Fledglings don't makes resolutions in January, they fly and chat through the babysteps.

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BitchytheGreat Wed 22-Jan-14 13:16:54

Roll up, roll up. Thread two for January is here. You chatty lot grin

will be back later with linkie poos and a vat of bitchy's special brew...

In the meantime spot markers will be handed a magic rubber and told to clean up after themselves...

JustGettingOnWithIt Wed 22-Jan-14 13:34:06

. grin

feetheart Wed 22-Jan-14 13:51:38


BitchytheGreat Wed 22-Jan-14 16:35:28

ta da
Provide ds with a cooked breakfast
school run
letter for school
birthday cards written and sent
boil up hand warmers
collect washing up from upstairs
clear bench in kitchen
make up two batches of Jelly
pass on phone no#s and details for up coming exciting plans
15mins decluttering in my room
find out where to pick up new logo'd school uniform
sort out meal plan for tonight
physio - batch 1
catch up on the internet world (mn/fb/twitter etc)
Deal with emails
unblock kitchen sink drain
Make Jam tarts
1 load of washing
Sort out stuff needed for meeting this afternoon
15mins more in my room
find diary and start sorting and updating
Discuss sports teams etc
2nd load wshing on
Dance around the kitchen like a loon to music
try to get in contact with ex re contact for next few months
Speak to ex.
Sort out plans for ds' birthday party
Book holiday
3rd load of washing
meeting in next town
post letters
4th load of washing on
15mins in my room
sort out ds' kit
trip up to shops to pick up a few bits
deal with tired whiney ds
find uniform that needs to be labelled tonight
put pizza dough into bread machine
Put new series of books into ds' room
write to do list for tomo
change plans for tonight with ds not going to training
retrieve laundry from ds' room <closes eyes to the mess in there>
put my clothes away
wonder what on earth i did with the new plastic pots that i bought for sorting out hair stuff and had earlier... confused
find diary that was missing

ToffeeWhirl Wed 22-Jan-14 17:17:23

Bitchy! shock

Ta da

Gave poorly DS1 a hot-water bottle to cuddle and left him to sleep
To work with DH
Lifted 25 boxes of books into the car (DH still off lifting duties)
Home for lunch
Put washing on
Emptied bins
Forgot to swish & swipe
Made enormous lentil lasagne and mixed green salad for dinner (took ages!)
Washed up
Managed to coax DS1 into having some carrot soup
School run
Went to shop to get orders from various family members, none of whom appeared capable of going themselves hmm
Delivered half the lasagne and salad to friend who's having a hard time
Long chat on phone with friend who's also having a hard time
Put lasagne in oven
Looked sorrowfully at the growing mountain of clean washing that needs sorting
Ignored the above
Sat down and logged onto MN.

CallingAllEngels Wed 22-Jan-14 17:49:00

Phew bitchy - I'm exhausted just reading that!

ta da
washing up
packed lunch made

to do

BitchytheGreat Wed 22-Jan-14 18:53:04

confused i thought i warned you it was going to be a long list kinda day? confused

Wow, bitchy, that is an amazing list, well done! grin
Will catch up with personals later, just had to say how impressed I was by bitchy's list and mark my place

ToffeeWhirl Wed 22-Jan-14 19:00:32

We can never be prepared for a list like that, Bitchy wink.

BitchytheGreat Wed 22-Jan-14 19:03:12

Should i skip posting it's update then? grin

GoingGoingGoth Wed 22-Jan-14 20:29:13

And Bitchy retakes the long list record!
That's amazing.

Finished marking my place, so will be back tomorrow, as I have an berry strudel in the oven calling out to me (bought not made)

I'm here, pottering along, really not much Flying in between school, work, OU, statement stuff etc, but just about keeping on top of things. Did a fairly decent blitz of my bedroom yesterday.

DS started at trampoline coaching today and loved it, he has been to the occasional session before but we found that there was a regular one for his age group that fits right in the middle of DD being at Brownies (sports centre is next to Guide Hut), so that's a result. I'm really tired, don't think I slept well last night (I seem to remember one of the cats climbing and out again of my bit of duvet). Cat that was poorly seeming yesterday has been fine today, ate her breakfast very happily and has eaten a lot since, no more retching so I suspect it was just a hairball (which I will probably find somewhere later, gross).

MerryBuddha Wed 22-Jan-14 23:08:43

I have posted on the other thread, but just marking my place.

dizzyday07 Wed 22-Jan-14 23:25:58

Very very low level flying been going on the last day or 2! I have been trying to get a sewing project finished as it needs to be sent off to Australia by Friday shock. But it's just the binding I need to finish sewing and then it can go - hopefully tomorrow.

Today's Ta Da
* Most of sewing project finished
* Dry washing put away
* DD to dentist (3 small fillings)
* Cooked tea
* Washed pots and shined sink
* Washing load on and hung to dry

Toffee - 1.30am as a bedtime is early for me! grin

ToffeeWhirl Thu 23-Jan-14 00:57:08

Just finished a late crisis clean in preparation for MIL house-/child-sitting for us tomorrow. DH and I are delivering books a long drive away, so we need someone here for when DS1 gets home (assuming he goes to the learning centre tomorrow). We may require a business lunch on the way home wink.

Last-minute ta da

Watched 'Breaking Bad' (hooked)
Washed hair
Room rescue in sitting room
Nudged Lego city to the outskirts of the room
Tidied hall
Mopped hall
Wiped down stairs
Unloaded and reloaded d/w
Washed up extra stuff, dried and put away
Wiped down sink and polished taps (always impresses MIL when they shine)
Wiped all kitchen counters
Tidied hotspot
Put out clean hand towel and tee-towel
Tidied and wiped dining-room table
Put fruit in bowls
Emptied DS2's lunchbox
Rinsed water bottles
Cleaned cooker hob
Put tumbledryer on
Washed thermal vest for DS2 tomorrow
Ironed clothes for tomorrow
Laid out school uniforms
Put away all clothes that were drying on the radiators
Cleaned and polished two pairs of muddy shoes
Left numbers out for MIL
Wrote reminders for myself

Never meant to go to bed so late, but at least the house looks tidy for tomorrow. Night all <yawns loudly and settles down in naughty corner>.

Marks place.

If I ever manage to catch up with you lot. The thread moves so fast. But my home is cleaner than usual but I'm not getting all the missions done.

<goes to find naughty corner>

BitchytheGreat Thu 23-Jan-14 08:32:43

Don't panic dontstep you should build up to the missions I am currenrtly ignoring all missions until i have got on top of the clutter. I will be ignoring for a few more years yet hmm You'll get them eventually. Just remember - no perfectionism.

BitchytheGreat Thu 23-Jan-14 09:14:07

Right now I have frozen and got completely soaked on the school run. lets have a look at the babysteps and the links for today and yesterday because NONE of you complained about the lack of links, did you even look for them?

Babystep 22

Babystep 23

Both these are control journal based.


thursday is errand day. Tbh it is horrid out there i don't blame you if you'd rather not got out of the house any more then necessary.

Definitely gearing up for errand day today. Bit of work to do this morning first though. Might even tackle the mission later on. hmm

By the way, and totally un-flying-related, these are the boots I bought yesterday. Currently wearing them around the house in an attempt to decide whether or not I like them... a bit pointier in the toe than I normally wear.

BitchytheGreat Thu 23-Jan-14 10:32:22

ta da
ds to school without being 100% soaked to the bone. (75% soaked though)
1 load of washing in machine
tea in oven
update diary
catch up with internet stuff
warm up and decide today is a funtion from pjs kinda day
Wonder wtf i did with the to do list i wrote for today
Sort ds' kit bag for sat
Sort my kit bag for tomo
2nd load of washing on
Find file and plastic wallets for sorting some paperwork out in an organised maner
Brew up a vat of special brew for drinking whilst reading the paperwork that goes into the file
Rescue tea from oven

Right now to read and file that paperwork... Must not forget cooking breakfast.

BitchytheGreat Thu 23-Jan-14 12:29:39

ta da
ds to school without being 100% soaked to the bone. (75% soaked though)
1 load of washing in machine
tea in oven
update diary
catch up with internet stuff
warm up and decide today is a funtion from pjs kinda day
Wonder wtf i did with the to do list i wrote for today
Sort ds' kit bag for sat
Sort my kit bag for tomo
2nd load of washing on
Find file and plastic wallets for sorting some paperwork out in an organised maner
Brew up a vat of special brew for drinking whilst reading the paperwork that goes into the file
Rescue tea from oven
read through 16 documents and file appropriately (being grateful some were only a page/couple pages long and most were full of illustrated diagrams)
3rd load of washing
Write mini report on something requiring user feedback
Unsuccesfully look for missing CD in random place suddenly thought of
find my to do list
more folding
Put my clothes away.
Gossip about the adventures of last night
look for something on my computer and realise i really need to sort out the filing system on my computer <sigh>

Ahh lunch break. time for a hot bath me thinks.

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 23-Jan-14 12:36:54

3 children off to school
walked ds2 to school in order to deliver ds1's geography book which he had forgotten (that would be yet another detention, and he would miss homework club, so totally counterproductive) - although on the other hand he may get a detention just for the low quality of the homework confused

coffee with friend discussing 13 year old boys and their communication skills (not)
lots of walking/exercise

now curled up in bed with cuddly cat, might have a nap - no-one comes home till after 5pm today shock

EustaciaVye Thu 23-Jan-14 12:54:07

Hello All

Nice boots blueeyeshadow.

wails at state of house....

BitchytheGreat Thu 23-Jan-14 13:01:52

Do i need to find my soap box to stand on wrt to perfectionism? Do I? Because last time I did that people flounced. <scarybitchy>
<stern looks>

Progress is progress. Every little bit you do is brilliant.

humanordancer Thu 23-Jan-14 13:14:14

Hello all, hope everyone ill is feeling better today.

Bitchy - wowsers! <there goes my exclamation allowance for quite some time>

Swan I remember my English teacher hated exclamation marks, so I have always felt a bit naughty when using one grin She hated brackets, too.

Toffee I'm afraid if it's a mountain breeze you're after, the air refresh cycle will sadly disappoint. However, the hygiene version of it has dispensed with the need to dry clean my coat. Not only do I hate the chemicals and the expense, but it's two errands. I love air refresh! (Oops!)

Blue I always love a slouchy boot.

Ta da

Cook breakfast
Wash up
Sink (I had been a bit lax with this)
Clean marks off grey leather jacket so I can wear it, after it languishing in cupboard for a year while
Clean mud off wheelie suitcase
Make Drs apt
Put washing away
Ironing, all
Washing x 2
Hoover rug in sitting room
Called about phone renewal
Renewed EHIC cards

To do

Post office

humanordancer Thu 23-Jan-14 13:22:09

And in the interests of non-perfectionism, Bitchy, I am moving my bleurgh back to Monday, as I have already improved things quite a lot today and can't see any dirt unless I get right up close grin

GoingGoingGoth Thu 23-Jan-14 15:05:19

Blue nice boots.

Humanordancer my teacher also hated exclamation marks and brackets (probably why I use them so much!!!) grin

Woke up stupidly early this morning with sinuses trying to kill me plus a temperature, so have done practically nothing. GothCat can't work out what's going on, but is enjoying the extra cuddle time.

humanordancer Thu 23-Jan-14 15:12:26

Interesting, Goth! And sinus problems are just awful thanks

I have really just popped back to show off, shamelessly.

Ta da!

Delete ten thousand emails.

Now, to the post office! grin

EustaciaVye Thu 23-Jan-14 16:08:49

I think I just broke my Dyson sad

ToffeeWhirl Thu 23-Jan-14 16:41:04

Oh, Eustacia. That is very bad news. sad

Rant alert (nothing to do with Flying AT ALL, although there was a lot of Flying in the lead up to it wink)

Very, very stressful morning in the Toffee household. I was up early, cooking pancakes and getting the boys up and ready in good time. Then DS1 told me he had been sick in the bathroom hmm and couldn't go to school. I reminded him of his recovery yesterday and how difficult it would be for us if he didn't go in today. Reminded him of the importance of facing his anxiety (as I was pretty certain this was what it was). Rushed DS2 up to school (now late - argh) and was told off by the teacher because he had missed a lesson. Arranged a meeting with her tomorrow to explain why he keeps being late.

Rushed home to find DH and DS1 back home after a round trip to the learning centre and back. DS1 had threatened to get out of the car and run away if DH didn't drive him home. DH drove him home.

Row with DH over not giving in to DS1's blackmail sad. Had to phone MIL to ask if she could come over early because DS1 was now going to be home alone. Had to phone learning centre to explain that DS1 wasn't coming in.

And, thanks to all that, we had to leave late and were late for our meeting. I really thought I might explode with stress and anger in the car. There were so many people affected by DS1's actions.

And what made me even more angry was coming home this afternoon to discover that MIL had cooked fish and chips for DS1, which he had eaten quite happily. Sick? Really?

MIL very concerned about the stress we're under. Said, "Ooh, you'll split up over it." That was helpful hmm.

Rant over

DH and I did manage to have a very lovely pub lunch together though, so we are now talking to each other in a civilised fashion again.

Arrived home about an hour ago. Off to collect DS2 from his playdate, then time to cook dinner. And wine will be needed.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 23-Jan-14 16:46:08

Swan - have just been chuckling at your DS's homework - 'A step-by-step illustrated guide to painting' - and your response ('No, we are not doing that'). It is the underlying panic and disbelief in your response that makes me laugh - as if part of you thinks that they might actually inflict that level of homework on your son!

BitchytheGreat Thu 23-Jan-14 17:49:37

I would have been furious too toffee. But the kids feed of the negative as it is a reaction of any kind. Bloody annoying though.

Ds is back on the eat twice own body weight three times daily again. So I am currently holding fire on the school shirt labelling. I am going to have a look at the size difference as I bought one size up but i suspect they might be the right size and thus require changing up to new size. So will need to hunt out the reciept. Bloody kids are expensive things... <rolls eyes> plus the poor kid keeps getting asked which high school he goes to. Yeah sorry but he isn't nine yet, he's just very tall for his age and looks like he would snap if the wind blew too hard

Done various amount this afternoon, got more to do including a lot of out of the house errands this evening but in the middle of picking a fight with ds about bedtimes. He is back at telling me it is 8pm. Hahaha yeah nope. 7pm is bedtime anything else is a luxary so nerh.

sanschocolat Thu 23-Jan-14 18:08:01

Hi all,

Bitchy thank you for setting up thread extension and congrats on mahoosive list (and to everyone who has produced a list today/yesterday.) I have done no Flying at all today and only did minimal chores yesterday.

Just Great news re: HMRC battle!! YOu deserve a bit of good news after all this time!! HOpe you are managing to conserve some energy for yourslelf and can get an appt at doc's soon.

Toffee so sorry to hear that your mornign was so stressful. It all sounds incredibly tough. You have my full sympathies.

>ranting vent alert!
V. stressful morning here too - meeting with school head - re: dd's difficulties (she is top of class in one language and near bottom of class in the other - and the one she is bottom in is the most important one for a variety of reasons). They are recommending child psychologist to deal with stress/anxiety which I feel is emanating largely from unbelievably rigid school system itself. Dh then spoke over me and said that he thought the school wasn't putting enough pressure on the dc and dd wasn't getting enough hwk angry. (He went to incredibly competitive, pressured, all-boys, elite, public prep school and thinks every dc should have exactly the same experience as him.) I was/am so furious with him - proper blood-spittingly furious- that I can't be in the same room as him atm never mind hold a conversation angry. Just felt so undermined sad. And what I don't understand is that he's always saying that the main thing that particular school taught him was how to evade the rules without getting caught!

Then visited said potential child psychologist who, from my own raddled, nearing-half-century pov, seemed incredibly young and puppy-tale-waggishly optimistic and woefully lacking in worldly experience but heck, my opinion doesn't seem to count for very much confused

Spent afternoon wrestling (yet again) with accountant to try and sort out implications of new VAT system that used not to apply to us and since Jan 1st, now does - a veritable cauchemar.

In summary atm: hate all men - hate all so-called bloody patronising so-called professionals! !!!!angry angry angry
[Thanks for putting up with the rant everyone]

Sorry about the Dyson Eustacia

Like your new swanky boots Blue (perhaps I shouldn't mention that they are remarkably similar in style to some I wore at university over 30 yrs ago [argh - old crone status beckons]

Swan/Humanordancer my old English teacher was obsessed with the proper use of the parenthetical dash grin

So sorry you are feeling rotten Goth sinus headaches are the pits

Waves to Merry Dizzy¨Don'tstep Castle Feetheart Nicknacks PA Honu Whoknows Pushme EllieEngels
and everyone else I've missed.

BitchytheGreat Thu 23-Jan-14 18:19:05

<passes SC a vat of wine >
In my experience that is generally how i have felt dealing with the system. I have yet to kill someone but I have learnt to use the system and thus piss off ds' teacher when she messed up recently

sanschocolat Thu 23-Jan-14 18:21:24

Cheers Bitchy thank you

[leaves out more wine wine wine on naughty corner counter for those in need of something soothing]

ToffeeWhirl Thu 23-Jan-14 18:39:05

<swigs wine from naughty corner>

Sorry you've had an awful day, SC. I would be speechless with fury at your DH's behaviour too. However, it sounds as if the school have their own firm opinion on your DD's difficulties and I can't imagine DH's view will have much impact on them. I hope the psychologist can help your DD, but completely 'get' how patronising they can be [weary emoticon].

sanschocolat Thu 23-Jan-14 19:17:02

Thanks Toffee cheers wine (Have pm'd you]

ToffeeWhirl Thu 23-Jan-14 20:39:30

Cheers, SC wine. (Have pm'd you too smile).

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 23-Jan-14 21:57:04

SC psychologist may have sympathy with children that belies her appearance/manner, anyway I hope so. What a very strange comment from your Dh. Maybe he was terrified of the formidable headmistress and blurted out something just to assert himself.

Toffeepoor ds1, he's not really winning in this situation, just doing the only thing he can think of to reduce his anxiety which is to feign illness - the more we need them to behave the worse they do behave (if I can use the word behave) - they just pick up on the tension and cannot cope. The primary school need to know that you are dealing with a very very tricky situation (and actually it is partly their fault that ds1 never got the help he needed in primary) and if you bring in ds2 late it is the least of your concerns.

I've had a lovely evening - partly because I've done sod all today and talked to my friend about teenagers, so every time ds1 melted down this evening I felt equipped to deal with it.
Also managed to keep up a stream of comfort food, flapjacks, pasta in tomato sauce, chips, rice pudding and peaches. So a cosy atmosphere I hope, and far less telly than usual. Lots of chatting with kids. No worries about messy house as Dh is not here to notice!

Ds1 (13/14) He has had an appalling week organisation wise, ended up with a stream of detentions for losing books, forgetting homework and today he's in floods of tears because he forgot a Maths book which he needed for homework, because he went to Drama Club (where ds2 annoyed him unfortunately final straw) got up far too early for D of E, and is generally losing the plot. A typical example was that he got a Hof Year detention for not turning up to a smaller detention which he didn't dare go to because it would have meant annoying the teacher who takes String Ensemble at the same time.confused I would be in a muddle with that sort of situation, I'm not surprised he was.

I think I need to keep him at home tomorrow as he has a Grade 3 violin exam on Tuesday, last lesson on Monday, and de-stress go through the pieces properly. Atm he keeps following ds2 round the house shouting at him, and insulting him which is a sign of him being in a state of collapse. Also need to ring pastoral teacher. She wrote a note in his diary which suggested she was fed up with unfinished work, sloppiness. Yet he still seems to love school even when he gets to the point of finding it all unbearable. Strange boy.

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 23-Jan-14 22:27:10

I feel very grateful for this thread because when I read my own words about ds1 and imagine someone else had written them, and what advice I would give them (oh so officiously blush it would be I NEED TO SORT THIS OUT WITH THE SCHOOL. Ds1 is dyspraxic so it isn't suprising he cannot cope and is getting out of kilter.

Sorry to hear about all the stresses and strains , SC, Toffee, Swan and others.

Achieved most of errand day stuff and got interviewed for local radio about school fiasco again. confused

Lost it with the boys this afternoon cos it sounded like they were killing each other. They swear they were just playing though... I feel very out of kilter myself sometimes.

Another early start tomorrow, but work has eased off a little so might actually manage a house bleugh as boys out. Will see.

<swigs wine and crashes out in the naughty corner> Night!

Castlelough Thu 23-Jan-14 22:57:15

Hmmm I missed the party.
<hunts for leftover wine>

Sorry so many people seem to need it ao badly tonight. [hugs]

sanschocolat I love your namechange! wink

And that is all. Ta-da: spag bol dinner (homemade sauce) <struggles to find anything else to congratulate self for...>

ToffeeWhirl Thu 23-Jan-14 23:05:09

Swan - you are so right about this: he's not really winning in this situation, just doing the only thing he can think of to reduce his anxiety which is to feign illness. Thank you. Now I have calmed down a bit, I can see that. I veer from fury to sympathy at the moment. Poor boy - when I returned home I ranted at him for managing to eat fish and chips when he was supposedly ill and he looked really sad and said he'd actually been looking forward to seeing me, but now he wanted me to go away sad. I apologised, went out of the room and came back in again as if I had only just arrived, then we replayed the scenario with 'nice mum' in stead of 'ranty mum', which made him smile.

And you are absolutely right about the primary school being partly responsible for DS1 not getting the help he needed.

I think I'm just finding it intolerable to experience 'normal' life for a bit and then have it snatched away and find myself back in the midst of unpredictability and stress again. I'm better when I know what to expect, no matter how difficult it is.

All the cooking you describe in your house sounds so delicious - I wish you could magic some over here not the casserole you left in the garden for two days though wink.

And I'm so sorry your DS1 is struggling at school again. Time for another chat with the SENCO or his form tutor, as you say. I know how wearing it is, but it's clear that your DS1 needs a bit more support and understanding at the moment.

Blue - well done on fitting in an interview on the radio with your Flying. That's an unusual thing to have on your 'ta da' list smile.

House is looking fine, thanks to my crisis clean last night. Am going to finish the last bit of washing up, then lay out tomorrow's clothes before heading off to bed. Have a busy day tomorrow.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 23-Jan-14 23:06:22

<hands over wine to Castle>

dizzyday07 Fri 24-Jan-14 02:54:24

spent the morning finishing my mini quilt (which is now on its way to Oz) and the afternoon sorting out our huge pile of filing. all put away except for a couple of bits that need actioning.

as some of our weekend guests arrive tomorrow I need to organise a crisis clean and tidy up of study, kitchen and lounge plus get some food in and organise beds etc!

Ta Da
* Quilt finished and posted off
* Filing done
* Room rescued dining room inc large pile of paper recycling
* run/walk accompanied by DD on her bke
* pottered around tidying bits and pieces whilst everyone else sat about not thinking of helping out!
* D/W stacked and on
* School/swimming/forest school bags organised for early start

Sorry you are all having struggles with your DCs.

dizzyday07 Fri 24-Jan-14 02:57:32

Don't tell me off too much Toffee. I am in bed but just csn't sleep. Should be fun getting up in 3 hours!

JustGettingOnWithIt Fri 24-Jan-14 03:45:54

Toffee, SC, Swan huge sympathies. I wish I could say something more useful than that, but at the moment I 'm very feverish again and things I've posted elsewhere seem to come out wrong, so just thinking of you and wishing calm and a bucketful of exra special patience for you.

Blue well done with being interviewed as part of daily to do list.

Dizzy also sympathies, pain is preventing everything includeing sleep.

to do Totally harrass Dr's for appointment.

CallingAllEngels Fri 24-Jan-14 07:35:46

Sounds like everyone is getting batteredby life atm.

just take care of yourself.

sc shock at dh. Maybe if HE was the one supervising hwk he'd think differently!

toffee and swan to I can't imagine the levels of patience you must have. Situations with dc sound very stressful and frustrating.

Well, I came home to dh cooking dinner my candlelight yesterday. We had a powercut for about 2 hours so everything was very dark...managed to steal the last of the hot water for a candlelit shower, but luckily it came back on at 6.30!

house is a tip so have a lot to get through today

ta da
washing on

to do
Yesterday's washing up (clean hair trumped clean dishes!)
post office
dry cleaners
online banking
phone dm and best friend
tidy...nothing is where it should be!
pop to nursery to arrange finger scan entry

CallingAllEngels Fri 24-Jan-14 07:37:24

And ds took charge of choosing his clothes this morning so as well as romper, dungarees, long sleeve tshirt and socks he also has on dressing gown, thick jumper on top and my slipper socks!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 24-Jan-14 08:02:06

Thanks for the supportive words. It really does help.

I discussed the situation with DS1 last night. He thinks he really is ill, which may be true, although I would say he certainly isn't ill enough to stay at home. I suggested it was anxiety and he admitted, "Maybe". "Are you finding it hard to go in to the learning centre too?" "Maybe".

Didn't get very far in the conversation, but the upshot was that I told him he didn't have to go in today. He looked so relieved. I said he could have a day off 'sick' and then we'd start afresh next week. This way, if he really does have a bug it'll give him time to get over it. And if it's anxiety, he'll be ill again on Monday and we'll know for sure.

He wasn't the only one who was relieved. I just couldn't face the battle this morning.

sanschocolat Fri 24-Jan-14 08:43:50

Morning everyone!

It is so lovely to come back on here this morning and see everyone's cheering messages. Thank you so much for them!

Sorry I didn't get back on here last night. I was too busy balancing buckets of iced water above doors in rooms where dh was about to enter ignoring dh and shredding his ties. wink

Swan yes it was a very strange thing for him to say - I still don't understand it as he has never, ever expressed that view to me before the meeting - and I've never known him to be intimidated by anyone! He has infuriatingly unshakeable confidence!!

Also, yes, someone else has advised me not to dismiss a psychologist because they are young/don't have dc of their own. I can see I was perhaps a bit hasty in my judements re the first point but still hesitating about second. Fortunately, Toffee has very kindly advised me who I should be ideally looking for and with what training.

Glad to hear you had a bit of time out and a lovely evening Swan and of course that you are coping magnficiently without dh smile! And looking at the mounds of delicious food you are producing: I really need to up my game and get back to cooking dd some comforting puddings. (She opted for hot dinners instead of packed lunches this term, so I've got a bit slack.)

Sorry to hear your ds1 has had such a difficult week though. As you say, I think any adult would find those organisational logistics difficult to cope with. Hope his violin exam goes well.

Toffee yes it must be incredibly hard to have had a brief window of relative freedom and then for it to be shut again - let's hope only temporarily! Hope your ds1 feels better soon.

And ha! DD and I do that "rewind the video" role-play thing when we have got off on the wrong foot together! It always takes the tension out of proceedings!

Hope you have woken up feeling much better today Goth too!

Blue congrats on your radio interview - you will be able to go on to a career in politics once this particular campaign has reached its conclusion (hopefully in your group's favour)

Dizzy well done on finishing mini-quilt and good luck with your crisis clean today - hope you can catch up on sleep at the weekend!

Feverish doesn't sound good Just. Hope you can get to docs soon. Take care x

Candlelit dinner sounds lovely Engels!! Good luck with your list! Arf at your ds's choice of attire grin

Sympathies over expensive uniform Bitchy. DD's feet are perplexing. They don't grow for ages and ages and then overnight they've suddenly elongated by a couple of cms. Have just had to give away a load of (relatively new and expensive) shoes that she can't fit in to any more.

Well this morning dd went off to school in floods of tears. She was claiming a headache and sore throat but it transpired that she hadn't done her maths hwk. I did ask her if she'd done her hwk last night, but what with all the dramas with dh, I failed to check up on it. Ho hum.

House in not too bad a state on ground and first floor but oh so much decluttering to do. Don't really feel in the groove atm. Had better go and do something productive such as shredding dh's underpants grin - makes lovely rabbit bedding don't you know ...

Lovely day here too so think I'll get out of the house and blow the cobwebs off!

Huge waves to Castle and everyone else!!

sanschocolat Fri 24-Jan-14 08:49:38

PS Castle (wish nickname reflected rl!! Must get back to diet!!!)

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 10:06:37

ta da
spend half an hour rummaging throught the back bedroom finding a few bits that are needed and taking stock of what is in there.
Deal with a few bits that need dealing with urgently
Spend 15mins in study doing a cursory declutter
spend 5mins in dining room
Put ds' bedding on to wash

Currently eating breakfast whilst doing an impression of a zombie and wondering where the anti-histamines are. Ds woke up with a wet bed at 4am and whilst he went back to bed after he had chatted to me loudly as I stripped it, i didn't manage to sleep for 2hrs and am suffering from it. I also have a medical appointment I don't like. That time of the year again. Smears the bane of most woman's life.

Will post links when i have drunk another cup or 6 of coffee and my brain is able to function

Morning all.

Unfortunately radio interview was more of a vox pops soundbite that they then didn't play anyway. DH was interviewed properly this morning though!

So far today I've been attempting to patch up the paint on the car - very badly but hopefully will last a while! - and get some work done. But way too many distractions going on.

<wanders out to put the kettle on again>

brew anyone?

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 11:17:58

Please Blue

Friday is clean you car, purse and fun fuck day

babystep is the swish and swipe one and is important


Right next job find out what smells like it is burning hmm and Oh fuck put a pan of water on to boil a while back for the handwarmers. SHIT

AliceinWinterWonderland Fri 24-Jan-14 11:23:38

I'm off for a bit and this: fun fuck day is what I come back to? shock Clearly I need to read back a few pages and catch up! grin

Anyway, I think I have life back on a level playing field again. (one can only hope, right?) So hopefully I can now get back to getting things done.

First things first. Nice relaxing bath while DCs are in school. I can make my list while I'm soaking. grin See? Multitasking already! Aren't I clever?

And then I'll post my list.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 24-Jan-14 11:45:44

Actually, it started out as fuck fun Friday, Alice, though fun fuck amounts to the same thing, I think <ponders>. It was incorporated into the babysteps after a typo gave us all ideas grin.

Managed to have a quick chat with DS2's form teacher this morning. She was very understanding and has suggested a way of dealing with it (ie. dropping DS2 off earlier with a friend's mum, leaving me the time and freedom to deal with DS1).

Then had a long chat with a friend's DH, who has offered to help with DS1 because he had similar problems as a young man. He was incredibly helpful and talking with him about the issues really cheered me up and helped clarify things.

Cleaner has been and gone, so the house is clean again. She even tackled the corner I had been trying to ignore in the sitting room (hidden down the side of the sofa and littered with firelighter boxes, etc. She even found a spider <shudders>).

Have had an email from another school we are planning to visit for DS1. They want copies of reports before we visit. As I am also planning on sending off the application for a statement asap, I can see that I'm going to be busy with paperwork this weekend.

Off to work now...

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 11:50:09

God sorry yes another typo. blush

I have managed to burn water and blow a saucepan. But not set fire to anything <miracle>

I considering quiting whilst i am ahead on this flying nonsense. [bad leader]

<drinks more coffee>

AliceinWinterWonderland Fri 24-Jan-14 12:36:19

Okay. All relaxed now. grin

ta da
-usual morning routines, school runs
-checked bank
-checked electric and gas meters
-walked to shop and put money on electric and gas keys for meters and put that on the meters
-lovely bath while researching something on the tablet (and points for not dropping said tablet into the water!! grin)
- clothes put in washer (new one - yay!!)

to do
- join slimming world online (eeeek! have been putting this off, but needs must! at least to get myself started!)
- look at local leisure centre online to find out price of monthly membership so I can swim regularly and do some workouts
- finish organising budget to include those costs
- pay tax for car so I don't get a ticket next month for expired tax hmm
- order book for my kindle that was recommended to be helpful re my son's disabilities
- school run this afternoon
- exercise tonight (after DCs in bed, as I don't really want to provide them with the scary entertainment!) with my Wii Zumba
- collapse in a heap.......

As you probably have noticed, today it's all about MEEEEEE!! Because while my house needs sorting, and my garden needs to be mowed and the hedge clipped and the car cleaned and my home office organised.... I have neglected my own health and fitness for far too long. So today, I am putting myself first, so that I can then be healthy enough to cope with and take care of everything else.

Feeling very virtuous today as well. Have eaten healthy today, and only had 2 cups of tea, with only 1 sugar instead of 2. grin Little steps, eh?

JustGettingOnWithIt Fri 24-Jan-14 12:41:57

Just a quickie to say I managed to get one of the Dr's urgent appointments, and am on my way to Moorfields as an emergancy.

Toffee really glad to hear you're getting some r/l support. As it sounds as if it's all moving swiftly I'll do what I can to complete the pm, am able enough as lng as you work round feverish rambling style!

SC Hope this doesn't sound to rude, but Pavlov's approval seeking dog when faced with female HT and sense that 'excuses' are being profered, possibly? Have had something different but similar and it's what I named it to ensure it wouldn't wag it's bloody tail again!

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 13:56:19

ta da
spend half an hour rummaging throught the back bedroom finding a few bits that are needed and taking stock of what is in there.
Deal with a few bits that need dealing with urgently
Spend 15mins in study doing a cursory declutter
spend 5mins in dining room
Put ds' bedding on to wash
burn water and blow a saucepan
design and source bits for ds' birthday cake
unravel a bit of crocheting as need wool for finishing blanketgate
work on some blanket gate squares
give opinion on a report
find wool for working on blanket gate
drink far too much coffee and not enough water but still doing an impression of a zombie
post links for thread.
Work out timings for appointment
Spend far too long in google/etsy/pinterest
Check emails
complete 2 squares of blanketgate
Consider half term plans
remove January from the master activity board
Be grateful for the friend who has been distracting me on fb for the last hour or so.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 24-Jan-14 14:07:58

I feel much better this morning, thanks SC, thinking of your rabbit and it's comfy bedding makes me grin

Just good luck at appointment

Alice ME time is good, don't ever feel bad about it.

Toffee hope things are getting better

Packed lunch
Dd to school
Dry laundry away
Washing up
Laundry on
Completed Tax Return -yay

To do
Collect dd
Prep dinner
Supervise homework

ToffeeWhirl Fri 24-Jan-14 14:58:25

Just - am so relieved that the dr has finally seen sense and you are going to be seen as a priority at an excellent eye hospital. Best of luck. Please, please don't worry about answering my pm. I welcome your opinion, but in your own good time (which clearly isn't right now!). No hurry!

Ta da


To do

Late lunch
Phone friend to apologise for not having time to meet today
School run
Walk to PO to post parcels for work, then to library to photocopy documents for statement
Home in time to cook dinner (what's for dinner? No idea)

sanschocolat Fri 24-Jan-14 15:09:10

Thanks for caffeine hit Blue!

Good to hear you are on the mend Goth!

Yes, agree with Goth, you are setting a very good example Alice!! (And good luck with weight loss - am with you in spirit on that one!)

Brilliant you have an appointment with Moorfields Just smile Hope they can sort everything out!!!

(Not rude at all! And yes, possibly Pavlovian reaction - dh certainly loathes confrontation - but at same time rarely says things just to please that he doesn't mean. I've given up trying to figure it out tbh! He really doesn't understand why I am in such a strop about it as he says he was trying to get the school to take their responsibilities seriously. I see that but it just wasn't helpful to complain about lack of pressure/hwk when I had just that minute described how dd wasn't sleeping/morphed in to a different (spiky) child during term time! We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Dh and I have at least exchanged reasonably civil phone calls today.)

What sort of birthday cake are you making Bitchy?

Glad the teacher was helpful Toffee!

Ta da:
morning routine inc dw, wm, ss, rabbits
put away half of on-line supermarket delivery
cleaned out hamster cage (again)
tidied boudoir (again)
put away 3 paniers clean and ironed washing
nipped to chemist and back
researched more psychologists
hoovered downstairs
cleaned bathroom
cleaned kitchen surfaces
re-arranged tutoring appt for tonight
a couple of organisational e-mails
carried a load of stuff upstairs
and another load of stuff downstairs
some work work

Failed to meal plan this week. Must go and sort out something for tonight. I know we have fish in freezer.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 24-Jan-14 15:36:36

Another peaceful and lovely day!
Long nap, and read lots of books/newspapers
Up at 6.30am is my excuse again.
Exercise to shops and back for groceries
coffee with neighbour and chat before that

Ds1 has been stomping around the house angrily, in between eating enormous plates of rice pudding and lamb chops. We tried tuning his violin but failed miserably.

MerryBuddha Fri 24-Jan-14 16:22:55

WARNING A me me post!
Promise I will read back the thread later (when I have time).

But just wanted to pop on and share my great news!!
I was asked in for an second interview this morning for my ideal/dream job and they offered it to me.

Its what I have wanted to do for a very long time, they are going to give me full training and there is scope for me to move into a specialised field, which will be my dream job. Also it fits around the children. Over the moon.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 24-Jan-14 16:28:29

CONGRATULATIONS Merry wine thanks cake

Woohoo! Congratulations indeed Merry, that's fabulous!

Glad you got a hospital appointment Just.

Ta da!
Caught up with DH's radio interview
Finished 1st draft of big project
Car repainting x3
Hoovered through
Cleaned bathroom
Rescued landing
Bit more sorted for training next week

To do:
Cook tea
Clean kitchen
Collapse with wine

EustaciaVye Fri 24-Jan-14 16:43:21

<<sneaks in>>

Congratulations MerryBuddha smile

<<sneaks out again>>

PS. Can anyone recommend a good vacuum cleaner?

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 17:48:51

SC an edible one?

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 17:50:01

Ds is fragile, i am fragile and very very grumpy in need of my bed needless to say ds is now in tears and I am wanting to lock my door and make the whole world go away. Oh the joys.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 24-Jan-14 17:58:57

Congratulations Merry! wine flowers cake

That's fabulous news. You must be on a high smile.

<sniggers> at Bitchy's response to SC's question.

We have a Miele, Eustacia. Meant to be better than Dysons and it hasn't let us down yet (had it for several years now).

Blue - no wonder you're planning to collapse with wine - that's quite a list!

Swan - glad you had a lovely, peaceful day. Am not envious, oh no.

SC - good to know that you and DH can at least speak on the phone now. Can't believe he's genuinely puzzled by your response to what he said!

Ta da

School run
To Post Office to post several parcels
To bank
To library to photocopy lots of documents on DS1
To off licence wink
Long walk home under starry sky
What's in the freezer for dinner? Chicken nuggets and chips blush (but DC will be happy).

Was possibly going out tonight, but am too tired, so am planning a sofa/telly/wine night with DH.

CallingAllEngels Fri 24-Jan-14 18:28:28

Great news merry !

End of a long week. Have felt so sluggish and exhausted. I really do hate January!

ta da
washing up
food shopping
hoovered downstairs
cleaned downstairs bathroom

now about to open a bottle of wine and fall asleep on the sofa. Have a great weekend everyone!

GoingGoingGoth Fri 24-Jan-14 19:55:49

Eustacia I have a Hetty atm, and she's lovely, but would really like a Miele or a Sebo (Mum has one and she's very particular over her vacuums)
I wouldn't have a Dyson , just don't like them.

updated done
Packed lunch
Dd to school
Dry laundry away
Washing up
Laundry on
Completed Tax Return -yay
Collect dd
2nd load laundry on
Made Rhubarb & apple crumble - but too full to have any!
Supervise homework
Washing up (DH assisted)

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 20:02:09

Ok quick dump of links.

Sat is family fun day. do something fun with the kids/bloke/Misses etc

NO missions it is the weekend

if you can be arsed baby step is a reading one

elliepac Fri 24-Jan-14 20:13:32

<sneaks in and pretends she has been here all along, that she is sitting in a flytastic house and that she has kept to all her diet resolutions>

I'm back. Work has been mad with another visit from Ofsted and observations of my teaching by SLT and lengthy Parents Evenings. The reality is my house is a shit tip and I have been eating like a pig but hey ho. Onwards and upwards.

Going to try and catch up. Sorry for being awol.

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 20:18:27

<leaves vast quantities of wine in naughty corner bar>

elliepac Fri 24-Jan-14 20:23:34

<consumes all wine in naughty corner and demands some more>

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 20:29:07

<hands Ellie the key to the store cupboard>

Bloody good to have you back swear buddy.

elliepac Fri 24-Jan-14 20:34:38

<plans ninja style raid on store cupboard>.

Fucking good to be back too (swearing purely to live up to my reputationwink)

BitchytheGreat Fri 24-Jan-14 20:44:50


Right am off to bed. try not to leave a mess.

elliepac Fri 24-Jan-14 21:30:13

Too latewinkgrin

elliepac Sat 25-Jan-14 06:41:06

Morning all.

Today I have one basic to do.

To do:-
Find surfaces. Surface can be interpreted as anything which is flat and should be clear. Apparently I have worktops, tabletops, floors in my house but, slightly carelessly, I appear to have lost them.

I also have to attend a soft play birthday party for BF's Dd. Yay for it being her birthday, boo for having to go to softplay.

MerryBuddha Sat 25-Jan-14 06:46:34

Blimey no one written a post since 21.30, did you all take Bitchy post about fuck Friday literally? grin

OMG my life seem very sereal at the moment.

Absolutely no flying done over the last couple of days due to funeral, running, interview, visiting Dm, DS college and another blinking cold.
Result a happy me but disgust filthy house which I would be horrified if anyone saw.

To do
Clean whole house

Thinking I may need some new clothes for my new job, so would like to go on a shopping spree unfortunately have lack of funds. So will be trying to assess and reinvent my current wardrobe.

MerryBuddha Sat 25-Jan-14 06:48:39

X post with Ellie.

Like your to do, I need to do that in my house.

sanschocolat Sat 25-Jan-14 07:29:54

Morning my lovelies

Bitchy grin wasn't it in the shape of a molecule or a tetrahedron, or some'at, last year? [tries to sound all sciency and knowledgeable and fails]

Merry fab news about your dream job!! Congratulations!! (HOpe your cold clears up soon.)

Ellie Good luck with the crisis clean and glad I'm not the only one that has been eating like a pig!! A friend joined us unexpectedly for supper last night which lead to me eating at least double what I should have done. Big diet fail. And when did I re- re-start my diet properly? Er, yesterday ...biscuit.

[Swoons at thought of Goth's rhubarb crumble]

Toffee dh still intransigent on subject but we were forced to speak to one another last night because of guest

HOpe those of you in need of r & r (*Engels*) can relax at the weekend

Hope it went OK at Moorfields Just

Waves to Blue Swan Alice Castle Eustacia Honu Pushme Dizzy Humanordancer and everyone else I've missed!

To do:
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s, rabbits
sort kitchen from last night blush
dining room table hotspot
wash school uniform
white wash
pack up boxes on first floor and take to roof
Watch Channel 4 racing
out to get passport photo
post final thank you letters!!!!
quick supermarket shop for more fruit and veg
sort out whether we are off to Blighty or not (school shut Mon)
home office
a couple of boudoir drawers
meal planning/cooking!

That will do for now.
Have a good one everybody!

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 25-Jan-14 09:50:15

oh dear, now surrounded by grumpy just woken children, okay, ds2 is not grumpy because Brentford has won against Gillingham smile. Dd is swooning around because two friends of hers have already made plans which don't involve her, despite a lot of late night texting hmm

Catechism class this morning. A different partner so it is a bit nervewracking. Today we are doing Baptism.

better go. Ds2 has made me breakfast presentation of cauliflower and lumps of cheese

BitchytheGreat Sat 25-Jan-14 10:35:47

I think it was supposed to be SC but it didn't end up as that when i got raiding the colouring box. I think there was a last minute cba change of plans.

We are running rediculously late. Tried to start the day without coffee. Hahahaha yeah that failed. 1 emergency coffee coming up. thank goodness everything other then me is ready to go...

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 25-Jan-14 11:39:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 25-Jan-14 11:53:53

Your last two messages on that thread have already been deleted, Just? Is that what you wanted?

So sorry you're still so sick. Hope Moorfields have treated you well.

They've gone Just, I didn't see them, so hopefully they went quickly. So sorry you are so unwell. <hugs>

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 25-Jan-14 14:17:44

Thank you. I've reported my request here as well but it's not important. So sorry to even have asked, total panic, I''m so stupid, and not safe out there or anywhere and need taking out back and shooting! Please lock me in the naughty corner and don't let me out until I'm sure I know what I'm doing anymore.

Tree and de treeing ramp are now stuck as they are, new drugs are making both ends volatile and I'm absolutely at my limits.

Moorfields are very professional and I'm being treated with very heavy duty drugs to try and bring things under control and am waiting to see if SC missed her calling in life!
The only definites at the moment are things are as swollen inside as out, all the eyelid glands are totally blocked and can't be manually unblocked but all sorts taken for lab and should know soon. As I've had a badly broken eye socket previously deep infection in there is one of the suspects for why things arent fixing but I have to be sent to an ENT place for that. Results from previous a+e are I've had a specific flu strain apparently along with secondary things as a result which is why I've been so ill, and may have developed an auto immune system thing as a result of not getting sorted quicker.

EustaciaVye Sat 25-Jan-14 15:21:36

thanks for just

I just bought a Miele cat and dog hoover. it is a cylinder and I am used to a dyson ball so it is a bit weird hard work but it is lifting the carpet pile more.

MerryBuddha Sat 25-Jan-14 15:27:59

((Hugs)) For Just.

MerryBuddha Sat 25-Jan-14 15:32:05

Ta Da
Washed upstairs and games room carpet.
Swept and steam cleaned Kitchen
T/d x2
W/m x2

Currently tackling a mountain of laundry to put away. Though been sidetracked by MN .

Would any of you like to sponsor me for mŷ half marathon, I am raising money for the NSPCC?

BitchytheGreat Sat 25-Jan-14 16:10:13

<<<Just>>> This is the problem sometimes. We spend so long fighting the system and looking after the needs of others that we forget to look after ourselves. I hope that they can find the right path to get you treated quickly and that you start to feel better soon. x

I have been out all morning. ds is now in the bath warming up after getting soaked and I am going to shoot out and tackle the nightmare that is supermarkets on a weekend. Got a long list of stuff to do today which included ds' room, laundry and sorting the lounge but a little lacking in energy and might skip the bit that involves lego aka ds' room

ToffeeWhirl Sat 25-Jan-14 16:33:50

Just - I'm so sorry you are so ill, but hugely relieved that something is being done about it at last. I hope the new drugs get things under control.

<hands over flowers and brew and makes up comfy bed in the naughty corner>

SC - should we call you Dr SC from now on? <awestruck>

Have just arrived home from a trip to the library and supermarket. Had an embarrassing time in the library: having left some of my photocopied documents behind yesterday, I was able to collect them today, but then managed to leave behind the books I'd borrowed and had to go back for them later blush. My short-term memory seems to have stopped functioning recently.

After some tea, I have to burrow into the loft to look for DS1's ed psyc report. I hope it's in the box it should be in, otherwise I may be some time.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 25-Jan-14 16:35:35

Have PM'd you, Merry.

AliceinWinterWonderland Sat 25-Jan-14 17:03:21

Just hope you're feeling better soon

elliepac Sat 25-Jan-14 17:57:09

Ta da:-
Found surfaces in all rooms
Washing x lots

This ta da is somewhat of a miracle as have spent the majority of day with BF and family drinking coffee and eating party food.

thanks for just. ((Hugs)) for just. wine For just. biscuit for just. An emergency MN kit which you can dip into as and when.

BitchytheGreat Sat 25-Jan-14 18:48:32

Sunday is renew your spirit day

no missions as it is the weekend

reading babystep

Right as soon as i have eaten my tea I am heading for bed. I need an early night feel like crap. See you tomo.

StillWearingOddSocks Sat 25-Jan-14 18:49:25

I'm just rubbish. Still watching thread. Still not flying...

Thought I'd out myself again!

BitchytheGreat Sat 25-Jan-14 19:09:48

Meh stop outing yourself Stillwearing and haul your ass into the naughty corner bar for a drink. there is plenty of wine despite Ellies raid last night. <ponders whether Ellie has cottoned on to her early nights atm> shockwink

ToffeeWhirl Sat 25-Jan-14 19:38:26

I have just put my hand on a slug whilst putting the bottles in the recycling bin outside shock.

<retires to naughty corner to recover from shock>

wine for just. Hope you are ok and getting the medical attention and support you need <hug>

My house is a shithole. Must do something about it tomorrow!

elliepac Sat 25-Jan-14 21:01:43

<ponders wtf I am supposed to have cottoned on to>

Drinks wine

GoingGoingGoth Sat 25-Jan-14 21:13:57

Just hope they are taking care of you and that things improve soon. <hug>

Toffee bleugh, I hate touching slugs. wine

Lie in until 11:30! Dd & Dh were on the wii, and it was raining and the cat wanted a cuddle.
30 min yoga
Walk through park to feed ducks

Quite happy right now, as finally got our broadband upgraded to unlimited, and have put YouTube on the wii so we can watch it on the tv. DH has set me up with an evening of the Sisters of Mercy grin just worried this may mean a day of The Cure for him.

Evening all.

Quite a nice day here as had a visit from friends we hadn't seen for far too long this afternoon. Sudden panic about the state of the house this morning, but actually it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought - maybe this flying lark is paying off after all.

Just - more ((hugs)) and glad you're now getting treatment.

MerryBuddha Sat 25-Jan-14 22:07:56

Thank you Toffee and eek! On the slug. I am a animal/creature lover but even I would not like to touch one. Though I did eat one as dare when I was a kid. shock

Ta da
Tidied kitchen

Really would like wine but still being good and having something not as satisfying.

To do tomorrow
Food planning
Food shopping include Food Tec stuff, as have forgotten the last 3 weeks
HW x3
Reading x4
Spelling x4
Bath/showering kids x4

Got a busy day tomorrow, night all.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 25-Jan-14 22:44:11

Merry envy < sick face

MerryBuddha Sat 25-Jan-14 22:49:40

I know!!

MerryBuddha Sat 25-Jan-14 22:50:50

<shaking my head embarrassingly>

Blergh! Slug eating was not what I wanted to think about this morning, I too squished one between my toes once and that was bad enough!

The house really is an absolute disaster area! Big to do list from me...

To do
Clear kitchen (didn't even clear up after tea last night. Massive flying fail!)
Clean kitchen
Hoover kitchen
Mop kitchen
Washing x 3 (ish)
Washing folded and put away
Hoover kitchen stairs
Hotspots in living room
Tidy living room
Clean living room mirrors and tv
Dust living room
Hoover living room
Tidy entrance
Clean/dust entrance
Hoover entrance and stairs
Room rescue Dd's room
Room rescue Ds's room
Clean bathroom
Hoover upstairs
15 mins deck utter our bedroom
15 mins sort clothes
15 mins tidy under bed
Dust bedroom
Clean mirrors
Change bed
Clean ensuite
Pay hmrc
Check finances
Meal plan
Maybe a bit of paid work

I would like to reassure bitchy that this will lead to barely tolerable living conditions and in no way can be seen as pursuing perfection grin

I suppose I should get started really!

Wish that was a ta da list! <sigh>

ToffeeWhirl Sun 26-Jan-14 09:31:42

Good luck with your list, pushme.

Yeugh to eating a slug, Merry! I bet that comes back to haunt you in your nightmares! I know someone who ate a slug by mistake once (it was on a salad leaf). She said she couldn't get the slime off her tongue for ages. (Apologies to those of you just having breakfast grin).

We are not inviting MIL round to lunch today because we want a quiet family day and it's hard work having her here, frankly. But I feel horribly guilty now. DH says he'll visit her with DS2 this afternoon, but I know she likes to come here. Trouble is, it takes up our whole day and I have loads to do and DH still isn't feeling too good (going to doc tomorrow for blood tests).

to do

sort kitchen (we also didn't clear up last night, pushme)
put washing on
get dressed to socks/slippers
grab torch and venture into the loft to continue search for DS1's ed psych report
put small beef joint in oven
family lunch - roast parsnips, potatoes, kale, carrots, Yorkshire pud, mini sausages and gravy with mini roast
tidy and hoover DS1's bedroom
finish statement application and compile documents
evening routine
watch 'Breaking Bad' - oh my, we are obsessed with this now!

MerryBuddha Sun 26-Jan-14 10:44:09

I was only 5 and the 8 yo said I could not play with them unless I did. It was a life lesson!! Don't try to impress others, especially when they aren't worth impressing.

EustaciaVye Sun 26-Jan-14 11:07:10

I have a new steam cleaner. Mopped the floor. great.
Scalded my ring finger whrn trying to clean taps. ooooowwwww sad currently have a blister the size of a penny and a finger which is throbbing and numb in equal parts

ToffeeWhirl Sun 26-Jan-14 12:10:58

((hugs)) to the five-year-old Merry. That was a mean thing for another child to do sad.

Ow, that sounds painful, Eustacia. Have you run it under cold water for 10 minutes?

Ta da

sort kitchen
put washing on

BitchytheGreat Sun 26-Jan-14 13:12:51

Today i need a big field and a rope. Instead it is a confined space and lego sorting kinda day sad

ta da
Lie in
Wake up to draft induced thumping migraine
rescue ds' attempt to cook me breakfast that went wrong
Feed ds food that he shouldn't eat...
Drink coffee and speak to DM which steals more time than i wish to spare but cba to care today as it was nice until politics was brought up

To do
Ds' bedroom <help!!!>
Not kill anyone
Prevent ds from killing any one

ToffeeWhirl Sun 26-Jan-14 13:52:48

Ta da, continued

Online shopping
RL shopping
Put ironing away
Make lunch
Stop DS1 filling himself up with junk food just before we eat

DH took DS2 round to see MIL whilst he went to work and they had a very happy time together. Phew. Am off the hook now.


Plodding very slowly through all DS's old reports to support the SA application. There's such a lot of it, it's hard work and rather depressing.

Other than that, not a lot. DS and DH have been out ice skating. They are sitting watching Despicable Me 2 (again) with DD in the other room. House is a mess. Never mind.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 26-Jan-14 15:00:42

WhoKnows - I'm about to start work on the SA application too. Hadn't thought about including bits from school reports - that's a good idea. Feel constantly on edge about the whole thing at the moment.

Lunch finished. DH and I polished ours off and went back for seconds; DC ate minute amounts, as usual. It's so discouraging. Never mind, we all had a chatty time at the table, with lots of laughter, so at least I can tick the 'relaxed mealtime' box.

DH has done the washing up smile.

Time to go back into the loft <grabs torch and puts on extra jumper (it's freezing in there)>.

It's not just his school reports Toffee - I haven't got to those yet, and to be honest, they always try to put a positive spin on those so might not be much use. So far I've done OT, SALT, Ed.Psych, Childrens' centre and my own notes and recollections. Got to go through >7 years worth of IEPs and school stuff next

ToffeeWhirl Sun 26-Jan-14 15:26:11

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood, WhoKnows. I think 'school reports' were in my head because I found Toby's primary school reports yesterday and some of those do mention issues he has. However, you are right about the school putting a positive spin on things.

Best of luck with the paperwork.

Really am going into the loft now. I see I was saying that 25 minutes ago blush.

BitchytheGreat Sun 26-Jan-14 15:43:16

ta da
Lie in
Wake up to draft induced thumping migraine
rescue ds' attempt to cook me breakfast that went wrong
Feed ds food that he shouldn't eat...
Drink coffee and speak to DM
laundry and washing up evicted from ds' room
Ds' bedding on to wash
Long shower and hair wash for me in an attempt to feel human
Find socks to wear
sort getting recycling out
Go through and cull course guides based on clearer idea of what want to do
Spend 10mins decluttering in my room
drink far far too much coffee
Check sizing of school shirts - stil have growing room. Yay. And poo
label school uniform

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 26-Jan-14 17:39:49

We took dcs out for relaxed pub lunch, and had what we paid for, a relaxed pub lunch smile

However, family is pretty tense atm, and lots of shouting. Dd had a foul RE project which I basically had to write for her. However that is done!

Ds1's violin dramas continue as we still don't have a violin (the string is now broken when we tried to tune it) he can practise on and his exam is on Tuesday. Tomorrow he will just have to miss homework club and practise on the other violin which is at school. He is sooo all over the place - joining the rest of us in this family!!!

So, in short, we had a mile's walk in the rain
avoided cooking lunch and washing up
we did homework
we mopped various sets of tears
bought some food for next few days
and I am off to Mass now with two sane-ish ones.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 26-Jan-14 18:10:38

Glad you managed a relaxed pub lunch in the midst of family tensions, Swan.

Ta da, Part 3

Spent ages in the loft looking through all the boxes
Found first ed psyc report and lots of other useful things, but not the latest ed psyc report
Became totally enthralled in a diary from my last term at university (cringeworthy, funny, sad)
Opened wine

Letters to type up now and dinner to cook.

elliepac Sun 26-Jan-14 19:23:15

Evening allsmile.

A productive morning and relaxed afternoon is how I would sum up my day.

Ta da:-
Lots of washing
Lots of drying
Lots of putting away
General tidy
Food shop
Dinner (shepherd's pie)
Watched Matilda with DD
Family time this afternoon watching a film
Bathed DC's
Stripped and remade our bed

To do:-
Watch rubbish tv
Get DS to finish homework

ToffeeWhirl Sun 26-Jan-14 19:23:57

Ta da

Cooked chicken nugget & chips for DC's dinner (much more popular than roast beef and veg angry)
Hilarious conversations with DC at the dinner table smile
Sent emails and typed letters re statement

Am done with paperwork for today. It is physically and emotionally draining.

<leaves out wine for tired fledglings and an extra glass for WhoKnows for struggling through depressing paperwork today too>

GoingGoingGoth Sun 26-Jan-14 21:56:52

Fairly chilled day today, although DH nearly had a fit when he saw me mixing mashed swede in with the potatoes (he's never noticed before wink) He daren't say anything as DD would refuse to eat it, she tucked in and he had small seconds.<smirk>

Also Done
Changed bedding
3 loads laundry
Dry laundry away
Bread mixed for knocking back and baking in the morning
Washing up (lots)
Cleaned down kitchen sides
Cleaned microwave
Taught DD how to make scrambled eggs, she had them for lunch
Woodcraft emails & facebook updated (2nd week, less anxious now)

dizzyday07 Sun 26-Jan-14 22:13:57

Rushes in with excess cake and wine left over from family gathering and collapses in a heap in the corner!

Friday Ta Da
* DD to early morning training then school
* Food and drink shopping for the weekend
* S/S x4
* Dug out inflatable beds and blew up
* Sorted out extra bedding and changed sheets etc already on beds
* Swept kitchen floor
* Rudely interupted by mother arriving whilst mid blitz!
* Hoovered through downstairs
* DD to swim training
* No cooking as we had fish and chips!
* D/W loaded and put on

dizzyday07 Sun 26-Jan-14 22:33:16

Got a bit of a lie in after sharing the inflatable bed with DD who spread herself over most of it and stole most of the duvet!

* Rejigged bedrooms as more people arriving
* Organised lunch and fed everyone
* D/W on again!
* Dry laundry away
* Prepared Burns Night dinner

DH trapped DDs fingers in the bathroom door just as dinner was served! Everything stopped whilst we assessed the damage. Luckily she just got the end squashed so hopefully won't lose the nail. She had another bit of a meltdown just as we were serving dinner and then DH stormed off in a huff as I was getting her to come to me for comforting and he thought she was going to him! He then spent the rest of the evening on his own in the lounge. De Ja Vu of New Years Eve angry. We had a bit of a row after everyone went to bed and apparently because of the incident with DD and earlier in the day I told him I was cooking dinner I "pushed him away and excluded him"!!!!!!! I really have had it up to my eyeballs with his childish behaviour

dizzyday07 Sun 26-Jan-14 22:45:18

Today has been a bit strained between us (not surprisingly!) but I have been busy getting some flying done!

Ta Da
* D/ W emptied (again!)
* Rejigged beds for new guests!
* Inflatables deflated and bedding put away etc
* Shared excess food and sent everyone on their way
* Hoovered through downstairs
* Laundry wash on and hung to dry
* Washed pots and sorted DHs kitchen carnage (he cooked)
* D/W on
* Uniforms sorted for the morning and dinner money paid

I will be glad to see thd last of the guests leave in the morning and just may forgo the house bleurgh as we are not in too bad a state and watch Call the Midwife!

BitchytheGreat Sun 26-Jan-14 22:51:49

I have been a bit of a crap leader in terms of round ups this month. Sorry. Turns out January and 2014 has been determined to occur with a need for doing lots of stuff in a great hurry.

On that note i am hoping to get a craft project finished every month. This month is the completion of blanketgate such that there are 2 complete blankets... Going to need some more wool and an ability to focus and kick ass on this asap as running out of month hmm

Otoh i believe you migh be expecting some sort of links for tomo ok own up who is actually looking at them?

Meal planning

missions: we are in the living room

Don't forget to declutter for 15mins

Monday is home bleurgh day

Also on this note i need to sort a shit load of stuff so i need to have a list:
put ds' trousers in tumbler dryer
ds to school
finish last square for last row of blanket 1 of blanket gate
fasten ends of last row of blanket 1
make last row of blanket 1
Add row to blanket
Sort off and print paperwork needed for work
sort out post and get dropped off with relevant people
Add edging to blanket
work on blanket 2 squares
Anything that looks at me the wrong way

Right time for sleep. Night.

Thanks Toffee - draining is certainly the word. I'm trying to do an hour or so at a time and then stop. I got a bit upset this afternoon re-reading DS's original diagnosis letter, then got cross with DH for taking absolutely zero interest in what I am doing and why, words were had and we're OK now. He's always had his head in the sand about it all.

Anyway, quite a bit of FLying done in between things as well, mainly tidying, a bit of cleaning, clothes sorting etc. DCs helped change their sheets. DS made pizza for dinner for his Cubs badge, with a little help from each of us (me for making the dough, DH for doing the rest while I took DD to swimming lesson).

I didn't tell you about our dramatic drive home from nearest big town last night did I? It's about 15 miles away across country. We went shopping at 3.30, left to come home at about 4.45 and found no less than 4 trees across the road at approx mile intervals, plus a few more blown into the fields. We had completely missed whatever storm it was as it's an indoor shopping centre. Luckily no accidents.

MerryBuddha Sun 26-Jan-14 23:40:09

Oh Dizzy I feel your pain. My Dh stormed off at our last social with all my friends and their Dh. Leaving me on my own, to make my own way home. I would never do that to anyone, definitely not him. I was and still am so embarrassed! FFS do they ever grow up? He had the hump over something so trivial, I could of smacked him one!

Goth Love the fact you have to hide veg in your Dh food as well as your dd. As I stated earlier do they ever grow up lol!!

wine for Toffee and WhoKnows, I do not envy your job of trailing through old paperwork, to make your case. Wishing you luck.

Ta da
Get ready for rugby
Rugby Cancelled went Starbucks for breakfast
15 minutes declutter my room
Bath child x1
Put away all laundry, which has been stacking up over the last few days
Ironed shirts
Dog ill all over lounge carpet
Scrubbed carpet
Washed carpet
HW x1 will regret not doing all of them
Walked dog
Decluttered bathroom 15 minutes
Declutter twins and ds3 bedroom
Encourage ds2 bedroom cleaning skills
DW unload and load
Washed up
Sweep kitchen floor
Sorted school bags x4
Packed sport kits x2
Label all sport kit
W/m x3
T/d x2
Polished school shoes x4
Packed lunches x4
Laid out school clothes x3
Ironed shirts
Read BFG to Dcs
Wrote letter
Ordered online shopping
Arranged childcare for when I start work

ToffeeWhirl Mon 27-Jan-14 00:00:30

Goth - love the sound of preparing bread the night before for fresh baking in the morning.

Blimey, dizzy, you have had a busy weekend. Sorry about your DD's finger - that has happened to both my boys and it's so upsetting. The worst time was when DS2 was a toddler and he slammed the kitchen door, not noticing that DS1's fingers were in the hinge bit. When DS2 discovered he couldn't shut the door because something was blocking it, he slammed it really hard again. Don't think I have ever heard a scream like it. Poor DS1 sad. I think he lost the nail, but nothing was broken, amazingly.

Sorry too about your DH being so moody.

Merry - thanks for the wine. Much needed tonight. Doesn't look like there has been much rest & relaxation in the Merry household today.

Bitchy - I have checked the link for the mission tomorrow - and the cleaner did just that mission last week. So I'm off the hook! [smug emoticon]

Final ta da for today

Bedtime routine for DS2
Persuaded DS1 to have a bath and wash his hair
Watched Breaking Bad again.
Washed up
Switched tumbledryer back on
Made pancake batter for the morning
Reminded DS1 to go to bed
Cleared and wiped down table for breakfast
Laid out uniforms and put socks in shoes
Checked that DS1 really was in bed
Hot chocolate and MN before bed

StillWearingOddSocks Mon 27-Jan-14 04:16:11

Wow whoknows - what a dramatic car journey!

I'm just checking in again - suffice to say flying is minimal. We are now moving house too & so I'm weighing up packing vs decluttering - I know they're intertwined...

I have visions that the next house will be tidy, Pinterest-worthy, bright, clean...

I will need you lay-dies to keep me on the path!


ToffeeWhirl Mon 27-Jan-14 07:16:30

Still - good luck with the house move - such a stressful experience.

WhoKnows - DS2's topic at school is storms and he was drawing a tornado complete with emergency vehicles being sucked into the centre, when we had our very own 'tornado' outside our front door shock. Sorry you got caught up in the aftermath.

Not had much sleep thanks to going to bed too late, then being woken up too early by DS2. At least I have been able to have breakfast and a cup of tea before the school run and work.

Am hoping DS1 goes in ok this morning hmm.

BitchytheGreat Mon 27-Jan-14 08:26:12

I only had to put clothes on and iron ds a t-shirt. So why are we running late again? confused

BitchytheGreat Mon 27-Jan-14 08:37:06

And how, having done about 6 loads of washing over the weekend, have I managed to not have clean clothes this morning? confused

Will there actually be enough coffee today?

CallingAllEngels Mon 27-Jan-14 08:42:41

Goodluck with the move still

Sorry I haven't been great at keeping up with the thread.

today is an out-of-the-house day...

to do
town -haircut, post office, buy presents and cards
get out for a walk in the woods
dinner this evening with a friend/colleague

EustaciaVye Mon 27-Jan-14 08:52:12

Morning Bitchy and Toffee smile

Still - moving house is sooo stressful but worth it in the end.

We were in that storm WhoKnows. Lots of trees up around here. Some landed on cars!

I have to stay in all day for a delivery. I am meant to be at work.
DH has taken the kids to school which has unsettled them as it is different to normal hmm. The delivery people have just phoned to say it will be between 1-3.00. Just in time for school run so I have to make alternative plans if they are late. Sigh.

EustaciaVye Mon 27-Jan-14 08:53:14

And Engels Hi

BitchytheGreat Mon 27-Jan-14 09:13:28

ta da
ds' trousers through tumbler dryer and on child
ds' shirt ironed
Play hunt my clothes
ds to school
Laundry load 1 on
Consider plan for the day and decide a nap is the best start...

ToffeeWhirl Mon 27-Jan-14 09:16:36

Eustacia - sympathies about the delivery time.

Bitchy - ahem, didn't you lay your clothes out the night before? You are the thread leader and everything. wink

Success in dropping DS2 at school with his friend and friend's mum, so he will be in class early this morning.

Massive fail on getting DS1 into the learning centre as he had a big panic and actually did get out of the car in traffic and walk home (as he threatened last time).

Have emailed CAMHS requesting that he sees the back-up person for support with his anxiety again (as suggested by his lovely CBT psychologist should this happen) and have emailed head of learning centre to ask what we can do next (requested he get support at home, but not sure if he'll get that).

Not too stressed by it this time. I think I knew this would happen. Was tough with DS1 in the car, but have been sympathetic since then, as it's obviously beyond his control and I hate seeing him so distressed.

Off to work for a couple of hours now, then friend is coming over later to look at my statement application.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 27-Jan-14 10:41:40

Still good luck with the move, I found that when we moved I ended up just throwing stuff away by the time we got to the last few boxes.

Packed lunch
Dd to school
Collect train tickets for Easter trip back to Lincolnshire
Knocked bread back

To do
Bake bread
Home bleach
Collect Dd


MerryBuddha Mon 27-Jan-14 12:53:10

Ta da
School run
Cleaned kitchen
Swept floor
steam cleaned floor
W/m x3
T/d x2
Laundry away
Tidied study and lounge
Weekly bleurge down downstairs
Swept and steamed floor of bathroom x3
S&S x3
Went into DC bedrooms and bin three items from each!

feels more than this...

To do
visit charity shop! skip and post office
Walk dog
Iron shirts

EustaciaVye Mon 27-Jan-14 13:16:00

My cleaner has been so the house looks nice. Does that count? smile

ToffeeWhirl Mon 27-Jan-14 13:51:22

Ta da

Quick shop for lunch
Home - eat sandwich
Teacher visit for DS1 - plan arranged, starting with home visit tomorrow
Ed psych report received - brilliant.

to do

Meet friend who is going to look over my application for me
Drop letter off to psychiatrist
School run
Sort kitchen (this morning's washing up still not done)
Make chilli con carne

Don't know why I'm not flagging yet. Only managed four hours' sleep last night and hoped for a nap today, but there hasn't been time.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 27-Jan-14 13:52:10

Yes, Eustacia, that counts grin.

MerryBuddha Mon 27-Jan-14 14:04:42

Ta da
School run
Cleaned kitchen
Swept floor
steam cleaned floor
W/m x3
T/d x2
Laundry away
Tidied study and lounge
Weekly bleurge down downstairs
Swept and steamed floor of bathroom x3
S&S x3
Went into DC bedrooms and bin three items from each!
visit charity shop! skip and post office
Remembered put away online groceries shopping

To da
Iron shirts which watching father Brown, think I am addicted

Get hubby to do
walk the dog

Eustacia that does count and your very lucky, wish I had one.

Toffee sounds like you are having a great day! ticking off many of those boxes.

EustaciaVye Mon 27-Jan-14 14:15:53

I only have a cleaner as it enables me to work. Otherwise my stress levels get too high and is counterproductive for everyone.

MerryBuddha Mon 27-Jan-14 14:30:52

Oh I agree. When I worked full time, many moons ago I had one. And would love one again and would definitely get one if it was financially viable, as mentally and emotionally worthwhile!

I hope you didn't think I was passing judgement. It was just pure envy! cake

Just noticed the Scottish Emoticon!! Aren't they cute. [Wink]

EustaciaVye Mon 27-Jan-14 15:59:08

I didnt think you were judging Merry smile Tbh I only work part-time but it is our own business and so never really switch off if that makes sense. The first thing to become an issue if I am stressed about anything is the house.

MerryBuddha Mon 27-Jan-14 16:05:00

I would have one even if I didn't work. I do not enjoy cleaning in any form. I am sure I was a princess in my former life.

EustaciaVye Mon 27-Jan-14 16:14:18

We are all princesses grin

MerryBuddha Mon 27-Jan-14 17:04:15

<straighteners her tiara while serving Spaghetti on toast>

MerryBuddha Mon 27-Jan-14 17:05:03

Autocorrect *straightens

BitchytheGreat Mon 27-Jan-14 17:30:38

Toffee stupid thing is that i did lay out my clothes. everything accept underwear because that just gets lost if i try. So this morning i had everything but underwear. Thankfully I have a few 'pretty' pairs that were lurking in the drawer so it wasn't a complete disaster. And i put on a load of washing that was mostly underwear so just need to put it on to dry and then tomo is sorted.

Been to work and have had a nap since last posted. ready to collapse in bed already though. Tired and out of sorts atm. Not sure if it is the weather, the time of year or a virus. But my bed is becoming my best friend. shock

brb with linkie poos...

BitchytheGreat Mon 27-Jan-14 17:31:53

Tuesday - planning day



ToffeeWhirl Mon 27-Jan-14 19:54:16

everything except underwear because that just gets lost if I try - am trying to imagine why your underwear goes walkies in the night, Bitchy grin. I leave mine draped over the bannisters and it is still there the next morning!

Sorry you feel so tired, but you should follow your instincts. Either your body is fighting something off or you are tired: both valid reasons for taking to your bed.

Ta da

Met friend who looked over my application for me
Dropped letter off to psychiatrist
School run
Sorted kitchen (this morning's washing up still not done)
Make chilli con carne
Fresh pineapple for pud
Bedtime routines, etc.

<sidles onto thread and hopes nobody will notice the long absence> blush

Yes, it's been nearly a week since I was last here... No excuse really other than I've had a horrid cold and DD (thus me) has not been sleeping well, so I haven't been keeping on top of flying either. I don't understand how it can all descend into CHAOS so quickly when only the other week it was company ready <sobs>
Plus DH has just pissed me off. I do 95% of the cleaning, which I'm mostly fine with as I am a SAHM and he does lots of other things (cars, finance, DIY, cooks most nights), but what I do need is his cooperation to keep the house nice at least. The zone this week is the living room, which has been stressing me out for months as it's obviously the place where I spend most of the time with the DC (tiny house) and where visitors are most likely to be. On the surface it looks vaguely ok, but in two corners of the room, hidden by sofas are two piles of his crap. I just said that I needed to do the living room this week. He said to leave those corners as he needed to do them as a whole. So I said could we make a commitment to sort them this weekend then. He said no. angry
So I'm just going to ignore him, pull it all out anyway and give it a go and end up shoving most of it back again after I've cleaned underneath it. I'm still pissed off though, as I don't want to out piles of crap back in my nice clean corners. angry angry

Sorry for that little rant! Also sorry for lack of personals, it's been so long since I read the thread that it would take me weeks to catch up blush

BitchytheGreat Mon 27-Jan-14 20:36:41

grin ds uses the chair to climb onto the bed, thus it is not unusual for things like pants and socks to be sent flying and in the chaos of mornings not be findable. Trousers are easier to see when your eyes are refusing to work properly...

MerryBuddha Mon 27-Jan-14 21:54:55

I lay out all my clothes except underwear. I don't know it seems wrong to have knickers hanging about. Something psychological must be going on there!

Ta da
School run
Cleaned kitchen
Swept floor
steam cleaned floor
W/m x3
T/d x2
Laundry away
Tidied study and lounge
Weekly bleurge down downstairs
Swept and steamed floor of bathroom x3
S&S x3
Went into DC bedrooms and bin three items from each!
visit charity shop! skip and post office
Remembered put away online groceries shopping
School run
HW x2
Tidied up
Cubs (they performed Dumb ways to die tonight, they were brilliant).
Bedtime reading
Evening routine
Lovely DH has done the boys rolls, I made up the rest of their packed lunches.
Laid out all there clothes also everything except their pants
School bags and shoes by door

Now off to get a earlier night than last night!

I don't get clothes out the night before. Because I'm a SAHM, it is all just a variation of the same 'uniform' and it doesn't really matter what I wear from one day to the next so it takes me seconds to decide every day. Also, the DC like to pick my top every day and frequently have arguments over who gets to do it confused

GoingGoingGoth Mon 27-Jan-14 22:36:25

I'm the same as Whispers as I'm always in jeans and tshirt/sweatshirt.

Packed lunch
Dd to school
Collect train tickets
Knocked bread back
Bake bread
Made chocolate cake
Ironing -lots of ironing
Cat litter tray
Collect Dd
Washing up
Clear cat food corner

ToffeeWhirl Tue 28-Jan-14 00:15:08

I admit that I brazenly leave out my bra and knickers for the next morning blush. I hate the stress of scrabbling around for items of clothing when I'm only half awake. Mind you, I don't have a child climbing over them, like Bitchy.

Ta da

Dinner - chilli con carne. Everyone liked it. shock
Bedtime routine - DS2
Telly time
Sorted kitchen
Swept up cracker debris on floor
Made pancake batter

Off to bed now. So sleepy...

BitchytheGreat Tue 28-Jan-14 00:39:56

Problem is toffee in years gone by ds would have see that as an invitation to find a new hat. It is not cute or funny first thing in the morning when you are running late hmm but does provide a number of amusing stories/pictures for when ds becomes a teenager grin He is currently old enough to have forgotten this. He will get a surprise if he is an evil teenager... Mwah ha ha... grin

JustGettingOnWithIt Tue 28-Jan-14 05:35:20

Bitchy smile

Too much of a mess and pain to sleep and can’t really write or read properly, the lights too strong. Latest medicine is brutally nauseous and makes everything taste of acid and metal, but is hopefully working. Have quietly managed the ironing in bed. Work motivation course in a few hours so trying to get medication balanced to do it.
Things are depressingly waterlogged muddy and flooded here and the storms matchsticked the fencing, but yesterday paddling about in the middle of it all, was an exotic elegant white egret! Totallyat home and acting for all the world like it wasn’t in the middle of a city.

MerryBuddha Tue 28-Jan-14 08:14:18

brew for you Just, I hope your recovery speeds up.

My mum is a twitcher so she will be very envious of your egret.

dizzyday07 Tue 28-Jan-14 09:09:14

Yesterday the last of our guests left so it was nice to have the place to myself!

Ta Da
* Early morning dash to shop for milk for guests breakfasts
* 3 beds stripped and changed
* Load of linen in to wash - and had to hang in the house as it rained and I couldnt hang them out!
* S/S x4
* Extra bedding and inflatables put away
* Swam 1.8k
* Made tea
* Washed pots and shined sink
* Organised DDs bag for today

DD is singing tonight at the O2 as part of Young Voices 2014 so we are off to London today to watch her!

BitchytheGreat Tue 28-Jan-14 09:19:10

Ta da
run dw
recycling out into bin
rubbish bin out for collection
ds dressed and fed and packed off to school
consider today's to do list
Fail at not being irrationally cross and grumpy.
Sort out stuff for making today run a little smoother
sort out ds having friend for tea next week

right shower, clothes and out the door in about 10mins. should be possible right? hmm

feetheart Tue 28-Jan-14 09:42:59

Dizzy - I was at Young Voices last night, it was beyond fabulous (and brilliantly loud - 7,300 children can make a lot of noise smile)
Slightly groggy this morning as it was a late night and I sang and danced A LOT. DD doesn't have to go in until 10.45 this morning so am leaving her to sleep as long as I can.
Gourmet Burger place was good to get something to eat - very tasty, lots of choice, quick service and OK prices for London.
ENJOY smile

Need to get 'end of month' stuff done this morning in between school runs (one am one down, one to go!) so best get on.

grin at knicker stories

BitchytheGreat Tue 28-Jan-14 09:44:46

Toffee still has the best nicker story though winkgrin <runs>

ToffeeWhirl Tue 28-Jan-14 10:28:49

I will never live that down, will I? blush blush

Bitchy - I also have lots of photos of my boys wearing knickers on their heads - knickers do seem to make good hats. DS1 used to go to sleep in all manner of odd garments worn in weird ways when he was younger. I have a great picture of him fast asleep with knickers on his head and wearing various odds and ends on the rest of him. Will be great for the 18th birthday party wink.

Very peaceful morning because there was no need to get DS1 to school. Ended up being so early taking DS2 to school that I sent him in to class before the bell went by mistake. He won't be happy about that!

Working at home this morning. Teacher will be coming round to see DS1 later.

dizzy and feet - well done to your DDs. What a wonderful thing to be involved in.

Just - can't believe you did ironing in bed shock. That's taking dedication to Flying to a whole new level.

Quickly flying by on my way into a meeting - more knicker talk than I was expecting grin <fans self>

Sat in the car in the rain in Cumbria. Should make a flying plan for when I get back but cba!

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 28-Jan-14 12:24:19

I tend to lay out everything or nothing!

Ds2 refused to go to school this morning. Dh blamed it on me of course, as he said he only left the room for a moment, and when he came back ds2 was in a complete strop and it was my fault for not saying the right thing when I handed him his PE kit! The pe kit was cue for a denunciation of both parents for failing to get him onto competitive teams, and he said the only match he'd ever played in (Boccia which is a form of Bowls, was for Dyslexics only hmmconfusedshock and didn't count...?????

Dh tried to walk him to school but he screamed and cried so much he had to bring him home again.

I spent morning taking ds1 to Grade 3 violin exam in distant Feltham, so really had to leave them to it...Have been feverishly re-reading The Explosive Child to try and tackle these outbursts or head them off before they occur (which is what is recommended) - and it is always slightly takes me aback when I DO have to tackle them. All very well in a book isn't it??

Ds1 exam went well, apart from completely forgetting his scales hmm Was delighted to meet a nice Polish dad there who said his son never practised either (and he was on Grade 5 violin) So there may be hope. I'm delighted and I hope ds1 will be delighted, with a PASS. And maybe he'll practise his scales for Grade 4 if we get a violin we can tune and the pegs don't keep coming off

Toffee I feel the relief wash over you at not having to struggle this morning.

I am now officially knackered by sleepless night, journey, and exam fortitude.

Just I hope you can get through the motivation meeting without spitting in someone's tea.
Love the egret!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 28-Jan-14 13:23:56

Oh, Swan, I'm sorry you had school refusal this morning. It's such a stressful way to start the day. Horrible too when you and DH start blaming each other, but so easy to do. I have to admit that, having tried to deal with DS1 on the way to the learning centre yesterday, I did see DH's view that he couldn't deal with DS1's issues whilst driving. Not being a driver myself, I hadn't understood that really.

DH once said to me that we shouldn't ever blame each other because we were both trying our best under difficult circumstances and neither of us could get it right all the time. That did make me stop and think.

Anyway, it's so easy to see what one did/said wrong in retrospect, but so hard when you're in the midst of it all. Completely understand what you mean about book learning vs putting it into practice in real life. My bookshelves are a testament to all the approaches I've tried over the years, with variable results.

Have spent the morning working at home with DH and leaving DS1 to amuse himself (which means playing Roblox on the computer). Would love a nap, but there's always something to stop me - this time, it's the teacher calling round to see DS1 in an hour, supposedly to take him for a walk, except that it's pouring.

Have managed small amounts of Flying: swish & swipe in bathroom; and two loads of laundry.

<waves to pushme>

feetheart Tue 28-Jan-14 14:09:45

Dizzy - not sure if you will get this now (DH decided to install a new version of OSX in the middle of the day whilst I was trying to work - over 1 hour later I'm finally back trying to work - grrrrr) Try to take binoculars with you tonight if you can, makes spotting DC much easier although we were helped by one of the staff members texting us to tell us where they were smile

Sorry for everyone's school, meetings, general life troubles. Really feels like we could do with a magic wand here.

sanschocolat Tue 28-Jan-14 14:56:37

Haven't caught up with thread yet (been awol in Blighty for a couple of days as dd's school was closed for teaching day yesterday) but just popping by to say "hi"! Hope everyone OK.

What's all this about Toffee "flaunting" her underwear? grin wink
Honestly, as if knob polishing wasn't enough!! ... . grin

BBL once I've caught up!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 28-Jan-14 14:57:09

Teacher has been and gone. DS1 is very happy because he's back on the computer again. I am drinking coffee to stay awake.

Got drenched on the school run this morning and it looks as if the same thing is going to happen to me this afternoon. Wonder if DS2 will be peeved at me for sending him in too early. Makes a change from being too late though grin.

BitchytheGreat Tue 28-Jan-14 15:39:52

<curls up in a ball in the naughty corner>

JustGettingOnWithIt Tue 28-Jan-14 16:26:05

Back with just enough time from exhausting motivation malarky and not tea spitting to try and prep English for ds.for 5.

Swan sorry to hear about refusal. Very difficult.
Toffee your Dh has wise words there.
Quietly pulls duvet over Bitchy

Waves to all ploughs on to get English ready.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 28-Jan-14 16:36:47

Yes, I have to concede to his wisdom on that score, Just. Wish he could pick his dirty socks up and wash up properly too, though wink.

SC - sadly, there hasn't been a lot of knob polishing recently (I'm referring to the fact that I've lost my bottle of Brasso, by the way. Just in case there's any confusion wink).

DS2 was quite upset after school because he said the teachers told him he had a bad brain. Turns out that he has identified himself as having a 'fixed' brain after an assembly on fixed vs growth brains. Have downloaded some information on it and am going to have a chat with him about it later.

First, am waiting for my Ocado delivery and trying to stay awake.

Love that you saw an egret Just. I used to have a long cross country drive to an old job, and there was one place where a little stream ran across the field next to the road and there was a little egret there every morning, beautiful.

Toffee - wise words indeed, it is very easy to blame one another.

Swan - sorry you had school refusal.

RE knickers out - I'm not a SAHM but I dress as though I was (ie the same casual clothes on work or home days, jeans, leggings etc). I don't put my clothes out the night before except for special occasions or unusually early starts, but since I've been Flying I always know there will be stuff ready to wear in the wardrobe. If I suspect that there won't be because of a laundry backlog then I will check the night before though.

Sorry for not posting much at the moment, I am actually Flying quite well, but am busy with all the statement stuff and OU stuff and it's DS's birthday party this weekend plus I'm busy at work at the moment. It never rains but it pours. In more ways than one.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 28-Jan-14 19:05:19

You have a lot on your plate, WhoKnows.

Ta da

Fridge cleared out and cleaned
Shopping delivered and put away
Dinner cooked
Family meal - don't want to jinx it, but they are definitely less stressful. DC still aren't eating much though.
DH did washing up

DS2 has a front baby tooth which has been hanging on for two months. We thought it was going to come out on Christmas Day, but it's been just gradually sliding down from his gum, whilst the new tooth pushes it out. He's just come running to me, saying it's bleeding. Am really hoping it will come out tonight. I hate the wobbly tooth stage <shudders>.

Toffee - we are at the in between stage for both DCs with teeth, both have lost the 8 front ones but none of the next set. One of DS's front top incisors got turned right round backwards overnight once when it was dangling by a thread, I nearly threw up when I saw it, DH had to pull it out <winces>

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 28-Jan-14 19:52:52

Sorry, I haven't caught up, will have to do that. But here's my list.

ta da
-usual morning routines, school runs
-washing up
-laundry (washed, dried, put away)
-recopied budget into new book
-check bank
-vacuum living room
- write out food diary (for SW)
- split school run today due to afterschool clubs
- tidied living room
- moved some of the living room furniture
- tidied kitchen
- completely cleaned DS2's room (and took away a huge basket of toys and items that are too young for him and not played with anymore)
- put away clothing that was stacked on chair and bed in my room

to do
- make out tomorrow's list
- relax and enjoy my cup of coffee brew

Swanhildapirouetting Tue 28-Jan-14 20:17:12

Well, we've had a nice day with ds2 despite the bad start. Dh exhausted himself entertaining ds2 (I had a two hour nap) and when I woke up, I did French with him. He is getting better at doing pictures I'll give him that! He drew and coloured in three pictures for French (confused) of course not paying any attention to the French bit but still...

Ds1 in an excellent mood as a result of playing football at school, and not having to worry about his music exam for a few weeks. Dd being a screechy teenager in between pirouetting, applying lipstick and rushing upstairs to revise Chinese. She did a brilliant impression of a Chinese test last week, where the teacher said something incomprehensible to her, and she wanted to answer back in gibberish just to say something, anything, that sounded vaguely Chinese shock (apologies to anyone on here of Chinese heritage)

Caribbean style shepherd's pie with sweet potato and peppers, broccoli

re: statementing
I'm very confused about the difference between the new provision and the old. I thought statements were being phased out and schools were meant to provide what statements originally were designed to enforce?

What else have I done housework wise?

laid out clothes for ds2 tomorrow (unironed as always blush
ds2 knapsack ready
washed some more clothes
persuaded two children to unload dw
unpacked fruit I bought
milkbottles out
food compost recycled
rubbish out
ds2 bath

not much really, beds unmade, bathrooms unswiped, laundry not put away except a tiny bit...still, made it through the day!!!!

elliepac Tue 28-Jan-14 21:14:09

Evening all. Not long in from Parent's Evening number 2 in a run of 3 in 3 weeks. Nice evening telling lots of parents how lovely their children are but knackering in equal measure.

Got home and DH had outdone himself. DS had done homework, house had been tidied and dinner was on the table. (Nothing to do with the fact that last week when I walked in to a shit tip of a house,no dinner etc. we had a rowwinkgrin)

No flying to speak of but tomorrow is another day.

Enjoy Young Voices dizzy. DS did it a couple of years ago at Sheffield Arena. Hope you took note of feet's tip, don't think we ever really saw DS though figured out where his school was.

Going to watch some crappy TV to unwind.

Alice - statements are being phased out, just not yet. The application process will change in September and then everyone with an existing statement will be switched over gradually to the new plans. I think. Anyway, nothing has changed quite yet.

MerryBuddha Tue 28-Jan-14 21:33:49

Ta da
School run, 2 schools x2
Stripped and made bed x2
Swept kitchen floor
Tided kitchen
W/m x3
T/d x2
Unload d/w
Long run
H/W x2
Online clothes shopping panicking that I won't have enough outfits for work
Set up anti virus on computer got distracted by MN and FB, lost 2 hours

Haven't shined my sink, packed the lunches or laid out clothes. Argh but CBA!! Off to the naughty corner and cracks open a bottle of bubbly, because why not!!

Evening all!

Have been in London for training day today, which involved yr 5 children so was moderately terrified - not an age group I've much experience of. All went pretty well though, and waiting to see if I'll be accepted onto the next stage of the course.

Journey home was hideous though - train before mine cancelled and a football match so our train was packed the whole way, running late and then the station carpark was absolutely gridlocked and DH getting more and more irate with all the other drivers...

So no flying and plenty of wine this evening!

BitchytheGreat Tue 28-Jan-14 22:20:39

tbh atm i think a lot of us could use these: Pamper missions


Anti- procrastination day - got anything you have been putting off? Yeah not after today you don't get it done!

On my being procrastination list are as follows:
Find current cv on computer
ring doctors
ring dentist
return texts re ds
Car tax
Drop some mail off
Soooooooooo much fun in that list hmm....... <yawn>

ToffeeWhirl Tue 28-Jan-14 22:23:15

WhoKnows - a similar thing happened to one of DS1's front teeth. I couldn't deal with it at all, so DS1 pulled it out himself. I keep telling DS2 to wobble his tooth, but he won't touch it.

I try to be a good mum in most ways, but there are two things I won't deal with: wobbly teeth and sewing grin.

Alice - wow, you really have been Flying today <impressed>.

Swan - glad you ended up with happy children after your stressful start.

ellie - should we be giving golden duster awards to your DS and DH? wink

Merry - sympathies on the MN/FB distraction thingy. My computer overheats and turns itself off at random times. Sometimes I think DH has set it up that way so I can get on with RL.

<hands more wine to Blue> Sounds like you had a hard day.

Ta da

Ds2's bathtime & bedtime
Telly time
Hot chocolate for DS1

To do

Final batch of washing up
Iron shirt for DS2
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Empty lunch box
Rinse water bottle
Put socks in shoes

DS1 is not expected in tomorrow morning, so no stress first thing. So relieved.

Hope your DS2 is ok for school tomorrow, Swan.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 28-Jan-14 22:24:41

Thanks for linkies, Bitchy. I have so many things I've procrastinated over that I wouldn't know where to start.

BitchytheGreat Tue 28-Jan-14 22:32:19

By reducing them by a few?

BitchytheGreat Tue 28-Jan-14 22:34:21

I have only listed the ones with deadlines that are coming up, if i am completely honest. I have an entire room of procrastinated over stuff, and then a whole heap of other stuff. I am not going to think about that. just stuff that I have been putting off that needs doing - like booking in to get that filling replaced that fell out and has now giving me mild tooth ache for the last fortnight blush

dizzyday07 Wed 29-Jan-14 01:43:31

DD had a great time and was tucked up in bed straightaway as we got back at just past midnight! Luckily she doesn't have to be in school until 10.15 tomorrow.

Feet - missed your advice but we were lucky in that they were to the right of the stage at the front of the bottom tier, and with the school banner on display we got close enough to wave to them but although our seats were at the back of the floor seats I could see her the whole way through!

DH and I went to Chinatown for lunch and then I dragged him to the National Gallery! We all got soaked to the skin walking to the coach so the radiators are covered with wet coats and shoes which I hope will dry by the morning

feetheart Wed 29-Jan-14 06:59:36

dizzy - that's where DD's school was too shock We were bad and ran down to see them just before the start - DD has the evidence as she had her camera with her smile
Great night and great experience for all of us, DD still on a high.

Quick list for today:
- Final attempt at sponsorship for GNR before Justgiving page finishes
- Book Cupcake decorating thing for friend's 40th
- Book DS and I onto Zoo Stampede run at Whipsnade
- Usual routines
- Living room
- Do something about horrible tenant situation
- Meet with nice tenants

Currently have first timed loaf baking in new bread machine - smells good mmmmmmmm. Good start to the day smile

ToffeeWhirl Wed 29-Jan-14 09:27:15

dizzy - good to hear your DD enjoyed it last night. Sounds like a lovely day out for you all.

feet - enjoy the fresh bread.

Have rushed DS2 up to school in the pouring rain. Nobody is awake at home and I would like nothing more than to go back to bed too. Lack of sleep is catching up with me.

To do

Washing up
Sort kitchen
Kitchen hotspot
DS's bedroom - room rescue
Online order

ToffeeWhirl Wed 29-Jan-14 13:00:55

Ta da

Washing up
Online order

DH is going to deal with the teacher, so I can get some sleep now before the school run.

BitchytheGreat Wed 29-Jan-14 13:24:04

ta da
get soaked to bone
eat a cooked breakfast
consider extra stuff needed in case of snow later...
check emails
incorporate ex' request into plans for wk.
Hot shower to warm up
tape ankle
Ring Doctors
Go through photos on computer and sort into organised files.
Print a few memory book sheets
Print photo sheets for abroad family
Swear at computer in process of trying to burn a CD of photos
figure out what is on a random un labelled CD rom
Cut and stick some bits and bobs for the scrap books
Make ds' kit up

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 29-Jan-14 13:58:45

three kids to school bright and early, ds2 in very good mood again shock
ds1 decided NOT to go to Running Club first thing because he had lost his shoes (I've since found them in a muddy heap by the front door hmm still one less thing to replace as he thought they were lost in school, along with the second pair hmmhmm which are actually tennis shoes..
dh did the getting dressed and walking ds to the busstop

I have since, decluttered and sorted all the kitchen drawers of craft, birthday cards, Diy stuff, torches whatnot, napkins, stationery. Five compasses alone. One pertractor, stamps, mobile phone chargers. A relief to know it is all there when I can never find any of this stuff usually.

Also located a very important piece of paper which I thought was lost! The unintended perks of decluttering.

Put away and washed more laundry
socks out of ds1's room
wrote dates on calendar
checked Parentmail
threw away some newspapers in front room
unloaded dw
reloaded dw

Picked up car - two weeks it has been there, but now at least I have a spare key for it. Which I shall ask dh to put with the passports [sacred spot] and the birth certs.

Drove home, managed to avoid the dual carriageway, need to build up my tolerance of speed again blush


toffee hope you were able to sleep, and feel a bit less drained after that.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 29-Jan-14 16:26:51

Bitchy and Swan - impressive 'to do' lists from both of you.

Yes, I did sleep, Swan. Much needed. Had reached the point where it was all I could think about and was asleep pretty much as soon as I had laid down.

DS1's new skateboard arrived this afternoon and he seems really pleased with it. It is exactly the same as the one he used to use, so I'm hoping this will get him out skateboarding again. He says he's going out tomorrow, weather allowing.

Did the school run, groggy with sleep (and in the pouring rain again)
Back home, sat at the table with hot chocolate and chocolate biscuits and listened to DS2 talking about his day. Lots of grumbles about friends and teachers.

House has deteriorated again. Mess and laundry everywhere. Feel a distinct lack of energy to do anything about it.

humanordancer Wed 29-Jan-14 18:42:34

Hello everyone. Sorry, I've been really rubbish about keeping up again, but I am still here!

I was away at the weekend helping a friend pack up to move abroad. (It made me realise quite how much I want to declutter, and never have to face it all in one go.)

I then made the mistake of of running for a train. I'm not really supposed to run - I have a problem with my hip - but I thought it was okay because it wasn't hurting at the time hmm. Terrible pain the next day and a lot of snapping noises. So I am pottering about with my stick again, which I thought was gone for good. Getting better though, and today I have been able to get some things done:

Ta da

Bank x 2
Set up online grocery shopping
Order shopping
Swish and swipe

To do

Make salad
Wash up
Put some makeup on, go out, have some fun.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 29-Jan-14 19:31:33

So sorry about your hip pain, human. I hope you recover quickly and can declutter that stick smile.

Good point about facing up to clutter, by the way. I thought that when I was looking for important paperwork in the loft the other day (which I couldn't find because of all the clutter).

Ta da

Waved off DS1, who managed to go to the car park outside the learning centre with his teacher - progress! His aim tomorrow is to spend one hour in a lesson at the centre.
Washing up done
Surfaces wiped
Salad prepared
Wine bottle opened
Spanish tortilla cooking

Really don't have any energy today, so I'm going to write today off and hope that, after a good night's sleep, I will feel energetic enough to sort the house out tomorrow.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 29-Jan-14 19:33:27

Note to self: it helps to turn the grill on when you are trying to brown a tortilla.

BitchytheGreat Wed 29-Jan-14 20:17:28

<sniggers at Toffee making a similar error to the ones Bitchy has been making all week.> Bugger that really isn't it grin

Child has been training. And now trying to chuck him into a bath so he no longers stinks. Ds otoh can't see why stinking for school would be an issue hmm

Loads to add to the ta da list but dealing with child and stuff for tomo first and will then sit down and sort a few bits out.

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 29-Jan-14 22:12:33

lay down for an hour
ds walked back from tube by dh
did Art homework with ds2 in double quick time and just didn't comment on any of the multiple spelling mistakes (after all it was art not literacy ffs)
ds2 did his Maths by himself
helped at Beavers
swept floor at Beavers grin
watched The Jump with children which reminded me rather of the Hunger Games.Everyone seemed to have fixed faces and strange eyebrows and enormous pouting lips with bright lipstick, and be weirdly good at throwing themselves into deadly ravines.

persuaded ds1 to write something on Mussolini

dd has Inset day tomorrow. I had a row with her, now made it up, and looking forward to not having to wake at 6.30. Ds1 again suggested Running Club at 6.30. Dh and I have refused to wake up, so he has gracefully backed down. Just NOT TOMORROW please!!!!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 29-Jan-14 23:53:18

I don't blame you for that, Swan. It's too early! Well done on all the homework help.

I had my own homework battle tonight. DS2's teacher had asked me to listen to him reading because his reading aloud at school is too fast and too quiet (he's shy and hates reading to other people, so he just wants to get it over and done with). So I told him he needed to read to me before bedtime. We then had about 15 minutes of absurd behaviour from him, which was basically one long refusal to co-operate, before he backed down and finally read to me.

Managed to wash up and sort out the kitchen, plus laying out the clothes for tomorrow. Off to bed in a minute.

Bitchy - sympathies on the bath battles. DS1 isn't keen on them either (whereas DS2 would happily sit in a bath every night for hours).

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 01:14:48

Oh dear, I only managed one of the things on my anti-procrastination list of stuff. I did start one of the other items but got rather seriously side tracked blush But labelling all the used but unlabelled CD-ROMs is something that i have been procrastinating about so that is at least something. I am not going to type out my entire ta da because quite frankly it is now thursday and CBA. But before anyone says anything you can't wash muddy school uniform if you physically are not in the house and the child is wearing it <stick tounge out>

I have a long list of stuff that should be done tomo but will have to see how tired I am. I seem to struggle on Thursdays.

Thursday is errand day

Check your calendar


On a side note it is nearly the end of the month. Do we have any volunteers for next month's thread leader i have set a low standard this month so you will be fine

Toffee ds loves a bath but he currently loves his book more.

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 03:03:50

Do not, for the love of all that is the fat fairy, EVER decide that 2am is a good time to write down that list of everything that needs doing by Tuesday in an attempt to clear you mind to enable sleep. How the fuck is all that going to get done in time? Without killing me in the process preferrably. <sigh> Time to be realistic and cull about half of that off the to do list for now. Although i could use a highlighter to identify some frogs... Hmmm all is not lost.

JustGettingOnWithIt Thu 30-Jan-14 08:36:29

Bitchy I hope you got some sleep. Really sorry but I can't volunteer.

Tuesday completely took it out of me and I slept through afternoon and evening. Then hit a new low yesterday by falling back to sleep early in the morning after getting ds out of the door to something he was doing, and waking up disorientated and sweaty to take painkillers a few times but failing to wake up properly until 9pm! Sorted dinner, listened to friend and conked out again! Rough night and woken up soaking in sweat again but have to manage today better.

Really pleased for the poor souls flooded in Somerset to hear the military is finally being sent to try and see what can be done to make their lives more bearable and send more pumps.

I can't volunteer this time either I'm afraid, the statement stuff is keeping me very busy and my OU deadlines are fast approaching too. Will do a month later in the year.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 09:32:07

Just - are you having a check up at the GP or with the consultant soon? You clearly still have an infection with a temperature, which means the pills aren't working yet and maybe you need stronger pills or something? Can't believe you still managed to listen to your friend in the midst of all that! What a good friend you are.

WhoKnows - sympathies on statement stuff.

Bitchy - probably not sensible for me to run the thread either, to be honest, although I like doing it as I actually read the missions and sometimes actually do them then. But statement stuff, work and new OU course need to come first at the moment (not sure how I'm going to find 8 - 10 hours a week to study <frets>). I will do it if there are no other offers, though.

Have managed pancakes and school run this morning. That is all.

DS1 is (hopefully) going to lessons later this morning. I am attempting a crisis clean (bearing in mind DM is coming to stay this weekend).

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 30-Jan-14 11:20:24

Goodness, I feel a bit "sloth-like" this morning.

ta da
usual morning routine, school runs
long hot leisurely bath
now making an early lunch

to do
sigh... I suppose tidying up, although the living room looks remarkably tidy shock

I am waiting to do laundry until after school to toss today's uniforms into the load (to make a full load).

I may just do a "re-organise" project today and gut a kitchen cupboard and reorganise it. grin

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 30-Jan-14 11:20:28

it's a horrid feeling when you are lying ill in bed for hours, and time doesn't seem to be operating normally just

toffee a trick in our house was that ds2 (who doesn't like reading aloud) loved reading playscripts with ds1. For example the Shrek Playscript was their favourite. Otherwise all my children hate reading aloud, unless they are on stage or reading out football columns or tv information shock One of my neighbours, a proud grandpa once told me his daughter in law made her three sons read out from the newspaper at teatime every day, and they became brilliant scholars shockgrin I'm not sure whether he was boasting.

Bitchy this uniform washing is beginning to do my head in. I seem to spend more time worrying about whether there is a clean shirt for ds1 or a clean blazer than any other worries. Dh had to stop me washing ds's blazer yesterday at 11.30. He said he had done umpteen washes and if ds's blazer stank slightly, who cared? It is a relief to have ones mind tweaked back to right side of commonsense occasionally.

This morning we had a row, as ds2 had a meltdown over his pencilcase, and dh started shouting at him to stop screaming (always a mistake) - terrified I think that ds was going to decide to stay at home again today over such a small ridiculous thing...Ds2 hid in the bathroom, and then I managed to apologise to him, persuade him to emerge, and he was able to get in the car and go to school with me. Bearing in mind toffee your words about blaming people I realised it was my mistake for not checking pencil case last night, as well as dh's mistake for shouting, together we both needed to try again tomorrow. Anyway ds2 went to school happily, and is very relieved to have the car back!!!! oh the joys of the school run and all its antecedents!!!!!!

dd has gone to the bank with dh now to pay some money in. She loves paying money in and then taking it out by debit card again confused I pointed out to her that she would need that £10 note on Sat, but she said she liked paying it in!!! We are all going out for noodles for lunch.

Toffee - I'm up to 12 pages of A4 in my discussions of DS and his life now, I thought some of the posters on the SN boards might be exaggerating about this stuff, but I just keep thinking of more and more things.

Right, must go and make his birthday cake, party on Sat. smile

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 30-Jan-14 11:40:49

WhoKnows I just saw that you're putting together stuff for statement. My sympathies. I know filling out statement paperwork, DLA stuff, anything like that is a bit depressing. I think it's because you're so used to doing things in a specific way for your DC and you've gradually taken it all on board, whereas if someone was dropped right in the middle of it, they'd be all shock what?!?! grin You don't realise all the adjustments you make until you have to itemise it.

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 11:42:44

ta da
tax car
pick up bits for decorating birthday cake
pick up birthday present stuff for ds
write ds' card whilst i remember
Save self job as local shop does something was expectiung to go to the city for <yippee>
Banking part 1
Update calendars
makse sure ds has pe kit for school
bread dough into bread machine
check time sap that is FB/MN
turn first batch of bread dough into rolls
put 2nd batch into bread machine
weigh out thrid batch of bread ingrediants
make bacon sandwich
1st load of washing on
check emails
send 3 out of 5 important emails
give more thought to the issue that is ds' birthday cake
find diary and update
find dd mandate form for submitting
count up shrapnel for changing for proper money
find gloves for hands as it is fucking freezing out there!

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 12:06:36

Alice - I agree, that's the trouble, isn't it? It's all normalised and it's only when you start writing it all down or you suddenly see the contrast with another child that you get how different your own child is. I still sometimes get upset when I see children making their way to or from school, happily chatting, and know that my DS1 can't manage that.

WhoKnows - you've frightened me now, with your talk of 12 pages of A4 on your DS. I am a bit behind you, though, as I'm still waiting for the official diagnosis letter to come through before I send off the application. It's very good that you're getting it all down on paper though. It's all about finding 'evidence' at this stage.

Swan - sorry it was another difficult school run this morning, but well done on getting DS2 in to school in the end. Your DH was right about the blazer grin.

Bitchy - you're on a roll.

I have tackled the washing up, put laundry on and filled up the dishwasher. Also phoned the learning centre because the teacher didn't turn up and it was making DS1 even more anxious waiting for him. Am a bit annoyed because the worst thing you can do to an already anxious child is be unpredictable and this is the second time the teacher hasn't been on time. He now says he'll come round this afternoon instead. DS1 has worked himself into a bit of a state now, though, so it's not going to be easy to get him there.

Right, have had a quick tea break (just following the Fat Fairy's instructions, of course wink) and will now continue with the crisis clean.

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 30-Jan-14 12:14:49

Well, that's it then. I was going to do stuff, but now I'm completely worn out from just reading Bitchy's list!! grin

<collapses in a heap>

Sorry Toffee - I realised after I posted that that might not be very helpful. I am just getting down on paper everything I can think of, it is all a huge jumble at the moment. It's all short paragraphs, if I took out the spaces it would probably fit on about 4 pages.

Alice - I tried explaining to a friend who has no knowledge of SNs this morning about the statement system. Her jaw hit the floor. You are so right about everything being normalised into your own family because you know no different, it's getting it all out and saying "this is not normal" that's so hard. We've never done DLA, looking at the criteria we wouldn't have a hope of even lower rate care. I gather it's all changing anyway.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 12:18:21

Don't worry, WhoKnows. Am just a bit jittery about it all.

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 12:20:51

Swan would bicarb lift the smell?

I have to write an annual 'report' of where things are wrt ds. It is the only way to try to explain to his dad what he needs. I am have put it off for an entired Month already. I know i need to do this. The fact that you have 12 pages whoknows does not surprise me. I can have that annually and that is just summarising the current situation rather then historical one. (Before you panic toffee the report also contains all the coping strategies/punishment routes etc so different to what would go in an application for statementing I expect) It does get you thinking, and I agree it can be really depressing. I am grateful i get to put strengths in and not just weaknesses otherwise I think it would require a vat of vodka to get through. So you both have my sympathies. Good luck.

I have to be on a roll toffee there are going to be people in the house next week and I have no lounge, no dining room, the hall is under laundry as it is a crash mat don't ask , ds' room is an explosion of paperwork and lego.

Right i am going to fly up to the next town and do some errands there quickly as I am pushing it to get back to head to the local lakeland for a cake tin and being able to do the school run...

You and me both <hugs>

and you Bitchy

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 12:22:12

x-posts with toffee and whoknows and tiptoes out quickly and quietly...

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 30-Jan-14 12:29:03

WhoKnows The only way I could get it all accurately for DLA was to think "if someone came in to take care of DS1 for 24 hours, what would they need to do - what would they need to know?" It was a frighteningly long and busy list. All sorts of little things that on the surface don't appear like much, but if not done will either result in a meltdown, upset, or safety risk.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 12:53:07

Thanks, Who.

Crisis clean not progressing. Must shift backside off chair.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 14:27:01

ta da

Stripped bedclothes
Put another load of washing on
Teacher persuaded DS1 to go to the learning centre for about 15 minutes (he wouldn't go inside)
Banned DS1 from going back inside his room as it needs to be decontaminated
Tried to persuade DS1 to go out on his new skateboard (he said it was too wet and slippy - he might be right)
Removed large numbers of cups, plates and glasses from DS1's bedroom
Deployed large bin bag to declutter his bedroom
Gathered up various items of dirty clothing and put them in laundry bin
Hoovered Ds1's bedroom
Packed up his school uniform and put it in the cupboard

About to go back and have another go at his room now. Am finding it housework very, very dull. Nothing new there, though.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 14:27:56

Am finding housework, I mean. Stray 'it' crept in there confused.

sanschocolat Thu 30-Jan-14 14:58:53

[snaffles corner of Bitchy's bacon sandwich and looks admiringly at her ta da list]

Hi, just diving in and out to say I can run thread in Feb but may be missing for a bit around the 21st (and possibly travelling in last week but that can be tackled as and when).

Sorry - still haven't caught up with thread properly - just sped read!

Everything a bit hard going atm: fil had serious infection the day before yesterday (so much so that when the phone goes we are all on tenterhooks) but has rallied a bit this afternoon thankfully, dh stressed and travelling all the time and the work pressure never stops, have appt with psychologist for dd next week, hospital scan for me, and just as one friend finishes her treatment for cancer, I met another friend in the street yesterday who dropped the bombshell that her dh has a brain tumour; she has two dss (one of whom is dd's age). Life is just so unfair sometimes.

All the more reason why I should buck up and count my blessings etc but like Alice am feeling very "sloth-like" atm - taking me ages to do the very minimum. Everything seems to require huge amounts of effort, but have very little to show for it. Just 'maintaining' and not decluttering as usual!

On a positive note: dd made us laugh last yesterday imitating various French rap singers (she has a very young/modern PE teacher who lets the girls choose their own music for gym - which is a refreshing change from a school whose teaching methods sit comfortably in the 1950s) and then dd wrote in her very last (fifteenth - phew!) thank you letter, "thank you for my new jeans, I whore them in Italy" grin [for those who don't know, dd isn't educated in English so her spelling can be a little unpredictable at times grin]

Good luck with the statement Whoknows, I am sorry it is such a stressful process

And good luck to you too Toffeewhen the time comes! Hope teacher turns up as predicted this afternoon!

Just am horrified to read that my 'lucky' Google diagnosis might actually be accurate - hope not - and that you are still feeling so debilitated. Hope new meds sort whatever it is out properly. You obviously need a complete rest (which you can't have). Agree with Toffee, if things don't improve, go and badger them at the hospital again (mercilessly) ... .

[hands calming camomile tea over to Swan] sorry your mornign was so stressful. Arf at your description of The Jump!

Sorry no more personals - got to run!

Big waves to Feetheart Pushme Honu Silly Dizzy Blue Ellie Nicknacks Engels Humanordancer Stillwearing Merry goth Whispers Castle and everyone I've missed!

sanschocolat Thu 30-Jan-14 15:02:51

Forgot to wave to Eustacia (and probably loads more)

Just saw the bit about your egretJust smile

Take care of that hip Humanordancer (very minor in comparison, but am hobbling around here too because of broken toe - wierd cos doesn't hurt during day but keeps me awake at night!)

[Grabs car keys and skidaddles]

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 15:13:48

I bloody love aldi sometimes. 2 pairs thick skiing socks £4. My toes shall be nice and warm <content> Has anyone had shoes from there as they had some nice looking winter boots which I was thinking would be just the job as I watched the first of the snow start to fall earlier.

Just going to make a hot drink and start tea, will be back in a bit.

<sneaks SC an hug>

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 17:30:37

ta da
tax car
pick up bits for decorating birthday cake
pick up birthday present stuff for ds
write ds' card whilst i remember
Save self job as local shop does something was expectiung to go to the city for <yippee>
Banking part 1
Update calendars
makse sure ds has pe kit for school
bread dough into bread machine
check time sap that is FB/MN
turn first batch of bread dough into rolls
put 2nd batch into bread machine
weigh out thrid batch of bread ingrediants
make bacon sandwich
1st load of washing on
check emails
send 3 out of 5 important emails
give more thought to the issue that is ds' birthday cake
find diary and update
find dd mandate form for submitting
count up shrapnel for changing for proper money
find gloves for hands as it is fucking freezing out there!
2nd load of bread turned into rolls,
3rd batch in machine
2nd load of washing into machine
Get petrol
Stock the oh fuck snow emergency rations bag for car
Sort out tea for tonight (one meal)
Cook tomo and sat's tea whilst making a mess of the kitchen
Deal with over tired ds
Look at today list and see what is essential to do today
clear dining room table
move computer on table
try not to kill anyone
sort out babysitter so can sort out rest of ds' birthday present
Pick up bits for lunch box (aka jar of nutella) which were forgotten earlier

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 17:30:37

ta da
tax car
pick up bits for decorating birthday cake
pick up birthday present stuff for ds
write ds' card whilst i remember
Save self job as local shop does something was expectiung to go to the city for <yippee>
Banking part 1
Update calendars
makse sure ds has pe kit for school
bread dough into bread machine
check time sap that is FB/MN
turn first batch of bread dough into rolls
put 2nd batch into bread machine
weigh out thrid batch of bread ingrediants
make bacon sandwich
1st load of washing on
check emails
send 3 out of 5 important emails
give more thought to the issue that is ds' birthday cake
find diary and update
find dd mandate form for submitting
count up shrapnel for changing for proper money
find gloves for hands as it is fucking freezing out there!
2nd load of bread turned into rolls,
3rd batch in machine
2nd load of washing into machine
Get petrol
Stock the oh fuck snow emergency rations bag for car
Sort out tea for tonight (one meal)
Cook tomo and sat's tea whilst making a mess of the kitchen
Deal with over tired ds
Look at today list and see what is essential to do today
clear dining room table
move computer on table
try not to kill anyone
sort out babysitter so can sort out rest of ds' birthday present
Pick up bits for lunch box (aka jar of nutella) which were forgotten earlier

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 17:30:38

ta da
tax car
pick up bits for decorating birthday cake
pick up birthday present stuff for ds
write ds' card whilst i remember
Save self job as local shop does something was expectiung to go to the city for <yippee>
Banking part 1
Update calendars
makse sure ds has pe kit for school
bread dough into bread machine
check time sap that is FB/MN
turn first batch of bread dough into rolls
put 2nd batch into bread machine
weigh out thrid batch of bread ingrediants
make bacon sandwich
1st load of washing on
check emails
send 3 out of 5 important emails
give more thought to the issue that is ds' birthday cake
find diary and update
find dd mandate form for submitting
count up shrapnel for changing for proper money
find gloves for hands as it is fucking freezing out there!
2nd load of bread turned into rolls,
3rd batch in machine
2nd load of washing into machine
Get petrol
Stock the oh fuck snow emergency rations bag for car
Sort out tea for tonight (one meal)
Cook tomo and sat's tea whilst making a mess of the kitchen
Deal with over tired ds
Look at today list and see what is essential to do today
clear dining room table
move computer on table
try not to kill anyone
sort out babysitter so can sort out rest of ds' birthday present
Pick up bits for lunch box (aka jar of nutella) which were forgotten earlier

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 30-Jan-14 17:41:18

toffee aargh on school just not getting it, but at least he did turn up in the end.

SC I think it was always thus (I mean crisis after crisis) in our younger days, just that we knew less people so it affected us less sad Also, other older people had to take responsibility for crises.
Maybe that is why when we get older we are so tired all time, whereas when we are young we are so much more energetic.

found the pencil case when we were drawing the curtains in the front room this evening, amongst the Lego blush I pointed it out to ds2, and reminded him just how much trouble that innocent little pencil case in the wrong place had caused this morning, and he patted me gently on the arm, saying, sorry mum, I'll try harder next time. Very laid back now of course!!!![grrrr]

picked both boys by car from drama club at school, with bated breath wondering whether they would have a bustup in the car. Just about survived journey home I put on Radio 2 very loudly

piano practise for me - back tackling a Grade 3 piece smile
hung out washing
nap this afternoon
practised driving
picked up prescription
blood test at surgery
made apt for a week's time
lunch with dd and dh (not very nice food but nice to get out)
shook out tablecloth

do homework x 2
what's for dinner? bacon? cucumber? tomato? BLTs obviously
wash PE kit

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 18:35:02

Swan - Yes, "argh" to school not getting it. However, to my relief, I didn't need to say anything because DS1 told the teacher, politely and clearly, that not arriving when he said he was going to arrive had now made him much more anxious. Well said, DS1.

That's very sweet about DS2 patting your arm and saying sorry smile.

<hands bottle of wine to Bitchy>

Had a horrible time this afternoon, which really brought home to me how difficult DS1 can be. Because I was tidying his room, DS1 was in the sitting room when I arrived home with DS2. For about five minutes, the three of us had a really nice chat and, for one crazy, optimistic moment, I thought that the boys were getting on really well and maybe they could be left alone. Silly me. DS2 laughed loudly at something we said and DS1 exploded, shouting that DS2 had hurt his ears. Five minutes of shouting ensued, with DS2 cowering on me, tears streaming down his face. Trying to reason with DS1 was impossible because he couldn't see any point of view other than his own. He really should have had that ASD diagnosis <sigh>.

DS1 went up to his room and DS2 spent the next hour having really bad vocal tics because he was so upset. I tried to cheer him up by playing Lego with him for an hour (interestingly, the tics subsided then). I am so angry with DS1, even though I know he probably can't help it (sensitivity to noise; rigid thinking; issues with theory of mind). I can't bear seeing DS2 hurt like that sad.

Hey ho. Have given up on the crisis cleaning for today and opened a bottle instead. Cooking a late dinner now. Will finish the crisis clean tomorrow.

That does sound horrid Toffee. wine definitely called for.

<Waves back to SC>

Bitchy - DH had some cycling shoes from Aldi that fell apart the minute he first put them on. No idea what their ordinary shoes are like though.

Very small ta da! list but at least it's errands day:
Booked hotel for half term
Aldi shopping done & put away
3 baskets of laundry put away
Tea cooked, cleared up and kitchen cleaned
Found possible solution to weird phone problem
Flitted round with duster

EustaciaVye Thu 30-Jan-14 20:03:09

Hi everyone
I have had a really productive day today smile

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 20:07:04

Well done, Eustacia.

Blue - wine helped grin. Hotel booking sounds exciting.

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 30-Jan-14 20:34:09

Toffee [hugs and pats] Ds2 does that a lot to us, and especially to Ds1.
Ds1 admittedly has a habit of saying things deliberately to annoy ds2, and is two years older, whereas I can see how horrible it is when they are younger and completely innocent of malice.

Ds2 does this when he is very very anxious about something else. It is just a complete sensory overload and he has no capacity to tolerate the feelings of anyone else at at the point when he explodes. We just leave the room rather than reasoning with him, or repeat something very boring and soothing. Mostly we just leave the room (rather than asking him to leave the room which makes things worse)...

Oh dear, just to disprove what I've just said, Ds1 is now being so annoying that dh has had to put him out of the room as he is saying la la la na na to ds2 on a loop...They are watching the Jump again. It is beyond ridiculous watching it now...they actually had footage of someone having a terrible accident. I've left the room too confused

Even my sister who has two completely NT children described a scene where her two eldest were so horrible to the youngest (who is 3 and half years younger) that he was reduced to just crying They are So unkind Why are they So unkind? He loved them dearly and he just couldn't understand why they were screaming at him. She said it broke her heart, and she couldn't possibly see their point of view at that moment (I think they were frazzled 12 and 14 at the time and he was 8)

There is something about all your children crying at once that does break your heartsad It will pass though, siblings do scream at each other horribly. It will pass.

And ds1 is now back watching the Jump again and seems to have calmed down! The virtual powers of Mumsnet philosphiphizing.

science homework (volts)
dd and dh went to Morrisons to buy a cake for school confused
music homework (bagpipes)
washing uup
blt bagels
watched Interior Design Challenge. The wrong people won!!!! Horrid bright curtains. I want a cottage in that village blush

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 20:43:40

Thank you, Swan, it is strangely comforting to know that this is going on in lots of families around the world grin. I do feel very sorry for the younger siblings though. DH and I both remember one time, when DS2 was only a toddler, when he first protested at DS1's mistreatment of him and said, "I thought big brothers were supposed to be nice to their little brothers." It broke our hearts.

I think you are spot on about the overload bit. And that's a good idea about us leaving the room, instead of staying and trying to reason, which was completely pointless.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Jan-14 20:43:59

Am intriged by 'The Jump'. I have no idea what it is.

BitchytheGreat Thu 30-Jan-14 21:18:48

So tomo is the last day of January.

Blimey it has been eventful for many of us.

I am not going to post the babystep link because essentially it goes. Well done you did a week, don't worry if you slip up jump back on, progress is good, you will get there eventually or the equivalent in fluffy pink and purple language.


It has been fun but time to step back and let someone deal with the slightly calmer event that is february i fecking hate february and am going into hiding see you all the other side expect there will be stupid long ta da tomo so nerh

NickNacks Thu 30-Jan-14 21:51:30

Am I in?

NickNacks Thu 30-Jan-14 21:51:55

Woo hoo

I'm back baby!!!

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 30-Jan-14 21:55:00

Hi Nicknacks.

Toffee the Jump has 167 posts on Telly Addicts. It is celebrity ski-ing.

Rugby kit
bags packed for ds2
homework printed for ds2

ToffeeWhirl Fri 31-Jan-14 00:30:17

<puts up 'Welcome back NickNacks ' banner in naughty corner>

<blows up balloons>

<leaves out wine and cake>

Good to have you back on the thread, NickNacks. Sorry you were inexplicably shut out.

ta da

Tidied up the Lego explosion in the sitting room
Endless washing up
Shined sink and polished taps
Tidied kitchen hotspot
Finished putting shopping away
Emptied and wiped down lunch box
Made hot chocolate for DS1
Laid out clothes for tomorrow
Washed school sweatshirt for DS2 for tomorrow
Tumbledried sheets
Made up DS1's bed with clean sheets
Put clean towels in bathroom
Emptied kitchen bin
Put recycling out
Swept and mopped kitchen and hall floors
Wiped stairs

Am exhausted, but at least now the house looks respectable again. I have a friend coming round for coffee tomorrow morning, then MIL is letting herself in whilst we are at work, so the house needs to look tidy. MIL would get a nasty shock if she peeped into our bedroom though (needs more than a five-minute room rescue).

Off to bed now. Night all.

sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 07:36:41


[Waves to Nicknacks!!]

Um, I mentioned up-thread that I was free to run thread in Feb. Is everyone OK with that, or does anyone else want to step in?

JustGettingOnWithIt Fri 31-Jan-14 09:03:54

Everyone dealing with SEN difficulties, hang on in there. I can't say it gets better, but we get better at it. Beware of normalising though, SS assessed what would be needed for me to go into hospital and announced that it would require a four person team to support ds and dd, (which they couldn’t spare) at home, as it “wouldn’t be reasonable to expect one person do it all.”

Nicknacks not sure what’s happened but glad to have you back.

SC I’m waiting for cultures to confirm, but it’s that or something scarier, so I’ll be happier for it to be that.
I hear no clamouring of would be thread leaders, if you don’t mind doing it I’m sure everyone would be grateful. PS don’t forget February really is the new January! (definitely here, must be fully back in flat by end of Feb)

Yesterday’s attempts failed I just slept and sweated lots, so...

Power of three priority

Get to Dr, make them do something about state of me.
Manage to get tree down blush while it’s still Jan at least. blush
Prep against further drain flooding against threatened heavy rain.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 31-Jan-14 09:30:24

SC - yes, very happy that you can run the thread in Feb, thank you!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 31-Jan-14 09:35:30

Just - I'm sorry - the health issue must be such a worry. Crossing my fingers for you that it's something easy to deal with.

Am speechless at SS assessing your children as needing four people to care for them, when you have to manage on your own (and with disabilities of your own to deal with too). Don't know whether to laugh or cry at that.

Thanks for the encouragement about the SENs and accompanying stresses and strains.

DS2's teacher stopped me in the corridor. I was quite scared of my year with her, as she has a reputation as being a bit of a dragon, but she couldn't have been kinder to me about DS1, asking how he was and sympathising on the whole SA procedure.

Friend here for coffee in a mo, then work. DS1 couldn't go in to the learning centre this morning, so the teacher has agreed on one hour on Monday instead. I stayed well out of it, as I was busy taking DS2 to school.

sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 11:59:17

OK, thanks, will start new thread in a bit.

Just have to finish trashing the kitchen making pancakes for dd's school, it's la Chandeleur, Fête de la Lumière (Catholic Candlemas in other words) this afternoon (fete actually on 2 Feb) - raising money for charity. Celebrated with marvellous disregard for elf & safety; lots of 8 yr olds wielding saucepans over naked flames!! grin

sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 12:05:22

Just so you are already doing the work of four people and you have to go on sodding work motivation course shock

sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 12:43:27


New (February) thread here!!

Bucket-loads of thanks to Bitchy for bravely taking on January thread!! thanks cake wine


dizzyday07 Fri 31-Jan-14 13:06:57

I've just frittered away the last few days not doing much above the real basics - buying food, cooking, washing pots, laundry load!

DD and I got up for early morning training but at the last minute she decided she didn't want to go. It was no big deal as we have another session this afternoon anyway! She will be swimming for the club's 9/10yr girls team in the County Championship relay races in 2 weeks so every session counts grin

JustGettingOnWithIt Fri 31-Jan-14 14:17:44

That didn't work out. Went to Dr, sent back to hospital.

SC It feels about the size of it, but I'm having great time buggering up their statistics though. How many hours a week do you spend watching day time tv or films? none, how many hours are spent on non educational reading? none, how many hours a week do you go out socialising, none, how many hours are spent on hairdressing, nails and beauty regimes? none (thought it was obvious to look at me!) how many hours a week are you bored, none.

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 31-Jan-14 14:24:42

Ive had a sociable morning

cleaning lady has done an enormous pile of ironing and hoovered the kitchen and hall

Now I am collapsing and going to bed till school pick up (promised ds2 I would pick him and his PE kit in the car at 3.30)

tidied kitchen before cleaner came
food re-cycling
sorted out laundry piles
showered and dressed
visited a friend's new kitchen, and annoyed her husband by suggesting they put different tiles than the ones they were intending blush

NickNacks Fri 31-Jan-14 17:11:49

Thanks all smile I couldn't post for so e reason, a tech problem which has no been fixed (fingers crossed)

Sorry to read everyone seems to be having a stressful time. Mine isn't much better. I'm expecting ofsted and had to file my tax return so have hidden myself away for a bit to get some work done smile

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 31-Jan-14 17:31:32

Had a lovely drive listening to Radio 2, in my nice warm cosy car out of the rain,
and just made two phone calls

out to pick up dd shortly a bit further than school, now feeling less brave about driving as the rain has intensified.

Ds2 is "relaxing" and Dh is making hamburgers. Ds1 has just appeared, completely sopping wet from Homework Club or Running I don't know which and started arguing with ds2, oh dear.


nicknacks good luck with Ofsted.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 31-Jan-14 20:32:32

Where are you all? Is there another thread I don't know about?

<settles down, folornly, in naughty corner>

ToffeeWhirl Fri 31-Jan-14 20:33:05

Or even, forlornly.

sanschocolat Fri 31-Jan-14 20:38:04

Psssttt Toffee luv, over here

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