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My son almost laughing himself off a chair

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feelwelcome Fri 29-Nov-13 10:37:20

Hello, first post here.

I love this - my son laughing. youtu.be/qgdiFfkf0qM

Oh he's gorgeous, what an infectious laugh grin
What were you doing to make him laugh?

I don't know if this will work, but this is my 5yr old DD laughing at herself.
She's bonkers bless her grin

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Fri 29-Nov-13 10:42:36

That's fab! Thanks grin

Good start!

Didn't work sad

Found this pic of DD pulling funny faces grin

feelwelcome Fri 29-Nov-13 10:56:34

Thanks! He was playing a Mr Tumble game on the Cbeebies website. Mr Tumble running away from a mouse got him every time.

Excitedforxmas Fri 29-Nov-13 11:00:18

That's gorgeous

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