Oooooh, look at our new Pictures topics, folks!

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HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 11:29:40


TheCunningStunt Mon 06-Aug-12 11:32:13

This is cool

caramelwaffle Mon 06-Aug-12 11:32:57

Oh. "Like" the Olympic name.

LeB0F Mon 06-Aug-12 11:36:08

Any plans to create an app for iPad?

lockitt Mon 06-Aug-12 11:47:57

Just testing....

our favourite image this year...

trumpton Mon 06-Aug-12 11:57:30


trumpton Mon 06-Aug-12 11:58:37

Brilliant. Now put it in chat !! < gets eye bleach ready grin>

caramelwaffle Mon 06-Aug-12 12:01:37


LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:02:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 12:09:09


What's the point?

How do you mean, LemarchandsBox?

They're just five new topics where you can post up a pic with your message - if you want to.

TheCunningStunt Mon 06-Aug-12 12:13:32

I can't do it on my iPad.....humph. My laptop seems to big now I never use it! Good though!

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:13:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

caramelwaffle Mon 06-Aug-12 12:14:17

Space time Continunumnumnumnum

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:19:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:20:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JulesJules Mon 06-Aug-12 12:29:08

Ooh, yes please

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:31:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 12:32:04


I can't do it on my iPad.....humph. My laptop seems to big now I never use it! Good though!

We're afraid it won't work on an iPad (or an iPhone). Those Apple folks won't let you browse for images...

JodieHarsh Mon 06-Aug-12 12:34:06

ooo fun!

I do take the point about offensive imagery though - wotcha gonna do 'bout the hairy-handed truckers??

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 12:34:23


Oh, ok. confused

Is there any pre-editing done? Because at the moment we have the choice whether to click on picture links, whereas someone could post something offensive or upsetting and there's no option not to see it.

We'd hope people would report anything offensive/upsetting PDQ - and we'd then delete.

Plus, we've only got Pictures topics for Style & Beauty, Cakes and bakes, Arts and crafts, Home decoration, in addition to this one. So hopefully, there won't be too many offensive cakes <NOT a challenge>

JodieHarsh Mon 06-Aug-12 12:35:15

Also A HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA about Applegadgets not working for this grin

<buffs I HEART ANDROID badge>

While you're here, MN tech folk, could you not put some of your expertise and efforts into doing an Android phone app? Hmmm?

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 06-Aug-12 12:35:17

Oooh, I like it... Especially good for Style section.

ooooh it'slike the old profiles topic! i like it!

lisad123 Mon 06-Aug-12 12:37:50

Can't see on iPad sad

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 12:38:35


Also A HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA about Applegadgets not working for this grin

<buffs I HEART ANDROID badge>

While you're here, MN tech folk, could you not put some of your expertise and efforts into doing an Android phone app? Hmmm?

On its way, I'm reliably informed....

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 12:40:01


Oooh, I like it... Especially good for Style section.

Oooh, you could be the first to start a Style & Beauty Pictures thread. The topic is here.

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:40:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 12:42:10


I realise that the Topics are ones that are suitable for this type of image-uploading and how it could complement those Topics, but Trolls being Trolls, you're going to have to be pretty quick on the Red Button if someone decides to upload offensive or obscene images.

A lot quicker than you are sometimes.

Yes. Point taken.

But we really don't want to get into a position where we don't do nice/fun/new stuff because we're worried about pervs/the hairy-handed.

So we'll see how we go.

And maybe we'll have a special klaxon for a report from a Pictures thread - or summat.

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:44:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 12:45:10

Lemarchand for some reason the pictures don't show if you preview message.

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:46:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 12:48:39


Lemarchand for some reason the pictures don't show if you preview message.

Yes. Sorry about that. We're working on fixing the Preview.

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:49:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheCunningStunt Mon 06-Aug-12 12:49:52

Bloody apple. So utterly fabulous, yet so frustrating. It also needs flash!.....

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 12:50:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 12:51:10

Hahahahahahaha! grin

No offence taken, that's hilarious!

MrsChemist Mon 06-Aug-12 13:00:31

Maybe it could be set up that reported pictures are automatically deleted, then re-instated by MNHQ if there is nothing wrong with them. IYKWIM.

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 13:02:23

We need this in The Litter Tray. Immediately. Kittens!!!!!!

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 06-Aug-12 13:07:18

Would love to, Helen, but am on iPad and daren't MN on work laptop as will spend all afternoon doing it!

Tee2072 Mon 06-Aug-12 13:11:08

If you're going to have this then you really need a hide poster option. Someone shows something offensive, you report them and then hide the poster.

[snuck that in emoticon]

nickelbarapasaurus Mon 06-Aug-12 13:17:42

but there are some fantastic rude cakes out there!

nickelbarapasaurus Mon 06-Aug-12 13:18:44

ah yes, MrsChemist - that's a good idea - they could have a little note that says "this picture is awaiting clearance, be patient"

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 13:22:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NettOlympicSuperstar Mon 06-Aug-12 13:27:19

Ooh cool

MidnightKnitter Mon 06-Aug-12 13:32:47

Great idea but the pictures are really rubbish on my phone sad.

caramelwaffle Mon 06-Aug-12 13:37:30


Who said reem cool? wink grin

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 13:39:52

AWESOME Now I can communicate by cute puppy all the time with out using Flickr grin

This is like the old profiles thingy isn't it? Why did that go?

Maryz Mon 06-Aug-12 13:41:10

Just testing smile

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 13:41:11

And subsequently

Maryz Mon 06-Aug-12 13:42:07

Oh, excellent.

<assesses potential re hot sportsmen>

<sniggers slightly>

GWenlockMaryLacey Mon 06-Aug-12 13:42:25

Bollocks, beaten to it by Maryz whilst faffing around with re-sizing <sulk> grin

ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 13:44:11

Mary, I see your bat and raise you wink

Maryz Mon 06-Aug-12 13:44:16


Maryz Mon 06-Aug-12 13:44:34

Fuckit, just too late.


ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 13:45:20


ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 13:46:01

Y'know, its a shame this will probably never make it onto other MN sections. Think of how useful this picture could be...

Bongaloo Mon 06-Aug-12 13:48:17


Bongaloo Mon 06-Aug-12 13:49:26


MothershipG Mon 06-Aug-12 13:52:18


MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 13:52:58

Let's see.

MothershipG Mon 06-Aug-12 13:53:01

Result! Who wants a whoopie pie?

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 13:53:20

Aww, I did it ! grin

BrainSurgeon Mon 06-Aug-12 13:54:16

Testing testing 123

BrainSurgeon Mon 06-Aug-12 13:55:16

Just to be clear, that is NOT my child. Or my pig.

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 13:55:25

Attempts first deletion

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 13:56:34

Well, that ^ and this, IS my muttley. grin

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 13:56:52

Tries harder and drops Burt Bomb

ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 13:59:48

Cute and useful pic. What's not to love?!

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 13:59:53

Oh, my eyes ! shock

CheddarsintheRunning Mon 06-Aug-12 14:00:53

I've just had a very disconcerting reaction to Cliff's hairy chest.

I think I must have reached a certain age. sad

RebeccaAdlingtonMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 14:08:01

Here you go

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 14:14:58

You know, I hate to speak for everyone. But we better not tell Talc about all this. I dread to think what shell come up with shock

BrainSurgeon Mon 06-Aug-12 14:27:14

<pauses for thought...... then runs to tell Talc!>


I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 14:28:50

oh dear....

Maryz Mon 06-Aug-12 14:35:43

<covers eyes at thought of Talc + pictures>

<peeps through fingers hopefully>

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 14:38:30

Maryz !

You are just as bad. <wags finger>

<<wants bulgy mens pics>>


MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 14:41:24

Like this.

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 06-Aug-12 14:42:10

Ooooh, this fabulous!

RebeccaAdlingtonMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 14:42:14


Maryz Mon 06-Aug-12 14:43:17

Like this?

<has learned lesson>

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 14:46:15

Oooh yes !

Keep 'em coming !

VERY naice. grin

Maryz Mon 06-Aug-12 14:51:14

I'm not entirely sure this was what mnhq had in mind when they set up this section [snurk]

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 14:52:00

But they are so pretty......

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 14:52:24


SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 14:52:59

I want to see kittens!

TaggieMandevilleBlack Mon 06-Aug-12 14:55:49

Hmmmmm. Not absolutely sure about this. Slippery slope towards glitter.
And not phonefriendly.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 14:58:10

Excited rower?

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 14:58:36

Here, Sparks

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 14:59:08


MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 14:59:36

Last one ! Awwwwww.

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:00:05


MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:00:48

Doesn't work. sad

You have a couple.

Why don't you try google images, they have lots of kitty pics ! grin

ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 15:02:47

Who wants kittens when you can have this?!

SkyLiving thanks so much for putting Supernatural back on without publicising it at all. You bunch of knobbers.

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 15:03:37

I would rather have the kittens grin Thanks Mrs V.

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:04:20

Willy pic coming up.

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:04:37


MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:04:50


ToysRNotUs Mon 06-Aug-12 15:07:33

Is it just on this 'Have you seen this?' board that you can add pictures?

Are there any others?

ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 15:07:37


ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 15:09:16

Check out the whole 'Pictures' topic, Toys.

I'm deeply disappointed there isn't a 'Smut' section though. For Friday, y'know...

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 15:09:21

This is fun.

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 15:10:06

But I am not doing it again until you can preview. grin

ToysRNotUs Mon 06-Aug-12 15:12:27

Oh, I see now. Sorry, I hadn't seen the new topic. I love the idea of putting pictures in the S&B threads, it will make things easier, rather than always having to click on links to see clothes that MNetters are suggesting.

Its a bit of a pain that it is separate to the main S&B board though, it will make it a bit clunky to use. Will everyone leave S&B classic and move to S&B Pictures?
Can they be combined?

Tee2072 Mon 06-Aug-12 15:21:30

It may not be what HQ intended, but Rebecca is certainly in the spirit!

nickelbarapasaurus Mon 06-Aug-12 15:21:39

I Agree, Toys - it would have made more sense (MNHQ, listen up!), to have Style and Beauty and Style and Beauty Pictures in the same section as Style and Beauty is.

so Cakes Pictures topic would go in Feed the World and Arts and Crafts Pictures Topic would go in Arts and Crafts.

and Pets pictures would go in Pets.... winkwink

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:40:10

I thought I'd better state that Willy is not my pet. grin

Much as I would adore to actually own a Killer Whale, I do not, and have no desire to. They belong in the wild. Not in someone's pool, whether it be a paddling one, or SeaWorld.

Here you go...

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:46:02

Another 4...

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 15:47:24

<<drags recently acquired Orca back to the sea side sulking>>

<<fills in large hole in back garden>>

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:49:32

<offers Honey wine as consolation>.

S'not fair, y'know. You did the Right Thing. smile wink

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:50:27

They are much happier in the sea !

Tee2072 Mon 06-Aug-12 15:54:25

Maybe I can't upload from my phone, but I can see them!

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 15:55:34

<<slurps wine>>

Pity HullyGullyPuppy would've had some one to play with sad

Can I have a Penguin?

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 15:58:19

She can play with my muttley, if you like ? You've seen her pics. smile

You may have a penguin.


EduStudent Mon 06-Aug-12 16:23:20

Anyone for a bit of Cliff?

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 16:23:43


SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 16:31:21

Tries again.

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 16:31:49

it worked. <runs away>

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 16:35:56

Fell for it.

Thought it would be naice pics from Sparks.


HipHopSkipJumpomous Mon 06-Aug-12 16:38:47

woo hoo -(test)

HipHopSkipJumpomous Mon 06-Aug-12 16:39:12

holy crappola - how fab

CotedePentathlon Mon 06-Aug-12 16:46:30

Oh cool idea! Trying this outl...

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 16:58:14

Sparking FFS no need to be OFFENSIVE! angry

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 17:01:16

If I can get away with that picture, then anything goes Absolutely. grin

'Hey Jude.........

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:07:44

Roll on the closing ceremony, and a proper British singer.

Ladies and Gentlemen....

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 17:08:36

But The Spice Girls too. sad

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:08:38


MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:10:23


I'm sure you know who it is.

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:11:14

Ach, the Spice Girls.

No-one will remember once George appears !

He is AMAZING live !

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 17:19:52

My Ds has just gone

"ooooooh pictures on Mumsnet WOW"

just I was thinking I must NEVER EVER leave the lap top open again forfear of breaking his brain, he went

"Post the picture of dd's mouse pooh Mummy, go on I dare you!" hmm

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:21:04

Mouse pooh ?

My brain hurts.

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:22:10

Is it like this ?

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:22:29

<giggles and runs>

ShowOfHands Mon 06-Aug-12 17:23:33

My special button just vibrated. Must be a Jensen Ackles pic somewhere on MN...

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 17:24:00

I must be thick. Only just realised you can click on the pics and make them bigger. [dim]

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:24:50

Really ?

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:25:20

Oh yeah !

Mahoosive mousie poo ! grin

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 17:34:37

Are you sure you want to see a turd with ears and a tail? Dh wasn't terribly impressed when ds sent it to him on his work phone when he was away shmoozing important people grin

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 17:34:45

Or Massive Macca. sad

RaahhningforGOLD Mon 06-Aug-12 17:35:04

this is cool. but I can't make it work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

arf @sparkling's picture of Macca.

MrsVamosGOTEAMGB Mon 06-Aug-12 17:36:54

For Raahh.

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 17:38:55

For Sparkling
(To everyone else: Sorry)

TeamGBIWI Mon 06-Aug-12 17:39:14

Rude cake anyone?

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 17:41:56

HOLY FUCKOLA ....we have to put a stop to this! I have just found myself thinking, "Actually, avatars would be kind of cool...."
<<slaps self>>

RaahhningforGOLD Mon 06-Aug-12 17:45:09

oooh, thanks MrsV

<fans self>

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 17:48:13

Thanks Absolutely. <vomit>

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 17:51:04

Something to drink perhaps?

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 17:53:26

Or a snack?

GluedToTheVideoMonitor Mon 06-Aug-12 17:54:40

Fab concept but the pictures are weeny on my phone. I tried clicking on them but that hasn't worked either.

However, my predictive text works now!

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 17:58:40

heh heh

Catsmamma Mon 06-Aug-12 18:00:23

let me show you my cream horn!

Lookit... Puppies

FalseStartered Mon 06-Aug-12 18:13:59


OlympiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 18:23:07

The Secret Service Does Not Comment On Procedure.

Tee2072 Mon 06-Aug-12 18:28:21

You have been dying to do that, don't deny it Olympia!!!!!!

She's been counting down the days. I bet she has a paper calendar with the 'days until pics can be uploaded to site' marked off on it!



EduStudent Mon 06-Aug-12 18:48:42

I've got great tits. A pair of them.

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 18:53:26

Big Hairy Beaver

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 19:10:51

massive cock

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 19:11:32

Fancy joining me for a swim?

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 19:13:16

Bet MNHQ are all hmm let them get it out of their system.

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 19:15:52

I am a bit busy Absolutely.

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 19:45:31

Or they've been like parents at Christmas and besides themselves with excitement at the big surprise grin

TeamEdward Mon 06-Aug-12 20:30:45

Please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeease let the TSA threads have pictures.

tethersphotofinish Mon 06-Aug-12 21:24:21


I requested this a while ago. I like to think that this means that I run MN.

I'm breaking out the cunting.

OlympiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 21:24:45

Tee grin

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 21:26:56

AAAAAAAArgh I don't know what I did but now my screen saver is alternating between Burt and Cliff images


SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 21:54:01

No Macca Absolutely?

AbsolutelyNotHoneyDragon Mon 06-Aug-12 21:58:14

I don't yet I keep flicking the curser to avoid the horror

ScrambledSmegs Mon 06-Aug-12 22:00:58


Just trying to work out precisely how sensitive Showy's special, ahem, button is...

CouldItBeTrue Mon 06-Aug-12 22:08:29

It's a slippery slope :

CouldItBeTrue Mon 06-Aug-12 22:08:44


Maryz Mon 06-Aug-12 22:18:51

Olivia shock, don't encourage them.

My "downloads" folder is now full of slightly inappropriate pictures I'm a bit scared to use.

SparklingGoldMedals Mon 06-Aug-12 22:21:09

I am on DS1's netbook. He will want to know why he has pictures of a beaver, and Macca in his documents. Oh and the Fruit Shoot and Greggs. Ummmmm....

rockinhippy Mon 06-Aug-12 22:24:00

Ooooo I'm liking this - Showing off my mini David Bailey DDs very own taken & edited photos [proud Mum emoticon] grin

rockinhippy Mon 06-Aug-12 22:29:30

Does my anti bunting this pass the inappropriate test grin

geekette Tue 07-Aug-12 07:34:49

Harumph, why don't I have a browse button??? Galaxy nexus user here!

Lougle Tue 07-Aug-12 08:48:10

Not working on my Android browser

Portofino Tue 07-Aug-12 09:42:08


BrainSurgeon Tue 07-Aug-12 10:29:21

If this doesn't get me fired, nothing will

<choking under desk>

nickelbarapasaurus Tue 07-Aug-12 10:39:22

rockinhippy - i'm very impressed with your DD's picture - is that a macro lens?

Lougle Tue 07-Aug-12 12:25:03

And Netmums has arrived grin

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 12:35:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rockinhippy Tue 07-Aug-12 13:54:45

rockinhippy - i'm very impressed with your DD's picture - is that a macro lens

Not sure Nickel the camera she used DOES have a macro facility, but so far she's just used the auto mode, as thats all I've shown her - she probably would have had a fiddle, as thats typical of her, but says she can't remember - I've only ever got photos this good of small stuff out of it on macro though, so its more than likely - she borrowed it for a school trip & came back with some very impressive photos & this was one of them smile - its a decent little camera (Olympus),but an old one

I'll give this a try........

naturalbaby Tue 07-Aug-12 15:21:23

at last!!

naturalbaby Tue 07-Aug-12 15:22:16

doh! where's my picture sad

Oh gosh, puppies and kittens? We are turning into nethuns!

<is only sulking as she's on iPad>

Does it work on a Blackberry phone does anyone know?

Also we need this in chat. Would be absolutely brilliant for the drunk thread.

Alternatively we could move the drunk thread into baking.....


Ohh its not on my blackberry either angry

some nuns on a cake


that is soooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooool

Or on my android sad what's the fucking point ay?

<looks around for dd's laptop>

nickelbarapasaurus Tue 07-Aug-12 16:12:54

apparently, it's not compatible with iphones/ipads etc.

puds11 Tue 07-Aug-12 16:24:29

Honey can we please have more hully pics! Also how on earth are you attaching the signs to him? <wonders if static would work>

giraffesCantTakePartInThe100ms Tue 07-Aug-12 19:46:42


RebeccaAdlingtonMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 07-Aug-12 20:50:12


dearprudence Tue 07-Aug-12 22:54:02

You can see (but not post) the pictures on iPhone if you're on a browser, but not on the app.

LynetteScavo Wed 08-Aug-12 07:50:12

This is kind of too much for my little mind this morning.

So, which topics can you do this on? confused

SparklingGoldMedals Wed 08-Aug-12 08:40:26

Style and Beauty and Baking Lynette

SparklingGoldMedals Wed 08-Aug-12 08:42:36

Oh and Arts and Crafts and Home Decoration.

But not Litter Tray. sad

SparklingGoldMedals Wed 08-Aug-12 08:51:10

For MNHQ if they put it in Litter Tray

(comes to thread a bit late)

I wouldn't mind a pet Willy....

(and a bit smuttily...!)

caramelwaffle Wed 08-Aug-12 10:42:49

Lynette In the Pictures Topic.

HellenicGamesMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 08-Aug-12 12:40:54


Does MNHQ have non-exclusive copyright on personal pictures, as they do with all our posts?

I asked yesterday, apologies if it was answered --but I was skimming through the hideous links to hairy men--

Hello. Sorry not to have seen this earlier.

The answer is: the usual terms apply. The copyright sitch over pictures is the same as over text posts. See our Terms of Use

That said, we have no plans to publish a book of pictures!

Might be the moment, also, to remind folks that it's wise never to post stuff up on Google-indexed website that you wouldn't want anyone and everyone to read/see.

TeamGBIWI Wed 08-Aug-12 13:03:47

Helen - does that apply to pictures that you have put on your profile and then deleted? Does MNHQ still have access to those, or once we have deleted them, are they truly deleted?

LemarchandsBox Wed 08-Aug-12 16:00:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OlympiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 08-Aug-12 16:54:57


Helen - does that apply to pictures that you have put on your profile and then deleted? Does MNHQ still have access to those, or once we have deleted them, are they truly deleted?

TeamGB, are you the bwa?!shockgrinwink
Sorry, I don't know the official answer to this btw not officially working today

TeamGBIWI Wed 08-Aug-12 17:05:17

SIOB, Olivia! grin

Definitely not.



MmeLindor Wed 05-Sep-12 17:25:15

How did I miss this.

Thank you Mumsnet for this additional way of wasting hours on the internet.

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