babysteppers new year thread

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liveinazoo Fri 03-Jan-14 09:22:37


shakes last of sweeties in the tin and hopes for company!

<<any newbies out there wanting to join us chit chat,declutter and encourages <slightly > less slothernlyness,come in too!grin

IorekByrnisonsArmour Fri 03-Jan-14 10:27:47

Happy New Year Zoo !!

I read your previous threads - the lack of sleep "shoot me now" post both resonated and made me laugh grin

<takes a sweet>

JustOneMoreCoffee Fri 03-Jan-14 10:34:23

(Oooh sweets, diet starts Monday wink)

Can I join please? I've lurked for ages but actually commenting might make me do something this time. grin

Scout19075 Fri 03-Jan-14 11:03:08


Found the new home.

Still in PiLshire until Monday so will chat and nibble muffins and sweets until we return home. I suspect I need until Wednesday until I get stuck in again.

notallwhowander Fri 03-Jan-14 11:25:21

MN newbie here but would love to join,
need all the motivation I can get.

<also takes a sweet...or three...>

Scout19075 Fri 03-Jan-14 11:33:53

Don't forget if those candies have wrappers they -- the wrappers, not the sweets -- need to go straight in the bin. wink. Yes, MrScout, I'm looking at you.

AdoraBell Fri 03-Jan-14 16:34:02

<sneaks a sweet while pondering calling in fumigadoras, we have antsangry >

bessie26 Fri 03-Jan-14 19:43:17

<grabs sweet & passes round choc brownies>

I first did baby steps 3 years ago & know it works, but fell off the wagon big-stylee around September when DD1 started school & I got my BFP! grin

<wanders off to shine sink before zoo sends a boot my way>

AdoraBell Sat 04-Jan-14 20:24:08

Not done too badly, considering it's the weekend <clutches at straws>

Proper lunch done, cooked the chicken for the salad myself, and rice too, but my back is playing up so I can't do much else. Also cooked a tomato sauce for baked eggs tomorrow, so all I have to do is reheat it, add eggs and voila, sunday brunch is served.

DDs very kindly put the laundry on the clothes airer, or "horsey thing" as DD1 called itgrin

Dogs fed, will need another meal later.

DW put on once DDs had loaded it.

I need to sort a fridge, it's not working but DH insisted on using it over Christmas because he's a bit miffed at it not working. Of course the food he put in there (and I couldn't fit into the working one when I moved it all) has gone off, grr.

I can't find the number for the fumigators so haven't called them yet.

Scout19075 Sat 04-Jan-14 22:22:52

As mentioned, still in PiLshire but today I started gathering up presents (in anticipation of packing), went with MrScout and SmallBoy to a science museum, emailed SiL1 (who is currently spending six months in NZ with her Kiwi fiancée) and uploaded lots of pictures for my parents.

Scout19075 Mon 06-Jan-14 14:50:09

Almost home. Yay!

Will be going out for dinner when we get MrScout from work then heading home after we eat. Once SB is in bed I'll go to Tesco for the essentials but think I'll do a big shop tomorrow night (too tired to think now and it's only mid-afternoon. Tomorrow is first swim class of term and an attempt to get back on track and into the swing of things.

AdoraBell Mon 06-Jan-14 17:04:29

Hope you enjoy your dinner Scout

We're doing shopping this afternoon, cash flow situación means we only have DH's emergency card so I can't do it in peace myself as I normaly would.

Laundry is under way, just cleaned the líne as forest fires have left everything covered in ash. Luckily not close enough To be threat To us.

AdoraBell Mon 06-Jan-14 17:08:00

Just Booked DD2's blood tests, so that's an important ítem off my long term To Do list. And because I left it úntil after Christmas I got her in for Two day's time as most people are away on holiday and so not using the lab's/Dr's timegrin.

AdoraBell Mon 06-Jan-14 21:57:35

No shopping done, DH's meeting's were moved.

Had DDs look through cook books, they are gong to start cooking 1 meal each week. DD1 is disappointed that by cooking I do not mean shoving a frozen pizza in the oven, which is exactly why I'm doing this <evil grin>

IorekByrnisonsArmour Tue 07-Jan-14 16:02:11

Hi AdoraBell I like your style grin

Nothing other than the usual routine done today and the new puppy is showing his collie side by helping the other dog to herd the chickens. INTO THE KITCHEN.

I should be onYouTube grin

Scout19075 Wed 08-Jan-14 08:57:49

I could cry with tiredness and frustration. Just step over my sobbing heap in the corner.

We be back with a goals list when I can think straight long enough to create one.

liveinazoo Wed 08-Jan-14 11:27:58

wow!im very proud of the industriousness of everyone!grin

so at chez zoo zoolets returned to school today and I am urveying the carnage that was xmas<<sobs>>

despite promises dp did his usual buy half santas grotto and total gifts of 3 kids=almost 90<including selection packs> and we now have a huge playmobil horse stables and 2,yes 2 playmoibil playgrounds...I want to cry!
I have shoved the 6 new games under the stairs<beg no one to try and go in there for risks of death in the avalanche>the books are <mostly> on shelves...
little zoo has a baby and buggy<no home> and i have 3 boxes<roughly half size crisp box> now in situ in fornt room with belongings i have no where to putsad

on top of this washing machine is on last legs<not draining and am told isn't worth fixing again>drier gave up beg December and fridge freezer is constantly leaking ehichi am reliably told means motor on way out an need a new one<aaaaargh>dp took us currys last night for 3 new appliances on sale<buy now pay later> and we now have the fridge freezer and drier arriving Friday,washing machine to follow<utof stock til next week>.all well and dandy buti now need a tidy kitchen for delivery men to access<yikes,zoinks and heaven help me!!!!!!!>

need lots encouragement so i shall now roll up sleeves and start by clearing/declutter surfaces<<i may be gone some time ,but shall be back at some point today to update/hold self accountable!>

<gulps and dons hard hat.....>

liveinazoo Wed 08-Jan-14 11:32:08

apologises for hideous amount typosblush

<scurries off in hard hat for the battle of kitchen surfaces>

Scout19075 Wed 08-Jan-14 13:55:48

I have given up and given over to the migraine. SB put together his Lego windmill this morning while I slumped across the table. Now we're curled up watching CBeebies while I close my eyes.

liveinazoo Wed 08-Jan-14 14:42:47

<sympathies to scout-horrible things esp when try watch little ones...hope you get a chance to lay quiet in dark for a bit at some point today.i get them when im overtiredsad>

I have2 small square surfaces and a longer one in my kitchen....
I now have a long one-I dumped everything off it on the livng room floor and scrubbed it and the tile splashback behind then painstakingly picked through everything<why have cards,paperclips,old bills etc been clog up the spaceconfused?>wiped down kettle and returned etc
square surface that houses toaster/breadbin has had the same treatment and both are now gleaminggrin
sadly the 3rd housnig microwave and is haphazardly stacked my baking tins etc now looks uber scruffy,but ive run out of time as I have to get the zoolets soon and I wanted a brief break before I pick them up

ooh and ive also resurrected the pin board that was neglected and stuff full old school holiday dates,out of date coupons now has important things pinned to it nand space for any extras that appear
<wonders any cake left in the threads treat tin.......>

Scout19075 Wed 08-Jan-14 16:39:10

Trouble with Pop-o-Matic dice should be banned from the house when there's a migraine about. Ugh.

AdoraBell Thu 09-Jan-14 02:31:41

Was out from 7am To 8pm, and no, I have not done any cleaning.

Might see you Tomorrow, if I'm awake.

liveinazoo Thu 09-Jan-14 10:39:56

adora-having been out so long we shall forgive you<<if you aren't in,cant be any mess surely!ha ha>>.enjoy a much needed rest!
scout-pop o matic dice are excellent for avoiding cheating and losing issues but I agree they sound like thunder raging during a migrainesad-hope you are feeling a little more human today

todays the last day before the new appliance invasion...I have to sort "microwave corner" and suspect it would be prudent to pull out t.dryer/freezer and clean under neath<don't want any horrors to embarrass me like a mouldly bluberry festering under things etcblush

shall pop back before pick up kids from school-by typing it I am holding myself accountable to get off my lazy butt and do it!!!!!

AdoraBell Thu 09-Jan-14 15:39:42

Don't mind me. I'm just sleep walking through.

Had To go out early again, trying To Get DD2's growth hormone tested but her blood pressure was too low, same again Today. Now requires a tríp To her specialist To discuss, this arvo <weeps> back in the centre of the City, forty KM away.

I haven't called fumigators yet as can't find number but we found a scorpion in the hall so it's urgent now, will have call someone else.

Scout hope you are feelling better by now.

Zoo you have my sympathy re the Christmas bonanza, I took over this year and let my new found Mininmilist outgrin, DDs haven't missed out. Good luck with the new amplíances being delivered.

I have washing on the líne, smells of smoke now from forest fires so needs To be washed again, which is frankly boring.

grin Thanks Iorek, dogs and chickens, you're braver woman than me!

liveinazoo Thu 09-Jan-14 17:43:56

a scorpion!!!!!!!shock<hides behind sofa super wimpy fashion>

I had pop shoe shop with zoolets and dp after school-all have outgrown shoes/trainerssad
we got new shoes for all and waling boot tyle shoes for outside school as we out n about quite a bit so hoping they are more robust than trainers<and waterresistant,and on salegrin>

after the applainces wed dps credit cards are weepingsad.....

I have managed to cajole him to move the freezer for me so I could clean under/behind it-glad I did as a couple shrivelled black things im guessing used to be a pasta shape and a grape/bluberry that ended up on the floor and cats batted under the fridge.....

the kitchen is acceptable for the invasion tomorrow.due between 11 and 2 so I should be up to armpits in laundry later in the day<sigh>

adora-hope things go ok with dd-is it an ongoing problem or new?bit of a bugger trail 40km to see specialist thoughsad

<<hopes scout is feeling better and getting some rest or playing with SBsmile>>

liveinazoo Thu 09-Jan-14 17:46:08

that should have said walking boot styleblush
<sends self to practise spelling and checking before postingblush>

AdoraBell Fri 10-Jan-14 02:24:43

Zoo it's her general growth, or lack there of. She dropped from the 25th percentile To the 3rd. Now back up To 5th. We didn't manage To Get the most important test done but will next week. All others looked good, According To her Dr.

Ta Dah's

Drove into town and home again twice
Meals, 3 of
Fed dogs just now
Put rubbish out
Remembered that DH had neglected To put dustbin out this morninghmm because it isn't Thursday yetblush, luckily I didn't mention it.
Removed nail varnish that DDs had put on me last weekend.

Still To do,

Close upstairs Windows, currently open wide To cool down but DDs sometimes sleep walk.
Drink my tea
Crawl into Bed.

Will try To catch up Tomorrow, should be home.

Scout19075 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:05:41

Yesterday I had what I call "a migraine hangover" -- where your head doesn't hurt, per say,, but everything feels slow and slightly distorted, like a hangover. We did crack on, though, and SB and I went out for the afternoon doing errands, going to the library, stomping in puddles, etc. I also went to vote around 9:40 last night, when MrScout got home (late night at work then voting as well).

SB and I are having another pyjama day but have had a very productive (and fun) morning.

To Dos and Ta Dahs:

wash up Thursday's pots, pans & dishes
wash up Friday's dishes, pots and slow cooker (I have kept up dishes and stuff as I've been going)
scrub down stove
make slow cooker dinner
scrub down bread maker
make bread for dinner
update daily diary Thursday and Friday
create running diary
SB to write Thank You cards (he's done one so far, I'd like to get him to do two more to bring his total of done to five) (He writes "Thank You" and "SB" and I write "Dear XYZ" and "for my presents" and "Love".)
write letter to A&B for thank you/presents
fold clothes (upstairs and downstairs)
make ironing pile
iron (don't iron when SB is awake because of the cord going into the middle of the room)
emails: MiL (lists of Lego, Brio and pottery plus general chit-chat), Mom (lists of Lego and Brio plus general chit-chat), FriendFromHomeP, FriendFromHomeNowInCanadaM, BFFS, HEFriendE, HEFriendY, HEFriendL
menu plan for Saturday through Thursday
grocery list
clean out cabinet by refrigerator (lower two shelves done, need to do the top shelf but need to climb to get to it and don't want to do it in front of SB and give him ideas -- he's never been a climber, I'd like to keep it that way)
put away Christmas baking stuff (will go on top shelf, so to be done when SB is in bed)
make weekend projects list (what I'd like to accomplish this weekend)
take recycling out (if full)
take trash out (if full)
prep for Saturday's slow cooker dinner (--take beef from freezer for partial thaw-- and cut veggies)
meat for freezer: wrap, label and freeze
reorganize freezer to check what meats and veg we have for meal planning and grocery lists
catch up on Bible/Gospel reading (I'm a few days behind on my daily reflection, which I started in December, so want to catch up and make it part of my nighttime routine)
sweep under the counters

SB and I have been doing Lego this morning. One of his ten or so new kits is a Creator 3 in 1 (windmill and houses) and so he builds a building, plays with it, has me take it apart and then builds the next building. He's now on the third model of the kit. SB also helped me make the bread (well, measure and pour ingredients into the bread machine) and the slow cooker dinner (measure ingredients, pour, stir and turn the machine on). He's very excited for dinner because he made it. He also made his lunch (sandwich and fruit). Now I just need to get him to dress/undress himself (he can do parts of it but not all of it and he doesn't like to try because he gets frustrated). I've instituted a "try four times and then I will help you but not do it" rule. Does anyone have any tips?

I need to go and have some lunch myself and sit with SB while he continues with his Lego. He spends days building things and playing. It took him about 4-5 days but he made the Lego Fire Station (three vehicles and the building) by himself. I might do some email at the table while he builds and pray he doesn't decide he'd like my tablet to play CBeebies games.

Oh, and we've been watching CBeebies Stargazing every night -- SB loves it. He's always loved space things and has been going to planetariums since he was 22 months old. And because of the program/s his bedtime stories have been some of his stars/sun/planets fact books (that's what he wants). I am raising a geek and I love it. Whether I can keep up, though, is another matter and that's what I have MrScout for!

Scout19075 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:07:33

Zoo, how are the shiney new appliances?

Adora, better you than me! I can deal with bugs and spiders and snakes but I think I might draw the line at scorpions!

liveinazoo Fri 10-Jan-14 13:58:39

fingers x you get some answers adora
glad things are ticking over scout-my ds also a geek-he recites facts about everything he reads<he reads a lot>.we got him an awesme fact book and the guiness book of records for xmas...did you know we have more hairs than an ape?<apparently ours a finer than the apes that's why we don't look as hairyshock-life will never be boring when you raise a geekwink

im still waiting for my appliances,slightly worried now as were due at the 11-2 time slot..i have to go at 3 or the zoolets<gulps and prays hurry up!>

I blitzed the kitchen floor this morning scrubbing and moving everything-was fabulous.....then scoutcatdecided as was icy out couldn't be bothered to scrape at mud and proceeded to use the "facilities" for a number 2shock-he hasn't used the tray in months<was last used during the night when he couldn't get out and ws bursting for a wee>.my whole kitchen reeked even after changing traysad..I hunted thorugh cupboard and found some zoflora buried at the back-quick wipe of the floor with that and the smell of renegade cat eliminatedwinkgrin

I shall now resume nervous pacing by the window in the hope they turn up soon with my things!

liveinazoo Fri 10-Jan-14 14:03:58

p.s on the dress himself front I think you are doing all you can-unless you want to go down the stickers route?
its easier when you have a bunch kids get ready together as they don't want help<im not a baby> and they race to be first read!

he sounds very patient as builds lego-my ds is very 8 he will still be washed and fed if he had his way and still asks for help dressing just coz he cant be bothered!<maybe its aboy thing-I can think of better things to do than get dressed?>

Scout19075 Fri 10-Jan-14 15:11:26

SB has taken over my tablet but it does mean I'm plowing through with more jobs. I'd really like to sit and gorge on the teenage drama box set I've borrowed from a friend. I don't want SB to watch it so I am resisting the urge.

Bread is on the bake cycle now and it smells yum along side the slow cooker full of beef and ale stew (complete with beef, potatoes, onion and carrots). I just hope it all lives up to our expectations.

Scout19075 Fri 10-Jan-14 15:47:08

Bread is done and out cooling. SB is so excited by his bread he was jumping around the kitchen saying "I made that big bread with ingredients!"

liveinazoo Sun 12-Jan-14 07:18:20

ooh scout that's sooo cute!grin-hope it exceeded your expectations!

I was still waiting at 3pm so scuttled to a neighbours who kindly agreed to house sit for me while I did the school run-I got back at 3.50 to find the van had just pulled uphmm...

good job had used up contents of fridge freezer aas was told couldn't plug new one in for 4hr and would then take up to 4hr to reach chilled temps...good job I don't drink tea as I wouldn't have been a happy bunny without any milk!

yesterday<sat>I decided to go to the wholefood co seels loads things like beans,seeds,dry furits etc-excellent pantry standybys and while they sell a lot organic its not all expensive and as they bag themselves most things are cheaper per 500g than supermarkets<and dd2 was itching to buy some their vegi sausage mix>.dp was meant to be taking us but then decided "didn't fancy ithmm"so with dd2 now having a longer face than a horse we embarked on the <very>long walk was a 4hr round trip walk but we passed through a park,a nature reserve and had a lovely walk along by the river so it was pleasant on way as wintry sun shone even though was very chilly...the way back want as much fun with over 10kg stuff on my back in dd2 backpack AND 2 small cardboard boxes stuff<they offer empty boxes rather than carrier bags for your purchases.the zoolets were great though and trundled along we saw lots birds etc and that kept them entertainedsmile-im very proud of them!
p.m dad decided show his face and "didn't want to stay in" on a nice day-so off we went to another local nature reserve-he encourages little ones to take bikes,which I thought a bad idea as I find their legs tire faster ride than walk<but what do I know>.little zoo struggled and he ended up pushing her before even halfway along the track.ds then wanted pushing too and as my back was agonised from the mornings activities he had to push them both!we go near a farm shop<not past it> and he grumped we couldn't go along there to see henry<a klun klun pig that dd2 adores>she cried,so I took her while they waited on the cornr of that road and drank the pink milk id bought to sustain them!it was dark when we got back having taken 3hrs to complete and they were exhausted to tears and cold so dinner ended up being bowls hot milky porridge which they rammed then went to bed early!

liveinazoo Sun 12-Jan-14 07:20:09

today little zoo will be accompanying ds horse riding while dd2 and I go shopping...I also shall be road testing the new driersmile
hope everyone else ha a good day whatever you are doing!

AdoraBell Sun 12-Jan-14 21:00:36

Glad your appliances arrived, if a lot late Zoo SOunds like you had a good couple of days even though you had to carry all the shopping and bikes needed pushing.

Scout hope you are feeling better now and yes, that bread making SmallBoy is just too cute.

Well my washing stayed on the line as had so many days running around, I;ve brought it in and yep, it still smells of smoke. I hear the WM beeping, time to swap loads over.

liveinazoo Mon 13-Jan-14 15:01:22

oh dear adora-that's a painsad

today I have;
-put bins/recycling out
-fed cats
-breakfast and lunches made
-school run
-my bfast in peacesmile
-hovered stairs/tidy hall
-cleaned bathroom
-done 3 loads washing/drying/fold and put stuff away<last load in dryer at mo>
-made sticky beetroot ginger cakes-smells xmassy In here!!they full spices and stem ginger in syrup.yum yum
-wiped down surfaces after stick blender sprayed beetroot everywherehmm

I shall now go retrieve the zoolets and take some muffins to a beet loving mum I know well at school<we jokingly say our beet "habit" is coz its a superfood and gives us superpowers!ha ha.

AdoraBell Tue 14-Jan-14 00:21:07

Love the superpowersgrin

Ta Dah's

breakfast all round
shopping and errands with DH and DDs
back home
put shopping away
more laundry
caught up on MN

Still need to feed us but lunch was a late and rather large affair so we're not in a hurry.

Then I need to go through my hydrator to make sure no lurking salad items have turned. Had to adjust the freezer setting because of the heat this last week. It's a bit cooler today.

Dustbin must go out tomorrow as we missed it on Saturday.

Then, if I can stay awake, meal plan.

Scout19075 Tue 14-Jan-14 22:15:01

I could use some super powers.

AdoraBell Tue 14-Jan-14 23:40:04

Laundry all caught up, apart from DDs who have realised that having not bothered to get theirs done they are running out of clothes.

Dogs sorted, we still need dinner or a light bite.

Took DDs bowling today and got home too late for actual cooking.

AdoraBell Thu 16-Jan-14 02:02:21

Ta Dah's for Wed.

Up and showered
Nagged DDs To eat some breakfast
Out To do errands and DDs had a small shopping tríp. DD1 seems To think that being a shopoholic is something To aspire tooconfused
Back home
Dogs sorted, dog pen sorted
Food sorted
Vitamina drink for DD2, helps with her general growth
Poured vino
Flopped onto sofá


Must start prepping for holiday, going South againgrin.

liveinazoo Thu 16-Jan-14 09:32:13

ooh a holiday..some where nice adora?
<wafts superpowers scouts way>

Wednesdays ta dahs
-fed cats and kids
-lunches made
-school run
-my breakfast in peace
-2 loads washing done and dried<but seems very creased an dwill need ironing todaysad>
-stairs hovered<damn hairy catshmm>
-bathroom cleaned
-hall/shoe cupboard sorted<after a near neck breaking moment on the overspillsad>
-bit shopping
-tidy recycling that blown all round garden.<had some wrap paper from 8 doors down<knew by the nametagswink>
-made some banana and coconut cookies for a friend
-made banana oat muffins for lunchboxes<at this point place smelt amazing!>
b.t man had to come as landline hasn't been working since last Wednesday-they told me to buy a new one to check it want the phone,which we did 3 months ago and wasn't he phone and dp threw old phone away in a temper and I hadn't any spare to acquire yet another.turns out the phone has packed up<and isn't under warranty anymore<sobs> so not only do I need a new landline but have am being charged as call ut my fault<estimated to be £150...sobs>
-got kids
-watched as dd2 made yorkies to have with vegi sausages for dinner<rose beautifully and she was so proud herselfgrin>
-dropped girls at girls brigade
-washed up
-tidy kitchen<slight bombsite after dd2 efforts!>
-bed time for zoolets<dp collected them>
-dropped in aheap front tv!!!

post todays ta dahs later

AdoraBell Thu 16-Jan-14 12:21:58

Back To the glaciares down south Zoo, here in the Middle it's been hot enough To melt the small glaciar atop the mountain over looking Santiago, I feel a need To feel cold.

Tired Today, Bed sheets are in the WM, DDs are still alseep, I may have a short snooze before carrying onwink.

liveinazoo Fri 17-Jan-14 14:12:52

nowt wrong a sly nap when you can sneak one in!grin

I cant remember my ta dahs from yesterday,but here are todays!
-fed zoolets and cats
-made lunches
-ran to school<overslept and we left 10mins before the whistle and takes around 15-20 mins...we made it in 7 huff and puff but least there on time!>
-done 3 loads washing
-bit ironing
-wiped surfaces/washed up bfast things
-laundry put away/sorted zoolets drawers

I could do a break.its seems o rain incessantly at the momentand whilst its not as cool as should be im fed rubbish in heat<dizzy/faint>and when very cold I cant get warmsad-so I guess Im a traditional brit moaning no matter what weather doesgrinha ha

anyone have plans for weekend?

AdoraBell Fri 17-Jan-14 17:02:10

I didn't a napshock, DDs appeared, as if by mágica hmm when they heard DH leaving and wanted breakfast.

Today I've done laundry and am now prepping a late lunch. Will catch up with yesterday's Ta Dah's a bit later.

DH is off on business early Tomorrow and Dd2 seems To think this is reason To Go into town for window shoppinghmm, I may try and Get school books/materials bought before the back To school rush.

AdoraBell Fri 17-Jan-14 19:37:17

Lunch is done and I'm now enjoying a coffee, Well earnedwink

3rd load out of WM and waiting To be hung out, others should be ready To come in.
DW loaded after breakfast and switched on, ready To be Emptied.

Yesterday we popped out, then,

Asisted DD in her cooking DH chucked a spanner in the works which turned out To be wraps for DDs and salad for DH and I.
Watched TV with DDs
Fed dogs
Halted the líne of ants marching To and fro between the window and the avocado stone DD left on the side.
Cleared kitchen and put rubbish out.
Sat up watching Star Treck whatever it's called with family, went To Bed around midnight.

I need To clean a fridge, it doesn't work properly but DH won't Get rid and I forgot I put food for the dogs in there To defrost. That was all that was in it so Nothing else contaminanted, but it pongs.

Also need To transfer plants, I have peppers that really need To be outside now and toms that need bigger pots. The basil might need a bigger pot too. The peppers was a mistake, thought I was buying seeds for chilli. Also, and avocado stone that has sprouted needs a home of it's own, one of the DDs put the stone in with a toms plant.

Zoo How are your new appliances?

AdoraBell Sun 19-Jan-14 02:49:50

Ta Dah's for Saturday

Up at stupid O'clock To take DH To the airport.
Then into town for a little grocery shopping and a lot of browsing in clothes shops for DDs.
Back home
Fed dogs
Cleared away
Messed up new phone by connecting To computer and forgetting our wifi password blush
Emailed DH for a reminder
Washing on líne
Made a drink
DD's friend arrived
Rain arrived shock never happens this time of year confused
Washing back in To dry in kitchen
Sorted DDs
dogs fed again and sorted for over night
No one wanted To eat so I Sat downgrin

liveinazoo Sun 19-Jan-14 08:34:58

on the appliance front adora the dryer is fab.fridge works,bonus as old one leaked water into salad drawers and smelt funnysad

I had a text message at 7am to inform me washer is being delivered today<it was out of stock when ordered it and was meant to get a call to organise time and delivery has a tracking on net number so I just tracked it and apparently is due between 8.30 and 12.30 this morning...

glad you got a break coz no one was hungry<never happens in my house!>fridge sounds anightmare,esp as you live in the heatsad

I have frantically pulled at washer and cleaned under it< mouldy unidentified bits<boak>> and emptied the bin.its not showroom but im soo annoyed I got no advance warning they shall have to take us as they find us!!!

AdoraBell Sun 19-Jan-14 17:23:10

I would not be happy about that delivery schedule either Zoo.

My fridge is sorted envy <boak face>.

DD's decided To eat at 2.30 am, they reheated the left over pizza from lunch.

Today I have, so far,

Got up, showered and dressed before 9am -minor miricale as DDs were still up and making noise at 3 am.
WM on
Cleared away detritus from wee small hours
DW on
Sorted breakfast for DDs & friend
Emptied bin
Cleared breakfast things
Dog pen cleaned out
Dogs fed
Assessed damage To chocolate supplies - extensiva but they did leave the dark stuff that I like alonegrin
Emptied WM, but not yet hung things out.
Consumed a large quantity of coffee

Trying To muster the energía To russel up some lunch, DDs can have a sandwich Today but I need something without wheat. Turns out now that I've Stopped eating it daily it upsets my stomach when I do, and I realise all the things I took as being normal are, in fact, not.

Think I'll prep some buckwheat for dinner.

Later the detergente drawer from WM is going in the DW.

AdoraBell Mon 20-Jan-14 13:51:30

Moré Sunday Ta Dah's

Lunch, for DDs, I didn't feel like eating in the end
Washed all four dogs with help form DD2
Got DDs To bring in towels from the linewink
Made dinner
Cleared away
Fed dogs
Vaguely thought about this week's shopping requirements, gave up
Played scrambled with DDs
Watched summat about Britney Spears with DDs while enjoying a vino
Went To Bed far too late, again, Oops.

Today the detergente drawer will Go in the DW.

Put stain remover on a few bits after my shower this morning, then made a coffee and forgot To put the machine on.
Off To do that now and sort dogs breakfast, DDs are sleeping off the weekend.

liveinazoo Mon 20-Jan-14 14:15:28

how kind they left the best chocolates for youwinkgrin

I sent out a desperate text amongst my friends as when WM arrived they said wasn't listed as being installed and as I hadn't took out one out wouldn't take that<we just deliver and don't carry tools.WTF!!!!!>

so im now stuck 2 Wm in my kitchen and I was raging.walked zoolets to town for a replacement landline phone-twas a beautiful sunny day and wouldv been pleasant had not been for ds cry all way back chest hurt<has nasty chesty cough>...

today the lovely Zoe<not a MNetter so not outing her!> came and disconnect WM and plumb in new one.what a legend!grin<<paid in carrot muffins freshly bakedwink>

todays tadahs-made muffins
-fed cats
-did some ironing<woke at silly oclock and couldn't resettle so decided to do summat quiet that woudnt wake anyone>
-mad elunches
-made breakfast<frosty here so porridge with pear,cinnamon and hazelnutssmile>
-located clean uniforms
-school run
-watch/help sort WM
-washed floors
-early lunch/late breakfast
was just eating when school rang-ds had a coughing fit and was crying his chest hurt-they blamed the cold air after eating his lunch even though I explaine had been poorly ove rthe weekend.they wouldn't send home but advise me book app see g.p-having angrily text another mum I discover this sis schools new policy to address their attendance crap at his age group...and most surgeries now operate a triage system so I am now waiting ofr a gp to ring me to see if we can go later to be seen which will mean draggingthem all out in the cold and dark to doctors<and ours is 40mins walk away as I stayed with them when I moved as I like my gp and finding a gp good with MH probs is like hunting for gold dust!>

<<rant over>>

adora can you eat other grains like oats and millet/quinoa?

Scout19075 Mon 20-Jan-14 15:24:19

Oh zoo, when it rains it pours doesn't it?!

Scout19075 Mon 20-Jan-14 15:48:51

We haven't been around. SB and I went to the hospital (in YOUT) on Friday, then up to Ye Olde Market Town (YOMT) in Scoutshire to do a supplies swap with a HE friend and to have lunch, then back down to YOUT to go to John Lewis while we waited for MrScout to return from London. After his return we headed off to the Midlands for our annual January trip to the potteries for Christmas shopping -- taking advantage of the post-Christmas clearances -- as well as a steam train ride and an afternoon at the National Space Center. We didn't make it to Sherwood Forest this year (or to the huge garden center we sometimes visit when there's time). MrScout keeps talking about going back again in a few weeks to do the things we didn't get to do this trip.

SB and I have had a "stay here day" -- he's so tired after being on the go for three days straight and not having a full night's sleep since Wednesday night. He's also fighting a bit of a cold and has been trying to eat me out of house and home the last three days or so. I don't know if he's really truly hungry or if he's bored and therefore saying he's hungry as something to do.

Even though I don't plan on doing formal lessons with SB until he's Y1 age the last few days we've done quite a lot on space (thanks to the love he already had for all things space and then Stargazing on CBeebies and adult BBC he's be wanting to do things, learn things, make things). My kitchen is full of stars and planets and astronauts. Not just crafts but actual "work" as well. He's so very pleased. He's also done Lesson 1 of the religion book/curriculum that I have for him/us. The curriculum is set up to do a little every day, a bit more three times a week or a once-weekly lesson. The teachers' resource book is for three- and four-year olds and I have the "workbooks" for both the three and the four year olds but SB was too little when he was three to want to sit and "do work" but now at four he's soaking it up like a sponge so we're combining the activities from both books and doing it all. His bedroom door is now full of Religion activities and work.

But now he's just come and said "you can share the chair with me and Bunny" and when I asked did he want to sit and cuddle he said "Yes Mommy, I want to share a cuddle and the blanket and the television with CBeebies on." How can I resist that?!

AdoraBell Tue 21-Jan-14 12:19:07

Oh Zoo, that would really annoy me too. Hope DS feels better very soon.

I'm okay with oats and Quinoa, also buckwheat, haven't tried millet yet. It's not a huge problem for me, moré of "the penny finally dropped" situación. Whereas DH gets hugely bloated and looks like he's heavily pregnant, can't breath properly because of the pressure pushing upwards. Then if he doesn't stop he gets migraine, bowel problems, doesn't sleep and his skin looks grey.

I just Get a slight bit of bloating and -TMI alert- smelly wind, which I hadn't connected with eating wheat úntil I Stopped because of DH. Seems To be okay if I don't over load myself, had pasta last night as DD2 cooked, so Today I shall abstain.

Right, yesterday's Ta Dah's, in no particular order (because I can't remember)

Up and showered
Dogs fed, twice
WM on
Cleaned kitchen floor
Cleaned surfaces
Dealt with a sink full of ants, I'd forgotten a griddle pan < terrible slattern>
Made brunch for DDs, Well they didn't wake up until mid day so could hardly call it breakfast.
DDs Emptied DW, was put on again some time later
Washing hung out
Back home
Helped DD2 with her cooking
Cleared away
Played Scrabble with DDs, just for fun and To improve their grasp of written English by stealthwink.

Scout resistance is fútilegrin

I like the sound of your days out/shopping tríps

Today I'm taking DDs To the cinema, not sure yet what we'll watch. Tomorrow, if I can rouse them, will be a picnic in a park that's in the Middle of the capital, need To Go early though before it warms up too much. Yesterday it was 35 C while I was shopping around 4/5 in the afternoon.

AdoraBell Tue 21-Jan-14 15:21:26

Updateing before I forgot what I've been busy doing.

After catching up on MN,

Unleashed beasts let dogs out of the pen
Emptied DW and put WM on
Roused, fed and Watered DDs
Fed dogs
Swapped Loads in WM, flicked switch.

Going To,

Hang towels
Engage DDs with prepping chocolate dipped strawberries
Go into town for cinema with DDs
Couple of errands/bit of shopping
Back home for dinner
Make ketchup if it's not too late after we eat.

AdoraBell Wed 22-Jan-14 02:50:29

Ta Dah's

Towels hung out
Strawberries covered in chocolate and gobbled up
DDs ate Pizza Hut
Back home
DDs To Bed
I ate at 10.30
Fed dogs
Brought shopping in
Organised dogs for the night
Made a cup of tea, and No, I am not going To empty the dishwasher.

Tomorrow we're staying home, and sleeping in.

Scout19075 Wed 22-Jan-14 10:25:04

I'm going to do my list here today in hopes that someone will hold me accountable. It's a bit long and some of it's fiddly/silly but it's what I hope to accomplish today.

finish washing up Tuesday's dishes and pots
wash up Wednesday's: dishes, pots, pans, slow cooker (am so far on top of the dishes and don't have anything in my sink)
make slow cooker dinner (SB helped)
iron clothes
fold clothes
SB cards (Thank You cards 1, 2, 3 & 4; sign birthday card for friend)
update SB's daily dairy Tuesday and Wednesday
update my daily diary Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
my daily Gospel reading Tuesday and Wednesday (it's on email and hasn't come through yet)
shake new batch of cherry brandy
make list of photocopies that are needed: Science Rocks, Science Plants, Science Space, Religion
cut out more pictures of plants, trees, animals
list seeds: what I have and what I'd like
list supplies need to get: from Insect Lore, from the garden center, from Tesco, from John Lewis
copy questions: September, October (September started but need to finish)
update presents spreadsheets
shower (SB and me)
bathroom: wash down sink, clear off window sill, wipe down window sill, organize towel rack, clear under rack, scrub shower, vacuum
SB's bed: strip sheets, wipe down mattress, remake bed
Our bed: strip sheets, put on new protector, remake bed
emails: MiL, Mom, Friend in Canada, BBF at home, HE friend 1, HE friend 2, HE friend 3, HE friend 4, Guiding Friend re email, Guiding DC re email, Friend from Home, SiL1 re wedding
fling: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom
take out to bins as needed: recycling, trash
meat: label, wrap, freeze
chicken: label, wrap, freeze

SB helped make the dinner and is hot on cleaning the bathroom sink for some reason so we're going to do the whole bathroom. I figure take advantage of it while he's eager!

May need some pokes later!

liveinazoo Wed 22-Jan-14 14:03:08

<for scout if necessarywink>

little zoo<now 6>loves to clean the bath-I stand her in it and away she goes-started when loved wiping the tiles when in the bath and it was handy when small as she was contained while I did the rest if the bathroomgrin.she will also clean the sink!<toilet is in a separate room> and help with baseboards/radiator.sadly the other s aren't as enthusiastic!

adora in the daily mail<newspaper>here they have been running a sugar detox diet-today they have cakes made with buckwheat /spelt<wholegrains help slow sugar absorbtion when you reach maintenance phase>its online so maybe thatd be worth a lokk if you want a treat?

ds went gp-chest infection-has antibiotocs and inhalerssad-warned pain any worst its back for steroid tablets.yesterday we had to shop and I had to taxi back as he was crying so he was slightly better but this pm he has started sneezing-suspect a nother cold coming so hoping that doesn't interfere with chest recovery<finger x>

he isn't eating hardly anything but when little zoo has a cold she eats for England too*scout*-isn't that old wives tale feed a cold?

ive not got a huge deal done here-he bin vey sorry for self so we watched Indiana jones yesterday<has the box set>and snuggled.i made him a banana cake and the girls some carrot and popppyseed muffins

today ive managed to hotspot front room<and clean up cat sickhmm from the soft dressing gown he was sleeping under,watched 2nd Indiana jones and snuggled and completed a sticker book together he had at xmas

AdoraBell Wed 22-Jan-14 14:32:19

Thanks Zoo I'll take a look but ATM I'm finding I don't Miss cakes etcshock, DDs had Pizza Hut yesterday and I wasn't even tempted, even when DD1 offered.

Hope DS recovers quickly.

Well this morning I have slept in then meandered from the bedroom To the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Coffee is right >>here by my hand.

Tried To print lists of school materials/books. Tech has a mind of it's own and I was getting frustrated so I walked away. Have hand written the book list and will leave page open on iPad for materials when I Go shopping.

DD1 has not bothered To do her laundry for Two weeks now, she knows.
All other laundry and Ironing is up To date.

Have taken dog's breakfast out of the freezer, they have raw food, they ate very last last night as we were out so a late breakfast Today won't be a problem.

I have most of the ingredients for ketchup, trying Jamie Oliver's recipe, but couldn't Get fennel or a chilli. I'll try using dried chilli unless I find some Tomorrow.

My Two used To like To help, one day they used baby wipes on the Windows. This was not very helpful of themgrin.

Scout19075 Wed 22-Jan-14 15:04:39

Very spur-of-the-moment I decided to cut out caffeine -- I was drinking way too many carbonated beverages (I don't like coffee and very rarely drink tea) and while the caffeine doesn't bother me (as in keep me awake) I could feel the drinks doing bad things. I didn't have any during the week last week but had a few over the weekend while we were away and I could feel the difference. So I've gone cold turkey again and today was the first day of no weird headache thing. Our water tastes horrid so I've been having a lot of Ribena (the concentrate stuff where you add your own water) and juice. I have had a few mugs of decaf tea (because I only have decaf bags in) the last few days which is most unlike me but it tastes nice and since I have it weak it's mostly water anyway.

Just thought I'd do a quick update while having a tea-and-cracker break.

finish washing up Tuesday's dishes and pots
wash up Wednesday's: dishes, pots, pans, slow cooker (am so far on top of the dishes and don't have anything in my sink)
make slow cooker dinner (SB helped)
iron clothes
fold clothes
SB cards: Thank You cards 1, 2, 3 & 4, sign birthday card for friend
update SB's daily dairy Tuesday and Wednesday
update my daily diary Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
my daily Gospel reading Tuesday and Wednesday
shake new batch of cherry brandy
make list of photocopies that are needed: Science Rocks, Science Plants, Science Space, Religion
cut out more pictures of plants, trees, animals
list seeds: what I have and what I'd like
list supplies need to get: from Insect Lore, from the garden center, from Tesco, from John Lewis
copy questions: September, October (September started but need to finish)
update presents spreadsheets
shower (SB and me)
bathroom: wash down sink, clear off window sill, wipe down window sill, organize towel rack, clear under rack, scrub shower, vacuum, wash all cups/holders, put everything back in place
SB's bed: strip sheets, wipe down mattress, remake bed
Our bed: strip sheets, put on new protector, remake bed
emails: MiL, Mom, Friend in Canada, BBF at home, HE friend 1, HE friend 2, HE friend 3, HE friend 4, Guiding Friend re email, Guiding DC re email, Friend from Home, SiL1 re wedding
fling: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom
take out to bins as needed: recycling, trash
meat: label, wrap, freeze
chicken: label, wrap, freeze

I am tired.

Scout19075 Wed 22-Jan-14 15:07:43

Forgot to add that SB was a superstar cleaner!

liveinazoo Thu 23-Jan-14 11:31:49

<<passes medal<chocolate of course> for superstar small flier SBgrin and one for scout as she did well despite being tired>

our water tastes vile also and im not a t/coffee drinker so tend to have bottled water as I find very weak squash makes me even thristiersad

adoranot wanting pizza is all but criminalshock-ive had "helpers"clean a full length mirror with baby wipes.......

I picked up dd2 last night and she burst into tears and tell me a football hit her arm at lunch and was still hurting.was bit swollen.she was still cry at 5pm so rang gp and they said take for an xray as kids bones are softer and can hairline crack without the dramatic swelling/pain seen in adults..turns out was a bad sprain/bruising but im annoyed school didn't ring me,they gave an ice pack as it was lunchbreak and left her to ithmm

on the flying front its been slothernly im I have decided I have to make attempts to catch up on some laundry<its trickling down the stairs and little zoo complained just put last clean pair drawers on this morningblush>

ive got 2nd load in and 1st is in dryer.ds is curled up watching how to train your dragon dvd.he has just asked whens lunch so im taking that as a good sign he is feeling a bit bettergrin-sadly he has to wait til 12.15 to have lunch and meds.hope he doesn't eat atticuswho is curled up on him while they are waiting!ha ha

AdoraBell Fri 24-Jan-14 02:13:28

Scout I always use a water filtre, even in the UK. Hope the headaches have Stopped now.

Zoo glad DD's arm isn't fractured. It is really painfull getting hit with a football, I had one in my face in school and again a couple of weeks ago, that hit my ribs. Hope she's feelling better soon, but it's likely To be sore for a whilesad Not good that the school didn't call.

So, DD1 discovered Today that leaving clothes To fester for 2 weeks resulta in a real stench when you eventaully disturb the science experiment and bring the whole lot downstairs To shock wash it. Oh and the línen basket needs washing too as somehow some or other food got into it envy <boak face>, she's going To do that Tomorrow.

We've had a real lazy day, other than DD1's four Loads of washing, meals and feeding dogs not much has been done. This morning I removed a weed from a shrub/tree. Doesn't sound like much but this is a creeper than winds itself really tightly around múltiple branches and the root was about 6/7 inches long. Took about ten minutes To remove just 1.

Scout19075 Sat 25-Jan-14 15:56:33

Adora, do you regularly make your own ketchup? I've found one or two recipes but they seem so fiddly and too much like hard work for a condiment that has such a short shelf-life when homemade. I want to try it, though, as well as a recipe for homemade mustard that I have even though I don't like mustard.

We got a little propagator today and a couple more packets of seeds, including a packet of Gerkins because I want to try and make my own bread and butter chip pickles (have both a seasoning sachet to try and a recipe to do it from scratch). I got a packet for container strawberries, too, and some flowers. Our potato pack came yesterday from the Potato Council so we'll start chitting in February. SB was very excited when our potato box came in the post and wouldn't shut up about his new potato seeds. These are in addition to 12 packets of seeds we got free from a magazine that included two types of tomatoes, a couple of herbs, some lettuce and other salady vegetables. Marigolds were a bit hit with SB last year so I picked up a packet of those, too.

We're going to do lots of "lessons" on plants and trees this spring and do lots of growing. We're also going to raise caterpillars to butterflies again along with some "learning" and some crafts. He's still spouting off space facts and knowledge and wants to do more so I'm having a look for more activities and "work."

We're away this weekend again.

I. Am. Tired.

liveinazoo Sat 25-Jan-14 16:39:07

glad dd has to tackle the laundry bin adora-cant say id relish that job...

scout sounds like you and SB are going to have an industrious<and fun>spring/summer.think at least if you aren't home no mess is being madewink<though I fully get the being tired and not being in your own space is even more exhausting>

yesterday dp was about so we went and I ranted<nicely> at currys-they have emailed their distribution centre and I should hear back in a week or so-old w.m wil be collected and am told will be reimbursed the cost of installation and for being late when booked time slot and paid for it and as had to cancel a child activity will be compensated for costs+ for that-result!<IF it happens.fingers crossed>

we also did a big food shop for the freezergrin

todays ta dahs
2 loads washing/drying/put laundry away
hot spot front room
wipe surfaces in kitchen
stroll to local shop for a paper with zoolets

ds is still complaining chest hurt<though suspsect milking it bit now> he isn't right and didn't want to go riding today,little zoo had 2nd lesson and came back with dp hop up and down excited.soo cute!

we have watched a dvd<chicken run> as there was a thunderstorm.dd2 is having an attitude day and tried to shout me down after I intervened in an altercation with little zoo...I have painful croak for a voice now and she is behaving like nothing happened,no sorry.nothingsad

<<thinking of the much missed carrots happy burns night!>

AdoraBell Sat 25-Jan-14 20:45:36

Yes, Happy Burns Night, Carrots, if you're lurking wink

Scout it's the first time I've tried making Ketchup. I always thought as you reagrding the effort etc but recently I saw on the News that rodent hair was found in ketchup made in Latín América for this market. Suddenly decided the effort was worth it. Love the sound of all your seedsenvy.

Zoo yes, there was no way I was dealing with her línen basket. She's now questioning where her swims suits are as they have friends over. I only had To look at her. Glad you got things sorted at curry's, hope they do what they said. Good luck with DD2.

I still have antsangry, couldn't Get any ant powder and. I've definitely lost the number of the guy I need To call. All the other compañías use chemicals that are tóxic for pets and humans too. Am waiting for friends To return from hols To see if they have his number. He went independent when his Boss sold the company.

AdoraBell Tue 28-Jan-14 02:09:59

Tried To Get summat To spray for these ants, but they only had the nasty tóxic things.

Ta Dah's

Up and showered, dressed and breakfasted
Woke DDs, did their breakfast
Cleaned kitchen counters
Unleashed beasts and fed them too
WM on
DW filtre cleaned
Emptied and reloaded
Lunch, cleared away
Planted toms and peppers outside, finally
Looked closely at my sore eye and thought shock that looks dodgey!
Off To clínica To Get it checked, t'is a cyst and Dr. thinks I'll Get away without intervéntion, just need drops.
Back home
Sorted dogs
Fed DDs
Spoke To DH
Fed dogs
Spoke To estate agent, people coming Tomorrow pm
Emptied DW and cleared away

Sat down with a tea

Still need To disinfect kitchen sides again and put eye drops in. And put recycling in the car, and put dogs away for the night.

liveinazoo Wed 29-Jan-14 18:27:16

<<passes adora chocolate in an ant proof tin>>

hope eye ber=tter soon

dd2 isn't sleep through coughing fits that sound like a sea lion and wakes me to tell mehmmI had 90ins solid sleep last night.i don't know who I am anymoresadI NEED SLEEP!!!!!

that is all

liveinazoo Wed 29-Jan-14 18:27:56

just read that back-souldve said better.sorry!

AdoraBell Wed 29-Jan-14 22:02:53

Hope DD2 gets better and you Get some decent sleep soon Zoo

So, people are now coming Tomorrow hmm, I'm finding the whole thing too stressful. Got rid of most of the recycling Today, 1 box wouldn't fit so will deal with that in a day or Two. DD1 is staying at her friend's tonight (she's the mess magnética so this will help some whatwink ). Still need To feed DD2 and the dogs, then a quick whizz round To make sure everything is still spotless.

Scout19075 Fri 31-Jan-14 10:16:53

SB is underfoot and in the way and going exactly where I am trying to go. He's not helping and is making a huge mess of stuff I'm trying to sort. Argh!

Going to ask MrScout to take SB out for a couple if hours on both Saturday and Sunday so I can blitz and fling in peace!

Scout19075 Fri 31-Jan-14 10:16:53

SB is underfoot and in the way and going exactly where I am trying to go. He's not helping and is making a huge mess of stuff I'm trying to sort. Argh!

Going to ask MrScout to take SB out for a couple if hours on both Saturday and Sunday so I can blitz and fling in peace!

AdoraBell Sat 01-Feb-14 00:26:57

So they came, they saw, they were non-commital. Will have To wait for feedback from the agents.

Hope you Get your things done Scout.

Have finally been able To Get the spray for the ants. Went shopping as an Aid To leaving the place closed tight for the spray To work.

DDs have made a rather large mess decorating cup cakes, I let them have a packet of cake mix as am still without weighing scales.

DH is back Tomorrow evening.

liveinazoo Wed 05-Feb-14 14:52:04


Scout19075 Wed 05-Feb-14 15:45:58

You okay, zoo?

AdoraBell Wed 05-Feb-14 17:59:56

Yes, hope everything is okay Zoo

This morning I made oatcakes - Scottish stylee.

We're off out now so I'll check back later.

Scout19075 Mon 10-Feb-14 07:58:33

Going to try harder today.

Scout19075 Wed 12-Feb-14 12:36:06

Anyone around?

Scout19075 Fri 14-Feb-14 11:15:07


AdoraBell Sat 15-Feb-14 23:25:00

Hello Scout

Hope all is well. My Ta Dah's today stretch to getting showered and dressed and ferried around, need to pack cases for travelling home tomorrow evening before we go for dinner.

Had a lovely time so far and been extremely lucky with the weather, other than strong winds on one day. DDs nearly got blown away, had to grab them and crouch down to avoid the gustsshock. We are in the screaming 50's though so we shouldn't really have been surprised, but we were. anyway, all is well we'll be home tomorrow evening.

AdoraBell Tue 18-Feb-14 03:15:56

Been a bit more proactive today, Monday, breakfast and lunch all round, 4 loads in WM and out on the line plus 4 different bowls of hand washing. DW has been put on but seems to be playing up.

DDs cleaned a terrace, too tired for a water fight though. We arrived home at 1.30 am Monday and DD2 slept until I woke her up at 2pm.

Tomorrow I need to clean the fridge and get groceis.

Scout19075 Fri 21-Feb-14 11:54:48

We have sun!!!! <<faints from the shock of it>>

AdoraBell Fri 21-Feb-14 15:42:56

Have you taken a photo, you know, for evidencie?

Scout19075 Fri 21-Feb-14 16:14:43

I should have, Adora. We spent most of the day out in it!

AdoraBell Sat 22-Feb-14 02:00:18

Well donegrin

liveinazoo Wed 26-Feb-14 14:58:50


AdoraBell Wed 26-Feb-14 15:29:47

I saw you Zoo, you can't get past me that easilygrin

How's everything at casa Zoo then?

I should be doing a freezer itinerary, but it would appear that I'm drinking coffee and MNing instead. Towels are on the line, everyone is fed and watered but I don't have a handle on lunch yet.

DD1 is full of cold, DD2 and I are at the tail end of it.

AdoraBell Wed 05-Mar-14 15:15:19

So How is March treating everyone then?

DDs back at school Today.

Fresh invasión of ants, on going sagahmm, so after school run and coffee with DH I moped and sprayed the kitchen floor. WM is finíshed and DW needs emptying from last night but I've hurt my back, seriously what kind of a nit wit wears flip flops To mop a tiled floor? Doesn't everyone know it'll be sliperry? Apparently notblush.

So both labour saving devices will wait úntil I've loosened up and stretched.

Hope everyone else is okay.

bessie26 Fri 07-Mar-14 13:23:30


Thought i'd just pop my head round the door to say "hello" and see how you are all doing & now adora has reminded me I need to mop the kitchen floor (while wearing appropriate footwear wink)

AdoraBell Sun 09-Mar-14 04:18:41

shock what was that noise? Oh, it's you Bessie, Hello.

liveinazoo Thu 13-Mar-14 17:22:03

Hi guys!stupid laptop is as slow ASA wonky donkey and won't let me defragmented it but still having a wobble,so I'vejust worked out how to find you on dd2 hudl

Casa zoo is the usual chaos..iis missed you guys and the motivation to stick to s routine so we have a slight bearpit situation!

Little zoo ha been very poorly recently-turns out she has a type of eczema on I her nether regions and has been avoiding going to the loo coz it very sore and skin weeps and tears poor lamb has had antibiotics and a couple dif creams as we try to firefight it.wasn't able to sit or stand let alonego school-hoping tis ccream got yyesterday gonna b the answer-anti fungal and bacterial as well as sterile.finger x!

Bin trying to get back in the swing,hoping Simone still about with pointy sticks!

Sorry for any typos-techno dino on a tablet is hard work Kent even find how to bold type names or do icons!

Bessie,I've been stalking g your blog-some great recipes lovely!

Adora-i love flip flops but am a clumsy bugger in. Them!hope your back is on the mend!

AdoraBell Thu 13-Mar-14 19:44:19

Oh Zoo I really hope that cream works, sounds terriblesad

All is Well at Casa Adora, DDs are off school all week Due To a problem at school. It's closed úntil the Health Dept work out what's made 170 odd students and Teachers sick. Luckily my Two are okay.

I'm about To Go and russel up some flapjacks, banana for DH and Apple too because DD2 doesn't like the banana ones. Any minute now. I shall leap into action. Honest.

liveinazoo Sun 16-Mar-14 16:49:00

Leaping not necessary adora,slow and steady my dear.we are babysteppers after all!
So Friday dd2wa underfoot with a flu style thing,headache and limbs too fever.she is not a gd patient.far too winey!
Thankfully better today,though now D's its complaining his cold and cough are making his chest hurt.honest
Y,I fed them well and they getlenty of kip yet they keep dropping!
On flying front I've almost regained control of the laundry.who hoo!
its been glorious sunshine her so we have been out for a walk this p.m,D's has been bathed and hair washed,girls in tub as I type!
flapjacks sound scrummy adora.wanna share recipe with us?

I really must go and remove girls beforethey rremain wrinkly prunes indefinitely!!!!!!!!

AdoraBell Sun 16-Mar-14 20:55:59

Just a quickie, coffee's getting cold.

Flapjacks are from a blog, Penny's Recipes.

For the Apple versión we grated Two apples.

I'll let you Get back To your raisins, Oops, I meant DDsgrin

liveinazoo Mon 17-Mar-14 19:04:55

The raisins were super wrinkly!haha
Today I've been attempting to sort the plsymobil....I spent 5hr and have sorted the horse farm,and mini stable.the dolls house and the advent calendar sets and the playground.I still have the pirate island and 2extra sets that go withit.a wildlife safari station and hospial,which is little zoos giraffe fetish sets!!and horse cleaning station and jumping arena..........

Will have a peek at the recipe.thanks for that!

AdoraBell Tue 18-Mar-14 13:01:00

That's some mamoth sorting out Zoo.

My DDs are back in school Today and so far I'm enjoying the tranquilitygrin. I'm sure I'll Get some things done Today.

DW is about To finísh, wasn't full last night so I put the brekkies things in
DDs have been Sent off with adequate food, they now have lunch at 2pm
Yesterday's laundry is piled up in the kitchen for sorting/putting away
Dustbin is out for emptying

liveinazoo Tue 18-Mar-14 17:02:58

Little zoo was up at. 5 so we made a cake for a friend who came to see me today.we played scrabble during my tranquility time!glad yours are back out from undafoot!

We have teacher strike next wednesday

liveinazoo Thu 20-Mar-14 14:26:03

I spent yesterday tackling the avalanche when you open the door,aka cupboard under the stairs!
It has now been restored to a useful and organised space for mainly toys

Today I've been organising what from the toy mass that occupys front room can now be stored under stairs so I am chinking away at things and there are the beginnings of sign of a grown up space not a cluttered nursery/kids club!

Adora.I can't access the banana breakfast bars,that page isn't recognised,tho I can access some of the other recipes.yum yum.could you loss pop it on here if you get a month.x

AdoraBell Fri 21-Mar-14 02:22:15

Will try Tomorrow.

Had a lazy day in anticipación of 3 weeks of Senorita Stropy while DH is away. Even had a bubble bathgrin

Glad you are making progress towards some grown up space.

AdoraBell Fri 21-Mar-14 12:54:10


I did these without the coconut just because I didn't have any.

25g butter or marg
2 tbsp golden syrup, I used honey
50g brown sugar
2 ripe bananas
150g porridge oats
1 tsp cinnamon
50g desiccated coconut
3 tsp mixed seed, Penny suggests sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, linseed
50g sulatanas
75 chopped nuts of choice

bake 25 to 30 mins at 170C

should store for a week in an air tight container, I froze them and they came out really well.

AdoraBell Mon 24-Mar-14 01:10:33

Hope you've had a good weekend and all is Well.

I'll be making Apple flapjacks Tomorrow, Monday, as DD2 has run out, ha ha.

Right now I'm keeping my eye lids open with match sticks waiting for ham To defrost To make a sandwich for school Tomorrow before I can collapse into Bed. I'm on school run for a while so need everything prepped the night before. Trafico is horrendos in the mornings now.

<leaves out fresh coffee and pastries>

liveinazoo Mon 24-Mar-14 17:07:57

That don't sound fun adora......

Is the recipe the usual melt butter,sugar n syrup?
Twas a mad weekend at chez zoo.front room I'd nearly toy free at night!who hoo!!!!!

Do is off for 4 we have played scrabble and donecrosswords,all vvery relaxed!ha ha

He has a contact lenses test tomorrow and we have to walk into town for that as his car wile parked in a cup de sac by removal van and I'd inshop be fixed at mno.......

AdoraBell Mon 24-Mar-14 17:29:37

Yes, sorry, standard flapjack procedure smile

Glad you've had a relaxing day. Hope the car is fixed soon and the other driver pays the Bill.

Haven't done very much Today as I've done my knee in falling down the stairs Pre school runhmm It's not a major injuria, just needs resting and ibuprofen.

I'll do dinner and lunch for Tomorrow after I collect DDs then Go back To the sofá. No TV thosad, it's upstairs.

liveinazoo Fri 28-Mar-14 14:14:13

Hope your knees better adora....I've hurt my back!

Do got the car back yesterday,complete with 150 poundexcess bill,that ewe should get back eventually....

I had spasms in back Tues and worsened with stiffnesswed.yesterday had a nice shuffle hunch look tome,today iI'm seized up totally and have little ones at home.dd2 age 9 wanted to brave go it alone.she isn't great with roads but I shuffle to top street and watch cross one of the 3 busy ones,next one had a zebra crossing and the final one is on the schools road so re!Ind her to cross wrn another adult does.fretting how she did,tho school would ring if didn't get there ask where was.I'm shuffling to top road at pik up to watch her back across last main road,good job the wkend tomorrow!

AdoraBell Fri 28-Mar-14 16:37:07

Oh Zoo, is there anything you can do or take for it? Do you know what causes it, is there something going on with a joint, or trapped nerve?

I've always suffered with back problems but with me is all stress related. Stress makes me tense in general and then the muscles Go into spasm. Doing pilates has taught me How To stretc properly and it's like a miracle cure. I wouldn't recommend it over the tinterweb unless you know How To do it, iyswim. might be worth talking To your GP though.

My knee is getting better, Thank you. House has gone To pot because I've been stuck To the sofá resting it, but it's workinggrin. Had ibuprofen for 3 days, that gave me stomach trouble but even that is easing off now that I've Stopped. It's hardly swollen and was positivley skinny when I woke up Today. Now I just have the pain in the joint from the impact but it's fully mobile so I'm not worried.

DD1 put a wash on before school, I really should put it on the line nowblush

After pick up today I will be home úntil Sunday afternoon at the earliest, DDs have friends staying tonight, a friend is coming back tomoz to do home work and if my knee is up To it we'll Go into town on Sunday To change some shoes of DD2's

Hope you feel better very soon.

liveinazoo Sat 29-Mar-14 18:29:44

Thanks lovely.have a good weekend!

Dd1 came today to visit as mothers day tomorrow and she will beat mme a cute whicker pot with some lavender seeds in it

My house has gone to pot also.D's has point blank refuse to help but dd2 and in particular little zoo have try to help pick up behind themselves and D's

While dd1 was here she help dd2 build a cardboard pyramid yo use as a volcano for a project and first time ever they left not a scrap of mess!!!!!!

AdoraBell Tue 01-Apr-14 14:44:13

Glad you had a nice day with DD1 Zoo, hope Mother's day was equally as good.

DDs were making mágica spells last night for school, classmate's over To work together and they were picked up after 9, then we ate as I was busy earlier with "Mummy can you do this for me" type things. Which all means that the kitchen looks like it has exploded this morning. I will Go and tackle it, after a second coffee. Had breakfast after school run and am now having trouble getting motivated.

AdoraBell Thu 03-Apr-14 23:44:06

Zoo how are you doing, is your back any better?

Not much going at Casa Adora, just ticking over really. DDs are currently taking over the kitchen which means I can't get dinner ready. They literally have things everywhere making bread, fruit puree, muffins etc for a school project. I can't cope with it this evening so have retreated to the 'puter.

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