December already! Fledgings will sleigh the pre-Christmas clutter (and eat all the mince pies)

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GoingGoingGoth Sat 30-Nov-13 19:04:35

If you are strugging with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (something that undermines family fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of chat, support brew, wine and cake along the way.

This little-and-often system is designed so that you can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in zones of the house which are designated weekly; defining and minimising housework - which in theory should leave you with loads more time to do someting more interesting instead!

At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling when you are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once. No problem if you miss a day or two; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again!

We advise not signing up to receive the Flylady e-mails as you will be inundated! All the information you need will be linked here on a daily basis.

From the first of the month, we will be following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone

- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

More info here on getting started and Flying lessons. Here's the launch pad for more experienced fledglings. Don't be put off by the barf-tastic language of the site - the underlying system is sound!

Thanks to BlueEyeshadow and SlimChance for the November thread. thanks

All welcome!! And remember that December is the new January! grin

Thanks Goth and thanks Blue and SC for last month.

I'm in smile despite a resounding null points for November!

Dd's 5th birthday party today. 30 4 and 5 year olds rampaging for 2 hours. So so tired now!

DorisShutt Sat 30-Nov-13 19:30:56

Can I creep back in? I'll leave Christmas pud on the bar?!

My house is a hell hole, my enthusiasm is about nil, so if you could all kick me up the arse it would be much appreciated!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 30-Nov-13 19:37:23

Welcome, Doris. We are good at administering kicks up the arse, but there is a naughty corner if you want to relax and put your feet up for a bit. There is usually a fully-stocked bar in there.

Blue and SC - thanks for running the thread so efficiently between you last month.

And thanks to Goth for starting the December thread.

Ta da :

Washed up
Forgot to take box of clothes to charity shop (duh!)
Visited friend in town
Took DS2 to have his hair cut
Took DS2 to a cafe for cookies and hot chocolate
Cooked healthy meals for both boys and managed to persuade DS2 to eat a clementine (am on a quest to increase his poor fruit and veg intake)

Have been out most of the day, so have done very little Flying blush.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 30-Nov-13 19:43:00


Babystep 1 is the infamous Shine Your Sink. Personally, I find once this has been done it doesn't need repeating every day week, the key for me is to make sure all the pots are washed/dried & away and the sink dried off. It is so nice not to wake up to a cluttered kitchen.

No mission as it is a Sunday and Renew You Spirit day

December's monthly habit is Pampering. It is so easy to forget about yourself especially in the run up to Christmas.


Off to look for the Christmas missions and to do round up.

DorisShutt Sat 30-Nov-13 19:50:06

Just a quick query, I've sorted the sink out today already <polishes halo> and the draining board is clear... apart from a thermos flask which is dripping dry.

I'm know the idea is to have a clear/clean area each night, but what do you do with things that don't dry or need to be left out?

GoingGoingGoth Sat 30-Nov-13 19:53:23

Holiday Cruising Mission 1 is to spend 15 minutes decorating something.

hmm To my DD's consternation, I refuse to put my tree up until much later in the month it's just collects dust but I think I'll use this time to prepare something, maybe this Paper Snowflake

GoingGoingGoth Sat 30-Nov-13 19:55:04

Doris what do you mean? Can you give examples. Sorry it's probably me being thick.

We leave stuff to dry on the drainer every night Doris, it's only a few things as we have a DW. Then in theory they get put away in the morning and the sink and drainer shined then, in reality they tend to get left till the next load of washing up needs doing. But doing it in the morning is fine I think.

DorisShutt Sat 30-Nov-13 20:04:41

Well, I have a wet thermos flask dripping - which FlyLady says is a no no.

Other times it's a bit of Tupperware which doesn't go in the dishwasher but after washing it drips from the edge and I end up with a manky cupboard unless it's air dried.

I just wondered if it's only me that can't always have a clear sink/drainer.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 30-Nov-13 20:26:00

I don't have a clear sink/drainer every night, Doris, and I certainly don't shine the sink every night. I am just happy if I manage to load the dishwasher and switch it on.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 30-Nov-13 20:32:06


Dizzy has had a very busy day, and is off to watch rugby with DS & BIL for DH's birthday treat. Was it an international, or were you stood at the side of a muddy field?

Angry is hopefully having a wonderful child and pain free evening.

WhoKnows has to fit studying around DD's rehearsals and performances. Hope it all went well.

Toffee and I have both been suffering the after effects of alcohol and were left to sleep it off. not together, that's a different type of thread Toffee then had an afternoon with her boys and got them to eat fruit!

SC I know what you mean about the level of consumption, I just can't imagine drinking the amount I used to. On the plus side it's cheaper, and I get tipsy at a level that I don't get hungover the next day. Hope your DD feels better soon, and your DH you did give him a black eye after that comment?

Welcome back to Doris and pushme who is recovering from Dd's 5th birthday party today. wine?

As you can imagine, it's been a sad day here. We didn't even see the news until lunch time, but saw they needed blood donors, so headed into the city. DH can't give because he's recently had an operation, so he kept DD occupied when I went to the drop in centre. I'm pleased to say lots turned up to donate.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 30-Nov-13 20:34:35

Doris I don't fuss about that stuff, as long as the plates and pans are away.
DH would leave washing up until the next day, and it find that so disheartening.

CallingAllEngels Sat 30-Nov-13 20:55:38

Oops, massively x-posted on the old thread.

Maybe this month I will actually read the FL stuff (rtaher than just chatting and posting lists).

Goth I was so shocked to see the news today. Well done for going and giving blood.

1Madhouse Sat 30-Nov-13 20:55:49

Could I please join. ??? Always read and feel inferior as to how much all the people fit in. Recently became a sahm with a 1 yr old and 14 yr old at home. Various step children are here and an old dog and lots of building work going on at home. Manage to have a relatively !! Tidy house but not always clean. Must try harder must try harder !

GoingGoingGoth Sat 30-Nov-13 21:43:38

Mad welcome aboard! We're quite a friendly bunch (honest).
The main point is we don't stick exactly to the Flylady system, you do as much or as little as you can. The. Fat fairy says it takes years to make the mess, and that you can't fix it all at once.
Don't dive straight in as you are more likely to get fed up. Start off following the Babysteps and then add in the other bits as you feel up to it.

Engels I love your dress. The 40s/50s look is just so classy. I'm a big fan of Hell Bunny which has that look with a bit of a gothic twist.

CallingAllEngels Sat 30-Nov-13 21:58:52

I'm trying to build up the courage to get a swing dress Goth !

I do have a beautiful 50s style dress that I wore to the school prom last year and no one could believ it was me. Would be killer with a big petticoat under it.

I just wish I could wear these things to work everyday - the heels would kill me. I wore a pair of earrings to school last week for the first time in ages ad I had a shocked student telling me how nice I looked!

I need to break them in week - make-up!

BitchytheGreat Sat 30-Nov-13 23:42:09


Insane crazy weird day here. Started off worse then yesterday but improved by lovely strangers who went above and beyond with customer survice and some good people with good advice. Plus a night out.

Right now I am about to crash. face first into my bed. No flying done today, but left the house at 8:30am and didn't get back (other then a quick dump and grab) until about 15mins ago. sleep is the only thing i want!!

Evening all,

Nice relaxed day here, although didn't get off to a great start, took Ds to hockey, he declined to wear his base layer under his top (he did have a bodywarmer so thought he would be Ok) but he got so cold he made himself feel ill and we had to leave a bit before the end. Hopefully a lesson learned for next week.

When we got home DH had to go to work, we had a lot of things to do at home so decided to stay in and get on. Had a good tidy up of the DCs room and stripped the beds, meant to do some cleaning too but got distracted. DS was super helpful with the tidying, DD was not. Made lunch then spent the afternoon cooking, trying to use up some of the things from the veg boxes, struggling a bit with getting anyone to eat a lot of them TBH, lots of squashes which are hard work to prepare and none of us like except as soups/base for sauce. So, made soup, lots of tomato sauce, chopped, blanched and froze a giant turnip, then DD made some brownies. We have switched to only getting a vegbox every 2 or 3 weeks plus salad/fruit/milk/butter/eggs weekly which is working well on the whole though. Still got half a savoy cabbage and some fennel to try and use though.

We then went to town after dark to look at the lights, DS finished his Christmas shopping, DD started hers. Tea in front of Strictly, baths and bed with new Christmas bedlinen for the DCs.

Honu Sun 01-Dec-13 07:27:34

Up and ready to say hello nice and early on the 1st, only to find 20 messages already! Thanks again to all thread leaders who keep this going - it helps my sanity and keeps me grounded.

The bits of my house that are not covered by stuff are reasonably clean, but I am slowly drowning under Things That Need Sorting - especially atm paperwork and Christmas.

The fat fairy doesn't help by expecting you to decorate already - not yet, pleeeeese. However, this year I am attempting to write 3 cards per day, started about a fortnight ago, as if I leave it till the last minute all they say is something like 'best wishes/love/other appropriate phrase from Honu and MrH'. This way I feel I'm actually communicating with the people I am posting to. Don't always make the 3, and there will probably be a panic at the end, but the 'completed' pile is steadily growing.

Sillybillybob Sun 01-Dec-13 07:40:22

Hello! My to do list...

Get out of bed


AngryBuddha Sun 01-Dec-13 08:32:45

Well my blinking headache ruined our plans for a child free Christmas shopping trip and meal out. But did manage a take away and World War Z.

Have Woke this morning feeling worst. Supposed to be off to Rugby, followed by tree planting with the Cubs. At the moment struggling to get out of bed. Brink I will stay here for a bit and blow both out, if I can get cover.

I only started to feel really rough ie achy body and headache since taking the antibiotics I am wondering if it is those!!!

Of course me not on form. Means the house is in chaos!!!

Sorry for the me me post and the self pity! But meant only to make my place.

CallingAllEngels Sun 01-Dec-13 10:17:10

whoknows sounds like a lovely Saturday (except DS getting cold).

angry sorry to hear you're not well.

honu sounds like a good approach - my cards are still loking at me from another room!

bitchy hope you had a good sleep.

DH is off doing DIY stuff in the garage once he finds his tape measure whihc he has put down somewhere and forgotten where that somewhere is so I am in charge of DS today. Right now Bambi is babysitting while I MN. Will take him out to playground shortly.

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Dec-13 11:03:53

Delicious sleep when I finally crashed. Woke before my alarm rolled over and went back to dosing. Just about to get up. Currently suffering cba but coffee and breakfast will help and then I am going to be strict with myself and just get on with the paperwork sorting and filing.

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Dec-13 12:31:55

ta da
piss about on the internet
1 load washing in machine
remove body from bed where it was happy and comfortable and get breakfast.
waste more time on internet whilst pottering in room.
gather laundry at bottom of stairs ready for getting through washing machine

I will have to confess i have yet to get dressed, and i still want to crawl back into bed. Next job more coffee showers and clothes and then perhaps the wish to sleep will be less persistant?

Castlelough Sun 01-Dec-13 13:41:30

Good morning all and happy December! smile

Thank you Blue and SC for leading in November!

After an absolutely woeful and stressful November I'm hoping for a merrier December. I never caught up on the November thread <apologies>, but am looking forward to tackling December with renewed energy and keeping up with the thread!

Ta Da:

* Renewed spirit by going to church/mass (and managed to get roped into the choir for the Christmas Carol service, which I think will be a lovely thing to be involved in leading up to Christmas smile)

* Called in to see DMiL who hasn't been at all well and who is much improved today.

* Spent the past hour and a half lazily arsing about...blush

To Do:
* Brunch
* Laundry - two loads
* Bring homemade soup to DMiL
* Tackle the ironing mountain
* Recycling
* School prep
* Piano practice
* 15 mins decluttering in the spare room
* Room rescue in the bedroom
* Supper
* Evening routine and early night

1Madhouse Sun 01-Dec-13 13:50:44

Had a productive (ish) morning. Up with DD2 at 5.30 but luckily she fell back to sleep till 6.30. Up dressed and both of us fed. 2 loads of washing in and hung on airer. School uniforms x2 ready. Kitchen quick clean and hoovered and mopped all downstairs. Dog walked. Car picked up from pub car park and a quick emergency shop.
It's amazing when you write it down how much you do.
Going to have a lazy afternoon I think.
Oops apologies as not written as a ta da list !!

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Dec-13 13:53:33

madhouse it matter not if it is written as a ta da list or not. Enjoy the lazy afternoon.

ta da
piss about on the internet
2nd load washing in machine
remove body from bed where it was happy and comfortable and get breakfast.
waste more time on internet whilst pottering in room.
gather laundry at bottom of stairs ready for getting through washing machine and move to washing machine
shower and get up
empty bath of snakes, spiders and sharks
look at poorly plant and think it really summarises a lot of things atm sad
catch up with some good friends
consider the exercise and diet plan

About to change washing machine, crawl in the loft and do something else that isn't paperwork sorting blush

CallingAllEngels Sun 01-Dec-13 13:54:44

Here here castle - I definitely need to start the month afresh!

Ta da
Meat slow cooking for dinner tonight and pie tomorrow
2 loads of washing (in td now)
Skyped DM and called best friend

ToffeeWhirl Sun 01-Dec-13 14:33:47

Up at 6.30 with DS2, but went back to bed again at 10 and slept till midday. Feeling very tired today. Had the flu jab yesterday and am wondering if it's knocked me out a bit.

Visiting poorly friend later, but, apart from that, am doing bugger all. Oh, have thrown some food scraps in the direction of the DC grin.

Castlelough Sun 01-Dec-13 15:04:39

Mad, Bitchy and Engels well done on your lists!
Toffee hope you feel better soon.
Bitchy hope you don't fall asleep up there! grin at sharks and snakes in the bath!

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Dec-13 15:57:01

ta da
piss about on the internet
2nd load washing in machine
remove body from bed where it was happy and comfortable and get breakfast.
waste more time on internet whilst pottering in room.
gather laundry at bottom of stairs ready for getting through washing machine and move to washing machine
shower and get up
empty bath of snakes, spiders and sharks
look at poorly plant and think it really summarises a lot of things atm sad
catch up with some good friends
consider the exercise and diet plan
clean hob top <eew>
ironing hollow victory as most is going around a machine atm
wash cast iron pots up
boil up hand warmers so ready for next use
wash up ds' lunch box
put bread in bread machine
turn dough in to bread rolls and leave to rise
Put tins of christmas biscuits away and out of temptation
ds' decorations, christmas books and advent calendars out of the loft
Try to put knee through a door frame
Look at time go oh shit and head off out

to do
look for no#s 23 and 24 for the advent calendar hmm
find the christmas tree and half a ton of christmas stuff I know i have but can't find in the loft.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 01-Dec-13 16:02:29

Nice to see some relaxation going in, as well as some fantastic lists.

Just found this weekly pamper mission it's a good one.

Got up early-ish (for a Sunday) and had a nice walk through the park with DD, feeding the squirrels before heading off to the cinema to watch Planes.
Then got a bit of Christmas shopping done.

Changed bedding
Laundry on

To do
Dry laundry away

BBL with links etc. tchgrin

Slimchance Sun 01-Dec-13 16:03:35

Hello! Just parking my bunions for tomorrow.

Thanks for shiny new thread Goth and for posting Christmas links!!

[Look away for this next bit Alice* wink grin ] (I'm with Honu - I'm afraid my decorations are remaining firmly in their boxes for at least a fortnight or so - last year they didn't make it out until Christmas eve although that was a bit last minute even for me.)
Great idea about the three Christmas cards a day though!!

And I suppose I'm missing the point -as usual underlying theory is sound - just need to do one bit of Christmas prep a day other than Internet shopping.

Was full of good intentions for the 1st of the month but other than getting up at 5.30am to clean the wreck of the kitchen I left festering last night (and then cleaned it again at 9.30 after dh had cooked breakfast), I haven't achieved a great deal at all. I wish I had actually decided to have a day off and enjoy it, rather than making unrealistic plans as usual and failing to do any of them. Not helped by dh who is in a grump and has gone for a drive, leaving me to do all hwk supervision (we rashly picked up work from school on Fri so dd could catch up having been away) because he "needed to get out of the house" having been away travelling all week and out last night too tchhmm while I've been confined to barracks looking after dd all week.

Right, if nothing else, must drag myself off to make soup, use up rest of mince pie filling in something and make spag bol sauce for tomorrow. At least I'll have something concrete to show at the end of it and will probably taste like concrete too given the mood I am in.

A warm welcome to 1Madhouse!!

Sorry you are still feeling rotten Angry - sinus headaches (if that is what you have) are the pits...

A belated happy birthday to your ds Pushme

Ooo - would love to join a choir just for Christmas Castle - sounds lovely!

And good to have you back Doris and to see other familiar names!

Big wing flaps to everyone!

Slimchance Sun 01-Dec-13 16:07:30

Forgot to say, sorry you are feeling under the weather Toffee. Hope sleep does the trick.

Bugger, just looked at your list ¨*Bitchy*. Have forgotten to buy an advent calendar again.

Waves to Goth and proffers liquid sustenance wine

GoingGoingGoth Sun 01-Dec-13 16:20:38

Argh advent calandar!! <runs off to bedroom>

Completely forgot to get DD's out, she has a refillable one from M&S, and luckily I got some chocolate balls from Lidl the other week.

Just marking my spot. I wont promise being around every day, but I will pop in from time to time.

Big waves to everyone. smile

AliceinWinterWonderland Sun 01-Dec-13 16:49:54

SlimChance Whilst I'm recovering from the shock of your lack of Christmas decorations..... grin.... I'll point out that yesterday I put the Christmas tree up and put the lights on it. Today the DCs and I put all the ornaments on it, hung up a couple stockings, and put the tree skirt around the bottom of the tree. Yay!!! tchgrin

Our Christmas Elf Pip also made an appearance, by magic, this morning. Well, to clarify... his magic Elf Christmas Tree door showed up fastened along the baseboard of the (newly painted) wall right next to the tree. He left a little scroll with introductions to the DCs, tied with a gold ribbon to the tree. The little scamp even trailed gold glitter in on his little elfin feet on the floor from his door to the front of the tree. tchgrin

Must catch up a bit. DCs have had their chocolate from the advent box and are now clamouring for tea. Back in a bit. tchgrin <---I never get tired of those.

Rollermum Sun 01-Dec-13 17:56:04

Hi all and thanks Goth for hosting and to Blue and SC last month.

I am still v early days at flying and DD is 10 weeks so v much a case of do what I can when I can.

Ta da (that means done right?)
2 loads washing
Big cook up for the week
Bath DD

To do
Assemble dinner
Wash up

Slimchance Sun 01-Dec-13 17:59:10

tchsmile tchsmile tchsmile Alice (special Christmas ones with hats on and everything just for you!) Bet your tree looks luverly!

I'm hopeless really - it is far better to be ahead - am always woefully behind tchconfused

I'm terribly sorry but I have no idea what an elf on the shelf is either!

Yay to PA!

Ta da:
have made veg soup
stroked rabbits
sorted laundry in to yet more piles
and dh has made spag bol sauce

To do:
mend dd's school pinafore for tomorrow
watch Strictly
make a few mince pies from remaining pastry and mincemeat

[Quite funny the other evening... mince pies are an unknown quantity over here ... spent half the night spelling "emm, ee, nnn, say, er ... miiiinnccceee" ... then made the mistake of trying to explain how they contained meat in medieval times and other things such as liver ...let's just say it didn't seem to increase their popularity.)

Slimchance Sun 01-Dec-13 17:59:54

Rollermum you are doing brilliantly with such a young 'un!

AliceinWinterWonderland Sun 01-Dec-13 18:27:49

SC Actually right now, all the ornaments are towards the bottom of the tree, as DS1 & DS2 decorated it. tchgrin I will be redistributing it tonight. I posted pics of my tree thus far and the elf door on this thread.

AliceinWinterWonderland Sun 01-Dec-13 18:29:44

I didn't do elf on a shelf, tbh. I couldn't deal with all the posing of the elf and such. We just have a "magical Christmas elf door" that our elf uses to pop back to the north pole to report to father Christmas, and he will leave little notes of encouragement (or warning lol) and treats when they've been especially good. But the DCs will never actually SEE him. Much much easier this way.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 01-Dec-13 19:20:24

That elf door is very sweet, Alice. We are beyond the Father Christmas years, which is half blessing and half a huge relief. However, I have filled a wooden advent drawer with sweets and toys and the boys have a chocolate-filled calendar from a relative too, so they're not doing too badly.

Mum has sent us a Jacquie Lawson online advent calendar, which will keep the boys very happily entertained. The last one continued to entertain DS2 on a regular basis for the rest of this year.

I don't put up decorations or the tree until at most a week before Christmas, if not later.

Bitchy - hope the creatures in the bath have gone now!

PA <waves back>

sc - that seems a bit unfair of your DH, to be honest. Sorry you had another day stuck at home.

Roller - you have a 10-week-old baby <broody emoticon> and are thinking about housework! The two don't go together in my experience grin.

<waves to Castle, Engels, Madhouse, Angry, Silly, WhoKnows and anyone else I've missed>

Feeling a lot better now. Spent a long time with DS2 this afternoon and we had a lovely time. He wanted to make us lunch and had written out a menu, so I helped him make it: three types of sandwiches; green salad sprinkled with lemon juice and grated rind; and homemade lemonade smile. Then we played a game together, which was great fun.

Have done some washing, sorted out school bags for tomorrow and will lay the clothes out before tomorrow. Also managed my own pampering mission by soaking in the bath and conditioning my hair, as well as applying a face mask grin. But will bear the other mission in mind too, Goth, as it just feels good to do something for myself.

Dinner and bedtime routines now...

AngryBuddha Sun 01-Dec-13 21:36:30

Ta da
Clothes for tomorrow for dc
School bags
Put clothes away!

That's it!!! Better than nothing!

Alice I am going to steal the elf door on the skirting board by tree idea, with them popping in and out. Love this!!

AliceinWinterWonderland Sun 01-Dec-13 22:13:55

Angry I got it from this website....

the Christmas doors (there are a few different ones) are towards the bottom of the page.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 01-Dec-13 22:18:03


Babystep 2 is to get dressed to laced up shoes. It probably sets you in the right frame of mind, but it's amazing how much I can get done in my dressing gown, if not doing the school run. blush

This week we are in Zone 1 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list here

Monday focus is the Weekly bleugh

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Today's Flight Plan

Sneak Peek for the week's missions.

Christmas Holiday Cruise Mission 2 is to check your linen. To make sure any bedding is ready for guests, and that table linen, dish cloths and towels are all laundered ready.

Have to confess Christmas is probably the only time I get the table cloths out. Dd thinks I should do it more often (it will happen when she's old enough to iron them)

Just off to do summary

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Dec-13 22:20:06 this one makes me think of hobbits.

Saddly ds is beyond this but loving the stories. I have laid down staring at my eyelids for 2hrs. <sigh> could be a long night. I am very tired but can't go to sleep and can't wake up. All a bit of a nightmare.

AngryBuddha Sun 01-Dec-13 22:25:41

Thanks Alice. I am going to have a go making one!! Only because I want it for tomorrow! tchgrin

Evening all! Thanks to Goth for the thread, and sorry for going AWOL in the middle of last month. Huuuge thanks to SC for taking over! thanks

Had a little bit of a hotspot fire drill yesterday, which was just as well as about 10 mins before church this morning I suddenly remembered that we had friends coming over for lunch! All the school dramas and busyness had put it right out of my head. blush Fortunately we had enough food though, and it was a really nice time.

SC - I always want to leave the tree and decorations later than DH and the boys. My parents never do it till about the 23rd and I grew up longing for it to be sooner, but now I really see the appeal of leaving it - once the tree and everything go up, you know it's REALLY Christmas, after being bombarded with everything far too early from about the end of October. wink

GoingGoingGoth Sun 01-Dec-13 23:05:26

SUMMARY <quaffs SC's wine>

Engels has a beautiful dress. And sounds like she's going to slowly turn up the glamour at school tchgrin Her DH has been doing DIY (congratulations or sympathises?)

Bitchy had an improving Saturday, and sounds like she manage to catch up on some sleep. And then still produced a huge list, and disclosed just what she keeps in her bath!

WhoKnow Jr has learned a valuable lesson in always taking an extra layer when you go out. And after the hockey, she was able to cram a lot into the afternoon. It can be difficult to keep up with the veg boxes, we had to skip this week too as we just can't keep.up.
I'm impressed at Christmas bedding,

Honu sounds organised with 3 cards written each day ignores box in cupboard Paperwork seems to be a constant grind.

Sillybillybob started with a reasonable list tchgrin

Angry didn't get her night out, and sounds like she needs to go back to the doctor <folds arms and looks over tops of glasses> (You can moan here whenever you like)

Castle is back! and completed a good list and early night planned.

1Madhouse had an early start but made the most of it. You are right, we often don't realise what we do until it's written down.

Toffee has been wiped out by the flu jab. You may have been under the weather, an easy day won't do you any harm. Like the idea of throwing scraps to the kids, had visions of them sitting up and begging. Sounds like you had fun this afternoon.

SC sounds like she's suffering from cabin fever a bit, or maybe homework overload. And completed a good list Despite saying she was having a failing day. Arf at trying to explain mince pies tchgrin

PA popped in, don't be a stranger (we're all a little strange here tchgrin)

Alice is really in the Christmas spirit with tree and elf door all set up. I think those doors are brilliant, but DD is just getting to big now sad

Rollermum is getting the hang of our done/ta-dah lists. You do it however works best for you. And you are not behind! Doing anything with a 10 week DD is an achievement.

Blue had a good time with friends over lunch today.

And finally, I took DD to the cinema this morning, so got a few more bits of Christmas shopping done. Didn't make my snowflake for today's mission, but got some nice silver wrapping paper so we can do it in the week, plus got some lovely wool from JL for the next Woolly Hug. Watched the first part of The Hobbit tonight.

Phew <wipes brow> off to bed now.

dizzyday07 Mon 02-Dec-13 02:07:04

How can we be only one day in and on Page 3 already??

The rugby was a game between London Irish & Wasps at Reading. The lady sitting behind us (who supported LI) gave DD some glittery shamrock shaped deedy boppers to wear during the match and a flag to wave so she was well chuffed!

Sis and I watched Strictly together after the boys had gone to bed.

DD game rushing in this morning with her gift from Santa (a Moshi Monster advent calendar) and absolutely loved the arrival of Timothy Tinsel - our Elf on the Shelf! She happily went off on her Brownie trip (to Peppa Pig World) and came back this afternoon having had a great time and proud that she had gone on the scariest rollercoaster!

DH, sis, BIL and I had a lazy time eating croissants and gossiping before they had to go home. DH cooked dinner and even washed up the pots - though he has left a frying pan full of bacon grease for me!

Everything is ready for the morning and I am just about to put on the D/W, make a cup of tea and head to bed. Night all x

GoingGoingGoth Mon 02-Dec-13 08:01:26

Morning all <attempts a batch of Bitchy brew>

Didn't stay up as late as Dizzy but did watch Queen at Wembley last night (stupid), now feel exhausted. Oh well, off to get DD ready for school.

CallingAllEngels Mon 02-Dec-13 08:13:14

Great round up goth - and I did look rather glam yesterday at the playground with DS (new pearl earrings to accompany jeans and wellies!)

Ta da
Up, dressed and breakfasted (no mean feat with DS atm).

Had a terrible night's sleep (thank you DS).

Today have a coffee date with a very pg friend? Have decided to walk there so will have to get a move on. Need to pick up some flowers o the way as well as I missed her birthday. Then may pop into town to pick up a few bits, though it'll be heaving with all the last minute Sinterklaas shopping going on.

DS is driving me spare atm. I can't seem to deal with him without losing my temper. He's 2.1 going on 15. Please tell me it's just a phase ohwise fledglings? He's been so easy for the 2 years and has just switched since his birthday intoa complete nightmare!

So, to do
Coffe with friend
Change battery in clock
What's for dinner?
Run this evening

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Dec-13 08:33:27

yep it is phase. It will pass. ds is 9 going on 30 sometimes. winkgrin
The problem with being 2 is they are discovering self will and personality and boundry testing. if you get chance treat him like a dog: exercise him 3times daily winkgrin

::Dead:: that. is. all.

JustGettingOnWithIt Mon 02-Dec-13 08:38:25

thanks to Blue and SC for last month, and more thanks to Goth for this month.
Hello to Doris and Mad.
Decided not to treat yesterday as the first of the month as it was a Sunday, and one mistake I keep making is thinking I can do things at the weekend when everyone else actually makes it impossible!
So today's my ‘right it’s a new month and I have to make energy’ where there is none naturally.

Am very jealous of all these people who can get antibiotics off their Dr’s! I’m so run down I just can’t recover from illness and am just limping through gunged up week in, week out, to the (now also infected) eyeballs, and with a stomach bug that won’t shift either, and keep falling asleep if I don’t keep at things. Ds told me I’m permanently “old lady white” now, which did little for my sense of morale, so trying to find cheap and cheerful ways of fixing myself and increasing my energy levels.

Engels yes it's a phase. Ramping up their grown up ability to do new things can help offset it a bit.

Todays to do:
put some energy into what I look like!
Clean bathroom
Bleach (new but midewing already!) grout


rubbish to tip

Mega shop (last day of voucher)
find and fill advent calender blush
Prep temp greenhouse base?
Library x 3

re-order medical supplies
home bleugh
Clean out fridge
Check window frames for mould

Home ed diary
work out what I've forgotten

Listen to friend

Swanhilda Mon 02-Dec-13 09:12:11

Whoknows we make butternut squash curry with spinach and chickpeas, also butternut squash in tiny cubes in a risotto with a bit of sage. That is eaten by Dh and one child, it might go down with your slightly more adventurous children?

I was wondering what to do with that turnip! It is like a fairytale turnip..

Forgot it was Dec so wittering away about my smoke alarm on the Nov thread blush

Toffee Dd doesn't eat fruit. She has started showing an interest in milkshakes and smoothies though. Her vitamins come from milk and potatoes I think! Boys eat tons, we have to hide it. Ds1 will eat 10 apples a day if we let him. Ds2 eats cabbage raw like some manic shredder machine shock

Off to count Money now at church.

Buddha you are suffering from an infection, your body is reacting. It is not the antibiotics but the infection. You need to rest or it won't pass.

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 02-Dec-13 09:55:47

Hi everyone.

I actually feel u had quite a good month last month. Didn't quite manage to complete all the baby steps. Got to around 24 I think so I'm going to continue where I left off.

There were days when the missions didn't get done

Took dd shopping yesterday & bought a real tree then realised I had to carry it to the car park! Luckily dd is old enough for me to leave her at the entrance whilst I fetched the car. It's in a bucket now in my living room but not properly planted & not decorated yet.

Supposed to be working from home today. Not achieved anything yet!

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 02-Dec-13 10:01:52

I just had my Flylady email about Holiday Super Cruiding Mission. They start today not yesterday so in not behind!

I think they start on a Mondsy always so they fit in with the plan of the day (planning/anti procrastination etc)

So my To Do us to get my tree properly planted & get the decorations down.

Thanks Swan - I have thought about using blended cooked butternut squash as a base for curries, or mixing it with chicken curries, but haven't tried yet. Basically need to make sure it is only in the background and providing texture not flavour, none of us likes the sweet types of vegetables, so no to sweet potatoes and parsnips as well. Risotto might be a possibility for the other three but it is one of the few meals I won't eat whatever the variety, I cannot bear gooey rice, in fact I'd struggle to cook it let alone eat it.

Am at work, better go, back later.

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 02-Dec-13 10:18:50

Just checked my newly put together Control Journsl & virtually without thinking TA DA - I've dive my morning routine!

Made bed
Washed, dressed & teeth
Wiped round sink & toilet
Brushed hair (I don't wear make up when I work from home)
Put a load if washing in the machine

Also emptied the dishwasher.

AngryBuddha Mon 02-Dec-13 10:27:04

Swan your probably right. But I came off the antibiotic yesterday. Head was splitting. Spent all day in bed, sleeping, watching films or on MN.
Had the shakes and fever last night. Woke with a fever this morning, but no more headache Hooray!!! Got friends to take my children to school and took myself back off to bed. Have just woken, I sound like the exorcist but on the whole I feel much better. I will visit the doctors tomorrow and get a different brand of antibiotic as not convince that the splitting headache was not cause by the other ones, but not a chance I want to take.

Plans are to stay in bed for another hour, have a shower and then start the chores!

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Dec-13 10:47:49

ta da
school run
pairing socks
tidy bench in kitchen 1 is still under washing up
tidy and clean lounge windowsil, windows and curtain rail
make sure all calendars are on december
sort out ds' kit
fit post storage system thingy (loose screws)
clear out some tv recordings, half watch a game (got interrupted)
take my bed apart and remake

Budha swan is right you must must rest else you risk the infection getting so so much worse. Antibiotics are not an alternative to rest.

swan ds is the same with peppers

<puts a large batch of bitchy special brew on for SC> All yours, enjoy!

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Dec-13 10:49:12

budha you can get a splitting headache as a result of fever. were you combining the abs with paracetamol?

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Dec-13 10:49:56

<wonders why she is asking budha this as budha is clearly a grown up with common sense> Am i losing the plot today?

AngryBuddha Mon 02-Dec-13 11:10:27

fgrin Bitchy I was on antibiotic since Thursday for discomfort in head thought teeth but dentist said no more likely sinus (had shakes Wednesday so definitely an infection of some sort). By Friday started having splitting headache different from the discomfort. Started taking Codeine as was very painful. Codeine every 4 hours but headache still very painful. yesterday decide to come off the antibiotic in case the headache was being caused by them, as discomfort from sinus was more manageable than headache. Today have woken without headache. But fully aware I will need to see the doctor and get different antibiotics for sinus. Also fully aware that yesterday I actually stopped and rested. Which I don't do. Hence I am forcing myself to stay in bed at the moment!! I am forever burning the candles at both ends!!

I am never poorly but seem to been under the weather for the last month! Hopeful this rest and the new antibiotic will sort me.

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 02-Dec-13 11:18:43

ta da
morning routine, school runs
baked cookies
washing up
one load of laundry washing
living room tidied
living room vacuumed
dining room tidied
kitchen tidied
clothes put away
eye appointment made for DS2
mucked about on the internet while drinking brew fgrin

to do
pick up treat to put in advent boxes for the next couple days
afternoon school run
redistribute decorations on the tree (meant to do this last night but decided to wait as it's amusing to see all the decos at the bottom fgrin
more coffee... seriously... more coffee
finish addressing Christmas cards

GoingGoingGoth Mon 02-Dec-13 12:12:26

Thanks Pictures will restart holiday missions that will confuse everyone

Where has the morning gone?

Dd to school
Cobblers (boots need mending, not mild Tourette's)
Washing up
Wrapped Christmas presents
Rubbish & recycling out

To do
Dry laundry away
Collect DD
Post friend's birthday present -it's today <sob>
Dd homework
Dd to karate
Wash up & SS

WhoKnows - if you don't like squash etc as a veg, have you tried using it in cakes instead?

Blue - I've tried various beetroot cakes which were universally disliked but not other veg, to be honest although we do a lot of baking the DCs only ever want plain sponge, nothing fancy, not even chocolate cake. DH isn't much of a cake eater and I can't manage a whole one by myself so I don't try many things. Might look out a recipe though. I really do want us to eat more veg but it is a slog!

Rollermum Mon 02-Dec-13 13:10:11

Hello all!

Thanks for perspective on housework with a small baby SC and * Toffeewhirl* I keep feeling a bit rubbish for not doing more.

I have friends visiting this weekend so I need to gradually prepare. So have split home bleurgh over the week.

Ta da
DD up and moderately clean
Washing sorted

To do
Take out recycling
Wash up
Swish and swipe
Shower and dress (yes v late!)
Go to shops
Load of washing
Exercise 15 mins
Buy and send two bday cards
Take books to charity shop

Looks a lot...but no stress if it doesn't get done.

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Dec-13 13:39:25

ta da
school run
pairing socks
tidy bench in kitchen 1 is still under washing up
tidy and clean lounge windowsil, windows and curtain rail
make sure all calendars are on december
sort out ds' kit
fit post storage system thingy (loose screws)
clear out some tv recordings,
watch a game and delete
take my bed apart and remake
spend 2hours sorting paperwork can't find hole punch and stapler so can file hmm
30mins decluttering on my room
3 loads of washing
Clear dead and dying stuff out of the fridge before it becomes a biohazard

some work on the blanket whilst watching game. But i think i have a touch of blanket rsi, although the hair band that was cutting circulation to the wrist hasn't helped. Loads of lose ends to fasten so will do that whilst keeping ds company in a bit. He refused to go to school until his room was tidy. Told him to leave his laundry and spare bedding and I would do it. So that had better be my next job

Continuing the tangent, I just googled "butternut squash dessert recipes" and there are about 5 million results so hopefully there's something in there the WhoKnows family will like! smile

Thanks Blue - yes, it seems to be a popular vegetable, just not in our house! A colleague today has given me a recipe for a soup made with it and peanut butter and lime to give a Thai flavour, which I might try with the latest odd looking squash that has arrived today.

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Dec-13 17:08:13

roasted with paprika and seasonings is a favourite here.

Ta da
above list plus a load of other stuff that I cba to type out.

Currently v. tired but bed is under paperwork that is sorted but unfiled. This is going to have to be dealt with. Ds is chilling out and teaching himself to play piano. He has finally got bored i banned balloon modelling <winces at thought of sound of balloon squeaking>

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Dec-13 17:47:33

Roller - do not feel rubbish for not doing more! Nature intended us to nurture our babies, not spend hours washing up, loading the washing machine, tidying and all the other stuff we waste our lives doing. What really struck me when I had DS1 was the isolation of being stuck at home with a small baby and housework to do. It was soul destroying, so I learnt to go out as much as possible and meet people. We should be part of a community, nurturing us whilst we nurture our baby.

If your baby sleeps, you must catch up on sleep. I know you have loads to do in the house, but sleep comes first. And eating.

(lecture over wink)

Angry - sorry you are feeling so ill sad. Hope rest and pills sorts you out quickly.

Bitchy - well done for tackling paperwork <ignores boxes of unsorted papers in bedroom>

<waves and coughs pathetically to rest of fledglings>

Couldn't understand why I felt so rough today and was all blocked up, until I realised that - duh! - I have a cold. So I allowed myself a nap this afternoon and have taken Lemsip capsules. Came downstairs to find that DH had done all the washing up smile.

Rollermum Mon 02-Dec-13 19:15:08

Thanks ToffeeWhirl - you are right, it is quite isolating. I have a cou

Rollermum Mon 02-Dec-13 19:17:57

Argh phone!

A couple of groups I go to / am planning to go to. I agree housework can wait but also know it makes me feel low if I let it get too bad so have to get a balance. DH does a fair bit but has crazy hours at the mo.

Ta da
My list except dinner, wash up (to be done later), and posting cards. Also forgot to exercise prior to shower so will do tomorrow!

1Madhouse Mon 02-Dec-13 20:29:02

Up at 6 .30 and did usual million jobs before OH saunters in from the gym at 7.45 am!! But was impressed with myself as babe and I in the supermarket by 8.30. Shopped and home by 9.30. Whole she napped I cleaned 2 bathrooms hoovered downstairs made bread and scones and did 2 loads of washing ! Afternoon off as visited friend and her twins then home to do supper ferry DD1 to guitar and bathe the babe. Off to bed soon so will make my action plan for tomorrow as day at home. Is it weird to enjoy reading other peoples achievements and to feel inferior !

Oh well tomorrow is another day.
Keep shining them sinks. !!

elliepac Mon 02-Dec-13 20:29:03

Signing slightly late but better late than never with a quick post before Masterchef. Feeling much more positive than last week. Onwards and upwards and all that.

Flying:- done a bit
Xmas shopping:- done a lot
Relaxing weekend:- done a lot
Moved classroom today and spent all day lugging boxes:- done a lot
wine Drinking:- about to do a little.

Will catch up and be back properly tomorrowsmile.

AngryBuddha Mon 02-Dec-13 20:44:34

Ta Da
Slept until 2.30
School run
Tidy up kitchen
Laundry put away
DS3 Christmas list completed
Sorted returns of clothes.
And item from Amazon, which was not what I ordered.
Planned this weeks menu.
Ordered food shopping.

Should do
packed lunches
sort clothes for boys tomorrow

But actually going to make Elf Door fgrin have a Tia Maria and a Mince Pie. Think I am starting to feel better. Hooray!!!

GoingGoingGoth Mon 02-Dec-13 20:49:25


Babystep 3 is to check out the Flylady Site. There are some interesting bits amongst the tweeness, but I wouldn't bother unless you are feeling brave or running the thread.

This week we are in Zone 1 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list here

Sneak Peek for the week's missions, today's is to put out the Hot Spots in the Front Porch, Entrance and Dining Room. Clearing away shoes by the front door, the junk mail pile and put away the magazines and school papers. May take longer than the usual 15 minutes.

Tuesday focus is the Planning were we sort out meal plans, etc.

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

I got ahead of myself with Christmas Holiday Cruise, we were only meant to start today so back to Mission 2 for tomorrow, which was to check your linen.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 02-Dec-13 21:32:28


Dizzy started the day asking how we could be on page 3 already, not sure as Bitchy has only started on the uber-lists today! But I can cope DH has just handed my a beaker(!) of mead


Dizzy has a happy DD, thanks to shamrock deedy boppers, an Elf, and a Brownie trip to Peppa Pig World

Engels has a typical 2yo. It does get better (just not sure when).

Just, Buddha & Toffee all sound really ill AND NEED TO TAKE IT EASY!

Pictures has set me right re the Christmas missions thanks, has got her tree and is now automatically doing her morning routines. You are now fully "one of us" <does zombie shuffle>

WhoKnows has veg bag angst. Swap you you squash for some cabbage? I stick small amount of any unwanted root veg in stews, soups, curries, etc.

Rollermum is NOT being judged, get dressed if/when you feel like it, I'm sure your friends will spend more time looking at the baby than the house.

MadHouse does not need to feel inferior! I had to double check you said am and not pm. You and Alice have done very respectable lists (throws out hint for cookies for naughty corner [tchgrin])

Elliepac has moved classroom today, because that's what you need, in December!

I have finally got my favourite boots re-heeled, posted my friend's birthday presents, wrapped some Christmas presents and made a paper snowflake with DD.

Swanhilda Mon 02-Dec-13 21:59:30

Parents' evening today. From 4pm (when Ipickedup ds2 at school gate), until 8pm when I arrived back home - meant to be 5-7pm and we still didn't get to see the History teacher, poor fellow he still had a long queue when we left. It was all fine, they said he was v enthusiastic and the D word was not mentioned. I love the Rugby teachers bursting out of their suits! Sorry tmiblush

Knackered, and still have to forge a short diary entry about life as an Anglosaxon peasant under the Normans grin

SC I am sending you virtual escapism.

And "asking for homework" NOOOO!

Alice I think my front door is a doorway into a parallel world anyway confused a world of topsy turvy muddledom with bells on grin

PS we have no decorations up atm or any thought of such alien objects!! For goodness sake, tis only the second day of Dec.

off to wash the rugby kit. No pun intended, it is lying around in mouldering heaps from last week.

Swanhilda Mon 02-Dec-13 22:04:42

Ds2 was very enthusiastic, not the History Teacher, could be misread!

Toffee ds2 sounds lovely.

Castlelough they are lucky to have you helping in choir

Just had an extremely tiresome exchange with Dh. I was watching some inane decluttering Estate Agent programme and I said to him, it would be too annoying to sell this house, declutter it, and finally realise how nice it could have been for the past 15 years without the mess. His response was, I will never declutter this house, even when I sell it. Even for ££££ profit?????Why not???? Because it is against my principles to get rid of any of my possessionsconfused Quite quite mad..angry

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 02-Dec-13 22:44:07

Ok do here where I admit my good start to the day didn't last

Did a load if work in the office writing letters about forthcoming exams then went to collect DVD of dds last stagecoach show. Got back from picking ds up from school & spent the evening watching said DVD

Mission didn't get done & Xmas tree didn't get planted or decorated. Tree is now in desperate need of water & shedding needles everywhere


Hand washed dds leotard
Cooked tea
Sink is full of dirty dishes & def not shiny .

Gosh, it's only the 2nd of the month but I already can't keep up blush

Shined sink yesterday and got dressed today. It is about all I can hope for! Have had a bad cold for about 10 days now (although apparently DH's is worse hmm ) following on from a combined ear infection/tonsillitus/conjunctivitis basically head full of pus bug that kept DS (and therefore me) awake and miserable for a good week before that.

Mostly better now though so am not really moaning too much

Tomorrow's big plan is to find some sort of playmobil storage solution - any suggestions very much appreciated! DD has just started to get into it and we have teeny tiny flowers, fairy wings and strange seed pods everywhere!

Need to go to bed but hello and good night to all smile

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 02-Dec-13 23:12:28

That's fine for day 2 pushme. Baby steps at a time remember.

I've list count of the tunes I only got as fat as Day 12. Day 23 last month is something if a record!

Have now loaded dishwasher so sink is clear if not shiny.

Thanks pictures, I'm all about the babysteps grin and still not in bed

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Dec-13 00:51:45

Thanks ok PMPY early bedtime babystep is no 17 Your fine for a week or two on that one winkgrin<ignores time>

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Dec-13 00:52:00

That's not thanks. blush

dizzyday07 Tue 03-Dec-13 02:35:23

Before bed yesterday my list included

* Washing load in and hung to dry
* Moved Elf and left him playing Scrabble with Teddy!

Today the house was still pretty clean and tidy from getting it ready for the weekend so did mini bleurgh

* S/S x 4
* Hoovered through downstairs - including Elf glitter!
* Towel load in and hung to dry
* Dry clothes put away
* Emptied recycling bin
* Emptied D/W
* Swam 80 odd lengths
* Pots washed and sink shined

Am about to retire to bed so have moved the Elf for the morning and have left him watching DVDs with Teddy!

Sillybillybob Tue 03-Dec-13 07:41:23

I have tons to do today:

Get DD to nursery
Liberate today's "gift" from advent calendar it's properly stuck
Call Hospital to arrange a letter from the Drs detailing DS' medical needs so can fly(!) next week and not get arrested.
Do trial run of getting me and him dressed in many layers of thermals.
Meal planned last night so write shopping list and go shopping.
Collect DH's repeat prescription from the chemists.
Prep dinner.
Order remaining Christmas presents
Order any remaining thermal requirements from m&s for pick up tomorrow.
Pay nursery.
Collect DD from nursery by that time!!!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Dec-13 09:54:11

Ta da :

Two school runs (mine and poorly DFriend's children)
Put laundry on (mission! Best duvet cover for Xmas guest)
Printed out Flylady routines to stick on kitchen wall

To do :

Loads sad

feetheart Tue 03-Dec-13 11:17:40

Signing in late as usual though I have sort of been keeping up.

PMPY - Playmobil storage in this house is a BIG box in each child's room containing most of their stuff plus a small box with tight-fitting lid inside to contain the little bits. It sort of works.

Buddha and others - hope you are starting to feel better?

SillyBilly - think I've missed where you are going. If it involves lots of thermal layers is it where I think it is? If so I am jealous smile

I am supposed to be working at the moment but keep getting distracted (and cold). Need to run up and down stairs or hoover to warm up - might run upstairs to put away last night's ironing and get more layers.

Ta da:
- Lots of forms/money/etc re School Assoc Christmas crafts
- All up and out
- Monthly invoices
- Most of bank rec

To do:
- Warm up
- Rest of bank rec
- Christmas crafts at school
- Reading at school
- Letter to bank
- Buy nice bread for Tuesday's soup and bread tea
- DS and DH to Beavers
- Something with photos whilst DD finishes homework (tend to do photo-based 'newsletter' to go into Christmas cards rather than Round Robin thing)

To those with bread-makers - what make is it and would you recommend it? Have never wanted one as don't have the space and DS loves kneading but now have a HUGE cupboard in the hallway, can't always time bread-making whilst DS is around, we all love home-made bread and I love the idea of fresh bread awaiting us in the morning - is this realistic?

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Dec-13 12:14:27

Feet - am taking Lemsip every four hours and it's really helping grin. We have a breadmaker. I don't use it, but DH goes through phases of breadmaking. When he isn't using it, I hide it away in the cupboard under the stairs, otherwise it takes up too much room on our limited surface area. And yes, you can come downstairs to the smell of fresh bread smile. In my experience, you will bake endless loaves to start with, then get a bit bored with it all. But that might just be us.

Ta da :

Wet laundry put into tumble dryer
Swished and swiped in bathroom
Wiped bathroom floor
Wiped bathroom mirror
Replaced broken bathroom bin with new bin (thanks, DH. Cost £6 from Aldi!)
Made beds
Washed up extra glasses and saucepans in kitchen
Wiped down kitchen surfaces
Put kitchen bin out, plus recycling
Wrapped broken glass, then dropped it again and had to sweep up more fragments angry
Hoovered downstairs
Mopped downstair's floors
Mission: tidied hall hotspot (piles of post and leaflets on floor)
Washed dirty cloths

Now starting work (am working at home, helping DH with his business)

Sillybillybob Tue 03-Dec-13 12:16:28

feet I love my bread maker. It's a Panasonic I think. They normally come up well in reviews. Mine has a special drawer to drop raisins or bacon etc in to the dough so you don't have to do it manually.

I haven't really mentioned the trip for fear of jinxing it and DS becoming ill and hospitalised.

But it involves going a long way north, in a plane, to see a man with a beard at his home. I'm so excited I feel sick complete overreaction but trying to stay calm and be realistic that it might not happen.

AngryBuddha Tue 03-Dec-13 12:24:20

Ta Da
Get Dressed (after waking up over a hour late)
Hair dresser for ds2/3
DS2 & friends to school
DS3/4/5 to school
(Hubby did packed lunches & d/w)
S&S x3
laundry away
w/m x2
t/d x2
stripped bed. (washing new xmas duvet as copied Who and bought the sameone off Amazon)
27 boogie
Drop money off for my son's friend at school, as he forgot it.
tonight dinner in slow cooker
drink my water & having lunch (both which I neglect, but am re-addressing to keep me healthy).

To do
15 declutter
Beauty appointment for eyelashes and brows
Doctors appointment
school run

AngryBuddha Tue 03-Dec-13 12:26:17

x post
Silly I am sooo fenvyious.

rowingboat Tue 03-Dec-13 12:40:49

Hi everyone,
It's here! December aargh! This is where it's all gets crazy, but in a good way - I hope!
Have already had irate SIL emailing me about my Christmas list two days after she emailed me, at work before I met friends after work. That sort of thing. Bit stressed you think?
Hope all the tooth people are feeling a bit better or at least are on the road to feeling better. My tooth is stil feeling very sensitive, post- dentist so am planning to try sensitive toothpaste to se if it helps. Has anyone suffered from sensitive teeth? What is it like?

So had a look at the zone and I don't really have any of the rooms listed, apart from a hall, which doesn't have much in it. So quite an easy week from the zone for me. Hooray!

Slim any progress on the school issues?

Toffee how are things with your recently diagnosed friend? I've been thinking about you and her situation a lot recently.

So today I must find the tax disc which I have somehow lost in the house or see if I can get a replacement.
Make tomato curry (yes I'm not sure either - it's a Nigella recipe)
Collect DS and go shopping for birthday presents, envelopes to put cards in, sending lots to one relative to distribute to save on postage.
Buy bird feeding stuff, nuts, fat balls etc. they like a bit of variety. Don't want the pecking on the window because they want a fat block not peanuts!
Dismantle shelf
Tumble dry clothes and iron if they still look awful
Put away shop which is coming between 8-9 (just to save £1!)
DS homework and guitar and singing practice
Try to go to the park after school to decrease manic hyper mood currently pervading due to lack of exercise.
Still need to email about holiday accommodation for next summer then haggle (haha - I so can't haggle)
That's it for now...

Swanhilda Tue 03-Dec-13 13:24:49

Dh and I have had a good morning clearing out some nooks and crannies (okay, that will be the entire landing and downstairs hall smileblush
a rocky start, but I think he suddenly started to enjoy the satisfaction of empty floors.

Just heading back to the dreaded playroom/office/laundry room to continue sorting it.

Bob it will be unforgettable. So glad you are doing it.

Dizzy another 80 lengths

Push enjoy the Playmobil era whilst it lasts, so sad mine are no longer interested

Toffee I think you are right, it is a toy to start that gets used a lot. I have always held out, due to the fate of the icecream maker and pasta machine blush. However, Feet as icecreammaker extraordinaire, I think you might pass the test.

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Dec-13 13:56:08

I have one of those days with lots of stupidly little things that just take forever to do. hmm

Ta da
ds to school
Pe kit to school
Book meeting for tomo
Send a load of information to various people by the mighty power that the internet
Wonder wtf i have done with the notebook with important information in hmm

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Dec-13 14:00:53

I love our bread machine. It always bread to be made that would be very difficult to get hold of in the shops (oat/rye based with very little wheat in it), and the dough is amazing when turned into a pizza. Sadly to say I only use the dough program, but i have a whole book of recipes somewhere and you can make cakes and all sorts in a bread machine not just bread!!!

giraffeseatpineapples Tue 03-Dec-13 14:15:54

Can I join please I am surrounded by mess and on mumsnet to avoid housework. There is a pile of wet washing in a bowl since 11.00, groceries to unpack, slow cooker to get on, chrsitmas cards to write - <hyperventilates>

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Dec-13 14:21:59

<carefully ignores Silly's trip for fear of jinxing it>

rowing - that's thoughtful of you to ask, thank you. To be honest, it is all fairly grim. She is Stage 4, so it has spread. But she is going to have chemo and we are all remaining hopeful, as I know people can live with cancer for years (my aunt was given a short time to live, but is still going strong 10 years later, for instance). I don't know how to help her, apart from listening when she wants to talk and providing as much practical help as I can sad.

Have done a couple of hours' work and put the Ocado delivery away. Am now stopping for a lunchbreak. DS1 will be back shortly, needing food, then it's the school run again.

On a very trivial level, I have made a wishlist on Esprit to satisfy my urge to buy new clothes in my new colours (sadly, not supported by financial means).

Sillybillybob Tue 03-Dec-13 14:38:32

Hi giraffes pull up a pew fgrin

Pick a job, set your timer for 15 minutes and dive in.

Then set it for another 15 minutes and have a break.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

giraffeseatpineapples Tue 03-Dec-13 14:43:04

Thanks silly fgrin slow cooker on, phew. Right, Kitchen now <mentally sets timer as dd asleep in pushchair> .

Am stepping away from mumsnet ...

well for 15 minutes at least wink

feetheart Tue 03-Dec-13 14:45:18

Welcome giraffes - maybe try the power of three
1. Breath - highly recommended smile
2. Slow cooker - food is always a good priority
3. Something else
Babysteps is the way to go.
Ignore mad lists from some people on here <glares at bitchy> and just jump in and find out which bits work for you - with me its mainly the chat smile

Thanks for bread machine recommendations, I had been looking at the Panasonic one as the reviews seem good. Hopefully it won't be a fad as we have been making bread by hand for quite a while but can't get it ready for breakfast (or when DS is at school and I can't be bothered to knead it blush)

Sillybilly - I didn't mention a thing. Fingers, toes, legs, etc crossed for you.

Swan - very impressed that you remembered about the ice-cream maker. Been making a lot of sorbets recently due to DH and his need for low-fat stuff. Two lots of strawberry over the w/e due to reduced-end-of-day market strawberry excess. Can't wait for January as Seville Orange sorbet is DEVINE.

Right need to spend next 20mins before school run searching for advent calendar bits. We filled it up to 5th but did it late Saturday night and didn't have time or inclination to look for bits that we have hopefully bought throughout the year!

rowingboat Tue 03-Dec-13 14:52:30

Hi all,
Ok getting somewhere here. Have made the curry - hmm! Still not sure, but it is supposed to be served with coconut rice so that might be the making of it

Toffee I'M sure having you makes all the difference to your friend. Fingers crossed she is one of the people who can make a recovery or just fight it off and get on with life. She has a lot to live for by the sounds of things.

Giraffes I know and completely relate to the panic. I'm Just back on here myself and am finding flying quite a comfort. Just knowing you have done a lot more than you think by making a list is nice.

Ooo! Found the tax disc in my coat pocket (numbskull emoticon)
Now dismantling the shelf, but now confused as it could be swapped for a much tattler bookcase. Dp is not happy - he hats his stuff being moved and is an inveterate hoarder.

Slimchance Tue 03-Dec-13 14:57:47

[Runs in and out] [Takes running jump and dives in to large vat of Bitchys special brew ... aaahhhh.... that's better grin ]

Hellloooooo!!! Oh dear, lost track of thread and it's only Day 3!! Big waves to eveyrone though and thank you for fab round-ups and summary Goth!!

And hope everyone who is feeling below par is starting to feel a bit better!

Sillybilly another one ignoring the trip too! grin [stifles excitement]

A warm welcome to Giraffe!

Bugger and well, bugger! Having a bit of a problem here in that I am trying to organise Christmas, and can't find my vital Christmas organisation file because the home office is too messy blush.

Have also been offered another book to edit but subject matter is tortuous and the deadline is ...wait for it ... Christmas of course! Do I accept it or not? Could really do with the readies ... yarrggghhh!!

Enthusiastic but slightly hysterical wing flaps to everyone!!

Slimchance Tue 03-Dec-13 14:58:39

PS Will be needing that escapism tonight thanks Swan smile

Slimchance Tue 03-Dec-13 16:36:11

Errgh - crossing out went wrong there ...

wine anyone?

<Snaffles wine gratefully> Cheers, SC!

Just heard that the computer has had ANOTHER hard drive failure. This is absolutely ridiculous and causing major hassles with work. [sobs] Do not need this right now.

Feet - we have a Panasonic breadmaker and absolutely love it. Has been in constant use for about 6 years and still going strong.

Welcome to Giraffes and big waves to everyone else.

Oh yes, flying. Um, well, cleaned up the sitting room after the boys burst a beanbag everywhere at some hideous hour of the morning!

Swanhilda Tue 03-Dec-13 17:37:30

Have achieved a lot in the playroom/office -- but not go to the laundry section yet blush

floor is hoovered
books straightened
big box of cr**p thrown out
under sofa cushions hoovered
table in there cleared
new drawers filled up with odds and sods
emptied another kitchen cupboard (an empty cupboard is always good isn't it?)
maps put away
paint stuff put away
airfix put away
stationery in stationery drawer

SC depends whether you think you have too many other demands or whether in fact it might come as a relief to do less of the er ahem other stuff (the stuff that is boring and repetitive and takes us for granted) You sound like someone who thrives on a editing task.

Ds1 is watching Rugby at the Saracens ground with his school this eve (no idea what that is, but it sounds convincing) - house feel oddly empty - dear me empty nestitis and he's only 13!

Homework continues to be utterly tiresome. Ds2 also has spellings to learn from his Springboard thingy. The more he has to do, the less interested he is in any of it. Will try him on French now.

Parents IL arriving tomorrow from abroad.. Dh in state of mild tension. Luckily they are staying in a lovely hotel. Very elderly so cannot cope with our noisy house. Hotel is next to V & A which is perfect for them, as they love museums etc.

elliepac Tue 03-Dec-13 18:44:07

Evening allsmile.

Small yet satisfying ta da here:-
Tidy downstairs
Washing up
Swept floors
Dc's have tidied bedrooms

To do:-
Mark 32 sets of exam papers. My Year 11 top set are lovely but they are very bright and write loads so it could take some time.

Big waves to everyone as must get on with marking.

AngryBuddha Tue 03-Dec-13 20:52:07

Ta Da
Get Dressed (after waking up over a hour late)
Hair dresser for ds2/3
DS2 & friends to school
DS3/4/5 to school
(Hubby did packed lunches & d/w)
S&S x3
laundry away
w/m x2
t/d x2
stripped bed. (washing new xmas duvet as copied Who and bought the sameone off Amazon)
27 boogie
Drop money off for my son's friend at school, as he forgot it.
tonight dinner in slow cooker
drink my water & having lunch
Beauty appointment for eyelashes and brows
Doctors appointment (on second lot of antibiotic but feeling much better today)
school run
Homework DS3/4
Christmas bedding on Our bed
put up Elf Door (explained to the children, how it links our house and the North Pole together, have made a miniature bottle of fairy dust to leave outside the door tonight).
Hubby tidied up he is earning bonus points at the moment

Took DS2 (for some 1 to 1 time) to a ceramic evening. It was lovely, had an image of a fire in the corner, Christmas music playing, mince pies and hot chocolate, while we made things for Christmas.

Off to have cuddles on the sofa with dh and watch Ripper Street.

Waves to everyone.

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Dec-13 21:06:44

<hands Budha the queen of lists badge to borrow> shock Well done!

GoingGoingGoth Tue 03-Dec-13 21:20:00


Babystep 4 is to put up post it notes with reminders. I've never done that, I think it makes the place look cluttered! grin

This week we are in Zone 1 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list here

Sneak Peek for the week's missions, today's is to wipe away fingerprints etc on the dining room walls.

Wednesday focus is the Anti-procrastination Day this is when I do my paperwork.

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

Christmas Holiday Cruise Mission 3 is to Clean & Fling; to just go through the house and get rid of things before they become a Hot Spot


Ok, off to do the summary.

GoingGoingGoth Tue 03-Dec-13 22:17:48


Had a few night owls last night, but hopefully won't miss anyone out.

Swan had 4 hours at parents evening last night. And then spent a day de-cluttering. Hopefully you enjoyed your 'me' time at home not empty nest, see the positive and your DS had fun at the rugby. Hope the IL visit goes well. Would love to go to the V&A, can't get DD past the Natural History museum.

Pictures has been busy writing letters.

PMPY is another one suffering from the lurgy.

Dizzy has been inventive with her Elf!

Sillybillybob is organising thermals for nothing in particular

Toffee has printed out the routines and means business!

feet & Angry both have huge lists <peeks through fingers>

rowingboat has Christmas/in law stresses. I'm happy we're 300 miles from ours. And another huge list.

Bitchy had a fiddly day! but at least all those jobs are now done

giraffeseatpineapples has joined us! come on in, not saying we'll get your house tidy, but hopefully you'll have some fun.

SC popped in, and sounds like she'll be doing a boring book before Christmas think of the money

Blue has computer troubles (you're not running NatWest are you?)

elliepac has a small but satisfying Ta-da list grin and deserves a round of applause as she's she's facing 32 exam papers <faints>

And finally, I've finished my weekly bleugh and made more paper snowflakes with DD they are addictive Hope the "Fledgeling tooth curse" is over as at the dentist tomorrow.

Evening everyone smile

Ta Da
Some Christmas shopping for DC
Bought playmobil storage from here (mine is the rainbow tower on the 6th photo down). It's a decluttering dream grin

still feeling rubbish. Have a prescription for antibiotics but haven't managed to pik them up yet so they're not doing much good sat at the chemist!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Dec-13 23:44:44

Goth - DH is at the dentist tomorrow! This tooth lurgy is catching grin.

Thanks for the links and the round-up. Am doing my best to keep up with routines and missions at the moment, so I'm not too behind at Christmas. I like the idea of putting up decorations over time, instead of in one mad rush as usual.

Pushme - sorry you are feeling rubbish. Hope the a/bs sort it out quickly.

Everyone is very busy! There are some impressive lists up there.

Managed to keep up with the routines today, apart from getting the ironing done. That is always my downfall. Will catch up on that tomorrow. Off to bed in a minute.

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 08:20:42

<sets off an alarm bell>
shockshock I stuck to babystep 17 last night shockshockshock
<turns off alarm bell>

i feel like death

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 09:47:53

Morning all! Everyone seems very busy!

Very grateful for round-up Goth because I still haven't caught up with thread properly.

Sorry you are feeling rotten Pushme. Hope you feel better soon.

Good luck with the marking Ellie!

Glad you are feeling better Angry and top marks for impressive long list!

You are being a very good friend indeed Toffee Hope you are on the mend too.

Arrghh about computer and bean bag malfunctions Blue! Both very frustrating!

Thanks for helpful thoughts re: book Swan. I've decided to ask for an extract and will make a decision based on how horrible it is or not (as I've been caught out before - being asked and paid to do an edit - when the book concerned actually required a total re-write). Would love an ice-cream maker but I must confess to having already written off two!

Sympathies over dhs and their attitudes to house clearance. I tell myself it would be so much easier to get this house decluttered and renovated if I had a totally free rein, without dh's need to control everything - and then dh points out that most of the clutter is mine confused!! grin

Hope your pils visit goes well. Lucky them next to the V&A!

Have had a mixed but busy few days. Bit of a worrying talk with head-teacher about dd's progress on Monday night. She is doing OK academically in most subjects but two, but her anxiety/lack of self-confidence is escalating (think I might pm you if I may Toffee please).

Did mahoosive 5 and a half hour sort/declutter of upper floors on Monday morning and unbelievably, it doesn't look much better for it confused. Also did clearing hall mission which does look a lot better.

Yesterday was spent shopping for feast of St Nicolas on Friday, buying food, chemist run, stationery shop, x 4 loads of laundry, attending school mass, changing beds, cooking, hwk supervision, and, in the evening, having our neighbours over for drinks.

Also spent a good hour looking (belatedly) without success for an advent calendar in the shops (I am a horrible mother and insist on a Nativity scene). But, like a miracle, one turned up in the post for dd from her godmother.

Today ta da:
morning routine inc wm, dw, rabbits, s&s
rang building company to complain/enquire about endless construction noise
write shopping list

To do:
put away ironed clothes
yet another desperate attempt to try and find house control file and Christmas organisation file confused
examine Christmas budget closely
on-line shopping
supermarket shop - veg for next few days

Doesn't look a lot but home office is putrid. SC leaves thread with words ringing in ears "why, oh why, didn't I do it BEFORE?????" blush

Have a good day everyone!!

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 09:48:19

[Hands Bitchy morning coffee ...]

Swanhilda Wed 04-Dec-13 09:57:39

Started the day with some driving and an argument with DH about how to wrap a sandwich. He is a control freak about food looking attractive rather than splodgy [grrr]

House looking tidier though, from yesterday.

Need to buy DH a birthday present today for tomorrow.

unpack veg box
discard old food from fridge in utility
Beavers helping
think of something for supper - macaroni cheese with shredded Kale?
download new Kindle book
SLEEP. I am so tired sad was up too late yesterday and two glasses of wine have made me feel dreadful today.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 04-Dec-13 10:12:06

Morning all,

Returned from dentist relatively unscathed, just a small filling today and another one booked for next week sad. I always feel like I've just not tried hard enough, which is ridiculous, as so much depends on the strength of your teeth.

Dd to school

To do
Cat litter tray
Rubbish out
Feed birds
Laundry on
Dry laundry away


giraffeseatpineapples Wed 04-Dec-13 10:14:50

Goes to google step 17 , returns with more coffee

Ooh bitchy I am impressed I fell asleep on the sofa and went to bed at 3.00am again last night

Slimchance wow 5 and a half hours of decluttering - gulp. The worst area in my house is my side of the bed 'giraffes corner' dp calls it. It is pretty much a scene from oc cleaners blush

goth this is without question the most organised thread I have ever seen and one of the friendliest too - thank you so much for amazing round up!

Ok so realistically aiming for getting downstairs looking presentable and possibly some paper work sorting (worst chore other than tackling the 'corner' )

so far this morning, lunches (behind before the day started) exercise dvd and helped dc tidy bed rooms, school runs er thats it. Better stop procrastinating...

To do before playschool p/u - finish cup of coffee, laundry on, dishes, bs 1 shine sink (?) tidy, hoover, paperwork on desk, put away clothes maybe iron.

dizzyday07 Wed 04-Dec-13 10:16:37

I am suffering from Cantbebothereditis! After I blitz the house on a Monday, and because detailed cleaning is not something I want to spend my time doing blush I lack motivation to do anything around the house! I then feel more demotivated coming on here saying I have just shined my sink and put some laundry in when everybody else is so busy. I think thats why I tebd to drop out of the threads after a week or so sad

It doesnt help that Xmas is looming and I am so ill prepared its unbelievable. I can't be arsed with it at the best of times but this year leaving everything very late is now coming round to bite me on the bum! It doesnt help that DH's brother who has 3 kids still hasnt given us lists of what they want. We always seem to be last to get them after it has gone round both sets of grandparents and his family HATE if you use your initiative and buy off the cuff. I need to buy some things off Amazon so really need to get the order in this week.

Ta Da (from yesterday)
* went to Hobbycraft and got Goddaughters present (plus some fabric for me)!
* Raided Matalan for presents for DS and mums partner
* Helped DD did myself decorate a Smartie tube for taking to Brownies
* Watched DD in her Brownie Christingle performance
* Unloaded D/W and shined sink
* Moved the Elf (he decorated the cloakroom with loo roll !)

Today I need to pop out and buy something for dinner and as its Anti Procrastination Day maybe I will get round to pinning DD's quilt together!

Swan - I take part in the Swimathon every year and usually comlete the 2.5k (100 lengths) with not a lot of training beforehand but I have decided to double the distance for 2014 so really need to get some pool time in! The other ladies on here that run 5 and 10k are the ones I am in awe of. I am SO fat I would have trouble running for a bus

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 10:21:11

Sorry Goth missed that you were at the dentist today! Glad it went OK!

Giraffe Well done on doing exercise DVD this morning!!

I am currently sitting in my home office wondering where on earth to start and it is a scene from OC cleaners, I promise you!! It is so bad, I don't have a strategy and there's no where to put the stuff once sorted ifyswim ...

doesn't help that computer is in here of course

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 10:29:45

ta da
school run
walk to wake up muscles
physio exercise (part of)
load and run dishwasher
boil up hand warmers
melt one hand warmer by dropping it on the stove rather then in pan
stick fingers into boiling water by accident
Check if cooker top still hot with hand wtf ouch
find christmas cup
put pots in to soak
air house
empty lounge bin
1 load of washing on
sort out a load of internet admin

I am supposed to be doing a massive load of paperwork admin. Instead I am going to have to go to the next town to run errands which is going to completely wipe out the rest of my morning before my afternoon meeting. I love living where I live but being in the middle of no where can be a right royal pain in the arse sometimes.

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 10:36:20

Dizzy have a brew Sorry you are feeling demotivated. You don't have to do detailed cleaning if you don't want to - just adapt the system to suit yourself.

I am only just now getting serious after months of procrastinating and everyone is at different stages with different demands. Please don't be put off by long lists. The person with the mega-impressive list one day is just as likely to have an off-day the next and if you are keeping up with basic routines, then you are doing really well!! Personally, I think attending your dd's Christingle performance and decorating smartie tubes is much more important than detailed cleaning!

As for your nephews/nieces, would it be too boring to buy them Amazon vouchers, then they could choose what they want and you could kill two birds with one stone?

.. very impressed by forthcoming 200 length swim!

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 10:44:03

Detailed cleaning? Wtf is this spoken torture you speak of? As for my long lists? I stick lots of random stuff in my lists, half of what make up my lists is not flying and I am still a crash and burn kinda flyer. I am trying to find the rooms. Due to life circumstances (stuff from other houses being poured into one house) it has also has also been a bit like a scene from OCD cleaners around here too SC Beginning to find the room under the clutter, one day it might even be tidy and organised.

I am currently procrastinating about paperwork and going out (i can combine meeting and errands needed to be done), and wondering wtf to do about the wardrobe that is begining to wobble itself to bits and looking like it will dump a load of really heavy stuff on top of the tv. hmm

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 10:53:02

It's crash and burn here too Bitchy [currently crashing!] Please leave vat of special brew on the hob. In desperate need. Good luck with errands and wobbly wardrobe rescue!

Have decided to take it step by step:

1. "pick c**p off the floor

[Steps away from screen]

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 10:54:20

Yeah i have been doing that with my room. currently on day 5 of picking crap off the floor it is mostly paperwork that needs dealing with.

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 10:55:57

woaOhh Bitchy sorry ... wasn't referrring to your long lists in partic btw ... just meant that we all have off days ... I have more than most

right, really am turning off computer now

brew and biscuit for all on naughty corner counter

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 10:58:30

On no offence taken SC but sometimes my lists do need explaining as they can be rather demoralising to others/newbies. I know that the regulars just ignore my lists and then take the piss out of me for them winkgrin

Paintyourbox Wed 04-Dec-13 11:00:30

Hi everyone,

Can I pop in and out?!

DP has been in hospital, DD had a horrible bug which I now have and as a result the house is a mess.

I just want to sleep but we've run out of towels and the bin is overflowing so I need to do something in between necking pills to get my fever down.

Targets for today:

Wash towels
Dry towels
Bedding in washing machine for BIL visit at weekend
Empty bin

Wish me luck! I'm snottiness away on the sofa at the moment!

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 11:01:54

So far I have picked up:
bubble wrap
old Toblerone box
printer cartridges
toy doctor's box
a handbag
wrapping paper
random bits of printed text
tube of soluble aspirin
squished blob of blue tack
pair of trainers
and a calendar from 2009

... wouldn't be surprised if I came across a rabbit in there somewhere fconfused

Ok, OK, really am going now ....


BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 11:03:54

Hello paintbox and welcome to the mad house! thread grin

grin SC

<places a large vat of special brew on the naughty corner bar>

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 11:05:23

Welcome Paintbox
You poor thing thanks Hope you feel better soon and things improve generally!

grin Bitchy!

[sneaks away properly this time]

Slimchance Wed 04-Dec-13 11:05:52

[glugging special brew on the way]

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Dec-13 11:14:40

SC - sorry your DD is suffering anxiety/low self confidence. Please PM me.

Bitchy - well done on the early night - it will pay off in the end, even if you do feel like death when you first wake up. Sorry, but your later list did make me laugh (especially the 'wtf ouch' bit grin).

swan - hmm, maybe get your DH to take over the job of sandwich making from now on if he's so bloody good at it!

Goth - you shouldn't feel guilty: my dentist says that it's luck/genetics whether we have good teeth or not, as well as how much we care for them. It depends on the condition of the teeth you inherit, as well as their position in the mouth (crooked, crowded, etc), so decay is not always down to poor toothbrushing or too much sugar. My DS1 eats loads of sugary stuff (teenager - won't be told) and he has never had a filling. DS2, on the other hand (who is only eight) is only allowed limited sweet stuff and has already had two fillings.

giraffe - DH and I both have a corner like that, one on each side of the bed. Sadly, our bedroom tends to be the dumping ground for all the homeless clutter.

dizzy - please don't stop coming here. We're not all busy all of the time. One of the things this thread is good at is consoling us when we fall behind with our chores (hence the naughty corner). And Flylady is all about focusing on what you have achieved, not what you have yet to achieve.

Well, I am sleep deprived today, thanks to sitting up till the early hours with DS1 last night (OCD-related) and then being called back in to him at 6am. He then had the cheek to fall back to sleep, leaving me wide awake. Still, at least I made good use of it, so I have a 'ta da' list. And, in his defence, he has had to come back early from school because he's feeling sick and has gone straight back to sleep, so maybe he was sickening last night.

Ta da :

Two loads of washing on
One load in tumble dryer already
Made beds
Put clean sheets on DS1's bed
Hunted for - and failed to find - DS1's PE kit <sigh>
Swished and swiped in bathroom
Replaced bathroom towel
Emptied DS1's bin
Emptied kitchen bin and put recycling out
Unloaded d/w
Breakfasts for the boys
Made packed lunches and filled water bottles
Reloaded d/w
School run
Cooked my breakfast
Phone call from DS1's teacher
DH brought DS1 back home by car
Tucked DS1 back in bed
Ate cold pancakes for breakfast
Polished brass on doors
Wiped down front door (was this a mission?)
Dusted in sitting room (don't know what possessed me - I don't usually dust!)

Am considering doing some ironing, but am sorely tempted to go back to bed and catch up on sleep. DH has gone to the dentist (seems to be a theme on this thread at the moment), then is going to collect some work for us to do this afternoon, which means this is my only chance to nap today. He was clearly angling for me to go to the PO for him, but as he has had a good night's sleep and I haven't, I managed to get out of that one!

Bank account is not in a good state at the moment sad. And, of course, there are presents still to buy. Oh well, same for me and millions of other people, I suppose.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Dec-13 11:19:01

Spent so long writing my long, long post that I have missed whole conversations blush.

Paint - welcome to the thread. Really sorry you and your family are having such a hard time with illness. You are doing the right thing to focus on the essentials only (clean towels, by the sound of it!). Hope you get better soon.

Love your random clutter, SC grin.

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 11:35:26

ta da
school run
walk to wake up muscles
physio exercise (part of)
load and run dishwasher
boil up hand warmers
melt one hand warmer by dropping it on the stove rather then in pan
stick fingers into boiling water by accident
Check if cooker top still hot with hand wtf ouch
find christmas cup
put pots in to soak
air house
empty lounge bin
1 load of washing on
sort out a load of internet admin
empty contents of wardrobe top box
empty 2 shelves to rehome heavy files from box else where
consider where to rehome shelves emptied struggling with this one
Consider where to put the pictures which are being stored on the top of the top box also struggling with this one but a few more options
pull out spare wardrobe (one of those wooden/canvas cover one I had from student days and has been in storage) and measure size and see if it will work as a replacement.
Discover need a bigger box for the medicine box, and blush at no of bandages that are owned and are used
Split medicine tub up into two tubs

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 11:53:08

ta da
school run
walk to wake up muscles
physio exercise (part of)
load and run dishwasher
boil up hand warmers
melt one hand warmer by dropping it on the stove rather then in pan
stick fingers into boiling water by accident
Check if cooker top still hot with hand wtf ouch
find christmas cup
put pots in to soak
air house
empty lounge bin
1 load of washing on
sort out a load of internet admin
empty contents of wardrobe top box
empty 2 shelves to rehome heavy files from box else where
consider where to rehome shelves emptied struggling with this one
Consider where to put the pictures which are being stored on the top of the top box also struggling with this one but a few more options
pull out spare wardrobe (one of those wooden/canvas cover one I had from student days and has been in storage) and measure size and see if it will work as a replacement.
Discover need a bigger box for the medicine box, and blush at no of bandages that are owned and are used
Split medicine tub up into two tubs
Look at ds' books shelves and realise there is no where for a lot of the current books to go and panic as he will be getting more books at christmas
Tidy tops of bookcases in hall
find box of photos that need putting into albums and had been forgotten about. <consider wtf to do with said box that needs relocating>
2nd load of washing on

... Need. more. special. brew...

<goes to brew up>
<replaces empty vat with a fresh one>

Swanhilda Wed 04-Dec-13 13:42:40

Dizzy I love all the things you get done. I love the fact that you and Bitchy doing sewing and craft and exercise blush

I am sitting here, after reembarking on my low carb diet (sardines for lunch hmm

looking at 3 items to be ironed hmm

Achieving nothing!!! I have just read a book on Home Edding Asperger's children but now I'm sad because I've finished it and there's nothing left to procrastinate with (and all the contributors all put such a lot of effort into Home Edding I'm sure I couldn't possibly manage...which was my safety net sad

Sipping Lemsip, cold back with a vengeance.

SC I am seriously impressed by your list of achievements today. Child feeling down is awful sad Dss go through phases of telling me they are doomed, but they snap out of it and cheer up, possibly communicating that they find things difficult helps them enormously. FT said don't try and rally children when they say things are hard, just listen to them and they often come up with the solutions themselves. Is her school just expecting too much from her, because they think she has the ability? Maybe she has ability, but she will need to be a year or two older before she directs her talents. In the meantime she might be learning all sorts of other skills by being allowed to go at her own pace.

Gosh I feel uninspired today sad Maybe I just hate the thought of visitors, it really does bring me out in a cold sweat/paralysis. I need to make dh's Cake. That might bring me to my senses.

rowingboat Wed 04-Dec-13 13:53:34

I'm at work having a quick cuppa and just had to snort at bitchy and the testing cooker ring with hand. Ow!
Toffee my bedroom is also a dumping ground. My friend told me it was a sign I didn't love myself enough because I made myself live in the city dump. I'm sure yours is not on a par with my tip though!

Paintyourbox Wed 04-Dec-13 15:28:47

We have towels- yay!

Ta da's

Two loads of towels washed
One load dried, second in dryer now.
Bedding in wash
Bin emptied
Quick scoot round with hand held vac after DD spilt crumbs all over the rug
Washing up done
Wipe kitchen surfaces
Ironed clothes for work tomorrow

I feel totally shattered now, going to need a very early night tonight!

Swanhilda Wed 04-Dec-13 15:38:05

Dh present shopping and card
ingredients for birthday supper tomorrow
stained glass window book for dcs to make cards
3 stocking fillers

Swanhilda Wed 04-Dec-13 15:45:52

toffee hope you had your sleep. I managed a short one in morning.
Sandwich was for ds2's lunch (we have Wednesday and Tuesday sandwiches as he does touchtyping during lunchtime) so that was what annoyed me - Dh implying I was a careless mother grin when ds2 is not in the slightest bit bothered by that sort of thing, as long as sandwich has the right sort of cheese.

No, am going to give up on ironing. Clothes will have to be put away unironed, and I'll iron them as and when, as children due home any moment. Dd has just phoned.

Rollermum Wed 04-Dec-13 17:51:08

Hi all!

Goth glad dentist went well. I know what you mean about feeling like fillings are your fault.

Welcome Paint hope you feel better soon.

Ta da
Load of washing
Get DD up and clean
Recycle water cartridges
Clean hallway table
Sort pile of coats
Lunch and breakfast
Doors and mirrors for weekly bleurgh

To do
Clean bath - has been on list for days!
Get second load of washing out the machine
Wash up

DD sleeping on me lots today so quite a feet up day. Am going into London to see work colleagues tomorrow which is quite a commute so will do zero flying I expect!

CallingAllEngels Wed 04-Dec-13 18:37:48

Evening all

Ta da
Work (8 lessons)
Washing up
Frozen pizza for dinner

I am so fucking tired. DS' s sleep is hideous. I feel such a failure and so ineffective. I feel so resentful that DH gets to work 4 days a week and I don't because of childcare issues. I feel angry and resentful that DH doesn't have to get DS off to nursery and then go to work - he only has to deal with himself.. I feel guilty because I would rather be at work than at home at the moment. Going to work is a break (and I work with TEENAGERS!). Had a massive row with DH on Monday as my 2nd day in a row with DS (DH was decluttering the garage...too dangerous for DS so I was dealing with him) and I was at my wits end with tantrums and the state of this house (DH leaves his CRAP everywhere then grumps around when he can't find it).. Ended in me in a heap on the kitchen floor crying. DH just walks away and doesn't understand that what I need is sympathy and more practical support from him. He said something hideous to me about it being good that I wasn't pg if I can't cope with DS right now. Honestly, he apologised for it immediately, but once words are out of your mouth you can't unsay them.

<sigh> And tonight, DH has put DS to bed and not a peep from him. Last night when I did it, it was a drama.

I'm sorry to moan, I just need to vent.

But, for the first time in YEARS I have the house to myself for an hour or do in the evening. DH started fortnightly guitar lessons.

So, on my list for now marking beer, doctor who and nothing else.

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 18:38:36

I have had one of those afternoons where everything has gone tits up. Had to cancel my meeting. There are some insane drivers out there and the roads have been grid locked for hours and hours hmmsad

I also have a very large list of stuff that still needs to be done. CBAitits has just kicked in which is very inconvient as I have only dealt with 1/3rd of the wardrobe situation <sigh> and my bed is currently under stuff

<shuffles off to brew up some each strong bitchy special brew>

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Dec-13 18:40:03

<sneaks engels <<<hugs>>> >

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Dec-13 19:59:04

Engels - that all sounds normal to me grin! Sleep deprivation is truly hideous and is used as a form of torture, remember. Of course you would rather be at work - why would you feel guilty about that? You get breaks at work, you get to go to the loo and eat without interruption, you can have adult conversations, etc.

I'm sorry DH said what he said sad. It was thoughtless and stupid and cruel. None of us would have second babies if we were judged on how we coped with our first. It's really, really hard work. Sounds like your DH needs to spend more time looking after your little one so that he really understands what hard work it is.

I heard something on the radio yesterday that really resonated. This nurse from the Caribbean said that she was shocked at how we, in the UK, left mothers to cope alone if they were struggling; in her culture, she said, family and friends would help look after the baby and give the mother as much time as she needed to get well again. When I had PND, I felt like a failure because I was struggling. Now I think it was society's failure that I wasn't supported adequately.

Oh, and more ((hugs)).

Swan - of course you would cope with home educating, if you had to. Don't feel down because of that book. Home educators always put a positive spin on their experience. I'm sure they all have days when their children won't learn or they are just too damn tired to do anything with them, but they don't admit it. Home ed is still there as your safety net if you should need it, but it sounds as if school is going ok at the moment.

Paint - well done! Looks like you achieved what you needed. Now go to bed and rest (strict order!).

rowing - actually, my bedroom is probably worse than yours blush.

Bitchy - am very glad I don't drive sometimes. Hope you manage to find your bed tonight.

DS2 came out of school with a heart-shaped bit of paper for me this afternoon, signed from him to me. Aww. Will be putting that straight into my memory box grin.

Am still on the Lemsip. DS1 seems a bit better (slept till 2 shock) so am hoping he'll manage school tomorrow.

Ta da :

Nap (two hours!)
School run

As usual, the ironing is not done.

AngryBuddha Wed 04-Dec-13 20:23:59

<<hands Engels wine>> enjoy Dr Who.

Dizzy just as SC says, yesterday I had a massive list but today zilch (or feels like it). I spend most days fighting fires (cleaning up the destruction) but any headway seems to be destroyed every night, that what comes with living with 6 males!!

Ta da
School run 1hr
Dog walk
Tidied kitchen sides
hair done
school run 1hr
Made blueberry cake with DS4.

And still the house looks like a tip!!

Fledglings have been busy today, on the thread, took half hour just to catch up! Sounds like everyone's have a difficult day,.<<leaves several bottles of wine and cake on the side>>help yourselves.

AliceinWinterWonderland Wed 04-Dec-13 20:30:25

Hi all. So sorry to have dropped out of site. Busy few days, although I admit I've only gotten the bare minimum done. Hopefully back on track tomorrow.

Will read back to catch up.

CallingAllEngels Wed 04-Dec-13 20:47:04

Thank you ladies. toffee your post just made me cry. That's exactly how I feel about going to work - right now at home I can't leave the room without DS chasing after me. I can't go to the toilet by myself!

DS started crying and then screaming 10 mins after DH left so I ended up upstairs for 20 mins calming him and then he fell asleep so I could sneak back downstairs.

Have just managed to watch the end of the Christopher Eccleston series. Tomorrow...David Tennant!

AngryBuddha Wed 04-Dec-13 21:04:24

Engles oooh!! David Tennant, my favourite Dr.
Makes me want to watch them all again. Oh go on then, you have twisted my arm!! Yep watch them again, starting tonight!

GoingGoingGoth Wed 04-Dec-13 21:16:22


Babystep 5 is to ignore the niggling negative voices, and to turn them into a positive.

This week we are in Zone 1 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list here

Sneak Peek for the week's missions, today's is move all those shoes, books and jackets that seem to pile up right by the front door and put them away.

Thursday's focus is Errand day to go do anything required outside the house. I'm off to IKEA!! fgrin

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

Christmas Holiday Cruise Mission 4 is to make any appointments required during the next few weeks, rather than putting them off.

Back later with the summary

GoingGoingGoth Wed 04-Dec-13 22:19:36


PMPY has sorted the Playmobil chaos! and hopefully has got her antibiotics today <peers over glasses>

Mr Toffee was at the dentist! hope his appointment went well. Hope you got a nap, rather than doing the ironing.

Bitchy had an early night! fshock

SC has had a busy few days with a 5 1/2 hour declutter, major shopping trip and a fantastic choice for DD's advent calendar choosing godparent!

Swan and her DH turn out to both have strong views on sandwich wrapping. Hope he has a good birthday tomorrow.
A friend Home Eds her DD, I don't think it's easy all the time, but she is a bright little girl, and very knowledgable. I tried it short term when we were moving, and found it difficult, but they said it takes 6months to get them out of the school routines.

giraffes has a good list which includes exercise.
grin at organised thread! we're only on day 5, you'll see me unravel as the month goes on <swigs wine>

dizzy has a case of CBA. Do not compare against anybody else's list, we all get down re cleaning/life/kids/husbands regularly You are just started so ignore the detailed cleaning (I've never done it), just stick with the Babysteps.
You'll find that even though this is a cleaning thread, we mostly talk about everything else.

Paint joined us! feel free to pop in and out as much as you like. As well as a 'naughty corner' which is well stocked with wine, brew & cake, I am seriously thinking of setting up a 'quarantine corner' with painkillers, hot honey & lemon, hot milk and rum works a treat cushions, blankets, tissues etc.

rowing joined in the 'my bedroom is messier than yours' competition, I would like to enter DD's room for consideration.

Engels <hug> I don't know why children seem to play up less for their dad's, probably because we end up as part of the furniture. I think Toffee sums up my views much better than I could ham-fistedly put it.
On a plus side you now have David Tennant in your life.

Angry had a less productive day, but dealing with 6 males deserves a medal or wine

Sorry if I've missed anyone, hope everyone has better days tomorrow. Off to bed.

AngryBuddha Wed 04-Dec-13 22:36:55

Just finished watching Series1 Episode 1 Rose with Christopher and Billy, while waiting to get the next load of w/m and T/d on. Shined the sink and S&S downstairs loo to give me a head start on tomorrow!! Shh don't tell anyone I am such a nerd!fwink

'Fraid not goth - had to drive to Watford and back (from yorkshire so took aaaages. I will tomorrow though. It feels like my eye might fall out!


Sorry for being AWOL, hectic week, haven't read all the way back, but just wanted to send a hug to Engels.

Oh and Bitchy - I have just received my copy of that book you told me about the other week, looking forward to reading that. Someone else linked to it on MN the other day too.

A great evening here, DH took DS to his first ever premier league football match (the team DS supports was playing away to our local team) and DS's team won, they have just arrived home very happy and tired. I support the local opposition so I was happy about the result for other reasons! Meanwhile I have been out for a meal with my colleagues and had a really good laugh and a friend babysat for DD.

Morning routine, school etc
Make and ice cakes for Christmas fair tomorrow
Dinner and DW on
Downstairs rescue as it was all pretty scuzzy and didn't want friend to see - hoover, quick clean of bathroom, wipe all kitchen counters, tidy living room).
Watch football highlights on TV while waiting for DS to come home, I could see him sat behind the goal, awww.

Tomorrow will also be hectic, no work, but helping set up and run school Christmas Fair from 1 till about 5.30. Plus a washing mountain to tackle in the morning. And I really should go swimming or do some form of exercise.

Sillybillybob Wed 04-Dec-13 23:48:19

whoknows are you in the north west? DH has also been out to the football tonight...

If you are, it sounds like I support your team too!

I was meant to blitz the living room tonight ready for the tree at the weekend but have spent all evening cooking a "quick" meal that took 90 minutes!!! And sorting bits for DS' feed and medicines. They take flipping ages! So craft night tomorrow is now annoyingly living room blitz night.

Plus I drove DM's car today, parked it on a road and someone has driven by and smashed the glass out of her wing mirror as well as the casing off the back of it so tomorrow I'll be trying to somehow get that fixed no doubt at great cost. Am not feeling festive.

Hi Silly, we're on the south coast, Southampton vs Villa, DS supports Villa, I support Portsmouth, so a bit of a local rivalry thing (to put it mildly). Some exciting games tonight. How annoying about the wing mirror, they're not cheap on modern cars.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 05-Dec-13 00:04:48

Goth - yes, napping won over ironing smile. This helped prepare me for the news that, unfortunately, Mr Toffee's teeth are going to cost us the price of a small holiday <eek>.

engels <passes tissues> Sorry to make you cry! The stage you are talking about (when you can't even go to the loo on your own) doesn't actually last that long, but it feels endless. Somehow, you have to find resources of patience that you never knew you had (and that is easier to find if you get some sleep, some breaks and some support). Funnily enough, David Tennant is exactly what the doctor ordered (did you see the thread the other day with Mumsnetters drooling over him?).

Thanks for that great round up, Goth. Hope you get some good stuff at Ikea tomorrow.

Have finished the evening routines and laid all the clothes out. Looks like the boys will be wearing odd socks though, as I can't find any that match.

dizzyday07 Thu 05-Dec-13 03:04:20

Thanks for listening girls.

It's not your lists per se that gets me down - I love reading Bitchy's! (hope my grammar is correct), I think it is more that whilst DD is at school I have a huge void in my day. I really could use the time for making the house pristine, or doing something about reducing the size of my lardy a*se, or even trying to turn my sewing into a "proper" business but instead I frequently spend all day doing actually nothing. blush

Things are not exactly "loving" between DH and me - and honestly I haven't the inclination to try and make things better. He says perhaps I need to get a job (to get out the house more) but as my shyness is pretty chronic I can't think of anything more torturous! And he still wouldn't help out around the house.

I think I need to just continue shuffling along and then try to set some real life goals from January onwards. {Insert kick up the backside emoticon here}

Today's Ta-Da
* Meal planning and food buying
* To school to see DD in her class assembly
* DD to swimming club
* Dinner made (and burnt!)
* Remaining Xmas cards plus all envelopes
* Elf repositioned in new scenario

Engels - My exDH said something similar to me (after our loss) whilst at the same time forgetting that he did as little with our DS as humanly possible! I didn't get a full night's sleep for over a year and used to spend at least an hour every evening trying to get DS to go to sleep as he was overtired because DH had wanted him to be up when he got home from work! Have some cake and brew and a {hug}.

And on that note I best get to bed. Night all x

AngryBuddha Thu 05-Dec-13 08:38:13

Is not having a good morning!! I am hampered by the cut from when I tried to remove my finger last night, someone hid the doglead so the teenager could not walk the dog, a child has stolen day 12 out of everyone else advent caldendar and DS2 remember he had food tech 10 minutes before he was leaving!!! argh!!!

BitchytheGreat Thu 05-Dec-13 09:06:46

Oh dear budha

Take the book in small chunks whoknows it is heavy going but does trigger so many light bulb moments. Although I am no further reading since I saw you. and i have no idea what safe place i put it in

As my body hates me after yesterday's wardrobe adventures and my alarm went off as i was falling asleep, I am about to pour myself back into bed for a few hours. I will regret it i suspect but totally unable to do anything in the state I am in.

DorisShutt Thu 05-Dec-13 09:18:30

Posting without reading thread as I left a huge post on Monday which either MNet or my laptop appears to have eaten hmm. I then meant to post again but the cold from hell ensured that I lay down on the bed last night after putting DS to bed and woke up 11 hours later. Feel a bit better for it though.

Today is a day of crisis clean as due to the cold the house looks like a bomb site.

I'm going to finish my work, then flee round doing bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms complete with my crates - bin, recycling and put away somewhere else. BUT only for this morning. This afternoon will be dedicated to lying on the couch, watching crap telly and finishing writing the Christmas cards so that I can make DS's with him tomorrow and then get them posted.

So, waves and brew and cake to everyone, and I promise I'll catch up later on.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 05-Dec-13 09:38:57

Morning, just getting ready to go out again.
Need to get coathangers, storage jars, basket for DD's cuddly toys, look at the Christmas section, free coffee and a hot dog not looking at food section, oh no

DH seriously thought the school would be shut this morning due to the wind! But we made it on time, and it wasn't so bad once you got outside. Lots of tree branches down, and surface water. I can see this winter's mantra being "there's no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing"

GothCat is doing my head in, MrGoth shared some turkey with him last night, which he expected to be hand fed! not happening So he has a bowl of Turkey breast but is whining for cat food.

Angry love the fact it was day 12, they must have thought it would be a week before anyone noticed!

ToffeeWhirl Thu 05-Dec-13 10:27:40

Angry - not a good morning for you, but hugely entertaining for the rest of us grin.

dizzy - am going to PM you. Chin up!

Doris - I like your two-part day (especially the second half).

Goth - wouldn't DC love it if school closed every time there was a sign of bad weather? Your cat sounds sweet and pampered, by the way. Not long till we can get another kitten <excited>.

Bitchy and WhoKnows - what is this book of which you speak?

DS2 very reluctant to go to school this morning, but I was brisk and jolly and managed to get him there (albeit late). DH didn't do so well with DS1, who is still at home and still complaining of tummy ache. He is asleep again, so I think he really is under the weather, although I'm concerned that this week's extended timetable has overwhelmed him a little. Ah well.

Only managed five and a half hours sleep last night, but am ok for the moment. Whizzed around doing my routines as soon as I arrived back from the school run, so I have a 'ta da':

Swished and swiped in bathroom
Made beds (I never used to bother with this, but it only takes a second and makes me feel virtuous)
Unloaded d/w
Put washing on
Reloaded d/w
Tidied and cleaned kitchen surfaces
Wiped down cooker
Washed up glasses by hand
Put kitchen rubbish and recycling out
Ignored mounting pile of ironing
Ignored flaming hotspot in kitchen
Had breakfast

About to start work with DH now, sitting at the kitchen table. This calls for brew.

<leaves extra mugs out for fledglings>

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 05-Dec-13 13:01:00

ta da
morning routine, school runs
checked bank
checked gas/electric meters
washing up
tidied living room

to do
vacuum living room
finish going over budget and next week's meal plan
put together shopping list for tomorrow
finish "to do" list for tomorrow (extremely busy day of running around)
finish Christmas cards
hopefully one more load of laundry

Still a bit off today. Tired, I think. The "week of sickness" has taken a lot out of me, and now both DCs are having asthma problems and I'm spending what little time I get to sleep at night checking on coughing and wheezing children and administering inhalers as needed.

I'm looking forward to Christmas break just for the time off from school runs at this point. fgrin

AngryBuddha Thu 05-Dec-13 14:43:04

Ta Da
Tidy kitchen
Swept floor,
Washed up
Sorted bathroom cabinet (15 minutes declutter)
Tidied both bedroom unit tops (15 md)
S&S x2
Went in the cupboard at the top stair - which is like the Tardis, as runs the full length of the house, but only at waist level, which holds all the Xmas decs, Halloween decs, Summer clothes, keepsakes, rugby kit and swimming kit, hats, and spare shoes etc etc, and sorted it all. 3hrs later emerged back out.

To do
Get dinner on
School run
In charge of 28 Cubs and family's, around a campfire, singing Christmas songs, drinking mulled wine, eating soup or Mince pies. (God hopes it doesn't rain and the wind dies down)
Iron 20 school shirts!!

The Elf came through the door last night and played Poker with a couple of Teddies. The youngest 3 are enjoying this no end. Found a letter from one of them To Santa, Saying Don't forget Mummy this year!! Brought a tear to my eye.

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 05-Dec-13 15:49:08

Angry glad your little ones are enjoying their elf. Ours apparently ran off to report to Father Christmas after having a middle of the night picnic under the Christmas tree with Buzz lighyear and Woody. fgrin

And of course, now you've got me all interested in watching Doctor Who again.... guess I'll have to pull up Netflix tonight and watch some. (you can see my arm was twisted, right? right? fgrin)

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 05-Dec-13 16:10:50

I do have to say though... day. from. hell. today.

In the last few days I have been let down by family repeatedly and I am sick to the eyeteeth of it. I'm about to have a huge cull over who I do and do not deal with anymore. I am so tired of people expecting me to do things for them, but then bailing when asked to help out. I just give up. Self-reliant from now on, that's me. I'm going to laminate a big "Fuck off" sign and just flash it at people from now on when they ask for things.

sorry. rant over. Not a good day here. And finding it hard to find motivation to do anything positive tonight.

AngryBuddha Thu 05-Dec-13 16:16:02

<<passes a big mug of hot steaming brew to Alice>>

Yep, people like to take the piss!

BitchytheGreat Thu 05-Dec-13 16:37:23

ta da
rescue stuff that was being blown about garden
ds to meeting
drop prescription off
clear space for Christmas tree
Book Doc appointment and check time of ds' appointment

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 05-Dec-13 16:39:21

Angry thanks. I'm eyeing up the wine for later. I honestly was so angry at one point today that I hung up on someone as I couldn't form a polite reply.

elliepac Thu 05-Dec-13 17:46:38

Evening all. Weather quite scary here. Have been to Leeds on a school trip to the Royal Armouries and the coach felt like it was to blow over at points. Traffic chaos everywhere and lots of blown over lorries which freaked some of the kids out so lots of reassurance needed. Our trampoline is trashed and the garden is also a little messy! More worryingly, some of our BF's in a village 5 miles away on a river are having to be evacuated due to severe flooding threat.

Flying: none
Schoolwork to do: lots

Paintyourbox Thu 05-Dec-13 18:02:42

Hi all,

Alice loving the idea of a "Fuck Off" sign, may borrow that idea for myself.

Just got home from work to find DP chasing DD around trying to change her very stinky nappy. The joys!

To do tonight:

A load of washing for work on Saturday
Make lunch for work tomorrow
Pack DD childminder bag
Xmas card list to write
Tidy kitchen
Couple of work emails to send
Early night as still feeling rough

The weather is really scary here (Yorkshire), hoping there's no disruption to travel tomorrow as I am travelling quite a distance with work!

elliepac Thu 05-Dec-13 18:22:10

paint you can't be far from me. I'm in North Lincssmile.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 05-Dec-13 18:22:48

<hands over wine to Alice.

Sympathies to those in the midst of the scary weather. Have just sent my DM an email with advice about flooding as she is in one of the 'at risk' areas on the East Coast. However, she is floating back on a cloud of alcohol from lunch with former colleagues in London and I don't think she knows or cares about flooding <frets>.

Paint - oh, stinky nappies - have forgotten those joys, thankfully.

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 05-Dec-13 18:41:20

Oh god, sorry, is there bad weather? I haven't even noticed. (possibly distracted by the black cloud over my head grin)

Hope the weather gets better for those in the yucky stuff.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 05-Dec-13 20:16:08

Alice - might be worth clicking on BBC news!

Have just spoken to my Mum, who is in one of the danger zones, but is so pissed happy after her night out that she simply roared with laughter at my concern. You can see the beach from her bedroom window <eek>.

Made lovely roast dinner tonight, but both boys refused to touch either the vegetables or the fruit kebabs. DS2 is being particularly stubborn and it is very wearing.

elliepac Thu 05-Dec-13 20:35:30

Our friends have been flooded sad. And our other friends have it in their garden sad. The next village along from my mum has been evacuated but have just spoken to her and, rather like toffee's mum, she is pissed and going to retire to bed with her cats.

AliceinWinterWonderland Thu 05-Dec-13 20:39:37

Toffee Thanks - I just checked it and it doesn't look like any major storm warnings near us, thank goodness.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 05-Dec-13 20:43:33

Sorry to hear about flooding and bad weather experiences. The thought of all the middle aged ladies getting pissed and ignoring it has made me smile even though it's not a laughing matter, hope everyone's loved ones stay safe.

Back later, I want to read back through the last few days and catch up properly.

Paintyourbox Thu 05-Dec-13 20:59:26

Ellie we are in a very windy North Yorks.

Tonight's Ta Da's

Kitchen tidied
Washing in machine
Dd bag packed for tomorrow
My bag packed for tomorrow
Xmas card list written

Now need to send some work emails, have been putting it off. Silly really but scared the reply will be something I don't like!

rowingboat Thu 05-Dec-13 21:01:02

Hi all, just back in from work and had a hooooge list to do there, but have lost any motivation to do much at home.
The hot spot is looking better than a pile of compost, but not as good as a rat's nest
Hope nobody has blown away!
Did set out my tomorrow clothes and just have to organise ds's swimming things and my lunch for work do a bit of tumble frying and I'm laughing I a slightly crazed manner.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 05-Dec-13 21:19:26

Ellie & Paint hope the weather has calmed down for you now.

Just got to do a batch of ironing, and then will be back to do links and summary.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 05-Dec-13 22:25:11


Babystep 6 is to start tackling the Hotspots

This week we are in Zone 1 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list for those who feel up to it not me here

Sneak Peek for the week's missions, today's is move all those shoes, books and jackets that seem to pile up right by the
front door and put them away.

Friday's focus is Errand day to declutter purses and cars.

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

Christmas Holiday Cruise Mission 5 is to Fling out the Fridge. I must admit I'm finding these missions quite useful.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 05-Dec-13 23:08:56


Will be a quick one, as it's late and I'm knackered.

AngryBuddha has a chocolate thief in the house (still laughing) and a tardis cupboard in which time disappears. Hope the cubs went well.

WhoKnows is reading a book recommended by Bitchy, not sure if I dare ask.
She also had a night out last night, which has hopefully given her a boost.

Sillybillybob hope you got to do some of your craft and not just a living room blitz.

Toffee eek indeed over Mr Toffee's teeth. But fgrin over new kitten! when do you get him/her?

dizzyday so pleased you're still here. With us behind you, you can do anything you set your mind to. 'D'Hs seem to open open their mouths to change feet sometimes, and honestly some days I get more support from my tights.
In the future, womankind will just keep prize specimens David Tennant in a compound and we'll take them out as required, but not need to live with them.

Doris has suffered from disappearing posts, I hate that especially when doing summaries Sounds like a decent amount of sleep has worked wonders.

Alice fits right in with the 'Fuck off' sign. Sometimes you just have to do it. or move

elliepac had a school trip to the Royal Armouries, I bet that was a bit white knuckle in this weather. Hope your friend is ok, my ex-manager was flooded out the other year, it was so awful for her, took a year before they could move back in.

MrPaint had to chase a small child with dirty nappy (the joys). Hope your journey tomorrow goes ok tomorrow.

rowingboat hope you got a chance to do some crafting tonight and not just doing cleaning.

dizzyday07 Thu 05-Dec-13 23:44:15

I am still here plugging away. Today has been pretty quiet on the cleaning front but I still have managed some things that needed doing

Ta Da
* D/W emptied
* Dry clothes away
* Went through the few Xmas presents I have bought and updated my spreadsheet with who has already got what! {Geek Alert!}
* Ordered some major bits off Amazon and Tesco (using vouchers for the latter which was great)
* Made tea (inc Dauphinoise potatoes which went down a storm)
* Pots washed and sink shined
* Repositioned Elf (DD is loving his exploits)
* Swimming & school gear ready by the door for our 6am start tomorrow
* And replied to a lovely cyber friend thanks

Slimchance Fri 06-Dec-13 02:22:35

Just tip-toeing in ...

Goth thank you for round-up and hope the winds have subsided where you are.

Hope everyone is safe and sound wherever you are located.

Well, St Nicolas has arrived on his steam-boat from Spain (as is the tradition here in Northern Europe) ...and has left satsumas and chocolate and speculoos biscuits in the fireplace for dd ... along with a few presents ... rabbit slippers riding crop ... Lemony Snicket books (thanks Swan - I think you recommended them) for tomorrow morning (still a normal school day though much to dd's disgust and they have exam revision no less).

I have "eaten" the carrots and "drunk" the water left out for his white horse, and have really eaten the biscuits and drunk the sherry left out for the good Saint ... wink

and (Alice you will like this bit ...) I've been arsing around on my hands and knees with a plastic sieve, a pkt of icing sugar and an old horse-shoe making "snowy" footprints on the parquet...

[SC swigs rest of sherry and contemplates whether the "verb" arsing takes an 'e' or not ... anyway ....)

Bloody wide awake now!! [grrrr]

Big waves to one and all!! fgrin

Slimchance Fri 06-Dec-13 02:27:23

And how come there were loads of severe weather warnings for the last storm, but relatively scant coverage about this one?

rowingboat Fri 06-Dec-13 07:49:46

Morning all,
(I have just had a flashback to Dixon of Dock Green!)
Up and off to work shortly
Hoping to get back to learning to fly soon
Slim eh? What's this about a steamboat and carrots?? Is st. Nicholas a different day to Christmas. Are there still presents at Christmas? (Faints at prospect of buying yet more presents)
You work twice as hard as me if so. shockfsmile
This hotspot palava is trickier than it first appears. DS is in his choir at school and we seem to be accumulating little bits of paper with songs on. What am I supposed to do with them?
Is there a song box?
What do you guys do?

CallingAllEngels Fri 06-Dec-13 08:58:09

Ta da
up, dressed, breakfasted
washing on
folded last 3 loads of clean washing
hoovered lounge
set up DS's toet toet airport that he got yesterday from Sinterklaas

to do
washing up
call DM
tidy lounge and kitchen - ironing basket, rocking horse in attic, bins emptied, dining table, coffee table, kitchen table, shoes, plants etc etc etc
christmas cards
christmas tree (tonight when ds is in bed!)

If I have the energy, town to finish off stocking fillers for me, ds and dh.

tomorrow dmil is having ds so dh and I can get on with clearjng out the cellar.

bbl to catch up on thread

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Dec-13 09:04:39

Yes, in the past when we were kids we either had a ring folder that the songs were put into (plastic wallets if necessary), or a box folder thingy. Keeps them in one place but findable if needed.

CBAitis has set in. this is not good. Did fuck all yesterday so have an even bigger to do list to do today as a result. CBFA.

grin @ all the worried people about the book. It is fine, a factual book for helping the dc with various areas of problems that they are struggling to manage themselves. But it is heavy reading as there is so much information crammed into each page. Bloody good though.

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Dec-13 09:05:12

Sorry that first bit was for Rowing

StillWearingOddSocks Fri 06-Dec-13 10:03:40

Hello everyone. I only seem to report in on Fridays which is the day I don't work. Faced with a sea of clutter and mess and am going to catch up on yesterday's posts here before getting the strength to do something about this tip!

Tree is up. Less floor space. And needs a bit of tweaking because I am a control freak

Look forward to reading more posts later today xxxx

AngryBuddha Fri 06-Dec-13 10:17:45

Well the chocolate thief is on a rampage and has stolen 12 chocolates across 3 calendars. The kids are blaming the Elf which I know it wasn't. (she vegan for ffs)
I have no idea who the culprit is!

Great evening last night with the Cubs, the stars were out and the wind died down. Very enjoyable. Also looking forward to taking them Rock climbing on Monday.

Ta Da
Up (40 minute late after pushing the snooze button 4 times)
breakfast x5
packed lunches x5
School Run
tidied kitchen
swept floor
washed up

To do
ironing (massive pile)
organize rota for kitchen duty at rugby (somehow manage to get this job what a mug must learn to say NO)
tidy Hallway

Need the power of 3 today as overwhelmed with what needs to be done.

GossipWitch Fri 06-Dec-13 10:42:09

helloooooooo all, how are you?

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Dec-13 10:43:22

ta da
sort out lovefilm stuff
internet admin
put load in tumbler dryer
play musical chairs with the furniture
boil up handwarmers
speak to the mother who is in a particularly chatty mood today and therefore lose hours
sort out stuff for running errands
Sort out training diary
wonder wtf i put the christmas cds hmm
found some but not the one i was looking for. what bloody safe place did i put that in?
sort out phone
Discover a whole heap of stuff that needs dealing with that is an easy job but going to take hours.

Right time to run the errands that didn't get done yesterday.

I have left extra extra strong special brew on the side help yourselves.

AliceinWinterWonderland Fri 06-Dec-13 11:15:29

Slimchance hahahahahahha LOVE IT!!! Well done!! Our elf was playing dress up overnight - left a bunch of stuffed toys with gold tinsel around their necks like a feather boa, and bow ties. fgrin

Slimchance Fri 06-Dec-13 11:52:50

Morning eveyrone! Lovely bright day here - makes all the difference - literally cannot see to sort/clean in this house when it's gloomy weather well that's my excuse anyway.

Felt cream crackered yesterday but forced myself to cook vats of root veg soup and a lentilly, root vegetable sort of casserole thing with bacon to boost the freezer. And to do laundry. And clean out rabbits. That was about it once hwk supervision/school runs had been done etc as dh was away.

Have done morning routine today + errands such as trip to optician having sat on my glasses confused and picked up some flowers for a colleague's wife who has just come out of hospital plus delivered small St Nic presents for their dc + bakery run. Plus more speculoos and chocolate St Nic's for my cleaner's dc. Off to do more laundry now.

This afternoon I must complete on-line shopping for godchildren and nephew and DO MORE IN THE HOME OFFICE OF DOOM... Unfortunately, I've worked out that I have to muck up newly sorted boudoir to do this as there is no where to put anything otherwise ... which is a bit dispiriting having just rediscovered the floor in there. But hopefully, once I've thrown out enough papers and cr*p 'stuff', it will all fit back in to office.

Off to concert tonight (if I can get ticketing system to work) where they will be singing English carols). First time in years so am stupidly excited!

DD going through a very difficult phase at the moment - she's very anxious and stressed (thank you VERY much Toffee will pm you today or over weekend) but trying to remain as patient as possible even though it can be terribly wearing (I know that sounds heartless but (in situations where there really isn't anything to worry about, I don't know whether to go in to hearty "you'll be fine, snap out of it" mode or to be more soft and sympathetic). Neither approach seems to work frankly, so you end up feeling a bit helpless.

Off to put on more washing, grab a cup of coffee and catch up with rest of thread.

Big wing flaps to all.

AngryBuddha Fri 06-Dec-13 13:33:02

Ta Da
ironing (massive pile) while watching RomCom (which was a love way to spend some of the morning, making ironing less of a chore)
organized rota for kitchen duty at rugby (still to send)
tidied Hallway
Ordered some xmas presents online
dealt with incorrect item delivered

To do
school run
Food Shopping for weekend

But off now to spend the rest of the afternoon with the girls, for a coffee around a roaring fire! Taking Stollen with me, starting to feel a bit more Christmassy!

Slimchance Fri 06-Dec-13 14:05:57

[Not that I ever say ... "snap out of it" ... in reality obviously confused]

Arf at mischievous elves Alice and Angry grin!!

Bitchy sympathies over missing Christmas cards. This is one of the downsides of being efficient and buying things in advance. I can't find a ruddy thing grin! [Trying to gather all of dd's stocking purchases in to one box and cannot for the life of me remember where I put them. The present cupboard (where they are supposed to be) would be just too easy of course ... .]

Waves back to Gossip!! How are you doing?!

You can do it Stillwearingoldsocks!! brew

Rowing arf at compost v rat's nest comparison grin grin
Loads of song sheets all over the place here too. Going to put them in plastic wallets in fat lever arch file as Bitchy has suggested.

Yes, the feast of St Nicholas (French) or Sinterklaas (Dutch) is celebrated on 6th December more info here. It's a huge deal in Belgium and the Netherlands and the time when dc get their main presents. Being expats though, I tend to divide dd's ordinary stack of Christmas presents between the two feasts, or it gets ridiculous otherwise - supplemented by chocolate and satsumas and traditional spice biscuits.

A rather controversial aspect to the feast is St Nicolas's "helper" known as Zwarte Piet or "Black Peter". Huge debate going on here. One lot argues that it is horribly racist (which to an expat's eyes it definitely is) and others argue that it is a gentle "harmless" tradition for the amusement of dc. (Belgium - despite being the centre of the EU - is quite small and parochial in reality and is, to my mind, much, much more racist than the UK - it's the least attractive aspect of the country imo.)

Engels Hadn't realised that Sinterklaas arrives on the 5th in your neck of the woods! And (very belated - sorry) sympathies that you are so sleep-deprived and dh not offering proper support thanks. I know how much you have supported him in the past and (if I may say so) t doesn't seem at all fair that that same support is not reciprocated at such a difficult time for you. You are absolutely NOT a failure - you have kept the whole show on the road fhs!!

Fab round-up Goth! Treble arf at "getting more support from your tights" than dh grin

Paintyourbox Hope you are feeling less rough today and that e-mail response is one you wanted!

Elliepac hope your mum is ok (although arf at retiring to bed with cats!) and your bf too. Saw pics of N. Lincs on the news and it looked awful. Glad you and yr pupils survived scary coach trip unscathed!

Deep repect at ironing 20 school shirts Angry + 5 brkfasts + 5 packed lunches etc and well, living with 6 males grin!!

Hope you can catch up on much needed sleep Alice

Good to hear you have done so Doris and that you are feeling a bit better

Dizzy sorry life is tough going atm (particularly hard when dh unsympathetic). Small steps and all that thanks.

Sillybilly sorry craft night got bumped again...

Hope the Christmas fair went well whoknows

Waves to Rollermum

Hope you are off the Lemsip now Toffee and feeling better (and your ds1)

YOu too Swan and hope your pils visit went well (visitors - apart from lovely dsis 2 - bring me out in a cold sweat too). Will try just "listening" to dd instead of going in to rallying/solving mode and see what happens - thanks - needed reminding of that.

Waves to Feetheart Just Honu Pushme Lauren Castle Giraffes Jdub Madhouse Mercury Saturn Pictures - all newcomers - and everyone I've inevitably missed

That took a bit longer than expected - kept being interrupted by phone calls - dh keeps sending me boring work that I don't want to do .

Big waves to one and all!

GossipWitch Fri 06-Dec-13 14:44:14

Really well thanks slim, I used to follow these threads before, however gave up as I was trying to cram 3 boys 3 cats 2 adults and 2 houses worth of furniture into one 2 bedroomed house. Thankfully we have moved, and alot of decluttering happened with it, but now xmas is happening and although this house stays tidier than the last one, the clutter is beginning to rear its ugly head so I thought id get back on the band wagon and try and organise my life a lot better esp as I'm starting a degree in Feb and need to be organised and disciplined, and ttcing, so I need your help please.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 06-Dec-13 14:48:26

Just popping in quickly before the school run, but SC, do you know this book? I can recommend it. I actually used it with DS2, not DS1 (there's one on OCD for him) and it really helped. Do PM me though.

<dashes off>

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Dec-13 14:49:34

ta da
sort out lovefilm stuff
internet admin
put load in tumbler dryer
play musical chairs with the furniture
boil up handwarmers
speak to the mother who is in a particularly chatty mood today and therefore lose hours
sort out stuff for running errands
Sort out training diary
wonder wtf i put the christmas cds hmm
found some but not the one i was looking for. what bloody safe place did i put that in?
sort out phone
Discover a whole heap of stuff that needs dealing with that is an easy job but going to take hours.
Put a load of washing on
take a trip into the the next town, to do banking and shopping
2nd load of washing into the WM
Contemplate the meaning of life
Stand in bedroom and wonder how the fuck to get it tidy
Crawl into office and spend 20mins having a rummage and a sort.
Break the no coffee after 12pm rule
Collect stuff for going to the tip
forget allergy tablet before disturbing all the dust. Sneeze a lot.
Find elastic so can finally sort out ds' new pj bottoms
Discover far far far far too many half finished craft projects. Decided need to put a ban on new projects and cull a load off realises said this last year too
lose hearing in one ear hmm
remove half a dozen plastic bags in various stages of falling apart from office

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Dec-13 14:54:50

Hi, I'm bitchy. Turns out I collect stationary. blush and not just unfinished craft projects

Rollermum Fri 06-Dec-13 14:55:20

Hi everyone!

Waves back at Slimchance

Having a trying day. DD super clingy and feeding every 2 hours again... Wouldn't normally care about getting stuff done but have guests coming. Gah! So regrouping (during a feed) with a list:

Ta da:
Wash up
Swish and swipe
Get DD up and clean

To do:
Eat something!!
Pop to shop for provisions
Get washing out
Put new load on
Vague tidy in lounge
Clean bath - inevitably bumped every day

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Dec-13 16:26:43

ta da
sort out lovefilm stuff
internet admin
put load in tumbler dryer
play musical chairs with the furniture
boil up handwarmers
speak to the mother who is in a particularly chatty mood today and therefore lose hours
sort out stuff for running errands
Sort out training diary
wonder wtf i put the christmas cds hmm
found some but not the one i was looking for. what bloody safe place did i put that in?
sort out phone
Discover a whole heap of stuff that needs dealing with that is an easy job but going to take hours.
Put a load of washing on
take a trip into the the next town, to do banking and shopping
2nd load of washing into the WM
Contemplate the meaning of life
Stand in bedroom and wonder how the fuck to get it tidy
Crawl into office and spend 20mins having a rummage and a sort.
Break the no coffee after 12pm rule
Collect stuff for going to the tip
forget allergy tablet before disturbing all the dust. Sneeze a lot.
Find elastic so can finally sort out ds' new pj bottoms
Discover far far far far too many half finished craft projects. Decided need to put a ban on new projects and cull a load off realises said this last year too
lose hearing in one ear hmm
remove half a dozen plastic bags in various stages of falling apart from office
Go shock at all the stationary i have found in the office
make the mother of all hot chocolate drinks for ds (marshmallows and squirty cream on top, finished off with chocolate milkshake powder)
15mins more in office
Sneeze a lot more <miserable>
drink far too much coffee for considering sleep tonight hmm
investigate the office window and try to determine if it is leaking or not, can't tell so put on the daily to do list
put new elastic in ds' pjs
find ds' spelling book that went missing 3 years ago
arm ds with more paper chain paperstrips

Next job a big bonfire.

Slimchance Fri 06-Dec-13 16:30:42

I remember you from previous threads Gossipwitch!
Great to have you back in the fold!

That's tough Rollermum trying to complete a list with a young 'un attached... . Every small step is an achievement in those circs.

Far too many half-finished craft projects here too Bitchy and realise I said that last year too grin

Yes we have that book thank you Toffee. Need to dig it out ...will be in touch ... .

Well I've done the on-line shopping bit of my list grin! Have finished nephews/nieces/office/numerous godchildren now thank heavens.

I had another good rummage in home office to find Christmas organisation file without success.

And have cleared a load more flotsam from the floor.

Still loads and loads to do though.

Concert tonight, entertaining tomorrow and Sunday - plus dd going to a party then too - so busy w/e ahead. May be only on here intermittently.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

wine wine wine on naughty corner bar (well, it's an hour ahead over here wink)

[Snaffles wine to save for once boys are collected]

Big waves to everybody. I have emerged from under a huge pile of work today.

Ta da!
Finished 2 major work projects
Made soup for lunch
More Christmas shopping - nearly finished now
Tiny bit of tidying up
Choir "homework"

Still tons to do, and my parents are coming for Christmas, which will be lovely but need to get the house sorted by then... Babysteps!

Slimchance Fri 06-Dec-13 16:46:06

Cheers Blue! wine

ToffeeWhirl Fri 06-Dec-13 17:55:31

SC - great that you have that book already. DS2 really enjoyed it and it seemed to put his worries to rest. He especially loved the 15-minute 'worry time' that we had every day after school, although he only needed it a few times and then admitted he had run out of worries!

My cold has turned into a kind of headachey, wanting-to-lie-down-all-the-time kind of thing, but we are booked to go out to the cinema tonight (with MIL babysitting) and it is such a rare occurence that I am dosing myself up with pills and wine and going anyway.

<grabs wine from bar>

JustGettingOnWithIt Fri 06-Dec-13 18:07:05

Hi to Giraffes and paint, welcome home Gossip smile

Goth can we have oxygen in the 'quarantine corner' please?
I can't even stay awake most of the day let alone fly.

SC we also celebrate St N today, though it’s much smaller, no presents, just gold chocolate coins, sweet food, and stories, to remind those who have (in whatever form) to give to those who haven’t, lest you see your friends and neighbours suffering for want of what you could have done about it.

Swan re what toffee said; “of course you would cope with home educating, if you had to. Don't feel down because of that book. Home educators always put a positive spin on their experience. I'm sure they all have days when their children won't learn or they are just too damn tired to do anything with them, but they don't admit it.”

I can assure you this is absolutely true, though I do admit it!

When you see on my lists things like ‘History, English, Geography, catch up H/ed diary’; on a bad night you can safely intersperse them with:
‘get ds out of bog’, ‘use bog hogging to revisit social rules’, ‘get ds off hackaday and back to geog’, ‘convince ds to stop eating expensive stylus’, ‘use opportunity to revisit behaviour appropriate to situation’, ‘get ds of fascinating but unrelated article and back to Macbeth’, ‘get ds back out of bog’ , ‘get ds to stop chewing headphone’, ‘convince ds that he needs to help update diary too’, ‘apply Heimlich manoeuvre to ds to recover headphone inner piece’, ‘don’t allow self to be drawn into argument’, ‘manage to remain calm in the face of ds in bog again!’, ‘succeed in not wetting self’, ‘accept history won’t happen tonight even though I need it to’, ‘give up and allow ds to remain in bog for 2. 3/4 hours until he’s sated’, ‘note abandoned hackaday article could be used in Dt/ engineering tomorrow’, ‘shove incomplete H/ed diary under mattress’, 'eat.'

When all else fails, I write the date, and ‘learning objectives' and under it 'Parental patience.’ If we’re both still alive, I consider them met.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 06-Dec-13 18:14:45

grin at your learning objectives, Just.

One of my tricks, if DS1 wasn't co-operating with my timetable for him, was to persuade DS1 to write a short piece about something he'd googled, then I'd date it and pop it in the file. All educational, even if it was about Minecraft wink.

Swanhilda Fri 06-Dec-13 18:27:05

Well apropos Home edding Ds2 still seems to come out of school every day with a big smile on his face (possibly because it is Friday hmm Apparently he got three hundred merits equivalent of jackpot for attending Voluntary Mass 10 times at Friday lunchtimes shock I did remind him that Mass is not for collecting merits indulgences but anyway he is in a satisfied sort of mood. And the music teacher liked his "sound waves". He told me he learnt how to draw them from The Simpsons confused

The house is in that pleasantly tidy post I L state. Thank you IL's! They were lovely last night. Dh has taken them to Philip Glass's Gandhi - I think he was slightly regretting his choice when he set out - perhaps something a bit more popular on a dark winter's night for three oldies.

SC and Alice loving all these tales of St Nicolas and the Elf.
I have painted my saltdough advent candle holder - tiny attempt at joining in!

GossipWitch Fri 06-Dec-13 20:02:01

I am back after the manic xmas fayre I've just been face painting for (seriously you say you can use a paint brush...), dp turned up at 5, the kids messed about for a bit he got them home, picked up the eldest (who had got in from school and promptly sat on the computer, then didn't move at all for the next half an hour until dp got in), they all then went to drop ds1 to his dads whilst all grabbing tea, by which point I had finished, cleared up and was waiting out side, I waited for an hour, because as usual me and my stupid planning didn't work angry I am now cold to the bone and my back is starting to hurt, but bless my dp, he also needed to feed the ds's so grabbed a mcdonalds en route, of course I am attempting to diet and was horrified at the site of the bag, and hoping he hadn't picked up the usual order of a big mac meal, or worse, nothing at all, he pulls out a salad bowl, with a diet coke, oh I love that man. He seriously is all kinds of awesome rolled into one smile

GossipWitch Fri 06-Dec-13 20:07:31

Oh and lets not forget that he actually managed to go to work this morning after just 3 hours sleep as he had been up steaming a xmas pudding for guess the weight of the pud comp. If he wasn't so knackered I would be thanking him in kind later. grin

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Dec-13 20:38:37

shockgrin Gossip

GoingGoingGoth Fri 06-Dec-13 20:41:01


Babystep 7 is to get your clothes ready for the next day before you go to bed.

This week we are in Zone 1 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list for those who feel up to it here

No missions, as it's the weekend. grin

Saturday focus is Family Fun Day

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

As there are only 15 Christmas Holiday Missions, I think we get a weekend break from them too.

Just about to put DD to bed, before tackling tonight's round up.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 06-Dec-13 20:53:49

For teachers

I got slightly sidetracked on FB, and this made me laugh, hope it does you too.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 06-Dec-13 22:28:34


dizzyday had a productive day yesterday which included a spreadsheet (I lurve spreadsheets) and is being inventive with her Elf grin

SC doing a fantastic St Nicholas impression, hope the icing sugar swept up ok! Followed by being a domestic goddess in a good way and the experienced joy hmm of realising that to sort out a fresh space means filling a just done area.
Hope the concert went well tonight.

rowingboat brought up the song sheet conundrum <ignores full scale blaze in the homework corner> I think Bitchy's ring folder idea is great, (any excuse to buy stationary)

OddSocks did her weekly check in grin whatever works for you. And I know what you mean about tweaking ornaments. The time between putting the tree up and DD going to bed is sooo frustrating, one day I'll crack and just start sorting things out while she's still there.

Angry's Elf is getting up to tricks again and more chocolate has disappeared! <snorts>
Re the rugby, remember "No, is a complete sentence"

Alice's elf played dress up overnight, I wish I heard of these years ago! I think DD is too old now sad

GossipWitch rejoined us, in a bid to fend off the clutter before it takes over. Lovely to have you back. Sounds like you had fun face painting. Not so good, getting that cold, hope you've warmed up now. brew < hot chocolate with marshmallows! cram and alcohol of your choice.

Bitchy has regained the list crown, and has joined SA stationers anonymous <sets up group session in naughty corner, not to get over it, but to compare stash--

Rollermum had a clingy child! they always seem to know when you need to get on. Don't worry about the bath, we'll be in Zone 3, week after next.

Blue has finished 2 big projects and almost all her Christmas shopping! we need a [trophy] or [star]

Toffee is off to the cinema, how lovely, hope the headache eases off.
going anyway.

<hands oxygen mask> to Just, hope your energy levels improve soon. I think the dark nights don't help

Swan has a salt dough advent candle holder! We did letters one year, which DD insisted on keeping, they were all mouldy when we unpacked them a year later! envy

Quiet day for me, it was the last Helping Hands at school for this term. Had lots of fun colouring in and not so much fun cover sealing times table worksheets (sticky back plastic)

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 06-Dec-13 22:51:48

Evening all,

Well, our school fair went really well yesterday, it is lovely seeing the whole school, staff, parents and children work together to make it into a lovely fun event. Wasn't as tired as I had thought I would be afterwards, so managed 90 mins worth of ironing (did 4 loads of washing in the morning) and application of glittery nail varnish in the evening too.


Morning routine, school run etc.
Phone vet about flea treatment
Popped to Sainsburys
Home via Lidl, Pets at Home and town centre for errands
Clean out litter trays
Tidying, email etc
1/2 hour of OU work
Pick up DCs from after school club
Get DCs to empty DW and put clean clothes away. All of this is proving to be a struggle at the moment.

DCs to bed eventually - they never seem to tire at the moment. They spent the last hour before bed casting and scripting a household performance of A Christmas Carol.

Tomorrow is Christmas decorating day. Looking forward to that.

dizzyday07 Sat 07-Dec-13 02:15:00

Semi productive day here

Ta Da
* Up at 6am for DD's swimming training
* DD to school
* Organised return of faulty xmas present
* Washing load in and hung to dry
* Recycling tub emptied
* Early to school for assembly where DD got Yr 4 Star of the Week (yeah)
* DD to swimming training (yes you read right - twice in one day!)
* DH cooked tea so I washed pots, cleaned grease off hob angry and shined sink
* Repositioned Elf
* Gathered bits together that we need for tomorrow

DD is in a swimming gala this weekend so tomorrow we are leaving DH alone in the house and he is supposedly hanging the outdoor xmas lights - Santa's Chavvy Grotto her we come!

giraffeseatpineapples Sat 07-Dec-13 02:47:35

dizzy are you in uk will be so glad if i'm not the only one up late

who knows for getting children helping out - I never consistently do this and I think its important but it just slows everything up!

Right not doing very well. need to be more focused tomorrow! Will be a busy day though - school fair party etc

DD was off playschool as vom'd last night so we spent a large portion of the day watching disney christmas movies blush

Fell asleep on sofa again so before bed I need to do the dishes.
One good thing is the christmas cards for posting are mostly ready to go. I aso untangled some decorations that hadn't gone up and finally took my £2.50 poinsetta out of packet, watered and potted and it looks lovely.

Ooh I also bought a cuddly elf so need to figure out how far to take elf on shelf thing (children are 3, 6 and 8) or whether to save for next year confused

giraffeseatpineapples Sat 07-Dec-13 02:49:15

sorry who knows - I left out the well done. I blame the mulled wine I had earlier.

Right dishes and bed and no shilly shallying with cups of tea at the same time.

AngryBuddha Sat 07-Dec-13 02:53:28

Giraffe I am up late too.... Definitely do the elf thing this year! I am having a blast with ours!!!

CallingAllEngels Sat 07-Dec-13 08:24:40

Morning all. Didn't make it back yesterday.

Goth that link made me laugh.

sc s7nterklaas arrives rhe 3rd weekend in november and then leaves 6th december. Presents canbturn up in shoes during the whole 2-3 weeks, and most families have a "pakjesavond" (Packages evening) when piet has delivered a big pile of presents(kids hear a bang or knock somewhere in the house, but piet has scarpered by the time they get there!).

whoknows, bedtime is usually DS's cue to start jumping up and down on his bed.

Right OPERATION CELLAR starts shortly. Just have to drop DS at ILs then we're off to tip to emoty the trailer, then it's downstairs into the basement of doom to clear it out, clean it, prep/paint a alls and buy shelving stuff.

Will bbl with cobwebs in my hair

ToffeeWhirl Sat 07-Dec-13 09:06:52

Had lovely evening out and DH and I were able to nip into our local for a quick drink after the film. Off to have hair cut and coloured today, which is always like a mini holiday, then doing some Xmas shopping.

Hope you all have a good day. Will be back to catch up on thread later. Have to spend time plastering on some make up now, so that I don't look too ancient in the unforgiving hairdresser's mirror shock.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 07-Dec-13 09:28:08

Giraffes - thanks. I keep telling myself "short term pain for long term gain" WRT DCs and chores, it really is so much easier to do it yourself. But I don't want to still be doing that when they are teens and beyond (they're 9 and 7). I am getting tough with the clothes at the moment. I cleared the entire laundry basket on Thurs, washed, dried and ironed. Then braced myself for Friday morning, knowing that all their school uniform was scattered dirty over the spare room floor (their wardrobes are in there). As predicted, hysterics at 10 past 8 when neither of them could find a clean jumper or trousers (poloshirts and underwear were available as they have lots of each). They had to dig through the piles to find wearable stuff. Hoping they start to get the message eventually, but it is painful.

Engels - good luck with the cellar.

Toffee - enjoy your pampering.

AngryBuddha Sat 07-Dec-13 09:49:38

Toffee nice to hear you were feeling better and was able to enjoy your evening out. Hope you have a good day today too!

Good luck in the cellar Engles (fenvy always want a cellar).

Only had 3 hours broken sleep last night, had legs that wanted to run. But feel fine this morning suprisingly!

Ta Da
Finish Rugby rota
Sorted PC

To do
Make bed

Paintyourbox Sat 07-Dec-13 11:25:46

Hey everyone!

I won't be doing much if anything this weekend as I have pleurisy. I feel like crap and can hardly catch my breath so I won't be exerting myself!

DP has decided to buy an Xmas tree today (hmmmm....not sure this is the best plan!) so will be supervising the decorating and obligatory cleaning up of pine needles!

GossipWitch Sat 07-Dec-13 12:25:40

Well my plans to get up early and do shopping/cleaning are utterly thwarted, for a start I got up about 3 hours late as the kids decided to be quiet this morning, I mean what is up with that! Ds2 made ds3 breakfast so ds3 didnt even wake me to eat, and they have sat in silence with the volume down on the computer! Then the moment I did get up I wobbled to the loo, and then was sick! I think I may have picked a bug up from one of the kids yesterday, and as a result of being sick I think I've pulled a muscle in my leg as I keep getting cramp, and busted all of my tasted as everything tastes rank. I hope it goes quickly, my mates had a similar bug since Thursday, but she is also on the Cambridge diet so I think that might have something to do with it as well. So my list for today
# get dressed
# make shopping list
# send dp to shops as I can't possibly go if I'm sickgrin
# do as much of mount washmore as possible
# wash pots
# tidy kitchen
# tidy and Hoover lounge/ diner
# tidy our room and bathroom
#cook tea
# try and do as much of neice blanket as possible between jobs
Let's see how much of this list goes to plan ...

GossipWitch Sat 07-Dec-13 13:18:32

dizzy ds2 got star of the week this week too, its something that im still getting used to as ds1 rarely got star of the day due to his adhd and so far this term both of the little ones have got a star of the week. Ds1 however has been put on report twice and has had a written warning for bad language from the bus company. But after the amount of upheavals he's had to deal with I'm happy he's not been excluded ...yet.
paintyourbox I do hope you make a speedy recovery, a little chest infection hurts like crap so I can't imagine the pain your in right now, I hope you have plenty of painkillers to hand, and people around you who can cook etc x

AngryBuddha Sat 07-Dec-13 14:28:06

I have decluttered and deeped cleaned the twins bedroom, which is by far the the worst room in the house. (Imagine Illegal immigrates hide out fshock) This wasn't the plan, but after I found they had glued pictures from a magazine all over the walls and bed. I just went in and guttered the room, then move all the furniture Hoovereed, washed the skirtings, windows etc.

They currently have bunk beds and a full book shelf. All toys and teddies have gone for a holiday.

Think I may and try and paint it later this week!

CallingAllEngels Sat 07-Dec-13 14:42:04

It is I Engels - cleaner of cellars. Spider flee from me, cobwebs tremble in fear and clutter is banished to the garage

Ta da
Tip run to empty trailer
Cellar emptied
Cellar hoovered
Trailer refilled for next tip run
Trip to DIY store for cellar supplies
Cleaned hoover grin
Washed kitchen floor

DS was apparently as good as gold for ILs.
Found some ridiculous junk in cellar and some gems - including an old milk churn. Will look lovely in the garden one day

Gossip, hope you're feeling better.
Paint take it easy
Toffee I am dreaming of a few hours to myself in the hairdressers chair and shopping without a toddler (it'll have to stay a dream for now!)
Angry, that sounds likesome serious decluttering!
Whoknows, they'll thank you for it one day!

BitchytheGreat Sat 07-Dec-13 15:26:15

Bloody hell you have all been busy. As it is family fun day. ds and I have been out in the hills getting very cold, very wet, and very muddy. Was brilliant. He is now decorating the tree. I am considering evicting the creatures from the bath and having a soak. if I can be bothered. This fun thing is exhausting!

GossipWitch Sat 07-Dec-13 16:16:01

Ya sq
# got dressed
# shopping list
#i went shopping
#dp tidied kitchen
# dp washed pots
And I'm going to get off and cook tea, toad in the hole tonight, I'm having a lower fat version which should cost just 6 syns for the entire meal.

GossipWitch Sat 07-Dec-13 16:17:20

That was supposed to say ta da not ya sq ?

StillWearingOddSocks Sat 07-Dec-13 17:47:59

going wrote: Swan has a salt dough advent candle holder! We did letters one year, which DD insisted on keeping, they were all mouldy when we unpacked them a year later!

Haha this made me laugh as this year, half way through unpacking the decorations, I screamed, convinced I'd touched a dead rat. After DH investigation it turned out to be a softly disgustingly disintegrating salt dough decoration DS had made in reception last year!

giraffeseatpineapples Sat 07-Dec-13 20:34:36

Phew Angry, I thought it was just me who kept late hours! I some times feel less tired on 3 hours sleep its v weird.

Hope your feeling better Paintyourbox

Yes stillwearing we have had mouldy salt dough decs too!

calling cleaning the hoover - that gets you monica from friends cleaning status grin You don't have special guest towels do you envy

Not so much done today dd was even more poorly, her cheeks are red so it may be slap cheek, she just wanted me all day..
anyway sort of tada
Took older dc to christmas fair for an hour
wrapped presents for relatives (about 9)
Posted christmas cards
Couple of washes (but no putting away of dry clothes; eek a mountain is building)

Best bit though is that although the house is messy my draining board is clear and sink is clean grin shock

CallingAllEngels Sat 07-Dec-13 21:35:57

[Grin] giraffe

unfortunately I used the hoover to suck up decades of dust, cobwebs and flaking plaster and the dear old thing was none too happy not part of my dastardly plan to end up with a dyson oh no

CallingAllEngels Sat 07-Dec-13 21:38:44

Oops grin

GoingGoingGoth Sat 07-Dec-13 21:42:49


Babystep 8 is the start of your Control Journal. I did do this the first time I started Flying, but there days and just rely on this thread.

This week we are in Zone 1 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list here

No missions, as it's the weekend. grin

Sunday's focus is Renew Your Spirit Day

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

As there are only 15 Christmas Holiday Missions, I think we get a weekend break from them too.

Will be back in a bit with the round up.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 07-Dec-13 22:19:40


Whoknows had a good school fair yesterday and now has glittery nails. Good Luck with the decorations tomorrow, is it a family affair or are you a control freak? fgrin
Think the family Christmas Carol performance sounds great.

dizzyday was up at 6am, I'm sure the swimming gala will be worth it.

giraffes had a Disney day with a poorly DD, that sounds lovely (the films not the vom), and is on top of the Christmas Cards
(I'm STILL waiting for DD's designed ones from school to arrive <pulls hair>)
I agree with Angry, do the Elf this year.

Engles gave us a crash course in sinterklaas. Wow, all that and then Christmas!
So pleased you posted after completing the cellar, would have worried you were trapped by a big spider. <shudder> Why do you have a milk churn? (Visions of Heidi)

Toffee had some well deserved 'me' time with a night out, then cut and colour.

Paint is ordered into naughty corner well stocked with meds as she has pleurisy! I hope you re taking it very easy, and will keep doing so until you are FULLY better. sorry now have Billy Connolly's Welly Boot Song going through my head

Gossip overslept due to quiet kids! Although it may be partly due to illness.
<dons face mask and sprays disinfectant over thread>
Good news with the 2 Stars of the Week.

Angry blitzed DC's bedroom, after discovering their decorating.

Bitchy had great fun getting very cold and muddy grin with DS. Enjoy your bath, it's the soak afterwards that just makes those days perfect.

OddSocks has also experience the trauma of old salt dough fgrin So pleased it's not just me.

I scored big in the parenting game today, we took DD to a book signing by Julia Donaldson! Then did a bit more Christmas shopping, (found some cracker snaps, so that's another thing on the 'To Do' list) and finished with pizza & ice-cream, in front of Harry Potter.

GossipWitch Sat 07-Dec-13 22:32:03

Urrghh kitchen is now messy again, I cooked, so will need to tackle that, on the second flower for the blanket of the night, I swear this is the most laborious part!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 07-Dec-13 22:32:08

No control freak here Goth - the DCs have helped decorate it and we have all sorts of stuff on it, the only rule is no tinsel.

A good day here, we all loafed about till about 9.30 and then swung into action as I had reminded everyone that we were only going to get a Christmas tree today if the house was tidy first. The DCs didn't actually do much tidying but they did play really nicely together and keep out of our way which is the next best thing. So, after lunch, off to the Forestry Commission place to get a tree. Then the DCs were booked in to try trampolining at the sports centre, having not been for a couple of years. DS wants to sign up to do it regularly, I'm hoping there will be space next term.

The home to start decorating and out again for DD and I, we went to see the drama group she is joining after Christmas do their performance, it was really good. Got home at 9.30, did a bit more decorating and promised to leave the rest for the DCs to do in the morning. I'm going to wrap some presents now and do the non-tree decorations. Replacing or refreshing a few this year as it has dawned on me that most of them are 20 years old now and look it!

Hope all the poorly people feel better quickly. Paint - pleurisy, you poor thing, my friend had it once and it wiped her out, take it easy.

dizzyday07 Sun 08-Dec-13 00:46:45

Sounds like everybody has had a good day. Ours was rather mixed.

DD and I sat around for hours waiting for the time for her first race and then due to some confusion she missed her heat! To say she was devastated is a bit of an understatement. But, showing true grit and determination she pulled herself together and completed a perfect IM. No reduction in time but she was against tough competition (11yr olds in same heat). She's been tucked up in bed as we are up at the crack of dawn as warm ups for Day 2 are at 8.20am and the venue is an hour away! Fingers crossed all goes OK as this is her best event and she is only 4seconds off getting a County time.

* Brought Xmas lights in from the garage for DH to put up
* Out to gala
* Washed pots and shined sink
* Bags repacked for the morning

Giraffe I am in the UK and have the extremely bad habit of not getting to bed before 2am. Must go early tonight as I'm dead on my feet!
Gossip I am sure that at DD's school everybody gets to be Star at least once during the school year

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 07:22:40

Good luck to dd today dizzy.

Up early because of a wriggly ds with a dirty nappy

ta da
washing on
breakfast (bacon and eggs)

To do
washing up
declutter kitchen
finish christmas cards

going to stick with the power of three! Lots more to be done (inc bedding, more washing in and away, ironing, christmas tree, marking, plants rest of bulbs before it's too late).

Goth no idea why we have a milk churn. But this house has been in dh's family for well over 50 years. Before ww2 was one house then split after with housing shortage. Dfil grew up here...he remembers an American soldier sheltering him under a tank during a bombardment/battle during the liberation of the netherlands.At one point house was a small holding with lots more land and dh told me they used to slaughter pigs in the cellar (there's a big concrete sink thing on the floor in the corner) but he may be winding me up!

Sillybillybob Sun 08-Dec-13 07:38:01

Those who are feeling poorly, I hope you feel better soon. Paint I know someone who cracked a rib when they had pleuresy so please take care of yourself.

DH announced yesterday that our house depresses him because it's so cluttered. The irony being, of course, that it has been years since he lifted a finger in the decluttering stakes. He had a huge go at me which ended up in him sitting watching football while I looked after both DCs and tidied the front room. He's now decided that the problems in the whole house stem from the computer desk which is a bit of a dumping ground and is actually in our hallway (weird house design).

This has now become number one on the list of things that must be decluttered. It fills me with dread because it just is physically impossible to keep tidy. I just want to scream at him that he lives in this house too and if he wants it tidy then he needs to actually start contributing to that state!

Anyway, today we have a family trip to buy the tree <squeal> and then Decorate it with the DCs. Might be a tad emotional. DH is going to take immense amounts of cardboard to the tip. Hoorah!

On Friday after weeks of begging our medical waste bin was delivered so my house no longer smells of poo. Result! We have just gone to fortnightly collections and the extra waste from DS' nappies and feed paraphernalia is just ridiculous.

Anyway , DH seems happier now it's all off his chest and we are both under a huge amount of stress right now. Today is also the last day of DS' treatment - desperately hoping for it to be the last day of treatment ever. And the next fortnight brings end of treatment scans.

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 08:20:46

Silly I'm sorry to hear your son has been having hospital treatment. Fx that it goes well at his next appt.

I had a meltdown with my dh over clutter last week. It's mostly HIS rubbish cluttering all the storage space (garage, cellar, attic, computer room, shed, wardrobe! ) which means there isn't room to store anything and we have lots of things without homes.

Clearing the cellar yesterday was a first step. I am now responsible for painting the cellar walls as DH can't stand up in there. Once that is done, shelves, storage boxes and we can start finding homes for things. Will mean that the attic is cleared out a bit so thatcan become a real, usable space for DH and I to work and play - it's going to be my workspace, and DH will have his computer and guitars upstairs as well. Then we will gradually empty the home office and that will become bedroom for Dc2 (we hope- as long as I get allclear from hospital onFriday we will be back ttc).

Then garage will be sorted into workshop for dh and more organised storage and potting shed area for me. Shed will be cleared, demolished and an extension to become a dining room/utility room with doors leading into the garden.

And the garden? First step is paving the derelict section behind garage which will be play area for ds. We have a tower/slide from dbil to put up. Last derelict section is currently a dumping ground for tiles/bricks will be cleared last when garage is done, rest of house and we are ready for extension.


that's our grand plan! It's on MNnow so no backing out.

However, none of that is going to get done if I don't start with the small stuff. Time to do washing up, tidy kitchen and finish my damn Christmas carxs!


Sillybillybob Sun 08-Dec-13 08:24:39

Engels it's me! Traz!

<lifts glasses as if on 'Allo 'Allo>

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 08:26:44

And meant to say, it has always been my dream to play the piano, but we don't have much room. Once we are started with the cellar/attic as sorted places I would like to get a decent sized keyboard. And when the extension is done (we're talking years here!) a real piano! DH has just started his guitar lessons so I am feeling inspired.

Have ticked off a lot of ambitions the last few years: learning another language, writing a terrible book, running in races (edging closer to half marathon and marathon every year!). Now it's time for some music (must get back into dance as well...I have a very underused pair of tap shoes in the corner!).

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 08:27:41

Oops! Missed that one! Good disguise!

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 08:28:04

Fx for J.

Sillybillybob Sun 08-Dec-13 08:37:58


Are you published, Engels ?

I only ask because I read a lot on the Kindle and various friends and relatives have self-published and their books are really good!

feetheart Sun 08-Dec-13 09:02:50

Haven't caught up at all but wanted to say "Enjoy the Santa Run" to Buddha and littleBuddhas

Have a good day everyone. Hopefully BBL.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 08-Dec-13 09:49:46

dizzy - well done to minidizzy! Fingers crossed that she beats the county time today. Make sure you get to bed before 2am today <stern look> (I am guilty of the same, incidentally).

Engels - looks like a great grand plan of your. Sympathies on the clutter, which is an ongoing issue in the Toffee household too.

Trazzles - glad the medical waste bin is being collected now, but, honestly, not fair that you had to fight to get this. As if you need anything else to cope with. Sympathies, as above, on the clutter issues. And on the DH having a go at you <sigh> - you are being immensely understanding and I hope he realises that. Everything crossed for J at hospital today and over the next two weeks. x

Persuaded DH to let me have a lie in this morning. He was very reluctant, but as I have been surviving on approx five hours' sleep per night for the last few nights and he's been having at least eight and sometimes more, I think he realised he couldn't really argue.

Loads to do today, but am starting it off with a bath and pampering session. Then will tackle the list:

To do :

Me time
Write Xmas cards
Remind DS2 to write his Xmas cards
Wrap some presents and sort out stocking fillers
Ironing, ironing and more ironing
Tidy our bedroom
Tidy up Lego on DS2's bedroom floor (persuade him to help)

Also, we might go out and buy an artificial Christmas tree. I have always vowed never to have an artificial one, so this is a U-turn for me. My PIL's used to bring theirs down from the loft every year, complete with decorations, and I thought that was so sad and lacking in Christmas spirit. Well, that was before I had DC and lived in a tiny house. We can only fit in a tiny tree, thanks to lack of space, and small trees are always a funny shape, in my experience. I want a proper triangular tree. Suddenly dawned on me that getting a good artificial tree might actually look better than the funny-looking real tree we buy every year - as well as being loads easier to manage.

Last Christmas was really difficult and I vowed that this year would be different. So I have delegated present buying for the DC back to family (whereas before I bought and wrapped them myself on their behalf) and am planning on buying as much ready-made food as possible. An artificial Xmas tree is another thing that will make it so much easier.

<frets that she is losing the spirit of Christmas>

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 10:05:42

Not published! Have an unedited nano novel languishing on a hard drive!

we have an artifical tree and so do my dps. Just remember that you have to store it somewhere for the rest of the year!

ta da
washing up
hob and kitchen surfaces
2nd load of wash on
emptied paper and plastic recycling
kitchen and bathroom bins emptied
downstairs bathroom cleaned inc floor with clutter pile in kitchen which includes Christmas cards. Has been divided into one ft or me and one for dh...he's been told I t must be sorted today!

BitchytheGreat Sun 08-Dec-13 11:05:26

I had to be up with ds every 2 hrs last night. I am very grateful for the fact that after he rescued a harry potter film he dissappeared off and let me sleep til gone ten other wise I would not be in a state to function.

ta da
deal with virusy no voice can't breath wheezy sneezy snot boy
1 load of washing on
sort out the rest of the plan for finish making a clock ds has designed and been making
internet admin
sort out stuff for ds' going away at end of week
replan how tomo is going to work - ds not going to be fit to send to school
2nd load of washing on

AliceinWinterWonderland Sun 08-Dec-13 11:14:14

ta da
normal morning routine
washing up
first load of laundry in washer
tidied up kitchen
tidied up living room
2 cups of coffee... must have third soon!

to do
at least one more load of laundry, preferably two
put out recycling and food recycling bins for morning collection
review this week's expenses
review this week's Christmas costs (planning on purchasing a couple presents this week)
review Christmas food and menu
put together shopping list for just before Christmas
finish Christmas cards to send locally
put together "to do" list for Monday - I suspect it will be a long one!

Paint hope you're feeling better soon. DD used to get pleurisy a lot when she was younger - it was just awful.

I will go back and catch up a bit later today - the last couple days have been crazy hectic and I've been slacking. blush

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 11:17:50

Ta da
my kitchen pile successfully sorted
changed beds

moving onto Christmas cards now then next job is to declutter dining table

GossipWitch Sun 08-Dec-13 12:16:29

I have an artificial tree, I had a real one once and felt very sad on new year when it lost all of its needles and died, and yes although its fully biodegrable I still felt sad taking it to the tip, dp wanted a real one this year, I said no sad pennies are tighter than normal sad. And the one I have is 11 years old ! And still going strong, can you get trees in pots that stay alive all year round? Planning on following babysteps today smile

BitchytheGreat Sun 08-Dec-13 12:31:06

ta da
deal with virusy no voice can't breath wheezy sneezy snot boy
1 load of washing on
sort out the rest of the plan for finish making a clock ds has designed and been making
internet admin
sort out stuff for ds' going away at end of week
replan how tomo is going to work - ds not going to be fit to send to school
2nd load of washing on
boil up hand warmers
collect laundry from around the house
discover leaning tower of cds that need de scrathing and putting away - watch in horror as disks are sent scattering down eerywhere
45mins in my room
put 3rd load washing on
find a small no mess science kit to keep ds occupied

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 12:51:11

Ta da
Christmas cards for DH family and all my "foreign cards" (and that's most of them!).

To do tomorrow
Buy more Christmas cards and get stamps

Hope it is ok to rejoin again .
To do
Everything (so much worse as DS2 is home for a long weekend for the first time since Xmas last year and leaves everything everywhere but it is just so good to see him)
and DS1 has come home too to see DS2, he cooks everything while he is here which is lovely but does not do dishes and uses every dish possible.
He is currently preparing a chicken and bacon salad for lunch whilst I rest mumsnet
Two more weeks of term to get through although next week is mainly taken up with activities.

Went out geocaching ,despite having a horrendous cough. just so as DH could use our new gps which was our Xmas present to each other.
Stocked up in Iceland party food while it is half price.
Two loads of washing, one lot tumble dried and put away.

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 14:06:18

HI Blueand white. The more the merrier Ho Ho Ho fsmile

Ta da
Load from tumble drier folded
Meat out of freezer for dinner

Off to put clothes away and get DS up from his nap.

To do
Dining table clutter
Christmas tree

StillWearingOddSocks Sun 08-Dec-13 14:10:42

Hope that the poor ill ones are feeling a bit better and aren't overdoing it. (Pampering month any one? I expect we are all ignoring that habit)

Just about to have my third coffee and will then do an hour of flying. Hoping to go out for a walk. Was up late wrapping and then stressing about presents.

2014 resolution will - again - be keep a less slutternly tidy house.

And going - look I'm checking in at least twice a day now grin

GossipWitch Sun 08-Dec-13 14:45:38

Ta da
#made bed
# swished and swipe
#washed pots, am yet to shine sink
#load of washing done
#checked calendar, (glad I did as I have 2 docs apps this week)
#declutter hall - so I sorted hat scarf and gloves bag into boxes
# 2 min hotspot (ds1 did a very good job with this)

Dp got the tree out and I told the lazies if they wanted it up and to help with the decorating then they need to tidy downstairs, in the meantime dp put the stereo in the loft, where we found another bedroom, which might help when a baby comes along providing we ask the landlord if we can use it :D. Obv not for baby but for ds1 ...

GoingGoingGoth Sun 08-Dec-13 15:04:51

SillyBillyBob/Trazzle <face/desk>

Well I've opened the floodgates, I asked for some Christmas music, as I didn't want to hear DD & DH whilst they wrapped my present, and now he's talking about getting decorations to put up!

Had a very long lie in this morning ahem afternoon

Washing up
Dry laundry away
Dinner prepared for tonight
Blanched leeks and celeriac

To do
Make more beetroot chutney
Maybe bake/make sweets -depends if DD's bottom lip stops dragging on the floor.
Reboot laundry
Cook dinner & roast some peppers whilst oven is on

Must go, sounds like they are arguing again. sad

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 15:41:04

Ta da
TREE UP not decorated but hey

GossipWitch Sun 08-Dec-13 16:46:14

Second load of laundry on ! Dp has decided to cook, again! I have literally just finished washing the pots from this morning ! And I'm leaving the kids to decorate the tree, ill retry in a bit smile

ToffeeWhirl Sun 08-Dec-13 17:34:03

Complete failure on the Xmas-tree trip. Real trees were everywhere, but the affordable artificial tree we found on display was all sold out. Going to try again next week. Am reassured to see that I'm not the only one who has an artificial one (and have already worked out that we can store it in the loft, Engels).

However, I did lock myself in our bedroom for some time and sort out stockings and various presents. I have actually filled the DC's stockings, so they are ready to put out on Christmas Eve shock. Also wrapped and labelled several other presents and packed one box of presents which need to be posted next week.

Very little else on my list achieved. Am going to attempt ironing and card writing this evening.

Gossip - am very amused that you found another bedroom grin. Wish we could stumble across an extra room one day (a second loo would come in very handy).

BitchytheGreat Sun 08-Dec-13 17:38:47

ta da
deal with virusy no voice can't breath wheezy sneezy snot boy
1 load of washing on
sort out the rest of the plan for finish making a clock ds has designed and been making
internet admin
sort out stuff for ds' going away at end of week
replan how tomo is going to work - ds not going to be fit to send to school
2nd load of washing on
boil up hand warmers
collect laundry from around the house
discover leaning tower of cds that need de scrathing and putting away - watch in horror as disks are sent scattering down eerywhere
45mins in my room
put 3rd load washing on
find a small no mess science kit to keep ds occupied
4th load of washing on
get ds to drill hole in clock face
get ds to paint clock face
30mins more in my room
Juggle furniture in my room again
help ds to tidy his room
teach ds how to iron t-shirts (he did two and got bored)
find a tub to contain the random stationary collecting in my room
drink far, far, far too much coffee
sort out some christmas decorations in ds' room
stand on scales and go urgh
find out how heavy ds is
mark ds' height on wall
look at mountain of paperwork on bed and sob
discover access to desk.
start dealing with paperwork mountain. <sigh>

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 17:48:31

Ta da
3rd load of washing now in td
Washing up (DH cooked)
Daily episode of Doctor Who fgrin

Now off to put DS to bed, shower and get Christmas decorations down.

CallingAllEngels Sun 08-Dec-13 17:49:46

Hmm...reckon if I put all my ta das from today together I may have a bitchy list fgrin

BitchytheGreat Sun 08-Dec-13 18:01:04

Why don't you try it engels? grin

There is so much to do BUT I almost have something that resembles a bedroom more then it does a bombsite to sleep in shock Only taken a week hmm just paperwork and craft projects that is causing the most mess now <yuck>

Ds is busy with some crappy children's tv program I don't like down stairs so I am in theory now paperwork tackling let's see how long that lasts and I can discover something more important to do hmmgrin

AngryBuddha Sun 08-Dec-13 18:24:09

OMG haven't you all been busy.

I went out dancing and drinking last night, out until the early hours, then got up early for Rugby.

I have done NO flying whatsoever. So much to be done but actually having a bath and going to bed, after watching films all afternoon...

Would sit in the naughty corner but it's Sunday, so think I can get away with it fgrin.

AngryBuddha Sun 08-Dec-13 18:28:12

Feet thank you for your best wishes. But due to the virus that won't leave me, I have cut back haven't done any exercise at the moment. So didn't take part. sad

GossipWitch Sun 08-Dec-13 19:53:48

Aha, the tree is finally decorated and I found it extremely hard to not stress over it, for a start I went mad with tinsel, I normally can't abide it on a tree but I let it this year, also its uncolor co-ordinated, normally I'm particular on a theme and colour but it has pink blue pearlescent black and silver baulbles, with red and blue tinsel. I did find myself moaning at ds2 as he'd decided to go under the tree to decorate, and missed a massive chunk out in the middle.

I'm a little in shock about the other bedroom, its says in the tenancy agreement that we aren't to use the loft, now we know why, hed be in all sorts of trouble if he let it out as a three and we used it as a 4 plus there is the whole council tax issues aswell.

Right off to put little one to bed.

BitchytheGreat Sun 08-Dec-13 19:56:54

Is the extra bedroom in breach of planning permission Gossip? because that is a whole another can of worms.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 08-Dec-13 20:13:33

ta da :

Artificial tree and wreath ordered from Homebase and due for collection on Tuesday


GoingGoingGoth Sun 08-Dec-13 20:27:01


Babystep 9 is all about decluttering for 15 minutes a day.

This week we are in Zone 2 the Kitchen. Detailed cleaning list here for those who feel up to it.

Sneak Peek for the week's missions, today's is to wash the kitchen bin. DH has just taken our rubbish out, so off to do mine in a minute.

Monday's focus is Weekly Bleugh Remember this should take an hour maximum, no getting distracted! grin

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

Christmas Holiday Cruise Mission 6 is Baking Needs, work out your supplies on hand and know that you are prepared BEFORE you start baking. I know I've been guilty of this fblush

andagiraffeinapineappletree Sun 08-Dec-13 21:01:55

Going goth thanks for the links, this thread is helping me feel more positive. Some of those babysteps etc look a bit more likely to happen than clearing cobwebs in porch grin

bitchy I will join you in sobbing over paerwork wine mine is scattered hidden all round the house in cubby holes, cupboards and carrier bags.

gossip I let my dc decorate the tree, its not very symetrical, kind of looks like they threw the box of decorations at the tree.
Well done for saturday declutter angry you def earned a a nice early bed and bath tonight (that sounds lush but i need to spend time with dp and do dishes - snore)

We have been at my mums today but still a tada - Ds had his ds confiscated by dp for messing aorund this morning when he should have been getting dressed. DS used inability to find a matching pair of socks as an excuse. i suggested he ask daddy if sorting out his socks could earn back the ds, as a result he has helped me:
1. find matching socks in drawers and put odds in a bag
2. hang out a load of laundry including all his undies
3. put away dry clothes and sort his drawers
We still have 25 blush odd ds socks!

GoingGoingGoth Sun 08-Dec-13 21:26:31

SUMMARY (2nd attempt, I accidentally deleted the 1st)

Gossip is getting on with her blanket. Then found an extra bedroom kind of, could you use it as storage or is it a total ban from using it?

WhoKnows had a Christmassy day decorating yesterday. I try to get a couple of new decorations each year usually in the January sales to keep it fresh without breaking the bank.

dizzy had a mixed day! Your poor DD, but well done as well. Hope today went better.

Engels must be nice having that sense of family history in your house. Sounds like you have a plan, you have to stick to it now we all know wink

Sillybillybob has a computer desk of doom, I have a piles of stuff stacked on ours and hidden in drawer I think we all have give our DHs a kick up the backside occasionally, they just seem to think the there's a housework fairy.
So pleased J's treatment is at an end, you know we're all hoping it goes well. Getting the bin must be such a relief.

Toffee stated her day with a pampering session, good for you. And has her tree arriving on Tuesday. We also have an artificial tree, means I know exactly what it's going to look like, and how much space it needs.

Bitchy had a rough night with a poorly DS. AND still produced an über list

Alice is getting organised re Christmas

Blueandwhitelover rejoined us! Welcome to the madness fgrin geocaching sounds like fun! there's one near us, so I have no excuse not to take DD

StillWearingOddSocks has the right idea, a bit of flying followed by fun. We sometimes forget the second bit. I have noticed the repeat check in. wink

Angry embraced the 'Renew your Spirit' day and had fun. [Gold star]

pineapples has a helpful DS, amazing how a confiscation can make them more helpful!

Hope I've managed to get all the main points, sorry if I've missed anyone out.

GossipWitch Sun 08-Dec-13 21:33:38

bitchy I don't think it is, it has a velux window so would definitely need planning permission to put that in, I think its just to avoid the higher tax if used as an additional bedroom, plus the extra house insurance as it hasn't got built in heating iyswim, Im not an expert on these things but my dp used to do loft conversions for a living and says that this might be the case for the loft/bedroom.
managed to get the older 2 lazies to wash the pots, and dry them and put them away although it did take dp to shout at them to see the error of their ways, and get their bums of the sofa!

rowingboat Sun 08-Dec-13 22:24:48

Hi all,
Popping in to say good night really. Was at work today and then went to pick up Dp and DS from a craft fair and bought some posh shopping in wait rose. Was rather stunned at the extremely municipal and colourless (virtuous?) green grocery bit.
Slim I'm with you on the little bit a day approach to Christmas. My little bit was buying frozen, peeled chestnuts (?!) from Waitrose to go in my sprouts. I've made a menu, which I think nobody but me will like hehehe!
Veg is red cabbage with Apple and bacon, Parmesan parsnips (Delia) and chestnuts with sprouts.
Sorry two little bits today, I forgot! We got the tree out and the air is thick with dust. Cough cough! I got fed up and dumped it in the bath after I got out, so got to dry bit off tomorrow (it's a fake tree, not real tree in bath).
Flam in' kitchen, didn't we just do that?
How many zones are there?
Gossip amazing to find another room. That's something I dream about!

Evening all. Had rather a nice, quiet Sunday by our standards! DS1 was at a Beavers sleepover till lunchtime, did some art with normally reluctant DS2 and more craft projects this afternoon. Relatively few blazing rows, and then DS2 who is still rather under the weather fell asleep on a cushion in the middle of the sitting room floor, poor little guy!

Have also done the Christmas cards, woohoo! And can count them first, then go to the Post Office tomorrow, instead of the other way round and ending up with way too many stamps as we usually do...

Big waves to all and extra hugs to Silly.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 09-Dec-13 00:09:37

Thanks for the links and splendid round up, Goth. The missions look very useful this week, including the Christmas one <pledges to do them, for once>.

Have done my evening routines, but discovered I have no clean polo shirts for DS2. Not sure how that happened. At least I had time to do something about it, ie. quickly iron a white tee-shirt for him instead. Hopefully, that will do if he wears his school sweatshirt on top.

andgiraffe - I have given up on finding matching socks and now regularly give the DC odd socks. They don't seem to notice or care.

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 00:29:18

This week on blanketgate: finished squares: 37, in progress 14; total squares 51/100 so heading towards half way. tis rather depressing really considering how many hours have been spent on this already. Thank god for multi tasking. Have been crocheting and watching a film I have wanted to see for a while and happened to be on the tv.

Unfortuantely I am feeling the effects of accidentally double strengthing my coffee earlier was too tired and unable to sleep so will probably consider starting tomo's to do list as ds will be home from school and I doubt that I will manage to get much done during the day. Or I could carry on dealing with blanketgate...

dizzyday07 Mon 09-Dec-13 00:58:25

DD came 4th. Bizarrely the other day we were just saying this was the worst place to be! Her time was 0.5sec slower than previously but she has been barking with a cough for the last week or 2. Have applied for another 2 galas to try to get nearer the County time before the deadline of 20th Jan.

After we came home she wanted to put up the tree (we have an artificial one) so we started that whilst watching Xmas movies before we needed to get to church where she was singing with the school choir.

DH has been at the rugby all day (getting pissed with BIL) so needed to go and collect him from the station. Tea was meant to be home made pizzas but the dough mix I bought just wasn't right and was to sticky to do anything with so we ordered a Chinese as the freezer was bare blush

Ta Da
* Gala with DD
* Popped to shops for bits for tea (use on Monday instead)
* Decorated tree (lounge now covered in tinsel bits!)
* DD to church for choir singing
* Ironed uniform bits for tomorrow
* Name tag sewn on to new PE tracksuit
* Washing load in and hung to dry
* D/W unloaded
* Tidied kitchen and shined sink

The late nights have finally caught up with me so logging off now and going to bed shock. Catch up later x

Sillybillybob Mon 09-Dec-13 06:44:10

Limited flying today as DS and I are spending the day in hospital with him being tested for damage from treatment to ears, heart and kidneys.

However, he has woken up with a cold and if he gets a temperature we have to go in to hospital for at least 3 days on antibiotics. While nothing in the remotest bit exciting is happening tomorrow definitely not going abroad, not at all I would really like him to stay reasonably ok and out of in-patient treatment please.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 09-Dec-13 07:36:52

Fingers crossed for you and DS Silly.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 09-Dec-13 08:25:36

Hope today goes well Silly

dizzyday07 Mon 09-Dec-13 08:29:20

Keeping everything crossed for you Silly x

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 08:46:39

Good luck silly.

What distances does dd run dizzy? I hated school sport from about 13 onwards because even though I enjoyed it, I felt like I wasn't good enough for teams and would let the others down as the bitch capatin of the netball team reminded me when I had to sub . I wish I'd had teachers (or my parents) push me to try somehting other than the standard netball/rugby. As an adult I really love running and cross country. My family are so run of the mill normal/boring - no one does sport or musical instruments, or speaks other languages (except me - running and Dutch- and Dsis - Spanish guitar). We've had to marry some talent in (DH is ridiculously multilingual like all the Dutch and BIL speaks French and is a singer-songwriter).

Well done on blanket progress bitchy. Hope you got some sleep.

Rowing this is why I'm glad I don't have to worry too much about Christmas - we are at DPs in UK for the week and NYE here will be a low key affair (wine and scrabble, just me and DH).

Thanks for the great round up Goth. Sure there is someone else living in a family house (maybe feet?).

Plans for yesterday evening were thwarted by DS refusing to go to sleep so tree did not get decorated. I was rather snippy with DH who said "It's not my fault he won't go to sleep." (And it was my turn to do bedtime). Well no, DH, but you knew I wanted to get the tree done so you could either have done the tree or offered to take over bedtime instead of sitting on your ARSE as you have been doing all day! AND the only thing I asked him to do was clear his clutter from the kitchen, which he only did half of (after I stropped at him at 8.30 as I went up to try and settle DS for the nth time).


Okay, end of moan!

Ta da
Up, dressed, breakfast,
Dealt with DS poonami

To do
Decorate tree
Christmas stamps, post cards, buy an extra packet of cards
Supermarket to get all the stuff DH forgot when he did the shop on Thurs, like fruit, tissues, eggs
Declutter dining table
What's for dinner?

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 10:03:43

Fingers crossed for you Silly

Today was a take two cups out of the cupboard for the first brew up of the day kinda day. Extra strong bitchy special brew kinda day. - Vat on the stuff on the naughty corner bar, I am happy to share now I am on my 5th cup of coffee for the day

Ta da
boil up hand warmers
Speak to school
fold washing
hang out latest load of laundry
look at ds' clock face and check quality of paint finish
internet admin
make sure ds is ok and fed
put some more cds from leaning tower of cds through clean and fix process
write shopping list
find amazon gift voucher that runs out tomo so MUST be used today.

To do

So the plan is 2 hours of paperwork and then to take an eye break to do some jobs. If ds stops being a limpet and lets me get.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 09-Dec-13 10:25:16

Fingers and gingers crossed for you, Silly.

DS1 is refusing to go to school again <bangs head on wall>. Honestly, I have run out of sympathy. At first, he claimed he was still ill, but when I threatened suggested extensive blood tests at the doctor's, he admitted it was anxiety now, not illness. Reminded him of everything he's learnt during CBT, took his computer away for the day, ranted at him, but all to no avail. I have spoken to my contact at the unit and she said this is really normal for children like him, but he needs to understand that he can't refuse to come in as it goes down as unauthorised absence. Have told him that, but he's still choosing to stay in bed.

Now late for work, as DH and I were going in to pack up lots of orders this morning.

On the scale of things people have to worry about, this is a minor gripe, I know. It's just so frustrating.

Flying-wise, I have put the emptied the kitchen bin and put all the rubbish out for collection.

Really must do some ironing today (how many times have I said that?).

ToffeeWhirl Mon 09-Dec-13 10:26:36

Hmm, really should preview before I post.

Flying-wise I have emptied the kitchen bin... etc.

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 10:34:07

It is difficult and frustrating. toffee Good luck with getting everything parcelled up.

I am trying to write the paperwork i need to do. But I need to concentrate which is a bit of a nightmare when there is so much distracting noise. Landlord looking into blocked shower issue, builders drilling up the road, next door doing diy, ds bouncing around in a manner that creates noise that you feel you need to investigate ffs he has no voice and a temp and by rights should be curled up because despite the energy he is really not well enough to be going to school, tv on to try to drown out other noises so can focus but is only succeeding in giving me a headache. Combined with lack of sleep last night and too much coffee and I am feeling very cross and grumpy and very in need for cake. Which, as i am supposed to be on a diet, is very much out of the question. clearly the diet is going to hell today <breathes> <hits send before heading back into the paperwork of doom>

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 10:45:07

Ta da
post office
decided what's for dinner, meat and pastry out of freezer

Handbag, dining table and tree!

rowingboat Mon 09-Dec-13 11:05:37

Morning all,
(Does anyone remember Dixon of Dock Green? Is that even a real thing? Am I dredging up fake memories?)
Better go for a lie-down!!
But first my home is horrendous but I feel quietly confident that I can sort quite a lot of it out (flying working?)
Toffee nightmare with your son! Have the school suggested any kind of support or half-way measures? Could he do any work at home?
Bitchy very impressed with the squares. You must be up all night or very fast!
Silly I hope your little man gets on ok today and stays the right side of the hospital (outside).
Sorry I now can't remember anything I wanted to write, but hi everyone!
So I am off to wash up for probably 15 mins
Then swish and swipe kitchen and bathroom
Get DS from school for lunch and changed for his school party
Go back and get my car from where I absent mindedly left it
Also need to Hoover hall and sitting room carpets,
wash k&b floors,
get tree out of bath and try to get it dry
For today will be sacking off the zone to sort out ds's room before collecting him and his friend - who may be crushed by falling rubble upon entering room if I don't
Feed he birds (but it's quite mild so they probably won't die if I don't do it immediately
Make a Thai chicken curry?!
Decorate tree
Post cards for crumby
So back soon ladies (are there any blokes on here)?

Dixon of Dock Green is a real thing, rowing but don't remember it - before my time. [helpful]

Anyway, have a ta da! list already:
House bleugh! On the right day!! First thing!!!
Caught up with admin
Sorted out parcels
DS1 party venue enquiry

Need to go to Post Office before picking up DS2 so mustn't get sidetracked... Back later. brew anyone?

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 11:21:04

Each square has 4 stages, each stage takes a set amount of time, and i am working with batches. so will do a batch through stage one, then do some at stage 2, then some through stage one and others through stage 3, then stage 2 and 4 as relevant. So progress sometimes looks like it stalls whilst other time it looks like it is flying. Each stage is btwn 15-20mins. So I can do a fair bit in the time it takes to watch and 1 1/2 hr film. paperwork procrastination

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 09-Dec-13 11:29:39

I remember Dixon of Dock Green (vaguely). I am old sad.

Sorry to hear about DS1 Toffee - hope he feels up to going in tomorrow.


Christmas tree - finished decorating last night and put the empty boxes on the landing this morning to go back to the loft. Just a few more decorations to go round door frames today.
Clean cat litter trays
Run hoover round downstairs
Empty DW, wipe counters etc
Go to work.

I have invited friends round for coffee after work this afternoon, that really worked to spur me on to the hoovering etc this morning.

Today's Christmas task for me is also my Christmas day menu, so I can start buying non-perishables. I have to do the entire thing dairy free for my DF (allergic), and beef free for DM (paranoid about BSE) and roast dinner free for DS (fussy) which makes it a little tricky. DS just gets a plate of pasta. Your menu sounds nice Rowing. I am thinking brussel sprouts with mushroom/pancetta/breadcrumb topping, but that's as far as I have got. Need a dessert and canapes (we have those at 12, lunch with no starter at 3.30).

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 09-Dec-13 11:56:56

I've heard of Dixon of Dock Green but not a clue where I've heard it or what it is. How's that for helpful? blush Sorry.

ta da
morning routine, school runs
washing up
checked bank
sorted through outstanding paperwork
updated diary for Christmas programmes and appointments
took out more recycling
took out rubbish
wiped down countertops
one load of laundry done (and that's it all caught up. Not often I can say that! fgrin)
looked online to find Joseph costume for DS1's nativity (how I hate finding costumes - you'd think the school could just ask for donations of costumes and then KEEP them and reuse them each year - that's what our church did)

to do
finish shopping list for later this week (meant to do this last night but fell asleep)
finish meal plan for the week (feel asleep before finishing last night)
look up location of church that DS1's school nativity is being held at (yep, THAT's not a pain hmm)
continue looking for wretched Joseph costume for DS1's nativity (have I mentioned I resent having to spend money on this costume that will only get used once??)
put laundry away (a couple loads worth from last night as well as today's)

There's more to put on the "to do" list, but I can't think of it right now. Not nearly enough coffee... fgrin

Rollermum Mon 09-Dec-13 12:12:30

Hello everyone!

Ta da
Half the washing up (then DD needed feeding) but I'm counting it
Strip spare bed and wash sheets
Generally lounge tidy
Sort papers
Book 2 x Dr appointments
Call HV
Get DD up and washed

To do
Rest of washing up
Sheets from main bedroom
Go to shops
Mini cook up
Wash bin

Hope all goes well for your DS Silly

GossipWitch Mon 09-Dec-13 12:25:11

I am soooo angry right now, just found out my not so perfect but damn right sneaky fella has been smoking behind my back for months, I am furious. its not the fact that he's smoking its the fact that he has tried to hide it for so long, and that he's lied to me, i'm gutted.

AngryBuddha Mon 09-Dec-13 12:39:54

Dixon of Dock Green was about a policeman wasn't it?? before my time.

Fingers cross for your DS Silly

Alice What size are you looking for? if it 6-8 yo I have one, if you pm me your address I will send it to you and you can send it back to me when you finished with it.

Ta Da
Morning routine
Packed lunches x5
Imprompt school run (wasnt my turn, but car share fell apart when my friend's dh took the car keys to work with him).
Cleaned Kitchen
Laundry x2
Tidied DS4/5 bedroom
cleaned sink
hoovered downstairs
tidied and decluttered cupboard under the stairs

To Do
Petrol in car
Dust downstairs
make stew for tonight
s&s x3
declutter computer room table

GoingGoingGoth Mon 09-Dec-13 12:45:50

Gossip my DH did that on one of his giving up attempts, his whole bloody family knew/enabled. It's the secret that bugged me the most, not that I'm happy over the smoking.

rowing I always think of Dixon of Dock green when I put Morning all, can't remember watching it, but I know my parents did.

Toffee (hug) no idea what to suggest, and yes it is worth complaining about.

Bitchy <hands earplugs>, sounds like you are a one woman production line

Must stop chatting now, otherwise won't have anything to put tonight grin

Dd to school
15 minute declutter in lounge
Washing up
Laundry rebooted
Paperwork! Done loads, stuff I've been ignoring for months
Rebooked DH's dental appointment (was an hour before DD's)
Washed & refilled bird feeders
Wiped down front of fridge

To do
Vacuuming (depends on when DH stops working in the lounge)
Litter tray
Mop floors
Prep dinner
Collect DD
DD to karate

DH must be feeling festive, he's lighting tea lights and we have carols on.

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 12:54:14

Ta da
Handbag and wallet decluttered
Wash on
Yesterday's wash folded
Lunch (pepper frittata!)
Fixed DS's book
Put photo in a frame
Finished writing Christmas Cards (except for one whihc I don't have the address for).

Currently Sorting out CDs with teaching reources on them from 2003 so I can throw the CDs away.
DS is NOT going to sleep upstairs (I think he did fall asleep in his chair for 10 minutes but then fell out so now he's back to howling again).

The dining table of doom continues - have a folder of stuff from our holiday this year. Need to sort out the finances for it and see what to save for photo album (and chase up prints - sure I did them online a couple of weeks ago!).

Then - TREE!

Sorry for lazck of personals - woman on a mission.

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 13:24:55

Ta da
Go to investigate why DS is making such a fuss
Clear up poo from bedroom floor
Strip DS (he'd already taken off his trousers and nappy but was stuck on the romper)

Happy days fgrin

Time for Christmas lights accompanied by Muppet Christmas Carol I think....

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 13:42:34

Sorry engels that mae me laugh. I am glad those days are gone.

I just suggested to ds we start a wish tree. He has issues communicating needs/issues sometimes so i thought it might be a good way to encourage him. Apparently by suggesting this I am crazy hmm ah well I tried.

Paperwork has come to a complete hault ds has been fairly good this morning but it has all gone tits up since lunch so going to occupy him doing something he needs to be doing.

GossipWitch Mon 09-Dec-13 14:00:11

Due to today's discovery (discovering a lot of things lately, extra bedrooms, his smoking habit....), ive not done much flying, apart from get dressed with make up and make the bed. both of which were utterly pointless. im stopping at a friends tonight as i just cant face him yet with out wanting to punch his face for deceiving me. so its better for his face if i go, i will be back in the morning to sort kids out etc.

Hello all, aw sorry to hear your son refused school, Toffee. Last time I was here the CBT was working and things were looking positiive.

Ta dah
have been to the docs and have an airways infection so have antibiotics and off school till Wednesday at least. Did manage to stay in school for the first two hours.

Washed up all the pots when I got home from docs.

To do

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 14:29:59

Glad to have been of service Bitchy fsmile

Gossip sorry to hear about DP. I understand why you're so upset.

Rowing not a figment of your imagination (but before my time - not that that's any excuse...the kids at school try that one when we start on Shakespeare!).

Toffee sorry to hear that DS is having a difficult day.

Ta da
Tree decorated. ,lights and all with 2yo monster running around. Definitely worth a wine this evening I think.
Present wrapped for DS's friend
Wash in td

feetheart Mon 09-Dec-13 14:32:47

<<whispers>> Everything crossed for you Sillybilly

Buddha - Bet they would let you switch to the one this Sunday if you want to? I am going to stagger round as haven't been out for over a month - am relying on leftover fitness and the fact that I hope doubt DS will run the whole thing. I just have to be able to keep up with him as he hares off at the start! Might even be able to offer toilet stop, hot chocolate and cake afterwards if you do venture down here fsmile.

Engels - yes its me who lives in DH's family home though only been in family for 51 years when they bought it from new. There are positives to it i.e. we benefit every Spring from the beautiful tulips his dad planted and DC climb the apple trees his dad planted as saplings - we have photos of tiny apple trees somewhere smile

Everyone seems very busy. I seem to be busy with School Assoc related stuff but not much else - last week Christmas Crafts, this week disco on Friday so sorting out tickets all week as no-one pays attention to deadlines fangry. Also have PoPUK in school all of this week and need to sort out programme for concert next week, find sponsors for programme and get it all put together. Why does it all come at once?

Ta Da:
- Disco tickets
- All up and out
- More disco tickets
- Washing out
- Order tattoos for disco
- PopUK CD orders
- Sort out what we have bought for DC for Christmas (and what I have bought for DH) Can now plan what else we need to buy.
- Lunch

To do:
- School to give out Christmas crafts and disco tickets (and no doubt pick up even more requests)
- Pick up DS -> home -> homework
- Washing in
- Pick up DD an hour later -> home -> finish decorating Christmas jumper for school on Friday
- Find list of categories for presents for DH and I (6 categories, buy from 4 only spend set amount)
- Make start on DS's Christmas jumper
- Dinner
- More jumper
- Ironing
- Online ordering of presents if needed

Best get to school then fhmm

Swanhilda Mon 09-Dec-13 14:51:02

Toffee I hope ds managed to get in for a little bit. Is there still time before school ends? God, I know that feeling soo soo well, just hoping the problem will go away if you put the covers over your head ( I am empathizing with ds here) Could you shower him with rewards if he goes in even briefly, or even at the end of the day just to show his face in the unit? I'm ashamed to say I feel like this about Beavers sometimes, and sometimes just being there for 2 mins is the only way to remind myself it isn't scary. Breaking the routine associations can help too (ie: just dropping in, so you can't feel you've missed your chance)

Anyway honking for you, as they say...I think it isn't about getting to school is it now, it is about the anxiety not the school.

Good morning counting money at church, 2 of us flu ridden and one 78 year old with diabetes! We had a good laugh about we how we would all be old grannies and still counting the money and never be able to get off the counting rota. Absolutely exhausted at moment but feeling just about contented.

Weekend consisted of roller coaster ride of near breakdowns and feeling a bit silly about getting in such a tizzyt. Drove ds1 to Rugby very early in morning to get him on school bus to Whitgift School. Ds1's team (C Team) won, he was over the moon, as last time he got left on the bench by mistake (oops) Then I had a long chat with neighbour whose baby is ill, then I hosted a Mulled wine stall at school fete, (forgetting LA LA that there is no kitchen there any more and no where to heat up said mulled wine angry cue frantic search of a camping gas burner (which I found by rushing round to a non-primary friend confused who must think we feters are nutters)

Followed by more driving out of my comfort zone to Kensington to take dd to a cousin meetup.

Sunday consisted of me collapsing after these minor exertions, and wailing that I couldn't possibly give ILs lunch as house was too untidy children too unhelpful and I felt too ill; dh taking ds2 to drama and supervising homework. Lunch turned out great, real fire, tidy house, children played badminton (they love visitors blush. Ds1 also went to Mass at 6pm with me smile after a row after laying the table at lunch. Really, as DH pointed out, I should have NOT done the mulled wine stall. Next year I will refuse.

Swanhilda Mon 09-Dec-13 14:56:51

Alice large rectangle of material. Brown trousers. Fold material over sew up bottom end of sides. Cut slice from top to make envelope neck opening. Dishcloth and string for headdress. Joseph.

Silly well done on the bin

Feet It is lovely to hear about the family house.

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 14:57:43

Ta da
Ordered myself another gorgeous dress from vintge clothing website with earrings and hair clip.

Just because I is awesome and has done lots of work around this darn house the last 2 days and I checked my bank account and it's nowhere near zero yet so no need to worry about food this month .

Off to make dinner now (Hairy biker's open chicken and pepper pie)

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 15:59:24

Ta da
Dinner in the oven
Emptied ktchen scraps bin and took out poonami nappies
Put up big bed for DS with DH hope and pray this does the trick

After dinner - find single bed linen, put away washing that's in td, cld wash, sort out holiday folder, put away stuff that I've sorted from kitvchen tabel, sort out school bag, put student drama performances onto laptop, DH is going to take down cot and I'm going to continue with my lounge decluttering mission.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 09-Dec-13 16:25:30

Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words about DS1. I brought him his favourite sandwich from Waitrose for lunch and that cheered him up, then we had a chat. He has promised to try really hard to go in tomorrow, even if it is only to the unit and not to school.

I am veering between being tough and being kind. I did say, when he mentioned something about going to college, that he wouldn't be going to college at all if he didn't attend school. He said I was blackmailing him and glared at me, but I said no, I was simply stating a fact.

Am all done with sympathy, actually. He's had so much help with his anxiety. Now it's up to him to stick at it.

Ta da :

Chat with DS1 and lunch
Homework with DS1
School run

To do :

Morning routine
Bloody ironing (oh FFS, it's endless)

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 16:52:31

Ta da
Washing up
Swept kitchen floor
Folded wash from td
Next wash on


BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 17:07:30

I have just been sent to bed because, according to ds, I am acting like a toddler who needs a nap. That child, is because you were up half the sodding night, and I have been trying to juggle paperwork and looking after you and you were kind enough to share your virus so i am feeling a bit under the weather. PMS is definitely not helping. <skulks off to the naughty corner to attempt achieving said nap that sounds so so appealing right now>

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 17:45:24

Ta da
Made DS bed up
DH dismantled cot
Finished most of my dining table clutter (just holiday folder to sort when DS is in bed and all of DH's shit )

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 09-Dec-13 17:48:25

I am seriously considering putting in a big order at Iceland for delivery just full of nibbles and party food to get us over the week of Christmas, boxing day, and new years.

Is that bad? fgrin

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 09-Dec-13 17:53:23

If I had a bigger freezer I would think that a very good idea Alice

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 09-Dec-13 18:31:01

I have a massive freezer. Between Iceland and Aldi, I could stock up quite nicely. fgrin

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 18:42:13

Naps as a toddler: you get over tired, you are put into bed, you complain a bit then sleep eventually

Naps as an adult: you lie down and close your eyes, the phone rings, ds needs a hug, someone rings the door bell, the phone rings again, ds needs another hug, someone sets the fire alarm off making toast, Santa and his reindeers decide to deafen you with a tinny crackly version of some christmas song, ds has to tell you about that amazing idea he has for the best marble run in the world, you finally get some quiet and then the alarm to get back up goes off.

Meanwhile blanketgate is progressing slowly.... 3 more squares are now in production.

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 18:43:22

Btw you will find the naughty corner bar is currently stocked up on christmas cheer hard liquor for those who are in need of some festive spirit winkgrin

AliceinWinterWonderland Mon 09-Dec-13 18:45:13

Bitchy have you been sneaking around my house? Because that adult nap sounds scarily familiar!! (although DS1 is annoyed as I won't let him have a marble run - we already go to the A&E enough thank you very much hmm)

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 19:20:47

Not bad - sensible!

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 19:24:40

Sorry, massive x-post. That was to Alice .

Bitchy that sounds exactly right for my kind of nap!

DS has given up screaming and (I hope) gone to sleep in the big bed what's the betting I find him asleep in the armchair later

Currently working my way through my holiday folder/finances - the last piece of crap that belongs to either me or DS on from the dining table!!!!! HOORAY!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 09-Dec-13 19:34:28

Ta da :

Morning routine
Getting DS1 to tidy and hoover his bedroom (you should have seen the horror on his face when I said this would take at least 15 minutes! grin)
Ironing (including guest sheets and duvet, all nicely packed away now smile)

Was going to do the mission, but forgot what it was blush

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 19:48:03

Ta da
my half of holiday finances - sent on to dh for his half now.

just sorting school bag now!

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 20:25:32

Alice i am looking at marble run sets atm and it is surprising that they are in the toddler toy section of amazon. Ds is 8 and the perfect age for them.

Sometimes lying down in a dark room away from people helps to soothe a little. I am feeling a little less stabby and trying to figure out what to spend my amazon voucher on before midnight when it runs out. I am considering whether or not a new more fancy marble run is a good idea or a new set of books. PLus he has been sent money for a present complete with a label for me to add to the parcel so need to sort that in the same go.

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 20:36:07

Okay, in the spirit of all things bitchy (ho ho ho fgrin ) am reposting all my thread clutterings from today so I can see just how awesome I am and to look at and make myself feel better for the next 3 days when I'm at work and will probably do zilch

Ta da
Up, dressed, breakfast,
Dealt with DS poonami
post office
decided what's for dinner, meat and pastry out of freezer
Handbag and wallet decluttered
Finances and online banking
Wash on #1
Yesterday's wash folded
Lunch (pepper frittata!)
Fixed DS's book
Put photo in a frame
Finished writing Christmas Cards
Go to investigate why DS is making such a fuss
Clear up poo from bedroom floor
Strip DS (he'd already taken off his trousers and nappy but was stuck on the romper)
Tree decorated. ,lights and all with 2yo monster running around.
Watch Muppet Christmas carol
Present wrapped for DS's friend
Wash #1 in td
Ordered myself another gorgeous dress from vintage clothing website with earrings and hair clip.
Emptied ktchen scraps bin and took out poonami nappies
Put up big bed for DS with DH
Dinner (Hairy bikers pepper and chx pie)
Washing up
Swept kitchen floor
Folded wash from td
wash #2 on
Made DS bed up
DH dismantled cot
Sorted dining room table (my shit anyway)
my half of holiday finances - sent on to dh for his half now.
Checked school email after not looking at it all weekend - had 20 mails!
Emailed photo company about order (should have been here over a week ago)
Restocked DS nursery bag for tomorrow

Beer o'clock. Making myself a celebratory playlist to get me through my marking

Shit loads of marking
Paper recycling out
Continue decluttering the lounge - bookcases, draws

Slimchance Mon 09-Dec-13 20:56:16

Evening all! [Yes I'm old enough to remember Dixon of Dock Green - only vaguely mind wink]

Hope everyone OK!!

Thanks for fab round-ups Goth wine

Sillybilly Also crossing all fingers and toes (in a very discreet fashion smile) for tomorrow and hope tests went well today.

Falls on Bitchy's stash of hard liquor ... . Yay to Blanketgate progress! [Nay to sleep deprivation] Congrats on boudoir sort.

Hats off Engels you are on a roll! Top marks for cellar clearance! Very impressed with everything you have ticked off the list this year too. Arf at poonami!! grin (Like the sound of extended St Nic visitation btw.) And amazing about American soldier! British soldiers from the paras sheltered in our roof apparently (which was brave of the occupants given that the local SS station was 300m down the road).

>Toffee sorry you had such a stressful morning and can really, really sympathise re: the "veering between being tough and being kind". When we had a talk with the headmistress recently, and dd's anxiety in certain situations was mentioned, the first thing she said was "does she have sufficiently strict boundaries at home because they make a child feel safe?" Dh and I were a bit taken aback and we had to think a bit because although we always start out with a great set of agreements at the start of term, we slowly become more lax as time goes on and bedtimes slip and we turn a blind eye to this and that, and dd tends to play us off against one another and spins things out, like all children do. And I'm reluctant to spout too many rules because dd's school is already suffocatingly strict and I think giving a child room to make their own decisions (within certain limits of course) also makes them feel safe and in control. But where does one draw the line between the two [tears out hair]? I'm obviously getting it wrong atm.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say rather badly is, I don't think it will harm your ds to know what you expect of him now, especially as you have been incredibly patient for so long and it all comes in a context of huge support. As it happens, dd was shockingly rude and uncooperative this morning. So much so that dh and I had an emergency conflab at lunch time to work out what our new, strict rules about bathing, bed times, hwk, getting ready for school in advance etc were going to be. We are grimly determined to follow through this time [old bag emoticon].

Swan congrats on driving achievements and for enduring mulled wine stall (school fetes are utterly exhausting).

Feetheart 51 years!!
smile at your dc climbing apple trees planted by their grandfather. Good luck with school disco.

Sorry you are ill Blueandwhite hope abs do the job

Gossip sorry you have been deceived - never nice and hope you have recovered from the lurgy

Blue and Engels and others - v. impressed that you have finished writing your Christmas cards!! haven't started mine yet blush

You sound very organised with regards to Christmas menu/shopping Whoknows and you too re: stockings Toffee

Whoknows really admire your stand over dc and chores btw (determined to emulate). Glad school fair went well.

Paint hope you are feeling better, pleuresy sounds awful thanks

Dizzy hope you are ok and congrats to your dd on her plucky performance

Like the sound of your more meaningful St Nic celebration Just. And - respect - think you should copy out all those things you listed that you do in day interspersed with home edding and present it to the powers that be so they can learn something!

Big waves to Alice Angry Pushme Castle Honu Lauren Mercury Saturn Rowingboat Ellie Rollermum and everyone else I've inevitably missed.

Sorry but too tired to write any more personals - feeling a bit icky and hot/cold tonight - just hoping I haven't caught anything as I'm too busy to be ill right now!!

Had v. enjoyable weekend although Friday night was a wash-out. Turned up at church door for concert only to find that I'd got the day wrong! Ah well, will have to wait another 12 mths to hear English carols ... . Then decided to go to Christmas market instead but we drove around and couldn't find it. (Discovered on card helpfully left on fridge that it was inside, in a community centre confused) Oh dear ...all rather shambolic I'm afraid.

Made up for it on Saturday though following tortuous revision session with dd and cooking for 5,000 in the morning, then went to friend's to watch a film, then friends came back to us for grub and too much wine and an altogether fab evening which went on well in to the next morning. So Sunday was spent recovering, doing more exam revision, running diswhwasher x 4, and driving dd out to horse-riding party where she enjoyed a brilliant 2 hr hack in lovely countryside and saw an owl.

Today has been spent doing home bleugh, supermarket shopping, chemist run, school runs, laundry x 3, finishing final final bit of Christmas shopping (yay!), sorting out dd new rules with dh, packing shoe-boxes for Christmas appeal, meeting dd's new French tutor, cooking and clearing up supper and catching up with this thread!

G'night everyone!

Slimchance Mon 09-Dec-13 21:11:14

x posts

Think loads of toys are marketed at dc too young to appreciate them Bitchy. Tis one of my bugbears.

Arf and shock and wow at Engels' Bitchy-style belter of a list!!! grin

Forgot to say, finally feeling a bit Christmassy because have ordered the tree (although stupidly managed to arrange for it to be delivered when we will be out at dd's school Christmas concert, so will have to re-arrange - duh). Also very shock at prices this year. [So much so that I've hidden the confirmatory e-mail from dh - trouble is, he always says he will go and get a tree and transport it back but then forgets, leaves it until the very last minute (and I'm talking 9pm Christmas eve here) and we end up with a dead stick in a pot. So I've taken the plunge and he'll have to lump it he won't be happy.

Oh yes, and success of the day was ... drum roll ....I've finally found my Christmas organisation file buried deep within the bowels of the home office of doom! Pheww!!

CallingAllEngels Mon 09-Dec-13 21:21:31

Ssssh. Don't tell DH but I've just bought another pair of shoes <hides debit card>

GoingGoingGoth Mon 09-Dec-13 21:48:27


Babystep 10 is all about the power of 15 minutes.

This week we are in Zone 2 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list here

Sneak Peek for the week's missions, today's is to give the work surfaces a good scrub.

Tuesday's focus is Planning day

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

Christmas Holiday Cruise Mission 7 is to plan your budget, and break down your lists into do-able chunks. fhmm getting a bit late for this perhaps?

AngryBuddha Mon 09-Dec-13 21:54:10

Argh!! My teenager has just washed his waterproof gear for canoeing at 90 degree, completely ruining it, while I was out climbing with the Cubs. Somehow it's my fault!!! Trying very hard not to lose my temper!!!

Men!!! Even young ones!!!!

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 22:06:37

I promise not to tell any one engels and SC if neither of you meantion what is going on with my amazon account tonight...

Engels that list is brilliant, feels good to see it all like that doesn't it? grin

CBA to post a ta da. done lots of stuff and about to brew up a pot of extra extra strong pot of special brew as I am going to have to pull a late night in order to sort this paperwork issue out. But at least then I will know that all present shopping and the paperwork is done and it will just be a case of wrapping the stuff up when it arrives and finishing blanket gate.

BitchytheGreat Mon 09-Dec-13 22:07:18

Oh bloody Hell budha <passes wine >

GoingGoingGoth Mon 09-Dec-13 22:33:06


Well everyone has been busy today! Here goes...

rowingboat has made sure she will like her Christmas Day menu even if no one else does fgrin I. Love red cabbage, it's on our menu too.
Hopefully we have reassured her that she is not imagining Dixon of Dock Green possible mass hallucination?

Blue had a quiet Sunday and finished her Christmas cards. AND completed the bleugh on Monday (can't remember the last time I did that)

Toffee's DCs obviously have no opinions on socks. Fx that DS goes to school tomorrow

Bitchy is quickly disappearing under a pile of crotchet squares. Which may help deaden the noise her entire neighbourhood was producing. <arf> at being sent to bed.

well done to your DD dizzy I think she's done amazing to only drop 0.5 seconds after a cough. Am looking forward to following her progress at the next galas.

I think I can safely say we've all been thinking of Silly and J.

Engels has a man problem it's called a husband and seems to be having a poo themed day. I think you deserve your new dress, especially after that list!

WhoKnows has almost completed the decorations. And had friends round this afternoon.

Alice has caught up with the laundry! I hope you savoured the 5 minutes before someone drops something into the basket. Hope Angry or Swan has helped with the costume. You are a bunch of lovely ladies.
I think filling the freezer is a great idea.

Rollermum has had a productive day.

GossipWitch how are you feeling?

Hope you start feeling better soon Blueandwhitelover brew < hot honey & lemon

feetheart had a scary list <faints> Like the 'order tattoos for disco' fgrin

swan has overdone it! Take it easy woman!

SC has had a super busy weekend, well it would have been if your events had been when or where you thought wink Love the idea of a Christmas Organisation file.

<phew, off for a lie down>

AngryBuddha Mon 09-Dec-13 22:57:34

Now at 10.50pm DS2 mentions he has made the house team for Rugby at school tomorrow, and his rugby shoes have gone astray. Have I got any spare ones??? Really!! fconfused

Also today has had strange things happening - dog ate shingle and then was sick all over the lounge carpet. I had to leave the supermarket early as DS5 had earache and school ask me to come and collect him (he couldn't help smiling from ear to ear when I picked him up). A mum got lost on the way to climbing and I had to fetch her (I am the one who normally gets lost!!) We saw a chicken and a duck trying to cross the road together at nighttime!

CBA to do the evening routine, so off to bed, set the alarm clock, so will try and get on top tomorrow.

Night !!

Feet thank you for your very kind offer! but can't shift this virus, so doubt I will participate, but hope you and littlefeet enjoy!!

AngryBuddha Mon 09-Dec-13 22:59:12

Thanks for the wine Bitchy

ToffeeWhirl Mon 09-Dec-13 23:28:38

SC - sympathies on your worries about your DD. Keeping boundaries firm for DC is such hard work, especially if limits differ between partners. I know exactly what you mean about becoming more lax as term goes on. I hope your new rules help both you and your DD.

As for DS1 - he is testing a lot of boundaries at the moment because of his newfound freedom, so DH and I are having to reach a lot of quick decisions about what is and isn't ok (eg. whether he can come home alone in the dark). We have been quite easygoing about school so far because we're so pleased that he's even going in, but it's clearly time to start getting a bit tougher so that he doesn't slide back into old habits.

Btw, rowing, it's a long story with DS1, but, in answer to your question, he was off school during Years 6, 7 and 8 (home educated for some of this time and educated by the LEA at other times) and has only just gone back this term. He suffers from OCD and anxiety, which has been hugely helped by CBT. Am hoping this is just a temporary wobble, as he really does have the knowledge about how to deal with this now.

Anyway, one of his recent problems has been insomnia, so he asked for something to help him sleep tonight and I gave him Phenergan, which he's had before. He is now sleeping soundly, so will, hopefully, wake refreshed tomorrow.

Wish I could comment on all your posts, but bed beckons, so I will have to read and run. You lot do cheer me up though smile.

rowingboat Mon 09-Dec-13 23:39:41

Hi all,
Alice your school Should definitely get a costume and keep it. Ours does and it makes things a lot easier and the kids look pretty good
Did you find something yet?

Who knows I've got one of them - the plate of pasta! :0)
He would turn his nose up at your lovely Brussels too because of the mushrooms (or did I imagine that?)

Blue thank you for reassuring me about Dixon. I did think I must have been arrested as a child and that was the source, but it really was a tv programme so that's alright.

My list got a bit off-skewed and I had to go and lend a hand to a friend in the afternoon so was too hungry to mark the Thai curry by the time I got home so just had some of ds and friends' pizza.
Did the s&s and lots of washing up though
Tomorrow will come home straight after reading at school and coffee with friend and crack on with it all
Night all (policeman knee bend)

rowingboat Mon 09-Dec-13 23:45:26

Angry why did the chicken cross the road.

To show the duck how to do it?

Toffee sorry I didn't realise your DS had been having trouble coping with school for so long. I hated going to school, could have done with such a resourceful mum. It sounds as if you are doing a great job and leaving no stone unturned.

rowingboat Mon 09-Dec-13 23:54:01

I have just read back and realise lots of people have vaguely heard of DODG so this could, indeed be a mass hallucination or I am just much older and codger-like than you all (including you who knows!) :0)
Rocks in chair sucking teeth.
Ok that is it really going now. Night!

dizzyday07 Tue 10-Dec-13 01:51:26

"Evening All!" The house is a tip as minimal flying today has been done.

I spent the morning on the internet ordering Xmas presents, and then the early afternoon in town buying more! The majority of family have now been bought for but I have hardly anything for DS or DH sad

I really resent doing it all every year (DH hardly ever knows what I've bought anybody) and seriously think I may investigate further my suspected Jewish roots so that I can abstain from the whole blasted process!

After school spent trying to get DD to collate the info she has collected on Ellie Simmonds into something more than bullet points for her homework project that is due in on Friday grin

She "helped" me cook a stir fry for tea and as she seems to have her Dad's propensity for covering the cooker in food that needed sorting out after she had gone to bed!

Ta Da
* Xmas presents ordered and bought
* Kitchen bin, food bin and recycling bin emptied - bins put out for binmen too
* Ironed uniform and shirt for tomorrow
* Kitchen surfaces and cooker top wiped over
* Pots washed and sink shined
* Last of Xmas cards addressed

Silly - hope everything went well today
Gossip - I sympathise with how gutted you must feel. My exDH used to hide *gadgets" he had bought when we had no money and it always felt like a betrayal when I found out
Engels - My DD swims. Breaststroke is her favourite and best stroke.

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 10-Dec-13 07:51:01

Angry that's really nice about posting the costume, but I wouldn't feel right about costing you money for it.

I'm going to try *Swan"'s idea and see if I can organise one. Worth a try, right?

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 10-Dec-13 07:52:33

I may even go all "Sound of Music" and use a pair of older curtains. fgrin I wonder if that means I need to dance about the room singing "My Favourite Things"?? hmm

rowingboat Tue 10-Dec-13 08:25:31

Morning all
Alice what do you need to find? Would it be along the lines of a white nightie with a stripy dressing gown? Charity shop?
Sewing it sounds a good idea, are you good with sewing machine? Bit much of the school so leave parents sewing costumes at Christmas time - as if you don't have anything else to do! :0?
We are just off to school so back to sort out home later

BitchytheGreat Tue 10-Dec-13 08:57:39

Only if you feel you must alice grin Our school was exactly the same. but realistic. They actually sent out a letter that suggest an old shirt from an adult and a tea towel with some string to hold both bits on.

Today is not going as planned and the procrastination that went on last night is now causing big problems based on the fact that I also over slept. About to take a running jump into the shower and hit the ground running. Big meeting not prepared for later this morning. hmm tbh i lack the ability to care about the lack of prep. looking forward to amazon being amazing with the orders though.

BitchytheGreat Tue 10-Dec-13 10:21:23

ta da
strip and remake ds' bed
shower and up
deal with ds
ds' bedding in Washing machine
boil up hand warmers x4
internet adminy stuff
talk to Dm why does this always suck so much time out of my day?
Set ds to write last of the christmas cards somehow i don't think this will actually happen hmm
<take deep breaths and be grateful ds is feeling well enough to start being literal and annoying again. Roll on the temp going away and his voice being back so he can go back to school>

And then this is the depressing bit...
To do
parcel up wardrobe that needs to go back into storage
more laundry
put clothes away
sort out some stuff with exp
det ds doing something with his brain to keep him out of trouble
make sure have stuff sorted for tomo
physio exercises
tidy lounge
check decorations all up so can get rid of the boxes
<insert loads more random stuff>

Just. keep. brewing. special. brew. Bitchy. [tired]

Swanhilda Tue 10-Dec-13 10:37:23

Three children at school.

6.30 start. hmm

Ds1 had to go to Twickenham to sing carols at the station for 7.30 hmm So that involved a lot of prodding and cheery despatch, and have you got your winter vest comments?

Massive altercation between dses over whose fault it was that only one PE shirt remains. Ds1 point blank refused to deliver the last PE shirt which is in his locker to Ds2's handwriting class grin as he declared triumphantly he would be drinking hot chocolate on school minibus THIS VERY MORNINGfconfused. Drove back from choir school dropoff to pick up ds2, met them in the road, then took a wrong turning and ended up going round the houses the wrong way, leaving ds2 and dh stranded, eventually picked them up, by which time ds2 was hysterical about his lost PE shirt and the fact he thought he was actually going to have to take the TUBE quelle horreur!....Drove ds2 to school again (deja vu here on the driving!!!) speaking calming words about PE shirts, went to Reception with him, and bought no less than 4 New PE shirts to cover every eventuality for next four years for two sons. ALL CALM. Ds2 went in with big smile.

Now why didn't it occur to me to buy 4 new PE shirts at beginning of term?? Who seemed extravagant at time, but now I realise it would have been worth every penny as I spend a lot of time worrying about unwashed PE kits, and lost PE kits...[Buddha I am wondering whether to track down a spare pair of Rugby boots s/h as I'm waiting for those to go awol far I've been spared on that front - they seem impossible to lose as they are such loathsome objects)

My SIL has had baby twin girls by emergency c section. No news yet, except it was in the middle of last night. Quite exciting. Hope to see them at NY when I go to Ireland. My mother of course is behaving in time honoured fashion of leaving the country to fulfil 1000 prebooked engagements, EXACTLY when she should be hanging around and holding the fort. And she will of course be exhausted of Xmas as a result.

So tired now after all that calming down, I am just to going to do sod all and lie in bed with my anorak on for an hour. Then maybe some tidying.

No routines in evidence at all this morning...

Honu Tue 10-Dec-13 11:38:13

Am wearily trudging through my enormous, ever-increasing to-do list and I came across 'rowing - pencil grips' from several weeks ago. So, in the spirit of JFDI, here it is

rowing mentioned ds's dislike of writing and poor grip of pencil. I teach children with problems and one 15-year-old had writing you couldn't read that was created at snail speed. His grip on the pen was rubbish so I bought him one of these

(I'm a maths tutor ffs - what were the rest of them doing?)

He now writes legibly and comfortably.

Can now reduce list by one!

Swanhilda Tue 10-Dec-13 11:48:40

SC I have pmed you. blush

Honu sorry not to reply..just rushing out to South Ken now.

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 10-Dec-13 11:59:05

Ok. On the fancy dress/Joseph costume front, I've decided that I'm going with black trousers, dark long sleeve shirt (of which he has a number to choose from) and then I'm going to make the vesty-over-the-shirt thing out of a olive green curtain. fgrin It's actually leftover from another project blush and just big enough that I can fold it over, make a slit in the top for the boatneck (as recommended by Swan thank you!), and put a cord/rope of some sort around the waist to hold it together. Works. For. Me. If they want something more complicated, they can do it themselves. And I'm not sure on the headgear - I know the shepherds do the teatowel thing, but Joseph?? Do all the men wear them? confused

I can't help but think that if they want really nice costumes, they should provide them. hmm Thankfully DS2 is a "star" in his nativity. Black trousers, black shirt, and silver tinsel. Brilliant!

I did some shopping this morning and bought the Christmas turkey. Frozen, of course. I also bought a few nibbles. I was a little disappointed as Aldi really didn't have much in. I may have to go peek at Iceland and Lidl's next time I'm in town (they're right close together - cannot go to one without checking out the other fgrin).

I have a couple Christmas crafts for the boys to do - one for this weekend and one for next weekend.

And I want to point out that while I love love love the gold lame tinsel stuff that you drape little strands of all over the tree (looks so pretty!!) - mainly I love it because my mum never let us have it when we were kids. And now I know why.... because it gets EVERYWHERE. fgrin

Honu Tue 10-Dec-13 12:28:22

Oh yes - and the rugby boots. From when my boys were quite little I bought football boots from charity shops. We had a big bag of boots in the bottom of the wardrobe, occasionally culled because of age/wear/lack of a partner/now too small for either boy. There were enough of them to keep them going throughout their school lives.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 10-Dec-13 12:59:03

Honu - my DS1 uses those grips and they help although don't perform any miracles, sadly. That rugby/football boots idea is very good. I had to spend a fortune on DS1's new boots and he hasn't even done football / rugby since going back to school anyway.

Swan - nice to see mention of Twickenham station - very familiar to me.

Re: costume discussion (Alice , rowing and Angry) - DS2's school provides costumes every year and we just have to check that they fit. I don't know why all schools don't do this. My sole contribution this year was trimming off the frayed edges of the tunic.

Bitchy - good luck with anti-procrastination today (my day for that will be tomorrow).

dizzy - sympathies on buying for everyone at Xmas. I found that so stressful last year that I vowed not to do it again, so, this time, I have delegated all present buying back to the people who should be doing it in the first place. This has involved asking grandmothers to buy DC's presents and reminding DH to buy his presents because I'm not going to do it this time. Last year I was even wrapping and labelling the bloody things for everyone.

Have spent all morning working, so nothing has been done in the house at all and the kitchen is still a mess. Well, I did swish and swipe in the bathroom because that takes just a minute.

We are picking up the artificial tree soon (am hoping it will pass as real once decorated), then collecting DMIL to take her to DS2's Xmas concert, where we will all crane our necks to catch a glimpse of him. As usual, he will be right at the back.

DS1 went back to school today. Phew. Felt bad because I forgot to pack his sandwiches, but had a sweet text message from him telling me not to worry about it.

rowingboat Tue 10-Dec-13 13:57:37

Hi all,
I'm back. I can't believe your incredible journey Swan what a nightmare! Not the tube! grin
Alice well done, that costume sounds really good actually. I think everyone wore head gear in our nativity, not that anyone actually has to worry about the blazing sun in the UK.
Toffee yay to your DS going in today and being sweet about his sandwiches, particularly if that could have caused a wobbly.
Honu thank you so much, that is very well remembered. I have ordered one so will give it a try when it arrives (very curious face).
Bitchy overslept here as well. Strangely though this morning seemed to go a bit better than the normal time morning yesterday.
I have had to ban LEGO at breakfast as the advent calendar lego thingy was leading to many other lego thingies appearing for a battle at the table - cue being late and shouty!
So today
courier is coming at some point to collect parcel
this mean stuck indoors
cleaning floors bath and kitch
ignoring zone really this week
Construct tree now it is dry
washing in from outside
new washing out on line
towels in to wash tonight
thai curry
soup (probably lentil due to lack of imagination)
give up and get DVLA to send replacement disc as post office proving too difficult.
20 mins on exercise bike
lunch and vits
lights on tree
finally post cards apart from the ones where I have no idea of the address because that would be silly.
hotspot tidy

Have fallen off the thread already. Am rubbish blush

Not flying particularly high at the moment, work very busy in the run up to Christmas and DS still poorly (it has been over 3 weeks now and I'm getting a bit worried. The doctor thinks repeated viral infections and is probably right, but it's still concerning).

Sorry to hear DS is struggling again toffee. It sounds like he has insight into his anxiety though so hopefully this will help him find the strength to overcome it.

Hope all is OK silly

This is my last chance to deep clean the kitch before christmas and I have an hour before the DC are back. Sooo...

To do
Stack dishwasher and turn on
Wash cat bowls
Clean worktops
Clean table
Clean hob
Clean bin
Clean cabinets and base boards
Clean door and windows
Clean large appliances
mop floor

BitchytheGreat Tue 10-Dec-13 15:24:19

ta da
strip and remake ds' bed
shower and up
deal with ds
ds' bedding in Washing machine
boil up hand warmers x4
internet adminy stuff
talk to Dm why does this always suck so much time out of my day?
Set ds to write last of the christmas cards somehow i don't think this will actually happen hmm
<take deep breaths and be grateful ds is feeling well enough to start being literal and annoying again. Roll on the temp going away and his voice being back so he can go back to school>
sort out newly rearranged plans
sort out some stuff with exp
Get ds doing something with his brain to keep him out of trouble - he is playing scramble with his gran
realise bed needs taking apart to recuse paperwork and other important bits that have fallen down behind it and need rescuing.
parcel up wardrobe that needs to go back into storage
Wash table clothes that are going into storage for the winter season
Tidy lounge in progress
check decorations all up so can get rid of the boxes in progress
Check which amazon orders have been dispatched already. Damn they are good!
Sort and clean out a drawer in the kitchen
sort, tidy and decorate top of a unit in dinning room
deal with whingy poorly ds
Put rest of ds' bedding into washing machine
Remember I was supposed to send an email re customer service I'd forgotten and it was excellent so deserves praise
Put pizza dough ingrediants into bread machine

To do
more laundry
put clothes away
make sure have stuff sorted for tomo
physio exercises
<still lots of extra random stuff> sad

StillWearingOddSocks Tue 10-Dec-13 16:18:35

Hello everyone - having a sneaky brew and reading today's posts at work....

Back at 7pm to eat supper and play with DS - who has succumbed to whatever is going round and is off school like some other DS on this thread...hope everyone is getting better

Not started decluttering kitchen yet. Need to make space for some christmas food. Not doing the lunch this year but we are hosting Boxing Day. No ideas.

Slimchance Tue 10-Dec-13 17:03:58

Hello [Dips knees while sticking thumbs under lapels especially for Rowingboat grin]

Hope everything is going OK today Silly

Just swinging in feeling full of Christmas spirit! Been sorting out clothes and non-perishable foods that people have donated at the parish vestiare and emulating your money-counting stint Swan as I was with a very nice set of ladies of a certain age which I am fast approaching myself and we were all cackling about the indignities of growing older. Feeling quite chipper because, for the first time in my life, I actually managed to make a pun in French shock which they actually found quite funny shock or they were just being very kindand humouring the mad English one in the corner.

Swan What lovely news!! Congratulations on the birth of your twin nieces!! [champagne symbol] cake!!

I'm so relieved to know that I am not the only one who drives around the houses the wrong way and wears my anorak to bed grin. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to pm me. I will take the time to read it properly tomorrow and absorb!

Leaves out health fortifying juice for Angry and smile at your surreal day yesterday. Poor dog! And poor you!

Bitchy was savouring the peace outside early this morning (like you, we have had construction work going on in the street for ages) but no, the drilling started bang on 7.30 am....goes right through your bones it does.

Dizzy If it's any consolation, my dh swans through Christmas too without a care in the world (to be fair he is always stonkingly busy at work this time of year) ... but he doesn't 'get' what all the stress is about because he doesn't do any of it .... it's a struggle to get him to even sign a Christmas card; I've become a dab hand at forging his signature wink.

Toffee I'm very attracted to the idea of 'delegating' Christmas! Daren't leave anything for dh to do though, except order and collect the turkey from his favourite 'volaille & gibier' shop. I just know somehow that he would never fail with that particular task! Glad your morning was less stressful today and ds1 OK. Hope ds2's concert goes well!

You are spot on about boundaries and different parental expectations btw! Honestly feel like writing dh a task-list to follow in the morning as he's often the one keeping everyone waiting! Quite shock this morning as dd seemed very enthusiastic about her new regime, and was happily ticking her morning routine off on her chart, but we'll see what happens when the novelty value wears off ... .

Waves to Honu!

Glad to hear your ds is feeling better Bitchy

Alice grin at you channelling the Sound of Music! Actually, all this talk of nativity costumes is making me feel quite homesick. They just don't do nativity plays here sadly... .

Goth I don't know how you are managing to keep doing such brill round-ups [proffers alcoholic sustenance for later on] Christmas organisation file is a wonderful concept in theory if one can actually find it before you have finished organising blush

YOur poor dog Angry and poor you! Hope all recovered!

Waves to Engels Blue PA* Just Pushme Feetheart Castle Elliepac and everyone else!

Ta da:
morning routine inc dw, wm, rabbits, s&s
make pizza dough
more laundry
cleaned kitchen
dining room table hot spot
watched a bit of Mandela Memorial
quick lunch with dh
quick supermarket flit

To do:
pick up dd and 2 friends from office and assemble/cook pizzas - supervise maths revision project [yargh]
cool white wash
tidy boudoir
early night

Enjoy your evening everyone!

Slimchance Tue 10-Dec-13 17:09:19

x posts

snap with the pizza Bitchy
sorry to hear your ds is still poorly Pushme and that yours has succumbed too Stillwearingoldsocks

Slimchance Tue 10-Dec-13 17:10:48

Gawd Rowingboat I'm obviously losing my marbles ... Dixon of DG impression doesn't really work in the evening does it ? confused

AliceinWinterWonderland Tue 10-Dec-13 18:26:04

Slimchance I am actually loving the nativity stuff here, minus of course the costume angst. Where I grew up, there were Christmas programmes in school and Christmas programmes in church. Nativity in church only. Never church stuff in school. People practically had kittens over it. hmm I enjoy the crossover of the nativity into the school.

GossipWitch Tue 10-Dec-13 18:26:38

Hello I'm back, decided I couldn't face p when he got home with out wanting to physically hurt him, (wouldn't actually but really wanted to) so I took 2 kids and went to a friends, feared that if I took ds2 then I would get done for kidnap as he's not legally mine, but after a few beers with a friend when kids were tucked in and a chinese takeaway (slimming world has gone out of the window) and a bad nights sleep, I got home this morning and he had decided to take the day off work in order to sort things out. I was even more angry as it turns out he is overdrawn again, cue shouting at him in front of kids, (hangs head in shame, brought the kids sweets out of guilt, yada yada) and going to school with a sore throat. I got home and was able to speak to him without shouting. He was apologetic and full of promises, I swear if he breaks them I will leave him. but on the upside, I got home to a spotless house, as he'd been up all night fretting that I had left him for good and he needed something to take his mind off it, he even cleaned the bin!!!

CallingAllEngels Tue 10-Dec-13 18:40:11

Well done Slim I am mightily impressed by your linguistic skills <bows down>

Swan great news. Congratulations on new arrivals.

Alice I'm actually quite nostalgic for nativity as we couldn't get away with it here as International School and must avoid all mention ofthe C word

Ta da
3 sets of marking/feedback before/after lessons
Washing up
Old paper out
Sorted today's post and put away a few stray bits from kitchen/dining table
Family photo in front of Christmas tree (DH got his tripod down and everything)
Chased up email about photos (apparently I forgot to put my house number in the order - oops!)
Checked email
Drove DH demented by starting to sing my favourite things (I can blame you lot for that!)
DS in bed

To do
Should sort out script for teacher's performance and song for leaving colleague, and check scripts for class performances.....
Shower and wash hair
Layout clothes for tomorrow
Waiting for postNL man to arrive with my package fgrin

Slimchance Tue 10-Dec-13 20:07:32

Thanks but don't be too impressed Engels given the amount of time I've lived here, my language skills are pretty poor really ... but today was good because it's the humour I miss .. can't really do it unless you are confident of all the nuances etc (which I'm not) ... and then you are afraid of making some cultural faux pas so you end up being a bit passive/timid really ... which becomes rather tedious/frustrating after a while hence me blurting on here a lot.

Ohhhhh ... I do like the thought of imminent parcels! Bet it will look fab! Your list reminds me that I must get a 'Christmas' pic of dd ready to send to trillions of cousins ...

Bit extreme of you Gossip to go through all of that just to get your bin cleaned ....very clever strategy though !!wink grin Just kidding!!! Seriously, glad you had the opportunity to talk x

Kind of the reverse here Alice dd goes to very religious school but no hint of a nativity play! (There is a Christmas card competition, and a Christmas market, and a carol concert, but no play ... bit odd but there you are.) Hope yours goes well anyway!

Just about survived maths project with three ten year olds - pizza used to demonstrate fractions before being consumed. Last one has just left and dd's gone up to bed. Bit jealous of dh tonight because he is off on a jolly with all his colleagues making an Italian three-course dinner at a cookery school and then eating it! So it's off to admire Michel Roux and his sausage cooked three ways ... grin...

G'night all!

Slimchance Tue 10-Dec-13 20:10:21

Leaving wine on naughty corner bar - help yourselves

(don't normally drink Mon-Thurs but what the heck - it's that time of year)

CallingAllEngels Tue 10-Dec-13 20:21:56

Ta da
Spent half an hour laying down in DS's room as I woke him up byt turning the hall light off hmm and he went into full on meltdown "MAMA!" mode in his bedroom.
Signed for parcel and dress is amazing but way too nice to wear to work on a normal day so will try and whip it out for end of term do with parents and students next week (though I should be sweating it out backstage in blacks!) It's this...
Now just have to wait for my boots!
Shower and hair
Laid out clothes for tomorrow

Too tired to work on teacher's performance so will try and be creative and get some done during lessons tomorrow fblush

GoingGoingGoth Tue 10-Dec-13 20:49:12


Babystep 11 is to add an Insprarational page to our Control Journals.<smirk>

This week we are in Zone 2 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list for those that can be bothered here

Sneak Peek for the week's missions, today's is attack to the sink with a toothbrush.

Wednesday focus is Anti-procrastination day so go do those awful jobs you know you've been avoiding.

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

Christmas Holiday Cruise Mission 8 is a choice of 2 missions, to either prepare your guest room or check your serving dishes are clean/shiny.

Swanhilda Tue 10-Dec-13 21:46:10

Phew, children safely tucked up - Ds1 being a complete football hooligan atm incredibly loud and cracking bad jokes all the time about bad films hmm

loaded dw
picked up ds2 from school by car
nap before that
unpacked vegetable box
food recycling
wash in

and an exciting drama - at 6pm , ds2 found he had taken a classmate's bag home shockshock - cue search for classmate's house (we aren't allowed any nos of classmembers unless we find them out ourselves) luckily a bit of detective work yielded his address in the homework diary. And it was only about 20 mins away. Cue a long walk/bus journey at 6.30pm escaped making supper

Felt very guilty about poor boy's missing bag and what he must have been through in past two hours searching for it and wondering where it had gone. However when I dropped if off he looked distinctly peeved as if he had been hoping to get out of the homework grin. His mother was very grateful though blush I felt she should have expressed some exasperation at my annoying son. Ds2 certainly was screaming with horror when he discovered he had the WRONG bag - this classmate seemed much more phlegmatic. The contents of his bag were certainly considerably neater - no scrunched up bits of paper for a start hmm

I must admit I kept thinking it would be no great loss if Ds2's bag never turns up, as his books are full of illegible writing and computer printouts (which are still on the computer saved) But I'm sure the bag will turn up tomorrow [sigh] and then we'll have to start work again.

In the meantime, we did
ICT (at school)

GoingGoingGoth Tue 10-Dec-13 22:03:38


Everyone has been chatty today! <gratefully accepts SC's offer of alcohol>fgrin

Last nights post's....

Angry let the side down last thing yesterday as she couldn't miraculously produce a spare set of rugby shoes. fsmile Which sounds like end of a very weird day,

rowing I think helping a friend is definitely list worthy

dizzyday had a productive day Christmas shopping, I really don't think any man I know has any idea how much work his wife/partner does getting ready for Christmas.


Alice laughing at the idea of you getting Sister Maria-ish. Have you seen Enchanted yet, I love that she leaves dress shaped holes in the curtains. DD's school has sets of costumes too, quite good ones, but then they get used every year. So pleased you got the costume sorted. The gold lamia

Bitchy is grateful her DS is annoying again. You don't realise how much you miss it until they are ill.

Toffee so pleased DS went to school

Swan SIL has twin girls! thanks look forward to hearing all about them.
Ds1 was at Twickenham to sing carols at the station for 7.30. How lovely. Which hopefully made up for Shirtgate.

Honu provided a link pencil grips Would they help DD, she grips too hard and gets hand ache.

rowingboat has had to ban LEGO at breakfast it keeps multiplying.

PMPY has a poorly DS, he must be worn out after 3 weeks of it. Well you've done a week's worth if cleaning today.

OddSocks is another with a poorly DS! Re hosting Boxing Day, are you thinking of another lunch or would a salad/cold meats/buffet be easier. I know I only want to snack the next day.

SC has been helping out at the local parish, I think that's great. I've been thinking about doing something similar, must get off my backside.

Gossip has an extreme method to getting DP to do the housework, the fact he did the bin is scary! (Does he know you MN?)

Engels has her new dress (and thanks for the photo! You are now our style icon)

My Christmas cards finally arrived from school, so DD and I spent the evening writing them ready for posting tomorrow. She's so proud of them (and rightly so)
I've started going through the freezer, 1 drawer at a time, I have 10 different types of vegetables! Tomorrow's casserole will be great.

Hope this all makes sense, I was watching Last Tango in Halifax.

[Sneaks in after the round-up and pretends she's been here all day]

Not much Flying today, but have managed:

All morning at school for "mathemagician" - less exciting than it sounds.
Made weird cross-over gingery butternut pork quinoa pasta thing - actually quite tasty
First carol service of the year with choir
Cleaned up kitchen
Teensy bit of work.

Highly relieved not to be expected to provide any costumes for school plays, but have just realised next choir carol concert clashes with DS1's school play! Aagh!! [Adds "find babysitter" to tomorrow's to do list.]

Glad DS1 made it in to school, Toffee.

Good to hear of multilingual puns too, SC.

Big waves to everyone else. Night all.

BitchytheGreat Tue 10-Dec-13 23:18:21

I was going to go to bed 2hrs ago. And then I opened pinterest. blush least i have a few days before i have to stick to baby step 17.

Right water and sleep... Busy busy day tomo.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 10-Dec-13 23:22:06

<sneaks in behind Blue>


Morning routine, school run etc
Pilates class
Town for errands
Home for lunch
Various admin/email/paperwork tasks plus cleared a lot of stray paper into recycling
Ran vac round
Few more Christmas things out of loft
Wrote more Christmas cards and a couple of birthday cards
Booked DD's birthday party for Jan.
School run
Tea for DCs
Baked cakes with DCs
DS and friends to Cubs
Took DD to Sainsburys to do her Christmas shopping
DCs to bed
Made Jamie Oliver Make ahead gravy for Christmas - smell has driven cats bonkers.
Glugged mulled wine
More Christmas cards (nearly all done now)

Off to bed now, night all.

Sillybillybob Wed 11-Dec-13 00:12:14

Only flying I did today was in a plane! Twice!


ToffeeWhirl Wed 11-Dec-13 00:18:59

Spent the morning working, then went to DS2's nativity and - surprise! - he was in the front row. I have never had such a good view of him in the Xmas concert before smile.

Dropped MIL back home, before going into town to post some work stuff, then catch up on Xmas shopping. Have managed to tick more people off the list.

Came home to find DH had cleared up the kitchen and done the washing up grin.

Very busy day tomorrow and the next day. I have made a long Bitchy-style list so that I don't forget anything. Glad that tomorrow is anti-procrastination day because I have a lot on that particular list.

Have just developed a cold sore, which is annoying, so I'm slathering on the cream and hoping it won't turn into anything worse. There is only so much make up can cover up.

Congratulations on the arrival of your twin nieces, Swan. Sorry I missed that announcement earlier.

<wanders off to bed, leaving a trail of lists behind>

ToffeeWhirl Wed 11-Dec-13 00:20:10

Wow, you did it! Fantastic news, silly. Am so happy that you made it. Did J like Santa?

dizzyday07 Wed 11-Dec-13 01:07:18

In the words of Hugh Grant "f*ck, f*ck, f*ckity, f*ck"! Just pushed the wrong button and my post was deleted. Just rounds up the sh*tty day I've had perfectly!!!

Noticed at school run time that my car had a flat tyre (luckily not needed as school literally round the corner), so then spent 2 hours - even with the help of a manly neighbour - trying unsuccessfully trying to undo the nut that holds the spare tyre under the car angry. So tomorrow I am going to have to upgrade my AA membership or find a local tyre service that will come to the house and sort it out.

DD had Brownies tonight and as it was their Xmas party with Chinese food she didn't want to miss it so had to shell out £15 for a taxi to take us 5 miles to the next village shock. Oh the joys of living in the middle of nowhere! I sat quietly in a corner and then we waited for DH to leg it back from work to collect us.

The evening then ended in a real high with me in tears and screaming at DH in anger and frustration! He is out on Friday at a works Xmas do and was telling me he was cancelling going to a works quiz night tomorrow (apparently he told me about this one at the weekend - but as I was out for most of it I don't know when!). This was on top of him finishing work early yesterday to go to London to see some old works colleagues. Being as one of these was complicit (or at least guilty of not saying anything to support him to save her own soul) 3 years ago when he was thrown out of a job for no other reason than his "face didn't fit". I let all the anger and frustration and pain I have felt since then out and now I feel like a wrung out dishrag sad.

Not sure that the "talk" we had afterwards resolved anything as he HATES his current job and brings home all his frustration and disappointment on at least a bi-daily basis.

I think I need to put a magic wand on my Xmas list as neither of us have the energy to carry on like we are

dizzyday07 Wed 11-Dec-13 01:08:14

Silly so so glad you all got to go on your trip.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 11-Dec-13 07:23:16

Silly - that's fantastic, so glad you made it, do tell us all about it later, please!

Toffee - just got a cold sore here as well sad.

Dizzy - hope today turns out better. There are mobile tyre fitters around, I've used one before. Sounds as though you really needed to get all that off your chest.

Busy day in prospect here, got to take DCs to school, run DH to work as it's his Christmas do tonight and he's taxxiing back, drive car to garage for a service, go to work myself (5 mins walk from garage ), retrieve car, retrieve DCs, make tea and get them back to school for 6.30 for their show.

I'm not going to the show tonight, we're going tomorrow, so I will get a couple of hours to myself this evening, which will be weird!

AliceinWinterWonderland Wed 11-Dec-13 08:22:26

Busy day today, compounded by the fact that DS1 is home ill from school. He's actually just tired and draggy with a slight fever, so will probably spend most of the day tucked up on the sofa watching telly and playing on the ipad. fgrin He basically needs rest to fight off a viral infection that seems to be trying to settle in his lungs, aggravating his asthma.

I have a huge list of things to do. I've already started some, but will put my to dos and ta das on in a bit, at the very least after school run.

Slimchance Wed 11-Dec-13 08:33:03

Morning all!

Just popped on to say "oh that is fantastic Silly!!!!!" So happy you got there!! grin grin grin That's made my day!

Dizzy sorry things are still difficult at home brew biscuit

Good luck with your busy days ahead Whoknows and Toffee

Whoknows I'm definitely going to check out Jamie's make-ahead gravy on line ...have you had it before? I always make the stock one or two days in advance, but didn't realise you could freeze entire gravy 3/4 through cooking process - wd be v. convenient.

[Sticks extra strong brew under nose of Bitchy] [I couldn't sleep last night either - was up till sodding 2.30 am having gone to bed at midnight]

Another gorgeous dress Engels!

Another gorgeous round-up Goth!

Hope ds2's bag turns up Swan

Stillwearingoldsocks ie cold meats (including turkey) glazed ham etc with chutneys, and lots of fresh accompanying salads ie fennel and endive with strong honey/mustard/lemon or orange dressing, can always add hot element (new pots, tiny chipolatas?). Cheese board on side?. Followed by trifle or fresh Christmassy fruit salad: pineapple, mango, pomegranate, with loads of lime juice and a lot bit of jollop? Any good?

Alternatively, but might be a bit rich only one day after Christmas, duck breasts are always useful for mass catering. Cold duck has a delicious flavour. Can roast in oven day before in hot oven (crispy skin), and then thinly slice cold kind of cross-wise with above dressed endive and fennel salad, watercress etc or make loads of celeriac and potato mash and a port and redcurrant faux gravy reduction thingy, ie redcurrant jelly, port, dollop mushroom ketchup, duck cooking juice, maybe bit of chicken stock etc??? Maybe???

Big waves to Blue and everyone else!

Those friendly builders (not) on the street have kindly turned off our water supply between 7.30am and 11 am today [really convenient time to do it hmm ] having only giving us notice overnight; fortunately we are all usually up and dressed by then anyway but no dw or wm this morning which is a bit of a bummer.

Anyway, I'm in a bad mood now because there is no avoiding sorting the home office until dd comes home at lunch time - so I have 3.5 hours straight... just do not know what to do with the stuff that is in there.. [SC looks around her in horror] [wibbles]

Wish me luck - this is not going to be pleasant ...

Have a good day everyone!

Slimchance Wed 11-Dec-13 08:33:55

Alice hope your ds recovers soon - and all the other poorly dc on here

GoingGoingGoth Wed 11-Dec-13 08:35:29

<staggers in, grab's coffee>

I will kill my husband if he doesn't start coming to bed before midnight, and then snoring!

Slimchance Wed 11-Dec-13 08:36:54

Stillwearingoldsocks sorry - that should have started with "we usually go for cold buffet on boxing day too" ie etc

Slimchance Wed 11-Dec-13 08:38:26
feetheart Wed 11-Dec-13 09:28:29

Sillybilly - YES!!!!! fgrin fgrin fgrin fgrin fgrin fgrin

Now we want details...lots of them fgrin

Have only caught up with that and need to do lots of work whilst waiting for washing machine repair lady. However I have a Ta Da list:
- Finish off School Assoc craft stuff from last week
- Sort out more School Assoc disco tickets
- Emails re school concert programme
- DD showered (too busy making Christmas jumper last night!), DS bathed (wet again)
- All up and out
- Washing up done and kitchen tidied for engineer

Now need to work.

Back later.

Swanhilda Wed 11-Dec-13 09:41:28

I am freezing. Sitting here in a cold draught (where isn't there a draught in this house except a hot bath or under a duvet???) my feet feel like they are about to fall off, with my anorak still on and my thermal vest.

Fog this morning, so mad dash to get ds2 to school for an early lesson without driving. Had to compromise by accepting he wasn't going to get to it. He was so stressed by the bag, and then the lack of lift that something had to give.

Dizzy it's that wonderful time of the year when people think of divorce. Certainly I have considered it often this last week, even when dh is being extremely helpful fconfused Felt so cross with him this morning for screaming at ds2 for screaming. When will he learn that screaming at ASD children never ever helps however irrational they are being?? Basically we have to cut our suits to fit our cloth, and my cloth atm is mornings start too early, and school is a big deal for ds2, therefore a lot of other stuff has to give. We have made a decision that dh will go upstairs and talk to ds1, when ds2 is leaving the house. Atm there is a lot of scuffling over bag, coat, shoes, lunch which gets ds2 in a tizzy and dh in a state of barely disguised irritation.

Dh is worn out by his parents visiting I think; we had a long talk this morning about collaborative problem solving rather than just sniping at each others methods. But even the phrase collaborative problem solving is enough to make dh's eyes glaze over fgrin How can I make it less therapeutic and more man friendly?????fgrin The truth is when you are cross with each other, it is a horrid feeling and makes one thoroughly unproductive in every way, except for a brief flurry of righteous usefulness..hmm

6.30 wakeup
cats fed
letter written about bag to teacher
bath for ds2
calmed ds2 down
walked ds2 to tube
rang intervention lesson, and his teacher, no answer, messages left.

Swanhilda Wed 11-Dec-13 09:48:05

silly is that a message from the North Pole...??? I am smiling thinking about it. My impressions of the North Pole are based on Philip Pullman and Hans Christian Andersen smile

Whoknows and Buddha we have the Beavers/Scouts concert this evening. Not looking forward to participitating; I have to lead all the carols. Tomorrow is dd's concert miles away, not looking forward to that either!!! So many logistical problems with both to do with child care.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 11-Dec-13 10:00:05

Swan - sympathies with the logistics, mine are simple this year as both are in KS2, but the last two years with one in KS1 and one in KS2 (even though at the same school) meant two of every event, with younger children not being allowed to attend the KS2 performance in the evenings and the babysitting juggle (my parents and oother parents form school being each others babysitters), aarrgh.

SC - this is the third year I have done that gravy, it goes in the freezer now and just gets the meat juices added on the day, plus a slug of wine perhaps, basically tweaking and finishing.

Made all my morning dropoffs on time, am now sitting at work, so really better go and do some......

ToffeeWhirl Wed 11-Dec-13 10:39:10

Just stopping by whilst I eat b/fast.

DS1 forgot his glasses again, in spite of me reminding both him and DH before I left to take DS2 to school. He was also very unco-operative and rude to me this morning when I asked him to hurry, so there may have been some shouting in the Toffee household (sympathies to other fledglings who had shouty mornings/evenings sad).

His lovely teacher at the unit drove him all the way home to collect his glasses from me and I gave her a spare pair and asked her to keep them for him. Wanted to say, "It's not my fault!" because I think she assumes I'm the one who gets him to school in the morning.

DS2 did say "I feel ill" this morning, but recovered when I reminded him that he has a dentist appointment midday and is then coming home for lunch. Miraculously, his illness didn't stop him skating to school on the frosty ground hmm.

Re: delegating Xmas <looks for Dizzy> I had my DM on the phone this morning complaining that she had been charged too much for delivery for her online orders and that they were delivering to her home instead of me, which means she will have to carry them down on the train. Meanwhile, MIL is fretting about what to buy DS1. They would both love it if I took over the present buying as before, but I'm not giving in!

B/fast break over, so need to get on with my long list. Have dealt with the kitchen and mopped the hall floor (so muddy). Now need to tackle the rest of the morning routine, unpack the remainder of yesterday's shopping and wash my hair before going back up to school.

<leaves brew for thirsty, busy fledglings>

rowingboat Wed 11-Dec-13 11:07:05

Hi all,
Thanks for the Dixon knee bend Slim, I needed that! :0)
Toffee glasses saga very familiar, it's so irritating isn't it! Where are you that is frosty? It's weirdly spring-like here. Waiting in trepidation for an article blizzard!
Dizzy are you feeling a bit better after crying? I hope that has released that three year old angst and you can move on. Sounds awful!
Slim and toffee and other Jamie gravy fans - must try that will look into it later!
I can't see the posts now I am postings message so working on very dodgy memory but what was that about mathmagician? I think it sounds interesting! :0))
We had a brilliant book called mathmagicians from the library, with Johnny Ball remember him? I think he did "think of a number".

So my tree is up but no lights. Is it just me, but I can't decide where to put the stupid thing that isn't in the way, blocking out all the light or obscuring the tv from the sofa! Will think about it later
Off to work soon so have packed lunch at the ready. Won't be home until almost 10
Got an email about something I did wrong at work last week. Probably got sidetracked by a student, but I so need a holiday. Can't remember a thing about it either!?

Have done
S&s kitchen and bath
Washing up
Putting away
Washing on line
Tumbled some other dampish washing
DS to school
Got ready vitamins

Slimchance Wed 11-Dec-13 11:20:03

Pleasure Rowingboat I'm forgetting things all the time atm btw if that's any consolation - and I don't have a teaching job to occupy me - think it's the stressful time of year and juggling too many things at once. Good luck with your long day!

Going to give it a go Whoknows thanks!!

Waves to Toffee and Swan and everyone else.

Blaaahhh - well, that went too quickly - dd will be back in 20 mins - done 4 X 15 mins divided between boudoir and office ...+ put ironed washing away and wrote some important dates on calendar.

Just beginning to despair because dd off school this afternoon as is usual here, then we are busy all weekend and quite a few evenings the following week, then she breaks up on the 20th for two weeks... and it doesn't seem a moment since the summer holidays ...I desperately need another week to be inserted in to the calendar!!!

Swanhilda Wed 11-Dec-13 12:13:45

Toffee I've decided that telling people what to buy doesn't work because invariably they get slightly the wrong end of the stick and buy the wrong sort of the right thing fgrin aka Wii game which doesn't work with our Wii, tights which are too small (because she can't really be 15 year old height although you did say she was hmm, foolproof useful presents which children denounce because they are "boring" ungrateful little creatures. No, I'm leaving it to fate, with the proviso that they only spend £10 maximum. I suspect what my children really really want for Xmas is a Selection Box. Ds1 surprisingly, loves toiletries for someone who finds it difficult to wash and when I bought him a cushion recently he was delighted with that too.

26 fling bogey (that's including things like bottletops and banana skinsblush
fruitbowl sort out
wiped worktops
wiped table
sorted out vegetable box
rescue of front room
laundry all downstairs
piled all my clean clothes into my bedroom chair
put to do paperwork in one place
found 2014 calendar
breakfast stuff in sink

GoingGoingGoth Wed 11-Dec-13 12:16:54

SC thanks! but I already had mine in. When he's really tired, he's really loud. Anyway I've just had a little nap (3 hours) and feel much better, although today's plans are now out of the window.

Revised To Do List
Make veggie sausage rolls for Woodcraft Party, plus something else.
Collect DD from school
DD to Wwodcraft
And later, drag DH to bed around 11

Slimchance Wed 11-Dec-13 14:02:04

Mine too Goth. The noise is equivalent to a motor-bike starting up on the landing -) you can hear him through 2 floors. The annoying thing is he's not aware of it and gets quite miffed when I complain. So we play musical beds instead ... .

And I daren't wear earplugs because I always think I won't hear a burglar or the crackling of a fire ... or something [worry wart emoticon].

Glad you have retrieved a bit of much-needed shut-eye!

Tortuous exam revision here. Had to virtually apply thrumb screws. So much shouting and nashing of teeth (from both of us) I am sure the neighbours will call social services. There must be a better way sad.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 11-Dec-13 14:13:33

Glad you caught up on sleep, Goth. Sounds like you really needed it.

Swan - you may be right about presents. I am already worrying that DM will have bought DS2 Lego that he already has, even though I gave her some guidance. The daftest present I have to give is a Boots voucher for exactly the same value as my aunt is giving me. I did try to suggest, this year, that we not bother, but she was insistent. If she gets mine first, she could save herself some money and just send it back to me grin.

SC/rowing - I also forget things all the time, which is why I need lots of lists. Yesterday, DS2 sang us one of the songs we'd supposedly heard at his concert. DMIL (80-something) obviously remembered it and was singing along with him, but I could have sworn I'd never heard it before in my life! Obviously, I wasn't paying enough attention at his concert blush.

rowing - I like the fact that you are waiting in trepidation for an 'article blizzard' grin <visualises a snowstorm of newspapers>. I'm in Sussex, by the way. Frost has gone now and it is, indeed, a very sunny, spring-like day. But it was frosty and foggy first thing.

Have done the dentist trip and was happy that she wouldn't see me because of my cold sore. That meant we were out quickly, after DS2's appointment, and had some time at home, having lunch together, before I took him back to school for the afternoon.

Just finishing off a cup of tea, then am going to tackle the downstairs room by room before the school run. Oh, have done one of the missions and put bleach in the kitchen bin. Left it to soak outside and will retrieve it later.

DS1 is back from school. He went to all his lessons and came back in good spirits. Phew.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 11-Dec-13 15:23:55

Dry laundry away
2 dozen little sausage rolls
2 dozen mini apple tarts

Thank god I made a casserole yesterday, just slinging together some dumpling and dinner will be ready.

BitchytheGreat Wed 11-Dec-13 15:49:01

Oh dear lord ds' bedroom is over run with snow flakes!!! shockshock

Just a very quick rush through to say wooo hooo Silly So so so glad you got to travel. Hope it was as magical as what i have heard it to be!

Shit, gotta dash. Will have to deal with the snow flakes later....

Silly - Yay!! So glad you made it. smile

Bitchy I feel your pain on the snowflakes - DS1 brought some home from school and then proceeded to "improve" them. End result: bits of paper everywhere and a destraught boy who'd ended up ruining his hard work...

WhoKnows - just looked up that gravy recipe. Brilliant! Will definitely be adopting that as my parents like a LOT of gravy.

Laundry put away
Cut up last year's cards for gift tags

Feels like I've done more than that, but hey.

AliceinWinterWonderland Wed 11-Dec-13 19:01:44

I hardly got anything done today.

ta da
morning routine, one school run
one load laundry
washing up
friend over for coffee
EH over in evening

Enjoyed the morning with friend. Stressed out during afternoon/evening with EH visiting DCs. Honestly, I just hate having to defuse everything constantly. I expect him to implode at some point, he just walks around getting worked up over every little thing.

Now I just need to take some time to breathe and relax before I lose my marbles. hmm

GoingGoingGoth Wed 11-Dec-13 21:24:41


Babystep 12 is to use your post it notes if you have any to remind you to look at your Control Journal.
The important bit into today's step is imo when she says
You have your basic routines started, and these are what you do for now. Do not try to do too much too fast; you will just crash and burn. Continue to take BabySteps to build your Control Journals. Do not allow your perfectionism to take over. We are building our routines and our Control Journals one habit at a time.

This week we are in Zone 2 Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Detailed cleaning list for those that can be bothered here

Sneak Peek for the week's missions, today's is to clean the big appliances. Just wipe off the fingerprints, the spills and the dried food that gets stuck on the stove, the dishwasher and the refrigerator. Wipe down the doors,the handles and the surfaces.

This is not a detailed cleaning mission where you need to spend hours
scrubbing, just 15 minutes to surface clean your large appliances.
Thursday's focus is Anti-procrastination day so go do those awful jobs you know you've been avoiding.

December's monthly habit is Pampering.

Flight Plan for today.

Christmas Holiday Cruise Mission 9 is to review our Holiday Control Journal fblush 1st time I'd heard of it.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 11-Dec-13 21:50:42

Toffee - very frosty here today too and dense fog a lot of the time as well, brrr. Nice and clear tonight though