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I am the new local ambassador for the Selby area as of today. I will be arranging a meetup at least once a month, more often if it suits members.

It's just me at the moment as it's all new, so if you are interested in joining us you can do HERE (You can join us with a local nickname separate to your usual MN nickname too, so don't worry about staying anonymous!)

If you have any suggestions for meetup places do let me know. All the meetups I organise on here will be at one of the local children's centres or the library for now, which are usually fairly busy with local mums/dads and/or children.

Details for the next meetup are on the page now. Click the link in the OP to see the details. smile

NymodigFruOla Mon 03-Mar-14 16:58:34

HMam, this topic is for photos (or it was, before you could post photos on other topics too). I fear your Selby MNers might not see this thread. Although I don't blame you for posting wherever you can! Good on you, too!

I've posted in a few places, thanks for the tip! I didn't realise this used to be the only place for photos, title makes more sense now ha!

NymodigFruOla Mon 03-Mar-14 17:16:32

Yeah, before you joined there were only a few topics you could post photos on. Thankfully, it's been rolled out a bit - and will be rolled out even further over the next few months .... according to MNHQ!

I admire your enthusiasm - a relatively new MNer and now a Local Ambassador.

It took me at least 6 months to 'get it' on MN (a few years ago now!) before I did more than 'dip my toe in the water' grin

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