One House/Garden Home Improvement a Day Challenge

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BloodiedGhouloshes Fri 01-Nov-13 17:32:51

Does anyone want to join?

I seem to get bogged down in the day to day grind of keeping the house running and never have time to do the stuff I want to do.

I have so many projects I want to get done... from small (washing curtains!) to large- renovating the kitchen/conservatory and the back garden into a patio.

I thought if I made it an imperative to do something each day, by the time one year is up this place will be transformed.

My place... mid-terrace Victorian. 3 Dcs. 3 dogs 2 cats. Total chaos.

Today I:

1. bought from the local charity shop 5 little cut glass tiny vases of varying heights and put roses in them and bundled them together 'artfully' on the mantelpiece.

2. strung fairy lights up our bannister.

Okay- it's two things. smile

Tomorrow I plan to repot some plants before winter.

Anyone want to join the 365 day challenge?

dukester Fri 01-Nov-13 19:24:17

Yes please this is exactly what I need to keep my focus .

dukester Fri 01-Nov-13 19:25:29

Tomorrow I need to shift the children's new beds upstairs and paint my hall x

BloodiedGhouloshes Fri 01-Nov-13 19:39:22

Right. Tomorrow. I am going to empty and clean three window sill pots. Then replant them with cyclamen... (they are winter flowering plants, is that right? I am a bit ignorant).

dukester Fri 01-Nov-13 19:41:42

Haven't a clue google it . X

phlebas Fri 01-Nov-13 21:14:14

Oh I will! Tiny Victorian terrace which we've slowly gutted & re-built over the last 10 years. 4 kids, 2 cats, 2 rabbits & 3 chickens (<- in the garden ;) )

Today - replaced the kids' manky stained plastic bathroom step stool with a nice little wooden one (which I build from bits left over from kitchen refit!).

Tomorrow, would like to rescue plant from broken planter in front garden & replant it & the packet of bulbs that have been sitting on my window sill for 6 weeks hmm

Cyclamen should flower through the winter smile

Mum2Fergus Fri 01-Nov-13 21:22:16

Ooh, I'll join! Moved to new (well, new to us) house end Feb this year. So far I've gutted DS room and replaced shower with bath and....that's all! Really struggling to get on top of things hmm

Mum2Fergus Fri 01-Nov-13 21:23:30

Will start tomorrow by getting Halloween decs down!

MrPricklepants Fri 01-Nov-13 21:25:41

I've started my 'getting house ready for Xmas' list. This weekend I'm decluttering, cleaning and painting the kitchen.

Mum2Fergus Fri 01-Nov-13 21:30:21

Ooh, MrPricklepants said the C word!!! What a thought..eek!!

MrPricklepants Fri 01-Nov-13 23:30:13

Sorry... But it's 8 weeks away. I have to Declutter ready to add new Clutter!

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 02-Nov-13 07:47:40

Good morning! Bloodied (the OP) here taking my new post-Halloween nn for a ride.

I am SO glad to see people joining!! Thank you. smile

I also have started a Xmas list..... have decided on a colour theme this year for the decs as it makes it easier- dark green, white and silver. Hence the fairy lights on the bannister. DH reminded me this morning that it is still a little way away yet!

Anyway- off to B&Q in about 30 minutes for my cyclamens... white ones. DH asked why we could not go tomorrow and I said that no, we absolutely had to go today. I am doing something else tomorrow!

Mum2Fergus Sat 02-Nov-13 10:19:10

I'm sticking with colours from last year...plum/purple and silver. Having moved house have room for a much bigger tree, but budget won't allow hmm Halloween decs all down and ready for the loft!

revolvenotevolve Sat 02-Nov-13 11:22:23

Sounds great - additionally to the boring jobs today Im going to transplant some cyclamen to a doorstep pot.
Other things on my list include
Hang up a plant properly
Wipe the staircase down
Clean woodwork
put up pictures

ooerrmissus Sat 02-Nov-13 11:28:13

Ooh ooh I want to join! Today I'm going to rehang the pictures DH did a few weeks ago because he did them really badly and it's bloody annoying me.
Tomorrow I may rehang the ones he did last year. Also really badly.

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 02-Nov-13 12:08:42

grin ooeer!

Right, cyclamens are planted and look good. And while I was doing that I really 'saw' for the first time how much crap and rubbish we have in the garden. So tomorrow I am gathering up all the empty plastic pots, broken terracotta pots and other assorted junk and it is all going to the tip.

PublicEnemyNumeroUno Sat 02-Nov-13 12:16:50

<marking place>

Will start monday

I so end this too. My problem is that I can never decide where to start. So I don't!

I'm on a getting ready from Xmas mission too. And we are about to buy a running machine so I need to get the space ready. It was a carport and we had it made into a sort of shed/garage/room. We call it the little house. It's a mess and I need to clear that. Which means selling an item of furniture and getting rid of a few other items. Garage also needs sorting and tidying.

I think I will start by making a list of what needs doing and thn start on Monday too.

Littleredsquirrel Sat 02-Nov-13 12:47:15

Hi guys can I join too?

We have a big sprawling house with soooooo many jobs that need doing. It feels overwhelming so this will be great.

DH has been sent up into the loft to finish lining the roof with silver foil blankets stuff. I started it in April blush

I am going to interline the curtains in the tv room

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 02-Nov-13 13:02:54

Brilliant!!!! What great tasks everyone has!

Littleredsquirrel Sat 02-Nov-13 14:40:20

I've just put the washing machine on a maintenance wash too. Two minute job that I never remember to do.

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 02-Nov-13 16:52:39

I am so on a roll. Have just booked a tree surgeon to come and deal with a long-dead horse chestnut tree that we have been meaning to get removed for about 2 years.

Mum2Fergus Sat 02-Nov-13 20:45:47

Evening all grin aren't we doing well!! Halloween decs away in tidy up tomorrow if weather permits, if not, going to hit the hall! Wash down doors/woodwork/floor, tidy the 2 drawer units and the coat rack!!

RatherBeOnHoliday Sat 02-Nov-13 20:53:10

I think I need to go and get some of these cyclamen tomorrow. Do they go in pots yes? Great thread just what I need.

Mouldypineapple Sat 02-Nov-13 20:58:52

I'd love to join you, we can make each other do stuff! So , where to start?? I have so much to do but never seem to achieve much!
However today I have made a pumpkin pie AND pumpkin cakes! Took ages! Hopefully they will be nice. We are running the coffee morning at church tomorrow so I thought I'd offer them round there. Seeing as my dh keeps saying he doesn't like pumpkins! Just need to work out what to do with the other half of the pumpkin, it was a very big one my Dad grew on the allotment.

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 03-Nov-13 07:46:43

MMmm....pumpkin pie.

I am certainly growing my cyclamen in pots.... I am no gardnener though. A few streets away there is a row of about 5 houses where they all seem to be competing with each other for lovely window planters. Cyclamen seems to be pretty common there so I am extremely hopeful that just for once I do not kill a plant off!

I am ready for my great big cleanup day. DH is going away for work this afternoon.... he hates and detests throwing anything out as apparently even broken plastic pots will come in useful hmm so I am sneakily waiting for him to leave......

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 03-Nov-13 07:47:39

Oooh... something I forgot. Considering this is supposed to be a 365 day challenge, should we be counting? Today is Day 3/365.

ooerrmissus Sun 03-Nov-13 09:10:48

Did the pictures yesterday; they are actually level now! DH spotted me whilst I was redoing them and said 'that's a fancy gadget you've got there'.
It was a spirit level! Dingbat!
So today's job is to tackle all the ones he did in the cloakroom that look like something you'd find in a haunted house. May have to get my 'fancy gadget' out again.
Whilst I'm there I really must tackle the shoe rack that is slowly collapsing. Any tips for where I can get a three tier shoe rack no more than 80cm wide? I saw a good one in ikea but they've sold out.

ChippingInLovesAGoodBang Sun 03-Nov-13 09:32:01

ooerr - your husband is clearly somewhat DIY challenged grin

SlightlyDamp - good thread smile Good sneaky behaviour planning too!

My house needs renovating from one end to the other. I need 'tradespeople' for a lot of it, but I'm also doing mountains of it myself.

1/365 (Friday) - I didn't do anything. I was at work from 7am till late'ish (about 9pm)

2/365 (Saturday) - I ... errr... spent too much time on MN did 'regular' housework marginal amout

3/365 (Sunday) - I will drink coffee ... I'm not sure, I'll report back in later!!

On a very serious note - could everyone please have a look at this thread Carol is missing in the French Alps and spread the word, you just never know who your message may reach & how it may help. Thank you!!

Mum2Fergus Sun 03-Nov-13 09:33:45

Good point Wellies, what are we, day3? So Day3/365-and the clearing of our hall, put away winter accessories and replace with winter hmm good clean, clear out coat rack (fix those 2 dodgy pegs that have been there since I moved in!) is just normal Sun stuff, laundry and shopping!

Littleredsquirrel Sun 03-Nov-13 09:50:53

Today is yuck. I have to get all the school stuff ready for the DSs after the ridiculously long half term holiday. It will of course be scattered all over the house in the least obvious places. DS1 has grown out of his trousers and so I also have to label five new pairs of trousers.

In addition I have a days work to do having done absolutely nothing on Thursday (self employed). But, I refuse to lose the house/garden momentum so early on and so I am going to fix the door handle on the hall cupboard. It came off about five weeks ago.

When the boys all arrive back from rugby I am going to get them bringing wood up to the log store near the house from the big log store at the bottom of the garden. DH is also going to be sent on a mission to buy a few bags of grit ready for this snow everyone keeps talking about.

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 03-Nov-13 10:04:36

It is so awful about Carol. I hope so much she is found soon. thanks

ChippingInLovesAGoodBang Sun 03-Nov-13 10:16:30

Me too SDW, me too brew

Mum2Fergus Sun 03-Nov-13 10:17:55

Good point squirrel, our shovels and salt are about as far away from the house as I could get them lol bring move to house today...need scrapers and de-icer for car too hmm

Morning all.

Hi chipping - we meet again! grin. You spend as much time here as me!

Right - yesterday I took down the Halloween decs and put them away.

So far this morning I have not done much! About to run vacuum over floors. Two hairy labs means it needs doing every day.

My Operation365 task is to empty out the rubbish/catch-all drawer in the kitchen. DH's task is to put a piece of wood on the top of the dresser. I put Xmas stuff up on it but it doesn't have a proper top and things were precariously balanced on random cardboard boxes last year.

If DH needs to go to B&Q I will get him to get some sturdy hooks to go under the stairs and then I can maybe sort that out too.

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 03-Nov-13 12:34:14

Hello again!

Right- the tip run has been done. I am delighted with myself. Also- I have noticed more tasks... I was feeling overwhelmed myself, so a task a day is really helping me. Thanks everyone for joining.

I have a fairly busy day tomorrow so my aim is to move the empty pots that were not tipped into a little section of the garden that will become my 'potting area'. I also have some potted trees that are not where I want them to be so I shall move them too.

Love the name 'Operation365' Cider

ChippingInLovesAGoodBang Sun 03-Nov-13 13:10:15

Cider - Yes I do blush if not more Hence the list of jobs that need doing is getting longer and longer, not shorter and shorter!!

I was intending to do lots today, but this thread HERE is keeping me glued to MN and my F5 sad

Please let them find her today.

dukester Sun 03-Nov-13 14:36:28

Have hung a picture on the outside of the down stairs loo to cover a mark on the door that's been there since we mived in over four years ago . Not much done else today really except cleaning and am just about to get ready for work

Tomorrow I intend to make a start transforming the other living room in to a very kid friendly family room / playroom it's going to take forever its full of lecture notes stock and baby stuff . I just don't know where to start

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 03-Nov-13 15:05:57

I have a junk dumping room/conservatory that I do not know where to start with either duke.

Am planning to do 15 mins a day on it for a fortnight and then see where I am at. But am not including that in my 'Operation365' challenge just yet because it would demoralise me!

SlightlyDampWellies - thank you! I though a proper name would get us going!

Chipping - it's very worrying and not looking good at this stage really. Although I pray I'm wrong. I've sent the info to a friend of mine who lives in Switzerland to pass around to her contacts.

Progress today here has been that DH did his task. We both went it B&Q and I also bought two plants for the planters outside our front door. Will plant them tomorrow.

Drawer is half done. DH distracted me with some other stuff - now have our huge ironing board out of tv room and hanging on hooks on back of boiler room door. Its an extra large one that I bought to make ironing bedding easier but I don't use it often. Normal one lives under the stairs. We also tidied th utility room a bit.

Just having a cuppa before finishing drawer and starting dinner.

gussiegrips Sun 03-Nov-13 15:34:39

can I join in?

3 kids, a menagerie and just finished extending house. still stuff to clean/tidy and I feel overwhelmed by it all.

Ikea tonight to get storage for utility dumping ground. that'd be a big help.

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 03-Nov-13 15:44:11


I am so enthused about this challenge. Usually I am so low about everything I want to achieve and never seem to have time for- this has picked me up no end.

phlebas Sun 03-Nov-13 18:06:54

Am bloody knackered!

Saturday - got the bulbs planted! Also organised the wood pile (am currently sat in front of the fire with a cup of tea while dh does kids' baths).
Today - painted skirting board in kitchen (ran out of paint so not quite finished).

Have a couple jobs for next week - the little deck outside our back door desperately needs tidying & I have two chairs that need painting, & if I get paint I can finish the skirting board. It's my eldest's birthday next Saturday so I need to start thinking about food etc for her party.

Mum2Fergus Sun 03-Nov-13 18:09:21

Evening all! Hall washed down and units tidied, summer stuff away, winter stuff out hmm cleared out car too! Full of toys, wrappers, conkers lol...all tidy now with obligatory new air freshener, very pleased with myself til DP reminded me he's driving the carpool this week, for which he uses my car, so won't get benefit of it myself lol hayho!

Non working day for me tomorrow, have a free morning which I think will be spent clearing through my clothes, packing up summer gear and putting some bits to charity! Appt to have my will written in the afternoon confused

PublicEnemyNumeroUno Sun 03-Nov-13 18:45:54

OK I'm starting tomorrow, as long as I get the huge pile of washing put away I will be happy, its been there for almost a week blush need to sort it out. Then just a basic clean of the rest of the house as I haven't felt very well so nothing has been done to my standards for a couple of days.

Then I can focus on all the little things I've been meaning to do

gussiegrips Sun 03-Nov-13 19:14:11

Well, I didnt' get to Ikea. I DID, however, start to tackle the 10 year old girl's room - the place where sparkles and socks go to die.

Got an entire load of laundry out from under her bed and the side of the wardrobe. Had a productive discussion about how "tidying" doesn't mean "stuff it out of sight".

Not sure where she ever learned that sort of thing....

And, I have chosen a steam cleaner. Will order it tonight.

Our middley kid has ghastly asthma and allergies - so I spend 3 hours twice a week cleaning his room. It's not my idea of fun. And, it's why there are spots of just Guddle int he house - I can't quite motivate myself to do the other rooms quite so intensely. Slattern at heart.

My notion is that a steam cleaner will make it quicker - and, it seems, you can iron with it too.

Look at my good intentions - count em!

MrPricklepants Sun 03-Nov-13 20:37:14

I didn't paint my kitchen. But it has had a good Declutter and clean out. So that's a start.

Preciousbane Sun 03-Nov-13 20:48:31

I am up for joining.

This weekend I have started to eat all the stuff languishing in the food cupboards and having a tidy of them. I used up a huge bar of chocolate cake covering to make Rice Krispie cakes. DH repaired our fence and also fixed a new flap to the letterbox that he bought from Amazon only 8.99 in total.

Iris445 Mon 04-Nov-13 07:21:56

I'll join, I have some jobs that just get put off. I have curtains to hang, cellar to clean, garden shed to pAint, deep clean of the house, boot room to be bottomed.

Today I will clean the windows as the sun is doing me no favours! Put the window boxes back and plant them.

LonelyGoatherd Mon 04-Nov-13 07:43:48

I'm in - I need constant lists to get me to do anything!
Sat: dh took stuff to tip
Sun: sorted baby clothes out
Today: garden furniture in shed, buy some bulbs and plant with DC (or in reality, buy a pre-made pot and stick on deck!). Need to sort understairs cupboard out too. (Can this count as 3 tasks?!)

Littleredsquirrel Mon 04-Nov-13 07:49:50

Morning all

I have a massively busy day today with work (please shout at me if you see me MNing throughout the day when I'm supposed to be working) and so todays task is a bit of a cheat. I'm about to order two large wooden garden stores for storing sticks and kindling for the fire. I am fed up of fires that take ages to light.

Will do two proper jobs tomorrow, promise.

SlightlyDampWellies Mon 04-Nov-13 08:17:57

I think that still counts as a job littlered! I am getting the lawn mowed later this week and even though all I am doing is paying my friend's son, I plan to count it as a job! grin

I am lucky that I work from home, and today is a reasonably light day so I am thinking of adding collecting books for the charity shop as a job.

Morning all.

Didn't get to finish drawer as dinner took longer to sort than I thought. And was a bit of a disaster too. Oh well.

Am about to have breakfast and then will put some washing on and finish the drawer.

Other task I want to do today is brush all the cobwebs from the outside of the kitchen windows as leaves are catching in them. I might even was the insides too.

Then I have a dentist appointment for a root canal. Not looking forward to that. Will do an hour ironing if I feel up to it. If not I will just sit around feeling sorry for myself!

Littleredsquirrel Mon 04-Nov-13 09:00:48

garden stores ordered (with quidco cashback too so that's good). Right MUST DO SOME WORK TO PAY FOR ALL HOUSE AND GARDEN IMPROVEMENTS!!

SlightlyDampWellies Mon 04-Nov-13 10:02:00

Day 4/365 of Operation365.

Pots collected and stacked.

Books collected for charity shop. I will go down later this afternoon to dump donate them.

PublicEnemyNumeroUno Mon 04-Nov-13 10:17:40

Morning all smile

So far this morning ive...

Put away the mountain of clean washing

Took the mountain of dirty washing down to the utility room, going to get it all done today

Cleared out all the crap from the old airing cupboard to make room for hiding christmas presents

DP has just took a load of stuff to the tip

Im now just sorting out all the kids wardrobes and getting rid of all clothes that dont fit - just stopped for a fag and a cuppa.

Then just need to hoover all the rooms upstairs.

ooerrmissus Mon 04-Nov-13 10:32:33

Right didn't get all the wonky pictures finished yesterday as it was my turn to take DS2 to rugby cos I've only done the last six weeks so I will get that finished today.
Then I am going to tidy the bin area and chuck out the many many wine bottles and bits of random wood and whatnot.

Mum2Fergus Mon 04-Nov-13 12:31:18

Afternoon all grin I went to bed early last night with best intentions, ended up having a good tidy up! Was lovely to wake to a totally clear bedside cabinet this morning!!

Clean bedding on both beds this morning...been to B&Q and bought some rugs, cylinder jacket and draft proofing strips (inspired by The Great British Energy Challenge that I finally got round to watching!). Rugs down, will do rest this meantime good opportunity the clear our cupboard that houses the water cylinder!

NameoftheRose Mon 04-Nov-13 14:46:02

I need to join this thread too. I've so much to do I don't know where to begin. We've built an extension which has taken too long to finish, so everything has got neglected and I've become deeply demoralised.

Today I'm going to descale the shower - I don't think that counts as regular housework. Well for me it doesn't. Also gather up the huge pile of leaves in the drive and start composting them.

I've got stuff I need to sell on Gumtree and loads of boxes of stuff to sort. Things got packed away at the beginning of our building project so I guess if I haven't needed it that long I don't need it now.

A "study" which has become a dumping ground.

A project a day over a whole year should make a huge difference.
Off I go to get the lime scale remover.

Iris445 Mon 04-Nov-13 16:55:30

Gosh what a productive day!
Washing up to date, thank you sunshine.
Shed half decluttered and tidied.
Front windows washed, pots returned, need plants now.
Garden tidied.

The windows look amazing, I should do that every week.

ooerrmissus Mon 04-Nov-13 18:05:18

Good day today. Sorted out all the bin area, swept up leaves, put a shelf thingy in the shed which also got a rearrange. I've realised the shed could do with a coat of paint so if it is nice tomorrow ill tackle that.
I've also ordered a new shoe rack and a steam cleaner! I'm in a roll!

ellaballoo Mon 04-Nov-13 18:37:59

Right ..I'm in.Tonight I'm going to put away the pile of magazines in my bedroom.Tiny step but it's a start.

phlebas Mon 04-Nov-13 18:42:44

day 4 - my mum had a couple of the children for the afternoon today so I managed to get some extras done on top of normal housework - including sanding & painting one of the chairs smile I will hopefully get the other one done on Wednesday. Also planted more bulbs, organised food & decorations for dd1's party, baked a cake & bought more paint!

Plan for tomorrow is to wade into the children's bedrooms - they are awful after half term/illness/bad weather. If I get a chance I'd like to finish the kitchen skirting board.

PublicEnemyNumeroUno Mon 04-Nov-13 18:53:42

My job for tomorrow is to tidy the front and back gardens and wash the front and back door.

NameoftheRose Mon 04-Nov-13 19:08:50

Very sparkly shower. Also washed shower curtain while I was at it.

I really need to tackle the study and spare room. Massive sorting job, but if I did a box a day it would get sorted much faster than if I just open the door, stare at the piles of boxes, feel overwhelmed and shut the door again.

Experience shows that that is not an effective strategy.

NameoftheRose - I try that strategy too. Doesn't work here either.

I did the kitchen windows this morning and ended up giving the worktops a proper clean. Broke a glass bowl on the granite last night and although I thought I had cleared it up, I was still finding bits of glass this morning. So moved everything and gave it a good clean. Even found a tray to sit the toaster on to hopefully lessen the amount of crumbs.

DH did some bits in the garden including vacuuming up some of the leaves and he also got rib of the cobwebs around the windows. Hoping my window cleaners come soon as outside windows desperately need doing.

The drawer is not totally done but almost!

Afternoon was spent feeling sorry for myself as mouth was very sore after root canal. And had an added complication in that a piece of one of the instruments used broke off in the root of my tooth and can't be retrieved. Might be fine. Might not. If not will need removing surgically. Dentist obv worried as is not charging me for the root canal! It's a private practice and really expensive so that's now worrying me.

Tomorrow's task are to finish the drawer and continue sorting my desk which I started last week. I also need to go through a bag of clothes to see if worth taking to a dress agency. And some of DS's outgrown school uniform to sort and take to school uniform shop.

NameoftheRose Tue 05-Nov-13 08:24:23

Today I am going to sort out a box. If that goes well, I may sort out another box.
Also have a major garden project going on, so I'll probably spend at least an hour on that. I try to do it in hourly chunks so I don't totally knacker myself. An hour hard physical work, then half an hour lighter stuff.
Yesterday, a fine bright day, I got carried away cleaning and didn't garden.
This has, never, ever happened before . Ever.

Today it is raining, so I expect I'll be out there. confused.

Have also used mumsnet emoticons and bold type never used before. By me.

Littleredsquirrel Tue 05-Nov-13 09:56:44

I am packing away summer clothes this afternoon when I take my break. Usually I just leave everything in the wardrobe but its bursting at the seams and so this year I will be organised!

ooerrmissus Tue 05-Nov-13 10:08:40

Right it's horrid and rainy here so that's scuppered my outdoor jobs list. So today I am finally going to brave it into the loft and dig out the winter coats and put away the summer ones. And I may tackle the oddsandsods cupboard in the kitchen. This is of course on top of all the other non-operations365 stuff I have to do today. I started writing a list, but I've had to give it up as a bad job because if I try and finish the list, there will be no time left to actually do any of the jobs on it!

Extra job done this morning. Cleaned the microwave and warming drawers. All spic and span and shiny. Then DH microwaves his lunch which exploded all over microwave. Sigh. He did clear it up.

Have been out for a run and had lunch. Just having a cuppa and then planning on showering, ironing for an hour and then carrying on with th drawer and desk.

Mum2Fergus Tue 05-Nov-13 13:20:03

Where are we...5/365?! Not much afoot today...half day from work as DS has 'orientation' day for starting primary next year! Time permitting will clear out and tidy up 4 kitchen drawers...have way more utensils than I'll ever actually need lol...

Iris445 Tue 05-Nov-13 15:06:48

Today I tidied the boot room, not cleaned just a thourough tidy, stuff away to bedrooms if not in use. Tomorrow I will clean it.
I though I might break down my cleaning into jobs per day. It seems less daunting, so today general tidy and hoovered entire house.

phlebas Tue 05-Nov-13 16:22:48

day 5 - manic today. Swapped summer & winter clothes around (took ages as dd2's coat has disappeared) & figured out what I need to buy (bonus find of boots which fit ds1). Washed & bagged up grown out of clothes for charity shop, managed to de-shitify about half of the boys' bedroom (& the girls' room is even worse). Feel like I need a stiff drink & an early night.

Have dentist & doctors appointments for various people tomorrow so I'm not expecting to get much done ... would be good to finish the boys' room.

cq Tue 05-Nov-13 16:37:07

Excellent thread, can I join at 5/365 if I promise to add 5 on at the end?

Today's goal was to buy a new jumper as all mine seem to have fallen apart after last winter's 6 months of freeze. Also collected my new specs which make me look about 100.

Tomorrow I will plant up some pots with bulbs to put on the front doorstep in March for some spring cheer. Please tell me it's not too late to plant bulbs?

Coveredinweetabix Tue 05-Nov-13 17:31:06

Oooh. This is just what I need. Can I join? I had a 5 bed house, two DC and frequent visitors (hence the 5 bed house) and a DP who works long hours, is lovely and a brilliant cook but useless at tidying and anything practical. I am also currently exhausted as DC1 is still on BST so getting up at 5.30 rather than 6.30 and we've had some bad nights with DC2 and torrential rain meaning we have to get the buckets out, monitor the electrics as we're still trying to work out where exactly the leak in roof is. Sigh.

The things I really want to do between now and Xmas (can't think as far as next year and so many of the things are really repetitive that it will really grind me down thinking how many times they need doing) are:
- filing paperwork
- tidying the study (hoping to tackle that tonight)
- sorting out the baby clothes
- sorting out the baby equipment and seeing if there's anything we can sell
- cleaning off the mould in our damp porch
- cleaning off the mould in our bathroom (only a small bit but its a fiddle to get to, hence why its there)
- wiping marks off the wall in our bedrooms, the DC's bedroom and the landing
- wiping marks of the walls in the downstairs rooms
- thinking about painting the cloakroom....unlikely to happen!
- taking some stuff to the charity shop
- decluttering the dining room
- decluttering the sitting room
- cleaning the inside of the upstairs windows
- cleaning the inside of the downstairs windows
- cleaning the inside of the French windows
- wiping out all of the kitchen cupboards
- wiping down the outside of the kitchen cupboards (oak and hide the dirt well I noticed this morning when I realised how dirty they actually are)
- clean the en-suite throughly (have a cleaner so its clean but I want to empty the cupboards, wipe them & sort them etc)
- clean the family bathroom thoroughly
- dust the cornices
- dust the skirting boards
- go to the dump
- sort out the book shelves

I won't manage one task a day as, on the days I work, I'm out for 14 hours but, if I manage 2 or 3 of those a week, then I should be done by Christmas. I know I've broken some of them down into bite sized chunks but its too overwhelming thinking about cleaning all of the windows at once as many of our rooms are double aspect so there are a lot of windows

NameoftheRose Tue 05-Nov-13 17:31:26

Done nothing towards this yet today sad. Unexpected stuff came up. But I won't be railroaded after Day One.

Tonight I will sort a box. In fact I'm going to go choose the box now so it is ready and waiting.

This is why these kinds of threads are so useful, I probably wouldn't bother otherwise.

I need to expect the unexpected.

Mum2Fergus Tue 05-Nov-13 17:56:40

Weetabix, I need a lie down just reading your list lol

PublicEnemyNumeroUno Tue 05-Nov-13 21:09:19

Well I didn't get my garden sorted as the whether was bad, so I started on the kitchen cupboards, taking everything out, cleaning, then putting everything back in a nice, orderly fashion. Got 3 done and looking good.

Also gave the bath an absolute blitz and scrubbed the bathroom floor.

I'm at work tomorrow so don't know if I'll get much done, but I want to finish my kitchen cupboards off, 4 more to go.

RevoltInParadise Tue 05-Nov-13 21:25:55

Marking my place so I can come back and read later and. Fr inspired!

NameoftheRose Tue 05-Nov-13 21:39:34

I got a box sorted. It was a stackable plastic tub full of assorted Stuff.

Box of light bulbs put with other light bulbs in utility room. Assorted Allan keys and spanners in shed. Tub of bubbles ready to go to Gsons tomorrow.
Vintage sun cream in bin. Two digital thermometers in medicine cupboard. Tablet crusher in Dog's tub. Two boxes of bicarbonate of soda in kitchen cupboard. Manky old sponge in bin. Single plaster. Quantity of codeine phosphate- ready to go to pharmacy for safe disposal tomorrow.

It also contained some old medicaments belonging to a daughter who happened to be visiting, so I was able to ask her if she wanted any of it, before binning it.

"Tube of haemorrhoid cream?"

"Bottle of lactulose?"

"Tube of another kind of bum-stuff?"

Tube of canasten? Surely you want that?"

Apparently not. I had no idea my DD had had so many embarrassing afflictions.

WTF were we thinking, putting this weird assortment of things into a tub and storing it in the spare-ish room. Can't wait to find what else we've got in there.

Plastic tub washed out and now neatly packed with the stuff we do actually want.

I have achieved!

Karbea Tue 05-Nov-13 21:52:04

Omg! Where has this thread been all my life? Can I join please?!?!

I've a lady coming to measure my windows in my bedroom and ensuite tmr for new blinds... I've been putting this off for 2 years!

I've loads of little and big jobs to do!

NameoftheRose - that is a good achievement! One box down!

Weetabix - I break it down too. Esp windows. Hate doing them. Although got a call today and my outside window cleaners are coming tomorrow! May inspire me to do the insides!

Hi all.

Just had a PM from SlightlyDampWellies. She is well but can't post last couple of days. I know others had problem too so let her know and hopefully she will be able to sort it and be back soon. If anyone else is having problems posting there is a thread in SiteStuff - Internet Explorer isn't working for some people.

I'm having a lazy day today. Woke up at 1.55am and have been awake since so am shattered. Just doing the bare minimum today. If I finish drawer I will be happy.

Littleredsquirrel Wed 06-Nov-13 11:50:49

I am having a cheating day again. I'm very busy with work today so have just put a cleaner through the dishwasher. not much of a job but every little helps.

Iris445 Wed 06-Nov-13 14:01:27

I love this thread.
Today I have cleaned the patio windows, back door and back windows. We also scrubbed the decking and took all rubbish to the car for the tip.

Tomorrow I need to plant pots, scrub bathroom, cut back garden plants, go to tip.

I'm amazed how much it had improved things and shows me not to always focus on the tidying and general cleaning. The windows have been the biggest revelation, the house looks so much better for a clear view and great light.

obrigada Wed 06-Nov-13 14:12:26

Haven't had a chance to read thread fully yet, but want to mark my placesmile
Got my old cooker disconnected yesterday, new cooker arriving tomorrow so need to scrub area that old cooker has hidden for last 15 years!

phlebas Wed 06-Nov-13 16:15:46

well done NameoftheRose - one box down!

day 6 - I'm nursing a half numb face (hatehatehate going to the dentist). Managed to get the rest of the kitchen skirting board done & the other chair sanded ready for painting smile If I'm feeling energetic later (probably not) I'll try & finish the ds's bedroom. Or not ;)

tomorrow - need to make dd1's birthday cake but would like to get the chair painted really.

Mum2Fergus Wed 06-Nov-13 18:59:43

6/365 working today but managed to clear out and clean 2 kitchen cupboards while fixing dinner, happy with that smile also a pile (or 2!) of washing put away. We're all doing fantastic, well done everyone...only trouble is, when someone achieves something it's a reminder to me that I should do it too, so list is getting longer lol

Plan for weekend is to 'winterise' the cars and garden grinand will aim to do a couple of kitchen cupboards each night for rest of the week.

SlightlyDampWellies Wed 06-Nov-13 20:05:44

I am back! Thanks Cider for directing me to sitestuff and helping em fix the problem of not being able to post. thanks I have been reading and feeling like a ghost yelling in people's ears as I was trying to post but no-one could hear me!

People have been doing so many tasks! I confess, with my lack of being able to post I also had a lack of home improvement enthusiasm. blush. Yesterday I cleaned all the windows and mirrors. Today I booked my friend;s ds to come and mow the lawn. That is it.

Back to it tomorrow.

Welcome back SlightlyDamp! I cam imagine it was really frustrating being 'shut out'!

I didn't achieve much today although the drawer is now empty! I now have a random collection of items with no homes on the worktop but the drawer is actually empty!

Window cleaners came today so outside is nice and clean. I think I will concentrate on cleaning the insides next. Although won't get much done tomorrow as I am off out on a shopping trip and lunch with a friend. It's house related so God knows what I will come back with!

Coveredinweetabix Wed 06-Nov-13 22:46:51

So the paperwork is sorted into piles (eg utilities; banking etc) and is just waiting to be hole punched and filed, something I'll do in front of the TV tomorrow. I have also sorted out the study, binned a load of paperwork, shredded another stack of paperwork and generally got a bit more on top of things.
I wiped the marks of the paintwork in the hall and DS' bedroom yesterday and hope to do our bedroom & DD's tomorrow.
I have also done a list of all of the admin/people I need to chase, for example, get a handyman around to do a few things; get a gardener around to dig up a stump.
And another list of the things I want to buy. New curtains for the spare bedroom, some cushions for the sitting room etc.
At this rate, I may have my dream home by Christmas...only for it to get buried in a sea of new toys and wrapping paper! I'll also be looking wobblier as doing all of these things means I haven't done my exercise DVD yet this week.

ooerrmissus Thu 07-Nov-13 07:28:11

Oh dear didn't manage much yesterday as was running around like a blue arsed fly for the majority of the day, managed to change the bed and detach and clean the spray heads in the dishwasher that's it. But the steam cleaner and shoe rack have arrived so today I will put together the shoe rack and sort out all the odd shoes and boots in the cloakroom. Tomorrow I am going to tackle the grout in the shower room with said new cleaner and then re-grout the side of the shower where it's leaking.

SlightlyDampWellies Thu 07-Nov-13 07:40:40

Day 7 of Operation365!

I like the idea of doing paperwork in front of the tv Covered!

I have a manic day today so plan to just sort my cookbooks which are scattered over 3 rooms (bedroom, sitting room and kitchen). I will charity shop the ones I really do not use.

NameoftheRose Thu 07-Nov-13 08:43:53

Hugely busy day yesterday and mostly out, so I thought I'd get nothing done. But in the evening instead of collapsing on the sofa I girdled my loins and got some stuff done.

I ventured in the cluttered spare room and gathered up assorted items to be put away properly. Bottle of plant food in shed, light bulbs (more light bulbs) with others in cupboard and so on.

Also piled some dug out nettles into brown bin and dragged said bin up garden. So heavy I could barely move it. I had to do all this in the rain and dark, with the assistance of my trusty spaniel.I had no gardening gloves on, but my hands have stopped tingling now.

Determined to have a bit more done on 365/2 I then went into the alleged study, making my way past the large roll of hose, the car battery, the TV packaging and a few other random obstacles, gathered up the big pile of post and went through it all. Satisfyingly large pile of empty envelopes etc for the recycle bin and some post to deal with.

I probably wouldn't have done either the post or the spare room sorting if it wasn't for this thread. Yay thread..

dukester Thu 07-Nov-13 09:27:11

Haven't posted or done much for a day it two due to unexpected overtime . Yesterday I repaired the living room blinds that dd4 broke and I gave the kitchen a good clean .

Tioday I will declutter the hall and continue sorting through the second living room this may take several days !

I have a huge scary list if jobs to do and this thread is keep ping me focused with 6 kids and a job am far to easily distracted .

Iris445 Thu 07-Nov-13 12:45:19

Another good day.
Took the rubbish to the tip.
Bought winter flowers and planted up tubs and pots.
Cut down font garden.
Removed random bits from garden and tidied it all away.

Garden looks great now and I've enjoyed a change to the usual routine.

Need to
clean boot room
Hoover upstairs.
Scrub bathroom
Look at curtains for altering. Maybe cut them down ready for stitching this evening.

betterwhenthesunshines Thu 07-Nov-13 13:30:12

Hello everyone. Great idea, I definitely get more things done when I have any kind of deadline (inviting people over for a meal is usually what gets me tidying up!). I'm doing another kind of 30 day challenge at the moment and while the 365 day thing is a great target I think it could become overwhelming. What about just trying to think of the ONE thing each day you want to get done and then just do the next thing you need to to achieve that. So, if you want to repaint the skirting boards, which won't get done in a day, you could just make sure you have everything you need to do that - paint, masking tape, carpet protection etc.

So don't worry too much about an ever-expanding to-do list.

betterwhenthesunshines Thu 07-Nov-13 13:31:16

Oh, and I have done a dump run and sorted through my fabrics box to give some to a friend who is running puppet making workshops. Been meaning to do that for aaages!

SecretLimonadeDrinker Thu 07-Nov-13 16:10:20

I know I'm really late, but can I join you? I promise to tack on a week at the end to make up for it.

I'm so overwelhmed with sorting our house, DH has invited both families to ours for Christmas and has a week long course just before Christmas, I look around and all I see is chaos and don't know where to begin. Our DS's room and downstairs toilet are the only finished rooms in the house, there are loads of jobs (mostly started by DH) half finished.

In the spirit of the thread, in the past week I have sorted out my clothes drawers and made a charity pile, vacuum packed my maternity clothes and all clothes DS has grown out of and decluttered my car. Today I have cleared under the coffee table and will put away the Halloween decs that DH took down but left on the side.

PublicEnemyNumeroUno Thu 07-Nov-13 17:07:23

Didnt get anything done yesterday as by the time id finished work, done the kids tea and bathtime etc i was ready to collapse, i was exhausted.

Today i took the old pran to the tip and a few other bits and pieces plus went into town and done some christmas shopping.

Tomorrow im working 7am-3pm. Going to clean the rabbit hutch out after work

PublicEnemyNumeroUno Thu 07-Nov-13 17:09:33


NameoftheRose Thu 07-Nov-13 17:23:53

Today I stripped down, cleaned and reassembled the large larder fridge we are selling. It took a couple of hours but it's gleaming now.
Next I need to photograph it and put it up for sale, something I always tend to procrastinate.

Also put all the leftover firework detritus went into the bin this morning. I used ten minutes of time I'd have probably otherwise frittered on here to do it. Bin day today so it seems like a double victory.

Tomorrow I must do more on the huge garden project.

I'm getting more done with this thread spurring me on. Good to see others also Getting Stuff Done.

Do you think it would be possible to Get Everything Done?

phlebas Thu 07-Nov-13 21:04:19

day 7 - painted the other chair. Made dd1 tidy her room. Not a brilliant day.

NameoftheRose Thu 07-Nov-13 21:55:43

I think painting the other chair and persuading a child to tidy her room is pretty brilliant.
More than I've got done in a week, sometimes.

Iris445 Fri 08-Nov-13 07:06:39

Today's job is to tidy house and clean the floors, ( this often gets left) bathroom gets carried over as I just didn't get round to it yesterday. So a boring chores day.

phlebas Fri 08-Nov-13 16:10:18

thanks NameoftheRose smile

day 8 - mended ds1's roman blind which has needed doing for months. Also moved half of the wood pile closer to the house & lit the stove (which meant that heating has been off most of the day). Did dd1's birthday cake & filled a pinata. Manic weekend ahead so I'm not sure how much I'll get done. Next week windows need doing.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 08-Nov-13 17:29:38

Is it too late to join you?

I have pretty much got the daily grind under control, and I have a cleaner so a lot of the day to day dirt is dealt with.

We moved into this house 7 years ago, and while we have done several big jobs - new kitchen, re-carpeting etc, I've never felt like it has been really finished and organised. Wedding and then small children got in the way!
DS2 started preschool this week, just two mornings, but for the first time in over 5 years I have some regular time sans children.

Recently we painted the living room, and bought some new light-fittings. I've also bought a dehumidifier to speed up the drying of laundry inside. So a start has been made!

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Homebase to buy some hooks to put up in the hall where the boys can reach them to hang their own coats and bags, and some for their room for dressing gowns etc which just get flung about atm.

And just now I cleared and cleaned the vegetable drawers at the bottom of the fridge before loading in the new shopping. smile

NameoftheRose Fri 08-Nov-13 17:44:53

Sounds like a good start, alibaba. Just don't do what we have so often done. Buy the hooks (or whatever) and have them lying around the house for months. Adding to clutter rather than taking away from it.

My project today is to sort through ALL the paperwork in the alleged study and file it in the right place, or recycle it or put it in the shredding tub.

I am hating it. Which is why it hasn't been properly done, I suppose. Doing it right now and going to persist until it is all done.

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 08-Nov-13 17:49:56

Name - I have got huge piles of paperwork rammed onto the study bookcases upstairs. Personal stuff, and a load for our business which I really need to sort incase the tax man decides he wants to see receipts or something. Argh.

Yes there is that danger with the hooks. I am going to insist that DH do it immediately before I let him go and fanny about with his car which is what is on his list for the weekend.

NameoftheRose Fri 08-Nov-13 19:26:35

Good for you Ali, we have bought hooks, lost them, bought more hooks and eventually put them up. Then in the mysterious, quite annoying way of the universe, come across the original hooks.

Had to stop paper sorting now as I need to cook. But an hour and a half of steady work has made an impressive difference. Another half hour and it will be done.

Carted a huge pile of papers to the recycle bin, added to the shred pile and filed, filed, filed. Also emptied the very full study bin into one of those bin bags that assorted charities thoughtfully put through our door several times a week and binned it.

Earlier this year I carefully sorted out and stored in a bomb proof box in the loft all the "taxman might want to see this" paperwork from our old business. So naturally I found more of it today. <stares crossly at loft hatch>.

I'm so thankful for this thread, little bit of motivation has helped me get a lot done. Little bit each day.

Mum2Fergus Fri 08-Nov-13 20:17:38

7/365-big fat zero! Busy day so collapsed on sofa smile

8/365- slightly more productive...did another 2 kitchen cupboards while making dinner, 2 loads of washing done, basket load put away. Currently clearing through a box file of house related paperwork! Still planning car and garden tidy ups for tomorrow grin

SecretLimonadeDrinker Fri 08-Nov-13 20:44:37

Hmm, today's good intentions have gone to pot, teething DS and a financial advisor who was almost two hour later then expected. Managed to clear and clean the inside fridge and decluttered the breakfast bar.

Tomorrow I plan to clean out the animals, clean the fridge in the garage and clean/clear/winterfy the conservatory.

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 09-Nov-13 07:36:35

is it 9/365 of Operation365?

Me today - Busy day with children's parties and the like, so I plan to just _force- ask DH nicely to put up the pictures that used to be in our study that we took down a year ago when we repainted. That will be nice. We painted the study in a dark green, and the paintings are very pale yellow faux Japanese bird pics. I think they are pretty anyway!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

betterwhenthesunshines Sat 09-Nov-13 08:01:49

I'm going to sand and re-oil the kitchen table which has needed doing for ages? If I write it here then I'll come back and tell you all when I've done it!

NameoftheRose Sat 09-Nov-13 08:31:11

Today I'm going to finish the paperwork. DH is going to strip the last of the old wallpaper from the hall and stairs, ready to redecorate.

Iris445 Sat 09-Nov-13 09:06:37

Today I will ask DH to put up the curtain rail.

Littleredsquirrel Sat 09-Nov-13 09:09:00

I have to confess that I havent done any house/garden tasks over the past three days due to work so I'm playing catch up.

This weekend we are going to:

finish the loft insulation (almost done)
split and bring up to the house a monster pile of wood
clear the gutters
buy a new light fitting for the dining room. The one we currently have was left by the previous owners and I hate it.

Littleredsquirrel Sat 09-Nov-13 09:09:40

grin I do like how a lot of our tasks are turning into "ask DH to ..." grin

claretandamberforever Sat 09-Nov-13 09:17:20

marking my spot. so many things to do in my house but no time...

Morning all.

Didn't achieve much yesterday on Operation 365. My cleaner comes on a Friday so I spend the morning tidying so that she can clean. Hurt my knee on Thursday so wasn't up for much more than that. Spent lots of time on sofa with ice on my knee. It's much better today.

Today's plan is to do utility room. Tidy, wipe down surfaces, vacuum and wash floor. Cleaner didn't do it yesterday as dogs were in it as it was raining - normal put them in the garden when she is here as she is not keen. Have a box of pictures in there that need sorting. Might even put a few up. Other task will be to sort some paperwork and file. Also want to go through my Xmas present stash to figure out what I still need.

Keep on keeping on!

Oh -betterwhenthesunshines - I sort of know what you mean about making sure this doesn't become overwhelming but I was finding everything overwhelming anyway! This thread is helping me see that I don't have to get it all sorted at once and doing a little bit every day is fine and helps. I'm feeling a bit more in control. In the past I have said I would do a certain room and not get it finished for whatever reason and then feel a failure. This is making me see that eating the elephant one bite at a time is fine and gets me there in the end.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 09-Nov-13 09:42:00

littlered yes I had noticed that too grin

dukester Sat 09-Nov-13 13:42:18

I have finally cleared the other living room apart from two boxes of stock which I am desperately trying to sell off on the cheap just want shut of it now .

Sorted through all the shoes and got rid of a few pairs doing my 5 th load of laundry desperately want it all finished and put away this weekend .

Have located the paint and rollers to finish painting the hall and am just about to start washing the woodwork down will do this one room at a time though because I hate doing it so much .

Oh and put the babies car seat on a free to you FB page and gave away her baby gym too,

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 09-Nov-13 15:22:58

Just reporting today's achievements so far.

Have replaced the broken lampshade on the living room table lamp - got one for £5 reduced in Homebase, bargain!
Have bought and installed a bedside reading light for DS1.
Have potted up two cyclamen, one is on the living room windowsill, the other in the kitchen.
DH has taken down the bottom stair gate ready to install the new hooks, and I've got a couple of hooks for the boys' bedroom for their dressing gowns to hang where they can reach them.


Mum2Fergus Sat 09-Nov-13 16:44:20

9/365 - car cleared out and tidied, found the screen cover, gonna need it for the frosty mornings! Abandoned the garden til tomorrow however I did lag the hot water tank with a new jacket, and put reflector sheets behind the last 3 radiators that needed doing...productive day for me!!

Mum2Fergus Sat 09-Nov-13 18:45:23

9/365 go me...just cleaned the hob and oven too...that's enough for today for me grin happy Saturday folks!xx

CatAmongThePigeons Sat 09-Nov-13 19:18:59

Can I join in too? I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to non daily housework.

Tonight I am going to sort through the paperwork files and file it away properly.

Tomorrow I need to pot on the houseplants. They're pot bound. sad

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 09-Nov-13 20:10:55

Well, the pictures did not happen, but I did clean the kitchen window sills which have been filled with junk like broken scissors and ashtrays (neither of us smoke ffs) and potted up some herbs into little terracotta pots and put them out nicely. Then I started cleaning the kitchen grouting. Tomorrow are the pictures.

As an aside... I went to a hardware store asking of they had grouting cleaner. No. But they suggested grouting remover and said I could then re-grout. hmm. Um, no. Bleach and a toothbrush worked quite well.

Witco Sat 09-Nov-13 20:23:45

Feeling exhausted just reading through these! I did a sort out and filing of a lot of paperwork this morning and I made a long list, then got sidetracked! Starting again tomorrow morning

Littleredsquirrel Sat 09-Nov-13 20:44:43

Well we managed to shift loads of wood up to the house and I'm now snuggled in front of the fire. Loft still isn't finished but I did start sorting out the garage and ditched some junk.

Loft is the task for tomorrow. We will get it done before we get really cold weather!!!!!!

SecretLimonadeDrinker Sat 09-Nov-13 21:31:23

Bit of a change of plans, DH replaced the extractor fan and we got the parts to fix the toilet. I clean out the fridge in the garage and the Christmas boxes are now down from the loft so I can see what needs replacing. Have also been looking online for Christmas bunting and bought a few more Christmas presents.

Doodlekitty Sun 10-Nov-13 07:34:01

Hope I'm not too late to join in! Yesterday was my ds first birthday so I can officially no longer use a baby as an excuse for my messy house! Today I want to tidy and Hoover the upstairs landing.

Dilidali Sun 10-Nov-13 08:36:34

I have a few jobs that need doing round the house.
I have a chair that needs repairing, must google/youtube it. It's part of a pair sitting in front of the sofa, every day someone forgets it's back is gone, leans over and hits the wall.

I have a nest of tables in a hideous brown. The rest of the furniture is steel/gray/black and this nest is used extensively. I need to paint them.

I need a couple of newspaper/magazine racks to go on each side of the sofa.

I need some lamps. The living room is huge and there is only one lamp good for reading.

Must learn how to change light fixtures. I am still scared of this. I would like a low hanging light shade to go over the dining room table, scandinavian style.

I need some new voile curtains. I saw what I wanted but I shall wait for the sales (almost muselin white, but in a fine thread). I almost bought them but remembered I have no measurements.

I need some new bedside tables and lamps for bedroom. Can be old, I am happy to paint them.

Must buy orchids next time they are on offer.

I am also saving for a new TV.

And that's my year challenge.

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 10-Nov-13 08:45:01

Day 10 of operation365.


Welcome everyone who is joining us!

Today those pictures are going to be hung. I have also found too little old pencil drawings that DH had forgotten he had and those are going up too. smile

This thread is making me focus!

ooerrmissus Sun 10-Nov-13 10:31:46

Right it's all gone tits up here. Got the new steam cleaner out and set it up to clean the grout in the shower room. Utter utter rubbish so ive packed it back up and sent it back. Then DH decided to wax the wooden floor in the study. It's now covered in a layer of wax about three inches thick. You can't walk in there without risk of getting permanently stuck by the filing cabinet. Even worse he was so thrilled by this he went on to put some sealant on the marble floor in the downstairs loo. Totally wrong stuff and its now got a very interesting crackled effect surface a la changing rooms circa 1995. So today's jobs if I ever get over this damned hangover and shift my bum off the sofa will be to strip the wax off the study floor and try and order some no doubt expensive marble products to shift whatever he's put on the marble floor. Brilliant. Hope everyone else has a more productive day!

Ooerrmissus - sounds a nightmare! I must admit we haven't found th steam cleaner that good on grouting. It works but still a bit too much elbow grease for my liking. We have tiled kitchen and utility room floors and the grouting desperately needs doing. I saw a tip on another thread for grouting - I think it was 3/4 cup bicarb and 1/4 cup bleach applied with an old toothbrush and left overnight then washed off.

No advice on the marble though. Hope you manage to sort that. Any idea why he used the wrong stuff?

I didn't do any of my jobs yesterday. So need to get a wriggle on today. DH is in garden mode though. Have two plants to put into planters by the front door so we will do that and he has lots of bulbs to plant. Also want to get some cyclamen to put into a bed just outside th kitchen window.

ooerrmissus Sun 10-Nov-13 11:19:45

Cider it's because he was so desperate to put something on the floor to protect it from Ds2 and his appalling aim that he ignored all advice and used a marble sealant. Unfortunately as he had been warned it puddled on the polished marble. So I need to basically strip everything off and start again. He really tries hard but he is a 'just do it' kind of guy and sometimes that means 'don't spend time researching first'!
For the grout I've found bleach and a toothbrush works well. Just takes forever. And that's fine on the tiles in the shower room but not on marble which we've got in the kitchen as well as the loo. So I was hoping steam would be a good solution. Oh well. Back to the drawing board!

LoisEinhorn Sun 10-Nov-13 13:32:19

Today I've tidied and weeded and de-pooed the front garden and picked up all the apples in the back garden smile
Many jobs done grin

LoisEinhorn Sun 10-Nov-13 13:32:53

Manky not many

Mum2Fergus Sun 10-Nov-13 14:23:23

10/365 - unproductive so far...took DS and DP shopping this morn, new boots and thermals for us all! Off out in a bit to tidy car and sweep up the crap that the birds keep pecking off my roof lol may attempt downstairs back windows too

Mumof3xx Sun 10-Nov-13 14:26:47

Oh this looks good!

Today I have - begun operation de clutter kitchen which has so far involved taking about 6 piles of clean dry washing upstairs, doing all pots and work tops
Need to - put said washing away (half done) throw away all the junk in cupboards that we don't need, would also like to go over the paint work as it's a bit grubby

SecretLimonadeDrinker Sun 10-Nov-13 15:52:32

I have the lurgy so am now tucked up in bed, not the productive day I was going for. Have been busy making a to do list and Christmas shopping and did manage to do two lots of washing and clean out the animals earlier.

ooerrmissys hope you get your floors sorted.

phlebas Sun 10-Nov-13 16:32:06

on no ooerrmissus your poor floors sad

dd's birthday party this weekend - I've drunk too much wine, eaten too much cake & not had enough sleep (also don't put kinder eggs in a pinata unless you want a lot of mess - oops!) - made myself get a couple of extra jobs done though.

9/365 - sanded & re-oiled oak window sills in the kitchen.
10/365 - made a cutlery drawer divider & re-organised the cutlery drawer.

My mum has said she'll have ds1 & dd2 for a couple of hours one day this week so that'll be my afternoon for an ambitious job ... maybe all the windows?

Mum2Fergus Sun 10-Nov-13 17:25:04

Nothing more achieved today...though we did finally agree on which colour patch we like best for our bedroom, so off to buy that in the morning grin

Crikeyblimey Sun 10-Nov-13 17:34:52

Marking place.

I spend all my time just maintaining - I NEED things to move on. I'll be back with a plan for tomorrow.

PennySillin Sun 10-Nov-13 17:36:25

Fab thread - I'm in smile

Not sure what I'm going to do today though.............ok will sort out a drawer while I watch tv tonight

CatAmongThePigeons Sun 10-Nov-13 17:40:21

Houseplants have been repotted barring the rose which was forgotten blush Didn't do the paper work last night so I shall have to crack on tonight.

I also moved the ottoman box so I can store the woof basket and coal scuttle. Hopefully now the ottoman won't get ruined as quickly as the wood basket was always on top.

Feels great to have most of the plants repotted, a small achievement accomplished.

NameoftheRose Sun 10-Nov-13 21:32:50

Yesterday finished the last of the paperwork. Fantastic feeling to have that all done. Looks so much better and I haven't got to worry that I've missed an important letter or form in the muddle.
Today I moved a whole van load of one of my DC's belongings from my spare room to their new home. Oh joy unconfined!!! Tomorrow I'm moving another van load. All the space!

I'm a bit happy about this.

SlightlyDampWellies Mon 11-Nov-13 07:15:11

Day 11 Operation365.

Pictures are up. smile

Today I am putting together a shoe rack that will then be painted in a matching shade to the hallway so it 'blends' and we can finally get the piles of shoes organised.

CatAmongThePigeons Mon 11-Nov-13 09:50:39

Morning everyone! I sorted through the paperwork file last night, which i am so pleased with.

Today I need to shred/burn the old paperwork and clean the kitchen and utility room window sills. That's if DS2 naps longer than 15 minutes today

Mum2Fergus Mon 11-Nov-13 10:41:50

Just back from B&Q with paint and a few other bits and bobs for main bedroom. First job is a wee light in my cupboard (no more blue tights and black shoes lol), a tidy up and might make a start on coving grin

betterwhenthesunshines Mon 11-Nov-13 14:07:39

I hope you're all keeping a note of everything you've done, and are enjoying a very self-satisfied glow every time you notice the improvement!
slightly damp we have some B&Q shoe racks which I scrwed together and added casters to the bottom. It lives under the stairs but can be pulled out easily anytime as the hoover lives behind it.

Hi all. Am still here. Didn't manage anything on Operation365 today. Have been cooking and ironing and washing and changing beds.

Yesterday I managed to clear a shelf on a small unit in our dining area. It was a pile of Xmas magazines from last year! Went through thm and pulled out a couple of recipes to keep and the rest is in the recycling pile.

I buy far too many magazines. Esp at Xmas. Have piles everywhere. Have been gradually getting rid though.

Mum2Fergus Mon 11-Nov-13 17:00:28

Mostly a shopping day for preparation for next project - main bedroom. Put up wee light in my cupboard/ waiting on guy coming to measure up for bedroom blinds!

Littleredsquirrel Mon 11-Nov-13 17:17:22

We have a lovely big pile of wood from the weekend's efforts and today I ordered new lamps for outside the front door and a new parcel bin so that I don't have to spend half my life trecking to the post office to pick up parcels.

NameoftheRose Mon 11-Nov-13 17:50:32

Today I sorted out a laundry basket of assorted stuff one of my children left behind when he moved out 18 months ago.
Loads of paperwork recycled/ shredded. A lamp which needs a new shade put to one side. I'll pick up a new shade this week then DS3 can have it.

Out of the whole lot, only a pair of boots, pair of gloves and a hat, wanted by DS1. The rest, apart from lamp has gone. Even the laundry basket is broken and will go to the dump.

Tonight 2nd van load of DD's belongings will be removed from my house and taken to hers. I think she was rather hoping to choose the bits she wanted and leave the rest for me to dispose of.
She might as well get the hang of decluttering sooner than later.

CatAmongThePigeons Mon 11-Nov-13 18:47:15

I cleaned my kitchen and utility windowsills today, then tidied and cleaned the worktops in both too. DH didnt notice what I've done but sod kt, it makes me smile to see it clean at last.

phlebas Mon 11-Nov-13 19:50:28

Day 11 - extra job was hanging a picture ... pitiful ;) Also lots of laundry & dd2 to doctor, spoke to vet, emails to school, sorted rectcling etc ... beans on toast for dinner.

Tomorrow I want to make a draft excluder for the front door.

Crikeyblimey Mon 11-Nov-13 22:01:08

I finally hung the kitchen and dining room curtains that my niece made for me months ago! To be fair to me, dh only finished putting up the poles yesterday.

They look fab smile

Not sure I'll get anything extra done tomorrow. Working all day and ds is at piano and scouts so its full on.

I might try to scour a charity shop or 2 at lunchtime for some picture frames.

SecretLimonadeDrinker Mon 11-Nov-13 22:54:33

Feeling very sorry for myself having caught DH's cold and been up half the night with DS, my rather feeble attempts for today were to order new bins, as two of ours are broken, and to wash and dry the blankets we keep on the sofa.

SlightlyDampWellies Tue 12-Nov-13 15:51:44

Hi all,

Day 12 of Operation365. I did not do the shoe rack yesterday, but that will be today. Yesterday I cleaned the window sills in the kitchen and put little glass vases on them with flowers. it looks nice. smile

Tonorrow the tree surgeon is coming to fell our poor old diseased chestnut. I am trying to resist thinking that because I will pay him that this means I have done a job!

SlightlyDampWellies Tue 12-Nov-13 15:52:45

casters are a great idea for shoe racks. [muses]. I like the idea of being able to move them easily. Thanks better

NameoftheRose Tue 12-Nov-13 17:30:52

Today delivered yet more things to DD3, should be the last of it. Took a boot load to the dump.

Tomorrow, garden project.

Mum2Fergus Tue 12-Nov-13 20:06:52

12/365 - nothing, nada, zilch, zero ... lol busy day at work though!!

phlebas Tue 12-Nov-13 20:33:51

12/365 - sat in bed with puking dd2. Managed to make but not stuff draught excluder (puking child), also painted peg rail.

Nothing achieved here either today. But that's ok! We will have days like that. Trick is to not give up.

I did drive to Bristol and back (2 hours in total) to collect a present for DH that I bought on eBay. So excited by it. We have a fairly normal surname but a less common spelling. There used to be a brewery with same name and spelling and I spotted an old metal sign from the brewery in a magazine over two years ago, I have been looking for one since. And on Sunday I found one! Bid and won. It's a bit dusty and dirty but I will give it a clean. It's also bigger than I thought!

SecretLimonadeDrinker Tue 12-Nov-13 22:10:15

Aww Ciderwithbuda that's such a thoughtful gift, I'm sure he will love it.

Today I sorted out my toiletries for Project Shoebox, shout out to Mogz fir the suggestion, massive cleaout so now I only have stuff I will actually use.

SecretLimonadeDrinker Tue 12-Nov-13 22:11:13

Gah, can't type, for not fir!

Chlorinella Tue 12-Nov-13 22:38:22

Hallo , late joiner here

Have a falling down farmhouse that we moved into about 18 months ago .
DS is away from home at Uni , DD is in 6th form , DH and I run our own business and we have 11 chickens .

We're having DS old bedroom decorated , ( its a granny annexe type add on to the house ) so we can do B & B .
So we need to sort that out as soon as the paint is dry

Today I cleaned swept all the leaves out of the conservatory , hoovered through downstairs and c.leaned the kitchen rug the old fashioned way , on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush and the 1001 .

Tomorrow I'm on a course , but I'm sure I can squeeze an extra job in tomorrow evening .

Will make a list and keep it on the iPad ( already have one from when we moved in , need to update it )

SlightlyDampWellies Wed 13-Nov-13 07:46:43

Chlorinella you have just described my dream house!!!!! Farmhouse, chickens, B&B. sigh.

Cider that is a great gift!

A friend on another thread I am on told me she is doing a 30 bag for 30 days challenge- so you chuck one bag of junk a day. I like the sound of that very much. Unfortunately though DH is a real hoarder so I am not entirely sure I can get away with that!!!!!

Chlorinella Wed 13-Nov-13 08:28:32

slightlydampwellies it's a lovely house , but it needs a lot of work , which means a lot of money , which sadly we don't have !

I did a 40 bags in 40 days for lent . It was really useful . Doesn't have to be a big bag . I did my chest of drawers , 5 drawers = 5 days .

Google it ! There is an American lady who does a fantastic blog , I think it's something like black house white shutters .

CatAmongThePigeons Wed 13-Nov-13 10:04:54

The 40 bags for 40 days sounds like a good addition to this thread for me, I can target each area and get at least one bag of clutter gone.

Mumof3xx Wed 13-Nov-13 10:29:41

I really want to do this but have no time after day to day stuff, work and kids sad

phlebas Wed 13-Nov-13 11:51:47

I did 40 bags for Lent with a group of friends - it completely transformed the house - liberating!

13/365 - dd is still puking, dh is fitting new kitchen taps this afternoon, I'm counting that as my job.

SlightlyDampWellies Wed 13-Nov-13 12:06:21

13/365 and I am definitely going to count paying the tree surgeon as my job as I simply have no time for anything else!

TheRealAmandaClarke Wed 13-Nov-13 12:51:23

Oh me too me too please.

<considers what cheating might be required to achieve an actual improvement every day>

Me: 1 DH (very messy) 2 DCs (quite small. No help whatsoever grin)
Still on mat leave.

Off top of head I would say I need to:
Arrange for decorator to look at work that needs doing to finish place off nicely after extension.
Clear out unwanted clothes - ongoing.
Wash dining room curtains.
force pursuade DH to put up a hook so I can hang a calendar.
Buy a foot plate for my ginormous bath so I can lay down in it without drowning. (assuming I ever get time to actually have a relaxing bath)
Reclaim my desk in DH's office so that I have access to a useful desktop and in-tray.

Other tasks will emerge.

Today I sorted out my underwear drawers (drawers drawers??) and threw out ill- fitting and laundry- worn garments.

And yes, Wellies paying the tree surgeon does count.

SlightlyDampWellies Wed 13-Nov-13 16:47:47

Tree surgeon paid, and he had to move a lot of garden furniture in order to access the tree and they are nicely stacked away.

And DH without prompting (he is in the dark about the challenge) has put up a couple more pics.

And my DFather who is staying offered to put together another older shoe rack so I will be able to rescue the rather nice toy boxes I have been using and re-use them as actual toy boxes. .

So, in short, I am delegating my tasks on this challenge, and I like it!

Tomorrow I plan to clean the garden furniture and then paint them with wood treatment before the winter.

It's all good. smile

phlebas Wed 13-Nov-13 20:26:08

good plan Wellies!

Dh has done quite a lot of stuff, I finished the draught excluder (works nicely) & sorted a bag of books for the charity shop. Also went to the dentist & looks like dd1 has bloody tonsillitis sad

CatAmongThePigeons Wed 13-Nov-13 21:42:32

Today I sorted the piles of rubbish on top of the wardrobes so there's no longer any danger of falling items as you walk past.

Tomorrow I need to figure out a decent storage solution for DS1s room as it's in a very awkward space.

Delegation is all good Wellies!

I went shopping this morning, Somebody PLEASE stop me buying Xmas stuff for me! We have far too much already but I can't seem to stop buying. blush

Operation 365 wise I emptied a basket that had stuff dumped in last Xmas! It's just a small storage basket that was on a small shelf unit in our dining area. It's now in the utility room and i can use it to put tea towels etc in while they are waiting to be washed.

No idea what job to tackle tomorrow. I need to change my bed and fix curtains in my room so might try and sort out summer clothes and store them.

SecretLimonadeDrinker Wed 13-Nov-13 22:19:19


Nice work on the delegation!

Today, I've sorted two boxes in the dumping ground study.

TheRealAmandaClarke Thu 14-Nov-13 06:10:38

Delegation is fab.

Sorry about poorly DD phlebas

Yesterday I sorted out underwear drawers and dropped a bag of baby clothes at Oxfam.
Today I plan to take some more clothes into m&s.
I'll wash dining room curtains too.

Lilbup Thu 14-Nov-13 07:22:15

Can I join please? Excellent idea for a thread!

We moved into this house just over a year ago and have slowly been decorating it but this means we're still quite disorganised and it all feels a little overwhelming....

So yesterday I tidied away a box of stuff that has been sitting in our bedroom for the last few weeks. Only a small job but I feel at least I've made a start!

NameoftheRose Thu 14-Nov-13 07:37:21

Yesterday I spent an hour on huge outside project, denting it very slightly. DD3 visited and more of her stuff was pressed upon her to take away. DS1 visited and ditto his stuff, including a warm pair of gloves he'd forgotten about. So he was happy about that.
The lamp I'd found in the basket of DS3's belongings was fitted with a new shade (bought the previous day, I actually remembered) and bulb and put on DS3's bedside table. It was my lamp, don't know how it found it's way to basket.
Today more outside stuff.
Since starting this thread I've found I've got more organised generally, upward spiral and all that. So I've contacted a roofer for AP's property, which I look after for him. Also arranged to get carpets fitted here, instead of procrastinating so long the carpet people, in desperation, break in and fit them anyway. Several other put off things too. I'd become so overwhelmed by the massive amount needing to be done I was nearly paralysed by it. Doing one thing a day means I at least get one thing done, so the feeling of overwhelm reduces. Often I've got several things done or even one really big thing done.

Thanks OP. Really.

SlightlyDampWellies Thu 14-Nov-13 08:25:47



SlightlyDampWellies Thu 14-Nov-13 08:29:36

Good morning!

Day 14 Operation365.

Today I plan to buy wood treatment, but may not make a start yet. I want to do some of the manky jobs I have been putting off- dog poo pickup, plus a few other things. I cannot treat the furniture inside or under cover and it is all pretty damp and a damp looking day, so will see what may be possible.

This thread is making me focus too, and also I find I am doing more than I plan. I am also going to try the 1 bag a day challenge- I have baby clothes and children's videos ('gifted' to a very unwilling me- we do not even have a video) that all need to be donated to others who may need them.

Hi all. On sofa feeling sorry for myself after over an hour at the dentist. Jaws ache from keeping them open so wide for so long and the tooth and gums that were worked on are aching now that the an anaesthetic has worn off.

About to have some painkillers and a cup of tea and will start doing something once they have kicked in. Plan is to fix curtains in bedroom and empty a laundry basket of summer stuff and store properly.

SlightlyDampWellies Thu 14-Nov-13 15:39:06

thanks Cider I hope you are feeling better soon. Your poor teeth.

Me today:

- cleared and cleaned the hallway and organised all shoes, scarves, hats and gloves.
-Put DH's cycling stuff that is all over the place into one of the now empty toy boxes
-Told DH that is where his stuff in order to avoid the inevitable frenzy and cursing
-put together one bag of toys that I no longer need and charity shopped them

I plan to do next - dog poo pickup, maybe.

phlebas Thu 14-Nov-13 16:12:24

14/365 - dd does indeed have tonsillitis sad but my mum took dd2 & ds1 for the afternoon so I've only had two children at home & been pretty productive. Washed & dried all the bed linen & towels after the puke-fest, sorted several piles of papers which had been dumped in the sitting room & properly cleaned the kids' rooms - one bin liner of rubbish, 2 bags of grown out of clothes & one bag on books for the charity shop.

I found the long lost kindle charger & added rug doctor for upstairs carpets & rugs to my to do list. Jobs which need doing soon - deep clean of bathroom, sand & re-finish dining table top, clean windows & skirting boards & sort & declutter toys before Christmas. I must wash the kitchen floor & hoover the carpet tomorrow & get rid of cobwebs. I need to buy a new blind for the sitting room, another medicine cabinet & a new back doormat (threw the old one away today as it was absolutely disgusting)

I still haven't done any Christmas shopping or planning - starting to panic slightly!

Thanks Slightly. Painkillers worked. Sounds like you got loads done.

My bedroom curtains are now hanging properly again. And the laundry basket of summer clothes that has been on my bedroom floor for months has now been emptied and the clothes put in the drawers under the bed. Hanging summer clothes are in the wardrobe in the spare room.

I have a bag of DS's outgrown uniform ready to go to school shop tomorrow. Will also do a charity shop drop.

Phlebas - sounds like you got lots done too.

Chlorinella Thu 14-Nov-13 19:17:08

I cleaned the bread bin , sorted out the fridge and got rid of some rather unpleasant looking sweetcorn , leftover veg and old mozzarella .

Did a base coat of Annie Sloan paint on a child size chair as a test .

The painter has finished the ( hopeful ) B & B room , so I made the bed up , and put the Welsh blanket on , and it looks lovely ! Might move in there myself

Changed the sheets on our bed , washed the used ones but it was blowing an absolute gale so they're still in the machine

Ooh ! And forgot to post yesterday , but we've sorted out the life insurance .

Mum2Fergus Thu 14-Nov-13 21:11:56

Had a few non productive days this week...w/end nearly on us so here is the plan:-
- Fri, catch up on laundry, clean bathroom and attempt to disguise missing tiles on floor (replaced shower cubicle with bath a they stop just short)
- Sat, clear out my clothes, charity bag and summer stuff to loft
- Sun, clean paint from window ledges of my room and wash inside and out as PerfectFit blinds due Mon, coat of paint on cornice
- Mon, blinds fitted, 2nd coat paint cornice and 1st coat on at least 2 walls


SecretLimonadeDrinker Thu 14-Nov-13 22:45:08

Evening all,

Today I have cleared out the bottom of our wardrobe, sorted out some paperwork and started clearing out underneath the desk in the study.

Not sure how much I'll be able to do over the weekend as we are away for part of it, does shopping for the home count? wink

TheRealAmandaClarke Fri 15-Nov-13 07:29:46

Hope DS is better soon Phlebas

You're all so industrious.
Yesterday I washed DRoom curtains and cleaned the patio door windows (inside only).
Also washed the toys from the sand tray.
I might wash the sand tray today sad. Not looking forward to that tbh.

SlightlyDampWellies Fri 15-Nov-13 07:36:25

Good morning!

Day 15.

Today I plan to charity shop another bag of toys.

I have also started a word document list of everything I have done/achieved so that I can look back on it and see the changes.

ooerrmissus Fri 15-Nov-13 12:06:26

Right I'm back.
After the floor debacle on Saturday I have just about got the study floor to a state where it's not actually potentially fatal with slippiness. I have got the stuff to clear off the PVA glue in the cloakroom or whatever DH bloody idiot used on it but I need to strip it, leave it to dry with no-one walking on it for 24 hours and then re-seal it so that will have to be next week when the kids are at school.
In the meantime I have conquered mount Washmore that was starting to take over the utility room, chucked out all the half eaten jars of gunk that were festering in the fridge and sorted out my in tray. That took bloomin ages but the upside is I found some tickets to a show I had forgotten about!
Today's job is to sort out DS2s wardrobe, I'm sure he's grown out of most of the stuff in there.

phlebas Fri 15-Nov-13 15:14:36

day 15 - lovely sunny day here smile Lugged the table into the garden & sanded & stained it, it is drying now then it needs waxing. Also cleaned the fronts of the kitchen cabinets, hoovered the stairs (I hate doing that as our hoover is so heavy) & put away all the clean bedding & towels from yesterday (as a bonus I discovered a set of books I bought for dd2 & had forgotten about - so I have one Christmas present!).

Both dds made it to school today but ds1 is now ill & has spent the day in bed. Ds2 has been 'helping' me ;)

I've decided I want to repaint a sideboard thing we have - it's really dark wood atm & I'm just fed up of it.

Chlorinella Fri 15-Nov-13 16:52:15

Been at work today but have
Dettox sprayed the manky tiles in the ensuite , and given them a good old scrub . Looks so much better , I really should do it more often

Second coat of paint on the chair

Emptied the ironing basket ! All done and put in the appropriate rooms ( put mine away , but DH and DD can put their own away )

NameoftheRose Fri 15-Nov-13 17:20:26

Yesterday I put a couple of bags of clothing in the clothes bank. Also fitted replacement bottle rack into fridge and disposed of the old one and the new one's packaging. Cleaned bathroom tiles.

Today I cleaned out the freezer which our son is having from us. Sparkling now.

Dd3 also had yet more of her belongings pressed on her. When will it end? How can she have accumulated so many belongings in just 22 years? She doesn't know what she's started.

I've also started a list on my iPad of everything I've got done. It's all really adding up. Very encouraging.

Well done everyone managing a project a day no matter how small while also juggling work and/or small children. In my experience of kids, one thing you can rely on is for them to throw a spanner in the works of any plan made. No matter how small or simple ( the plan, that is, not the child.). Really, I had a large family and felt I barely got an organised thing done for years except meals, laundry and getting them to school.

TheRealAmandaClarke Fri 15-Nov-13 17:40:10

Sand tray all nice and clean and covered. smile

SecretLimonadeDrinker Fri 15-Nov-13 18:25:07

Great idea to keep a list.

Today I've cleaned the sofa, spoken to DS's nursery about them having all the stationery I found in one of my old boxes from uni and packed it up ready for dropping off next week, washed the chair cover for DS's swing seat and decluttered the ensuite.

Have a great weekend.

SlightlyDampWellies Fri 15-Nov-13 18:42:46

name it is true what you say about not being able to do things with small DCs.

And also true what you say that no matter how 'small' it all adds up.

In Feb of 2013 I quit my out of the home job, and started working at home doing freelance stuff and admin for my DH's business. I have 3 dcs. My DAunt came to stay in July for a few days and at the end of it said 'but what is it you DO all day?'. I could not answer anything specific. I am busy all bleeding day. With 3 primary school and pre-school DCs, one of whom has some small niggling health problems, a fledgling business, the house, an elderly relative that I also do admin for, shopping, a few meals a week, doctor's appointments etc. I felt so diminished. I could not say to her what it is I did.

Today the only thing I did for my Operation365 challenge was to dump stuff at the charity shop, and to buy a new breadboard because ours was stuffed. I think that was an achievement. I do not care how small or insignificant my daily challenges are, just achieving them has meant something quite real to me.


Littleredsquirrel Fri 15-Nov-13 19:54:14

I'm sorry.

I fell off the wagon. It didn't take long.

I shall climb back on and do a long list of jobs this weekend to make up for my complete lack of jobs all week.

Dilidali Fri 15-Nov-13 21:31:36

I have made some heat reflective pannels to put behind the radiators. Hope it makes a difference. It is warm, but hopefully I'll have to turn down the heating. Got draft excluders by the doors. Changed to winter bedding and duvets. smile

NameoftheRose Fri 15-Nov-13 21:37:00

What you do, Wellies, is bleedin' everything, from the sound of it.
Don't allow yourself to feel diminished. Instead, think of how children, business, elderly relative et al would manage without you.
You may not have a specific job title and description but that doesn't mean you're not engaged in meaningful work.

Littlered, the thing about wagons is you can get back on them.
They're usually moving quite slowly anyway, if my experience is anything to go by.

TheRealAmandaClarke Sat 16-Nov-13 02:13:03

"*but what is it you do all day?"* shock <gives up>
Wellies obviously you do loads.
But that leads me to wonder about the obsession with being busy/ productive. We should be happy to sometimes not be busy. Maybe we all should be less busy and stop messing about wearing ourselves out.
I think ppl only genuinely believe it's reasonable to ask that question if you're not really obviously earning money.
If you paid someone to take care of your DCs and/ or keep house (that's even without the admin work you do) nobody would think of asking that person what they did all day. Pisses me right off tbh. It's just another oppressive tool by the patriarchal/ capitalist system IMO.

Lilbup Sat 16-Nov-13 07:11:41

I didn't manage to do anything on Thursday. But I did manage to empty another box of stuff that had piled up yesterday. Not sure if I'll manage to do anything today as we're out all day.

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 16-Nov-13 10:16:55

Sorry, I did have a bit of a rant. blush

I am not sure I will be doing much today either. Feel very tired, a bit low, so even re-arranging vases might be the best I can do!

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 16-Nov-13 10:20:17

I like the idea that wagons move slowly. grin

Amanda I agree with you also. I have felt like my time is no longer valued because the work I do is ostensibly unpaid. Also, I find that like so many women we are being squeezed between the generations- caring for elderly family members and young children. There is a lot I want to say, but my head is filled with cold and is feeling muddled. smile

Littleredsquirrel Sat 16-Nov-13 11:09:17

Right the wood store boxes have arrived and so today is construction day. I will have two big loads of kindling neatly in nice new storage boxes by the end of the day.

The log splitters I ordered didn't arrive though.

I am also organising and labeling the enormous bowl of keys sitting in the utility room and am going to order a peg board to hang them on. I am fed up of searching for keys.

Hello all!

Littleredsquirrel - don't apologise for falling off the wagon. It's fine. It's little steps. At least that is how I'm looking at it. I'm very much a "I have to do it all and do it now but I have no idea where to start so I won't" type so even just thinking that I can do ONE thing no matter how small is liberating. And if there are days I don't even get one thing done - that's fine too. I'm still plodding along.

Wellies - sounds like you do much more than me!

Anyway - yesterday I did my normal Friday tidy through the house for the cleaner to be able to clean. Then I went to Sainsburys. No idea where the rest of the day went! And I added to the clutter by buying some glass serving dishes - two lovely star shaped ones and a glass cake stand and a white rectangular serving plate which I will use for my advent candles. Need to find somewhere to out them now!

This morning I sorted out DS's wardrobe while he was at school. I now need to do some shopping! He has grown out of so much. He is 12 and at that awkward age where he is mega fussy. And also hates shopping. Not a great combination!

I also cleared off the top of a unit in his room which had some bits of crap and old pencils etc. Hoping to get him to help me sort a bit more later or tomorrow.

DH is planning on watching the rugby this afternoon so not sure what if anything I will do then. Might just do some washing and online shopping and finish my book.

NameoftheRose Sat 16-Nov-13 18:51:50

This afternoon I spent two hours on the garden project. This part of it is digging over a large area to put 6 raised vegetable beds in.
I've been digging it over then forking out the nettle and couch grass and dock for a couple of weeks. Today OH did the digging part and discovered why I have stopped working out in the gym. Sweat was dripping off him.
I'm a bit knackered myself.

At one point I waxed lyrical about the joys of gardening, fresh air, bird song, autumn trees, the pleasure of hard physical labour. He looked at me as if I was insane.

I got the same response from one of my sons when I rhapsodised about the joy of gardening to him.

I live surrounded by dolts.

phlebas Sat 16-Nov-13 20:25:15

that sounds great NameoftheRose. I love gardening. Our gardens both look like builders yards atm ... I want to get the front garden at least cleared by Christmas & have big plans for next year (sure dh will be impressed wink ).

16/365 - did the final sand of the table & waxed it ... it looks lovely, just the legs to paint now. Had a sort out of the tool shed & started building some pantry shelving - it will hopefully be finished tomorrow & ready to paint next week.

I must do the bathroom tomorrow.

NameoftheRose Sat 16-Nov-13 21:51:43

Our garden has builder's yard elements, but mostly looks like a large field.

Chlorinella Sat 16-Nov-13 22:00:54

Had a bitty day / shopping / tidying / catching up day
But we
Looked at some bedside tables In a pine / oak furniture place

Went to buy an everyday jumper for me ( why can't I find one )

Wanted to sweep the patio , but it was damp and drizzly . Hopefully tomorrow

SecretLimonadeDrinker Sat 16-Nov-13 22:14:35

Wellies you sound like you are doing a lot, please good easy on yourself, you're doing a fab job!

It's been a bit of a here, there and everywhere day today. Have arranged for the glass in a photo fame to be replaced, it's not a standard size so it's a custom job, and for some dresses to be sold (my sister is going to eBay them for a share of the profits).

Forgot to mention yesterday that I have started the ball rolling on replacing our French doors, first quote yesterday although it seemed very high so need to look at some other companies.

Mumof3xx Sun 17-Nov-13 10:19:01

Pleasssseeeee motivate me

Today I need to sort the dcs toys to clear out before Xmas

NameoftheRose Sun 17-Nov-13 10:55:25

Mumof3, can you break it down into smaller tasks? Instead of thinking "I've got to sort out all the toys" in a panicky way (I could be projecting here), instead think "I 'll sort out DC1's toys first, then move onto DC2's toys.
Or, I'll sort out the toys in the toy box first, then move onto the toys in the cupboard.
You know what I mean, break it down into manageable parts.

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 17-Nov-13 11:08:18

Morning everyone. I am going to do regular chores today only as the house looks like a tip and we have friends coming for dinner. So, clearing and cleaning. Making space on the kitchen table so we can eat. A load of washing. Making roast lamb and cauli cheese. That is about all I can cope with. Have promised myself that at 4 I am pouring a glass opf mulled wine. Co-op do a nice pre-,made one.

Mumof3xx sometimes when I am totally overwhelmed I set my oven timer for 10 minutes and say that I will do something until the oven goes off. Amazing how much you can achieve in 10 minutes and how it lifts your mood too!

Thanks Secret. I needed to hear that. thanks

Mumof3xx Sun 17-Nov-13 11:12:14

Dc 1&2 share a bedroom and toys! There is no dc1 toys and dc2 toys. They are only a year apart so share the vast majority.
Dc3 is 7m and doesn't need her toys sorting as she has very few
I had a sudden burst of being motivated but have directed it at clean and tidying my bedroom instead lol

Mumof3xx Sun 17-Nov-13 11:12:40

I will break it up when I get there though!

NameoftheRose Sun 17-Nov-13 11:26:51

Be prepared for childish cries of "That's my very, very favourite toy" as you try to get rid of something no child has touched or even thought about for a couple of years
<bitter experience.>
"I can't sleep without my very,very favourite toy! Wail".

Mumof3xx Sun 17-Nov-13 11:28:36

Dc1 appears to be under the impression that the more we get rid of the more Santa will bring

NameoftheRose Sun 17-Nov-13 11:28:39

Sounds like you're having a lazy day, Wellies. grin

NameoftheRose Sun 17-Nov-13 11:29:40

Encourage that idea, for today. Somehow make child forget that idea ever existed by 25th December.

NameoftheRose Sun 17-Nov-13 11:30:17

That's to mumof3 BTW

phlebas Sun 17-Nov-13 15:34:04

Tale of woe continues - my mum isn't well now - she has hypothyroidism which isn't at all controlled atm. Bloody hell.

17/365 - replaced a rotten deck board & dh replaced a collapsed airbrick. Painted a couple storage crates & put a picture up for dd2. Didn't do the bathroom but did masses of laundry... I hate housework sad

TheRealAmandaClarke Sun 17-Nov-13 16:09:39

Not at home today but we've been to visit a town in our search for a place to move to, so i consider that a "housekeeping type" accomplishment.

Enjoy your lamb and mulled wine Wellies

Sorry about your mum phlebas

Mumof3xx Sun 17-Nov-13 16:13:01

Sorry to hear about your mum.

I have still not been near the toys! Bedroom is tidy though and most of the clean clothes are put away so that's something well until the pile reappears by tomorrow night. Never realised how irritating washing and drying for five people would be!

Chlorinella Sun 17-Nov-13 20:10:34

Sorted well DH sorted , I watched the waste area which is covered in old leaves and rubbishy plants , some nice terracotta pots found and placed ready for me to wash and plant with bulbs ( when I remember to buy the things ! )

Washing caught up with and all drying now

Then DH went fishing and I lit the fire and DD and me watched films all afternoon ( pitch perfect and hairspray )

NameoftheRose Sun 17-Nov-13 22:00:52

Spent hours and hours working outside on the raised vegetable beds project, plus other outside stuff. I ache, but not horribly.
I did dig up a 1946 penny, no doubt dropped by someone years ago digging their vegetable garden. Of course, that was when a penny was worth something.......

Put the ice packs away in their new home, after they were evicted from the freezer that's going to my son.

( BTW that flurry of posts from me, around 11.30 this morning? That was procrastination, that was. From someone who felt less than keen about forking over a seemingly endless piece of ground. I just kept finding things I had to say.).

SecretLimonadeDrinker Sun 17-Nov-13 23:44:44

Hope you enjoyed your well deserved mulled wine Wellies & thanks for the flowers.

Well done mumof3 sounds like a challenging task!

Mostly been catching up on washing/generally cleaning. DH fixed the toilet while I took DS out to run errands, new bins have replaced the old ones and the old ones are with the rest of the stuff to go to the tip. DH has confessed last years Christmas tree is still in the garage waiting to be disposed of!

Can't sleep so here I am.

NameoftheRose - DH would love me to be more into the garden. We started some raised veg beds two years ago. They are now totally overgrown with weeds again. We have done other stuff but there seems so much to do. We have half an acre and I'm finding it a real chore. DH enjoys it but hasn't had much time.

Didnt achieve much more on Saturday. Yesterday I washed my new dishes and found homes for them. And spent the afternoon building a Lego space shuttle. Which doesn't sound very Operation 365 but means I have cleared half my dining table. We started the space shuttle months ago. There is another large Lego project the other end of the table so tomorrow I will pack that away as we won't be finishing it before Xmas and I need th table.

Not sure what to do today. I need to sell a wine cabinet and get rid of a carpet on free cycle. And sort out our 'little house'. Th little house was a carport when we bought the house and we had it made into a sort of room. Th Hungarian removal men called it th 'kisci has' which is Hungarian for little house so th name stuck. It's not a shed nor a garage so little house works! We are buying a treadmill and I need to clear space for it and clean and tidy in there so might do that today whle DH is here to help a bit.

Thnk I'll try and get back to sleep now.

SlightlyDampWellies Mon 18-Nov-13 09:45:34

Good morning- hope you got some sleep Cider. Hope your mum gets better very soon phlebas.

Day 18 Operation365.

I have general chores again today. But also want to get stuck into some paperwork and filing. That will mean we get our dining table back! Other than that I plan to contact an upholstery cleaner...... the sofas have not been done for years and with 3 dogs.... ugh.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Didn't get back to sleep but DH took DS to school and I went back to be and did sleep then for an hour or so. Feeling very lazy now! Need to sort kitchen and washing etc and then finish packing the Lego away.

SecretLimonadeDrinker Mon 18-Nov-13 23:08:10

DS is teething and very clingy, all I've managed to do is some general housework and sort out some clothes/toys for the charity shop.

TheRealAmandaClarke Tue 19-Nov-13 06:14:59

Operation 365 is great.
It's routine housework that's a total shitter IMO.
I am tempted to try a cleaner again.

Making a list. It's largely about de cluttering.

But I really really need to sort out a bathroom blind. I could do with some help here actually. I want to just get a roller or Venetian blind and pop it up myself. dH is fussy (new thread please) and so we've reached a stalemate because I disagree with spending a fortune on made to measure and he reckons anything else is crap.
So where can I buy a blind that I can put up myself without wrecking the plasterwork beyond repair.
Advice please.

Yesterday I reduced us to one fruit bowl, secreting the second one neatly into a cupboard. Does that count?
I also threw out a crappy pot of herbs.

SlightlyDampWellies Tue 19-Nov-13 06:25:19

That certainly counts Amanda!

I am afraid I do not know about blinds at all so cannot help there. Our curtains are all pretty ancient but DH is quite sentimental about them so we have never replaced them!! (Our DCs have the curtains HE had when he was little..... also perhaps another thread!). I recently went to Dunelm Mill and they had lots of lovely fresh looking curtains... but other than that I have no advice, sorry.

Up early to keep going on paperwork...... did not get much done yesterday in the end. I have committed myself to getting up earlier every day so I can have 40 minutes or so on it before everyone else wakes up. Otherwise my only aim today is to roll up the garden hoses and put them away for winter.

Day 19 of Operation365.

SlightlyDampWellies Tue 19-Nov-13 06:28:31

Oh, and I contacted an upholstery cleaner yesterday by e-mail (he is a friend) but no response yet. smile

TheRealAmandaClarke Tue 19-Nov-13 07:13:37

Wellies you are working sooooo hard.

Garden hose needs retracting here. DH has left it trailing over the garden and the foxes have chewed the end. He really is the untidyest individual I have known.
I feel he sabotages my attempts to organise and tidy tbh. Like with the blinds. He is also a bit of a hoarder. There are several cat flaps in the utility room and I desperately want to chuck them all out, but nooooooo!

SlightlyDampWellies Tue 19-Nov-13 08:01:57

thanks Amanda. smile

Garden hose done now. It was pretty tangled. My DH is a total hoarder too..... we have tins of food in our cupboard that he refuses to let me chuck, where the Best before date is 1998. That was another thing I have started to do....... throw out old manky stuff in the freezer...... he is working away a bit so I am saying to him 'Oh, I am really getting through the freezer' and I am letting him think I am eating it..... FFS, we have frozen purees from when my youngest was weaning (some 3 years ago!) that he says 'Oh that will be fine for soups'. Well I'm not eating it!

TheRealAmandaClarke Tue 19-Nov-13 08:24:12

Well done on the garden hose.
Everyone is up now so no progress will be made with anything.

phlebas Tue 19-Nov-13 09:47:49

ds2 started puking on Sunday night - they've all had it now.

18/365 (yesterday) - mended a lampshade (with carpet tape - it will do for now), washed & dried more vomit soaked bedding & towels. Painted a picture for the kitchen - would like to do more of that & less laundry.

Don't know what I'll do today.

SlightlyDampWellies Tue 19-Nov-13 17:05:54

phlebas if you get any time to yourself today I think you should be making a cup of something lovely and putting your feet up.


Kyrptonite Tue 19-Nov-13 17:54:58

Place marking

lucysmam Tue 19-Nov-13 17:57:30

Just a quick bookmark to rtft and so I can find it on app later on.

I'll join and start tomorrow if that's ok?

We're a family of four (me, dp and two dd's) and a few fishes in a 3bed mid terrace pit house that's seen better days.

lucysmam Tue 19-Nov-13 21:34:35

Right, I have now rtft and have a plan for tomorrow....

1, pop into butcher to ask for boxes
2, clear one side of kitchen worktops
3, clear out cupboards under the worktops and clean them

I am also off to town for a shiny new mop, bucket and sweeping brush and some exciting hmm new floor cleaner of some kind because I had to hand scrub the kitchen floor on Sunday it was that minging blush ....hopefully shiny new cleaning implements will spur me on to keep on top of it this time hmm

Hi all. Still here but nothing achieved today. Had PTA meeting at school this morning followed by hair appointment. Did a bit if shopping and came home. MIL phoned and then it was time to get DS from school.

Oh - I did take my handheld dyson apart and wash the filter and brush as it's n working very well. I suppose that could count!

Yesterday I did finish the Lego so I now have a clear dining table.

Tomorrow I'm finishing my desk which I started two weeks ago.

NameoftheRose Tue 19-Nov-13 22:43:58

The dyson clean definitely counts Cider.
I am so happy I organised all the paperwork in the study. I can see the desk again now, there was none of its surface visible. Any post now gets immediately, and perhaps obsessively, dealt with.

Yesterday I dug the garden for two hours and twenty minutes, in two goes. My muscles are toning up like no other exercise has achieved. I also cleared all the leaves from the drive and put them in compost bin. I re-homed a quantity of guttering fittings and charity shopped a pair of DD2's hiking boots.* Also cleared out 2 carrier bags full of DD3's groceries from kitchen cupboard. (When will it fecking end....).

Today I gave the gardening a break. I delivered the bags of foodstuffs to DD3, together with a couple of her mugs and 2 jugs I'd promised her. I also cleaned out 2 kitchen cupboards and re-organised them. With DD3's stuff gone I had somewhere to put the nest of cake tins which used to live on top of the nearly gone fridge. Cake tins had been on work top for a couple of weeks while I wondered where to put them.

Found a pack of 2 years out-of-date suet in cupboard. Obviously it's been a long time since I made dumplings.

* Hiking boots were bought for DD2 many years ago. OH inexplicably thought if he bought them DD2 would suddenly want to come on hikes with us. She had shown no sign any inclination to do so before. "What do you think the chances are?" He asked me, honestly expecting me to agree with himconfused.

"Absolutely zero". I replied, which, interestingly is also the answer to the question " How many hikes did DD2 go on."

TheRealAmandaClarke Wed 20-Nov-13 05:20:56

Bagged up some baby clothes (sorting clothes is never- ending here) for charity shop.
Not much sad
Today I need to reorganise toys and put some in the loft. But it's a huge task. I just don't know which ones to leave out. I've accepted that our lounge (yes, I say "lounge" grin is now a playroom, but ATM it's too crowded to be meaningful. DS is with cm today so if dd naps I might get some of that sorted.
Need to talk to builder about guttering. <excited> hmm

TheRealAmandaClarke Wed 20-Nov-13 05:22:35

nameoftherose good going.

SlightlyDampWellies Wed 20-Nov-13 07:07:37

Day 20 Operation365.

Morning everyone and welcome newcomers!!

I have 3.5 hours today to myself, with no Dcs. So I plan to power on through with the admin and filing and to bag and charity shop some baby clothes. 4 years ago someone gave me baby clothes on the understanding I gave them back.......... I have texted, e-mailed and left voiuce messages countless times over the years but have heard nothing. In that time she has also moved house and I do not know where she lives! (She was a sort of friend of a friend but they have lost touch too). So I think after 4 years it is okay to charity shop them? If she comes back to me ever I will offer to buy her new stuff. I have been resisting charity shopping them but the last time I called is about 6 months ago when I thought I saw her in town and telephoned again and left a voice message. Nothing.

lucysmam Wed 20-Nov-13 08:52:22

Good morning smile

Right, number 1 on my list is done, I can pick up boxes from the butcher in the morning when he has sorted some out for me.

Just on my way for new mop and bucket now after dropping my girls off.

Slightlydamp I would charity shop them after four years trying to return confused

Dp also has a job today...put lightbulb in dd2's bedroom and hopefully run four bags from yesterday to the charity shop

Lancelottie Wed 20-Nov-13 09:26:27

I've found the bag of apples DS picked up from the garden two weeks ago and washed/peeled/chopped them all.

Not impressive, but about time -- and cooking apples smell lovely.

Morning all. Am too cold to want to do much more than snuggle under a blanket MNing this morning. I will get going soon though.

lucysmam Wed 20-Nov-13 11:31:47

Charity shop run, lightbulb and cupboards done.

Depending on how active my small whirlwind is after nursery I might do the top cupboards this afternoon too now I'm on with it.

Hopefully the house will be reasonably sorted by Christmas if I can keep on at this rate!

SlightlyDampWellies Wed 20-Nov-13 12:40:02

Charity shop run also done! Plus I picked up a picture that had been at the framers and have hung it. smile

lucysmam Wed 20-Nov-13 14:20:39

Top cupboards done (another charity shop bag filled from bottom ones and quite a bit of manky looking stuff that's just been hanging round dumped). Veg rack cleaned and the little bit of floor under the worktop it slots under cleaned. One side of worktops cleared down of unnecessary shite.

Think that'll do for today unless I get a sudden burst of enthusiasm for setting up two DD's that the forms have been stuck to the fridge forever for, and letter writing. We shall see what time it is when I get sat down tonight.

Plan for tomorrow is:

1. Pick up boxes from butcher
2. Clear space filled with shite under worktop, clean floor, bin yet more shite
3. Clear down windowsil of accumulated shite

Tomorrow is bathroom cleaning day anyway (yep, I do certain jobs on certain days blush )so will aim to clear out the medicine cabinet and return anything lurking around that should be in there

TheRealAmandaClarke Wed 20-Nov-13 14:39:22

Well I'm having a good day with toys.
2 large boxes to go in th loft. (dh needed for that.)
"playroom" nearly sorted.

TheRealAmandaClarke Wed 20-Nov-13 14:41:16

Mmmmm apples. Good job ancelottie

Busy ppl here today.

Lancelottie Wed 20-Nov-13 17:22:58

Pictures! Thanks, SlightlyDamp, I had some reframed months ago and they need hanging. Tomorrow's job, I think.

SecretLimonadeDrinker Wed 20-Nov-13 22:44:54

Over the past two days I have:

Charity bag gone and another one started
All the bags full of stuff in the hall cupboard have been emptied
Arm chair moved into the conservatory
Rock band instruments cleaned ready to go in the loft
Car decluttered and restocked

And most importantly DH is not under the patio because we don't have one after finding out about Operation 365 and saying it doesn't actually look like I've done much!

SlightlyDampWellies Thu 21-Nov-13 08:00:31

Good morning all!

Well restrained, Secret!

Today I have two sets of Dr appointment for various children/relatives, but hope to clear all our dressers from assorted clutter and crap. I am sure the flea treatments for the pets do not need to be sitting on mine for a start!

lucysmam Thu 21-Nov-13 08:45:01

Good morning smile

Number 1 on my list not done this morning - butcher closed until tomorrow so will pick up boxes then.

Just nipping to Asda for milk and then off home to clear windowsil and clear out the space under the worktop and the kitchen will be as sorted as it can be in our house smile

NameoftheRose Thu 21-Nov-13 09:33:01

Yesterday was a shopping day. We bought a new shed which should arrive next week, some coat pegs which were put up that very evening and some storage. I wanted to be sure I did something more hands on for 365 so in the evening I rummaged around in the spare room and filled a bin bag with rubbish, which is waiting for the bin men as I type.

Looking down my list I've been keeping I can see so many smaller projects which have really added up over the past couple of weeks. I now make better use of spare time to do something for Op 365.

Now off to work in the garden...

lucysmam Thu 21-Nov-13 10:09:48

Kitchen window done it's amazing how much brighter it is with clean windows and no clutter . Quick brew break then on with under the worktop.

Will wipe the tiles and rest of door fronts down this afternoon then that's the kitchen properly done & onto the living room tomorrow - should be a one day job, maybe two if I fart around with the fish tank too hmm

SlightlyDampWellies Thu 21-Nov-13 11:00:21

I went out to take DC3 to the GP, and met my neighbour's window cleaner. A quick discussion, and by the time I came back he had done my windows too all for £18.00!


Off to the next GP appointment. Wonder if I will come back and find the house has been miraculously re-painted!

lucysmam Thu 21-Nov-13 11:49:44

you must have a lot of windows Slightlydamp grin Our window cleaner only charges a fiver for front and back!

The space under the worktop is now clean and tidy, the floor under all the crap cleaned and another bag of assorted useless shite that I have no idea why we kept it in the bin.

Off for the smallest from nursery and then back to clear the sides, clean the many many tiles in the kitchen, clean the bathroom and put a load of tea towels in the wash.

Feels quite good to finally get round to fitting in so much of the cleaning/clearing out/tidying that desperately wants doing it probably helps that I am not wasting my life away on mn too grin wink

SlightlyDampWellies Thu 21-Nov-13 11:59:22

No, not especially *lucysmam'. confused. Do you think I got ripped off? Bog Standard mid terrace. So, two bays at front, plus landing plus front door, and the equivalent out the back. We are down south though in a fairly comfortable area.

Bugger. Maybe next time I will ring around and get quotes. Years ago when we had more disposable income I had someone who charged me £30 and turned up every month (DH working at home, me out of the house) for months although I had booked him just as a one-off before the ILs came to stay. It was when DH commented casually that he had paid for the window cleaner - about 8 months later that I twigged the guy had been coming monthly and told DH that is what I had arranged with him, which it was emphatically not. grin

lucysmam Thu 21-Nov-13 13:00:05

I'd get some quotes Slightlydamp, maybe it's just more expensive where you are though. I'm in Yorkshire smile

SecretLimonadeDrinker Thu 21-Nov-13 22:38:05

I'm almost too ashamed to say what I've been up to, my house is such a disgrace. I have cleared all my crap from under the bed and bedroom floor, and started another charity bag.

On the normal housework front, I have washed, dried and ironed two lots of washing.

TheRealAmandaClarke Fri 22-Nov-13 06:35:42

It doesn't sound to me like you were ripped off Wellies

Yesterday I did a charity shop run.

TheRealAmandaClarke Fri 22-Nov-13 06:39:04

really need to talk to local builder about guttering.

lucysmam Fri 22-Nov-13 09:59:25

Good morning smile

Two jobs done so far: bag of books my girls have outgrown taken to school and boxes picked up from butcher. The small one is currently playing with the boxes grin so they haven't yet reached their destination of under dd1's bed until next week when I plan to get on with sorting the airing cupboard.

Just about to tidy kitchen and wash brekky pots then make a start on living room & take down nets for a wash.

Lancelottie Fri 22-Nov-13 10:02:03

I've been round with a broom and swiped the cobwebs off all the ceilings while waiting in for a delivery.

Suspect they'll all be back by tomorrow with some very offended spiders sitting in them.

lucysmam Fri 22-Nov-13 11:02:30

Living room thoroughly cleaned, I went through all the drawers a month or two back so they're not too bad...just a couple of mags to bin. Net in there is down, just dining one to get dp to take down when he gets back because I can't reach.

Need to hoover cobwebs and wipe down woodwork next but going to make a brew first I think.

Sofa and chair need stripping too but they will have to wait for a day when there isn't a lot of washing to do - I'm working my way through two baskets atm despite having done uniform washes for dd and dp earlier this week so this didn't happen confused

Everyone sounds like they are doing loads. I've done nothing last few days! Been busy shopping for Xmas as I feel very disorganised this year. Have some shopping done now so will do a sort out next week and see what else is needed.

DH has gone to buy cyclamens to plant in pots and a bed outside kitchen window.

I need to remake bed as I stripped it this morning. Have a couple of bags I can get rid of this afternoon. DS's outgrown uniform and a back for the clothes recycling box. Still haven't finished my desk. Might do that this afternoon.

lucysmam Fri 22-Nov-13 14:55:36

Woodwork wiped down (eventually, MIL came for a brew )...will hoover cobwebs when dd2 eventually tidies the pigsty living room of all the little bitty bits she has out.

Boxes are now under dd1's bed too since the small one lost interest.

Tomorrow's job is to strip the big chair before I go to town with the girls and then dry & repair when we get in.

NameoftheRose Fri 22-Nov-13 15:23:37

Yesterday I spent two and a half hours digging over ground for future raised beds. Bloody hard work and cold. Also re-homed some household items.

Today I cleaned bathroom tiles, scrubbing off lime scale. We have very hard water here. I only did it because of this thread. I've had a rough 24 hours and feel tired and sad. At least now I am tired and sad but with sparkly bathroom tiles.

TheRealAmandaClarke Fri 22-Nov-13 15:59:03

Nothing here. Sorry grin
I mean, we've been to the park and to toddlers. But no 365 work.
Impossible with both dcs (is my excuse)
I would like to speak to that roofer though. Still possible I suppose. He lives down the street.

lucysmam Fri 22-Nov-13 16:01:11

I appear to have taught myself to knit today too confused I bought a kids crochet set in the hopes I could master something basic....I'm busily knitting with a crochet hook and a finger hmm grin

TheRealAmandaClarke Fri 22-Nov-13 16:05:52

Full of admiration for you all. Especially the gardners, in this weather.

SlightlyDampWellies Fri 22-Nov-13 16:12:15

Name hope you feel better soon.

Not a lot here either. I am procrastinating on stuff. Am doing regular household things. Kids plonked in front of telly. Don't care.

I started clearing the linen cupboard though....

phlebas Fri 22-Nov-13 19:20:17

I kind of hit the wall with utter exhaustion - dd1 has been back at the drs (she's been ill for three weeks & not really getting better) ... he's taken blood for glandular fever & various other things. Sigh. The last week has been a bit of a daze though I've still been trying to do stuff (as a distraction from sick children really!).

19/365 - sorted the children's craft stuff, wooden toys & jigsaw puzzles - chucked everything manky, took some stuff to the charity shop & collected everything with missing pieces - if they don't turn up soon I'll dispose of them.
20/365 - finished the dining table - sanded, painted & waxed legs - very happy about this smile
21/365 - made a scrap wood star thingie for a Christmas wreath-ish thing
22/365 - painted the pantry shelves & did some Christmas shopping (online of course ;) )

Busy weekend planned but my MIL has offered to have my two youngest non-sleepers on Sunday night & Monday so I'm planning to sleep for about 36 hours.

TheRealAmandaClarke Sat 23-Nov-13 06:15:34

nameoftherose sorry you're feeling sad.

Wellies telly rocks. It is the only way I get normal chores done.
I'm not sure I can do 365. I failed to speak to the roofer yesterday. I guess I forgot that it's impossible for me to leave the house unencumbered. I need to revisit my list. Maybe some gardening this weekend.

phlebas Sat 23-Nov-13 18:21:18

Hope you are feeling a bit better Name thanks

23/365 - I stuck some felt on the dining chair feet, I can't stand the sound of them being dragged across the floor (intolerant). Apart from that I delegated to dh - the poor thing has been out in the freezing cold all day building a shed & when it got too dark he replaced broken bathroom light switch. He's taken the boys with him to pick dd1 up from her friend's house ... dd2 & I are curled up drinking hot chocolate smile Did some more Christmas shopping.

lucysmam Sat 23-Nov-13 19:05:00

Nothing done here today, the bin's too overflowing for any more rubbish anyway & we've all been out all day. Tomorrow is my turn for a lie in & then I need to make the second Christmas cake.

Tomorrows jobs are root out junk from sides of sofas (all sorts gets down there....spoons, crayons, bazillions of pennies), swap dimmer for a normal switch in dd1's room and possibly take down net in dining room/clean window and frame in there depending what else gets done smile

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 23-Nov-13 19:15:20

Hi everyone. 23/365.

Amanda I am surprised you can even function with everything you have going on! Not much happened here today either. I did the normal cleaning of the house/ weekly bed clothes changeover etc. But I did manage to clear DH's dresser. I have wanted to do all of ours in one fell swoop, but have had to revise my ambitions downwards. smile

After the first month of Operation365 I plan (if people will indulge me) to post my ongoing lost...... I feel like I achieve little each day, but the cumulative affect is starting to show. smile

TheRealAmandaClarke Sat 23-Nov-13 19:29:45

List away wellies
Anything to keep me off aibu.

Today an electician has fixed .... Well, something. Tbh i didn't even know it was a problem blush a decorator has given us a quote, the roofer is coming on Monday.
Although DH sorted all that I am counting the last two because I fear I'll be paying in some way with the expected gratitude. Plus, it meant I was alone with scrummy dcs all day while he sorted stuff out.

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 23-Nov-13 20:11:24

Oh I absolutely include things DH does in my Operation365. Sometimes because things would not get done by him unless I pushed him!

TheRealAmandaClarke Sun 24-Nov-13 05:50:34

Very much need to get in the loft today. Toys to store for summer.

Morning all. Nothing achieved yesterday or Friday. Busy with other stuff.

I ordered a new fake Xmas tree which arrived on Thursday and is now taking up half the hallway. Today's task is to clear out under the stairs to make space for that. DH is going to put some hooks and things up and maybe some shelves.

Have the usual laundry mountain to do. And have to book some flights. And make a list of what needs to get done this week.

Littleredsquirrel Sun 24-Nov-13 11:27:05

I've realised that for me every day is unrealistic and so I'm doing mine weekly ie seven things each week.

This week:
Leaf clearing from front lawn - took forever but now done.
Stocked up on grit, we now have enough just in case we do get horrendous snow
Changed kitchen chairs. I bought the old lot in 1996 and have put them in the shed ready to be painted for use in the garden. Nice new ones now looking very pretty in my kitchen.
Laid foam tiles in garage for insulation and to stop me getting cold feet when I go to the freezer.
Cleaned dishwasher -nearly died from shock when I saw how gunky it was.
Cleared out kitchen drawer.
Then task for today is clearing out hallway cupboard and making sure we have hats scarves gloves etc.

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 24-Nov-13 12:44:52

Manic day with church, PCC meetings, a children's party etc. This evening, when we are sitting around the tv I plan to sort my cookbooks into a 'charity shop' pile and then re-arrange on the bookshelf. I have a very great many cookbooks, and rarely use a lot of them. I will try and restrain myself from throwing the cookbook in German that DH bought because he thought it would encourage us to learn German.... (I still have that ambition though. smile )

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 24-Nov-13 12:47:58

I am quite literally doing teeny tiny things each day, I admit. I wish so much like Name I was a passionate gardener. I adore looking at gardens, and hope to eventually turn our disaster into something beautiful.

Maybe I could ask for a garden mag subscription for Christmas..... [ponders]

lucysmam Sun 24-Nov-13 13:10:07

Sofa sides cleared after my lie in ready for one going to the charity shop and the others being stripped for washing and re-organising so the Christmas tree fits in the living room confused

Dp is going to do dimmer switch shortly.

Dining room net can wait for another day when I cba to look at the outside world for a few hours grin

Mumof3xx Sun 24-Nov-13 13:22:57

Today I have cleaned out one of the kitchen junk cupboards to put baby stuff in that is cluttering up my kitchen


2 wash loads
Hoovered upstairs
Swept stairs

NameoftheRose Sun 24-Nov-13 18:49:49

Thanks for the good wishes, fellow 365ers. I do feel a bit better today.

Have persisted with this project though. Yesterday I spent two hours forking over ground for raised beds. Yes I did ache. Also delivered freezer to one of our sons which made more space in the kitchen. Helped OH replace a dozen fence panels, which oddly got heavier and heavier the further down the garden they had to be carried and the higher they had to be lifted to slot into posts (sloping ground). Put old panels on Freecycle.

Today three and a half hours forking over ground. Yes three and a half hours. Assisted OH to assemble first of the raised beds. Thankfully that was mostly "just put your foot here to stop this piece of timber moving" and one "pass the hammer". About all I could manage.

Also arranged for freecycler to pick up the panels. I watched while she and her husband lugged them up the drive and put them on their trailer - to weak to do any more.

I'm not actually some kind of over- achiever or A type thread competitor. It's just I have a bigger back log of jobs than average, normal people have.grin

SecretLimonadeDrinker Sun 24-Nov-13 21:16:21

Not had a chance to update for a while. Everyone is doing a grand job.

Over the past three days I have:

Cleaned the hob
Cleaned the Hoover filter
Clean the tumble dryer filter
Filled up another black sack for the charity shop
Made headway on clearing the spare room (currently full of more boxes)

DH is currently clearing the paperwork/post/his work docs mountain from the dining room table.

lucysmam Mon 25-Nov-13 10:17:13

Good morning smile

My plan for today (when I eventually get home from all the running round I seem to be doing) is to strip and wash the lemsip chair -I love my chairgrin and hoover cobwebs from living and dining room ceilings. depending on time left before we need to go for the oldest I might strip and wash the sofa too.

I also need to get in the airing cupboard this week for a spot of junk sorting and get decs out.

Have a fab Monday everyone smile

lucysmam Mon 25-Nov-13 12:41:16

Chair currently in the washer, needs a minor repair to the zip and one of its button holes when dry so needle and thread waiting for that. Cobwebs hoovered.

will do sofa tomorrow since I need to sew today. Might put front net through washer with the sofa covers.

Going to try and get in the airing cupboard for one of the decoration boxes shortly if I can occupy dd2 with something fascinating confused

lucysmam Mon 25-Nov-13 15:04:29

Cushion cover stitched back together, button hole mended and covers back on the chair now. Need to get some upholsery foam stuff for the arms though, they're horrible blush , so will pick that up in town tomorrow when I nip in for the bits I didn't manage to get from Home Bargains on Saturday because they evacuated the shop shock

Lucysmam - you are doing really well.

Nameoftherose - I'm exhausted thinking about that lot!

DH did our garden stuff yesterday - planted cyclamens, primroses and pansies. I made hm a coffee!

I did do the understairs cupboard yesterday. And did a list of things to do today. None of which got done as I ended up going to Bristol shopping with DS instead! We have a sneaky day off school Xmas shopping every year (don't tell anyone!) and for various reasons today suddenly ended up being the day. It's also DH's birthday so I have spent th afternoon cooking his requested dinner.

NameoftheRose Mon 25-Nov-13 18:34:53

I'm impressed lucysmum, although I have spent a fair amount of time wondering what a lemsip chair is. A chair where you sit and drink lemsip (are you Andrew Motion?). Or a lemsip-coloured chair?

Don't worry Cider, your unauthorised absence is a secret between you, me and the rest of this thread. And the rest of Mumsnet. And the entire Internet. Your secret is safe.
Hope it was a fun day.

As I, too, felt exhausted I didn't so much as pick up a garden fork today. Instead I thoroughly vacuumed room DD3 & GD1 stayed in til recently. Hauled out the furniture and everything. Happily the spilt powder blusher just vacuumed right off the lovely new carpet angry,

Also sorted out a bin bag of charity shop donations which will hopefully go tomorrow.

And not surprisingly, after hauling out furniture in her former room, found some more of DD3's belongings including an earring I swear I've already given her several times. Is this Groundhog Day? That would certainly account for a lot.

On handing over DD3's stuff I intend to channel my maternal Grandmama " All these belongings, young lady, where will it end? When you end up on "Hoarders"? Hmmmm? You' ll rue the day you ever began accumulating this clutter.Lay up your treasure in heaven where moth and rust don't corrupt etc etc".

The old 'dear' probably hasn't been channelled for many a year and it will give some vent to my feelings.

TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 25-Nov-13 19:32:09

Well, the roofer had a look and has given us a date to start fixing stuff.
And we've all been busy organising stuff, moving on with things stuff, just not 365 stuff. blush

lucysmam Mon 25-Nov-13 20:02:39

grin you remember the lempsi ad from years ago where the woman made the lemsip, sat in the chair & the chair sort of grew round her into the comfiest looking big chair ever? That's my big chair....'tis fabulous!

NameoftheRose Mon 25-Nov-13 20:24:52

I like the sound of a chair that does the work for you. I've been sitting in this recliner for an hour and haven't yet summoned up the energy to recline it.

SecretLimonadeDrinker Mon 25-Nov-13 23:38:05

Lucysmam that is one fab sounding chair.

DH moved the tumble dryer into the conservatory so we can actually start using the pantry for its intended use, although I seem to just have found more stuff to sort out. Where did it all come from?

Ive also passed on some text books.

Although I know I have been making a difference, it doesn't seem like it and the house isn't looking any better sad

SlightlyDampWellies Tue 26-Nov-13 07:38:11

Morning all.

Day 26 Operation365.

I did regular house stuff yesterday. Today I plan to replace the broken table lamp on the hall table.

Morning all. Brrrrr. Freezing here this morning. Been out twice. DH to station at 7 and DS to school at 8. Currently eating toast and drinking tea and contemplating what to do. Having been out yesterday I have lots of regular stuff to do. Washing, etc. also some admin stuff. My 365 task will be to take some stuff to the charity shop. And clear off some shelves in the kitchen. It's my cookbook overflow and it's filthy.

lucysmam Tue 26-Nov-13 15:10:19

Sofa and big chair arms upholstery foamed, didn't get round to stripping sofa though because I spent the morning at my best mates catching up.

Will do that tomorrow along with the airing cupboard of doom so I can get to decs and hide the dolls prams that are currently hidden in plain sight in our bedroom confused How they haven't been spotted I don't know!!

SlightlyDampWellies Wed 27-Nov-13 06:17:16

Good morning! Well, the hall table lamp makes all the difference to what was a rather dark and dingy corner. smile I am delighted.

Today I am buying 3 more cyclamen, as my attempt to grow hostas in pots over the summer failed miserably). So I will replant those pots with white cyclamen....

I also plan to sort out the kitchen cupboards which are a riot of glassware, novels, and assorted spanner and screwdrivers.

Mumof3xx Wed 27-Nov-13 07:18:57

Today I will -

Sort out the downstairs toys and books

lucysmam Wed 27-Nov-13 08:51:43

It's airing cupboard of doom day ....I may be gone a while confused

brew first though I think!

Am hoping there's not too much rubbish as I still have a bag of kitchen junk to go in the big bin when it's empty later hmm

Swanhilda Wed 27-Nov-13 09:13:53

Hi, Can I join too? Been trying to do flylady but it doesn't solve the backlog of long term projects.

4 bedroom Victorian house with 60ft garden, and husband working from home takes another bedroom. 3 dcs, 3 cats.

Kitchen just moved to another room in the house, and we are still dealing with fallout in the playroom/old kitchen..

Today I am hoping to plant five plants in front garden which is looking like a rubbish dump post builders. Planted bulbs on Sunday so that is something, but garden needs a massive overhaul as it could look sooo much better in the back if I just moved some evergreens around (my kitchen view is now garden rather than fence)

Also want to put all the sewing craft stuff in the drawers I bought from B & Q and move it from upstairs to old playroom so dd can use it whenever she fancies a project.


lucysmam Wed 27-Nov-13 10:31:20

Airing cupboard of doom almost done...not much to either bin or charity shop tbh. Just needed a tidy up I think. Need a couple more boxes so I can tidy up some bits and bobs of old college work I've kept (no idea why? Might bin after Christmas) and some decent storage of some sort for Christmas decs when they go away this year (have slung everything we're not using in one box, if it doesn't get used next year I'll charity shop useable bits and bin the rest).

Sofa covers in the washer....I took a brew break before starting to put boxes back.

Might start on the understairs cupboard that's been hit by a tornado when I'm done putting back...need to charity shop dd1's old dolly pram though & she'll likely moan when she gets in if I'm in that cupboard confused

lucysmam Wed 27-Nov-13 11:47:45

Everything now back in cupboard...cushion covers waiting to be hung out when I get in from picking up dd2. Just a huge pack of loo roll to squeeze in the cupboard when we get back.

Going to nip into both charity shops and see if one wants a sofa.

And then start black-bagging rubbish in the under the stairs cupboard.

Quite productive lately grin

lucysmam Wed 27-Nov-13 15:19:23

Downstairs cupboard de-junked and charity shop stuff now lined up neatly in there. First charity shop I went into jumped at the mention of the sofa and gave me a number to arrange for it and two buggys to be picked up. Also found a yoga mat so going to return that to its owner tomorrow and have text my dad & dp's mum to see if they want back the bits of their stuff lurking about.

If not then bin it is....really need a tip run but don't know anyone who'd do it (my dad is just a touch pfb about his car grin hmm )

SecretLimonadeDrinker Wed 27-Nov-13 23:32:20

Over the past two days I have:

Taken bag to the charity shop
Bleached five muslins
Labelled chargers
Charged cameras ready for Christmas!

feetheart Thu 28-Nov-13 06:51:39

I definitely need to join though may start in earnest on 1st December so I can do a 335 day challenge and keep on track with everyone else.

Our place - 3-bed semi with very recent extension to give us a shower room and toilet downstairs. It's DH's family home and although I've lived here for 11 years (and given birth in the living room!) it hasn't ever felt like my home too. Extension has changed that quite a lot and I want to capitalise on it and try and make it all feel like mine.

2 adults, 2 DC, 2 cats and slightly less chaos than before thanks to Flylady thread (hello Swan)

Today's job - put cupboard on Freegle

TheRealAmandaClarke Thu 28-Nov-13 07:13:42

Summer toys are now in the loft.

Moving out with the DCs today for a week so the decorating can be done.
Does that count?

TheRealAmandaClarke Thu 28-Nov-13 07:17:01

Bleaching muslins sounds satisfying.

lucysmam Thu 28-Nov-13 08:46:11

Todays jobs are to return friends yoga mat, arrange collection of sofa and if I get to it, clean the front door thoroughly on the inside.

Got to nip to sorting office first though for a parcel I missed on Tuesday morning while I was in town smile

lucysmam Thu 28-Nov-13 12:04:19

Yoga mat returned, no answer on number lady in charity shop gave me so will try again when I get in & clean the door too (forgot it's film club night so have an extra hour before picking up dd1 from school).

Just need to decide on toys to charity shop but I feel a bit tight doing it confused

Having said that, the house is looking better for a couple of long put off jobs being done each day so ty for this thread thanks

lucysmam Thu 28-Nov-13 13:22:34

Back again grin ...front door has now been cleaned...was just a touch minging blush

lucysmam Thu 28-Nov-13 13:24:51

Just tried charity shop number again too...still no answer there. If I don't get through I may just trek it round the corner with dp if he isn't working on Saturday (How heavy can a sofa be, right hmm )

feetheart Fri 29-Nov-13 06:19:50

- Put cupboard on Freegle and got LOTS of response. Hopefully it will be gone by the w/e
- Gave bag of DS's old clothes to friend

- Take huge poster of DD age 3 (now 10) to get it framed - was used to advertise a community event in about 2006!

Chlorinella Fri 29-Nov-13 20:48:03

Haven't been on for ages
But have ...

Had old granny suite painted ( by a decorator , not me )

Washed and rehung 3 sets of curtains

Bought 2 new bedside lamps

Bought new lampshade

Sorted out a million different light bulbs and now have matching lights

Hung a mirror

Hung 2 pictures

Bought the sticky back plastic to put on windows that need frosting

Swept patio and collected hundreds of leaves

Planted 18 hyacinth bulbs in various planters

Not bad for a weeks work ( though I say it myself )

lucysmam Fri 29-Nov-13 21:00:39

Nothing achieved today...spent the morning mooching about town with dd2 and the afternoon finishing Christmas shopping online for both girls....have given dp the responsibility of getting them each a surprise gift since I've done the rest confused hmm grin

Jobs for the weekend are...

dp to sort dimmer switch, break a few bits small enough to go in wheely bin and sort dd2's light switch.

Me...erm, I think sort the back hallway and try to get rid of sofa should be priority, a friend of mine manages a charity shop so will text her and see if they want any of the bits in the under-stairs cupboard too. Will take down front net and clean the window for if we put lights in it this year. Not sure whether it's worth it tbh, am already not putting my lovely wreath out because the street has got to be really awful the past couple of years & it'd end up wrecked sad

Have a fab weekend everyone! Will check back in later.

Nothing done here as have horrible fluey thing.

SlightlyDampWellies Sat 30-Nov-13 08:07:35

Good morning! Hope you are better soon Cider.

Well, last day of the first month of Operation365. Here is the full list of what I have done;

1.Bought cut glass vases from charity shop
2.strung up fairy lights up the banister
3.Potted cyclamen for winter
4.Tipped broken pots and stacked other pots
5.Tree surgeon to horse chestnut
6.gardener came and mowed lawn shopped books
8.cleaned windows and mirrors inside
9.Bird pictures into study
10.cleaned window sills
11.shoe racks
12.1 bg childrens toys to childminder
13.other pictures in study up
14.cleared and sorted hallway
15.cleaned tile grouting bins and recycling bin
17.Charity shopped a bag of toys
18.bought a new chopping board
19.Garden hose rolled up and put away. shopped baby clothes
21.DC's paintings framed and hung
22.Windows cleaned outside.
23.linen cupboard part-sorted
24.DH dresser sorted
25.My dresser sorted
26.Our mantelpiece sorted
27.books in sitting room sorted.
28.Lamp for hall table.
29. 5 small cypress trees planted along boundary.

Just short of one thing a a day, but I am pleased! Also, already the house is looking so different!

Looking forward to the next month!

Swanhilda Sat 30-Nov-13 17:42:04

Back again, really didn't feel I'd achieved much in last few days, but

I Have Dealt with The Front Garden. 3 new pots planted, five plants planted, window box, completely swept, bulbs planted, rubbish removed.
Do need to water it though!!!

Just going to tackle the sewing stuff now, as I've finally hung my clothes up, and felt I couldn't deal with sewing until the first was achieved.

Also made some big saltdough centrepieces for Christmas which I need to paint with acrylics. They look hideous atm though grin Like someone's spat out burnt toast shock

SlightlyDampWellies Sun 01-Dec-13 13:59:10

Today I have come over all Christmas. I have put up wreaths for our doors, put up the tree and put up the stockings on our bannisters.

Last year we were so disorganised that we never even had a tree, as it got to Christmas eve and we realised we had forgotten to buy one. So this is unusual.

Mind you- I was delighted to discover that our churchwarden was similarly disorganised last year and also failed to buy a Christmas tree.... so they put one of those fir tree car fresheners up on the mantelpiece with tinsel around it. I thought that was great! grin

Swanhilda Sun 01-Dec-13 17:51:24

Made a temporary greenhouse/coldframe out of an old glass showerscreen and another piece of recycling. Very pleased with myself. Will see how the plants fare (nothing valuable, just lots of geraniums and some nice scented ones which it would be nice to keep for next year) before I commit myself to a real greenhouse (which of course takes up a lot of space if it is a walk in one. At least if I do get a greenhouse in the next month, the plants will still be alive to use it!

1Madhouse Sun 01-Dec-13 18:49:57

Am wondering if I can join please. I know a month too late but have only just plucked up the courage to join in threads. Also just joined another thread to keep me motivated in the housework dept and now have sooo many little niggly jobs to do in the house I thought joining this thread might spur me on. Just reading some of the lists of jobs people have done makes my head spin. Will post my list tomorrow. Many thanks.

feetheart Mon 02-Dec-13 10:53:11

I have just been warming up to start properly on 1st Dec so last 3 days of November:
- Shoe cupboard on Freegle/Bag of clothes to friend
- Boxes into bin/garage
- Bags to Hospice shop

On to December when I started on my 335 day challenge smile
Yesterday - old dead hoover to tip - much rejoicing
Today - Leftover laminate and vinyl moved from hallway to garage

lucysmam Mon 02-Dec-13 12:43:39

Good afternoon fsmile

Finally got through to charity shop; they're picking up two buggies, a sofa, one of those pull along shopping trollies and a dollys pram on Friday morning so that frees me up a lot of space in the understairs cupboard for bigger toys like the Cosy Coupe and scooter to live in (daren't leave them out over winter, they'd be nicked round here fsad

We need to move by the end of Jan (property needs a lot of work - walls/bathroom ripping out, stuff like that) so I think I'll concentrate on clearing out unused stuff for the moment and making it easier to pack up.

SlightlyDampWellies Mon 02-Dec-13 13:31:00

Hello! Welcome all newcomers. smile

Me today - I am removing three dead hostas from a pot and replacing them with white cyclamen.

I am hopeless at counting - so we are on Day 32 of Operation365, is that right?

1Madhouse Mon 02-Dec-13 15:13:30

Today has been fairly productive. Took down shower curtain in our en suite and bleached and scrubbed it back to life. Cleared out pots ready to plant up with tulips and winter bedding. Cleaned to kitchen window sill which has been out of sight out of mind ! Bit yucky. ! Bought shelves down from dusty attic and will fill with DD2 books tomorrow.

Need to write a big list room by room and get the house ship shape. !

Chlorinella Mon 02-Dec-13 16:03:55

Have just about finished the room we want to do B & B in .

Bought the correct lightbulbs for the table lamps

Moved out old wardrobe ( tatty falling down Argos job )

Moved in small old 2 sweater sofa .
Took off loose cover which was covered in cat fur and ripped by cats claws by my Dads cats to find a bare sofa underneath , wondering about having new covers made ?

Think about that another day ...

I have 2 bags of toys and 2 bags of clothes to go to charity shop , that will be Wednesdays job I think

Bought 2 bunches of red roses , and will cut some holly and ivy etc tomorrow to make a Christmas decoration .

NameoftheRose Mon 02-Dec-13 20:09:53

Crikey, haven't updated for a week. I've kept up a project a day and in the last week I have:

Dug and forked ground for raised beds and assisted OH to make the wooden frames. That job is done, at last.
Discovered yet more of DD3's belongings and dropped them off at her new home. Bedding, toys, clothes.....
Sorted out a big tub of paperwork, envelopes, printer paper and the like. Found proper home for everything, then washed out tub ready for its new job ( yet to be decided).
Made a Christmas Wreath which is now hanging on front door.
Transferred stuff from old shed to new shed. Now we can actually move around in old shed.
Took bag of stuff to charity shop.
Advertised larder fridge on Gumtree and FreeAds.
Put stuff in loft including large fan which had never actually made it back into loft between summers for three years. Just stood about, getting in the way for 48 weeks of the year.
Sorted some items from future bathroom.
Freecycled some items.

Some of these things I would have done anyway- eventually, but this thread has been the spur to stir my stumps and get on with it. I'm nearly at the one month mark and I can really see a difference.
The stuff I've recycled, dumped, given away though! Good grief, where did it all come from? Why was I keeping it? confused

NameoftheRose Mon 02-Dec-13 20:12:22

Also tidied up my inbox grin. Read many unread emails, deleted lots, sent some to folders and most importantly unsubscribe s from various emails.

Less clutter!

lucysmam Mon 02-Dec-13 21:11:48

Evening smile

NameoftheRose I've cleared out loads of junk too, and a fair bit of useable stuff has been charity shopped as well! Thing is....where did it all live? Because there isn't that much more room although the difference is noticeable!

Tomorrows job is a small one, I want to keep clearing out the kids bookshelf (figured do it slowly ish and replace every now and again might not be toooooo moaned at fhmm ). Am aiming for ten books squirreled away to take in next week when dp is on earlies and I can do an afternoon school run without dd2 to pester to see what's in the bag fgrin.

Am also going to see if school want some baking for the Christmas fayre next week, in the morning, and maybe do a batch of mini christmas cakes to freeze until then.

Also enlisted my dad to pick up another 2x80L storage boxes for me, not sure when he'll pick them up due to work/other stuff going on for both of us but it saves me trying to trek them back from Poundstretcher on two buses.

Will nip into butcher again for some more packing boxes this week and see if I can get some banana boxes from somewhere for my books too.

betterwhenthesunshines Tue 03-Dec-13 13:54:05

Have been away and busy on a new work project so it's good to see you are all still going! Over the last few weeks I have:

Tidied up the disgrace that was my spare room!
Taken set of 6 chairs to be sold at auction
Been to the dump 3 times.... I know it's not good, but there's a limit to what can be usefully given to charity. A lot of stuff I had been keeping for ages did actually turn out to be useless rubbish - why did I ever think it would come in handy??
Taken 4 bags of outgrown children's books to charity shop
Sorted out 'the making things' cupboard - all old craft stuff sorted, dried up bits discarded etc to make room for new projects
Sorted through the cable / charger drawer
Cleaned out under the bed
Helped 12 yr old DS sort out his room / desk avalanche
Helped 8 yr old DD sort out her artwork/desk mountain and clothes barn
Moved all furniture out of sitting room as ceiling is coming down (not good, but meant I had a good sort out!)
Ditched/shredded 2 carrier bags full of old papers, bills, receipts etc
Sorted summer clothes as they were put away - no point storing anything I no longer wear
Redecorated sitting room (with help!)

I like doing regular small jobs ( bag to charity shop) with the odd big 'whack' job to feel I'm really making progress with things that have been on my to-do list for a long time.

Still need to tackle the huge but useful cupboard that holds everything... but may have to think about Christmas a bit first!

1Madhouse Tue 03-Dec-13 19:09:12

Not a huge amount achieved today due to bad back Xmas shopping and a whingy teething baby !! Did plant up my tulips in pots ! A small achievement but they had been sat waiting to be potted for 6 wks !!

Need to aim higher tomorrow !!

lucysmam Tue 03-Dec-13 20:09:50

Ten books cleared off bookshelf, baking done and frozen, and butcher is going to save me some more boxes.

MIL is going to take the toy pram to hers for the girls to play with, and take the shopping trolley (both were going to the charity shop on Friday) so need to organise getting them there....will probably have to do in two trips because she's supposed to be resting after just having a hysterectomy and dp is working 12hour shifts until the weekend.

I think tomorrow I'll clear out outgrown clothes from the girls' wardrobes, unless I get busy doing something else first, & try and get them over to the charity shop/put away for dd2 all at once.

Could do with tidying up outside over the next few days too...squishing things into bin & just general stacking pots kinds of things. Might make that thursdays job maybe

You are all doing so well. I'm feeling much better. Flu thing gone. Went t Bath Xmas markets yesterday for day wth friends. Bought lots. Mainly for me! Went into town here today to take some stuff back to Next and M&S. Bought me stuff for me! And Xmas presents but mainly stuff for me. blush. No wonder my house is a disaster zone.

Operation 365 was suspended while I was on sick leave. Did a job today. We have two glass lantern lights in th hall which end up being spider cemeteries. It's a two person job to get them down and emptied and washed and dried and put back. DH and I did that today. He is off to Poland tomorrow for two days and my plan is massive effort to blitz before he comes back. Want to put Xmas trees up etc this weekend but want house tidied before then. So massive decluttering and I want t do the floor tile grouting.

I thnk I need to ban myself from mn to get anything done though!

NameoftheRose Wed 04-Dec-13 18:48:49

I love reading the lists of what everyone has done.

Lucysmam, there has to be more space? Surely?
Many years ago two of our kids left home at about the same time and we got rid of the equivalent of a room full of furniture + all their clutter. Yet the house was as crowded as ever. The real mystery was how we'd fitted it all in, in the first place.

Madhouse, doing anything with a whingy, teething baby, even think straight, is an achievement.

I did the same as you today, Cider, bought DH's Christmas presents but also bought myself a sweater. And three books. And had my eyebrows threaded. So there's less clutter, right there. My face is tidier.

Yesterday I washed down a large expanse of woodwork. Today I filled the brown bin to the brim with all the nettle and couch grass roots I have been forking out of the ground. Somehow I managed to drag it up the drive for the bin men tomorrow.

lucysmam Wed 04-Dec-13 19:13:05

I didn't manage much today. dp has been at home feeling sorry for himself with d&v sad . Looking like I'll have him here cluttering up tomorrow so I'll water change the fishes I think (haven't done them for a good few weeks & they're desperate).

Might clear the 'pantry' shelves too (unfortunately not a proper pantry, just shelves in the back hall) of the trays and randomness we don't use I think too.

Name...there will be space on Friday when the sofa and bits go to the charity shop & I organise getting pram/trolley to dp's mums on Friday hopefully.

Hi all.

Feeling very motivated today. One load of washing done and bread in the bread machine (which hasn't been used for about 3 years!). Dishwasher on.

Yesterday I decluttered my cookery books shelves. Have a pile to go to the charity shop. Space for more - yay!

Also wrote Xmas cards.

Today's job list:

More washing - towels, shirts and bedding
Clear off kitchen table
Clear magazine baskets out
Sort recycling and put out
General house tidy as cleaners coming tomorrow but I won't be here so need to tidy today
Put new cushion covers on living room cushions
Clear clutter under side tables in living room
Clear my desk - has been on list for weeks!
Get package ready to post to my cousin for her new baby
Post Xmas cards

Hoping to do Xmas trees this weekend so need downstairs tidy and as clutter free as possible.

Hope you are all still going!

lucysmam Fri 06-Dec-13 11:14:44

Well that went well hmm Man from charity shop has just been & doesn't want the sofa because it's a bit worn (nothing major btw, just the arms where they've been used). Wouldn't mind but most of what they have in the shop is knackered and in need of a lot of tlc confused So now I still have a perfectly good sofa sat here.

Going to try it on a fb freecyle page later & see if anyone wants it so long as they can collect it.

Didn't give them the buggies. Dd2 has been playing dollies with them all.morning & cba with the tears

NameoftheRose Fri 06-Dec-13 15:46:42


Life, eh, Lucysmam?

Freecycle sounds like a good option, hope it works.

lucysmam Fri 06-Dec-13 16:08:56

Aye, life grin There's a bloke wants it on freecycle but no transport between us confused Am going to be stuck with the bugger forever aren't I!

On a much better note, the back garden is once again as tidy as it can be after yesterdays windy-ness & I have managed to finally cram the majority of the junk in the bin to go next weds.

My dad's dropping round with two more big plastic boxes shortly, have arranged for old cooker to be collected in the morning and removed another ten grown-out-of books from the girl's bookshelf smile

WeWishYouAWelliesChristmas Tue 10-Dec-13 06:35:52

Good morning! It is the OP here with my Xmas namechange. Sorry I fell off the thread- life got a bit manic there for a bit!

Am back.

Today I hope to sort through some more toys and charity shop a few. I have however put up the Christmas decorations.

Hope everyone is having a very good day! Today must be .... Day 40 of Operation365 I think.

Morning all. Life got in the way here too.

A very boozy day in London with friends on Friday. Saturday we took the Xmas stuff down to put up trees etc. House now a disaster zone with boxes everywhere. How can anyone have so much Xmas stuff??? Comes of moving countries four times and houses about 10 times since 1990. I think I need a massive cull. And I should have washed the inside of the windows BEFORE we put the tree up in the bay window!

Supposed to be having a friend over this morning for coffee and then going to a wholesales but DS wasn't well yesterday and I heard him coughing a lot in the night so he may be home today.

Today's plan is to finish the decorating except the dining room which will be done at the weekend. Have loads of washing to do too.

lucysmam Tue 10-Dec-13 08:53:01

Morning all smile

Nothing much to report here, dd2 has been poorly over the weekend and was at home yesterday. I did make 50mini christmas cakes and ice/decorate them for the school Christmas fayre though if that counts?

Finally got sofa sorted, dp's mum is going to have the smaller of the two so I'm holding onto the three seater for the mo. My dad's going to take it to her for me tonight.

The dd's old buggies and baby bouncer seat thingy are going to Barnardos who have a local ish baby shop. (Am very sad sad sad to be saying goodbye to them tbh, have still got the steriliser all boxed up and cot under dd2's bed...
not quite ready to let those go yet.)

Oh! I did do something yesterday...I forgot! I flooded the undersink cupboard because I forgot to turn the dodgy tap off properly & the overflow thingy doesn't go anywhere, so I cleared out the half used bottles/sprays that I put back last time thinking I'd use them but haven't (hope that makes sense). and replaced the manky shower curtain too.

Tomorrow is bin day so will start breaking up random crap and bagging it up again so it goes next weds (hopefully we can't generate too much rubbish in a week so it will be mainly random junk going in it).

Right, best drink my brew and get up to school so I can blub so I can bagsy a good seat for the nativity.

betterwhenthesunshines Tue 10-Dec-13 13:01:46

Final sort out before Christmas - what do you all do with last year's school books? Just tear out and keep the interesting, funny pages and bin the rest?

lucysmam Tue 10-Dec-13 13:19:46

better, that's what I do! My dad kept literally every scrap of everything I did through my whole time at school then dumped it on me when I moved in with dp.

There were boxes upon boxes upon boxes for me to rifle through

WeWishYouAWelliesChristmas Fri 13-Dec-13 06:49:06

Hi everyone! I have been all over the place again this week but should be able to return to Operation365. I have charity shopped another bag, and last night had a dream where I went out and saw my own discarded jackets and thought 'Hmm, they are nice, I'll buy those back!'.

Step away from the charity shops, Wellies.... grin

have a tip run to do tomorrow so today will be getting stuff in the car ready for that.