It's the clutter shouting "Mayday" as the Fledglings spring into action

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GoingGoingGoth Wed 30-Apr-14 22:12:44

Copying last month's thread.

So for those who don't know the fledglings is a long running thread. Some of us seem clicky but that is because we have been chatting on these threads for nearly half a decade makes everyone feel old we quite like fresh blood though so feel free to jump in and join us.

Three key points to keep in mind:
(1)No perfectionism allowed - this is harder than you would imagine
(2)You are never behind just start where you are and anything you do is progress.
(3) It didn't get into a mess overnight, it won't get tidy over night - accept it will take time to get on top of things and you will be happier.

If you are new then trying to spend 15mins decluttering and the babysteps.

Some of us <cough> Bitchy <cough> can have scary looking lists. One word of advice ignore them. Do what you can, anything is better then nothing, and don't judge yourself against others, we won't be judging you.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 30-Apr-14 22:28:48

Links for Thursday 1st May

Babystep 1 is the infamous 'shine your sink'. It sounds daft, but it's to get you in the habit of small steps that add up to make a difference. If you are new and don't want to do it, don't worry we're not going to check up on you.

We're in Zone 1 the Entrance, Front Porch & Dining Room for the next 2 days. If you are feeling up to it (not me) here is the detailed cleaning list

Today's mission is to spend 5 minutes in each area and collect up any junk mail, newspapers, magazines etc. that seems to accumulate.

The Monthly Habit is to move!

thanks to Ellie for leading last month

BigBirthdayGloom Wed 30-Apr-14 22:33:55

I'd like to join, please! Perfect timing-after having stopped flying for about four years, I'm going to start again tomorrow by shining my sink. I'm going to go steady and do the baby steps properly this time instead of getting over excited, but also do the thing that often works for me. I'm going to do fifteen minutes in up to four rooms a day, of tidying, decluttering, cleaning, whatever is needed and be really strict about moving on and not getting the room I'm in perfect.
Our lives have been too chaotic for too long and we all deserve better.

Thanks Goth and thanks Ellie for last month. Welcome BigBirthdayGloom - your name made me smile. You're in the right place here smile.

Marking spot.

thanks to Goth and Ellie and hi to BigBirthday!

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-May-14 02:22:15

Thanks for taking over, Goth, and for your thread-running skills last month, Ellie.

Welcome, BigBirthday.

My sleep is now buggered, thanks to having a late-afternoon nap to catch up with lost sleep from the night before. DS1 is still up too, worrying about his medical appointment on Friday.

Have used the time to do some OU work and prepare stuff for home ed. Still absolutely wide awake <sigh>.

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 01-May-14 02:36:25

Thanks for leading last month ellie and for taking on May Goth

Toffee I fear your pain. I am currently labelling kit that is needed for tomo morning stupid o'clock. I hopw you manage to get some sleep.

<waves at BB>
<heads off to find stuff out of the tumbler dryer for labelling>

MercuryRising Thu 01-May-14 05:31:48

I'm in! This week has been manic and consequently I have fallen off the fly wagon, but I was doing well prior to that so Im going to clamber back onboard. Welcome Bigbirthday Thank you for running last month Ellie

jacks365 Thu 01-May-14 08:03:07

Hi can I join please need to do something to find some calm in the chaos.

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 01-May-14 08:25:18

Good morning and good night.

slackcabbage Thu 01-May-14 11:09:14

Good morning! And happy May Day! I assume you were all up early washing your faces with dew grin

A huge thank you to Ellie for running last month's thread despite recuperation and return to work - really good of you! thanks

And thanks also to Goth for taking on May (which is also very good of you because I think you did Christmas too didn't you?)

A warm welcome to BigBirthdayGloom (I am channelling your nn atm btw!) and to Jacks365!

Glad you survived the week Mercury!

Big hellos to everyone else!

Lovely calm holiday feel here with most shops/businesses closed. DD and I are just waiting for dh to 'finish a few things' in the office and then we are off to experience green fields and whiskery muzzles etc (horses, not mine grin) and dd is going to do a bit of jumping. Dh unfortunately working tomorrow but he will be driving back and forth (very nobly). Wish I could say I was leaving the house in a decent state but I'm not. Ground and second floor fine. Everywhere else a disaster zone... .

So have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday (when we'll be back to work/school!)

Determined to do the "move every day" habit this month!

[SC paws ground, tosses mane and canters off stage right]

GoingGoingGoth Thu 01-May-14 11:16:18

Wow, some late nighters/early starters today! Hope you all get to catch up on your sleep today. brew on the counter for any that need it.

I'm not leading by example today as I did stupid amounts yesterday (moving furniture, books, turning mattresses, plus Woodcraft Folk) DD is at a school friends this evening, so at least have a bit longer quiet time today.

Packed lunch
Dd to school
Laundry on
Washing up
Litter tray

Just trying to decide whether to do paperwork or continue a sewing project.


feetheart Thu 01-May-14 13:26:29

I'm in.

Sorry I went AWOL last month, just far too much happening in RL to even think about housework. Did try to lurk but didn't post much.

Big thank you to Ellie for last month and Goth for this one thanks

Welcome to BigBirthdayGloom and jacks - the system does work if you actually do it smile

Oooo, there's a dragon, I need a dragon, I really, really need a dragon smile

I need to get off the computer, eat something and then try and achieve things but feel very 'rabbit in the headlights'. Maybe the Power of three would help:
- Lunch
- Finish washing up
- Hang washing

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 01-May-14 14:01:21

thank you Goth for thread.

It is pouring down outside. I love it when it rains.

I've achieved quite a lot this morning, sorting and tidying wise, but now I'm knackered.

sorted kitchen clutter (some)
sorted playroom clutter (some)
removed a lot of water from fridge
threw food out of fridge
drove to school and back
talked to friend about 12 year olds!
washed two loads and hung out

Toffee sorry you are so tired. Hope ds1 can focus on Sat when it will all be over. Go easy on the home edding today if I were you, to give yourself a breather.

SC good news about the greenfields

feetheart Thu 01-May-14 14:08:04

Next three:
- Research washing machines for rental house
- Write 'Notice to Inspect for problem flat - the end may be in sight <<everything crossed>>
- Sweep kitchen floor

newlark Thu 01-May-14 14:19:48

Thank you for the new thread.

I surprised myself by enjoying the first week of my beginners jogging course yesterday (glorioius weather helped). The coaches didn't push us too hard but I felt well exercised and managed more running than I expected so all my walks up and down the hill into town have kept some level of fitness going! Was v tired all afternoon though so did nothing useful round the house and feel a bit stiff this morning.

Done today so far:
Get children to school on time (just!) with correct packed lunches and swimming kit
Do shopping
Get haircut

Will try to tidy up the hall next (how many shoes do we need...). I always laugh when the Dining Room comes round as ours is used as a junk/store room and we have never eaten it it blush

feetheart Thu 01-May-14 15:02:56

Next four:
- Pick up DC and friends and ply with biscuits/cakes
- Walk to pool for diving and general swimming
- Drop my two off at friends'
- DH and I to high school to learn about DD's transition this September - eek!

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-May-14 19:27:59

Only just logged on and seen your advice to take it easy on the home edding, Swan. Thanks for thinking of me. Actually, home edding with DS2 is proving very easy and relaxing so far. He worked really hard today and can already do some of it independently, so it's not too difficult for me.

Have managed to keep DS1 reasonably calm today and even succeeded in persuading him to have a bath and hairwash this evening (although I'm never quite sure he's really washed his hair - will have to have a sniff later). Am hoping he'll take a Phenergan to get to sleep at a decent time tonight, so getting up early tomorrow won't be too much of a shock.

What to do if he just won't go, though? We have told him he has to go because we'll have to pay regardless, but if his anxiety is overwhelming I know he'll just say no. We are leaving an extra half hour leeway in case we need to spend that long getting him out of the door.

Ta da

Home ed - handwriting, Maths, English (wrote a story). Did a bit of history later as it ties in with some local events.
Flying - lots, as cleaner was here, so we cleaned and tidied together (had to do a lot of room rescues). House looks quite organised now. smile
Cooking - various meals
Washing up - endless
Put rubbish out
Made chicken casserole to put in the fridge for tomorrow evening

Fretting about the journey tomorrow (mainly, getting DS1 there) and how the appointment will go (clinical interview to assess DS1 for Aspergers).

Won't be on the thread tomorrow, as we'll be out all day and then my best friend is coming for the weekend and wine will be definitely be consumed.

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 01-May-14 19:58:30

Could he bring his laptop with him and some headphones whilst he is in the car? Ds2 gets incredibly anxious in planes and we had a real struggle getting him onto one this Easter (it is a recent problem over last two years) I found the only way to get him through the takeoff was to hold his hand tightly keep talking very fast to him about something other than the plane. I suspect if there had been a screen to concentrate on it would have helped too.

Boys are fighting; ds1 said he had a nice day at a school, ds2 seems alright but was dancing again the play rehearsal which made ds1 very bolshy, and now horrid to him. Dd exhausted, another day of girl politics at her school, waiting outside for other people and then getting back very late as a result. I am beginning to think we should order her home at a specific time and she'd be relieved because then she'd be able to ditch the more manipulative friends who expect her to hang around. I waited 3/4 hour for ds2 thinking he was at drama club which ends at 4.3O, but it turned out we had crossed wires and he had gone home in pouring rain at 3.3o, my phone was out, so dh couldnt tell me... Ds2 very cross with me, saying that we had made a different arrangment when I dropped him. I may have to give him written instructions from now on, pickups seem very complex things when your son is not allowed a mobile phone..--and his mum keeps losing hers--

leek and ham risotto for supper. Only dh and I ate it, but it was tasty! Loads left. Ds2 ate a grated cheese and cucmber sandwich, dd refused to eat anyting except a slice of ham, and ds1 gobbled up half whilst moaning he hated risotto.... Dh and I are sick of fish fingers

GoingGoingGoth Thu 01-May-14 21:36:18

Links for Friday 2nd May

Babystep 2 is to get dressed to 'lace-up' shoes when you get up in the morning. It works for some, but to be honest I can get loads done in my dressing gown (which does get washed regularly- I'm not that slatternly)

We're still in Zone 1 the Entrance, Front Porch & Dining Room, today's mission is to spend 5 minutes sweeping or vacuuming each area.

Daily Focus for Friday is to clear out the car and purse. Sorry I forgot to put in today's.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 01-May-14 21:53:17

Today's summary

Couple of new starters, so hello to BigBirthdayGloom & jacks. Remember just do a little a day, it does build up to make a difference.

Toffee's sleep patterns are out of synch! hope that sorts itself out soon. Good luck with the medical tomorrow, you know we'll all be thinking of you & DS1.

No need to mention our other night owl <ahem> Bitchy

Mercury is back and had an early start.

* SC* enjoyed her May Day, I'm looking forward to ours on Monday

feet also rejoined us, and embraced the power of 3.

Swan made the most if the rain and got loads done. I think the deadline for Dd many be a good thing, it gives her an excuse. The risotto sounded lovely.

newlark is enjoying her jogging so is really on board with this month's habit.

And finally, I've finished a sewing project! Took all afternoon, but it was hand sewing and I'm so pleased to have done it. I'm also adding a dragon because we have a lot of them in this house.

MercuryRising Thu 01-May-14 22:19:06

Evening all. I managed a little flying this morning:
Swish and swipe

But not much this evening as Dp brought my new car home grin My old car was so old it had moss growing on the window trim but this was is lovely and shiny and new. So I have spent the evening transferring CDs and bits from one car to another and removing 3 carrier bags of rubbish from the old one blush

Toffee I hope the journey isn't too harrowing for you and ds tomorrow. Hopefully a diagnosis will get you the support DS needs. I will be thinking of you both.

Feet it sounds as if the power of three was a success for you.

Night all.

Feeble waves!

Public meeting survived. Went brilliantly, fortunately. Lots of support and positive developments. Fingers crossed.

<Passes out in naughty corner>

BitchyVstheUFOs Fri 02-May-14 11:48:27

Good morning. I think i might have resync issues with my sleep. I took a nap yesterday morning and woke up this morning having pretty much slept through. Dehydration headache as a result is a bit annoying but hopefully will feel fine by sat.

Needless to say there hasn't been any flying. I am with everyone else on the birthday gloom (i have it in my brain that yours is fairly close to mine SC?) I hate birthdays. And have a ban on mine. Although I would quite like some nice weather so can go on a road trip somewhere nice.

I suppose I should get up and move really <ponders> it is quite nice being curled up in bed atm though. I clearly needed the rest probably an understatement blush

jacks365 Fri 02-May-14 14:14:10

Sink nice and shiny, dressed to lace up shoes this morning ok trainers but would have done anyway as had toddler group and dancing. Emptied dw got a load in wm. Sorted out to start an ou degree and found a new nursery for youngest dd. After a couple of bad days all is currently running smoothly. Time to do some decluttering.

newlark Fri 02-May-14 14:27:59

Ta Da:

school run
short run in park
finish unloading dishwasher from last night
put wash on
hoover and mop hall floor
shiny sink grin

dcs at a dance show rehearsal after school this evening which I haven't volunteered to help with (as dh away and too much on) so get 3 hours peace and quiet!!!

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 02-May-14 14:46:59

toffee I'm hoping all went well this morning.

Goth well done on your sewing project. [Beats head against wall. I want to do sewing really I do. Just I always end up tidying. Gnash]

tidying in advance of cleaner.
3 dcs rooms sheets changed, hoovered and clothes put away
kitchen tidied

numerous loads of washing hung out
a surface on landing decluttered and dusted

cleaner cleaned both bathrooms and decluttered some old bottles
cleaner cleaned kitchen and hoovered stairs

and tomorrow it will be all messy and dirty again [gnash gnash]

Utility room is still a crap heap, full of books papers, dirty saucepans etc. Despite yesterdays attempts sad Outside in the garden yard is more rubbish. Old burnt chips/old paint pots/straggly pots of old daffs.

I wouldn't care really, just dses fighting again over school so I am worrying about that in the background. Ds1 is so rude to ds2, but he finds it so hard dealing with him in school, as he says ds2 is constantly embarrassing him. We had a strategy but ds1 is refusing to stick to it and keeps reverting to blaming ds2 for everything.

right, pick up time shortly, my mobile is charged. I will go and get rid of those old burnt chips if it kills me!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-May-14 15:40:36

Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone. DS1 managed the journey and the consultation. Result: Aspergers diagnosis! I'm so relieved. It feels like the final piece of the puzzle.

The doctor we saw is going to prescribe melatonin for his sleep problems and recommend a different medication for his anxiety. She is also going to recommend ongoing therapeutic support and specialist schooling. The latter should help with the statement application. So, she was worth every penny.

Ds1 doesn't seem particularly bothered about any of it. He asked me just now to remind him what it was he'd been diagnosed with, but when I offered to tell him more about it he said he'd rather just play Roblox for now. grin

Best friend turning up any minute, so looking forward to wine and chat.

PeanutPatty Fri 02-May-14 15:58:13

Thank goodness for diagnosis Toffee. Hope your catch up with your bf is therapeutic.

Have let things slide here a bit. Mini1 didn't even have clean clothes for preschool today. Made me feel like a right slattern.

Not one room is sorted. Childrens rooms look like bombs have gone off. Even the stairs has stuff loitering on various steps.

I've also eaten an Easter egg plus a packet of crisps and a slice of tiger bread toast washed down with coffee as my lunch albeit very late.

Ta Da's
Dogs walked
Minis taken to library to choose new books/make as much noise as possible and achieve scowls from library staff
One laundry load done and on airer
Second laundry load on

To Do
Empty TD
Empty DW
Put secondary laundry load on TD
Find Pooch's vax card
Feed minis
Try not to fall asleep on sofa

GoingGoingGoth Fri 02-May-14 19:35:53

Toffee so pleased you've got a diagnosis. Probably talking out of my arse here, but I would think that if his sleep can be sorted, it may help with other issues?

I've done no flying at all today shock

Beds packed lunch
DD to school
Trip to the city
New walking boots for DH & DD
Few other bits for DD
Visited The project cafe the local food shop/community project we help out with has opened a new pop-up shop.
Had a lovely slice of pear cake and DH had Hummingbird cake (banana & pineapple)
Collected DD from school
Weekly shop
Walked 14,000 steps grin

To do
Washing up & SS
Laundry for tomorrow

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 02-May-14 20:38:40

Toffee you must be feeling just relieved that someone is listening and being proactive in helping ds1. I cannot believe you have been pushed from pillar to post for so long. Yes, sleep is very important, but it is a chicken and egg isn't itsad

And well done ds for going to the appt too. He must have felt in his bones it was worth it.

well the rest of the day has been relaxed and happy. I got rid of the burnt chips in the garden; I planted some courgette seeds and put them in my makeshift greenhouse (made out of shower screen); I did what you might call some messy play in the yard by tipping out various geraniums and replanting them in new compost. It is freeezing outside isn't it?
Dh cooked a very nice M & Supper which his new fancy, spicy calamari rings and spicy prawns with noodles and broccoli, avocado salad and green salad (homemade the last four items blush
I picked up ds2, who had greatly enjoyed high jump at school
Ds1 insisted on walking home by himself
dd went straight to bed after a shower (her lovely clean room was calling her)

I've gone to bed too, after putting some more clothes away and hanging out another batch of wet sheets. Will have to get up in a moment and help put them all to bed. TGI Bankholiday weekend (although I do have to do catechism class tomorrow and look after some children at Mass on Sunday so it is not total marshmallowland ahead)


Just been testing out my new steam cleaner. Very impressed! I had been thinking about getting one for a while, then a MNer I am friendly with was on the test panel for the Karcher ones that is running at the moment, so I started looking into that and found you can buy recon ones cheap on the Karcher outlet website (this one was £58 vs £99 new). Bargain! I have just been tackling some of the grot spots in the kitchen with it and am very pleased. Bathroom tomorrow!

Other than that, Flying wise, I had a total clear out of the fridge and cleaned all the shelves, which has needed doing for ages. It was overflowing with food, I only actually threw 2 things away but the results of the re-organisation are startlingly good, everything is organised and not just dumped randomly all over the shelves. Oh and stripped our bed, washed, dried and remade it.

Non Flying wise - coffee with friends this morning, then out to browse furniture (we desperately need a computer desk), a quick swim, home for hairwash and a bit of telly, picked DCs up. Then this evening we took them to a funfair that has just set up nearby with a load of friends and had fish and chips after.

Toffee - I'm so pleased you managed to get DS1 to the appointment and that it was so successful, although if you are anything like me the diagnosis is still quite an emotional time even though you know it is important and necessary. It really should help with your statementing. Nothing much happening about mine, I was given a tribunal date but needed to request a change to it, and just waiting for confirmation, it will be early October. By which time the law will have changed. Interesting times.

dizzyday07 Sat 03-May-14 00:53:04

I seemed to have sat about doing not a lot for the last couple of days blush but DD is now home (with a pile of wet sweaty clothes) and although she said she missed us, didn't cry at bedtime. Yeah!

Ta Da
* Food shopping bought for weekend
* Trip to Post Office to return a swimsuit that is too small for DD
* Hoovered through downstairs
* Sorted through a pile of DD's outgrown clothes in an effort to sell them
* Laundry load in and hung to dry
* DD to swim club

I made an effort the last 2 nights to go to bed earlier than I have been (so @1.30/2am) but couldn't get to sleep until gone 3am so I was no better off than normally staying up and falling asleep on the sofa!

Newlark - I am undertaking the C25k running programme (just finished week 3) and am now panicking as I have a 3k race in 2 weeks time shock

Toffee - Well done on DS1 getting to and through the assessment. I can imagine it is a relief to get a diagnosis and fingers crossed it helps get him some formal support but big hugs too as putting a name to something doesn't make living with it any easier. Have some cake

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-May-14 07:11:46

Thank you, Patty. Yes, having bf here is very therapeutic. She was the first person who suspected DS1 had AS, so it's very apt that she should be with us on the day of diagnosis.

Goth - not talking out of your arse at all! I think you're absolutely right.

Swan - yes, it was such a relief to have someone take our concerns seriously. What really upsets me about the long and stressful journey we have been on is how it has affected DS1. So much pain and stress could have been avoided for him if he had received a diagnosis and appropriate help earlier. I just hope the resulting damage to his self esteem is redeemable.

WhoKnows - thank you. I feel so relieved. The diagnosis finally makes sense of everything and, as you say, should mean that DS1 gets the help and support he needs. Not that I am naive enough to think everything will run smoothly from now on (have read enough on Mumsnet Special Needs board to know that's unlikely), but it puts us in a stronger position.

So sorry you have such a long wait for the tribunal.

dizzy <scoffs cake for breakfast> Thank you.

I pulled up the blinds this morning, looked out at a beautiful, blue-skied, sunny morning, and realised that I feel hopeful for the first time in a long while. It's a good feeling.

We have a good day planned. Going to a local festival with bf. Perfect weather for it.

Minimal Flying today!

MercuryRising Sat 03-May-14 09:30:55

Great news about the diagnosis Toffee smile

I was up at 6 this morning to get some school work done so I can spend the day catching up on flying and spendind time with dp and the dc. My dad is over this afternoon so Im hoping it will be a good day.

Ta da
3 hours of marking and planning.
Wm emptied and reloaded

Enjoy your day fellow fledglings!

GoingGoingGoth Sat 03-May-14 09:49:08

Argh fails at almost 1st hurdle on links, be back in a minute

GoingGoingGoth Sat 03-May-14 09:56:40

Links for Saturday 3rd May

Babystep 3 is to explore the Flylady website. The Launch Pad is a useful start DON'T SIGN UP TO THE EMAILS now that's clutter, you'll get hundreds of them*

Daily Focus for Saturday is Family Fun Day. So go and officially enjoy yourself

No missions as it's the weekend!

* possible slight exaggeration of the number of emails, but not by much grin

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 03-May-14 10:07:59

Nah, i reckon you are probably about right with the no of emails Goth.

I am not quite sure what the plan it but i think the first step will be breakfast and up. Apparently ds has been up since 5 and I have bedding to wash hmm, Also have a bathroom to clean as I dream walked him to the bathroom last night and he didn't aim, just kinda waived it in the general direction. Tbf i don't actually think he was awake so i will forgive him this once. But if i catch him doing that when awake angry

Suppose i had better go see what kind of mood he is in... hmm

GoingGoingGoth Sat 03-May-14 10:19:39

Summary (since the last one) blush

Mercury has a new moss-free car. Hope you have a good day with your family.

Blue survived her meeting on Thursday, Fx everything goes ok.

Bitchy might be catching up on her sleep (about time!)

jacks & newlark are settling in nicely wine

Swan has squabbling boys, more wine? But has achieved a lot, especially in the garden today.

Toffee has her DS's diagnosis, hope this is the start of things getting easier.

Peanut, no one notices clean clothes at pre-school, they're usually dirty with 5 minutes

WhoKnows has a new steam cleaner! envy

dizzy has a pile of dirty, sweaty clothes along with her DD -lovely grin And is doing the C25k with a 3k race coming up soon <blanches> sooner you than me!

I'm frantically trying to get as much laundry hung out this morning as possible as our weather forecast says the rain will hit us around 4pm and then continue until Tuesday <sob> 2 loads of towels already out, and bedding just spinning.

PeanutPatty Sat 03-May-14 10:25:34

Morning all,

I would be glad it's the weekend but realistically the weekend may as well be Tu-Thurs here. It doesn't make any difference. <moan> <grump>

MrPP and I had a rare night out and went to a little pizzeria. Manageress was really bigging up her homemade tiramisu and we LOVE tiramisu and like to think we can spot a good one. Well, it was nice but it was all singing all dancing. I had two large glasses of wine and felt hammered! I either need to drink less or drink more to improve. wink

Ta Da's
Hounds walked really early and was lovely as nobody else around
Hounds fed
MrPP washed, dressed and fed minis
First laundry load on

To do
Do something with laundry on bed
Change smalls bedding
Nip to shops for milk and food for Miaow
Post card
Empty TD
Do something with wet laundry
Not spend all day on mn/FB blah blah blah

Hope everyone has some lovely weather and is able to kick back and relax for a bit. <ignores screams of minis fighting over toys>

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 03-May-14 10:53:41

Hang in there Peanut, it does get better as they get older not the fighting over toys bit sorry but it does get better and feel more weekend like when they hit school age. Then you can join the rest of us with the nightmare of organising afterschool activities, homework monitoring and all the joys that brings. hmmgrin

I realised that in less then 10 years ds will no longer be here, he will be off as an adult doing stuff for himself although probably needing some sort of financial support and ferrying around unless there is some sort of miracle It is nothing, and will fly by <sniff> <sniff>

And on that note I am going to prise him off the computer game and force him into clothes so that we can do something together.

newlark Sat 03-May-14 13:07:12

Ta da:
lie in until 0820 gringrin - this is a record for the last 7.5 yrs
get dcs breakfast
faff around on computer and read old newspapers so I can recycle them
get dcs lunch
er...that's it.

About to take dcs to matinee performance of dance show (I get 2.5 hrs off) then will take them home for a quick tea before the evening show (which I am going to see). Will take recycling and do some grocery shopping while out and pick up a delivery from M&S so a couple more things off my to do list.

Dizzy - good luch with your 3k run - at the end of the 10 week beginners jogging course we all attempt a 5k - I've run that far in the past (and further) but was 10 years younger and considerably lighter sad

jacks365 Sat 03-May-14 13:40:28

Ta da
Ironed clothes and put away
Beds made
Bathroom given quick clean
Family room tidied and vacuumed
Dw emptied
Washing on

To do

Pack because we are going to my parents for the weekend be nice to walk back into a neat and tidy house on Monday night.
Empty all the bins because it's collection day Tuesday and I'll forget if I leave it till I get back on Monday.

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 03-May-14 14:54:57

catechism class
homemade beefburgers for lunch (DH did it all)
DH has taken sons to football match (still squabbling) He is at his wits end how to stop them endlessly being mean to each other (I am talking whispered comments like "loser" or "hairy legs" shock Personally I think he should set them to work digging holes or something instead of taking them out to fun activities hmm but I'm sure he will eventually decide this for himself sad

Feeling thoughtful today about all my blessings. One of children at catechism has severe asthma, and spring is a nightmare for her, especially any sort of grass. I am so lucky my children despite squabbling do not have that to deal with.

So house is quiet, dd is reading a book for once (albeit on her phone, she downloaded it for 99pshock I've gone back to bed as it is still freezing despite having heating on, and I now need to order her a new free Oyster card as she is has lost hers and it is very £ paying for 4 bus journeys a day.

My garden faces east and is on a hill, so it is actually too cold to go out there for long at this time of year and I've already done lots of walking this morning.

BigBirthdayGloom Sat 03-May-14 18:22:01

Hello! I have loved reading the thread and am going to cautiously post. I've really been avoiding my house the last week or so and procrastinating about starting baby steps. But I've started making a list, which is left in a prominent place and seem to have forgotten less stuff and done more. Even getting children (x3, aged 2-8) dressed and giving them breakfast goes on the list because then I get to cross it off and remind myself that sometimes that is a challenge!

I've also added to the list 4 rooms a day with 15 mins next to them so I spend the time in each of those rooms tidying, cleaning, whatever. I don't beat myself up if I don't do them all but I don't skip a particular room and choose a nicer, tidier one to do. And no more than four a day. Seems okay so far-I'd done virtually no tidying upstairs for weeks and now it looks okay.

Going to shine sink tonight.

Hope you all have nice sunny weekends.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 03-May-14 20:27:20

Links for Sunday 4th May

Babystep 4 is to start your Control Journal. I did do one ages ago, but I find I now use this thread instead.

Daily Focus for Sunday is Renew Your Spirit Day. So time to chill out

No missions as it's the still weekend!

GoingGoingGoth Sat 03-May-14 20:52:23

Summary (since this morning)

Peanut is recovering from a rare night out. I also have the theory that I need to drink more to up my constitution (it doesn't work) Bitchy is right, routines do get easier once they're at school, but then you miss the flexibility of them being at home!

newlark had a lie in, and will be attending 2 dance shows today.

jacks is going to her DPs this weekend, and has got all organised.

Swan has had a busy day and is contemplation 'hard labour' to deal with her DSs.

Feel free to post whenever and about whatever you like Birthday Getting 3 under-8s dressed deserves being put on a 'Done' list, I put making the beds every day. Remember it's better to do a little every day, than to do a lot one day and then feel overwhelmed. Obviously there are some days that you feel you can do a lot, but don't feel down if there are days when you don't. As Flylady says, the mess forms over weeks/months/years and can't be fixed overnight.

The rain has held off so I managed to get the bedding dried and the towels aren't bad. DD grazed her knee yesterday and only felt up to a walk to the library this morning, so I went for a quick stroll around the park on my own this afternoon, it was lovely.

Had a big ranty tantrum about the state of the house this afternoon - gist being, unless I point it out, nobody ever picks anything up! - which culminated in DH helping me restore some semblance of order to the kitchen and dining room. Will have to deal with more over the weekend as will have TV cameras in the house on Tues morning!! shock <faints>

Tomorrow there is a big May Day rally, at which we have a stall for the campaign. Should hopefully be fun - there's a bouncy castle and other stuff for the kids. Just hope it doesn't rain!

Thanks for round up, Goth

<Leaves wine and brew on the bar>

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 03-May-14 21:37:07

Dones today
Made quick choc cake (which everyone ate with tinned peaches)
Made tomato spicy pasta with egg and ham |(which everyone ate)
loaded and unloaded dw
hung out three loads of washing
dd had a friend over
put some saucepans and baking tins from a few days ago to soak blush
put out the food compost
cleaned out some old milkbottles lurking at back of fridge
gave some old mince to the foxes
chatted to London cousin on phone about whether we should all move to Ireland

sons now in goodish mood although they did a lot of heckling (to each other) during BGT.
Dh and I had some warm wine followed by lager in the kitchen relieved to be away from them all!

I cannot tell you what joy I feel knowing I do not have to tackle all ds2's homework tomorrow, as we have Monday off.. He wants to go the Funfair on nearby common so I actually have some bargaining power to get it done asap too..

MercuryRising Sat 03-May-14 21:38:44

Good luck with the rally Blue

Ta da
Beds made
Some planning
Shopping for new kettle and toaster
Ds to birthday party
Dug new flowerbed in garden and plotted climbers
Hanging baskets hung
Hoovering and dusting downstairs
Dcs room tidied

daddykyller Sat 03-May-14 22:41:25

Just wanted to share this price glitch I came across today.
What you do is signed up to a free trial of amazon family (link below for this) and get the 3 month free trial.
(HINT- if you have already done this in the past just create a new yahoo email or other free email such as gmail.) .
Order the nappies on a subscribe and save for an additional 20%
Used the code 50FAMILY ... AND... This code is taking 50% off BEFORE the 20% off for the subscribe and save
THEN- if you don't want to keep getting nappies month after month just cancel the subsribe and save before the next due date.
That way these nappies which are just £10 at the moment anyway, and it goes to £5, then a further 20% off that makes it *£4***: Pampers Baby Dry Size 5+ (Junior +) Mega Box 70 Nappies, 10

Amazon Family 3 month free trial 3 month free trial. Not a bad deal in itself and worth checking out.

This will work for other things too- not just nappies, but that was just an example of somethign which qualifies under the amazon family offers.

Also- Needs to be in this order: If code doesn't work for you- (seems to be working for some and not others depending on what' they've used on amazon in the past) Make a new email ( takes about 1minute 30 seconds through gmail or yahoo etc.) sign up for a new account on amazon, and pop in your new email you just made. Join Amazon Family. Order the nappies and put in the code- when that's done go back to the item and select subscribe and save.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sun 04-May-14 02:47:49

SO the sleep thing was kinda going well. And then I had a thing tonight, which got diversified and changed a bit. And then I came home to a wet bed and child curl up in a tiny corner trying hard to sleep. Bed stripped the duvet that didn't get washed this morning is almost finished washing and I am about to put on a load of bedding to wash before I crash. needless to say that it is going to be a long night and a short sleep. hmm

BitchyVstheUFOs Sun 04-May-14 10:11:32

Fuck it, anything after midnight counts on today's ta da list:
wash ds' duvet
put ds' duvet through dryer
wash favourite teddy and some bedding/blankets
put teddy and above in dryer
wash the plastice undersheets for ds' bed
<long nap>

about to grab a coffee and get some bacon for a sunday morning fry, do more laundry and probably tackle the lego mountain hmm gotta love being a parent and the fun it brings as payback for having fun without the kids. hmmgrin

iamdivergent Sun 04-May-14 10:31:04

waves can I join in? I am terminally lazy forgetful wink

So far today I have:
*washed the dishes
*emptied the pulley/hi-dry/tumble dryer and taken everything upstairs to be folded
*filled the ironing basket
*written a shopping list

Aims for this week so far:
*get dds x2 hair cut

BitchyVstheUFOs Sun 04-May-14 14:27:38

ta da list:
wash ds' duvet
put ds' duvet through dryer
wash favourite teddy and some bedding/blankets
put teddy and above in dryer
wash the plastice undersheets for ds' bed
<long nap>
hand plastic undersheets to dry
put on load of blankets
go out and buy bacon and icing sugar
cook breakfast fy up
put blankets on to dry
put yesterdays mucky clothes on to wash with added stain remover
fold washing
make microwave meringues
make rhubarb crumble
boil up hand warmers
deal with fractious ds
find iron
clear ironing board
do the ironing
put another load of clothes on to wash
make 2 batches of Jelly
send ds to get dressed and then admire all of the lovely lego models he made instead hmmgrin

currently considering a nap. ds is off doing stuff in the garden confused

BigBirthdayGloom Sun 04-May-14 18:28:33

Just checking in to make it a habit, not a productive day in terms of flying but was a proper family fun day. Went for lunch with my parents and then spent afternoon with paddling pool and planting in the garden. Very lovely. And, uncharacteristic ally, I have just tidied the gardening stuff up so it's not messy to look at this evening.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sun 04-May-14 20:20:19

And here's me, always late to the party. It's been a bit chaotic here, and it's been all about damage control with the DCs home. grin

Anyway, local beekeeper getting a handle on some of the bees, and a huge group of them mass migrated/swarmed off today down the street (literally had house covered in bees - front and back - for about 5 minutes while they were moving, was quite unnerving to see them swirling about from every window!!). Hopefully we won't have any more showing up for awhile!

I'm slowly clearing out the garden shed. I've gone through some tool boxes and am little by little pulling things out of there and either binning them or cleaning them up and finding a place to put each thing (when I'm not dodging bees, that is!). It doesn't hurt that SonIL borrowed my ladder, so that's out of the way and I don't need to move it each time I've gone out there. grin I may have him hold onto it for a week or two while I finish up clearing it all out!

Indoors, it's just same old, same old. Washing up, vacuuming, tidying, laundry, dusting, sweeping, and so on.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 04-May-14 21:41:51

Links for Monday 5th May

Babystep 5 is to take any negative voices in your head and write down positive things to cancel them out.

Daily Focus for Monday is the Weekly Blessing or bleugh as we call it . Remember it's not a deep clean and should take around an hour. You can do it all at once or split it up to different days if you prefer.

This week we're in Zone 2, the Kitchen. IF you are decluttered, here is the Deep Cleaning List

This week's missions Today is to clean the kitchen trash bin. (YAY!) If you have a lid, don't forget to clean the underside.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 04-May-14 22:11:56


Blue laid down the law in her house re tidying up. I think we all have to do it to stop the lazy gits backsliders. Hope your rally went well today,

Swan choc cake and tinned peaches sounds lovely. I think the homework/funfair sounds like a good bargain.

Mercury was busy and sounds like she's on top of the garden.

Bitchy had to cope with a bed wetting incident, such a lovely end of the day sad and then posted one of her uber-lists.

iamdivergent has joined us. <waves>

Birthday checked in. Sounds like you had a good Sunday, remember we're not expected to Fly everyday.

Alice is fashionably late to this month's thread smile
Bees swarms are amazing if unnerving, we had one a couple of years ago. The noise is unbelievable.

We also went to a May Day rally today. It was DD's first march, I think she enjoyed it <so proud> she blagged lots of freebies off the stalls. Then we went to Hamleys where they were doing a Star Wars day? She got her photo taken with Boba Fett envy, but the Stormtrooper did say "close the blast doors" for me grin

Thanks Goth - yes, it went well. Was a great atmosphere and got lots of support.

Big waves to everyone else. Night all.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 04-May-14 23:04:28

Great to hear your rally went well today, Blue. And you too, Goth.

ta da

Woken too early by wriggly DS2
Breakfast - pancakes
Dress etc.
Swish & swipe
Coaxed DS2 to come swimming
Swimming with DS2 (lesson) and BF
Walked to cafe for tea and chat
Waved off BF at midday
Home for lunch
DH to work
Put swim stuff and sheets in w/m
Washing up
Caught up on OU work
Made chicken, sweet potato and coconut curry for dinner
Long phone call with relative about DS1's diagnosis
DS2's bathtime
Remade DS2's bed
Bedtime routine
Fell asleep
Woken up by DH to watch 'Sopranos' with him and DS1
Made popcorn
Dh - washing up
MN time

Trazzletoes Mon 05-May-14 08:14:54


Please can I come back (again)?

MercuryRising Mon 05-May-14 08:41:26

Welcome back Trazzle How are you Joe and the rest of the family?

I've just had a bank holiday lay in. Time to get some more school work done before I crack on with the house.


Trazzletoes Mon 05-May-14 08:57:46

All good thanks - definitely can't complain! We had a holiday last month (a holiday!) c/o Make A Wish which was amaaaaaaaaaaazing. We are very lucky. Joe's Hickman line is OUT so we have been swimming (swimming!) a couple of times. He loves going to the pool so it has been wonderful to see. Another hospital check up next week but he's getting stronger all the time and no symptoms so I'm not too worried at the moment.

He does have some kind of mystery illness though - a handful of spots across his body, like pimples, itchy, the bigger ones have gone scabby... Dr says not chicken pox but no idea what! Poss insect bites but they are literally head to toe and none of the rest of us have them... Very odd!

Suffice to say house is a shit tip as usual. DH and I are doing the Insanity workout - it's working v well but leaves us with little time/energy in the evening to clean. We have a huge desk in our hallway that's elbow deep in clutter... Just bought a Welsh dresser to replace it and so spent last night clearing ALL the stuff in to boxes which will now sit around for ages no doubt!!! Still... Good opportunity to declutter... I also have a new craft table so am looking forward to filling the drawers in that with yarn and fabric.

How are you all?

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-May-14 09:25:58

Welcome back, Trazzle! Am so happy to hear how well Joe is doing these days. Could the mystery spots be molluscum? Both my DC had them. They look like pimples and irritate the skin, often causing eczema around the spots. Mind you, I'd expect the dr to recognise them. Hope they clear up soon, anyway.

The news in the Toffee household is that DS1 has finally received his ASD diagnosis and we are in the midst of his assessment for a statement. We're hoping he gets into a specialist school. It has taken 14 years, countless appointments with various professionals and a lot of dogged determination to get to this point. Also, a lot of help from the very knowledgeable and helpful people on the Mumsnet special needs' board. I finally feel hopeful for DS1's future.

Another beautiful sunny day here. We have to go in to work (no Bank Holiday for the self-employed sad), but I expect we'll take the opportunity to go for a walk in the countryside as well.

DS2 managed to let us have a lie in! DH had a long talk with him yesterday about the importance of not waking us up as soon as he woke up especially if it's 6am or earlier. So this morning he waited until 8am shock and only came in to us when he heard a robot voice on our stairs which scared him confused grin.

Once DS1 starts on the melatonin, I might actually start having proper sleeps <daydreams>.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

slackcabbage Mon 05-May-14 09:35:50

[SC crawls in and collapses in front of keyboard]

Good morning! Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend! We had a lovely time away: beautiful countryside, fab horses; so much so it was a serious wrench to have to come home [dd was crying as she had enjoyed it so much!] But lawd I ache ...will be eating supper off the mantelpiece for at least a week grin

Thanks for fab round-ups Goth! cake ]brew]

Brilliant to have you back Trazzles thanks cake brew

And a warm welcome to Iamdivergent!

Good to see you too Feetheart!

And Honu and Just if you happen to be lurking - hope you are both OK!

Toffee really great that ds1 was able to get to his assessment and so glad you got the diagnosis that will put you in a stronger position when it comes to getting the right support! (Not an easy process though I know from reading on here.)

Whoknows good luck with ongoing tribunal process and may pm you about the steam cleaner when I get a minute - have been contemplating buy the Karcher one ...just got a few boring qs to ask about it ...

Blue good to hear the rally went well and good luck tomorrow being filmed chez Blue!

Bitchy Crikey, you have a very good memory!!! Yes, I am approaching a half-century very shortly [sob] When is yours? [Sorry, brain like a sieve] Was very down and depressed about it but through that now and getting quite excited (can't resist birthday celebrations!!) I've posted on here before that dh opted to have root canal work/an extraction on his 50th birthday so no-one could celebrate, and my sil was even worse - would hardly allow us to even mention it - but I have two older sisters who are very active and inspiring so that helps a lot! Also read on Mumsnet once "you will never be as young as you are today" sorry that was sickeningly chipper wasn't it, fetches sick bucket for Bitchy grin wink grin?.

Having said all of that - was riding this weekend and I am so wobbly and unfit it is embarrassing - needed a winch to get me up and was ambling cantering along and every time I stopped I nearly fell off (the lactic acid gets to your thighs if you are unfit). And having been in the saddle for longer than I am accustomed on a rather wide armchair weight bearing cob, I am now experiencing serious aches in one buttock grin Seriously need to get a grip re: health and fitness as I am good for nothing now... tis quite depressing!

Young sapling-like dd on the other hand was diving about like a greyhound on speed; I'd chosen a very solid/reliable mount for her (much to her disgust) which I pray is having a well-deserved rest and extra hay today!

Bigbirthdaygloom getting 3 dc under eight dressed and fed IS serious Flying in my book so don't be too hard on yourself!

Have a lovely w/e away Jacks

Dizzy glad your dd enjoyed her trip in the end!

Swan enjoy the liberation from homework today! [Believe me, I do understand that feeling!!!] DD of course left her homework until the last minute yesterday despite my constant nagging reminders, which meant the weekend ended on a less than cheerful note... .

And hope that you are liberated from bees Alice (was once lying on a sunbed when a swarm of bees flew overhead - it was seriously scary - no exaggeration to say the sky went black and the sound was deafening (like a helicopter flying over head]

Hope the shows went well Newlark

V. impressed by all your gardening Mercury

Peanut arf at boozy tiramisu grin

Big waves to Ellie Engels Castle Honu Just Pushme and anyone else I have forgotten!

Right, cleaner (swapped from Friday) is downstairs trying to make sense of the shambles that we created last night - total chaos - managed to clear the hall of suitcases, back protectors, dirty boots but that was about it. Now just have to clean them all [groan] and get on with the laundry ... .

[SC clasps right buttock, gingerly limps across floor and lurches in direction of doorway ...]

Sorry for essay! Have a lovely Bank Holiday everyone!!

[loads up naughty corner bar with heaps of freshly baked croissants, gaufres, waffles and speculoos with a vat of strong coffee for everyone to help themselves!!]

slackcabbage Mon 05-May-14 09:39:12

x posts

Trazzles Brilliant that you have been away and J has been swimming!!! [Daren't ask what Insanity work out is though ...] Good luck with the decluttering!

Toffee oh so wonderful that you feel hopeful after all this time!! Enjoy the sunshine!

slackcabbage Mon 05-May-14 09:42:22

Dizzy forgot to say - good luck with training for the C25k - am seriously impressed... .

daddykyller Mon 05-May-14 10:14:09

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Mon 05-May-14 10:16:19

Trazzles welcome back! Glad you're all able to enjoy the swimming!

Toffee oooh DS1 is on melatonin. I would be sectioned if he didn't - he doesn't sleep at all at night without it!! (which, as we all know, means that I don't sleep at all!)

SC glad you enjoyed your time away!

<waves hello to everyone>

So... I think most of the bees are gone, I may just venture out into the back garden. <feeling brave> Hoping to do some garden work this week - mowing the grass (front and back) and pulling out weeds as well as more sorting in the shed.

I'll be doing some more decluttering inside the house today. I'm trying to downsize the amount of "stuff" in the house, so making a stab at being brutal with what I throw away. <eeeek!> I am a packrat at heart, you know. grin blush

newlark Mon 05-May-14 10:35:16

Saturday night show was very good- thanks for asking sc - dcs were extremely tired afterwards as the second performance didn't finish until 9pm - adrenaline got them home but dd then burst into tears on the stairs as she was too tired to walk up them... Ds was a bit erratic on stage but he was one of the youngest in his group and hasn't been in the class as long as the others. The younger classes were all very cute - I'm hoping there will be a dvd as dh is away. We had a bit of an unproductive day yesterday apart from church (family service which is quite hard work with ds who likes to wander) and lunch in the Waitrose cafe for a treat.

I've just opened the dcs book bags for the first time this weekend and hooray - no "weekend challenge" for ds grin. We usually only have a half hearted attempt at them - he doesn't like reading or writing and I don't want to push on those if he isn't ready (he is in year R). Last weekend was about weighing which was right up his street - we made Rocky Road and he was in charge of the scales.

I like the kitchen week on flylady - this is the room i appreciate being tidy most so I will attack the bin and the hot spots at the ends of the worktop too today...

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 05-May-14 10:55:04

I am going to be horrible and mean and just suggest that melatonin doesn't solve all the sleep problems and it can be over-ridden by stubborness. runs away But it does help improve things greatly for some kids. Others need sedatives to ensure they sleep. So it is dependant on the child but definitely worth a go!!!!

Ds got up and came in at 6:50am this morning. FFS 6:50! He definitely doesn't do that on a school day when he lets me sleep until 8:20am when he then shouts at me for making him late hmm Anyway one hug later and I went back to sleep. I got a coffee at 10am and told i was being allowed a lie in. grin Going to get up and go deal with the wet bed and make a proper fry up brunch. I think the plan is to go do some clearing in the garden. I will admit that I am already looking forward to tomo's rest day as everything hurts and it will be a strong pain killers kinda day to do anything.

SC it is easy to remember when it is as close as I seem to recall to mine, I am not in the habbit of forgetting my own delibertely trying to ignore it is another matter grin Mine is this week, and I vaguely recall at least one more fledgling born this month although I have forgotten which blush After the debarkle last year when my best friend discovered I was not telling anyone it was my birthday and then plastered it all over fb I have given up and hope that she accepts that I have just given fb permission to tell people without all the drama of last year hmm I have no real plans but will be making a cake and home made pizza. Hoping the weather is nice next weekend as want to take a day trip so need to rest up this week as it will be an early start with a long day and I need to be well enough to do it. You got plans in progress for your birthday? ponders suggesting a big fledgling invasion grin

Hope you all have lovely days!! it appears to be nice out there but i need to give my eyes to work properly yet more coffee needed

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 05-May-14 11:39:11

three bits of homework tackled, although I shall have to go back and type two up afterwards sad. But at least we went through the topics thoroughly.
Quick rescue of front room which is frighteningly awful but I cannot be bothered to either scream at the children or properly sort out the cds and books.

Feeling a bit down again. Ds2 has a horrifying short attention span. He was shaking and crying when he sat down to work and had to be reassured that it would be over in 10 minutes before he would even start. Ds1s hair is absolutely disgusting and he won't wash it (or himself) so I will have to think laterally and take him swimming later. Dd is being flouncy, which could either translate into downright rudeness/obstructiveness later, or alternatively could mean she is extremely motivated and gets down to something.

Oh and worst of all I found dd's school ends two days after I booked the holiday for shock Seriously stupid mistake. Dh said I should just pretend she is sick for last two days. I wonder whether I should just ask for authorised absence and be prepared to pay the £120 fine as it is much less than changing flights etc. Boys end on the 18th and I assumed she would end on a Friday, why oh why did I not write it on the calendar? In the meantime I need to keep her absence right down to nil to up the attendance percentage.

Otherwise a beautiful day and I am hoping to go to the Funfair with ds2 (when he has attempted all the homework. Geography (a journey through Africa shock and History (don't even know what but something to do with Princes in Tower possibly --I really am not interested--) So far we've done Caliban, Outer Space and Hinduism..

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 05-May-14 12:53:17

Shhh swan don't let ellie hear you. history is supposed to be interesting i'm with you though tbh

Today is going very lazily. I have no motivation and everything hurts and i have put the pain killers somewhere safe ds is flitting from one activity to another and I suspect that this means that there is a lot of mess to be dealt with later.

Anyone fancy finding a way to motivate me?

CarpeJugulum Mon 05-May-14 13:01:10

Um... hello again!

Haven't been here for AGES... and I need to get back to it, so can I join again?

Can't promise to post loads, but I do need a kick up the arse which I know you ladies can administer!

Please? I'll bring calorie free cake

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 05-May-14 13:58:28

Hello and welcome back carpe !

I have instructions from PA to say hello, SC and Toffee She is a bit busy with RL atm sad

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-May-14 14:41:53

Bitchy - nooooooooooo, don't say that about the melatonin! Someone told me that children adjust to it and the effect wears off, but that if they stop taking it for a week it 'resets' the body and it will start working again.

Swan - sorry your day is getting you down. What happens if you just step back and let your DC do their homework without any input from you? (OK, maybe not DS2). You seem to be shouldering an awful lot of responsibility for them. That's bad luck about the holiday dates. If I were you, I'd ask permission, emphasizing that it's an important holiday for family reasons (you'll have to think of one!). I did that when we went to France several years ago and we were given permission. In my case, I said it was my mother's 70th birthday (true) and was a rare chance for my children to spend time with her.

carpe! <scoffs cake> Welcome back smile.

newlark - hurrah for no weekend homework! Glad you had a good night out on Saturday.

Alice - oh, please tell me the melatonin works! Does your DS have ASD too? The consultant told us that people with ASD produce lower amounts of melatonin and often need it topped up.

SC - thanks for your kind words. Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday, even if you are sore now.

Did I hear a couple of fledglings mention half-century birthdays? shock DH spent his 50th in the doctor's surgery and in bed, taking handfuls of steroids and painkillers. It seemed horribly symbolic, although he has bounced back. At least we didn't have to spend any money on a celebratory dinner wink.

We have been to work, aided by our assistant, DS2, who absolutely loved stamping all the parcels. Been food shopping. Planning to go for a walk shortly.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Mon 05-May-14 14:52:40

Toffee Yes, the melatonin works for DS1. He's been on it for 2 years. We take a short break here and there to verify if there's actually a difference - there is. I don't give him as high a dosage as I've been recommended to give him. I give him just enough to help him off to sleep. He wakes up frequently during the night - but at least he gets a decent amount between about 8pm and 1pm or so. Then it's touch and go. If it gets too bad, then I have the option of giving him another dose at that time to help him back to sleep.

The thing is, he's not long been dry all night, and he was getting a lot of problems with his eczema over it all. So I didn't want to "knock him out all night". When the paed suggested a stronger dose or time release (which he was on when he was younger), I told her that I felt that trying to establish a dry night pattern was more important at the moment, as he was actually expressing an interest in being dry all night (which was a relatively new development - before he just didn't notice or care!) and I wasn't about to squash that!

One thing to watch for - when he WAS on a higher dose (before I pulled it back), he was having nightmares. As soon as the dosage was dropped slightly, they went away. I've heard of others having that issue as well, so I was aware it might be a problem.

I will admit that it doesn't knock him out as quickly as it used to, and I do worry that eventually it will not be effective. Which is why I keep the dosage low and am trying to incorporate good sleeping habits with DS2 so I don't end up losing my sanity entirely if it stops working. At the moment, if he doesn't have it, he doesn't go to sleep. At. All.

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 05-May-14 15:01:53

Yes to having to take at least 1 week and up to 2 for resetting. Ds was on the one hit melatonin and would pass out but then get up at 5am and still get up several times a night. He is now on the gradual release and still gets up at least once if not twice but then resettles afterwards. I am just saying that it does help but it is not the be all and miracle cure that you will hope for. And for some children it does not work at all.

BUT the most important bit for ds is that the quality of sleep he gets is significantly improved and this has strong positive impact on his behaviour. And for this it is worth it, and i have come to terms that I will never have a going to sleep once kinda night whilst he is here, but he has also become more capable of looking after himself so it is far less disruptive. Noticably it is his behaviour that not having the melatonin affects most. Also the number of getting ups one is so much better then 4hrs sleep total in the night with that being broken.

And it is worth trying the slow release if the one hit doesn't work so great. Good luck with it!

slackcabbage Mon 05-May-14 15:24:51

[snaffles calorie-free cake ] Hello again Carpe good to see you!

Bitchy ooh, please tell us when this week and at least we can send virtual cake! Hope you get the weather you want for your celebration! I didn't have plans but then my 2 dsis's and 1 db (and poss nephew) announced they were coming over here to celebrate with me during closest w/e - really, really touched as they are all really busy - planning very drunken relaxed lunch in the garden! Dh under strict instructions NOT to arrange any surprises although I do love a good Mariachi band grin

Like you, worried about being well for it. Still having intermittent stomach probs just crossing my fingers and living on rice (and yes, need to get on with tests).

As for motivation, not very original but have you tried the power of one/or a half/or a quarter?

Kind of reckoned PA busy with her new gc .... hope all well though ...pls send her my best as not on Facebook or anything like that

Swan you are a better/much more patient parent than me! DD refused to have a bath last night (admittedly she was very tired) so I'm afraid I set her alarm 20 mins early this morning and had to virtually forcibly march her in to the shower. She was not amused. Impossible with strapping teenage lad though! Really sad to hear about your ds2 trembling and crying over prospect of hwk - do the school know that he is so distressed? - That is so horrible for him (and you).
Re: holiday; I'd be truthful with the school and say you made a genune mistake.

Glad the shows went well Newlark despite being very tiring for small people

Good luck with decluttering Alice!

Totally gorgeous sunny day here! Must dash - dd's tutor imminent ...

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-May-14 16:20:18

Alice - thanks for that information. I'll bear it in mind about the higher dose and nightmares.

Bitchy - also thanks for your advice. The lack of effective sleep definitely affects DS1's behaviour (and mine), so it would be helpful to have even a slight improvement in this.

The paediatrician also said that DS1 shouldn't look at the computer for two hours before bedtime as the 'blue screen' would tell the brain it was daytime and undermine the effect of the melatonin. I used to be very strict about this, but have become lax about it as DS1 bcomes older.

Just back from a long walk across the Downs with DS2 and DH. DS2 spent most of the walk either moaning about the walking or shrieking at imaginary bees (since being stung, he's developed a fear of them). it was very wearing. Am quite relieved to be back home, sitting quietly on my sofa, drinking tea.

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 05-May-14 18:01:34

Melatonin is good and will help but it will not be a miracle. It will just be an aid and another tool in the tool box and it will feel brilliant if it works

Today has been a complete and utter waste of time and I am ready for it to end. Is it bedtime yet?

CallingAllEngels Mon 05-May-14 18:54:39

So much to catch up on!

Welcome back carpe and trazzles !

toffee I can imagine the diagnosis is a relief. You must feel like you've been banging your head against a brick wall all this years and someone's finally noticed.

blue good luck with the continuing campaign.

sc your weekend sounds divine.

big wing flaps to bitchy, whoknows , feet , dizzy , ellie , alice , swan , peanut , mercury and our fearless leader goth and anyone else I've forgotten.

Not a proper bank holiday here so dh was at work. I was mooching around feeling sorry for myself then took a spur of the moment decision to take ds to zoo so we now have a year ticket. Take away for dinner but...

washing up done
washing out of td
cleaned coffee table covered in crumbs and cheese spread
Swept kitchen floor
emptied kitchen bin
hoovered lounge
watered one of the plants (got distracted after one and have only just realised!)

back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off -boo!

Welcome back trazzles and Carpe - nice to see you again.

Today has been a nice day, with intervals of absolute grot on all sides. DS1 being very challenging, DH and I overreacting and making him worse till the whole thing escalates beyond belief. blush

So long as I can confine the TV people to the grown-up end of the sitting room, it shouldn't be too bad tomorrow... That end is swept, polished, tidied and hoovered to within an inch of its life! Hoping that there will be good news tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

MercuryRising Mon 05-May-14 20:22:53

I'm so glad to hear Joe is doing so well Trazzles

I have had a productive weekend school work and garden wise but have not achieved much flying around the house. So tomorrow will be a return to flying.

Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend SC

newlark Mon 05-May-14 21:11:50

A very lazy day here with dcs at home though I have among other things managed to:

Wash out the kitchen bin
Tidy the worst hot spot on the end of the worktop (big pile of children's activities/crafts/craft materials
Do all of my and the dcs ironing (dh normally does his and the dcs but he is away - there isn't much of theirs though)
Unload and put away dishwasher
Get dd to do homework
Shop for bits for packed lunches tomorrow
Filter some of the stocks of old cardboard packaging/jiffy bags dh hoards for posting eBay stuff into recycling (we have huge stocks because I do too much shopping online)

Evening all,

A nice day here, busy but not rushed. Started with DS's maths homework which luckily was fairly easy, then off out for a walk and picnic lunch at a local NT place, plus a bit of hide and seek in the gardens. Home for a few odd jobs and then out for a short cycle ride late afternoon to a park about a mile away, found a couple of geocaches en route. We are definitely getting the geocache bug.

Flying wise, not much, changed the DCs beds, washed and dried sheets. That's about all.

Welcome back to Trazzles and Carpe, good to "see" you both again. also welcome to Iamdivergent.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 05-May-14 22:28:23

Links for Tuesday 6th May

Babystep 6 is to learn about Hotspots Nope not a sign of the early menopause, it's somewhere that clutter accumulates until it takes over. We only tackle them for 2 minutes at a time.

Daily Focus for Tuesday is planning, menu planning, activity planning etc.

This week we're in Zone 2, the Kitchen. IF you are decluttered, here is the Deep Cleaning List

This week's missions, today's we should scrub the work-surfaces in the kitchen. Don't take everything off that makes it a huge job just do a section at a time.

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 05-May-14 23:09:53

Nice visit to Funfair, ds2 in heaven, and enjoying all the caterpillar/merryground rides still, and practising his overarm bowling on the coconut shy type stalls smile So long walk for both of us.

Melatonin discussion in relation to bedwetting interesting as my brother was a wonderful sleeper up to his teens but a terrible bedwetter, also drank pints of milk and sacks of cereal, so Alice may be you are right it can over do things.

Toffee I had heard that thing about blue light before and I shouldn't be on the computer now We are struggling to stop ds1 go on dsi before bed, or dd to go on her phone before bed (confiscation proving only solution)
The other thing I read recently which was very interesting was that exposure to sun BEFORE 12am midday, increased eve melatonin in children and teens and meant their sleep patterns were better. So we now open ds1's window in the morning and the kitchen window so that even if we aren't outside unadulterated sun comes in. I don't know whether it counts if sun comes through glass.. Makes it very hard doesn't for children/teens though when most of their pre-midday waking hours are spent indoors. Even sport is usually after lunch.

Blue I remember three year old dd being the most trying experience of my entire life, just the impossibility of finding what she wanted and why she was screaming so I can sympathise with 3-6 year olds being very exhausting irrational beings, whilst in hindsight needing an enormous amount of love and understanding. Poor you. Hope tomorrow is better and tv crew (if I understand rightly) gets a good picture for campaign

GoingGoingGoth Mon 05-May-14 23:15:17


Trazzles'is back! grin grin grin grin grin
J has been swimming (such good news) and things are looking up

Mercury & Toffee both got a lie ins.

Alice is bee free and is decluttering. Good luck

newlark's show went well, so had a quiet day on Sunday

SC has a BSA from riding. (Horses) Remember 50 is the new 30 cake

It's also Bitchy's birthday this week, not sure if I should mention it here, but I think it's time for one of our virtual piss ups parties.

PA says hello, hope she's doing ok.

Swan has holiday booking problems hides the fact you said history was boring

<delivers kick> to CarpeJugulum "Hello stranger" grin

Engels has been to the zoo!

Good luck with the TV people tomorrow Blue

WhoKnows went geocaching. envy We've got 2 in our local park, really must do it rather than just talk about it, I really enjoyed it the time I did it.

Fairly relaxing day here, apart from Dd wetting herself because she couldn't be bothered to come in from the garden. sad She wasn't impressed at being stuck in the bath and having an early night, but we're not going there again. (I hope)

ToffeeWhirl Tue 06-May-14 02:25:52

Up at this silly time because DS1 was in a state and I needed to sit up with him. He's just settled to sleep.

I'm looking forward to the melatonin <impatient>.

Ed psych is visiting tomorrow afternoon, so will have to do a house bleugh before then. She might report me to social services if it looks like it does at the moment.

<stumbles off in the direction of bed>

CallingAllEngels Tue 06-May-14 06:23:56

I was up at about that time too toffee - ds on another ninja mission. When it failed he threw all his covers on the floor, pulled off his pyjamas and nappy and had a paddy when I took him back to bed. Just had to wake the little blighter up!

Have a nice day everyone.

MercuryRising Tue 06-May-14 07:28:56

Quick ta da
Beds made
Dw unloaded and reloaded
Lunches made
Recycling bagged up
Dc up, fed, ready for school
Rr living room

Just need to hang the wasging out and we are ready to gosmile

slackcabbage Tue 06-May-14 07:50:13

Good morning fledglings!

Thanks for fab round-ups Goth - they really help to stay on top of the thread!

You are on a roll Mercury!

Aw at your nappy-clad ds having a paddy Engels (although probably not so endearing in the early hrs for you admittedly)

Sorry your sleep was interrupted yet again Toffee - here's hoping the melatonin works

Other than unpacking, cleaning kit, doing laundry, schools runs, hwk supervision and cooking supper - yesterday was a right off really. But I'm feeling much perkier today, so taking inspiration from Mercury and others, I am on a mission ... . I'm going to ration the Mnsetting and get properly stuck in to the boudoir ... no excuses ... . Just hate it constantly looking like a bomb-site and it's starting to really impact negatively on our morning routine

Ta da:
Morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s, rabbits
As dd (unusually) didn't feel like cereal, made her a bacon sandwich and resisted eating one myself
Made a decision about dd's party which we are having two months early for various reasons this year
Found elusive party file
Watered seedlings

To do:
more laundry
on-line shopping parcels
make pasta sauce for supper
and possibly Dutch apple cake (depending on progress)
shoes on line
finalise payments/bookings dd party
school run
hwk supervision
afternoon/evening routine
15 mins lurching loving movement (such a barftastic phrase that!)

slackcabbage Tue 06-May-14 07:51:12

Oops - pressed post prematurely!

Have a productive day everyone!

slackcabbage Tue 06-May-14 07:56:37

bk window cleaner
bk vet

Big feathery waves to all!

BitchyVstheUFOs Tue 06-May-14 08:25:57


fresh bread for breakfast anyone?

ToffeeWhirl Tue 06-May-14 08:38:30

<snaffles Bitchy's fresh bread>

Sorry you were up at silly o'clock too, Engels <passes over coffee>

Blimey, Mercury, you put me to shame!

SC - I should join you in the boudoir mission, but not sure if I'll have the time today. Ours is a disgrace too and I'm aware that we are setting a poor example to the DC. Good luck - hope you can make a difference.

Feeling very tired and groggy this morning. Was planning to take DS2 out for a historical walk through our town this morning, but it's raining, so I think I may use that as an excuse to delay it till tomorrow. Ed psyc is here at lunchtime and I have a lot of tidying up to do before then.

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 06-May-14 09:55:31

just a tip if you fit in a historical walk tomorrow Toffee (and survive Ed Pysch visit pre-tidy today sad) Ds2 did a local history project for school aged 8, and he absolutely loved walking around chatting, and taking photos of the buildings and sorting them into Victorian, Georgian and 30's or Modern, taking note of things like garages in post war houses. Dd hates walking!

So, despite getting up at 6.30, dd rang up from school saying she felt ill. So I had to pick her up, not the best news from an attendance percentage angle..She is now moping round the house.

I am tackling the garden today. Lots of green rubbish, and the perennial problem of Steptoes yard. Only I am lying down first, feel a bit wobbly after getting everyone off to school with PE kits and homework, and picking up dd.

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 06-May-14 10:03:16

Oh yes and I take it back about the history, as it was actually quite interesting, How To Become a Knight. Ds2 told me that the important thing was to have a bath first shock, then you sat up all night praying, then you were knighted..Then we discussed Princes in the Tower and whether Richard killed them or not, at which point I suddenly decided it was a pointless discussion as every king in history has killed many many (presumably innocent)people, either through war or execution. Why pick on Richard anyway?

get rid of redundant mops in garden
throw out old daffs
bag up old garden cuttings x 3 bags
food compost bucket, order new one and dispose of existing
move rubbish to the front
stack empty terracotta pots
get rid of paint pots
sweep up mud

utility. wash coat, wash blanket
cat food bowls dw
rugby boots shake out
more books upstairs to landing

no more washing till existing stuff sorted out

boudoir - put away clean clothes so it doesn't revert
hoover dh's side of the bed
clean basin in boudoir
take washing downstairs to main pile

dizzyday07 Tue 06-May-14 10:35:17

(Sneaks in and leaves brew and cake in the naughty corner)

DD bought herself some rollerskates on Saturday so for the rest of the weekend they seem to have been surgically attached to her feet and she has wanted to go out practicing hourly! Hopefully it will strengthen her legs and her breaststroke will be even better grin

As her school project this term is Romans, we popped down to Bath to visit the baths and met up with my sister for lunch too.

Ta Da
* Multiple loads of laundry in and hung outside to dry
* Dry clothes and towels put away
* Potted on some veg seedlings and covered potatoes with more soil
* Went for a run
* Homework supervised
* Studiously ignored the mess(es) DH has made in the kitchen so he had to do the washing up himself grin
* Put suitcases back out in the garage

Hi all smile

Sneaking in late again this month, fell off the thread again last month so once again hoping for better things this month blush. House is pretty rubbish- cleanish but so cluttered!

Off to catch up with the thread now see you all later <waves>

jacks365 Tue 06-May-14 11:19:27

Home after my weekend away and need to do a serious tidy up after everything got dumped in the hall last night.

Been at nursery this morning doing an introduction with mini but have finally got time now so will start with dw.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Tue 06-May-14 11:37:13

An ill DC at home today, so not getting a whole lot of anything done, as he's insisting he sits right next to me.

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 06-May-14 14:11:48

sowed marigold seeds
dismantled makeshift greenhouse and brought potential seedlings into sun
threw out some spring bedding plants
repotted others (like camellias)
made a big pile of rubbish in garden
started trying to rescue utility again, bit by bit, sweet wrapper by sweet wrapper blush
rotting food outside
emptied old compost into flowerbeds
moved a big pot
made big pile of redundant mops
recycled cardboard veg boxes, got them out of cupboard in time this morning for pickup
unblocked a drain by the kitchen
lots of vitamin D sunshine
washed winter coat and hung on line to dry

why is there never enough time to finish anything????aargh..

talked to dd a bit, not much though blush dh fed her

Dizzy oh I used to love roller skating

now to chop up the garden rubbish dh so lovingly pruned over last few months, he is not very keen on putting it in sacks, just leaves it in little heaps around.

looks like there are quite a few of us 'restarting' this month <waves to carpe and trazzles>

I have done very little bordering on nothing today though!

BitchyVstheUFOs Tue 06-May-14 19:20:36

I have done nothing. Can't wait for bedtime. tired. but ds has no sleep meds atm so anyone's guess is what time bedtime will be. hmm

<waves to returning fledglings>


Hoovered and tidied downstairs.
Tackled bathroom with steam cleaner. Was genuinely horrified at all the grot that emerged from under the floor edge of the bath and vanity panelling, as for round the back of the loo blush. There had been a persistent whiff of wee round the loo for ages that no amount of cleaning had shifted, now it is completely odour-free.
One lot of washing done and dried.
Pilates class
Shopping - Sainsburys double Nectar point exchange - if you have got any Nectar points this is well worth doing, I spent £4 and came out with £84 worth of stuff today - new baking trays, sharp knife, pillows, clothes for me and the DCs.
Short cycle ride.
Pick up DCs, take to ballet, back for tea, take DS and his friends to Cubs.

Always glad when Tuesdays are over.

It's great to see so many Fledglings returning to the fold, also so many new ones, keeps the thread fresh. smile

GoingGoingGoth Tue 06-May-14 22:18:29

Links for Wednesday 7th May

Babystep 7 is to start getting clothes out for the next day before going to bed.

Daily Focus for Wednesday is Anti-procrastination. Don't put off what you could/should do today

This week we're in Zone 2, the Kitchen. IF you are decluttered, here is the Deep Cleaning List

This week's missions, today's we should clean kitchen sink taps.

I've only just got in from a training session so will do the summary tomorrow.

Morning all!

TV interview yesterday went well and should be shown tomorrow. School fight is going to the high Court. Sad that it's come to this but they can't do anything to the school now till it is settled so that's something.

Today I need to get my work done so I can concentrate on other stuff...

<leaves big tray of brew on the bar>

ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-May-14 08:33:12

Well done, Blue. Would love to see it, but have lost your blog details. Can you pm me or put it on the thread?

Fell asleep, fully clothed, with DS2 last night and didn't wake up until DS1 went thundering down the stairs at 7am. Am tempted to just stay in these clothes all day, but that's minging, isn't it? Wish I could wake up fully dressed every day.

Used a quiet hour this morning to send various emails.

Yesterday's ta das:

House rescue (room by room)
3 1/2 hours with LEA educational psychologist shock (she was lovely)
Walk to local castle for history lesson with DS2
Recreated Battle of Lewes with Playmobil on our sitting-room floor
Cooked dinner
Fell asleep blush

All sorts of things to do today. But, most importantly, a dear friend, who is very ill and has had bad news about her prognosis, is coming round for lunch today.

slackcabbage Wed 07-May-14 09:09:35

Yes, please post your blog details again Blue as would love to read it and keep losing details! Glad the tv interview went well!!

Can I join the ranks of those who (unlike Swan and Whoknows whose lists are seriously impressive) did not do a lot yesterday (despite serious intentions on my part - Plus ça change, plus c'est pareil and all that ...) ?

Morning consisted of lots of lovely phone calls: dsis 2 (x 3 calls!), friend, cousin ... and then realised it was time for my stint at the parish vestiare (two hrs earlier than usual) and when I got back sort of got side-tracked again by party planning (dd's, not my own) (payment for animatrice, e-mailing parents to block date, writing down ideas, surfing for supplies etc) so ended up only doing 2 x 20 mins in boudoir blush, laundry, usual routines, school run x 1, homework supervision, writing letter in French to dd's gym mistress about school fete costumes, made pasta sauce for supper, supper served and cleared up, and listening to dh business conundrums, watched 'Mr Drew's school for boys' .. and that was it ... oh dear... . another day of "maintenance" gone without making inroads in to back log ...hopeless blush

Toffee arf at Playmobil Battle of Lewes on sitting-room floor grin! Hope you can catch up on sleep tonight! Good to hear ed psych visit went well. Very sorry to hear that your friend has had further bad news though sad

Thanks for links Goth!

Hope your ds feels better soon Alice

Dizzy/Swan dd going through serious roller skating phase atm, just wish there weren't so many ruddy cobbles in the vicinity!

Big waves to Bitchy Pushme Engels Feetheart Mercury Trazzles and everyone else!

Would rather do anything else than sort/declutter this morning but that's what needs doing. Dh travelling. DD not back at lunch time as usual because she has big school choir rehearsal, so all in all I have more time to do it too unfortunately

Someone give me a kick up the bum please ...

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Wed 07-May-14 09:20:59

SC he's better today, thanks. Flexing my "decluttering" muscles, as they've been inactive. Back to work sorting the house. Yay. A quick coffee to sip while I'm working, I think. grin

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 07-May-14 09:30:12

Toffee gosh a real castle within walking distanceenvy

Up at 6.30am, three kids off to school
driven ds2 to school, learnt spellings and did some French website

I've gone back to bed now, and written two emails blush

SC sounds like a full day's work to me, how can you say you achieved nothing???

I am dreading this evening, another party sad Friend's book launch. Dh is babysitting luckily but still the whole idea of going to the West End is tainted with various things I need to tackle today and don't want ring up the bank, deal with the rubbish in the yard, send back OT form, look smart etc. I've managed to double book two meetups as well, I need to cancel one, compose long embarassed message and then find my mobile needs topping up. hides head under pillow

done yesterday
sorted out the telly room, found source of horrible smell which was some rotting broccoli in a plastic bag
hoovered floorboards
washed cat dishes
washed blazers
hung out another 3 loads of washing
brought in dry coat from line
sowed lettuce seeds

Blue that's amazing you have got so far with the campaign. Which channel will it be on?

ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-May-14 10:06:49

Swan - And a real castle in our sitting room too! DS2 is currently rebuilding it, complete with army.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-May-14 10:12:37

Just finished my first blog post about home educating DS2. If anyone's interested, it's here.

(All names are pseudonyms, by the way).

CarpeJugulum Wed 07-May-14 11:39:49

Morning all, thank you for the lovely welcome. It's nice to see everyone again too!

Didn't get to post much yesterday, as was on phone for most of the day due to getting fibre broadband installed so DH had "helpfully" turned of the old broadband so no wifi signal and my contract doesn't allow much data.

However, I managed a crisis clean blush due to having a playdate in the morning and an engineer in the afternoon. Which actually turned out to be about 8pm, but hey-ho it's all sorted now.

I'm at work today, but I have a clean kitchen, an emptied dishwasher (but filled again with breakfast stuff), a S&S'd en-suite and I remembered after 6 days to put the tax disc on the car.

I'm hoping to get a load of washing done when I get home tonight to keep on top of things, and obviously feed DH & DS.

Working from home tomorrow (for a couple of hours only) so am hoping to do some decluttering in the kitchen. I'm planning to clean as I go and I even have sugar soap for the top of the cupboards and then paper to line them. Check me being organised for once!

Blue things seem to be a bit frantic with you (courts?!) but I hope it all goes well. Yes to blog posts please, I always love reading blogs.

Anyway, I'd better go and actually do some work. They don't pay me to mumsnet sadly!

slackcabbage Wed 07-May-14 13:06:47

Bet you will look fab and will enjoy it more than you anticipated Swan wine (for later)

Am impressed by the impending sugar soaping Carpe!

Toffee looking forward to reading your blog!

Glad your ds better Alice and good luck with the house sorting ...

Speaking of which, I have done a bit .. well you can see the floor in the boudoir now anyway... still loads to do though

And - duh - I have remembered that I actually need to be at the rehearsal with dd this afternoon - so heading off shortly (really do need to grow some new brain synapses too)

Big feathery waves to everyone!

Thanks all. My poor blog is sadly neglected, but I will post a link when there's anything new to read! Can also PM a link to the programme once I have one.

There, you've inspired me! New blog post

Good to read yours too, Toffee.

SC - sounds like you've been very busy!

Carpe - yes frantic is one word for it...

Swan - it'll be on ITV Anglia tomorrow.

GatoradeMeBitch Wed 07-May-14 18:27:58

Hello, flylady followers! I just tried 'crisis cleaning'. I'm surprised at how much I got done!

I found it all very confusing the first time I looked at the site, and with the clutter around my ears I was quite cross at being told to start off by shining my sink, but I'm ready to give it another go!

jacks365 Wed 07-May-14 18:45:32

Ta da
Made the beds though mini proceeded to climb back in
Family room tided and vacuumed while mini doing induction visit for an hour at nursery
Dw emptied
2 lots of washing done
Kitchen work surfaces scrubbed
Food shopping done
Mini now eating tea will feed others later.

One thing with the new nursery is I will soon get fit, I can see it from home but that's because it is on the opposite side of a steep valley, it's quite a walk up and down.

newlark Wed 07-May-14 18:48:22

Ta Da:
Hang up washing
Dcs to school on time (always feels like a major achievement)
Week 2 of beginners jogging course (felt really hard to begin but much better at the end)
Coffee with some other ladies from the course
Home to shower
A bit of marking
1 hr helping at dcs school
Collected dcs from school/after school club
Grocery shopping
Bake cake and make rocky road for coffee morning tomorrow
Load and run dishwasher

I felt like I hadn't got that much done today but when I type it out is wasn't as bad as it could have been...

MercuryRising Wed 07-May-14 21:09:51

Ta da
Secured my first teaching job today - Im ecstatic!!!!

<High-fives Mercury>!

Yay! Congratulations Mercury!

GoingGoingGoth Wed 07-May-14 21:44:24

Links for Thursday 8th May

Babystep 8 is to start your journal and start writing your routines.

Thursday is Errands day.

This week we're in Zone 2, the Kitchen. IF you are decluttered, here is the Deep Cleaning List

This week's missions, today's we should spend 15 minutes wiping down the large kitchen appliances.

Be back in a minute (ish) with the round up

GoingGoingGoth Wed 07-May-14 22:15:36


1st of all congratulations mercury on the new job! wine thanks cake

Bitchy is tired <tucks in blanket>

Swan tackled the garden and had a poorly DD and then went to a book launch.

dizzy went to Bath-nice, and is training her DH to clear up after himself

pushme is back grin

jacks is catching up after a weekend away.

Alice also had an ill DC, but has been getting on with the decluttering

WhoKnows has had fun with her steam cleaner! you can come here if younrun out of places to clean. <hopeful>

Blue was televised, I hope you get somewhere, bloody Gove.

Toffee fell asleep fully dressed, shows how tired you must have been. And lives near a castle envy

SC had a very busy day.

Carpe has sorted out her broadband, and crisis cleaned so is back on top of things.

Gatorade don't worry, the FL site is confusing and a bit patronising, hopefully we aren't.

newlark is continuing with the jogging course. And has done a lot, it's easy to underspent image what you do.

And finally, I helped out with the school trip to the Science Centre, was a lot of fun, and then we had Woodcraft this evening. Not a big group tonight but the weather was a bit dodgy. Luckily the rain didn't come to heavy until the last 10 minutes, and the children seemed to have a lot of fun collecting sticks, fallen blossom & leaves and making a nature picture.

Ah, I love the science centre Goth, there's a harp with no strings just beams of light (well, there was last time we went about 3 years ago) which is just magic.

Gatorade - welcome to the thread.

Toffee - lovely blog. I will take a look at yours later Blue.

Regarding blogs, what do you all find the best way of keeping up with them? At work I have RSS feeds into my Outlook with all my work related news feeds, but at home I would rather browse on the Ipad, but not found a good way apart from keeping them all in bookmarks, which I then forget to check.


Morning routine / school run
Washing on line
Breakfast cleared up
Cat bowls, feeding mat etc washed and refilled
Dropped sample to GP surgery
Home in the nick of time to grab washing off line before heavens opened, another minute and they would have had to go in the dryer I reckon.
School run
Washing sorted / ironed / put away
DD to Brownies
Play in garden with DS and a cat
Measure up dining room for a new computer desk, existing one (years old and very cheap) is falling apart
DD back from Brownies
DS to bed.

A fe months ago on here someone linked to a book about coping with fussy eaters. I bought it and have been trying some of the ideas and have to report a distinct improvement. The main things I have changed are:

1). to ditch online supermarket shopping and take the DCs, we have to choose one new thing each to try and it doesn't matter what it is or whether we end up liking it.

2). No trying to persuade anyone to try things, just cook the meal, put it on the table and offer to pass serving dishes. No pressure to finish anything either.

3). I don't think this is in the rules, but DS is allowed to read at the table if he is eating alone or when he has finished and is waiting for the rest of us. This is definitely helping him, I think some of the stress was having to sit still and be in prolonged eye contact situations (he has AS for those that don't know).

Anyway, DS is gradually starting to try more and more things willingly (some of them he even likes!). There's a long way to go, but things are definitely less stressful at meal times. So, whoever it was that linked it - thank you!

BigBirthdayGloom Wed 07-May-14 23:04:06

Hello! I've been lurking as the beginning of this week was spent hiding from my house by taking potty training dd out at every possible opportunity. I have really moved forward today and my sink ended the day shiny! I did three 15 minute bursts in the kitchen and its now looking lovely with a clean floor thanks to my new and amazing mop, which squirts water onto the floor so no bucket needed!

Your lists are all really encouraging and I like the way you out everything you've done on there. I have to remember that I've done quite a job getting out in the morning and at the top of my list will be "was woken at five (or four thirty!!) by dd2...again". Not to moan but just to acknowledge it as a thing that slows me down.

Congrats on the job, mercury. Really enjoyed reading your blogs, blue and toffee and am now following the school thing with interest. Thanks all for inspiring me to get back to the house my family deserves, little by little. The nice thing today was that, although not perfect, downstairs was tidy enough to have an impromptu cuppa with a couple of mums from school.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 08-May-14 01:55:41

Mercury - Well done! grin Have some celebratory cake!

Can't sleep so have had a couple of hours messing about on mums net and reading toffee and *blue's^ blogs, both of which are fab smile.

Congratulations on the job mercury smile

Busy day today so really wish I had had more than 4 hours sleep but I'm sure I will survive. Have really fallen off the decluttering wagon over the last few weeks so might start small today with cleaning out a handbag. Surely even I can manage that!

To do
Get up!
Towels wash
Change dc's beds
Paid work
Costco trip (possibly)
Choose new laptop
Pick up dc from pil
Cook tea
Clear out handbag

feetheart Thu 08-May-14 06:33:12

Congratulations Mercury, well done you thankscake
Still mind-blowingly busy here so its going to be another 'power of three' day to stop me curling up in a corner and whimpering.

To start:
- Sort out some invoices
- Attempt more bank rec.
- Get everyone up, dressed and out

Have a good day everyone.

Think I should have gone for 'power of 3' too feetheart. Am already overwhelmed by my list!

First 3...
Get up
Wash towels
All up and out

CarpeJugulum Thu 08-May-14 08:56:42

Congratulations mercury and good luck! I have family in teaching so know how hard / rewarding it can be.

Goth erm, I didn't say I was on top of things... just not in total chaos!

Well, my plans to clear clutter have as always gone awry. Was walking up stairs, slipped and grabbed the bannister to stop my fall, and have wrenched my wrist, so it's all strapped up (no real damage, just a pulled muscle I think) but it's making lifting, and grasping quite painful at the moment so I'm not going to risk damaging it more. I'm devastated by this... no I actually am. I had loads of plans and now they're all gone. Having said that, I can pretty much guarantee that if I hadn't done it, I would even now be finding excuses not to do stuff!

Anyway, in the spirit of 3
Up & dress
DS to nursery
Work underway (currently waiting for reports to compile)

My next 3
Jillian Michaels
Die on sofa... grin

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 08-May-14 10:04:17

Have you got paperwork that needs sorting Carpe? Something we all avoid but generally you can get away without too much lifting.

Feeling a bit like everyone else today. To do list is horrible. And power of three will help but it WILL be a super long bitchy kinda style list today. Appologies

ta da
deal with overtired and virtually in tears ds
pick up prescription
pop into boots for a few bits
sort out plans for saturday

Currently eating a cooked breakfast whilst doing those silly internet jobs that are time consuming and yet small. (email/fb/mn etc)

To do list
make cake
my room (need to break this down so I don't sit in corner and cry)
clothes away
make following appointments: ds hospital, ds dentist
sort out what is for burning and what needs sorting from back bedroom
Empty car out
sort out wing mirror yes I know I am crap and keep forgetting this blush
wash my bedding
<insert loads of other stuff but meh>

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 08-May-14 10:29:32

ta da
deal with overtired and virtually in tears ds
pick up prescription
pop into boots for a few bits
sort out plans for saturday
Ring to make following appointments: ds hospital, ds dentist failed on both counts hospital to sort and send and dentist phone stupid busy so will have to walk down later
Email, internet stuff etc
rescue laundry from mine and ds' rooms
put bedding on to wash - mine
Cake in oven
collect washing up from around house and put in kitchen
take bed apart and make sure matress is not escaping!

right taking 5 to finish the damn blanket that is in the way and is all but finished. (essential decluttering <nods>)

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 08-May-14 10:29:32

ta da
deal with overtired and virtually in tears ds
pick up prescription
pop into boots for a few bits
sort out plans for saturday
Ring to make following appointments: ds hospital, ds dentist failed on both counts hospital to sort and send and dentist phone stupid busy so will have to walk down later
Email, internet stuff etc
rescue laundry from mine and ds' rooms
put bedding on to wash - mine
Cake in oven
collect washing up from around house and put in kitchen
take bed apart and make sure matress is not escaping!

right taking 5 to finish the damn blanket that is in the way and is all but finished. (essential decluttering <nods>)

ToffeeWhirl Thu 08-May-14 10:52:10

Oh dear, sorry you are having a hard time with ds today, Bitchy. I don't suppose the break from sleep meds is helping.

Lots of power of three lists today. What a good idea. I think I'll join you.

DS1 is being 'challenging' today, to put it politely. Not sure how to get him to take his meds when he stubbornly refuses to take them in front of me and starts to have a tantrum over it when I persist, but throws them in the bin if I'm not there confused. He knows the effect of abruptly stopping them, but still won't take them.

Anyway, I have shelved that particular problem for now and will tackle DS1 again later.

Power of three:

Handwriting practice with DS2
Maths with DS2
English comprehension with DS2

CarpeJugulum Thu 08-May-14 11:43:00

Power of 3 list done:
Jillian Michaels (did No More Trouble Zones and it's amazing, better than Shred, but an hour not 30mins)
Die on sofa!

Power of 3 to do:
Empty dishwasher
Sort clothes washing
Strip bed

Bitchy our paperwork is mostly via Internet/email so there isn't a lot and it's sorted coz I'm a bit precious about losing stuff after we misplaced our passports and DH ended up doing an emergency run for a new one for work!

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 08-May-14 11:49:06

Toffee ds1 hated swallowing pills. I am sorry you have to deal with this, it is soo frustrating. Is it to do with texture or does he hate the ef, irfects of them, or is it just that he doesn't like being told to do stuff? x

I am doing an Ocado order. Not very good at it, I find I end up stockpiling in belief it will save time at a later date, but end up with hotchpotch of stuff..

kids at school
enjoyed book launch. Book was about Depression. It was a glitzy eve, ironically..still processing the event...and nursing mild hangover.
rang friend, and arranged coffee next week
hormones have confined me to bed again hmm but as it is raining don't feel so bad...will try and turn it into a nice cosy day and not get anxious

DETERMINED TO DO SOMETHING I ENJOY today like sewing or cooking recreationally.

rubbish is a bit nearer leaving the premises but I'm still stuck on getting it into the car, as it is soggy now..confused Maybe will bag it up in black bin liners for next week

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 08-May-14 12:44:35

ta da
deal with overtired and virtually in tears ds
pick up prescription
pop into boots for a few bits
sort out plans for saturday
Ring to make following appointments: ds hospital, ds dentist failed on both counts hospital to sort and send and dentist phone stupid busy so will have to walk down later
Email, internet stuff etc
rescue laundry from mine and ds' rooms
put bedding on to wash - mine
Cake in oven
collect washing up from around house and put in kitchen
take bed apart and make sure matress is not escaping!
finish blanket
boil up 5 handwarmers where the fuck are their partners?
Start setting up next blanket
2nd bedding wash
rescue boxes of paperwork for shredder out of back bedroom
make use of the rain and put 1 box through the incinarator
Have shower and desmokify
Towel load of washing on.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 08-May-14 12:51:48

Yes, it's maddening, Swan. He's still refusing to take them and telling me that I'm making his stress worse by asking him. He really is impossible to deal with today.

I'm printing out a page from a medical website explaining what happens if you suddenly stop taking Prozac. Am hoping the logic will win him over. The trouble is that I suspect there's something else going on in his head that he won't share with me - perhaps fear of contamination or the pills making him ill or something. We've been through this all before.

And we are also going to tell him that he can't have his new computer (a secondhand one donated by a friend) until he takes the capsules. That might be a disaster, mind you, and trigger an outburst.

Still working through my list of three blush.

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 08-May-14 12:53:04

toffee ds is not trouble, I actually feel sorry for him. He is just absolutely shattered. He has sleep meds for tonight it was a fuck up on my part due to the bank holiday weekend. An early night tonight and for a few nights and he will be right as rain.

The issue of meds is a tricky one. With ds' inhalers the pead said that if he needs them he will take the otherwise not to worry. But in your ds' case this is not really something that can be put into practice. Is it a control thing. He needs to feel like he has control of something and everything else is beyond his control, so he controls what he can (ie his meds). Could giving him some more responsibility and things he can feel like he has control over actually help? Ds controls his food intake when he feels out of control with other things.

Also there is a book that I have found invaluable since ds has gotten older with helping with his aspie issues this one it explains normal people to aspies and normalises aspie things for them. It has been bloody brilliant for me, but ds will need his own copy cos I have scribbled all over it. (ie made notes and used it like a study book)

Right lunch, coffee and something else of the to do list...

ToffeeWhirl Thu 08-May-14 13:21:05

That's good that you are feeling sympathy and understanding for your DS, not annoyance, Bitchy. Glad he has the sleep meds again for tonight.

I'm not sure why DS1 suddenly refuses his meds. He'll take them for weeks at a time without protest, then suddenly go on strike. It could well be a control thing and DS1 certainly could be feeling life is out of his control at the moment.

Thanks for the link to the Aspie book. That's one of the books I looked at after the diagnosis and I've put it on my wishlist. Encouraging that you have found it so helpful.

Anyway, I have success to report: DS1 took his pills! Confrontation never works with him, so I chose a different route and bought him a Coke as a surprise (he loves the stuff and knows I don't approve of it). That took him by surprise, but he was really pleased, then said, "Hang on - there must be a catch, right?", at which point I produced the Prozac. Luckily, this made him laugh. I then spent some time watching his Roblox game and chatting and he took the capsules with no problems.

I have left him with a printout of the side effects of not taking the meds and am hoping this gets through to him.

Phew. Success. Now back to home ed stuff with DS2. Maths next.

Flyingwise, I have swished and swiped and done one load of laundry.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 08-May-14 13:31:33

Oh sod it, can't wait - have ordered that book, Bitchy. I think it's something I could read together with DS1. Thanks for the recommendation.

CarpeJugulum Thu 08-May-14 13:56:28

Glad to hear that humour worked Toffee.

Well, I have a horrible feeling that my washing machine is on the way out. It had a foam flood a couple of weeks ago, and now it's making quite a high pitched noise when it's on the spin cycle. Oh well, we've had it since before DS was born, so almost 4-5 years so I think we've done okay out of it. Just a bloody pest if it does go as DH will no doubt want input into the make and model... despite not using it! hmm

Bed stripped, clothes washing done, got towels in just now, and then the bedding will go on; I'm washing it, tumbling it and putting it straight back on the bed as I CBA folding it all and swapping over.

Wrist is hurting quite a bit; I don't think Jillian helped blush so going to have some downtime and watch a film before going to pick up DS at nursery.

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 08-May-14 14:18:51

typical, just beginning to relax and another friend asks me to do something which fills me with fear and dread, without realising just how difficult I find some things atm, and now I feel guilty for letting her down in her hour of need. (It is her Dad's memorial and she wanted me to read a beautiful poem) However, I've just texted her, and she has replied (accepting my apology), but now my stomach's in knots again. Saturday is already a nightmare of longstanding arrangements, and I'm not only letting her down but dh now by attending a memorial which I hadn't remembered!

Need to pay for my Ocado order, that at least will be something.

Bitchy book looks good. I went on Amazon only to find dd seems to have set up her own Amazon account and new password [grr]

Toffee I only persuade ds1 to take pills by hiding them in banana cake or suchlike. I'm afraid we are moderately familiar with coke in this house. It is my ultimate pick me up, as it reminds me of being a child on holiday in a hot country.

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 08-May-14 15:23:12

Paid rest of holiday money
Paid Ocado
Rang bank

Cooked mince in fridge

CarpeJugulum Thu 08-May-14 15:58:41

3 list
Watched Graham Norton from Friday (Jackman, Fassbender & McAvoy... I so would!)
Get final load on
Find microphone for computer (DH has hidden this)

newlark Thu 08-May-14 17:34:43

Ta Da:
packed lunches and dcs to school on time
hosted small coffee morning
finished current lot of marking
returned books to library
post office
grocery shopping
boden autumn preview order blush - dh will be cross but it was 20% off
loaded dishwasher

still to do: washing once dcs in pjs and today's mission

Carpe - I think our WM is on the way out too, the door seal split a couple of months ago and DH replaced it but ever since it has made a bit of a knocking noise intermittently. It's on at the moment and I suddelny smelled burning and panicked but I think it was the microwave - we've got a combi one and I think I must have pressed the rarely used grill setting instead of microwave. Hope your wrist gets better soon.

Steam cleaner report - I have tackled the kitchen below worktop height this afternoon. OMG! The thing's a miracle. Did the glass in the patio doors, floor including all the grotty bits round the feet of the fridge etc, cupboard doors, kickboards and dishwasher seals/doorframe. It all looks like new! I am really impressed (and horrified at how grotty it all was).

Off out tonight to a fun wine tasting evening, which should be fun as I have not had a drop to drink all year. Might not be much Flying done tomorrow.

CarpeJugulum Thu 08-May-14 17:48:11

WhoKnows have one for me. We're doing the Eurovision tonight but not drinking as we both have work (albeit mine is at home) tomorrow.

DH came home, listened to the noise and shunted it slightly so it may just have been an imbalance. Still looking at reviews though.

Still got to make the bed, but need DH to help lift the mattress - will have to be done soon though or no bed for us!

Eurovision is enough to drive anyone to drink IMO!

Carpe - Eurovision just doesn't seem the same without a wine does it?

Have fun, WhoKnows

Have just seen news report on school. It was OK, though too low in the order for my liking - bumped down for a swan!! Once it's online, I can PM a link to anyone interested.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 08-May-14 20:31:21

WhoKnows - goodness, I was pleased with myself when I gave up booze for a fortnight, but a year...? That's very impressive.

Blue - I'd love to see the link. Have looked online, found lots of stuff, but not yours.

Swan - Oh, Coke's lovely - especially with Bicardi added wink. How on earth do you hide pills in food? confused DS1 would think I was trying to poison him if I did that (one of his weirder obsessions, which I always thought would lead to an investigation from social services). Anyway, he has capsules, which are far too big to hide.

ta da

Handwriting with DS1
Storywriting/history with DS1
Maths with DS1
English grammar - nouns - with DS1
Gave new Tom Gates book to DS1, which gave me time to do...
Various meals and snacks for DC
Time with DS1
Nap (much needed)
Noisy awakening by DS2
Ran bath for DS1 and succeeded in persuading him to get in
Washed up
Put this morning's wet washing in tumbledryer
Phoned MIL

Not a huge amount of Flying on there today.

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 08-May-14 21:07:08

No not a weird obsession, complete and utter insecurity and general fear and mistrust of others. It makes perfect sense to me, and would make perfect sense to ds, the way you think your ds1 would think about hidden tablets toffee

Done some laundry, and made a crochet blanket this afternoon. Couldn't be bothered to do proper decluttering. And I am trying to pace myself. Will fail completely but it is worth a shot.

Got a cake to ice tomo, and pizza to make. But other than that I have no plans and am going to take the day as it comes.

Whoknows the steam cleaner does have a tendancy to do that the first time you use it. Thankfully if you keep on top of things you don't tendto get the same ewww again.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 08-May-14 22:14:13

Links for Friday 9th May

Babystep 9 is to read the decluttering page and to add a 5 minute Room Rescue to the morning routine.

Friday is Clear out your car/handbag day.

This week we're in Zone 2, the Kitchen. IF you are decluttered, here is the Deep Cleaning List

This week's missions, today we should mop the kitchen floor.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 08-May-14 22:57:16


WhoKnows I love the light harp too but it wasn't there yesterday. Pleased the fussy eaters book is working (wasn't me who suggested it) I think * Bitchy* is right and there is more 'gunk' as it's the first time you used your steam cleaner. Wow alcohol free for a year!

Birthday potty training is a big job in itself, and well done on the impromptu invites.

The power of 3 was popular today, and got people through some impressive lists.

pushme got an unplanned early start, hope you had enough energy to get through your list.

Hope you are feeling better soon, Carpe Don't overdo it.

Bitchy had another long list! is that wing mirror sorted yet?

Toffee so pleased you got DS1to take his tablets without (too much) fuss.

Swan recovered from her book launch, brew? It is ok to say no to friends.

newlark just think of the saving with 20% off!

Blue can't believe your school was bumped down the list for a swan. Yes please for the link.

I don't seem to have got as much done today as I'd planned, but I have completed 13/14 tax return!

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 08-May-14 23:11:22

Shamefully it is not blue it was raining blush

Ah, didn't make myself clear, by all year I meant since the start of this year, not a whole year. Enjoyed tonight but didn't like any of the wines, think I may have lost my taste for it. That happened when I had the DCs but I got it back.

Managed my 3 list but not much of the rest blush. Slightly hampered by illing DS and subsequent dying swan act from DD who was feeling left out!

Very jealous of the steam cleaner whoknows but shock at the idea of losing your taste for wine. This is why I must never give up drinking - not even for a day. It's just not worth the risk!!

CarpeJugulum Fri 09-May-14 08:40:07

Morning all. It's not Bitchy strength but there's brew for those in need.

So, today... DS is at home and I'm already going nuts trying to MNet work without him whining... and so on the note of wine-tasting and moaning children...

Will be back when I've actually worked out what I need to do today.

CarpeJugulum Fri 09-May-14 09:51:59

<peers round empty thread>

<decides no one will notice if she drinks all the coffee>

BitchyVstheUFOs Fri 09-May-14 09:58:39

Knock yourself out Carpe I will stick on a batch of special brew in a bit. I am just quietly lurking and doing some serious thinking atm. Nothing like celebrating the annual step closer to death to make you do that.

CarpeJugulum Fri 09-May-14 10:04:09

Um... Happy Birthday? (Not sure whether to wish you that or not!)

Seriously, I hope the thinking goes well... I'm about for the next wee while if you need anything.

BitchyVstheUFOs Fri 09-May-14 10:07:43

To stop thinking? grin Thanks carpe there will be virtual cake later when i find the motivation to get off my arse and go ice it hmm

CarpeJugulum Fri 09-May-14 10:15:21

Ooooh cake

I picked the wrong week to start my "healthy life" plan. (DH, IT'S NOT A BLOODY FADDY DIET 'KAY?).

Right, today.
More washing - got to strip the guest bed and boil wash it. My DF & SM (Step-Mum) were up and while I don't hate her, she isn't the most... fragrant of people. She had cancer a few years ago (clear now) and as such, she's decided that deodorant and shampoo are bad. So I need a boil wash, and a specific set of bedding for them.
If it stops raining, take DS up to the shop for a loaf of bread.
Do Jillian Michaels NMTZ again - that's done <smug grin, followed by a wince>

DH is out tonight, so I'm planning a load of Desperate Housewives.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Fri 09-May-14 12:06:40

DS1 home ill (getting a lot of this lately - the DCs just seem to be passing their germs back and forth amongst themselves hmm).

Waiting for a delivery before I pop out to get more gas and electric money on the meters.

Putting an order in for supermarket delivery, I think. Although I'm not sure. I'm browsing the cupboards to see if it will take us through until Monday. It very likely will, so fingers crossed I can put it off until then.

Other than that, not much getting done here other than basic tidying, washing up, and laundry that needs to be done in order for the household to function. grin

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 09-May-14 13:46:58

cleaned house with help of cleaning lady, changed sheets, tidied bedrooms etc
put away ginormous Ocado order (including quantities of soap and deodorant for smelly teenagers!). Dh is away for two weeks in June helping his parents move house from Italy to Germany, so a lot of it will stand me in good stead for then, when I am beginning to panic at the thought of waking up at 630 everyday and doing school run by myself...hmm
poured bleach down a loo
went for brief walk

lying down now, but friend is coming for a coffee in a moment.

not going to get done
enormous pile of washing created by stripping beds
tidying my bedroom
stripping our bed
cooking anything interesting for supper
buying 18th birthday present for goddaughter for tomorrow
any sort of extra terrestial activity sad

tomorrow is another tsunami of social networking which I cannot avoid due to catechism/memorial/dd to theatre with her godmother/18th birthday party meetup, and I am dreading it...Need makeup and clothes sorted out.

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 09-May-14 13:48:57

Alice you are so right, all that matters is getting household to function, and that can be more simple that we think smile my room doesnt need to be tidy, nor do I need to cook elaborate food, nor for that matter do I need to worry what I wear tomorrow, just enjoy seeing the people.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Fri 09-May-14 14:01:22

Don't get me wrong Swan I would LOVE to have the house completely tidy and done up and my room all tidy and everything. I just don't have the resources or the time at the moment. All in good time, I suppose. grin Life's too short, eh?

ToffeeWhirl Fri 09-May-14 14:58:23

Thought I'd start the 5:2 diet fasting day today and feel fine so far. Hope the hunger doesn't hit me later. I've only had a bowl of porridge so far. Am drinking lots of water.

ta da

To work early to pack books - DS2 came too
Back by 11 to take DS1 to dr's appointment
Shopping and library
Home in time for DS1's online lessons
MIL here - delegated her to DH wink
Persuaded DS1 to stick at second lesson (tricky)
Fell asleep on his bed and woke up to find that he'd fallen asleep too
Finished his lesson for him!

Right, home ed with DS2, online shopping to put away and then DS2 has a friend coming over to play.

Sorry about the undesirable socialising, Swan. It's no good when you're not in the mood.

BitchyVstheUFOs Fri 09-May-14 18:05:24

<leave home made pizza and cake on the naughty corner bar>

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Fri 09-May-14 18:08:21

After one scrubbed mission to mow the garden due to possible impending rain, I finally waited until the clouds cleared up and raced out back and mowed the grass. Yay! All done with that! So I quickly took out the rubbish and recycling as well. Feeling very pleased with myself for getting that done, when I was figuring I'd get nothing much done today.

I'm easily pleased obviously. grin

Diet day for me too today toffee. Hate them on a Friday, but have put on masses of weight since Christmas and need to get back on the wagon.

Today's three
Buy presents for tomorrow's twin party

Still to do -

Clean out handbag

ToffeeWhirl Fri 09-May-14 21:33:42

<ignores Bitchy's cake and pizza> sad

pushme - it's horrible, isn't it? I have a headache now. I've done ok today, but I think I may be approaching the danger zone, as I like to snack later in the evening.

Alice - well done on getting those jobs done. Enjoy the virtuous feeling!

ta da

Handwriting practice with DS2
Gardening with DS2
DS2's friend round for tea and play
Washing up
Shopping packed away
Bedtime routine - DS2

Looking forward to a quiet day at home tomorrow as DH is at work and DS2 doesn't want to go to the May fayre I'd planned to take him to. Am quite relieved, to be honest.

Evening all,

Tired tonight, I woke up at 4am feeling bloated (ate masses of cheese and nibbles with wine last night) fell back asleep for an hour at about 5.30.
Anyway, had a nice day, coffee with friends this morning, then shopping, then home, school run etc.

DS was moaning about being bored yesterday, so I bought a cricket set and a new football in town, he has run me ragged all evening with them.

Not much Flying today, just a bit of tidying.

Toffee / PMPY - i'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life at the moment <sighs>. Have eaten about 6 million calories in the last 24 hours.

Carpe - MIL did the same thing post breast cancer with the deodorant, it was a bit grim, however she clearly had a change of heart because the problem has sorted itself out now.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 09-May-14 22:24:23

Links for Saturday 10th May

Babystep 10 is about the power of 15 minutes. This is probably the most important step for me. You can do anything for 15 minutes (no sniggering at the back there). It's all about working solid for the time set and then stopping, no extensions. An then having a break for the next 15.

Saturday is Family fun Day

It's the weekend so NO MISSIONS! Go enjoy yourselves wine cake

I've only just got in, and put DD to bed so I'll do the summary in the morning <collapses on sofa>

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 09-May-14 23:02:02

done (since last inspection)
friend for coffee
took out rubbish
picked up sons(ds1 has at last brought his violin home to do some practice!)
fell asleep in my bed
cooked supper (beef stirfry and watercress and fruit of forest compote with icecream
put ds2 to eat in separate room as he was shouting at everyone, and said he hated ds1's fat fingers shock
dealt with ds2 who was in a state over Googlebox (he wanted to watch it and we said no, as last week was vair unsuitable and he behave badly all through it) Dh chatted to him and put him to bed and we both defused situation, rather well I thought! We are getting good at this...(although in fact the trick would have been to avoid Googlebox in the first place hmm
cleared kitchen, washed up dishesl wiped table, put away food leftovers
had short drink with dh

Whoknows ds2 is obsessed with cricket, unfortunately it is very dangerous for neighbours if you play it in our 60 ft garden - I'm hoping school cricket lessons will be enough to stop him complaining about it..he thinks badminton a very poor substitute.

I agree, our garden is about that long and it's narrow, shuttlecocks go over the fence too. We're lucky, there is a massive green nearby (several acres) which is perfect for ball games. I feel a bit self conscious though, people I know drive and walk past it all the time (main road runs round two sides of it) a 47 year old overweight woman of large norkage playing football without a sports bra is a bit of a grim spectacle I suspect. However DS loves it and I guess it won't be long till he won't be seen dead playing footy with his mum.

Honu Fri 09-May-14 23:26:57

Am still lurking here but slowly being driven out of house by paper avalanche. I'm even worse at dealing with paper than decluttering! Study now has only narrow path through to desk. I have tried timer, deal with 5 items..... but fail with all of them as every piece of paper needs another 2 or 3 before it can be dealt with. Aaaaargh.

Thank you however to all of you and particularly for thread leaders. And congratulations to Mercury on the job.

Not waving but drowning

Oh dare Honu, I hate paperwork too. I have an ikea drawer unit thing that I fill up with everything then tidy it a couple of times a year when it fills up. No organising when stuff arrives it just goes in the school drawer, the banking drawer, the 'other' drawer or the 'need to do something about this' drawer. It's a bit tidier than having everything out althoughb probably not much more organised!

Did you make it toffee? I probably had a couple of calories too many, but just about ok. Always wake up far too early the day after a diet day though!

And I still haven't cleaned out my handbag!

Right my three this morning are as follows:

Clean out handbag
Do something nice with DD

ToffeeWhirl Sat 10-May-14 10:07:25

Yes, pushme, I did make it! Amazingly, DS1 put himself to bed early last night, so that freed me up for an early night myself. Absolutely starving this morning though and am now chomping my way through pancakes and maple syrup as it's not a fast day grin.

Well done on getting through the diet day yourself too. I probably had just over my calorie allowance as well (500), but it's still an improvement.

Still reminiscing over my slim days. I never thought I'd have to diet sad. People used to tell me off for being too thin.

Honu - sympathies on drowning in the paper clutter (I like the Stevie Smith quote). It's the same here, except all our paper clutter is kept in boxes and carrier bags, stuffed away in cupboards and under beds. Like you, I feel overwhelmed by it.

WhoKnows - glad you had a nice day yesterday. What a lovely mum you are to buy your son all that sporting equipment and play with him - at least it will burn off the 6 million calories grin. I would feel the same as you about having to run around in full view of passersby, by the way.

Swan - congratulations on averting the crisis with DS2. Maybe you and DH are working better together at managing DS2 because he is working at home now. My DH has definitely learnt better ways of dealing with DS1 now that he's at home more and experiences the daily ups and downs. We work really well together, mostly.

Goth - thanks for the links and the much-needed reminder about the power of 15 minutes <muffled snigger>. That will be very useful to me today.

Feeling very happy that I have a whole day at home to get on with lots of jobs.

To do:

Spend time on myself - long bath, hairwash, deal with hands and feet <peers at toenails and rough heels distastefully>
Catch up on washing and ironing
Home ed preparation for next week
OU work
General house rescue (DM arriving on Monday - argh!)
Walk with boys (if it ever stops raining)
Lunch and dinner

Ta da so far

Reading in bed with DS2 first thing
Pancakes with maple syrup and glasses of orange juice for breakfast
Persuaded DS1 to take his meds with no trouble shock
Washing on
D/W on
Sent important message about Minecraft to DS2's friend by text

Hope everyone has a good day.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 10-May-14 11:31:57

SUMMARY for Friday (normalish service will resume soon)

WhoKnows clarified she's been alcohol free since January, not a year.......4 months! Because she gone off the taste of wine <head explodes> grin

There seems to be an ill DC club in the thread, passes round meds, sympathy and patience. DD is also a member so missed school and sports day today. Carpe was hindered by whining DS, but Alice got on with a supermarket order.

<whispers> it was Bitchy's birthday

Swan got loads done, but is getting ready for being husband-free for a couple of weeks. Planning is key. (And stocking up on chocolate and any film you want to watch without the sound of sighing) Hope today goes well

Toffee has started the 5:2, it does work if you stick to it (I didn't)) I may try to join you and pushme and start next week (anyone spot the procrastination?)

WhoKnows had the after effects if cheese & nibbles (but they taste so good) but has worked it off playing cricket

Honu dug a hole out of her paper mountain to say hello. I try to tackle it very Wednesday (my anti-procrastination effort) it's not always successful but it has stopped falling off the desk now.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 10-May-14 11:42:09

Well today is going to less complicated than we planned! we were meant to be going to help out at the market garden, but as DD has a virus it's not going to happen. The doctor says she's not contagious (as long as she has good hygiene) but just needs to take it easy to help recovery.

She missed school and sports day as that's when she was at the doctors, and was devastated about it. However her best friend is home schooled and they were planned to take DD to soft play with her as her birthday treat, so she got the afternoon with her as well.

We're taking DD to the library so she gets a little exercise today, but I ink I'll have to face the rain on my own later for a walk.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 10-May-14 12:24:35

Today i am sending ds into the villiage on his own, there are 2 points of road that make me nervous. But he is more than capable, it is the drivers who would take an adult out who are the issue. So I am feeling rather nervous <bites nails> Goes to do something whilst he is out. shouldn't take him too long. <eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek>

Sorry to hearth that there are so many poorly dcs hope they make speedy recoveries.

5:2 i have heard some interesting things about this. Some good, some not so good when people have stopped. I look forward to hearing how people find it. My issue is two fold - forgetting to eat, and then eating stuff I shouldn't (ie nutritionally devoid). I am thinking about joining a gym, but if I recalled correctly I needed a letter from my doctor before they would consider my application hmm And that was before all the recent issues <dreeds the conversation>

Right, leftover pizza for breakfast consumed, 1 coffee down. I think time for more coffee and to get moving... tons to do.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 10-May-14 12:56:55

Phew, home in one piece with what he went for and straight away. Now to focus on decluttering...

Isn't it comforting that you wander back somewhere after a couple of years away and there are familiar folk still there waiting for you grin
DH has been at home pretending to do the house stuff but he's back to work on Monday. I looked at the state of the house and decided I needed to come back.
I will start properly on Monday but will post a weekend list:
shine sink
DS homework
empty bins
15 mins living room
15 mins dining room
washing (1 load left to do)
finish f & d festival baskets

That will do - don't want to crash & burn!

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 10-May-14 13:09:46

ellie, ellie look look. DWMummy is Back grin <content sigh>

<realises that mummy might not recognise the name.> I is the one who had a genius in their name and is rather fond of name changing hmmgrin will NEVER live that down

slackcabbage Sat 10-May-14 13:10:53


Thanks for continuing links Goth and hope your dd recovers soon.

Sorry to hear lots of littlies (and not-so-littllies ill). Wishing them all a speedy recovery!

Great to 'see you' Honu and good luck battling the paperwork!

Toffee and others - don't want to sound negative/discouraging re: 5:2 and genuinely wish you well with it, but it was that that precipitated dh's collapse from gallstone size of large bullet so obviously I have very negative feels towards it. He'd been doing the diet for a couple of months ... and ever since it happened to him ... I know of 6 other people in rl (there are also lots of people on threads on here) to whom the same thing happened. Consultant said it was the feast-famine-feast-famine aspect of the diet that puts gallbladder in to over-drive. So just be aware of danger and pay heed to any twinges under right rib! grin Good luck!

Oh no Bitchy I am SO sorry!! I missed your birthday!!!! I can't believe it!! I have it posted on a 'notelet' thing on the screen too! I really am a twonk - I am so sorry!! (Unusually for me, didn't get to look at computer for past two days.) But wishing you many, many belated happy returns and lots of virtual cake wine cake wine cake wine cake wine I hope you can have a lovely weekend of celebration! thanks

Swan I could have written your post about tsunami of enforced socialising atm - just girding my loins before gussying myself up and trying to look smart and be polite to people (miserable old bat that I have become) - and don't have the energy. Every weekend in May is choc-a-bloc.

This morning is literally the only free time we have all weekend but have been washng uniforms/doing hwk supervision etc . This afternoon-early eve have school communion ceremony (dd singing solo up very vertiginous church 'platform' in transcept (can't remember proper name) and I am v. nervous on her behalf and trying not to show it), this evening with friend's scout's bicycle display thing, tomorrow with brunch with friends, theatre performance and choir practice in the evening. All pleasant things but I have no energy (and need to be expending energy on other urgent things) , and dh not happy and is grim with stress owing to work pressure.

Last night went to vernissage where dd is probably going to be at secondary school + presentation of various academic streams/options and I felt really panicky in the crowd of people and had to leave and breathe in fresh air at one point. It was also exhausting speaking to all the different teachers and trying to speak with correct grammar/ask reasonably intelligent questions. Felt totally wrung out when I got home.

Don't know what is wrong with me! School is fab but perhaps it vision of another 8 years here of rigorous French-style education for dd with burgeoning homework and exam pressures ...and misunderstanding cultural nuances etc etc.

Would love to read rest of thread but have only had time to skim read so apologies for continuous whinging and if I have missed people out/if I've missed anything vital in addition to *Bitchy's* birthday

Good luck to your ds Bitchy on his first lone sojourn! I sympathise with the nail-biting - dd just starting to venture out on her own a bit too - very nerve-wracking!

Huge waves to Whoknows Pushme Carpe Alice Ellie Feetheart Engels Blue and everyone else!!

Had better go ...

Btw ... may only be on here only intermittently over next few weeks as loads going on: costumes for school fete, confirmation choir, dd's party, my b'day, getting house ready for visitors, visitors themselves etc etc - behind with them all - aargh! Things calm down a bit in June thanksfully!

Have a good w/e everyone!

jacks365 Sat 10-May-14 13:11:31

I'm still lurking and trying to do the baby steps plus the s&s dw and washing machine daily but dd3 has recently had health issues which have significantly increased this week resulting in 2 trips to a&e and 2 follow up visits to gp. Just hoping next week goes smoother at least dd4 is settling well into her new nursery

slackcabbage Sat 10-May-14 13:13:10

[Double take] Is that DroitwichMummy I see???!!


Mummy is back grin grin !!!

I've worked you out Bitchy! I thought you would be here somewhere grin

slackcabbage Sat 10-May-14 13:14:15

so sorry to hear about your dd3's health issues Jacks365 that sounds very stressful for you all x

SC! Hello!!! Have you missed me?

elliepac Sat 10-May-14 13:19:30

And all is right with the world because dwmis back. I think that might have made my day gringringringringrin.

Sorry for lack of posting. Going back to work has really taken it out of me and have been too tired to do anything but work and that includes flying.

elliepac Sat 10-May-14 13:22:37

Of course sc is pleased to see you. She needs her mummygrin. As do Igrin.

Elliepac too!
Must get off here and go on my WI walk but I will be back later with an update

Hi dwm lovely to have you back grin

shock about you dh sc. hadn't realised it was 5:2 related. I did it all last year and it worked really well for me and quite suits my way of eating (except on Fridays!)

I have managed my first 3 (bak

Bloody phone!

Baking biscuits was my fun thing (smile).

Also managed another 3 of make lunch, washing, clean kitchen. Next three are the one's I'm dreading...

Wrap presents
Get me and dd changed and ready (bit biscuity around the edges)
Go to soft play party from hell an hour away!

dizzyday07 Sat 10-May-14 14:43:36

I have a confession to make. This week I have become addicted to a new online game so the house has gone to pot blush. BUT, I have taken myself in hand, have written myself a daily timeline, so from Monday it's a brand new Dizzy hmm

On Wed I took DD to a new 1.5hr swim training session. There were lots of 100m/150m sets so hopefully it will give her fitness a great boost (gala next weekend)

* DD to early morning swim training
* Unloaded D/W
* Laundry load on and hung to dry
* DD to pm swim training
* Went to Oxford (with DD and DH) to see Paul Hollywood. Special guest appearance by Mary Berry so DD was beside herself grin

BBL with a power of 3 list for today

Happy Birthday Bitchy cake

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 10-May-14 14:51:45

I have just been donated another 20 balls of wool <sob>

I'm skulking on the computer in an attempt to avoid watching Eurovision, but the DCs want me to go and watch <sighs>. It's going to be a long evening. I may be back on the wine again.

Have this one to start you off wine

newlark Sat 10-May-14 20:30:44

A bit behind on thread so will catch up while watching Eurovision

Ta da for today
25 mins jogging
Dd to ballet while dh took ds to a party
Sorted a pile of old worksheets into scrap paper pile and recycling bin
Preparation for and craft cutting out for sunday school tomorrow
Load of washing on

CarpeJugulum Sat 10-May-14 21:04:22

Popping in while watching Eurovision...

Not much flying today, but did do the family thing so that's all good smile

Ta da!

Two lots of washing done and dried
Took DCs shopping in big town 10 miles away
Supervised two lots of homework.
Played cricket with DS in between showers
Spent a happy couple of hours teaching DD to use my sewing machine which has just come out of the loft for the first time since she was born.
Sainsburys shopping with DCs, they are getting very good at it.
Unpack shopping
Games with DCs
Eurovision - avoided first hour by watching Corrie on the Ipad with earphones, have escaped back to the computer on the pretext of getting a drink.

Welcome back DWM!

Waves to Droitwichmummy

Another one popping in while watching Eurovision...

Tis my birthday tomorrow so getting in the party mood early. wine

Waves to friends old & new - thank you for the welcome!

Today I have achieved-
rejoining the thread smile
WI walk (ended in the pub)
washing - hanging on the airer
DS started his homework and there is a plan for tomorrow
square for woolly hug

Wasn't one of the baby steps about going to bed at a decent time? Good night!

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 10-May-14 22:42:06

Ah ha, i knew there was another fledgling with a birthday soon. Blue have a fabulous day tomo!!

Yes DWM it is babystep no 17. set a bedtime and stick to it, make it a reasonably early one and it will help set you up for the next day.

Been a really busy day here. lots done, but as aways not enough, still so much more that needs doing.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 11-May-14 00:12:22

Links for Sunday 11th May

Babystep 11 is to add an "Inspirational Page" to your Control Journal hmm

Sunday is Renew your spirit day

It's still the weekend so NO MISSIONS! Go enjoy yourselves wine cake

GoingGoingGoth Sun 11-May-14 00:34:52


Toffee has her DM arriving on Monday, I always do a panic clean before my parents arrive.
Bitchy's DS went into the village on his own, and more. Importantly came back safely.

droitwichmummy has come back after a few years away to great rejoicing grin

SC had a timely warning about the 5:2, will take that on board thanks. Hope you enjoy the next few weeks, see you in June.

jacks is lucking, which is fine. Remember the thread starts fresh each month so you can't fall behind. Hope your DD feels better soon

elliepac is getting back into working, flying can wait until your energy levels pick up.

pushme made biscuits and went to soft play

dizzyday confessed she's been addicted to an online game, which one and will you be my friend wink

Bitchy was given 20 balls of wool envy

WhoKnows tried avoiding Eurovision, (with you there) whereas Carpe & Blue settled down to watch it. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Blue cake wine

And finally, I baked. Chocolate cakes (as DD WON't eat anything else) and a Lime Drizzle Cake as I didn't have any lemons. My first ever drizzle cake

dizzyday07 Sun 11-May-14 02:45:09

Goth - if I tell you, I'll have to kill you, and I am trying to wean myself off it!!

Power of 3
* Laundry load in and hung out to dry
* Laundry brought in (due to downpours) and hung upstairs to dry
* Ironed shirts/uniform for week ahead

CarpeJugulum Sun 11-May-14 07:34:39

Morning all! Happy Sunday!

Well, made the end of Eurovision, but drew the short straw of getting up with DS (6am!) - so he's having "tablet time" and kids TV is on blush

DH has promised I can have a nap later though, but he is suffering from ManFlu so suspect it won't happen as he's been mumphing all weekend. He'll be fine for work on Monday of course.

Today, I have 3 things I want/need to do.
1. Cook roast dinner for lunch
2. Iron blouses for work for next week
3. Do NMTZ with Jillian (need DH not to be in though)

We'll see how it goes!

Happy Sunday everyone smile

First three for today
Get up
Clean out other handbag

slackcabbage Sun 11-May-14 08:47:00

After wondering vaguely why a man was cavorting unconvincingly in a hamster wheel, I fell asleep during Eurovision ... definitely getting old ... woke up as Polish milkmaid was churning her butter so to speak ... promptly went to bed grin

Just dashing through to say to ...

... Blue have a very happy birthday!! cake Hope you have a lovely celebration! thanks

... Ellie hope you are ok x

and Goth thanks for links and round-up and aye will deffo be back to run thread in June

Pushme/Goth and others - yes of course - there are loads of people for whom the 5:2 works brilliantly - owing to circs I prob have a very biased view about it - just wanted you to be all aware of gall bladder implications just in case worry wart that I am.

It is indeed lovely to 'see' you again Droitwich
[SC dashes off whistling contentedly in the knowledge that her Mummy is back grin ]

Enjoy your Sundays everyone!

Morning all - thanks for birthday wishes. Also made it through to the end of Eurovision and then couldn't get to sleep right away so was far from best pleased to be woken up by DS2 at 5.30 <shudder>

Did get back to sleep though and had a nice breakfast - croissants and brew on the bar.

Hope everyone has a good day.

jacks365 Sun 11-May-14 09:31:47

Good morning everyone brew

First three

Fed mini
Emptied dishwasher
Put washing on

Second three

Made beds
Swish and swipe
And most importantly made coffee now drinking it before I tackle the dining room which has turned into a dumping ground.

Morning all!

I've made a good start - I'm dressed to bare feet, sink 1 is soaking & I've spent 15 mins looking for the dining table

Happy birthday Blue have some wine to start your day!

BitchyVstheUFOs Sun 11-May-14 09:57:03

Shockingly bad night's sleep last night. was nearly 4am before I slept. And ds has been whittering on about dvd players and computers since about 7am. Not overly impressed, but he did bring me a coffee in bed and I did dose despite interruptions until about 9am. Made use of the night and did a load of research which is great except virtually all that was concluded was that I need to sleep more in order to feel better hmm

eurovision missed most of it, turned in on during the voting, wondered wtf and turned it off again less than 1 minute later. I think I am with SC on the getting old thing.

I need to convince ds to tidying his room today, and the weather is absolutely shocking which mean he can't be outside being a boy (well he could but he would declare me evil sending him out in this)

PLan for the day
drink a shit load of bitchy special brew
try not to let ds wind me up as is in his nature
allow child to access the computer
pop up to the supermarket for replacement missing cable
tackle ds' bombsite
carry on with my bombsite
chuck ds onto training? - will depend on how tired we both are as it involves a long drive and a late night for ds
<insert shit load of other stuff that I am too tired to even contemplate right now>

Carpe - how you get your nap/early night. and full sympathies to all with early risers.

Got up
Cleaned kitchen (more pressing than handbag due to large dead rat)

Next 3...

Dress DS
Find swimming stuff
Go swimming

jacks365 Sun 11-May-14 11:05:13

Next three done.

Clothes just washed hung to dry
Put roast on for lunch.

Ok I'll admit it I'm avoiding the dining room so 15 minute bursts will be the aim.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 11-May-14 11:27:19

Goth - thanks for links and round up, as well as reminder about DM coming tomorrow. I should really arrange regular guests, if only to make me tidy up blush.

Droitwich- fantastic to have you back again! grin I am still here and my house is still far from perfect sad, but I love the chat on this thread.

Blue - happy, happy Birthday! cake wine thanks

Bitchy - you were muttering about birthdays earlier on the thread? Have I missed yours? How lovely of your DS to bring you coffee in bed. (Is it drinkable, though? DS2 makes me lukewarm tea because I won't allow him to use boiling water. I always tell him how delicious it is hmm).

Carpe - so sorry about your early start. I really hope you get your nap later. I remember those days of too-early starts <shudders>. It's not easy.

pushme - Dead rat! shock Blimey, you do need Flylady, don't you? wink

jacks and dizzy - good idea to use the power of three. I think I'll apply that to my own jobs today. Seems less overwhelming that way.

SC - the extras on Eurovision were hilarious, but I don't blame you for nodding off. You missed a skater and trapeze artist, not to mention a fake (round) keyboard that a singer unconvincingly pretended to play.

The milkmaids were hilarious! Think they were on the wrong show grin.

DH and I watched Eurovision with Ds2. Didn't mean to let him stay up till 10, but he was enjoying it. He shrieked when Conchita appeared, so that took some explaining.

<whispers> DH and I had a lie in until 8am this morning shock. Repeated requests to DC not to wake us up at the crack of dawn have finally paid off (they are 8 and 14, mind you). I heard DS1 check on us, then he went on the computer; DS2 stayed in his room, playing with Lego. Amazing.

ta da

Breakfast for all
DS1 took his meds again
Dressed to shoes
Took very reluctant DS2 to his swimming lesson
Home for tea and cake

The house is an unbelievable tip. I'm going to a friend's birthday party later this afternoon, so that means I only have about three hours to sort it out. <groans>

CarpeJugulum Sun 11-May-14 11:30:11

Well, lunch has been moved to dinner as DS has professed himself not hungry; so I had a nap once DH got up. Feel a bit bleurgh now and have lost the will to do anything, include dress. blush

BitchyVstheUFOs Sun 11-May-14 15:02:43

I am afraid you have toffee

Today has been silly busy in a manner that would give the fat fairy palpatations. grin Everywhere now looks like a bomb has gone off. Ah well at least i have been busy. Plenty of coffee has been drunk, child is driving me mad as only a 9 yo boy can, and progress looks to be non existant whilst i have only just sat down for a break with a hook and some of that bloody wool. I might be back later or I might just pass out in a corner as soon as ds has been sent to bed!

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 11-May-14 15:32:11

SC dh was very much written off at school as a low achiever and went into the middle sort of school (not the Gymnasium type) (this is the German system. He ended up with a 2:1 in history from King College London (admittedly started when he was 23). His brother went straight into academic top school and got much the same (albeit a German university) My theory is that you can take a child to an highly academic school and it doesn't make any difference to their essential ability or work ethic, that remains innate and will come out regardless of whatever pressure is put on them or otherwise. I think in the end dh ultimately did well academically because he liked reading and finding out things. But he was considered a dunce in terms of his school performance until he was about 18!

Bitchy assume ds got back safely from two junctions yesterday!

Well, the social tsunami was just about manageable.
Yesterday I did
organised lunch
memorial service
fetched dd
dd to my cousin's house
went with two girls and my cousin to drop dd at Charlie and Cho factory
went to Balham for 18th birthday party, saw some old friends
and arranged to go to the Veronese exhibition (taking courage in my hands and actually booking a meetup)
back to pick up from Charlie and Choc in Covent Garden
home at 1100pm

All fine, quite jolly really, but collapsing today.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 11-May-14 16:20:08

Afternoon all, Happy Birthday Blue more cake wine & thanks

Had a humongous lie in, smile but woke to realise sun was shining, and by the time the laundry had finished it was raining sad
Got DD to tidy her room, but she had a strop as I insisted random empty cardboard boxes get cleared out. She's happy now as we've spent the last hour doing her "glow in the dark" science kit, so she's made bouncy balls, plaster of Paris insects, snow and started growing some crystals.
THAT should give me enough points to allow some peace to finish my crotcheting.

Just because it's here I'm also going to say that I must start on my bike this week.

BBL late with links and stuff.

I've done most of my list plus a couple of extras.
Just have to finish the baskets and persuade ds to finish his homework (nearly done).
Sink is clean grin. I will shine it after dinner is cleared away tonight. Also need to get back into the load of laundry a day habit.
Which zone are we in next week?

ToffeeWhirl Sun 11-May-14 17:03:27

Wishing you a belated happy birthday, Bitchy cake flowers. Not sure how I missed that confused - so sorry.

ta da

Spent too long doing plans for home ed
Washing up
Tidied kitchen
Swept kitchen floor
Put all recycling stuff and bin bag out
Mopped kitchen floor
Cleaned cooker top
Started tidying DS2's bedroom - tackled Lego
Took DS2 to friend's birthday picnic in park. We both struggled socially, although I maybe put a better mask on than DS2. Exhausted by it now.
(Sympathies with your social tsunami, Swan).

Need to cook dinner, then doing more tidying up, especially in DS2's bedroom, where DM will be sleeping (floor covered in Playmobil, Lego and books blush).

BitchyVstheUFOs Sun 11-May-14 18:09:42

It's ok toffee i was feeling very morbid about the whole thing this year. It has kinda morphed into just feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work I have in front of me to get my life on track.

Have been doing more suff but not really settling in one place. With is both a good and a bad thing. Need to tackle ds' room by have currently lost the will to fly. Must put his clothes away before bedtime though so he has a bed to sleep in.

Happy birthday blue and happy belated birthday bitchy <proffers cake nervously>

I have achieved very little today but we managed swimming food and now everyone's in bed so I'm counting it as a success!

I feel I must point out though that this morning's rat was courtesy of one of our assorted cats and that rats are not a normal feature if our kitchen!

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 11-May-14 21:38:38

Bitchy to me it sounds as if your life IS on track, just maybe it is your track rather than anyone else's. Happy Birthday

Toffee I hate it when socialising becomes an ordeal, but I feel a bit guilty about complaining because yesterday was alright really, partly because everyone I met I actually knew..It is having to break ice all the time that is tiring, also noise when I'm so deaf hmm

laid out uniforms for tomorrow
helped research Kilmanjaro
helped ds2 write about a dream for The Tempest (dead wife and graveyards shock
took two kids to Mass
returned Chalice which I had accidentally failed to put back in Sacristy after catechism practice on Saturday blush I kept remembering that line from Joseph, one of you has stolen my precious golden cup..etc etc.
Made lunch
Made cooked breakfast
looked at seedlings which are not coming up angry desperately seeking greenhouse!!!!

not a very productive day, and I've done no cleaning or tidying whatsoever or taken any exercise (ditto kids) apart from walk to church and back.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 11-May-14 21:58:07

Links for Monday 12th May

Babystep 12 is to delete any Flylady emails.

Monday is Weekly bleugh

This week we are in Zone 3, the Bathroom and an extra room If you are a masochist, here is the detailed cleaning list

Today's mission is to clean around the back and sides of our toilets. Then wipe down all the surfaces.
If you have a Laundry Room, you have an extra job to declutter all of the laundry supplies hanging around.

Don't forget May's Habit is to keep moving grin

GoingGoingGoth Sun 11-May-14 22:20:29


Carpe was coping with ManFlu, I know they have it but we're the ones who suffer. Hope you catch up on your sleep tonight after the unsuccessful nap.

dizzyday pushme & jacks followed the power of 3, pushme had an unwelcome visitor thanks to her cat.

SC fell asleep during Eurovision, I bet that gave weird dreams! And is still up for running the thread in June thanks

Blue got a nice birthday breakfast.

droitwichmummy hopefully found her dining table grin

Bitchy did not sleep well and is probably running on brew

Toffee had a birthday party and then 3 hours to crisis clean.

Swan saw as many people in 1 day as I could cope with in a year!

And finally, I have a fairly happy DD after the room cleaning crisis. And I got half my weekly bleugh done <smug>

jacks365 Sun 11-May-14 23:23:11

Dining room is looking much better, everyone fed and now in bed. Packed lunch made for mini for tomorrow, first day stopping for lunch at nursery. It does at least mean I get a decent break to get on with housework.

elliepac Mon 12-May-14 06:59:15

Morning allsmile.

Had the most lovely weekend. Impromptu visit to the caravan decided upon on friday night with BF and her dc's so flew up first thing Saturday morning. Weather was shite but had a lovely time walking to the beach/paddling in torrential rain,jumping in muddy puddles a la Peppa Pig and generally having fun. Back to the grindstone today.

Had the most lovely week at work last week culminating in a delightful leavers assembly for my form who are Year 11 and leaving me. They are the most adorable bunch of teenagers you could ever hope to meet and i have been their form tutor since they were Year 7. Man am I going to miss them. We took lots of photos in a special form period and reminisced and got a little emotional, even the 7ft 'cool' lads. Days like that are why, despite Mr twatface Gove, I fecking love my job. Back to normality today though and back to full time for the first time since i returned. Although am on a trip with lovely Year 10's to Lincoln Castle so should be a good day.

Flying wise I have done none. Got back from the caravan yesterday afternoon, cooked a massive sunday lunch for BF and family and went tobed. This week my aim is to try and get back in to my routines. DS has his sats so other main aim is to try and make sure he doesn't get too stressed.

Happy Birthday bluesmile.

Have a good day everyone!

Trazzletoes Mon 12-May-14 07:29:36

Had a great weekend here - we had 2 of DH's friends round and their 2 children who were beautifully behaved. They are going to be DD's fake Godparents so it was lovely to see them. For the first time I can remember in 9 years, DH contributed to the cleaning and tidying both before and after! Result!

Sympathies with the rat... We had to get a live mouse out of the house twice yesterday - not easy to even do once! I also managed a bit of hooking. It's been ages so was thoroughly enjoyable.

Today I have to take DS to the hospital for his 2-monthly check up. I'm fairly sure he's ok but the nerves are always there...

This afternoon his new Reception teacher and teaching Assistant are coming over to see him. Glad the house is already in a reasonable state! I'm just going to shut doors on the rest. And then back to insanity workout tonight after a day off yesterday - boooooooooo!

Happy Monday everyone!

Morning everyone!

Have decided to do my list while on the train to work each day.
I started a routine of putting dw and wm on delayed start overnight so they had just finished when I came down this morning. Just need to keep it up.

So when I get home I will do
15 mins in bathroom - declutter & mission if there is time left (memo to self - get swish & swipe into routine)
turn up DS school trousers
any ironing
put washing away
shine sink
bed on time

I am out tomorrow night so I will have to decide whether to do that mission tonight or on Wednesday.

Have a good day smile

CallingAllEngels Mon 12-May-14 08:33:00

Just flying by to say I am still here! Not really flying or posting, just damage control. 1st trimester is creeping along and so far seems I have a sticky bean. 7w yesterday!

Big wing flaps to all and will be back on when I feel more human!

Morning all smile

Diet day today which is just as well as I accidentally ate all the food in the world yesterday!

Sympathies Ellie - I don't want to go to work either!

First 3...

Washing on

feetheart Mon 12-May-14 09:41:36

Haven't really caught up but we have SATS here too this week ellie.
DD not stressed as school seem to have been sensible and I have drilled it into her since last year that the results are for school's benefit not hers. School are doing special SATS breakfast all week and I have let DD do the menu plan for the week so we are living on fish (good brain food and her favourite smile) I have even said she can plan puddings which we don't usually have during the week so all emphasis here is on food not tests smile

Really need the 'power of three' to keep me focussed this week as I have a phenomenal amount to do and the possibility of camping at the w/e.
We finally got our rental flat back on Saturday but it is in a HIDEOUS state (tenant moved out, sublet, turned it into a bit of a doss house and when he had bled it dry abandoned it. Have had no rent for approx 6 months and it will have to be gutted and completely redone before it is in a fit state to either rent again or sell angry angry angry angry) There may be much angry Flying/running over the next few weeks!

So far I have:
- Been for a run
- Everyone up, fed and out (some earlier than usual)
- Washed a load

Next three:
- Hang out washing
- Order Karcher (thanks Whoknowssmile)
- Ring utilities/council re flat

slackcabbage Mon 12-May-14 11:00:16

Good morning!

An enforced calming down of proceedings today as dd is unwell with some sort of virus/sore throat/headache/listless sort of thing so is off school. So have had to cancel tutor and re-arrange the stuff at the top of today's list.. such as renewing my carte d'identitie, banking, eye test and getting my glasses fixed... Dh is flat out so can't baby-sit. So am back on here having never really left grin

Bit gutted tbh because dd's school attendance has been excellent of late and don't want to spoil our record. Hoping it was just that the weekend was a bit much for her. Sat = loads of hwk followed by solo at Communion Mass in front of 300 or so (which, if I am allowed a quick proud motherly boast, she absolutely nailed! smile)) followed by friends' scouts bicycle display ... then on Sun: early mass, brunch with friends, theatre to see Irish dancing/singing, then choir (although we went to choir we didn't actually make it inside as she was starting to feel unwell at that point).

A bit like Swan though, I really enjoyed all the weekend's social activities despite slightly dreading them all initially!

Owing to my previous procrastination/dithering have so much to do this week it makes me feel quite tense/ill thinking about it all (3 siblings + various other halves, cousins/nephew arriving Friday night). Just need to stop panicking and get on with it. It's only close family who are coming and none of them are remotely bothered about the state of the house really, but I would feel so much better if I could tame it a bit before their arrival!! Also, needs to run efficiently as catering for so many ... .

Engels congratulations at passing the 7 week + mark! Great news! Take it steady! (Flying can wait!!) thanks

Blue and Bitchy hope you both had great birthday weekends with lots of cake and wine!!

Trazzles really great to read about your lovely weekend with friends after you've been through so much!! Good luck at the hospital this afternoon thanks

Feetheart that sounds awful about your tenant - what a horrible saga it's been for you

Glad to hear you had some much needed r & r over the weekend Ellie and hope all OK with going back full time this week

Swan thanks for consoling info about your dh and his schooling. I agree with you about work ethic/inate ability emerging independently of school and poss later on. (I think some dc need to develop a broader ^and ^more in-depth first hand understanding of how the world works in order to be able to make sense of the subjects -otherwise studying the structure of an amoeba or a mathematical theory can seem too abstract/arbitrary ifyswim). In dd's case and her prospective school (i) all the schools here are very rigorous with boring old-fashioned teaching methods and so that just has to be endured (which is why I am whinging again!). The one we have chosen is (we hope) smaller, and more comfortable pastorally speaking than most and has - unusually- fantastic art and art history dept (ii) I went to a school which was excellent for first two year and then went in to terrible decline. All the good teachers left. Standards were abysmal. Hopefully, have made up for it since through tertiary studies but still have huge gaps in my knowledge to this day. I was utterly miserable there - you were a pariah if you wanted to learn - so there is part of me that secretly wants to insist on academic rigour for dd even though I hate the stresses it places on her! blush And dh is insistent on rigour and testing no matter what the attendent pressures. Poor dd really, having all her parents bagage imposed on her! But having thought about secondary school over a few days, I feel happier that it is a good choice for dd - if we she can get a place of course - esp. as it continues bilingual French/Dutch immersion and if not, we will debunk to UK and I will buy a horse!!

Arf at secreting chalice about your person!! grin And your Sunday was extremely productive imho! (PS some of my oldest friends live in Balham btw!)

Carpe hope you have managed to catch up on sleep!

Ooh Goth hadn't realised we have bike bike bike emoticons!! PA should be here to see those!

Big feathery waves to Pushme DroitwichMummy jacks365 Honu Just Alice Whoknows Mercury and everyone else I have missed!

Right, had better go and tend to my patient and tackle the chaos ...starting with cleaning out that ruddy hamster again hmm

Have a productive week everyone!

slackcabbage Mon 12-May-14 11:00:51

Good luck to all of those whose dc are sitting SATS btw!

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Mon 12-May-14 11:38:35

Sorry I've been a bit under the radar lately. Just busily plodding away at decluttering and general stuff.

Wading through the chaos just to say hello to all and then I'll get back to work at it. I've made a pretty good dent in reorganising a few things and I'm trying to take care of some paperwork today as well, so I'd like to think it will result in a fair bit of productivity today.

Hope everyone is well. I'll check back later tonight with my list. smile

feetheart Mon 12-May-14 13:57:04

OK first three took waaaaay longer than they were supposed to - well the 'ring utilities/council re the flat' did hmm
However I have also:
- Emailed solicitor about flat
- Emailed nice council tax debt collection man about flat
- Phoned industrial cleaning company about flat

Next three:
- Lunch
- Check applications/references for another rental property
- Pay electrician

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 12-May-14 14:51:03

SC oh I can see now! I also have my baggage, very academic school with v high standards, where I felt most of the time I didn't know what was going on everyone was so brainy shockblush sporty and musical. Enjoyed it, good friends, but did v badly in my Alevels..My parents of course did very well from dud schools confused and both went to Oxford as entirely self taught and self motivated..and now spend a lot of time shaking their heads at how little I seem to know.

sorry dd is ill, and you must be very proud of her solo, thank goodness she went out in a cloud of glory.

My friends in Balham live in Ramsden Road (if that's any use wink

persuaded ds2 to go to school in spite of losing the car, sorted out a history crisis, took him on tube to school and left him outside the gate so he didn't lose heart
money counting for 3 hours
long walk to pick up car where I had left it in drunken haze on Sat (not actually driving it you will understand, just too tipsy to remember I had parked it next to the tube)
confirmed tennis lesson for dd
hung out some washed sheets

get through rest of afternoon, including tennis lesson
tidy kitchen for the Maths tutor
deal with children and make supper (what?)

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 12-May-14 15:05:34

Tbf Swan if my life was on track then I would not be unpicking the last ten years of life to restart again entirely. It is soul destroying and everytime i think I have finished despatching the failed PGCE stuff I find yet more to be destroyed by it all over again. I also wouldn't be in a situation which is as it currently is. I am not a happy bunny and right now clearing the back log of 10years of hell is the only way I can see to move forwards so that is my focus. Then perhaps I can start to properly move forwards and be living life. But right now? Yeah. <grumpfs around thread and then dashes off for a school run in the rain>

slackcabbage Mon 12-May-14 15:55:01

Swan Hark at you losing the car owing to mild intoxication!!! grin grin (Must be different friends btw as mine live in Hydethorpe Road!!)

It's so interesting isn't it how some people manage to do well despite dud schools. Wish I had! (Also did badly at A-levels.) Also wish that I had been self-motivated like your parents (still struggling with that now tbh grin).

Hope you are OK Bitchy brew cake

Keep going Feetheart and Alice!

Struggling a bit here as dd demanding lots of attention but so far:

Ta da:
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s, rabbits
cleaned out hamster
played hangman with dd
sorted new window cleaner for office
admin e-mails
1 phone call to friend
1 e-mail to friend
more party arrangements for dd
lunch for dd and dh and tidied up
more laundry
paperwork tidying in office

Loads more to do (boring tidying/sorting)

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 12-May-14 17:01:22

Am being productive and snapping at people. People have got fed up and gone into hiding. It is working for now. hmmgrin Am about to go have a massive bonfire and cull some more paperwork. Will be nice and satisfying!

I love culling paperwork Bitchy. I consigned a load to the shredder at work today smile.
On my way home but have to do detour via Argos - DH's new job (started today) requires him to remove his beard! Could get messy...

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 12-May-14 18:34:19

And 6 boxes of paperwork of past crap becomes 3. ish. because we all know that the sorting of boxes over the next few days is only going to end up creating more that needs to be culled. Ds helped. He is lacking an inner monalog. How the hell does he manage to shut up at school because he can't manage 30 secs at home confused.

tea and then bath for child. And roll on bedtime for him! I have to figure out the priority of what is needed to be done for the rest of the evening/tomo. <ponders whilst supping a vast quantity of water to try to dilute down all of the coffee whoops >

elliepac Mon 12-May-14 19:29:54

Evening allsmile. Day trip to Lincoln Castle survived without getting too wet. No flying done by me but DH has been like a man possessed.

Dh's unknown flying list:

Home bleugh
Putting away
Shined sink
Washed up
Swished and swiped bathroom
Bathed dc's
Run me a lovely bath
General tidy downstairs
Swept floors downstairs

Husband points earnedgrin.

DS survived the first day of sats remarkably unscathed. We skipped scouts tonight so he could do some revision for tomorrow's test at his request. Didn't do too much, just enough to put his mind at rest. He is tired but not as stressed as i feared he would be so i am happy.

engels good news re sticky bean, I have everything crossed for you

sc hope dd is feeling better

trazzles hope you got on alright this afternoon.

Better go and do pack-ups.

jacks365 Mon 12-May-14 19:44:53

Been a good day here

3 x washing
Beds stripped and remade
All floors vacuumed and hard floors mopped
Mirrors and interior windows all cleaned
2 x family room tidied (how can 1 toddler cause so much chaos)
Ironing done and put away
Bathrooms all completely cleaned
Kitchen clean and tidy
Nursery drop off and pick up done
Mini is now tucked up in bed, dd2 upstairs studying as first AS exam tomorrow though had deadline for art today, dd3 at guides and I'm finally relaxing with a coffee

Got sidetracked by the pub blush so will do tomorrow & Tuesdays missions instead of todays as they are quicker. I'll come back to the clear out on Wednesday.

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 12-May-14 21:15:01

Ds is in bed, and I am going to take five and ponder wtf i did with my alarm clock. In the meantime I need a week's overview to do list

8 boxes of stuff in the lounge
3 boxes for the incinerator
1 box of stuff in the utility room
floor in back bedroom
floor in utility room
general clutter in lounge
wash back bedroom bedding
wash lounge blankets
keep on top of laundry
file paperwork
hoover through house
turn lounge rug
baking for sat
decoration preps
training for ds
book opticians appointments
book dentist
put clothes away
ds' room

Oh bloody hell, it is going to be a nightmare week trying to get all that done in time! hmm right time to think, plot and allocate whilst i continue hooking some of this wool.

1 step at a time Bitchy!

Am debating whether to turn up DS's trousers or knit - maybe both smile

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 12-May-14 22:28:19

I know Mummy unfortunately there will be rather a lot of people here at the weekend expecting tidy and feeding, and a couple of beds. That is the total to do list for the entire week, so if that is taken into account it is not so bad. Perhaps. Maybe...

GoingGoingGoth Mon 12-May-14 23:00:18

Links for Tuesday 13th May

Babystep 13 is to start on the missions.

Tuesday is Planning day

This week we are in Zone 3, the bathroom & one extra room

Today's mission is to wash all the bathroom rugs and "show towels"!

I have NEVER had "show towels" but I have put the rugs in the wm.

Bitchy Planning Day should help sort your week out.

I have turned up the trousers but no knitting done.
WM & DW set to switch themselves on, sink shone & I'm off to bed

GoingGoingGoth Mon 12-May-14 23:30:45


jacks hope mini-jacks enjoyed lunch at nursery.

ellie had a lovely weekend with her BF playing at Peppa pig (DCs were also included) Ohhh Lincoln castle, do you put your class in the prison chapel, I can remember being locked in those little cells. Fx for DS and his SATS. And another well trained DH envy

Trazzle'had a busy weekend and a helpful DH-well done.
Thinking of you & J.

droitwichmummy (can I call you "mummy" too?<doe eyes>) is getting organised and doing lists on the train. And got to go to a pub (I remember those)

Engels is lurking, congrats on 7wks <hug>

pushme is back on the 3s, and on a diet day. I'm going to try tomorrow, as have eaten my body weight in cake today. sad

feet's DD is also going through SATS. Sounds like you have a good angle on it, so pleased we don't have them here.
Sorry to hear of your bad tenant. Gives the rest of us a bad name angry

SC has poorly DD, hope she picks up soon. Well done (to her) on Communion Solo.

Alice is plodding, that's perfectly fine. As long as you are ok.

Swan has gone looking for her car grin

Bitchy if anyone can pick themselves up it is you. <hug> You always come across as a strong person, but it is ok to say if things are bad. That's what I love about this thread, that it is a place to open up. (Here ends the pop psychology, but hopefully you get what I mean)
I also get the lack of inner-monologue, DD, who is also 9, never shuts up, if it's in her head it's out her mouth. She's back at school tomorrow, so pleased she's over her virus, but also looking forward to the rest [bad mother emocion]

And finally, had DD at home as wasn't sure if she could go back to school just yet. So got her doing some homework, slight strop over making a landscape collage, but once I ripped up a few bits of paper and card she got the idea. Been working on finishing some crotchet projects, found one I'd completely forgotten about. Spent the evening introducing DH to Black Books.

Course you can x

Show towels?! Ah-ha-ha-ha

Working from home today (hooray) so hopeful of getting at least some tidying and decluttering done.

Bitchy, I am sure if anyone can do it it is you, you are the champion of the silly list smile. Really sorry things are tough. Can you put aside a bit of time every day to be kind to yourself? I'm a bit prone to similar worries myself but I find the headspace app really good for unwinding and generally calming my mind down.

Didn't even manage the washing yesterday -crappedt power of 3 ever! Did do meal planning and online shopping though.

First three for today....
Get up
School/nursery run
Car seat to my parents

Setting the bar nice and low there smile

MercuryRising Tue 13-May-14 07:12:13

Quick list dump. I really need to get back into the habit of posting (and flying!)

Ta da
Dc up, fed, dressed
Lunches made
Dw unloaded and reloaded
Beds made
Dry washing off airer
Wm reloaded

Sorry to dash in and back out, but I am determined to catch up with the thread tonight.

Morning routine seems to be working. So far I have
emptied wm
wiped round front of wm
emptied dw
ironed everything that was dry from yesterday
got out of house just in time

This evening I have a committee meeting which I will walk to then before bed routine:
wm on
dw on
shine sink
close greenhouse
bed earlier than last night!

During the day I need to buy
socks for ds
moisturiser for dh
shampoo for ds

see you later!

feetheart Tue 13-May-14 09:05:00

First list of three done:
- All up, fed and out
- WM on
- Read with DS

Next 3:
- Hang up washing
- Credit checks
- Reference checks

CarpeJugulum Tue 13-May-14 10:16:27

Aw noooo! Just realised my massive post from work yesterday god I was bored has been eaten by the internet! sad

Oh well, all it really said (barring the personal stuff) was that I was at work so nothing doing flying wise! smile

Today I'm working from home (almost done finished, just a report compiling so MNetting while I wait) so resorting to the power of three again.

3 done
- up and showered
- breakfast eaten
- work from home

3 doing/ongoing
- 3 loads of washing (almost done!)
- straighten hair and put on face to go out to DS' toddler gymnastics
- empty dishwasher

3 to do
- dust/hoover living room
- make macaroni cheese for dinner
- lay away dry washing

Bit annoyed that I can't get the washing hung out to dry but it's already spat(?)/spitted(?) with rain a couple of times so not going to risk it.

Back later for personals... honest! smile but flaps to all.

slackcabbage Tue 13-May-14 10:27:51

Wow - everyone sounds very organised!

Just sitting here with a brew and some painkillers - trying to head an embryo migraine off at the pass.

DD is even worse today (we had a very broken night and were then woken by aeroplanes flying over head - they have changed the route despite a local campaign - really, really loud and somewhat depressing and potentially damaging to the value of our house).

There is so much to do before hoardes descend. Trouble is, my inability to work through it/procrastination increases in accordance with the imminence of their arrival (if that makes any sense at all). Actually it makes no sense at all!

Was about to sit in a corner and whimper but sniggering at the thought of show towels now! grin Show towels! Ha! You'd be lucky to find one here that matches another, or that isn't a bit frayed around the edges; clean and folded in a wobbling pile is about as good as it gets ... .

SC rushes off and tries to focus on just getting one thing done, er, then getting another thing done ... .

Ta da:
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s, rabbits
played hangman with dd
typing for dh
sorted out problem with syndique that own our parking space (in another building)
researched and rang potential animatrice for dd's party

To do:
online parcels
continue laundry
various room rescues in:
boudoir! boudoir! boudoir!
first floor landing
home office

Big feathery waves to everyone!

jacks365 Tue 13-May-14 11:04:19

I've realised I'm a very sad person as I do have show towels and they are currently in the wash. So far today everyone up and fed, dw emptied, washing machine on, family room tidied and vacuumed again ( I swear that child only needs to walk through a room and it looks like a bomb site), nursery run done, s&s done, beds made and I'm now sat with toast and coffee trying to do meal planning for the next week.

Also dd3 was back at the doctors again today and unfortunately he says he doesn't think it's panic attacks but isn't making any alternative suggestions and wants to see how it goes before referring for further tests problem is that it's left dd3 more nervous meaning if it is panic attacks she's more likely to have one.

dizzyday07 Tue 13-May-14 11:14:28

On Sunday we all popped over to my Mum's where DH and I abandoned DD and spent a few hours having an "experience day" where we got to try archery, crossbows, rifle/handgun shooting and laser clay shooting. I was a good laugh, and I even scored a bullseye in the archery grin. Mum had dinner made for when we got back so we ate that then came home. I had left everything ready for yesterday before we went so that I didn't have to bother when we got home.

Yesterday Ta Da
* Menus planned and food bought
* Bathrooms/toilets x 4 cleaned
* Kitchen bin emptied and washed out
* Recycling bin emptied
* Dinner cooked - and ate at the table (something we have been a bit lax about)
* D/W on
* Pots washed and sink shined

BBL with today's achievements

That's so unhelpful jacks. Annoted on behalf of you and your DD. Do you think it's panic attacks?

Poor SC and your DD. Hope the migraine doesn't develop. I have a threatening headache as well today but am trying to head it off with coffee and ibuprofen.

My first three are done - hooray!

Next three...

Choose new laptop and arrange for work to get it for me <excited>
Reply to a couple of emails
Go to gym

Trazzletoes Tue 13-May-14 11:24:22

sc I feel for you. I live about half a kilometre from the end of the runway of a regional airport - planes landing through the night though thankfully not massive airbuses! We are obv right under the flight path. Within about a week of moving in we stopped noticing the noise. They usually land over us and it's definitely more noticeable when they take off in this direction but usually only when we have the windows open. The kids love watching the planes. The price of our house doesn't seem to have been particularly affected when you look at what else you can get near here for the same amount. Hope you get used to it soon x

feetheart Tue 13-May-14 12:25:12

Hmmm, its amazing what turns up on a reference/credit check. Order of preferred tenants now altered!

Goth - there are enough bad landlords out there too angry though most tenants and most landlords are good, honest, sensible people who want to do their best - I have already admitted to all the prospective tenants this time that I will be rather paranoid to start with following recent events so they know what to expect blush

Next three:
- Inform some of unsuccessful prospective tenants
- Get soup and salmon out of freezer for dinner
- Scan in stuff for utilities companies

BitchyVstheUFOs Tue 13-May-14 12:36:21

SC we are living parallel lives. I woke up with a thumping headache this morning and had to head back for a nap. I am just about up and functioning now. Just.

To do:
back bedroom floor
empty incinerator
gardening stuff into shed

power of three and food. that will do to start...

slackcabbage Tue 13-May-14 12:40:13

Thanks Trazzles I have to say we are a little dismayed! They only come over very early in the morning and last thing at night so it is quite disruptive! Encouraging to know that you got used to the noise though! How did it go at the hospital yesterday? (If you don't mind me asking here - no worries if not - hoping the assessment was positive!)

Sorry the doctor was so vague Jacks365 that must be v. worrying. I hope you can get a second opinion.

Btw, you are not a sad person if you have show towels, you are will just just become legendary on this thread grin grin I honestly doff my hat to anyone with that level of organisation! I was only sniggering at the thought of me ever reaching that standard of housekeeping here ain't going to happen!! wink

Hope your headache is holding off Pushme (mine is thankfully very mild atm!)

Dizzy very envy of your archery lesson! I love archery!

Dh is home for lunch and I can't seem to get on!! Must get back to it though ... .

Having a very difficult time finding baby-sitter/animatrice for dd's party (dh will probably be away so would like nice sensible young girl to help me serve drinks, pizza and cake, run up and down stairs, help me run the disco, answer the door etc etc) but all the teenagers I have rung so far in response to their baby-sitting ads say we live "too far" (we live in the centre of town 5 mins walk from a transport hub) that dc between 11 and 13 year are "too old" (eh?) and a 10pm finish is "too late" - they are teenagers fhs and it's a public holiday the following day!! confused

slackcabbage Tue 13-May-14 12:43:20

x posts

Good luck with finding the next tenant Feetheart and hope they are a model of good behaviour this time around!

Hope your headache doesn't get any worse Bitchy!

[Arf at parallel lives: does that mean I might actually get some of my paperwork sorted soon?] [SC looks hopeful]

[Hope I don't start crocheting in my sleep though wink]

CarpeJugulum Tue 13-May-14 13:41:28

Show towels? My mum used to have them!

I do have guest towels, but that's coz I got rid of a load of stuff so I now keep a set just for guests, two sets for DH & I and then a couple for DS; makes the linen cupboard much tidier sort of.

I'm with everyone on the headaches though, so have ensconced DS and I with a load of films and we're going to curl up and snuggle while watching them. Snoring may ensue! wink

BitchyVstheUFOs Tue 13-May-14 13:43:36

grin Today SC you are making me laugh, a lot. It is very much needed.
Rain has stopped the outside kinda jobs. Thus ta da loks abit like this:

Ta da
wash back bedroom bedding (incl pillows and duvet)
put first of sofa throws on to wash
Start sorting far end of lounge

I need to put the clothes away and finish eating lunch but rather lacking in motivation atm. I have 2 boxes of paperwork that i need to file but it is not a priority today. So I need to find somewhere they can go until thursday that means I can get the downstairs tidy and sorted. Beginning to think the bath tub is the only answer hmm thank god we also have a shower!

<ponders whilst muching and employing a hook>

feetheart Tue 13-May-14 13:52:24

Have managed 2 out of 3 - will do scanning later.
Next 3:
- Cancel Virgin in flat
- Register DS and I for Superhero run for local hospice smile
- Cook salmon for DC's dinner

- WORK (which is getting bit neglected amongst all the property madness)
- Pick up DS
- Feed DC and DH before Beavers and Cubs

Another 3 for me, but I can't decide which 3 as really I want to sit around doing nothing (tired and lazy). Think I will go with:

Mow the top lawn
Organise/cull at least two drawers of my clothes
Organise/cull at least 1 drawer of DDs clothes

slackcabbage Tue 13-May-14 14:22:39

grin Bitchy Keep going !!

arf at Feetheart cancelling virgin in flat! grin [the promiscuous obviously make far better housekeepers well at least they change the sheets occasionally wink

and well done re: hospice run

[Chucks headache pills and comfy pillows in direction of *Carpe]]

Feeling a bit more motivated finally now and the sun has come out!

Ta da:
cleared up from lunch
dining room table hotspot
more laundry (on my fourth load)
sorted damp laundry for ironing lady tomorrow
e-mailed another potential baby-sitter/animatrice
carried boxes up and downstairs (more to do though - groan]
made friendship bracelets with dd and then she had the nerve to charge me 50 cents for one shock

jacks365 Tue 13-May-14 14:47:42

The show towels are to add a splash of colour to a white bathroom with a small amount of black and grey trim. We always just grab something out of the linen cupboard which thankfully is quite big. No way would I put the stuff we normally use on display.

Mini dd picked up from nursery (just escaped the rain)
Another load in washing machine
Bread dough currently proving. Going to relax for the next hour till dd2 gets home and starts grumbling about todays exam.

CarpeJugulum Tue 13-May-14 15:07:50

Headache abating after sudden downpour and (I think!) a rumble of thunder - pressure headache I guess, but pillows and pills much appreciated!

Washing is laid away, macaroni cheese is pending till nearer dinner time and I still need to hoover, but I have a case of the CBA's...

Feeling a bit down just now as looked in the mirror and clothes are very tight. I was doing well, but this coil just makes me hungry all the time; guess I'll have to up my exercise again. <sighs, sets alarm for much earlier>

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 13-May-14 15:08:51

Big bag of rubbish culled from utility/playroom Yay!
surfaces cleared in there of cat hair and mud

tackled bedroom, and stripped our bed
but not finished in there
a big pile of clothes for the recycling and for winter cupboard

Lots of decluttering going on today!

Posting while waiting for my train
Managed to get all the shopping I needed at lunchtime so quite pleased (I don't usually get out)
Finally got a phone consultation with doctor after 2 weeks (my work and phone calls do not mix!)
DH tells me he has put the vacuum round as I asked

Oh, train is here!
(runs off trailing soothing balm for the headache sufferers)

BitchyVstheUFOs Tue 13-May-14 17:39:44

Almost 3 more boxes have gone through the incinerator. it would have been 3 complete but ds helpfully put some inside out of the rain and it got forgotten. But as I am tackling more paperwork sorting I suspect there will be another box to go before the weekend so no harm no foul.

I have also chucked 2 boxes all over the floor in the lounge so that they can get dealt with. Not exactly fly lady but they are more likely to get done this way. About to throw some tea at ds whilst his bath in running and then shove in into the bath. We have a small matter of a book tht needs finishing tonight and I really need to get the floors of 3 areas finished off. So I will be working after he has been put to bed. <sigh> no crochet tonight then sad ah well Once this has all be dealt with it won't need doing again!

Chin up and keep going. We will all get there in the end!!!

BitchyVstheUFOs Tue 13-May-14 18:32:30

Arf at lots of sex = tidiness. gringrin SC

Right to do list for tonight:

Back bedroom floor
utility room floor
wash clothes so I have a clean bra for tomo laundry planning fail
ds through bath
finish book
tackle some more of the mountain of doom in the lounge.

I think a coffee is in order hmm and chocolate

newlark Tue 13-May-14 19:04:06

No show towels here but I did throw the tea towels in the wash this morning! Can't put on another load yet as there is only room for one load inside and it is raining at the moment. Will put another load on overnight to hang up in the morning.

Not much flying going on as I have a huge pile of marking to get through, dd has a cold and ds and I seem to be going down with it sad

GoingGoingGoth Tue 13-May-14 21:23:01

Links for Wednesday 14th May

Babystep 14 is to read the essay on how to use a calendar

Wednesday is Anti-procrastination day

This week we are in Zone 3, the bathroom & one extra room

Today's mission is clean the bathroom mirror, and in the laundry room to clean out your lint filter, double check your vent hose and clean under your dryer as well. At the risk of being lynched...has everyone done their hot wash this month to fight off mold?

BBL with round up, just have to recharge iPad first.

Back from meeting so doing evening routine then bed.
DW is on a quick wash so I can get it empty and the beginnings of another load in that wouldn't fit.
Then wm, shine sink & bed.
Haven't started s & s again yet - I'm going to wait until I can give the loo a good clean (probably tomorrow night when I do Monday's mission)

Am driving to work in the morning so won't be able to post on the move. Will catch up after work

Ta da!
Meeting re school
1 basket of laundry away
Read a book that I wanted to!
Blogged about it
Cooked tea
Washed up
Played interminable games of Uno with DS2

Not much actual flying in there but it's not quite as CBA as I feel.

I did tomorrow's missions the other day, so can feel virtuous about that too. Need a sensible bed time tonight so better head off.

Hope all headaches eased.


School run etc
Blitz bathroom (steam cleaner again)
3 lots of washing done and line dried despite rain showers
Pilates class

Shopping. DD has come home with an extensive costume list for her next drama production in a few weeks, thought I'd better start the usual frustrating trawl round the charity shops. To my amazement I found the two most difficult things (an old fashioned coat and a dark suit jacket) in her approximate size in the first two shops. Also found a hat in a joke shop for £2.99. Was very pleased!

Home for a fruitless half hour looking for DD's ballet leotard.
School - went a bit early and did some weeding in the gardens. Some of you will remember that my friend and I ran a gardening club for the last three years, we gave up last autumn due to other commitments, sadly no one else has taken it on and it is looking very overgrown now.

DD to ballet in an old, too small leotard.
Home and tea then DS and friend taken to Cubs
Half an hour on the allotment with DD
A bit of sewing with DD, she is so happy using the sewing machine
Bit of telly
Found DD's leotard in DS's pants drawer!
DCs to bed
Sewed badge on Cub uniform.


SC - my DH was a late starter academically speaking, he says he really did nothing at school till his O levels, then went on to a first class honours degree, PhD and running a successful business. At 14 he looked destined for the scrapheap. Also sympathies re aeroplanes. I once lived in a rented flat in Hounslow, about two miles from the end of one of the Heathrow runways. It was not good! Concorde was particularly problematic. Did get used to most of it though, same with trains in my last house.

Jacks - sorry to hear about DD3's problems, hope she gets a proper diagnosis soon.

Engels - fingers crossed for you.

Bitchy - hope you get through this week OK. Coffee in bed sounds nice.

Blue - we're having an interminable games spell too, the DCs have dug out all their Orchard Toys games again so night after night of Tummy Ache, Shopping List etc. Which we have been playing for about 6 years now <yawns>. I just keep telling myself it's better than playing on screens (through gritted teeth).

dizzyday07 Wed 14-May-14 02:03:46

Managed to avoid a lot of flying today by baking instead!

Ta Da
* Hoovered through upstairs
* Baked banana loaf
* Baked apple & cinnamon loaf
* Baked mincemeat cake
* Washed up all the baking bits
* Prepared dinner
* DD to and from Brownies
* Booked DD onto a Swim Skills Clinic during half term (her breaststroke will be videoed and analysed to check its ok!)
* Washed pots and shined sink
* Hide cakes from DH grin

CarpeJugulum Wed 14-May-14 06:06:45

Morning. Just a quickie from the phone before I rush to get ready for work.

Didn't get my exercise done, alarm went off, I coughed, sneezed and turned it off. Headache still in force, and threatening cold is now a full scale head cold - I'm tempted to play the man-flu card, but DH then decides to play top trumps so it's not worth it! Orange juice and drugs for me today.

Will catch up properly when I'm at work... blush grin

slackcabbage Wed 14-May-14 07:58:22

Good morning! Lovely sunny day here! And no option but to get up at crack of sparrows, thanks to early, low flying aircraft. (And that was with the window closed (unusually) - noise deafening - heaven knows what it will be like with them all open as the weather warms (ie tomorrow!)

Had cracking headache and sore throat last night but early night hopefuly did the trick and I feel fine today!

Have just spent the last two hrs from 6am to 8am (hr ahead here) carrying laundry paniers and boxes up and down four flights of stairs, sorting out dd who is better and going back to school but hopelessly disorganised, and a bit of time gambolling with the rabbits on the terrace.

The rabbits have very long and furry coats, and it makes for a very nice start to the day when they brush around your ankles as you are hanging out the washing grin

Ta da:
carried boxes and paniers up and down stairs
made laundry room good for ironing lady - water, money and clean, damp washing triaged etc
ironed dd uniform which didn't get done last night
sorted dd's gym kit
checked dates on calendar - wrote two new ones in
wrote letter to dd's gym teacher about costumes for school fete
wrote note to dd's form teacher
first lot of washing hung out to dry on terrace
found dh's wallet and keys which he had lost
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s,
watered seeds
dining room table hot spot
chased rabbits around dining room table

To do:

Poor you Carpe I hope you feel better as the day goes on

[looks longingly at Dizzy's delicious cakes ...]

Whoknows what a huge shame that no-one was prepared to take the gardening on, after all of your hard work. Very good to hear of yet more late starters academically speaking, and well done to your dh. DD is near the top of the class in one language; but she is near the bottom in the other .. and unfortunately, maths is taught in the latter. Not helped by the fact that she is bright with an amazing memory but is bored so doesn't graft enough. She needs a rocket up her just like her mother.

Blue very impressed at you doing missions in advance!

Have a good day at work Mummy grin

Goth does washing white towels at 90° count? confused

[SC contemplates Bitchy's intriguing "chuck over floor" decluttering method ... but then realises that stuff is already chucked over the floor blush ]

Congrats re: your decluttering too Swan

Hoping to make serious inroads myself today! Had better get to it!

Big feathery waves to Just Honu feetheart pushme Newlark Jacks Alice Toffee Engels trazzles Mercury Ellie and everyone else I have missed!

Have a good day everyone!

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 14-May-14 09:44:05

Whoknows ds2 and ds1 played Monopoly for 3 hours on Sat according to dh, he was overjoyed that they showed an interest.
Btw My friend ran a gardening club and the same thing happened when she bowed out (her daughter went to secondary) - in the end she forced the school to pay someone a small amount to come in every week and keep it tidy. She told the HT it would reflect very badly on him if all that work went to waste (she had created an enormous garden from scratch, sourced all plants and paving etc, raised money, coordinated people) and no-one would volunteer for anything else if they sensed it was not going to be taken seriously. Mind you, she was very forceful, and Dutch.

Today I feel a bit "blocked" for want of a better word. Cannot find last hoover bag. Boiler is being serviced so have to wait in. Garden rubbish is filling garden but my back has given out so I cannot face putting it in the car (and it is sopping wet too) And the grass seed has mysteriously disappeared that I was about to sprinkle on the newly dug over bare patches. And the laundry is still Everywhere drying on bannisters, bedposts and doorknobs.

However, I tried to do a bit of what SC described, which was gambolling on the terrace, inspecting my lettuce seedlngs, admiring my woodland garden etc in dappled sunlight .

driven ds2 to school for early literacy class at 8am
put away one shirt

BitchyVstheUFOs Wed 14-May-14 09:53:21

I hate mornings. I hate cheerful morning people. I hate cheerful morning people that don't understand that just because I am awake it is not the time to talk random shit at me. Especially when I have tons to do. Perhaps I should just shorten that to I hate people and need to become a hermit for a quiet life ?


Despite an early night I am feeling like rubbish. Beginning to think it is the fault of coffee and it needs clearing from my system. Alternatively it might be the knowlegde that I need to spend the day dealing with idoits or the fact that I can't just focus of finishing a project due to a small matter of work and ds' training. Or the fact... <sigh>

Plans A-D have gone out of the window, I think we are on plan E or is it F or G? confused

Woke up to a dream about wasps flying in my face last night. Not pleasant and triggered by a stupid blue bottle that had let itself in. And I am fed up completely


<stomps off in frustration>

CarpeJugulum Wed 14-May-14 10:09:02

<hugs Bitchy and proffers plans H-Z just in case>

I'm at work. I'm not working. I should be working... you see my issue?!

GoingGoingGoth Wed 14-May-14 11:04:40

SUMMARY for Tuesday sorry got sidetracked finishing a crotchet project.

pushme worked from home, so planned some flying. And is getting a new laptop

Mercury is trying to get in the habit of posting! with you there wink

mummy had a committee meeting

feet was back with the power of 3

Carpe's previous posting has been eaten by the net! I've also been battling the contrary weather

SC hope the migraine eased, the flight route change can!'t have helped. Hope your DD is feeling better now.

Trazzle also lives under a flight path,

jacks has show towels! How do you manage it? SC is right, I am truly impressed. Doctor doesn't sound very helpful, have you got a date to go back to review DD3?

dizzy sounds like she had a great time on Sunday, I would love to try archery, but think I would probably be too 'ample' to get the right angle.

Bitchy also woke with a bad head. Are you overdoing it? hmm But has been busy clearing out

Swan removed a big bag of stuff from the playroom
newlark is also struggling with the rain but is soldering on with marking despite having a poorly (and contagious by the sound of it) DD

blue has been catching up on her reading (nice blog post btw) and played Uno so receives 'parent-points'

WhoKnows is steam cleaning anything that doesn't move grin, and managed 3 loads washing envy And has been successful in costume sourcing for DD's drama.

And finally, I've had it up to ^here with showers, but hopefully we should have some dry weather soon so I can back on top of the laundry. I can cope with drying in the house in winter, but it seem so much worse doing it in the summer, especially as the sun does keep poking out. (Rant over) On the plus side I have finished all my outstanding crotchet projects. Just need to put together the banner for Woodcraft envy < sick face!

BitchyVstheUFOs Wed 14-May-14 11:47:22

Completely overdoing it but needs must. I have just freed the 2 essential rooms for cleaning by a person today. Which was what was needed. And took an hour to do something that I wanted to get done (totally un flying related). Just getting ready for work and the adventures of this afternoon. Change of clothes and location of a bit of paperwork hmm

If it helps I have booked a complete rest days for next tuesday and thursday? yeah i know who am I kidding but the intention is there!

GoingGoingGoth Wed 14-May-14 11:59:56

SC probably, does it smell? I'm not very good at remembering, but like to do a bleach wash occasionally (followed by a white wash) grin

Bitchy yeah, right wink

Packed lunch
Dd to school (photo day, she started off looking clean & tidy)
Washing out
Dry laundry away
Quick sort through DD's clothes, extracted a couple of tshirts for charity shop

To do
Walk to charity shop to drop off a carrier bag of stuff
Collect DD

slackcabbage Wed 14-May-14 13:14:43

Nope it doesn't whiff Goth but do lots of hot washes! Do run a Calgon tablet through on hot too (don't know if they are the same in UK) to get rid of limescale etc every so often. Fairly sunny here - will try and blow some warm weather your way! And thanks for humungous round-up!!

Bitchy one always feel worse/wretched having slept well - you will hopefully feel the benefit later on! Good ideas about rest days (if you can really ring fence them.)

Amazingly, I have finally got my mo-jo in gear!! Am actually making serious inroads in to the boudoir and getting stuff done! It's up and down, up and down, up and down the stairs though! Have actually made progress with animatrice and window cleaner too! Yahooooo!

And another miracle has occurred - dd has come home from school (half day) - eaten lunch - and got straight down to her hwk without a squeak from me shock!!

Swan take care with that back of yours! Garden dappled with sunlight sounds luverly! (Very Gerard Manley Hopkins!]

Waves to Carpe et al!

newlark Wed 14-May-14 13:31:48

Thought I would have ds at home today as he had a bit of a temp last night but a good nights sleep seems to have done the trick as it often does with 5 yr olds and he was back to normal this morning.

Ta da:
Week 3 of beginners jogging course - felt hard work as I suspect I am getting dd's cold
Changed sheets on our and dds beds and put a wash on (to take advantage of the sunshine for drying) - this is also known as marking avoidance!

CarpeJugulum Wed 14-May-14 13:47:59

(Psst... what's an animatrice? I thought it was a broadcaster, but I@m guessing not!)

slackcabbage Wed 14-May-14 15:10:35

Cup of brew break ... offers pot around ...(teapot that is grin)

Carpe I guess the nearest Eng translation is "facilitator" (should that end in 'er'? I can't spell in Eng any more!). In this case someone who 'leads'/'explains' a play activity/child's party. (DD a bit old for this now of course, and I am organising, but I just wanted to find child-friendly woman who could help serve food, run up and downstairs (dd's wa-a-ay up the house!) help me with finer points of communicating with 11-13 yr olds who don't actually speak French that is recognisable to me, they just mutter things like "sa boum, eh?" (Which I think means 'how's it going?"). I would usually ask a friend (and do the same for them) but everyone flat out currently!

Newlark hope cold doesn't develop -seriously impressed re: your jogging!

Spoke too soon Goth; it's started to rain, and like Swan am now playing hokey cokey with the washing!

Still making good progress here and dd has helped me with some decluttering shock Could it be that once her mother gets off her -arse-- and -stops-- dithering, she follows suit, perish the thought!

CarpeJugulum Wed 14-May-14 15:22:56

Hmm, sort of like party planner. And yes "sa boum" is how's it going. That I know from friends. It's there equivalent of "wa'as up?" I think.

CarpeJugulum Wed 14-May-14 15:23:12

There? Their! <bangs head on desk>

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 14-May-14 15:28:30

more success

dh and I did some gardening together
cleared out cupboard under the stairs for the gas man, and then properly sorted all the stuff (threw most of it away blush why one earth did I keep so much of it?)
boiler serviced
mince defrosting
found hoover bag!
found grass seed, and sowed it

spent a lot time absorbing vitamin D

slackcabbage Wed 14-May-14 16:57:28

Carpe Still trying to work out exact sense of 'sa gazouille' too?? (Think it means 'what's the latest?' sort of thing (gazouiller = to chirp/babble) I think)

Well done re: cupboard of doom Swan! Success here too unusually! (But why oh why do I always get motivated 3 days before guests arrive and not before - so much I could have done had I started earlier - always say/do the same thing too!!! And then I am always exhausted when they do arrive! Hopeless!!)

Ta da:
3rd load washing out and drying (and in again) (and out again)
one entire rack of clothes tried on, sorted and triaged (1/2 put away!)
calendar updated
dd hwk finished
dd and I sorted through big box Playmobil
I found racing jockey game smile
loads of boxes/laundry/books/carried up and down stairs
menu fixed for weekend and shopping list written
banking sorted
helium balloons ordered!
a few more e-mails relating to dd's birthday
list for handyman on Fri

Right, approaching 6pm here, and still have to dye my Barnet Fair, but must persuade dd in bath first so I don't asphyxiate her unwittingly. 'Girls' evening together tonight watching telly upstairs (special treat) as dh out at conference dinner.

Have a good evening everyone!

MercuryRising Wed 14-May-14 21:47:23

Im about to flop into bed, but before I do I thought I should stick my head in and say hi. I am still failing at flying and posting, but have been reading the thread and aim to be back on the flywagon asap. Big wing flaps to allsmile

Evening all,

Re washing machines, I do a 90 degree wash every few weeks with the shower curtain, no detergent and either vinegar or bleach. We have really hard water and the curtain gets quite manky, so this kills two birds with one stone. I also leave the WM door open when not in use (it's in a corner so not in the way). The machine is completely mank-free.

Busy day today, school, work, homework x2 then dropped DD to a friend to go to Brownies together, took DS to trampolining, went for a walk with a friend whose DS also trampolines, picked up DS, picked up DD and walked home again, probably walked 5 miles in all today.

Also pressure washered the wheely bin which was very satisfying.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 14-May-14 22:08:59

Links for Thursday 15th May

Babystep 15 is to add making your bed to your morning routine.

Thursday is Errands day

This week we are in Zone 3, the bathroom & one extra room

Today's mission is to clean the bath, and to empty the bin in the laundry room.

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 14-May-14 22:19:57

I need to up my exercise quotient Whoknows I used to walk to Beavers and back, and now I just drive everywherehmm

Beavers helping
read ds2 a story to persuade him to sample fiction again (presently he finds all fiction dull)
washed various items
watched the last bit of is like a gladiatorial contest to the death tbh, aargh, I had to leave when they were given the chickens and told they would have to do a cook off (whatever that is, it sounds most disagreeable)

Ds1 is starting to revise for some important tests (at least he was the one to use this adjective) He seems unsure of what revision is. I handed him a book headed Revision Guide and he perked up. Very literal child.

Evening all.

Have had a fairly nice day of pottering and bits and bobs. No flying though!

Hope you enjoyed your telly evening, SC. Intrigued by linguistic challenges - not down wiv da yoof in any language!

Well done on cupboard clearing, swan.

Big waves to everyone else. Night!

Busy day at work today & dh is working this evening for the first time so we have all had new routines (including the cats) so I have done the minimum flying. Sink is shining though and wm & dw are set for overnight. That is more than would have been done last week!
Back tomorrow.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 14-May-14 22:38:30


Dizzy baked yesterday

Carpe has caught man-flu brew < hot milk, honey & nutmeg

SC's new alarm clock is working really well. Fluffy rabbits sound like a lovely aid to hanging out washing. Sounds like her washing machine and laundry smells beautiful. I think it's the cold water fill that does it with mine. My old machine never got as bad and it had a hot water fill. Calgon is a blessing if you are in a hard water area.

Swan's day started off full of obstacles but after a gambol in her woodland garden, things started to work out. Huzzah!

Bitchy didn't kill anyone today so that's a plus. And she promises to rest on Tuesday AND Thursday!

newlark's DS has recovered from a overnight high temperature.

Mercury is on the Flywagon, whatever she thinks. Remember you are NOT behind smile

WhoKnows washing the shower curtain in the hot wash sounds like a good idea. I'm going to do my floor cloths (old cut up towels) with mine tomorrow. And she pressure washed the wheelie bin, and did a lot of walking.

And finally, I'm resting my feet as not only did DH & I have a walk this afternoon, Woodcraft involved a flour trail around the park, which was a lot of fun. With those, the school runs and shopping I've done 21,600 steps! I think that's about 11 miles.

BitchyVstheUFOs Wed 14-May-14 22:47:25

<coughs> yeah scrub that bit about not killing anyone <coughs>

dizzyday07 Thu 15-May-14 01:24:10

Quite a productive day today - I wrote a list! grin

Ta Da
* Our bed stripped and re-made
* Washing load on and hung out to dry
* Dry washing away
* Bank some cheques
* Get new battery fitted in DH's watch
* Went for run (mostly)
* DD to swim training

Slack - cake for you
Swan - my DH rarely reads fiction - Harry Potter is the exception

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 15-May-14 01:28:18

I am currently running a virus check as some helpful toad sent me an infected file and now my computer is doing allsorts of annoying thing by its own accord. I have yet to add 3 more programs so that I can get rid of the fucker. <sigh> Not the best ending to a rather stressful day. PLus i signed up for a course and I have no idea when the hell it is cos i forgot to write down. Sods law dictates that it is on friday. So i am going to have to pop into work and double check <sigh> Is it monday yet?

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 15-May-14 03:18:31

Right, i think that is the worst of it. Sleep. Then reset and recheck tomo. And then I can send out emails/documents etc etc etc as needed and on my to do list. I love helpful toads. They really really make life soooo much easier hmm

Night or good morning. As you choose.

<pst vat of freshly brewed bitchy special brew should be done about now. I left it on time delay control so it was ready for the early risers> grin

I will be glad when I have finished clearing all of the past out. I am done with dealing and re-dealing with it. And I have come to the conclusion the doc is wrong, and I am going to go back and see if I can finally get some relief from this bastard earache that I have pretty much had for the entirity of 2014 but was promised was just a virus and would fuck off nicely on its own accord a few months ago. I am bored of it. Also I am a crap sister and I forgot dsis' brirthday. Oh bollocks. must remember to get her a card as seeing her this weekend.

To do list for thursday:
finish sorting virus nightmare out
check if supposed to be in for meeting this friday or next
send emails
deal with junk pile on the floor in lounge
try to clear through the remaining 4 boxes
ring docs for appointments
ring opticians
sort out dentist appointment
help ds sort his room
read new book with ds (we have been reading a series this is the last one of the group)
confirm all food arrangements for the weekend
Early night

I am going now that is clear in my brain. promise.

MercuryRising Thu 15-May-14 07:13:14

Your special brew seems to have done the trick Bitchy. I'm quite organised this morning.
Ta da
2 loads of washing done and hung out
All fed
Lunches made
Dw loaded
Uniforms ironed - I will get back on top of this!
Airers emptied
Beds made

To do before leaving:
Reload wm
Run dw
Rr living room
Get myself washed and dressed

I'd better dash I only have half an hour. Enjoy the sunshine fledglingssmile

Morning all smile hope you managed to get some sleep Bitchy.

17 hr work day yesterday so no flying done. Went on 10 trains though, which surely must be some sort of record!

Haven't had much/enough sleep so tired and a bit dazed this morning. Not looking forward to a day in the office.

Power of 3 again today - will need it just to get myself out of bed!

First three
Get up
Washing on

Ok that's 4, but I really need to do some washing and the rest are not optional,

Happy Thursday all!

Morning all! Thanks for the brew Bitchy

This morning have
hung washing out
emptied dw
persuaded ds that his numb foot confused will wear off
got out on time

List for this evening
15 mins declutter of bathroom
put washing away
s & s
cook tea
shine sink
pick up dh from work

knitting IF I have done bathroom stuff!

Have a good day everyone

10 trains <faints>

Off to work in a minute, via Halfords to hopefully get roof bars put on the car (we're going camping at half term).

Hopefully will finish work at lunchtime because the house is really untidy and after school just seems to be so hectic. Also need to go to the supermarket. Feels as though it's going to turn out hot today.

CarpeJugulum Thu 15-May-14 09:19:03

<wanders in looking grey>

So, I officially have man-flu. I feel awful, so I apologise for no personals other than hoping Bitchy did get to sleep.

Thankfully DS is at nursery today so I've done my WAH stuff, and I'm now off to lie on the couch for a bit until the library opens as I need to collect audio books for DS not planning to rip them to iPod for the holidays at all! and then to Boots to grab more cold/flu drugs to try to sort this lurgy out.

Power of 3
Up & dress
DS to nursery
WAH stuff

To do
Library & Boots
Lie on couch looking pathetic.

I'll be popping in and out while watching crap telly... desperate housewives anyone?!

jacks365 Thu 15-May-14 10:10:52

Very little flying done yesterday as had to deal with 2 separate attacks. Did manange dw, wm s&s and general tidy in family room as well as keeping everyone fed and nursery run.

Today need to finish off dining room so I can move furniture around so the new fridge freezer can go in there then I can take the opportunity to redo the kitchen floor. Really need to put some stuff on eBay to make room.

feetheart Thu 15-May-14 10:22:26

Right, I have a looooooong list as tenants for new house want to move in on Tuesday and we are camping this w/e - eek:
Ta Da:
- Clear up three (yes, three!!!) piles of tiny stomaches, innards and blood envy <--- sick face
- Run
- Shower
- All up and out with packed lunches, etc
- 1 load washing done, 1 on
- Made Rocky Road as requested for 'end of SATS scoffing' on way to pool smile
- Take delivery of steam cleaner grin (no time to play with it yet though sad)

Now need to:
- Hang out 1st lot of washing (and 2nd when it's ready)
- Move money
- Buy new washing machine and hoover
- Buy 2nd hand fridge and freezer if available
- Print first draft of inventory
- Take many photos for inventory
- Sweep out garage/sort out squeaky door in new house

That may take most of the time until school pick up then:
- DS and friend diving
- DD and friend swimming
- Feed 3 x DC (DS's friend being picked up at diving)
- Play with steam cleaner smile
- Masterchef
- Collapse

I may return but don't count on it!
Have a good day everyone.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 15-May-14 10:59:32

Quick post while DH vacuumes

Packed lunch
Dd to school
Laundry hung out
Dry laundry away
Cleaned bath
2nd load (hot wash) on
Changed bedding

BBL <waves>

CarpeJugulum Thu 15-May-14 11:00:18

Oh bollocks. Just back from the library (I was a good girl and went via the tip with the recycling!) and found the window cleaner had been; I left my vertical blinds wide open and the whole house is a tip. blush

Never mind CHAOS - I have CHAWC syndrome... (Can't Have Windows Cleaned!) sad

Off to hang up washing and do a quick tidy round.

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 15-May-14 12:17:22

this morning has been productive again.

exercise, long walk, took ds2 to tube and practised spellings on the way
bought snacks for visitors, and jam for next few breakfasts
coffee with visitors
swept kitchen floor and shook out two big rugs
wiped worktops
took some clean clothes upstairs

now I am having another rest blush

hoover bedroom
finish sorting out playroom - dw/cat dishes/defrost something/rubbish in garden/iron in right place
fix new mop head to old mop handle
wash out dirty bucket
clothes to charity shop
start driving rubbish to the dump????
petrol in car first

can I face any of that?

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 15-May-14 12:35:48

Is it monday yet?

To do list for thursday:
finish sorting virus nightmare out
check if supposed to be in for meeting this friday or next
send emails
deal with junk pile on the floor in lounge
try to clear through the remaining 4 boxes
ring docs for appointments
ring opticians
sort out dentist appointment
help ds sort his room can be done tomo if necessary
read new book with ds (we have been reading a series this is the last one of the group)
confirm all food arrangements for the weekend
Early night
Attempt nap but fail cos of too much going around brain
sit down and have a complete analysis of POA
read book to get up to point ds got to this morning hmmgrin
speak to school and as for meeting expect to have to unpick tonight this as likely to be mishandled by school
check emails/internet/fb/mn etc in attempt to procrastinate
take strong pain killers go find some strong coffee
Put hockey kit on to wash
consider how to achieve tidy whilst admitted defeat and really not enough time to get everything done
eat own body weight in sugar

Right. lunch, coffee, contacts glasses really are giving me a horrible headache and get dressed for 2nd time today. Then to tackle the moutain of random stuff in the lounge hmm<sigh>

jollyjester Thu 15-May-14 14:23:53

Hi I'm new <waves shyly to everyone>

I found the best way to spring clean! Get you 'D'H to agree to host a visitor to your church and then 'forget' to tell you until 3 days before.


So yesterday on my day off I

Took DD to toddler group
Did top up shop at supermarket
Hoovered whole house
Mopped floors downstairs
Deep cleaned bathroom
Cleared spare room of junk so visitor had somewhere to sleep
Changed bed clothes in spare room
Took 3 bags of 'stuff I'm going to sell on ebay' to charity shop
Cleaned oven
Cleaned kitchen
Walked around brandishing a feather duster to eliminate all cobwebs
cleaned windows inside and downstairs ones outside
borrowed a carpet cleaner and cleaning living room rug
Prepped tonights dinner for slow cooker readiness and cut up loads of fruit (we eat more when its cut up)
three loads of washing

I'm not normally lazy I just always skim the surface. I'd rather spend time with DD than have a pristine home constantly.

I was exhausted last night!!

Hi jester - welcome aboard!

Busy day for you yesterday - hope you are finding time to plan your revenge on dh for the short notice. grin

BitchyVstheUFOs Thu 15-May-14 19:23:43

I had to admit i was human. Attempted to sleep in the afternoon but it wasn't great. School completely amased me by being superly fab wrt the issue of problem. And I have put the 4 boxes of random stuff into the study, which will have the door shut and will be ignored.

THus meaning tomo's list goes like this:
Pile of stuff on floor in lounge
empty car of junk
hoover car, and through lounge
put stuff for car into car
wash 2 remaining sofa blankets
turn lounge rug
make cake
dye hair
doctors appointments x2 - one for me/one for ds

IF there is time and energy I will consider tackling ds' room. otherwise the door on that room will get shut!

I am just counting down to bedtime. Very tired today and hoping that a good night's sleep will mean that I can fly at full speed. Sorry for being so task focus atm. It is the only way I can survive the insanity of my own bright ideas hmmblush

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 15-May-14 19:39:15

jolly that sounds like a very very productive day, well done. You seem incredibly energetic btw [hides in dossers' corner]

I am feeling pleased with the little I have achieved as I didn't think it was going to happen at all shock

petrol in car
car loaded with 1/3 of rubbish in front garden
rubbish to the dump
picked up ds2 by car from school
listened to his troubles,usually he is in a good mood but today he was upset about social issues at school
read him more Roman Mysteries when we got home (very gory actually but highly informative) although he had his fingers in one ear and was trying to read a book on Formula 1 at the same time
watered grass seed and dried up woodland area rapidly turning to savannah
cooked turkey escalopes, bacon lardons, courgettes and boiled potatoes and green salad for supper (eaten by all, except Dh who has turned veggie, cheaper that way as I can stretch two turkey pieces between 5)

hopefully everyone will now watch Big Bang Theory and go to bed.
Kids in garden atm with their Dad. Ds1 listening to music but should be doing homework.

jollyjester Thu 15-May-14 22:29:39

Swan it was a case of needs must yesterday!

List for tomorrow will be much less productive!!

Go to bank
Meal plan for next week
Buy groceries for next week
Change bed clothes
Lie in back garden with DD! (Possibly with wine. It's ok to drink in the day time when it's sunny!)

Does everyone else's house feel like it's coming down with mountains of 'stuff'? No matter how much I donate or sell or throw out it multiplies. I swear the teddy bears in DD room are at it grin

GoingGoingGoth Thu 15-May-14 22:39:00

Links for Friday 16th May

Babystep 16 is to read a Flylady email but if you've been sensible you'll have not signed up as she's prolific.

Friday is Clean out your car & bag day

This week we are in Zone 3, the bathroom & one extra room

Today's mission is to enjoy the fruits of your labours and have an enjoyable bath or shower. I don't think there's any need for the "shaving the forest off your legs" comment. They're not that bad and when did she install the camera to see?

Your laundry room mission for today is to put a pleasant picture there so you have something nice to look at when you "bless the laundry" (sometimes the tweeness is to much)

GoingGoingGoth Thu 15-May-14 23:16:17


dizzy did an impressive list.

Bitchy was fighting a computer virus, which explains the shallow grave in the process of being dug (decluttering never ends) grin
I can't believe you still have earache! get it sorted woman!

pushme10 trains! You're excused flying.

mummy DS's numb foot wearing off, is that like being slowly rubbed away. grin

WhoKnows where are you going camping (nosey)

Carpe needs to lie down and get over the lurgy <folds arms, taps foot>
I'm sure the window cleaner has seen worse houses.

jacks gets to move furniture, hard work but I always find it satisfying.

feet is also going camping, where? (Still nosy) made Rocky road (yum) and got a steam cleaner envy

Swan had another productive day

jollyjester joined us <waves> I think yesterday is what we would call a crisis clean (and grounds for divorce) Don't think you have to post big lists everyday, we're more into keeping on top of things and slowly getting rid of the clutter. Don't think you have to do all the Babysteps, we start fresh each month so just do a bit each day.
Yes, the teddies are definitely at it.

And finally, I went to a Women & the Referendum discussion group. Quite good actually (there was cake) but I forgot it was Thursday and missed Big Bang Theory sad oh well, it will get repeated.

Goth - camping in rural Oxfordshire as it's mid way between us and the people we're going with.

Feet - enjoy the steam cleaner. I ordered some spare little brushes for mine from Amazon.

Jollyjester - welcome to the thread. Yes, I know exactly what you mean about stuff, it is a never ending battle with it here.

Carpe - I find charity shops are a good source of audio books as well as the library. Hope you feel better soon.


School run
Waitrose for top up shop and free coffee to take to Halfords
Halfords for roof bar fitting (took 1/2 hour, was glad of coffee)
Work - busy
School run
Decluttered my jewellery box. Not sure why. I have been meaning to get rid of a few old single earrings and broken chains for a while, so I had a good sift through. Weighed my scrap gold, went online, should be worth about £100 apparently grin. Cleaned all the silver (I only wear silver now) and put it back. I need some storage for earrings, I end up in the same pair every day because the rest are shut in a box.
Played football with DS
DD and friends home from drama

Tomorrow looks as though it's going to be manic. All 4 of us have dental appointments, the DCs are going to start a bit of private tuition after the dentist and DS wants to try a local youth club later. They've got piles of homework looming too.

dizzyday07 Fri 16-May-14 01:58:04

I wrote another list for today but have only crossed 2 things off it blush

Ta Da
* Get DD to sign MIL's birthday card (couldn't post as didn't have their new address!)
* D/W unloaded
* Wash DD's patchwork blanket and put on line to dry
* Laundry load in and hung to dry
* Did a bit of sewing (first time since start of year)
* Cajoled DD to write up a bit more of her homework project
* Went for a run (we did 20mins non stop shock )
* Gathered a few bits together to put in Bag4School to go in tomorrow
* Washed pots and shined sink

Trazzletoes Fri 16-May-14 06:50:52

Hi there, I'm still here. DH and I have now got rid of a massive desk and 2 bookcases and replaced them with a dresser and a smaller bookcase (which isn't here yet ). We've lost one of our sofas under the weight of stuff that now needs to be put away... <sigh>

Don't even get me started on the washing up and general washing! It's going to be a busy weekend!

Plus I've signed up to do some extra days at work as we are under-staffed so we will see how that goes : s

Monday was fine - no concerns about Joe at the moment. smile

That's great about Joe Trazzle.

I've had a quiet couple of days flying-wise but have reminded myself that its ok. We have to get used to dh working all sorts of different hours and find creative ways for us to get where we need to be.
My achievements for my 1st week back are:
I have NOTHING in the laundry basket so the wm routine is sorted
There are only 2 items of washing up lurking in the kitchen and that's is because if I put them straight in the dw there will be no room for anything else
Ironing pile is more of a hillock
I threw away 2 wicker baskets of toiletries that will never be used

I'm happy with that smile

CallingAllEngels Fri 16-May-14 08:17:55

Great to hear that Joe is doing well trazzles.

Well done droitwichmummy - sounds like you have achieved a lot!

CallingAllEngels Fri 16-May-14 08:24:34

Reading all your lists is inspiring me ladies! Looking at dizzy , bitchy , jester , swan , whoknows , Ifeet , carpe , goth and the rest of you!

Has been a busy week at school and feeling shattered, but the house is a mess and the sun is shining so plenty to do!

ta da
wash on
sorted nappies wipes etc upstairs

to do
post office
continue with washing
send df birthday c ard
cancel race entry for sunday
old paper
washing up
fill in pg info for mw
a million and one things in the garden


GoingGoingGoth Fri 16-May-14 08:37:07

Trazzles grin

Woke to find the cat had been sick in the bedroom 3 times -bleugh

Well the day can only get better

CarpeJugulum Fri 16-May-14 08:56:20

<flumps into lazy corner>

I now have lurgy. It's a step up from man-flu. Flying will be minimal and consist of making bed, sticking on two loads of washing and emptying the dishwasher.

I do need to go to the supermarket, but that will only be for essentials - bread, milk and ready meals for the weekend so I don't have to cook.

Unfortunately, DS is not at nursery today, so I'm going to have to endure "I wanna go to da paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark" as it's sunny, but this will not be happening. DH has promised a trip to the big park tomorrow to appease him, but this may not be enough. I suspect doughnuts will be bought to soothe the savage beast! grin

Off to try to find the shoes I can put on without bending over.

jacks365 Fri 16-May-14 09:23:28

First set of three


Second lot
Make beds
Banking sorted.

Now need to do
Toddler group
Dance class
And lunch.

BitchyVstheUFOs Fri 16-May-14 10:10:27

Busy busy day...

ta da
deal with ds' various tempers this morning
despatch child to school with note re his doc appointment and lunch box and sun hat
put bread dough ingrediants into machine and let it do its work
hunt out recipe book
cook fried breakfast
make jelly
clean cooker hob ready for using
get special cake into oven
collect laundry from various locations
speak to school (continuation of yesterday)
SOrt out order of stuff for today

There is a batch of special brew on the naughty corner bar. Help yourself there is plenty.

Right next jobs:
Laundry on
sort out tip run stuff...

GoingGoingGoth Fri 16-May-14 10:25:14

Better list now

Clear cat sick
Packed lunch
Washing up
Dry laundry away
DD to school
Laundry hung out
Next load on
Rang tax office (getting a rebate) YAY

As I was out yesterday I my calorie intake fell between a fast and normal day. I now can't figure out whether to see it as a positive and fast today or mark it down as an slippage on a fast day and eat normally today. IYSWIM
DH is having toast which doesn't help.

CallingAllEngels Fri 16-May-14 10:29:14

carpe DS and I have just demolished 2 doughnuts each. There is one left in the box which I should save for DH. Or I could just dispose of the evidence... grin

Ta da
post office

CarpeJugulum Fri 16-May-14 12:33:56

Dispose of the evidence wink

Trazzletoes Fri 16-May-14 12:53:53

3 loads of laundry washed and on the line, 1st 2 back in.
Dishwasher reboot
Playgroup with 2 DCs
Ordered bookcase for delivery tonight
Shopping delivery delivered needs putting away


Hide the evidence, btw!

Hi to Jolly.

Not getting much done today as DS2 is at home with some kind of virus. As a result, the floor is covered with train track...

Currently waiting for the boiler man to come and have a third attempt at tracking down the drip. Sigh. He was due half an hour ago so daren't start anything. More sighs.

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 16-May-14 13:55:20

sorted ds1's room out so it could be hoovered, stripped bed, and dusted it, including ceiling edges, dusted his desk
stripped bed in ds2's room
put washing on
hung washing out
planted spinach
planted chive (seeds)
sprinkled thyme in the paving crevices (not sure if that will seed but still, I seemed to have some spare)
watered garden a bit
drove sons to school (arguing alas)
had friend for a quick lunch and chat when she picked something up
took cat for booster
tidied utility so it could be cleaned
cleaner remade two beds, hoovered downstairs, hoovered two bedrooms, cleaned kitchen, and cleaned utility

oh yes, bought big garden broom, new loo brush and a watering can with a rose attachment.

garden rubbish to dump
sweep paths
defrost something for supper (meatwise)
collapse for quick nap/read
look at catechism for tomorrow (last session)
children returning at 4pm then I have to be all energetic and switched on

Ds1 is doing a 20 mile walk in June so I can see he needs to have some practise walks planned before then, and perhaps I should join him [eek] If he does slow buildup from 2 to 5 to 8 miles over a few weekends it may not be an impossible object.

CallingAllEngels Fri 16-May-14 15:08:37

Walking sounds funswan . I'm struggling with exercise right now though walking seems to be okay...must start gentle swimming again.

ta da
wash away
2nd wash on
dinner prepped (steak and mushroom slow cooking in oven for pie, potatoes peeled)
washing up
evidence disposed of wink

ToffeeWhirl Fri 16-May-14 15:16:27


Been so busy, I haven't had time to pop in this week, but hope you're all ok.

Having friends round for dinner tonight, which has prompted DH and I to finally declutter the dining room grin.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 16-May-14 15:25:00

Spent the afternoon inside [sad cutting out fabric to make a banner for our woodcraft folk group. Just have to sew it together now, luckily it's not needed until August.

Also Done
Hung out 2nd lot laundry
Collected DD

Now waiting for DD to get dressed so we can go get her some shoes

BitchyVstheUFOs Fri 16-May-14 18:46:52

I have a bitchy special kinda horror ta da list. I also have no time to post it grin Busy busy busy. grin

CarpeJugulum Fri 16-May-14 20:17:25

Right, got all my list done not hard! and DS agreed to a rare nap, so that was a bonus. The downside was he's only just dropped off to sleep, so not sure how the morning will be.

DH is taking him out to the park and then shopping tomorrow, so I'm getting a whole morning to myself to chill. Might dig out a film with hunky men and non-explicit violence to watch (X-Men, Iron Man etc)... so any recommendations welcome!

<slumps into corner>

A busy but productive day here.

Three loads of laundry washed (2 last night one this morning) and line dried.
Kitchen table relocated under DD's sewing pile.
Dentist for me.
Coffee with friends
Shopping including drop scrap gold at jewellers for valuation
Opened mail - won £50 on the Premium Bonds
Hour at the allotment.
School run
DCs to dentist - both behaved well and were praised for good toothcare (massive contrast to last year when they behaved appallingly and DD needed two fillings)
More tidying
DS to local church youth group and me back to the allotment for another hour.
Need to get the DCs to bed in a minute.

Was going to do the ironing but I might leave it.

I'm loving the allotment, it is so peaceful up there, but sociable too, several of my neighbours and friends have plots on the same site. New people have just taken over the one next to me and they seem very nice too.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 16-May-14 21:04:33

Links for Saturday 17th May

Babystep 17 is the one we all dread ignore getting to bed at a reasonable time.

Saturday is Family Fun Day.

NO MISSIONS as it's the weekend.

Just off to do the ironing, will be back later with Summary or in the morning, if I forget

BitchyVstheUFOs Fri 16-May-14 21:18:31

grin Miss, Miss, Miss. I have a good excuse for not doing the baby step tomo. honest <waves hand in air over-excitedly>

jollyjester Fri 16-May-14 21:37:14

carpe hope you feel better soon.

Today was sunny so two hours were spent in the park!

I like the sets of three idea! Big plans for tomorrow

1. Library visit
2. Study for upcoming exam
3. BBQ if it's sunny

House can take a back seat since I was so good during the week, as long as I can see the floor and we all have clean pants I'm going to enjoy the sunshine!

newlark Fri 16-May-14 21:43:38

ds sent home from school at 11am yesterday as his cough was so bad and he was a bit tearful with it sad so productivity was out of the window. He went in today but I did take him to a drs appt late morning just to check no chest infection as he has been up and down for a few days and she thought he was okay - just a viral thing which will sort itself. Breathing still a bit noisy but he went to sleep ok.

I did get a few jobs done yesterday and today:
Change ds sheets and do a load of washing
Ironed about half the ironing pile
Collect underpaid letter from PO angry - envelope was too thick for a normal stamp
Buy ibuprofen for ds
Buy newspaper I'm not going to read to get free lego for ds grin
Buy cheap starter kit of "loom bands" for dd as there is a bit of a craze at school and everyone is making bracelets (had never heard of them until she came back froma birthday party with one a couple of weeks ago)
Took dcs to swimming lesson

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 16-May-14 22:29:26

whoknows my neighbour was talking about his allotment today. He said he had espaliered blackberries in avenues [wow!)

further dones
didn't manage garden rubbish but I did walk two big bags of clothes to charity recycling at Morrisons
cooked supper (fish and baked potatoes and salad)
dh played another enormous game of Monopoly with the sons lasting for 3 hours grin
I read more Roman Mysteries to ds2
chatted to dd, she was actually doing her rather tiresome trick of gym in the corridor at 9.30pm
chatted to friend on phone

Feel much better for sunshine and being outdoors this morning, although it made me sleepy by 2.30 and I had a short nap.

BitchyVstheUFOs Fri 16-May-14 23:53:36

There would appear to be a wasp nest in the vacinity of my office. I can hear constant buzzing. THis is a problem as my office is open plan to my bedroom. Arses, Arses, Arses. I guess that means that my week of rest will now be a week of pulling out the office to try to locate the sorce of the buzzing sad <eeeeek> sad

GoingGoingGoth Sat 17-May-14 00:27:59


WhoKnows won with Ernie! But not enough to take us all away with her. Camping in Oxfordshire sounds lovely. And sorted her jewellery box out. Hope the dentist went well. We don't have an allotment since we moved and the waiting list for the local one is 20 years! But fingers crossed we're on the list for an 'urban croft' via the Locavore shop we volunteer at occasionally, will only be a small plot, but just to do some growing will be lovely.

dizzy not knowing my MIL's address is a regular thing, I can't believe how often she moves.

Trazzle so pleased Joe is doing well and I'm sure the house will be tidier once the new bookcase arrives.

Mummy is up to date with her laundry, and did a good toiletry clear out. That sounds like a productive 1st week back.

Engels has had a busy week at school, and house work can wait when the sun is shining. What doughnuts? <whistles>

Carpe bribed DS with doughnuts, who had a nap! Hope you feel better soon. <tucks in blanket! fluffs up cushions>

jacks got loads done! And included a dance class

Bitchy had a laid back relaxing day...yeah, right. And says she's got an excuse for not having an early night tomorrow. <stern look! whist avoiding looking at clock>

Blue's turn to have the virusy child. Did the boiler get fixed?

Swan blitzed DS1's room and did some gardening. Thyme is paving slabs is lovely, you get the smell as you walk on it

Toffee popped in to say hello and has had help decluttering from DH as they have guests tonight. Hope you are having fun.

jester had 2 hours in the park, that's the right idea. We keep on top of the chaos so we have time to do fun things without fretting. (Allegedly)

newlark is another one with a poorly DS. It's definitely going around. DD is also into loom bands, thanks I didn't know what they were called and she can't remember.

And finally, after the banner making, we picked up DD from school and went into the city to get some summer shoes for school. She's only got 5 weeks left and as she hardly wore the last pair of 'proper school shoes' I've let her have some baseball boots, and now feel like a bad mother, but they are red and other children wear similar and she loves them. We then went to Pizza Hut for dinner, so the fast day went out of the window.
And then when we got home the cat had been sick again! It's around the time he should be fed, so I'm wondering if he thinks I should have already fed him and so he's playing up? Am keeping an eye on him and he's been fine for the rest of the day.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 17-May-14 10:28:17

Hallooooo! <listens to echo>

Well there's brew & cake on the counter, hope you are all off having fun. Just about to head out, grab some breakfast and then spend the afternoon as a volunteer at a local market garden grin

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 10:48:01

Well, since I've been slacking all week (running from appointment to appointment), I won't feel guilty to be on a "mission" today to get loads of things done.

ta da
Second coat of paint on patio table and chair (yes, should be chairs, but only have one! Will be getting a few more soon!)

Pulled up some weeds and poured boiling water over a large number of earwigs (that scattered from the weeds). Ew.

General tidying up in the back garden while the DCs were playing.

On my third load of laundry in the wash, second load hung up to dry, first load just finishing up in the dryer.

Washing up done.

Took out rubbish.

to do

Take DCs to library.
Bake cookies.
Make jelly.
Make chicken pie for tea tonight (which means make pie crust - sigh - it's been awhile so need to plan plenty of time to mess it up and start again grin)
More decluttering of the dining room.
Fill in some dents in the wall that had been hidden by wallpaper removed recently.
Take DCs to chippy for lunch (promised them this morning we'd go)
Put loads of laundry away.
Paperwork. (does it ever end?)

Progress in general:
- I found a nice sofa in a secondhand shop for £40 that I quite like. This particular charity group can take away my old set and deliver the new set so I'm sorely tempted to do this. grin Voila - new furniture (new to me anyway!) that will match my wallpaper at a relatively low cost.
- I've decided to revamp DC2's dresser in his room. I'm redoing his room (paint and wallpaper and posters) anyway over the next couple months, and this will be a good time to do it. So now it's just a matter of specifically how to do it - other than replacement handles on it, as that is DEFINITELY needed!
- I've managed to get done a medical appointment this week that I'd been procrastinating over for months, got my haircut, sorted all ongoing prescriptions and have them all up to to date and organised, redid my budget, upgraded my mobile, and copied some photos that I promised for the DCs as they wanted to hang a few framed photos in their rooms. And managed to have tea with one friend, go out to lunch with another friend (on different days, of course) and then have a nice lunch out by myself this week.

All that, and my "to do" list keeps growing and growing! Going on holiday with the DCs this summer, so that list is now forming, although I've picked up a few things already.

CarpeJugulum Sat 17-May-14 10:53:22

Lurgy still in progress. Flying minimal...


AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 10:58:28

Carpe Sorry. Hope you're feeling better soon!

I do have a question - I have a light bulb in a ceiling fan fixture that is loose and wobbly, so when the fan is on, it does that little "clinking" noise constantly (which, I might add, drives me to distraction). I've at present simply taken the light bulb out of that socket and just left the other two light bulbs in. Is it a big deal to just leave the socket open? Or is that a "bad thing"... I'm concerned about the DCs maybe swinging something metal up there and getting electrocuted... then I think "what in god's name would they be swinging that was metal? And how good an aim would they have to be to get it in that small socket opening?" And then I begin to think I'm paranoid... grin Thoughts? (on how safe it is, not on how paranoid I am!)

I am sitting in the garden soaking up the sun & listening to the birds smile
Had a very early night last night so evening routine was not done but quickly sorted this morning (Thank you fat fairy!)
Ta da list-
dw on
duvet in wm
bil's divorce sorted
gardening for tomorrow planned

to do-
garden centre
throw duvet over washing line
mil's for tea

enjoy the sunshine!

Alice - can you fix the fixture so it doesn't wobble? It's usually just a couple of screws although please turn the electricity off first just in case.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 17-May-14 11:20:40

Right, house has been scrubbed down, polished up and a mountain of food prepped for today's party, which I will be leaving early bad hostess as I have a long standing evening engagement which means that I will not be leaving until at least midnight. Party day here.

Right now, however, I am off to get ds' glasses fixed at the opticians. he helpfully sat on them this morning hmm <sigh>

have a lovely lovely day!

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 11:23:49

No, I can't fix it. I'm going to have to get someone else to come out and actually do the fixing as the problem is right inside the socket, and I'm not comfortable with messing with that, even with the breaker off. grin

In the meantime, I should be able to just leave it with no bulb in it, right?

It should be fine with 1 bulb missing

dizzyday07 Sat 17-May-14 11:44:55

Yesterday was a day of pottering around

Ta Da
* Bag of clothes to school
* Food bought for the weekend
* Watered veggies/flowers (and drowned a few slugs!)
* Posted MIL card
* DD to swim training

This morning I made crepes for breakfast (which were lovely) and bought a couple of geraniums from the plant sale at the school. DH is playing cricket this afternoon and DD and I are off to Maidenhead for a gala.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 17-May-14 14:01:38

Personally I would neither leave it empty (dead bulb prefferable) nor provide electricity to the fitting. But I had an engineer father who drilled me into a whole load of rules (which is useful because I could fix the light fiting or replace it should it be needed, but he would never let me do welded joints from plumbing sad )

Glasses fixed. Not quite running smoothly people here in half an hour but there is enough time to grab a shower and hair wash which is nice.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 15:01:36

Bitchy I'll get someone out to fix it this week, hopefully. I don't like it empty, but I also don't like it with the glass bulb tapping (worried it might shatter at some point). I've got the ceiling fan on because it keeps the room cool, otherwise the DCs get overheated and start coughing more. Frustrating, but there it is.

Okay. In the pic with the light on, there is a little clip thing just to the left of it right up by the socket. In the other pic is the broken one, that clip is either broken or pushed down somehow and not holding the light bulb properly.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 15:03:02

I've left a dead bulb in it now, and managed to get it in a position that doesn't make it clink on the side. Until I can get it fixed, hopefully this week.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 17-May-14 15:53:50

I can understand not liking the possibility of a light bulb breaking. Like I said I had lot rules drummed into me. You can add to that horror stories and I personally would sacrifice the temperature control for peace of mind of safety until fixed. But I have the luxury of being in the UK where temperatures are generally surviable without fans. Good luck with getting it fixed, be prepared it might be a major job rather then just bending a bit back into shape.

I am fed up with people. I have a situation at work that is spiralling further and further out of control no matter what I do. And there is nothing that I can do to stop it. So I am at the point of deliberately having to put myself in the position of being the devil to escape. And I hate that. I have been trying to sort it out without it and it would seem that it is not possible. Really spoilt my mood today. That and the small issue that due to an allergic reaction I have ballooned and now can't wear what i was going to wear tonight sad

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 16:01:12

Ha. I AM in the UK. But the DCs don't do that well when it gets really hot and stuffy (I suspect it's related to their asthma) as they get a bit of a cough and wheezy. The socket's been like this for over a year. I will admit to my embarrassment that it's the fact that it was clinking due to the ceiling fan that prompted me into pushing it up the priority to get it fixed.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 16:02:08

And yes, I'm a wimp. I like the warmer weather, but like the fan running to keep the DCs cool. Honestly though, I could sit here and toast in pretty hot weather without really getting that worked up over it myself.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 17-May-14 16:33:14

I will not tell you the horror stories that I have had drummed into me. But Personally, as a result, i would not run it. Please get if fixed asap <worries>

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 16:58:30

I will. I will be ringing someone first thing Monday morning to come ASAP. I have 4-5 different electrical jobs I'd like done in the house anyway, so I figure I can get it all done at once.

Outdoor light installed, ceiling fan fixed, another ceiling fan installed upstairs, extra outlet put in upstairs bedroom, and electric shower fixed (now that we're NOT using!). Then I'll be skint again. lol

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 17:05:09

Oh, and if it seems like a major job, then I will just cancel the other jobs (as they are lower priority) and buy a new ceiling fan and just have it installed. grin Easy fix. New fixture, no socket problem. LOL

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 17:06:44

A new one is only £35 at Argos. grin Come to think of it, it might be worth just getting it and asking the electrician to swap it out for the new one.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 17-May-14 18:41:03

grin might be an idea then you won't have to get the electrician back if one of the other light holders fails at a later date. If it is old that is a possibility. And sometimes it is easier to swap a part than to fix. I am come to the conclusion that being a grown is just expensive and no fun.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sat 17-May-14 19:28:10

Yes, I think that's the easiest way to go, really. And in deference to your concerns, I have turned off the ceiling fan, and brought down a couple small lamps to use this evening instead of that light. And I'll use them until it's replaced. And I have a small floor fan I can use if it gets too hot in here (although hopefully not, as DCs cannot seem to stay away from the small fans - hence the ceiling fan).

But it'll hopefully just be for a couple days. I'll pick up the new ceiling fan on Monday and ring someone right away in the morning.

MercuryRising Sat 17-May-14 22:08:06

Hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine. I got a load of flying done this morning:
3 loads of washing
Rr kitchen, living room, bedrooms
Dusted downstairs
Hoovered downstairs
Swish and swipe
Hoovered stairs

I did however manage to lock my keys in the car so the AA had to come and rescue me blush

Once I managed to get in the car we had a lovely picnic, met friends and had a bbq at my sisters, so a good day smile


Did a bit of gardening and had the first BBQ and Pimms of the year, so that was a good day grin

GoingGoingGoth Sat 17-May-14 23:18:03

Links for Sunday 18 May

Babystep 18 is to read the 11 commandments which are the main bits of the Babysteps. All Killer, No Filler grin

Sunday is Renew. You Spirit Day.

NO MISSIONS as it's still the weekend.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 17-May-14 23:45:45


Alice is has been in the garden, a general theme today. You sound like you've Ben quite busy this week, it all counts as flying. Bargain with the sofa. She then proceeded to freak Bitchy out of the possibility that she may use a dodgy ceiling fan.

Carpe is still poorly sad

Mummy did her evening routine this morning, that's my plan for tomorrow grin and then enjoyed the sunshine.

Bitchy got ready for her party, plus a quick trip to the opticians, and then an evening engagement, you social butterfly.

dizzy had crepes for breakfast and went with DD to a gala.

Mercury locked herself out of a car, but was rescued by the AA so got her picnic and BBQ.

Blue had her first BBQ and Pimms (cheers) of the year

And finally, we all went to work on the market garden. It rained, quite a bit, quite a lot actually. Not heavy but persistent. And then stopped once we'd built a poly tunnel. Dd was a bit grumpy when the rain was on, so she sat in the container practicing making loom bracelets, but was really enthusiastic once it dried up.
It's DH's birthday tomorrow, so I may post links Monday morning.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sun 18-May-14 01:21:05

Alice you might at a push get away with it during the day. just one of the big concerns with faulty electrical equipement after electricution is the risk of fire. Needless to say I had the sort of father that believed in actually drilling us and make us practise the house fire escape plan periodically and as such am very paranoid about it blush

I am all eaten and partyed out. <exhausted and stuffed>

CarpeJugulum Sun 18-May-14 07:09:50

Up at 6 thanks to DS and the lurgy is lifting. Kindof! It's not the lovely "cough that doubles you over" rather than the "can't move your head in case your eyes fall out"; baby steps! grin

So today, we need to go to a large supermarket where every little helps, as they appear to be the only place stocking cheap lightweight adjustable waist trousers - DS is now in 4-5 size but needs the waist of a 2-3 <sigh>.

Then a trip to Frankie and Benny's if DS is good in the shop. Bribery? Absolutely!

Totally in awe of people's lists... I need to get me some motivation - and a son that doesn't need playing with every minute!

Morning all smile

Glad you're feeling a bit better carpe. I have achieved a big far zero for flying over the last couple of days (although much family fun was had yesterday smile

Back on the power of three today I think to get things done.

Washing on
Fold clean washing

dizzyday07 Sun 18-May-14 07:37:30

Didn't get any flying done yesterday as we didn't get home from the gala until 9pm shock

DD got a new PB in both her races knocking a whole 9 seconds off her 100m IM time! grin

This morning we have our 3k run so I may not be fit for flying later!

Morning brew

DH is working this afternoon and DS & I have lots to do!
Grocery shopping (feel like Old Mother Hubbard - the cupboards are bare!)
Gardening - need to cut up honeysuckle dh removed from the fence yesterday (was falling off) and get it to the recycling centre, get soil conditioner while I'm there, mow lawn, plant clematis & put up trellis, weeding if I haven't keeled over
Cook dinner
Evening routine
Bed early as dh has early shift tomorrow

back later

Trazzletoes Sun 18-May-14 09:16:33

The new bookcase finally arrived last night! Hooray!

This morning we are going swimming (just coz we can!) and then this afternoon I'm tasked with sorting out and putting back/ disposing off the contents of a massive desk and 2 bookcases in to 1 bookcase and 1 dresser.


A night off from exercise though (hooray!) I'm really hoping to reach having lost a stone at some point in the next week. Still obese, like, but heading in the right direction.

CallingAllEngels Sun 18-May-14 09:44:19

Morning all.

carpe glad you're feeling a bit better.

trazzles good luck with operation bookcase!

dizzy good luck with run

pushme family fun is what saturdays are for!

goth hope your dh has a good birthday

ta da list from yesterday!
pottered around garden while dh did the heavy work
took ds to playground to get out of dh's way while he shifted the sand (gate was open and ds is a bolter)
Tidied kitchen
2 loads of washing done, dry, away
washing up
started ironing

to do today
text friend who is running 10k today (I pulled out due to pg)
Washx2 (1st one already on)
Party later in afternoon
potter in garden (tomato plants need going in)
Potter in house (lots of tidying to do)

ToffeeWhirl Sun 18-May-14 10:07:19

We've been enjoying our tidy dining room (decluttered for guests). DH said, "Why can't we keep it this way?" I reminded him that we use the table for work and home ed, so it's usually piled with books and papers. "Oh. Yes."

I wish we could keep it this way too.

Am going up to London to meet a friend for her birthday champagne tea this afternoon. Very much looking forward to seeing her, but in a tizz about what to wear. Only seem to have a winter dress to wear for smart events, but it's sunny outside. Might have to wear it and be too hot. I'm out of practice at dressing up.

Oh, and a chunk of tooth fell out last night, which, luckily, I was able to patch up with some temporary filling I had in the bathroom cabinet - but it's bloody painful, so will be dosing myself up with painkillers.

Hopefully, the champagne will help wink.

Hope you all enjoy the sunshine today.

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 18-May-14 10:12:03

yesterday, had last catechism class till FHCommunion Day so my Saturdays from now on are free free free.

Spent afternoon patronising local Arts and Crafts Fair where a few friends were exhibiting and bought two new pictures, one a present for a 50th next week. So that was fun.

Dd spent the whole afternoon at her friend's house. I did RE revision with Ds1 - I've discovered the nicest way to revise is lying on a beanbag with ds1 lying on his bed and I ask him questions..desks really are not user friendly. Dss played Monopoly but ds2 watched far too much telly one way or another (despite football session at 11am) and ended up in an extremely ratty mood by 9pm and had to be sent to bed screaming his head off. Telly is really not good for him in large doses.

This morning dh has gone to a bookfair in town, and so far I've done

breakfasts - assortment of baked goods on table for them to help themselves
watching Top Gear with ds2 and discussing it (rather than letting him veg out)
chatting with ds2
ds1 has been persuaded to have a shower and is going to church by himself
dd is still fast asleep, after lots of gymnastics in the corridor at 10pm (she is a very good mood atm..long may that last)

CallingAllEngels Sun 18-May-14 10:16:22

Do you have any option for storage/shelves in your dining room toffee - might be a way of keeping it clutter free she says looking at dining table that is constantly covered in stuff

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 18-May-14 10:19:12

Hope you find the right outfit Toffee everyone in London yesterday seemed to be wearing what I can only describe as frilly dresses, white floaty skirts etc, vest tops so not smart exactly more like beach outfits. I was wearing a maxi skirt from Fat Face and a pale blue denim shirt from the same place and dh commented that I looked so much nicer than usual, to which I replied, but this is what my mother wears, and he said, Oh Dear.. (my mother has a uniform of long skirts and white shirts with collars, to frame the face) My summer clothes are still stuck in the loft space which is now unrreachable because the bed has changed position..confused I cannot even remember what there is in there.

Today we have revision hanging over us. I could just give up and not do it and take everyone for a long walk, but I fear that as ds1 is coming up to GSCE I may have to show a bit of interest..

CallingAllEngels Sun 18-May-14 10:21:50

swan I have fond memories of revising for my GCSEs at 6.30am on the mornings before my e ams with cue cards and a large mug of black coffee (I thought black coffee made me cool even though I didn't like the taste) sitting on the swings in my back garden.

And making revision notes for my A-levels at my desk on sunny afternoons with the window open.

And reading A-level texts on the lawn whilemy DM and dbro played badminton, with wimbledon on in the background.

Aah...perhaps I have my rose-tinted glasses on but life was much simpler, and I was more motivated then!

I'm still sitting on the sofa!

MercuryRising Sun 18-May-14 10:39:15

Engels I also have fond memories of revising in the garden on long, hot summer days.

Enjoy swimming Trazzles

Dh has been at work this morning. So I have fed, washed and dressed the dc, emptied the washing basket and done a big pile of ironing. Im now mnetting whilst ds plays on the ipad while we wait for dd to finish her swimming lesson.

I want to get the beds stripped, food shop done and the garden tidied before we go to dmums for a roast.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 18-May-14 11:51:10

Engels - yes, keep saying to DH we need to get a bookcase to store home ed stuff. It's getting round to it that's the problem.

Swan - found a tea dress that I'd forgotten about, so I'm wearing that. It's not my colour (had my colours done and am a bit obsessive about that now), but it doesn't make me look fat, so that's a bonus.

Have taken Ibuprofen and Paracetamol to dull the toothache, so now I'm all set.

Bye for now, fledglings!

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 18-May-14 14:40:46

pricked out my lettuce seedlings
watered everything
hung out washing in garden x 3
made lunch including homemade pasta salad
had to spend a lot of this morning stopping ds2 watching telly, I really should have taken him out, but he has at least gone to park by himself and back
ds1 went to church and back (short walk in sunshine at least)
10 mins of revision with both sons
dd made french toast with my help
dd made chocolate syrup for a frappacino mix later with my help

so much washing up now hmm

both dd and I have been wearing as little as possible in order to get a tan. Dd pointed out to me it is difficult to shift weight after having a baby (this was meant to console me) 12 years is a long time to keep up that excusegrin

engels funnily I had stopped associating May and Easter with exams, now it seems to be a very unfair combination.

Trazzletoes Sun 18-May-14 14:44:27

I'm mid-declutter while re-stocking the bookcase - I don't need to keep my GCSE English Lit texts, do I?!

CarpeJugulum Sun 18-May-14 15:49:59

Depends on which texts...

BitchyVstheUFOs Sun 18-May-14 16:13:28

I kept some because I liked them. I am afraid I culled the others. But i will be acquiring one which we were loaned by the school because I want to re-read it.

Ta da
sleep until 2 pm
clear up egg that got dropped when i distracted ds
eat scrammbled eggs ds made me for breakfast
fix ds' bow so the arrows now fire again
do some research ready for vote casting on thursday

I need to send a serious email. i am putting it off. but it needs to be done. <sigh> sad

I could be outside enjoying the sunshine. Instead I am in bed enjoying the quiet grin

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Sun 18-May-14 16:22:57

Bitchy No worries. I figure if it's a fire hazard at night, it's a fire hazard in the day. grin I have to be home tomorrow while I'm waiting for the windows company to stop by, and I think I'll take advantage of the time to turn off the breaker and look just a bit more closely at it. I think the plastic piece is broken off, but I'm not sure. If the front edge of the socket has just slipped over the piece and it's behind it, then I might be able to just pop it back into place, which is something I'm not willing to try (even with the breakers off) while the DCs are home running about. Don't worry, I'm not crazy - if it's not a simple straight forward thing, I'll simply wait until the electrician comes to swap out ceiling fans. (which I'll have to pick up in the afternoon)

ta da
- another load of clothing washed, dried, and put away
- picked up two chairs for the back garden
- had a lovely lunch with the DCs in the back garden smile
- trimmed weeds all along one side of fence (arms now feel as if they are falling off!)
- put rubbish bin, garden waste bin, and food waste bin out to for collection
- washing up
- tidied kitchen
- filled one carrier bad with rubbish from dining room - slowly winning over control!

to do
- menu plan for the week
- more decluttering
- review recipes to find something new to make this week

ToffeeWhirl Sun 18-May-14 20:29:10

<staggers in, rubbing sore feet>

Am not used to wearing high heels anymore. Had to ring DH to collect me from the station because my feet hurt so much blush.

Had a lovely posh tea. Really loved catching up with my friend. Forgot all about my toothache.

Back in time to do bedtime routines.

Swan - that is very sweet of your DD to console you about baby weight grin. My DM cheekily asked me if I was expecting another one when she last stayed here!

GoingGoingGoth Sun 18-May-14 22:37:33

Links for Monday 19th May

Babystep 19 is to read the Inspirations (I think)

Monday is Weekly bleugh day. So soon! Didn't't we have one only the other day?

This week we are in Zone 4, the Master Bedroom, if you are up to it here is the detailed cleaning list

Today's mission is to spend 15 minutes cleaning out under your bed.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 18-May-14 22:59:41


Bitchy got home to us online safe and sound and all partied out.

Carpe is starting to get better. Adjustable trousers are a godsend, DD gets taller but never seems to get any fatter

Pushme had lots of family fun so was back of the power of 3 (going to shorten it to PO3 as I seem to keep referring to it)

dizzy was a dirty stop out and didn't get home until 9 on Saturday shock wink but DD knocked 9 seconds of her 100m PB - that's incredible.

Mummy, Alice & Mercury all had massive lists

Trazzle has her new bookcase and went swimming.

Engels planned lots of gardening.

Toffee enjoyed her guests and decluttered dining room and went up to. London for a champagne tea, which will hopefully numb her broken tooth-ouch!

Swan went to an Arts and Craft fair, which sounds lovely.

And finally, hopefully DH had a good birthday we went out for lunch and had a relaxing day.

dizzyday07 Mon 19-May-14 01:00:02

I did it! I RAN a whole 3.3k in 33.56 minutes shock. Not bad for a fat old bird grin and I can thoroughly recommend the Couch 2 5k programme as that's what I'm following (completed only 5 of the 9 weeks). DD was a couple of minutes faster but I don't think her technique of sprinting then walking was ideal!

Minimal flying this afternoon but Ta Da
* Emptied D/W
* Chivvied DD along to complete homework project due in tomorrow
* Ironed shirts & uniform for the week
* Watered veggies
* Laundry load on and hung to dry

Trazzletoes Mon 19-May-14 06:53:01

Well done dizzy !!!
I spent most of yesterday re-filling the new bookcase and sorting through the books we have to get rid of some sad I have got rid of some English lit books (not the ones I'll read again) so farewell Wife of Bath, Silas Marner, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, The Crucible and Passage to India. Oh and War Poetry.

DH has reorganised the kitchen and our study area. It looks wonderful.

More clearing today and also a trip to a distant soft play with a friend who I haven't seen since J's diagnosis who has also had a horrible time so we can sit and turn our lives around while the children play smile

CallingAllEngels Mon 19-May-14 07:03:39

Congrats dizzy !

Starving and waiting for doctor surgery to open for my blood test.

lots of plans today...
shopping for summer
gardening planning and plant shopping
washing up
marking sad

MercuryRising Mon 19-May-14 07:33:47

Well done Dizzy! I had forgotten all about Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Trazzles I loved that booksmile From today dm is looking after the dc at ours after school to save them going to after school club, which is great but means I have to leave the house tidy in the mornings. I have had to do the following this morning:
Stripped our bed
Hung out washing
Got kids to make their beds
Rr living room
Emptied and reloaded dw
Wiped kitchen sides
Packed lunches
Dc up, dressed and fed
Wm reloaded
Put away laundry

At least the house will be a lot tidier during the weekwink

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 19-May-14 08:06:07

Well done dizzy

Hope you d$on't have too long to wait engels

That seems like a very cunning plan to ensure a tidy house Mercury

I am just pootling gently. Woke up far earlier than was needed and currently have 30mins to cull with a bit of crochet before I can get into the bathroom. Ds has been fed and will be convinced to put some uniform on in about 30mins and then it is just a case of throwing his lunch together and won't take long. Feeling remarkably calm, a feeling I am sure will evaporate the minute I get into work <sigh> At least it is sunny ignores weather forecast for rain this afternoon

CallingAllEngels Mon 19-May-14 08:39:46

<mumbles through toast crumbs> thanks bitchy ! to the garden centre!

BitchyVstheUFOs Mon 19-May-14 08:41:13


I need to sort a few things out, actually a lot of things. Anyone come across any mental decluttering tips by fly lady on her site?