Flying into September - a new term for the Fledglings

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Welcome to the September Fledgling Flylady Thread.

This thread is for people with CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome). We follow Flylady, the website with a mission!

All are welcome on this thread, experienced flyers and newcomers alike.

We try to follow the commandments of Flylady as we run our homes, loosely anyway. In between there's lots of chat and support as we go through our daily lives. We have coffee, cake, and a naughty corner for those who want to chat but CBA with their house some days. However you follow it, this thread is designed to make your life a little easier and more fun.

For those who are new to the system (and those needing a refresher), there are several aspects to the system:

1. Babysteps. These build a routine. Some are really useful, some are downright odd and some are, quite frankly, there to be ignored. They build a good foundation though.

2. Decluttering. Flylade is evangelical about clutter. In order to feel good about our homes we need to ditch the clutter. Flylady divides the home into zones, week by week and repeating monthly. As well as babysteps, we have to declutter in the relevant zone. Once that is achieved we move on to...

3. Missions. Also in the current zone, these are targetted tasks to tackle one particular aspect. One a day, they vary month to month.

4. Deep Cleaning. Once we have completely decluttered (some of us seem to be stuck permanently on that stage) there are deep cleaning lists for each zone. Achieve that and your house will be spotless!

One last thing - the Flylady website encourages us to subscribe to her emails - one word - DON"T! You will be overwhelmed by them. Instead come to this thread every morning and the relevant links for the day will be there waiting for you except when the thread leader has been on the wine

A big thank you to Bitchy for last month, and also for doing this Sunday's links as I am off camping.

nettiespaghettisminieggs Fri 30-Aug-13 22:36:55

Ok ok I'm in. Don't even know what my nickname is but presume its Nettie and will be baby stepping all the way.
From sept marathon running steps up and every Monday my now guaranteed child free day instead of tackling my house will be my long run day.
Babysteps will hopefully keep things going in the meantime and not cause me or hubby to meltdown at sight of house!! grin

Looking forward to trying to keep up.

nettiespaghettisminieggs Fri 30-Aug-13 22:38:19

[scuttles off to naughty corner at discovering nickname is still shrouded in Easter! blushA sure fire sign is that was when I last thought babystep]

Snowflakepie Fri 30-Aug-13 22:52:04

Ok, I'm in. Baby steps sounds good. DD is almost 4 and DS is 10 weeks, that's it for kids so in theory I can declutter as they grow now! I have been selling on eBay like a demon over the last few weeks to avoid the fee changes and once this last lot goes, will have some space to be able to sort things and contemplate cleaning. Which is necessary as we are intending to move house next year.

Preschool starts back on Tuesday, the baby is an angel and I'm feeling motivated. Bring it on!

ZingWantsCake Sat 31-Aug-13 00:20:43


<trips over scattered lego>

<falls on arse>

I'm here too!

Must sort school clothes in the morning.
And when DH is back he'll have to cut boys' hair - as we have a fecking headlice infestation (again)!
Bloody hate the little buggers! (The lice I mean. not kids. I don't hate my kids)

elliepac Sat 31-Aug-13 07:43:13

Booooooooo! It's September.

Waves to nettie. Lovely to see you back. smile

zing we all hate our kids sometimes wink.

elliepac Sat 31-Aug-13 07:44:05

Oh and welcome

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 31-Aug-13 07:48:43

Marks place in vauge attempt at efficiency. (possibly as good as it's going to get!)

[Flowers] to Bitchy for inspired august leadership and redefineing date night! More [Flowers] to WhoKnows for picking up the reins for September.

hello to Nettie and Snowflakepie.

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 31-Aug-13 07:51:16

Realises who Nettie is! Sorry, blush doh!

NickNacks Sat 31-Aug-13 07:55:44

I'm in! Just a quick hello for now, I'll be back later smile

Thanks Whoknows

I am here with gusto <my flakey friend, not too sure how long Mr Gusto will stick around for, but while he is here I will use him!! grin )

Massive changes for my life throughout the summer now I need to knuckle down and get on with my new normal. I know I will struggle at times, but I am also strangely looking forward to parts of it too. I need to make the most of September as I could be working again more hours from October.

See you tomorrow for a shiny sink!! wink

I'm in smile. As I said on the other thread DD starts school on Tuesday so there is whole new normal For us too.

The house is not too bad but smells vaguely damp and as always is a bit grubby and cluttered. I'm going to have a bit of a tidy round today in preparation for a better month starting tomorrow!

BitchytheGreat Sat 31-Aug-13 09:12:16

Holy shit nettie is back. shock bloody good to see you!

Working on achieving a new normal here and have too much in storage which really really needs to get cleared out and sorted. Also need to consider downsizing the amount of stuff i have too. Would love to downsize ds but realistically that is not going to happen atm. how many fecking books does one child need? And he blooming uses most of them too

ZingWantsCake Sat 31-Aug-13 09:26:47

morning all!

sleep training DD is going well (pick up/put down method) and I'm very happy about that! it will be such a time saver when I can just put her in the cot and leave - so strictly speaking it's not a "flying" thing, but it will have a huge impact on how I can organise my days/evenings.

I hope you have a productive day!

Engelsemama Sat 31-Aug-13 09:38:49

Marking my spot for a new month!

I'll be here too, Have gotten rid of lots of stuff as all three DS have moved out. DS1 is back on and off but I try not to get involved with his stuff (have bought him some nice big plastic boxes to store it in so that at least when he is not here the room is ok for guests)

LoisEinhorn Sat 31-Aug-13 10:56:56

Newbie giving this a go grin

nettiespaghetti Sat 31-Aug-13 12:24:51

Hello I am back in a normal non easter nickname way blush

I dont know how I will get on keeping up with you girlies. But I'm willing to give it a try.

I will say a quick howday grin to engelsemama Blue bitchy Snowflake Zing PMPY PA ellie just nicknacks and huge newbie welcome to lois

One of the reasosn for not keeping going is loosing track of who is up to what and not being able to remember names when i am on my phone. So i will try not to keep up with everyone too much and hope you will all forgive me. wink

I have today so far, shined my sink in preparation of tomorrow and am now on a huge unflylady like quick sort out so i can get properly into it tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a fabulous day.

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

<slimming world cake left in the naughty corner>

ZingWantsCake Sat 31-Aug-13 12:45:16

hi nettie it is exceedingly pleasant to make your aquintance! grin

(I miss Downton Abbey! it's back on the 22nd, yay!)

nah, I can't keep up like that either. but it's great to give and receive the support!

ta da

tidied our bedroom
looked in another bedroom full of clothes - backed out and shut the doorgrin

I'm currently trying to drum up the courage to go back into the Dungeon of Clothes and get the school clothes sorted.
I'm struggling.....<whispers> it's too scary!

BitchytheGreat Sat 31-Aug-13 12:59:55

It's all right nettie I am being good atm, no crazy name changing stuff grin

I am currently decluttering my fb timeline. I thought it would be easier then dealing with my email inbox. Yeah apparently not. hmm

Theknitwitch Sat 31-Aug-13 14:02:03

Hello everyone. Joining today.
Hope to tackle (small) kitchen. Not huge mess, but gets untidy easy due to lack of storage and surface space. Stuff everywhere. Then master bedroom - ditto.
Have tried flylady before. Sounded great, but I was always a bit overwhelmed and couldn't stick to it.
On the plus side. Cleared living/dining area this morning and moved ton of crap upstairs
Have terrible habit of just moving stuff around. So need to get on top of clutter properly.

Mumof3xx Sat 31-Aug-13 14:04:14

Oooo I want to join this?

ToffeeWhirl Sat 31-Aug-13 16:57:42

Thanks for the new thread, WhoKnows.

We are back from our hols and I'm ready to Fly! Will start with a quick 'to do' list:

Hang washing up
Unpack holiday stuff

nettiespaghetti Sat 31-Aug-13 18:56:08

Right quick roundup of tasks before the end of the day! grin

Bathroom done
Downstairs swept and hoovered
Washing done x infinity
Scrapbooking with kids attempted.
Tuna steaks marinating fur another day
Joint defrosting for tomorrow
Dinner made and eaten
Children bathed
My bath is running and then it's chill time. Ready for tomorrow and baby stepping which has to include getting kids to tidy their rooms!! grin

Hope you all have a fab day brew

Marking spot. thanks to Bitchy for Aug and to WhoKnows for Sept.

Waves to Nettie - nice to see you again!

Big waves to Snowflakepie, Lois, Mumof3 and Theknitwitch too - welcome to the fun.

Hello, can I join?

I'm feeling all New Term positive and am sure that this is the year that I will finally get on top of the housework. I have spent half the week decluttering and my house is now lovely as long as I don't let the DC in but I need help to get into the routines to keep it that way.

I am also trying to get the DC on board to help with more chores. They are pretty good and will normally do things when nagged asked, but I want to move to giving them set jobs that are their reponsibility every day. Which may be an uphill struggle.

Steamedcabbage Sat 31-Aug-13 20:51:07

Parking my bunions! grin

Copious amounts of wine wine wine to Bitchy and Whoknows for magnificent thread-leading past and present!!

Nettie is that really you??? Yay!!! smile smile smile

Huge waves to PA Blueyeshadow Just Toffee Swan Castle Zing Blueandwhitelover Engels Feetheart Jdub Honu Asheth Goth Nicknacks Pushme (good luck to your dd for Tues!) Elliepac Swan and loads more I'm sure I must have missed

and a warm welcome (or welcome back) to Snowflake JemimaMuddledup Lois Mumof3 and the knitwitch

Won't be around much this week or next. Start of term traditionally hellish with much covering of bks in three different types of sticky-back plastic and gnashing of teeth. Dh having his operation on Thurs too so not really looking forward to that. Dsis 2 (the tidy efficient one!) coming over to help ...

Hope the start of the month/new academic year/start back to school goes well for everyone and see you back when things more settled. Toodle-pip for now x

Steamedcabbage Sat 31-Aug-13 20:55:28

I knew it! Missed out Trazzles and is that Dizzy I saw there on the other thread? Yay smile!!

feetheart Sat 31-Aug-13 22:21:31

I'm in smile
Thanks bitchy for August and Whoknows for taking on September thanks

Welcome to the newbies. This system does work though the chat is much more interesting.

Nettie - did you say marathon training? I We need more details.

Swanhilda Sat 31-Aug-13 23:00:17

hi everyone, I am dipping in and out - and not really making sense!
We are all terrified of new term because it is Secondary x 2, and one ASD twin who cannot write for toffee (sorry toffee) and how are we going to manage all the homework etc etc [bleats pathetically)

However, hopefully despite the early starts I may end up with more time in the middle of the day to organise things.

today we tidied front room and mended the piano stool
cleared mantlepiece
started tidying the playroom/utility which smells horrible
tidied ds1's room perfunctorily
ditto ds2's room
s & s one loo
cooked two meals including chicken stew (rejected by all, I'm giving up on chicken stew - economical as it seems)
went to Brentford v Carlisle football match (O:O)
exercise - long walk
nice chats with both boys at home today
mentally planned this year whilst at football match (I find it like meditating to sit there in the stand as I'm not that interested in football grin
cleaned out sink

A nice day really!

Hiya to SC glad you had a bit of holiday before term starts. I'm with you in spirit on the ballet sadness, however, my theory is that what you learn as a child in ballet stays with you. I can still do some of the moves.gestures, postures without even knowing how I know. And anyway, one less thing to ferry them to [raises glass to that!)

dizzyday07 Sun 01-Sep-13 00:41:57

Well DH's efforts didn't last long! sad His cooking of dinner tonight has dirtied his lovely shiny hob which he has just left along with a sink full of spot-welded pots angry Tidying that lot up will obviously be my job before bed!

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 02:13:16

Good morning.

Just stopping by before i head to bed to drop the links for the tomo.

It is the weekend so the only thing you have to worry about is the babystep. First one is easy if you take it on face value, not so if you are strictly following fly lady shine your sink

Morning all smile

Hoping to get off to a good start today as I really need to move the house up a stage in the cleanliness and tidiness stakes. So today I will be renewing my spirit with cleaning!

To do
Quick clothes drawer declutters (me, dd, ds)
Go to Tip
Butchers to restock freezer
Shine sink
Wash sofa cover
Change beds
Put dehumidifier on
Reserve slot for online shop
Playground with dc
Clear out fridge
Out for tea smile
Check finaces

Morning! Thanks for the welcome grin

Today I need to:
Properly clean the downstairs loo
Iron yesterday's washing
Do a big towels wash (this takes at least 2 loads as we are a family of 5 each with our own towels)
Plant the autumn bedding plants that I bought in B&Q yesterday into pots to go by the front door.

Plus the usual daily wipe round of kitchen and bathroom, sweep of floors etc.

I will also be cooking a roast at some point.

Oh, and the hot water and bleach are sitting in my sink as I try the Fly Lady sink shining for the first time. I don't think my sink is too bad, but I'm starting as I mean to go on.

Trazzletoes Sun 01-Sep-13 08:35:42

Love you sc xxx

Hello everyone! I'm not posting a list yet. I'm currently still sat in hospital with J. He's due to be discharged this morning but its still not guaranteed so a to-do list feels a little too much like tempting fate.

Very much hope that DH has kept the kitchen sparkly...

Good morning everyone. smile

A very busy day today, so not much more than babysteps from me today.

DD1 has been waved off and i am determined to mega blitz her room this week and make it all nice and cosy for a guest room or for when she returns at Christmas. This week I am planning on doing afew hours each day to get this house spick and span - ok this might not be very fat fairy friendly, but it will work for me, then I can tick along nicely.
DD2 is still here and still deciding when she is returning to London - I hate not knowing, but if I pester her to tell me she will think I am trying to get rid of her! Grrr!!

Big waves to everyone old and new.

Jesstryinghard Sun 01-Sep-13 09:09:28

Hey everyone !

Hope you all are well ??

Need to get well and truly back on board after being on holiday three ish weeks

Hugs and waves to all

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 09:33:00

I am about to shine my sink!

ToffeeWhirl Sun 01-Sep-13 09:50:19

Morning all. Welcome to the newbies and returners <waves to nettie> and good luck to everyone getting ready for school (eek, Swan, you have a lot of changes on your plate!).

PA - fantastic to hear that your DD1 is off to uni. Good luck with the room blitz.

Just - thinking of you. Hope DS copes better with the life-skills training and his new course next week. Good luck with your continuing battle with the system.

Trazzle - crossing my gingers that you and Joe will be home today.

SC - lots of luck to you for next week, especially with DH's op coming up.

Thanks again for fab thread leadership last month, Bitchy.

Right, back to normality here, after a lovely escapist week sitting on the beach in glorious sunshine every day. Am feeling that perfectionist urge to get on top of housework, paperwork, money issues, etc. that always overwhelms me at the end of the summer hols. Hmm, wonder how long it will last.

Will start with a strong coffee, then..

Load d/w
Do ironing
Finish unpacking
Go to work with DH
Visit MIL

Hope everyone has a good day.

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 10:24:53

Morning allsmile. Lots of September enthusiasm going on here. Quite a busy last day of summer hols here too. Like everyone else, I want to go back to work knowing everything is shipshape.

Ta da:-
Washing on line
Bought new drier
Washing up
Maintenance tidy

To do:-
Last touch-ups of paint in DS room
DS to kayaking with cubs
Cook dinner
Test out new drier
Clear DS room ready for carpet tomorrow
Prep for back to school
Clothes laid out for morning
Bags packed for morning although DC's at CM's as they don't start back until Tuesday

Collapse and watch tv with that Sunday night feeling I haven't had for 6 weekshmm.

Jesstryinghard Sun 01-Sep-13 10:30:31

I guess this may be a little off topic but does anyone have any real effective tips for getting your kids to tidy their toys ? Mine has gone to his dads and before I can think about housework I need to clean up the vomit of a toys'r'us truck in my lounge

NickNacks Sun 01-Sep-13 10:37:25

Good morning all!

Welcome newbies and big waves to oldies!

trazzles hope you get J home today smile
ellie I'm dreaming of new carpets at the moment but we've just booked a holiday of a lifetime so need to save. Sad to have dreadful carpets for another year though.

Just had a week off so need to get the house ready for minding again tomorrow. (Plus dds birthday!) ds2 is back to school on Tuesday and ds1 starts new school on Wednesday. Eek!

To do

Reboot laundry
Unpack food shopping
Hoover downstairs
Wrap presents and write cards
Shower/ baths for everyone tonight
eBay stuff upstairs
Sort bath toys
Bedroom tidy up
Clean laundry away

Happy Sunday everyone! smile

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 10:56:08

nicknacks, we've been in this house 10 years and only just getting round to replacing some of the carpets. We sanded floorboards instead!

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 10:59:59

My eldest two are 4 and 5. They have to tidy a room before they leave it. If they don't they get called back to do it. They do complain but it gets done. I've been firm with it and its been months since I've had to put all their mess away!

Snowflakepie Sun 01-Sep-13 11:02:07

Well, I will get to the sink sometime today! Have washed up, made beds and got washing on and steriliser on. Now meal planning for the next week so I can put my online order in for weds. Out for lunch so no washing up or cooking there, yippee! Plus dinner will be small. Then this evening I have a whole load of stuff finishing on eBay so I will be packing, labelling etc ready to take it to be sent tomorrow. Once that lot goes I will have some space to continue the tidying as DD is back at preschool on Tuesday.

It feels good to me at least! Hope everyone else is having a good morning too x

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 11:02:12

So far today I have -

Washed pots
Cleaned sink
Made bed
Tidied bedroom
One lot of washing in washer
One lot in dryer
Put sausage casserole in

I need to -
Put away pots and clean draining board
Sweep stairs
Put away 2x washing that are already dry
Wait for another 2 lots to be washed and dry then put those away too
Tidy kitchen

ToffeeWhirl Sun 01-Sep-13 11:07:47

<off topic>

Anyone with time to spare and an interest in MIL relationships, come over here, please, and help me out. MIL is driving me mad!

Sink is shining, ironing is done, washing is on the line, downstairs toilet is cleaned, bathroom and kitchen have been wiped, plants are potted up and by the front door (and reminded me that I need to clean my front door, that will go on tomorrow's list). DS1 washed up the breakfast dishes. DC are now in their rooms, supposedly tidying hmm

Chicken is in the oven, just about to start on the veg. We are having lunch early as we are going to the cinema this afternoon, providing the DC actually tidy up first <evil mother>.

Swanhilda Sun 01-Sep-13 11:15:24

Feeling pretty bleugh this morning, although it is a beautiful day.

Dh has taken dd to church which is a blessing.

Boys started the day with a horrendous row, and I feel slightly overwhelmed looking at the usual cr**p everywhere and the thought that I have to think of lunch blah blah blah.

However, will start by putting a load of laundry in and finally washing hair and getting dressed blush
Need to buy some lunch as it is obviously too late now to make a beef casserole (it will be tough as old boots)

Oh, family was meant to be in Sussex this weekend but there was confusio over the weekend and that is why I've ended up with everyone here on my Big Sort Out weekend shockgrin

need to
order ds2 school tie (different colour from ds1)
do literacy assignment with ds2 about Devil's Triangle, that well known classic of literature (about the Bermuda Triangle hmm
force dd to do some piano practice
take everyone out for a walk, somehow, somewhere

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 11:18:26

Off topic hope you don't mind ....

I doubled ingredients to make sausage casserole how should I alter the time?

Trazzletoes Sun 01-Sep-13 11:26:39

Mum I wouldn't normally alter the time. Give it an extra 10 mins or so if you're worried and test the sausages and veg but it shouldn't really need much longer than usual.

Badvoc Sun 01-Sep-13 11:30:06

Hello all.
Sadly I lost my beloved dad very suddenly on July 27th.
Coupled with the dc summer hols the house is in a pretty bad state really.
I was intending to blitz a room per day after Monday when the dc go back to school.
Does that sound doable?
I am also going to have a toy cull too!

Jesstryinghard Sun 01-Sep-13 11:31:12

Massive hugs badvoc xxxxx

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 11:33:32

Thank you trazzletoes

Badvoc so sorry

Asheth Sun 01-Sep-13 11:37:02

Signing into the thread! Apologies to Bitchy for missing most of August - summer holidays meant that I just did my best to keep on top of the washing and didn't achieve a lot else! Probably wont be around much for this week, as my DC don't go back until the 9th. But on the 9th I will definitly restart my flying!

So sorry to hear your sad news Badvoc

ZingWantsCake Sun 01-Sep-13 11:46:34

( hugs Badvoc)

I think it's a good idea but take it easy. you are grieving so the most important thing is to create some space for you when you fell comfortable and safe - if that makes sense.

so start with your bedroom or living room - or wherever you normally go to relax. make that place comfy and fluffy - I know it sounds "twee" (new word learnt courtesy of SM) but it will help you to either let go of your tears or to cheer you up. and you'll need both!

if you need distraction to take your mind off then start with the most problematic area. you might want to walk around the room and make a list of things that need doing so when you actually have the time you won't feel overwhelmed as to where to start.



ToffeeWhirl Sun 01-Sep-13 12:00:23

So sorry about your dad, Badvoc ((hugs)). If it makes you feel better and is a helpful distraction then that's a good idea to blitz the house, but don't overdo it. More importantly, I think, could you schedule time to make a photo album of your dad or go through condolence letters and suchlike? I found it incredibly therapeutic to do that when my dad died.

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 12:57:47

So sorry to hear about your dad badvoc. Do what feels right for you and in your own time thanks.

Ta da:-
Touched up paint in DS room
Set up new tumble dryer (ebay bargain-was bigger than I thought though, only just fitted in cupboard under stairs!)
Gammon in slowcooker
Washing in dryer
Brought DS to cubs kayaking

To do:-
Tidy downstairs
Remove all decorating stuff from ds room to shed
Finish dinner
Prep school stuff/pack bagss
Lay clothes out
Bathe dc's
wineJust a small one, no kids tomorrow or Tuesdaywink.

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 13:00:18

Be careful of Burnout Badvoc The others have had some good advice, just allow yourself the time to grief too. Hiding in the cleaning is a good short term approach but not great in the long term <hugs>

Jess the fat fairy has loads of tips for getting the kids flying not got time to link now will try to find later if I don't pass out from tiredness

Right after a stupidly stupidly late night here 2am for ds 5am for me, I am drinking coffee and tackling the mahoosive to do list which i will not be posting
warning for newbies Do not compare yourselves to my ta da lists, you don't even have to read them. Most don't when I am having a day like today.

ta da
a whole 6hrs sleep!
finish off a crochet square for my blanket
unload dishwasher
put washing up that was in kitchen into sink to soak to pre wash before reloading dishwasher don't ask personally i think it is a stupid thing to be doing
ds' duvet on to wash
fold 3 loads of washing
get ds to take washing up out of the lounge
eat cake for breakfast
find stuff for doing a patch test ready for next week
find out if those who are away will be home in time for tea so can plan accordingly

Right next job shower and up then patch test.

NickNacks Sun 01-Sep-13 13:21:26

I think that's the stage we are getting to elle. We've been here 7 years and everywhere is looking so tired. We replaced a couple of carpets which were dire with cheapy things and now even those are yuk. I'd love a nice neutral carpet throughout. Boring but lovely. smile

NickNacks Sun 01-Sep-13 13:23:23

So sorry to hear about your dad badvoc. I agree with the others though, don't do too much too soon. Maybe start some lists so you feel more in control of the chaos but be realistic about your expectations. smile

JustGettingOnWithIt Sun 01-Sep-13 14:12:57

More hello's to; Jemima, Muddledup, Lois, Mumof3, and knitwitch. and waves to all.

Trazzles really hope Joe's been discharged by now.

S/c will be thinking of you Thurs.

Toffee have read thread but don't have time to properly reply, but will try later. There's no shame in not going when you know you're close to exploding. It's actually a kindness not to and gives you time to work out strategies for dealing with it all. If all else fails be ill today.

Badvoc very sorry to hear about your dad. I’d agree with Bitchy about careful of burnout and knowing when to make time to grieve. You’re probably more fragile than you realise.

Newbies ignore my lists too, they probably wont make sense, they're a reflection of my life not making sense!

Still to do:

Clear insurance unit to make space for setee
Get settee into insurance unit (easier said than done)
Get milk and loo roll
Washing off line
Make d/s note next week’s commitments
Note lib book dates, OT date, fuel voucher, money of voucher dates
Investigate more resources for HE, List suppliers and costs.
ds into bath, hair and shaved
Bag packed
Work out what else I’ve forgoton!
Call friend

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 14:20:57

ta da
a whole 6hrs sleep!
finish off a crochet square for my blanket
unload dishwasher
put washing up that was in kitchen into sink to soak to pre wash before reloading dishwasher don't ask personally i think it is a stupid thing to be doing
ds' duvet on to wash
fold 3 loads of washing
get ds to take washing up out of the lounge
eat cake for breakfast
find stuff for doing a patch test ready for next week
find out if those who are away will be home in time for tea so can plan accordingly
Shower and up
check internet stuff
apply patch test
drink more cofffee
get ds to sort contents of box so box can be decluttered
figure layout for the squares of my blanket ready for fastening off and attaching together (ignores fact there is still 5 more squares to make)
chase ds on getting the lounge tidy enough to be hoovered.
strip my bed and put bedding on to wash
load stuff from sink into dw, put rest of stuff into soak yeah this is what happens when you ignore the washing up for 3 days
Put hot water into pots to soak for ease of washing up later
Get ds to chose which poster are going up in his room

Right next job to take my bed apart.

Mumof3xx Sun 01-Sep-13 14:41:42

Done -

All pots
All washing away
Hoovered all upstairs room
Cleaned both sinks
Living room tidy
Living room hoovered

To do -

Sweep stairs
Sweep kitchen
Mop kitchen

Badvoc Sun 01-Sep-13 14:49:44

Thank you all very much x
It's been a pretty hideous few weeks. Sadly the same day dad died mum had a heart attack (known as broken heart syndrome) so as you can imagine the house has been very much bottom of my priorities!
I know it must seem strange to be bothered about the house, but I do like a clean house smile and I do tend to clean when upset for some reason...
I keep looking at the grime in the bathroom and its getting me down.
I suppose part of it is keeping busy. That helps.
Good idea to do the main room first zing. That's where I spend most time.

IsSpringSprangedYet Sun 01-Sep-13 15:00:50


After lurking for many months, I finally joined the June thread with a stupid to do list which lasted all week. So I'm here and starting afresh! It's my birthday at the end of the month and I want my house to be decluttered, clean and just nice really, ready for then.

I'm having a brew before I start anything as I am knackered and my To Do is:

Put DCs new uniform in to wash and label stuff, find shoes etc
Unload dishwasher and reload
Get bag ready for day out tomorrow

Not much of a Ta Da list I'm afraid, except all the kids have been bathed.

{{{{{{{{{{*badvoc*}}}}}}}}}} Hope your mum is doing ok, and the rest of your family.

Badvoc Sun 01-Sep-13 15:03:17

Thanks. Mum is doing ok. She is doing lots of cleaning! smile
Just seen on the bbc website that sir David frost has died suddenly of a Herat attack...just like my dad. His poor family sad
I shall have a think and come back and post a list if stuff I want to do...then we will see!

Engelsemama Sun 01-Sep-13 15:40:49

Afternoon all!

Badvoc nice to meet you. So sorry to hear about your dad.

Bitchy thank you for running last month's thread thanks

Waves at nettie, zing , ellie , just , toffee , sc , swan , whoknows , pa , pmpy , blue, feetheart , dizzy , trazzle , jess and anyone else I've missed.

Welcome to spring , snowflake , blueandwhite , lois , knitwitch , mumof3 , jemima <hands out delicious Dutch cheese and stroopwafels>

feel like I got off toa slow start this school year (have already been back 2 weeks and am still not organised). Determined that September will be flytastic and will be dusting off both the flylaady teacher plan and the flylady Christmas plan to get myself organised.

Ta da
Skype mum
Write letter
Hoovered upstairs (broke a jar of spice on Friday so now everytime I hoover the whole house smells of kerrie blush )
2 loads of washing (1 outside, 1 in td)
Moved some stuff to loft (Baby clothes for storage, 2 suitcases)
Sorted out box of stuff that has been on the stairs for at least a week
Leg of lamb roasting in the oven, so garlic and rosemary is fighting with the kerrie
Small bag of clothes waiting by door to go to clothing bank.

To do
Washing up and shine sink after dinner
Post letter
Hoover downstairs
Continue to try to clear the clutter from dining table and kitchen table
Empty bins
Cross my fingers and hope that AF will not make an appearance wink

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 15:57:20

Sounds like a plan Badvoc

Sorry today is a day of many many lists.

ta da
a whole 6hrs sleep!
finish off a crochet square for my blanket
unload dishwasher
put washing up that was in kitchen into sink to soak to pre wash before reloading dishwasher don't ask personally i think it is a stupid thing to be doing
ds' duvet on to wash
fold 3 loads of washing
get ds to take washing up out of the lounge
eat cake for breakfast
find stuff for doing a patch test ready for next week
find out if those who are away will be home in time for tea so can plan accordingly
Shower and up
check internet stuff
apply patch test
drink more cofffee
get ds to sort contents of box so box can be decluttered
figure layout for the squares of my blanket ready for fastening off and attaching together (ignores fact there is still 5 more squares to make)
chase ds on getting the lounge tidy enough to be hoovered.
strip my bed and put bedding on to wash
load stuff from sink into dw, put rest of stuff into soak yeah this is what happens when you ignore the washing up for 3 days
Put hot water into pots to soak for ease of washing up later
Get ds to chose which poster are going up in his room
speak to ex about ds' new clothes size toad has short 2 shoe sizes and 3 clothes sizes over the summer shock
finish loading and put dw on to run
take my bed apart
put box of photo albums into storage for a less cluttered time to await dealing with
rebuild bed ensuring matress it turned
dis-infect ds' matress
wipe down benches and cooker top
wash up most of the pot and not for dishwasher stuff, put rest on to soak
fold more washing
collect laundry for next set of loads
start gathering school stuff where it needs in the state it needs to be in ready for tuesday.
evict hoover from bathroom again angry
Collect towels for washing
stick posters up in ds' room
get ds to sort through his magazine collect with strict instructions to kill the damaged oned doesn't hold breathe the culling will happen

GoingGoingGoth Sun 01-Sep-13 16:04:58

Eek! Up to 68 posts already! Hello to all the newbies, and returnees.

Badvoc so sorry to hear about your dad, I hope your Mum is picking up.

Trazzle crossing fingers that you're home with Joe.

Well, I think I've embraced the renew your spirit attitude in the last hour, as I've been falling asleep on the sofa.

Morning routines
Laundry hung out
Trip to city for more vests & school tights for DD
Laundry in
Ironing done
Another load on laundry ready for tomorrow.

ZingWantsCake Sun 01-Sep-13 16:22:40

let's take a moment to celebrate the fact that I arrived in London for the first time (also my first ever flight) exactly 16 years ago!
wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine
on me!grin

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 17:07:16

ta da
a whole 6hrs sleep!
finish off a crochet square for my blanket
unload dishwasher
put washing up that was in kitchen into sink to soak to pre wash before reloading dishwasher don't ask personally i think it is a stupid thing to be doing
ds' duvet on to wash
fold 3 loads of washing
get ds to take washing up out of the lounge
eat cake for breakfast
find stuff for doing a patch test ready for next week
find out if those who are away will be home in time for tea so can plan accordingly
Shower and up
check internet stuff
apply patch test
drink more cofffee
get ds to sort contents of box so box can be decluttered
figure layout for the squares of my blanket ready for fastening off and attaching together (ignores fact there is still 5 more squares to make)
chase ds on getting the lounge tidy enough to be hoovered.
strip my bed and put bedding on to wash
load stuff from sink into dw, put rest of stuff into soak yeah this is what happens when you ignore the washing up for 3 days
Put hot water into pots to soak for ease of washing up later
Get ds to chose which poster are going up in his room
speak to ex about ds' new clothes size toad has short 2 shoe sizes and 3 clothes sizes over the summer shock
finish loading and put dw on to run
take my bed apart
put box of photo albums into storage for a less cluttered time to await dealing with
rebuild bed ensuring matress it turned
dis-infect ds' matress
wipe down benches and cooker top
wash up most of the pot and not for dishwasher stuff, put rest on to soak
fold more washing
collect laundry for next set of loads
start gathering school stuff where it needs in the state it needs to be in ready for tuesday.
evict hoover from bathroom again angry
Collect towels for washing
stick posters up in ds' room
get ds to sort through his magazine collect with strict instructions to kill the damaged ones doesn't hold breathe the culling will happen shock it did happen shock
empty kitchen bin
empty recycling bin
look in veg drawer of fridge go ewwwwwww and remove some offending items
sort out ds' training kit
make sure ds' planner is ready to go for next week
consider best formate for after school schedule - ie chart for ds' wall
toilet cleaner in toilet
water plants
eat more cake and consider more coffee
looks at list and suspects probably best not if i want to sleep grin
forget was cooking tea and wonder why can smell cooked food, rescue at point of done
Tackle the general clutter and chaos that is ds' room 15mins done
carry up ds' clothes for going away
realise that going to have to deal with the lego tomo sad
find ds' calendar and remove to my room for updating, realise have forgotten to change the month of the calendars in the house and deal with this.

right my tea should now be ready going to take a 15mi-30mins break before i tackle the bathroom, rest of the lounge and hopefully will be able to sort ds' bed out which is still damp from being dis-infected hmm


Right, so I gather a Ta Da List is the things that have been done today? In that case:

Ta Da
Sink shone
Downstairs toilet cleaned properly
Kitchen surfaces wiped down
Kitchen swept
Bathroom wiped over and upstairs toilet cleaned quickly
Autumn bedding plants potted up for by front door
Roast dinner cooked
Washing up done twice (by DS1)
3 loads of washing washed, dried outside and brought in
Washing that doesn't need ironing folded and put away
All 3 DC tidied their bedrooms
Upstairs hoovered (by DH)
Yesterday's washing ironed and put away

To Do
Iron the few bits from today's wash that need it (it was mostly towels so very little needs ironing).
Quick tidy up downstairs, although to be fair the DC have made very little mess so far today.
Put another wash on overnight so that it is ready to hang out in the morning.

Feeling quite pleased with myself grin

Jesstryinghard Sun 01-Sep-13 18:04:58

Good job everyone with their ta da lists

Mine goes a little like this hmm

Three loads of washing done including out to dry and brought back in
Some dishes washed

Ummmm think that's it


elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 19:19:26

Ta da:-
Watch DS enjoy kayaking
Sunday lunch (gammon, lovely)
Got all Great British Bake Off and made an apple crumble with apples from the garden
Cleared ds room for carpet fitting
Washed up
Laid out clothes for the morning

To do:-


engels there is a flylady teacher bitshock. Will it make me more organised at work because I am a fly by the seat of my pants girl there as wellwinkgrin. To be fair, now I have accepted that everything always gets done...just at the last minute and that that is me, i will never change, life is a lot calmer.grin

I've had a little look at the Fly Lady Sneak Peak for the Week that was posted on FB and am planning tomorrow's to do lists already. I am officially an over keen newbie grin

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 19:58:01

ta da
a whole 6hrs sleep!
finish off a crochet square for my blanket
unload dishwasher
put washing up that was in kitchen into sink to soak to pre wash before reloading dishwasher don't ask personally i think it is a stupid thing to be doing
ds' duvet on to wash
fold 3 loads of washing
get ds to take washing up out of the lounge
eat cake for breakfast
find stuff for doing a patch test ready for next week
find out if those who are away will be home in time for tea so can plan accordingly
Shower and up
check internet stuff
apply patch test
drink more cofffee
get ds to sort contents of box so box can be decluttered
figure layout for the squares of my blanket ready for fastening off and attaching together (ignores fact there is still 5 more squares to make)
chase ds on getting the lounge tidy enough to be hoovered.
strip my bed and put bedding on to wash
load stuff from sink into dw, put rest of stuff into soak yeah this is what happens when you ignore the washing up for 3 days
Put hot water into pots to soak for ease of washing up later
Get ds to chose which poster are going up in his room
speak to ex about ds' new clothes size toad has short 2 shoe sizes and 3 clothes sizes over the summer shock
finish loading and put dw on to run
take my bed apart
put box of photo albums into storage for a less cluttered time to await dealing with
rebuild bed ensuring matress it turned
dis-infect ds' matress
wipe down benches and cooker top
wash up most of the pot and not for dishwasher stuff, put rest on to soak
fold more washing
collect laundry for next set of loads
start gathering school stuff where it needs in the state it needs to be in ready for tuesday.
evict hoover from bathroom again angry
Collect towels for washing
stick posters up in ds' room
get ds to sort through his magazine collect with strict instructions to kill the damaged ones doesn't hold breathe the culling will happen shock it did happen shock
empty kitchen bin
empty recycling bin
look in veg drawer of fridge go ewwwwwww and remove some offending items
sort out ds' training kit
make sure ds' planner is ready to go for next week
consider best formate for after school schedule - ie chart for ds' wall
toilet cleaner in toilet
water plants
eat more cake and consider more coffee
looks at list and suspects probably best not if i want to sleep grin
forget was cooking tea and wonder why can smell cooked food, rescue at point of done
Tackle the general clutter and chaos that is ds' room 15mins done
carry up ds' clothes for going away
realise that going to have to deal with the lego tomo sad
find ds' calendar and remove to my room for updating, realise have forgotten to change the month of the calendars in the house and deal with this.
finish hooking a square for my blanket whilst having break
remove everything that shouldn't be in the bathroom and do a general tidy up
empty bathroom bin and put it to soak in dis-infectant
clean kitchen bin and recycling tub
put another load of washing on
carry stuff up from lounge to be put away in loft from when had visiting child
rescue paperwork from ds' room that should be in his home ed evidence file
realise I have not managed to even remotely remove the pee smell out of ds' matress topper <eew>
find the spare not in use topper from under my matress
remake ds' bed
clean bath and bathroom
find ds' sleep meds and apply, before dumping child into a bath.
Find a new tooth brush for ds. don't ask you really really don't want to know why <boak>
Put ds' clothes away
more laundry
empty dw and draining board
wash up pots and start to refill dw
bring up my folded clothes
put ds' ironed clothes away.

Is it nearly bedtime yet? <looks at to do list, including waiting for tumble dryer so her bed can be made> <sigh>

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 19:59:21

Holyshit that is way too much stuff to be done by one person in one day. This is a very very bad thing blush

could someone link to the flylady teacher list?? That might help me (sobs at the thought of going back tomorrow)

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 20:46:47

<joins blueandwhite sobbing and rocking in a corner>

Ta da:-
Collapse and watch x-factor before early night

bitchy fuck off with those crazy lists so early on in the month, you will scare all our lovely enthusiastic newbiesgrin

On the one hand, I am so sad that the summer holidays are over. On the other, I am feeling incredibly blessed to have had such a lovely holiday with my fab family and friends (apologies for cheesy comment - it is me really, I told bitchy to fuck off a moment agowinkgrin).

Night night. Got to be up bright and early tomorrow.

On third glass and about to finish the bottle, comatose is the way to go for tomorrow

GoingGoingGoth Sun 01-Sep-13 20:56:24

grin at ellie, yes bitchy's list are scary.

Just done a quick tidy of our freezer, found 3 tubs of icecream! All different!

Engelsemama Sun 01-Sep-13 21:02:50

Ellie someone pointed me towards it last year (it might have been whoknows !). Teacher control journal! Some of it's very American or Primary orientated.‎

I'll take that wine thank you Zing ! Where did you arrive from? <nosy>

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 21:13:52

I know, I know ellie i had no intention of a ta da list that long shockblush but I might have drunk two or three cups of caffinated coffee to compensation for such a late night and lack of sleep. clearly I can't tollerate it. Thankfully i have burnt it off and despite the long list i haven't actually shined the sink. Taken me all day to get to the point where it could be done and need to do it during the day so I can have the window open whilst i bleach it. hmm

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 21:14:00

gringringrin*blueandwhite*. Don't needwineto make me comatose tomorrow...2 hours of being talked at first thing should do the trickwinkgrin.

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 21:15:54

bitchy that explains it. ffs go back to decaff and baking chocolate cake.

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 21:17:37

Cake was nice, it is all eaten. Can't go back to making cake though. Need to restart the diet. Decaff is def going to be the norm and so is early nights.

elliepac Sun 01-Sep-13 21:21:42

I have done nothing but eat cake for 6 weeks. September is like my January.

Engelsemama Sun 01-Sep-13 21:25:30

Oops, don't think that worked! If you follow the link and go to control journal page, the teacher one is on there. (Or just google flylady teacher control journal).

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 21:42:59

Yep, i got a new diary and everything September is definitely the new January.

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 01-Sep-13 21:49:11

Hi folks - revisiting Flylady for the new school year. Got my organised mum calendar yesterday & all term dates, insets & Exeat weekends are now on it.

Dd starts a new school on Thursday - need to label loads of uniform (& go and exchange the incredibly short she's not wearing that skirt the shop fitted her with when dh took her!

Ds starts back Wednesday

I'm also hoping to get the kids Flying. Dds bedroom was redecorated & deck uttered whilst she was away in a summer school but she is a Very Unorganised Person do am hoping she can use the children's Journal to help her as they won't stand for her shenanigans of forgotten kit, homework etc in secondary

Ds s bedroom is a complete tip! He has suspected ASD do Loves Routine. We've got mornings off to a tee now, just need to get the rest sorted.

Mmm cake smile

I have also spent the last few weeks eating mostly cake. Diet day tomorrow and I'm actually looking forwards to it.

(((Badvoc))) be kind to yourself and don't expect too much too soon.

Hope you are home now trazzles

bitchy I'm sure someone very wisely posted about the importance of not attempting perfectionism and posting mad lists a couple of months ago wink grin

I have ta da'd everything on my list but am on the iPad so cba posting it again. Cleaned out a couple of the grabbiest kitchen drawers as well and I think the house is beginning to smell better. Very frustrating as it is superficially fairly clean and tidy but is really damp (humidity c. 80%) and smells vaguely of wet dog. We don't have a dog.

Hi to Engels, goth, zing, Ellie, Jemma, jess, blue et al. I'm expecting to be here having a wobble tomorrow as it'll be DDs last day as a preschooler. Was so badly bullied at school for being hyperactive and generally a bit, um, unusual and am terrified of the same thing happening to her as she is very like me.

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 22:17:44

Quite right too PMPY perfectionism is bad! to do lists and ta da lists even remotely like mine are plain stupid. even if you cut the crappy not really a ta da thing from the list it was a stupid day That is not how this system works. <surveys slightly tidier then yesterday bombsite>

Not sure if I am supposed to be posting the links for whoknows tonight or not so will just pop them here in case.


missions - don't worry about doing this if you are a newbie you will build up to including these

monday sees something that we call the home bleurgh which is less cutesy the the fat fairy's home blessing

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 01-Sep-13 22:21:13

What is a ta da list

Just off to shine my sink

Snowflakepie Sun 01-Sep-13 22:23:40

Well, I shone my sink and cleaned the whole flipping bathroom while I was there lol! Cleared one shelf in the spare room. Made £400 selling DDs old stuff on eBay, packed the paid stuff ready for tomorrow. Second lot of washing hung up and next lot ready for the morning too. 10 week old rendered unconscious in 30 mins rather than the usual 45 so I'm feeling flushed with success here! 2 wineto celebrate!

Big hugs to those who need them, and a special thank you to the teachers on here. Without you I would be truly psychotic, and DD is still only at preschool! Another year to go, they probably don't want her back either (bright but troublesome and she knows it) but I cannot wait for Tuesday. DH is going to take her to the cinema tomorrow afternoon and I might have a special vacuum round in honour of dealing with only 1 child for a few hours.

BitchytheGreat Sun 01-Sep-13 22:30:07

Ta da list - i have done it list Picture

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 01-Sep-13 23:08:26

Thank you


Washed, dried & put awsy the hand washable dishes
Cleaned the sink
Emptied the dishwasher

Off to bed with a cuppa now

Swanhilda Sun 01-Sep-13 23:35:36

swept floor
hoovered downstairs carpets
worktops in utility room
dw load on in utitilty room
bottom of downstairs washing pile
cooked supper
dw loaded from supper
made cheese scones
read ds2's book so I can review it with him
discussed pocket money with dh

How much do you give your 11-13 year olds for pocket money, including excluding phone top up and snack money? Any advice welcome. Atm we are trying £5/£6 a week per child but it seems too low in one sense and too much in another. Occasionally they can earn money by special tasks but we don't want to pay them for essential chores as it all becomes too acrimonious.

Right, here I am, better late than never, sorry for going AWOL for so long and thank you to Bitchy for doing the links (see post at 22:17 in case anyone missed it).

I have scanned through the thread, but it has gone so fast that I have lost track a bit already. Welcome to all the new and returning Flyers, Badvoc - your post stood out as I scanned through, so sorry for the loss of your father and your mother's illness. This thread is as much about moral support through life's ups and downs as it is about housework, I think that is one of the reasons it has carried on for such a long time.

Had a fabulous 24 hour camping trip, a campsite in a woods, you pitch up in a little clearing and can make a fire outside your tent. The DCs enjoyed playing in the woods with a girl from a nearby tent, we enjoyed sitting round the fire and cooking on it (jacket potatoes and sausages last night, pancakes and bacon rolls this morning). It was a lot of packing and unpacking for such a short trip, but worth it, and only 20 mins drive from home.

So, ta-da!

Unpacked car
All clothes washed (three loads as I hardly did any last week) - all on line overnight
Sleeping bags aired
All camping stuff put away - discovered mice have been nibbling some of the nylon bags the chairs etc go in in the shed, so need to get mousetraps tomorrow.
Dinner - pasta
Quick bit of shopping

On the way back from the shops noticed that a neighbour had put out a bucket of Bramleys for taking, we have loads of blackberries in the garden, so made a crumble, plus some scones. GBBO fever in this house too!

Then into the evening, and time for more work on my OU assignment (interspersed with a bit of MNing blush). I have to submit it by the 9th, so hopefully after that the state of the house will improve a bit.

Two more days at home for me and the DCs, tomorrow I MUST nametape all the new uniform and wash it.

Night all.

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 01-Sep-13 23:49:49

Dd is 11 almost 12 & gets £2.50 per week

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 01-Sep-13 23:52:57

That excludes phone top up

Not sure what you mean about snack money. If she wants any sweets, chocolate etc she buys them from her picket money.

Honu Sun 01-Sep-13 23:56:26

Phew! just made it to log in on the 1st

ZingWantsCake Sun 01-Sep-13 23:56:50

Engelsemama you've got mail

Honu Mon 02-Sep-13 00:12:12

... and I have done NO FLYING AT ALL today.

Yesterday I took DH for his first ever week of respite care so my tada list looks like this
Walk dog along the front for fried breakfast at café (beautifully cooked and washed up by someone else)
Car boot
Roast lunch at pub
Visit friends for tea
Make shopping list for tomorrow to include salmon, spinach, goats cheese, sweet potatoes, courgettes - can you tell the sort of food DH doesn't like and I can never be arsed to make separate meals.

I haven't read all of this thread yet but I looked at your thread Toffee and just want to say that when you are stressed about something (your DS1) then it is much more difficult coping with any other stress - it's as if you only have a finite capacity to cope.

And, before I crawl into bed, may I point out that we haven't got to the going to bed babystep yet and I just wanted to thank Bitchy for leading the thread.

dizzyday07 Mon 02-Sep-13 03:38:43

Not much of a list today

. Load of towels washed and hung to dry
. Ironed DH's shirts for the week and DD's clean bits
. Washed a few pots etc and shined sink
. Updated calendar
. Put clean non ironing laundry away
. Chivvied DD to finish her remaining homework
. Made us all eat dinner at the table!

Haven't mastered going to bed early yet and I only have 2 more nights before I need to get up for the school run!

Badvoc I feel for you. My Dad died unexpectedly of a heart attack too so I know how disorientating that feels especially when you are dealing with both your own and Mums grief x

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Sep-13 04:57:19

urgh coffee is bad. very very bad!!! Early night? wtf is that? confused

elliepac Mon 02-Sep-13 06:22:29

Eugh. That is all I have to say. Forget morning routine this morning. If I can get myself and dc's out by 8am without screaming this shall be a success.

swan DS is 10. He get £5 a week. £2.50 per week whatever and £2.50 of he completes all his jobs. He gets £10/month phone topup.

feetheart Mon 02-Sep-13 06:42:36

Swan - I am obviously mean mummy when it comes to pocket money (what's new smile DD (10) gets £2 a week which will go up to £2.20 on her 11th birthday. Think we will review it when she goes to High School as she will get a phone then too. She seems to only buy sweets and save for our charity shop trips and always has money. DS (7) gets £1.40 and it slips through his fingers like water. Not sure if that helps.

Well done to all the newbies - just remember it is all about building routines slowly over a few -- years-- months not tackling everything at once though badvoc I know what you mean about the state of the house not helping how you feel. Just take care to look after yourself in amongst it all.

Good luck to all the teachers going back this week and to all of us getting back into the school run routine (and well done to those who are already back in it all smile) I'm going to really miss this summer too, it has been a joy most of the time inspite of the state of the building work/house. Am going to have to have a distinct and unFlylady blitz of work on Wednesday (and possibly Thurs and Fri) to get back on track plus we still have lots of prep and painting to do - its going to be BUSY sad

Right, need to start day with a short run. Hopefully be back later.
Have a good day everyone.

Jesstryinghard Mon 02-Sep-13 07:22:00

Over a hundred posts by the second day of the month !!!

Happy flying today ! Be back later smile


This week's missions fit perfectly with the fact that I noticed my front door needs a good clean yesterday. I don't have a separate dining room, just a dining area in my living room and that is pretty clean and clutter free, so I am going to concentrate on the entrance to my house.

Ta Da
Washing pegged out on line
Washing brought back in 10 mins later as it started to rain hmm

To Do
Tumble dry socks and undies
Hang rest of washing on airer to dry
Wipe around bathroom and toilets
Wipe around kitchen
Sweep kitchen floor
Wipe down front door (inside and out) and clean the window
Sweep front step
Pull weeds up from by front door
Sort out shoe and coat racks in hallway to make sure everything still fits and is used regularly
Check for cobwebs on the ceiling in hallway
Hoover hallway
Get school uniforms ready for tomorrow
Get schoolbags ready for tomorrow
Order Tesco delivery for tomorrow night (have booked slot but it currently only contains a bunch of bananas)
Wipe out the inside of the fridge while it is fairly empty.

Back to school tomorrow (so I go back to work too as I work in a nursery class). Which means today is the last full day at home to get stuff done.

Very busy on here already!! shock

Ok, so I know it is not fly lady etiquette, but yes, I am going to go with the room blitzing this week.
Not too sure which room it will be today. DD2 is needing to get a uni assignment done, so if she is doing it upstairs, I will chose a downstairs room, if she is down I will do a bedroom.
Today I am also going to visit a residential home with one eye on the future for my parents.....just preparing at the moment, but I don't think it will be long before it is needed.
Just off to go and do the weeks shopping.
Lots of phone calls to make.

Right, get to it, girl.......

Engelsemama Mon 02-Sep-13 08:52:36

Morning all!

Ta da
Up, dressed and breakfasted
Washing on

To do
Supermarket/bottles to recycling/clothing bin
Sort 3 bags of school stuff that have been in the hallway for 6 months blush
Tidy bookshelves
Go through 3 bags of clothes given to us for ds
Book hotels and ferry for nov/dec
Email friends about oct get together
Post letters
Garden centre
Change bed
Magazine cull
Lounge/kitchen hotspots
Water plants

Did most of home bleurgh yesterday. Hallway looks AMAZING. Thought we'd been burgled when I came down this morning (though not sure why someone would take all our crap!).

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 08:56:31

We are very mean parents, as we don't give any pocket money. But the DC do get regular hand outs from grandparents, so I reckon that is enough for them.

DS2 and I both have streaming colds. Very irritating. I have taken Boots flu remedy tablets with my coffee this morning. Didn't manage to get to bed till 1.30 am this morning because of DS2 waking up, needing an inhaler, tissues and cuddles.

DS1 had a major meltdown last night (I knew things were going too well), so has had his computer confiscated for this morning. There is a hole in his bedroom wall and we are one glass down.

Will attempt ironing and a general tidy up in the house today. Oh, and prep for school on Wednesday.

Oh dear toffee poor all of you <hug>

Monday. Yuck. Woke up at 5am from a weird school related dream with ellie in it hmm and couldn't get back to sleep.

To do
Online shop

We don't give pocket money either, but like Toffee they get money from their grandparents regularly.

DS2 has been trying to negotiate money in exchange for chores (that boy is a 9 year old version of Alan Sugar) but I want them to do chores because they see it contributes to the smooth running of the household, of which they are part. Mind you, once they hit their teens I may need to resort to cold hard cash grin

Ta Da
Washing pegged out on line
Washing brought back in 10 mins later as it started to rain hmm
Tumble dried socks and undies
Hung rest of washing on airer to dry
Wiped down front door (inside and out) and cleaned the window
Sorted out shoe and coat racks in hallway to make sure everything still fits and is used regularly
Breakfast dishes washed (by DS1)
Washing machine put on a hot maintenance wash

To Do
Wipe around bathroom and toilets
Wipe around kitchen
Sweep kitchen floor
Sweep front step
Pull weeds up from by front door
Check for cobwebs on the ceiling in hallway
Hoover hallway
Get school uniforms ready for tomorrow
Get schoolbags ready for tomorrow
Order Tesco delivery for tomorrow night (have booked slot but it currently only contains a bunch of bananas)
Wipe out the inside of the fridge while it is fairly empty.
Empty kitchen bin
Pair up socks out of tumble dryer and put them and other tumble drying away
Wipe out washing machine when maintenance wash finishes

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 09:55:14

Jemima - I agree with you about not paying for chores, but extra chores deserve a bit of payment, I think. DS2 (7) was incredibly helpful when we went shopping yesterday - packed the bags at the checkout, carried one to the car for us, wheeled the trolley back and helped me put the shopping away once home shock. We hadn't asked him - he was just joining in and being helpful. It was really lovely. I gave him the £1 from the trolley because he'd been extra helpful and I wanted him to know how much I appreciated it.

Still haven't moved from this seat. Am all blocked up and snuffly and seem to be stuck in the MN zone. DH, who has kept the house very tidy whilst we were away, asked me, timidly, if I could possibly tidy up a little whilst he was at work. We do seem to have brought a lot of mess home with us.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 09:56:01

PMPY - funny that you had a MN dream!

We do reward extra hard work, just not necessarily with cash. For example yesterday we wanted them to blitz their bedrooms, and the reward if they did it in the morning was that we would go to see Planes at the cinema. They did so we did. Mind you, a £1 coin would have been cheaper than a cinema ticket and an ice cream!

GoingGoingGoth Mon 02-Sep-13 10:22:53

Morning all

We're not very organised re pocket money, she gets her Woodcraft & karate paid for, and the odd bag of sweets at a weekend. My parents send her £5 each month (although that does tend to go into her bank account) and I tend to offload my coppers, and five pennies onto her for her piggy bank (must find some coin bags)
We'll probably be more organised as she gets older, but it won't be linked to chores, as I expect her to do them (no one pays me to do it-sigh) she usually gets a treat if she's been extra helpful.

Today's List
Hang laundry out -last lot spinning loudly as I type
Make sausage rolls, cheese straws & flapjacks
Home bleugh

Maybe probably quick trip to IKEA grin

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 10:35:58

Jemima - oh, that's much better than cash - I agree with you on that. Actually, at the start of the holidays (when I was energetic and enthusiastic, rather than the husk I am now), I set up a reward scheme for the DC where they earned coupons for good behaviour. The coupon DS2 wanted more than anything was '20 minutes' undivided attention with mum'. Which, unfortunately for me, meant 20 minutes playing Minecraft on the computer with him.

DS1 has just taken full advantage of me wondering whether I was being generous enough... He wanted to go to town with his friend and only had the £2 that his Grandma gave him at the weekend. So I gave him his bus fare and a couple of quid for lunch. Plus I have just topped up the credit on his phone. To be fair he has washed up and helped me tidy this morning and is pretty good around the house generally. Although DS2 has emptied the bins and DD has paired up all the socks from the tumble dryer, so no doubt they'll be angling for a treat too when they realise I've given DS1 money! I might send them down to the village shop on their bikes to buy themselves some sweets and enjoy the ten minutes peace and quiet.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 10:42:09

Quick contrast between start of holiday and now:

Start: healthy breakfast, off to 9am swimming lesson, park, walk, practise Times Tables, healthy lunch, excursion or playdate in the afternoon, family meal.

Now: browse MN for unseemly length of time, whilst reminding DC to get their own b/fasts (CocoPops), allow both of them unlimited time on DS/computer, forget to practise Times Tables, not sure what's for lunch, might watch telly in the afternoon and eat dinner in front of it.


Engelsemama Mon 02-Sep-13 10:50:10

grin Toffee!

Just done supermarket, bottles, clothing donation, posted letters, washing in td, made banana bread. Enjoying cup oc tea and then going to tackle 3 bags of school stuff.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 10:54:31

Oh, forgot to say that we did our shopping in Aldi yesterday (budgeting at present). It was so cheap! Am converted.

<reminisces wistfully about the days of Ocado deliveries>

NickNacks Mon 02-Sep-13 11:02:53

Back to work today so currently have 6 little darlings under foot. It's dds birthday today and by 6am we had presents opened and breakfast on the table hmm

Ta da
Washing done
And in dryer
Clean clothes folded into piles for each person
Fielded a dozen happy birthday phone calls
Decluttered dressing up box
Decluttered cutlery drawer
Found homes for new toys and clothes
Made beds
Tidied bathroom
Rubbish outside
Snack made for 6

To do
Put clean clothes away
Get DS's to empty dw
Get DS's to tidy bedrooms
Make lunch for 6 and me
Tidy up toys
Settle boy to sleep
Change poo bum hmm

Happy Monday!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 11:47:36

Nicknacks - do you have six DC? <awestruck>

I have managed to swish & swipe and hoover the bathroom. Just doing a room rescue in the dining room, then taking boys to the playground.

Jesstryinghard Mon 02-Sep-13 12:05:23

Feeling so overwhelmed by my house that in ignoring the fact I can't walk thru my lounge and gonna shine my sink sad

Theknitwitch Mon 02-Sep-13 12:10:12

Hello everyone.

Ta Da
Hung out washing
Load dishwasher
Made beds
Dishwasher and washing machine both on monthly 'deep clean' wash.
Cleared rubbish and sorted for charity bags after massive declutter yesterday.
Had carb-loaded lunch wink

To do
Clean kitchen surfaces and floor
Ditto bathroom
Wipe fridge
Clean pantry
Meal plan for next couple of weeks
Place food delivery order
Sort school clothes
Label school clothes
Pile of ironing at some point, but basket is conveniently out of sight, so might stay that way depending on levels of enthusiasm/energy later. smile

I was assuming that Nicknacks was a childminder, hats off to you if you have 6 DC!

Toffee I think I'm the other way around, at the beginning of the school holidays I was exhausted from what felt like a never ending term, both at work and with my own DC. Now I'm feeling really refreshed and motivated. Mind you, ask me again tomorrow night and I might feel differently.

Quick pre-lunch update:

Ta Da
Washing pegged out on line
Washing brought back in 10 mins later as it started to rain hmm
Tumble dried socks and undies
Hung rest of washing on airer to dry
Wiped down front door (inside and out) and cleaned the window
Sorted out shoe and coat racks in hallway to make sure everything still fits and is used regularly
Breakfast dishes washed (by DS1)
Wiped around kitchen (DS1)
Swept kitchen floor (DS1)
Washing machine hot maintenance wash done and washing machine wiped out afterwards
Swept front step
Pulled weeds up from by front door
Checked for cobwebs on the ceiling in hallway and killed several spiders
Hoovered hallway
Emptied kitchen bins (DS2)
Paired up socks out of tumble dryer and put them and other tumble drying away (DD)
Ordered Tesco delivery for tomorrow night
Changed filter and de-greased fan above the hob
Emptied and re-planted the two hanging baskets by the front door
Wiped around bathroom and toilets

To Do
Get school uniforms ready for tomorrow
Get schoolbags ready for tomorrow
Wipe out the inside of the fridge while it is fairly empty.

As I am on a roll (and desperate to go back to work with a tidy and clean house) I think I might tackle the pile of cosmetics and toiletries in my bedroom this afternoon and get rid of any that have been open for ages and I don't really use. Theoretically my bedroom will then be easier to clean.

NickNacks Mon 02-Sep-13 12:24:51

I am indeed a childminder-just 3 are mine. smile

dizzyday07 Mon 02-Sep-13 13:01:21

DD has decided to spend her last day of holiday going out with the girls from next door sad

I had thought I would crack on with a quilt I am making for my neice but think I might keep that for tomorrow and just do some house bluergh today instead.

Ta Da.
. Understairs cupboard reorganised
. Load of laundry washed and hung on line to dry
. Winter fleeces in to wash with a coat I bought DD off Ebay as I could smell the wash powder off it through the packaging!
. Kitchen bin emptied
. Violin lesson direct debit form completed

Need to go out and post said form and get some milk. Back later

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Sep-13 14:36:25

good morning. i think i am awake. perhaps. maybe. Not going to be a very productive day.

did three of the seven things on the home bleurgh list yesterday, the rest won't be getting done <stick tongue out at the fat fairy>

I have decided i am really really crap at finishing projects off. i managed to start 2 new crocheting projects before i finished the one that I was working on. Use my not sleeping last night to use the web to learn how to get a wave effect and started a new project in that pattern. This is on top of the blanket i promised ds i would make him which i started last week. Sigh. I NEED an inprogress project cull.

To do.
make sure everything is ready and to hand for tomo morning
early night.

Hmm, started sorting out the toiletries and cosmetics in my bedroom and it ended up being a giant declutter sorting out clothes, shoes and my stack of magazines too. So now my bedroom has a charity bag, a bin bag and a recycling bag in the middle of the floor. I am about 3/4 of the way through but have slightly lost my mojo so am having a cuppa and a break before going back to it.

Bitchy I am like that with craft projects. Something small like knitting socks is fine, but I have a jumper for DS1 that has been on the go for 12 months and probably won't even fit him when I finish it. Not to mention the latch hook rug for DD's nursery that I started when I was expecting her - she is now 7 blush

AnnaKissed Mon 02-Sep-13 14:48:04

Can I join? Bit late but I have just returned to where I live in the Middle East after a summer at home.

I have tried flying on my own before but got totally overwhelmed with the emails, gave up completely when they got rid of the daily digest option. It's ok to ignore the bits I don't like, right? Lace up shoes first thing in the morning, wtf? hmm I get the IDEA but I just don't want to! <stamps bare foot>

So what are we meant to do? I don't have a to-do list for this week yet! Does anyone else use the wunderlist app? It's amazing for organising yourself.

I think I'm going to like the Mumsnet version of Fly lady much better!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 14:54:53

Ta da :

Bathroom swish and swipe plus hoover
Hoovered landing
Cleared dining-room table
Put clothes away
Sorted out pile of creased clothes for ironing later
Put baked potatoes in oven for lunch
Took DC to playground
Tested DS2 on his Times Tables whilst on the swings - he did really well!

DH has come home early, so I'm going back to catch up on sleep now grin.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 14:55:09

back to bed, I mean.

AnnaKissed Mon 02-Sep-13 15:06:34

Ok I've done my 15mins cleaning my front door.
Still got to make tea (two hours ahead here) and work out my to-dos for tomorrow.

The bed time routine thing seems manageable.

Engelsemama Mon 02-Sep-13 15:41:45

Ta Da
Sorted 3 bags of school stuff into 1 bag to go to school tomorrow
Washing up
Washing folded and away
Filing and shredding
Half covered planner (will finish tonight when ds is out the way)
Watered houseplants
Hotspot dining table
Put away fan
Dinner out if freezer (batch of chilli from last week)

To do today
Sort school bag, choose clothes and make lunch
Sort out holiday stuff - tickets stubs, receipts etc. What to throw, what to keep. Work out how much money we both spent
Book hotel
Email friends

House is looking so much better!

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Sep-13 17:35:43

ta da
school shoes by front door
ds' school bag incl lunch made (he refuses to eat sandwiches so can be made suitably in advance

Need to finish sorting out ds' pe kit. his t-shirt seems to have gone missing. hmm.

ta da
Half a day back at school
Chicken salad for tea-dishes washed
Dark washing done and put away
car mot passed and fan belt fixed

to do
copy planning over to memory stick
find a folder to hold said planning when printed
be nice to dh

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 18:12:35

Just woken up blush. Have taken more pills, am drinking coffee and have a box of tissues to hand.

DS1 seems to be undergoing a transformation. The boy who once couldn't leave the house has been out skateboarding for most of the afternoon. He has just come back and told us that he ended up playing a game of football with some older children shock. He also stood up for himself when some younger children picked on him. This is all boding extremely well for his next attempt at an insight week at the new school.

We found out why he had a meltdown last night - he opened a can of DH's Guinness and drank half of it! No wonder he went ballistic later. He is very ashamed of himself now and has been without his computer all day as a punishment.

To do :

Make dinner
Bedtime routines

Engelsemama Mon 02-Sep-13 18:49:30

I'm giving up for the day. DS in bed, I'm in my pjs with a beer in my hand.

Mumof3xx Mon 02-Sep-13 19:35:45

Worked today so done little

Ta da

One load washed n dried
One load on to wash
Pots done
Bottles done
All kids fed and bed

To do
Feed myself
Tidy kitchen
Feed pets
Tidy living room

Ta Da
Washing pegged out on line
Washing brought back in 10 mins later as it started to rain hmm
Tumble dried socks and undies
Hung rest of washing on airer to dry
Wiped down front door (inside and out) and cleaned the window
Sorted out shoe and coat racks in hallway to make sure everything still fits and is used regularly
Breakfast dishes, lunch dishes and dinner dishes washed (by DS1)
Wiped around kitchen (DS1)
Swept kitchen floor (DS1)
Washing machine hot maintenance wash done and washing machine wiped out afterwards
Swept front step
Pulled weeds up from by front door
Checked for cobwebs on the ceiling in hallway and killed several spiders
Hoovered hallway
Emptied kitchen bins (DS2)
Paired up socks out of tumble dryer and put them and other tumble drying away (DD)
Ordered Tesco delivery for tomorrow night
Changed filter and de-greased fan above the hob
Emptied and re-planted the two hanging baskets by the front door
Wiped around bathroom and toilets
Got school uniforms ready for tomorrow
Got schoolbags ready for tomorrow
Decluttered my bedroom and got rid of half used toiletries, clothes that don't fit and shoes that have seen better days.

The only thing I didn't get round to (so is going on tomorrow's list):
To Do
Wipe out the inside of the fridge while it is fairly empty.

Not bad for a day's work grin

My Ta Da lists will be far less impressive for the rest of the week though as I'll be back at work. Am hoping that the fact that I've got fairly on top of things will help me keep to a routine and stop it getting a mess again.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 02-Sep-13 19:48:03

Jemima - blimey, you have been busy!

nettiespaghetti Mon 02-Sep-13 20:28:56

hello everyone,

Failed again. Didnt even pass first day in keeping up.

huge waves to sc swan whoknows blue feetheart. Nice to see you all again. Hoping to get to know a few others who have prbably been here for ages whilst ive been absent.

feetheart yes i did indeed say marathon training. clearly quite crazy confused i am all signed up to run for next April. I am currently k=just up to 10km and trying to perfect that before my next official run on 5th October. My motto i keep repeating to anyone who listens is "I can, I will, Watch Me!!" grin
badvoc ((((hugs))))
tazzle hot J is out soon.
zing congrats to you and <hic> thanks for the wine. grin

Sink cleaned,
dw done
shower cleaned
bathroom skimmed
floors swept,
childrens rooms tidied,
garden tidied
Childrens swim lessons done
Dinner done
DS mohican hair cut back to normal
School clothes and bags laid out, lunch money done, gym bag done
A lovely hog roast lined up at a massively discounted price for my next charity event.
Almost time for bed. grin grin

Oh had a peak at sneak of the week and i really need to do wednesday, its so embarrassing, dining room is in conservatory and it has a plastic bit at the bottom and its just minging. blush

Right off to bed, going to try and get up at 5am to do 10km run before getting organised for school and preschool.

Hope you all have a good day and hope to see you tomorrow.

<runs around the naughty corner frantically trying to hide from bitchy and her gargantuan list> <trips over own large size 9 feet and drops huge pile of laundry on the way out of the door>

BitchytheGreat Mon 02-Sep-13 20:39:31

nettie it's fine I am tucked up in the naughty corner today having done precisely fuck all, didn't even bother getting up. need to tomo though ds is back to school.

elliepac Mon 02-Sep-13 21:03:28

<collapses in a heap>

Fair to say it's been a rather hectic day both here and at work. Lots of building going on at school and it is fair to say it is slightly chaotic at the moment. At home, I have been ridiculously productive for a work night but feel better for it.

Ta da:-
Carpet fitted in DS room
Furniture heaved back into DS room
All DS's stuff moved back into his room and organised
DS bed made
Tidied our room after decanting DS stuff
Shifted rubbish for tip from landing
Put decorating stuff back in shed
Made our bed
Hoovered throughout
S/s bathroom
Uniform laid out
Shoes out
Book bags done
Packups done
Dinner cooked
Washed up
Washing on
Dryer on
Putting away of clothes
Laid out stuff for morning
Tidied DD's room

Now I am going to die quietly in a corner.

elliepac Mon 02-Sep-13 21:04:20

Ooooooh, that's almost a bitchy list. I shall tell myself to fuck offwinkgrin.

Fuck off ellie grin wink with your crazy list and full day at work!

I have done precisely fuck all. Well, i've written DD's name in her clothes in biro beause I cba getting the ironing board out to do the labels blush. I am going to be slattern mum before she even starts school blush blush

Still need to do the online shop as well!

Badvoc Mon 02-Sep-13 21:27:50

Today I;
Took mum to M&S and ikea. So that was the morning gone.
Pegged 2 loads of washing out.
Slung some bleach around the toilets
Cleaned the bathroom mirror and cabinet.
Erm...that's it.

I plan to iron. Which depresses me. And more washing.
I need to figure out which room to tackle first....

elliepac Mon 02-Sep-13 21:40:58

Bet you won't dream about me tonight pmpywinkgrin

GoingGoingGoth Mon 02-Sep-13 21:54:07

<collapses at bar>

Well the trip to IKEA wasn't quick, but was productive.

Morning routines
Laundry hung out
Long trip toIKEA
Laundry in
Collect Dd
Supervise homework
Unpack shopping
Dd to karate
Made veggie sausage rolls, cheese straws & flapjacks
Washing up
Ironing-lots of ironing sad

I am feeling a bit Bitch-esque too today, Ellie

packed day:

Phone calls made
Deep cleaned kitchen
sorted cupboards
rearranged to make more room
Swept Kitchen floor
Rearranged work surface to make more room - I am a bit of a collector of kitchen gadgets!! I love them!!!
Decluttered dresser in kitchen
Cleaned Dining room and de-cluttered dresser
Hoovered lounges x2
Hoovered Hallway
Cleaned carpets x 2
Conquered mount Everest of ironing
Washing x 4 loads
Sorted a stupid amount of clothes/stuff that DD1 left behind - 4 bags rubbish and 4 bags for charity/sisters to have a first look through
Visited nursing home - very impressed and far more relaxed about the possibility of this being mum's home fairly soon
Took DD2 out for lunch as it was supposed to be her last day - then she announced she is here until Friday - which then changed to Saturday and she has just told me it will now be Sunday! confused
Weekly food shopping
Visited good friend and took her shopping - she is unwell so it was a very slow process!
Home to cook tea for DS
Acquired a lodger. confused
Cleaned a stinking pus-sy wound above one cats eye - vomit inducing!
Spent ages on phone to DD1 who is very happy and excited in her new pad
Spent ages on phone to DD3 who has had a good day with only a little vomiting

Now sat with wine and flopped on sofa.

Hope school goes well for those preparing for tomorrow.

So, today blitzed downstairs....tomorrow is upstairs! Then this place will be whipped into shape and I can tick over nicely. <theory, anyway!>

elliepac Mon 02-Sep-13 22:08:48

If it makes you feel better pmpy I have not once labelled dc's clothes with anything other than biro.grin

Have been to the beach today so not much flying done smile
Have sewn name labels into DS1's new school uniform though...

Big waves to everyone. Night!

feetheart Mon 02-Sep-13 22:18:47

Nettie - I assume that's London you are signed up for? Good on you and I love the mantra smile I am doing the Great North Run for Winston's Wish in just under 2 weeks time. I keep thinking about a marathon but haven't taken the plunge yet, you might just inspire me.

Lots of busy people on here today so I'll add my Ta Da list:
- 3 mile run
- Make Hedgerow Jelly from last of last year's fruit blush
- Make huge vat of pasta sauce to use up sad veggies
- Clean and freeze blackberries we picked yesterday
- S&S
- Washing x 2 done, out, in, folded and in airing cupboard
- Make picnic
- Bedford to pick wild plums (very meagre harvest) and blackberries (big, fat and juicy smile)
- Petrol and pizzas bought on way home
- Pizzas eaten in front of One Show to find out Strictly contestants smile
- First attempt at using Skype to talk to my mum - reasonably successful though DC either clammed up or spoke together and DS's inability to sit still was making my mum feel seasick!!
- DC to bed too late - so much for bringing bedtime forward slowly hmm
- Washing up
- Book train tickets for GNR

Quite a lot done, not much of it Flying!

Feeling the need for chocolate but might just aim for bed at a decent time instead confused
Night all.

ZingWantsCake Mon 02-Sep-13 22:41:12

I feel such a failure.
I've done fuck all today.
something I expected and hoped for to not happen happened - I really couldn't be bothered with anything after that.

well done everyone though. you are great inspiration!
I'll try to pull myself together and join in tomorrow.

Evening all,

Firstly for Annakissed and anyone else who is new to this Flying lark / thread, a short explanation of Flylady principles is in the opening post.

Every day, someone (usually the OP, so the posts appear as highlighted in the threads) posts that days links to the relevant bits of Flylady, to save you having to get the emails or trawl the website yourself. We then have the option of actually doing what the links say, ignoring them totally, or filing them away mentally for another day. I find the most helpful link is the one with the weeks missions on it, so you can plan for th rest of the week. As well as the missions there is a Daily Focus for each day of the week, with "fun" ones for the weekend. We also post to do lists, ta-da! (done) lists and chat about anything and everything. There is also the legendary naughty corner where Fledglings that have been ignoring the links but still want to stay on the thread can hang out.

A Ta-da from me today.

Got up, showered and dressed before going into the kitchen (rare)
A couple of hours spent intermittently on the OU assignment whilst trying to ignore the DCs
Yesterdays 3 lots of washing taken off the line, sorted , folded and partially put away
Towels, sheets and two lots of new school uniform washed and dried
12 polo shirts ironed and nametaped
2 lots school shoes labelled
2 school bags named and packed
2 PE kits checked
Kitchen floor swept and mopped (the latter by DD)
Food shopping with the DCs
Visited new allotment to show the DCs and investigate a bit more thoroughly
Unpacked shopping
Talked to neighbour about state of fence between our gardens
Received large bag of hand me down school uniform from said neighbour
Discussion about changing bodies with DCs and bought DD her first deodorant - awww.
Phoned National Blood Service - they do have the most lovely call centre staff
emails etc
Made dinner
Sorted swimming kit
DS to swimming lesson (I swam too in another lane)
Out to Scout executive meeting, which went on and on and on
Just back from that.

INSET day tomorrow, last day of holidays for the DCs sad. DS hates going back to school, DD likes it.

Toffee - glad DS1 is managing to get out and about with his friends , no wonder he felt rough after the Guinness.

Nettie - well done on the running, you too Feet. I've reverted back to swimming as my main form of exercise again now, but miss the running, maybe once the DCs are back at school I will pick it up again.

Honu - hope the respite is going well for you and DH

PA - glad the nursing home was impressive

BAdvoc - that's a good start, I too hate the ironing.

Bitchy - me too re the craft projects. I started a big crochet blamket a year ago, got about a third done but it is very bulky now both to work with and to keep around, so it gets shoved in a cupboard and forgotten about.

I've read all the posts, but will be up all night if I respond to all of them, it is lovely to see so many people being busy with their lists and chatter. Back with links in a minute. I'm a night owl not a lark, so they will appear late in the evening for the next day (mostly) this month.

x-posted with Zing - sorry to hear that. Don't beat yourself up about not getting anything done, there are other things in life more important than housework.

Tuesday links

Number 3 - getting up and dressed to lace up shoes, and keep shining your sink. Shoes are optional on this thread.

Sneak Peak Missions - scroll down to Tuesday and start putting out your hotspots. Hotspots are those little places on shelves, counters, tables that attract small clutter, coins, keys, tickets, receipts. Keep putting them out!

Just found a Back to School page

Tuesday's Daily Focus is Planning

Finally our habit for the month of September is our before bed routine September

Swanhilda Mon 02-Sep-13 23:50:44

I do most of my uniform with biro too PMPY blush

Toffee great news that ds had such a good day outside.

tied myself in knots over special "house"school tie purchase for ds2, hope it will come tomorrow - my debit card refused to work online aargh! Vouchers saved the day but involved a trip to Waitrose
general feeling of anxiety about return to school, slightly ameliorated by lots of getting out and about.
Ds2 was in a state today and very tyrannical, refusing to do anything without his Dad. In end they went to Morrisons together hmm and bought some garlic bread, and that was all he did today except moan! Dh was trying to work most of day and out in middle - I don't think ds2 really gets that his Dad has a job - we are going to have to try and convince him I'm a substitute entertainerhmm
Other two went to a film, separately, by separate transport but same cinema same time grin. Ds1 refused to sit anywhere near dd and her friend/friend's family, and then was in a state when he returned about Steve Carell being a bad guy in the film shockhmmgrin

oh yes, I did some gardening, a little bit.
A stunning day and the figs are ripe at last!

dizzyday07 Tue 03-Sep-13 03:31:50

DD eventually came back after 4pm and promptly disappeared out again!

Added to this morning's accomplishments are:
. Washed coats hung to dry
. Dry towels folded and put away
. Form posted
. Dinner bought - and then later cooked
. Sink shined
. Homework chivvied (and eventually finished!)
. 3 bathroons deep cleaned
. Supervised DD showering etc and put her to bed
. School lunches paid online
. After school club form completed and cheque written
. Uniform and bags ready for the morning
. Alarm set!

Those of you with OH's - do they help? And if so how did you manage it?

I recently told DH and DD that I sometimes feel like a slave as all I seem to do is clear up their messes without getting any recognition of the effort made (though writing it sounds very melodramatic!). I told them I put things away in what seems to me a logical place but they were quite welcome to put their things where they liked! DH promptly told me that would be no good as I wouldn't know where anything was when he forgot! #backtosquareone

I also asked them to take responsibility for a chore. DH picked putting out the bins but wanted me to remind him on the correct day! I said he should set a reminder into his phone. Well tonight is the night and I jokingly asked if he was going to do his job and he got annoyed that I wouldn't straight away remind him what it was! (he as predicted had forgotten).

Do I just resign myself to doing everything or keep plugging away at him?


DH helps around the house and so do the DC now that they are older. DH has always done his share. In the beginning I used to cook and he washed up, I dusted and did bathrooms and he hoovered and mopped. Either of us does the washing. Now the DC help as well it has slightly changed as to who does what, but still everyone pulls their weight. I did slightly more back when I was home on maternity leave obviously, but as we both work we both do chores.

Ta Da
Go up and smiled at the nicely laid out school uniforms and bags. I love routines!
Pegged out washing

To Do
Wipe round toilets and bathroom
Wipe round kitchen
Clean out fridge before Tesco delivery

Good luck to everyone with DC going back to school today, and to those of us who go back to work too grin

Mumof3xx Tue 03-Sep-13 07:14:19

Morning all!

All up
All fed
That's it!

To do
Too much

elliepac Tue 03-Sep-13 07:32:08

Morning allsmile.

Ta da:-
All up
All dressed
All breakfasted
Beds made/curtains drawn
S/s bathroom
Washing pegged out
Quick washup of stray pots

dizzy don't give up. dh is a very reluctant housework type person buy if I ask/tell him to do something he will. Needs reminding but willingly helps out. He moved straight from home in with me from a mother who did absolutely everything for him. I have had to train him...a little like a doggrin. Took some time but we got there.grin I have to be honest and say this is an issue that we have clashed over many times and doing everything really got to me. So I stopped enabling him by just doing everything myself because it was easier and took the situation by the scruff of the neck. Now it feels like much more of a partnership iyswim.

Morning all. First day of school today. Eep.

Dd is getting dressed in her brand new uniform. I should be up and dressed already!

Will have to post a list later or we'll be late for school!

Mumof3xx Tue 03-Sep-13 07:55:05


Ta da

All up
Kids all fed
Kids all dressed
Dryer on
Bills paid

To do
Get dressed
Put washer on
Put dry clothes away
Order shopping
Make beds
Tidy living room
Hoover living room

I'm also contemplating painting my front porch (inside) as its really grubby and walls are marked from pram etc

Morning all.

Best wishes for all the school runs today.

Here (when he is here) DH does help a bit, but we are polar opposites and he ends up driving me crazy, so it is easier to do it if he does any cleaning he makes me feel totally inadequate! - when it comes to cleaning DH is a little OCD whereas I am not!! I always tell him I am his antidote so that it doesn't get a grip on him!! wink Weirdly, though, now being here without him I am taking on more of his traits! I am determined to get this place spotless.....then keep it like it.

List for today:

continue house blitz- bedrooms today
I have chosen the worst 2 -mine and DD1's
I must get some paperwork to the accountant
Do some catch-up with paid work
Get out with DS and DD2 this afternoon - maybe the beach
Washing x3 loads today

Have a good day everyone.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Sep-13 09:43:27

Morning. School starts tomorrow for DS2, which is just as well because he slept in till 9am this morning! Have no idea how I will get him in on time tomorrow - it's going to be a shock for us both. Usually I make sure he is back in the school bedtime routine by now, but we are both too full of cold to bother with that.

dizzy - sounds like your DH just feels housework is your job. I can identify with feeling like a slave to everyone. All you can do is keep banging on about it and shame / bore them all into taking responsibility themselves. Getting each of them to pick one job that is their sole responsibility is a good start.

I have to say that I came back to a very tidy house after being away for a week and DH seems quite upset by all the mess we have brought with us and is much more house proud at the moment.

To do :

Putting clothes away
Put PE kit and school bag by front door (where is the school bag? confused)
Put socks in shoes
Playground excursion
Final run through Times Tables with DS2
Plan home ed for tomorrow with DS1 (revise basic Maths; handwriting)
DH - buy food for the next few days plus lunchbox stuff for DS2
Finish tidying house
Early dinner
Baths, hairwashes and nail cutting
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Make sure DC are in bed on time
Make sure I am in bed at a decent hour

Picturesinthefirelight Tue 03-Sep-13 09:47:40

Morning folks.

Lie in today (except for dh who is back at work) I've got two days off to look after the kids. Ds is back at school tomorrow & dd Thursday

Had shower & dressed & dd has done breakfast for us (at a price)

Just need to dry my hair

Personal mission for the day - buy a laundry pen.

feetheart Tue 03-Sep-13 10:07:46

Just a word to people about marker pen/biro/etc. I have been in charge of PTA second-hand uniform sale for a few years and pen fades. We get all the lost uniform handed on to us if they can't find the owners and the amount of almost brand new stuff that have had names in but they are so faded that we can't read them is mind-boggling. I try and re-do DCs names every month or so or at least check that they are not too faded.

Ta da:
- All up and fed
- Looking after friend's two this morning as she works at school - should get all the gossip when she gets back smile
- Tidy kitchen
- Washing on

To do:
- Check uniforms and order DS some new PE shorts - made mistake of ordering his age not his minuscule waist size and they fell down. Much laughter but not much use hmm
- Pay for school dinners on-line
- Sainsburys order
- Contract invoices
- Tidy storage area/Playmobil World living room in manageable small doses

That will do for now, will see how I get on.

Swanhilda Tue 03-Sep-13 10:15:01

up early to help neighbour take our ex-kittens to be neutered as she doesn't drive - they were looking v grownup 3 months on..
tried to get ds1 to do a bit of reading about Heroes topic
turned off telly for ds2, who is just being a nightmare at the moment. Dh is doing a book cover with him about Bermuda Triangle book - we are both in a state of jangled nerves about just about EVERYTHING.

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 10:17:58

Ds has been sucessfully despatched on time to school. The fat fairy would be most disapproving though as i went out without makeup and properly fixing my hair. Now sorted that and off to run errands. On planning day. grin well <shrug> <sticks tongue out> grin

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 10:20:18

ds' school has banned iron-on labels for same reason. They come out. Managed to do all but one shirt with sew on labels. not sure how one shirt randomly got forgotten but it did confused

Hi, hope it's ok if I join? I used to FLY ages ago and sure I recognise some of the names on the thread from before ... I need to start again (Deep breath). Sure you will all help me.
So far this morning, I am dressed to shoes and got DD off to school. Contemplating what to do today with DS1 (8) and DS2 (2). Worrying about what to teach at school tomorrow (I'm a secondary school teacher, part time.) Mind not really at home today!
I'm sure you're all going to remind me what I need to do to get out of that CHAOS! (Broke my toe in the garage the other day it is so cluttered! OW! Which is what persuaded me I NEED Flylady again)

GoingGoingGoth Tue 03-Sep-13 10:39:47

Morning all, thoughts with everyone setting off for school today DCs and teachers.

Feeling a little smug as we're 3 weeks down the line and still not had a late morning!!! It won't last, will probably oversleep tomorrow.

Morning routines
Laundry in, nice day and laundry basket almost empty so doing dressing gowns.
Dd to school
Popped to shops (3,600 steps)
Made brunch hmm
Waiting for laundry to finish so I can hang it out

To do
Hang out laundry
Put another load in
Put away dry clothes
Tackle yesterday's and today's missions
Finish weekly bleugh
Transfer 'spare' bedding from large not very good vacuum bag to smaller much better ones.
Unbox last lot of crockery, wash and put in kitchen cupboard, got some of these yesterday
Collect DD
Go to library
Wash up & shine sink

Yeah, that's doable hmm

Well Dd is at school, DS has just had his first settling in session at nursery and I am supposed to be on a conference call but my phone is playing up.

To do
Conference call
Pick dd up
Declutter entrance
Ice cream
Buy slippers for DS
Sweep outside front of house
Clean door

Swanhilda Tue 03-Sep-13 11:22:04

Hi, Wendy. It is me swan smile Brilliant you got back into teaching.

envyat garage despite toe-stubbing

Dcs are all being thoroughly teenage atm. Ds1 has disappeared on a long wander into the neighbourhood without money or phone, rather than be given any chores or homework. Dtwins are listening to loud music upstairs. Dd has only just woken up shock

My school ties have arrived at Waitrose -phew..

dh has hung out washing
I've put ds2's pencil case in his bag all neatly labelled
found a photo for ds2's science homework of him on giant slide defying gravity

My stomach is just in complete knots this morning, but there really is no reason for it. We are waiting to see whether Ds2 gets into first choice school off waiting list which adding to tension. He is now no 7 on waiting list... from being No 26 in March.

Just popping by, chaos here as the DCs are still at home. Just finished all the nametaping / trying on / adjusting waistbands. I use iron-on ones (Easy2Name) on poloshirts, trousers, skirts, pinafores, sew in ones on sweatshirts/cardigans/coats (more valuable or not iron-able items) and pen on small things like gloves / hats. Pen does fade rapidly with washing, I use it for emergencies but it doesn't last at all. Also the letters tend to blur and be illegible. Iron-on ones sometimes come off but not often, I just keep an eye on them when I'm putting away the washing.

<puts on kettle, makes everyone a calming brew>

Mumof3xx Tue 03-Sep-13 12:22:15

Oooo I need a cuppa!

I have done nothing off my list and spent an hour on the phone with tax creds brill!

Jdub Tue 03-Sep-13 12:38:42

Shame on me! It's already the 3rd and I've yet to get cracking!!
Had a weekend of dc birthday partying, so - much related tidying (stuffing out of site) has occurred. But I am spurred into doing an autumnal 'shed' - abit like a tree losing its leaves- to create space and rid my house of a lot of 'stuff' (junk), for a jolly good pre-winter tidy up!
Bloody love autumn, me! Happy September x

Me too Jdub - both my DCs birthdays are just after Christmas so I need to have a huge clearout in the autumn for the Dec/Jan onslaught of stuff.

Right, work done (I only work mornings).

We were wonderfully organised leaving the house for school this morning, and I actually got to work early instead of being in a panic that I was going to be late.

Just made myself lunch and then I am going to crack on with the to do list.

Ta Da
Pegged out washing
Wiped round toilets and bathroom

To Do
Wipe round kitchen
Clean out fridge before Tesco delivery
Wash up

Hoping to be done with housework by the time I go to pick the DC up from school.

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 13:18:14

ta da
up and out with ds to school on time
food shopping
load of washing
internet stuff
check timings for tonight

Not much but it is a start, there'll be little more done today I suspect. I am about to pick up my hook with the aim of getting the zigzag project to a point where it can be left so that i can focus on the squares for my blanket so that I can kill off that project.

ZingWantsCake Tue 03-Sep-13 13:55:28

ta da

-put a load of washing on
-got DS5 to playgroup on time, also picked him up on time
-paid for two weeks of playgroup (I remembered! )
-ordered hair clips for DD (she loves them!)
-gave kids lunch on time (not at 4.15pm!)
-drank some water
-demonstrated to DSs 2&3 where and how to cross the road safely.
they want to come home on their own together.
-started phase two of sleep training DD: leaving room while she is still awake.
(so I left the room while she was awake, put DS5 in bed, returned to her bedroom. she's not cried until she saw me.
I patted her back, she stopped crying. I didn't pick her up!
I backed up and left room and sat on stairs out of sight, waiting to pop back. I didn't have to.
she fell asleep ON HER OWN!!!! yay!)
only took me 10 days from her screaming constantly unless I cuddled her to sleep then airlifted in cot to do what she's just done!
I feel empowered! smile smile smile smile smile

to do

-school clothes
-PE kits
-cut up melons for snack
-bake red currant muffins
-put more washing on
-fold and put away clothes.

4 oldest are going back to school tomorrow and with DS5 in playgroup every morning finally I'll have a chance to focus on improving on state of house (tidy, organize & declutter)

saturn Tue 03-Sep-13 14:11:51

Hi everyone, I'm back

Hope everyone is doing ok, welcome to all the newbies smile

Had a blissful 4 days...most stress free 4 days of my life and then DD got sick...most stressful 4 days of my life!!! Took her to doctor today and it's a viral infection. Hope she is better for tomorrow...first day back at school. I'm exhausted, but really need to get things in order for will set timer for 15 minutes and power of three...

To do
Get clothes ready to exercise tomorrow (determined to get into exercise routine, didn't get back into it after holiday in May and it is now September blush)
Clean dining room table
5 minute hot spot

Will be back...

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Sep-13 14:15:10

I am being completely unproductive today. I have gone into some sort of stupor. Have to go shopping in a minute, though, so that might shake me up a bit.

Ta da :

Bugger all sad.

<makes another brew just for Toffee>

Not getting much done here either now, been sorting DCs clothes out, we are very short of wardrobe space for them. Been given a huge pile of hand me down school uniform, which is great but it is all very big and nowhere to store it.

GoingGoingGoth Tue 03-Sep-13 14:28:52

ARRGH day is going too fast & MN just ate my post

Morning routines
2 loads laundry washed
Dd to school
Popped to shops & bank
Swapped DH's & mine chests of drawers over (more space for me grin)
Put away dry clothes
Refolded DD's clothes -why does she always want the bottom tshirt!?
Rehung clothes on naice new wooden coat hangers
Transfer 'spare' bedding from large not very good vacuum bag to smaller much better ones.
Moved bedding into different cupboard
Get last box of crockery from cupboard
completely reorganised cupboard (not planned)
Packed away remainder of summer stuff
Vacuum bedrooms & hallway
Emptied bins

to do
Clean cat litter tray
Unbox last lot of crockery, wash and put in kitchen cupboard
Vacuum lounge
Collect DD
Go to library
Wash up & shine sink

GoingGoingGoth Tue 03-Sep-13 14:30:37

Well done Zing re sleep training

ZingWantsCake Tue 03-Sep-13 14:45:15

thanks Goth it's like a dream!grin

Mumof3xx Tue 03-Sep-13 14:51:19

Ta da

All up
All fed
All dressed
Washer on
Pots washed
Living room tidy
Living room hoovered
Tax credits phoned

To do
Washing away
Empty bin
Tidy kitchen
Clean sinks

saturn Tue 03-Sep-13 14:52:36

Ta da

Clothes ready to exercise first thing in the morning
Cleaned dining room table
5 minute hot spot

To do
Shine sink

brew toffee and who knows

Great ta da list goth...impressive lists inspire me to do better!!!

feetheart Tue 03-Sep-13 15:27:52

Well done on sleep training Zing, it is SO worth doing.

Ta da
- Check uniforms - few labels still to sew on
- Pay for school dinners on-line
- Sainsburys order
- Left 4 children to entertain themselves, did feed them though.
- Washing up
- Hooverd living room, hall and stairs
- Blackberry sorbet half made
- Post Office to collect letter

To do:
- Order DS some new PE shorts - may wait to go in in person
- Find DD's plimsols hmm
- Finish sorbet
- Sort out plum vodka (and possibly add vodka to Sainsburys list)
- Contract invoices
- Persuade DC to tidy away Playmobil World in living room and both of their bedrooms hmm
- Early tea
- Proper evening routine
- Bath and bed at a decent time for DC and me

Vodka first I

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 16:00:45

I still have envy wrt children sleeping through the night. Ds still doesn't. although last night he didn't wake me up despite the fact it was obvious he had been in my room at somepoint - this is what i consider a successful night's sleep.

Have started the last 5 squares for the blanket. hopefully with get next colour put on them later whilst sat on my bum doing sod all.

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 16:01:37

*doing sod all later. <sigh> need more coffee or sleep or both. Ds is out and it is too far to drvie back whilst he is busy so will have an hour to kill.

ZingWantsCake Tue 03-Sep-13 16:06:04

feetheart oh yes, I'm quite experienced in it!

if only I could sleep train myself...grin

ZingWantsCake Tue 03-Sep-13 16:07:15

Bitchy can you nap in the car?

(I bet you are roaming the net, aren't you?wink )

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 16:14:18

If i nap in the car I don't sleep in the evening. Thankfully due to technology issues restrictions I am not able to get on the internet unless I am on the laptop. Normally this time is used for a good gossip or a wander around the local shops. grin


Ta Da
Pegged out washing
Wiped round toilets and bathroom
Wiped round kitchen
Cleaned out fridge before Tesco delivery
Brought washing in
Washed up
Emptied school bags
Ran carpet sweeper around living room and swept kitchen

Dinner is in the oven. Everyone is actually home at the same time tonight to eat. Tomorrow however is a nightmare, with football training, choir practice and a piano lesson so I haven't quite worked out when we will sit down to eat.

To Do
Put away Tesco delivery when it comes
Put uniforms on to wash when DC go to bed
Pack bags and lay out uniforms for tomorrow

Theknitwitch Tue 03-Sep-13 17:17:42

Bit late checking in today blush. DD at home (school starts to tomorrow), so had lazy fun day together.

Ta Da

Unloaded dishwasher
Cleared dining table and kitchen after breakfast.
Hung out washing
Cleared hotspots; console table, sofas and bottom of stairs
Vacuumed hallway, living room, dining room.
Bit of planning done; booked dance lessons for DD and (long overdue/diet not working) exercise classes for me. Booked table for meal with MIL this w/e.

To Do

Bring washing in
Start on dinner with little help from DD smile
Double-check got everything for school tomorrow.

Check in again later.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Sep-13 17:35:54

Thanks for [tea], WhoKnows and Saturn. I have managed a large shop and put it away. Kitchen is a mess. Am cooking roast chicken and trimmings, then need to get the boys to bed and lay out clothes for tomorrow. I blame today's stupor on this cold and will be relieved when it's gone. Colds are so pointless and irritating.

saturn Tue 03-Sep-13 18:40:21

Roast chicken and trimmings envy ...can I come round? Really hungry and no food in the house...well nothing I fancy eating/can be bothered making! Hope you feel better tomorrow toffee cake

Got completely distracted and d on't even know what I've been doing (apart from eating custard creams blush). Have everything ready for tomorrow, so the morning should go smoothly as long as I get out of bed on time. Ok still got time to get some stuff done..

To do
Shine sink
Put dishwasher on

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Sep-13 18:41:38

<lays extra place for saturn>

<ignores the confused look on DC's faces>

pours wine

NickNacks Tue 03-Sep-13 19:01:01

Argh my baby is off to middle school tomorrow!!!!! shock

Jesstryinghard Tue 03-Sep-13 19:41:25

Haven't managed anything today really as ds still on holiday til Monday so we went for day out today smile

Cooked a healthy tea if that counts smile

Waving to all


GoingGoingGoth Tue 03-Sep-13 19:48:42

Final list for the day as I plan to either crawl into a bath and/or bottle of wine

Morning routines
2 loads laundry washed
Dd to school
Popped to shops & bank
Swapped DH's & mine chests of drawers over (more space for me )
Put away dry clothes
Refolded DD's clothes -why does she always want the bottom tshirt!?
Rehung clothes on naice new wooden coat hangers
Transfer 'spare' bedding from large not very good vacuum bag to smaller much better ones.
Moved bedding into different cupboard
Get last box of crockery from cupboard
completely reorganised cupboard (not planned)
Packed away remainder of summer stuff
Vacuum bedrooms & hallway
Emptied bins
Clean cat litter tray
Vacuum lounge
Collect DD
Supervise homework
Go to library
Washing up
Blanch vegetables for freezing

to do
Final wash up & shine sink

elliepac Tue 03-Sep-13 20:22:24

Evening all. 2nd day back at work survived but no kids until tomorrow.

Ta da:-
Morning routine
Putting away
Washing on
Washing up (now ds's job, I dry)
S/s bathroom
Packed lunches
Bags packed
Uniform laid out
Reading with dc's done
Maintenance tidy downstairs

DC's have both had a successful day back at school. DS has moved up a set in Maths and is feeling mighty proud of himselfsmile. He's even voluntarily read tonight which is no mean featshock. Long may the enthusiasm last.

Apologies for no personals but I am absolutely shattered and am going to collapse in a heap.

Theknitwitch Tue 03-Sep-13 20:23:34

Impressive list Goth smile

Ta Da
Brought washing in.
Made dinner.
Sorted for school tomorrow.
Dishwasher on and shined sink.
DD finally in bed.

Thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow. But mostly thinking about brew and cake

Well, I gave up Flying and decided to have a lazy afternoon with the DCs before going back to school and work tomorrow. Went for a bike ride - none of us are very competent cyclists so we just did races round a running track that has been painted on a nearby green. Then I started assembling the memory books I do for the DCs at the end of each school year on the patio table, did one, stopped for tea, DCs wanted to cycle again so we went up to the allotment as DH hadn't seen it yet, then when I came back all the papers were damp, so I don't dare put them in plastic sleeves tonight, they're going in the airing cupboard instead. Just got to get the DCs off to bed then tackle the OU assignment again sad. I still have a massive heap of secondhand too-big school uniform on my bed too.

Back later with links.

saturn Tue 03-Sep-13 20:40:52

Thanks as well, will come round more often!!!

wine and sympathy nicknacks, can't believe DD will be going into yr2 shock

Sure healthy tea counts Jess, think it's baby step 31 - eat healthily - so you're actually well ahead this month grin

I've done my e-mails and put dishwasher on, but actually can't be bothered to do anything else... I know not the right attitude...have a lovely evening everyone (well what's left of it!) smile

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 20:58:32

We are not back in the school routine. Tears and everything. I can't wait for ds to discover girls or boys and actually have a shower without all the sodding yelling and screaming that goes on at the moment.

Forgot my project in the end so just nattered. Was really rather pleasant! grin

lunch is all made. Ds is now in bed and eating toast and complaining of achy legs again. I have a cba attitude and going to curl up for an early night. might hook a little but so tired I could just crash

First day of school survived. By DD at least. I am knackered! Can't remember what was on my list but don't think I've done it!

Back in a bit if I'm still awake!

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 21:17:25

*now back in the school routine
not not back.

Ta Da
Pegged out washing
Aired beds
Wiped round toilets and bathroom
Wiped round kitchen
Cleaned out fridge before Tesco delivery
Brought washing in
Put washing away
Made beds
Washed up
Emptied school bags
Ran carpet sweeper around living room and swept kitchen
Cooked dinner
Washed up again (by DH this time)
Put Tesco delivery away and re-jigged my meal plan around the use by dates
Wrote all the dates and details from the school letter onto my calendar and into my diary
Put uniforms on to wash
Packed school bags and laid out uniforms for tomorrow

To Do for tomorrow morning before work/school
Peg out washing
Wipe round kitchen
Wash up breakfast dishes
Air beds

To Do for tomorrow afternoon
Wipe round toilets and bathroom
Dust living room
Sweep kitchen floor
Bring washing in, iron, put uniforms ready for Thursday
Sort out DS1's football kit ready for training
Type up PTA minutes ready for AGM

Swanhilda Tue 03-Sep-13 21:26:28

Today I have done

supper was a takeaway but that wasn't my idea blush
cleaned kitchen
washing put away
Newton's Laws of Motion x 3
listened to ds2 read his graphic novel aloud confused
paid a bill over phone
decluttered some uniform to a friend
went on busride to Chiswick Waitrose to pick up those pesky ties, with ds2
made ds2 try on his uniform, which was lucky as two pairs of trousers from ds1 were too tight, but we had bigger ones as well, so was able to purge them from cupboard

now I am going to attempt some last minute Secondary form filling in which I should have done at the end of last term.

Tomorrow dh has to take one child to first day of term and I have to take the other! Help! Dd says she wants to go by herself from second day, so that is lucky....hmm Her school is an hour's bussride away for heaven's sake! Less on tube but she refuses to do it that way.

BitchytheGreat Tue 03-Sep-13 21:33:03

Newtons laws of motion swan ?

Evening all. Have had a crazy but fun day today - out at local adventure park place all day, then author/translator event at bookshop in town this evening.

Momentous occasion of DS1 losing his first baby tooth at lunchtime so have to do the tooth fairy thing for the first time shortly!

School doesn't start till Thurs so a day of being out and about planned tomorrow too.

Big, sleepy waves to all. Night.

feetheart Tue 03-Sep-13 22:53:21

Blue - just remind the Tooth Fairy that there are 19 more teeth to come out so generosity may come back to bite her on the bum smile

Seemed to get a lot done today, including some Flying related stuff, but have failed to wash dishes or clean sink and it is too late now though might do a bit.
Also failed to get DS into the bath as I forgot blush so will have to give him a quick one in the morning. At least DD remembered so she is squeaky clean.


Too big school uniform is bagged up for the loft. For the first time in about four weeks our bedroom has no piles of clothes lying around, it looks lovely.

School uniform is laid out, I just need to put my clothes out and sort dinner money then it's off to bed.

PMPY - glad day 1 went well for DD.

Bitchy - sympathies re shower/bath issues, my two are reluctant a lot of the time, although they both went in quite happily tonight.

Nick / Swan good luck with new schools tomorrow, and anyone else whose DC goes back tomorrow.

Blue - aww, first tooth. DS swallowed his and didn't even notice it had gone till I asked him.

Some good lists today better than mine keep up the good work!

Back with links in a minute.

Feet - I've decided that daily baths / showers will be implemented from today, we are always forgetting and the DCs never remind us (funnily enough) but DD has suddenly developed a bit of BO (she's only 7!) so it has to be done. She's very proud of her first deodorant, it's sitting on top of her uniform pile.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 03-Sep-13 23:05:36

Nicknacks - mine too! <sobs> Am not sure I am ready to hand over my baby to juniors. And he has a notoriously strict teacher this year <chews knuckles>.

Have labelled clothes and finished the ironing. The lunchbox was smelly, so I've found an old picnic lunchbox which will have to do. PE kit and book bag are in the hall, socks are in new shiny school shoes, school uniform is ironed and laid out. And we managed to practise Times Tables before bed to get his brain into gear again.

Hope I haven't forgotten anything.

DS2 is still awake, poor thing, but has been in bed since 8.30.

Hope to be back later to catch up. If not, best of luck to all those going back to school tomorrow.

Links for Wednesday:

Babystep - reminders on post-it notes. This is one I have always ignored as I don't want other people to think I am completely mad!

Mission - get rid of those fingerprints. An ecloth is perfect for this.

Daily Focus - Anti Procrastination Day - do all those little things you've been putting off.

By the way, if you'd like one link to find all this information, bookmark this one Launchpad. The babysteps are in a link near the bottom of the page, all the individual ones are at the bottom of that page.

Oh, good luck to DS2 tomorrow as well Toffee. We did times tables tonight too for only the second time in 6 weeks.

feetheart Tue 03-Sep-13 23:24:39

That's twice more than us Whoknows smile

Couldn't do washing up as DD had used all the water. MUST go to bed now.
Night night all

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 00:08:38

DS2 is still awake shock. He is usually the good sleeper of the two, but I think DS1 will be asleep before him tonight. I have just given him two biscuits and read another chapter of a story to him because I felt so sorry for him just lying there and he complained that he was hungry. DH has sung his favourite lullaby. Am hoping DS2 will be asleep by the time I get up.

Annoying also, because the nail-cutting fairy was going to pay him a visit in the night after the sight of nail clippers caused the usual hysteria this evening.

Night all.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 00:09:29

asleep by the time I go back upstairs, I mean. Really must start proofreading my posts again blush.

feetheart Wed 04-Sep-13 06:53:03

Hope you got some sleep Toffee?

Up too late here and awake too early hmm. No doubt it will catch up with me at some point but at least I got some work done.

Ta da:
- Contract invoices (been on my list since Monday!)

To do:
- All up and out with correct uniform, bags, etc
- WORK - major catch-up after very 'bitty' summer - working from home and summer holidays really don't go together
- Washing up from yesterday and breakfast blush
- Shine sink properly
- S&S
- Check sour dough starter and, if OK, make bread
- Get sponsors

Have a good day everyone, looks lovely from here. Tempted to get hammock out again smile

Morning all smile

Hope your DS isn't too shattered this morning toffee. I have been pretty much routines only the last couple of days so am relieved that this week's zone is the hall etc as ours is tiny and therefore fairly easy to keep on top of. Very exciting elf and safety training all day today. I shall try to stay awake!

To do
Read with DD
15 mins of financial decluttering
Pay paye
Washing on
Washing folded and away
1 drawer of filing cabinet tidy
Calendar filled in and hung up

elliepac Wed 04-Sep-13 07:27:13

Morning allsmile. Beautiful day here too feet. Might sit in the garden all day with the paddling pool up......oh, hang on... Summer holidays are overhmm.

Kids back at my place today. Looking forward to seeing my formsmile. They are Year 11 now. Can't believe it, still remember their first day and now they are all 6ft strapping lads and beautiful girls. I know they are not my own kids but I kind of feel like a mum to them and I miss them over the summersmile. They make me smile. Then back to teaching this afternoon. Year 11 all afternoon so no easing my way inwink.

Have a good day everyonesmile.

Good morning.

Thinking of you all running around like headless chickens getting ready for school today! grin For the first time in 19 years I am not doing it!!! Wooohooooo

Another day of home blitz. Although I have a gazillion loads of washing to get done today, so that might have to take top priority. Lets hope the fog clears quickly and I can get it all dried, too.

Have a good day - I cba to do a list today, I am just going to wing-it!

Jesstryinghard Wed 04-Sep-13 09:58:31

Morning all

How are we all doing ?!

Need to get some stuff done but here in Berkshire we are getting a last blast of summer so it's tempting to spend the whole day ourdoors !!

How's everyone's kids getting on with going back to school ??

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 10:15:18

19 years of school runs, PA? Blimey, you deserve a break. Make the most of it - you might have to start doing it with the grandchild in a few years wink.

DS2 didn't settle till long after midnight, poor thing. I couldn't sleep, so finally went up at around 1.30am, but not before tackling his last molluscum with a pair of tweezers whilst he was in a deep sleep (klaxon alert!). We have lived with those pesky things on both boys for years and it was very satisfying to see the last one go.

DS2 went off to school happily this morning, although I expect the lack of sleep will catch up with him this afternoon and he'll need an early night. His new teacher is notorious for being strict and shouty, so I'm a bit apprehensive.

Ellie - that made me laugh. Sorry you are back in the maelstrom of school again. Hopefully you'll get a bit of evening sunlight to sit in when you get home.

Jess - Hi. As noted above, the school run went ok this morning. I had even laid the table out with breakfast stuff before I went to bed last night (that won't happen again though).

PMPY - hope you manage to stay awake through the elf and safety <hands over strong coffee>.

feet - ooh, can I have a turn in your hammock? Well done on the successful school run this morning.

House is feeling very quiet now DS2 is at school. DS1 is asking for coffee and croissants though, so I am still feeling like a hotel service. DH is off on a five-day break for work shortly, so will be waving him off. Then it's just me and the boys and I have, inadvertently, promised it will be party time hmm.

Hope everyone has a good day.

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Sep-13 10:51:12

It's a bit of a bitty day here. Not sure what if I am going to get done what i needed to get done though.

Mumof3xx Wed 04-Sep-13 11:12:54

Ta da

All up
All fed
All dressed
Beds made
Me bathed
Pots washed
Kitchen tidy

To do

Put shopping away
Clean pets
Empty bins
Sweep stairs
Hoover living room
Tidy living room
Sort out clothes4cash stuff

GoingGoingGoth Wed 04-Sep-13 11:40:05

Morning all (just), hope 1st (and 2nd) days are going well.

Toffee thanks for the KLAXON, I've just looked it up, sounds like a right PITA, but quite satisfying. <rubs palms>

Morning routine-now includes scraping condensation off bedroom windows! sad
Such a nice day, so beds changed
Laundry on
Washing up
Dry laundry away
Laundry hung out
Unpacked the last box!
Washed crockery and squeezed them into cupboard

Was planning to anti-procrastinate and do paperwork but DH is working getting in the way so may do some more baking MN

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Sep-13 12:06:42

ta da
ds to school on time
2nd load of washing in machine
confirm an appointment
deal with ex
fix a laptop <fingers crossed>
clean bath
run bath with soothing muscle stuff in it.

Taking a book with me and hoping it will kill off some pain. today is a bad day for pain and i don't even know what i have done to cause it. I have been good and actually finding sleep. hmm

I hope you feel better after your bath Bitchy

Ta Da
Pegged out washing
Wiped round kitchen
Washed up breakfast dishes
Air beds
Wiped round toilets and bathroom
Sorted out DS1's football kit ready for training

To Do
Get rid of flowers that are going over and dropping pollen on my windowsills
Dust living room
Sweep kitchen floor
Bring washing in
Put uniforms ready for Thursday
Type up PTA minutes ready for AGM
Pick DC up from school at 3.30
Send DS1 to football training by 4.30
Take DD and DS2 to choir practice by 5.00
Pick DD and DS2 up from choir practice at 6.00
Phone DS1's piano teacher to check whether he has a piano lesson tonight at 6.30 (I can't remember whether he is supposed to start back this week or next week)
Feed everyone dinner at some point in this chaotic evening

I'm pining for the relaxed summer holidays already!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 13:58:16

Goth - I have to say that, usually, the molluscums are most unsatisfying, but the last one went out in style. It was a whopper and it actually popped out, leaving a neat little hole. Told DS2 that 'the molluscum fairy' had flown in with her tweezers last night and he looked at me in horror! It was my duty to do it, of course - I didn't enjoy it at all <evil cackle>.

Sorry you're in pain, Bitchy. Hope the bath helps.

Have done some home ed with DS1, then waved DH off on his five-day break. Spent a couple of hours with a friend, drinking coffee and discussing life. Came back to give DS1 some lunch and am now going to go and catch up on sleep before the school run.

Feel a bit lost and sad knowing DH isn't coming home later. How silly of me <pulls self together and sticks on stiff upper lip>.

Mumof3xx Wed 04-Sep-13 14:29:36

Ta da

All up
All fed
Me bathed
All dressed
Pots washed
Kitchen tidy
Living room tidy
Shopping away
Bin empty
Wheelie bin out

To do

Washer on
Sweep stairs
Washing away

GoingGoingGoth Wed 04-Sep-13 16:14:06


Toffee grin did you see the 25 year old blackhead thread? It was amazing! Really bad method for removal though, my fingers were twitching to take over while I watched.

dizzyday07 Wed 04-Sep-13 16:32:01

DD enjoyed school yesterday even though she was dreading it a little as had heard the teacher was strict and today she said she had enjoyed it better than Yr3 and was looking forward today.

Ta Da list was:
. Clean downstairs cliakroom
. Remove everything from the lounge that shouldnt be there(and dump it in the dining room!)
. Hoover and dust lounge and hall
. Cook tea
. Shine sink
. Procrastinate all day over what fabrics to use in a quilt I am making!

Today I have made a start at sewing said quilt together and once DD is finished swimming club we need to nip and do a food shop as The Boy is visiting for the weekend so my Mum and Sis are coming to see him!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 16:59:32


Yes, goth, I did see that thread. Had to watch the video from behind my fingers though. Agree with you about the removal method. And how on earth anybody can live with that thing on them is beyond me...

The good thing about DS2's molluscum was that it was exactly ripe for take off <dreamy look>. And I am now feeling the satisfaction of doing the deed alongside the virtuous sense that I have helped him out.

dizzy - glad your DD's first day back went so well. Hope today is as good. Is The Boy your DS1? How old is he?

Mumof3 - your lists are looking very efficient and Flyladyish envy.

DS2 came out of school very happy and has brought a friend home to play. The friend was desperate for the loo on the way home, so I had to knock on a random person's door and ask if he could use their loo blush. The boys are now chatting away upstairs whilst I browse on MN cook dinner downstairs. Managed to put some washing on, deal with the washing up (soooo boring) and do a quick room rescue in the sitting room. DH has phoned and has arrived safely.

Crap day!!! Too crap to type about. 2 words.......student finance!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 17:48:07

Sorry PA.

<offers wine>

Badvoc Wed 04-Sep-13 17:57:25

Today I managed to;
Clean the windows inside (except conservatory)
Clean oven (except shelves)
Tried to de grunge the grout in the bathroom (failed - needs re grouting)
Load of washing on the line

Tomorrow I hope to get cracking with the ironing, clean the toilets and dusting.
That's the plan anyway!

Any tips for getting baked on grunge off oven shelves? sad

Badvoc Wed 04-Sep-13 17:58:57

(Oh, and I made the beds, tidied up, went to the dentist and took my friend to hospital!)

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Sep-13 18:18:13

Oh bloody hell PA
<scoops PA up and dumps her head first into a very large vat of wine and waits for PA to drink her way out of it>
It will be needed. Good luck!

elliepac Wed 04-Sep-13 19:35:57

Evening allsmile. First day with the kids went well, twas quite lovely in fact. DS has found out he has moved up to Set 2 in Maths and he is sooooo happy. He worked his butt off in Year 5 to try and achieve that and he is so proud of himselfsmile and I of him.

Ta da:-
Morning routine
Washing out
Washing in
Swimming lessons
Uniforms laid out
Packed lunches made
Homework done with dc's
Maintenance tidy downstairs
Dinner on for us

Not much else going to be achieved as I am absolutely shattered.

pa hmmhmmhmm. Hope you manage to get something sorted.

<shudder> the words student finance still chill my soul and it has been fifteen years since I graduated. Not looking forward to dealing with it all again with my DC.

Ta Da
Pegged out washing
Wiped round kitchen
Washed up breakfast dishes
Aired beds
Wiped round toilets and bathroom
{Went to work}
Sorted out DS1's football kit ready for training
Got rid of flowers that were going over and dropping pollen on my windowsills, washed out vases
Dusted living room
Swept kitchen floor
Ran carpet sweeper around living room
Brought washing in
Put clothes away
Put uniforms ready for tomorrow
Sorted out PE kits for tomorrow
Ran round in circles picking up DC from school then ferrying them to various after school activities
Cooked dinner
Washed up (DS1) and dried dishes (me)
Wiped around kitchen
Put a load of washing on
Filled in hundreds of forms for DS1's football team registration and wrote corresponding cheques

I didn't get round to typing up the PTA minutes, maybe tomorrow...

NickNacks Wed 04-Sep-13 21:37:14

He survived! And better than that... So did I! The next step is taking the bus tomorrow, I'll wave him off from the front door- he's just 9!!

Anyway now all my dc are back to school I feel normality term time stuff can resume. Dd, mindees and I go to some fab groups which I crave really for the adult interaction. Childminding is very lonely.

Tomorrow's to do

Help ds1 get out the door
Hang wet washing
Hoover downstairs
Tidy playroom
Go to toddler group
Pick up mindee from his first day at school. (Preparing to blub!)
Go for lovely meal out
Pick up a pizza for babysitter
Get back on iron tablets

How did everyone else's dc first days go? smile

Boys aren't back at school till tomorrow, so we had a lovely last day of the holidays out and about with my parents in the morning (apart from a very fraught lunch confused ) and then shopping with my mum in the afternoon while dad looked after the boys. Easy salad tea too. smile

Tomorrow will be a shock to the system, especially as there'll be saying goodbye to grandparents to add to the first school run of the year. Erk!

PA - sympathies. Have some more wine.

NN - glad it went well and hope you enjoy getting back into routines.

Glad you had a good day too, Ellie.

Knew I shouldn't have googled that, Toffee, but glad DS2 got some sleep in the end and had a good day. When I was little a night like that always hit me a day or two later so hope tomorrow goes OK too.

Hope you're feeling better Bitchy.

Better go and make sure I know where lunchboxes etc are, I guess.

Big waves to all. Night!

JustGettingOnWithIt Wed 04-Sep-13 22:04:16

Waves to all and hello to more new people.

I am actually here but things so insane I’ve not had time to post lists and it can be summed up by mainly fighting faceless officialdom, a lot of faceless officialdom, and a lot of fighting. Oh and trying not to kill anyone, including those I care about.
Everyone still alive therfore mission semi acomplished.

PA sorry, it's never ending. wine

Badvoc the cheats minimum effort method here: hydrogen peroxide and baking powder.

Baking powder first, then add hydrogen peroxide, then cover with more baking powder. Go do something else for an hour.

The stronger the hydrogen peroxide the more effective.

JustGettingOnWithIt Wed 04-Sep-13 22:06:59

Still to do
wash up when ds finally finishes dinner
write up last bit of HE diary
get ds into bed
listen to friend

GoingGoingGoth Wed 04-Sep-13 22:39:30

Oh PA hope things start to look up soon.

Badvoc I'm a big fan of Oven Pride, if your oven is ok, you could just do the shelves overnight, it just lifts off. Although I think I'm going to try Just's method next time.

Morning routine-now includes scraping condensation off bedroom windows!
Such a nice day, so beds changed
Laundry on
Washing up
Dry laundry away
Laundry hung out
Unpacked the last box!
Washed crockery and squeezed them into cupboard
Up to date on paperwork grin
Coveted another job application
Accompanied DH to dentist
Collected DD from school
Supervised homework
Put pedals back on DD's bike
Took DD to Woodcraft Folk -she cycled for the first time! I am so proud of her, she's not fallen despite going really slow and has managed about 100m before her nerve breaks
Wash up & SS

GoingGoingGoth Wed 04-Sep-13 22:40:37

Completed not coveted the job application! And I previewed, thank god it's not for a proof reader

Swanhilda Wed 04-Sep-13 22:52:04

We survived today quite well,

twins enjoyed their respective first days in different schools, although dh was kept waiting for ds2 to come out out for 30 mins as they had given wrong time, so was not best pleased to be standing on broiling tarmac playground at 3pm for no reason.

We have a new telly ban in place to try and get everyone into a better termtime mindset, so it was quite relaxing this afternoon as there were no ARGUMENTS about who watched what! so simple... all played Badminton and mooched instead grin

Dh had decided that ds1 was not doing the homework the English Dept set on the last day of term, so I then had to tone down his sarcastic letter denouncing the system("the homework you so kindly set") that he was planning to send in with ds1 in lieu of 6 holiday tasks... I was thinking about what was wrong with the wretched project - basically it was just too long and too complicated - why can't they differentiate for different students instead of getting our backs up?

Ds2 has had his first homework of Secondary. Draw a poster about Respect. He enjoyed it, but refuses to write more than a sentence - am beginning to see the advantage of posters for homework - at least they are not essays!

quite productive - supper cooked
kitchen cleared
bought loads of veg from market
rewwrite dh letter to teachers
long busride to drop off dd
padlock for ds2
stewed plums
changed two sets of bed sheets
wash in

Toffee you will manage brilliantly without dh, and it is nice to hear their news when they come back!

oh PA and Just I had a grrrrrr session with bank, not being able to get through, kept on hold etc, muddling up accounts etc - I was so furious and that was only 30 minutes of my life, so you must have nerves of steel. Just talking to stupid people on phone rather then face to face is enough to make one very very fed up

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 22:54:21

NickNicks - hurray for your DS! That's great news. Completely understand about the loneliness of childminding, as I did it for a couple of years when DS1 was little. That was one of the reasons I gave it up, to be honest, and I suspect it's why so many childminders give it up to become TAs.

Badvoc - no idea about the cooker, I'm afraid. Need some tips on that myself, in fact.

Bitchy - hope your aches and pains are a bit better this evening.

ellie - well done to your DS! Must be such a confidence booster for him. I'm hoping that all our practise with Times Tables will help DS2 cope better with Maths this year.

Jemima - wow, that is such a busy day. Not surprised you didn't get round to the PTA minutes.

Blue - best of luck tomorrow. Thanks for the good wishes for sleep tonight. DS2 fell asleep very easily tonight, so I hope he'll be ok tomorrow.

Just - so sorry you are still fighting the faceless officialdom. Sorry to be stupid, but where do you buy hydrogen peroxide to clean the oven? In the chemist?

DS1 and I have been discussing scary ghosty things. I really wish we hadn't done that whilst DH is away because my imagination is running away with me now. DS1 is fine - it's just me!

Am sitting here typing and browsing until DS1 falls asleep, then hope to get to bed at a decent time.

Theknitwitch Wed 04-Sep-13 22:55:22

Evening all

Bit late checking in today again (starting to become a habit)blush.

Ta Da

Unloaded dishwasher
Cleared dining table and kitchen after breakfast.
Reloaded dishwasher.
Hung out washing.
Made beds.
Cleared hotspots.
Vacuumed hallway, living room, dining room.
Mopped kitchen and bathroom.
Deep cleaned bathroom.
Clothes shopping for DH and DD.
Friend popped round for tea n chat, so nothing else done until time to collect DD. blush
Tea time with DD.
Bath, books and bed with DD.
Brought washing in.
Cooked dinner.
Cleared kitchen.
Sorted clothes for tomorrow for everyone.
Bags ready.

To Do

Sort recycling
Shine sink
Put dishwasher on.
Clear surfaces.
Check to-do list for tomorrow.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 22:57:59

X-posted, Swan and Goth.

Glad your DC survived their first days at school, Swan. I was fine about DH not being here until the ghost-story session grin.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 22:58:39

Impressive list, knitwitch.

Theknitwitch Wed 04-Sep-13 23:07:56

Thanks Toffee grin

Funny, I had one of those days when I didn't feel I'd accomplished very much, looks much more impressive written down!

However, DD (who has never been good at sleeping) has woken up again, so the To Dos are on hold ....

ToffeeWhirl Wed 04-Sep-13 23:10:46

<sprinkles sleep dust on Miniknitwitch>

BitchytheGreat Wed 04-Sep-13 23:40:22

Yeah, went out. ds was nice and calm this evening which was nice. He was in bed before i left. Got back later then I had hope and now running late for bed. Going to take some more pain killers tonight and hope for the best. Tired though so that is always a good sign.

Hope you all manage a good night's sleep!

Late check-in here too, sorry for no personals, but it is so late.


School run achieved smoothly (DS has been moaning like mad about going back). Then gossip with a friend, then work, then back to school. DS came out looking a bit glum, he has been put in the bottom group for reading, I feel a bit shocked too, but I know why, his comprehension is pretty poor, so we need to work on that.

Let them watch telly for half an hour while I did some tidying
Finished making DS's school memory book for last year
DS emptied the DW, and we cleared up the kitchen together
Went for another bike ride - DS has only learned to ride this summer aged 9, so I want to capitalise on current enthusiasm and light evenings to get him up to speed
Home for dinner
Cleared up
DD washed up.
Back out for another bike ride with DH
Home for baths, fruit and milk and a bit more telly, then reading and bed.
I am planning a strict lights out at 9 policy for school nights, it.was 9.15 tonight because they wanted to show the school memory books to their teddies but we are working on it.
A lot more tidying done
Two hours OU work (interspersed with random internetting)
Time for bed.

Who asked about DHs pulling their weight? I have had to spend a long time training mine, his mum did everything for her boys (at least she has the grace to acknowledge this was wrong to me and the DSILs). He did live away from home for a few years before we moved in together, but only in halls of residence and shared houses where I suspect minimal housework got done. It didn't seem so bad when it was just the two of us, he was able to run the vac round, do washing etc. But once the DCs came along it was all downhill, I took voluntary redundancy when youngest DC was 3 and had a year as SAHM, he abdicated all responsibility at that point, and it stayed that way even when I went back to work (p/t) 2.5 years ago. We had a showdown about 2 years ago (I made it very clear I wasn't going to put up with it indefinitely), and agreed that he would do the kitchen every night (we used to take turns) and a few other jobs in return for me not nagging and moaning. Which was OK up to a point, but he was getting up from the kitchen table on his nights and leaving all the dishes until just before bedtime, not a great example to the DCs, so more words were had. In fact, that has been my most successful tactic, the bad example to the DCs, it has also worked on getting him to put clean clothes away, pick dirty ones off the floor etc. Anyway, this time last year I had a major operation and he had to take over completely (with help from DM and DMIL). He has done more ever since and I am generally fairly happy with the split now, considering he works much longer hours than me. I have also refused to organise the replacement of his car (I have always done all the finances, holiday organising, house maintenance organising, car related stuff). His car needs replacing now and I have decided it's not my problem. Although I will want a final say in case he opts for something totally impractical. Essay over.

Links for Thursday.

Babystep - say something nice to yourself!

Mission clear all the coats, bags, shoes that are culttering the hall.

Daily focus Thursday is Errand Day.

Picturesinthefirelight Wed 04-Sep-13 23:57:47

It's been a long day.

Ds was back at school today then I travelled With dd to the uniform shop to exchange a skirt. We then had a bit of girly time at Cheshire Oaks including lunch at Cafe rouge before heading back to collect ds from school.

So very behind on housework but its my last day with dd before she goes off to her new school.

Ended up in the park for an hour after school mostly do dd could catch some of her junior school friends after their school.

Got home to find id lost the name tags. & ds s spots socks. They eventually turned up and mil remembered shed put them inside a carrier bag & moved them into another room so she could Hoover up for me whilst fog sitting

Ta Da

Uniform bought & labelled
Stationery labelled
Shoes labelled
Dance accessories labelled
Backpack & dance bag kids out ready
Uniform laid out ready

Kids showered, fed & in bed.

Early start for dd tomorrow.

Theknitwitch Thu 05-Sep-13 00:31:13

Thanks Toffee, think your magic worked smile
She's sleep again, so off to bed myself now.
Night everyone.

AnnaKissed Thu 05-Sep-13 06:06:04

Right I'm here, I haven't been quite keeping up with the thread, because this week has been a nightmare of settling my little boy into nursery again, getting unpacked, meeting friends, spending time with DH who I haven't seen since early July, etc.

I have that horrible feeling that I don't know even what I have to do, so my first thing to do will be write a to-do list! Plus the week runs Sunday to Thursday here and my husband works shifts so I don't know where I am or what day it is most of the time!

But I'll be back later with what I've actually done.

feetheart Thu 05-Sep-13 06:38:06

Quite a successful day yesterday - both children came out of school with big smiles on their faces with DS delighted that he has a new teacher and that he is 'a boy' - have heard rumours that he is very young so that may not be far from the truth smile
Much anger/frustration/annoyance at the school gates because they have major building work going on, gates/entrances have changed and people don't like it - stayed out of it as I can't see what else they can do and after experiencing the disruption our tiny extension has caused (and is still causing) I feel rather sorry for school.
Some people just need to get a life <<too old to care emoticon needed!>>

Whilst DC were at school I got some work done, made blackberry sorbet which is gorgeous, did some washing, downloaded the 400 photos on DD's camera shock and changed my FB picture to reflect GNR smile

- 30mins work
- All up and out with packed lunches
- Long run
- Bath and breakfast
- More work
- Morning routine including shiny sink (its only 5th blush)
- Make dinner
- Diving for DS
- Guides for DD we think (need to check)

SC - hope DH's op goes well.
Hope everyone has a good day

elliepac Thu 05-Sep-13 06:52:11

Morning allsmile. I have had the crappiest night's sleep ever, I gave up and got up at 5. It's going to be a long dayhmm.

Urgh, it must have been the night for not sleeping. I've been awake on and off with horrible earache that nothing seems to fix. Gave up just before 6 and went out for a run, but have come home feeling really sick - probably because I took ibuprofen on an empty stomach and then jiggled it around running.

Anyway, To Do
Peg washing out
Wash Up
Wipe round kitchen
Clean bathroom and toilets properly
Put my running clothes on to wash

No after school activities tonight (hurrah!) but I need the boys to make a start on the mountain of homework that they have been set already hmm

JustGettingOnWithIt Thu 05-Sep-13 08:52:41

It was a non-sleeping night here too, despite exhaustion

No ta da lists from me, it’s enough that I’ve done the tasks without making another task of writing it up too (this may be a rebellion over having to write up Home ed!)

Jemima hope you feel better later

Ellie sorry about lack of sleep, but I love the fact you actually miss your form over the holidays.

Swan have you ever seen frayed steel cable? That’s what my nerves look like. (and probably PA’s too) I sometimes think they bank on frustrating you either into submission or losing your temper so they don’t have to deal with you anymore.

You might want to check ds1’s teachers actually know how to differentiate for him, and have time, and the school’s not running an ‘inclusivity’ policy of giving all kids the same regardless of appropriateness.
When I asked ds’s teachers direct for differentiated homework, several were very honest and said they’d no idea how to do it for him and didn’t have the time anyway. They also said he didn’t understand the lessons properly so there wasn’t any point in him doing homework anyway.
Senco’s response to it all was to want him taken off h/w all together so he wasn’t getting stressed and punished for not understanding, but allow him to slide through school just picking up what he could.

Lack of differentiated hw was what lead to discovery he wasn't getting differentiated lessons or real help either, just TA attention and 'inclusion' by being in the classroom. (when he wasn't sent of to sit somewhere quieter or let stay in the loo for hours)

It opened up a can of worms, but just in time to stop him sinking completely. Hopefully not the case for you, but for us no h/w differation turned out to be the visible part of a much bigger problem.

Toffee yes chemist for hydrogen peroxide, they may ask what you want it for or will only sell one bottle, but if you want the stronger stuff or bulk then it’s over to hair and nail product shops, especially Afro Asian ones.

SC also hoping all goes well today.

Bitchy hope you’re in less pain.

Waves to everyone but must plough on

To do

Scrub bath
Washing off line
Call re medical supplies
Get Lib books put in car
move vehicle
Fill bird feeder
Go water friend’s plants
Respond to tribunal email
Check emails
Call re statement
Prep dinner
Take books to library
Pay fines
Pay money into bank (if any left over)
Register vehicle with TFL
Let shared vehicle friend know theirs removed
Fit H ed around everything
Call MEI about maths software licence
Try and find art exam centre
Home ed prep
Research Arduino based synthesiser
Write up H+S sheet after exploding LED incident!
Replace borrowed nails
Listen to friend early
Write up H ed diary
Dinner in peace

BitchytheGreat Thu 05-Sep-13 09:15:58

At 3am ds and I were playing cards ellie due to the reappearance of his night terrors. I hadn't managed to drop off into proper sleep before that point. Thankfully after the games ds went back to bed to read and I fell deep asleep which of course meant I over slept this morning. blush

Ta da
ds to school

now going to have a shower and actually get up rather then just throw clothes on and run.

dizzyday07 Thu 05-Sep-13 09:22:11

Darn! The message typed on my phone at 3am has vanished!

Toffee The Boy is my son. He is 20 and works in a hotel in the Lake District (we are in South Oxon). Up until last weekend we hadnt seen him since New Year grin. His days off are during the week and as holidays are few and far between this is the first time hes been able to come down for a few days!

Just I am the one with the unhelpful DH. He has been the same for the 13 years I have known him. He just doesnt seem to think about putting things back in the place he got them from or clearing after himself after he's devestated the kitchen. He even laughs at my BIL who always clears the table and then washes up. Thinks he's under the thumb!

Ta Da list:
. DD to school and party invitations distributed.
. Made a start on sewing quilt together
. DD to swimming club
. menus planned and food bought
. laundry in and hung to dry
. empty dishwasher and shine sink

Need to clear the dining room of all the stuff I dumped in there on Tuesday so that we can eat at the table and ideally tackle ironing mountain!

ToffeeWhirl Thu 05-Sep-13 09:38:36

dizzy - how lovely that you are seeing your son again soon! I hope the weekend visit goes well.

So sorry for all of you who had sleepless nights sad.

Just taking DS1 out to a cafe for more CBT practice. He is actually looking forward to it shock. Need to be back in time for a visit from MIL, then home ed and house tidy before lovely cleaner turns up this afternoon.

Enjoyed having a double bed all to myself last night. There are some advantages to DH being away after all.

Jesstryinghard Thu 05-Sep-13 09:58:11

Ugh feel totally lifeless today yawn

I will plough away on a few jobs some days but then I feel back to square one as I'm not making a debt in the clutter really sad

Ugh ugh ugh

Waving to all

GoingGoingGoth Thu 05-Sep-13 11:01:38

Morning all, <hands brew round>

Morning routines
Dd to school
Laundry hung out
Washing up done
Dry laundry away
Mopped bathroom & kitchen floors
Cleaned litter tray
Tidied &restocked bird food containers

Resisted killing DH after he sighed over me not putting a pen back correctly! He's not even dressed yet FFS. It's kind of a relief to know I'm not the only mug re housework. The only problem with Flylady is the more organised I get, the more I do. sad I find he slacks off until I lose it with him, then he's back on track and pulls his weight for a while, then it all starts again. I can't work out if it's laziness or he doesn't see the dirt. it's laziness, isn't it

Right off to work now.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 05-Sep-13 12:06:12

CBT practice completed successfully. Well done DS1 grin.
MIL listened to politely. Well done me wink.

Have to get the house ready for cleaner at 1pm, plus fit in some home ed with DS1. Am not sure what I should be doing with him to prepare him for the (potential) new school, but I think just revising basic Maths, English and handwriting is probably best for now.

Unfortunately, he is more interested in learning about computer hacking and can now turn off my computer from his own computer, which is very annoying, but hilarious for him hmm. Have begged him to stay off military and government websites <eek>.

Jess - don't beat yourself up about it if you're having a bad day. I have days when I just can't get anything done in the house - I have no energy or will to do it at all. I have learned to go with it, as I find that I will have the energy back on another day. It's usually to do with illness or lack of sleep (or just boredom).

Goth - your DH has a bloody cheek! My DH informed me, when I returned from my week away, that it was important that we put our dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher. Er, yes, that's what I always do. It's like the time he once told me, as if it was going to be a revelation to me, that the secret of keeping the kitchen clean was washing up as you went along. Gosh, I'd never thought of that!

I'm afraid they just don't notice what we do until it doesn't get done.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 05-Sep-13 12:09:33

This technique might work for husbands, as well as kids grin.

Jesstryinghard Thu 05-Sep-13 12:12:12

Hahaha I think I would kill a husband if I had one !!

Badvoc Thu 05-Sep-13 12:31:27

School run
Pegged a load of washing out
2.5 hours of ironing sad
Now planning to clean the toilets.

Hoping to blitz the conservatory tomorrow.

Does anyone know if you can buy replacement oven shelves!?

Badvoc Thu 05-Sep-13 12:34:52

Toffee...I found the bbc website very good for revision/preparation when I was home schooling ds1.

feetheart Thu 05-Sep-13 13:24:32

What a beautiful day smile
Went for my last long run before Great North Run on 15th - I will be doing some shorter ones but this was the last big one. Should have been about 10 miles but knee injury affected training for a few months so only up to 7. I am hoping that 54,999 other runners, the atmosphere and bloody-mindedness will get me round in a decent time (for me) smile

I have also done:
- 30mins work
- All up and out with packed lunches
- Washing on
- Bath and something to eat (banana and chocolate fingers shock)
- Answered door to 4 delivery men - DH has been on a work buying spree
- Put on fabulous 40/50s style summer dress I got in a charity shop for £8. I feel like a movie star but only the delivery men are getting the full effect smile

Need to:
- Hang out washing
- Washing up from breakfast blush
- Some work
- Make dinner so ready for DC after diving/swimming and before Guides

Just want to lounge in hammock and drink long, cool drinks smile

ZingWantsCake Thu 05-Sep-13 13:40:41

ta da

-made red current muffins
-2 loads of washing
- lunch on time
-kids down for nap - kind of on time.
-writing apologetic emails to my eBay buyers for not posting stuff on time
-sorting shoes & stuff by front door. we have 7 large boxes for shoes, 2 for me, 2 for DH, 3 for kids (trainers, crocs, school shoes) plus 1 for DH's motorbike stuff, 1 for school jumpers, ties,baseball caps and a large box for bookbags & water bottles.
all labelled accordingly and the whole thing looks neat when tidy.

I found 2 library books, bits of lego, odd socks and some clothes in the process - I feel better for getting this done, makes mornings much easier.

to do

- PE kits sorted for DS2 & DS3 for tomorrow and as we'll have to search for green t-shirts we might as well... - ...tidy up the clothes currently filling up the spare cot.
(it is full. a whole cot. it's ridiculous)
- nag DS1 & DS2 to practice piano.
- dream up some dinner
- plan tomorrow.

I hope DH is working from home tomorrow as choir practice is back on and I don't fancy dragging all the kids with me.
(I was so unwell on Tuesday I forgot to take DS1 - first one after summer. so embarrassing!
it's a very serious choir at a Royal Chapel, so missing practice is a big thing!blush)

GoingGoingGoth Thu 05-Sep-13 13:51:37

Toffee I don't think I could do that, he was lucky I didn't ram the pencil up his nose, which was my first response. He has no idea how much his fussing over the desk does my head in. And then after I mopped the kitchen floor commenting it was 'good enough' as it was a state (I have been baking) he said "well I did buy some disinfectant" *BUY! He should try using it!"

It saves my marriage being able to vent on here. He could be so much worse, but then again, he could be a lot better too. It's a good job he does amazing head, back and foot massages.

At work now, so there's no risk to him now.

Feet I hope you're going to wear something distinctive so we can look out for you on your run.

Jesstryinghard Thu 05-Sep-13 13:58:39

Wow everyone is doing so much today !!

I've done better than expected so far

Ta da

All new school shirts and trousers washed and hanging
Some dishes washed
Lots of rubbish put out
Some washing put away in ds draws
Grocery shopping done
Lunch made

To do

Not ready to go there !!

feetheart Thu 05-Sep-13 14:05:30

Not sure I can be that distinctive Goth as there will be 55,000 running shockshock

I maywear a turquoise tutu if it arrives and I have the nerve. Other than that it will be a turquoise Winston's Wish running vest with my name on it and a red, sweaty face grin

Swanhilda Thu 05-Sep-13 14:46:56

Just that is very interesting. I must try and check what is going on, never thought of it in that light. Must chase SEN dept re: ds1's dyspraxic differentiation. I can see now if we had kept our heads we could have asked for the project to be more appropriate, ie: write about Odysseus, write a review of a film about a Hero. Ds would have enjoyed that, and done it himself. Blast sad.

others blackcurrant sorbet, ghost stories, and bike rides, also zing choir, all sound a great start to Sept.

6.45 start - dd on her bus
two loads of washing
dropped ds2 at school (this is going to be a regular thing sadsmile at least there was no traffic
lovely coffee in park on way home, met a friendly dog walker
two more phone calls
cleaned kitchen
decided what's for dinner (salmon)
made start on tidying our bedroom
put away clothes

not going to get it all done before setting off at 2.45 to pick up ds2, and I feel exhausted by my early start...

Swanhilda Thu 05-Sep-13 14:48:27

oh it is time to go, drat...

BitchytheGreat Thu 05-Sep-13 15:33:27

Today i have mostly been reading a book and a tad distracted. thank god i did the errands earlier in the week.

BitchytheGreat Thu 05-Sep-13 15:33:48

<heads off back to the naughty corner with her book>

You are all amazing! I am feeling very overwhelmed and I am sure it is my cluttered dirty house getting me down. I always feel like I have a million things to do but never seem to do them! Perhaps, like Toffee and Knitwitch were saying, I ought to post a list of absolutely every small thing I have done which may make me feel better?!

Sick of shouting at the kids too. Think I am in a bit of a rut. sad

anyway I'm not one to dwell on things ... deep breath and get on with it. Will be back on here tomorrow as I'm sure being on here will help!

elliepac Thu 05-Sep-13 20:03:20

Waaaah. I am sooooo tired.

Waaaah. Done no flying

Waaaah. Fell off the diet wagon on the second day back on it.

Waaaah. Waaaah. Waaaah. Got ds's application form for secondary school today. It will not happen. He is only about 5.

Waaaah. I love you all. I'm going to bed.

BitchytheGreat Thu 05-Sep-13 20:08:43

<strokes Ellie's hair soothingly>

Mumof3xx Thu 05-Sep-13 20:13:35

Work today so not done much again

Ta da

All up fed dressed and out
One wash load
All fed and bed

To do

Tidy living room
Dryer on

Just got in from work. Have done bugger all flying <yawn> and am unlikely to start now!

Hope everyone gets a good night's sleep after all the 3am wakings (mine inluded) last night smile

Swanhilda Thu 05-Sep-13 23:20:59

ellie well the great thing about Secondary is that they are babies again, compared to the other children there - and they look so sweet in their blazers grin and far too long trousers.

Ds1 has been like someone on speed all afternoon/evening - he would not stop talking - in fact it was impossible to hear what the twins had to say about their schools because he kept on interrupting with his opinions/tiresome questions - I honestly think he was more excited than them at the thought of Big School.

Ds2 and dd have been fine, although ds2 had a bit of a meltdown later when I said he couldn't watch Educating Yorkshire with ds1. So he is very tired by it all, but bearing up generally.

Dd put her own clothes in the washing machine this evening, a new adventure. She is determined that her school socks should be clean!

kitchen tidied before bed
homework supervised
dd set up the new printer
went to library
bought two sets of rugby boots
labelled Ds2's PE kit
bags by door
children showered
ds2 tended to
supper was salmon/sweetcorn/greenbeans, rice and tomato salsa

Watched Educating Yorkshire - didn't realise the new fashion for those painted eyebrows and Amy Winehouse hair - hope dd doesn't catch on, help..

That Educating Yorkshire is only a couple of miles from where I live. shock

Agree swan about the big hair and eyebrows - that's what lots of the girls look like where I teach too! Hoping it has gone out of fashion by the time DD goes to secondary!

Feeling a bit more positive! Night all

Picturesinthefirelight Thu 05-Sep-13 23:57:09

Very tired & fine very little today

Up early to see dd off to her new school. Then took ds to school & went to work

Dd got home just before 8- had a great day. Had a nice half hour with her before bed then hand washed her leotard & tights.

Am now very tired. Didn't even shine my sink.

It's late, been a busy day and out till about half an hour, so just going to drop the links in and go to bed.

Hotspots. One of the most worthwhile babysteps IMO.

Mission - ceilings, light fittings and windowsills.

Daily Focus - declutter your handbag and car.

Night night my lovely Fledglings.

ZingWantsCake Fri 06-Sep-13 00:51:27

wendy thanks

we should do a house swap.
I'm convinced it would be so much easier to sort someone else's pigsty home than your on - no emotions, no distractions, just ploughing through the chaos until the job is done.

elliepac Fri 06-Sep-13 06:31:29

Morning allsmile.

Feeling better this morning after getting a good night's sleep.

The one positive about the return to work is I get the Friday feeling backgrin.

I watched Educating Yorkshire programme as well. Love a good school documentary as always sit and compare to mine. My school received a letter from the producers of that programme asking us to take part. So glad the offer wasn't taken up! And the eyebrows are everywhere at our place too!

Am going to do some flying today at some point. promisewinkgrin.

zing I reckon you could be onto something with the houseswap. I bet we all live within a couple of hours of at least 1 member of the thread. grin

Have a good day everyone.

Trazzletoes Fri 06-Sep-13 06:46:39

Hi all, limited flying this week as have been spoiling Joe due to it having been his birthday. Hooray!

But now mega-flying as its his party on Sunday and even though we've kept it low-key, the weather looks shocking so it will be 11 kids + parents in one small room with limited entertainment <sobs> <rocks>

Plus have now discovered a troop of bees living in the back garden AS WELL AS the front garden.

Fix downstairs toilet (so I don't have to clean the bathroom before party)
Call plumber if my efforts don't work
Call hospital to get more pain relief for Joe prescribed and then go and collect it
Tidy and clean playroom (again)
Sort out hallway once and for all (and then slap the next person who dumps a bag there)
Write shopping list
Clean downstairs toilet / bathroom whichever one works
Make up party bags
Wrap pass the parcel


Trazzletoes Fri 06-Sep-13 06:48:12

I know I'm near wendy and not a million miles from pmpy I think I'm not too far from you either ellie if you don't go too far for your seaside jaunts.

Yes I think Wendy, Trazzles, ellie and I are all reasonably close together. Bitchy's not far away either. A house swap is a splendid idea. Please would someone clean the staircarpet grin

Off to Stirling for the day today. Definitely too far!

To do
Go to Stirling
Come back
Feed mum's cat
Half an hour of finances
Washing x 1

elliepac Fri 06-Sep-13 07:51:51

The Northern contingent can get this sortedgrin.

trazzles no I don't go too far. Just travel North for an hour or so.

I would like to put in a request for the cleaning of the ovenwinkgrin.

Still not feeling great, and am feeling really overwhelmed by the house getting messy again as I didn't have the energy to do anything more than the absolute minimum wiping round and ironing when I got back from work yesterday. Not helped by my mum picking the DC up from school and letting them dump their bags on the kitchen floor and leave sweet wrappers everywhere angry Everyone is tired and grumpy at the end of the first week back at school and tempers are starting to fray.

I am dosing myself up and aiming for:

To Do
Wash up
Wipe around kitchen
Sweep kitchen floor
Clean bathroom and toilets
Tidy up
Tesco order
Tumble dry last night's wash (it is raining)
Put another wash on and tumble dry it

Not much of that list will get done before work though.

I really need to look at the Hot Spots link as they are a major problem in our house. The breakfast bar in the kitchen is the worst, everyone just walks in and dumps stuff on it.

Trazzletoes Fri 06-Sep-13 08:27:50

Let me add to my list:

Clean up sick sad

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Sep-13 09:11:48

<passes mop and realises that it was disinfectant she couldn't remember but knew she had forgotten something when she went shopping. Adds to shopping list>

Sooooooo tired. another night of broken sleep. not helped by a high level of pain.

Today's list

Swanhilda Fri 06-Sep-13 09:22:27

dd off on bus at 7.15 (although this requires no effort on my part - she is very directed [smile) I honestly think we would only need set the alarm and she would do the rest...
Drove boys to school at 8.00am. Possibly a mistake to have them both in the car as I had a headache by the end of the journey which is usually quite therapeutic with one boy. Ds1 is TALKING NON-STOP! I thought teenagers only grunted...
My driving is improving despite the New Roundabout.

The cleaning lady is about to appear, but as usual I have managed to bodge things up by having no parking vouchers to give her aargh...
finish deep cleaning and tidying my room
put all washing in utitlity
find some ironing for cleaning lady
rationalize rationlize rationalize clutter on landing/bedrooms so she can hoover everywhere
loads more washing
cook supper in advance - ratouille, baked potatoes, ham
the car is also BAD

ellie ds1 was shocked by a) the swearing b) the isolation cubicles.

Jesstryinghard Fri 06-Sep-13 10:32:18

After feeling tired and demotivated yesterday morning I ended up working on the house all day !!

I threw loads out from the kitchen - gutted two units and two cupboards and did loads of other stuff

Washing dishes everything happened yesterday and I feel much more motivated to continue smile yay me ! Long may it last

How are you all ?? Xxxx

dizzyday07 Fri 06-Sep-13 10:34:14

Quite pleased with my efforts yesterday!

Ta Da:
* Paperwork in dining room filed away and sorted (big job!)
* Dining room hoovered
* All random bits of DD's rounded up, then sorted and put away in appropriate shelf/box etc whilst at the same time binning toot and recycling piles of scribbled on paper
* Kitchen bin and recycling box emptied
* Misc bits returned to garage
* Last of the party invites posted off
* Dinner made
* DW emptied and sink shined

DS was an hour late reaching us as he had had to catch a Bus midjourney as a poor soul had thrown themselves under an earlier train sad

I then spent a pleasant few hours baking cakes whilst DS and DD played Scrabble and Monopoly together. This sounds a "normal" household activity for siblings but the age gap and being separated means they are precious moments.4

Today's major task is to design and make a soft toy for a friends autistic son. Just hope it turns out at least something like it is meant to look!

ep1977 Fri 06-Sep-13 10:41:18

Am good thanks Jesstryinghard..

Ta da..
Cleaned kitchen floor and cupboard doors
Wiped kitchen counters and put away stuff left out.
Put a wash on.
Polished staircase so house smells nice.
Fed cat, myself and dd!!
Played numerous games with dd.
Washed up.
Got dressed and dd dressed.

To do..
Pop to shop.
Take dd to park.
Cook dinner.

NickNacks Fri 06-Sep-13 11:07:08

Ok quick q for you lovely lot...

I'm running out of jobs for my lovely cleaner to do. She gets all the 'basics' done in about 1.5 hrs which leaves 30 mins each week for' extras' by I can never think of anything. That's not to say my house is sparkling everywhere but I never know what appropriate to ask so I usually just let her go early, not a good use of my money!

Any ideas?

mrspaddy Fri 06-Sep-13 11:18:38

Inside of kitchen cupboards
Iron linen
Skirting boards
Could she prepare veg?

Have survived parents visiting and back to school. The realisation has just hit me that DS2's birthday party is tomorrow!!

TO DO (Before 4pm tomorrow)
Cake out of oven, cooled and iced
Make jelly
Tidy and hoover downstairs
Wrap presents & do card
Wrap up pass the parcel
Pray for fine weather!
Cook enchilladas for tonight
Laundry dry and away
Last minute shopping
Sort out phones

Probably more stuff too, but need to get on with the work now.

Sorry to hear about sick and bad nights.

<Puts big jug of brew on the bar>

Trazzletoes Fri 06-Sep-13 11:36:02

Omg I fixed our toilet! I'm practically a qualified plumber now!!! grin

Now off to try to book a bouncy castle for the weekend...

Hooray for early September birthdays Blue

ZingWantsCake Fri 06-Sep-13 12:05:54


here's your honorary plumbers medal!grin

ta da

- sorting through clothes and toys, sent a bag full of both to playgroup, anothet massive bag is in car,waiting to be delivered to SIL.
- went through next size up clothes for DD also

to do
- more of the same
- iron my fabrics

Jesstryinghard Fri 06-Sep-13 13:16:23

Way to go trazzle

GoingGoingGoth Fri 06-Sep-13 13:41:33

trazzle well done! <bows down in awe>

blue <whispers> is everything ready for tomorrow, or are you running round like a headless chicken?

zing good work with the clothes, I love being able to clear them out.

Morning routines
Dd to school
Helping Hands @ school (couple of hours laminating, glueing etc -loved it)
Bring in laundry that DH left out yesterday!
Go to work

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Sep-13 14:03:37

ta da
school run

not doing anything today. pain is pretty bad so I have decided a chill out day with pain killers and rest was the way to go. thoroughly enjoying my book though.

Swanhilda Fri 06-Sep-13 14:16:35

nicknacks outside windows? dust tops of pictures everywhere?
sort out linen cupboard? Sounds like your house was quite orderly to start with.

The cleaning lady has tidied my linen cupboard this morning, deep cleaned two bathrooms, hoovered ds1's room and dusted his "surfaces", folded the clothes in his drawers, and ironed about 20 items. That took three hours and she is very fast. So no kitchen, no utitilty no downstairs, no living room.

I've gutted ds2's room again and cleaned out under his bed
sorted the bathrooms so cleaning lady could clean them - threw out loads of old bottles, and removed laundry
put away some summer clothes
decluttered various objects/put them in right places
tidied kitchen and washed up
washing in
washing hung out
another load in
leftovers for lunch
put away clothes

Homework rant alert: argued with DH about morning routine with children/homework supervision etc - came to some agreement. I am doing breakfast 2 days, he is determined to do it 3 days. I am organising uniform in general, and dealing with ds2, he is dealing with ds1 and his "stuff"/signing homework diary etc, getting him out of the house. Ds1 was very sloppy last term and I was trying to get some backup for checking his work but Dh basically told me I was making things worse. However I am now allowed to talk through his homework BEFORE he does it, rather than complaining about it after he has done it. He is now in Set 3 for everything which is set (excluding humanities subjects) except English where he is in Set 2. A bit depressing really.

Swanhilda Fri 06-Sep-13 14:19:27

Argument was prompted by me watering down Ds1's juice to make it healthier this morning grin and Dh objecting!! We are a pair...

sad at cleaning up sick trazzle, hope everything is betters now. I'm envy at cleaning ladies though, I want one!

Ta Da
Dosed myself up with painkillers and gritted my teeth to get on with the day
Washed up breakfast dishes
Tumble dried last night's wash
Put another wash on
Wiped around kitchen
Swept kitchen floor
Cycled with DC to school (then went to work for the morning)
Tumbled dried second wash
Put away dry washing that didn't need ironing
Put another wash on (towels so at least they won't need ironing)
Cleaned bathroom and toilets
Tidied up (including hot spots)

To Do
Pick DC up from school
Help them with their homework mountain (DS1 is having a wibble about long division)
Ironing and put rest of clothes away
Tumble dry the towels that I've washed and put the rest of the towels on to wash
Cook supper (chicken with pasta and salad so nice and easy)

At least it is Friday, and as DS1's football league and DS2's drama classes haven't started back yet we can have a well deserved lie in tomorrow morning.

ZingWantsCake Fri 06-Sep-13 15:42:29

I can't concentrate on anything. there was an explosion not far from us, house on fire, black smoke pouring into the sky, ambulance, police blocking the roads.

I hope nobody was hurt.

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Sep-13 15:46:03

<stick head in sand>
there is an awful lot of shouting from ds atm. meltdown proportions. over really really stupid stuff. angry[tired][notagainfedupofthis]

BitchytheGreat Fri 06-Sep-13 15:46:32

Shit zing, xpost sad

ToffeeWhirl Fri 06-Sep-13 15:54:18

Oh god, zing, how terrifying. I'm sorry sad.

Goodness Zing, how awful! Do you know the people who live there?

Wow, how scary, Zing.

Going - have been too busy with work for headless chicken mode - that will come tomorrow. Will do most of party prep tonight and tomorrow morning with DH around.

Bitchy sorry about meltdown. brew

ZingWantsCake Fri 06-Sep-13 17:08:23

sounds selfish but I hope not.
we know loads of people from school (literally hundreds) but I only where a handful of them live.

DS5's keyworker at playgroup lives on that street but I know she is ok.

I'm sure there will be more details available tomorrow and by Monday.

Jesstryinghard Fri 06-Sep-13 17:50:58

Hugs to you zing

And also to you bitchy