August is when the fledglings party, and perhaps do a bit of flying, maybe.

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BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 00:54:37

Roll up, roll up to this special birthday month for the fledglings...

We are going to attempt to keep the dc happy, whilst flying. No mean feat in the month of holidays and adventures.

Rule 1. yes even in a birthday month we have rules
It is not about perfection. A little is enough, no really.
Rule 2.
You are aloud to spend time doing fun things, don't regret them or feel guilty.
Rule 3. This one is a fat fairy rule.
you are never behind, jump in where you are

So newbies if you are reading this you are probably thinking wtf?! This is a wonderful system designed by the fly lady. in days gone olde one fledgling had a dream about the fly lady in which she was a fat fairy, thus the thread nickname fat fairy was born. Just so we don't confuse you like wink
Anyhows, this month it is Bitchy's turn to lead, and perhaps this should come with a warning. She has her own unique style of leading but don't let that scare you off, the fledglings are luffsly and generally far more sane then the bitchy one grin just be aware of bitchy's special brew. Terribly high in caffine and can sometimes be found in the naughty corner. Which reminds me, the naughty corner if for those who are struggling for whatever reason or those just in need of a stiff drink.

So this flying thing. It has three stages:
stage one: the babysteps. these build a routine. some of them are contriversial, and some a little wishy washy seem a little less significant. But most are really good.
Stage two: babysteps and missions one the routines are in place the missions are designed to help you tackle tasks room by room. These room by room approach is helpfully referred to as zones.
stage three: the mythical deep cleaning stage yeah lets just ignore that, none of us have got to the point where we have not only decluttered but got in control of the chaos grin

Oh yeah CHAOS - what the fat fairy calls "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome"

That clear as mud? good. Let's Begin....

BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 01:10:19

So the first babystep is shine your sink for those of you who are new to the system the fat fairy's language is rather, well cutsey and not to everyone's taste. if you can see past that, the system is actually really good.

I love this system as every day there is a focus. Today is Errand day!

The fat fairy has decided that for two whole days we are in zone one the porch/entrance/dining room

Your mission is hidden in this link scroll down to find it... Go on, you know you want to!

For those of you who are now completely confused there is the very handy flight plan which tells you everything you are supposed to do. hmm

Still with me? Don't worry it does get clearer and there are many wise sane ones about doesn't include self in this

<leaves buckets, mops and magic erasers to try to diswade spot markers!>

BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 01:12:53

<sets up the naughty bar ready for the returning fledglings, who clearly know how to party>
<set the coffee pot up ready and puts on timer>

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-Aug-13 01:27:22

<settles down to sleep in naughty corner>

Thanks for the shiny new thread, Bitchy. I like your intro grin.

BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 02:09:32

Yeah but that wrong aloud/allowed is going to piss me off all month sad blush

elliepac Thu 01-Aug-13 06:32:45

Signing in. Nice to see you two observing the early to bed babystepgrin.

Loving the introgrin. Though only a C grade for spelling winkgrin.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-Aug-13 08:10:05

Grade A+ for content and entertainment value though, Bitchy <averts proofreading eyes>

Trouble is, ellie, I doze off with DS2 at around 9, then wake up to get DS1 to bed and am wide awake by midnight. The danger is checking my MN threads before I go to bed...

Beautiful sunny day here again. Just about to take DS2 to his swimming lesson. I hope he will manage to get his hair wet today, as he has politely refused to put his head in the water at every lesson so far. He had a practice session in the bath last night and managed to blow some bubbles and dip his ear in the water, so we made some progress.

Asheth Thu 01-Aug-13 08:16:21

Signing in! Thankyou ellie for last month! And Thankyou bitchy for leading this month! Off to check out links now.

I'd give an A for effort, Bitchy.

Thanks Ellie for last month.

Lovely sight of washing on the line already this morning.
Today i have planned a day of "pottering" and catching up on all the "stuff" that needs catching up on.
Have told DD1 and DS that mum's taxi is on strike today....they know I am a soft touch, though. hmm

DS wants laptop, maybe back with a to-do later, or maybe with a ta-da if I dont get back on here this morning.

feetheart Thu 01-Aug-13 08:51:08

Signing in on time not three days late as usual shock

Thank you ellie for last month though I wasn't around much and to bitchy for such an entertaining start this month smile

House is definitely in CHAOS as, apart from it being the holidays, the extension is at the dusty plaster stage and likely to remain that way for the next 2 weeks as the builder is on holiday and it was our 'Year End" yesterday so I have been flat out since Monday invoicing people for jobs DH had forgotten about, sorting out bank recs, tidying up loose ends, etc. And add to it all a new eating regime as DH has found out that he has high cholesterol and we are having to rethink what we eat.

Today should be a little calmer work-wise - only contract invoices to do so there should be some time to tackle the house:

- Run - done Just getting back into it after dodgy knee issues and loving it. Have place in Great North Run in September so need to put a few miles in <<eek!>>
- Washing out - done
- Bath - asap
- Get DC up and ready for lovely hairdresser friend who is coming round to trim things
- Washing on, S&S, sweep up bird feathers from cat 'present' over-night, hoover living room, washing up - all before 10am

That will do for now, will try and get back for Part 2 of list later. This will include 'hang hammock back up' as weather looks great smile
Have a good day everyone.

elliepac Thu 01-Aug-13 09:06:58

Where's bitchy's coffee when I need itgrin.

If I scribble out the C and upgrade to an A in line with moderation from other fledglings do you think she will give me some or have I burnt my bridges?

BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 10:25:12

grin The brew was put on timer Ellie did the machine not work? Damm it, yet another thing i have blown up. Managed to drown the toaster
yesterday. Toasters really really don't like to be drowned sad

However, I have just brewed up another pot so you, and anyone else, are welcome to help themselves.

As for the early night, it was the earliest that it was going to happen I really needed the ice bath after training last night.

ta da
make pot of coffee
fold washing whilst waiting for coffee

to do
too fucking much and it hurts to move.

saturn Thu 01-Aug-13 10:31:04

Shiny new's like a fresh start, isn't it?

Love the intro bitchy and thanks to Ellie for leading me through my first 10 days of flying grin

Felt miserable yesterday, woke up miserable and just couldn't shake the feeling all day - and no apparent reason for it, but feeling much more positive today...and my new planner and calendar have arrived! I feel more organised already!

Hope everyone is doing ok, will try and catch up properly later... smile

GoingGoingGoth Thu 01-Aug-13 11:06:43

<buckles up for Bitchy thread> grin
thanks to Ellie for last month

Morning routines
Mission grin

To do
Glare at rain & clothes drying inside sad
Take DD to library - they've got snakes & stuff in for the Creepy House reading challenge today
Go to city, meet friend who is in for 2 hours on the way to Oban.
Get birthday card & present for cousin
Post birthday card & present

That will do for today!

BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 12:50:40

what is it about men and toilet rolls and hoover bags? They seem more then capable of using them but completely oblivous to the fact that sometimes they need replacing. It is not fucking rocket science! If the hoover is not removing stuff off the floor replace the bag. If the toilet roll is empty put a new one on the holder but put it the right way around angry

I am cross and grumpy today. i feel this is a needs ice cream kinda day. perhaps a walk might do me a favour.

Steamedcabbage Thu 01-Aug-13 12:52:22

Hello lovely fledglings!

Just marking my place ...

Thank you Ellie for last month (partic when you were so busy with end-of-term stuff) flowers

And thanks for volunteering to run things in August Bitchy (great intro btw!) and for lashings of your special brew ... yarrrgh at ice bath though!! shock

DD is in a huge strop today and I have tried being patient but am starting to feel v. frustrated with her behaviour. Have tried to explain that with dh ill, we all need to rally round and make the best of things etc. Plus she has had loads of treats recently. Am contemplating booking her in to a horse-riding course here next week if there is space (which she doesn't want to do because she was looking forward to the one in UK which has had to be delayed) but I think it will do her good. But boy she is stubborn like her mother and won't shift her position so we are both locked in to a grumpy stand-off!! Oh dear ... I need to sort this out ...without resorting to the biscuit tin (for me I mean!!)

Just about to tackle the laundry but other than that and general routines, not much Flying going on. Really must make an effort to do 15 mins of decluttering in boudoir, home office and 1st floor storage room every day this month.

Goth was it you last month who said about August being the new January? If so, bless you for saying it!! grin

Saturn think we all have miserable days like that from time to time - it's definitely allowed!!

Feetheart love the sound of the hammock and wishing you 'courage' through the dusty plastery stage ...tis the absolute pits

PA hope you are having a good "catch up" day. Bet it is lovely being back and just being able to do normal things isn't it? (Aside from missing your dh and dd4 of course)

Waves to Asheth and Toffee and everyone else!

BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 12:55:45

SC you are too nice. I would tell her to get over it or to forget the course in england. Disappointment is no excuse for bad attitudes and behaviour. I am evil though.

BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 12:56:54

And clearly have fuck all patience!

Steamedcabbage Thu 01-Aug-13 13:32:34

No you are right Bitchy Even though I know what we need to do, I suffer from the curse of being able to see "both sides of the argument" and instead of being firm and confident, which is what dd needs (particularly in this instance) I end up dithering back and forth... Need to grow some!!

And I wouldn't win any awards for patience either atm I'm afraid!

Steamedcabbage Thu 01-Aug-13 13:34:54

That came out wrong ...

know yourself and everyone else can see both sides of argument - nowt unique about it - but what I mean is I keep second guessing myself

see... I'm doing it again now ...grin

Steamedcabbage Thu 01-Aug-13 13:35:56

oh gawd where's the biscuit tin

Engelsemama Thu 01-Aug-13 13:40:17

Hello! Back from holiday last night and ready to jump on shiny new thread. So, what did I miss in July?

sc sorry to hear DH is ill.

Ta da
Weeded the front garden at 6.30am this morning because a) I was wide awake b) everything is a bit jungley after our month absence and c) it's ridiculously hot and humid here today and it's not going to get any cooler out there!
2 lots of washing done, 3rd in. It's drying beautifully outside.
Partially unpacked (DH suitcase is still firmly closed)
Paid credit card
Wrote and sent 3 (birthday) cards
Long gossip on the phone with my Dsis
Food shopping (we bought a mountain of fruit and veg because we've eaten way to much crap on holiday)
Ordered ovualtion sticks as we have decided to TTC DC2 shock grin

I have several lists on the go of things to do today, this week and before school goes back in 2 weeks time. In the long term it's now time to start eating healthily again, get exercising (but not in this heat wink ) and (after a lot of wine catching up with my best friend in NZ) lay off the vino. The garden is a total jungle and we promosied ourselves we would finish off one more area this summer.

But for today my list is pretty short....
Email friends re get together later in year
Finish unpacking my stuff
Put all washing from today away
Browse for cover for tablet/kindle
Transfer holiday photos to computer
What's for dinner?
Washing-up/shine my sink
Weigh myself and jump back into MFP
Brave outside for half an hour this evening to assess the state of the back garden and maybe do a little bit of weeding/cutting back

Tomorrow we are spending the day with the in;aws at their lovely leafy caracvan. taking the paddling pool with us. It's going to be a scorcher.

Steamedcabbage Thu 01-Aug-13 14:19:21

Yay Engels welcome back!!! Hope you had a fantastic holiday!!
[V exciting about ttc too!!!]

Dh is doing OK thanks - back at work a few hrs a day now smile

BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 15:36:16

I am curled up, breaking my diet and icing a swollen ankle. Slipped. arses. This is not helping productivity. Urgh.

engles that is terribly exciting. good luck.

<puts another pot of coffee on to brew>

MercuryRising Thu 01-Aug-13 16:51:04

Hello lovely fledglings!

Today is dds 5th birthday so we have spent the day picnicing at a local splash park, which was lovely in the sunshine. Despite wearing factor 30 I have managed to get burnt and now look like this angry

Dp and I have room rescued the kitchen and living room, tidied the garden and hoovered downstairs ready for family popping over. Except for a couple of loads of washing that is all the flying which will be taking place in the mercury residence today.

I will be back to catch up with you all properly tomorrow.

saturn Thu 01-Aug-13 18:28:33

Anyone any inspiration they can send my way? I know I'm always unmotivated when I get home from work, but so hot tonight I just want to collapse!


Ta da
Dressed to shoes

To do
Read Flylady e-mails
Negative voices
Hot spot
5 minute room rescue
Shine sink
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Another hot spot
15 minutes decluttering
Inspirational page

Ok, will try this power of three three things then 15 minutes collapse etc. will report back later smile

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-Aug-13 19:46:31

<wafts inspiration and cool air towards saturn>

Sorry to hear our thread leader is poorly sad. Hope ice does the trick, Bitchy.

Have had a busy and lovely day. Spent the morning out with DS2 (swimming, library, cafe), then took DS1 to his OT appointment. He has weak muscles in his right hand, poor hand-eye co-ordination and something to do with proprioception (which I don't understand), so OT will send us a report with some recommendations. I have already ordered the putty she recommended and will start daily strengthening exercises. It would have been good to have had this information several years ago, but hey ho!

Spent the afternoon meeting the bearded dragons. DS1 was wonderful with them. I am definitely letting him deal with the poo and live crickets <eek>.

Have done bugger all flying. Sorry thread leader blush.

elliepac Thu 01-Aug-13 21:46:21

Evening all. After a busy week, have bobbed up to the caravan for a couple of days for some r and r. Had a lovely afternoon at the beach and the dc's have been positively delighfulconfusedgrin.

One of my old uni housemates is staying on the same park for her holiday and am meeting up with her and her DH (who i also went to uni with) and dc's tomorrow night so am looking forward to that. Only seen her twice since I left uni 15 years ago. Plus a work friend is also here so meeting her for coffee tomorrow.

No flying whatsoever but lots of family fun time!

saturn Thu 01-Aug-13 21:46:23

Thanks for that really helped as I am now done!

Glad you had a lovely day smile

Sorry didn't get caught up with everyone else blush hope everyone is ok! will do better tomorrow...

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-Aug-13 22:21:38

Sounds like you are having a lovely time, ellie smile.

saturn - happy to help. Well done on achieving your list.

Am aiming to get to bed at a decent time tonight, as I have been failing dismally at that recently and drinking coffee to get me through the day with the DC. So I will switch off from MN shortly (I will, I will....).

Night all.

Asheth Thu 01-Aug-13 23:13:53

Not a huge amount of flying today. Mission completed, 15 mins decluttering and washing done. But had a lovely day out with the DC in the sunshine! Flying can wait until it rains!

Bitchy hope your ankle is better tomorrow!

Steamedcabbage Thu 01-Aug-13 23:43:17

Too hot to sleep here ...

Big Fat Flying fail as well.

However, resolved issue of horse-riding with dd (turns out she was worried about one rather particular unpredictable four legged friend) so at least she will be doing something a bit more productive next week (and hopefully so will I).

A belated "happy birthday" to your dd Mercury!! Sounds as if you had a lovely day!

Asheth congrats on being the perfect Fledgling Flyer today: doing the minimum housework in as little time as poss leaving you time for the far more important priority of playing in the sun!! smile

Enjoy your weekend away Ellie!

Toffee glad OT appt was helpful (albeit a couple of years late!)

Ouch re: ankle Bitchy HOpe you recover soon.

Well done for ploughing on through Saturn

Big feathery wing flaps to eveyrone else!!

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 00:21:47

Oh shit forgot i was supposed to be posting the links. err one mo....

Right babystep 2 is contriversial. there are many ways to interrupt this one. Some interrupt this literally and then either follow or ignore it depending on their opinion on shoes in the house. Others interrupt it more losely and take it to mean get up straight away and get everything done (clothes, hair, make up) so you are ready to go out/recieve visitors straight away. Tbh i take it to mean the more lose version and then ignore it anyway, naughty bitchy Anyhows babystep 2 is get dressed to your lace up shoes

It is friday which means it is Ellies' favourite day. Friday is clear out your car and purse day. It also used to be date night day but the fat fairy has got all politically correct and dropped this as to not offend those without partners. Meh. Date night can be as simple as being in the same room and watching a film together.

Still in zone one and your mission is at the bottom of this link should you be arsed to find it

Err round up will wait as i had hoped for a pre midnight bedtime. and well clearly that is not going to happen if i even attempt to round up this chit chat. i'd like to say flying but you know, not much of that going on really

<attempts the timer on the pot of special brew in the naughty corner again>
<leaves instructions on which switch to push and where to hit coffee machine should timer fail again>

Holy shit the fat fairy has got all miltant about babystep 2 Well clearly she is not as cutesy and fluffy as we had all imagined. err ....

<goes to sit in th naughty corner for 5mins before bed to recover from the shock >

Castlelough Fri 02-Aug-13 03:50:03

Sorry about the late crash landing, but I'm finally here.

Thanks for leading in July Ellie and apologies for my absence lately - my dear Dad passed away suddenly. (I always seem to be turning up with bad news, don't I?! Sorry!)

Anyway I'm ready for a bit of distraction motivation. I'm still staying with my mother and the house is in dire need of a gentle declutter.

Hope everyone has been having a lovely summer. Hope I didn't miss too much in July?

Castlelough Fri 02-Aug-13 03:51:45

By the way - wonderful intro Bitchy! Looking forward to you leading the thread this month! :-)

Engelsemama Fri 02-Aug-13 05:03:28

Oh castle so sorry to hear your news.

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 09:05:56

So in the first day we can safely say that moods are mostly high.

Ellie has stuck two fingers up at flying and gone to play at the caravan. She is clearly having a blast.

Engles has returned from holiday and is in high spirits

Poor Mercury has discovered the office worker's tan

Toffee has been focusing on swimming lessons and OT appointments. Both very important things. Although it sounds suspiciously like she is considering getting a beared dragon. They are lovely envy although their dinner can have a habit of escaping soo much fun grin

SC has dealt with the emotions of a pre-teen when faced with harsh life realities. Glad to hear DH is doing better. x

Pinches line from SC Asheth congrats on being the perfect Fledgling Flyer today: doing the minimum housework in as little time as poss leaving you time for the far more important priority of playing in the sun!

Saturn has been focused and determined to make sure she has her basic routines in place. perhaps i need to follow her example?

goth has been pottering away quietly succeeding at flying. Although the resevoirs needed the recent rain and i suffer hayfever so I have been glad of the recent rain. glad to see the sun back though. but not the 30C temp

feetheart rejoined us and is attempting to fly whilst undertaking building work. <reserves a permeant spot in the naughty corner for feetheart

Poor castles has popped back in with the sad news of a family death adn requiring some distraction. With the lack of flying and high amount of chit chat this lot are doing you may well be in luck. <hug>

Bitchy got reminded she can't spell and learnt the heard way that jumping the cracks in the pavement might not be such a good idea anymore blush and has also clearly ignored the babystep whilst writing this

Time to move. May you all have productive days... be it flying or otherwise

saturn Fri 02-Aug-13 09:28:58

Morning all!

Toffee - I'm struggling with going to bed at the moment too, don't know if it is the caffeine I'm drinking to keep me going during the day that's keeping me awake...but then need the caffeine as haven't had enough sleep hmm

Asheth - agree, make the most of the sun whilst it lasts grin

SC - glad horse riding issue now resolved, will be nice for you both next week!

Thanks for the links bitchy, hope your ankle is better today

Haven't clicked on the link for militant babystep no. 2 - will do that next...

So sorry to hear about your dad Castle...hope you are ok flowers

As usual...

Ta da
Dressed to shoes

To do
Everything else!

Although the dressing to shoes is becoming a habit now despite my initial moaning about it, it's kind of becoming automatic and DD is just doing it now as well and we have been at holiday club/work on time since we started it and relatively stress free shock

Anyway, will be back later...can't guarantee any flying will have been done though!!!

Steamedcabbage Fri 02-Aug-13 09:50:59

Oh Castle it's so lovely to have you back but I'm so terribly sorry to hear of your very sad loss. Sending prayers xxxx

GoingGoingGoth Fri 02-Aug-13 11:00:10

Morning all, happy as I managed yesterday's list AND finished buying DD's school clothes. (just have to check her shoes)

We're due a dry day today, only one until Monday, so it's going to be a focussed day.

Today's list
Beds -done
Laundry hung out -done
Another load of laundry in machine - done
Litter tray
Washing up
Bins & recycling emptied
Hang out 2nd load of laundry
Consider 3rd load
Paperwork & website
15 min room rescue in lounge (as I missed the earlier missions this weekblush)
Today's mission
Wash up & SS

That's all do-able, especially as DD is in her bedroom reading.

saturn Fri 02-Aug-13 11:30:30

Well done on school clothes goth - only 2nd August - very organised grin

I'm supposed to be going on this lunch thing and someone will be there whom I'm not sure I want to see and have been dithering all morning as to whether to just not turn up. Had finally decided on the just not turn up option, but now have just had a call to confirm I am going...was going to not turn up and pretend I obviously can't do that now. Can't think of any way to get out of it's in half an hour! confused

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-Aug-13 11:45:49

Castle - I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. What a dreadful shock. You have had such a tough time lately ((hugs)).

Bitchy - that piece about getting dressed to shoes is quite scary. Maybe the Fat Fairy's fame is going to her head and she's becoming a bit power crazed. She'll be running for president next.

Am just back from DS2's final group swimming lesson, but might get a couple of private lessons for him from the instructor next week, if we're lucky. Had another lovely long walk back, stopping off at the park on the way.

Have to take DS1 out to practise some CBT tasks today, then have to blitz the house. Am feeling exhausted now, though, in spite of a proper night's sleep last night. Think I might be fighting something off. I guarantee that as soon as I put my feet up for five minutes, DH will come home and it will look as if I haven't done anything all morning. He is making me jumpy at the moment because he is working hard and I think he thinks I'm not doing much. It's making me jumpy.

Will report back later. Hope you all have a good day.

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 12:18:56

Maybe the site's fluffiness is finally getting to her too? grin

I have done precisely fuck all. well not exactly fuck all but you know. nothing productive.

Need to get cracking with something, anything, everything. c.b.a. Anyone seen my motivation? confused

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-Aug-13 12:41:09

And I have done FA Flying since my last post too, Bitchy. Am going to shift my backside off this sofa now, make a coffee and get started.

Power of three:

Unload and reload d/w (or is that two?)
Put washing in tumbledryer (quicker than hanging it up outside)
Persuade DS1 to come out and practise his CBT task. This is going to be tricky because it's stressful for him.

Steamedcabbage Fri 02-Aug-13 13:55:32

Bitchy I think your motivation and mine have gone off on a jolly!wink (Meant to say earlier that I loved the round-up btw!)

I was full of good intentions this morning but gosh it's hot here - 34°C outside and nearer 40° in the upstairs rooms where I am trying to declutter. Went out to buy another fan but they've all sold out! It will be cooler tomorrow thank heavens.

Dh has come home for a sleep so it would be really inconsiderate if I carried on hoovering wouldn't it? grin Unfortunatley, that still means I can descend to the bowels and do the laundry hmm instead of watching channel 4 racing from Goodwood

Bitchy/Toffee Arf at “Well I don’t wear shoes in my house.” "Well you do now, sister!" grin The Fat Fairy will be recommending that we wear lace up shoes to bed soon! (Although confessed to being seduced by blister argument.)

Saturn/Toffee sympathies over tiredness (I feel exhausted for absolutely no reason) Think eveyrone is struggling with sleep in this weather. Take it steady both of you.

Saturn hope you survived the lunch!

Toffee well if it's any consolation I'm very impressed by all the exercise your boys are getting and by the energy/commitment on your part that takes even if your dh isn't

Castle Toffee is right, you have been through a lot this year. Take it steady flowers xxx

Very impressed by early uniform organisation/purchase Goth I've so far only done winter coat/gloves/hat + some winter mufty items. Still need to do pinafores, shoes, and blouses as dd growing like a weed. Must cross it off the list before everyone gets back from their holidays and its bun-struggle time.

Waves to Engels Asheth PA Feetheart Ellie¨and everyone else I've missed!

[Leaves out bowls of ice and pitchers of home-made ice tea with mint on naughty corner bar]

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 16:05:07

That ice tea sounds marvelous SC currently in the middle of cleaning books and playing guess how ds wants his books arranged. he is very particular about the arrangement of his books. And apparently i just don't understand it. So clearly my work this afternoon will not be appreciated <sigh> but at least it will be dust free!

MercuryRising Fri 02-Aug-13 16:24:21

Thank you for the ice cream sc it is very needed at the moment.

Im very sorry about your dad castle Please take care of yourself.

Dp was at home today and we had a very productive morning. We decluttered dds toys in the conservatory and I sorted out all of the toys in her bedroom. We also completed the morning routines and hoovered downstairs.

We then rewarded our efforts by taking the dcs for a pub lunch smile

Dd and I bought the food and party bag stuff for her party tomorrow which she is extremely excited about.

Im at work now until midnight, but I will bbl to catch up on everybodys news.

I hope it cools down where you are tomorrow sc 40c is far too hot!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-Aug-13 16:28:17

<swigs iced tea> (thanks, SC)

SC - Thank you for your positive words. I really have been working hard to get the boys out and busy this week and it's discouraging when DH only notices what hasn't been done instead of what has. I have spoken to him about it before, but I really don't think he knows he does it. Am thinking of listing all the discouraging remarks he says to me and presenting him with it.

By the way, it really does sound much too hot to Fly where you are today. I'm sure Bitchy would grant you exemption wink.

Right, I have a 'ta da' list. Failed miserably on the one-hour house 'blessing/bleugh'. I spent over an hour and didn't even manage to get further than the kitchen blush.

Unloaded/reloaded d/w
Put washing on again
CBT homework with DS1. Difficult for him, but he did it.
Stewed apples and plums for pudding at dinnertime
Practised times tables with DS2
Put towels in tumbledryer
Stripped DS2's bed
Suggested bored DS2 tidied his room
Hung rest of washing on line
Unloaded and reloaded d/w again
Put another wash on
Suggested DS2 tidy his room again
Tidied kitchen hotspot
Wiped down cooker and kitchen surfaces
Washed up saucepans, dried and put away
Persuaded DS2 to read a book for half an hour
Tidied second kitchen hotspot
Emptied kitchen bin
Cleaned kitchen bin with bleach
Put recycling out
Allowed DS2 to look up Reading Challenge website
Emptied and washed out vegetable basket
Wiped down cupboard
Hoovered kitchen floor
Cleaned kitchen sink
Mopped kitchen floor

Would love to have a nap now, but I have promised to take the boys to the playground next. It's the only exercise DS1 gets at present, because he finds going out too anxiety-provoking, so I'm trying to do it once a day. There are so many things he'd love to do if he could overcome his issues - swimming and cycling to name just two.

MercuryRising Fri 02-Aug-13 16:30:10

I have just reread your message sc and realised it was ice tea not ice cream you left out, which is equally welcome.

Gothyou have just reminded me I should get organised and make a list of uniform that the dcs need. I am very impressed you have managed to get it all done so early.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-Aug-13 17:39:43

Ta da :

Playground - hide and seek, rope swinging, scooter, sibling scraps

Cooking dinner now. Must be time for a drink...

<opens bottle of wine and leaves in naughty corner>

Steamedcabbage Fri 02-Aug-13 18:01:11

Hey everyone. It is from this recipe if you are interested. Always make it for dd's parties (for the adults, because it's usually stonkingly hot and everyone is driving). It really quenches the thirst and dc enjoy making it.

Crikey! What a list Toffee you deserve a medal for that lot - especially in this heat - hope dh is appreciative!! (Deffo hand him that list!) That's so hard for your ds1 btw - wanting to get out and do things but not being able to do so. Must be so tough, especially during this sort of summer.

Hope you have a lovely party tomorrow Mercury!

Good luck with recreating the Dewey system in your ds's room Bitchy! grin

Big waves to everyone else!

Steamedcabbage Fri 02-Aug-13 18:01:43

[Leaves out foot stool for Toffee and big fat cushion and treble gin and tonic]

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 18:03:39

I wish it was in his room SC this is the 3 bookcases worth of overspill books that live on the landing!

Anyone ever hoovered walls? Yeah, done that today. Bloody building dust.

Steamedcabbage Fri 02-Aug-13 18:05:50

[Leaves out similarly large and fluffy cushion and foot rest for Bitchy but without the alcohol]

GoingGoingGoth Fri 02-Aug-13 18:27:10

Nooooo I did a post and it's gone! Not that it was a work of genius. Here are the key points:

-I'm not that organised re uniforms, Dd goes back on 14th August.
-Dd is doing my head in, we've had another "accident", she's a lazy little madam, who can't be bothered to walk accross the hall from her bedroom to bathroom.
- Positive note, Dh vacuumed whole flat and 3 loads washing dried & ironed

There was a few personals
SC mmm mint tea
Bitchy grin
Toffee wow at that list! I'm not surprised you've been feeling tired.

Also want to add my sympathies Castle

Castlelough Fri 02-Aug-13 20:42:45

Have had a quiet day here.
I did a little fridge decluttering - the house is bursting at the seams with food that neighbours and friends have brought us over the last few days.
Trying to meal plan to use things up and freeze what can be frozen...
Must do a load of washing tomorrow.

SC what has happened to your DH? I hope he is on the mend?

Ellie the caravan sounds like a lovely haven, away from it all.

Hope everyone else has been enjoying the weather? It's been muggy here, sun showers and dark clouds...

Asheth Fri 02-Aug-13 23:35:04

ooh I like the idea of being a perfect fledgling flyer, especially if it involves lots of days out with the DC!

But I was a bit more serious today! Cleaned bathroom well, including the floor, helped DC do their ten minutes each, sorted out DS2's school uniform drawer, put on wash, put away big heap of clothes. DH completed todays mission of decluttering and hoovering the dining room, except he did it in his usual fashion of shoving all the clutter into the sitting room! Yes, the same room I tried to declutter earlier in the week! Where does he find this stuff? The dining room didn't look that messy before, but there's now a huge heap in the sitting room! I did set my timer and spent 15 mins putting things away/throwing stuff out and will no doubt have to keep doing that over the weekend. But, sorry Fat Fairy, I did all of this barefoot. So there. (stomps off to naughty corner still barefoot) grin

Castle So sorry to hear your sad news. I am thinking of you tonight.

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 01:19:51

If memory serves me right babystep is a wishy washy one that can be ignored unless you particularly fancy doing this. <goes to check> Nope clearly i am a day ahead of myself. Your babystep for saturday is to do what you have already done Simples. No really.

Saturday is family fun day. although there won't be any fuck fun or family here. dust removing all the way hmm

No missions because it is the week. So go do something fun, relax and enjoy try not to kill the dc/dh grin

<fetches the vodka from the naughty corner bar and settles down.>

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 01:24:28

<joins Bitchy in naughty corner bar and swigs SC's treble gin and tonic>

Fell asleep with DS2 at 9, so am now wide awake. We have just had the most amazing thunder storm.

SC - I like the idea of handing DH my 'ta da' list grin.

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 01:29:10

Oh dear there is an ing missing in that post. Clearly I am going to be upsetting the proof readers left right and centre tonight. Ah well shit happens.

Toffee worked her ass off and still managed to do stuff with her dc

Asheth carried on as she started but is ignoring the fat fairys shoes on miltant style order.

castle has been tackling the fridge and meal planning. Two of my least favourite jobs.

Goth got dh to do the flying for her. Much envy from the other fledglings with dh/dp who are clueless and incapable in this matter

Ellie has been having too much fun to post. Quite right too!!! grin

SC was thwarted by hideously high temperatures

mercury has been toy decluttering with her dd in the house! shock

saturn scuppered her good excuse for getting out of a lunch she wasn't sure she wanted to go to. How was it in the end?

Bitchy decided all men are stupid and did a whole load of dusting.

that's it. the end. time for sleep. I may or may not wake up in a better mood. But men will still be stupid.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 01:30:59

Asheth - your DH's method of decluttering made me smile.

Castle - that's kind of people to bring food. Are you still staying with your mum?

Goth - well done to your DH and you for joint Flying!

Bitchy - that building dust must be playing havoc with your hayfever/asthma. How much longer do you have to put up with it?

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 01:33:16

Until I have clean it up, get one weeks break and then it starts all over again. it is a right royal pain in the butt.
<laughs slightly hysterically at the irony of that statment and plods off for ice packs>
<remembers she also wants ice for the vodka>

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 01:34:51

Bitchy - I hadn't noticed the missing 'ing', but have found it now. Am hoping 'fuck fun' is a new babystep grin.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 01:36:26

Sorry about the repeat performance of building dust coming up, Bitchy. On the subject of pains in the butt, how are yours? (Physical ones, I mean, not people, though you can include those if you want!).

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 01:51:12

Well anything is clearly possible grin

I think i need a list for tomo

to do:
send important emails
order photos - internet
get photos - walk down to chemist
write letter
ring ex and break good news about friday hmm
get thread for stiching edging to blanket
check fluids etc on car
make a list of all the faults and pretty little lights that are developing at horrific speed on my car sad
try not to twat any man that has the misfortune of getting in my way
play musical furniture in the lounge
get rug tidy, hoovered and turned
tidy and clean window sil
clean and move bookcase as part of the child proofing for a cruising baby that is coming to visit bloody thing tips if you use it to hold you up
put ds' clothes away
put my clothes away
buy occasion card
Work on getting the dining room tidied and cleaned
put covers back on the sofas in the lounge

And sooo much more to be done. Need to get some sleep if i am going to get that and more done by tea time.

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 01:52:58

I have some going very black bruises. lots and lots of the things. it hurts to sit down, kneel, lie, move. But you know. knives and slippery surfaces and all that. As for the other variety, clearly i need to sort my brain out and make some smarter choices.

ZingWidge Sat 03-Aug-13 01:56:03

hi everyone!

I did sign up months ago, but I got stuck with stuff like wearing shoes in the house.
and endless emails! aaargh, so annoying!

but I'd like some tried and tested tips please.

and my birthday's in 3 weeks!

ZingWidge Sat 03-Aug-13 01:56:28

oh, and call me Zingsmile

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 01:56:52

Ow, that's quite a list. You definitely need sleep to tackle that. Sorry about all types of pain in the butt.

Still wide awake here. May have to browse on MN for a while. Am enjoying the quiet house and knowing that nobody is going to disturb me...

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 01:58:00

Tried and tested tips
1. get rid of the emails
2. Adapt the system to you. most here don't wear shoes in the house despite what the system recommends.
3. Remember that above all else it is not about perfection it is about staying in control whilst having a good housework/life balance. the key is the balance.

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 01:59:22

I find that is the perfect time to do the ironing tbh and watch a film that I want to watch rather then the others have chosen.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 02:01:15

Hi Zing. Welcome. First rule: don't sign up for the Flylady emails (or, if you have, deregister from them). Just follow the babysteps on this thread and your house will be looking better in time for your birthday grin.

But bear in mind that Flylady is all about establishing good new housekeeping habits gradually, rather having a big splurge and then letting all the mess build up again. Nothing wrong with the odd crisis clean on the way though.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 02:02:59

Too hot to do ironing here, Bitchy - at least that's my excuse.

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 02:12:13

Tbh i wouldn't know what temperature it is. I am under ice atm. my knee is rather balloon like. Right really must sleep now. serious stuff to do tomo.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 02:24:22

Night, Bitchy.

Can't sleep. Looks as if my day is starting just as everyone else is finishing theirs. hmm

DD1's birthday today - but she is working most of the day. Out for a meal last night which was lovely.

shock at Toffee's fuck fun!!!!

Welcome Zing - use this thread instead of the emails, much more friendly!!

Castle (((hugs))) to you, sorry to hear of your loss and tough time right now.

SC hope it is cooler for you today. < 40 degrees was my cut off point between being pleasant and becoming too hot to function >

Have a good day everyone. Will get back later with something productive to say maybe

Engelsemama Sat 03-Aug-13 05:35:44

Morning fledglings! Jetlag is kicking my arse atm so I’m wide awake at 3am and then struggling to stay awake at 7pm. Still, I have a few more weeks to adjust before school starts whereas DH goes back to work on Monday.

Sweltering here – has been over 35 for the last 2 days. We’re expecting thunderstorms today and it should cool off by 10 degrees or so.

Have been using the quiet time (DH and DS still sleeping) to look for a pop up laundry basket for DS’s puppets/soft toys as we have one toy box in the lounge and it’s over flowing. Going to put some washing on in a minute and maybe even some gardening before it gets too hot (or rains).

I like the sound of that ice tea sc

Sorry to hear about your knee bitchy

Welcome zing !

I need a list to get me going

Washing x god knows how many
Washing away
Washing up
Finish putting away holiday bits
Suitcases away in loft
Tame jungle back garden
Give plants a soaking this evening
Have an afternoon nap grin
Stay up late grin grin (not sure FL would approve!)
Eat lots and lots of fruit and salad

ToffeeWhirl Sat 03-Aug-13 09:05:07

Woken up at 7 by both boys wanting to know which of them was my favourite. I said they both were grin.

Am now drinking coffee and wondering what to do today. It's raining on and off, so we will have to stay in for now.

Happy Birthday to PA's DD1 smile. Glad you had a lovely meal out.

Engels - sorry you are struggling with jetlag. Hope the afternoon nap helps get you through the day.

To do :

Get dressed, wash hair, etc.
Deal with mountains of washing
Room rescues

Engelsemama Sat 03-Aug-13 10:15:12

How sweet toffee - did they accept your answer?!

Xposted with you pa . I could not cope with temperatures in your neck of the woods. DS had a meltdown on our last flight back from China. We ended up delayed by nearly 3 hours and stuck on the runway in sweltering temperatures.

Having a good day so far.

Ta da
Washing - 1st lot drying, 2nd lot on and 3rd ready to roll
Yesterday's wash away
1 and a half hours of gardening
Downstairs toilet cleaned
Downstairs hoovered
Washing up and shined sink
Emptied bins

It's feeling cooler here now though no sign of thunderstorms yet.

Castlelough Sat 03-Aug-13 10:44:58

My goodness it's been a busy night on the thread!! grin
To do: drag self out of bed...

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 11:02:49

ta da
wash sink - it is not shiny bit it is not black either anymore which is a start
drink coffee
discover ironed a ribbon which melted so need to leave the last two items until after cleaned melted plastic off iron.
1st load of washing on
internet stuff (except important email)
water plants
sit with ice pack on knee, soon to go on ankle

Right important email. and then shower and up sitcks two fingers up at the fat fairys dressed to shoes and impolietly ignores

Steamedcabbage Sat 03-Aug-13 11:09:44

Good morning everyone

For some reason I'm in a rambunctious "get things done" mood today and as this only happens a couple of times a year I am trying to make the most of it! grin

In a bid to get some time alone sort out the kitchen before Sept 1st (start of term) while it is sunny and light, I am having a blitz on the cutlery drawers and two pots in which I keep long implements this morning. Have scrubbed an old huge paella pan that lives on the side. Need to scrub copper jam pans. Also need to re-paint two cutlery holder compartments, one kitchen roll holder thing and one old Ikea free-standing cheapo unit with drawers.

Also going to seek out handy-man to make me some shelves in the gap which used to house second fridge and make some sort of curtain to cover it. And buy one hanging cupboard. Temporary measures but shouldl make a huge difference to kitchen clutter I reckon.

Also doing lots of laundry!

Out this afternoon to buy dd yet more jodphur boots (her feet have already grown two sizes in the holidays confused) Hopefully back in time to watch Sky Lantern run in the Nassau Stakes wink

A very warm welcome to Zing!

Hope your dd1 has a lovely birthday PA! Current English heat wave must seem run of the mill to you now!

Sorry about the continual battle with dust Bitchy Hope you can vanquish it.

Praying for cooling rain here too Ëngels! [Wierd tip for overcoming jet lag: allow sun to shine on back of your knees (apparently!) Something to do with melatonin uptake or some'at...]

Castle dh was rushed to hospital with suspected heart attack but thankfully it turned out to be gall bladder issue. We are now off the booze and eating lots and lots of salad grin

Asheth sympathies with decluttering one room and finding a pile of stuff somewhere else!!

Toffee as you've been up early and to bed late, hope you can catch up on some sleep this afternoon and have a small nap

Big stonking waves to everyone!

Steamedcabbage Sat 03-Aug-13 11:13:20

[PS Think I may have to lie down in a darkened room for having inadvertently sorted out tupperware: crikey I've done a mission shock!!!]

Jesstryinghard Sat 03-Aug-13 11:49:22

Oh my gosh someone kick me up the butt ! Why did I ever stop coming here !! My place is a tip and its holiday time and there's no time to do anything and arghhhh !! Hope everyone is well smile

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 12:16:52

Power of 15mins Jess. You can do it. Promise.

Asheth Sat 03-Aug-13 12:24:58

Right, so my second 15 mins has put a serious dent in the pile in the sitting room. So I second Bitchy on the power of 15 mins! Even 10 mins can all add up. After a week all of DS2's shelves have been decluttered and rearranged and look lovely. DS1's clutter mountain under his table has vanished! I've also done some washing and hung i out in the sunshine.

Still to do - second washing load
clean downstairs toilet
10 mins in DS3's room
And anything else I think of!

Will also get out in the sunshine with DS3! Have a good Saturday everyone!

Jesstryinghard Sat 03-Aug-13 13:16:36

Thank you bitchy smile

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 15:59:53

Another ice pack to ankle break.

ta da
wash sink - it is not shiny bit it is not black either anymore which is a start
drink coffee
discover ironed a ribbon which melted so need to leave the last two items until after cleaned melted plastic off iron.
1st load of washing on
internet stuff (except important email)
water plants
sit with ice pack on knee, soon to go on ankle
send important email
clean iron
finish ironing
another load of washing on
move ds' washing to his room
move my washing to my room
clean toy bookcase and move out of lounge
clean 2nd toy stack out of lounge
clean case of old sewing machine and immediately wish hadn't bothered (one of those jobs where it didn't look too bad until you started and then you could really see how yucky it was and just sapped time)
remove spare dining room chairs from lounge
return all furniture, and other stuff that lives in the hall
move sofa
work my way through tackling the stuff on the lounge floor (*still in progress*)
boil up stray handwarmer which appeared
water plants
wipe down ds' coats and bags
sort through ds' coats
carry stuff upstairs and put away
sort my training kit bag
5mins in washing machine cubby hole
dispose of dead plants

I have clearly not drunk enough coffee though as i could happily fall asleep right now. 5 more mins and then i need to go carry on working on the lounge. Suppose to be going out if i finish on time. Currently not looking likely though hmm

saturn Sat 03-Aug-13 17:42:40

You've been busy on here! Will catch up later as no flying done yesterday or today so far apart from dressed to shoes. So...

Ta da
Dressed to shoes

To do
Flylady e-mails
Negative voices
Hot spot
5 minute room rescue
Shine sink
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Another hot spot
15 minutes decluttering
Inspirational page
Negative voices
Another hot spot
Another 5 minute room rescue
Another hot spot
Another 15 minutes decluttering
Inspirational page
Whatever babystep number 13 is...oh, just checked and Kelly's mission and no missions on a Saturday so that's one less thing to do...

Reward will be to have some me time and catch up on what everyone else has been up to...will check back

BitchytheGreat Sat 03-Aug-13 18:16:20

Ok taking 5 mins to post the babysteps at a sensible time. For a novelty

Babystep 4 - this is the optional one. Most of us don't do the post it notes. Creating yet more clutter. Might work for you though. Make your own minds up

Sunday: do something for you.

And that they say is that!

saturn Sat 03-Aug-13 21:25:44

I'm done..

Ta da
Everything on list above
Put dishwasher on
Blended soup (which has been in slow cooker past couple of days blush)
Made lollies
Watered plant
Changed DD bedding - she has taken to sleeping in my bed over the summer holidays, transpires she doesn't like her bedding (terry toweling type material - she has had no problem with for previous 18 months!) why she just didn't tell me this three weeks ago I don't know hmm she now has new bedding and is sleeping back in her own bed
Put washing on
Wrapped present for party tomorrow - particularly proud of this one as present normally wrapped as we are supposed to be setting off for party (or in car before party blush, you now see why I need Flylady!)
Text mum

Decluttering was cloakroom, don't know how I ended up doing in there as was working on family room - hadn't realised zone changed on Thursday. Anyway decluttered 16 pairs of DDs shoes that don't fit her - 16!!! shockblush she still has 8 pairs left!

Feeling very pleased with myself for getting everything done and will now relax and catch up with what everyone else has been up to grin

GoingGoingGoth Sat 03-Aug-13 22:22:23

Evening all, hope you're all having a great Saturday night. We're being 'entertained' by the live music playing at the local hotel hmm DH originally thought it was someone practising as they seem to be playing the same riff over and over again!

Morning routines
All of yesterday's washing folded & put away
Bit of mending
Washing up x 3
Litter tray
Recycling out
Post office
Bought a 'new' bike!
Watched Harry Potter with DD
Washing up & SS

saturn Sat 03-Aug-13 22:33:21

Bitchy - impressive ta da list as usual! Hope your ankle is better soon. Loved yesterday's round up, but did think until you pointed it out that you were letting us know you wouldn't be getting any fuck fun today blush. Lunch yesterday was awful, as expected, but got through it - called in at a bar on way there so was fashionably 25 minutes late. Did catch up with an old friend, so wasn't all bad- but still very awkward with person I didn't want to see - and then called in at a bar afterwards as well blush

Jess - I'd have to agree with bitchy and Asheth - doing a bit each day really does seem to work. I've only done 2 weeks of babysteps, but am starting to notice a difference (slight difference, but still!)

Asheth - hope you made it out in the sunshine with DS3 - you deserved it after all you ave accomplished this week smile

Toffee - I will second handing your DH your ta da list in future grin

SC - another impressive ta da list today - did you get it all sorted?

Engels - sorry to hear about your flight back from China - 3 hours delay on runway sounds a nightmare anyway, but in sweltering temperatures sad

PA - happy birthday to DD1! Had image of Duracell bunny as I was flying today...made me smile, thanks for that grin

Waves to Castle, zing, mercury, goth and everybody else!!!

Had a lovely family fun day today. DD and I slept in until 8.45 - which is very late for us, but we must have needed it. Took her to the zoo this morning, then went to cake shop to order cake for her birthday party (she wants a scooby doo haunted mansion cake and has been telling me this since Christmas was over!) then went to the beach and then shopping.

Anyway, going to bed now - think it's the first night this week I've been in bed before midnight x

ZingWidge Sat 03-Aug-13 23:30:12

thanks for lovely welcome from a lot of you! <waves to all>

We have DS2's birthday sleepover party tonight and I've been too busy to read through properly.
will do later.

Tomorrow I'll have to clean fridge (it stinks!) and must clean/sort cutlery drawers.

DH is taking all the kids to his parents' for lunch - I'll stay home so I can have a lovely nap and a bit of quiet time.

hope you all had a good day

saturn Sun 04-Aug-13 06:47:36

Morning all! smile

To do
Dressed to shoes
Read Flylady e-mails
Negative voices
Hot spot
5 minute room rescue
Shine sink
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Another hot spot
15 minutes decluttering
Inspirational page
Baby step 14 - something to do with calendars

Be back later...hope everyone has a lovely (and productive!) day ...

Good morning

Engles I am back here in the Uk now and yes, SC finding this "Heatwave" quite mildly warm and pleasant!!!

Bitchy Very impressive list - you are certainly an all or nothing person, aren't you? Although I seem to remember quite a few of us on here have that trait.

DD1 had a good day, although she was working a lot of it. DS made a very impressive cake - yum yum!!
Zing hope your DD had a good birthday, too.

Goth Are you a neighbour of mine.....awful music from a local place here, too last night. <I would have asked for money back if I had paid for the "privilege" of having to listen!>

So, life is a little mad at the moment. I am bunny sitting our old bunnies for 3 weeks while their new family is off on holiday. I am also dog sitting a large black lab for 9 days. Arrived yesterday and I was feeling a bit out of my depth, but so far no problems - never had a dog, ever, never really liked dogs, ever - in fact normally actively avoid dogs at all costs, but opened my mouth a little before engaging brain <normal for me> and so here I am with a dog to look after. I could be asking for help on here!! So far she has wee-ed, poo-ed and eaten this morning and after a bit of MN-ing we will go for a nice walk before church.

DS has really been messed about by his work, so he is on the look out for another job.
DD1 is enjoying her new job and is looking forward to going off to uni at the beginning of September.
DH - our conversations are still 90% instructions about how to cook stuff. <sigh>

Lack of enthusiasm for any flying at the moment. I need to get my act together before DD2 comes home on Wednesday. Might have a bit of a bash at things this afternoon, I will see.
Have a good Sunday everyone.

Honu Sun 04-Aug-13 07:12:11

Hi all - not too bad; only 4 days late! Thanks Ellie for last month - brilliant or masochistic to do it while coping with end of term - and enjoying Bitchy's style

Not been a v good July here - DH not well and neither of us coping with the heat. I had a bad attack of cba at end of term but am now trying to sort the chaos.

Honu Sun 04-Aug-13 07:19:53

Hi all - not too bad; only 4 days late! Thanks Ellie for last month - brilliant or masochistic to do it while coping with end of term - and enjoying Bitchy's style

Not been a v good July here - DH not well and neither of us coping with the heat. I had a bad attack of cba at end of term but am now trying to sort the chaos.

Have found the timer, looked out my routines checklist, and propose doing a bit of crisis tidying (cleaning not yet on the radar - you have to be able to see it before you can clean it!)

Flying Alert - did you know that Lakeland's rubber buddy
is identical to Flylady's rubba scrubba she goes on about?

Am still following and enjoying the thread - keeps me sane!

Honu Sun 04-Aug-13 07:20:48

ps how do you do a link with your own words on top and the link underneath?

Honu Sun 04-Aug-13 07:22:18

And wtf with the half post earlier?

Steamedcabbage Sun 04-Aug-13 08:21:26

Morning my lovelies - really beautiful day here!

Hey Honu - good to see you! (Sorry your dh is unwell and things are still so tough for you both though. Hope it is a bit cooler where you are today.)

Thanks for buddy brush link! (I wonder if Flylady acts as a Lakeland consultant!)

The way to do links with your own writing on top is to copy the web address and put double square bracket at the front. Then go to the end of the web address and leave a space, then write what you want to write, then insert double square closing bracket. Hope that makes sense!

Hope you are managing to keep lab and buns apart PA wink [Dabs eye with handkerchief imagining PA being temporarily reunited with her furry friends ]

Hope you survived the sleepover ZingW brew Very brave of you to incorporate it in to party! Hope your ds2 had a great time!

Saturn congrats on getting through your list (esp present wrapping!) and having a fab family fun day yesterday! Love the idea of a Scooby Doo cake!! (I got quite a bit done thanks - still working on bits of list - would have done more had I not got side-tracked by visit to large shop selling all things horsey. Went for new jod boots for dd but spent rather too long wandering around in a contented haze sniffing leather and stroking girths before I got arrested, just kidding grin)

Goth sympathies with free "entertainment" . We have same prob with nearby theatre.

Congrats on your mega list too bitchy and ta for links. Didn't realise you had broken your ankle shock That's awful. HOpe you are managing OK?

Well done re: the shelf decluttering Asheth Hope you could get out in the sun yesterday too.

Right, this morning my sink is sparkling and I have tackled a bit of laundry. About to put back/re-line kitchen drawers that I left out yesterday and prep healthy lunch dish. Then clear dining room hot spot. Then off to church/then butchers if they are open. Very quiet so going to force myself to drive my car. (Need to do more driving to spare dh.) Afternoon will be spent playing and baking with dd smile.

Enjoy your Sundays everyone!

saturn Sun 04-Aug-13 09:14:30

Honu - sorry to hear your DH not well sad thanks for link to rubba scrubba, might have to get one of those. Good luck with the crisis tidying - that's pretty much where I am too...can't clean what you can't see!

PA - hope all is well with dog and rabbits. Shame about DS job, hopefully he can get something else quickly

SC - enjoy the baking/playing with DD this afternoon grin

I've completed morning routine and all ready to take DD to party at 10am (with present wrapped last night!) grabbed invite and it is at 4pm not 10 am - where I got that from I don't know. Suppose at least I realised whilst here and not when I arrived at the place blush. Probably need to pay attention to my baby step calendar habit today!! Anyway, don't know what to do with myself now...

BitchytheGreat Sun 04-Aug-13 10:13:59

Nah, ankle isn't broken SC It has tendonitis so needs lots of rest and ice. I use the word 'broken' to describe anything that isn't working properly.

I took a nap at 5:30pm and woke up at 3:30am for some food and some ice for sore ankle. Asleep again by 4:30am and didn't wake up until 10am. Not feeling rested but definitely needed the sleep. Now need coffee and to fly at high speed as have to get the lounge finished by 4pm as I go to get ds home. Can't wait to see him!

Just marking my spot, got back this morning from a fortnight's holiday and there's a lot of washing to do. Will be back to catch up with all you lovely Fledglings later.

Trazzletoes Sun 04-Aug-13 12:04:23

I'm back! I'm home! And I haven't name-changed!

Scuttling off to unload dishwasher...

Steamedcabbage Sun 04-Aug-13 12:30:24

Yay Trazzles!!! grin flowers

Welcome back too Whoknows hope you had a lovely holiday!

Phew Bitchy was taking you a bit too literally - sorry! Still sounds painful though...sleep should help with healing though hopefully

Waves to Saturn and everyone else

Am actually being quite productive today shock must be something in the water ...

4 loads hanging up in the garden, just about to take down the 1st and put out the 5th, thank goodness for breezy weather.

BitchytheGreat Sun 04-Aug-13 13:10:47

ta da
drink too much coffee
lounge windows de mucked (but need polishing up)
half of the windowsil in lounge
1st load washing on
half of the random stuff on the lounge floor
cleaned remaining tables
remove all stuff related to the fire out of lounge
internet stuff
speak to ex about ds
polish lounge and hall windows
finish clearing window sil
more bits removed from lounge floor
2nd load of washing on.
clean window sil
polish window sil

Progress today is really slow as i have to deal with all the piddly little bits. Currently sitting under ice so now is a good time for a round up i think...

BitchytheGreat Sun 04-Aug-13 13:37:22

Holy shit I forgot how much we like to talk!

First things first:
Zing popped in and explain her frustion with the fat fairy's decluttering that is cluttering up her inbox. Welcome to the thread.

Whoknows has been on holiday and is now back and tackling the washing, grateful for a windy day. It is trying to rain here...

Bitchy's typo has amused a few but horrified poor pa who is clearly properly grown up now she is going to be a gran and doesn't do that kinda thing anymore don't believe that really but probably best to let the Dc believe it <sticks tongue out and smiles sweetly> grin

Various people have been struggling with the heat and Flying. Our resident Heat expert has been sending her sympathies. My advice is to take is steady and even if all you do is stick one load of washing on, and the washing up behind you that is still flying. Takes fat fairy's little and often rule literally

Castle has been gentle pottering through but did point out the late night activity. Clearly this is fine because we haven't reached the early night babystep grin

SC has been overtaken by a rare bout of motivation and has been tackling the kitchen, making plans to adapt things to suit her better and being brave and doing things that DH would normally do. <passes over fledging of the day sticker>

Jess popped back to say she slipped off the fat fairy program. We all do that occassionally but you will find it easier and quicker to get back on track each time.

Asheth has discovered that it really is the power of 15 and been getting the housework life balance nailed!

Saturn has been working on decluttering and sucessfully decluterred dd's shoes. shock at how 16 pairs though. I don't own that many pairs of shoes to declutter.

Goth popped in with a ta da and tails of local live music.

Honu wander back it, so nice to see you lovely. Sorry to hear dh is poorly.

PA is currently stopping the visiting dog from having a rather tastey meal of fresh rabbit. Good luck with that and enjoy having old friends back for a visit!

Trazzles popped back without her threatened name change. good job as we all know that I am dreadful with name changes grin

PA did point out that bitchy was being a bit all or nothing in her style. Quick reminder that this is not the fly lady way. And the fat fairy would be most disapproving. Bitchy is currently crisis cleaning on a grand scale with a tight deadline and is trying hard normally to not be like this. And can't fucking wait until Wed's deadline is achieved! Life does not always permit a little and often approach. But try to avoid this as norm.

Ciao for now.

MercuryRising Sun 04-Aug-13 14:47:03

Hi all. Big wing flaps to Trazzle

I had a late start this morning as I worked until 2am and flying has been minimal:
Ta da
Beds made
Wash load
Towels and bedding folded and put away
Dp hoovered
Put air in tyres
Visited mil
Bike ride with dcs

This afternoon I am off for a swim with my dmum (I have consumed too much party food over the last couple of days and now feel really sluggish), then we are popping to dsis for brew After that I am planning to get dcs in bed early, fold some more washing and then spend a rare evening with dp grin

Hope your foot starts to ease off a bit Bitchy

elliepac Sun 04-Aug-13 17:01:47

Afternoon all.

Back from caravan after a lovely few days in the sunshine. Got a busy week ahead. Have booked the carpet fitters for DD's room on Thursday along with her furniture to be delivered which means i have to decorate it by then. DH has trashed the house in my absence. And am having DN for the day tomorrow as dsis is decorating. First time she has let him out of her sight for a full day in his 6 months on this planet so I am honoured!

Off to catch up with the thread!

QUICK QUICK QUICK All you doggy lot HELP!!! What is the worst that can happen when a dog eats a whole big box of cat biscuits?????? <apart from having disgusting smelling farts that means we need a gas mask in a huge room> I am no good at this dog sitting lark. Bloody cats have scarpered giving me the evil eye and have not been seen for hours.

Honu Sun 04-Aug-13 20:14:17

It's ok PA, it's a lab. I have one of these, it's a dustbin on four legs. Cat biscuits are small beer in a lab's world. It will fart and maybe go to the loo a bit more. Make sure it has enough fresh water, put it outside when it needs to go, and put all food out of reach. If you want to do penance take it for a good cobweb-blowing-out walk. Just enjoy!

Thanks Honu. Feeling more relaxed now. Smelly dustbin on four legs has just pulled me round the streets for a late night wee walk. hmm
We are taking her into the forest tomorrow so hopefully that will wear her out.

cats still cross with me, but are sat outside the house now, so coming closer.

Steamedcabbage Sun 04-Aug-13 23:25:18

Sorry PA but cackling loudly here at your dog emergency grin grin grin Don't mean to sound heartless, but that is hilarious!!! grin

And arf at Honu's calm but portentous statement ... "It will fart and maybe go to the loo a bit more" grin

One of our dogs at home tended to over-eat at the wrong moment; it always seemed to be when my mother was trying to have an elegant dinner party. About half way through, when everyone was relaxed and settled, it would choose just that moment to break wind loudly under the table and I remember the guests trying to remain in their places, trying to carry on their conversations with streaming eyes as though nothing had happened. When we got to know people well though, all pretence at politeness went out of the window and they would just cover their mouths and run for the door as fast as possible ....Looking back, that dog's timing was impeccable grin

Good luck with the baby-sitting and decorating Ellie! (Six months is such a lovely age! smile)

[Displays sticker proudly on t-shirt] thanks Bitchy smile Polishing windows doesn't sound at all piddly to me - fab round up too btw! Hope ice treatment working.

Gosh you've tackled that post-holiday washing quickly Whoknows

Top marks for going swimming Mercury- I must weigh myself today - certain I haven't lost weight this week - just praying I have maintained and not gained.

Must admit that the strain of having dh around a lot more than usual (constant golf and motor sport on the telly) and the strain of me cooking healthy meals and him having to eat them .. is starting to tell. Consequently I have downed two large glasses of white wine this evening, even though I am meant to be off the booze in sympathy with dh.

However, today have finished cutlery drawers, implement jars and tupperware basket in kitchen which are now all shiny and organised. Also did on-line supermarket order, played with dd in garden with tent, made leek and potato soup and swiss roll with dd, made a healthy veg medley to go with minute piece of lean steak (dh sulked like a child at size of it), went to church (drove there!), ran and emptied dishwasher twice, carried a load of stuff upstairs and then some other stuff downstairs, did some volunteering, bought some fruit & veg, returned some bks to a friend, sorted office invoices, sorted dd riding equip, suffered through 'Dr Who Live' confused, did four lots of laundry, prepped more for tomorrow, and planted some lavender. So feeling fairly chipper! Got a long list for tomorrow too ...hoping can crack on with house a bit better now that dd will be occupied with all things horsey for six hrs a day ....

Hope everyone has a good week! G'night all!

Good morning everyone!

SC Thanks - I think!! hmm grin Sounds like a really productive day for you yesterday.

Cannot believe how much poo one dog can produce and as for having to pick it up when it is warm squidgy and stinking - nah, this dog owner lark is just not for me!!!
And how quick do these four legged dustbins actually eat. It takes me longer to open the tin and put it into the bowl than it does for him to scoff the lot and then look at me as if he is still starving.

Today is looking like a full day so far, so maybe a little list might keep me on track.....or maybe not!!!

Washing in -done
Kitchen cleared - done
Dishwasher loaded - done
Encourage cats into the house, feed, then remove any remains out of four-legged dustbins reach! - done
Quick MN 5 mins - doing grin
Walk dog - picking up copious amounts of poo on the way <shudders at the disgusting thought>
Bunny feed
Trip to supermarket to get food for BBQ
hoover downstairs
clear clothes piles from back lounge
get room ready for 7 testosterone filled 17 year old lads to sleep in tonight hmm
bake humungous amounts of cake, biscuits etc for said lads - Have you any idea how much food these humans eat?????? shock
Dog walk in forest with DD3, her DH and their new puppy and my four legged bin.
BBQ - or maybe that could turn into a pizza fest if the weather looks dodgy......must decide soon before I go shopping.
Bunny feed
Try to ignore the noise and stupidity of the 7 lads.

Optional list if I get round to it:
Business meeting (must be done either today or tomorrow, but tomorrow seems more likely!)
finish clearing landing
hoover upstairs
Move a load of "stuff" from my bedroom into the spare room
Do some paid work which is becoming quite urgent
Form filling
And I am sure about another million things...............

Off to check the weather reports.....BBQ or pizza fest...........that is the question..........

MercuryRising Mon 05-Aug-13 07:58:37

Morning. I am so sleepy I just want to curl up and go back to sleep. That isn't an option with the dcs about. So heres todays lists, hopefully writing it down will keep me on track hmm

To do
Make our bed
Change dcs bedding
Wm on
Room rescue living room
Hotspot - bedroom windowsill
15m declutter in kitchen
Hoover throughout
Dust throughout
Pick ddad up from supermarket
Take dcs shopping and for lunch with ddad
Drop dcs to dsil
Hair appointment smile
Meal plan

Best get cracking!!!

Castlelough Mon 05-Aug-13 08:42:31

Good morning everyone!

Hoping to get a bit more done today! Am going home to DH on Wed and I want to leave my Mum somewhat in reasonable shape here. Today we should meal plan and grocery shop. Somebody asked a couple of days ago if people has brought us food. Well! It was overwhelming! We have been fed for 8 days solid! And that has been my mum and four adult children, along with a varying number of our partners (sometimes 4!) And we also gave some of the food away! And there are still the remains of joints of ham in the fridge and a rolled and boned turkey in the freezer!!!
I have never experienced anything like it. We also fed (sandwiches/cake) and watered 200+ people who came through the house during our traditional Irish 'wake' for Dad. And all of that food was brought to the house too! The 'wake' meant that Dad was brought home to our house, and the coffin was open on the night before the funeral. People came and paid their respects to Dad and then were besieged by some of our friends in the kitchen, and sent into the garden laden down. It was the most surreal experience. We had a beautiful funeral mass the following day. My siblings and I all took readings etc and my brother said a wonderful eulogy. It was a really great send-off for Dad. smile

However, there is a room downstairs where absolutely all clutter and extra furniture was shoved into and the key turned in the door. I managed to uncover the poor goldfish when we remembered him the evening after the funeral, but everything else has been untouched!!!
Might make a start in there today...if Mum is up to it...She says she doesn't want to go back to the clutter again though, so it could be an interesting decluttering project!
Gosh I've been rambling on!
Bitchy hope the ankle improves.
SC I hope DH didn't give you too bad a fright...hope you don't wear yourself out looking after everyone. And I say wine is a good idea!
Waves to everyone else!

elliepac Mon 05-Aug-13 09:55:59

Morning all. Today is going to go one of 2 ways. Either i will be incredibly broody by the end of it or 100% certain I want no more children.grin DN is here and just settling for a nap. Had forgotten how impossible it is to do stuff when babies are around so my list today is minimal and dependent upon naps.

To do:-
General tidy
Washing (weather dependent)
S/s bathroom
Washing up
Food shop
Empty furniture from dd's room ready for painting.

That will do methinks. Quick turn round needed for washing as we are away on Saturday for family holiday for a week.

castle so sorry to hear your DF. Sounds as if he had a lovely send of thoughsmile.

Back later.

Castlelough Mon 05-Aug-13 11:40:35

Thanks Ellie enjoy your day with DN grin!

Ta da:
Lounged around in dressing gowns reminiscing, and munching yet more ham sandwiches for breakfast...this has to stop. It's been 9 days now, we have to start getting it together sad.
On the plus side I found yet another neighbour-made lasagna in the freezer. That's put the grocery shop back another day or two...

To do:
Get everyone out of the house for a walk and some fresh air.

Found you all! We're back from holiday, all in one piece but the car is still in France. Brakes failed on the last morning and couldn't be fixed till today so under our breakdown cover we ended up coming home via a taxi and 2 hire cars... Now carless until we can get it back, which will probably mean me and DH having another jaunt across the Channel at the weekend when the boys were going to be staying with the ILs anyway. May as well make a virtue of a necessity... and there'll hopefully be more space to bring back important matters like wine.

Not sure how flying is going to fit in with all this, but need to do some. CBA at the mo, though so will try and skim through the thread - 5 pages already.

<Leaves brew and croissants on the bar>

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Aug-13 11:52:52

castle - that sounds like a wonderful and touching send off for your dad. I went to the funeral of my great aunt - a wonderful woman - last year and she was also 'brought home'. We all said prayers round the (closed) coffin in her sitting room and then followed as the coffin was carried to her local church. Both my boys were with me and coped very well. DS1 put his arm round DS2 when the coffin arrived <aww>.

ellie - enjoy your day with DN <broody emoticon>.

PA - picking up the dog poo was my least favourite bit of looking after a dog, so you have my sympathies!

<hands steaming coffee to Mercury>

Today started badly because I lost my wallet with my credit card in it. Spent ages searching for it and finally decided I must have dropped it when DH and I went to a local outdoor concert on Saturday <panic>. Rang DH to confess and he insisted I look one more time before cancelling our joint cards. Thank goodness, I finally found it tucked away in the bottom of DS2's lunch box, which he'd taken to the event. Oh, the relief! But, thanks to that, I have wasted most of the morning searching.

Lots to do now. All fairly dull. DS2 has a friend here, so at least he is busy and I can get on with housework.

Hope you all have a good day.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Aug-13 11:53:31

Blue - x-post. Sorry about your car. What a pain.

BitchytheGreat Mon 05-Aug-13 12:09:33

Castle why does it have to stop. grief takes the time it takes. don't try to put a time limit on it. just grieve properly. x

Steamedcabbage Mon 05-Aug-13 13:00:42

Castle your father's wake and funeral mass sound absolutely lovely. (And all the support from friends and locals - he was obviously much loved.) I hope you found it a comfort (or as comforting as possible in circumstances). Nine days isn't that long you know. You've been through a huge shock and it's often harder after the funeral when you are more on your own and not as busy with all the arrangements etc. Hope your mum is coping ok. Take it easy on yourselves x

Oh no Blue about the car! Must have been stressful with dcs but glad it wasn't a spectacular fail at 80mph on motorway. Hope you can pick up lots of crates wine on the retrieval trip!

Toffee glad you found your cc in the end. I am losing lots of stuff in the boudoir atm and it is v. stressful. Now I am decluttering a bit more seriously than usual, I am finding what they say about disorganisation = waste of money to be true blush. Have so far found 2 cardigans I didn't know I had and a school bag that I bought ages ago for dd and forgot about (already bought another one for this year). None will go to waste exactly but they were unnecessary purchases.

Elliepac enjoy your day with your dn!

Mercury sounds tough having to get through that list when you are working so late/sleep deprived. Hope you survive the day brew

PA Sympathies... I'm not good with dog poo either. Horse poo is a different matter - don't mind the smell - but poo from anything that has eaten meat is a different matter. Actually, although I grew up with dogs, and then lived with my sister who had dogs, and they all without fail farted under the dinner table etcand worse, I don't really like dogs living inside that much (especially around kitchen and eating from plates or begging at table - can't be doing with any of that) unlike dh who would let them run riot. I'd love to have dog if I lived in the country though and it could more or less have an outdoor existence. Hope you survive the visit anyway. Sounds as if you are providing your furry guest with a 4-star service!! And hope you survive the sleepover too!! Good luck with keeping them all fed!

GoingGoingGoth Mon 05-Aug-13 13:51:12

Morning all, not much none flying today as at work, but I have made my bed!

On a plus note, I have cycled to work for the 2nd day and TMI alert am only slightly uncomfortable. grin

PA arf at dog eating cat biscuits, I bet your cats are very unimpressed with their house guest. I honestly think dog poo is the sole reason I can hold out against getting one. It's weird, I can cope with emptying the litter tray, and as our cat still doesn't want to go out, I know we get everything, but I can't imagine doing the hand in bag thing <shudders>

Blue I like the positive spin on the return journey to France, admit it you scupper end the breaks just as an excuse to get more wine

Castle I think SC is right, and that you'll find that now the formalities are over that you'll be starting face up to your loss (sorry I'm not very good at expressing my point) It will take a long time, I've seen it with my Mum when we lost my Nanna, 5 years later and she can only now cope with seeing photographs. You need time to grieve, I just wish I could give you a real life hug.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Aug-13 15:41:38

Ta da :

Ocado online order
Lost wallet
Phoned DH
Found wallet <phew>
Unloaded d/w
Put w/m on
Swished and swiped in bathroom
Put out new handtowel
Tidied and cleaned dining-room table (hotspot)
Wiped down the stairs
Put 8 bags of rubbish out blush
Put recycled food out for collection
Emptied bags from Saturday night outing
Put DS2's stuff away in his room
Made DS2's bed
Did times table and handwriting practice with DS2
Reloaded d/w
Made pasta for DS2 and his friend
Made fish fingers for DS1
Put papers out for recycling
Emptied bins from bathroom and bedroom
Stewed apricots
Made flapjacks
Washed up and put away
Reloaded d/w
Wiped down cooker top
Took boys to playground
Came home for flapjacks
Waved off DS2's friend
Sat down for cup of tea, flapjack and MN

And if DH walks in now, I really will hand him the above list.

To do :

Hang washing up to dry
Order new railcard online
Start DLA application
Email friend

<leaves out plateful of flapjacks>

Oh, and had a lovely moment in the playground, when a six-year-old boy approached me and said, "What are you for?" (If anyone can tell me, I will be very grateful grin).

BitchytheGreat Mon 05-Aug-13 16:32:07

Oh dear lord.
Child 1 flying 0.
<reaches for pain killers and google>

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Aug-13 16:34:07

He's back then, bitchy?

<passes over medicinal alcohol and relaxation CD>


BitchytheGreat Mon 05-Aug-13 16:39:29

The child's quest for knowledge is unbelievable! Back less then 24hrs and already i have learnt stuff and about stuff i didn't realise i didn't want to know!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Aug-13 17:04:51

But does he know what I'm for, Bitchy? If he can tell me that, he's a genius.


BitchytheGreat Mon 05-Aug-13 17:18:57

He would give you a sarcastic comment that would probably make us both go huh confused I'll ask him when he has been fed and watered!

BitchytheGreat Mon 05-Aug-13 18:57:22

Aparently you are for taking care of your dc. he was rather confused

BitchytheGreat Mon 05-Aug-13 19:00:54

mind you we have been discussing why you would be giving smarties to people who have been in an area with a radiation leak today so was a rather a different level of question.

He is safely in bed and I am going to go do stuff that my body will hate me for to give my brain a break from hating me. hmmgrin

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Aug-13 19:40:51

Thank you to MiniBitchy. I thought that might be what I was for. That and shining sinks. (Or, as my BestF says, "drinking prosecco, reading [your] children stories and falling down stairs, knicker-less" shock. She will never let me forget that particular New Year's Eve blush).

Have finished my 'to do' list. Just have to get DS2 to bed, then am going to sneak off for an early night and leave DH to get DS1 to bed after they have watched a bit of telly together.

Castle - so sorry to hear your news. ((hugs))

Going - my posititve spin on the car situation is rapidly wearing off. Dilly dallying from the garage means we've lost the opportunity to get cheap Eurostar tickets so might mean DH going on his own as the AA won't cough up for both of us. Feel ridiculously sad about this as the idea of extending the holiday was keeping me going!

SC - yes, very glad it happened with DH and DS1 on a short croissant run rather than a fully laden car on the motorway.

<snaffles flapjack from Toffee >

No flying has happened here today but I have taken out some frustration on the garden and got rather secateur-happy.

Steamedcabbage Mon 05-Aug-13 21:40:37

Oh no Blue I don't suppose you could take a cheap single flight via Ryan Air to somewhere vaguely nearby car? And then take train (and buy ticket within France - much cheaper than UK) French trains com??? Eurostar tickets extortionate at best of times! (Eurolines bus from London also cheap as chips and not as bad as you might think.)

grin at Toffee's prosecco-fuelled exploits! Think your ds might be a professor of philosophy when he grows up! smile Well done on getting through a humungous list!

Toffee/Bitchy actually I'm amazed by the effects of the holidays on dd and on her actually having space to think instead of being in death by worksheet mode at school. A friend of mine has experienced the same thing too. It's as though our dcs have had some sort of barrier in their minds lifted ...So far this holiday I have been asked why grasshoppers are green, why adults have hair in their armpits (something to do with being ground-dwellers and identifying people by smell apparently), what do parrots eat, where is Indonesia, what language people speak in Brazil and Rwanda, what is an "oracle"? Pretty standard stuff for a 10 yr old I am sure but what is sad is that she just doesn't seem interested/curious in anything like this during term time as she is kept so busy. She is also trying to built her own kite. Really makes me want to do a a few bits of off-curricular science and nature/geography with her so if you know of any interesting home ed sites or educational links, I'd be v. grateful ...

Passes soft cushion to Goth wink

Had a reasonably productive day today. Carried on with laundry and decluttering. Oppressively humid in the afternoon though so took advantage of dd's 6-hr absence to do some reading.

G'night all!

Jesstryinghard Mon 05-Aug-13 21:58:21

Just thought I would check in and say hi and give out some hugs to anyone needing one !!

No flying happening here - house is a tip sad(

Trazzletoes Mon 05-Aug-13 22:14:06

sc chuffed that I can volunteer Brazilian Portuguese (not the same as Portuguese, oh no...) and Kinyarwanda. Without looking them up!

Please don't use Eurolines. They tried to kill me. Twice. Well, maybe just once in reality and then once by not letting me sleep.

ZingWidge Mon 05-Aug-13 22:28:23

Jessy I'll have one of those hugs on offer, thanks.
Had a shit day.
in fact I'll take two, please.

Thanks for that, SC. Unfortunately none of the budget airlines fly to anywhere remotely close to car, and Eurolines times and prices wouldn't work out... BUT, Eurostar to Calais and then SNCF gets us much closer to car for cheaper than Eurostar all the way. So worth looking into, if garage and AA get their act together. smile

Trazzles - impressed by knowledge of African languages.

Jesstryinghard Mon 05-Aug-13 23:43:35

Wassup zing ? Hugs coming your way ;)

BitchytheGreat Tue 06-Aug-13 00:04:32

toffee i had forgott about your new years eve adventures. now you mention them I remember you being very blush the next day.

Ah yes, SC i have many interesting sites/books that can be recommened but not right now as i am about to set the alarm for 4am, being tuesday and all so i really do need to dump the babysteps and run.

Babystep 5
Monday is house bleurgh day
zone and missions

And clearly I have lost a day forgotten to post the steps and it has all gone a bit tits up. Arses

Tuesday is planning day!
And thankfully babystep 5 is not so very big so here is today's babystep babystep 6

will figure it all out tomo or wednesday. Wednesday is antiprocrastination day. wednesday is a good day for figuring it out.

Good morning.

Didn't do too bad yesterday, so not a massively over-run day today. I had the meeting yesterday, so do not have to fit that in, either.
BBQ for teenagers worked out well, although it was too cold and damp to eat outside. Blimey, I had forgotten how much these lads eat. It was the amount I would normally produced for about 15 people and there was just 7 of them. Hopefully they will be de-camping before lunch time - or they will eat the whole contents of my house!

Oh, I can't think this morning. Pah!! Havent got a clue what I am doing today, just surviving, I think!!

Hopefully I will return later when my brain has woken up and I can be more coherent. blush

Jesstryinghard Tue 06-Aug-13 07:31:04

Hey everyone smile here's to hoping I can get SOMETHING for today !

Does anyone
Else have summer holiday trouble - out and about every day and generally doing nothing about the house ??!!

Engelsemama Tue 06-Aug-13 07:40:01

Morning all,

Had a quick catch up on last month's thread to see what I missed while I was away.

PA congratulations and welcome home.
SC sounds like you and DH had a terrifying experience. I'm glad he's okay (even if he is sulking at the size of his steak!).
Toffee so sorry about kitten and everything else you had to deal with last month.
Trazzles lovely to see you back.

I can't remember anything else!

Blue sounds like a nightmare. Good luck sorting it out.

Bitchy thanks for your thread running so far. Your round up posts always make me smile.

jess and zing sending you both hugs. Hope you're okay.

castle have been thinking of you.

Waves to goth and toffee ("knickerless" ? Pray do tell...) and all the many others I've surely missed.

Have just dropped DS off at nursery and now ready to whirl into action. Going to do some serious tidying/cleaning/decluttering starting upstairs and working my way down.

Order of business
Landing and Attic
DS's bedroom

I seriously doubt I'll get downstairs today.

If I need a break from dust then I'll pop to the supermarket, go outside and check the car or do some gardening (green bins getting emptied today so room for the rest of the jungle!).

Armed with my timer (especially to cut back my internet use!).

MercuryRising Tue 06-Aug-13 07:51:24

Good morning. Reading back through this thread has made me giggle this morning, especially your new years eve antics toffee. It sounds like it was a great night grin

Jess I definitely struggle to fly during the holidays (and all the rest of the time) because I would much rather be out doing things than in doing housework. My dc seem to be constantly bickering at the moment so I try to get them out as much as possible to distract them from arguing.

It is lucky I am back on this thread. I did the food shopping last night and when I got back dp had emptied the fridge and it was filthy inside blush It really made us realise we need to get back on top of things!

So todays plan...
To do
Make beds
Swish and swipe
Wash load on
Fold laundry/ put away
Yesterdays mission
Hot spot - living room bay window
15m declutter kitchen
Hoover downstairs
Plan reading to be done for course
Todays mission
Put rubbish out
Dd haircut
School shoe shopping
Get dds school cardigans
Make a list of other uniform to get
Weight watchers (to see how much I have gained after falling well and truly off the wagon for the last two weeks)
Work for a few hours this evening

Engelsemama Tue 06-Aug-13 08:31:17

Gah! Just managed to break one of the clips on DS's blackout blind like I did last year so will have to go to DIY shop and they hope they take pity on me as I explain in terrible Dutch and give me a new one (don't think you can buy them separately - otherwise have to buy a brand new blind).


Ta da
Bra, knicker and pyjama draws sorted ( I have way too many pyjamas)

Now onwards with the rest of the house bedroom draws.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 06-Aug-13 08:40:06

Morning all. Am drinking my morning coffee and hoping DS2 won't wake up and call for me just yet...

zing - more ((hugs)). Hope today is a better day.

PA - well done with the BBQ. Hope there is some food left for today! How is your DD1 doing at the moment? Is she still feeling sick? And best of luck with the dustbin on legs and poo collecting today.

Jess - sympathies on summer holiday Flying problems. Yes, I think we probably all feel that. I think the secret is in not planning to do too much Flying - just keep the basics ticking over and don't worry about the rest.

Am hoping that I will get something done in the house this morning, though, because DS2 (who usually follows me around chatting non-stop) has a friend round to play. Hopefully, they will be too busy to bother me, although I will have to take them out at some point.

Engels - thank you for your kind words. Yes, last month was not good. And we still miss our kitten, who was an absolute angel. As for the knickerless story: it involved consuming too much wine at a NY party and suffering the consequences blush. Apparently (I don't remember, but DH and my BestF enjoy telling me many times), I insisted on trying to read the DC their bedtime story at about 1am (poor things), then slid down the stairs and was sick on DH's feet. I woke up knickerless and with a raging hangover the next morning. DH had put me to bed and watched over me all night to make sure I was ok.

Mercury - good luck with that long list today.

Uh oh, DS2 has woken up. Back later...

Toffee - Food left for today?????? Are you crazy?????? These are 17 year old testosterone fuelled food hoovers!!!! I need to do a supermarket run today at some point!!!
DD3 is still being sick, thanks, she will get used to it!! hmm

Shameless boast - DD1 is loving her new job and today she will be waitressing for none other than ..... <drum roll please> ....... princess Anne!!! shock Very exciting.

I am bloody furious with my dad. Just been speaking to a lady while on the dog walk who appears to know an awful lot about my family circumstances and my own father has been telling her a load of "untruths" about certain things. If I confront him at the moment it will end in an almighty row, so I am going to have to calm down and see if I can tackle this with him without an out and out shouting match. If I saw him now I could not be responsible for my actions........bloody families!! angry

elliepac Tue 06-Aug-13 09:04:44

<tries to contains giggles at memories of toffee's next day post after NYE knickerless incident>

Morning all. Had a lovely day yesterday with DN but had forgotten how much bloody work babies are. He is like contraception personifiedwink. I think DH was a bit worried I might get broody but quite the opposite. grin

Today, dmum is coming to take DC's until tomorrow afternoon. A lovely break I hear you say. Errrr no, I have 48 hours to decorate DD's room before the carpet fitters arrive. On my own as DH is at work. Thankfully tis a tiny room but safe to say I am going to be quite busy! And little flying done!
Back later to post about how I have suddenly remembered I hate decorating.

BeginnerSAHM Tue 06-Aug-13 09:18:08

Hello... Can I jump in?? Not sure I'll get much 'flying' done as DCs need entertaining (5 and only-just-4) but I'd like to try, again, to get a bit more order and control....

Today my parents have DCs so I can finish decorating DD's room (I see a theme here!). They'll be back this evening so I'd better get a move on. The lovely cleaners coming this afternoon so that's a good start.

Today's to-do:

Sort out bank balance (OD - need to do transfers)
Pay nursery balance
Pay fine for going in a box (don't remember at all and am surprised as am v careful normally confused)
Do food shopping
Finish painting
Change DCs bedding
Meal plan
Invite DD's friends/plan play dates!
Finalise holiday plans...shock
Tidy playroom
Oh, and shine sink?

Um - put bread ingredients in breadmaker... Not v impressive!hmm

MercuryRising Tue 06-Aug-13 10:25:52

Ive just been reading through the flight plan for today and dp did todays mission on Sunday - so that is one less thing for me to do today grin

Engelsemama Tue 06-Aug-13 10:35:39

Welcome Beginner. I think that making your own bread is enough to be proud of!

Okay, I have almost finished the bedroom. The amount of dust under the bed was scary. I haven't been properly decluttering - too overwhelming right now - but am hoping that once everything is a bit more in order I will be able to steel myself. Though having said that I do have a rubbish bag and a donation bag for clohtes with some stuff in.

Am also hoping that since DH will get 3 whole days to himself in the house this weekend (I'm taking DS to UK to visit my family for a long weekend and DH has used most of his holiday - saving rest for Christmas and a long weekend later in the year) the tidyish house will spur him into action an encourage him to declutter his own clothes and all the tardis-like cupboards that have been full of his rubbish since I moved in 6 years ago.

Question to you all - what do you do with old receipts? Obviously we keep receipts for big items but what about thyings like clothes, books, hotel stays? How long do you keep stuff for if you keep it at all? I'm drowning in little bits of paper!

Going to dust off the Christmas control journal - found my wrapping paper under the bed and was inspired by the Christmas bargain thread to start cracking!

Engelsemama Tue 06-Aug-13 10:37:34

I'm confused by FL's website. It says the zone is the Master bedroom but all the missions are for the kitchen!

Engelsemama Tue 06-Aug-13 10:55:54

Okay, the bedroom is done, windows and all apart from the neat piles of things on the bed looking for a home

Time to move rooms!

BitchytheGreat Tue 06-Aug-13 11:31:37

Just so you know I am not responsible for any confusion as a direct result of the fly lady site. I just sometimes when i remember cos i am crap post the links. Just saying like.

FLying is not going to happen. But there is other stuff to be done.

For those struggling with the balance between life and housework: This month is really tough. And tbh you need to focus on the kids more then the house work during the day. You need to be flexible and lower your expectations about what you can achieve.

This week whilst ds is here I expect to:
put furniture back in lounge
finish far end of lounge
tackle the washing and get that away
pack ds' stuff for going away

That is it. for an entire week. Flying other then that isn't really going to happen. And I am going to enjoy my time with ds as much as possible.

next week is a whole another ball game and being child free i will be back to scary lists again. But I don't feel bad because i am realistic about the achievable. It really does help. Anything is better then nothing and you will find you will do little bits of flying here and there even with the kids under foot (eg laundry, hoovering, etc) just because they are still needed. Detailed cleaning imo is to be avoided and tbh if you don't get time for the missions so what they will come around again. Do them next time. Just don't beat yourself up about not achieving stuff. Life is too short and there is life away from housework.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 06-Aug-13 12:20:26

Wise words, bitchy.

Basic morning routine done. Washing on. Also, I have cleared out some kitchen cupboards and put the online shopping away. About to take the boys out to the playground, then it's lunchtime.

Looking forward to going out for dinner with DH tonight, as it's our anniversary (and am not saying how many years 'cos it dates me blush).

Engelsemama Tue 06-Aug-13 13:47:09

Def a fat fairy fail bitchy grin

Okay, bedroom and bathroom done (haven't cleaned bathroom - just s&s but reorganised cupboards so I know what I have).

Now downstairs working on the living room, one shelf at a time!

Looks like car situation is on the way to being resolved! Not quite sorted yet, but still.

Hope you enjoy your anniversary dinner Toffee

Steamedcabbage Tue 06-Aug-13 14:28:10

Happy wedding anniversary to you and your dh Toffee! (Somehow managed to miss your New Year antics grin so very entertaining to be able to re-live them now wink grin

Engels Flylady is drunk too grin Just kidding! That glitch in the system reoccurs every so often. Think you will find kitchen zone and missions are now re-aligned. Well done for conquering the bedroom! Will enquire about receipts ...

A warm welcome to Beginner! And best of luck to you and Ellie with your speed-decorating challenges! (Like one of those makeover shows on the telly!)

Arf at "contraception personified" Ellie!

Hope you are ok Zing

Mercury Sympathies over holiday weight gain. I put weight back on last week. No wonder because I ate the wrong things and didn't exercise so don't know what I was expecting. Just thoroughly fed up with myself. Well done to your dp re: baby-steps.

Jess I think holidays are hard because they are so structureless (which has its lovely aspects of course) but difficult when you are trying to keep things from going completely downhill and having to keep dc happy. It can really get you down when you feel torn between the two. I think what Bitchy says is right. Lower your standards. Prioritise dc and having fun! Take the pressue off yourself. Give yourself a very realistic and achievable structure and put a bit of basic ring-fencing in place which gives you the serenity of not feeling torn and knowing what you are going to do in the house and when, and what you are going to do with dc and when, ie basic routines every day plus 15 mins or 30 mins of other stuff a day. Or maybe focus on one room per week. Same with dc - one major day-trip out a week (museum, or zoo but doesn't have to be expensive ie riding around on tram/metro/treasure hunt in park) then one major creative project a week (or baking or something), one or two play dates a week, the rest of time just 45 mins or one hour's full attention/play per day and/or time outside, but then give them the resources to let them get on with something themselves allowing you to get on with chores. ANd don't forget to build in time for yourself. It is your holiday too!!!

Of course I have completely failed to follow the above advice this week. Instead of giving myself permission to profit from having an empty house (first time in a month) while dd is out riding, I got carried away and set myself the most ludicrous and unachievable set of objectives for decluttering kitchen, boudoir and home office. I've done some but of course I feel resentful and unmotivated now and have resorted to biscuits. So much better if I'd "officially allowed" two days for myself, three days on house. Probalby would have been much more productive ! Should know better by now too!

So Bitchy don't repeat my mistake - don't forget to build time in for yourself next week while ds is away!! You are allowed! (No rush for educational sites btw - but whenever you have a mo is good)

Sorry about family ructions PA. Hope your dd1 enjoys her day! My sister served the Duke of Edinburgh once (her students were doing the catering). They were in a marquee in the summer with huge pyramids of strawberries on stands. 5 mins before Duke's arrival everyone was standing to attention when one of the students snaffled a strawberry and discovered that they had all been dusted with salt, not sugar. Cue mahoosive kerfuffle and chains of buckets and strawberries going back to the kitchen to be washed and sugared grin and re-arranged while someone kept the Duke talking out back.

Blue good luck with travel plans - hope it works out

Trazzles am v. impressed!! A nd it's back to the encyclopedia for me because I knew they spoke Portuguese in Brazil but not that it was different from Portuguese in Portugal, and I told dd that Swahili was spoken in Rwanda (she has Rwandan class mate which is why she is interested) so I've obviously mis-led her there!! Have never heard of Kinyarwandablush Sorry about Eurolines - I had some pretty good experiences with them - admittedly a while back now.

Right, I must get on. I am spending far too much time on the Internet at the moment. May impose on myself a couple of days absence ...

Steamedcabbage Tue 06-Aug-13 14:28:32

Meant to wave to Castle Thinking of you x

Big wing flaps to eveyrone else too!

Well, I thought I'd caught up with the thread yesterday, but you lot are being very chatty!

Finished the unpacking yesterday, plus another 5 loads of washing, most of which has been put away. Did quite a bit of general tidying while I was at it, including clear out medicine box (our holiday was on board a cruise ship, so I stocked up on seasick tablets, Imodium, dioralyte etc and mercifully didn't need any of it, but there was no room to put it all away). DCs have been despatched to my parents for a couple of days now, but I am working, so need to fit in a bit of Flying (upstairs looks like a bomb has hit it) and catch upw tith quite a lot of paperwork. Engels - I only keep receipts for small stuff (books etc) till the next time I do my filing, which is about 3x a year blush.

Exciting news here! I have finally (after 4 years) come to the top of the allotment waiting list! Haven't seen the plot yet, so not committed to it and am a bit nervous about the commitment of time, but very excited by it.

Castle - so sorry to hear about your father <hugs>. We're hear if you want to talk.

SC - how's DH now?

Honu - sorry your DH is not so well.

Blue - hope the repeat trip to France goes smoothly for DH

PA - ooh, hobnobbing with Royalty! Good for DD1. Sorry DS's job hasn't gone so well. Grrr to your Dad. My DM is a bit of a one for that sort of thing, luckily we live 15 miles apart so our social circles don't overlap too much.

Toffee - Happy Anniversary, were you a child bride?

Ellie - good luck with the decorating

Bitchy - thank you for running the thread this month in your own inimitable style. I spotted another Bitchy nn out there the other day but pretty sure it wasn't you.

Welcome to Saturn and anyone else new to the thread. I think I have seen some of you around before?

Question - when is the thread birthday party? Is it 4 years now?

BitchytheGreat Tue 06-Aug-13 18:01:27

shock really? oh hell. that could make things interesting

ToffeeWhirl Tue 06-Aug-13 18:40:35

WhoKnows - arf at child bride comment! Sadly not, as all the make up I'm about to plaster on my rapidly ageing face will testify grin.

Don't know when I'll be back, as I'm going out for the day with DS2 and friends tomorrow. Happy Flying everyone!

<leaves out Pimms and wine in naughty corner>

BitchytheGreat Tue 06-Aug-13 19:12:20

Offs toffee pimms is clearly not strong enough!!!

<breaks out the emergency stash of vokda, gin and hard spirits!>

I dunno, Bitchy - depends how you make it!

WhoKnows - travel plans are coming on and I'm going to be able to tag along after all. DH was pulling his hair out just now as it's ending up costing more again due to the stupidity of various online booking systems crashing, helplines being based in India, etc etc. But we WILL do it. And it will be nice. I'm determined of that.

BitchytheGreat Tue 06-Aug-13 20:34:11

if there is anything more then a few ice cubes in my spirits tonight that will be too weak today. Strong stuff definitely needed!

BitchytheGreat Tue 06-Aug-13 21:15:00

C.b.a Sorry

wednesday is antiprocrastination day Find that motivation pronto or the fat fairy might go all miltant on your asses again still slightly traumatised by miltant fat fairy on shoes issue

babystep 7


Asheth Tue 06-Aug-13 21:51:17

I'm another one finding it hard to do much flying with the DC off school and needing to be entertained! So I try to every day do some washing - that one is pretty essential, otherwise we'd end up naked/filthy in no time! Next if i have time I do 15 mins decluttering/tidying and get the DC to do the same in their rooms. On the slightly less hectic days I clean the bathroom and/or the kitchen. Only on the rainy days/DC occupied without me days do I attempt more than that. It seems to work ok. If I'm busy with the DC out of the house then I don't get much flying done, but then neither can they mess up the house! The rainy days result in more flying but also more chaos.

Hope everyone else is having a good summer. The sun was back with us today so definitly no guilt in going out!

elliepac Tue 06-Aug-13 22:47:39

I fucking hate decorating. Every fucking muscle in my body aches but...... have stripped wallpaper, painted and glossed all walls, ceilings and woodwork. All that's left to do is paper 1 wall and mil is doing that on thursday as i'm shit at it. Carpet fitted on thurs aft and job done.

Happy Anniversary toffeesmile.

Big waves to everyone else as am posting in bed and my eyes are flickering.

Castlelough Tue 06-Aug-13 23:48:47

Thanks for all the lovely, kind thoughts ladies.
Happy anniversary Toffee!
I decluttered and scrubbed a cupboard today for Mum, but my sister gets the flying prize- she spent the day in the utility room, washing the walls and cupboards and decluttering! <gasp!!!>

MercuryRising Tue 06-Aug-13 23:59:29

Evening ladies. I survived the hell that is school shoe shopping. Dd was a nightmare to find shoes for and ds hates shopping so it wasn't the most pleasant afternoon, but at least it is over for another year.

I had a reasonably productive day and completed everything on my list except writing a uniform list.

Ellie I know it has been hard work but I am sure dd will be pleased with her newly decorated room.

Plan for tomorrow:
Make beds
Swish and swipe
Hoover throughout
15m declutter cupboards
2m hot spot - not sure where yet
Clean out gp - anti procrastination
Visit grandparents to borrow book for literacy assignment
Hopefully take kids out to the park and burn off some energy.
Write uniform list

Night all.

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 09:11:31

Morningsmile. Another busy day today so going to post a list.

Shop to pick up wallpaper
Different shop to pick up uniform
Different shop for food
Washing x lots
Drying x lots
Putting away x lots
Iron dd's new curtains
Hoover downstairs
Clean bathroom
Tidy/find floor in our room
Change our bed
Ring sky
Pay bill
Tidy ds's room
Put up new shoe/coat rack in hallway
Unpack from the weekendblush
Swimming lessons
Gym (possibly)
Catch up on Masterchef
Wipe down kitchen cupboards
Wipe down hallway woodwork
Gather dd's stuff together ready to put back in her room
Ring carpet shop to check fitting time.
Get dressed.

That should do. That's almost a bitchy list.

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 09:33:43

Only done one thing on the list but just to say I never realised BT were such a bunch of robbing bastards. Have merrily been handing them 67 a month for broadband and phone for god knows how long and have just spoken to sky and they can do the same package for 18 a monthshock. Can't decide if I feel happy because I've got myself a saving of 40 a month or a twat because i've been paying it for so long without being arsed to price compare. Am going with twat for the time beinggrin.

Steamedcabbage Wed 07-Aug-13 10:00:24

Morning. Good luck with your list Ellie and well done for getting all the painting done yesterday! It will all look wonderful on Thurs eve!

And good luck with yours Mercury! Still have to face school shoe shop next week (not lookign forward to it!) Well done for being so efficient!

Thanks for links ¨Bitchy

Sounds as though you are really on top of things Asheth!

Great you can go after all Blue!

Have a great day Toffee!

Enjoy your child-free time Whoknows Dh is well so far thanks, esp considering what he has been through. He is tired but back at work for a few hours a day, and taking things very steady until we see consultant next week. Hospital have sent DVD of his innards to take with us and dd keeps playing it for her friends!

Glad you have the support of your sister Castle You are all doing a great job of rallying around your mum x

Limiting myself to 10 mins on here today so had better be quick! Just getting house organised as dd is having friend to sleep over tonight. Have been busy bee this morning.

Ta da:
morning routine inc s&s, rabbits, wm, and dw
cleaned kitchen
hoovered hall
cleaned downstairs lav
tidied sitting room
carried boxes upstairs
put away dried washing
cleared dining room table hotspot
hoovered sitting room and play room and wafted a duster about

[Having a pause now: am hot and bright red in face (it is raining but v humid here]

To do:
(while waiting for on-line grocery order)
try and find whereabouts on Amazon UK site one can complain about a faulty product - angry - can't find right on-line "form" to report delivery of faulty goods
boudoir sort for at least 30 mins
tidy dd's room (it's not too bad thankfully)
hoover and dust dd's room
make up spare bed for sleepover
clean bathroom
make up bed in roof for dh so he can escape tonight and not be disturbed
More laundry
Then: out to buy chicken, some fresh fruit and something for girls' packed lunches tomorrow
Make pancake batter (for girls' return from riding)
Prep supper (chicken and chips)
Evening routine
Early bed (hopefully!)

Steamedcabbage Wed 07-Aug-13 10:02:14

NB chicken and chips for girls
chicken and salad for dh and me!

Steamedcabbage Wed 07-Aug-13 10:03:20

Honest ...

BitchytheGreat Wed 07-Aug-13 10:43:46

Good morning

so this morning i am procrastinating. Woke up with a head ache despite getting an early night. I think i am heading into the world of burn out which is a bit of a pita

today i have to get everything that is on my list that I listed the other day done. plus a meeting plus get ds' room tidy plus do do something fun with the day. hmm

BitchytheGreat Wed 07-Aug-13 10:44:52

" Hospital have sent DVD of his innards to take with us and dd keeps playing it for her friends!" SC this made me giggle. children are horrible creatures aren't they grin

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 10:58:04

Motivational ta da list:-
Cleaned bathroom
Rung sky
Washing x 3 on and on line
Woodwork in hallway wiped down
Kitchen cupboards wiped down

Steamedcabbage Wed 07-Aug-13 11:29:57

brew for now Ellie wine for later wink

Not having the best day! Supermarket grocery order has just arrived covered in someone else's strong-smelling fabric conditioner which has spilled all over the crates and their contents. Galoot of delivery man/boy didn't explain what had happened until he dumped half of it all over my just-cleaned kitchen surfaces, having dripped fabric conditioner all down the hall. (If he had I would have rejected entire order.) Instead took pity on the poor lad (obviously a student doing summer job) and have spent the last 45 mins washing oranges and tins of tomatoes and mopping floors confused But there is still an all-pervading smell of Dreft in the air ...and they are having to come back tomorrow with all the stuff I did reject (ie soggy biscuits).

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 11:39:42

sc you, my lovely, are too nice. I thought the whole point of online shopping was that it was easier. I would have sent him away and demanded a refund.

Ta da:-
Hallway rearranged with much better storage for the the shite that gets slung there
Downstairs hoovered
More washing on line.

Now off out to do errands though I do believe yesterday was errand day but have been procrastinating about doing them so think it countswinkgrin

BitchytheGreat Wed 07-Aug-13 11:42:15

Nah tuesday was planning day Ellie tomo is errands day!! slightly scared she knows this off by heart and doesn't need to look anything up

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 11:49:30

Fly geek bitchygrin. See am actually ahead of the game for once!

Castlelough Wed 07-Aug-13 11:50:35

Morning! hmm

It is bright and sunny here. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to pick me up in an hour to drive me home (DH drove my car back last Thursday) and then stay for a few nights. Not tonight though, thankfully - they are off to a nice hotel - so I will have some crisis cleaning time.... hmm Lucky me!

To Do:
Shower, pack, strip bed...set up a sun lounger in the garden and insist my mother lies out in the sun for a bit...

SC that is annoying about the shopping. Your DD sounds like she has a lovely day ahead of her! Enjoy the chicken and chips!
Ellie wow you are having a really productive summer with all the decorating!
bitchy best of luck with your list today although if the weather is as nice there as it appears to be here, then I would procrastinate for a while longer!
Waves to everyone else!

BitchytheGreat Wed 07-Aug-13 12:01:44


ta da
get up
dispatch child to gran's care
telephone conference
plan today's activities schedule

to do: far too fucming much

BitchytheGreat Wed 07-Aug-13 12:24:59

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh my computer seems to have taken offense to me swearing. this is a catastrophe!!!!!!!!!!

To do: far to fucking much.

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 13:31:43

Ta da:-
Picked up wallpaper
Food shop
Paid bill
Dropped off paint
Taken delivery of wardrobes

Onwards and upwards

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 15:06:28

Ta da part gazillion:-
Unpack food shop
Unpack from weekend
Found floor in out bedroom (or at least a walkway made)
Dusted and hoovered in our room
Changed our bed
Tidied ds room
Hoovered landing

Have now got an hour before dc's arrive back from dmum's. Going to watch Masterchef from Friday and then do the putting away.

Steamedcabbage Wed 07-Aug-13 16:14:08

Well done Ellie You deserve a moment alone with John and Greg wink. Dh bought me a flat screen Sky satellite package thingy last year for my birthday so I can watch Channel 4 Racing - never had anything remotely like that before so hugely exciting - but it has the unfortunate consequence that I can now see John Torode's wobbling epiglottis and masticating cheeks in HD as he tastes all the contestants dishes - yuurrggh! grin

Things still going wrong (sorry - I know this is mere chicken feed compared to what others on here are going through) everything still stinks of Dreft, its pouring with rain so roof is leaking again, bathroom loo has failed spectacularly, and electrics seem to be on the blink with the result that tumble dryer and hot water have packed up and I have two muddy-jodphured girls shivering in damp clothes waiting for a hot bath followed by dry clothes while an ancient Flemish plumber (everyone else was away on holiday) who says "yah" to everything but doesn't seemingly understand a word of my admittedly dodgy Dutch is fiddling with bits of old wire in the cellar.

[SC exits swigging gin singing "Things can only get better" by D:ream]

Steamedcabbage Wed 07-Aug-13 16:14:40

Safe travelling Castle x

BitchytheGreat Wed 07-Aug-13 16:57:06

Oh dear god SC that sounds like hell complain away ma dear. and then i suggest you dive in wine later. For purely medicinal purposes natch!

Jesstryinghard Wed 07-Aug-13 17:14:29

Has anyone got a bottle chilling I could murder a glass of something alcoholic !!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-Aug-13 17:16:22

Absolutely no Flying done today as I have spent the whole day in the woods with three boys and a friend. Am exhausted! But it was a lovely day and the boys loved it. Ds2 is very tired, so am hoping he'll need an early night tonight.

ellie - you deserve some sort of award for all that hard work! I'm not sure I could accomplish as much in a week, let alone a day.

SC - so sorry about Dreft disaster and household catastrophes sad. I hope the electrics/water get sorted asap. Couldn't help laughing at your DD showing her friends the DVD of your DH's innards.

Castle - you have been a star, looking after your mum all this time. It must have helped her so much. I hope you have a nice welcome home.

Bitchy - hope you finished your list, that the meeting was a success and that you managed to do something fun with your day too.

Have to go out again to collect a vegetable box which someone has kindly donated to us as they are away on holiday. Feel too tired to move, but the box won't walk to me. Could quite happily go to bed and sleep right now.

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 17:36:12

I have jesssmile. Permanentlygrin.

Ta da part bazillion:-
Put washing away part 1
Washing on
Swimming lessons
Dinner in oven before swimming lesson
Ironed dd's curtains

Wine o'clock is fast approaching as is my limit of flying per week day.

elliepac Wed 07-Aug-13 20:57:34

Final ta da from me today:-
Washing in from line
Washing put away
Washing up.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-Aug-13 22:15:00

You certainly deserve that wine, ellie.

Will attempt to catch up on Flying tomorrow.

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 00:37:34

as we established earlier thursday is errand day



Ds is still awake. don't. ask.

MercuryRising Thu 08-Aug-13 06:09:19

<Mercury stumbles in bleary eyed and looking for brew>

Dd has decided that 5.20 is a perfectly reasonable time to get up - surely at 5 she should have outgrown these early starts?!

Sc it sounds like you had a very trying day yesterday. I hope your electrics are now fixed.

I hope you had a safe journey home castleI bet it was nice to get into your own bed last night.

I didn't manage to get much flying done yesterday as my dbro and ddad popped over and ended up staying most of the day. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself as im full of cold, so probably wouldn't have done much anyway!

Dd has a friend coming to play this afternoon. So I need to get as much as I can done before then. I plan to take them to the park with ds for a couple of hours.

To do
Swish and swipe
Dust throughout
Hoover throughout (from yesterday)
Clean out gp (from yesterday)
Yesterdays mission
Todays mission
2m hotspot - kitchen table
15m declutter junk drawer
Get dcs to tidy bedroom
Room rescue living room
Reading for course

Steamedcabbage Thu 08-Aug-13 06:15:34

Morning all [props eyes open with match-sticks]

Electricity sort-of functioning held together with bits of string. Bathroom loo literally stuck back together with plumber's putty.

Not much sleep to be had last night ...(dd's friend behaved impeccably as ever (very calm and sensible and polite) but dd got over-excited and wouldn't sleep and kept running around the house at 11pm hmm...going to have some grumpy girls on my hands tonight). Anyway, everyone up with a lark this am to head back to pony club. So boots have been brushed, jodphurs have been dried. Snack packs and carrots/sugar lumps have been organised. Cagoules have been packed. And we are heading out of the door.

Dh still snoring!

Have a great day everyone! Big waves to Bitchy Toffee Castle PA and everyone else!

PS Ellie mis-read the word "bazillion" and thought "crikey, how on earth did she fit in the time for personal grooming too?" grin grin

Steamedcabbage Thu 08-Aug-13 06:15:57

x posts

Hands Mercury brew

Jesstryinghard Thu 08-Aug-13 07:42:31

Off to Lego land today so flying isn't looking too hopeful :/

Hugs all xxx

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 08:14:42

jess that is flying of sorts.

SC grin at the misreading

child is now sleeping off the effects of last night 2 sodding am And me? yeah <looks at to do list>

ta da
internet stuff

to do
empty car
car to garage
tidy lounge and hoover
dining room
utility room
rinse out stuff put into to milton yesterday which got forgotten about.
put new stuff in to milton
pick up a couple of boxes of corn flour for crazy custard later

right first job, coffee shower and breakfast. And i might have to throw some pain killers in that mix too. I want my bed ,sobs>

elliepac Thu 08-Aug-13 08:20:31

Morning all. Shouldn't have drunk that wine last night as feeling a little worse for wear this morning! Today is another busy day pour moi. We are heading off to the caravan as a family on Saturday for a week but so much to do before then.

To do:-
Take dc's to cm's
Washing x lots (have separated into essential and non-essential)
Clear dd's room ready for carpet fitters
Put curtains up
Put dd's room back together
Sort ds's room
Pick up uniform
Start getting holiday stuff together

Onwards and upwards.

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 08:27:23

Ellie you are being rather efficient at this flying larky, you are starting to scare me. blush otoh feel free to become the queen of lists atm. I lack energy motivation and ability to give a fuck.

good morning.

Very impressed with everyones lists. I am struggling with getting organised at the moment. I don't seem to be in the house long enough to do anything constructive, only long enough to make a mess! hmm

Lovely morning here, so washing already on the line, and dog walked, although that was less than totally successful. Firstly I "missed" the bag when picking up poo and so managed to end with poo sat in my hand and bag on the ground. How on earth did that happen.Pesky bag had it in for me!!!
So, walking along the riverside trying to hide my pooey smelly hand from all the friendly dog walking people.
Then....and I will glare at anyone who sniggers here <looking over glasses at SC, Toffee, Whoknows and Ellie in particular > ....... we encountered a rather enthusiastic young dog, who did the doggy sniffing thing that they do, then horror of horror started humping my dog!!! shock What on earth is doggy walking etiquette in this situation. I tried to call "my" dog, but she seemed to be enjoying it a little too much preoccupied. I had flashback memory of being told never to try to split up humping animals as you would be attacked, so I ended up sort of stood awkwardly trying not to look at them, trying not to look horrified and not sure if I wanted the other owner to appear round the corner, or not. blush
So, now what do I do????? Do I need to find out if this dog is sterilised - I could text my friend, but don't want to panic her. IS there a "morning after pill" for dogs?? In all seriousness.....and I am not too convinced I will get this here, but not too sure where else to ask.......what do I do??

DD2 is home for the summer, which is lovely! so far

to do:
Family BBQ planned for tonight, need to shop for BBQ stuff.
Mountain of paid work to wade through rather quickly
Finish off clearing landing
15 minutes in the bedroom
....oh flip, there's just loads to do. I will just get head down and do as much as I can.......

MercuryRising Thu 08-Aug-13 09:12:30

After considerable whinging I convinced dd to come back to bed with me and we have just got up. I now feel ready to tackle the day grin

Thanks for the brew Sc. I hope the girls aren't too grumpy for you later. Dd has been in a really bad cycle of going to bed late, being tired and grumpy during the day, dozing off in the car in the afternoon and then staying up too late again and it is beginning to wear me down. Last night both dd and ds went to bed at their usual termtime bedtimes and tonight I intend to do the same in the hope that it will make them nicer to spend time with.Sleep deprived children are not fun to be around!

Ellie your lists are amazing at the moment. I wish I could get as much done!

Have a fantastic day at Legoland Jess. We are planning on taking the dcs in October halfterm so I would be interested to see what you all thought of it.

Ta da so far:
Beds made
Wm on


MercuryRising Thu 08-Aug-13 09:17:47

Pa you have just made me snort tea everywhere! I think dogs only get pregnant if they are in season, but I would post on the doggy board - somebody there will know the answers.

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 09:28:26

I am so glad i wasn't drinking coffee when i read your post PA my poor computer wouold be wearing it. grin

I said no sniggers!!! angry blush

elliepac Thu 08-Aug-13 09:49:09

<sniggers at pa despite the threat if a glare> I did just spit my coffee at my phone reading thatgringringrin. I have no idea what to do with horny, potentially impregnated dogs....apart from laughgrin.

bitchy no fear my dear. Back to school in 3 weeks and then I will resume my usual position of shitenessgrin.

mercury they are only so big because I am trying to rectify 3 months of doing nothing during the crazy season at school. Before, as above, i go back to work and become shite again.

Ta da:-
Washing on line
Washing on
Carpet fitted (man did that)
room cleared out for carpet fitting
Washing up
Made beds
S/s bathroom

I will be brave and go on the doggy boards......

elliepac Thu 08-Aug-13 09:50:34

<wonders if it is wrong to stalk pa and see how she words horny, potentially impregnated bitch on the vair serious doggy boards>gringringringrin

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 09:55:12

Ooo pleased do link if you find it Ellie grin <sniggers> some more. Save in the knowledge there will be a no of people doing the same thing when she puts up the fb status that really needs putting up later blush

Right. Everything is now finally arranged for retrieving the car. The boys' suitcases are packed for staying with ILs. The house is back to something approaching respectable. This is all good.

Unfortunately, have lost it badly with the boys and need to do some work in the hope that they won't kill each other meanwhile. Planning to take them to the park later, if they don't wind me up too much.

<Leaves enormous vat of brew on bar>

PS, anybody who knows anything about Paris, over here please!

If I need some support cos all those "Vairy serious doggy" people have a go at me I will call you all in to back me up before it descends into a flaming. I am sure I can count on you all to back me up!! hmm

oh and no FB statuses as dogs owner is on there and keeping an eye on daily doggy updates.....this would be one update I would not want her to see!!

Asheth Thu 08-Aug-13 12:20:18

After a fun morning helping DS1 sort lego and failing to do anything else, I am reading the thread.
Reads PA's post. Bites lip in effort not to snigger. Fails!

Must put wash on. No further lists from me for now!

MercuryRising Thu 08-Aug-13 12:35:19

PA of course we will come and stick up for you if the doggy people get nasty. You have suffered alot of trauma whilst caring for this dog. I hope its owner is going to bring you back a bottle of something strong - you deserve it.

I have had a productive morning. I only have the following left to do:
Hoover stairs and upstairs
15m declutter of junk drawer
Missions x2
Dress to shoes blush

I even managed to sort through dcs pyjama drawers and throw out all the sets which were too small smile

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 12:54:25

Not your fb status PA mine. I had one of those evenings that leaves you shock! wtf! seriously! shock and has required picking up of pieces today. lol but it is fine.

elliepac Thu 08-Aug-13 12:59:19

Just send them my way pa. I will put my very best teacher voice on and sort them outgrin. I is a scary teachergrin.

Ta da:-
Washing on
Dd's room papered.

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 13:07:45

Oh i had forgotten about that voice. I still have best scary teacher kinda voice that i use in volunteer work with kids <rolls up sleeves ready to live up to her name in the persuit of defending the lovely PA>

Awwww they are a lovely very serious group - and not a snigger or telling off in sight!! All seems to be ok. I will have to explain to my friend when she comes to collect her on Monday. Actually, she would fit in very well with the very sensible crowd. That could be an embarrassing conversation......

elliepac Thu 08-Aug-13 13:42:28

Glad all is well pasmile.

Ta da:-
Sweated a lot humping (there's theme here todaywinkgrin) furniture around to try and make it fit in DD's miniscule bedroom.

elliepac Thu 08-Aug-13 16:09:31

Ta da:-
Put all dd's clothes in new cupboards
Move all dd's stuff back in her room
Make dd's bed
Put decorating stuff in shed
Load car for skip trip

To do:-
Skip trip
Pick-up dc's
Find something for dinner
Cook dinner

ToffeeWhirl Thu 08-Aug-13 16:22:34

Thought you were oversharing for a moment there, ellie wink.

PA - am trying, and failing, not to giggle at the doggy antics.

Blue - good luck with car-retrieval adventure.

Bitchy - sorry DS didn't sleep till 2am this morning sad. Poor you.

SC - hope your DD falls into bed early tonight after her sleepover. Glad your house is stuck back together again.

Mercury - hope your cold is better today.

Castle - hope you are ok and settling back into being at home.

<waves to fellow flyers, Asheth, Jess, Saturn, Honu, Trazzles and all>

Ta da :

Lie in achieved because DS2 slept in and DS1 remembered not to wake me grin
Healthy b/fasts all round
D/W unloaded and reloaded
Kitchen tidied
Kitchen counters wiped
Dining room table cleared
Spider hoovered up (sorry)
Kitchen and dining room hoovered
Kitchen bin emptied
Food recycling put out
Handwriting exercises with DS1
Times Tables practice with DS2
MIL visit - tea made, same old stories listened to all over again
Washing up and tidying up
Walked to friend's house with DS1 to feed bearded dragons
Took DS2 to playground
Walked to local shops
Cup of brew and MN time

To do :

Make apricot slices/flapjacks or something
Remain patient with DS1 (tricky)

Just popping by to link to another thread

Free Kindle Housekeeping book. I'm just about to download it, got to be worth a look if you have a Kindle (or Kindle App).

<preens> I have just taken 13 carrier bags of stuff to the tip and the charity shop.

MercuryRising Thu 08-Aug-13 16:42:03

Thanks Toffee I feel a lot better today.

List complete grin

All I need to do now is bring in the dry washing, clean up after dinner and keep the dcs relatively quiet as dp went to work at 3.30 this morning and has just gone for a sleep.

Thanks Toffee! Will be getting up at silly o'clock tomorrow morning to get 7am Eurostar to Calais, then across France by train and taxi. Night in a hotel, bit of booze shopping then back on Saturday evening avec voiture - or at least that's the plan. Fingers and toes crossed!!

Will bring plenty of wine for the naughty corner bar... smile

Castlelough Thu 08-Aug-13 18:50:59

Dashing thru mid-crisis cleaning! Guests gone for a pre-dinner nap after our strenuous surfing lesson this afternoon! grin
House is the definition of chaos. sad
I did warn them beforehand (my brother and his now, as of 12 hrs ago grin fiancé) that it would be as DH has been left to his own devices for an entire week, and it had been such fab weather before Dad got so suddenly sick that house was in chaos before I ever rushed off to Dublin.
Still, it is embarrassing sad.
Cat hair everywhere. Horse blankets piled on armchairs, clothes piled everywhere sad. We have a single width wardrobe between myself and DH in rental house, no other clothes, shoe, coat, boot, welly etc storage. And I refuse to invest in odd bits of furniture here before moving into our own house.
Ok rant over.
Dinner in oven. Champagne for the newly engaged couple is cooling. It's sad and lovely at the same time, my brother had confided in Dad that he was going to propose to long-term girlfriend on a romantic expensive holiday that they should now be on. But of course all was cancelled with the suddenness of Dad's passing... we are all glad DB decided to go ahead with proposal, but it's bittersweet...
Anyway, chin up ... must try to re-home horse blankets...!

Will catch up tomorrow!
Castle x

WoW what a day!!

Proudly presents my first ta da list for a very long time:

kitchen cleaned
Washing done
BBQ - success
DS bedroom moved around and sorted, bed moved out, furniture moved around.
Spare room cleared sorted, cleaned and spick and span! - have someone coming to stay temporarily tomorrow, so sort of gave me the kick up the bum I needed
Wet room cleaned
Bathroom cleaned
Upstairs hoovered
Hair dyed
dog fed and walked x2 <no incident to report from the pm walk>
rabbits cleaned out fed and watered

List to to do early tomorrow morning:
Windows to be cleaned upstairs
Bedside cabinet to be moved into spare room
Hoover downstairs
Paid work.....URGENT!!!

I have an interview tomorrow morning, so must get it all done, beautify myself and get to interview looking all serene, sophisticated, sensible and very employable!

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 20:52:39

Aww and there was me hoping for more exciting tales and adventures from the dog walking PA glad you got some good advice though.

Any how super tired after yesterday so here are the linky poos for tomo...

Babystep 9 the room rescue.


friday is... sort your car and purse out. And we are being stubborn fat fairy and it is also date night. So lets introduce Toffee's wished for babystep. Fuck fun is advised should you so chose. Enjoy!

awaits pa's horror grin
<whistles innocently>

MercuryRising Thu 08-Aug-13 21:41:53

I am sitting catching up on Eastenders feeling quite smug because despite having four children in the house all afternoon it is actually tidy grin I just need to make sure I stick with this.

So to do list for tomorrow:
Swish and swipe
Drop in to see dsis
Lunch at ddads
Stationery shopping for Sept
Evening at work
Hoover downstairs
Cut grass

Congratulations to your dbro Castle. I can imagine it must be a bittersweet time for you all but it most be comforting for your dbro to know that your ddad knew about the proposal and approved. <hugs>

elliepac Thu 08-Aug-13 21:44:59

At least if we do Friday our way, I get to look forward to some fuck fun after hyperventilating at the state of the carwinkgrin.

Ta da:-
Washed up
Putting away of laundry
S/s bathroom ( twice in one day, what the fuck is that all about)

To do:-

Have a good car picking up trip bluesmile.

castle what lovely news at such a sad time. Am sure DF would be so happysmile.

BitchytheGreat Thu 08-Aug-13 21:48:59

Precisely Ellie now you just have to convince dh...

<waves from the station> 's too early <searches for matchsticks>

Have a good day evereyone!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 09-Aug-13 07:58:38

Hope trip goes well, Blue. Bring us back some wine to restock the naughty corner bar, won't you?

ellie - hope you enjoyed the new baby step wink

Mercury - congrats on sticking with the routines and enjoying the resulting tidy house grin

Bitchy - thanks for posting the links even though I never do any missions, except by mistake

DH and I are taking DS2 on a trip today - visiting a museum and meeting up with my BF at the same time. We are meant to be having a picnic <looks ruefully at pouring rain outside>. So that means I have an hour and a half to make the house look respectable before MIL turns up to look after DS1 hmm.

Ta da :

Put wet clothes in tumbledryer

To do :

Drink brew
Get dressed to waterproof boots
Get DC dressed
Make packed lunch for DS2
Pack bag
Iron today's clothes
Room rescues downstairs
Write note for MIL re DS1's meds
Be ready to go by 9.30

Hope you all have a lovely day.

ZingWidge Fri 09-Aug-13 08:02:41

we are all tidying like crazy. Estate agents are coming at 10.30 and 12.00 to value house [facepalm]

to do
everything. quite simple!grin

ToffeeWhirl Fri 09-Aug-13 08:10:44

Zing <eek> Good luck!

Ta da :

Have drunk brew grin

elliepac Fri 09-Aug-13 09:33:28

Morning allsmile.

Slightly quieter day today which will mainly consist of:-

Washing (nearly caught upshock)
Toy sort out in living room to try and make it more like a living room and less like a branch of toys r us (oh for a bigger house with a playroom)
Garden tidy

That will do for today. Taking it easy after a busy few days. Got to leave some energy for fuck funwinkgrin.

Jesstryinghard Fri 09-Aug-13 10:17:56

Mercury legoland is awesome you'll love it - we live local so go a lot smile

Can't see much flying happening today

Am banking on getting some
Done when my son goes to his dad Sunday :/ not that I would dream of doing more than 15 mins of
Course !! wink

BitchytheGreat Fri 09-Aug-13 10:29:36

grin Jess. oh you are allowed to do more then 15mins as per the crisis cleaning rules but 3x15mins and then 15mins with a cuppa is the fat fairy's order. not that i ever stick to that though

Got to finish of everything that didn't get finished. Half a ton of laundry as we are playing musical beds due to visitors and still do something fun with ds.

Need to get so much done. really really cba and feeling a bit like death today. no rest for the wicked though. so must get cracking.

Steamedcabbage Fri 09-Aug-13 11:13:51

Hello everyone, hope all ok ...

Many congratulations to your db and his fiancé Castle flowers What lovely news at such a sad time. So glad your father knew what was afoot though x

Waves to Jess!

Enjoy your day out Toffee and hope the weather holds for your picnic (must be hard leaving ds1 at home x)

Have a great trip Blue!!

grin grin grin at further doggy exploits PA!! Hope canine contraceptive counselling not required!

Well done on finishing your dd's room Ellie! (Feel guilty because dd has been waiting 7.5 yrs for hers to be done but can't really decorate until we have fixed holes in walls and put in more electric points. Have told dh (before he was ill) that dd will be leaving home before we've started it at this rate!)

Good luck with valuation Zing!

Congrats on your tidy house Mercury which must have taken some doing what with 4 dc, and long working hrs, and (sorry - missed it earlier) given that you were ill too. Top Flying marks! (Will be following your lead and putting dd to bed at usual time this weekend - she is cream crackered.)

(And to you too for your mega list yesterday PA)

Asheth sorting lego still definitely counts as Flying!

Waves to Engels Feetheart Honu Just and eveyrone else I've missed!

Feeling a bit grim today - hot and cold as though have temperature - wierd because it's only 22°c. Wandering around achieving not a lot (except laundry and prepping supper). Just hoping I can get to dd's end-of-pony-club-week show this afternoon. Poor beasts get "decorated" with purple streamers in their manes and tails - hooves covered in glittery foot oil etc. Dc plastered in face paint (on top of the mud).

Have roofers here this afternoon and builders two doors down are back from their holidays and drilling with avengence. Longing for a calm, green field ...

Steamedcabbage Fri 09-Aug-13 11:15:22

Soryr - must be ill - forgot to mention Bitchy! Hope you feel better soon too!

Jdub Fri 09-Aug-13 11:42:19

A very quick and belated good morning!!
Been on holiday, but back today with avengeance!!!
Much washing done = much putting away to do!!
Need to do a lot of food shopping and cooking, so that's my wknd in a nutshell!

I LOVE the sound of glittery hoof oil - how magical!! x

elliepac Fri 09-Aug-13 13:31:00

Welcome back jdub. Am in the opposite situation. Going away tomorrow and still trying to get washing done for holidaygrin.

Ta da:-
Washing x lots
Putting away
Transferred the vast majority of DD's toys into her bedroom (new underbed storage!)
Cleared out living room leaving only a barbie house/cruise ship and dolla house in living room tucked away
Cleaned living room

Am sure I said I was taking it easy todayconfused.

BitchytheGreat Fri 09-Aug-13 14:32:19


I need a list.

a ta da list would be good but i haven't really finished anything and started a 101 different jobs hmm

in progress
sorting the lounge out
sorting my room out
sorting the dining room out
dealing with washing
sorting the frutility room out
un-labeling various items of clothing of ds'
swear at tumbler dryer that has random alarm going off that i can't seem to sort out

to do
finish all of the above

BitchytheGreat Fri 09-Aug-13 15:43:00

Oh dear lord what have HQ done this time?
page layout has gone all screwballs

ToffeeWhirl Fri 09-Aug-13 17:48:51

Back from our day out. It was lovely, but I am so, so exhausted - and now DS1 and I have to go and pick dandelions and feed the bearded dragons. It is absolutely the last thing I want to do right now, but will be fun for DS1.

Might bbl, unless I fall asleep first.

BitchytheGreat Fri 09-Aug-13 18:49:26

<sits in the naughty corner>
<considers whether to sob or rock>

<realises that she hasn't finished yet>
<sulks and goes to try to get finished>

BitchytheGreat Fri 09-Aug-13 20:03:52

Could someone be a love and post the links tonight. Things are a bit out of control here tonight and I won't get back on to do the links until late afternoon tomo. So fine for links for sunday. thanks

ZingWidge Fri 09-Aug-13 21:36:53

our house looks great!

estate agent took some lovely photos, house is on market, on website and we'll have open house next week!
and we got a very good quote from EA, plus apparently he has 5 clients who will definitely be interested so fx!

can't wait to see houses tomorrow, if we like either of them we'll put in offer...and If we are very lucky we might be able to get on with the whole thing fairly soon!

GoingGoingGoth Fri 09-Aug-13 21:58:58

Swoops in with links

Babystep 10 is a good one - the power of 15! You can do anything for 15 minutes.

No missions as it's a Sunday, it's renew your spirit day

GoingGoingGoth Fri 09-Aug-13 22:17:13

I hate when I miss a few days, so much happens: dogs humping, DVDs of internal organs, decorating and summer holiday activities.

The latter is my excuse for the low profile, however we are ready for school next Wednesday, which explains the largish hole in my bank account (especially after the visit to Clarks)

On a plus note DD has won the prize draw at the local library, she's won a mummification kit! Luckily it does contain a small rubber skeleton, so I don't have to worry about being attacked with a 'brain hook'. So we've had the joy of plaster of Paris today, god it gets everywhere, but it kept her quiet for 2 hours, and there's at least 1 more afternoon worth of activities left to do.

On the flying front, meh, it's reasonable, and that's all I can hope for during a holiday (did I mention gloat we only have 4 days left?) TBH I'll miss her when she's back, it's been nice not to clock watch.

saturn Sat 10-Aug-13 07:42:43

Morning all smile

I'm still here, on day 20 today and have been sticking to it so far (although starting to worry slightly as apparently down the line I'm supposed to fit some sort of weekly routine in as well as all this and not sure where I'm supposed to find the time to do fit this in confused)

Hope everyone is ok...need to check in more regularly to keep up with everyone!

Have the day to myself today, so wrote a list what I want to get done and 61 things on there already shock - think the power of three and 15 minutes will be used a lot today!

Will check back later with progress as will definitely need accountability today grin

GoingGoingGoth Sat 10-Aug-13 08:48:08

Ha,ha, ha Today is Saturday which is Family Fun Day.

Blaming my 8 day week plus the summer holidays, I was sure yesterday was Saturday. Going now before Bitchy points and laughs blush grin

saturn Sat 10-Aug-13 09:21:30

Shows how awake I am goth ...didn't even notice!

Just wasted loads of time looking for Velma...DD is having a Scooby Doo haunted mansion cake for her birthday and need to take figures to cake shop today and Velma has gone you think anyone will notice?Does anyone like Velma anyway? Can't waste any more time not going well already!

Five items crossed off list...but five new ones added confused

ToffeeWhirl Sat 10-Aug-13 09:24:34

Goth - I hadn't even noticed your slip up <addled brain> grin

Had a good night's sleep, but unfortunately have already lost my temper this morning (children's demands and computers breaking and all at the same time as me trying to drink my wake-up cup of tea and needing peace and quiet - no chance).

Have told everyone to leave me alone so I can have some quiet MN time. They have all skulked away. Think the holidays might be getting to me. I am feeling really stressed.

Nothing much planned for today apart from having to get DS1 to practise his CBT homework, which involves us going to a cafe. Should be a nice, relaxing experience, but it will actually be really stressful for him and, therefore, for me.

Going to drink coffee now to kickstart myself. Hope you all have a good day.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 10-Aug-13 10:18:22

Back now after brew

2 loads laundry out (please don't rain)
Washing up
Set DD up for last batch of plastering

To do
Clean up after plastering! grin
May take DD out for a practice on her bike.

saturn Sat 10-Aug-13 10:37:24

10 down - 56 to go hmm

Hope you have a lovely time at the cafe Toffee and DS doesn't get too stressed smile

elliepac Sat 10-Aug-13 10:46:57

Morning allsmile.

Holiday todaysmile. Just whizzing around trying to get everything tidy as I hate leaving a messy house. Or rather I couldn't give a shit about leaving a messy unclean house but hate coming back to one. Also need to pack which is quite importantblush.

If I don't get back on, i shall see all you lovelies in a weeksmile.

Steamedcabbage Sat 10-Aug-13 11:47:32

Good morning everyone!

Good luck with the next 46 items on your list Saturn!!
(Hope you find Velma figurine btw - presumably you can always add it in later... hate to say it but speaking as someone who's Velma-obsessed niece recently went to a fancy dress party dressed as said character with mustard socks, jumper and square glasses - I definitely think you can't leave her out.. she's too much of an icon!smile) Btw, don't worry about weekly routine, the theory is that as things get more organised and less cluttered, everything else takes less time, leaving you more time to do more chores ifyswim

Hope all OK Bitchy

Have a lovely time Ellie

Your post made me cackle last night Goth grin Well done to your dd and treble arf at "brain hook"!! Thanks for links too.

Glad you had a good day out yesterday but sympathies with lack of time by yourself Toffee I go a bit nuts when I can't retreat in to silence for a bit. Can you get out of house by yourself today at all? (I've just snapped at dd who is driving me nuts by constantly trying to evade washing/brushing of teeth - she is 10 fhs - not a 3 yr old. It's so boring having the same argument again and again and again.)

Great the valuation went so well Zing (a testament to your Flying skills) and good luck with the house-hunting!

Welcome back Jdub and good luck with Mt Washmore! (Should stress that glittery hoof oil is washed off at end of day) I'm now tackling the pile of muddy jodhpurs and boots that have been dumped in the hall.

Thinking of you Castle and ¨*Trazzles*, Just and Honu!

Had good day in the end yesterday, and cold/flu thing a bit better. DD had a great time with the ponies although she has developed a morbid fear of one of them who is a little to free and easy with her teeth and hooves. She and dh slept in a tent in the garden last night (I know, I know, dh is meant to be recuperating - but he insisted he wanted to and enjoyed it) They stuck it out until 4 am when a large crash and loads of police sirens woke them up unfortunately. (There appears to have been major burglary a couple of streets away.) Having a bit of a slobby weekend so far...

Ta da:
morning routine inc dw, wm, rabbits, s&s
hair cut
tidied hall
helped dh and dd with tent
tidied and cleaned down kitchen which I neglected to do last night
dining room table hot spot
muddy boot duty
wrote shopping list
took dh's shirts to laundry

To do:
sort/clean eveyrthing else that's muddy and put away
make carroty/lentilly/veggie dish that will either be a casserole or a thick soup, haven't decided yet
do something fun with dd
get dd to try on new clothes
send back on-line shopping items that don't fit
continue with laundry
out to bead shop to indulge in a bit of retail therapy buy a present for baby-sitter who is going back to USA
art shop for supplies for Monday's play date
quick supermarket shop
Channel 4 Racing from Ascot
4 x 15 mins boudoir
evening routine

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

saturn Sat 10-Aug-13 13:39:05

Thanks SC, have added 'find Velma' to my to do list! Retail that sounds more fun...may have to procrastinate on list for a while after lunch and go shopping...

15 down, 52 to go and half the day has gone already...this isn't going well!

Have a lovely holiday Ellie smile

BitchytheGreat Sat 10-Aug-13 15:38:39

So it has been a while since i did a round up. But ds is off at the park with Dsis, the visitors for whom the crisis clean was necessary have been and gone, with the deadline being met. And i am currently sat eating hideous quantities of sugar and chilling out with a touch of mn.

Firstly big thanks to Goth for posting the links for me, gratefully appreciated. Did notice the slip but my only thought was "It is sunday? That would be nice, this chaos would then be all over"

SC has been productive, brought tales of horsey activities that DD sounds to have enjoyed and sounds like dh is gradually improving which is lovely to hear. Btw glitter is always good!

*Ellie has come back from holiday, run around like the energiser bunny on speed getting all manners of tidying and decorating done and is now about to head off on a well deserved holiday!

PA has kept us entertained with the adventures of her doggy visitor, but will there be the pitter patter of tiny doggy paws? grin

honu managed calm and wise word, whilst the rest of us sniggered at poor PA's recent excitement.

castle has been drowning in food and celebrating the lovely news of her brother's engagement. <hugs>

mercury has been struggling with lack of sleep but still managing flying. Impressively difficult sometimes.

Blue Had a lovely trip but ended up with frustratingly complicated planning to retrieve the car that decided it wanted a longer holiday.

Goth has been working on body declutter and has dd all ready for her return to school next week.

toffee has been living up to the second half her name and whirling around doing huge lists and lots of stuff.

trazzles impressed us with knowledge about non flying stuff

jess stuck her head in and together with Zing provided and received much needed hugs.

engles came back from holiday and is already working towards the new school year

Beginner joined us briefly, hopefully she didn't get intimidated by the high levels of natter and insane, which are failing common for the thread during august.

Whoknows returned from holiday has hopefully tamed the washing

Asheth has continued as she started this month, with a nice balance btwn life and housework.

JDub has also returned from holiday and had a plan for getting back in control

Saturn is on a hunt for velma from scooby doo for a fabulous sounding birthday cake. Good luck with the massive list.

Bitchy has survived play dates, crisis cleaning at deep clean level and visitors and is currently trying to get ds' stuff washed and sorted for his going away tomo. She is particularly looking forward to an early night!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 10-Aug-13 17:22:32

Thanks for great round up, Bitchy.

Ellie - hope you have a lovely holiday.

SC - glad to hear your cold is a bit better. No chance of time to myself today, but am going up to London to meet a friend tomorrow, so will have all day away from family demands grin.

saturn - sorry about your humungous list. Could you break it down into chunks so that it isn't so overwhelming? I can't make long lists anymore because it makes me freeze up completely. Thanks for your good wishes for the cafe trip.

Goth - that mummification kit sounds as if it has kept your DD busy for quite a few hours grin.

Managed to get some time to myself on MN in the end as the DC and DH kept well away from me until I recovered my good temper blush. Did the chores <yawn> then took DS1 out to the cafe whilst DH took DS2 out to for a walk. DS1 did really well. He actually managed to drink some apple juice (normally can't eat or drink in a cafe) and stayed for about half an hour without asking to leave. It was sooooo lovely to sit and chat with him in a cafe again. We used to do that a lot before his anxieties took over his life. I really hope he keeps working at this so that he can regain quality of life again.

We also walked up to our friend's house to feed the bearded dragons again. Had to feed them live crickets this time and I'm afraid I shrieked when I thought one was jumping at me blush. DS1 thought it was hilarious. He talked about all the pets he'd like - basically, an entire zoo in his bedroom <eek>.

About to cook dinner, so have poured myself a glass of wine to inspire myself. It's that time of day, surely?

(DS1 is looking up tropical fish tanks on ebay <groan>).

saturn Sat 10-Aug-13 17:47:00

Love the round up bitchy!

Yes, toffee long list completely overwhelmed me and once SC put the idea of retail therapy in my head, went shopping instead blush. Very rare get the chance to go shopping on my own and thoroughly enjoyed it - spent far too much money (sales on everywhere, not my fault!). Now going to try on all my lovely new things, then will look at list (is there a naughty bar round here? Think that is where I should be tonight) and break it down into what absolutely must be done today and what can wait.

In future if I come on here with great long lists can someone please bring me to my senses, like you Toffee lists just do not work for me - think it's the writing them that I enjoy hmm

So glad the cafe trip went well, you must be so proud of DS grin

Jesstryinghard Sat 10-Aug-13 17:56:18

Hey y'all how's the day going ?
We went to a air show which was awesome but even more awesome when we got home I got some picking up done and a heap of washing up ! Miracles do happen ! Head start for my day full of 15 minute sessions tomorrow ! I hope people are gonna be around to kick me up the butt !! Kisses

elliepac Sat 10-Aug-13 19:21:44

I like the idea of being an energiser bunny on speedgrin.

Happily ensconced in North Yorkshire. Sun is shining. I have wine. And all is right with the worldsmile.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 10-Aug-13 19:30:17

Have a lovely time, ellie!

saturn - envy at your shopping trip. You are sensible to break down your lists - it's far less overwhelming.

Jess - I won't be able to kick you up the butt tomorrow because I'll be out all day - and it's 'renew your spirit' day anyway, as Goth reminded us yesterday!

Have made lasagne and fruity bars and drunk more wine. Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher again. About to serve dinner, then read stories to both boys at bedtime. DS1 just won't read to himself, so I am reverting to reading to him instead.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 10-Aug-13 19:30:47

Where is Swan, by the way? Haven't seen her here for ages? confused

Evening all,

Sorry to have been AWOL, been having a lazy week and feeling guilty about lack of Flying.

Toffee - Swan usually disappears off to Ireland for a few weeks in summer IIRC.

A nice day here today, been to a friend's wedding, DD was a bridesmaid. All went smoothly, it was a big but informal wedding which basically meant we sat at a table on the lawn all afternoon glugging Pimms while the DCs played (we were with two other couples with DCs the same ages as ours). The boys all disappeared under the table with a DS and an Iphone and the girls played with scooters and ride on toys (they are 9 and 7!).

Need to get cracking, I got downstairs tidy post-holiday but upstairs is a tip, the ILs are coming to stay for a few days on Mon, DH is working tomorrow, I'm really behind with my OU work and the DCs want to go to the seaside tomorrow (30 miles or so away). Gulp.

Castlelough Sat 10-Aug-13 19:53:42

Happy Saturday evening everyone!
Hope you have more exciting plans than I do!
Saw my brother and fiancé off this afternoon, dropped in to visit DMil, did a crisis grocery shop, watched the live coverage from the Dublin Horse Show (can't believe I missed actually being AT it this year sad) did a heap of dishwashing and have the ironing board and basket loads of laundry at the

BitchytheGreat Sat 10-Aug-13 20:01:08

There will be people about Jess, can't guarentee who.

I remember something similar to Whoknows re swan. Am sure I vaguely remember her saying something about being away this month.

Tbh August is usually so much quieter on the thread, it is a rarety that there are so many focused people. Normally it is the month for holidays and focusing on the kids hence why i volunteered to run it, smaller roundups hmmgrin

Absolutely exhausted by the crazy deep clean level crisis clean and have completely hit burn out. BUT after i have dropped ds off tomo for his big adventures with various family members who like to steal him away and spoil him rotten, I shall be carless and child free and there is a list of a small gentle jobs that need tackling.

At some point this next week I need to:
check my training kit
run machine over pinned blanket edging
sewing in name tapes of uniform (only had to buy new t-shirts and shoes but will get shoes nearer)
finish the sock monkey that got put on hold ages and ages ago because he lost an ear
finish making top
finish pattern mock up
make new pattern mock up
unpick alternative pattern mock up and check measurement
put my clothes away
finish crocheting blanket
sort all my paperwork out
pair the socks

so basically a whole heap of stuff that involves sitting down. Which is always nice.

And the links are as follows:

Sunday is completely renew your spirit day. and i plan on catching up on sleep

No missions because it the weekend

babystep 11 is one that personally i feel is pretty wishy washy but does fit in with the focus for a sunday and some find it very helpful. wonders whether this one might vanish with the new more miltant style of the fat fairy

saturn Sat 10-Aug-13 21:39:22

Sorry Jess, unlikely I will be around tomorrow as going away with work for a few days...was supposed to pack today for this today, but one of the things on my list that I didn't do - so will be packing in the morning. I have a tip for you for tomorrow though - don't make a list!!!

Ellie - envy sounds like you are having a lovely time already - enjoy!!!

Toffee - didn't break down list. List has been avoided and will be confronted again in the morning (if time permits depending on how long packing takes) tried on new clothes...clothes now everywhere...closed the door on room with clothes everywhere so I can't see how much mess I've managed to make...will deal with in the morning (if time permits depending on how long packing takes!) any wine left? grin

Sounds like a lovely day who knows, I also feel guilty about my lack of flying today...been on my own all day and managed to get less done than when I'm working and have a 5 year old to deal with hmm

Castle wine to help you get through the ironing (hate ironing!)

Thanks for links bitchy

Going to bed now and hopefully have an early start in the morning and be more productive. Good night everyone smile

Castlelough Sun 11-Aug-13 00:01:08

Hmmm so much for the ironing... grin

Jesstryinghard Sun 11-Aug-13 01:06:24

I'm actually awake thinking about all the shit that needs to get done tomorrow confused

saturn Sun 11-Aug-13 08:26:45

Morning all smile

Hope you get done what you need to get done today Jess. Power of three and 15 minutes seems to work well (says she who didn't follow her own advice yesterday confused

Castle - look at positive side - at least you have clean clothes grin

I've managed to tidy up all the mess I made yesterday and now starting morning routine. List from yesterday has been discarded - just sticking to baby steps for now!!! At least some things get done that way...

BitchytheGreat Sun 11-Aug-13 08:28:02

I am awake. Not through choice and not due to the alarm clock. In theory ds and i should be leaving right now. In practice I am still in bed and there is packing to be done. I am not moving from this spot until coffee has been drunk. Then i will happily fly like a crazy person but until the coffee is drunk i am not moving!

Jesstryinghard Sun 11-Aug-13 08:37:19

Bitchy glad to hear someone else as militant about caffeine as I !! Hahahaha
Saturn what is the power of three ??
Hope everyone has a great day xx

ToffeeWhirl Sun 11-Aug-13 08:50:19

Am delegating Flying and childcare to DH and going out for the day grin.

Hope you all have a good day.

Steamedcabbage Sun 11-Aug-13 10:49:48

Good luck getting away Toffee Saturn and Bitchy!! Have good days all of you ...

Hope Velma has turned up Saturn! (And sorry to lead you astray in search of retail therapy!! grin)

And thanks for fab round-up Bitchy!!

Jess you can do it!!! (Not sure about official meaning of power of three, or where it came from etc, but think it is something to do with choosing three small achievable things from your priority list and powering through them - which will give you confidence/energy/motivation to continue. Ruthlessly put everything else that needs doing out of your mind and focus on the three priority tasks (they needn't even be priority tasks actually - just three tasks that will make you feel better once they are finished. Maybe choose an easy one and two horrid ones) . Then stop and take a break and possibly look at next three. Theory is same as Flylady's - break up your long stressful list up in to small manageable bites!! Sending encouraging thoughts and Fledgling power to your elbow!

And good luck with everything you have to do by Monday too Whoknows (wedding sounds lovely btw)

Waves to Castle Goth Trazzles Honu Just Feetheart Ellie Blue Engels Mercury PA Asheth and Jdub and everyone else I've forgotten!

Absolutely zilch to report here. Boring housework awaits (as ever).

Jesstryinghard Sun 11-Aug-13 11:03:51

Aww thanks for the help
Steamed cabbage

ZingWidge Sun 11-Aug-13 11:11:18

we put in an offer for a house yesterday.

We'll know tomorrow afternoon if we got it or not.
It's the first house in 4 years that could even be considered, but it's more than that. I can tick every criteria for the first time ever.
we have to have it....

prayers & fx please everyone....we need all the help!smile

ZingWidge Sun 11-Aug-13 11:13:13

sorry haven't caught up on thread.
will do today as I need to keep distracted.

good luck all of you!

GoingGoingGoth Sun 11-Aug-13 11:53:07

Just popped in to kick Jess grin

Trying to embrace the renew your spirit ethos here, about to go for a walk in the park, DD will be on her bike learning to balance, so maybe that relaxing.

I've downloaded the Striiv app to my phone (after lurking on another thread last night) which turns it into a pedometer and linked it to MFP. I WILL get myself back into my routines <grits teeth>

Hope you all have a great day.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 11-Aug-13 11:53:47

Crossing fingers for you Zing

Fingers and toes crossed, Zing!

Back home, WITH the car, had the best night's sleep we've had in ages. smile

Toasted success this morning with bellinis for breakfast as the boys are still away. grin May not get anything else done now today...

<Dumps enormous crate of wine on the bar> Party later??!

GoingGoingGoth Sun 11-Aug-13 14:18:47

Blue so pleased the car retrieval went well (and the good night's sleep)

Back from the walk, was fairly successful re the bike, she's starting to find her balance.

Just having a brew while Dd does the final bit of painting on her pyramid, it's a sand/paint mix, so I expect to find everything gritty later! But she's having fun, and not expecting me to supervise.

Jesstryinghard Sun 11-Aug-13 18:28:20

Zing I'm
Crossing everything for you !!

Goinggoinggoth that's so sweet of you to think of me and I think the cyber kicking worked wonders !! I've had some
Seriously productive 15 minute sessions today !! Washing up all
Done cooker cleaned properly for first time
In a criminally long time loads of laundry done some
Tidying smile))) well pleased smile)
Hugs to all

Castlelough Sun 11-Aug-13 23:57:46

Ha! I am laughing at your post Saturn : at least you have clean clothes ....

After almost two hrs of ironing I have just stopped, as I realised... ahem... I have NOT been ironing the clean laundry!!!!!!! FFS!!!

Must quickly clarify that I DID renew my spirit today by attending a lovely mass and going on a scenic hike with a friend!

Just having a midnight feast all by myself - DH at work. Ham sandwich grin. I will get back to MFP tomorrow soon ....

Zing best of luck with the house offer!

Hope everyone else enjoyed their days xx

BitchytheGreat Mon 12-Aug-13 07:51:44

Oh dear castle So frustrating. Hope you enjoyed the midnight feast.

I have about half an hour before my car heads off for its mot and i find out yet how much more money it is going to cost me this year sad

Whilst my alarm clock is shouting its snooze alarms at me I thought I'd better get the links up.

Monday is home bleurgh day.


Missions - we are in the bathroom and office weird random combination but whatever she is being militant about the shoes thing again

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Aug-13 09:19:31

Had a very relaxing and lovely day out yesterday, but today it's back to earth with a bump. So much to do! Hopefully, will bbl with a 'ta da' list.

BitchytheGreat Mon 12-Aug-13 09:41:45

ta da
1 load washing on
car to mot
service sewing machine

the master list for week
check my training kit
run machine over pinned blanket edging - about to do
sewing in name tapes of uniform (only had to buy new t-shirts and shoes but will get shoes nearer) 1 down 5 to go
finish the sock monkey that got put on hold ages and ages ago because he lost an ear
finish making top - on sewing machine atm!
finish pattern mock up
make new pattern mock up
unpick alternative pattern mock up and check measurement
put my clothes away
finish crocheting blanket
sort all my paperwork out
pair the socks sad i fucking hate this job!

Steamedcabbage Mon 12-Aug-13 10:23:02

Morning, same as Toffee really - loads to do
Still appear to have "sweating sickness" .. no idea what it is, sore throat, ear ache, fatigue, slightly dodgy tum, cough, nausea, feel like you have a temp but don't ...just generally feel really ick. But best way to deal with it I have found is to ignore and plough through- in the middle of home bleugh so appropriate really grin

Trying to be patient with dd who, now she is not at the stables, seems to be glued to one screen or another so I have got her hoovering (wicked mother emoticon). She is having to earn back the money it cost to buy new riding gloves, which she had for precisely a week, and yes one is already lost ....grrr

Ta da:
morning routine inc wm, dw, washing dried overnight, rabbits
rushed around house finding things for craft project for dc who are coming over later
supermarket list
dealt with last night's laundry
half home bleugh
cleared hall of various detritus
dining room table hot spot

To do:
charge gsm
finish other half home bleugh + clean kitchen
craft prep
supermarket shop
write card and wrap present for baby-sitter who is going back to USA
have second shower of day and gussy myself up a bit
play date - baking, crafts etc
prep "goodbye" tea for baby-sitter
evening routine
collapse with wine

Good luck with your long list Bitchy (hope sock money reunited with his ear very soon grin)
Think that might be a sign that you are not meant to be ironing at the moment castle but taking it easy on yourself instead smile
Well done Jess grin knew you could do it!
Fingers and toes crossed for you Zing
Pyramid sounds brill Goth
So glad car retrieval a success Blue bellinis no less ...
Waves to Saturn Whoknows Feetheart PA Asheth¨Engels Just Honu Trazzles Ellie Mercury Jdub and eveyrone I've forgotten

iamadoozermum Mon 12-Aug-13 10:52:09

May I join? I've been fluttering for some years now (even have an actual Flylady t-shirt to try to inspire me) but trying to sell house has upped the ante somewhat.

Estate agent coming tomorrow so today's tasks are:
sort master bedroom (currently can't get into wardrobes or round DHs side of bed because of clothes waiting to be sorted)
Clean bathroom (very messy as have done DIY in bathroom all weekend)
Tidy kitchen
Take kids out for a run around as they are tearing up the house!

Jdub Mon 12-Aug-13 11:09:35

Another late good morning here!
Just about to start work (at work!)
In a rush to get out this morning, so house in abit of a tip when I left, and likely to get worse throughout the day, so a mini overhaul will be my evening's work this evening! Although I did show it the hoover yesterday! I might shake wet mop in its general direction today!
Happy Monday xx

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Aug-13 11:34:10

Welcome, iamadoozermum. I had no idea there were Flylady tee-shirts grin!

SC - sympathies on DD being glued to the screen. Same here. It's a constant battle. And sorry too that you are feeling so icky. It might be a virus, I suppose...?

Happy Monday, Jdub.

Good luck with your master list, Bitchy.

I have a 'ta da' list, so am going to reward myself by sitting down, drinking coffee and reading the first 'Moomin' story to DS2 smile.

Ta da :

Breakfasts done
Dressed, hair washed, face repaired
Put rubbish out
Put food out for recycling
Online food order
Phoned bank
Booked plumber
Attempted to weigh DS1 but bloody batteries have failed angry

Have to tidy the house and find / buy food for the boys. DS2 has a friend coming over at 1.30 and staying for dinner. Why do I invite children for dinner when we have no dinner even for ourselves? confused

BitchytheGreat Mon 12-Aug-13 11:44:42

ta da
2nd load washing on
car to mot
service sewing machine
mend trousers which were next to sewing machine
1st load of washing folded

the master list for week
check my training kit
run machine over pinned blanket edging done but it needs redoing!
sewing in name tapes of uniform (only had to buy new t-shirts and shoes but will get shoes nearer) 1 down 5 to go
finish the sock monkey that got put on hold ages and ages ago because he lost an ear
finish making top done
finish pattern mock up
make new pattern mock up
unpick alternative pattern mock up and check measurement
put my clothes away
finish crocheting blanket
sort all my paperwork out
pair the socks sad i fucking hate this job!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Aug-13 12:54:02

ta da 2 :

unglued DS2 from screen
read half of 'The Moomins and the Great Flood' to DS2
room rescued sitting room
delegated muddy floor wiping in hallway to DS2
hoovered downstairs
unloaded and reloaded d/w
planned lunch and dinner
bought stuff for above at corner shop
swept cobwebs off window box

And - good news - received a cheque from the cat breeder to refund us for our poor kitten. This means we now have the money for our next kitten smile.

Castlelough Mon 12-Aug-13 13:14:23

I am really impressed by the Flylady t-shirt gringringrin. On phone, and cannot remember your name - but welcome! smile

Toffee good luck with the new kitten hunt!
Bitchy best of luck with the MOT... I love reading your lists, today's is like a seamstress's list grin.

SC thanks! Will push on with it anyway! Hope you start to feel better soon x

Waves to everyone else. Must go pack. Off home again for a few days...have an appointment with a recurrent mc specialist tomorrow morning too <gulp> Hoping he can help me somehow...

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Aug-13 13:45:16

Best of luck with the specialist tomorrow, castle. And also with visiting your mum.

We can't get a new kitten until January because of the six-month wait for the virus to be completely gone from our house. But at least we know we have the money ready for it now.

Ta da :

Swished and swiped in bathroom

DS2 now has a friend here for the afternoon. Am hoping they will be busy, so I can get things done.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 12-Aug-13 14:01:02

iamadoozermum a Flylady tshirt! envy and hello!

Toffee good news re the refund, although I know you'd rather have had the kitten.

SC you still poorly?! <concerned head tilt> have you seen pharmacist/doctor/anyone about this?

Castle good lucks for tomorrow

Eek at Bitchy's (as usual)

Litter tray cleaned
Bins & recycling emptied
Washing up
Quick bike ride into the city for acrylic paint (1st trip in by bike grin)
Dd bike balance practice
Made veggie sausage rolls with DD
Ate veggie sausage rolls with DD blush
Sourdough loaf in oven -crossing fingers it's not as heavy as the last one.

To do
More washing up

Waves to Blue, Jess, Zing, Honu, Just, PA and everyone else

BitchytheGreat Mon 12-Aug-13 14:17:26

Oh dear god when will the fat fairy stop finding ways to clutter up our houses. She is supposed to be helping us declutter not the other way around. Fly t-shirts? really? hmm

Castle it might read like a seamstress's list but it is essential decluttering. No really grin

ta da
4th load washing on
car to mot
service sewing machine
mend trousers which were next to sewing machine
1st load of washing folded
car passed mot and collect
Vanilla slice cake eaten and enjoyed grin
Make pattern mock up for using up some fabric scraps
Collect all scraps of denim ready for cutting up and making fabric blocks for making rucksack
Work on finishing off handstitching of random almost but not quite finished project.

the master list for week
check my training kit done and shopping list of stuff needing replacing made
run machine over pinned blanket edging done but it needs redoing!
sewing in name tapes of uniform (only had to buy new t-shirts and shoes but will get shoes nearer) 2 down 4 to go
finish the sock monkey that got put on hold ages and ages ago because he lost an ear
finish making top done
finish pattern mock up
make new pattern mock up
unpick alternative pattern mock up and check measurement
put my clothes away
finish crocheting blanket
sort all my paperwork out
pair the socks sad i fucking hate this job!

ZingWidge Mon 12-Aug-13 15:27:47

<waves to all>

you can untangle yourselves - it's a no.
Someone bid more than 20k above asking price. Can't compete with that.
I'm disappointed but not sad.
it made us think that if we renewed our kitchen we could ask for a higher starting price for ours etc.

I've got 4 days to get this house in good shape for Saturday's viewers.
I'll make a list tonight, in order of priority.

and the house hunt is on!smile

ZingWidge Mon 12-Aug-13 15:28:24

oh and of course thanks for support and fx! wink

GoingGoingGoth Mon 12-Aug-13 16:21:55

Oh so sorry Zing, 20k above asking price is unbelievable, but I'm sure you're meant to have a much nicer house than that one.

The pyramid is almost finished, but DH has now got involved, so he's going to add another coat of paint to 'texturise' it <sighs>, he used to make models as a boy until I met him so it's a bit of a 'thing' for him, I guess I'm lucky we don't have a train set and/or planes hanging from the ceiling.

Will be joining Bitchy in the crafting once DD is back at school <shuts fabric cupboard door>

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Aug-13 19:36:11

Oh, sorry, Zing. That's really tough.

Goth - sounds as if your DH is about to take up a childhood hobby again wink.

Bitchy - good point about the cluttering tee-shirts.

Ta da :

Disciplinary talk with DS1 <sigh>
Row with DH <sigh> <sigh>
(Considers leaving home)

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Aug-13 23:36:28

Whoops, did I kill the thread? blush

iamadoozermum Mon 12-Aug-13 23:47:38

Well epic tidy up fail sad

Today's list was:
sort master bedroom (currently can't get into wardrobes or round DHs side of bed because of clothes waiting to be sorted)
Clean bathroom (very messy as have done DIY in bathroom all weekend)
Tidy kitchen
Take kids out for a run around as they are tearing up the house!

And we only managed the bottom one. Bedroom looks a bit better but not much as I'm only half-way through and had to put things back on the floor to be able to get into bed tonight. Very annoyed and frustrated, especially as estate agent coming tomorrow and trying to tidy around 4 DCs is so difficult. Can't even do a stash and dash as we've got so little storage and it is all bursting at the seams, even the loft. DH doesn't seem to get the urgency, he's very laid back and I think he thinks it will all come together soon but I start new job in 3 weeks and will be faced with four hours commuting a day until we get moved. Aaaaargh angry.

Wish I could channel this anger and frustration productively but it just makes me want to run, hide and cry!

Ta da:
All kids fed, watered, run ragged and asleep
Another coat of paint in bathroom
All dishes done
Recycling put in bin
Car boot pile much bigger - we're actually getting rid of things

P.S. my Flylady t-shirt is about 8 years old but it still puts me in a flying mood.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 13-Aug-13 00:23:08

Oh, iamadoozer, you are being too hard on yourself. I think you have achieved a lot today, considering that you have four children to care for as well. Don't worry about the estate agent - they will have seen far worse and I'm sure he can make sure he photographs the tidy bits.

Final ta da :

Bedtime routines for the boys
Stories read
Washing up done
DH's grovelly apology accepted

Trazzletoes Tue 13-Aug-13 07:13:06

Hi there, I've been lurking for the past week as we've been on stay-cation. Trying to get back in to flying mode til next Monday when we're back at hospital again...

Good morning.

I have been rubbish at keeping up on here again. Plus I was without laptop for a few days.

Welcome to newbies.

Started a new job yesterday which went well.
Also DD3 had her scan - so I now have a picture of my first grandchild. <squeal> Only 1 in there now...had been twins, but 1 did not make it.

Loads to do in the house, too much to think about.
Cant really get my head around anything at the moment I feel in a bit of a spin.

Up early this morning to take DD2 to the boat for her to go off to a big event in Somerset where she is working this week. Tomorrow I am up early again to take DS to the boat for the same thing, but he is only going for the day. - he hates camping and loves his mummy!!!

Dog has been returned to her owner. My friend was in hysterics when I asked about the pregnancy issue. hmm I fear I could become the butt end of some over dinner conversations.
Cats have returned home after giving me evil eyes from the roof most of the week. One was on my bed last night and being a total pain, but I darent be cross and turf him off! <softie>

Flip, I cant think about what I am doing today.....I will take it as it happens and hope my brain catches up with itself at some point..

Have a good day everyone. <waves to everyone>

Steamedcabbage Tue 13-Aug-13 10:11:16

Good morning everyone!

Good luck with your appointment today Castle - hope it goes well flowers

Hope you are OK PA - sounds as though you have huge amounts going on as ever. Congratulations on your new job. Very sorry to hear about baby twin sad - hope your dd ok.

[Certainly hope dog owner was in good-humoured hysterics btw and not upset after all the care you lavished on your canine guest!]

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful time at home Trazzles x

A warm welcome to the thread Iamadoozer. Exactly what Toffee said about being too hard on yourself! smile I don't think I would do any Flying at all with 4 dc!

Oh Zing that's disappointing ...20K above asking price is shock

Thanks Goth - actually felt much better yesterday as day went on but will def go to doc if it reoccurs ... . Am also itching to get back sewing once the holidays are over. Any particular recipe for veggie sausage roll btw? (Sounds like something dd would enjoy making.)

Bitchy¨I loathe sock-pairing too. The worst are dh's - all black, dark grey or navy - hundreds of 'em - with only a tiny detail to distinguish one pair from another!

Toffee that's great news about refund for kitten (although I know you would rather have had kitten itself sad) You deserve some good news for a change though after holiday insurance etc.

Big flapping waves to Jdub and everyone else!

Hoping to capitalise on busy day yesterday. Home bleughed entire ground floor in morning + did a more thorough s & s in bathroom than usual although it needs a proper clean. Did loads of laundry too. Then had dc over to play in the afternoon, followed by tea for departing baby-sitter. [Note to self ... do not invite dc over when having to tend to roofers five floors up ... resulting in vertical 10k and creaky knees] Feel quite smug this morning though because somehow found energy to hoover again and tidy up after eveyrone had left last night so came down to very tidy ground floor this morning. The only trouble is, that has cleared the way for decluttering in the boudoir today! Oh no!

Have a good day everyone!

Jdub Tue 13-Aug-13 10:46:19

Good morning - it's lovely here today so I managed to bike it to work - excellent (then scoff a boatload of flapjack!!)
Tonight is dusting night, and cooking for a surprise celebration tea party we're organising - big wedding anniversary coming up! Tonight will be a Victoria sponge night I think! (Not too much mess/clearing up!)
Have a top day xx

GoingGoingGoth Tue 13-Aug-13 10:56:28

Morning all, thank god it's the last day of the holidays, DD is doing my head in, she's supposed to be having a friend over this afternoon, but if she doesn't improve her attitude...and breathe

Anyway, welcome back PA and congratulations on the new job and DD's pregnancy, hope she's doing ok.

SC the sausage roll recipe is easy, I use Granose Lincolnshire Sausage mix, you add water to the dry mix and leave for 10 mins before shaping, I make the mix slightly softer so that it doesn't dry out when being baked. 2 sachets (1box) is just about enough for 1 pack of puff pastry mix. I'll make short crust, but my hands are too warm to make any other type of pastry (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

Pancakes for breakfast for DD
Hung laundry load out
Washing up

To Do
Get school stuff ready for tomorrow
Take DD on bike to greengrocers for fruit
Collect friend for afternoon
Make fruit salad and picnic
Take girls to park
Return friend
Stuff DD into bed.

Did today's mission yesterday when DD was in bath.

GoingGoingGoth Tue 13-Aug-13 10:58:03

Argh need an edit function

Did today's mission yesterday when DD was in bath last night!

Not that it was that important. grin

Steamedcabbage Tue 13-Aug-13 11:29:00

Thanks for sausage roll info Goth! Your dd is going back to school quite early isn't she? [Always first Mon in Sept over here.]

Happy baking Jdub!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 13-Aug-13 11:50:27

Welcome back, Trazzles. Don't overdo it with the Flying. Just the basics and no more! You have enough on your plate.

SC - glad you are feeling a bit better now. Keep an eye on it though. Good luck with decluttering today.

PA - congratulations on the scan photo, but also commiserations on losing one twin sad. Glad your first day in your new job went well.

Goth - well done on the bath-time multitasking. Good luck with back-to-school routines.

Jdub - congrats on the exercise and good luck with the cooking and party prep.

Am feeling decidedly grotty today. Think I may have a cold, as I woke up snuffly and wheezy at around five. Unfortunately, both boys then woke up too, so my cold symptoms are aggravated by lack of sleep. Luckily, I don't have too many plans today.

Have done breakfasts and swished and swiped in bathroom. Also put online shopping delivery away.

To do :

Kitchen rescue
Sitting room rescue
Washing on
Playground with DS2
Mil visiting us
DS1's CBT homework - visit cafe

Would quite like to go back to bed though...

JustGettingOnWithIt Tue 13-Aug-13 12:42:16

Checking in to wave and apologise. Got a little bit panicked by something, but have really missed being here.

We’re working hard on renovations and life rescue here. We got flooded again during torrential rains despite the so called work to prevent it, but we’re still dealing with legal issues so I’m not saying too much, but (thanks to an indirect but first major stroke of luck in a long while, through MN) have discovered what was needed to put an end to this once and for all, and have done it. There’s been more heavy rain since and so far the solution’s held!

There’s so much going on at the moment that I’m tail spinning but we’re off on a working holiday at the weekend and I need to achieve loads to make it possible.

Today’s big one is clearing out one of the insurance storage units, so must run of and do it.

But, a quick hello to Imadoozer A flylady tshirt? I hope it’s made of ecloth material.

Castle I hope today goes well for you and brings you good news.

PA congratulations, but sorry to hear about twin. Laughing at the squeal. Prepare to be broke and not care!

Can I join in with the news we’re awaiting number four (I am that old!) but there’s been a lot of difficulties and some would say it may not have been the wisest pregnancy, which has made it hard to share, but she’s a little girl and if all goes well will be with us at Christmas. (Quiet prayers she won’t also have a heart defect.) Whatever happens she will be very much loved and wanted, and everyone will move up and make space and share.

waves to all, I will manage to get back later and catch up with everyone, but must run away now and do insurance unit.

BitchytheGreat Tue 13-Aug-13 12:42:36

Sometimes I wish for the Scottish back to school date but only if I can have the english end of terms date wink It will be fine Goth and really the peace is not worth the price for murder. as tempting as it might be

Sorry a bit late with today's links. Tried and early night but failed and had rather a major fail this morning so no time first thing.

Tuesday is planning day


babystep 13

Just - so pleased for you!

PA - sorry to hear about the lost twin, but glad the other is doing well.

Steamedcabbage Tue 13-Aug-13 13:50:40

Hey Just how fantastic to be expecting such a lovely Christmas present flowers - sending prayers!
Good luck with unit clear out - cannot believe you have been flooded again - but great to hear there is potential solution

Ahhh, sorry, of course you are in Scotland Goth [need more coffee obviously] hence mid-Aug rtn to studies ...

Big waves to Whoknows and Bitchy!

Snaffled rather a large (but healthy) bowl of pasta at lunch - dh needs to eat regularly don't you know wink and am now fighting the urge to crash. Would like to get out of house but think I will clear small storage room on 1st floor landing instead. There is something rather frightening about suddenly having lots of time available to declutter ... if you don't do it you cannot help but be confronted with one's lazy cow tendencies grin

UnitedZingDom Tue 13-Aug-13 13:57:07


I know what you mean about lazy cow tendencies!

DH is back from work at 3pm today then will take kids to his parents' for dinner as Fil's is visiting - I was going to go but I need childfree time.
I need to clean the fridge, but will I? or am I going to watch Frasier (again)?

UnitedZingDom Tue 13-Aug-13 13:57:36

it's me Zing btw.

like my new name?

Engelsemama Tue 13-Aug-13 14:05:30

Afternoon all. Back from weekend in UK. My parents internet is painfully slow so didn't make it onto MN.

Having a serious cba day after travelling yesterday, but I really should do anything since I gave DH an ear bashing yesterday when I got home to find he'd done nothing all weekend (oh, the things I could get done with 4 child free days!). Have a rotten cold and back to school on Friday.

So, have an hour and a half to...

Washing up
Washing on
Yesterday's washing away
Hoover downstairs
Putting things back where they belong!
Hang up the lovely new work clothes I cought myself today and last weekend in England (I always look like scruff at work - because I CAN wear jeans and converse to school I do blush )

BitchytheGreat Tue 13-Aug-13 14:37:08

I suppose i should take stock of what is on the master list and figure out how to achieve everything else that is on it hmm

the master list for week
finish the sock monkey that got put on hold ages and ages ago because he lost an ear
finish making top done
finish pattern mock up
make new pattern mock up
unpick alternative pattern mock up and check measurement
finish crocheting blanket had a look at this, it was the first thing i ever did in crochet, was so shocking i have unpicked to redo
sort all my paperwork out
pair the socks sad i fucking hate this job!

Bloody hell no idea how on earth to achieve all this in one week. Might have to reconsider time scale. hmm

<wanders off for coffee to aid in the pondering>

BitchytheGreat Tue 13-Aug-13 18:52:04

well i have successfully not done anything on that list.

ta da
sort out various appointments for this week
figure out where i am tomo morning
work on turning the material made from old jeans into final item
pick up some bits from next town but discover need to go into the nearby city
sort out the sharpnel ready for getting changed into sensible money
2 loads of washing

Am about to give up and do about a hour's worth of crochet before grabbing an early night.


Wednesday is Anti-procrastination day


babysteps shh we won't tell anyone if you skip reading the essay.

GoingGoingGoth Tue 13-Aug-13 19:10:00

Just -welcome back & congratulations!

Ohh Bitchy like the idea of mixing the English & Scottish holidays, would cut it down to 3-4 weeks!

Updated List
Pancakes for breakfast for DD
Hung laundry load out
Washing up
School stuff ready
Take DD on bike to greengrocers for fruit
Make fruit salad and picnic
Collect friend on way to park
Did not kill DD when she started playing up but did bring her home early, dropping friend off on way
Picked up bread for tomorrow
Have walked nearly 14,000 steps grin
Cleaned litter tray, mopped bathroom & kitchen floor
Stuffed DD into bath (will have to get her out soon)
Got laundry in

To do
Ironing sad

BitchytheGreat Tue 13-Aug-13 19:59:05


Right ammended master plan for this week:
Sock monkey
sock folding

Also finish off denim project, make progress on crochet project, laundry, finish re-stringing ds' blind.

Focus for all decluttering activity: my bomb site room

Which is far more achievable with all the various meetings/appointments and god knows what else that will need doing that i have not predicted.

<wanders off with intent to turn off the laptop and go to sleep>

JustGettingOnWithIt Tue 13-Aug-13 22:06:59

Any idiot awards are mine. I'll still be clearing the unit tommorow as did something stupid and now have a shin as knobbly as a cudgel, but it's a good excuse for wine.

BitchytheGreat Wed 14-Aug-13 05:03:09

Morning campers.

it is too fucking early to be functioning. Several cups of coffee are going to be required to achieve that state. <leaves massive pot of bitchy's special brew on the naughty corner bar>

Am due out in a round 15mins. Will be back later once meetings etc are done. Should be an interesting morning.

To do:
out all morning trying to be productive hmm
the dam sock monkey if i can find all the bits
early night!
Anything else can be arsed to do incl NAP!

Steamedcabbage Wed 14-Aug-13 07:34:37


It's official. I'm a lazy cow. That's my post for today grin

Steamedcabbage Wed 14-Aug-13 07:39:09

Oo - also meant to say:

Good luck with your day Bitchy [more brew here for when you get back]
Welcome back Engels!! Hope you feel better soon.
Oh no Just - [hands over kaolin poultice]
Admiring wow at 14,000 steps Goth!!!
Love the new name Zing

Big wing flaps to everyone else!

There are so many things I need to stop procrastinating over on anti-procrastination Wednesday that I am, um, well, procrastinating ...

MercuryRising Wed 14-Aug-13 07:53:43

Morning ladies. Sorry I have been awol for the last few days. We celebrated dsils birthday on Saturday, so I spent Sunday nursing a hangover and feeling good for nothing. The last two days have been spent having fun with the dcs with only minimal flying being done. Yesterday we visited Think Tank in Birmingham and it was fantastic - I thoroughly recommend it.

I did The Shred with my dsis on Monday evening and my legs still kill. I am determined to fly today but I think it will have to be at a slower pace. I am obviously ridiculously unfit!! blush

Welcome to the thread Iamadoozer Im a very sporadic flyer but the ladies on here are great and very supportive.

Congratulations on your pregnancy Just!

Glad to see you are feeling a bit better SC

Have a lovely week at home Trazzles

Big wing flaps to everybody else. I will try to catch up properly later.

Todays to do

Make beds
Clean bathroom - it needs doing desparately!
Hoover throughout
Dust throughout
Empty bins
Tidy master bedroom - stop dp moaning!!
Go and see friend for long overdue catch up and coffee
Try to go swimming - hopefully this will help my sore legs.
Reading for course
Help dcs tidy their room
Empty/ clean car after yesterdays day out
Poo pick garden and cut grass if it is dry enough.

Bbl to let you know how much of this I actually manage!

JustGettingOnWithIt Wed 14-Aug-13 08:24:11

Morning Bitchy. Coffee appreciated, the world would grind to a halt without it. Good luck with the meetings.

SC when the rain started and the drain drained slower than the downpour the air was totally blue.
All prayers welcomed, odds aren't stacked in her favour tbh, but miracles would be gratefully accepted.
Fancy a cud chewing competition? grin Am also overwhelmed by sheer amount of things on procasting list, so am just grabbing a few of the most desperate.

Zing good luck with houses.

Engels good luck with return to school and new image.

Goth 14,000 sounds impressive.

Mercury it's thankfully not my pregnancy (thart would be really unwise!) It's potential 4th grandchild.

Still to do list:
Get ds up without getting wound up.
Make him put elastics in!
Hand washing
Meal plan
Freeze stuff
Get ds to download photos
Amend Sen statement
Update 319a report
Re-pot more plants
Put away curtains
Pay for insurance unit
Continue clearing unit (paying for today and tomorrow to give us a better chance)
Get car started and moved
(Try to clear out)
Appeal parking ticket (can never breakdown anywhere legal!)
Patch ds jeans
(Try to fit repairing boots in)
Plan Thursday
Listen to friend

ToffeeWhirl Wed 14-Aug-13 09:42:09

<grabs one of Bitchy's coffees gratefully>

Still have cold symptoms and now lack of sleep too. Did the falling-to-sleep-early-then-waking-up-at-1am thing. Finally went back to sleep at 5.

Ta da :

Unloaded d/w
Reloaded d/w
Wiped kitchen counters
Put bin bag out
Drank coffee

To do :

Get dressed
DS1's CBT appointment
Help DS1 tidy up his bedroom (promised to do this with him two days ago blush)
Phone to reschedule appointment for DH
(plus usual routines)

Just - welcome back! Glad to hear you have found a solution to the flooding. Also, many congratulations on the forthcoming GC!

Bitchy - hope meetings were productive and helpful although if it was CAMHS that's a big ask

WhoKnows - saw you briefly up there on the thread! Hope school holiday is going ok for you.

SC - 'There are so many things I need to stop procrastinating over on anti-procrastination Wednesday that I am, um, well, procrastinating ...' That made me laugh grin.

Zing - DH and I are Frasier fans too. Favourite quote:

Frasier: This is my brother, Dr Niles Crane - the eminent psychiatrist.
Niles: My brother is too kind - he was already eminent while my eminence was merely imminent.

Mercury - glad you've been having a good time. Sympathies on after-effects of the Shred (but respect due for having a go).

Hope everyone has a good day.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 14-Aug-13 09:42:58

Ahhh coffee mmm

How come I don't sleep the night before she starts back school?
But we got her there on time and without any tantrums grin

Packed lunches
Dd ready for school
Dd to school
Washing up
DH out of house on time for dentist

Having a brew before heading off to work, am going to risk bike as heavy rain isn't due until after I set off tonight (ha ha)

Hope you all have a good day.

Morning! <reaches out sleepily for one of Bitchy's special coffees>

Not much flying going on round here at the moment, but the house is passable for now so I'll settle for that. Boys are at the CM today so I really need to get on with some work.

Love that quote, Toffee smile

Congrats on grandchild and sympathies re ongoing flooding, Just.

Big waves to everyone else. Must Get On!

twinteresting Wed 14-Aug-13 11:50:39

Can I join you?
I get the emails from Fly lady and she was talking about back to basics
My house is in UTTER Chaos and I am trying to nest as expecting twins in 4 months (!) (can't work it out in weeks as tis too scary)
I thought I could do with some accountability and I'm on here enough as it is.
At some point I will post my master list (which is scary) but for now

Done today
sorted clothes
Unstack dishwasher

To do
Deliver present to mate/take kids to playground
Shine sink properly
Get clothes ready for morning
Continue declutter ready for free listing on ebay tmw (have 20 items on already)

UnitedZingDom Wed 14-Aug-13 12:07:36

makes brew for Goth

school already ha?
we are only just going on holiday on Saturday! smile

it's 3 more weeks before mine go back. I'm still in procrastinating phase.
will do list writing next week

Steamedcabbage Wed 14-Aug-13 18:05:37

Hope your dd has had a good day Goth! Day one of 'the return' is always pretty daunting!

Seems hard to be going back in the middle of August but I must admit I am getting a little fed up with all the play dates, never-ending negotiation with dd over basic stuff that we should NOT have to be negotiating over, people just 'popping by' for lunch or tea ...+ all the countless veggie soup/casserole dishes for dh ...and no cleaner all just seems like one endless cleaning, supermarket shopping and carrot peeling session that has gone on for weeks and weeks with tedious "fun/educational" excursions thrown in grin [yaaaaarrrrggghghh] Gawd all of the above makes me sound v. selfish I know 'cos really want dd to have a good summer, but could kill for a weekend away somewhere ... [is it wine o'clock yet?]

A very warm welcome to the thread twinteresting and congratulations on your double pregnancy [hands over foot stool] take it slow and steady!

Sorry you are still feeling rotten Toffee [proffers lemon and honey drink]

And to Engels!

Hope you got your work done Blue!

Zing you and me both (procrastinating I mean)

Just can we substitute wine for cud please?

Big waves to Mercury and everyone else.

Ta da:
morning routine inc wm, dw, s&s, rabbits
made veggie lentilly soupy thing
chased dd around the house with large net and coralled her in to bath [sigh]
accompanied dh to doc
supermarket shop
served and cleared up lunch
badminton with dd
dining room table hot spot
put school term dates in calendar
looked at boudoir thought "I must do some decluttering" and read a book instead
trip to chemist
reached for wine

Enjoy your evenings everyone!

Steamedcabbage Wed 14-Aug-13 18:08:50

Oh no, just remembered that I can't get pissed because I am dieting and have people coming for lunch tomorrow too ... bum... and double bum ...

ToffeeWhirl Wed 14-Aug-13 18:46:52

SC - I love your description of the holidays and must say that I feel exactly like that too! The novelty has definitely worn off now. DS2 still hasn't learnt to occupy himself, so he is constantly asking, "What shall I do now?" and whining about going on the computer. It's very wearing.

twin - welcome to the thread. Am impressed by your ebaying of clutter <takes notes for future reference>.

Blue - "passable" house sounds good to me smile.

Goth - sorry for your lack of sleep, but well done on a successful first day back at school.

zing - "am still in procrastination phase" - it's anti-procrastination day grin.

Ta da :

Get dressed
DS1's CBT appointment (but he walked out angry)
Help DS1 tidy up his bedroom nope
Phone to reschedule appointment for DH nope
Walked DS1 round to his friend's house for the day
Took DS2 out for a picnic
Washed up and put away
Tidied kitchen
Put washing on
Had a two-hour nap blush - much needed

DS2 is now lying on the floor next to me, wailing that he has nothing to do. He has a roomful of toys and books upstairs. Am considering simply putting him to bed early!

On the positive side, if DS1 ends up sleeping over at his friend's, DH and I can have a quiet evening together <crosses fingers>.

Where the flip did my post from this morning go to??? shock

Welcome Twins - first tip is unsubscribe from the flylady emails and use this thread as your guide, we are much friendlier and wont clog up your inbox! Welcome on the twins!

Oh well, as my list never made it on here I could come along and say that I have ticked off everything and ask for the halo of the reality list was small and I have done about half. blush
Landing is now finally looking clear, large and lovely! but everything is now dumped in my bedroom which will now replace that on the list for the next 6 weeks!

I am in the house alone for the evening.... I need to get used to this as in 3 weeks this will be normal.......I dont think I like it! I have spent 22 years wishing for more "me" I am not so sure. I am feeling a bit weird and unsettled today. - it will get better!!

Steamedcabbage Wed 14-Aug-13 20:05:52

Fancy a swap PA?? grin Must be a huge adjustment though x [Guides PA to humungously large sofa not covered in Playmobil with large fluffy cushions and puts remote control in her left hand, and glass of wine in the right] ]

It is hard when you can't get away Toffee - everyone needs a change of scene I think. Sorry to hear about CBT appt - must be v. hard to take when everyone is making every effort to help - but that is what is so frustrating about anxiety - it not working on rational lines I mean - so here's a large glass of wine

Dh engrossed in football has deigned to speak has commented that I am being "deeply unreasonable and unhelpful" sad which I probably am so having more wine

I wouldn't mind but half the people we are having over to lunch/tea are office related - stagiaires etc -who I've only spoken to properly half a dozen times - who require clean house/everyone being generally gussied up etc/decent meal - but after fourth or fifth one hard to pretend to be interested in someone you hardly know and who you will (in all likelihood) never, ever, see again and pretend to be interested in their future etc...and they are all v. young and conversation all a bit of an effort etc... heigh ho ...

Bugger it [swig] [hic] Sorry for multiple whinge-fest!!!!

Large crate of vino on naughty corner counter for anyone in need!!

Pours Just a glass ...

GoingGoingGoth Wed 14-Aug-13 22:29:46

Evening all, (helps self to wine)

Day 1 went well grin DD likes her teacher and said the day went to too quickly! Phew

Hi there Twins welcome aboard!

GoingGoingGoth Wed 14-Aug-13 22:30:53

Evening all, (helps self to wine)

Day 1 went well grin DD likes her teacher and said the day went to too quickly! Phew

Hi there Twins welcome aboard!

GoingGoingGoth Wed 14-Aug-13 22:31:43

Why did that post twice? Goes for lie down

JustGettingOnWithIt Wed 14-Aug-13 23:12:59

Have to be very rude and just grab wine and run. A level results day tommorow and finding out if ds has got into uni. He was doing ok but UCAS track came under some sort of cyber attack and that wasn't in the plan.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 14-Aug-13 23:17:09

PA - I often imagine what it would be like to be alone. I am never alone and I don't think I'd like it, even though my family sometimes drive me to distraction. So, you have my sympathies. But it doesn't sound as if you will be on your own for long (babysitting duties are looming, DH will return and you will long for peace and quiet!).

SC - thank you. Yes, it is so enfuriating when we are all working so hard to help DS1 and he just walks away, but it is absolutely the nature of anxiety. I had a chat with him afterwards and he admitted that he just panicked. I suggested he explain how he feels next time, rather than walking away and losing an appointment. Being a 13-year-old boy doesn't help. Thanks for the wine. Have added several glasses of the real stuff too grin.

And good luck with the social stuff tomorrow!

Goth - good to hear your DD likes her new teacher. That's half the battle.

DS1 came home from his friend's house, so no sleepover. He'd had a good time, though, and was in a happy mood.

Off to bed in a minute...

ToffeeWhirl Wed 14-Aug-13 23:17:48

Just - fingers crossed for tomorrow! How nerve-wracking!

BitchytheGreat Thu 15-Aug-13 00:53:17

Shit just got in. Not read thread. Another stupid early day with meetings tomo. Dumping links and running sleeping

thursday is errand day



JustGettingOnWithIt Thu 15-Aug-13 05:58:00

Up and off to exam centre to join queue and get it over with, A bit pointless in some ways as he's already set for a gap year of more HE and working, and wont be going through clearing if he hasn't got the grades, but it's better than dealing with him being a pacing wreck.

Toffee a very hard place for all of you, but you can only take the horse to water, not make them drink.

Bitchy good luck with meetings

must go, hope to catch up with everyone else later.

Honu Thu 15-Aug-13 07:17:51

Hi everyone - I'm still here. Have been suffering a large dose of cba-ness for the first half of the holidays and now need to get into gear. One of the fat fairy's sayings I seem to remember when I first started this flying lark was 'focus makes me fabulous'. Well, I think I lost my focus somewhere and desperately need to get it back.

In just over 2 weeks time DH is going into respite for a week. First time off in over 3 years! It seems wrong to be so delighted but I am. I can feel how stressed I am. Now the question is - how much do I do in that week? There are so many people I haven't visited in the past 3 years, so many places I want to go - but also so many early bath/read in bed nights I haven't had, and I really don't want to be burnt out at the end of it. A week is really only 6 days as both Saturdays are getting him there and back, and it's an incredibly expensive week (we have just too much money to get any help). So I'm trying to plan how to make the best of it, because if I don't it will just slide away. All ideas welcome!

However - first to make this shit-heap tidier so I can then clean it. Power of three I think.

Back later

MercuryRising Thu 15-Aug-13 07:31:11

Good luck to your ds Just

We are off to London to watch the Brainiac show with some friends today so I will only be doing minimal flying.

*To do*:
Hoover downstairs
Quick tidy up
Daytrip to London

Got to dash. Have a good day everybody.

Jdub Thu 15-Aug-13 09:38:57

Morning morning!!

Happy Thursday - all going to plan so far!!
My DCs had a sleepover in each others bedroom last night so am expecting to go home to a bomb site later!
Cake-wise - 1 Victoria sponge done and frozen, scones, fruit and cherry cake to follow (not all in one go!)

Have a top day xx

GoingGoingGoth Thu 15-Aug-13 09:49:54

Honu don't feel bad about looking forward to a break. 3 years is a long time. I think you'll need a list, and just prioritise what you want to do, you'll not be able to fit everything in, so make sure you do what you really want to do, plus the early nights. And wine

Fingers crossed Just

Jdub they may surprise you! (Ha ha)

Bitchy hope your day goes smoothly.

Dropped DD for day 2, she still keen grin, Ipromise you won't get a break down for the rest of the school year, it's just that she's not normally this enthusiastic.

Packed lunches
Washing up
Dd to school

To do
Put bike lights on (the right way up blush)
Go to work, am in centre today, as Kings of Leon are playing in the park tonight and they don't like the idea of me being alone in my little hut with 50,000 fans wondering about.

Hope you all have a good day.

Steamedcabbage Thu 15-Aug-13 10:18:08

So glad it went well Goth!

Good luck with DS and exam results Just. My nephew is going through the same thing today.

Honu great that you are getting some respite care. I can see that under a week isn't a long time after 3 years and the temptation would be to cram everything in when you need a long rest. Actually, can see that just planning the week given all the surrounding circs could be quite stressful as so much depends on it. Hope you can find the right balance flowers

Thanks for late night links Bitchy

Waves to everyone else!

Have precisely one hour and 20 mins in which to hoover, prep a crumble, prep baked spuds & salad, make a salsa and get myself gussied up. Leaving it all until the very last minute was the only way I could motivate myself! Don't think Flylady would approve somehow ...

ToffeeWhirl Thu 15-Aug-13 10:34:58

Good luck with exam results to Just's DS and SC's nephew!

Just - you are so right about only taking a horse to water. DS1 is quite capable of messing up his chances at getting a life outside the four walls of this house and it is so frustrating, but we can only trust that he will make the right decisions in the end.

Honu - I'm so glad to hear that you are getting some time off your caring responsibilities. I think you need to be really careful not to overschedule and end up just as tired as you are now. Could you write a list and work out your priorities, then just do the first few? Six days isn't really that long and you need time to just enjoy reading in bed and getting long lie ins.

Goth - good to hear back-to-schoolness is still going well.

Jdub - hope it's not too much of a bombsite back home. Am impressed by all your baking so early in the day.

Mercury - the Brainiac show sounds a lot of fun smile.

Bitchy - good luck with your meetings (poor you).

Today didn't start so well. All I wanted, as I stumbled downstairs, bleary eyed, was a coffee, but DH got there first (which was fair, as he had to go to work early). Then DS2 started talking at me non-stop about Minecraft (groan), DS1 started complaining about DS2's non-stop talking and I managed to catch the coffee percolator on the sleeve of my dressing gown and pull it off the work surface. Coffee grains and hot water splattered spectacularly all over work surfaces, floor, dressing gown and even inside cupboards sad.

So I spent the next half hour clearing up whilst making pancakes for hungry, non-stop talking boys. Finally, packed them both off to waste time on screens, just so I could have some peace.

Nothing planned today, so I'm going to attempt a house rescue, room by room. Every room looks like a bomb site.

Hope you all have a good day. Cross fingers for exam results!

BitchytheGreat Thu 15-Aug-13 13:19:18

Meetings today have gone well but am feeling drained. fuck flying. Going to sleep for a bit and then process everything. bbl with links and hopefully read through properly. sorry.

JustGettingOnWithIt Thu 15-Aug-13 13:58:31

Sticking head in to say we picked up results and he'd missed his offer, and we thought that was that and did the whole comiserations and changing plans stuff, then right in the middle of trying to convince him the world hadn't ended, an email turned up scongratulating him on being accepted, along with one saying he'd exceeded his offer (he hadn't) and after frustrating morning, we've finally got to the bottom of it all; he's got his place regardless! grin
Totally mentally done for now, but have the insurance unit to finish clearing, and neighbors house to move, so of to do it.

Sympathies Bitchy, glad it went well.

SC fingers crossed for your nephew.

Honu hope you get some rest.

Must run, hope to get back later.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 15-Aug-13 15:39:53

Oh my, what a rollercoaster, Just! But congratulations to your DS on getting his place! grin (What is he going to be studying? <nosy>).

And also an especially big congratulations to you, as you home-educated him through all this, as well as coping with floods and all the other things life threw at you. What an achievement!

And - typical! - I see you are helping a neighbour move house when you probably need to go back to bed.

Bitchy - glad meetings went well. Sleep well. (I always have to sleep after difficult meetings too. It's good to switch off).

Ta da :

D/W unloaded and reloaded
Coffee granules cleared up from cupboard, floor, drawers, etc.
Extra washing up done by hand
Times Tables practised with DS2
Covered hair in coconut oil to condition (have been reading 'S&B threads)
Stripped bed clothes
Two loads of washing done
Washing hung on line outside
Room rescued started in DS2's bedroom
Swish and swiped in bathroom
Watered plants
Various snacks for boys
Washed oil off with shampoo (still can't decide if it's made any difference)
Let DS1 take DS2 to playground on his own (followed at discrete distance and they didn't spot me)
Boys' lunch
Found DS1's old skateboard in loft
DS1 went out on his skateboard alone (what is going on?! He's going out at last)
More washing up
Emptied kitchen bin
Put recycling out (embarrassing number of wine bottles blush)
Made important phone call
Made my lunch

Right, am going to continue tackling both boys' bedrooms now. I need to declutter the excess toys by putting them in the loft cupboards. There is just too much stuff!

Steamedcabbage Thu 15-Aug-13 16:09:17

Yeah Just many congratulations to your ds!!! As Toffee said, a testament to your dedication/home-edding skills!!! (Sorry you were put through the mill before you discovered the final results though - what a palaver! No one has called here so far so I haven't dared call my sister yet!! Hoping no news is good news ...)

Blimey Toffee you have certainly bounced back after a frustrating start - congrats on completing such a long list!

Glad meetings went well Bitchy and absolutely no need to apologise please!!!! You are doing great job of thread-running!

Your baking sounds delicious Jdub

Hope you are having a lovely day out Mercury

Waves to PA Goth Castle Trazzles Feetheart Whoknows Blue Engels Asheth Twin Zing Jess I'mazoozer and everyone else I have missed

Lunch went well in the end although I did cut it a bit fine. So my ta da list is basically: get up, morning routine, hoover ground floor, re-arrange sideboard, faddle about with table cloths, set table, make salsa, make salad, bake pots, cook steak/sausages/brochettes, make green bean salad, make peach and redcurrant crumble (one healthy one for dh just with oat flakes and real deal for us). Gussy myself up. Entertain. Lose rabbits. Find rabbits. Drink wine. Clear up. Laundry. About to play some badminton with dd. I don't intend to do much else today really either grin

ToffeeWhirl Thu 15-Aug-13 16:28:16

Goodness, that's plenty for today, SC! Hope you can relax and drink more wine now.

Yes, not sure how that list happened. Will add more shortly...

Steamedcabbage Thu 15-Aug-13 16:38:59

Well I really could do more Toffee feel surprisingly energetic ... should set timer and do a bit in boudoir ...but Mnsetting instead!!!

Arf at your undercover surveillance techniques grin

UnitedZingDom Thu 15-Aug-13 17:55:04

hello everyone look what I have

cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake

cake anyone? grin

Steamedcabbage Thu 15-Aug-13 18:09:56

oooohhhhh, Zing yes please cake!!

BitchytheGreat Thu 15-Aug-13 19:59:54

friday, fuck fun day


babystep yeah i'd skip this one, but up to you.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 15-Aug-13 20:01:56

cake and fuck fun!!!!!!!

grin grin grin

BitchytheGreat Thu 15-Aug-13 20:14:20

Shall we make tomo and this weekend party time? it was about mid way through the month when the first ever fledgling thread appeared! Twas started by our ever amazing DWMummy and swan and brought a few of us long timers out to play. <waves at the oldies>

Sorry, Bitchy you is wrong! It was SC who started the very first one and it was in July. I joined her and we jumped right in for August. For August is was just us chattin doing the babysteps, then in September we were joined by Ellie, Swan and mummy I believe.

cake I can have but fuckfun is off the menu for the next 10 months. sad

ToffeeWhirl Thu 15-Aug-13 21:02:11

Oooh, party-time! <blows up balloons>

Will there be more cake? <hopeful>

Sorry there will be no fuck fun, PA sad. Fancy DH doing volunteering work when he has duties at home wink.

I have more on my list - but I'm not sure I can be arsed to write it down. Suffice it to say that I have decluttered DS2's bedroom and removed a boxful of books and one of toys up to the loft space. His room needs more work, but looks better already.

Wine has been drunk, meals cooked, DC washed. DH did the washing up smile. I just have to read DS2 a story and put the clean sheets on our bed.

Another quiet day tomorrow. Highlight of the day: the plumber is coming to mend our loo...

And thank you to those who started this thread. It never fails to cheer me up.

BitchytheGreat Thu 15-Aug-13 21:03:08

See I knew if I posted that I would be put right!!!!! can't remember the name i was using at the time I knew it was a branch off thread from the fly thread that was scary looking with long lists for the newbies to learn what it was about in a less intimidating system. Can we have a party anyway and let the thread be like the queen and have two birthdays? [hopeful]

Sorry SC blush

I thought it was SC too, although I didn't join until the November. Yes, party time!

Our house is tidy! Some of it is even clean! This is thanks to a) me tidying up in advance of ILs visit at the start of the week and b) MIL doing quite a bit of tidying and c) me making an effort to keep up the good work. Little and often.

Well done to DS Just - what a relief. Will he be staying at home with you or going away to study?

Hope your DN got the required results too SC.


Morning routines, spare bed stripped/washed/dried/remade.
Library for reading scheme book change
Home for lunch
Off to big town for school shoe shopping
Home for more washing
Take DS to football
Home, dinner, MN and er, that's enough for one day.

BitchytheGreat Thu 15-Aug-13 21:10:27

Yeah once PA said it, it awoke my dreadful memory.

<leaves extra cake for SC >

GoingGoingGoth Thu 15-Aug-13 22:58:02

Mmm cake, sorry SC was that your piece? wink

I am exhausted, was in the sports centre today, and my feet are killing me, on the plus side I've done at least 10,000 steps (that's when my phone went flat) and I got to listen to the King of Leon on the way home, not on the iPad, they were playing live in the park grin

4 days off now, so just house work etc. planned.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 16-Aug-13 04:44:53

Hmm, great start, back ache! Having cup of tea, hoping painkillers kick in soon.

JustGettingOnWithIt Fri 16-Aug-13 07:55:43

Thanks for the good wishes, Ds’ll be studying engineering from home, but he actually starts next year. He’d already asked for deferred entry and go for another year of home ed alongside trying to work and trying to acquire more living skills.
Knowing his strengths and weaknesses, starting from a wrecked house with no money and some essential skills deficits, wasn’t a great start, so he’s being wise, but whether we’ll survive each other is another thing.

Had to pay for another day on the insurance unit as I just couldn’t finish it, so today, which was supposed to be getting everything ready to go away tomorrow, has gone awry already!

Toffee hang on in there, it's unerving living with very uneven

Packing today, we're heading off to Scotland for the week (will wave as we pass through Glasgow Goth).

I left washing on the line last night (ignoring the weather forecast) so I'm just going to go and move it to the tumble dryer, back in a bit.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 16-Aug-13 08:40:37

Morning all. Am drinking coffee downstairs on my own shock. DS2 has become absorbed in a book and forgotten to follow me down.

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 09:26:35

Morning. Had a proper night's sleep. Like a normal person's night sleep. On top of the massive (a night's sleep amount for me) during the day yesterday. Needless to say i feel like shit atm. Drinking a load of water before i move and then will drink a coffee or two before i start to tackle what needs to be done before the big meeting for today. Hopefully it should keep my brain busy.

To do
rewash laundry that got forgotten in washer
laundry (many loads)
sort the skirt out for friend
drop off paperwork in next town
shopping of the fabric bits variety
banking and shopping in another town
find actual to do list blush
early night
and what ever else looks at me in a funny way and i know actually could do with getting done
catch up on thread!!!

GoingGoingGoth Fri 16-Aug-13 09:40:25

Waves furiously to Just, where about a are you heading <nosey> weather lovely here ATM, but of course that could change, and probably will every 30 minutes without fail

Of course after the 5am painkiller search I ended up oversleeping, but Plan B kicked in, I shuffle round like a zombie getting DD ready, whilst DH fills up on caffeine and then takes her. So far 3 days on time!

My plans for today have been put on hold as I feel like crap, but I have started the laundry, and got the morning routines done.

See you all later

Loch Lomond Goth - we go every year (with family) pack for every sort of weather but mainly rain. Its grey and gloomy here (Hampshire), as well as raining. Hope you feel better soon.

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 11:03:09

Morning all!!

Phew! Thought I had missed the party for a minute then ... and the cake!!!

Absolutely no need to apologise to me Bitchy...I did start the thread many moons ago ...ably aided and abetted by PA and many others .... I'm just slightly embarrassed that I am still on here whinging away about the holes in the walls and the general clutter in this house so many years on blush grin!!

Whoknows congrats on your tidy house and oooh - used to go to Loch Lomond as a child lovely ... am v. envy HOpe you have a great trip!

Sorry you are feeling grim¨Goth back ache is rotten. Partic unfair because what is meant to be v. good for back ache is walking of which you have been doing humungous amounts. Could it be your shoes? Hope it clears up soon anyway. [Secretes cake about person for later wink]

Glad you have caught up on some shut-eye Bitchy [proffers extra strong espresso] [Secretes more cake about person]

Hope the blissful solitude lasted for a bit anyway Toffee! Well done re: bedroom decluttering

Just many congratulations to your ds on his engineering course! Sounds fab! [Still haven't heard from my sister and didn't want to intrude - beginning to think no news is NOT good news ....]

Waves to Jdub Feetheart Engels Blue castle Trazzles Asheth PA Pushme Honu Zing Twins Lauren Mercury Imadoozer and everyone else I've forgotten

This morning I have mainly been drinking coffee and reading books. Oh and stroked the rabbits too. Not a lot happening here atm tbh. Must focus on one small specific task ....

[Stumbles off to blow up balloons with Toffee and hang bunting for tonight]

UnitedZingDom Fri 16-Aug-13 11:10:38

morning all!

I have a lot of cooking and baking to do today.

we have to tidy up for tomorrow's open day (people coming to view our house) and also packing as we are going on holiday tomorrow.

I can't wait to go. I need a break from this house and mess.

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 11:13:16

Waves to Zing

What's happened to the cake symbols? They can't give them to us just for a day and then take them away ... can they? NO! No! I want cake

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 11:14:44


BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 11:18:44

Holyshit appears they did. there will be a thread somewhere about it.

Ta da
massive co-ordination of calendars
shopping list
abandoned washing rewashed
1st load washing on
bread in bread machine
physio x1 done
coffee x2 brew

UnitedZingDom Fri 16-Aug-13 11:44:05

I know, it's horrible. I have withdrawal symptoms!

we must rebel!

I'll be WilliamFuckingWallaceGladiatorCakeDemandZing

I've already painted my face blue.

sad <--- me in war paint
/ \

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 11:52:35

grin grin

ToffeeWhirl Fri 16-Aug-13 11:53:47

SC - blissful solitude was interrupted just as I finished my MN post!

Ta da :

Pancakes for b/fast
Calpol given to DS2 for toothache (wobbly baby tooth, with new tooth coming through next to it - eek)
Arguments over sharing computer sorted (with much grumbling from DS1)
Told DS1 not to be so rude to us angry
Got dressed to shoes (Flylady would approve)
Washed hair
Swished and swiped in bathroom
Put yesterday's damp washing in tumbledryer
Plumber was early shock! (I had dripping hair & a sink full of dirty dishes blush)
Put dark wash on
Washed up
Hoovered upstairs

Not sure if I should ring the dentist about DS2's 'shark teeth'. Apparently, some children's baby and adult teeth do come through next to each other (instead of the adult tooth coming up underneath and pushing the baby one out), so I'm not sure if it warrants the dentist's attention. Hmm. Suppose a phone call wouldn't hurt...

Right, time for a brew, then on with floor mopping and general tidying.

Very sorry about the cake emoticon and intrigued as to why the word now appears lower than all the other words confused.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 16-Aug-13 11:54:27

I like that, Zing grin.

ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 12:21:36

I started a new thread in AIBU

I want cake

I had to NC - help!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 16-Aug-13 14:51:36

Happy to see that cake is back, Zing smile.

Ta da :

Mopped bathroom
Continuation of decluttering/tidying up session in DS2's bedroom

DS2's bedroom looks so much better now smile. It took about two hours, but I feel better knowing that so much rubbish has been thrown out and old toys packed away.

Just the rest of the house to tackle now sad.

ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 14:56:01

cake indeed!

I choose my battles well!grin

glad cakegate[au] is over!

grin at cakegate[au], Zing.

Ta da!
Argue with David Baddiel about translation on Twitter

um, that's it.

Need to step away from the computer for a bit so might try and do some hoovering or something...

GoingGoingGoth Fri 16-Aug-13 17:00:17

And the summary for today is don't mess with Zing grin, can't believe MNHQ didn't think we wouldn't 't want cake, what next no wine!? <shudders>

Feel much better now thanks, it was the kind of backache that required blankets, hot water bottles and chocolate (or carbs)

Had a mooch into the city today, and bought circular knitting needles, got some new yarn, it's 50% silk, will spend at least a day stroking it.

Managed another 13,000 steps today. It's amazing how it adds up. I old never remember to clip on a pedometer, but having it on the phone is a doodle.

Blue I hope you won, he was on Radio 4 the other week about books being translated, it was interesting but I can't remember what he said

Just congrats on DS getting on his course, sounds like you had a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

Just checking, is the party still on? The actual date isn't as important long as we celebrate sometime, well that's the theory re our cat's birthday, and he isn't too emotionally scarred. grin

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 17:06:27

<wanders in clutching bunting, banners and streamers>
<dumps in pile in naughty corner>
<wanders off to brew up some of bitchy's special brew>
<ponders what cake is going to be needed>

ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 17:18:46

Goth tru dat sis

don't mess wiv da Zing grin

ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 17:18:46

Goth tru dat sis

don't mess wiv da Zing grin

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 17:33:23

<ponders if Zing has already had too much of bitchy's special brew> grin

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 17:38:30

Go Zing!

[starts baking for party]

ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 17:45:20

Bitchy grin

ToffeeWhirl Fri 16-Aug-13 17:45:49

<brings in bowls of Pombears>

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 17:55:15


ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 17:55:31

toffee you mean

bear bearbear
bear bear bear
bear bear bear


ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 17:56:00

x-post! grin

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 18:02:12


Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 18:02:40

OK, saddo that I am, I have fed the word "party" in to Flylady's search engine and this is what we should be doing apparently - ie cutting up vegetables three days in advance confused

Shame she can't spell "celebration" btw!

[Pounces on pom bears]

Trazzletoes Fri 16-Aug-13 18:06:55

Hello! Can I have cake even if I don't fly?

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 18:07:53

vegetables at a party? surely that is just wrong on so many levels.

<leaves out home made pizza>
<wanders off clutching a vodka and orange>

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 18:32:28

[swoops on pizza]

[leaves out several kegs of Belgian beer and paprika crisps because thats the only flavour available over here other than plain]

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 18:35:51

[cuts extra large piece of cake to Trazzles]

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 18:36:22

for Trazzles I mean!


BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 18:38:26

trazzles you are a fledgling, you come in and chat, plonk yourself down on a comfy chair in the naughty corner and help yourself to as much cake as you fancy!!!!

might be best to pop links now before this celebrating goes to heads.

No missions it is the weekend

Saturday is family fun day

babystep 17 the early night one, the one which i know which day occurs on without looking at because this is the one i never seem to manage properly!

ZingWantsCake Fri 16-Aug-13 18:52:06

only veg allowed at a party is cucumbers in your Pimms.

<bangs gavel >

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 19:14:52

Quite right too Zing although is cucumber one of those odd ones where it is actually a fruit?

GoingGoingGoth Fri 16-Aug-13 19:37:40

Bitchy you're right, it is a fruit (plans getting a life soon)

SC 3 days! Ha! My parties usually involve a panic bake the day before, plus the purchase of alcohol, who doesn't like cake and booze?

<drops off cupcakes and cheese & pineapple on sticks>

BitchytheGreat Fri 16-Aug-13 19:49:12

Ooooo cheese cubes <pinches some cheese and leave the pineapple>

ToffeeWhirl Fri 16-Aug-13 20:35:56

Oooh, am I late?

Any Pimms left? <hopeful>

Very disappointed in Flylady's poor spelling.

Did I hear someone mention Pimms??? That's me in the naughty corner with you all then..... <snatches Bitchy's pineapple>

Swanhilda Fri 16-Aug-13 20:54:34

hello, I am back from Ireland [masonic handshake to Castle)
very busy time as it was my father's 80th birthday, 130 guests, and all sorts of people staying. Family politics is tiring but I suppose the stuff of life.
he gave a fantastic speech btw!

The builder has removed the smelly limescale loo at last! Yay! I have never been so pleased to see rubbish in my garden...

Ireland has taken it out of me(next time I am going on an adventure to the West for once, away from my immediate family) and I did loads of cleaning, endless cleaning and now I am home there is even more to do what with the builder and the cats.

Off to Broadstairs tomorrow, maybe I'll be allowed to stay and extra day here to gather my wits and deal with the builder.

Kids tiring, but ds1 seems to have taken loads of exercise at least, and ran a 5k race in 43 mins (slooow) which pushed him a bit.

Congratulations to all with good news of babies and exams (did I hear you right Just?? Wow!

Oh no, sons are screaming at each other again, after effects of long journey I think.

However, all in all I am still very relieved it is still holidays and there is no school. SC you sound like you are looking after dh wonderfully well. What about a big batch of rataouille or dahl which could be gainfully defrosted in small portions. I am sure he doesn't want you knocked out looking after him. well done of hoovering duties for dd. This year's holiday has gone quite well chore wise (although of course there is always more and more to do training them up) My next goal is to get sons to pack their own suitcases and unpack them too. DD can do it but packs far too much and then runs out of essentials.

Better go, waves to Toffee and your story of splattered coffee sent a chill through me; I NEED my morning coffee.

Swanhilda Fri 16-Aug-13 20:57:19

Gin not Pimms here.

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 21:31:19

Yay Swan you are back for the party grin!! A very belated happy birthday to your father!

[Thanks for cooking ideas btw - both really good - will execute!]

Safe travelling (again) tomorrow!

Cheers PA and Toffee and Zing and Bitchy and everyone else!!

I know Goth - party panic is obligatory here - [have to confess that I do a lot of party shouting beforehand as well blush]

<offers pork scratchings and a pint of mild>

I'm in Birmingham overnight. Welcome back Swan and Trazzle. Cheers everyone!

Waves to Swan - nice to see you back and hope you enjoy Broadstairs again.

Have I missed the cake? Mmm. Belgian beer!

[Opens case of French wine too]

Going - thanks, think it was a draw, but yes triggered by that Radio 4 programme. See this blog post from a friend of mine for details of the argument.

Steamedcabbage Fri 16-Aug-13 22:23:13

Oooh pork scratchings .... lovely to see you Whoknows cheers!

And you too Blue (V. interesting about literary translation debate...used to work down the corridor from Harvill Press once upon a time ... when translated books (for trade fiction anyway) were quite rarefied beasts) Assume we are drinking liquid treasure from your car retrieval trip and thats not easy to say after 4 glasses [hic] ?

Cheers everyone grin!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 16-Aug-13 23:05:34

Welcome back, Swan. Glad holiday went so well. It's lovely to have you back.

Planning on a rare early night tonight, but not before grabbing one last drink from the naughty corner...

<settles down on cushions with bottle of wine>

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 17-Aug-13 06:19:19

Waves to everyone sorry to miss the party, still being very anti social here just trying to get things to a point we can leave. Supposed to be gone in three hours, but not not even packed and the discovery ds central London library books were due on the 6th not the 16th so £45 worth of fines, -weep- and he' managed to double renew then so they're due back in person, and we have to add that to the mix, has done little to make things go smoother.

Swan well done on surviving family politics, sorry about the constant
cleaning and hope you make it away smoothly.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 17-Aug-13 08:58:02

Sorry about the library books, Just sad. Hope you manage to have a lovely time away.

Have woken up with a dreadful headache. Must be that bottle of virtual wine last night confused. Have an appointment at the hairdressers in less than an hour though, so have taken some painkillers and hope it will go away.

Have a good day everyone.

<does quick room rescue in the naughty corner>

BitchytheGreat Sat 17-Aug-13 09:23:26

hope you mange to get everthing sorted without too much stres.

there is something odd going on here. We have visitors with a toddler coming, and the only thing that needs doing is to remove the ironing board, a load of folding and to hoover through. This is like unheard of. BUT they are due in about 30mins so i really need to get cracking. going to ignore the fat fairy and not get up straight away, my clothes are in the tumbler dryer. Coffee, folding and then up.

must dash, I promise I will make time to catch up with the thread <crap leader>

Steamedcabbage Sat 17-Aug-13 09:32:33

[picks up empty bottles, fag ends and hoovers naughty corner] Hope everyone is on for another party tonight???

Well done Bitchy sounds as if you are Flying high!!! Enjoy your visitors ...

[paracetemol to Toffee] hope you feel better as day go ons

Good luck with final preparations and hope you have a great trip away Just

I had yet another stomach bug overnight ...very odd indeed ... so feeling a bit fragile this morning - not rl alchohol related either (honest). Going to go to doc on Mon. Getting a bit fed up with it. [Staggers back to bed]

ZingWantsCake Sat 17-Aug-13 12:19:40

Isle of Wight here I come! grin

JustGettingOnWithIt Sat 17-Aug-13 14:32:13

All hell has let loose with wretched neighbour, so we’re still here. Am just about to go pack finally! If we're lucky we might be there before midnight.
SC doesn't sound much fun, fingers crossed they can sort you out.

Swanhilda Sat 17-Aug-13 14:41:58

I've chosen the new lino with builder. That was stressful. Stressful because in life's great scheme one can see that lino is v unimportant, yet when loads of dosh are being thrown at the main problem (new loo, and smelly floor hacked up) a pity to blow all that effort on wrong lino. Have selected tasteful greyish white fake tile effect with a irridescent shimmer.

A long time chatting to builder.

Rest of family have gone to Broadstairs. A wonderful calm has descended, except one of our cats has disappeared. Last seen by catsitter two days ago sad Where is he? He is the fluffiest, friendliest one named after Rio Ferdinand. sad He is at least is microchipped.

I have a day on my own to catch up on various tasks visit friends, search for cat, hoover, wash clothes. Dh says I booked a cottage next to the carpark (we travelled by train so no advantage there wink, so when he arrives I am hoping there won't be a reproachful phonecall about horrid view/noise. Fingers crossed and leave him to it for 48 hours

Swanhilda Sat 17-Aug-13 14:53:58

Blue interesting blog in that a) I love Naomi Alderman, b)knowing no languages except possibly Latin I always read foreign novels in translation, and they still influence me, and I feel as if they are the original writer's voice, properly rendered.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 17-Aug-13 16:10:42

SC - yes, you must definitely see your GP. Hope it's easy to sort out. Am wondering if it's stress related, though, as you have been through a lot with your DH's illness recently.

Swan - hope you find your cat soon. Good that he is microchipped.

Zing and Just - enjoy your hols.

Am just trying to do a quick tidy up before MIL comes round to babysit. DH and I are going out to see friends tonight. Neither of us feels well (I still have a throbbing headache), but we want to go. Unfortunately, we have to go to a family do all day tomorrow as well, so no chance to rest. Ah well.

DS1 has taken off to see his best friend. I asked him to ring me when he got there, but he hasn't - and they're not answering the house phone. As both these things are normal for them (they are probably playing on the XBox and don't want to be disturbed), I'm trying not to worry and reminding myself that it's good that he's getting out and being independent.

Must continue tidying up. At least DS2's bedroom is still tidy. I keep looking at it admiringly. I wish every room looked like that!

Hope you all have a good evening.

Swanhilda Sat 17-Aug-13 16:33:01

Gosh, two anxieties quashed in one hour!

Cat has returned, and was discovered in dd's suitcase luxuriantly curled up on a pile of dirty clothes
Husband has phoned to say holiday cottage has no view but seems nice enough (as could be expected from what turns out to be a German owner, and thus will accord with dh's ideas about well run holiday apartments)

load of washing

some school forms
hoover our bedroom
coffee with friend
ring another friend
cat food
more money
order more parking vouchers
wipe table
replace withered plants?
lie down lie down lie down
put away all dry clothes

Toffee enjoy evening out. Ds will be fine, but it is difficult to switch off isn't it, when they make us worry most of the time hmm. I think that's what I'm feeling now, a sort of deferred anxiety emoticon from the last three weeks, like I've been on red alert dealing with one thing or another and not really relaxing at all.
SC I second what Toffee said.

ZingWantsCake Sat 17-Aug-13 16:40:51

SC have you seen the cabbage thread? wink

<waves to everyone>

GoingGoingGoth Sat 17-Aug-13 16:48:45

SC at the risk of repeating myself...get yourself checked out, this has been going on to long, you've either had 1 thing for weeks, or something that keeps coming back, neither is good <folds arms and does stern look>

Just and Zing have a great time and relax

Morning routines
Vacuum -done by DD, she volunteered!
Library & walk
Pop to greengrocers
Dry laundry away
Fit panniers to bike

To do

Steamedcabbage Sat 17-Aug-13 17:23:14

Thank you everyone!! Promise, promise I will be going to doc's next week. Am fed up of this now myself and want to move on!

Goth we've been fitting paniers to bike today too! (DD has new one bought in sale - got 30% off!)

Just hope you have a lovely time (sorry about neighbour hassles at v. worst minute though) and some carefree relaxation for once! Safe travelling!

So glad Rio returned to the fold Swan smile [brilliant name for a cat] Enjoy your rare moment of solitude (although doesn't sound as if you have had the opportunity for much relaxation!)

Toffee hope you and dh manage to have a good time despite various ailments/fatigue - take care x

Zing¨are you off too? Hope you have a lovely time!! [Cabbage thread? Goes off in search]

Must go and read Blue's blog too ...and watch Beeb bunny burrow prog recorded from yesterday ....

Waves to everyone else (including Saturn who I have inadvertently left off recent "wave" lists - sorry about that - hope all ok!)

Tis not my blog in this instance, SC, though you're welcome to read that too if you like wink

Thanks swan - that's the generally desired effect grin