Feisty Fledgling Flyers flutter through Feb with flair, finesse, flaws, failures, fortitude, feedback, fiascos, fabulousness, friendship and fun!

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sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 12:40:23

[The fiascos are all mine btw grin!!]

And just for Just, February is the new January that was the new January before grin wink

If you are struggling with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (something that undermines family fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of chat, support and wine and cake along the way.

This little-and-often system is designed so that you can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in zones of the house which are designated weekly; defining and minimising housework, which in theory should leave you with loads more time to do something more interesting instead!

At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling when you are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once. No problem if you miss a day or two; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again!

It’s up to you, but we advise not signing up to receive the Flylady e-mails as you will be inundated! All the information you need will be linked here on a daily basis.

From the first of the month, we will be following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone

- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

More info here on getting started and Flying lessons. Here's the launch pad for more experienced fledglings. Don't be put off by the barf-tastic language of the site - the underlying system is sound!

Points to keep in mind:
(1)No perfectionism allowed - this is harder than you would imagine
(2)You are never behind just start where you are and anything you do is progress.
(3) It didn't get into a mess overnight, it won't get tidy over night - accept it will take time to get on top of things and you will be happier.

Humungous thanks to Bitchy thanks for steering us through the hectic January thread and for the wise three-line mantra above.

All regulars, lurkers and newcomers welcome!!

Yay, thanks SC and a big thanks to Bitchy for last month. thanks

feetheart Fri 31-Jan-14 13:45:59

I'm in smile

Thanks SC for taking on this month and to bitchy for being brave enough to tackle January specialbrew,thanksandcake

CyberMam Fri 31-Jan-14 14:07:44

Hello can I join you?

I've been trying to follow fly lady since just before Xmas and I can see it starting to make a difference but I keep falling off the wagon so could do with a kick up the bum some extra motivation to keep me going!

BitchytheGreat Fri 31-Jan-14 16:20:23

Hello CyberMam. More the merrier. I'm 'Bitchy' I come with a health warning grin

It's been an intersting day. I forgot to say when i did the links. Friday - fuck fun night. wink

<wonders if ellie will appear or did she get traumatised too much last night?>

Btw there is nothing that causes more work then a sick child off school. And I appear to have put down my coffee somewhere...

NickNacks Fri 31-Jan-14 17:13:40

What an f'ing brilliant title!!

Honu Fri 31-Jan-14 18:43:14

I'm in too! Thanks Bitchy for a never-dull January, SC for a humungous title, Nicknacks for making me laugh, and all of you for keeping my spirits up. And huge support for Just who seems to have had an awful lot thrown at her.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 31-Jan-14 20:57:52

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, SC. I was getting lonely back there sad.

Awesomely alliterative title! grin

Ta da

School run
Phoned dentist to see if they could see DS2 (wobbly tooth knocked at school and now pressed up flat against his gum, bleeding and painful) - they couldn't (I'm not pulling the bloody thing out, though)
To chemist to stock up on painkillers and topical anaesthetic for DS2
Managed DS1 and DS2 (yesterday's incident still having reverberations)
Played Lego with DS2 (after dispatching DS1)
Made very impressive Lego swimming pool but it was much improved by DS2's diving board and deck chair
Tidied up DS2's bedroom in preparation for DM's arrival tomorrow morning
Put washing on (late)
Cooked two separate meals (one for DC, one for us)
Put washing in tumbledrier
Watched DH do washing up smile

sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 21:54:32

Evening everyone! Park your bop and muckets here!

[SC groans intermittently from reclining position on chaise longue in naughty corner - far too many pancakes were consumed after school today in the name of charity well thats my excuse anyway.] Even dd has been rubbing her back and massaging her bunions (just kidding) this evening having waited tables for two hours solid with barely time to draw breath. Funnily enough, she no longer wants to be a 'servant' when she grows up smile.

A very warm welcome to Cybermum - don't worry, falling off the wagon repeatedly from time to time is almost obligatory on this thread!

Sorry to hear ds is under the weather Bitchy - hope he (and you!) recover soon.

[Lays out extra-soft pillows with woolly throws and thanks for when Just joins us.]

Lovely to 'see' you Honu and tentative wing flaps to everyone else (only tentative because I'm afraid I might burst any second!)

Right, time for links ... .


(Newcomers read this and this.)

OK, here we go again ... pinch, punch, first of the month and all that. Good luck everyone!

Baby-step no. 1 for Sat 1st Feb 2014 is here shine your sink!

(Newcomers, if you don't know how to do this, look here

Tomorrow, I assume we will be starting again in Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch & Dining Room although personally I don't usually do zone work at weekends. But I suspect we may only have one day in Zone 1 this month as February is so short. Will update you tomorrow about that once the site has updated too!

No missions because it is the weekend.

The new monthly habit for February is decluttering for 15 mins a day.

The daily focus for Saturday is having family fun.

G'night all!


sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 21:55:30

[Leaves out wine for Toffee and everyone else in need!]

Thanks for new thread, SC and for the scary Jan thread, Bitchy

thanks wine thanks

Did a quick hoover of middles of carpets today
Cooked curry
Big project submitted
1st draft of hideous project finished
Glimmer of hope on school front, but don't want to say too much in case it gets snuffed out. But grin

Toffee - half-term hotel is me & DH having a sneaky jaunt across the Channel (glorified booze cruise) and leaving boys with MIL. grin wine

GoingGoingGoth Fri 31-Jan-14 23:06:54

<sneaks in>

Thanks to Bitchy for January and to SC for volunteering for February. Fell off the wagon this week so a bit behind on the thread. Will do better this month.

sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 23:13:06

Oooh Blue that sounds promising! Don't want to jinx it either but hope it all turns out the way you wanted it!

From previous thread:
Good luck with Ofsted Nicknacks
Just shock at those intrusive questions and congrats re: tree!
Dizzy good luck to your dd at County Championships in a fortnight (in case I forget then!)
Swan hope you survived scary rainy drive!

sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 23:13:36

Big wing flaps to Goth!

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 00:12:05

Evening. ds has been despatched to his dad. I can now sleep with only one going to sleep <bliss> Two whole nights with no one waking me up in the middle of it to make sure their covers are completely parallal to the fucking wall/edge of the bed hmm

To start my weekend i caught up with an old friend. I am now shattered and just waiting on the kettle so i can take a hot water bottle to bed with me.

<turns naughty corner lights off and tucks in sleeping fledglings>

Right, I'm starting afresh in February <stern look>

Did minimal flying this week, just the basics, not many plans for this weekend, just really want to sort out the living room because I'm not sure I can live with it like this for another month.

Thank you Bitchy for running the thread in January and well done to SC for taking the reins this month smile

elliepac Sat 01-Feb-14 07:33:27

Happy February everyone.

To answer your question bitchy I was too traumatised and sitting in a dark room miles away from any cake winkgrin.

Signing in for another month of trying to avoid abject failuregrin.

EustaciaVye Sat 01-Feb-14 08:04:21

Hi everyone,
Going to try and reenergise....

AliceinWinterWonderland Sat 01-Feb-14 09:30:42

Wow, February already! I was still coming to terms with January!

ta da
washing up
breakfast for DCs and myself
tidied living room
vacuumed living room

to do
work on cleaning dining room and decluttering

Now that I have both boys' bedrooms cleaned well, next step will be painting and putting up new posters and so on. So that's my February project.

I want to mention this here, as I am keeping it kind of quiet in RL about joining SW, but my first weigh in was yesterday, and I lost half a stone this week. I am amazed!

CallingAllEngels Sat 01-Feb-14 09:33:16

Parking my bucket.

Thanks for February * bitchy* flowers

And for new thread sc smile

Hoping to be a bit more present, but for now watching 70s David Attenborough in my pjs and enjoying the fact it's the weekend (wasat school last night for function so didn't get home till past 10).


BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 11:06:13

morning. Woken up after 8hrs uninterrupted sleep. so needless to say i feel like rubbish. Got a huge list of things that need doing today so i nee somethig to focus me so i don't look at the big picture and panic. Breaking it down will make it easier.

To do
up, breakfast, coffees
put away
training kits
find photo paper and teach someone how to print photos
remove toys from lounge that shuldn't be there
wash sofa blanket
take recycling out
make birthday cake part 1
remake recipe test from yesterday with new tweaks to it
<drink coffee steady nerve and head into ds' room>
laundry out
clean bedding on
books away
lego away
<more coffee> hoover lounge
turn rug
move furniture to new locations.
<take deep breath, drinks lots of coffee and eat test bake>
remove furniture coming out of ds' room
move furnture around in ds' room
put furniture into ds' room that is going there.
try to figure out what to do with the nicknacks from ds' room
<collapse in naughty corner>

Yep this is most definitely going to require coffee. A very large batch of special brew is going to be the order of the day i think.

dizzyday07 Sat 01-Feb-14 11:31:28

Surely it can't be February already? I did think about offering to lead the thread but now realise that I could never have come up with a title that was anywhere near as great at SC's!!

Dh wants us to spend the day in the pub as the rugby is on (no chance) but he has just got an invite from the bloke next door to go down for the England game whilst DD and I go next door for "tea" with his partner and his twin DD's who happen to be in DD's class. I really don't know what I will speak to her about for hours hmm as I have trouble with "small talk" at the best of times blush

Trying to get DH to call Halfords so that we can take his bike down for a service that he has been going on about for months, but he hasn't stopped playing his online pool game yet to do so!

Ta Da
* Washing load in
* Breakfast bits cleaned up

CallingAllEngels Sat 01-Feb-14 12:14:48

Ta da
Cleaned bathroom
washing in td
made bed
hoovered upstairs
skyped DM

Am still shattered from last night and DS has reached his limit of behaving well while I do housework so time for some Doctor Who I think smile

A million and one things to do this weekend at home, but for now am happy to put the kettle on and my feet up.

We're in that tense last hour before a DC's birthday party. Unsettled and restless. I hate doing parties. Even when we've taken the easy option and gone for something organised. Back later. With wine.

sanschocolat Sat 01-Feb-14 12:36:33

[taps foot impatiently waiting for special brew]

OOh hadn't realised party was today Whoknows very best of luck with it. [Will open a special crate of wine for you in naughty corner tonight!]

Good luck with your mahoosive list Bitchy but make sure you do something relaxing/rewarding for yourself while you have the opportunity [stern look]. Fantastic that you finally had some undisturbed sleep! You'll hopefully reap the benefit later even though you feel wretched now!

Great to see Ellie back and everyone else reporting in!

Dizzy argh think I would opt for rugby in pub rather than small talk so sympathies - hope it goes ok - when in doubt just ask her questions about herself!

Enjoy a well-deserved rest this weekend Engels!

Congrats on weight-loss Alice! (I'm starting again this month, having started again in January, and again again half-way through January blush. Finding it hard going atm as have appetite of large horse on steroids.)

[Wafts energising vibes in the direction of Eustacia] Must admit, I'm finding it very hard to get the motivation to declutter atm, hopefully running this thread will help. Wallowing in a huge vat of CBAness atm.

More power to your elbow with the living room Whispers!

IsSpringSprangedYet Sat 01-Feb-14 12:45:25

Ok, I'm giving this another third time go. I know it's Saturday, but I have to do something. So I'm in.

To Do:
Clear sofa and chairs of stuff from the living room floor
Clear main part of kitchen work top
Lunch to do

Ta Da:
Hoovered living room floor (hence stuff on chairs)
Washing in
Dishwasher loaded

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 12:49:34

<wanders in with special brew vat for naughty corner>

To do
up, breakfast, coffees
laundry 1st load on
empty dw
dw on and running
find kitchen bench
sort through and take out too small clothes
put away done mine
tescos can wait until tomo
training kits
find photo paper and teach someone how to print photos
remove toys from lounge that shuldn't be there
wash sofa blanket
take recycling out
Take rubbish out
make birthday cake part 1
remake recipe test from yesterday with new tweaks to it
<drink coffee steady nerve and head into ds' room>
laundry out for washing
clean bedding on
books away
lego away
<more coffee> hoover lounge
turn rug
move furniture to new locations.
<take deep breath, drinks lots of coffee and eat test bake>
remove furniture coming out of ds' room
move furnture around in ds' room
put furniture into ds' room that is going there.
try to figure out what to do with the nicknacks from ds' room
<collapse in naughty corner>

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 01-Feb-14 13:03:35

flowers to Bitchy for January, more flowers for SC for Feb and especially "February is the new January that was the new January before" grin *

Cybermum welcome to wagon slipper offer’s anonymous.

Honu lovely to see you. smile

Bitchy I shouldn’t laugh, but ‘covers completely parallel to the wall/edge of the bed’ got me. Ours was mattress completely parallel to edge of the bed, on fold up bed completely parallel to wall. Still doesn’t like it sliding, but no longer intentionally wakes me dealing with it.

Blue crosses fingers for you.

WhoKnows Happy birthday/party to birthday dc. Hope it goes well.

all Virtual wing flaps.

* SC Embarrassingly the tree is still with us, blush
I didn't get out of hospital 'till late and managed to feed all, listen to friend and dc's and keel. It's now stuck 'till Monday as space wise impossible to do with all here/coming and going. Very best of luck with with weight reduction, today's a new year day.

Will be focusing on Feb as the new Jan but also taking things easy, trying to get the right balance, and waiting on a CT scan as it seems I can't smile or frown symmetrically, as well as eyelid dropped. (Hopefully all down to raging infection and nothing worse.)

Ta da
Finally got some sort of logicalish reasoning out of friend as to why she wants to meet for something practical, but wants to “ofload” Christmas presents onto me, but not accept her own (which i can't afford to post and was too ill to exchange in Dec) at that time. Stupid issue, but one that’s crystallised in me feeling unusually resentful.
Got Ds off only a bit late, to do some work.
Cleared, cleaned out ds's bag which something had leaked in.
Got a friend to collect new prescription for me. (big, not good at asking)

To Do
Symbolically shine both sinks.
Stupidly flattened battery last night, so getting it started, and getting food in, is todays big energy spend. Have managed to get a friend to come and get me out of pit soon, (the judging wont do much for me, but am physically not managing it) and help me achieve it all. (again big for me)
15 min decluttering.
Try dealing with results of last night’s deluge later, if any 'oomph' left.

But as it's Jan Feb 1st, am going to try and write (or at least start) New year month list of exactly what needs attending to, changing, and achieving, by when, what needs to be the priorities, what’s long term wish list, and the year's basic plan.

Fail to plan, plan to fail, and all that.

Feb’s 15 min a day (minimum in our case) decluttering habit couldn’t be better timed.

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 01-Feb-14 13:06:31

Welcomes isSpring

Crawls under Bitchy's special brew vat drip tap, hopefully.

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 13:21:14

Just you have no idea how pleased I am that it is not just ds with the parallel thing. It is one of those quirks that i have got strict on told him i can't live up to his standards and if he wants it such he has to learn to do it himself. Funnily enough he sometimes lowers his standards but atm does result in "mum can you sort my bed out" "do it yourself" <patter of feet> "but mum you need to sort my bed out" "No, do it yourself" <patter of feet> "But mum I can't do it, you need to do it for me" "no, you need to learn to do it for yourself" "oh you are so nasty" <stomping feet> hmm

Tbh we had one step forwards on the bed cover things, but 2 steps backwards in the toilet thing. How hard is it to remember to flush? hmmangry Guess it is a case of which battles to pick and is the issue the covers or does he just want reassurance. <scratches head in a confused manner> He has been warned there will be change in his room when he comes back. Hopefully he won't hate it as it might provide a better functioning room although only getting rid of the lego will really achieve that.

CyberMam Sat 01-Feb-14 13:44:39

Right then

ta da
Cleared kitchen after breakfast and lunch
Yesterday's laundry load away
More laundry in progress
Made bed
Swish and swipe
5 mins on 'hotspots' feels like whole house is a hotspot

to do
Clear out fridge so we can defrost
Tidy up excess of paper aeroplanes in living room
Shine sink
15 mins decluttering
Mop hall floor

Best of luck with that list Bitchy
Just well done on asking for help sounds like you need to be kind to yourself right now

sanschocolat Sat 01-Feb-14 14:08:48


Sorry - loads of interruptions - making this a rather belated post.

I said I would check on the Flylady website about the slightly unusual zone issue in such a short month and sure enough we only have one day in Zone 1 this and next month here and here.

I guess that clears up definitively the issue of whether we should be doing zone work at weekends or not blush. Sorry - I was totally wrong about this as usual! blush. Will definitely include zones in weekend links from now on! Think there could be more clarity on the website though!

For clarity's sake, here is today's flight plan.

[Think Flylady must have a spy camera on my front door/entrance porch. It is definitely NOT making me smile at the moment. So much building work in the street I have given up trying to keep on top of the dust all over the front door and windows and the sand being tramped in to the house.]

For newcomers/lurkers this is the theory about preserving Sats for family fun although I'm not entirely convinced; those of you who work long hours during the wk may not be either (although Flylady does concede that you may have to do home blessing on Sats if you work f/t)!


sanschocolat Sat 01-Feb-14 14:21:56

Argh - so many phone calls during the time I was writing that - loads of x

[DD gone to one of those swimming centres with shoots and islands and fountains (whatever they are called) with a friend and so dh and I are making the most of our time alone hmm having a wonderfully romantic time in the office trying to sort out paperwork related to new T.V.A. rules; but fatal if clients get wind of you being in on a Saturday because they tend to ring you up [sigh] ]

[Lines up behind Just in queue for special brew - ta Bitchy]

A very warm welcome to IsSpringSprangedYet (love the nn btw) Good luck with your list!

Love the 'tidy up excess of paper aeroplanes' on your list Cybermam smile

>"Feb’s 15 min a day (minimum in our case) decluttering habit couldn’t be better timed." My thoughts exactly Just! So much c**p to wade through here, it is depressing. Really great to see that you have lined up some help for yourself; although I know it's not something that comes easily to you. Hope CT appt arrives quickly! (And no need to feel embarrassed about tree, you were in hospital fhs!!!!!)

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 01-Feb-14 15:17:11

ds2 football
catechism class - me teaching learning
Grocery shopping for a few items
ds2 baptism homework (thank goodness for the catechists' workbook is all I can say, as it answered all the questions ]blush
dealt brilliantly with dd in foul mood although I say it myself!!! These parenting manuals are helping at long last. Dh unfortunately then decided to tell her off about something unrelated which resulted in her blowing another gasket, but he is now helping her paint her desk shock so the aggro has abated.

Tomorrow I am going on a solo trip to see a friend in Somerset on the train, so I need to be a bit more organised today. unlikely.

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 01-Feb-14 15:20:58

SC flume was the word you were looking for I think wink We have a centre near us called the Coral Reef. Ds2 is begging me to take him back there (they went on a school trip) I must say it sounds v inviting at this time of year, a tropical island is exactly what I crave.

[waves bananas and coconuts around menacingly]

Okay, I had better go and extract ds2 from Storage Hunters and make him do some more homework [sigh]
then I'm going to have a nap again blush

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 16:13:59

To do
up, breakfast, coffees
laundry 3rd load on
folding up to date
empty dw
dw on and running
find kitchen bench
sort through and take out too small clothes
put away done mine
tescos can wait until tomo
training kits
find photo paper and teach someone how to print photos
remove toys from lounge that shuldn't be there
wash sofa blanket
take recycling out
Take rubbish out
make birthday cake part 1 in oven <crosses fingers and hopes>
brown bread rolls sat on side proffing until cake comes out of oven
remake recipe test from yesterday with new tweaks to it in bread machine
<drink coffee steady nerve and head into ds' room>
laundry out for washing
Washing up out for washing
clean bedding on -*under stuff atm*
books away on bed as can't get to bookshelf atm
lego away - off floor in 'junk/random' boxes
Remove posters off ds' wall to reduce business of room
<more coffee>
teach dad how to deal with burnt out saucepans
tidy lounge in progress <sigh>
hoover lounge
turn rug
move furniture to new locations.
<take deep breath, drinks lots of coffee and eat test bake>
remove furniture coming out of ds' room
move furnture around in ds' room
put furniture into ds' room that is going there.
try to figure out what to do with the nicknacks from ds' room
<collapse in naughty corner>

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 16:36:57

Oh dear god that list is consfusing can't see what is left so well. <ponders whilst brewing up an extra vat of special brew>

IsSpringSprangedYet Sat 01-Feb-14 16:43:01

Thanks sans. Had it for two springs now.

Ta Da:
cleared three of five chairs
sorted and packed away toys in play room bit

To Do:
Have a coffee!!!!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Feb-14 16:53:20

Ta da

Lie in (delegated the usual early start to DH wink)
Washing up
Put load of washing on
Strip DS2's bed and replace with clean sheets for DM
Welcome DM (staying with us for the weekend)
Lovely, long, restful time in the hairdressers (cut & colour)
Pub lunch with family (although DS1 couldn't come because too anxious - not entirely unexpected)
Caught in hail storm on way home
Bought ice cream for DS2 because it's all he can eat (tooth still hanging on )
Made pizza for DS1
Cuddled DS2 on sofa whilst watching 'Minecraft' videos
May have nodded off

About to make lentil and carrot soup in the slow cooker for this evening.

How come I actually managed to have over eight hours' sleep last night, instead of the usual six, and I actually feel more tired now than I did before? confused

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 01-Feb-14 17:10:08

Ducks Swan's flying fruit.

So far only list making, accidental sleeping, and attempted de-cluttering of what I can reach around bed is happening. Friend still not here and the day’s ticking past. [frustrated emoticon]

Bitchy With ds I always saw it as generalised anxiety manifested ocd style, in something that could be controlled. No idea if it’s right or not, but treating it as that seemed to keep us both sane.(ish!) Bit over a decade ago the advice I got was it's controlling behaviour by boy's of lone mums and should be ignored, even if it caused them acute distress.hmm

At first I bought into maybe he was just trying to control me, then more likely seeking reassurance, but while there may have been some level of that when little, as he got older it was clearly him vs bed vs going to sleep believing all was 'settled', but he found it hard to do himself when younger and his logic was I could do it easily and it was hard work for him especially when tired.

I did say it was a ritual/need that he had and needed to learn to manage, but if he was visibly exhausted or becoming frustrated would assist by doing it together. As he got more capable he automatically did it himself.

He does have extremely poor proprioception, and I’ve often wondered where some of the ocdish 'things must be laid out so', 'lined up against', ends, and the need to be able to reach for something without disaster, or ‘place himself,’ (settee, table, bed, car etc) begins, or if that's a red herring.

Weighted bedding and magnets has helped a bit (also with disturbed sleep) but he falls out of bed frequently and easily (all 6.5 ft now) so destroys the symmetry he feels he needs for sleep. He also throws his bedding off then lies there whimpering in his sleep, until I can’t bear it, and either grabber his bedding back onto him or throw whatever I have over him, because I’m hardwired it’s too plaintive disturbing me, to be ignored and he'll eventually roll out seeking it anyway.

All battles do indeed need picking, but if it helps we use a home made seven piece articulated laminated A4 macaton sign that dangles over the door handle (forcing you to lift it to get at handle) to help prompt our bigger difficulties lass with 'the 3 W's' : wipe, wash hands, whizz it away (flush) before trying to leave.

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 17:42:43

grin The door handle sign assumes that ds remembers to shut the door in the first place hmm

No that makes perfect sense. Ds is also very mobile in his sleep so I can see exactly the situation you are describing. He is incredibly tactile so his blanket from blanketgate, and one which is supersoft for when he is stressed/feeling off are key. We do use a lot of sensory cues for him to help calm him. I am hoping of reducing the visual clutter as well as the physical clutter in ds' room that he can have a space that is more calming for him. I think the sitting inside his wardrobe thing was a version of needing to sit in a box to feel safe. Hopefully having the space and easy access to his box again he will not need to sit in the wardobe.

The cake has not quite turned out how i intended. But i think it will mean i can avoid having to make a 2nd one to achieve the shape i wanted. <ponders>

EustaciaVye Sat 01-Feb-14 18:07:35

swan - it is possible we are very close. I dont want to out myself so can you pm me where you live grin

EustaciaVye Sat 01-Feb-14 18:11:30

swan - I love storage huntersgrin

sans - tq for energising vibes. I have done everything I planned today even though it was not very much smile

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Feb-14 19:10:40

Well I'm posting although I've not done much today.

Buggered off to the city on my own to met other MNers for crotchet/knitting & lunch
Quick trip to John Lewis to get more wool
Home via Morrisons to get food for dinner

To Do
Washing up
Laundry on.

Will be trying to get back on to MFP on Monday, weather permitting (if it's cold/wet there is just no point in me trying to calorie count)

I'm fighting the urge to hibernate, especially as I had an allergic reaction to something yesterday and now have a blotchy face angry <yes just like that. Am taking antihistamine tablets, but am considering getting some cream too.

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 19:14:39

Okay my to do list now looks like this:
Put toys away in ds' room
Put books away in ds' room
Put ds' clothes away
Photo paper out of loft
training kit sorting
Cook retry of recipe - it is currently sat on side rising
figure out what to do with knicknacks in ds' room
ds' bedding

Everything else has been done and more besides. I am really chuffed with this and will be taking refuge in a hot deep bath shortly. But need to finish the inprogress stuff first.

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 01-Feb-14 19:38:23

Think it's safe to say friend isn't showing up!

Bitchy if wanted, a light overhead fire door closer solves the door closing problem (and lingering spreading pongs) though it does mean they have to realise outside home. (not applicable for her, and he's too worried to leave it open.) Ours was £7, and is light enough not to hurt fingers, but it ended a lot of sibling 'issues.'

Ds still (and unashamedly) loves a good box, wardrobe, or enclosed space, they just need to be bigger these days.

Wish you better than I managed over visual clutter, we’ve fought over it as he's dreadful and a total hoarder and has always fought my attempts at keeping things uncluttered and visually calmer, yet expresses a real preference for minimalism, clean lines, admires clear uncluttered spaces, and minimalist architecture. confused

Evening all,

Party went well, really well in fact, one of the easiest we've ever done (apart from one of the boys losing his temper with another, entirely predictably). It was 10-pin bowling, and the place organised and supervised the whole thing, all we had to do was stand back and lend a hand with shoe changing, pouring drinks etc. DS had a great time, and we came home and have just had pizza in front of the telly, a lazy day really. I'm tired though. Zero Flying, apart from one load of washing done this morning. Haven't read all the posts, will try and catch up tomorrow.

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 20:20:11

Weird creatures aren't they just

elliepac Sat 01-Feb-14 20:49:03

Was coming on to post about a lovely day. Good bit of flying this morning followed by DN's 1st birthday party this afternoon.

However, we received a phone call an hour ago to say that FIL has passed awayhmm. He hadn't been in great shape for a while but still a bit of a shock. DH gone out to be with his brothers and sisters (FIL and MIL not been together since dH was 10). Got to find some way of telling DC's tomorrowhmm.

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 01-Feb-14 20:56:05

Horrid evening!!!!! grrrr.
Dh complained that the oven chips weren't cooked and we had a row!!!!
FGS - the easiest laziest supper in the world should not have led to a row.

I can only conclude that my darling husband has control issues over food, rather like those of our middle son hmm He also complained that the food was not piled on his plate properly [double hmm

Sometimes fussy people annoy me intensely, as I love things like eels, rhubarb, fat on lamb chops, bacon rinds, cabbage and I do not want to be bossed around over OVEN CHIPS angry which I have only provided because everyone else is so fussy confused

However I was very touched by the way the children told me my food was delicious, not liking his tone, so I suppose there is a lesson learned there, that complaining about food upsets the cook!!!

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 01-Feb-14 20:58:12

Oh ellie I'm so sorry for your DH. sadsad hope they can all talk a lot about him and remember everything good.

BitchytheGreat Sat 01-Feb-14 21:23:01

<<Ellie>> sorry to hear about your bad news. sad

CyberMam Sat 01-Feb-14 21:24:14

Sorry to hear about your FIL ellie sad

Oh no Ellie, sorry. Will be thinking about you and your DCs tomorrow. Nice to hear about DN's birthday, I know how special he is.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Feb-14 21:46:09

So sorry to hear about you FIL Ellie

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 01-Feb-14 23:03:27

Ellie very sorry to hear about FIL.

sanschocolat Sat 01-Feb-14 23:58:58

Sorry not to get back on here earlier. Just said goodbye to guest and thought I would post links for tomorrow before going to bed.

I'm so sorry to hear your very sad news Ellie. I'll be thinking of you and your dc tomorrow morning. Hope your dh is bearing up x

Will catch up with rest of personals tomorrow.


Baby-step no. 2 for Sun Feb 2nd 2014 is: getting dressed to lace-up shoes.
Newcomers: not of all of us do this, but this is the theory behind it if you are interested.

Confusingly, because Feb is such a short month, Sunday's zone is Zone 2: the kitchen. (Feb 2nd to 8th.)

More general information about zones and how they are divided up this month here.

Declutter in Zone 2 for 15 minutes a day!

No mission because it is the weekend.

Sunday's daily focus is about doing something to renew your spirit.

In summary, Sunday's flight plan is here. (NB the current zone is still showing as Zone 1 but hopefully the Flylady website will update itself tomorrow.


ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Feb-14 00:25:01

Sorry to hear your news, Ellie. Your poor DH sad. Best of luck telling the DC tomorrow.

BitchytheGreat Sun 02-Feb-14 02:03:00

I think a list is needed.

To do
ds' clean bedding
ds' books
ice cake
collect ds
drink lots of coffee
pair socks
fold washing
early night

Short, sweet, doable. <yawn>

dizzyday07 Sun 02-Feb-14 02:39:31

Ellie Such sad news for you all. Big hugs from me
Swan There is a Coral Reef at Bracknell that I was contemplating taking DD to. Maybe we are near too!

Ta Da
* 2 x bikes to Halfords
* Picked up few food bits needed
* Laundry brought in off line as it started raining and hung over bannisters (last of bedding used last weekend!)
* Load of towels in and hung to dry
* Ironed washed pillowcases (from last weekend) properly after wondering why the creases werent coming out abd realising it was on the silk setting!
* Ironed DDs washed clothes

Tea with the neighbour was OK and there weren't too many empty pauses. The boys arrived back after 3 hours both a bit worse for wear and we then stayed another couple of hours coming home eventually at 10.30!

elliepac Sun 02-Feb-14 10:41:11

Morning all. Thanks for all the good wishes. Told dc's this morning which was horrible. Both obviously very upset although not sure how much DD understood. It went as well as we could have expected. DH not very good at explaining emotions so not entirely sure how he is. He has now gone out with his siblings to tell their mum and I am going to fly around the house and make it visitor friendly, a crisis clean is in order I think.

Back later.

sanschocolat Sun 02-Feb-14 13:47:02

Glad it went as well as these things can Ellie. From recent experience (dd has lost two grandmothers in two years) although it's very upsetting for dc, they are at least (unlike us adults) able to have some periods of time where they can live in the moment and forget the overall picture. Not at all easy though I know. Dh was like a stone when he lost his mother - totally impenetrable - so sympathies on that front. It makes it very difficult to know how best to help. x

sanschocolat Sun 02-Feb-14 13:51:46

Sorry - haven't caught up with yesterday afternoon's post as promised - may have to do that tomorrow. In the middle of trying to help dd with maths hwk: measuring her bedroom, making a plan (including alcoves, windows, fireplace, furniture etc) and then scaling it all down. Have precisely 50 mins to get it finished and then have to start prepping Sunday supper (have two friends coming - v. casual). It's all taking forever. (Dh in a strop for some unknown reason and has gone off for a drive.) BBL.

Just running in quickly. So sorry about your FIL, ellie sad thanks

I have had a mammoth clean up in the living room and had a bit of a reorganise of the furniture, so feeling really good about the house this afternoon as long as I don't actually leave the living room smile
Got to tackle the hallway this afternoon though...

NickNacks Sun 02-Feb-14 14:58:35

So sorry ellie hope you, dh and kids are all comforting each other.

I'm also bearish Coral Reef... How odd!

NickNacks Sun 02-Feb-14 14:58:49


JustGettingOnWithIt Sun 02-Feb-14 15:11:16

Ellie wishing you strength to deal.

SC don't suppose any neighbour has a laser measure? (massively decreases time)

Despite lack of vanished friend have finally accumulated sufficient 'oomph' to hoist self out of bed up so have, and am of to get shopping urgently with ds before it all closes.

BitchytheGreat Sun 02-Feb-14 16:31:48

Today i faced up to the fact that i am human and if i pull off a crazy list like yesterday i will crash and burn shockshocksadshock

I have finally managed to piece the last row on the 1st blanket from blanketgate. I have started the edging and will throw a strop at ds if he throws one about having his blanket tonight. I wanted it done before the end of January so damm it, it is going to get finished tonight.

So sorry to hear your sad news, Ellie.

Good luck with blanketgate, Bitchy.

Lost it big time with the boys this afternoon, so kicked them out into the garden to burn off some energy. They're making a heck of a mess, but at least it's quiet!

MerryBuddha Sun 02-Feb-14 16:51:03

Sorry about yor news Ellie.

I leave you for a few days, you all move and are already 68 posts in. Just marking my place and will read back thread when I get a spare minute.

Thanks for last month Bitchy, and good luck keeping track of this month SC.

sanschocolat Sun 02-Feb-14 17:57:07

The sitting-room/dining room is ready, table laid, candles lit etc. Dh is doing something complicated with chicken. Just have time to post tomorrow's links before guests arrive in 10 mins.

Wishing you strength for the week ahead Ellie thanks

If no-one minds, I will catch up with the rest of the personals tomorrow, but big waves to everyone in the meantime.


Baby-step no. 3 for Mon 3rd Feb is do what you are already doing ie shining sink, getting dressed to shoes + have a look around Flylady website.

This week, we are in zone 2: the Kitchen here

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone.

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning here.

Today's mission (look up and spend 10 mins attacking cobwebs, light fixtures and cleaning top of fridge) and all the missions for this week can be found here.

The daily focus for Monday is the home blessing or home bleugh as we call it.

[Newcomers: more info about the home blessing hour can be found here and here the latter involving dc.]

The monthly habit for February is: decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the daily flight plan which updates itself daily.

Newcomers: don't hesitate to ask if you don't understand anything.

Have a good a week as possible everyone!


EustaciaVye Sun 02-Feb-14 19:00:18

Ellie (hugs)

dizzy - pm me where you are too smile

CallingAllEngels Sun 02-Feb-14 19:10:22

ellie I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL.

Evening smile

Hallway clean and tidy and most of evening routine done, I've had a really productive day and really proud of myself grin

I was supposed to say this yesterday, so it's a bit late, but still vaguely relevant. I deliver our village newsletter to a couple of roads every month. If it makes everyone feel better about the whole 'clean your front door and make sure your entrance is shiny' flylady advice, I'd estimate that only about a third of the houses I visited ever wash their front door grin

Sillybillybob Sun 02-Feb-14 19:47:51

Sorry to hear your news Ellie

I'm back!

Hope you are all OK ellie, so sorry to hear about your fil <unmumsnet hug>

All partied out this weekend with two 5 year old birthday parties and a very excuted girl! Stilll falling behind madly on the flying am contemplating <whispers> a cleaner, for a couple of hours a week. I haven spent well over 6 hours cleaning this weekend just to maintain the status quo.

I have never washed my front door blush

BitchytheGreat Mon 03-Feb-14 01:46:48

Washed my front door? yeah it happens the same way that i wash the windows. Wash car, turn hose on windows on door. How else would it happen? confused

Super bowl night. Multi tasking with blanket gate. Just finishing off the edging. all fucking 6 miles of the sodding stuff... <bored of it>

MerryBuddha Mon 03-Feb-14 03:14:45

Is it done now Bitchy?

Just had the delights of stepping into dogs poo with bare feet. This morning yuck!!!

Dog was whimpering to get out at 2.45am, so went downstairs, didn't switch the on the light as it meanings I don't fully awake and last step is where she has been poorly. Not a good start to the day!! But back off to bed to restart it!

BitchytheGreat Mon 03-Feb-14 04:30:04

I am very very very pleased to announce that the fucking thing is now finished despite an error which required over an hour and half's work unpicking plus nearly running out of wool Now all i need to do is buy some more wool so that I can finish the last 15ish squares of the second blanket hmm<sigh>

Buddha one word <boak>

Right alarm goes off in 3 hrs hopefully the pain killers have kicked in so that sleep can happen. hmm

CallingAllEngels Mon 03-Feb-14 08:02:32

Well, there's no point me washing our door atm. Was brand new in Dec but we haven't painted it yet (still a very unappealing grey undercoat!).

Okay, am blitzing the house today...

to do
prep tikka paste/salmon for dinner tonight
tidy this hole! Things need places to live and there are piles of clutter and bags of stuff EVERYWHERE!
Run this evening
be good and try not to eat stuff

GoingGoingGoth Mon 03-Feb-14 11:41:15

Right! <Rolls up sleeves> I'm going to do some flying today

Washing up
Packed lunch
Dd to school
Fake bacon bun
Washing up
Wash cat bowls & mat
Wash bird feeders
Litter tray
Put caustic down bath plug hole (it's running slow)
Polish bathroom mirror
Pin cat down and use de-worm drops
Dry laundry away

to do
Fill bird feeders
Dust mantelpiece
Wipe down top of fridge
Reboot laundry (can't seem to get back to doing it 1st thing)
Bake cake
Collect DD from school
Prep Dinner while DD at karate
Washing up


Bitchy Congrats on completing no. 1 blanket, I can't believe I've started one after your saga

dizzyday07 Mon 03-Feb-14 11:47:00

No energy or motivation this morning (that time of the month!) so going to start small

To Do
* S/S x4
* Tidy DD's bedroom
* Dry washing awat

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Feb-14 12:57:46

Bitchy - thank you for being an excellent thread leader last month. Good to hear you are nearing the end of blanketgate.

whispers - since following the Fat Fairy, I have also noticed how few people attend to their front doors. Even my ultra-tidy next-door neighbour has never polished the brass on her door. I can proudly state that I actually do polish the brass and wipe down the door with a wet cloth about once a week <polishes halo with Brasso>. To me, it's a bit like the swish and swipe - it takes five minutes or less, but makes a big difference. (And, hopefully, it fools people into thinking that the house is tidy inside wink).

dizzy - power of three is always a good plan when you lack energy.

Goth - can't believe you are starting your very own blanketgate now too. Well done on today's Flying.

Engels - good luck with house blitz.

Merry - <shudders> at the poo incident.

pushme - Yes, get a cleaner! I have a cleaner who comes for two hours every two weeks. It's one of the best things I've ever done and she is worth every penny. I still have loads to do, but at least I know the house will have a good clean every fortnight.

Sillybillybob - welcome back! How are you? And how's your lovely boy?

Ta da

School run
Work for a couple of hours
Text exchanges with DS1 and his teacher (DS1 unable to go in again)
Tea and chat with DM
Waved DM off in taxi
Quick shop
Prepared lunch for friend

Friend here for lunch in a minute. She hasn't been here for ages as she's been too ill (having chemo), but she really wanted to have lunch here today instead of meeting at her place. The house is not tidy: there is Lego all over the sitting-room floor and there are boxes of books all over the dining-room floor - ah well.

DS1 is having a friend to sleepover tonight. They are both so excited. Am not sure there will be a lot of sleep hmm.

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 03-Feb-14 13:33:58

Hi folks - long time lurker marking my place

The office is a state - an absolute state so my de cluttering really needs to be co contested there

But it's cold!

dizzyday07 Mon 03-Feb-14 13:35:45

Ta Da the three things on my list!

Next three to do are:
* Hoover through upstairs
* Empty bins and recycling out
* Washing load on

IsSpringSprangedYet Mon 03-Feb-14 14:02:51

{{ellie and family}}

Well, I'm struggling to keep up here sad so I'm going to slow right down plus I'm knackered. Hope that's okay?

Ta Da:
Wash load in x2 (one load drying)
Dishwasher emptied and new load in
Breakfasts and medicine for the poorly ones
DS2 off to school
Others dressed
Played a board game with poorly DS1

To Do:
Late lunch
Clear out one cupboard in the kitchen before DS2 gets back (should be easy)
Check washing has dried, fold and pack away

See how I get on confused

dizzyday07 Mon 03-Feb-14 14:13:05

That's another 3 things completed so now off out for a gentle swim

PeanutPatty Mon 03-Feb-14 14:13:36


IsSpringSprangedYet Mon 03-Feb-14 16:08:40

All done smile

To Do:
Tidy living room floor
Make a list for next Lidl trip (hopefully this evening)

sanschocolat Mon 03-Feb-14 16:53:01

Afternoon all. Hope everyone OK. Just taking the opportunity while dd's tutor is here to catch up.

Glad to hear there are quite a few front doors out there which are as mucky as mine! Trouble is, culturally, it is a bit of a no-no here. The Bruxelloise as a rule don't seem to keep their streets particularly clean (horrible dog prob) and interiors aren't generally as flash/well furnished as in UK, but it is actually in the bye-laws that you are responsible for your front-door, doorstep and the bit of the pavement opposite, so lots of people scrub them on a regular basis. So unlike New York where people keep their front doors deliberately shabby looking to repell burglars, while their interiors are terribly stylish - here it is the exact opposite. One is definitely judged on the cleanliness/up-keep of your facade and we are definitely not coming up to scratch atm.

Ellie hope everyone is bearing up thanks

A warm welcome to PeanutPatty if you are joining us! smile

Great to see you back SillyBilly!!

Isspingsprangedyet yes, sorry we are notoriously chatty on this thread! And you are right to take it slowly - small steps and all that. Hope your ds1 feels better soon and you can catch up on sleep.

Yay Pictures you're not a lurker! You're a fully paid up member grin if that's not too terrifying a thought! Great to have you back! Sympathies re: the cold. Absolutely freezing in this house; it doesn't help with motivation/decluttering does it?

Toffee [Delivers extra large crate of Brasso.] Hope your friend is as well as can be expected. Wishing you strength for sleepover tonight wine.

Hats of to you Goth with those lists - you are on a roll! Hope blotchiness has subsided!

Dizzy hope you are taking it steady today x Glad tea with neighbour went oK - dh had two French colleagues around to watch the rugby - it turned out to be quite an exciting match in the end!

Hope house blitz went ok Engels. I am still struggling with weight loss. Have lost 6kg and am now stuck. Now I am old [sob] I have to eat a depressingly small amount in order to lose any ... .

Yay!!! Bitchy Congratulations!!! Well done on finishing Blanketgate!!! [[cue trumpets/drum rolls etc!!]
Um, hope no-one emerges through front door while you are jet-blasting it grin!!

Merry hope dog recovers soon!!

Pushme go for that cleaner!! Crikey - you certainly deserve one the hours you work and all the travelling you do - pick up the phone NOW!

Glad to hear the system is working for you Whispers great to get positive feedback on here! Congrats on your newly arranged/shiny sitting room and hallway!

Blue hope fresh air did the trick yesterday - dc definitely need to blow the steam off at this time of year - roll on spring!

Just definitely been meaning to acquire laser measure for a while now (constantly musing about renovations that never happen confused) but manky measuring tape eventually did the trick at the w/e. Sorry about your friend not turning up.

Just/Bitchy huge respect to you both for solving the difficulties that SEN issues throw up, so creatively and patiently.

Swan dh has converted me to eels since we moved here - there is a much lauded Flemish dish called 'Paling in ‘t Groen' where they are served with a sauce of made with white white, spinach, mint, sage, tarragon, dill, lovage and lemon balm - absolutely delicious - not remotely jelly-ish either (which would have me running out of the door sharpish!)

Yes! Thank you. 'Flume' was the word I was grasping for! Yet another 'f' word for February! grin

Whoknows so glad the party went well, your ds had a great time, and that the organisation was reasonably hassle-free too!

Eustacia small steps is exactly the way to go ie perfect Flying technique!

Big waves to Nicknacks, Cybermam, Honu, PA, Feetheart, Castle Alice and anyone else I have missed!

Spent quite a lot of the day either going to medical appts or re-organi sing them and generally recovering/putting to rights from a fairly busy weekend of entertaining (although all fairly casual and not too demanding). Hoping for an early night tonight!


sanschocolat Mon 03-Feb-14 16:58:08

oops Engels that should have read 'anything'

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 03-Feb-14 16:59:17

We keep our front door dirty to repel burglars blush

Neighbours tend to have very smart front doors, so we reckoned any burglar worth his salt would choose them instead. So far this has worked. Although it is fair to say, there have been no burglaries in the entire street for a long time, except one man had his GINORMOUS MERC broken into.

BitchytheGreat Mon 03-Feb-14 18:26:15

<waves a magic rubber to deal with random spots on the thread>

I have spent the afternoon in safeguarding training. So so much fun hmm Round two coming up later this month can't fucking wait All i want is strong pain killers and my bed. Instead i have the following to do list:

To do
pick up party food
pick up wrapping paper
ice cake
wrap presents
balloon and banner the lounge
make sure everything is ready for tomo morning
important emails to send

Goth hopefully you have more sense then to miscalculate the nof of squares needed and then go ah well might as well use up the wool in a 2nd blanket.... hmm<insane>

I have looked at February's schedule. it is more then a little crazy. <sigh>

confused wtf is microsoft journal note?

Why can i not find the program i am looking for?

Is it bedtime yet?

And can i have minions to do my to do list please?

<answers on a post card>

MerryBuddha Mon 03-Feb-14 19:45:42

Currently waiting for my cubs to return from their map reading night hike, (they are with adult helpers and other scout leaders). So taking the opportunity to catch up with the thread.

I have really fallen off the flyladys wagon. So going to hide out in the corner with wine as it no longer dry January.

My dog is much better, my fault as I was feeding her pizza yesterday [idiot icon].

My new job starts in 3 weeks, though I can start this week if I want too!! Do I a) show commitment and start sooner but in a voluntary position for 2 weeks or b) enjoy my time off ignoring the fact, I have had the last 12 years off. grin.

BitchytheGreat Mon 03-Feb-14 19:48:05

or c) get on sorting out all of those things you are unlikely to have time to get around to do but need doing yeah i know, bloody unlikely but still have to put it out there

<passes buddha wine >

JustGettingOnWithIt Mon 03-Feb-14 20:03:27

Front door doesn’t get washed but gets painted every three years. Unfortunately they don’t remove the old paint first, so what should be mouldings look more like dented jello. They paint over the door knob, numbers, yale lock, and letter box too. Flat door’s a fire door, which was treated to a nice coat of highly flammable varnish. I suppose it makes washing easier.

Lost most of the day to hospital. but did manage to combine it with three hours of listening to friend, one hour sorting out her DWP issues with them, and a bit of research into Workchoice (gov work service for disabled)
got back and another three hours committed to English. And one to DT.

Still to do
Plan tomorrow’s English
Write up H.E diary

Budda/Bitchy definately C.

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 03-Feb-14 20:11:35

my computer is being very very slow and difficult atm.

So I'll post and run away before I start getting cross with it.

dropped ds2 by car at school
counted money in church for three hours
picked ds2 up on foot (exercise)
chatted to children
dh made supper and bought ingredients (very nice)
supervised ds2 doing history and he did it entirely himself after I had given him the date of the event!!! He told me to go away because he was enjoying himself writing the newspaper article on Thomas A Becket. Excitement! I didn't even look at it, and he put it in his bag with a proud smile. Independence!!!!

Now will put everyone to bed, or remind them to put themselves to bed (which is more likely nowadays)

A nice relaxed day doing very little.

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 03-Feb-14 20:13:40

just hope hospital is helping you

sounds like a most productive day to all that stuff as well as hospital

JustGettingOnWithIt Mon 03-Feb-14 20:39:11

SC they're pumping me full of antibiotics and investigating whats going on, which is a good start.

PeanutPatty Mon 03-Feb-14 20:47:24

Thank you Sanschocolat. smile

MerryBuddha Mon 03-Feb-14 20:58:55

Bitchy that's such a sensible answer!!

But to be truthful won't ever happen grin

BitchytheGreat Mon 03-Feb-14 21:44:02

grin yeah i know.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 03-Feb-14 21:55:31

ARRGH, had done my post around 7:30 was just about to hit post and my iPad went flat

Did almost all I planned to, but did do a couple of extra bits instead.

Washing up
Packed lunch
Dd to school
Fake bacon bun
Washing up
Wash cat bowls & mat
Wash bird feeders
Litter tray
Put caustic down bath plug hole (it's running slow)
Polish bathroom mirror
Wash down bathroom door and light switches
Pin cat down and use de-worm drops
Dry laundry away
Fill bird feeders
Crotchet 5 squares
Collect DD from school
Prep Dinner while DD at karate
Scrub hob
Bake 2 dozen little cakes (DD assisted decoration)
Washing up

<adds minion to project list for Bitchy >

I have no idea how many squares I'm going to need, (daren't work it out), am planning on 2 squares a day or 15 a week, so that. I can get on with other stuff as well. If it doesn't work out I'll pack them off to Woolly hugs.

SC yes the antihistamines seem to be working, I'm more blush than angry now. Hope you get your early night.

BitchytheGreat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:13:49

<pins link>

Hello hello smile

No flying here (driving to Basingstoke and back) but encourages by SC and toffee have managed to arrange for a local cleaning company to come round tomorrow evening to give me a quote <excited>

<waves at the back of PMPY - Basingstoke's just up the road from me.

Well, I've just done an hour of ironing to justify the very little else in the way of Flying that's going on here at the moment. Front door is looking dusty I noticed today, might get out a cloth and give it a wipe tomorrow. Luckily the fittings are chrome and they always look gleaming and bright.

Day at home tomorrow, will need to get back on track. We have yet another pile of presents to find homes for after DS's birthday, but at least that should be it now till next Christmas.

elliepac Tue 04-Feb-14 00:17:50

Evening/Morning all. So my shitty weekend ended on an even shittier note and I am posting this from a hospital bed. Here I have been residing since last night. Original thought was kidney stones but now it appears to be dermoids whatever the hell they are. Am in fecking agony and drugged up to the eyeballs.

Life can currently get no worse.

Oh no Ellie, never heard of those but it sounds awful <hugs>. Are they something that can be removed?

dizzyday07 Tue 04-Feb-14 00:33:43

Pretty good day overall considering I had a slow start

Ta Da
* S/S x4
* Tidy DD's bedroom
* Dry washing away
* Hoover through upstairs and downstairs
* Empty bins and recycling out
* Washing load on and hung to dry
* Ironed DH's shirts for the week
* Tea made (reheated leftovers!)
* Pots washed and sink shined
* Swam 70 lengths

EustaciaVye - I can't PM you but my location is in my profile

elliepac Tue 04-Feb-14 00:34:35

Apparently so. Was in urology so have to be moved to gynae (think they are on ovaries?). Google them and they look quite freaky. Big weird cyst. 1 is 10cm by 5cm shock maybe that's why I am fat winkgrin. And another that is 5x5

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 06:52:40


Baby-step no.4 for today, Tues 4th Feb is: the one about post it notes that none of us find very helpful. Newcomers: in theory it is the beginning of one's control journal; in practice, none of us think it necessary.

This week, we are in zone 2: the Kitchen here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone.

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning here.

Today's mission is wiping down kitchen cabinet doors.

The daily focus for Tuesday is planning ie menus, medical appts, holidays, activities with dc - anything in fact that saves you time later on!

The monthly habit for February is: decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the daily flight plan.

Have a good day everyone!


sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 07:17:53

Good morning!

Oh no Ellie how rotten for you thanks thanks thanks and what awful timing. Are they fibroids I wonder? (Never heard of dermoids.) Don't think fibroids hurt though now I think about it. Hope they can sort you out anyway. Sending the collective healing forces of the fledglings to your hospital bed xxx.

Dizzy v. good list yesterday and v. impressed by 70 lengths!

Whoknows good luck putting everything to rights at home today (I'm ashamed to say I am still trying to find homes for Christmas presents) blush

That's brill that you have taken the plunge Pushme!! I'm sure you won't regret it!

Glad you are feeling better Goth and arf at your minion!! grin As for your humungous list - whatever you are on I want some please - fake bacon bun is it? !!! wink

Great that the hospital is doing its stuff Just. Think you are a saint listening to your friend for three hours!

And counting money at church for three hours is pretty saintly too Swan. Yay at ds2 homework success!

Merry arf at pizza-eating dog! grin What did you decide in the end?

Bitchy I do love the odd Socratian dialogue to set me up for the day! wink

Big waves to PeanutPatty and everyone else!

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 07:23:59

Ta da:
tonight's supper
thread links

To do:
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s
tidy downstairs
dining table hotspot
more laundry: hang up darks wash and prep cool white wash
on-line shopping return
finish/post letters
parish vestiare
e-mail to friend to arrange meeting in a fortnight
look for new baby present
stationery shop
school run
hwk supervision
evening routine

Have a good day everyone!

EustaciaVye Tue 04-Feb-14 07:45:42

morning all. it seems I have not done much since we were last in the kitchen. blush

dizzy - will check your profile later. dont think I can do it on phone.

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 07:58:43

Nor me Eustacia in fact I think that pretty much every month blush. Have a good day!

EustaciaVye Tue 04-Feb-14 09:14:04

Not so close after all dizzy. about an hour.

Off to run errands today. Will blitz the kitchen later.

GoingGoingGoth Tue 04-Feb-14 09:33:32

Ohh Ellie hope you are feeling better today. Dermoids sound painful. (Don't google the images)

Just hopefully the hospital will be able to sort everything out.

DH has taken DD to school this morning, which has given me a head start until I started on here I may even get dressed soon smile

Packed lunch
Found cat outfit for DD's assemble
Laundry on
Dry laundry away

To do
5 min room rescue in lounge
Washing up
Recycling out
Litter tray

Feel like pottering about today, I know it's not the. Fat fairy way but sometimes I find it productive


Yikes, Ellie - gentle hugs and thanks

Woohoo! Have done the mission!! Also general house bleugh/rescueas friends coming round for tea.

Sorted some accounts and found I'd nearly paid HMRC money I don't seem to owe them. [note to self: check this out properly later!]

Also booked piano tuner for tomorrow as he phoned this morning.

Now need to collect DS2 from nursery so better dash.

brew on the bar!

IsSpringSprangedYet Tue 04-Feb-14 12:16:11

sans I quite like the chatter, it's the getting up and doing something that isn't working grin The kids all slept through last night shock except DH and I woke up this morning with DS2 and 3 between us. We must have been tired as we don't remember them getting in at all. At least we all slept.

Ta Da:
breakfasts and medicines
DS2 to school
washing in and dry washing folded
dishwasher unloaded and refilled

To Do:
declutter end of kitchen worktop
wipe down the surface and cupboards
last antibiotic dose for DS3 (really must remember that one!)

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 12:49:14

>"it's the getting up and doing something that isn't working"

I'm having terrible difficulties with this today too Spranged [poor thread leader emoticon]

Might just give up and do something enjoyable and see if that gives me the motivation to do the boring stuff!!

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 12:51:59

Goth hope pottering proving productive

Ta for brew Blue (could do with some of your productivity today!!)

Waves to Eustacia and everyone else and attempts to stop myself looking at more country cottages on line

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 12:52:45

Meant to say Spranged glad you slept anyway! smile

BitchytheGreat Tue 04-Feb-14 14:04:09

Ellie i will pm you in a bit. I have had this before and currently being investigated for a return. Might not but until about 7pm though as it is ds' birthday and I am a little busy with prep and stuff atm. However, you will get a get out of flying card because recovery is long and if you break the rules you get to have to have repeat surgery which is part of my problem now blush so you really really really do have to use it.

ta da
Sort out training kit minor issue
shopping for missing bits
Ice cake
blow up balloons
hang birthday banners
find bits of birthday present that have been in safe places
put pizza base into bread machine

PeanutPatty Tue 04-Feb-14 14:52:26

Today I've:
Emptied and reloaded DW
One laundry load done and dried (needs ironing but where do I put it? As CBA to iron now)
Another load in WM
Washed down all kitchen cupboard fronts
Sorted out my sock drawer and binned those I don't wear/don't like (rock and roll lifestyle right here)
Moved MrPP's self multiplying post pile into a bag and shoved it out of sight - I'm sick of looking at it
Removed my filing from kitchen cupboard and put on our bed to sort another time

Still to do:
Decide what to cook the children for tea, not that they will eat it anyway
Hoover floors
Sort out the mahoosive bag of clean laundry on the floor of our bedroom

Sorry you're poorly Ellie. Rest up and get well soon.

I'm going to try my hardest to stick to this thread and sort my life out. I waste time online because I'm avoiding doing jobs because there are so many of them I don't know where to start so I don't start at all. Ridiculous.

Do any of you have preschoolers at home? If so how do you manage entertaining them and FlyLadying?

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 04-Feb-14 15:20:53

Ellie hope hospital are looking after you, and drugs working, and that you are not worrying about anything except recovering

Dh and I have done a massive overhaul of bookcases, moving large wooden ones up and down stairs and corridors. He tried to resist but he had promised he would help me declutter reorganise this week. He did three hours and then I think he was defeated by the process grin
I've managed to throw a few things away secretly,
and demoth ds2's carpet under the old bookcase (which was a horrible sight)

Kitchen decluttered a bit more

filed a lot of paperwork which was drifting around

I hate the way that when you declutter, all the other stuff doesn't get done and the mess seems far worse than when you started...tis always the way,, no supper, no laundry, no nap, no tidying.

Tomorrow is another day though. Half an hour till ds2 returns home, and I have to think what's for supper for 5 hungry greedy people!!! Tuna pasta I fear...

Still wrestling with playroom/tv room, which now looks lighter and more spacious without a whole wall of sagging books.

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 15:26:11

Congrats on your productive day Patty You've done loads!!

<"I'm going to try my hardest to stick to this thread and sort my life out. I waste time online because I'm avoiding doing jobs because there are so many of them I don't know where to start so I don't start at all. Ridiculous"

Yes - so do I - so you are definitely not alone!!!!

Flylady info on Flying with preschoolers here and here (not sure if useful or not - and ignore barftastic language as usual - usually some good tips in there among all the purple prose)

A very happy birthday to your ds Bitchy!! Hope you all have a lovely evening!!

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 15:44:20


sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 15:50:58

Something went wrong with second post there!

Patty sorry that second link wasn't relevant at all was it. Hopefully this one a bit better!

Swan congrats on book reorganisation/decluttering!! Sympathies re: decluttering upheaval but at least it is something "done" that will hopefully last for a while!! Agree though it is a continuing battle between decluttering/making lasting changes v "simply" maintaining ie cooking nourishing suppers, hwk supervision and keeping all home fires burning (which in reality isn't 'simple' at all.) Only thing I can suggest is ring-fencing it for one day a week or fortnight, in a very un-Flylady-like way (although I am never that disciplined.)

BitchytheGreat Tue 04-Feb-14 15:51:14

testing SC?

BitchytheGreat Tue 04-Feb-14 15:51:19

testing SC?

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 15:53:37

grin Bitchy I know I am very testing blush

Right, time for hwk supervision/rock bun shaping!

not2nitedarling Tue 04-Feb-14 16:02:22

today I hve a poorly dd with me so we have managed to do a little in between the moaning and the attention seeking!! (hers not mine!! lol)

ta da

made both beds and put away all stuff
fed both me and dd
popped to shop for bread
washed up
put washer on
emptied washer
loaded drier
emptied drier
folded clothes from drier
put away 1 load of washing
sorted out dd s books
decluttered dd s sock drawer
decluttered dd s pjs (threw away ones in poor condition and donated ones that were too small)
Finally had hair cut and dd {overdue by about 4 wks and doing my head in!!!!)

to do

work out what to have for dh and my tea
bed time routine with dd
wash up

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Feb-14 16:04:11

Just popping in quickly....

Ellie - so sorry to hear you're in hospital sad. What a dreadful time you and DH are having. I hope the hospital are giving you morphine for the pain - DH said it was the best stuff ever and the only thing that helped him when he had appendicitis.

DS2's sleepover went very well. Thought he'd need a quiet afternoon to recover, but he came out of school begging to go to another friend's house instead.

Spent all morning in hospital with DS1, who had to see an endocrinologist and have blood tests and X-rays. He has been prescribed a very small amount of testosterone to kick-start puberty. It's a bit alarming, but DS1 was very sure that he wanted the treatment and the consultant was reassuring that it had no unwanted side effects, other than bringing on the moodiness of adolescence. Am apprehensive about adding to an already volatile mix in DS1, but I think we have to try it.

Spent the afternoon doing chores, but didn't manage any Flying.

Am now going to use my unexpected free time to catch up on my OU work (am already behind and it's only my first week blush).

<waves frantically at everyone>

elliepac Tue 04-Feb-14 17:13:12

Thanks for the good wishes beautiful ladies. Still in hospital and will be tonight at least. Need to have more scans and blood tests before they decide what to do.

toffee i have indeed had morphine. Yesterday was a great daywinkgrin. No morphine today but that tramadol stuff is pretty potent too.

Am bored and fed up now. And a little freaked out about actually being ill. I am never ill. Ever. Plus, unlike swan instructed I am stressing about missing work and the possibility of having to have an extended period off. Me not happy.

On the plus side, DC's are keeping DH instructed in what to do. Told him what they have in their pack-ups, what uniform they have to wear etcgrin. I also have my new iphone to play with tonight.

JustGettingOnWithIt Tue 04-Feb-14 17:43:08

Disappointingly sick as a dog and feverish again, and managing to upset people every time I open my mouth at the moment!

Ta da
Throw up over duvet
Wash self, wash duvet, and cover.
Spend day trying to hand wringand drip water out of duvet.
45 mins decluttering almost caught up the months
Clean bathroom

Still to do
H.e. diary
Listen to friend
plan two versions of tommorow

(((*Ellie*))) So sorry, sometimes things just come in waves. Hope you're being very well looked after and they can do something about it all fast.

Hello to Patty and not2nite (if you aren’t new please excuse me)

Dizzy 70 lengths [shock impressed and envious.

Whoknows and SC vaguely comforted to hear someone's still dealing with Christmas bits and bobs, post Candlemas.

SC Definitely not a saint, every time she demands an answer to a question I upset her. Suggesting she doesn’t demand answers off me upsets her too. Nothing saintly about how I feel.

PMPY envy that's cleaner envy. grin

Eustica that’s the good thing about it all coming around again.

Spranged "it's the getting up and doing something that isn't working" familiar problem for many of us.

Blue Well done on –catching up—doing the bleurgh, not trying to give HMRC

Goth normally a bit wary of knitted toys, but the minion got me. smile Glad the tablets are working.

Bitchy Happy Birthday to ds, hope celebrations go well.

Swan Decluttering is only satisfying if all items decluttered are large.

Toffee Good luck with adding testosterone!

Hopes I've not missed anyone.

BitchytheGreat Tue 04-Feb-14 17:44:03

<winces and knows Ellie will hate her> IF you are lucky and it is what they think it is and they can key hole it recovery will be a lot faster then the open approach. But i would still recommend that you assume you will be off for a while. Lifting will be a ban so if you can go back soonish you will need a minion to do your lifting. Just look at this as a lesson for DH how much you actually do around the house. He might be surprised at his steep learning curve... You otoh are going to have to accept and allow people to help you.

Ellie - totally different but I had to have 7 weeks off and no lifting of anything significant for several months when I had my prolapse repair 18 months ago, it was very difficult letting go of my every day tasks (and I had more time to mentally adjust as I was on a long waiting list), but if that's what it needs then you will cope and so will those around you. My DH upped his game with the housework and has stayed much more pro-active than he was pre surgery (I know, small comfort).

Cub run in a minute, back later.

CallingAllEngels Tue 04-Feb-14 18:06:51

Oh no ellie thanks

Work day here so short ta da

tidied half a cupboard at work
dinner (leftovers+sausages)
Washing up

just enjoying 5 mins peace and c quiet while dh puts ds to bed.

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 20:38:43

Evening everyone [anxious about ailing Fledgling brood]

Sorry to hear you are still in hospital Ellie thanks and cake- must be awful - but you "sound" a bit better than last night ifyswim - which is good. Think it always comes as a bit of a shock when one's body lets one down but hope docs can sort everything out soon. Take it steady though xxxx [Wise words from Bitchy there]

A warm welcome to not2nitedarling (or - apologies - perhaps I have missed you on earlier threads/or perhaps you are a namechanger). Big waves anyway!! smile Hope your dd feels better soon.

Hope you and ds are having a lovely time this evening Bitchy and cake was a success!

Toffee Glad sleepover went well! Sorry you and ds1 are having to deal with forthcoming endocrinology treatment on top of everything else. (Maybe - if you both want reassurance - you could seek advice in dc health topic - there are bound to be others on here whose sons have had similar treatment. Msnet always brilliant for that sort of thing. Sorry if I am stating bloody obvious.)

Oh no Just so sorry to hear you are nauseous again - what's brought that on? New meds? Should you inform hosp? Truly hate the fact that you are having to hand wring out bed linen too sad. Hope you felt better as day went on. And I stand by saintly comment, even if you don't feel saintly about friend inside, you certainly have the patience of one. thanks

Whoknows gosh, was your surgery really as long as 18 months ago? Time certainly goes fast on the thread!! REally glad to hear that your dh's raised game has stayed risen!! smile

Big waves to Engels and everyone else.

Bit of a faffing/dithering/depressing/grumpy sort of day here, half of which is entirely of my own doing. Hoping for better things tomorrow.

wine wine wine on naughty corner bar. I know it's early in the week but I get the feeling we could all do with a tipple.

sanschocolat Tue 04-Feb-14 20:43:10

Oops, nearly forgot tomorrow's links then!



Baby-step no.5 for tomorrow, Wed 5th Feb, is about banishing negativity from your mind.

This week, we are in zone 2: the Kitchen here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone.

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning here.

Tomorrow's mission is: decluttering your refridgerator and giving it a quick wipe down.

The daily focus for Wednesday is anti-procrastination. Do something you have been avoiding! [Looks sternly at self in mirror.]

The monthly habit for February is: decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan which updates itself daily.

Have a good one everybody!


GoingGoingGoth Tue 04-Feb-14 20:46:26

Ellie DH says tramadol is great, he had it with his op last year. You will have to take it easy after the op whichever way they do it.

Pottering didn't work this afternoon, the antihistamines are making me dopey (more than normal) but I did get 5 squares done instead.

Oh no elllie, you poor thig. flowers flowers flowers cake and wine to save for later when you run out of opiates grin

Hope you are feeling better soon too just

Big wave to everyone else. I wonder if the testosterone treatment might be a good thing for your DS toffee. Teenage moodiness not withstandingm kickstarting puberty it might help him feel more part of his peer group and maybe help him with integrating?

Have also sorted out one of the kitchen cupboards so that stuff actually fits inside it! Was trying to make the door close and realised that taking everything out and starting again was actually the most sensible option... Hopefully it's more logical now.

Friends round for tea went quite well though none of the kids ate much.

Sorry to hear you're not well again, just and waves to new people.

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 04-Feb-14 23:03:00

board games in cupboard
recipe clippings sorted and in shelf
2 bags of rubbish
supper of potatoes, ham and fried eggs (and salad)
listened to What Katy Did free audio book on Youtube shock (I didn't know such lovely freebies existed), with dd as she had hurt her back hmm
organised dd's friend visit tomorrow
ds2 Baptism poster - he insisted that bits of it pop-out!!!!
rest of books sorted
scarves and gloves put away in new chest downstairs (which used to be upstairs)

sorted 7 batches of photos into year groups from 2000-2012 shock from a great sack of photos I cleared out - these were the leftovers that didn't get in the albums - such sweet pictures - I've never seen such adorable attractive children - what happened to them shock I conversely look unbelievably hideous in most of the pictures, in many I seem to be permanently hunched over some plate of children's food or adjusting pushchair straps or wrapped in unattractive anoraks. No digital files in our house - dh prints two sets of photos and deletes them from his camera, but it is nice because we do have physical photos which we eventually stick into albums, and lots of albums.

Tube strike tomorrow. Need to get up early to ferry the children I fear as buses will be packed.

sanschocolat Wed 05-Feb-14 07:56:21

Good morning fledglings

Yesterday's ta da
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s
tidy downstairs
dining table hotspot
more laundry: hang up darks wash and prep cool white wash
BOUDOIR (did paltry 15 mins)
parish vestiare
e-mail to friend to arrange meeting in a fortnight
phoned friend about weekend
look for new baby present (looked but didn't find)
stationery shop
school run
hwk supervision
fridge sort
evening routine

Ta da:
got ready for fortnightly ironing lady and garland her with flowers etc
ironed a tracksuit
packed dd's gym kit (she had forgotten again)
morning routine inc, dw, wm

To do:
NB delivery
think of something for supper
sort office cleaning arrangements
sort Friday evening baby-sitting arrangements
on-line shopping return (didn't do yesterday)
finish/post letters (didn't do yesterday)
office admin
laundry, hang up, more in
make another scan appt
hwk supervision

<Boring, trivial 'me' 'me' whinge alert>
Having cleared it with dh over a month ago, I had arranged to go on a very rare night out with a friend to a concert this Fri evening. Was really REALLY looking forward to it. Tickets were fairly pricey. And really feel the need for a night out without dh or dd ifyswim.

Dh now informs me that he will be working in London on Friday and may not make it back by 8pm. So this morning I have to trawl around for baby-sitters which we don't currently have because dd won't ever go to sleep until dh or I get back [sigh] so we hardly ever go out. Have already tried two people I know and can't think of any one else. It's times like this when I remember why I never normally make plans! Don't know why I am making such a big deal of it because there are far worse things, but honestly feel like crying!

Anyway, anyway, on the positive front: this morning I am waiting in for a delivery so dh may have to do lunch time school run (no school Wed pm). We have bought a clothes horse an exercise bicycle grin in a last ditch attempt to improve fitness/lose weight!

Have a good day everyone!

sanschocolat Wed 05-Feb-14 08:07:32

Crikey, sorry, that was a long one! confused

Lots of cupboard sorting going on here - well done fledglings!!

Swan congrats on your productive day yesterday!
(Hope not impolite but think I would suspend my dh from a very painful part of his anatomy if he deleted our photos from our computer. You know you can store them all in 'cloud' storage (SC strokes chin knowledgably in a vain attempt to appear to know what she is talking about) in case rl copies succumb to fire or flood. We use a system called Picasa.) Hope school run wasn't too tortuous today.

Congrats on orderly kitchen cupboard Blue!

Hope you feel a bit sprightlier today Goth!

Big waves to Pushme Ellie Just Feetheart Castle Alice Merry Honu Toffee Spranged Eustacia PeanutPatty not2nite Dizzy Engels Silly Toffee Whoknows Pictures Whispers Cybermam and anyone I have inevitably missed!

Have a good non-procrastinating Wednesday everyone!

Sillybillybob Wed 05-Feb-14 08:37:08

My plan for today = work.

Alien concept for me, I know!

sc why isn't DH sourcing a babysitter? It's his problem. Grrrrrrrrr. I really hope you get your night out. I'd babysit if I were local. You could pay me in pain au chocolat grin

Picturesinthefirelight Wed 05-Feb-14 09:23:20

Right - all negativity is duly banished

Didn't do a huge amount yesterday. Did deal with an important application that had gone astray via email & made sure I washed up & set the dishwasher off before bed last night after cooking ds his favourite tea. (Dh & dd stopped out last night donut was only me, ds & the dog who wouldn't settle).

The office is sort of getting there. Took the fly advice of completely clearing the desk (everything was dumped on the floor) & am putting it all back together tidily. Shredded a whole bin bag full of paper.

Dh said he could see what I was trying to do (but initial reaction was omg at the stuff on the floor)

I'm at work today. Tonight my To Do is to get all ds's washing done ready to pack for his school residential next week.

sanschocolat Wed 05-Feb-14 09:26:57

Aw, thank you Silly!! I'd pay you in truck-loads of Belgian chocolate too!! V. kind of you and you would then see the real state of my house which of course is in pristine condition after several years on this thread following the Flylady system religiously every minute of every daywink grin grin

sanschocolat Wed 05-Feb-14 09:31:54

That all sounds very positive Pictures - good for you; really need to folllow in your foot-steps and carry on with sorting home office. Did half of it before Christmas but (like my weight loss) all progress has halted since then.

Feeling much more energetic/on the ball today though so off to get something done now before dd is home in 2 hrs!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Feb-14 10:01:23

SC - huge sympathies. That is so unfair of your DH. Actually, MrToffee did the same thing not so long ago and I ended up being the one who had to cancel and stay at home angry. I really hope you manage to find someone to babysit.

You are right about posting on the health boards about DS1's treatment. I have done a search, but there's very little about it on MN.

pushme - yes, I agree. And the psychological impact of waiting for puberty to kick in naturally (in about two years or so) would be too detrimental to DS.

DS1 loves his new skateboard (the one I bought that was exactly the same brand as his old one) and went to the skatepark for the first time in ages yesterday. However, it was empty and he was freezing, so he didn't last long. He did do a bit of skateboarding, though, so it's building up his confidence again.

However, his OCD was bad last night and he can't face going in for his lessons today. He's not in a good state, so I'm not pushing him. Am going to start setting him work, I think, because he's just not getting any education at all now.

DS2 is off school with a tummy ache and headache, so DH has had to go into work on his own.

Ta da

Swish & swipe in bathroom
Calpol for DS2
Back to bed with hot-water bottle for DS2
Washed DS1's sheets
Phoned school and learning centre
Washing up
Wiped down kitchen surfaces and cooker top
Unloaded and reloaded d/w

sanschocolat Wed 05-Feb-14 10:26:19

Toffee really great that your ds1 has been out skate-boarding again! Sorry to hear ds2 unwell though.

Thanks for your support re: dh. It's a bit of a recurring theme between us. He travels all the time so it is, in a sense, my 'job' to be here, so he can do his ifyswim. (School has 19 weeks holiday a year - every Wed afternoon off.) However, bigger issue is that I left my own job/friends/family to be here and yet, ironically, he is forever 'not here' [arrrrrggghhh].

And when I protest about not having enough control over my own schedule he says that he is under pressure from his clients and has very little control either! Which I can't really argue with (as he is under a load of pressure/the main breadwinner ). It's just a really frustrating situations! Grrrrrr.

Haven't given up trying to find baby-sitter yet though!!

sanschocolat Wed 05-Feb-14 10:27:36

Ellie hope you are liberated from hospital today!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Feb-14 10:30:03

I was in a very similar situation when DH was working for a company, SC. He was under pressure to be available at all times, to the extent that he didn't dare take time off even when I hurt my leg and couldn't walk. It's not fair on you that you can't have any leisure time, though. Sounds like you need to find a regular babysitter. Good luck with your search!

sanschocolat Wed 05-Feb-14 10:35:01

Thanks Toffee! In reality, I probably have much more leisure time than most on this thread, so shouldn't really complain. Would be nice to be able to have it planned occasionally though!! You're right - we do need to sort baby-sitter - and dd's sleeping issues!

brew and cake on naughty corner bar for everyone.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Feb-14 10:43:50

Thanks, SC.

<munches cake>

GoingGoingGoth Wed 05-Feb-14 11:13:34

Morning all,

Fingers crossed you get a babysitter SC, I've finally got DH trained to put his trips out on the calandar, of course now I just have to remember to check. At least his is only a couple of times a month. He's out on Friday too, so we can always get virtually drunk together grin

thanks for Just & Ellie hope you are both doing ok. (We need a grape or chocolate symbol)

Toffee I think DS1 going skateboarding has to be a good sign. I'm sorry I've forgotton how old he is.

Pack lunch
Dd to school
Lidl then Morrisons
Now slumped with brew

To do
Laundry on
Dry laundry away
Litter tray
Collect DD
DD to Woodcraft
Assist at woodcraft - I volunteered to help make the new banner! Lots of sewing ahead
Dd to bed (she's always hyper afterwards)
Washing up

DH working, so will probably do some squares.


Swanhildapirouetting Wed 05-Feb-14 11:35:05

we are sorting out ds1's bedroom today.
He is having tremendous problems with academic organisation, not helped by the way his room is. There are far too many books in there, and he doesn't read any of them, just listens to the Sports Radio all the time.
But in the meantime his paperwork is a nightmare, 11 subjects all over the place...random bits of work which were done loose leaf, as well as school books, last two years work which he keeps referring to...

Again dh just doesn't get it. He has a messy office but is perfectly organised and productive, so he cannot understand why ds1 should not be able to manage to remember stuff. But he can't, and is laid back with it, so gets detentions all the time. Such is the muddle that we cannot even tell what he has or hasn't done at any one time, as he always pretends he has done what he needs to, or that it is in his locker hmm

Ds1 is very much a creative browser so we don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, and he is also a happy soul generally, punctual and quite energetic, so it is difficult to find the balance in ordering his life, and allowing him independence. But like most people he loves to come home and find his room has been tidied by someone else!!!

Dh has planted two big shrubs in the garden and cleared out the alley of rubbish this morning

I have dropped ds2 at school; roads amazingly clear for some reason despite tube strike confused

SC I hate organising babysitters, partly because my children don't like being babysat, and won't go to sleep with them in the house, so I feel for you. Ds1 has been given a prize for performing which will be presented on Speech Night, and the date just happens to be my book club night; and I haven't been for the last two meetings so it would be incredibly rude not to go for this, when they asked me repeatedly if I could do that day hmm So dh will have to sit through the interminably speechifying this year, and I will just have to get a babysitter. Not till next week though, I had better think fast.

AliceinWinterWonderland Wed 05-Feb-14 12:24:32

God, I am just awful. Slacking in posting, although to be fair, I am doing things still!!

ta da
usual morning routines, school run
charge mobile
washing up
double checked budget
updated current budget on spreadsheet
checked diary for this week and next
updated wall calendar for this week and next
checked bank
tidied kitchen
tidied living room

to do
oil sewing machine
review and choose a new recipe from SW site
clean one drawer in dining room cabinet

Slow afternoon, I suppose. By the time the meeting is done, school run is done, and I've dealt with STBXH while he's here for contact this afternoon, I'll just want to put my feet up and relax.

And drink loads and loads of brew

giraffeseatpineapples Wed 05-Feb-14 13:32:51

Hi all

Haven't caught up with thread yet sorry. Right I need to get focused and into some routines... house has turned into a tip again blush

BitchytheGreat Wed 05-Feb-14 14:04:29

ta da
sent email with wrong name blush
try to get doc appointment and nearly cry in frustration
Go back to sleep
speak to DM and lose a few hours
check emails.
shower and breakfast
look at time and panic...

humanordancer Wed 05-Feb-14 15:41:52

Hello everyone. I sort of dropped out of the world for a bit there, I was a bit despondent about being limpy again. I'm on the mend though now! Thanks Toffee and SC for the good wishes on the last thread - with any luck the old stick shall be decluttered very soon grin

Right, I'm back on this - it really helps.

Things I've done in my absence are:

Set up deliveries for heavy household things, using Ocado midweek voucher.
Tax return
Long standing annoying finance admin
Kept up with decluttering my bag
Sent two pieces of furniture I was storing at my mother's to a charity shop. As I have decided I am not keeping things I don't love on the off chance they'll be useful
Decluttered bathroom

To do
Acquire some vegetables
Eat them
Putting away
Washing up
Swish and swipe
Some deep cleaning in Kitchen as I went a bit mad and did all the decluttering last time (very small kitchen)
15 mins declutter

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Feb-14 16:46:39

Ta da

DS2 to friend's house (miraculous recovery hmm)
Work at home
Avoided answering two phone messages

EustaciaVye Wed 05-Feb-14 17:44:54

Leisure time....what's that? :/

So busy here atm. DD2 keeps getting headaches and I am not sure what to do. Think maybe she needs a visit to GP but she is seeing a specialist for her eyes and has a referral for her teeth. She is only 7 and it all seems a bit much.

DW rnning with last night's dinner stuff so not actually sure we will have enough crockery for tonights dinner. And we have run out of butter so not sure what we are going to do for packed lunches tomorrow.

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 05-Feb-14 20:31:27

Another productive day, although dh is still blowing hot and cold over any reorganising plans and I think I might just have to send him back to be re-programmed/genetically modified He has just supervised all the boys homework though thanks whilst I was at Beavers.

dd friend over (a new one, who needed impressing!)
stopped ds2 embarrasing dd when introduced to new friend (luckily she thought he was sweet if childish, and was charmed at idea of them being twins --making an unfortunate reference to the fact that they look quite similar--)
roast chicken for new friend
grocery shopping (in the afternoon before they came home)
picked up ds2 by car
dropped off dd's new friend by car (so lots of driving today, including night driving)

Beavers to help - started to sing Kookabura as a final "campfire" song, suddenly realised Gay your life must be would not go down well, so had to change it on the hoof to Merry Your Life Must be..the parents must have thought I was weird.
quick rescue of reorganised playroom
swept a bit of the alley
put lots of old saucepans to wash in utility and then had to put them back in the garden as there wasn't time to wash them before dd's friend appeared (and the telly room connects to the utility)
food compost

Toffee I have a 14 year old who show a lot of testosterone positives and negatives. Very independent, yet very bashful around girls, very driven by things he is interested in, absolutely not interested in stuff that doesn't interest him, slightly distracted from everyday boring stuff, quite relaxed in general, given to sudden screaming fits, quite loud, quite optimistic, quite enthusiastic/energetic (ie: he will suddenly get up and disappear off to the cinema or walk home a different way because he wants to see a different tube station) Yet this is someone who is inherently quite shy and unsociable. He has a sort of drive that I think I associate with men rather than women, singleminded, not really weighing up alternatives or thinking things through much, but quite good at focusing confidently, making decisions without worrying too much what will happen next. Apparently all the pathways in the brain get overridden at this age as the influence of hormones makes all these new circuitry, temporarily disabling the old pathways, which is why teenagers are forgetful and disorganised yet independent and risk taking. I think testosterone is like thyroxine, in that it does what it says on the tin, and it is not unnatural to take it, if you are missing that vital amount (I say this as someone who takes thyroxine)

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 05-Feb-14 20:34:51

Eustacia cream cheese or mayonnaise often replace butter in our house!

Definitely get headaches checked out. Have you checked the carbon monoxide in your house?? A friend found her boiler was faulty after a long period of headaches.

dizzyday07 Wed 05-Feb-14 20:57:35

Yesterday I spent the morning walking round the charity shops in town looking for some bits for DD to wear as they were having a WWII Evacuee day today. Got her a grey shirt and jumper, cut down a pair of outgrown school trousers to make some shorts, and she topped off the outfit with DH's flat cap!

I also made a box for her gas mask (snorkel mask) and a luggage type label to wear. They all looked fabulous this morning and had a workshop where they could see real artefacts etc.

Today has been more mundane, so Ta Da
* D/W on and unloaded
* CQs into bank
* Bought some bits for tea
* Washing load on and hung to dry
* DD to swimming training
* To school for meeting about residential trip
* Collected bikes from Halfords
* Washed pots and shined sink

PeanutPatty Wed 05-Feb-14 21:22:05

Empty and reload DW and put on (finished now and should empty but CBA)
One load of laundry done and dried and away, wet muddy dog towels washed, dried and put away, new load put in and ready to go tomorrow
Swept downstairs (should mop but CBA)
Gone through big Ikea bag of clean laundry that was upstairs and sorted into ironing and non ironing piles
Put away bone dry laundry on airer that's been there for a couple of days

Didn't clean the fridge as it's ram packed with food and I've not long done it so might do a shelf a day over the next week or something.

What I struggle with is the constant repeat cleaning and tidying, particularly around meal times. So much food on the floor or smeared down doors/cabinets etc.

Our bedroom floor is actually free of stuff for the first time in WEEKS. I might actually be able to not fall flat on my face en route to the bathroom now.

I need to stay on top of the laundry. If I miss more than one day I pay for it and it takes forever to catch up again.

To Do Tomorrow:
Need to sort the pile of magazines and post on the stairs
Phone British Gas

EustaciaVye Wed 05-Feb-14 22:04:27

thanks swan smile

Evening all. Do hope you can get a babysitter sorted, SC and totally understand the frustration, esp when you've been looking forward to something for so long.

No real flying done today, but acquired some free books and got a fun project to work on for a bit. smile

Big waves to everyone else.

CyberMam Wed 05-Feb-14 23:13:17

Aargh busy week with work, sorry not had chance to catch up on posts, or do much flying. Sink is clean ish, family is fed and laundry is more or less under control but that's about all that can be said for chez cyber at the moment...

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Feb-14 23:14:24

Swan - thank you for your reassurance about DS1 taking testosterone. I hope it will help him overcome his anxieties. Not too sure about the risk-taking/screaming aspect of it though <chews nails>.

Eustacia - good point from Swan about checking the carbon monoxide; children always get the symptoms first. No harm in taking your DD to the GP too. Always best to have these things checked, especially in children.

dizzy - your DD's outfit sounds fabulous smile.

Peanut - I too am in danger of falling flat on my face en route to the bathroom at night. I'm sure my DH doesn't mean to leave stuff on the bedroom floor purposely to trip me up hmm.

Blue - hurrah for free books and fun projects grin.

Ta da

OU work
Collected DS2 from his friend's house
Cooked two separate meals for us and DC
Drank ginger beer (wine disgusting sad)
Tumbledried clean sheets
Made DS1's bed
Phoned friend to arrange get together
Phoned DM
Texted someone to avoid ringing them back
Didn't return another phone call from someone else because I didn't have the mental energy
Bath and bedtime routine - DS2
Laid out clothes for tomorrow
Unloaded and reloaded d/w again
Saved remains of lentil & veg curry for tomorrow's lunch
Telly time
Hot chocolates
Encouraged DS1 to go in to the centre tomorrow
Ordered new top for DS1 to wear to the skatepark

The sink is not shiny and there's still washing up to be done, but am going to prioritise 'bed at a decent time' instead.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Feb-14 23:15:11

X-posts, Cyber. Sounds like you are doing fine to me.

BitchytheGreat Thu 06-Feb-14 00:33:40

Eustacia the others make a good point about CO BUT as you mention she is under a specialist for her eyes it could be something to do with that which is triggering her headaches. I have a very mild stigmatism and the optician corrected for this with my glasses lenses the last time. I physically can't wear my glasses for more then about an hour without a headache being triggered. As much as it seems a lot for her, as ds managed to cope with 14 medical professionals of various types at the same I can also assure that whilst no one likes that many people involved that your dd will be fine especially if she knows that the whole point is to get rid of the headaches.

Yeah flying has taken a back seat again. I have a virus that is trying very hard to settle in my lungs and whilst it hasn't succeeded I am feeling like crap, struggling to sleep at night and wiping out during the day. Not ideal by anymean but i am working on blanketgate take 2 although hindered by the fact i have run out of one colour (the main bulk colour) and I really don't have the energy to be bothered to make the trip up to the big city to get more. However, I have a shit load of half finished projects and various not yet started but got the bits projects I have plenty to keep me going.

I hope to manage to do a few bits tomo but am really struggling.

Castlelough Thu 06-Feb-14 01:03:10

Oh dear, I know I'm late....but I'm parking my broom in here for February. I need to get back into a routine again!

My routines have ground to a halt. I'm cringing at Mt. Washmore and I definitely can't have anybody over! blush

For the first weekend in ages I am not travelling anywhere. Looking forward to getting stuck in (and catching up with the thread --and with some sleep!--)

We received the first drawdown cheque for our mortgage today gringringringrin so, after stalling for more than two years, it's full steam ahead! Which means...we'll hopefully be moving out of here by July and into our own house! Which means getting on top of the cleaning and clutter now!!!! Yay!

Back tomorrow with personals, but for now Swan : well done on your driving progress! grin

dizzyday07 Thu 06-Feb-14 01:04:42

Toffee - I have uploaded a pic to my profile for you to see!

sanschocolat Thu 06-Feb-14 03:28:30

Hellooooo! Is it really Thursday already? Sorry I didn't get back on here earlier!! (Only 22 posts since I last checked in grin)

Have just woken up with ouch cystitis (sorry tmi) which I haven't had for about 2 decades so am up at this unearthly hour drinking lots of glasses of water so might as well post links now and will catch up with personals later on.

In the meantime, Castle it is brill to have you back!!! And what wonderful news about your mortgage!! I know you have been longing to move in to your new house for so long - really glad it is finally happening for you both - yay!!! grin thanks

Ellie I hope you are OK

Just how are you?


Baby-step no.6 for Thurs 6th Feb, is an important one about hotspots.

This week, we are in zone 2: the Kitchen here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone.

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning.

Today's mission is: scrubbing your kitchen counter tops in a non-obsessive way!

The daily focus for Thursday is: errand day ie appts at doctor, dentist, hairdresser, optician, collect dry-cleaning, buy items for school, buy presents for birthday parties etc.

The monthly habit for February is: decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan.

Have a good day one and all!


sanschocolat Thu 06-Feb-14 03:29:57

Ahhh Dizzy your family are adorable and your ds looks so sweet in that costume!! smile

elliepac Thu 06-Feb-14 06:23:03

Morning all. Still in hospitalhmm. Still boredhmm. Still waiting for more tests.
Awaiting a decision as to whether i need an operation now or can wait a while and have it planned.

PeanutPatty Thu 06-Feb-14 06:47:15

Sorry to hear you are still in hospital Ellie sad Hopefully decisions will be made today.

SC lemon barley squash is good for cystitis. Suffered on and off for years.

Done so far:
Zilch-io (still in bed procrastinating about getting up and washing my hair)

EustaciaVye Thu 06-Feb-14 07:19:50

Poor Ellie sad

Thanks bitchy and toffee. I actually have a carbon monoxide reader grin and I know it isn't that. I have emailed her optometrist but to rule it out - eyes have been stable for ages - and I am thinking it may be her jaw so will chase the hospital referral today. Hate to see them poorly sad

I am out most of today and have visitors coming at the weekend do will be here a lot tmrw wink

Have a good day everyone and remember it is not a race grin

Castlelough Thu 06-Feb-14 08:14:45

Hope the cystitis clears up quickly SC - that is so uncomfortable. bear

Poor Ellie it's awful to be in hospital x

sanschocolat Thu 06-Feb-14 08:21:07

Oh Ellie I'm sorry you are still stuck there. It wouldn't be so bad if you could rest, but hospitals seem to be one of the most unrestful places on earth. Hope docs decide what is happening soon.

Ahhhh, thank you Goth mine's a pint!! grin grin I gave up putting dh's travel dates on the calendar. They are too changeable! And then there are the totally unexpected trips when he casually drops in to conversation "oh did I mention I am going to the States/China/Azerbaijan in five hours" (admittedly not a regular scenario) but happens every so often. It's impossible! Hope Woodcraft went well!

Bitchy so sorry to hear you are ailing. Hope you recover soon. Can you order the wool on line by any chance? A friend of mine uses this site. They deliver quite promptly.

Swan Arf at quick-change Kookabura lyrics grin
I hope ds1's bedroom reorganisation went ok and sympathies over paperwork angst. DD (with her schooling methods derived from French education system circa 1950) has a whole lesson per week devoted to "planning et methodologie". She is a fully paid up French bureaucrat in the making! I wouldn't mind but she still leaves her homework at home on a regular basis or forgets to do it in the first place! Congrats to your ds1 for his performance prize and hope you can find a baby-sitter (that the dc will tolerate) too!

Alice congrats on your productive day yesterday. It is far more important to 'do' than to post here! (SC looks shifty).

Glad to hear you are on the mend Humanordancer and Flying high by the look of your list!

Glad ds2 feeling better also Toffee! smile and congrats on very long list! (No wonder you don't have mental energy to call people back looking at everything you have done!)

Sorry to hear about your dd's headaches Eustacia that's awful. Perhaps connected to eyes??? (as Bitchy suggests.) Hope the doc can get to the bottom of it anyway.

Dizzy I am so sorry! I obviously meant your 'dd' looks so sweet in that costume (which is what comes from posting, half asleep, in a darkened room at 3am)!! You made a great job of that costume too!

You are doing brilliantly Patty from the look of your list! [Need to get stuff off my boudoir floor too - I don't know how it gets there really - it just accumulates confused)

I imagine a fun project is very welcome after all the stressful school campaigning Blue and ooohhh to free books!

Cyber >"Sink is clean ish, family is fed and laundry is more or less under control"> That counts as perfect Flying in my book! Seriously! Partic. on top of heavy work load. So don't be so hard on yourself!

Castle will you be able to finish your house before you move in, or will you finish it once installed?

EllieHope you are managing to rest!

YOu too Just!

Big waves to Giraffe and everyone else!

Thanks for all your kind words about Fri night. Found out yesterday that our lovely, responsible, office cleaner is able to baby-sit but dd wasn't happy at the prospect (baby-sitter only really speaks Spanish). However, fate has intervened miraculously and dd has simultaneously received a last minute nvitation to a birthday party involving a pizza restaurant followed by mini-disco at a friends house - so if I can organise all the taxi/baby-sitter pick-up/drop-off logistics - I should be able to make it to my concert after all! Fingers crossed!

Too ashamed to write out a list today because it is essentially the same as yesterday's. Hwk supervision yesterday took an age (French poetry good) followed by geometry (bad) and then spent far too long in Zara sale with dd supposedly picking out a birthday presnet for her friend, but in reality waiting while she looked through racks and racks of graphic t-shirts at Euros 2 a pop! (She eventually chose one after I had lost the will to live.)

Had better get cracking! Have a good day as possible everyone!

sanschocolat Thu 06-Feb-14 08:24:59

x posts

Thanks for lemon barley tip Patty much appreciated (I know where I can track it down here as it happens and if unavailable, will get some cranberry juice)

Hope the hosp can see your dd quickley Eustacia

Thanks Castle!

[Waves to Ellie again]

GoingGoingGoth Thu 06-Feb-14 09:21:37

Great outfit [Dizzy]

wine < pint of cranberry juice for SC

Whinge alert:
I will have to supervise teeth brushing again as DD been drawing/scraping on the bathroom walls instead. She's such a stroppy little madam at the moment. We seem to have the same battle every day, getting ready for school, doing homework, listening. Half term nex week will be fun as DH has just grounded her.

And breathe. Sorry it's all petty.

Washing up -DH cooked supper last night
Packed lunch
Laundry on

To do
General tidy up, not to big a deal
Make a casserole
Find my motivation


GoingGoingGoth Thu 06-Feb-14 09:22:11

Where's the edit button! * fail

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 06-Feb-14 09:46:16

feel tired and cr**p this morning, have dropped ds2 off by car though!

tortuous lunchdate with two cousins cancelled with is something (so fed up with the contortions of other people's diaries), and just seeing lovely cousin No 1 for coffee at 11.30. She is coming to see my shiny new kitchen which is all of 10 months old, and she only lives two tube stops away...such is frantic pace of London life hmm honestly no-one can fit anything in (although I have talked frequently to her on phone and visited her in her own house so at least we keep in touch)

It is very odd isn't it, how some people visit all the time, the ones who live miles away in outer mongolia/somerset/dublin/stokey, and the ones who live nearby often just never get round to making it a priority...somehow because it seems easy that it just never happens..

SC cranberry juice, and those sachets, and warm flannel underwear all help.

todo shinify kitchen
laundry away
bins out
shine oven
deal with decaying rice pudding
clean out fridge of spilt milk
hoover floors downstairs
brush teeth

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Feb-14 09:47:45

Flying in very briefly between school run and going to work.

To do

Get DS1 to learning centre hmm
Go to work
Post office
Get cash
Tidy house before cleaner arrives
Work at home
OU work
Avoid returning yesterday's phone call again

dizzy - that is a very cute photo grin.

ellie - sorry you are still stuck in hospital. I hope they are looking after you well.

BitchytheGreat Thu 06-Feb-14 11:43:43

Ellie duckie, be patient. You want them to make the right decision. Frustrating and annoying it is waiting, the decision needs to be the right one.

I probably could order on line for the wool SC but i also need to go into the city to the primark as ds has grown again and needs some new clothes and I would like to have a few new clothes too (eg extra pairs of leggings to go under trousers for the cold weather etc). So it will wait until i feel well enough. I have a jumper that i started knitting when ds was a baby that still isn't finished so that can get done. Also there is a small matter of a zombie army that is half in creation and needs finishing. Plenty to do whilst lying in bed feeling yucky.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Feb-14 11:46:44

Love the sound of the knitted zombie army, Bitchy grin.

ta da

Get DS1 to learning centre massive fail
Go to work yep
Post office yep
Get cash yep (whilst ignoring bank balance)

Having lunch, then ...

Tidy house before cleaner arrives
Work at home
OU work
Avoid returning yesterday's phone call again
Also need to chase up DS1's diagnosis letter which is holding everything up

not2nitedarling Thu 06-Feb-14 11:49:09

ta da

up, dressed, beds made
breakfast for me and dd
packed lunch for dd
walked dd to school
hoovered and de furred upstairs carpets
emptied hoover (finally) what a difference it makes!!
sprayed de mould stuff in hall

to do
go to shop to buy milk

humanordancer Thu 06-Feb-14 12:09:05

Morning everyone (just!)

Ellie I do hope you get the answers you need soon.

SC Ouch.

Bitchy Hope you're feeling better soon (and a big belated thank you for starting off my fledge thanks)

Eustacia I had bad headaches when my jaw wasn't quite in the right place. Braces were the answer for me.

Swan I find the same in London - I see my friend who lives ten minutes walk away less often than the ones 40 minutes away on the tube. I think it's less to do with not bothering than the knowledge that it doesn't need as much planning, and then life intervenes.

Ta da

Wash cushion covers and laundry basket (at last!)
Put away bulk shop
Reorganise under the sink
Write list

To do

Finish piece of work
Send off work
Wash up
15 mins declutter
Kitchen tops
Generally whip myself into shape a bit before going out - wash hair etc. I know it will make me feel better (Oh, how I hear my mother's voice there grin)

Might do if I feel like it

Email I've been putting off since June for a while
Empty hoover - you've inspired me, not2!

humanordancer Thu 06-Feb-14 12:09:48

Make that Afternoon!

EustaciaVye Thu 06-Feb-14 18:28:02

thanks humanordancer.

I have a headcold and feel a bit pants. Plan to get on top of washing then all I really need to do for visitors is change bed and hoover so house obv isnt too bad.

EustaciaVye Thu 06-Feb-14 18:28:03

thanks humanordancer.

I have a headcold and feel a bit pants. Plan to get on top of washing then all I really need to do for visitors is change bed and hoover so house obv isnt too bad.

Castlelough Thu 06-Feb-14 21:30:37

Right I am going to set my timer for a 15 minute declutter....and reboot laundry. That's all I can manage tonight!

GoingGoingGoth Thu 06-Feb-14 22:03:57

Evening all,

Thinking of you Ellie, Just & Human, hope you all start to feel better soon.

Mantlepiece cleaned (finally!)
Side cleaned in kitchen
Made rhubarb & apple crumble
Collected DD from school
Walked in park
Supervised homework
Washing up

I think the grounding this morning has made an impact, DD asked to be tested on times tables on our walk and then did her homework with no grumbling.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Feb-14 23:47:59

ta da

Tidy house before cleaner arrives done
Work at home nope
OU work done
Avoid returning yesterday's phone call again done
Also need to chase up DS1's diagnosis letter which is holding everything up decided to wait for a bit longer
Collected DS2 from his friend's house
To pub with friend

thinking101 Fri 07-Feb-14 00:05:43

Ok so I think I need to come back. i used to be part of fledge thread a few years back. The whole fly thing is a bit love/meh but it works.

I have people comming over next week (8days) and I am anxious I need to whip downstairs into shape like PDQ.

swish n swipe, swish n swipe <waves>

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 00:48:23

Big hello to thinking101!

Sorry to keep endlessly whinging, but I've felt ropier and ropier as day went on (temp, weak etc) so am just posting links now and will catch up with personals tomorrow. Hope everyone OK though!


Baby-step no.7 for Fri 7th Feb, is a really essential one about laying out your clothes for the following day the night before.

This week, we are in zone 2: the Kitchen here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone.

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning.

Friday's mission is: sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor.

The daily focus for Friday is: decluttering handbags and cars.

The monthly habit for February is: decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan.

One more day to get through then it's the w/ell! Keep going everyone!


PeanutPatty Fri 07-Feb-14 05:41:32

Thursday's Done:
Hoover and mop downstairs (had to do as Pooch muddied the entire house)
Laundry load and dried (still in TD)
Put away dry clothes from the clothea horse
Recycling out instead of building up indoors

To do:
Phone British Gas.... Still.....
Clean down kitchen work surfaces
Start searching for car insurance as due end of the month (hate shopping around and the time/faff of it all)
Put done ironing away
Another laundry load
Will attempt 15mins on the car whilst one child naps although in reality this task is closer to needing 15hours blush
Tidy kitchen from last night (why do men never finish anything? Pots in a sink of grotty water soaking, because I've got lots of time available in the morning, what's another job?) angry <breathe relax breathe relax>

What do you all do with artwork that comes home from nursery? We have a pile accumulating in the kitchen which is going to spiral out of control any day with the amount of "art" that is being sent home.

SC where in the world are you?

Happy Friday Flyers!

<leaves gin>

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 07:42:26

Good morning fledglings. Hope everyone OK.

Crikey! Weather as foul as foul can be here. We are in the middle of a proper storm, strong winds and rain lashing against the windows.

Dh went off to London before crack of sparrows and dd off to school two hours later (thankfully it's a fellow classmate mother's turn today). Suddenly feel liberated!! So I am going to try and profit from everyone's absence and dance naked around the sitting room to a Maître Gims cd ¨wink tackle this wreck of a house. (Ground floor ok but floors 2 & 3 need sorting.)

Still feeling grim but going to get to that concert tonight if it kills me grin.

How are all of you?

Patty [swigs gin] that's a very good list you got through there! Well done! I'm guilty of keeping dd's art work for far too long but basically the system here is: artwork comes home and is displayed for a bit (I have something similar to these although mine are white and open from the top. (A friend of mine has painted one of her kitchen walls with magnetic paint and displays stuff on that.) After a month or two, they are either thrown away or are photographed or scanned and stored on computer or original goes in treasure box/file (but quite judicious about what I keep). Same system with 3D stuff, but that is usually displayed on sideboard or mantelpiece. (I'm not far away by the way - only an hour ahead - in the lugubrious lowlands [Belgium] - I just appear to be keeping wierd hours at the moment!)

Hope you enjoyed a good pub lunch yesterday Toffee

Goth sympathies re: stroppy tweens! It's not petty at all. Have been there - actually I amthere right now! Have to deep breathe sometimes before asking dd to do the simplest thing because she is so spikey. Bravo to you and your dh for following through! It is energy sapping.

[Hands honey and lemon drink to Eustacia [and gin for when visitors arrive] hope you feel better soon]

Humanordancer smile at being haunted by mother's voice - same here!!

Swan hope you feel less tired today. I am very envy of you having your cousins so close by. I miss mine! Didn't all the girls in the Ingalls Wilder books wear red flannel underwear? grin

You look very on top of things from the look of your list Not2nitedarling

Bitchy hope you are feeling better and arf at zombie army!

Ellie I'm assuming no posts means you were operated on yesterday. If so, hope all went well thanks

Just thinking of you too!

Cheery wing flaps to Castle Thinking101 Blue Feetheart Whoknows Engels Honu Nicknacks Pushme Alice Merry Spranged Dizzy Silly Pictures Whispers Cybermam and everyone I've inevitably missed!

Have a good day everyone and TGIF!!

[leaves strong coffee on naughty corner bar] Help yourselves!

thinking101 Fri 07-Feb-14 07:43:16

thanks for welcome sanchocolat

tentative list for today

DS/DD/me brk, W&D Sch/run (DD is at home with me)
Clear dishes and oh yes shine the sink (its that bad)
Clean work surfaces
Put Tesco shop away
Make base for cheesecake (essential as its for someone else)

I would like to declutter one area <sighs>

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 07:45:34

Good luck with the decluttering thinking101 - just do 15 mins and no more!

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 07:46:14

Missed out Giraffe!! [waves]!!

thinking101 Fri 07-Feb-14 07:55:41

i have my original timer!

dizzyday07 Fri 07-Feb-14 07:55:45

Early start today as DD is at training. She is off to my sisters for the weekend tonight (for residential trip sleep training!) so i need to spend today getting all her stuff together and blitzing the kitchen which is a right heap!

Castlelough Fri 07-Feb-14 08:11:55

Thank God it's Friday at last! :-) Am so looking forward to resting and blitzing the house in equal measure with a spot of knitting thrown in! Quiet weekend planned - can't wait! grin

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 09:02:13

Blimey! The weather's so bad it's darker now than it was three hours ago!

Your relaxing weekend sounds luverly Castle

Hope the sleep training works Dizzy

Good luck with it thinking101 - less daunting in 15 min bursts - I'm doing exactly that in boudoir right now ...

BitchytheGreat Fri 07-Feb-14 09:44:49

Good morning.

I am grateful to be feeling slightly better. Still a touh feverish but no longer have screaming earaches. Need to be careful about not doing too much because whilst i feel better I am clearly not better yet so risk relapsing if i am typically bitchy in my approach to life.

Short to do list
drop prescription off
hope ds hasn't realised that he is currently on a sleep med break (poor kid)
load of washing on
blanket gate work with colours that have
Drink plenty of water
Get ass back on restricted diet as suffering from eating stuff shouldn't be

First job coffee and breakfast

Morning all!

Peanut - I surruptitiously recycle most of the artwork otherwise we'd drown in the stuff. Particularly nice bits get stuck on the fridge or the cupboards and I have an ever-expanding folder of things that have got moved off the fridge and cupboards! Not ideal by any means...

brew to Bitchy

To Do:
Laundry out of drier and put away
General tidy up
Trip to Hobbycraft - apparently they've got Anchor embroidery thread at 25p a skein...
Finish 1st draft of fun project
Dinner prep

Better get on.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 07-Feb-14 11:48:45

Morning all

Erm would have reported for duty earlier but it's Friday and I got "ambushed" by DH when I got home from school blush, so my list is a bit small.

Packed lunch
Washing up
Knocked bread back
Dd to school
Shop for milk

Anyway... Hope all the poorly people are feeling better.

Peanut DD puts her favourite art in her room and then I photograph the rest (and delete a few months down the line) Just need to work out what to do with the models now, in the last week we've got a Chinese dragon and an Eygyptian mummy.

Just in case any crafty types are interested - Hobbycraft do indeed have some Anchor threads at 25p, but in our branch at least, they were just bunged in on a clearance rack. It was labelled "Everything 89p" but actually there were a whole range of prices, which you couldn't tell till you got to the till... Helpful!

not2nitedarling Fri 07-Feb-14 13:13:01

here again, thanks for mention sanschocolate,

ta da

chased up pay roll re missing pay
made brekkie and lunch for me and dd
washed dishes and put away
emptied bin
emptied cat litter
walked dd4 to nursery and picked her up
checked e mails regarding reunion.. its been 20 yrs!!
popped to shop for bread, and gas

to do

take dd out for a bike ride
cook tea
declutter 15mins

elliepac Fri 07-Feb-14 13:36:52

Afternoon all!

I am home. Woooohoooo. Have lots of drugs and am slightly spaced out. Op is scheduled for 2 weeks time. Back later when have slept off the drugsgrin.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 07-Feb-14 14:33:35

Yay! Ellie <plumps cushions & tucks throw>
So what's happening in the next 2 weeks, have they got you well supplied with painkillers etc?

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 16:09:38

Finally had a reasonably productive day! Yay! [Contemplates why it is so much easier to get stuff done with dh away hmm ]

Ta da:
waved dh off at unearthly hour
waved dd off
dw, wm, rabbits
dining room table hot spot
slightly more thorough s&s than usual
carried boxes upstairs
carried other stuff downstairs
carry used bed linen downstairs
carry clean and ironed bedlinen upstairs
2 x 15 mins boudoir
clear double bed we don't sleep in that gets used as dumping area
hang up blue wash
more laundry
long talk with sil on phone
rabbits again
tidy up ahead of cleaner
wrap birthday present and prep card
pick stuff up off boudoir floor
put away clean clothes
strip and re-make all beds + 1 extra
action list for tomorrow
chat with cleaner about "men" and male inadequacies in general
wrote dd action list for tomorrow
wrote dh action list for tomorrow (hoooh- haah)
emptied bins in all bedrooms
money for baby-sitter
snack dd

To do:
clean out ruddy hamster again
on-line shopping returns x 2
last of letters/photos > post
clean out fridge (yes, I am behind with missions!!)
supervise dd dressing up and out
get myself gussied up and out grin

Oh that's fab Ellie! So glad you are home for the weekend!
(I was convinced you had been operated on yesterday!) Sorry you have to have op in a fortnight but I guess it's better to have it in a planned way. Hope you are feeling much, much better anyway and make sure you let everyone spoil you rotten this weekend! How is your dh and his family doing? I hope they are bearing up x

Glad you are feeling better too ¨Bitchy

Congrats on your list not2nite

Arf at finding somewhere to store Egyptian Mummy Goth grin hope its life size Broom cupboard? grin

Waves to Blueand everyone else!

Just have half an hour before I have to supervise dd getting ready for her evening out and then I must get ready myself for a rare night out without dh - whoo hooo! grin

So going to post links early and will be back late tomorrow morning to catch up with everyone!


Baby-step no.8 for Sat 8th Feb, is : starting to write down your routines if you can be bothered.

Saturday is our last day in zone 2: the Kitchen here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone.

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning.

No mission because it is the weekend.

The daily focus for Saturday is: having fun with your family.

The monthly habit for February is: decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan which will update itself daily.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! [proffers Castle and Ellie bubble bath and gin]


Swanhildapirouetting Fri 07-Feb-14 16:22:53

SC yay to liberated feelings in the absence of men
and I remember the red flannel underwear only in the beginning of the Long Winter...when they nearly get lost in a blizzard on the way home from school. I was worrying about dd recently who sets off for the busstop at 7am, stands there in the freezing cold for ten minutes, in a very short thin skirt, and tights, and wishing they would bring back regulation bloomers in winter. (They are not allowed trousers)

Had a lovely morning at my cousin's house, brought lunch with me (so simple when you bring a picnic to someone else's house, I wonder why that should be, compared to the same picnic in your home which somehow seems lacking and not good enough!) She was having her garden assessed by an expert eye, so we talked a lot about sentimental attachments to plants that were in the wrong place, in her case a whole raspberry patch and an iris bed.
Then we discussed writing poems! So it was all very enjoyable and like going on a day out to the races.

Oh, ds2 back, better dash.

BitchytheGreat Fri 07-Feb-14 16:37:20

Ds is in an mood tonight. Things are different, different is bad. And thus the whole world needs to know about it <sigh>

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 16:40:08

Oohh Swan plants, poetry, picnic ... sounds like a perfect afternoon!
[Arf at bloomers] We live near lots of secondary schools; teenagers seem to wear very few clothes in winter - not even coats! shock They are always shivering in pairs in the entrance to our garage/office doorway.

DD has just told me about her lesson in 'personal health and relationships' this afternoon which consisted of the headmistress telling her class (a) that their hormones will soon be dancing (cue drawing of wavy line on blackboard) and (b) that the Pope said "no not be afraid". Oh well, that's alright then grin grin

Right, I'm off to plait my mane, oil my hooves and trim the fetlocks!! Yeeeh hooor!

wine anyone???

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 16:40:40

Oh sorry to hear that Bitchy [offers more virtual wine]

sanschocolat Fri 07-Feb-14 16:41:44

aaargh "do not be afraid" grin

EustaciaVye Fri 07-Feb-14 17:40:48

I have whizzed through the kitchen Fly missions so feel virtuous grin

still need to chang spare bed and hoover prior to guests.

BitchytheGreat Fri 07-Feb-14 19:30:38

To do list
drop prescription off
hope ds hasn't realised that he is currently on a sleep med break (poor kid)
load of washing on
blanket gate work with colours that have small amount of progress and returning to this evening
Banking ran out of time in the next town
Drink plenty of water not as good as should have been
Get ass back on restricted diet as suffering from eating stuff shouldn't be failed
Sort out the broken camera issue
wash car look i sorta did the daily focus, kinda, perhaps maybe
5 mins decluttering car
not kill ds who is very fragile
eat own body weight in chocolate and settle down of watching stuff on tv

CyberMam Sat 08-Feb-14 00:05:48

Still just treading water here. I wasn't working today so I had originally planned to catch up on kitchen and general bleurgh but DS2 got sent home sick yesterday, and DS1 decided he was ill too this morning so I ended up waiting on both DSs all day instead. DS2 seems to have recovered now and DS1 is miraculously improved hmm so I'm planning to take them out for the day tomorrow to visit DM so I don't have to look at the state of the house

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Feb-14 00:11:26

Am I the only one who's noticed that Goth and her DH have followed the fledgling rule for a Friday? Disappointed you didn't manage the laundry too, Goth wink.

Ellie - so glad you're home! What a relief!

SC - well done on finding a babysitter. Hope you have a great night out.

Sorry, too sleepy to post any more. Yawns and sleepy waves to all the fleglings.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 08-Feb-14 00:16:33

grin Toffee it completely threw out my plans for the day. Did get some bread made and some ironing done.

Going to call it a night now, if the weather is good tomorrow, DD & I are going to help planting raspberry canes at a local train station. A local food initiative.

EustaciaVye Sat 08-Feb-14 03:20:52

oh yes. well done Goth.

So...dd was just sick sad This follows an on/off headache since wed and is her 3rd headache followed by vomit in 5 weeks. The other two were intense headaches but I am self-diagnosing migraine if none of us get sick so will book gp appt for advice.

She is asleep and I am wide awake. hmm

StillWearingOddSocks Sat 08-Feb-14 06:31:46

blush oh god I have been away for weeks...sometimes lurking but definitely not flying or even fluttering....

Here have some wine lay-dies.....

sans your links are so organised....*throw myself into sans' arms imploring for absentee forgiveness & asks for a bit of anointing with that organised flying pixie dust*

swan - red flannel underwear reminds me of the railway children , when one of the girls rips off her red flannel petticoat to wave down the train & prevent it crashing on the fallen rocks on the line :-)

Knickers could do the same trick, I'm sure. In fact you're definitely going to stop traffic if you rip your knickers off in the street - no waving needed grin

Everyone else - enjoying the whole thread.

We're moving AGAIN....we're just renting & I wonder if anyone else on this thread is? I don't think I will ever be able to buy in london, even if I get a couple of promotions - the amount they will times your salary by to give you a Lending figure does not add up to a modest 2 bed garden flat. I should have been more sensible 15 years ago and feel I'm starting too late...DS is young - six - but I feel old!

Look forward to reading your posts later today.

CallingAllEngels Sat 08-Feb-14 08:03:45

Sorry for8r absence this week...I haven't really been keeping up with MN!

Grey and rainy here. Street still being dug up, though they did our driveway/pavement bit yesterday. Still another week and a half until they do the tarmac and we can get back into our driveway.

to do
get dressed!
Mount washmore
post office
sort out stuff that needs to be stored in cellar/loft
clothes repairs
empty bins

dh is heading out to carry on tidying the garage. Shame we can't take trailer to tip (can't get it out of the driveway!).

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 08-Feb-14 08:06:06

Quick check in before I'm off to work

Didn't do much flying yesterday but did manage to start putting together ds's stuff for his school residential next week before heading off to work

We stay over at my parents on a Friday as they look after ds while I work.

Just waved dd. & dh off to school (last Saturday for two weeks for her) & about to go off to work myself

Hope all the ill mumsnetters/ children are feeling better.

PeanutPatty Sat 08-Feb-14 08:50:14


Laundry done and on airer
Precious cardboard like laundry in ironing pile
Cleaned all kitchen surfaces <preen>
Dog walked

To do:
Phone British Gas <procrastination city>
Appt at vets for Miaow
Start car insurance search
More laundry
Remove rubbish and debris from car
Early night

Hope everyone has a great Saturday and that its not too wet and miserable wherever you are.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Feb-14 10:28:56

Goth - next time you need to make sure DH adds it to your 'to do' list so you can plan ahead grin.

Today I am using the beauty-salon voucher DH bought me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago - getting my brows and eyelashes tinted. Wish something could also be done for the frankly enormous spot that is brewing on my chin sad.

To do

House rescue
Science homework with DS2
Encourage DS1 to go out (nice skateboarding weather today)
Trip to beauty salon
OU work
MIL babysitting as we are going out for dinner with friends tonight smile

Hope you all have a good day.

EustaciaVye Sat 08-Feb-14 10:59:27

Oh. It isnt a migraine, it is a sick bug. And my patents are on the way to visit for a weekend. They are two hours into the journey so cant cancel. sad

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Feb-14 11:04:47

Oh no, Eustacia sad.

EustaciaVye Sat 08-Feb-14 11:25:53

dd is so brave when she is actually ill. so why does she whine all the time about minor injuries!

PeanutPatty Sat 08-Feb-14 11:30:33

Eustacia so sorry to hear that. Hopefully a 24hr thing?

dizzyday07 Sat 08-Feb-14 11:37:57

Yesterday's Ta Da
* DD to swim training (they were practising relay changeovers that she will need next weekend)
* DD to school with normal gear plus Forest School gubbings
* Meals planned and food bought
* DD's weekend bags packed
* DD to swim training
* DD to my sisters
* Just about kept my eyes open on the wet and windy drive home!
* Washing load on and hung to dry

It felt really odd last night knowing DD wasn't sleeping here! She has a 2 night residential coming up and as she never really spends nights away it is the going to be part she is worried over, so her spending the weekend with my sis - with no contact - is the best we an do to try to prepare her for it!

So DH and I have the weekend to ourselves hmm. We had a bit of a lie in (9am) and we are off out for lunch later to a restaurant that DD finds too spicy. I think he has the rugby is planned for later but maybe I will sneak upstairs and do some sewing!

sanschocolat Sat 08-Feb-14 11:40:14

Good morning all! Yes, as PeanutPatty says, hope none of you are affected by these awful floods I keep seeing on the news. One of the racing trainers (usually people well able to deal with the ups and downs of life) was in tears on Channel 4 this morning. His entire property is under four feet of water but worst of all, it is expected to stay like that for four months before it drains away.

Eustacia I'm so sorry. It's so stressful when dc are ill; particularly so when you have visitors. Hope your dd recovers soon. [And that no one else succumbs.]

Enjoy the pampering Toffee!

grin Stillwearing don't worry, everyone falls off the wagon on here all the time!! [Would happily throw 'organised' pixie dust around too but not sure I am qualified!!! The links are Flylady's and easy to copy (my Flying is not so organised I assure you and if you study the website for any length of time Flylady herself doesn't come across as very organised either wink). The point is though we are all in the same boat. Anything you do - and I mean any Flying task,however small - is a bonus. You are never behind!!!! Just start again with one small task for 15 mins ... . And arf at train-stopping underwear grin

Hope you manage to resolve housing situation. We would probably be renting if we lived in London (watch Kirsty and Phil all the time and am shock at the prices). Lucky over here because you get more square metres for your Euro ifyswim.

Good luck with your list PeanutPatty, enjoy your w/e too!

Sorry you are still dealing with building work outside Engels (although sounds as if the decluttering inside is still going strong!). The local commune replaced all the cobbles on the pavement on our street not long ago, only to have the contractors down the road dig them up again one week later to install a huge channel for drains! Talk about bad planning! Thoroughly fed up of all the builders sand being trodden in to the house.

Goth like the sound of that food initiative!

Glad the boys are on the mend Cyber Enjoy your Saturday!

Have a good day at work Pictures

Big waves to Bitchy , and everyone else!

Had a great time last night and so did dd. Woke up feeling full of beans and energy and plans for the weekend: but dh went down with horrid flu bug within an hour of returning from London and has taken to his bed. (He never lets himself be ill during work time)So I've been ringing around cancelling everyone/everything. Oh well, one of these days our respective moods/energy levels/states of health will actually coincide!!

Had better go and mention the dreaded 'h' word to dd ....

Have a good weekend everyone!

sanschocolat Sat 08-Feb-14 11:42:51

x post

Very impressed by how you cope with all those child-chauffering logistics Dizzy!!! Enjoy your child-free weekend!

sanschocolat Sat 08-Feb-14 12:02:01

(and hope your dd enjoys her weekend at your dsis's house too!)

AliceinWinterWonderland Sat 08-Feb-14 14:44:40

Precious few *ta da*s today. We started the morning with a trip to A&E and the DCs have been all over the place, so not much done. DS2 is determined to break the record for most times put in time-out today. hmm He's got plenty of activities to entertain himself but seems to feel the day would be better spent annoying his brother instead.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 08-Feb-14 14:47:14

OddSocks we rent in Glasgow, we were lucky, found a great location straight away, (I miss central heating & double glazing), the LL owns the whole block so it's a very professional set up. I can't see us moving unless our circumstances change a lot.

Eustacia hope you feel better soon and have a good weekend.

DH didn't come in until very late last night,but he was still up at the normal time, probably because he doesn't usually drink when he's out. So I had tea provided in bed grin

We made it to the planting, good job really as only one other person turned up. It was good though, only a slight drizzle and not the heavy rain forecast. Got some raspberries and blackcurrents in and transplanted some strawberries, followed by coffee in the shop.

Just back home now, about to tuck into some pizza.


Swanhildapirouetting Sat 08-Feb-14 17:58:49

what a horrible wintry day it has turned into round here, came back to house in total darkness, as dss and dh were out to a football match (which was cancelled so they went to the cinema)

catechism class, slightly stressful this week
dd and I to lunch with my aunt to see some relations and two other 11 year old girls (they all incidentally have dip dyed hair this time, last time it was all top knots - some sort of esp going on across London)
dd and I then went to Westfield, that temple to commerce that makes you wilt before you even buy anything. Dd bought a knapsack which looked like someone had spattered tippex or toothpaste over, but she thought v trendy. Hopefully it will solve her backache.

We are home now, exhausted from buses and walking.

I don't even want to think about supper or homework.

Dd has told me she wants to give up Lamda classes at school as she found it too much. I feel a bit annoyed that her acting class has turned into yet another stress, when it is meant to be entirely holistic. It turns out that she hates all the extra homework it generates. I can understand how every teacher inputs as much as they can into every pupil, but I just wanted her to practise speaking poetry and drama, not write essays on the motivation of characters hmm will have to sort that out. So far dd has given up since the age of five....

violin (to grade 1)
choir (at music school for 3 years)
guides (for four years)
netball (two years)
piano (to grade 2)
ballet (3 years at 3-6, I year at 10)
singing (I year)

She is still managing Glee Club though and plays the piano every day (her own compositions)! I don't really mind if she gives anything up, just that it is quite a roll call of waning enthusiasms over the years...Hope school is not the next for the chop shock

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 08-Feb-14 18:44:31

How old is she swanhilda? And what grade is she doing

I do Lamda. & that sounds a lot. Somecteachers find it helps the children to write fiends the answers to the questions part so they are clear in their mind what they are going to say but it's usually just a few simple questions

What do you think your character looks like
How is your character feeling
Are there any changes if mood

Then for grades 4-5 why have you chosen to move/use the stage in the way you have.

not2nitedarling Sat 08-Feb-14 18:49:10

ta da

cleaned window sill inside, decluttered,
cut off dead leaves from plants on windowsill.. washed their pots and watered
cleaned kitchen floor
polished furniture in bathroom, bedroom and dd bedroom
watch wales play rugby

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 08-Feb-14 20:56:18

Pictures that is very interesting you are a Lamda teacher. Dd is 11/12 and going straight into Grade 3 level (which I think is meant to be quite easy for 11 year olds), but never done drama before. She has told me she has to write 24 paragraphs on The Velveteen Rabbit and Kacuy (sic?) exactly as you described, what are they feeling etc...

I will have to sort it out with drama teacher..so far I've not talked to any of dd's teachers so it will be an odd sensation to be chasing up just the drama. Dh has just pointed out to me how little communication we have had so far with dd's school, possibly because she is not any trouble!!!!

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 08-Feb-14 21:01:46

24 paragraphs - wow!

In the exam it's a viva voce. They have to answer fully but only have a few minutes for it.

The Velveteen Rabbit is one ofcthe set anthology pieces. The other must be the free choice

(We usually give a student one bit per week so it might be- ok this week go away & think what your character looks like - maybe draw a costume if it helps.

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 08-Feb-14 21:05:03

I personally wouldn't put an 11 year old with no previous experience in for Grade 3

Until a few years ago Lamda set minimum ages for each grade & 11 was the minimum age for grade 3. They did remove that regulation but its still the recommended minimum age.

Dd is 12 & missed a year of Lamda due to dance auditions. She will do grade 3 next time but she's been doing the exsms since she was 5.

BitchytheGreat Sat 08-Feb-14 22:41:22

Blimey, you have all been busy today.

So for family fun day we went to ds' match. It was actually fun. No aspie meltdowns and only one or two small issues of child not listening grin

I also have a ta da list
1 load washing
sort out kit for match
sort out blankets off ds' floor
laundry off ds' floor
wash kit post match
find my glasses
remove too small shoes from porch and put shoes away
clothes shopping for ds for an expensive bit (trainers) and practical bits (socks) because he has grown again
buy a couple of bits to suppliment my wardrobe
15mins decluttering car (2 bags of recycling waiting to be put in bin and a bag full of bits that has been brought back into the house)
5mins decluttering in my room
set up file system for my current set of hospital letters
file letters into file
set up a file for work training handouts etc
file paperwork accordingly
15mins decluttering in my room

Just about to sort a hot water bottle and curl up in bed with work on the last bits of the blocks i can do until i get into the city. Although if i can i think i might just crash and sleep.

sanschocolat Sun 09-Feb-14 08:16:50

Good morning!

Apologies for posting links at last minute!


Baby-step no.9 for Sun 9th Feb is : to read the decluttering Flying lesson and add a 5 min room rescue to your morning routine.

New zone today so here is basic zone cleaning info.

Today (Sunday) is our first day in zone 3: the Bathroom and one extra room here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone!

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning.

No mission because it is the weekend.

The daily focus for Sunday is:doing something to renew your spirit.

The monthly habit for February is: decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan.

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!


sanschocolat Sun 09-Feb-14 08:56:24

Think you were the busiest though Bitchy that list sounds very organised and glad you had family fun too!

Alice hope everyone is ok!

Well done re: planting in the rain Goth!

Swan it's really foul weather here atm too - dark, cold, wet and generally grim. I wouldn't feel too badly about the activities that your dd has started and given up. It shows you are a good mother who has allowed her dc to try different things; which is , after all, what being a child is all about. And also there are bound to be things she learnt during guides, team sports, music lessons that will stay with her for life. None of it is wasted. Also, I am rather consoled by the list wink because dd has so far given up:
gym (after 1 year)
piano (after two years)
ballet (after 7.5 years)!! sad
She has to learn poetry at school as part of language lessons and does guitar/recorder during music lessons but wouldn't be doing any of those if it weren't built in to the curriculum. The only thing she has kept up with is tennis (once a week) which is odd because she's not particularly good at it (!) and riding every so often with me. I do worry about her resilience/persistence as all my parenting books stress the importance of 'stickability' but I guess you also have to find the thing you want to 'stick' at!! Agree with you though about wishing there were activities dc could do for the sheer enjoyment of it, without being tested and examined to the hilt!

Well done re: your list Not2nite

Big waves to Pictures and everyone else!

I did absolutely naff all yesterday except a small supermarket shop, make a salad and bung a frozen meal in the oven blush and waste time watching obscure winter sports (such as women bouncing over moguls - must kill the knees!).

My excuse is that dh and now dd have succumbed to some sort of cold/flu-like virus so I have been on nursing duty but they don't in reality require much nursing.

So today I had better get my act together.

Ta da:
morning routine inc rabbits, dw, wm, s&s

To do:
wash school uniform
polish dd boots and shoes
encourage dd to learn French poetry and finish hwk so she is prepared for school if she is well enough to go
make sauce for spag bol
home office decluttering 2 x 15
other decluttering in boudoir?
brisk walk

We've had to cancel our lunch guests but I had already made a large vat of ratatouille. The invalids don't fancy it so does anyone know what I can do with it instead (we were going to eat it with lamb which I have now frozen)? Think it might be too liquid to freeze?? Do you think it would be ok for soup if liquidised???

elliepac Sun 09-Feb-14 09:10:56

Morning all. Starting to feel a bit more like myself (with the help of some good drugs). DH is being amazing. If I had known that all it took was a few days in hospital to get him to do some housework, I'd have faked an illness years agowinkgrin.

Actually finding it quite hard to sit around and not do anything. The control freak within me doesn't like the fact that at the moment I am not in control of anything....work, house or health. Trying to be a good patient but don't know how long it will last!

CyberMam Sun 09-Feb-14 09:18:11

Well DCs were just too grumpy yesterday morning to inflict on DPs so ended up staying here. Had an unexpectedly productive day.

Reclaimed 2 work surfaces in the kitchen
Washed and dried heap of laundry
Changed beds and washed bedding
Finished knitting bolero cardigan that's been lurking for a few weeks

Today DPs are coming over her for lunch so my list is
to do
Half hour dust/Hoover/mop
Go tesco to get food for lunch
Cook roast dinner
Persuade DS1 to do homework
Training tutorial thing for work
Admin stuff for a group I help organise

ta da
Swish and swipe
Beds made

Hmm feel like I need mission impossible music running for that list so I'd best go get cracking

Hope all invalids are feeling better today

ToffeeWhirl Sun 09-Feb-14 09:26:12

Had a fun night out with friends last night. No plans today, so I'm looking forward to a day of pottering at home. I should do the ironing, but I think I'm going to go back to bed first blush. In my defence, I was the last to bed and the first up with DS2 this morning and I may have had a little too much wine last night.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 09-Feb-14 09:29:14

Oh lord, my question about spots has made Discussion of the Day. I wouldn't have just posted about squeezing had I known blush <ducks out of spotlight>.

CallingAllEngels Sun 09-Feb-14 10:28:50

ellie do you th7nk going away for the weekend will work just as well?! (Am going on a course on Thursday for 3 nights so DH will be home aoone with ds!).

Sorry to hear you're suffering from skin problems toffee . I have had bad skin since I was 14. The best thing for me has been pregnancy and being on the pill! Not great when we were ttc ds for 18 months (one of my colleaguesasked me, 'What's wrong with your face?" hmm ). I use Liz Earle and find that whenI eat better, drink more water and most importantly exercise my skin is much better, but unfortunately, since it's very linked to hormones, there's only so much I can do (can't use most acne treatments if ttc or pg).

sc hope you're all resting up. I reckon you could use ratatouille as base for a soup or pasta sauce if you need to freeze.

CallingAllEngels Sun 09-Feb-14 10:32:01

I am renewing my spirit todayby refusing to do any schoolwork, wearing nice clothes instead of slobbing like I usually do on a Sunday, and am going to settle down and carry on reading the new Bill Bryson. I so enjoy his writing - the book equivalent of a nice warm bubble bath!

However...to do
washing up

sanschocolat Sun 09-Feb-14 12:01:34

Ellie Great to hear you are feeling better and that your dh has stepped up re: chores! Long may it continue wink! Take it steady and let yourself be waited on for once!

Sounds like a lovely Sunday Engels you deserve it! Thanks for ratatouille advice; base for pasta sauce it is! Have also come across Italian recipe where you use tomatoes, veg and stale white bread so going to use some of it for that too.

Glad you had a good night out Toffee and sorry to hear about the spots. I do think hormones are at play here. I use Liz Earle system too when I cba and think it is good.

Arf at mission impossible music Cyber and very impressed with your productive day Saturday. Hope you enjoy your family lunch.

You could hear a pin drop here. Everyone is ailing. I am trying to get things done but am having to tiptoe about, trying not to make a noise, covering the invalids with fleeces and blankets wherever they have happened to fall asleep.

BitchytheGreat Sun 09-Feb-14 12:03:46

Well today is goiung along quite productively.

Ds is dealing with his room and is singing shock So far he has: tidied the floor hoovered and now putting the rug, stool and bin back. shock

My ta da list is less impressive but i have managed the renew your spirit aspect for today And i am about to get on and tackle more stuff. Soo much that can be done that i showed ds my to do list when he wanted help and he has disappeared knowing that if he wants me to get around to the job that he really wants done he is going to have to let me get on with the long list first. I have just introduced first/then lists... Before i can connect the tv in your room then you need to tidy and sort your room. Needless to say the first list is broken down into like 1001 bullets but still it has today stopped an arguement so will see how it progresses.

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 09-Feb-14 12:30:00

I used to have terrible spots in my teens; I am dreading my children inheriting this tendency. But at 19 they disappeared, and I look back on it as a bad dream. The worst was that they actually hurt sad I can remember clearasil, oxy something or other and horrible face washes. And despair at discos..sad

All of us are exhausted this morning. Dd has already laid on the floor and screamed twice, ds1 seems to be doing homework and ds2 has refused to go to drama sucked into the Winter Olympics, despite dh disconnecting the telly . Dd and I have been lying upstairs in bed, eating pancakes and looking at rescue dogs on the Heathlands site (a pipe dream, as dh hates dogs), dh has given up on family life and gone to a Book Fair, as no-one will budge and go anywhere or even get dressed..

On Friday dh changed our room round, so the bed is under the eaves; the whole room feels quite different and the children are enjoying lying on the double bed pretending we have moved house! The cats have also decided this is their new spot (another reason not to get a dog I fear...too many cats to chase)

A large fox was walking across our garden today. I think there is a den around the corner under someone's big shed.

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 09-Feb-14 12:32:37

I've always thought Ratatouille fine to freeze, possibly a bit squidgier when it comes out, but still delicious. It's in the M & S freezer cookbook from the 70's isn't it? (my bible)

BitchytheGreat Sun 09-Feb-14 12:35:34

Meh cook books can be wrong Swan times change and the 70's freezes hadn't been tested as widely as they have now. If you find it works, it works.

Trazzletoes Sun 09-Feb-14 12:39:26

You can freeze ratatouille, absolutely!

sanschocolat Sun 09-Feb-14 12:41:18

Oh thanks everyone - I'd just assumed it would be too liquid to freeze - as I have vats of the stuff I will freeze a bit and let you know!

Top marks for persuading your ds to tackle his room Bitchy and for renewing your spirit too.

I also spend far too long browsing dog rescue sites on-line Swan.

sanschocolat Sun 09-Feb-14 12:42:07

Oh thanks Trazzles that's great news - we'd be eating it every evening for a fornight if not!

CallingAllEngels Sun 09-Feb-14 13:46:02

Ta da
washing up
washing in machine
5k run along very windswept canal path
Chx out for dinner (DH is going to make a curry)

to do
washing in td
Date with mr bryson (in order for this to be achieved I may have to resort to Bambi!)

GoingGoingGoth Sun 09-Feb-14 14:27:21

Afternoon all

Toffee no advice on the spots, but I love Liz Earle C&P, although her toner can be a bit harsh for me. Hope you get them sorted ( I love a good sporn thread)

Sunday lunch

Waiting for a break in the rain to go for a walk.

CallingAllEngels Sun 09-Feb-14 14:45:17

Really Goth? I love the toner, my skin's quite sensitive as well. I find it so much gentler but still effective than any of the many many brands I've tried in the past. When I was a student I used Simple but since using LE when I went back to Simple, I found the toner really ineffective. Clinique 3 step wrecked my skin - I used it for a week and it was so harsh I had to stop after a week as it just stripped my skin but my dsis loved it

Asa teenager I tried things like body shop tea tree and clearasil but they took all the goodness out of my skin and it was red raw.

BitchytheGreat Sun 09-Feb-14 15:06:24

ta da
laundry x 1 load
wash and put away the last of the summer quilts x 2 loads
20mins decluttering in my room
renew my spirit
ds' room floor tidied and hoovered
Jelly made
Handwarmers boiled up
put some stuff into office which should be there
come up with a cunning plan <mwah ha ha>
evict spiders, sharks, bats and walruses from the bath tub
15mins decluttering the landing
sort out dresses into dress bags for going into storage
Realise that yet again I am far more productive in PJs then when i get up ala fly lady
Empty bins
sort out recycling to go out
put bathroom bin in to disinfect
Wash blankets from the car
strap wrist and it is still not happy hmm
Start 100 days of happy
15mins decluttering my room
15mins more on landing
fuss ds' giant mechano dog so he is still smiling
Realise the half dead plant that wouldn't die is now 3/4 dead and might just dry so the bloody ugly thing can get recycled
Update monthly overview sheet
hoover landing

BitchytheGreat Sun 09-Feb-14 15:09:05

Random question toffee how much water are you drinking? For me this is the one thing that is the simplest thing to fix wrt spots. Always prone to break outs when i neglect the water.

I am beginning to get to the point where i would quite like my bed. Still feeling crappy from the virus. Trying very hard NOT to over do things. But this productive and tidy thing can get a bit addictive...

humanordancer Sun 09-Feb-14 15:13:09

Aargh I've been rubbish again blush

Thanks Goth for recovery wishes earlier. No pain now, just snapping sounds, so much better smile

Toffee I have had terrible problems with spots over the years, and find toner generally doesn't add much. Someone on your thread recommended Zineryt from the GP - I've had success with this in the past and always keep an unmixed bottle of it at the ready, just in case.

It's always so difficult to know what's making a difference, or whether things would have cleared anyway, but I've found over the years that being gentle and not stripping (apart from a timely blast of Zineryt on the actual spots,) has been best for me. I'm spot-free at the moment and have been using the REN Rose Centifolia range. Also, I'm on the low carb bootcamp, and it may be a coincidence, but red marks from old scars seem to be fading. I think it must be the fat.

Right, today:

Ta da:

Chicken broth on stove

To do:

Wash up
The renewing of spirit business

That'll do, I think!

hELLO, checking in after a long absence and the Blueandwhite Household is definitely in need of a good clean and tidy. My teacher has been off for two weeks so I have been covering the class-this has meant going in for half seven and not leaving before five, lots of instant meals from the freezer and no housework. (However, the classroom is the cleanest and tidiest it has ever been.......)

Teacher is back tomorrow, so in view of the fact I haven't had to spend today planning, I have put on three loads of washing, hung one lot in front of the radiator in the lounge on an airer and tumble dried anything that could be tumbled, changed the bed can't actually remember when it was last changed , cooked a load of chicken legs for tea, tidied off the kitchen table onto a chair ready to sort out over half term , and tidied the lounge.

Oh, and DH has bleached the mould off the bedroom wall and ceiling-will this rain never end???

DH is off over half term, on the one hand this means he will be here which will be nice, on the other it means that all those fifteen minute blitzes that I do in the holidays won't get done.

thinking101 Sun 09-Feb-14 15:57:14

<creeps in> Now Ive got off to a bad start rejoining this thread.

I have done a lot of socialising this weekend and two v late nights.
Ive cooked a lot of food too.

I will be starting tomorrow in earnest - people comming over on Friday.

Toffee I hope you visitors go soon wink

bitchy - PJ's yes yes yes!

ToffeeWhirl Sun 09-Feb-14 16:18:02

So do I, thinking. One has given up the fight, anyway.

Thank you everyone for the tips on fighting spots. I have read them all.

Bitchy - that's a good point, actually. I'm ashamed to say that, despite following the Fat Fairy, I am not drinking much water at all. I don't think tea counts, does it?

Had to go back to bed this morning and slept for two to three hours. DH has gone back to bed now, as he's feeling rough again. Have been trying to get him to go back to the doctor for the last couple of weeks, but he keeps putting it off. I think he still has an infection. Wish he'd stop procrastinating and just make an appointment.

Loaded up the d/w an hour ago and then realised I have run out of dishwasher powder - and the corner shop is shut. I have put it on rinse cycle, but now I have to unload it all and wash up by hand.

Or I could just leave it all until tomorrow morning <ponders>.

MIL rang this morning. DH refuses to ring her back. I don't want to either. She will talk for ages and ages, which is fine when I can cope, but I just want to be left alone today.

Right, time to tackle the kitchen...

(And will drink a glass of water too, Bitchy).

sanschocolat Sun 09-Feb-14 17:22:20

Hi again everyone

Absolutely filthy weather here - like someone is chucking buckets of water against the glass. Dd and dh still lying around in quiet ailing heaps poor things. Crikey it is really really quiet when dd is ill!!!

Ta da:
washed school uniform
washed bed linen
polished dd boots and shoes
tried to encourage dd to learn French poetry and finish maths hwk (fractions) but got less than half done - she is feeling grim
listened to Archers omnibus
made sauce for spag bol
used rest of veg to make pumpkin and chickpea soup
made 5 different ratatouille dishes including pasta sauce (thanks everyone!)
home office decluttering 2 x 15
found yet another (final I hope) wandering box of Christmas cards shock and put it in roof - must remember not to buy any more next yr
tidied boudoir but no decluttering
didn't get out of house for walk but had bubble bath instead and tackled eyebrows, manicure, pedicure, etc.

Toffee don't know if this is of any use at all but have combination skin. Find Clinique too strong and Clarins too rich (and resent price). Liz Earle good but bit of a pain to have it delivered here so always running out. Anyway, don't know if this will have any impact at all on spots as know very little about beauty stuff but picked up jar of Nivea pure and natural anti-wrinkle day cream recently. It was roughly Euros 8-12 - can't remember exactly - just bought it on impulse as was displayed behind supermarket check-out. Anyway, it is absolutely BRILLIANT! My skin isn't particularly brilliant but I've definitely noticed a significant improvement since using it! Great for blending with foundation too! I'm finding it 10 tens better than all the expensive alternatives. Definitely going to buy another pot! Hope your dh feels better soon.

Engels respect re: 5k run in this weather

Goth respect for window cleaning on a Sunday

Blimey Bitchy respect for humungous list - definitely take it easy now and rest that wrist!

Thinking101 Blueandwhite Humanordancer no apologies necessary - it's just good to 'see' you - as I said to Stillwearing downthread, we are all falling off the wagon on here (and clambering back on) on a regular basis. I have only just got back to what I call 'proper' Flying (which in reality is pretty improper wink) after a seven week gap. Remember the Flylady mantra - you are never behind! Just jump back in where we are at!

Thinking101 socialising/cooking must more important than Flying in my book - otherwise, what's it all for?

Lovely to have you back Blueandwhitelover - that sounds like a pretty exhausting work schedule - hope you can relax a bit now the teacher is back. [Respect to all teachers and classroom assistants - simply don't know how you do it.]

Humanordancer chicken broth sounds just the job in this weather!

Right, back to check on the patients. Dreading the fact that it looks like dd will be off school tomorrow. She has already had 2 days off since September (owing to illness) and because those were in the first week back after the holidays it was very noticeable, she has been labelled as "frequently absent" (even though she did quite a bit of work at home.) They hate it when pupils are away; and to be fair they get through so much work in one day that it is very hard to catch up. Plus, because there are loads of holidays, they expect full attendance in term time. There is nothing I can do, because she is genuinely ill but starting to feel really anxious about it. Arrrgggh.

BBL. Big wing flaps to everyone in the meantime!

sanschocolat Sun 09-Feb-14 17:30:17

I don't mean dd has been officially marked "frequently absent" on any records or anything, just that the headmistress has got it in to her mind that she is ifyswim. (And she probably has been off more than many to be honest but all genuine illnesses apart from one day last term when she was swinging the hook.)

Sorry, will stop rambling now blush

ToffeeWhirl Sun 09-Feb-14 18:36:03

SC - thanks for the tip on the Nivea cream. It's good to hear about something that actually works. I bought some Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Filler with a Xmas voucher a month ago and it does absolutely nothing sad <reminds self to stop expecting miracles>.

Sorry about your DD and DH being ill. I don't know how you cope with the school system there, honestly. It sounds really tough. Children can't help being ill. What does the headmistress expect you to do - send her in so she can infect everyone else? confused I had a letter from the headteacher about DS2's level of absence last term. In fact, he had a virus and chest infection and the GP told me to keep him off for another week after his first week off, so there was nothing I could do about it.

DS2 is requesting a second pizza shock. BBL.

sanschocolat Sun 09-Feb-14 21:15:37

Thanks Toffee I'm calling the doctor out tomorrow morning straightaway so we can scan and e-mail medical certificate over to school immediately, which will hopefully pre-empt any probs. Ridiculous waste of money/doctor's time because it's obvious dd just has a virus that will resolve itself with r & r but necessary to go with the rules.


Tomorrow's baby-step, no 10, for Monday 10th Feb is a useful one about the power of 15 mins.

Tomorrow and all this week (9-15 Feb) we will be in zone 3: the Bathroom and one extra room here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone!

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning.

Monday's mission (and all the missions for the week ahead) can be found here. Monday's missions involve cleaning the back of the lav in the bathroom and removing obvious litter from a child's bedroom.

The daily focus for Monday is: the home bleugh.

The monthly habit for February is still : decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan which updates itself daily.

Newcomers; do remember that you can adapt the system to suit yourself ie I don't have to declutter my bathroom because I dont have any storage in it, so do another room instead.

Have a great start to the week everyone!


PeanutPatty Sun 09-Feb-14 21:56:04

Evening Flyers,

I can't even remember what jobs I did yesterday. How bad is that? shock

Today's completed:
Long dog walk
Instructed MrPP to wash our bed linen whilst I was out
Emptied and reloaded DW
Clean laundry put away
MrPP has hoovered and mopped the whole entire house and cleaned the lounge blinds and window grin

Still to do:
Call British Gas - if I haven't done this by Wednesday someone please shout at me
Make appt at vets for Miaow
Car insurance
Tidy Pet cupboard
Filing sorted and away
List dates of Direct Debits and amounts
Make a start on cleaning the car
Bloody ironing
Put dried laundry away
Bloody ever increasing laundry pile
Buy more laundry powder

I am going to have to put a ban on people wearing clothes once before putting out for washing. Underwear excluded obviously. Seriously it's driving me crazy. I've got two tops loitering at the bottom of the laundry bin because they are handwash. Hate handwashing.

I've not read everyone's posts as been out and about a fair bit today and I'm now propping my eyelids open so unlikely I will manage it tonight. Will catch up properly tomorrow. Hope you have all had a relaxing weekend and indulged in some fine wine and food. #priorities

Oh yes, SC and Toffee I love that Nivea pure & natural. It's often on offer in Wilkinsons and even cheaper. grin

What a bore about medical certificates SC.

Haven't done much this weekend, but trying to get back into the mindset of tidy being the default - ie when you've finished with something, or see something in the wrong place, put it away! Was working for a while but got swamped by other concerns...

Have finally been able to do some reading for pleasure too. I'd got into a rut of taking ages over boring but worthy stuff I felt I ought to read, but got loads of fun books for Christmas and have read 3 of them in the last week. grin

Big waves to all... Night!

MerryBuddha Sun 09-Feb-14 22:27:03

<Waves to everyone>

Sorry been a bit of a hectic week, managed to fly but haven't had time post.
Thursday meal out with mum to celebrate her 70th.
Friday ladies cocktail night (around a friends house)
Saturday Convent garden and War Horse
Today 9 mile run
Tomorrow Start work.

Hope everyone is keeping Well, will now read back thread,to see what you all have been up too. <places bum on sofa in the naughty corner, while sipping Margaritas out of a chilled glass>

dizzyday07 Mon 10-Feb-14 02:09:42

We are back as a trio! DD seems to have has a great weekend with my sister (they went ice skating today!) and said tonight that being away wasn't as scary as she was anticipating - so it seems that mission was accomplished grin

Yesterday DH and I went out to lunch then I dropped him at the pub to watch the rugby whilst I saw a bit of the Olympics at home! He went off to cricket nets this morning so as this is the first exercise he has done for years I anticipate he will feel it in the morning!

Had done no flying at all over the weekend so that was rectified this evening
Ta Da
* DD collected
* Tea made
* Mega pot wash and sink shine
* Washing load in and hung to dry
* DD bags unpacked
* Uniform/bags/shirts organised for the morning
* DD bathed and put to bed

MerryBuddha Mon 10-Feb-14 06:24:51

As it is the first day back to work, super organised. Packed in lunches in school bags, alongside shoes and coats by the door. Empty d/w, shiny sink, w/m on. Breakfast stuff out. Off to S&S before getting change and feeding the dc.

EustaciaVye Mon 10-Feb-14 07:00:22

Morning all
sc - dd2 has had about 10 days off since sep. she has had virud after virus. and about to have today as although she is bouncing now she was sick for 14 hours on saturday and I tend to stick to the 48 hour rule. lots of patents dont though.

CallingAllEngels Mon 10-Feb-14 08:19:46

Morning all!

blue I have also been trying to read more (kept track last year and managed 51 books!). I started off this year trying to clear my backlog before buying anything new. Managed to read nearly everything on my kindle but still a few eighty tomes to get through! Trying to alternate them with books that I really want to read, like the Bill Bryson I finished last week. I read a lot of YA too.

Good work on the run Buddha - what was War Horse like?

Sc hope the invalids get well soon.

yay to dh doing some exercise dizzy - I wonder if I can prise my dh off the sofa?

CallingAllEngels Mon 10-Feb-14 08:24:14

I need to make a list for today...

ta da
washing on
up, dressed, breakfast

to do
put yesterday's washing away
Give bathroom a once over
if I pop out - supermarket essentials, nuts for bird feeder, tea lights, plastic place mat for ds
washing up
declutter hotspots

and so much more!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 10-Feb-14 09:36:25

DS2 not well (cough and cold), so another child off sick from school today. DS1 said last night that he'd definitely go in today, but this morning says he has "the worst stomach ache" and will try again tomorrow hmm.

And now the boiler has broken down, so we have no heating or hot water.

Meeting at the school about Ds1 this morning, then work. Will have to drop DS2 off at MIL's for a couple of hours.

Ta da

Washed before boiler broke down
To corner shop for eggs and dishwasher tablets
Phoned school about DS2
Tucked DS2 up in bed with hot-water bottle; dosed him up with Calpol
Switched d/w on
Put rubbish out
Woke DH up with the good news about sick Ds2 and broken boiler

thinking101 Mon 10-Feb-14 09:55:14

Morning thanks for the re-welcome.

Ive actually clicked on the links today to get going and read them all.

Dressed to Shoes including Hair/Face, Brush Teeth done
Fed DC's & school run.
Make Bed
Swish & Swipe (doing as part of zone cleaning)
Empty Dishwasher
Reboot Laundry

Sillybillybob Mon 10-Feb-14 10:35:14

I need someone to slap some sense in to me. The DCs are dancing on my last nerve. The house is a state. I'm scared the community nurse is going to take one look and call sicial services because I'm not coping. Gaaaaaaaaaah. My house is shit.

And I have to go shopping. I honestly don't know how I can negotiate a supermarket with DS in his pushchair which I can't steer one-handed, DD running all over the place and me also trying to carry a basket.

DCs have been in front of the tv all day and I can't even cope with that. Am terrible mother today. Have had enough and I don't even know where to start. sad

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 10-Feb-14 10:35:17

Okay, time to get back into gear for me.

ta da
usual morning routine, school run
tidy up living room
check bank
check budget
check diary for this week
update wall calendar for this week's appointments
put out rubbish and food bins
cleaned bathroom sinks

doing right now
taking a break from super cleaning the dining room - it sooooo needs it!! So brew time and another look through my list - then back to work on it.

to do
washing up
empty upstairs rubbish bin
take out recycling
clean the toilets
vacuum upstairs
bring in rubbish and food bins once the binmen have been to collect
split school runs today
figure out what to do for tea as I neglected meal planning this week (another thing to do)
meal plan put together for this week grin

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 11:00:26

Morning all!

Hope all those ailing/recuperating are taking it steady [stern looks at Ellie]

Just hope you are ok ...

Don't tell me someone is actually reading the links!! wink grin Thinking101!! grin Steady on everyone, or we will actually be doing housework next grin!! Good luck with your list today!

Oh dear Toffee ailing dh, dc and a broken boiler is a perfectly horrible start to the week... hope it improves.

Engels do you mind me asking how you managed to have a Kindle set-up abroad? We investigated it, and it all seemed too complex ie having to have UK credit card registered at UK address etc. A friend of mine ordered one, and then had difficulty getting English lang products for it because of licensing agreements or some such? Do you mind me asking how you overcame all of that?

Eustacia thanks, it's awful when dc have to have days off isn't it, it's just the luck of the draw sometimes. Very glad to hear your dd is on the mend today though!

Good luck with your first day back Merry - you sound super organised!! And wow - what a fantastic weekend! Very envy at seeing Warhorse - and many, many happy returns to your mum! thanks. V. impressed by 9 mile run too!

Dizzy so glad the sleep 'experiment' worked well and that your dd had a great weekend! Well done re: your productive evening yesterday.

Blue I've just finished all my Christmas books and am desperately scrabbling around for things to read!! Will look out for Pure & Natural when I am in the UK and stock up!! Top marks for "tidy mindset" mentality!

PeanutPatty Well done re: your lists (and for getting MrPP involved!) Sympathies re: over-flowing laundry baskets - it drives me nuts too - there are only 3 of us and it is full every day; now just how does that happen??!!!

Things much the same here. Dh is a terrible patient (absolutely hates being ill/missing work) and basically growled at everyone for an hour this morning and has now sloped back to bed. DD (who is now coughing for England) insists on sleeping downstairs on the sofa instead of upstairs in her bed, so I'm having to tiptoe around again doing chores quietly and can't really get on so am going to focus my activities on first floor instead. First free slot for doc is this evening. And so on ... .

Ta da:
e-mails to school
rang doc
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s, rabbits
tidy boudoir
dining room table hot spot
folded laundry
re-booted washing

To do:
more on-line purchasing returns
work admin/letters
buy items for dd's summer wardrobe on line
home office decluttering; box labelling, carry upstairs etc
more laundry
look after invalids
brisk walk (if I can escape the house for a bit)
quick supermarket shop
start on boudoir drawers
dsis birthday present
finally choose new baby present and stop dithering!
evening routine

Hope everyone has as good a start to the week as possible!

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 11:11:53

x posts

Silly Oh poor you!! Wish I was just around the corner to be able to give you a hand! First, don't feel badly about the state of the house. You and the entire family have had mahoosive obstacles to overcome. Everything else naturally got shoved down the priority list. That was absolutely right and normal. Can you do a quick on-line supermarket shop or ask a friend to pick up some things for you? Sorry, it is very easy just to type suggestions here and altogether a different matter when you are in the middle of it having to cope. You are NOT a terrible mother today or any day!!!! (You have been through so much; you are bound to feel utterly depleted of energy now things have settled a bit.) thanks thanks thanks [Wafts full strength of collective fledglings towards you ....]

Good luck with your list Alice and with deep cleaning of dining room!

humanordancer Mon 10-Feb-14 11:13:03

Good morning everyone. Just having a bit of a catch up with the thread!

Silly I'm no good at slapping, but it very much sounds like you need brew more. And I'd hazard a good guess that the community nurse will not think that at all.

Dizzy the first time I went to Brownie camp - I wasn't far away at all - my mum insisted on driving past the site on the pretext of going somewhere else. Dad drew the line at letting her peep over the wall. I think they were worried because I was the the youngest going, but when they collected me I was exhausted but very happy.

We were only talking about it the other day because I came across the toilet bag she'd bought me (I still use it for toiletries I could take on a cabin bag only flight - the one area I've always been organised in, mysteriously,) and I have such clear recollections of the bag she packed for me, even down to the smell of the soap.

ellie It's so frustrating having to watch from the sidelines, but it will all still be there for you to rearrange when you're back on your feet. The lack of control over your health is harder, but in a way you are in control because you're doing the best things for the situation now and in the long term, if that makes sense. I struggled with this a lot!

Swan we love that M & S cookbook in the human house too. So much so I bought a spare one from a charity shop. Of all the hundreds of cookbooks we've acquired, it's the one that never fails.

I say we - I'm trying to declutter on two fronts, having moved lots of things into my mum's as we're short on space in the flat. Some of my work is based there, hence all the to-ing and fro-ing. (And also because I'm country person at heart and enjoy getting out of the city grin) We have to be based in London for DP's job - indefinitely.

SC and Swan - I want to rescue every dog sad

PP I hate handwashing too. I have a sort of on the side of washing basket could be worn again pile, which annoys me. But I don't want to put them away in case of moths. (I seem to be on top of them at last.)

Hope everyone ill is feeling better soon.

Here I am working a strictly skeleton to do list:

Finish piece of work
Essential bank thing
(Wash up)
Drink water

I am postponing my bleurgh till tomorrow. If I did it today, it would be in the spirit of procrastination, and I reason that the fluff on the floor will not kill me tonight.

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 10-Feb-14 11:21:23

Whew! Small break in cleaning dining room to clean the microwave. I rarely use the stupid thing, so I'm going to store it in the dining room and of course that means it needs to be clean!! Worst job in the kitchen, other than cleaning the over IMO.

But.... I've had 3 coffees this morning so far, and am literally buzzing along. grin Okay, maybe I should cut back on the coffee. LOL

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 11:21:43

x post

Big waves to Humanordancer I'm with you on the decluttering (although it's painfully slow going here!) and with being country girl at heart (also stuck in city indefinitely owing to dh's business). Absolutely desperate for serious veg patch + cob] Good luck with your list today!

Would either you or Swan mind giving me the full title of that M&S cookbook please? Sounds like one I need to track down!

Had better get cracking ...

Waves to everyone else!

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 10-Feb-14 11:35:23

argh!!! cobwebs down the side of the cabinet in the dining room! between it and the wall. I'll bet a tenner a spider runs out when I run the duster between there. <bracing for a scream and a quick stomp>

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 11:41:15

Toffee look away! grin

Glad I'm not the only one with cobwebs Alice (quite a few of mine are up high apart from- the ones in the cellar lav which looks like a Halloween film set)

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 10-Feb-14 11:42:09

I don't mind the cobwebs, it's the spiders that invariably are there as well. Hate spiders. Really really hate spiders.

humanordancer Mon 10-Feb-14 11:48:04

SC would that be a small horse or an auto corrected dog you'd be after? grin

My version is the St Michael All Colour Freezer Cookbook, by Madeline Fraser (1976). At first glance it could be a bit underwhelming, but it works (Especially the mince pies.)

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 12:05:15

grin Humanordancer it was the equine option I was after, but would definitely go for a dashboard or a colliery wink

[Right - blush - really turning off computer now!]

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 12:05:57

Oop - many thanks for bk details too!

Closing down .....

humanordancer Mon 10-Feb-14 12:13:03

grin I do love dashboards. Right, work!

BitchytheGreat Mon 10-Feb-14 12:19:42

Silly wtf is wrong with the kids having a tv day to keep you sane. I wish i could slap each and every person who says tv is bad. ffs get off your sodding high horses with your perfect lives and come live inreality. Silly, you are NOT a rubbish mum you are a mum who has been stretched to her limit. <<hugs>> brew

Nightmare day that was planned well until i decide to say fuck it to the plan and go for cofee with a friend. So my fault entirely. gotta dash so i can get to work in time

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 10-Feb-14 12:32:59

I'd never get anything done if I couldn't put the DCs in front of the television - like cooking their tea and making their breakfast. Nothing wrong with television - I enjoy watching it in the evening to unwind as well.

God Bless Television. grin

CallingAllEngels Mon 10-Feb-14 13:27:40

Silly, ds and I are having a tv day. 3x Julia Donaldson and 3x Dr Who!

Sc I still have a uk credit card registered to me parents a address so ordered my kindle from the uk site and got delieverd there. I think otherwise you have to go through the us site.

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 10-Feb-14 14:38:41

A moderately good day so far. Ds1 has a sore throat (although I'm not quite sure how serious it is, I think the sleep deficit was the ailment wink when he woke up this morning and said he was ill)

counting in church - and went home as they had an extra person
walking exercise

grocery shopping
had a brief nap, as I was so incredibly tired blush
tended to ds1
went out for brief drink with fellow counters and all before 2pm!

just got home now...Dr's appt next for me

So rainy and cold, although the sun did shine briefly.
Managed to talk to two neighbours on the street today (not immediate ones) the advantages of city life there is never a shortage of people to bump into

sorry for all the genuinely poorly, I know ds is not that ill, just cannot face summoning the energy to revitalize his spirits sufficiently to remind him he is well confused

dh tired out today. It was a busy weekend and dd was tiring ds2 was tiring and ds1...just...not doing much... I'm beginning to find the weekends a terrible drain on my emotions...so many people all with different ideas about how they want to spend their free time, or worse still, NO IDEA AT ALL (the out of sorts dismal child being one of the worst experiences of parenting fail in our house)

going to collapse again now for 20 mins. Dh is having a nap, he is truly exhausted today after a bad night's sleep, and 6.30 start, and his work.

Silly I hope you managed to get just a few things and not try and do an impossible big shop. Is there a double buggy you could borrow for someone for shopping expeditions and getting around, or would that be too small for ds? Dh's trick when tidying is not to tidy anything but just pile everything up and put a bedspread over it. It does wonders for the morale, truly, and then you can just about have the strength to hoover the centre of the room. He has done that in our bedroom and it went from tip to bedroom in v short time. I on the other hand always think I have to "tidy" and "sort" so the floor never gets cleared or hoovered hmm
Best of luck with today, it is awful when you don't know where to start and the children are just beginnign to go loco and need attention at the same time.

toffee boiler!!! sad nightmare. Thank goodness for the woodburner. Ds2 will be fine with MIL, that is so nice she is there.

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 10-Feb-14 14:44:57

human yes that it is the M& S one I have. Not the poncier later ones, which do all sorts of weird things.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 10-Feb-14 15:54:24

ta da

Dropped DS2 at MIL's
Meeting at school
To work
To Waitrose to buy sandwiches for all
Home for lunch
Spent some time with DS1

DS2 and MIL had a very happy time together. He always comes out of her flat clutching a new set of Lego and with various plasticine/paper models he's made with her - and with a big smile on his face. MIL looked very happy too. They are good for each other.

About to do some OU work, then need to tackle the house.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 10-Feb-14 16:28:45

Afternoon all, 1st day of half term here (well 2 days off & 1 inset)

Silly I'm joining in, you are a marvellous mother, tv doesn't do any harm. We all use it to babysit. The community nurse will understand and have probably seen a lot worse. Have a brew

I'd booked GothCat for his boosters at the vet this morning so not much of a lie in, although we did slightly oversleep, appointment at 9:40, got up 8:50! Booked a taxi as it's quite a walk with him (especially as we've found his overweight blush ) have to say the vet was very efficient! The taxi was early, so we were early but seen straight away. We were actually home by the time of our appointment.

Breakfast (fast)
Finished coffee I'd left when we rushed out (it was still warm)
Changed bedding
Windows (clearing condensation)
Quite warm here so left windows open!
Went for walk,
Dropped off some clothes at naice thrift shop
Laundry on
Washing up
Rag rug making (taking a break from blanket)
Hour bike ride with DH & DD, include trip to bike shop to get her seat raised.

JustGettingOnWithIt Mon 10-Feb-14 16:43:00

Hello to Thinking and waves to all.

Ellie very glad you’re out of hospital and have a date.

Silly you don’t need slapping, you really don’t! There is nothing wrong with doing whatever you need to do to hold things together. I expect and sincerely hope the nurse will know parents don’t go through what you’ve gone through and come out of it bounding with energy and organisation.

Toffee emergency spot tip, the minute one starts to show, put a drib of Hibiscrub surgical scrub on it and don’t touch it, 9 times out of 10, if you get in fast it kills them. Sorry to hear about boiler.

Ended up back hospital last week, but have now had multi IV AB cocktail’s and it seems to have helped. Got back a few hours ago to some good news:

Feeling very guilty that it’s taken lots of others to suffer badly too, but finally the drain and sewer flooding seems to be being taken seriously and not just as a private problem.
We’ve now been labelled as ‘Surface water flooding’ and ‘Foul water flooded due to exceptional weather,’ rather than building and drains issues, which means despite it only being a few affected buildings my lovely fire brigade are able to come and pump out my basement again and garden here, and bring more sandbags and manpower, foc, which I’m very, very, grateful for, as everything’s so waterlogged there’s nowhere for the water to go, more keeps arriving, and it’s all more than I can hope to manage any more.

To do
Clean bathroom (how did it get that grim in just a few days?)
Prep English
Try and make dongle work better
Listen to friend
Plan tomorrow

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 17:04:44

Very relieved to see you are OK Just although sorry you had to go back in to hospital to get proper treatment. Take it steady!! And yay for helpful firemen!

V. impressed by your list Goth. Funnily enough, we've just done the reverse with dd doc appt. Thought it was an hour earlier than it was, but realised on the way, so now we're back and tapping our fingers waiting until it is time to go ... .

swan sorry your weekend was so tiring/stressful; it must be very hard trying to keep everyone happy. Hope your ds1 feels better soon and that you and dh can catch up on some rest. Definitely going to track down M&S book.

Right, thanks, that settles it Engels already have UK bank a/c so going to get cc arranged when I go (from dsis address). Can't cope without a Kindle - keep running out of Eng lang books!

Big waves to ¨bitchy and Alice and everyone else

I have achieved very little again today. I don't know why but it is impossible to get stuff done with dh and dd under my feet. Funny that, because I am usually complaining about him never being around grin Never happy me grin.

Right, we're off ... .

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 10-Feb-14 18:34:57

SC just a word of warning about my kindle...
I hate it! I use it for emergency purchases of book club books or selfhelp books I cannot wait to read, but as a serious BOOK read it is not very satisfying. When you finish you feel you haven't read the book properly. At least for a few days you feel satisfied, and then you realise you cannot just flip through or add it to the bookcase, and it is if the book is not Yours if yswim. Also there is too much choice and that makes the book feel less precious when you download it. Disclaimer I have bought £100 of books on Kindle recently, mostly self help. The Slap I read on it, and reread Poisonwood Bible (bookclub emergency), I still wish I had bought the Slap in book form. I realise I like real bookjackets too. |Tis odd.

It does cut down on clutter though wink

thinking101 Mon 10-Feb-14 18:38:14

Morning thanks for the re-welcome.

Well I read the links but I didnt actually follow them exactly blush. I went for it big style which is not in the spirit of the Flying but hey ho she and this thread got me going again (I mean really have let things slide)

Dressed to Shoes including Hair/Face, Brush Teeth done
Fed DC's & school run. done
Make Bed errrr nope!
Swish & Swipe
Empty Dishwasher done
Reboot Laundry done

I pulled everything out of under stairs cupboard.
I sorted into piles
Took items to charity shop and rubbish tip.
Tidied living room

I have huge piles of paperwork waiting to be shredded. angry Apparentyl beingthe SAHP means you get to do everything not just the daily parent/household tasks (well we'll see about that)
I have a tray of chargers and odds and sods hmm

I have cooked from scratch again (this is new)

My legs hurt and I'm ready for a wine.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 10-Feb-14 19:45:21

ta da

OU work
Answered phone multiple times angry
Answered front door twice
Dealt with child-related issues several times
Opened bottle of wine
Washed up
Made dinner for DC
Phoned DM and MIL

Very little Flying achieved today.

thinking101 Mon 10-Feb-14 19:47:41

What OU you doing Toffee <nosy> grin I'm doing B07 Bsc Pysch

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 19:52:12


Tomorrow's baby-step, no 11, for Tues 11th Feb is a rather meh one about adding inspirational phrases to your cj if you cba.

Tomorrow and all this week (9-15 Feb) we are in zone 3: the Bathroom and one extra room here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone!

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning.

Tuesday's mission is here. It involves cleaning bathroom bin thoroughly and doing a fling boogie in dc room.

The daily focus for Tuesday is: planning : holidays, meals, medical appts, haircuts, etc.

The monthly habit for February is still : decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan which updates itself daily.

Have a good one everybody!


elliepac Mon 10-Feb-14 19:56:15

Shit I am bored. That is allgrin.

silly what bitchy said.grin

just glad you are feeling a bit better and starting to get some helpsmile

swan I agree with you as far as kindles are concerned. Much prefer a physical book. Although interestingly having one has encouraged DS to read much more.

sc have had that stern look from a lot of people todaywinkgrin.

Big waves to everyone elsesmile.

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 20:04:12

Swan ooh that certainly gives me pause for thought about the Kindle, thank you. I like physically 'owning' a book too and know exactly what you mean about jackets etc. Will ponder

Thinking101 Well done for tackling the understairs cupboard of doom!!! It's good to adapt the system to suit yourself and I agree it sometimes takes a good, definitive sort/reorganisation to get oneself going again. Loads of shredding to do here too! Enjoy your much deserved glass of wine.

Waves to ¨Toffee and everyone else!

Doc gave dd med certif to cover tomorrow as well but she seems much better tonight so we are aiming for school in the morning.

I'm going to love you and leave you this evening - off to watch Univ Challenge with dh wine on naughty corner bar. Help yourselves!

sanschocolat Mon 10-Feb-14 20:05:24

x post

Big waves back to Ellie go steady!!!!!!!!!!!

NickNacks Mon 10-Feb-14 20:47:47

One word...



Luckily our house is ok at the moment but many friends aren't so lucky and it's just making everything so bloody difficult.

So shit.

But anyway how's everyone else? :-)

I've been to choir tonight! Was fun. It's been really hard to get back into the routine post-Christmas and I kept forgetting. blush

Just - glad your flooding issues being taken seriously now.

NickNacks - glad you're OK too. My parents are in Somerset, but fortunately at the top of a hill!

SC - if you do go for an e-reader, Kindles are not the only option. I have a Sony one and Kobos are getting pretty good too if either of those would be easier to arrange where you are. I still prefer reading an actual book, but the e-reader does have its uses.

Was going to say that I've done no flying today, but actually have:
put laundry away
Swept kitchen floor
Cleaned up kitchen after dinner
Passed returned bumbo straight to friend with new baby
Put a few more odds and ends away

So I guess that's something...

ToffeeWhirl Mon 10-Feb-14 22:58:56

So sorry for those in flood zones sad.

ellie - don't be bored! Use this time of enforced relaxation to spend all day on Mumsnet read all the books you've always meant to read or watch the entire series of 'Breaking Bad' (we are watching it now - it's simply brilliant). And remember that 'Walking Dead' is back soon [grinning zombie emoticon].

thinking - funnily enough, there are several of us on this thread doing OU courses smile. I'm doing Y032 People, Work and Society Access Module to qualify me to do an OT degree next year (uni want evidence of recent academic study and my degree is too old to count sad).

SC - glad your DD is on the mend.

DS2 still very snuffly, so I'm not sure he'll be at school tomorrow. DS1 says he's going in to the learning centre tomorrow hmm.

Off to bed now. Night all.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 10-Feb-14 23:00:15

DS1 says he ie DS1 (not DS2) is going in to the learning centre...

Evening all,

Thinking - I'm an OUer as well, on the Open Degree and currently studying Understanding Autism and Forensic Science, both Level 1. It's not going too well at the moment, I am near the end of both but having a motivational (and time management) crisis, which isn't helped by impending half term.

Anyway, Flying had been going quite well, I have done a lot of long neglected detailed cleaning in the last week, however it all went to pot this evening when we discovered the cats had been using the understairs cupboard as a toilet angry. The carpet is in the garden having been hosed, all the stuff which was on the floor is out, luckily most of it was in plastic crates but my precious stash of wool was in a canvas bag and looks to be a goner. I have put the entire thing through the WM, but really don't know about getting it dried.

Nick - just watched all the Thames floods on the news, terrible (I used to live in the Thames valley, although not that close to the river, but I know the area well). Hope it stays away from you.

Castlelough Mon 10-Feb-14 23:42:15

Kettle is boiled! <over here, in the naughty corner> Late night feasting biscuit. I may just shine the dink while I'm in here with blatant disregard for my own sink grin

This is not the right spirit. I will do better tomorrow. I gave my landlady notice! We have to be out of here and in our new house by July 1st!
Now if that isn't motivation to declutter and scrub this place....!

Castlelough Mon 10-Feb-14 23:43:06

shine the sink! blush

BitchytheGreat Mon 10-Feb-14 23:46:35

:D Castle
I had a late night craving for cheese toasties that HAD to be given in to.

Productive day today. Not as productive as my to do list would have liked BUT probably more productive then my body is happy with. hmm

BitchytheGreat Mon 10-Feb-14 23:46:59

oh poo clearly i meant grin


dizzyday07 Tue 11-Feb-14 00:38:15

Today's Ta Da list
* S/S x 4
* Took cushions off sofas and swept crumbs off them
* Hoovered through downstairs
* Bins emptied and put out with recycling
* Dry washing away
* Put DD's books back on her bookcase after collecting them from around the house
* Swam 100 lengths
* Babysat and fed neighbours 2 girls until his partner got home from work (8pm in the end as she got caught up in train chaos)

Sorry to hear that sickness bugs are flying around. Here is some cake to make you all feel better x

sanschocolat Tue 11-Feb-14 07:36:52

Good morning lovely fledglings!

[Bugger - I missed Bitchy and Castle's midnight feast sad grin ]

Everyone back to school/work today in various states of readiness. DD feeling better but not on top form (but doesn't have a temperature) so she's going back in as per school guidelines.

Dh definitely not ready to go back to work but that of course never holds him back!

I am, thank heavens, out for most of the day (school hours anyway) so will 'see' you all this evening. Can't wait to get out of the house!!

Nicknacks can't believe what I am seeing on the news with regard to flooding shock. Especially the reports about it coming up from the ground ie there being no where for it to go, so will take months to drain away. So bloody miserable for everyone. Hope your home remains dry.

Blue hope your parents house remains unaffected too. Well done for getting more done than you thought!! And many thanks for e-reader tips!! Much appreciated!!

Eugh Whoknows sorry about the cat problems! What a shame about the wool - hope you can resurrect it. Could you use reverse psychology and actually put the cat litter tray in there? Or do you need the space to function as a cupboard as it were? Hope you can resolve the problem anyway. YOu have my sympathies because after 3 yrs, my rabbits have suddenly taken to peeing and pooing outside their enormous cat litter tray. It's all contained (fortunately) in their enclosure but still a pain to clear up all the time. I'm testing them out with two litter trays atm but it doesn't seem to be working. Dh says I put too much hay on the floor for them (because I like them to be cosy) and it's that that is encouraging poor behaviour!

Whoknows/Toffee very impressed by your respective academic studies. (Think it is a bit of a cheek to say that a degree is too old to count though frankly. I'd be a bit 'harrumph' at that.)

Well done re: your productive Mondays Dizzy and Bitchy and thank you for cake!!

BBL! Have a good day everyone!

Would take truly biblical flood levelsSC get up to my parents SC...

Hope everyone has a good day. brew

humanordancer Tue 11-Feb-14 08:25:55

Morning all!

Goth, I've always wanted to make a rag rug! I'm not holding out massive hopes that I will, since I've not been knitting the same scarf since 2001, but you never know.

Swan and SC I made a chilli last night, and realised I often use old faithful as a base for adventures in adding other things. I might get ideas elsewhere, but so often refer back for the method and basics. I think I find it reassuring since it's the first cookbook I ever saw. DP - having always maintained he wasn't terribly keen on chilli at all - is now a total convert grin

Yesterday I did much more flying than I planned. I decided it wasn't a procrastinating fly, but a thinking time fly, so that made it alright.

Ta da

All of the ironing

To do

Work from yesterday, revised in light of new information
Swish and swipe
Change bedding
Wash and dry it
Hoover rugs
Mop bathroom and kitchen
Find something for dinner
Cook it
Pack small bag for couple of days away

humanordancer Tue 11-Feb-14 08:35:01

Essentially, it seems I can turn any activity into an act of procrastination grin

I need to prioritise better.

To do,

Sort out the contents of the understairs cupboard
Go to the pet shop and buy some cat wee neutralising stuff

Feeling very irritated with the cats wee business, I had downstairs fairly tidy yesterday and now it looks as though a bomb has hit it. And they keep looking at me all innocently.

humanordancer Tue 11-Feb-14 09:22:54

Sounds very frustrating WhoKnows, especially what with the innocent faces.


AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 11-Feb-14 10:05:42

ta da
usual morning routines, school run
coffee... lots of coffee... grin
washing up
checked bank
paid bill online

to do
update budget spreadsheet
finish decluttering dining room
start decluttering kitchen

I am in the midst of a huge decision here. Four slot toaster or two slot toaster? I LIKE having the four, it's more convenient. But honestly, takes up so much room. My counter space is limited, and all I can think is "really? happy to take up the extra room just so I don't have to take another minute or two for toast? lazy much?" hmm what to do... what to do.... I must decide soon as my four slot toaster has died and I must replace it. Toast is a necessity in this house.

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 11-Feb-14 10:20:16

Three children in school today.

HOOORRRID day. cold wet windy, draughts rattling around under my feet.

Determined to sort out utility room today and put away the laundry.

done last night
duck and asparagus/spring onion noodles for supper
watched lots of News programmes about flooding and Benefits St and Bedroom Tax programme.

talked to [kind,nice, older] Lamda teacher who explained dd didn't necessarily have to write anything, but dd is adamant she now doesn't want to do it, so told her dd would be ceasing lessons (this is in school)
felt obscurely upset at the way that EVERYONE thinks children find writing easy and satisfying. If ds2 had been doing Lamda, which I would have wanted for him if it had been offered by his school as an extra curricular, he would NEVER have been able to write ANY of those sentences, but that wouldn't have stopped him being "worthy" of drama lessons. [Dh thinks I'm ranting about this, but I hate the WRITING centric education process hmm Teacher mentioned equivalent theory lessons in music as being an important aspect of piano lessons...yes, but for some children they make it less likely they will continue learning to play. I certainly felt that hours of time were spent completing theory books when my physical practising time went by the board, and ended up giving up the piano anyway sad

Anyway, she may restart next year and enjoy Lamda when she is a bit older smile Rant over.

We very rarely use our third and fourth slots Alice, DS is the only one that has toast at breakfast, I sometimes have it at lunch, DH always uses the grill for some reason (odd considering it was him who went and spent however much on a 4 slice Dualit).

Think I have cleaned most of the items from the under stairs cupboard, a lot has gone in the bin, no bad thing <cries over lost wool stash>. I suspect I know which cat it is too, as she keeps darting back in the cupboard every time I open it. I have realised that my sheepskin rug that she sits on a lot also smells of wee. Wondering if I ought to take them to the vet to check their waterworks.

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 11-Feb-14 10:29:04

whoknows. We put the cat litter tray to where they were accidentally peeing (cupboard full of junk), and then moved it slowly away. I think any loose dry warmish substance, which they can scratch up, gets regarded as a potential litter area.
Also we were scrupulous about clean litter, as they refused to use the proper tray otherwise. This was our kittens though.
Another person recommended two litter trays as a way of making the litter tray more desirable. Cats really are incredibly fussy and polite!!!! looks around our incredibly disgusting utility room and wonder how our cats cope and realises why they prefer lying on dd's newly laundered bed

With adult cats we once had this problem and had to just lock them out of the room they had mistakenly peed in, as it was obvious that they were going to keep using that spot (my bed!!!!!)

Thanks Swan. Their main litter tray is right outside the cupboard, they have a second one upstairs but they hardly ever use it. I am wondering if we need to clean the trays out more often, we're using the clumping litter so just lift the clumps out and keep topping it up. I am going to try and keep the cupboard shut, it tends to be ajar. I left it open about half an inch just now and pissy-suspect cat managed to open it with her paw.

feetheart Tue 11-Feb-14 10:49:35

grin at 'pissy-suspect cat'

Sorry Whoknows and I do feel your pain having had a cat who decided he didn't like the new cat litter so peed on my clean washing instead shock angry

I have been lurking but not posting much. Really should be working but seem to be procrastinating instead hmm

Buddha - well done on the run. How much longer until the race? And how did work go?

Silly - hope you are feeling better today. You really have had to bear more than most of us put together over the past few years. DON'T beat yourself up when it gets too much - breath, have a brew and hug your DC. Everything else can wait.

Just - glad you may be getting some support at last. Enjoy the fab firemen smile

Germfree vibes to all the poorly people.

Going to set timer now and do some work...

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 11-Feb-14 10:59:15

I think the more frequently you change the litter tray the better they like it. I usually wash the whole tray out with soapy water, dry it and start again with fresh litter, rather than top up.

But my cats use our garden, so use our litter tray infrequently (which rather proves my point..I'm sure if it was fresh and lovely they would use it all the time)

Dh has gone off to an auction, so I had better stop dithering and do some sorting/deep cleaning whilst I have opportunity to throw things away

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 11-Feb-14 11:40:06

WhoKnows I used to use it more when H was living here, as all four of us eating toast for breakfast. But the DCs are eating less toast lately, as am I (due to Slimming World). So it seems kind of silly. I know when they're teenagers they get a bit... um... voracious... but surely at that age, they will understand the concept of "toast must actually toast and you must wait a few moments for it," right?? grin I'm leaning towards the 2 slot toaster. I have £42.99 credit towards a toaster at Lakeland (my old one died) and it will be very inexpensive to get the 2 slot one. Yay! Plus the bonus of more counter space available.

I'm so pleased. Today has been a mixture of cleaning kitchen and dining room, as I'm organising things a bit better. (and throwing out a fair bit!) Tomorrow and Thursday will be "clean the areas on top of the upper cupboards" which will be pretty scary. Everything just seems to get tossed up there. I have enough cleaners up there to start a lab worthy of Dr Frankenstein! grin

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 11-Feb-14 11:43:20

I'm looking at this toaster.


Why? it's a very good question, really. Especially as I have a minty green kitchen. But I LIKE red. grin And dammit I wanted a wood tone kitchen with red trim, but did I get it? No. Because it's a council house and the kitchen was redone prior to me moving in. <sob> So there. I'm having a red toaster. (is this where I stomp my feet??) grin

feetheart Tue 11-Feb-14 11:46:30

I'm giving up on work for today shock
Just spent time on phone to the bank who informed me by letter that they had spotted unusual activity on my card - US dollars and a hotel booking in USA. Card cancelled, money/charges reimbursed, etc. Rather impressed with their security, well done Nationwide.
Then the school rang to ask me to accompany DS and some others to a music thing this afternoon as they are really short staffed. Need to be there in under an hour so will abandon work and do some Flying. Need to get off my backside anyway as been sitting here for too long hmm

feetheart Tue 11-Feb-14 11:47:54

That's a funky toaster smile

A friend has lots of red bits in her kitchen and it looks great.

thinking101 Tue 11-Feb-14 12:21:25

Afternoon <clings to thread to get inspiration>

Poor start to day following terrible nights sleep.

I pulled so much stuff out that bloomin cupboard i'm now looking through foggy eyes feeling overwhelmed. I have so much paperwork to shred it is unreal. hmm

So ive just about managed to get done so far

Me and kids dressed/fed/late to school
Empited and reloaded dishwasher
One lot of laundry
Took DD (2) out for 2 hours.

So my list after my coffee break is:

To clear the piles on and around kitchen table.
Cook chicken dinner
Declutter living room - obviously cant just shove it in bags into under stairs cupboard.

I feel such a wuss, Im anxcious because I have invited people over on Friday - I feel like cancelling. Then I get all hard on myself and think I must be useless at this SAHP/Running House

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 11-Feb-14 12:31:45

Oh, shredding used to make me feel stabby. I burn it outside in the fire pit in the garden now. Something very relaxing about tossing it in and watching it burn. (now I'm worried I might be a pyromaniac hmm)

EustaciaVye Tue 11-Feb-14 12:41:17

Cats weeing can be due to anxiety or illness. Def get checked out.I use catsan litter, it comes in a ready made liner for the tray so I can just lift the whole thing out and replace. Not cheap but v easy.

DD2 was sick all day on Saturday. Half term cant come soon enough for my girls.

House pretty good as parents hoovered before they left grin

thinking101 Tue 11-Feb-14 12:47:00

Alice yes we did ths last year with huge pile. It is raining and snowing so I cant do this.

You know what I might pack it all up into a box and put in garage grin

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 11-Feb-14 12:53:22

There you go - box it up and put it away for a fire at a later date. grin

psssttttt.... out of sight, out of mind! grin

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 11-Feb-14 13:22:13

thinking I'm having people over on Friday, and I'm anxious about it too, so we could hold hands grin. And it's my own sister and her three teenagers, so no pressure at all confused I just find having people to dinner very stressful, due to self imposed ideas about what having people to dinner consists of. It is the combination of: getting dressed up, tidying house, AND making a nice supper that floors me.
My failsafe menu is now soup or pate(can be prepared in advance) something that can be baked in the oven, and then kept warm - ie: baked potatoes, ratouille, meat or chicken portions and crumble for pudding. Still hate the prep though. If only my children ate quiche and salad.

A bit of utility is tidied.
Another load of washing on

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 11-Feb-14 13:26:29

Whoknows we find that our cats do better on a bit of wet food every now and then as they don't take in enough water on dry, even with water to hand. One of our cats did have a crystal on kidneys problem, which caused him to need to go several times a day, but so far none of the others have ever had that issue.

BitchytheGreat Tue 11-Feb-14 14:21:47

Well if you are so am I alice i feel the same way about shredding and burning.

<ignores the issue of peeing cats as this will never be a problem here due to allergies>

Busy day. Hospital appointment which went well and then i got told off by the pharamcist and been told to go see my GP re this none fucking off completely sinus infection.

Have also been out to play in the snow and run a few errands just brewing up and then getting ds from school before sorting some more bits and bobs out if i have the energy.

Well, I've booked the cats into the vets this evening for a checkup, just in case. Had to book both in as I'm not sure which one it is, I can see this is a definite drawback of having more than one. They do have a mixture of wet and dry food, they share a Felix pouch in the morning and another in the evening, then have dry food in the middle of the day and some late at night.

I had 4 or 5 loads of washing to do today and the bloody door seal's gone on the WM, so I am having to sit by it and keep an eye on it, and have towels piled up in front of it, it's going to be one of those days. Just trying to work out what model it is to buy a spare.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 11-Feb-14 14:34:41

Neither child at school today, but DS1 did manage to go in and say hello to the staff at his learning centre, which was a big achievement for him. Am hoping it makes things easier for him tomorrow.

DS2 is still coughing and sneezing.

Have spent most of today rewriting the statement application and compiling all the supporting documents. DH and I thought we were going to explode with frustration at one point when one document persisted in printing in pink, but he sorted it in the end. And as for the constant interruptions from the children - it's amazing we got anything done at all.

Delivered application in person, so it's done now. Huge relief. Not sure whether to tell school or wait for them to find out from LEA.

Is it too early for wine yet? wink

BitchytheGreat Tue 11-Feb-14 14:42:43

If you are asking toffee You are clearly a novice wink

Go for it Toffee - I'd be joining you if I didn't have to drive later. Well done on the statement stuff. I think I would inform the school, just to be polite. A brief email inviting no questions.

Got the cat box out of the loft and put the cats favourite blanket inside ready for later. One has gone straight into it. Bet they won't later. I need to go to school in a minute, see someone there, come home, get DD to ballet and back, then in the space of an hour get the DCs fed, DS changed into his Cub uniform and round to a friends, load two cats into their basket and get to the vet.

MerryBuddha Tue 11-Feb-14 15:03:35

<waves wearily at everyone>

I am shattered, work, 5.30 start, half marathon training, dog and dc is all takining it toll!!

Managing to fly a bit, but not managing to keep up with the thread. I will lurk until the end of the week and try and get back on the wagon.

To who ever ask, War Horse was amazing and a must see performance. It was brilliant from start to end. Desperately would love to take the Dcs but it is not cheap!!

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 11-Feb-14 15:35:48

No wine tonight, but I've got a bit of lager for the weekend. One for Friday and one for Saturday evening, to be mixed with lemonade. Lovely little something to look forward to. grin

My 4yo noticed the results of the decluttering, so I guess I'm happy thus far. I moved the microwave the other day, and my 7yo kept saying "something is different." So I told him to guess what it was. My mistake. His response? "The cooker is clean?" hmm (to be fair, it was clean, but it generally is anyway... sort of.)

I have bodged the WM seal with the piece of rubber that fell out and some sticky tape, got it on again and arranged for another parent to bering DD home from Brownies, cleared up the kitchen floor (where the WM leaked earlier) and am feeling calmer. I have also salvaged 5 balls of wool out of about 20, but may manage a few more later (they are all tangled up).

Alice - well at least he noticed! smile.

<sneaks in quietly>

JustGettingOnWithIt Tue 11-Feb-14 17:49:49

Firemen have been most of the day, along with water board and national grid. Full assessments been done along with some drainage work and they’ve organised to come back. Have managed to do food shop, and am knackered.
Still to do
Listen to friend

Toffee congratulations on getting assessment application in. wine
I’d let the Senco know it’s gone in, as it allows good one’s to allocate time for dealing with it.

thinking101 Tue 11-Feb-14 17:51:37

I'm still here ... on sofa...lots of procrastination. Im just tired today <channels Eor>

Must go have thing at the school whooppeeee doooo.

PeanutPatty Tue 11-Feb-14 18:12:34

Yesterday and today's Ta Da:
Made appt for Miaow
Emailed British Gas - I did call them but the helpful person on the phone their end cut me off instead of transferring me and I lost the will to live frankly
Clean laundry away
Dog walked
Rubbish cleared from car
Did some puzzles with the children
Watched some of the Winter Olympics! grin

Still got lots to do and must make a start on the bathroom tomorrow and my other room will be the airing cupboard which is one of those cupboards you hope nobody opens as everything will fall on top of them. Will try and catch up properly once the miniPP's are sound asleep and I'm drowning in wine.

Not had a chance to read anyone's updates yet.

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 11-Feb-14 19:09:28

pancakes x 2 batches
supper (reheated fish pie, potatoes, bacon, salad)
two lots of homework feebly encouraged
picked up ds2 from school
utility room is cleared
cleared out fridge
swept floor in utility
2 dishwashers loaded
swept kitchen floor

watched lots of CBBC with children, now onto the Winter Olympics wink
dh has gone to bed with flu, after a business lunch and auction sad

so lovely to have a nice tidy telly room!!! I am admiring the clear surfaces.

whoknows you are a heroine [shudders at thought of the juggling of afterschool clubs I used to do - how did I do it?
However I have replaced children who needed to be taken everywhere, with stroppy teens who don't want to go anywhere which is a bit sad hmm

sanschocolat Tue 11-Feb-14 19:43:00

Evening all! Hope you are all OK and keeping your feet dry.

[Pretends not to see DontstepontheMomeRaths wink smile]

[Arranges fluffy cushions and blankets in recuperation corner for Thinking101 upon her return from school, and for Merry also]

envy re: Warhorse

Glad the authorities are finally girding their waders Just wink Hope you can rest a bit tomorrow!

Good your efforts are being noticed Alice and well done re: continued decluttering!! I think we are perhaps a bit odd, we don't own a toaster. (Use griddle instead.) Like the look of that one though!

PeanutPatty Well done re: your list. Sympathies re: British gas and call being cut off etc. We are in the midst of a surreal Kafkaesque debacle with the Belgian equiv; who send someone out on a weekly basis to cut off our gas and electricity supply (well, by law, they are not allowed to cut them off totally but they put a cap on your supply) even though our bills are fully paid and everything up to date. This goes back to one missed payment in nine years which occurred during the summer owing to a banking error. Anyway, the provider isn't talking to the supplier or vice versa and we are obviously on some sort of list or database from which it is impossible to remove oneself despite numerous phone calls, registered letters, solicitor's letter etc.

It's got to the point now where I know the two men who come quite well (both very nice blokes) and we have a chat and a cup of coffee, roll our eyes and have a laugh at the stupidity of it all, I sign a chit to say they have paid a visit, we call head office (to absolutely no good effect whatsoever) and then they potter off again... totally bizarre!! Needless to say, dh isn't finding it quite so amusing!! I honestly think he may commit murder the next time they turn up!!

Thinking101 and Swan I'll join the pre-guest anxiety hand-holding circle if I may. Have invited people over on Saturday, couple + dc of 14, 11 and 3.5. Parents are adventurous eaters, dc are not. Haven't decided on menu yet which always makes me anxious!! Not sure I can face the physical/mental effort (house not easy to beat in to guest-ready state) which sound ridiculous I know but I always feel like this beforehand and enjoy it afterwards! Want to produce some lovely hearty warming big "cut in to and share dish" but can't think of anything they will all like!!

Swan totally agree re: all the wretched written theory involved in what are supposedly vocal/aural/'practical' subjects!!!!! Desperately off-putting!!

Glad you managed to fix the wm machine Whoknows it is stressful when they break down on you. Hope vet gives furries the all clear and arf at cupboard-opening cat!

Toffee well done for getting the statement application finished despite interruptions wine

Hope your dd2 feels better soon Eustacia

Waves to Feetheart - glad the fraud was spotted before any harm one. Rabbits love to lie on the laundry pile here (but fortunately haven't peed on it as yet I hope).

Waves from a fellow procrastinator to Humanordancer! grin That's a very respectable list you have got through there! Safe travelling.

Good your parents are safe Blue!

Ta da:
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s, rabbits
parish vestiare (clothes sorting and delivery)
lunch with friend
deeply demoralising meeting with school sad
supermarket shop
chemist run
school run
emptied dishwasher
hwk supervision 'plus petit commun multiple' and 'adjectif épithète qualificatif' confused
spag bol served and cleared up
hung up dark wash
re-booted laundry
evening routine inc rabbits again
drank wine

Absolutely no Flying other than basic routines.

sanschocolat Tue 11-Feb-14 19:54:02

x post

Sorry to hear your dh is ill Swan and top marks for clearing utility room
envy at fish pie and dw x2

Whoknows yes, meant to say, hope you survived the logistical nightmare of the after-school activities this evening

sanschocolat Tue 11-Feb-14 19:56:16

And waves to Bitchy and everyone else!

sanschocolat Tue 11-Feb-14 20:06:24


Tomorrow's baby-step, no 12, for Wed 12th Feb is one to ignore about deleting Flylady emails having (hopefully) not subscribed in the first place.

Tomorrow and all this week (9-15 Feb) we are in zone 3: the Bathroom and one extra room here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone!

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning.

Wednesday's mission is here. Sort medicine cabinet and declutter child's sock drawer.

The daily focus for Wednesday is: anti-procrastination. Do something you have been dreading!

The monthly habit for February is still : decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan which updates itself daily.

G'night all!


BitchytheGreat Tue 11-Feb-14 20:12:03

Wooooooooo hooooooooooooo I did the mission on sunday. grin

As for anti procrastination. <sigh> looking like it will be a rest in bed then work then ds' training only kinda day. feeling pretty damn awful and getting worse as the evening goes on. Guess make doc appointment is on the anti procrastination list.
<steals comfy blankets and cushions from the naughty corner to build a nest, within a sofa fort to hide in>

sanschocolat Tue 11-Feb-14 20:21:10

Must be the special brew Bitchy bestowing special divining powers wink

sanschocolat Tue 11-Feb-14 20:21:34

Hope you feel better soon!

BitchytheGreat Tue 11-Feb-14 20:52:17

I think i was rather helped by ds' expensive habit of growing atm.

EustaciaVye Tue 11-Feb-14 21:12:37

I did the socks tonight before I knew it was a mission grin

BitchytheGreat Tue 11-Feb-14 21:33:01

grin Eustacia I do like getting missions i have already just done. makes me feel like i know what i am doing although since i have been here pretty much since the first thread i bloody well should do by now

Evening went fine, with a little help from two friends, one of whom brought DD home form ballet so I could go back after dropping her and get on, the other took DS to Cubs so I could get to the vets. Had a few problems getting the cats into their carrier, but they were well behaved once we got there. The vet thinks No2 probably has a bit of stress related cystitis (I suspect due to next door's tom who intimidates her by staring in our windows a lot). So, various tablets etc to give her and am going to put out a couple of extra litter trays.

Not much Flying, did manage 3 lots of laundry in the end, ironing still to do. I decluttered a big pile of old receipts/instructions while trying to find the code number for the WM to order the new seal.

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 11-Feb-14 21:59:55

oh dear SC remember, the Customer is always right! You, and dd are the customer (with re to school)
Do they have any helpful advice or was it just annoying?

Any advice anyone gives me which is not SMART, I'm afraid to say I cannot exactly remember what that acronym stands for but it is something educational and goaly, and has achievable, and time frame in there somewhere I now pay no attention to.

Unless it is from such a saintly person that it makes me think in a whole new dimension confused

lovely evening (partly because dh was in bed)
enjoyed watching Tough Young Teachers with ds1, who was shocked at the teachers being so inexperienced wink
dd wandered around looking for mudguards, shinpads and gumshields to no avail
ds2 went to bed after dh read him a story

and ds1 suddenly announced he needed to bring in his AIRFIX MODEL WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE for d of e by Friday!!! No way. No xxxng way! I'll have to ring the teacher and say we thought it was March they wanted it by.

recycling out
plates in dw again
milkbottles out
surfaces wiped
uniform out
PE kit washed
loo unblocked hmm
confiscated ds1's radio and phone

toffee it seems only yesterday you were putting all the evidence for the statement together, you are amazing to have completed it all.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. <smartarse>

BitchytheGreat Tue 11-Feb-14 22:24:54

grin Whoknows.

WHy is the mumsnet logo rainbow in colour? HQ been at the gin again?

ToffeeWhirl Tue 11-Feb-14 23:58:57

SC - the fiasco about your gas supply is frustrating, but I love the image of you and the two men having a chat and coffee together on each visit. You'll be swapping birthday presents next.

WhoKnows - I'm fretting I haven't done enough actually. And I'm a bit apprehensive about possible phone calls from school or the learning centre once they hear about my application. Ah well, it's all out of my hands for the moment. Glad you took the cats to the vet, by the way. Sounds like you've found the reason for the random wee.

Bitchy - thank you for asking the very question I've been asking myself every time I log on today. I'm afraid it may be something very obvious, but I haven't any idea what it means.

Have spent the evening glued to the sofa, watching American dramas ('Walking Dead', Ellie?). DH did some washing up. Kitchen still looks like a bombs hit it, but it can wait till tomorrow <defiantly breaks rules of Flylady>.

Off to bed. Night all.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 11-Feb-14 23:59:55

bomb's, not 'bombs'.

dizzyday07 Wed 12-Feb-14 00:53:17

I have done Sweet Fanny Adams today except spend all day glued to the winter Olympics. The bizarre thing is I have never had any inclination to go skiing etc as snow is far too cold!

Ta Da
* Ironed Brownie uniform
* DD to Brownies
* Fed us all (ready meal night)
* Washing load on and hung to dry

We heard today that DD hasn't been selected for her individual event in the County Championships. Only 6 swimmers were selected and she missed out by 0.34 seconds!! sad She is rather disappointed but at least she has the team relays on Sunday to focus on and as I splashed out and bought her a legsuit as I promised that has lessened the blow.

Toffee/Bitchy - The logo change is to show support for anti discrimination in relation to sport

BitchytheGreat Wed 12-Feb-14 08:21:50

So they are supporting gay rights at the olympics. Fair enough. surely the two men luge does enough of that? <innocent>

Sillybillybob Wed 12-Feb-14 08:35:46

Thanks for all your support. I'm still here, still alive, tentatively flapping my wings smile

Castlelough Wed 12-Feb-14 08:45:11

Thanks for links sanschocolat wink.

I can manage today's babystep. grin
And I'll spend 15 mins de littering in the bathroom. I'm going to be ruthless and throw out half the cosmetic stash in there. I will never use most of it. That's my aim for today, that and 15 mins emergency cleaning on the bathroom/ensuite.

Castlelough Wed 12-Feb-14 08:46:55

Ha read decluttering for delittering, although not a bad substitution by predictive text! But things aren't quite that bad in the bathroom!

thinking101 Wed 12-Feb-14 09:54:40

<puts out hands to hold> What lovely messages of support sans and swan Today is my big clean truth be told I'm going to do a 'house rescue' a domestic intervention grin

Food and Guests I love to entertain and have kids over for parties and playdates but havnt done so for a long time because ive enjoyed being much more chilled about the house but now it is CHAOS. I always used to cook some 'sepcial' and buy tons of stuff, fresh flowers in, posh handsoap out etc.....Now I buy a few choice things from M&S and do a hot or cold buffet! OR I jut do a lasagne with fancy saladardy things.

This Friday is my DD's birthday so I have 5 adults and 5 toddlers to feed and entertain. I am doing a cold buffet of finger foods. It will be well presented in the them of the party. I must get downstairs clean today so I can do decs and bake cupcakes tomorrow.

Ive already got off to a good start:
DD fed DS fed/dressed + school run
Dishwasher done
Laundry done (alas the first of many)
Picked up all the jumble in bedroom and put on bed ready to sort
Decluttered large wall unit in living room done -
Worksurfaces and hobtop wiped done
Swept up pile done

I have this huge list - this is the result of not flying blush

Clear coat pile and shoes
Clean mirror/door/spot clean walls
Mop floor
Srub toilet and surrounding wall floor
Clean sink
Mop floor
Replenish soap and towel
Living room <huge sigh>
Dust window sil/skirting/wall unit/high level/blinds
Polish sideboard/wall unit/side tables
Shampoo Carpet (vax)
Spot clean marks on sofa (vax)
Change curtains over and matching cushions
Check im still alive
Put all bonfire documents in box
Put box in garage (if it stops raining as it is detached)
Tidy DD's toys in corner
Clean patio doors/kitchen window
Wipe down and polish table/chairs
Wipe over all door fronts
Declutter window sill/top of fridge
Empty container under leaky sink
Wipe round fridge ready for shopping
Mop floor

Prepare chicken dinner (didn't do yesterday after all)
Pick DS up
Try to get Cubs sweater.

BitchytheGreat Wed 12-Feb-14 10:54:32

Nooooooooo don't spot clean the sofa - it will show up dreadfully, you know this is only going to end up with you doing the whole sofa so it looks clean...

I have procrastinated over Doc appointment - no time today <bad bitchy> and should really haul ass into shower and wash my hair. Need to to a patch test tonight.

Feel like crap, and 4 cups of coffee later i really cba. Long drive tonight and i would be lying if i said i wasn't hoping snow would put a stop to it. Ds on the other hand is excited and motivated and really really wants to go!

AliceinWinterWonderland Wed 12-Feb-14 11:05:41

Spot clean? No such thing. I agree - you'll clean the whole thing. You know you will!!

I am trying to decide between two different spreadsheets - can't decide which one I like best, so am doing both for the next month or so until I see which one is actually easier, then will go with that in future. Will most likely do my head in until I decide. hmm

thinking101 Wed 12-Feb-14 11:07:39

I'm still here bitchy Ill have sofa sore to spot clean if I dont move soon. Ive had two cups of hopeful coffee hmm best not get to 4 if it makes you cab grin

I shall spot clean the sofa as it has like patches on it then Im going over with the upholstry attachment on fax so i got that covered! Thats why the last job is 'check im still alive'

Its raining, its not looking hopeful for cub uniform.

Must move, must move NOW oh and you ring GP's bitchy.

BitchytheGreat Wed 12-Feb-14 11:32:41

Can't just about to head to work and they will only have emergency appointments left for today. it will wait to tomo when i can be about for an emergency appointment. Need new inhalers at the least and antibiotics and steroids at the worst. still breathing and still have lung that can be coughed up. hmmgrin

normally 4 cups of coffee sees a list as long as a mile from me. this is when i know i am ill blush

thinking101 Wed 12-Feb-14 13:03:14

I hope you feel better soon bitchy the weather cant be helping at all.

Hi alice spreadsheets, is this for budgetng or cleaning lists grin

ToffeeWhirl Wed 12-Feb-14 14:31:55

thinking - goodness, you have got a lot on your plate! Good luck with that list. Stay away from Mumsnet - you'll get much more done grin.

ta da

DS2 to school (very reluctant boy - wish I could send him to a school he liked sad)
DS1 at home again
Waved off DH to dentist's appointment (having a tooth out)
Unloaded/reloaded w/m
Washed up extra stuff by hand
Shined sink
Wiped down counters
Room rescue in sitting room
Dusted sitting room
Put throw back on sofa (in heap on floor)
Hoovered throughout downstairs
Mopped hall and kitchen
Swept and wiped down stairs
Decluttered dining-room table
Put recycling stuff out
Prepared OU stuff for tutor's phone call
Lunch for DS1
Friend here for lunch
DH back from dentist with very swollen jaw
First tutorial with OU tutor on phone (was worried, but she was lovely)
Waved off friend
Tackled spot (very bad idea - now worse)
Mumsnet time before school run

ToffeeWhirl Wed 12-Feb-14 14:32:24

Thanks for explaining the rainbow logo, dizzy.

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 12-Feb-14 15:46:19

up at sparrows (5.30 hmm) for some reason
got up at 6.30
drove dd to school, dropping ds2 on way (early lesson)
spent several hours in traffic jam on way home hmm
collected some paperwork
meeting at school at 11.15 for ds2. Useful chat, slightly got carried away when I mentioned subject of ds1 too who is also known to SEN dept, re: Airfix.
drove home
had nap
woke up
going to pick up ds2.

thinking101 Wed 12-Feb-14 16:14:55

My quick copy and paste update. I'll do my personals later smile

DD fed DS fed/dressed + school run
Dishwasher done
Laundry done (alas the first of many)
Picked up all the jumble in bedroom and put on bed ready to sort
Decluttered large wall unit in living room done -
Worksurfaces and hobtop wiped done
Swept up pile done

I have this huge list - this is the result of not flying blush

Clear coat pile and shoes done
Clean mirror/door/spot clean walls done
Mop floor done
Toilet done
Srub toilet and surrounding wall floor done
Clean sink done
Mop floor done
Replenish soap and towel actually I'll put it our fresh on Friday
Living room <huge sigh>
Dust window sil/skirting/wall unit/high level/blinds done - bloody hell it was bad <shakes head in shame*
Polish sideboard/wall unit/side tables done - I like this, I like the smell.
Hoover done I did under furniture and all the edges and ALL sofa - the frakin crisps I never knew we ate so many...or maybe its been a while.
Shampoo Carpet (vax) have put stain remover on
Spot clean marks on sofa done but I did cheat a little a flipper the cushions over blush

School pick up done

Change curtains over and matching cushions
Check im still alive

Put all bonfire documents in box
Put box in garage (if it stops raining as it is detached)
Tidy DD's toys in corner
Clean patio doors/kitchen window
Wipe down and polish table/chairs
Wipe over all door fronts
Declutter window sill/top of fridge
Empty container under leaky sink
Wipe round fridge ready for shopping
Mop floor

Prepare chicken dinner (didn't do yesterday after all)
Try to get Cubs sweater. (we not going!!! yey)

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 16:25:50

Aaarrrrrggggghhhh [tears out hair emoticon]. In the midst of Wed afternoon arguing about hwk session. Have had to come away because I am in danger of having a major meltdown so am having a 5 min Mnset instead!!

brew anybody?

Just how long does it take for a 10 yr old to understand the concept of 'doing homework now in advance when you have all afternoon free, because you will be busy playing tennis tomorrow night (and every Thurs night) and you are going to be busy for a large part of the weekend.' ??? Is it really that difficult to understand???? We've been having the same battle every Wednesday afternoon since the start of September. But no, she will only do the hwk that is due in for the next day.

She is soooooo stubborn and secretive. Won't even get out the file to bloody well look at what needs doing, never mind actually do it. Refuses to read just a short, two-paragraph dictée. I hate the whole, arsing rigmarole I really do.

[whimpers in a corner]

As for Flying? Ha! What's that?

PeanutPatty Wed 12-Feb-14 16:45:17

Ta Da:
Not much! sad
Dog walked
Kitchen S&S
Tried to nap whilst one child napped and the other had quiet time = more hassle than it was worth

To do:
Loads. Simply too much to do.

Been feeling very tired the last couple of days and my initial motivation for Flying has dwindled other than doing the essentials. I'm not sure if it's PMT building as I'm eating like a horse.

Was briefly interrupted as MiniPP1 needed the loo so whilst said child needed private time to do a poo I put away the dry clothes from the airer and either put them away or added to the ever growing ironing pile. So far I have a large Ikea bag full of ironing.

I am finding that on days I don't have anything planned or have places to be at certain times that I waste time. I am definitely one of those people who do everything at the last minute eg 20mins before the house guests are due type thing. Saying that downstairs is pretty clean/tidy with minimal clutter however MrPP's post pile seems to have rebirthed..... angryangryangry

Hope everyone is having a good day!

PeanutPatty Wed 12-Feb-14 16:47:31

Sans I take myself off for Time Outs sometimes, you know when it's a case or "them or me". Is 10yrs too young to let them be responsible for their own hwk and then suffer the consequences from the school if they don't do it? Or is that harsh? <genuine question>

I walk away sometimes too SC - otherwise I might explode. If DH is here sometimes I walk right out the door and into town. Otherwise I too hide on the computer.

Feeling depressed about the state of the house again. When I took the cats to the vets yesterday he found that one of them had fleas, I have been busy googling and horrifying myself with regimes that say "just hoover and spray the entire house every day for two weeks, including all the edges, behind and under all the furniture, all the beds oh and wash every soft item in the house at 60C". Well, I would love to have a house tidy enough to do that (and a non-leaky WM) but as things stand every room has furniture around every wall, if not actual furniture then storage boxes etc, the sofa and beds are too heavy for me to move, as for the general clutter, the DCs room seems to be permanently awash with stuff on the floor. It seems impossible to keep this place tidy.

Patty - I have that tendency too and can fritter away an empty day very easily, I am definitely more efficient with a busy schedule.

Sorry, am aware that I am being a bit me,me,me this week. Someone boot me up the bum.

PeanutPatty Wed 12-Feb-14 17:55:41

Who - put a cat flea collar in your Hoover so any fleas hoovered up die. We have one cat and once this cat pops it's clogs we won't be getting any more for a number of reasons. Apparently it is cats that tend to bring fleas into the home rather than dogs.

Patty, thanks, good idea, will buy one tomorrow, actually might pop out to the supermarket and see if they have one later. I am hopeful that we aren't too infested as we have been treating the cats monthly and haven't seen any evidence other than flea dirt in the cat's coat (eggs in bedding,or cats scratching, or us scratching, or actual fleas). I've ordered some spray. Might give the cats an extra dose of flea treatment too.

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 18:07:40

Thanks Whoknows and Peanut I'm really comforted to know it's not just me. (And I should go out for a walk as I'm still really angry atm. ) Just feel like saying "well if you don't care about getting in to year 6, then why should we?".

I'm just generally feeling crochety/demoralised atm because going to see educational child psych tomorrow re: dd school & anxiety etc. Went to see headmistress in advance yesterday who gave me a list of six things that she perceives as wrong with my child. Feels like one huge parental fail on top of another sad.

Oh sorry to hear about the fleas Whoknows. I like the "just" in "just hoover and spray the entire house every day for two weeks etc etc" shock. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare. I'm sure the cat owning fledglings will be along soon to offer good advice!

Peanut thx - we've tried letting her fall on her own sword etc - in fact the school suggested it themselves. But when we did it in reality and dd forgot to take in hwk, or just didn't do it, we then got notes home or lectures about parental involvement.

Btw Peanut I think you are being very harsh on yourself. It's very hard to Fly and look after los at the same time. (It's natural that chores are the last thing you want to do in any rare free time you have!) I must admit to being much better with time management when under pressure too. The ideal for me was working 3 days and at home 2 days.

Wow Thinking101 you are on a roll! Hope you survived your long list!! Take it steady now!! And best of luck for Friday!!

Crikey Toffee that is a humungous list too!

Hope you feel better soon Bitchy!

Alice >"Spot clean? No such thing. I agree - you'll clean the whole thing. You know you will!!"
I agree - it is a Fat Fairy conspiracy - like hoovering up the middle of the room - you always end up doing the corners!!! grin

Arf at delittering Castle that would actually apply to my home office I'm afraid blush

Big waves back to Sillybilly cake Take it steady!! brew

Big waves to Eustacia Swan and eveyrone else!

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 18:09:03

Whoknows don't apologise (I'm writing 'me' 'me' posts every day blush)

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 18:19:39

Thanks btw Swan I must remember to put my 'customer' hat on next time I visit the school! Hope you can catch up on sleep tonight.

Dizzy so sorry to hear that your dd hasn't been selected - after all the work you both put in. To miss out by half a second is such tough luck! She's still done really brilliantly well to be so high in the ranking though. I hope she isn't too upset x

Yes, thanks for explanation re: multi-coloured Mumsnet logo! I was wondering aobut that too!

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 18:20:55

Hope I haven't missed out anyone!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 12-Feb-14 19:10:13

WhoKnows - your comment on taking time out made me laugh: If DH is here sometimes I walk right out the door and into town. grin

Peanut - me too. In fact, the only reason I had a long list this morning was because a friend was visiting for lunch and I was embarrassed at the state of the house.

SC - am about to PM you.

Dinner ready. BBL.

elliepac Wed 12-Feb-14 19:24:04

Here I am. Coming on to whinge again. As if we haven't got enough on our plates, a whole load of apex tiles have just been blown off the roof. Unfortunately one of them also smashed through the rear windscreen of the car as well. FFS. Pissed off doesn't quite cover it.

EustaciaVye Wed 12-Feb-14 19:27:38

whoknows - treat cat with frontline combo, hoover whole house (disturbs them) then spray with acclaim flea spray. hoover every other day. respray in two weeks.

EustaciaVye Wed 12-Feb-14 19:29:02

comb the cats and wipe on wet kitchen roll. flea dirt will turn pink. comb every day until no mote evidence

Eustacia - thanks, yes, that's what the vet did to detect the fleas. What is Frontline Combo? I have to be careful what we use as one of them as had a bad reaction to Advantage. I've ordered Indorex flea spray and hot washed all their bedding. It's the hoovering every other day that makes my heart sink! I do the middles of the rooms that often, but the edges fairly rarely because of having to move so much stuff.

Ok, just googled, it is a different active ingredient from Advantage.

Maybe this is what I need to get me decluttering again.

Oh no Ellie. Come and join me in Whingers Corner <pats cushion>

elliepac Wed 12-Feb-14 20:15:56

<takes up kind offer of cushion> every time there is a gust another one flies offhmm

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 12-Feb-14 20:39:02

oh SC I'm joining you in thinking that energy to convince children what is good for them is in limited supply.
BUT I don't think you can lead a horse to water. They may decide they want to come back and have a drink later, but not when you are hauling them. I think children get very worked up and the more worked up they are and convinced of something, the more useless it is to try and reason with them. Then when you think all is lost, they miraculously are in the mood. But never when YOU choose.

I am sitting in a v messy house grin
I've helped at Beavers (Valentines Cards)

and I've managed to get ds2 to write 5 sentences on the difference between Michael Craig Martin and Patrick Caulfield, keeping the whole exercise extremely SMART. He seems happy enough with the process once he knows it is going to be over in 20 mins. shock That is his concentration span. DH mentioned to me that ds2 is starting to be only interested in work that he has done himself..forged stuff he barely glances at. It is a real sea change for us..and a very good example of Fake it Till You Make it, in that we had to go through the forgery stage to even get him to sit down and start his work last term. Now he feels more confident that there is going to be a "result" he is much happier to participate.

oh dear better go - need to take off my anorak and do some housewifely duties, like putting kids to bed, washign etc.

whoknows we have three cats, hoovering is minimal, and the fleas are minimal too. You'll be fine.

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 12-Feb-14 20:44:54

oh yes, had a typical scene with dd. She denounced me for not providing her with a pair of running shoes that fit, so I went to Sport Direct on the bus at 4.45pm. Decided that I couldn't stand any more scenes about sportswear, bought her 4 pairs of white football socks (the long nylon ones) 3 gumshields, and then threw in two spare pairs of rugby boots (going up in half sizes) for ds2 fo good measure. NO MORE SCREAMING OVER PE KIT yay!

needless to say dd said the size 7 (that is a ladies size 7) were nearly crushing her toes, and she could wear them for a week but then would probably grow out of them shock 11 and she is wearing size 7 shoes!!!!! Hopefully they will do for ds2 though.

Thanks everyone for all the cat advice. For those of you who don't know, we're fairly new to this pet-owning lark and are on a steep learning curve. Two one year old rescue cats came to live with us in October, I had a lot of worries the first month or so, then we all settled down now it has all kicked off again this week. We're learning though.

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 21:47:24

Blimey Ellie you are certainly entitled to whinge (don't think it qualifies as whinging actually as totally legitimate worry!!!) sounds horrible to have bits of roof flying off!! And sorry to hear about damage to car too! That is so unlucky/frustrating!

[Although if there is a "whingers corner" I will happily join if I may please Whoknows grin blush ]

Toffee thanks very much for your v. kind pm - have whinged again replied grin grin

Good luck with getting rid of the little blighters Whoknows!!

Big wing flaps to Eustacia and everyone else!!

[Checks that thinking101 is still alive following domestic intervention grin ]

Swan >"They may decide they want to come back and have a drink later, but not when you are hauling them" Yes, yes and oh yes!! I have cut and pasted your entire paragraph and saved it in word so I can refer to it often!! Thank you. That is very wise advice indeed. Trouble is, when dd does come back and is ready, I feel so annoyed about what happened earlier that I am ashamed to say I find it very difficult to respond positively which I know (as the adult) I must do. Must try and do better. Reserves of patience wearing thin. blush

Congrats to your ds2 and the progress he is making, and on success of your patient 'fake it until you make it' strategy. Reminds me of something Gareth Malone said on here in his Webchat last week. Something about boys especially needing tangible success as motivating force (not sure I have that quite right but was something along those lines).

And sympathies over growing feet frustrations! It is impossible to keep up! (Used to batch buy ballet shoes for same reason.)

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 21:56:40

Tomorrow's baby-step, no 13, for Thurs 13th Feb is an introduction to missions

We are still in zone 3: the Bathroom and one extra room here.

Declutter for 15 mins a day in this zone!

Once you have decluttered, you can if you wish go on to detailed cleaning.

Thursday's mission is here. Cleaning bathroom sink and counter tops. Wiping down light switch plates, door knobs and doors in dc bedroom.

The daily focus for Thursday is: errand day.

The monthly habit for February is still : decluttering 15 mins a day.

A summary of the above plus reminders can be found here in the flight plan which updates itself daily.

G'night all!


Sillybillybob Wed 12-Feb-14 21:57:53

Oh ellie I feel your pain sad

We've lost a couple of tiles and the frame of a fairly sizeable window has blown out. The indoor raining has slowed from earlier on. Hopefully the window will stay in place. It's on our stairs so impossible to avoid as well. Bloody hate this storm! It's ridiculous!

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 22:00:48

Bloody hell SillyBilly the window frame blew out shock???!!! Hope you are all OK and storm subsides quickly x

thinking101 Wed 12-Feb-14 22:18:18

sans I hear yer re hmk. But at the parents evening my DS teacher was complimentry about the fact omework is always done and on time - which he said is often not the case for many others. It's nice to think our efforts are recognised even though we dont do the bloody things grin.

Today I have achieved a lot, I had to check myself that i wasnt actually pregnant and that this was nesting hmm. But it's never enough is it <shakes fist like mad women> the house just takes and takes. I did take apart my Ubend and it's complicated attached pipes that took a while, as did hoovering and shampooing carpet. So tomorrow plenty to do but less big jobs and no nasty dirty ones.

So I have living room that guests can sit in and toilet they can use without reporting me. (Downstair only)

My list for tomorrow

Change curtains over and matching cushions put out coordinating vase.
I still have huge pile of clutter to sort through
Put all bonfire documents in box done
Put box in garage (if it stops raining as it is detached)
Tidy DD's toys in corner storage boxes to buy?
Clean patio doors/kitchen window
Wipe down and polish table/chairs
Wipe over all door fronts/splashback/tiles
Declutter window sill/top of fridge
Empty container under leaky sink done
Wipe round fridge ready for shopping done
Mop floor
Tidy clothes into folded piles per person. (biggest job
Store bags and boots in boxes
Sort laundry into piles
Charity shop bag
Change bedding
Tidy products - find toothbrush tub
Wipe over tiles
Polish mirror/window
DD's bedroom
Charity shop bag
Fold away into draws/hang up
Dust Hoover
Change bedding
DS's bedroom
Put clothes away where possible
Shut the door <depressing>
Landing and stairs
Wipe paint work
Hoover stairs

Wait for tesco shop, Yodel, and Next courier.
Shops for toy storage - possibly a trip to ikea
Party decorations up.

Sillybillybob Wed 12-Feb-14 22:28:57

sc yes, as best I can tell! There's a massive crack all round it and water was coming in in quite a reasonable amount. It's all still in place for the moment (just!) and I'm desperately hoping it stays so as the window is huge.

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 22:54:58

>"Today I have achieved a lot, I had to check myself that i wasnt actually pregnant and that this was nesting hmm. But it's never enough is it <shakes fist like mad women> the house just takes and takes."

This has made me cackle 101things a lot!!! grin grin Keep going!! You are doing fantastically well!!!

Blimey Silly that all sound rather scary and precarious! Poor you! Just what you don't need atm. Hope you can get it reinforced quickly. [Proffers calming wine]

sanschocolat Wed 12-Feb-14 22:56:07

101things???? - sorry - meant thinking101

[you see, I have decluttering on the brain grin ]

BitchytheGreat Wed 12-Feb-14 23:28:45

This weather is a fucking nightmare. I have discovered tonight that not only do i need an emergency set of supplies in the car for snow, but also a list of hotels and supplies for wind. angry

On a plus note we made it home safely and whilst ds is just chilling out after the traumas of having to drive past a car that had been flattened by a lorry sad lucky people here. cars have been flattened, roofs are off, houses damaged, and a large no of people have no electricity. tbh I am counting myself lucky. The house is ok and we have heat and light. And whilst sharing a blow up matress with ds is not my idea of fun, we are ok. Do not expect much flying tomo. The first of the house is up at 6am and ds in his get up stupid amounts during the night thing.

<curls up in the naughty corner to rock and gently cry from tiredness>
All i want is a good night's sleep. Is that possible? pretty please?

dizzyday07 Thu 13-Feb-14 01:55:27

Ta Da
* Food bought for the next few days
* Did all DD's ironing whilst watching Mr Selfridge
* Dry washing and ironing put away
* DD to swim training
* Quiet evening with DD (as DH out at works thing)
* D/W emptied
* Pots washed and sink shined

Sorry to hear all people's weather worries. It's been wet and windy here - with some localised flooding in a couple of the villages - but as long as we choose the right road getting out is still doable

Sillybillybob Thu 13-Feb-14 06:17:18

Regardless of the state of houses, glad that everyone is safe this morning. Hope you managed some sleep Bitchy

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 13-Feb-14 09:03:48

three children in school
drove dd
drove ds1 to Running Club for 7.45. cue disaster over wrong shoes, and he said we hadn't woken him up early enough! Oh dear

situation with ds2 at school is not so good; ds2 has started singing loudly in the corridors and this is causing problems for ds1 (and of course ds2, as he is a target when he does this) However I think it is related to feeling a bit at a loose end, so I've emailed teacher to ask if there is any buddying system. I slightly doubt it, there are so many clubs that that is supposed to tackle the socialising problem. Ds2 is learning touchtyping and he is finding it difficult, and I think he is beginning to yearn for more interaction at break times (rather than always touchtyping or literacy activities), hence the singing as he wanders around hmm

I used to sing in the corridors blush hopefully not as loudly and tunelessly as ds2,

need to read bookclub book by Zweig
get warm after driving, my hands are frozen
lie down
go to sleep
shake out carpet
keep on top of utility which is horrid again hmm
tidy my clothes up
go to sleep, go to sleep, feel so tired after not so earlyish start of 7.00am shock