no rotting rubbish. My dh had the house when i moved in, we own the house we cant move.

IABU i should just save up and build a wall.

shrinkingnora Tue 24-Sep-13 21:00:32

I meant their behaviour is so far beyond the bounds of normal behaviour for a pub that it is ridiculous. Your behaviour has been very restrained! They are arseholes.

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 21:16:10

I dont see them getting any better so i think i will just get a loan to pay for a wall built and make it safe for my children as thats all i care about. I want my children to be safe to play out in their own back yard that is ment to be enclosed!

They cant burn a brick wall down but i bet they complaine about a 8 foot wall by their beer garden!

I really dont mind a pub being there or the noise or drunk people shouting - we are all havry sleepers. I would like them to put a wall or fence up as its a business and can afford it more than me and i dont mind it being used as a beer garden. Just put up a safe fence or wall!

EasyMark Tue 24-Sep-13 21:19:11

Also the dogs do bark alot at night and are kept on the roof of the pub with no railing and im scared one will fall off!

Can you plant a bamboo hedge? Leylandi? Cheaper than a brickwall.

Unless you will be without any sun - who cares about THEIR sun! grin

BOF Tue 24-Sep-13 21:33:14

A hedge isn't going to cut it for dogs though.ngod, it sounds just horrendous- I hope you get something sorted. What Grade A arseholes the are.

JenaiMorris Tue 24-Sep-13 22:34:03

Have you spoken to your councillor, OP?

iWantChampagneOnColaBudget Tue 01-Oct-13 23:49:44

as a pp correctly said, they'll need to re instate the fence to the same level it was before it was burnt down.

Looksgoodingravy Sat 19-Oct-13 14:46:07

Blimey, I think you're being very calm with the pub owners if they still haven't replaced your fence and now they've plonked these awful barrels as a barrier!

I think it's time to step up and I'd be ringing the council on Monday morning with a view to speaking to the enforcement officer in the planning department, also asking for emails to send copies of the photos you've attached on here. Do you have photos of the fence as it was?

I'd be fuming if I lived there!

Looksgoodingravy Sat 19-Oct-13 14:48:06

I'd also be getting quotes for a new fence and taking it to them and asking them when they proposed on moving the barrels!

Ihatebonfires Mon 04-Nov-13 12:00:04

Hello I have nn but im EasyMark.


The dogs have gone but the pub and barrles have stayed and now they are making a bonfire in an oil drum next to the chairs and beer kegs.

I have called South Yorkshire fire service and asked them to inspected as I have no idea if kegs are pressivieds and may explode if too hot!

So does anyone know what will happen if a fire is lite by the beer kegs? I mean less than five steps away?

Is anyone intrested in a "watch the silly pub owners have a bonfire and firework display 3 meters from my livingroom thread"?

Ihatebonfires Mon 04-Nov-13 12:03:57

They replaced the fence it blow down in the wind. Then they pit up the beet barrles to stop the guard dogs getting in my back yard and now they are having another bonfire as the SYFRS didnt stop them.

notapizzaeater Mon 04-Nov-13 12:06:46

Are these people mad, do they not learn ????

Ihatebonfires Mon 04-Nov-13 12:30:59

I think they might be a little slow on the up take that their yard is too small for a bonfire and fireworks but as the South Yorkshire fire and rescue service inspect and then let them go ahead I think who can blame them for trying!

So will the kegs explode and cause harm to my house and family?

All dh gets on fb is jokes about not liking warm beer hmm but I have a 5 year old child that can rember the heat in his bedroom from when the fence burnt down, I really dont want him to be scared in his own home due to their poor judgement. I cant even take them sway over night as he has school and footy training and needs to sleep!

QOD Sat 09-Nov-13 18:43:53

Oh wow what morons! What happened?

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