July's Fledgling Flyers: Summer holidays are on their way and the clutter is going to FLY away

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elliepac Sun 30-Jun-13 20:33:25

Welcome old and new fledglings to the July Fledgling FLYers thread!

Thank you very much to cpmpy for leading us expertly through June- it's been a while since I lead so I can't promise to be as efficient but will do my best grin. This will start by copying and pasting pmpy's original June postgrin

If you're overwhelmed by clutter and general household grub then join us as we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system or languish in the naughty corner hoping to do better tomorrow

As usual, we will be following the Flylady three-pronged approach:

1. Baby-steps (a daily step to establish routines)
2. Then baby-steps + 15 mins daily decluttering
3. (And once decluttered) babysteps + daily missions and maybe even detailed cleaning in the weekly zones

For more information have a look here, although to avoid a cluttered inbox, we advise not signing up to the Flylady emails. The basic principle is little and often and don't worry about perfection (no chance of that here!).

Don't worry if you are behind; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

All the links for the babysteps and missions will be posted here every day and we'll all be here to cheer each other on and chat our way through the month

I'm in. Thanks Ellie and thanks PMPY for last month.

Marking spot. thanks to ellie and to pmpy.

elliepac Sun 30-Jun-13 20:42:12

Here are your links for the first day of the month.

Shining your sink. Seems inconsequential but really makes a difference to your mindset.

Your mission for today is here

The Zone this week is Hall and Front Porch and Dining Room

The July habit is Swish and Swipe.

elliepac Sun 30-Jun-13 20:42:48

Waves to whoknows and blue smile.

superfluouscurves Sun 30-Jun-13 21:30:31

Parking my bucket and bunions here!! grin

Thanks Pushme for leading us through June on top of a manic work/travel schedule! Hope you are having a lovely holiday!!

And very good of you to take on July Ellie towards the end of what was, I'm sure, a hugely busy term for you.

flowers flowers flowers

superfluouscurves Sun 30-Jun-13 21:36:07

Bum ... meant to name change ... back in a sec ....

Steamedcabbage Sun 30-Jun-13 21:42:33

That's better! wink

Trazzletoes Sun 30-Jun-13 22:18:38

Signing in.

Asheth Sun 30-Jun-13 22:22:20

Signing into new thread! Thank you to PMPY for guiding me through my first months flying! And thank you to Ellie for the new thread. Although seeing what the DC can do to my house in a weekend doesn't give me much hope that the summer holidays will help the clutter disappear! grin

MercuryRising Sun 30-Jun-13 23:37:29

Marking my place. smile

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 06:49:06

Morning allsmile. New month, new start. Maybe thread leading will give me the kick up the bum I need.grin

List for today:-
Washing (already on)
Run (done)
Dd's parent's evening
Ds to cubs
Evening routine
Morning routine

That is my aim this month. To follow routines and do the mission each day.

Have a good day everyonesmile.

Engelsemama Mon 01-Jul-13 09:01:25

I have 3 days of July to pack and make sure the house is left in a decent state!

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 09:14:19

Good luck with Engelsemama

trazzles can only echo the advice of last night.

Thanks for taking over Ellie and thank you for leading us last month PMPY

this month is going to get to a slow start. I have complete and utter burn out. blush

I am also trying to figure out how to be in 3 places at once next Saturday. hmm

Going to find coffee as 6 hours sleep is not enough.

Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 09:48:37

Good morning. Coffee break.

Thanks for links Ellie. Ditto this month re: aims (prior to holidays anyway). And going to add in "Bless your Heart" 15 mins of exercise from Body Clutter each day + continue to drink more water (as s&s thankfully already entrenched).

Having said all that, day one, hour one of school holidays not going particularly well! DD already sulking because she has "nothing to do", despite dh and I taking her out for 5 hours between us yesterday and us all going out to tea with friend later on.

You would think one and a half hour's of "having to rely on one's own resources" while I get organised would not be beyond the pail but I think the school spoon feed so much, and her term schedule is so packed, that the adjustment will be tricky initially.

I have explained that we will be going out to the park this afternoon to play badminton and we will be taking her out for a day trip to a safari park on Wednesday, with more friends coming (both days) at the weekend, followed by a week of morning art classes next week. But she is curled up in a ball on the sofa sulking and obviously feels this is deeply unfair. And I am irritated because I feel guilty for not getting this house in better shape during term time. And also sorry for her because life can be difficult as an 'only'.

Dilemma, should I give up now and bake a cake with her to show willing? (She has worked really hard this term.) Or do I try and start decluttering/organising? Or should I hide in the wine cellar and drink gin wink grin?????

Ahhhh, I love the holidays, I really do grin!! No, no I really do grin!

Keep going! Asheth

Good luck with the crisis clean and packing Engels

Waves to everyone else!!

To da:
morning routine inc wm, dw, rabbits, s&s, shiny sink
call friend
hang out dh's 1001 socks
clear dining room table hot spot
meal plan for today

To do:
cheer up dd/come to sort of action-compromise!
strip bed
two holiday organisational e-mails
change sheets
wash sheets
prep cold white wash
towel wash
last school uniform wash
dark blue wash
call Dr for prescription + make appointment
today's mission
call sil
put away ironed washing
dd to badminton/park
15 mins boudoir/15 mins home office
text window cleaner
unpack vast collection of bags containing dd's school work/files etc and sort for next year
shredding of papers
15 min power walk
print out next year's school brochure
knock a couple of items off holiday prep list
prep lamb chops/veg for supper (no Sunday lunch yesterday)
evening routine

Have a good start to the month lovely fledgling one and all!

Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 09:49:23

x post

waves to Bitchy [Proffers strong espresso]

DorisShutt Mon 01-Jul-13 09:51:57

Good morning one and all! Too stressed for personals today, but thanks to PMPY for last month and to Ellie for this.

We're off on holiday in two/three days (Wednesday night). I'm getting uptight. Seriously uptight. It's bloody stupid because:
a) I've got most of this afternoon to start tidying up & packing.
b) I've got all tomorrow to tidy & pack
c) I've got all Wednesday to tidy & pack.

So why the fuck am I so uptight and ready to cry?! We're going to stay with family in this country and in France, we're not staying in the middle of nowhere with no shops so I can buy anything I've forgotten - but I'm so wound up that I've got an upset stomach.


Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 09:58:07

Oh poor you Doris [proffers calming camomile tea] It's NOT bloody stupid - you feel how you feel - and holidays and travel are innately stressful (particularly with small dc). Can you try and cut it down in to small, manageable bites so it doesn't seem so overwhelming? (The power of 15 mins and all that!) You might feel better as you cross each small thing off the list!! YOu can do it!! flowers

How are you this morning Trazzles? I hope your stomach bug is receding and you are feeling a bit stronger xxxx flowers

Jdub Mon 01-Jul-13 10:01:14

Good morning and happy July!!!!
Off to a slow start but the enthusiasm is there, so that's a start!!
Nothing but washing achieved this weekend, as we were out most of the time, so I shall start to address indoors this evening!
Have a happy and productive day x

Morning all.

Ta da! (yesterday evening and this morning)
Room rescues downstairs
Laundry done and on line
Quick bit of gardening
Mopped floors
Front door mission

To do!
Pick up DS2 on new bike grin
Desk hotspots

Sound advice from SC, there Doris. Hope things improving.
Likewise Trazzles - hope things are better today.

<Puts big tray of brew on the bar>

SC - can you use the power of 15 with DD? Say you need to tidy this one area and then you'll come and do something with her, and use a timer so everybody knows when the time is up?

GoingGoingGoth Mon 01-Jul-13 11:26:42

Good morning! Where did June go?
thanks to PMPM & wine for ellie grin

hope to do better this month, but not looking good so far.
2 days off then another 59 hour week,
then the usual 4 days at work,
then 10 days at parents with DD, involving 6 hours train and 1 hour bus (guess which bit is the most trouble) travel each way.
DH will be at home with the cat, so god knows what state the house will be in.
Anyway, tackle that one step at a time

Lie in grin
Laundry in
Dry laundry folded and away
Washing up
Wipe down kitchen sides
Clean microwave
Trip to library (unsuccessful as it is FULL of baby song time)
Refuse & recycling out

To do
Wait for showers to stop & hang out laundry
Fresh trip to library
Stick up DD's posters (again)
Clean windows

Engelsemama Mon 01-Jul-13 11:35:53

Doris I know exactly how you feel! Same here - leaving Wednesday afternoon so have today, tues and wed to pack and clean. DS is at nursery tomorrowxand wed and DH is off from tomorrow.

But I hate packing and am paranoid I'll forget something vital and am dreading epic 30 hour + journey!

Just got back from hour and a half in playground with ds and dn's. Ds now asleep and now time fir me to flsx my fingers and get on.

sc it took me a moment to clock your nc!

MercuryRising Mon 01-Jul-13 11:38:32

I was on a Hen Do this weekend and consequentally very little got done around the house. This wouldn't have been too bad but the house has gradually become more and more chaotic and I have really slipped. I am spending today trying to get the house more organised and tidy so I can start implementing the routines and staying on top of things again.

So far today I have:
Done 3 washloads
Emptied dw
Run cleaner through dw
Made beds
One pile of ironing
Reloaded dw

Before lunch I plan to:
Put ironing away
Hang out final load of washing
Strip dcs beds
Clean bathroom
Room rescue living room and kitchen
Dust and hoover downstairs

I will bbl hopefully posting on here will keep me motivated and help me break the back of Mission Sort The House!

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 12:21:47

SC the solution is to offer to give dd some cleaning and tidying to do if she is bored. And every time she says it to offer a specific task - not optional to do. Works a treat with ds and shortens the transition time considerably.

Jamillalliamilli Mon 01-Jul-13 12:51:52

flowers to PMPY for leading last month and flowers to Ellie for this one.
Yes to swish and swipe! Probably the most effective and easily useable habit I’ve picked up properly so far. I have to get on top of things this month, but bit of a rough start. Didn’t manage to get back last night, neighbour kicked off and we fled back to bedinshed leaving the dongle behind! This morning’s been taken up with repairing vehicle and the fall out.

*Trazzles” another one echoing the wise words said last night. I think being ill will also make it all seem horribly magnified. I hope you’re managing as best you can and not feeling too awful.

SC I’m trying to ignore the name change from one that makes me think of all things velvet, voluptuous, and rich, to all things scrim cloth, overcooked and parsimonious! (this is entirely my problem over word associations of course)
One thing we don’t have here is bored I think they may have learnt it’s risky to admit to owning fillable time.
I think a compromise could be teaching DD how to make perfect gin and tonics?

Bitchy I’m feeling the same though I can’t afford to. More caffeine, less alcohol here I think. (Though that tends to mean less sleep)

Asheth If you find a way to do routines in the summer holidays, write it up and publish it. You’ll make a fortune.

Engels and Doris good luck, we usually manage to have a massive pre event argument every time we go any were.

waving to everyone else as I must get on

Still to do
Quick bath (have been mudfestclearing)
Grab all dirty clothes and sort
Washing up
Shine sink
Clean bathroom
Rescue last night’s drying of line
List voucher expiry dates on calendar
Call exam accommodation
Call DFE
Open bank account with ds
Garden recycling
Prompt ds to email prospective employer to say he can do DBS interview
Update HE diary
Research : maths and art resources
Dragon software
Arduino and PICS
Vex robotics
Look at continuation of statement forms
Look at transition forms
Look at LDA assessment form
(emerge from under table and stop twitching)
Find storage contract
Start spreadsheet for insurance claim
Insurance unit for more photographing
Launderette for Drying
Write up warning signs of NDN’s deteriorating MH and impact on us
Investigate hoover
Hoover (if managed to fix)
Throw skanky people in shower
Prompt ds teeth and elastics
Make tomorrows plan (and put all that didn’t get achieved today into it!)
Listen to friend

Jamillalliamilli Mon 01-Jul-13 12:53:22

SC that would have looked more as intended if I'd remembered the grin!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 01-Jul-13 13:11:00

Goodness, so many messages already. Haven't had time to read them all yet, but hope you're all ok.

I hope you managed to get some rest last night, Trazzles, and are well enough to take DS to the hospital for his treatment today. Thinking of you.

And, Castle, sorry I missed you coming back on the June thread. Good to see you back again.

Had a very positive morning here because DS1 managed to attend his CBT appointment this time. Furthermore, he then had an anxiety attack during the session, but managed to sit through it and stay until the end grin. Am so proud of him!

Managed to declutter my hallway of coats yesterday. Am now itching to repaint it, get pictures on the wall, new lampshade, new runner, etc. etc., but it all costs money, which we don't have sad. Ah well. At least it looks tidier.

Hope you are all having a good day today. DS1, ToffeeKitten and I are having a relaxing day in preparation for DS1's first insight morning at his prospective new school tomorrow <bites knuckles>.

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 13:13:50

Just your to do lists scare me shock

I have just about managed to get to the point of functioning. only taken 6 cups of coffee blush

Ta da
spend morning catching up with dm
Help Dm to sort an outfit for a wedding
Sort out what alterations are needed on one of dm's tops to make it useable again (she has lost weight and it needs shaping a bit)
put on a load of washing
consider the to do list.
start changing calendars to july
find birthday cards needed for tomo
find email address for emailing some important info
discuss new dress design with dm
sort out draft plan for next weekend
find phone charger to get the thing to stop beeping at me
sort out plan for Wednesday evening (which has suddenly got busy when I don't want it to but it is not optional)
find the strong but can still function when take them pain killers
Consider what it was I was actually supposed to be doing today and see if I can find the to do list.

MercuryRising Mon 01-Jul-13 13:27:10

Well done Toffees DS!

I have an hour before I need to leave to pick up dcs. This is what I want to get done before then:
Hang out dcs bedding
Clear pile of stuff on the stairs
Room rescue our room and dcs
Hoover stairs and upstairs

Sorry about all these lists cluttering up the thread but they really are helping me get the house sorted.

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 13:48:15

Erm mercury list are allowed. it's just we tend to get side tracked by chitter chatter THey do help though don't they. Also have about an hour before collecting ds. All I want to do is go back to bed.

Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 14:08:05

Lists are what this thread is really supposed to be about Mercury although, er, that's not always apparent grin wink!! Hope day of house sorting going well

Yes, thinking of you Trazzles hope you are OK x

Not at all Just I take my gin and tonics very seriously indeed! wink
Good luck with your humungous list and hope twitching subsides soon grin Btw scrimcloth is largely what my diet must consist of this month if I am going to lose any weight at all!! grin

Yay! to your ds1 Toffee!! Hope insight goes well for him.

Well done re: your v. productive morning Bitchy!

Just/Bitchy*/*Blue and anyone else I've missed out - Thanks for all the tips re: dd. You have reminded me that I am generally in favour of boredom for dc - encourages creativity and all that!!

So far we have compromised ... I have been decluttering papers and she has been shredding (although took 1.5 hrs to do one smallish box which is a bit dispiriting). Still, at least that is done. Have managed to get on top of quite a few things on list and do some organising for week ahead too. We have just popped to opticians and are just going off to park. Left butter out so we can bake later on. Will ask her to help me pair dh's 1001 socks (once dry) upon our return which may help her to re-discover her inner artist rather speedily grin wink

Keep thinking back to summer holidays when I was a child in 1875. I barely saw my parents - never mind expected them to provide entertainment. I did have lots of siblings to play with though.

Good luck with your packing too Engels And shock at prospect of 30+ hr journey. Guess you are going a little further afield than Blighty then ...

Goth just imagining your dh carousing with the cat while you are away!! grin

Good luck with your list Blue! See your ds2 has new bike. Did you choose one for yourself in the end? (If I'm not confusing you with someone else that is)

Hope day is getting better Doris!

Huge cheerful wing flaps to Jdub and everyone else!

Right, off to galumph about with badminton rackets ...

Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 14:08:46

xpost Bitchy (again)

[proffers more caffeine]

Engelsemama Mon 01-Jul-13 14:11:32

Well done to ds1 toffee

just good luck with everything on your list!

I have managed to get some stuff done while DS was sleeping..

Washing up
Clean sink
2nd load of washing is on
Kitchen has been tidied a bit
Have updated finances

Can hear DS awake upstairs now so off I go to do a few bits up there while he's playing in his cot.

Then will hoover downstairs and polish shoes.


SC, new bike is mine with bucket seat on the back for DS2. It was the first time of riding with him on the back and we both enjoyed it despite me tipping bike & DS over at first...

Hope the sock-pairing does the trick!

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 14:29:37

<snaffles coffee and falls asleep in the corner>

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 15:03:59

Right in the last hour I have: put on another load of washing, cut the old blind cords out of ds' blind, messed about on the internet, made and eaten a proper low carb lunch. I suppose that is something hmm

Castlelough Mon 01-Jul-13 15:26:05

Happy July fledglings!

I am off to a very poor start!
But at least I AM dressed and fed blush.
Everybody else seems very industrious! Just and SC have particularly scary lists!

Toffee well done on painting the hallway. You will get
around to thd other jobs, bit by bit!
Trazzles I hope you are feeling better today x
SC (love the new name!) well done on getting around DD today! It's hard to believe the holidays are here - I'm having trouble adjusting myself!
PMPY thanks for leading in June, although I mostly languished in the naughty corner, feverishly googling about various fertility issues and solutions <none of which probably even apply to me...hopefully!>
Ellie thanks for taking over the July thread!

To Do

- Reboot laundry
- Do some ironing, clothes away
- Crisis clean in the boudoir and ensuite (main focus today)
- Tidy kitchen, shine sink, clear out fridge, meal plan
- Cook dinner and tidy all over again...
- Make an Action Plan for the week
- Visit DMil
- Do some DIY beauty pampering this evening (facial/nails)
- Find Control Journal
- 30 day Squat Challenge
- Phonecalls
- Before Bed routine (incl. laying out clothes!)

Jdub Mon 01-Jul-13 15:44:12

Castle - I have list envy!!! Good idea re: DIY pampering and squat challenge. I am newly re-inspired to dust then do that good stuff!

Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 17:10:39

[faints at idea of squat challenge]

Huge wing flaps to Castle!! smile

Arf at Jdub's list envy (don't think we have ever had that before - although I know Consils lists sometime involve asparagus and lovely picnics!!! smile

Well done for Flying high Bitchy and Engels

Oohhh new bike sounds fab Blue (and great fun for your ds2)

[Leaves out hefty g & t for Ellie for when she spots over 30 posts approx today ... and .... er .....scarpers]

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 17:19:50

Ta da
spend morning catching up with dm
Help Dm to sort an outfit for a wedding
Sort out what alterations are needed on one of dm's tops to make it useable again (she has lost weight and it needs shaping a bit)
put on a load of washing
consider the to do list.
start changing calendars to july
find birthday cards needed for tomo
find email address for emailing some important info
discuss new dress design with dm
sort out draft plan for next weekend
find phone charger to get the thing to stop beeping at me
sort out plan for Wednesday evening (which has suddenly got busy when I don't want it to but it is not optional)
find the strong but can still function when take them pain killers
Consider what it was I was actually supposed to be doing today and see if I can find the to do list.
put on 2nd load of washing
cut the old blind cords out of ds' blind
sort out getting all this months birthday cards written
double check all plans for the month
try and get a date for the girls night out sorted
put hand washing in to soak
get ds making cake
writing shopping list for tomo
fold washing
sit ds down and talk him through his new emotional faces cards
find tape for tomo morning
check which bin goes out tomo
have a hunt where I think ds' passport is and discover it blatantly isn't there
disinfect the bathroom bin
check date my passport and driver's licence runs out

Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 17:24:18

[faints again at sight of Bitchy's ta da list]

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 01-Jul-13 17:25:05

ooh can I please join you. Ds1 decuded he wants his own room and has been camping out in the spare room i. e. 6yrs worth of storage, for 3 weeks. I finally made it in to his room this weekend and have just about rehoused everything / skipped the odd thing. It took me ten hours on Saturday & another 3 last night. I now have the bug. My house is usually clean & tidy but storage needs a going over. Tonight i will do my front door as suggested and possibly (smile) my front windows. Wish me luck.

Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 17:27:49

[faints again at Ohhelpohnoitsa's 10 hr decluttering session]

Of course you can join! Welcome!! [Sounds as though you could teach us a thing or two though! grin ]

Swanhilda Mon 01-Jul-13 17:43:05

Steamed and Doris I think you have put highlighted something for me, the panicky frustration from feeling one should be able to get something done which seems impossible to do (ie: stop one's children whinging, or pack for lovely holiday) It is all to do with the anxiety that comes things somehow differing from the ideal version, and somehow it is our fault for not being more organised. No it is not your fault, it is stressful dealing with both those things, even if to other they might seem easily solved. I have very unhappy memories of a holiday where I was in charge of kids alone and couldn't even manage to unload dw without someone having a fight in living room, yet it was all meant to be blissful countryside outdoor fun etc, ditto packing for hols which I find so stressful I have given up proper holidays and just visit family...confused It is all a mindset isn't it, and not feeling cross with oneself, circs, or other family members who shall be nameless...

Trazzles you have so much more to manage than the rest of us, hope today got better. I wonder whether when we are really low the easiest thing is to blame other people for something, anything, which is probably what your dh is doing sad

interview for dd at new school - she had done well in her NFER (or thingbobby whatsiname) test so was told she should be getting B's and A's in new school! Good news, she was chuffed! They asked her bring in a sample of her work she was proudest of, and she brought in a rustic slipper she had sewn herself (very rustic, think clog in textile form), which slightly threw them, as I think they were expecting some essay or composition. [evil laugh - serves them right for not making it clear it was meant to be written work, quite frankly I've had enough of written work)

Counted money at church this morning.

Then so tired I fell asleep at 2.45 for a while, followed by drama with neighbour's dog being brought round by another neighbour as it had escaped, and neighbour out.

So I've given up. And had a row with dh this morning about fact that he never cooked anything more elaborate than ready battered fish.

Better go and cook spinakopitta then to show him what can be done.

Swanhilda Mon 01-Jul-13 17:44:14

Oh and dog has been rescued by its owners grin Dd behaved really well and came and played with him, so I am proud of her.

Swanhilda Mon 01-Jul-13 17:48:58

Toffee I hope that you can get ds to his insight day by hook or by crook. Would they allow you to stay there so he knows that you are always around to rescue him if needs be, which might release a bit of tension? He is being very brave to go.

Just I think you have just about beaten Bitchy in the list stakes.

Castle Too much exercise!!!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 01-Jul-13 17:58:26

Oh, just lost a long post sad. Can't do it all again.

Swan - well done to your DD grin. You must be so chuffed for her. Thanks for your good wishes for DS1 tomorrow. He is so, so nervous, poor love. I feel jittery all the time, as if I'm doing it with him. I have arranged for a friend to take DS2 to school tomorrow so I can go in with DS1 as well as DH. We will stay for a bit if he really wants us to, then go and shop nearby, so he knows we can be back within minutes if he is too anxious.

Thanks everyone for the well dones to DS1 for today. Am hoping it bodes well for tomorrow.

Managed to get loads of washing and ironing done this afternoon. Not sure how that happened. confused

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 18:44:25

Ta da
spend morning catching up with dm
Help Dm to sort an outfit for a wedding
Sort out what alterations are needed on one of dm's tops to make it useable again (she has lost weight and it needs shaping a bit)
put on a load of washing
consider the to do list.
start changing calendars to july
find birthday cards needed for tomo
find email address for emailing some important info
discuss new dress design with dm
sort out draft plan for next weekend
find phone charger to get the thing to stop beeping at me
sort out plan for Wednesday evening (which has suddenly got busy when I don't want it to but it is not optional)
find the strong but can still function when take them pain killers
Consider what it was I was actually supposed to be doing today and see if I can find the to do list.
put on 2nd load of washing
cut the old blind cords out of ds' blind
sort out getting all this months birthday cards written
double check all plans for the month
try and get a date for the girls night out sorted
put hand washing in to soak
get ds making cake
writing shopping list for tomo
fold washing
sit ds down and talk him through his new emotional faces cards
find tape for tomo morning
check which bin goes out tomo
have a hunt where I think ds' passport is and discover it blatantly isn't there
disinfect the bathroom bin
check date my passport (depressingly too long left with that photo) and driver's licence runs out (will need a new photo soon)
finish sorting out the hand washing
sort out stuff to go to childminder friend
find some more science resources type stuff.
find a periodic table for laminating tomo for ds
sort out a file for ds related education stuff
put yet another load of washing on to wash
15mins in my room
make sure ds has taken his sleep med
make sure ds has school uniform for tomo
be shocked at the fact that ds has just sorted and tidied his desk himself without being asked shock
find ds the folder he has requested
start putting folded clothes away
put away comp dress
collect old glasses for going to the opticians that recycle them

I am seriously considering going out to clear out my car. shock erm...

Castlelough Mon 01-Jul-13 18:47:15

JDub!!!!!!!! List envy is allowed, but for God sake's choose a better list!!!!!

I have spent 3 hours in the bedroom (decluttering and cleaning!) and I am STILL not done in there <sigh>.
DH is bringing in hay, and God knows when he will want dinner - am sure to be up to my neck in a face pack! if I get as far as face pack. Still haven't called to see DMil <sigh>
I'll be back!

Engelsemama Mon 01-Jul-13 19:18:29

Heading to NZ sc - last holiday like this for a while 20 years or so

Visiting Dsis and best friend on our travels. In 2 days time we'll be at the gate waiting to board shock

Packing is getting there. Clothes sorted, just all the other little bits. Though honestly as long as we have our passports, credig cards and driving licences everything else will be fine nonmatter what I forget (though obv nappies, wipes and spare clothes are a must for ds!).

bitchy I love reading your lists smile

castle make sure you enjoy your facepack!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 01-Jul-13 20:27:02

Re. 10hrs decluttering..... mm not quite. 2-3 hours moving everything out in to my room, 2 hours. moving furniture around and major. deep clean including carpet, 2 hours moving him & his stuff in, changing the curtains etc, 2-3 hrs finding himws for all the stuff that was piled on my bed & floor. I was shattered. Thsn last night did the office & utility. Its. like one of those puzzles with tiles on that you have to make in to a puzzle. you just keep moving "stuff" in to a space to make room for more stuff to move the first stuff in to........ eventually it looks lovely. The problem is, now i am a bit older, my stuff is a bit. more. expensive and precious so I find. it hard to. part. eith even. if it. doesn't go anywhere. Have moved a lot of. Bridgewater pottery. out of the spare room and a nice lamp. I have nowhere for them but cant bear to get rid. Storage for a bit?? Under the bed? Anyway I have now been getting boys to be since 650 so no door cleaning done yet.

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 20:43:57

Evening all smile.

Ta da:-
Washing x 2
Washing on line x 2
washing away x 2
Hoovered downstairs
Morning routine
Evening routine
Packed lunches made
DS to cubs and back

Had DD's parents evening where once again we are utterly confounded by the child they see in school as opposed to the child we see here confused. She is adorable at school, kind, helpful, chatty, clever etc. They did say in her report that her top strength is leadership. This reassured me that they do know my daughter as I spy teacher speak for 'bossy' which is what we see here grin.

Back in a sec with round-up and links.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 01-Jul-13 20:56:21

Updated list

Lie in
Laundry in
Dry laundry folded and away
Washing up
Wipe down kitchen sides
Clean microwave
Trip to library (unsuccessful as it is FULL of baby song time)
Refuse & recycling out
Wait for showers to stop & hang out laundry
Fresh trip to library
Stick up DD's posters (again)
Take DD out on her 'new' bike twice

Dd came in from playing with her friends saying that she had wet herself but that it wasn't her fault, because and I quote, she "didn't know she could come in" angry (they are always running in and out) She wasn't at all impressed when she was stripped off and stuck in the bath and told she couldn't go out again tonight (it was 7 o'clock)
I'm putting my foot down straight away on this one, she has past history of not bothering to go to the loo when she's 'too busy'. I've told her that if it happens again, there will be no more playing outside, too much? She is almost 9.

Rant over.

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:03:18

I think that sounds fair Goth I'd do similar with ds if he did that or just pee outside in the garden which used to be his favourite trick

grin at DD's report and parent's evening

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Jul-13 21:04:31

Good luck tomorrow ToffeeDS and happy holidays to many of you.

I have achieved nothing today as I haven't been home. Brought DS to hospital this morning (still strictly speaking not well enough but no one else would take over the responsibility so I'm dis-infecting myself at every available opportunity) and will be here til tomorrow evening.

Had massive rage at loveliest nurse in the world when he told me that Joe's medicine chart AND medicine had not been delivered. The nurses were too busy to have checked... Eventually they turned up in the (closed) out-patient clinic where they had received the chart and the meds and processed them while ignoring the fact that Joe is a patient on the ward.


Medicine now administered.

Nothing has changed since last night. Yes, I do think DH was probably fed up with me being ill. But it's hardly my fault that I've caught something. The very least he could do would be to apologise for bullying me until I got up. For then expecting me to be fine. For not once asking me yesterday or today how I'm feeling.

I am rarely ill. I don't tend to milk it when I am. I am extremely angry with him. He was happy as long as I wasn't. That's the upshot of it. I'm so angry I don't even know how to address it now.

Tomorrow I'll be getting home, cooking eating exercising if I feel better, so unlikely to get much flying done esp as sleep will be limited to tonight.

God I'm wringing so much!!! Sorry sad

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Jul-13 21:04:53


elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:13:47

So here is your round-up for the first day of the month. I have limited myself to 15 minutes so if I don't get round to you please don't be offended but I have reports to write and will get spanked at work tomorrow if I don't get them done. If I haven't mentioned you by name, I am sure you have been amazing at flying today grin

ohhelpitsnota joined ussmile. She immediately made us all (or at least me ) look inferior by having done 10 hours of decluttering. Well Done, that sounds like a massive job well done. She also hasn't cleaned her door yet...don't worry neither have I....for 6 months blush grin.

engels is off to New Zealand envy. She is stressing about packing but at the same time not stressing about packing because that is not the fat fairy way. Have a fabulous time smile.

castle has inspired list envy in others, her DH brought hay in and she has used a facepack. She has also spent 3 hours decluttering the bedroom all that and she still hasn't been to see the MIL wink

bitchy God I love her but seriously wtf? winkgrin. The car, I mean, cleaning the bloody car, I can take her lists they don't scare me anymore since I realised she writes down every little thing she does but the moment she mentioned she was going to clean out her car that is taking it all a little too far.

swan wrote a very wise post re: the mindset of chaos and has an awesomely clever DD. I love the fact she took her arty stuff instead of writing, she sounds like one smart cookie. She is trying to inspire DH to cook something other than fish and chips by cooking spinakottia <elliepac whispers to everyone else wondering what the hell it actually is but doesn't say it loud so as not to seem a phillistine> Count yourself lucky, fish and chips would be a la carte chez elliepacs DH. I asked him to cook tea for him and DS tonight....the tasty morsel he managed to put together? Hot dogs...from a fucking tin grin.

sc had an inspired name change. She also posted 60 squillion times about random stuff just to pee me off but offered G and T in compensation so all is forgiven winkgrin. I luffs her and her posting, it's like chatting. Her and DD shredded stuff and were planning on baking and sock pairing. Oh and she fainted once at squat challenge and another time at 10 hours decluttering <passes smelling salts for when she realises bitchy threatened to clean a car>

jdub had list envy looking at castle's plans. I have list envy most days, in that other people actually manage to do something and I just faff about pretending to have done something grin.

mercury apologised for list posting..the silly billy. I think that's what we are actually supposed to do. List to your hearts content because that shows the system is working for you smile

toffee had a really positive day for DS1 which is lovely to hear and we all wish him luck for tomorrow. You do such a fabulous job of supporting him that I am sure it will be fine smile

just posted the to do list to end all to do lists. My favourite item was 'throw skanky people in the shower'. I bloody love the word skanky, encompasses so many things. I hope skanky people are now non-skanky people

doris is another stressed fledgling re packing. It is not stupid at all. I was going to write a sage and wise answer but shall just point you in the direction of swan's post. She says it far better than I could smile

goinggoth popped by to say hello at the beginning of the month and was unsuccessful at the library due to baby song time. No-one can be successful at anything at baby-song time. Cute it may be I suppose, educational, developmental, yes. Conducive to a library.....no.

Special mention to trazzles. You are amazing...fact. I can only echo what everyone else has said. We are all thinking of you. Hope you managed to get to the hospital and are feeling a little better.

Bollocks.......11 minutes over...spanking at work for me tomorrow wink. Back with links in a mo!

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:16:58

Ellie you will be pleased to hear the internet side tracked me and the car still looks like a skip on wheels. grin

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:17:36

x-posts with trazzles. PLease don't EVER apologise for whinging on here. We are a safe place where you can do just that and won't ever be judged for it.

Fwiw, I think you have every right to whinge. But that doesn't help really does it? DH sounds like he needs to consider you much more than he has in this situation but I know this isn't a typical situation.

I don't think that made much sense, was any help at all but we get it....we all get it (((hugs)))

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:18:07

chb thank fuck for that grin.

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:23:31

Here are your links for Tuesday.

The babystep is getting dressed to shoes. An ever controversial babystep, you either love it or hate it.

The mission for Tuesday is here.

The zone is front porch, hallway and dining room

And our habit of the month is Swish and Swipe.

Have a good day everyone!

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Jul-13 21:24:01

Thanks ellie no doubt he does love me, he just has a bloody funny way of showing it.

I am DEFINITELY having list envy but living in hope DM can give me a day off this week so I can actually achieve something. My list would be EPIC!!!!!!

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:30:30

Just don't be cleaning out your car on your epic list trazzles, chb nearly did it today and it brought me out in a cold sweat winkgrin

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:40:38

Ellie that car will be tidied out one day. It is really getting on my nerves the state it is in.

I also realised tonight that as it stands I have no laundry to put on tomo morning. Can't wash ds' bedding when he is asleep in bed and definitely won't be waking him up at the time I will be leaving. Though I still have folding, ironing and the putting away of clothes to do tomo.

Beginning, just beginning to feel like I might be getting on top of things. and slightly worried that my mind has been messed with in order to achieve this

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:45:57

Just give me a couple of days warning so I don't hyperventilate or sneak it on one of these massive lists in little bits chb

Like this:-
putting away
cleaned out drivers side of car
swish and swipe
decluttered draw in bedroom
hoovered out crisp crumbs in motor vehicle

and so on....grin

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:49:30

No promises. but it will be more like:

Put biohazard suit on
move car seat
remove items for which you couldn't get a licence to work with
fill skip


elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:52:11

gringrin grin

MercuryRising Mon 01-Jul-13 22:30:57

Evening ladies. Im shattered after actually flying for the first time in ages but my house looks so much better for it smile

As ellie has reassured me I am supposed to be posting lots of lists. Here is my ta da list for this evening:
Collect dc from school
De-dog poo the garden
Cut the grass which was beginning to resemble a jungle
Water plants
Bring in washing
Dinner for dcs and wash up
Meal plan for the week
Food shop
Make dds bed
Flop on to sofa feeling good that I have achieved
something for a change grin

Bitchy I love cleaning the car out it's lovely transforming it from a skip on wheels to something I enjoy driving. Is that a bit strange???

Trazzles I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight, you need it if you are still feeling unwell. I hope you feel much better soon.

Im off for a bath and an early night. I'm in school tomorrow but I am setting my alarm for 15mins early in the hope that if I manage to conplete the morning routine before I go out my day will run smoother - I live in hope!

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 22:37:33

Mercury it is not strange at all. would you like to work magic on my skip for me? knows what is in the car and why it would need a biohazard suit

MercuryRising Mon 01-Jul-13 22:49:08

I would rather clean your bio-hazardous car than tackle the three mountains of ironing piled up in my conservatory bitchy!!

Asheth Mon 01-Jul-13 22:50:23

A good day today!
Washing done, hung out and put away
Kitchen floor swept and mopped
Ditto for bathroom
Downstairs toilet cleaned
DS1's bed changed
Hall decluttered (incuding the shoe heap!)
Hall hoovered
mission completed (easy as we don't have a front porch!)
Plants watered.

Monday tends to be a productive day, as I don't have anything on and DSs are in an after school club so I get longer to fly!

Ellie I have unrecognisable children and parents evening too! How can they behave so well at school and so badly at home?!

flowers for Trazzles. Hope you feel better soon. And that Joe's time in hospital is as easy as possible for you both.

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 22:51:59

I don't mind ironing, Mercury. this might just work.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 01-Jul-13 23:01:16

Trazzle - I'm so sorry your DH is being such an arse. I'm not surprised you are so angry. I hope Joe's treatment went ok today (apart from the hospital losing stuff angry).

Thank you, Ellie and all for the good wishes for DS1 tomorrow. He is in such a state of anxiety tonight. We all know why, but we're not allowed to mention it or he starts groaning and wailing histrionically <sigh>. I am sitting with him until he goes to sleep. Luckily, he finds the noise of me typing quite soothing, so it gives me an excuse to go on Mumsnet.

Am feeling so apprehensive about tomorrow. You never know, with DS1, whether his anxiety will overwhelm him or not and the uncertainty is hard to live with. Ah well. Will just hope for the best.

Sleep well, fledglings.

Swanhilda Mon 01-Jul-13 23:11:26

Today has been a strain.

Dh is being a pain. And stroppy with it.
Ds1 is not doing most of his homework and in denial about it and there are enormous gaps in his work and in his understanding of the work sad All the teachers say he needs to work harder, and he does need to, but I can't say that is especially motivating. His defences go up and he shuts down. Maybe he will do better/feel more confident in lower sets, but that is where he is heading, alas.
Twins are fine. But insisted on putting up a tent upside down in back garden. If there is one thing Dh hates, it is a tent being put up wrong and bendy tent pegs. Why do men get so silly about tents? It is only for fun, it is not as if we are actually moving in and need it to be waterproof...

And worse of all, despite buying 10 compass sets through year 7 and 8, there is still no compass when you need one for Art homework!!!!! I can feel a massive declutter of the stationery drawer coming on.

balm on tent situation
balm on late night snacking children situation
balm on Art situation
balm on what time ds2's Induction Day tomorrow is (another strop from DH)
arranged a lift for dd tomorrow for her Induction Day
felt extremely fed up with Dh, and no doubt he feels the same about me [I hope so - neh neh]
tidied kitchen and swept floor
cooked delicious supper, though not the Spinach filo treat I had intended grin, gammon/pineapple and broccoli and boiled potatoes with parsley sauce

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, and I will be feel more pro-active. First stop the stationery cupboard.

Swanhilda Mon 01-Jul-13 23:17:18

Toffee one of the successful ways I defuse ds1 when he is having a crisis of confidence (over homework for example) is to tell him stories about when I had crises over my homework in High School of the storm in a teacup type, and how I resolved them. He loves all tales of me behaving badly and problem solving, I think it makes him feel more grownup and masterful. Good luck tomorrwo

Swanhilda Mon 01-Jul-13 23:17:38

battery running out!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 01-Jul-13 23:25:57

Thanks, Swan. Luckily, my typing has lulled him to sleep!

Good luck to your DS2 at his induction day tomorrow.

Hope all goes well tomorrow Toffee, sounds as though DS1 did really well with his appt today.

Doris - what you are describing is exactly what I was talking about when I said at the end of the last thread that I hate packing for holidays, I just get all panicky that I haven't got everything, then I procrastinate, then it ends up being a rush, then I worry myself sick that we will miss ferry, plane etc (even though we usually allow ages more than we need). Hope you get sorted. And you Engels - I had a fabulous month in NZ about 20 years ago, lovely country.

Trazzles - <hugs>

Off to bed here, not much Flying done but I have got freshly washed and line dried linen on the bed. Night all.

CHBitchy Tue 02-Jul-13 06:38:49

Good luck today toffee

I hate mornings. struggling to get going this morning.

Engelsemama Tue 02-Jul-13 08:09:14

trazzle <hugs> If you're angry with DH then tell him. He needs to know if he's being a selfish, lazy, unreasonable so and so. (as I've learnt from my DH, he needs to see and hear my rage or he just potters along thinking I'm superwoman and coping fine).

Waiting for DH to get his arse out of bed so we can go into town to get last minute bits and hair cuts.

Ta da
Washing on
DS up, fed and at nursery

To do
Collate and print all info for holiday
Online check in later today
Crisis tidy and clean so we can come back to a reasonable house

PolkadotRosa Tue 02-Jul-13 08:18:11

Hello I shined my sink last night before bedsmile
In my flip flops granted, but footwear in situ nonetheless!
My first baby-step.
I'd really like to join you all this month. Can I just check I've got this right...each day: do baby-step (such as shiny sink shenanigans), do mission, swish & swipe and before bed tidy up & lay clothes out ready?

laurenamium Tue 02-Jul-13 08:57:16

I'm in, a day late and infrequently posting but I'm here! grin

Jdub Tue 02-Jul-13 09:58:38

Good morning!
Absolutely zilch achieved here this morning apart from eating a slice of my mum's coffee and pecan cake (bloody marvellous!)
Must try harder (and clear up the crumbs!)
Happy Tuesday to you all x

Steamedcabbage Tue 02-Jul-13 10:00:05

Just swooping by (from a very low Flying height btw!!) to wish your ds1 the best of luck today and this week at his new school Toffee. I hope the fact that he was able to control his panic in the recent session will be really empowering/confidence-boosting for him.

Trazzles sorry you had to struggle on by yourself at the hospital (and that they were disorganised) and that your dh is behaving the way he is. Bullying is not on. No wonder you are furious.

Big waves to Lauren how is the new horse?

A warm welcome to PolkadotRosa! Have a look at 'Getting Started' on the Flylady website and here Strictly speaking, all you have to do to begin with are the baby-steps each day (included in those are S&S, hotspots, power of 15 mins etc, laying out of clothes, and missions, so the system builds up gradually). Once the baby-steps are fully ingrained, you can then start doing 15 mins decluttering in current zone each day. Once decluttered (you can't clean clutter) you keep going with baby-steps, missions and then start detailed cleaning. You don't have to understand it all at the beginnning, it will gradually become clear as the month goes along. Little and often is key. And suggest not signing up to Flylady e-mails/Big Tent or you will be inundated (although some people find weekly summary useful). Good luck! Any other questions, don't hesitate!

Wow Engels sounds like the holiday of a life-time!!! smile

[Espresso to Bitchy] Arf at bio-hazard suit! (Words fail me re: your list yesterday smile)

Ellie huge congratulations to your dd and her fab school reports!!

Well done to Asheth and Mercury re: their extremely productive Mondays!

Love the image of your husband bringing in the hay Castle while you lie in wait with a face-pack grin

Swan Many congratulations to your dd and her exam results! Hope she is v. happy at her new school! (They are lucky to have her!) Sorry about school struggles with ds1 though - can really really sympathise (as you know)! Oh and yes to multiple compasses!! (We were on Mark 6 at the end of term, and that had to be bought especially for the exams!)

Speaking of stationery, we have already received the dreaded multitudinous itemised list for next year and my cunning plan to complete all the shopping in the first week of the holiday was foiled on the first day when I discovered the only stationery shop within a reasonable distance, with the particular blue notebooks they use, in a particular size, has closed for a month's break. Ah well ...

Huge waves to Whoknows Just Feetheart and Goth and everyone else I've missed.

I did a lot of my list yesterday. And a lot of things that weren't on the list. That's the good thing about Flylady. It stimulates you to do stuff, even though it's not necessarily the stuff that you are meant to be doing precisely at that moment ifyswim!!

Have a good day everyone!

Steamedcabbage Tue 02-Jul-13 10:01:08

x post Waves back to Jdub [snaffles a slice of cake]

Swanhilda Tue 02-Jul-13 10:13:46

two children dropped at Induction Days with pencil cases and their dinner money in the right denominations!
[Ds2 moaned all the way to new school that no-one liked him in old school and they were all mean to him, then proceeded to chat merrily for five mins the last bit of journey to an acquaintance from "old school" without any apparent problems. As Dh said when I told him this story, sometimes he just moans because he trying to release tension confused

Now, for a bit of decluttering/re-organisation before I have to pick up dd (set off again at 1.30)

Asheth Tue 02-Jul-13 11:15:22

PolkadotRosa I was a new to this last month. I think the main thing is is to get the system that works for you. That way you'll want to keep doing it. Some of the baby steps are useful and some I can't see the point of, so I ignore! For me the most useful part was the 15 minutes decluttering a day. If, like me, you have loads of clutter then sorting it all out can seem too daunting. But doing 15 mins is easy! And it's surprising how much of a difference it makes by the end of the week. I also like to complete the missions as it really makes me feel that I've achieved something! Good luck!

laurenamium Tue 02-Jul-13 12:38:45

Oh sc the new horse is fantastic grin a bit wild for my mum though so we are going to look at one tomorrow for me her so we will have a little herd at this rate! I will find the link to the advert of said new horse to look at. He's a giant!

laurenamium Tue 02-Jul-13 12:41:09
laurenamium Tue 02-Jul-13 12:42:42

Ooooops it's not that one! Lol thats next on the list though...sorry for the hijack!

laurenamium Tue 02-Jul-13 12:44:07


This is the one. Last unrelated fly post I promise grin

To do:
DD laundry
File away paperwork
Be generally excited

feetheart Tue 02-Jul-13 12:51:53

Only a day late this month so a better start already smile

Thanks to PMPU for last month and to ellie for agreeing to take on the lot of us this month.

Just back from a lovely w/e in Durham seeing a friend being ordained in the cathedral. Lots of firsts for the DC - first time we have had authorised absence from school(smile), first long train journey, first stay in a B&B, first service in a cathedral, etc. It was all very inspiring, even for a heathen like me, and a great thing to be a part of.

Back to reality today - trying to work whilst builder drills things far too close to my head hmm. About to leave him to it and go and read with children at school.
Hopefully will be back later when Flying may even get a mention smile

Steamedcabbage Tue 02-Jul-13 13:32:13

Congratulations to your friend Feetheart glad you had a good trip!

Lauren envy envy envy very smile for you though too!!!!! He is absolutely gorgeous. Love a Shire x!!! Great to bring on! Good luck tomorrow!!!!!

Waves to Swan and everyone else. Trying to do 'work' 'work' this morning and having technical difficulties ...v. frustrating ... .

CHBitchy Tue 02-Jul-13 13:41:31

Lauren if that is the last non-fly post then you are on the wrong thread wink Nice to see the horses and to side track from the house.

Focus? wtf is that? confused

today I have:
been training
been to the nearby massive shopping centre
Bought Ddad's bday present and some wool
started an angel hug (which I am hoping will convince me to sit down occasionally but it is unlikely as was stood crocheting a few mo's ago blush )
been food shopping for bits for birthday cake

ToffeeWhirl Tue 02-Jul-13 13:43:41

DS1 lasted for one lesson before having to make an exit because of his panic today, but, still, that's a start. The other children in his class are absolutely lovely and his teacher really made an effort to reassure him. Ah well. We'll try again tomorrow.

Came home and fell asleep with the kitten. Best relaxation method ever. smile

DS1 is feeling a bit down about it now as he thinks he'll never be able to overcome his panics. Am trying to help him focus on the positives.

Welcome, Polkadot.

feet - that sounds like a very memorable and lovely weekend.

lauren - what a beautiful horse! Hope you and your mum get him tomorrow.

Asheth - glad you are finding Flying helpful. I love the 15-minute bursts of activity. I use it to tackle the ironing when I'm feeling overwhelmed by it.

Swan - hope your DC's induction days go well <cross fingers for both>. Agree with you about telling DS1 stories of our own triumphs over adversity. On the way home from school, I told him about my own panic over certain situations and how I coped. He doesn't usually want to know, as he thinks he is the only one to suffer so much (!), but he actually listened this time and seemed comforted that it's not just him.

SC - thank you for the good luck to DS1. He still has a long way to go (see above!). How frustrating that your stationary efficiency was foiled!

Jub - envy at cake for breakfast!

Engels - good luck with your packing. Agree with you about getting the house tidy before you go, if possible. Have you had time to read Flylady's 'vacation planning' tips?

Bitchy - thanks for the good luck for DS1. Sorry you were struggling to get going this morning.

WhoKnows - more thanks for the good luck to DS1. (If he only knew how many people are rooting for him!). I love the sound of your freshly washed and line-hung bed linen. Sounds very organised and comforting.

Off to eat a late lunch now. Feel exhausted!

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Jul-13 15:11:33

Trying not to overdo things but here is my list for tomorrow (DM should hopefully be giving me the day off...)

Declutter car

30 day shred
Laundry reboot
File paperwork in in-trays
Send payslips to Carers Allowance
Clean DVDs for Joseph
15 mins sorting bag shelf in hall
Clean downstairs toilet
Clean hob
Clean bathroom
Declutter playroom
Tidy up DD's room
Clear top of laundry basket
Clear my side of bed
Declutter bedside table
Put suit bag under bed in mum's room
Clean en suite (ever hopeful)

PolkadotRosa Tue 02-Jul-13 16:31:26

Thanks muchly for the warm welcomes and advice on getting started. I'm really chuffed that I've managed to sort the entrance porch and hall today, whilst baby had almost 3 hour uber-nap! I even wiped the doorframe and door outside too (our lovely, immaculate elderly neighbours will think they're hallucinating) and even blasted the mucky marks off the radiator with our fab steam cleaner. It looks and 'feels' so much better, and I feel better too now it's done.
Amazed by all your lists and impressive accomplishments. That's my Ta-Da for todaysmile

I need your help ladies. A former colleague emailed last week to say that he would be visiting the area with his wife and 2yo DD this week and was I around in the evenings? They will be about 45 mins drive away. I don't really know his wife and have never met the DD. I suggested meeting early evening at a leisure park place near where they are staying (it has lots of family friendly pubs/restaurants). He has come back and said to save me the drive they could come to our house instead. Now at a weekend or daytime that would be fine, but 6.30pm on a weeknight, when I hardly know the wife and it is usually pretty chaotic here (we have tea early so DD can go to Brownies that night) and I am usually launching into homework, kitchen clearing etc at that time, I would probably need to feed them, it all seems a bit much. DH and the DCs have never met any of them before (well, DH might have done once or twice years ago on work outings). I just can't see DS taking kindly to all this. What shall I do? What if they don't want to take their DC to a pub and that is why they suggested coming over? I need to let them know tonight. I'd actually far rather drive to the leisure park than try and host them here TBH but don't want to seem inhospitable.

CHBitchy Tue 02-Jul-13 18:05:13

ellie will be pleased to know that other then icing cake and making pizza the only thing that I have done today is working on the angel hug. the car still looks like a skip on wheels. hmm

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Jul-13 18:09:47

whoknows is it possible to just say that due to various of the DCs activities that night, it's not really practical for you to host them?? Something I always read on here (but have never put in to action myself) is that you can say no! You aren't obliged to host them. They refused your suggestion - you are not being rude to refuse theirs.

CHBitchy Tue 02-Jul-13 18:14:28

I would agree with trazzles Be honest just say that you would rather drive to the park then have people at the house. Suggest if it is impossible then perhaps you could meet up next time. You are allowed to say no. And if I need to I will for the sake of ds. I would rather put other people out who are being a hinderance then disrupt ds' schedules when he needs them.

Thank you both, I would like to see them, they live a long way away, so opportunities are rare, it's just the timing really. Think I will just say that it is chaos in our house at that time of night and I would rather leave DH to just get on with it than try and combine everything and meeting in a pub or whatever might give us a better opportunity to chat.

elliepac Tue 02-Jul-13 19:54:57

Evening all smile.

This leading malarkey actually makes me think about FLYing and so I have actually done some!

Ta da:-
Morning routine
Meeting after work
Washing up
Packed lunches made
Tidy living room/dining room
Evening routine

whoknows I second, third what trazzles and chb said and won't attempt to say it better. What you have suggested sounds perfect to me.

Back in a sec with round-up and links.

elliepac Tue 02-Jul-13 20:11:24

Here are your links for tomorrow.

Your babystep is here. Today is all about embedding routine so nothing new just repeating what we have already done.

Your mission is here.

Your zone is hall, porch and dining room

Habit is Swish and Swipe.

Have a lovely day everyone smile

elliepac Tue 02-Jul-13 20:12:53

Arses, where is my bloody round-up. I did one. I posted it. It disappeared. Arsing internet.

Round-up mark 2 - you are all awesome, I am shite with technology. Welcome to polkadot smile. Enjoy the thread.

See you tomorrow.

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Jul-13 20:36:19



elliepac Tue 02-Jul-13 20:50:10

Did you not bloody read my round-up yesterday trazzles. grin I quite clearly said I needed warning of such excessive FLYing.

Swanhilda Tue 02-Jul-13 20:52:23

Toffee but he went! That is a serious step in right direction.

friend rang me up and invited me to a stately home garden centre near Dd's school, so we ended up buying loads of plants and having lunch by the river. Then I picked up dd by bus. She seemed alright, although tired out.

Dh picked up ds2 who had loved enjoyed his first school day at Secondary, although lunch hall was apparently overwhelmingly noisy. Ds2 also showed great enthusiasm for his homework folder full of holiday tasks confused This is a new development shock

Then I made spinach and feta pie from Jamie Oliver. Good stuff. Needed some retsina to wash it down perhaps.

Dh is being cuddly again, and I think a trip to pick up an enthusiastic ds2 was just what he needed to cheer him. Dw on. Now need to do recycling. Boring!

You lot make me laugh, Ellie and Trazzles swearing and cursing and Swan being all refined and going to stately home like garden centres and lunching by the river. Variety is the spice of life.

Proud mum alert - DS came home clutching the trophy for best tent at the Cub camp, awww.

Swanhilda Tue 02-Jul-13 20:56:34

Whoknows I would suggest they visit in the morning when you aren't at work or at 4pm,. It may be that he assumes you are busy in day and that's why he has suggested evening, as chill time, when those us of with older children or more than one child would always think 6.30 a nightmare time to visit anyone! It is that or say merrily, come and visit, although you will find us between shifts,and I can't offer more than just crisps and a cup of tea, but it would be lovely to see you...

Swan - thanks, unfortunately they are only here today/tomorrow/Thurs and I have to work all those days, also they have plans during the day anyway. It's been one of those things were it's all been organised by brief messages on FB and we had tried to include a couple of other friends who then couldn't make it etc etc they probably don't know that I am around after school, as I work they probably assumed I would be out till 6ish. All got a bit confusing. Anyway, I've sent back a message as per my last post, will wait and see.

Swanhilda Tue 02-Jul-13 21:05:56

x-post, well we were swearing about our husbands on the way to the garden centre if you must know...

elliepac Tue 02-Jul-13 21:14:23

swan I genuinely can't imagine you swearinggrin. Bet it was only a bloody or a bastard. No f words to be heardwinkgrin.

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Jul-13 21:36:20

ellie but it is the ONLY flying I've done since Saturday!!! And that wasn't much...

Adding vacuuming to tomorrow's list...

elliepac Tue 02-Jul-13 21:39:55

grin trazzles. Well Done on the car. I have calmed down nowgrin.

Jamillalliamilli Tue 02-Jul-13 22:43:05

There’s been no flying today here, it’s been a rotten and sad day. Long term friend has been battling prostate cancer, and seemed to be turning a corner, much to everyone’s relief. He had an unexpected fatal heart attack. sad 'Tisn't fair. sad I want to rail and rage against it, but there's no point.
One of those things were there’s so little you can do about it, but I haven’t been able to motivate myself to do anything more than prop up others and make sure everyone got fed.
I'm sorry to post something so miserable, but I feel like I either say it on here or disapear off the thread until a lot of time's past

grin at ellie and Trazzles.

Swan - sounds like a nice day. Mmm to spanakopita!

Big waves to everyone else and fingers crossed for DS1 tomorrow, Toffee.

Don't have much in the way of a ta-da list today, though DS2 voluntarily ate brocolli and helped with some baking - both firsts.

x-post with Just. So sorry to hear that. ((hugs))

Just so sorry to hear that, what an awful thing to happen. Keep posting, we're all here for you.

Flying, just the basic routines today, really must pull my socks up. I was at work, then had ballet and cubs for the DCs but have spent far too much time faffing about on the computer in between.

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Jul-13 23:08:24


ToffeeWhirl Tue 02-Jul-13 23:13:28

Oh, Just, so sorry. That's awful. It's good that you're posting here, not simply disappearing. We are not just here for good news.

Swan - you are right: DS1 went and that is the main thing. I think I am just so worried that the school will say they can't cope with his level of difficulties.

And the kitten has taken a turn for the worse. He wouldn't eat today and now he can't stand up sad. I will have to miss taking DS1 to the school tomorrow (DH will go with him) and take kitty to the vet instead. Poor DS1- he is being all brave, but he is so upset. What a thing to happen now, this week, when he's in the midst of new school anxiety. He loves that cat so much.

And it's DS2's sports day tomorrow. Bugger.

Asheth Tue 02-Jul-13 23:35:05

So sorry to hear about your friend Just. Will be thining about you tonight.

And sorry to hear about the kitten Toffee. Fingers crossed that the vet can help. It's so tough on the DC. It's lovely for them to have a pet, but so hard to face losing them.

Not achieved a huge amount today as Tuesdays are busyish. But
Washing done
Decluttering of downstairs hall completed
Decluttering of dining room started
And that's it....

elliepac Wed 03-Jul-13 07:10:42

Just a quick fly through on the way to work.

just please don't apologise for posting. As already said, this thread isn't just about flying or happy stuff, it is a safe place for us all to vent and to share. I am so sorry about your friend. I know there is nothing practical I/we can do but we are here to listen. Take Care x

Engelsemama Wed 03-Jul-13 07:23:53

Just so sorry to hear about your friend.

Toffee sad keeping my fingers crossed for kitten.

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 07:23:56

<tentative wave hello>

Am just going to read the thread to get the hang before I post properly. Trazzle suggested I come over and join in.

Engelsemama Wed 03-Jul-13 07:29:24

<waves at Carpe> welcome!

laurenamium Wed 03-Jul-13 07:40:00

<waves to carpe>

Just- so sorry to hear about your friend sad

Trazzles- congratulations on the shiny car!

Toffee- I hope your kitten is okay!

<waves to everyone else- posting on my phone!>

Quick to do...I probably won't be back later because tonight is horse trying night and I'm working straight through until then...

Dry and put away DD laundry
My laundry
Clean kitchen floor
Walk dogs
DD to 2 year review
Clean bathroom
Finish home bleurgh
Horse related shenanigans

Ill be back tomorrow! Have a nice day everyone!

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 07:54:36

My To Do

Empty all the kitchen cuboards
Clean the insides.
Restore order
Dump anything that's got a bit crap or been unused since the last clear out.
Stick lables on inside of doors so DS stops putting things in the wrong place when emptying the dishwasher.

I think it's a 2 day job if I don't want to have a funny turn cos making order creates chaos first, and I go a bit odd in the choas bit. So today I reckon do either the food cuboards OR the non food cupboards, but keep a grip on things so I don't get carried away, drag everything put and then go all overwelmed and ...odd.

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 07:56:14

Hi carpe brew

Lauren it's not shiny. I haven't cleaned it. I just threw out all the empty bottles/ half-eaten biscuits/ car park tickets...

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 07:58:00

I think the mantra is not to get out more than you can put away in the allotted time.

Swanhilda Wed 03-Jul-13 08:15:30

Toffee maybe Ds1 will want to help you in this difficult time by being brave about school - it may have unexpected outcome. Hope kitten rallies again
Whoknows have you seen Moonrise Kingdom yet? (re: tents) Not suitable for ds but it is a funny take on the whole scouting thing. That is an amazing success;my kids definitely do not yet know how to put a tent up (despite ds1's three years of Cub Camps). I think you and your Dh must have taught Ds1 well.
Just that's what happened to my mother's dearest male friend in Ireland, she still misses him and it seemed so unfair after he had beaten the cancer to go from a heart attack. It comforts her to remember all the things he was good at, and all the funny things he used to say. He was a typical Tipperary business farmer - larger than life and wonderfully cheery, very clever and wily.

Ds1 has gone to school, and told me I he had got an Green Slip (special merit) for his my Art homework. I fear the boundaries are becoming blurred between his efforts and mine.

Ellie you are right, I tend to rant rather than swear. I used to be known as the Vicar.
Feet a very inspiring trip - they will remember that for a long time. It is strange, due to lack of vocations in Catholic Church, I know so few people who have become priests; whilst Protestant friends have experienced the pleasure of watching dear friends and relations being ordained.

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 08:49:59

* hink the mantra is not to get out more than you can put away in the allotted time.*

That's not a bad idea at all.

I think I'll set the timer for ten minutes for taking out. I reckon that will limit me to one cupboard at a time.

So if I feel all wooferly and disturbed after one, I can stop and do something to take my mind off it, restablise, and then do the next one without any panic setting it.

CHBitchy Wed 03-Jul-13 09:33:48

Carpe you might be surprised how much you can get out in ten mins. 5 might be better. You can always get a bit more out when you have cleared up the first bit if you have more time/energy


toffee ds might be more worried about the kitten then school and might then cope with school a bit better. Poor kitten.

I have planned to do fuck all today. Sod anti-procrastination day. CBA

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 10:02:16

Oh wow, "The Trazzle Ten Minute Take Out" works!

I even changed a broken hinge on the door.

Such a different feeling from my usual haul it all out, panic, and go headless chicken on it style.

Innthe wrong order, but before picture, all out and I'm not headless chicken, just a bit anxious picture,mand done picture

Took no time at all and I feel fine.

Shit this is going to make a huge difference.

I usually put off jobs like this untill I have a day with no lessons or appointments cos I see it as an all day, all consuming task. And I'm too afraid of Hoard Seeds to break off in the middle while stuff is still all over the place.

I don't have to do that. I can just eat the elephant one bite at a time. I can do big jobs in a series of small jobs without Hoard Seeds fear.

That's HUGE.

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 10:08:41

I don't need a whole day off before I tackle something. It can be done in a small time slot, an hour or less. And I won't be physically tired or emotionally wrung out when it's done meaning I can't face work or company.

<runs off to make list of "bite of the elephant" jobs to spread throughout week>

<does jig during exit>

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 10:20:33

Right. I'm back from hospital. Let the flying commence!!!

Carpe it's sadly not my idea. FlyLady's all the way.

Though I have been hailed as a god on another thread for suggesting Yorkshire pudding to accompany chilli...

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 10:22:23

Was the cat IN the cupboard?

And I want your kitchen btw.

Swanhilda Wed 03-Jul-13 10:31:02

I'm going against the grain here and say that I'm going to really really tackle dd's room, and 10 mins is not going to be any use in there! Certainly if I want to find stuff. This morning we again, could find, NO PE Shorts, No White Teeshirts.
SIL and toddler are visiting impromptu at 12 so I had better dash. feel anxious at thought of her dropping in. Madness, and shows how bad things have got again. Luckily I can give her the remains of the Sp*** (well done Blue that was the proper spelling wink

stripped my bed
all laundry in laundry pile downstairs
new pillowcases on my bed
one white wash on

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 10:35:26

No, she was just trying to get in. She is a little sod.

My kitchen is very achievable. It's just IVAR cupboards from Ikea, with painted doors and handles from the iron mongers added. And a cheap worktop slapped on top. When we moved from Milan I discovered all my IVAR storage didn't work here cos of how near the windows were placed to the ajoining wall to maximise light (theoretically). So I split it all up and turned it into kitchen so I didn't have to spend three grand plus on new units.

You can't put wall units in these houses, it looks odd, Lomabardy trad. kitchens are low level and wall shelf based which means a shedload of floorbased cupboards and they are expensive. And the built in custom brick ones are outragously expsensive and the fecking ever present hoardes of iders LERVVVVVE brick. So that was a no from me. I already wage a war of epic proportions on their existence and bastard cobwebs.

For me it will always be Trazzle's Ten Minute Take Out.

I cannot believe how a chance encounter on another thread just gave me a revelation that has completely changed how I approach Big Jobs.

Sounds silly, but, it's massive and deeply emotionally charged for me. I get angst while waiting for a full day to do the military "everything up in the air" operation, suffer anxiety all the way through the doing, and collapse in a heap of emotional exhustion when it's done.

To not have to do that anymore.....*HUGE*!

CHBitchy Wed 03-Jul-13 11:10:14

Carpe wait until you find you are doing house work without realising it because you are waiting for the kettle to boil and you have a few minutes to kill.

I am productively working on the angel hug. Finished one ball of wool and was going to leave it there, and then just had to crochet in the second ball. That was 15mins ago. still crocheting. Should really move. cba. I think it is because I am looking at a to do list.hmm perhaps I should stop writing to do lists and just ta da lists. To do lists scare me blush

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 11:16:11

Carpe wait until you find you are doing house work without realising it because you are waiting for the kettle to boil and you have a few minutes to kill

Oh... I think that just happened.

I am sitting here with tea. There was a bit too much water, and while I was waiting for the teabag to work, I picked up the "oh shit, power cut just happened!" bowl that was splotched with wax from my hsatily assembled candles. I was going to chuck it out. But I poured the rest of the boiling water on the waxy bits....and they all came off!

Which led to the bowl going in the diswasher. Which meant it was full. Which meant I turned it on.

I only went for a cup of tea.


CHBitchy Wed 03-Jul-13 11:21:30

Now you need to package up some motivation, instant energy and wish to be arsed and send it here. wink

<potters off to brew up some of bitchy's special brew > a large pot should help by the time I have drunk my way to the bottom of it. hmmgrin

ToffeeWhirl Wed 03-Jul-13 11:50:51

OK, the good news is that DS1 went into school on his own shock and stayed for three whole lessons! He ran out of steam halfway through the morning and felt too panicky too continue, but, considering he and I have been up since 4am with the kitten, that was pretty good.

He said the children are really friendly and welcoming and he feels at home there. And he got 11 out of 11 on a test on properties of materials (luckily we had been looking at that in home ed last week), so that bolstered his confidence.

Now for the bad news... the kitten has to be put to sleep this evening. We took him to the vet after dropping DS1 at school and he said there is nothing more that can be done. The illness has affected the kitten's brain and he can't stand up or walk anymore. So we have brought him home for one last afternoon of cuddles. DS1 is being very calm and brave about it. I think he knew this would be the outcome.

Have to go to DS2's sports day this afternoon and then will have to tell him about ToffeeKitten too.

No Flying today.

Carpe - welcome to the thread. Glad to see the magic of short bursts of housework/decluttering is working on you already.

Swan - well done on getting a merit for your DS's art homework. I'm still proud of the Tudor project that I 'helped' an uninterested DS1 with a few years ago - it was the best in the class grin.

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 11:53:58

the kitten has to be put to sleep this evening

Oh no!

Oh love I am so so sorry.

<Big, fat hug> for the pair of you.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 03-Jul-13 12:09:24

Thanks, Carpe. It's just awful. He is such a sweet, loving kitten too. The house is going to seem horribly empty without him.

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 12:20:10

Oh Toffee sad

Massive hugs to all of you.

And well done to DS1 for doing so well.

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 12:23:31

Oh it is bad enough when they are old, tired and ready to go.

But a baby cat, that makes it so much worse.

<Holding the pair of you in my heart this evening>

GoingGoingGoth Wed 03-Jul-13 12:30:01

Back at work, so just a quick-ish visit.

Just so sorry about your friend, must have been such as shock.
Toffee such sad news, will be thinking of you tonight.


CHBitchy Wed 03-Jul-13 12:30:24

Huge well done to Ds1! So sorry to hear about the kitten toffee sad

I am about to start drinking my 5th brew I still want to curl up and sleep. Think am going to have to speak to the doc about this combination of meds. Perhaps swapping the allergy tablet to the non drowsy form might help so that there is one less med with drowsiness as a side effect. <yawn>

fireandblood Wed 03-Jul-13 12:39:19

found my way here again! Hopefully I can get some motivation this month, back at work after two week break and its the first week of our summer hols in scotland. dd nearly 2 broke her elbow on sunday so going to be a pretty boring week for ds =(

Swanhilda Wed 03-Jul-13 13:17:46

SIL has gone, she was exhausted poor thing. I think it cheered her up to see what a tip my house was wink She doesn't live far, a bus ride, but the bus is the most unreliable route, where you always have to fold up the pushchair because it is so overcrowded. I'd forgotten how life with toddlers is just a series of small stresses which add up to overload.

Back to dd's room again now,
and another load of washing done

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 13:21:51

I did another kitchen cupboard. While cooking lunch !

<feels like a multitasking wizardess>

It was the easiest cupbaord, just rolls (clingfilm et al) baking implements, plates, cups, glasses and glass cookware.

Next one is easy too.

Then the food ones start and I get a bit more stressy, trying to work out what should live with what.

Castlelough Wed 03-Jul-13 13:26:24

Hi everyone!

Great to see Lauren back and some new fledglings too!

Toffee I am sad to read about Toffeekitten sad. ((Hugs)) Glad ds is coping with the new school.

Just Sorry to hear that about your friend.

I did very little flying yesterday, but did finally make it down to visit dMil. I spent the morning and evening with horses/riding - it was blissful! And met a friend for an unexpected lunch in the afternoon!

This morning was spent with horses/riding again. I managed to reboot laundry, wash dishes and make grilled bacon toasties for breakfast. Trazzles : take note! DH did NOT deserve his bacon sandwich. I asked him (nicely) to sleep on his side last night, as he kept me awake with his snoring the previous night. Well he threw a HISSY fit, and stomped off to the spare room downstairs. And didn't come back. sad So it's not just your DH being unreasonable this week!

Just back from the horses.


-shower/change/makeup etc
-grab lunch on the go
-go to school and get a bit of paperwork caught up
-Anti-Procrastination: leave my iPhone in to have the screen (back and front) repaired
-Football training
-Crisis cleaning: the bathroom and ensuite today! Bedroom is looking lovely thanks to Monday's work!
-Argh! That elusive facepack - maybe tonight?!

Swanhilda Wed 03-Jul-13 13:27:14

x-post Toffee - page didn't show your earlier post till I scrolled back a page. Oh, I am so sorry about the kitten. I feel you are being unbelievably strong at the moment - he will leave such a big hole in your house. I'm glad the vet made the decision for you, and you didn't have to decide, because I know you would have looked after him for as long as he needed, and you were doing the finest job in the circs. At least ds1 will have very very happy memories of him being a bit more active and cheerful and enjoying the garden sad No kitten could have had more loving attentive company.

School can be fun too sometimes, I'm so glad ds remembered the good side of being in the classroom, and he was realising it could boost your confidence, not just destroy it.

Engelsemama Wed 03-Jul-13 13:41:37

Sorry to hear about kitten Toffee sad

Waving goodbye for now as off to airport soon. See you all in August.

CHBitchy Wed 03-Jul-13 13:42:46

Have a lovely holiday Engels

So sorry to hear about the kitten, Toffee. sad well done to your DS1 though.

Hi to carpe - sounds like you're really getting into the swing of things.

Am knackered after shopping and then standing around for hours at sports day. Ds1 was in 2 races right at the beginning & then it was so badly organised they ran out of time for his last one. Grr! Will try and do some ironing now while watching the tennis. Go on Andy!

Toffee - so sorry to hear about Toffeekitten, thinking of you tonight. Well done to DS1, sounds as though he did really well today. Is the school a special needs one, or a mainstream one that suits him? I wasn't on the thread very much when you started the process of getting him back to school so think I have probably missed bits of info along the way.

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 17:45:37

I feel really really good.

Instead of a day in Battle Of The Kitchen Cupboard! That by rights should be finishing now, with me limping in putting the last few bits away, having cancelled my evening put and not sure I can face doing dinner.. something different is happening.

I did 2. And feel good not like a failure, cos it was so easy and painless I know I can do two more and then two more over the next couple of days despite "interruptions" like my cake date and getting my publicity posters to the printer. So not doing a big atrack doesn't mean I am putting it off and not doing it, just spreading it into more managable microtasks. That is so cool. And how come I got to 45 without knowing this magic ?

I aslo went to the supermarket (never happens on a Battle! Big Job day) AND I found a bleach spray, and with a cotton wool bud got the gunk put of the shower door runner. Which was making my head go Red Squalor Alert ! So now the bathroom is back on amber cos I did the loo while I was there. A ten minute go over with the hoover and mop tommorow am and it'll be on green.

AND i am cooking dinner, and I am still going out tonight, cos I'm not knackered.

This is the first time I've gone out after dark since I got upduffed with my "baby". grin

CarpeVinum Wed 03-Jul-13 17:45:54

I luffs you lot!

Jamillalliamilli Wed 03-Jul-13 19:01:33

A hello to Ohhelpohnoitsa's and PolkadotRosa and Carpe Vinum

Toffee well done to ds, but I am so sorry to hear about the poor kitten. sad That’s just so hard on everyone.

Thank you everyone re friend. I’m having to be someone else’s prop over it and in between that and normally none too happy friend being upset at something I inadvertently said, there doesn’t seem to be much space for my emotions.

Ds also got the news yesterday that he’s been awarded an unexpected prize for his voluntary work with others and it got a bit overshadowed, so I’m trying to rectify that.

I’m definitely naughty corner material today, though I’m about to try and do an unenthusiastic swift pre dinner blitz and try and pull myself and everything together.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 03-Jul-13 20:27:20

ToffeeKitten was put to sleep this evening. Have packed all his things away because it's too upsetting to see them. House feels all wrong now.

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 21:02:57

Oh Toffee massive hugs xxxxxx

<hugs> Toffee.

Just - well done to your DS, that's a lovely thing to have happened.

Welcome to all the new Fledglings, it inspires me to great efforts when new people come and join in.

A much better day here today, as well as feeling flustered about visitor arrangements yesterday I was feeling irritated by a couple of people I encountered at Cubs last night (one mum and one child, not related) and flustered that I had made a hair appointment at a silly time today which was going to make me late for school pick up. I didn't sleep well as a result of all this going round in my head last night.

Anyway, today went well, had a good chat on the way home from school with a friend who is feeling equally flustered with her life at the moment and felt much better. Went to work, came home early and did a rescue of the downstairs, before getting hair cut, hairdresser did well and I was at school on time (had warned the DCs i might be late). Visitors (as discussed yesterday) phoned and we agreed it was all too complicated and we would leave it this time. Nearly all went wrong when I took Dd to the guide hut for Brownies having forgotten they were meeting in town tonight, so had to dash back, grab DS and the car and get her to town in the nick of time. Watched Murray win. DCs went to bed happily.


Washed, dried and sorted one pile pf washing
Re-booted DW
Tidied and hoovered downstairs floors, cleared a few hotspots
Swish and swipe
Sorted a big pile of filing and found a few jobs I need to do, nothing major

Jamillalliamilli Wed 03-Jul-13 21:33:55

Toffee so very sorry.

greater efforts I mean, I don't think I actually achieved great today, just more than some days iyswim.

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 21:45:03

Well, today I had a whole 6 hours at home to myself and managed to completely tidy our living room. Also vacuumed downstairs and did some financial bits that had been looming. Cleaned the downstairs loo. Managed to find the en suite behind the giant suitcase which is now under our bed as DM has managed to clutter under her bed so it doesn't fit there anymore.

Also did a bit of sorting in my bedroom and shone the sink!!!! With bleach and everything. In doing so, I discovered the source of the "drain" smell that has been lurking in the kitchen for, well, a while and I have now cleared and cleaned to the best of my ability (though it still needs some proper mr muscle sink unblocker) the sink overflow. God only knows how it got so bad. <boak>

I've also been spending time trying to work out best how to approach DM about her hoarding. I think slow and steady may be the ticket... It's upsetting me quite a lot though. As is being in hospital as it reminds me just how sick Joe is and how unwell he could become. On the ward there's a notice board with the ward heroes on and you're encouraged to pin up a picture of your child. It used to make me smile. Now it makes me cry because I know what's happened to all the children where their names are followed by "stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma".

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 21:46:15

Just I hope you are doing ok today. I've been thinking of you lots.

Toffee still sending you hugs.

((Toffee)) so sorry.

Steamedcabbage Wed 03-Jul-13 22:12:29

Oh no Toffee that's so sad ... remember you gave him a lovely life while he was with you

In Memoriam Toffee Kitten
Words are perhaps a little too poignant and I know he wasn't black, but lovely song for imagining him leaping from fence to fence in the sky. x

Hope your ds1 is holding up OK. Well done to him for doing so well at new school today (and for getting there on his own!!) And hope yr ds2 wasn't too distressed at the news.

Just huge congratulations to your ds for his award! I am terribly sorry to hear the very sad news of your friend though. How deeply unfair when he was making such progress. And what a lot you are having to cope with on top of everything else. x

Carpe gosh I love your kitchen!! And so pleased system is making such a difference to you - it's truly inspiring to hear smile

Blue sorry sports day organisation left much to be desired. Just saw ending of Murray match - really was thrilling!

Safe travelling Engels hope you have a fab holiday!

Castle snoring traumas here too (emanating from dh I might add!) Tempted to sew tennis ball on back of his sleep t-shirts - apparently that is a traditional remedy - and very approp. for this time of year!!)

Welcome back Fireandblood hope your dd's arm is ok

Hope you can get meds sorted Bitchy feeling drowsy all the time is awful

Vicar Swan congratulations on doing such spectacularly good art hwk!! wink

Whoknows hope you sorted meeting out ok in the end

Trazzles that was quite a list for someone who is trying to take it steady. HOpe you get some time for yourself to rest up a bit.

Had a day away from the screen today and was really able to crack on with things in the house because dh (unexpectedly and heroically) took dd and one of her best friends out on a day trip. It's good to make progress for once!

Waves to Ellie Goth Lauren Asheth PolkadotR Ohhelpohnoitsa and everyone else

G'night all

Steamedcabbage Wed 03-Jul-13 22:18:27

x posts

Whoknows glad you are feeling a bit calmer and logistics worked out ok in the end

Trazzles sending lots of un-Mumsnet hugs (and prayers). You are under such unrelenting pressure on all sides - so unimaginably hard - xxx

Castlelough Wed 03-Jul-13 22:23:54

More hugs to Toffee for kitten. Swan has said very nicely what I would like to say. :-(
And hugs to Trazzles for having a tough day today.
Just well done to your ds - wonderful news!
Happy holidays Engels!
WhoKnows I'm glad you were able to be assertive about the unexpected visitors.
Carpe You are full of enthusiasm! :-)TO DO

Got through most of my list except the actual cleaning bit with the exception of Crisis Cleaning and the face pack.

(I am having a week of CC because flying hasn't been happening here for quite a while. Every room is in a state, and as it is the summer holidays I will be having visitors coming and going and I don't want to be Crisis Cleaning at the last minute. Trying to do a bit each day!)

Tomorrow is going to be productive........grin!

Trazzletoes Wed 03-Jul-13 22:33:01

Someone talk me through crisis cleaning please!!!

CHBitchy Wed 03-Jul-13 22:35:40
elliepac Wed 03-Jul-13 22:47:03

Evening all. Still finishing Report writing so I will post links first thing if that's ok. So sorry.

((toffee)) so sorry about toffeekitten.

Back in the morning.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 03-Jul-13 23:06:14

evening all, here's a little quiz for you all - one knows one need to declutter when one finds a xxxxxxxxx in one's spare wardrobe that has been there for 4 yeara without one knowing becasue onevs husband squirreled it there. Guess the xxxx blush

Easter egg? I find those stashed in all sorts of weird places.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 03-Jul-13 23:57:20

Ah good guess, I did find a Lindt Bunny in the office but no, not in my wardrobe. It was a TELEVISION. How can that have escaped my notice? A portable one I had when I was 13. I am 42 and it still works!!

elliepac Thu 04-Jul-13 06:42:09

Morning everyone!

Your links for today smile

Your babystep for today is post-it notes

Your mission for today is here.

Your zone cleaning is here.

You monthly habit is swish and swipe.

Have a good day everyone smile.

CarpeVinum Thu 04-Jul-13 06:58:30

My New To Do.

Rule: The Trazzle Sniper Stratagy.

No more "David v Goliath Army" aka Me, Amuchina and Microfibre as the superior technology to Kill the Beast. I am in sniper mode, picking them off one foot soldier at a time. (future rule, stop regarding house and its contents as the enermy that needs to be brutally murdered into submission, become normal person who sees housework as housework not wargames and battle to the death) hmm

1- Do a Kitchen Cupboard

2- Stop stressing over La Credenza Transformation. Take one shelf to Brico, buy the wood for new shelves, and new blade for jigsaw to create the curve.

3- Go to the spare bedroom. Face the Really Scary Hoard Seed. Choose one file from DS's former homeschool "evidence of work done will you please leave us alone for five minutes", do not throw it away as a knee jerk measure run upstair and frantically start binningnthe lot. Sit down. Flick through, choose five pieces that are just brilliant, or funny becuase of the epic spelling mistakes, or show where it started to highlight progress better, or just cos it evokes a nice memory of homeschool when I didn't want to strangle him with my bare hands becuase he was in mule mode. Take five peice, file in small folder already set aside for that purpose.

4- Stronghold last two members of zoo due for Strongholding.

5- Drill holes in old IKEA IVAR deep drawer on wheels. Ask DS to dig up earth. Make Earth box for the world's most escapy rabbit so he can dig without making it into a POW fantasy. Add lots of lettus and dandelion seed to earth to provide tender nibbles, if anything survives the mad digging.

6- Collect up schoolbook from living room. Accept will never find anybody in Italy that will want British textbooks. Throw away. Order next year's.

7- Sit down and properly go through the minimum requirements of "happy birthday DS" desktop computer being bought for Minecraft purposes. Research how to partition hard drive so he can log on to school without my presence, but does need me to password him in for the Minecraft partition

8- Stop.

9- Don't stop. Send email to Director of Italian School with formal notification that we are still going to hide under the umbrella of homeschooling next year too, so fuck off! But don't actually say fuck off! Get DH tomproof read for creative Italian and implied fuck offs before sending.

10- Now stop.

11- No, don't stop. Assemble ingrediants for tragic cake date. Try not to procrastinate abput how much do not want to go on tragic cake date. Becuase will like it once there. And Italy needs to discover Parkin, so they get over their food superiority complex a bit.

12- Now stop. Possibly. No do stop or it's all David and Goliath again and you'll fall over and feel all Cinderalla and defeatist cos everything will hurt tomorow and you won't want to do anything, then you'll feel like a failure, then go slightly bonkers in reaction to that and take it out on the innocent xams tree who isn't falling off the shelf on purpose.

13 - No don't stop. Go to Mood Gym. Become normal person.

feetheart Thu 04-Jul-13 07:07:25

Carpe - 'Italy needs to discover parkin' has made me start the day with a smile smile though I now have parkin-sized hole that Shreddies will not fill

CarpeVinum Thu 04-Jul-13 08:08:29

Tah-Dah! List

1- Do a Kitchen Cupboard

But I had a wobble. Checked the next cupboard. Found a squalor seed. A packet of bread rolls, with one left, with a sprinkling of mould. It had got shoved behind the cat food bag.

It's OK. I killed it.

Swanhilda Thu 04-Jul-13 09:00:32

things are already a bit tense this morning, but I will press on, seeing how you are all dealing with much worse, or just being tenacious and getting stuck in.

Dd's room is tidy now, but I've already had a row with Dh over moving some of her excess books out...sad He refuses to let me move anything [grrr] HIGH SCHOOL!!!! where will she fit everything?

CarpeVinum Thu 04-Jul-13 09:15:42

Aded and abetted by The Monkees...One Credenza shelf prised off and ready to go in car so I can buy the right size for new shelves to go in it

Spider attacks this morning- 1

I was sweeping the beams and the git went to do a Smackdown on me. We tussled. I screamed. He is now thinking over his bad behavoir from inside the dustbag of the hoover.

Note to self, turn suction doen before hoovering self as spider removal stratagy.


Swan re teenage hormones. I feel your pain. <squeezes shoulder of comrade>

CarpeVinum Thu 04-Jul-13 10:54:40

Oh wait, Swan NOT teenage hormones ? it's your husband blocking the exit of stuff ?

MIL's lovely Siamese cat had to be put down last night as well. What is going on with these cats? Don't know how we're going to tell the boys as they adored him and haven't seen him being ill. sad

Um, flying. Have put out a charity shop bag and going to do errand day in a bit.

CarpeVinum Thu 04-Jul-13 11:15:50

Oh no, Blue that's so sad.

CarpeVinum Thu 04-Jul-13 12:40:14

Note to self.

Make considerably smaller lists.

<falls over>

I feel list oppressed !

Swanhilda Thu 04-Jul-13 13:30:18

I am slowly dealing with paperwork in the "family" room. Very slowly.
A satisfying pile of papery things to throw away.
Have made a big pile of ironing
Tidied kitchen quickly

Not even going to make a proper list, just keep plugging on, and whatever gets done, gets done.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 04-Jul-13 13:52:53

Oh Blue big hugs.

I'd like to say I spent last night appreciating my cat, however he actually went out yesterday, and then refused to come in until after midnight, and then when I woke this morning, I found he had been eating grass and had been sick on the bedroom carpet!

Got DD with me at work today, so we've got everything set up for the bowlers and golfers, plus done a bit of gardening. Just having a quick break, as it's raining. sad

On the plus side, I've made my first ever sourdough bread. Slight drawback being in Glasgow, the recipe kept saying put in a warm place. It's taken about 2 days for both sets of proving.

CHBitchy Thu 04-Jul-13 15:54:38

ta da
go and watch school stuff
check plans for fri afternoon and sat

wrt to proper flying <sticks tongue out and heads off to the naughty corner to set up for a very large drink or three tonight.

elliepac Thu 04-Jul-13 20:29:43

I would like to say I am leading by example this month but that would be a lie grin. I am going to use the excuse of having reports to write but I have finally finished them tonight and tomorrow is Sports Day so a nice relaxed day.

Ta da:-
1 load of washing
Reports completed
Sainsbo's for top-up shop

wrt to proper flying <sticks tongue out and heads off the the naughty corner to drink bitchy's drink>

Back in a mo with links and round-up

elliepac Thu 04-Jul-13 20:38:54

Here is your round-up for today smile

bitchy stuck her tongue out at us all and did some school stuff. Normal day in the life winkgrin.

goth was bemoaning the lack of warm weather for the making of sourdough bread. Sounds delicious.

swan is dealing with my own personal 'elephant in the room' the paperwork and doing a fine job by the sounds of it smile.

carpe posted one of the most entertaining lists I have seen in a while, channelling the power of trazzles. However, she suffered from list oppression which sounds quite a dangerous condition. In my capacity as thread leader, I prescribe a dose of the naughty corner bar to solve this situation swiftly and effectively. Then look at my list and feel instantly better about yours grin.

blue I am so sorry about your MIL's cat sad. Hope the boys take it ok.

feet popped by and started the day with a smile. Always a nice way to start the day!

Big waves to sc, toffee, whoknows lauren ohhelp trazzles and everyone else I have invariably missed.

I am going to drink wine.

elliepac Thu 04-Jul-13 20:43:32

Your links for Friday are as follows:-

Your babystep is negative voices. This is all about banishing negative voices. Sometimes I find this counterproductive as the negative voices are normally telling me the house is a shit-tip and they would be right. I need negative voices sometimes grin.

Your mission for today is here. Is it bad that nearly 4 years after joining this thread I still don't get as far as the missions blush.

Your detailed zone cleaning for the Porch, Hall and DIning Room is here.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone smile.

CarpeVinum Thu 04-Jul-13 21:31:03

<sits in naughty corner>

<stuffed full of Parkin>

Tragic Cake Date was actually really good fun. 1 Italian convined the English are not a good food free zone. 59,000,000 to go.

Black treacle and golden syrup left as future Parkin National Exapansion Cunning Plan.

Ta dah
One kichen cupboard
one credenza shelf prized off, in car ready to go to Brico.
Kichen cleaned inc. floor
Two hoover attachements washed.
Two brooms washed
One "friend of broom" picky uppy thing with handle washed
Three loads of laundry done, dried, migrated upstairs (bloody rain caused laundry build up)
Six folders thrown away in fit of list oppression pique.
Cake Date
Eating of result of cake date
One (clean but with hole) mosquito window net cut up due to discovery that it makes great "scrubby things" that can used and chucked.
Normal Person transformation aboandoned as bad job.

I can't find my drill. It's just....gone.

Who took my drill ?

Cream on Parkin is really nice. Will comfort self over missing drill angst with more of that.

CarpeVinum Thu 04-Jul-13 21:32:15

My tummy has popped over the top of my jeans and is contolling the iPad.

Please take Parkin away from me.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 04-Jul-13 21:39:02

Mmm Parkin, swap for some slightly chewy sourdough? <hopeful emocion>

Just home from work, to find my gift from the 'giving nice things' thread has arrived! I got a box of Thorntons grin good job it's my 'I have the lurgy, and feel crap so shall eat whatever I like fortnight'

Trazzletoes Thu 04-Jul-13 22:20:53

Ooh enjoy it Goth! Jealous!!! Mine never came sad

Have finally felt well enough to exercise tonight so I'm shredded. Also cooked dinner and leftovers for lunch tomorrow and cleaned and cleared 2 kitchen sides + kept front room clear. Washing up also done and dishwasher loaded.

Swanhilda Thu 04-Jul-13 22:35:59

It is always makes me nervous when people start talking about sourdough or chutney

We have raspberries in our garden! They ripened magically! Delicious with one egg chocolate cake (my latest invention when the cupboard is bare)

swept floor of telly room
improved paperwork although it is never finished is it?
wiped worktops in utility
made ready meal for supper
planted some plants
bit of grocery shopping
dd to Guides and back
Dh supervised ds1 Kenya project (day 25)
dealt with ds2 who is being v inappropriate atm sad
bacon sandwiches as snacks for dcs
made choc cake
watered garden
sorted washing pile (half)
dw on
food compost
washed up supper
wiped table
made coffee date for tomorrow
paid parking fine [grrr]
rang drs
not in that order

oh and went to sleep in the tent in garden briefly, very cosy there..

Swanhilda Thu 04-Jul-13 22:38:03

Oh yes and to echo Trazzles kept front room clear of rubbish
also bagged up 6 jiffy bags of old picture books to send to friend with toddler - still need to send them though. Oh yes! found address for said friend

PolkadotRosa Thu 04-Jul-13 22:51:21

Evening! Just caught up with the posts - sorry to read about Just and Toffee

Joining this thread hasn't half helped with my motivation! I can see how tackling a bit each day in the 'zone' will eventually make such a difference overall. Is it really saddo-tastic that I can't wait to start on the next (kitchen) zone??

Can I ask - Control journal... Does anyone have one?!

Trazzletoes Thu 04-Jul-13 23:12:46

Polka I don't have an "official" one but I do have a diary that is perfect for my needs and has loads of space for numbers, and stuff etc etc. it's basically this and it kind of serves as my Control Journal.

Have also had a good chat with DM about her hoarding. She admits she can't live like that anymore and is adamant that when she moves home she will declutter having realised, since living here apparently(!), that decluttering is easy and doesn't have to all be done at once(!!!!!!!!!). Also, stuff does not bring people back from the dead. And that's a tough lesson to learn. I'm hopeful at least and will try to keep reinforcing through my own decluttering efforts.

Asheth Thu 04-Jul-13 23:17:53

Just checking in as I'm full of cold, sore throat, headache etc. so don't have much flying to report. Luckily the blitz I did at the beginning of the week has resulted in a nice uncluttered downstairs hall and have uncluttered a bit of the dining room. Off to bed now so hopefully will have a bit more energy tomorrow to finish dining room!

Toffee Hope you and your DC are ok. Cats are such small animals, but they leave such a huge gap in your home and you life when you lose them. sad

PolkadotRosa Thu 04-Jul-13 23:55:02

Thanks Trazzle. Love that diary! Want one. Think I'll start getting one together myself.
Asheth I agree about the huge gap losing a pet leaves. It is majorly horrible. Hope you feel better soon.

Just shone sink & tidied up and now off to bed. Night!

PolkadotRosa Fri 05-Jul-13 00:05:38

Sorry before I go - meant to say * Trazzle* I know what you mean re: your DM. My lovely Mum is a hoarder too and it's hard. I'm all for personal choice about how people live but just know her life would be better in so many ways if she could get rid of some of the useless (but sentimental) stuff weighing her down.

CarpeVinum Fri 05-Jul-13 07:27:37

To do

from yesterdays list oppression

1- send email to school going fuck off! but not saying that.
2- Collect up last years textbooks. Now to be given to Cake Date firend who thinks she might like flicking through to help with her English.
3- Research happy Birthday DS computer and cunning partitions.
4- Stronghold last two of zoo.

New ones

1- One kitchen cupboard
2- Face the Bookcase Of Doom
3- More washing blitz now mountain is molehill and 30 degrees plus all day will ensure speedy drying.
5 Check out Unfuck Your Habitat. Which seems to be a bit like FlyLady but with impressive swearing and no "bless this house" stuff.

Potential on list but not putting it on list in case of oppression issues

Go to Post Office to charge up visa electron to buy next ac. years textbooks.

Do not come to blows with staff when they deny visa electron exists. Do not luanch self over counter when they wander off with ID card and Tax number card and then lose them again.

Do not have "Bloody Italy" ranty meltdown when five minute operation takes 2 hours due to hiring of people cos of who they know rather than their ability to engage brain before gob and a their "handicap" of feeling well put put when required to anything that looks like work.

Breath while in there.

Do not excite other queuers into mini verbal riot this time.

Take iPad. Load up Pocket with Unfuck your Habitat website pages to read offline for distraction potential.

Load visa card, not criminal record.

CHBitchy Fri 05-Jul-13 08:05:26

Well that makes my to do list look tame and boring shockgrin Carpe

<wanders off in search of coffee>

elliepac Fri 05-Jul-13 09:47:42

I want to look at 'unfuck my habitat'. Sounds like my kind of placegrin.

CarpeVinum Fri 05-Jul-13 09:57:52

I got the possesive wrong ! your not my


CarpeVinum Fri 05-Jul-13 10:01:09

I am trying to download the Good Housekeeping magazine app.

My brain has gone off on a wander convinced that if I subscribe magic fairies will transform me into World's Bestest Effortless Housekeeper Ever.

I have done the kitchen and brought down washing. But other than that...I am still on my arse. Trying to buy my way out of the superglue that attaches me to the sofa grin.

CHBitchy Fri 05-Jul-13 10:01:13

remember that I went on a rant about tidy being the new norm a while back? <whispers> it is beginning to sink in. People are starting to not dump things instead of dealing with them. The house is still a bit of a bomb site but it is far more controllable and less resembling total destruction shock

makes no comment wrt unfuck your habitat

ToffeeWhirl Fri 05-Jul-13 11:56:35

Going from bad to worse here in the Toffee household. DS1's anxiety has gone through the roof and he was sick twice before school this morning. He definitely isn't ill and it was entirely anxiety related. Very reluctantly, I had to cancel his insight day today. I don't know what the school are going to do. I don't know if they are willing to work with his level of need.

And now DH is ill. He has come down with the same symptoms as he had three months ago, which, at the time, he thought was a kidney infection. He managed to get to the dr and has been given meds. They are referring him for an ultrasound. He was meant to go into work, but has had to go back to bed.

We were meant to be meeting DS1's teacher this afternoon, but now DS1 hasn't been in to school and DH is too ill to drive, so I shall have to cancel that. They must wonder what sort of family they are dealing with.

It's all a fucking nightmare, frankly.

Castlelough Fri 05-Jul-13 12:25:59

Toffee I'm really sorry your day hasn't gone to plan. sad

CHB envyenvy @ tidy being the new NORM! envysmile

Blue Sorry to read about DMil's cat. sad

Carpe good luck at the post office- try not to get arrested!

I had a very productive day yesterday smile. Made a great errands/anti-P list and stuck to it! Spent a lovely evening horseriding too, but my Crisis Cleaning took a back seat...

Today I've been to the gym (joined yesterday) for my fitness assessment - epic fail, I'm afraid!!!!!!
And I am FAT too. sadsadsad
It's easy to fool yourself, but not the fitness instructor watching you with an eagle eye, and querying why you've adjusted your MyFitnessPal app calorie allowance up to 1500 per day grinblush.

Did a Kettlebells class, and had to be scraped off the floor afterwards <sigh> sad

Anyway ... To Do :

-Prep brunch (DH will be home shortly) and also dinner in advance for DH (I am going out!)
-Tackle a few remaining items from yesterday's list, mostly phonecalls.
- Go to school for a few hours to do the paperwork I didn't get done earlier in the week.
- Drop rent to landlady.
- Doll self up for staff end-of-year night out - planning to use my heated rollers! grin
- Try not to completely gorge self at dinner....blush

Castlelough Fri 05-Jul-13 12:28:10

Btw Swan I'm very envy at the sound of your raspberries! Delicious! smile

CHBitchy Fri 05-Jul-13 13:19:57

Don't be too envy castle currently crisis cleaning as ds has a friend to come play later... blush

GoingGoingGoth Fri 05-Jul-13 13:51:34

Afternoon all, popping in again.

Changed DD's bedding
Laundry in
Dry laundry folded & put away

Treated myself to some Irn Bru in a glass bottle, it even has a 30p return. Just have to find a shop that takes them back.

Today's mission is to make a chart for DD, she's quite good, makes her bed, keeps her room reasonable, but it's other things like drinking enough. We've agreed a points system, to 'earn' days out over the holidays (I don't make it too difficult)

Hope you all have a good day.

Evening all. Have done no flying today, but met up with a friend I hadn't seen for years and his DD. She was about 6 the last time I saw her and today they were up for a uni open day... shock Had a nice lunch with them, and since then have mainly been watching tennis.

Toffee, sorry to hear things are so hard. Hope today improved.

Bitchy, glad to hear the new normal thing is working.

Castle - hope you have a great evening out.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 05-Jul-13 20:28:40

<deep breath>

Ok, sorry about former gloomy post. Am feeling a bit less despondent now. Have emailed DS1's teacher to explain DS1's absence and am hoping for a positive response.

WhoKnows - in response to your question yesterday: this is a <whispers, because it's a dirty word on Mumsnet> Steiner school, not a special-needs one. The special needs schools didn't suit DS1's needs and neither did the mainstream ones, whereas this one could fit him very well: small classes, lots of kinaesthetic learning, etc. If he gets in. Which he may not if he doesn't complete the insight week <bites nails>.

Blue - sounds like a lovely day smile.

Goth - reward charts work well for short-term needs, I find. I enjoyed giving my DC surprise rewards halfway through their chart, eg favourite comics. It really shifted the focus from seeing the negatives to seeing the positives.

Castle - well done to join a gym! You have reminded me to log onto Myfitnesspal.com today (must I log the Ben & Jerry's ice cream?).

Lots of good wishes and Flying magic to everyone else. Must put DC to bed...

GoingGoingGoth Fri 05-Jul-13 21:54:21

Toffee hope it works out with the school.

Not looking at MFP this week, will start back on Monday (hopefully this bloody cold will have gone by then)

DD's chart is just for the summer holiday, to try to keep some sort of order (and a surreptitious reminder to DH of things that need doing)

Trazzletoes Fri 05-Jul-13 23:35:16

Ta-da: 8pm - left hospital with Joe.

Ordered and ate much pizza as they included a topping which we had asked them not to so got a free pizza as well as the one we ordered...

Calmed Joe down as he got a slight temp and was sick..

11.15: waved Joe and DH off to hospital as J now has uber-fever.

That's sod all flying, isn't it?

Oh, but I did put the washing in the machine ready for the morning.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 06-Jul-13 00:20:44

I think you have a pretty good excuse not to do any Flying, Trazzle. Sorry to hear Joe had to go back to hospital. How rotten for him when he was back at home and sleeping in his own bed.

Goth - good luck with the chart.

Have just tidied up the kitchen and done all the washing up so I don't have to come down to a mountain of dirty washing up in the morning.

CarpeVinum Sat 06-Jul-13 07:24:27

Toffee My son is almost 13. This ac. year just gone is the first good school year we have had since he was in year 2 elementary school. Don't apologise. Honest to god it is a horrible, stressful, painful time when your square peg kid doesn't fit in the one size fits all round school hole on offer. Just dealing with that on a day to day basis can feel like climbing M. Everest in ballet slippers. And gettingnthrought it is an acheivement in its own right.

Trazzle That's supersonic flying. That makes having housework, just housework, to deal with look like a walk in the park with extra added daffodils. You are soaring around above my head making things happen in the scariest and most stressful of circumstances. And If I lived anywhere near you I'd down tools and proffer myself as freebie housework help just for the sake of having something concrete I could do to help.

(((big fat hug to both of you)))))

elliepac Sat 06-Jul-13 07:49:44

Morning all smile.

Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday. Hectic day at work with Sports Day and a meeting and then straight turn around at home to go back out to the Prom for our departing Year 11's. It was a lovely evening smile. You remember them as shy, awkward Year 7's and they blossom and leave as fantastic young adults. Lovely.

twas a late night though and have done no flying. We have family round today as my Dsis's surrogacy went through the courts on Monday and my Dnephew is now officially a member of the family and dsis is officially his mum. Celebratory BBQ today so need a list:-

Cleaning downstairs and bathroom (DH did a fine job of tidying last night so just polishing and hoovering hopefully)
putting away
food shop
garden tidy
bbq food eating
wine drinking

Back in a sec with the links for today.

elliepac Sat 06-Jul-13 07:53:19

Here are your links for today.

Your babystep is Hot Spots. An important one this and one which can make a real difference if you nail it.

No missions today as it is the weekend.

Today is Family Fun Day so enjoy the lovely sunshine.

I am sat in the garden typing this and a bird just crapped on my head. Is that good luck?grin.

CarpeVinum Sat 06-Jul-13 08:04:56

My Ta Dah! From yesterday

Three loads of washing
Some textbook sorting

...and then the heat soared to 33 degrees and I promptly fell asleep on the sofa.

So, while the HomeRoutines list style seems to work for me for just bog standard housework, it seems lists cause List Opression for Big Jobs. And I have a alot of accumulated Big Jobs due to MIL moving in, needing full time care, then dying, then all the horribly complicated legal stuff (did the last legal sign off in Milan last Friday) and the upset with the extended family. It was not the easiest of years. But she moved in with us a year ago next week. So I really want to demonstrate a corner turning to myself.

So...I am not writing a list To Do. I am going to try the fling boogie thing. Wandering around the house, picking a room that appeals and doing fifteen minutes in there.

It is supposed to be cloudy and rainy fornthe next ten days, which is crap for washing cos I wanted to do all the sofa covers and pillows and duvets and stuff. But good cos the temp will be much lower than thpical averages so I should stay upright and awake.

In theory I should feel crap, cos I haven't lived up to my list. But I don't actually. It's noce to be "in company" as it were, and I think the problem is not so much my ability to "suceed" in achieving goals, as much as it is my inability to write realistic lists. Am I approaching Normal PersonHood?

I still can't find my drill. And that is annoying me.

I think after Tuesday all my students will have a holiday coinciding for a full ten days, so I'll get a clear run. Which is nice.

All in all, still flapping my baby wings a clumsily, but feeling really zen about my imminent take off and floating around on air. Which is the best I've felt about the house for .... god, more than 20 years. So yay! Me! That's a massive improvement. When it becomes housework and not self loathing and Big Emotionally Tied Up stuff the load is cut by about 90% I think.

<does practice flaps in the naughty corner>

CHBitchy Sat 06-Jul-13 09:10:46

Yeah there will not be any flying here today. PARTY day. off to do lots of fun stuff just not appreciating the fact it requires me to be out the house by half 9 in the morning. 30mins and I still need to get up and to make the pack ups hmm I need more coffee!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 06-Jul-13 09:17:29

Carpe - thank you. It is utterly exhausting, isn't it? And incredibly upsetting to see your child suffer. I hated telling my son, yesterday, that being sick from nerves was still no reason not to go to school sad. It goes against the grain. It was so much easier not to fight it and home educate him, but now he wants to try school and we have to support him in overcoming his anxieties so that he can do that. His anxieties are ruling his life and he hates it.

I'm glad you have had one good year with your child at school. I found that it depended entirely on the teacher and there was never a middle way: it was either a great year or absolutely disastrous!

A weird thing: DH and I have discovered that both of us have been cutting all our labels out of our tee-shirts recently because they are irritating our skin so much. I have had some of these tee-shirts for years and the labels never bothered me. But since everything went pear-shaped in the Toffee household, my skin has been incredibly sore - and DH has felt the same. Apparently, it's a sign of stress for your skin to become oversensitive. (The increased number of wine bottles in the recycling bag might be another indication).

It's great that you are feeling so good about Flying and what you have achieved, Carpe. I find Flylady helps me to focus on what I have done, rather than what I have yet to achieve. And having company on this wonderful thread makes all the difference.

Ellie - congratulations on your DNephew officially joining the extended elliepac family smile. I hope you have a great BBQ today. And, yes, it is good luck if a bird craps on your head.

Aiming to do my basic Flying routines this morning, then nip into town to buy a birthday present for a friend. Am looking forward to going out for wine and pizza on the beach with her tonight. MIL is coming to do DS2's bedtime because DH is still feeling ill.

Hope you all have good days.

CarpeVinum Sat 06-Jul-13 10:39:52

It was so much easier not to fight it and home educate him, but now he wants to try school and we have to support him in overcoming his anxieties so that he can do that. His anxieties are ruling his life and he hates it.

We are pretty much on the same train. With DS not being made with great short term memory, especially if he doesn't understand the ifs, buts, whys and wherefores, the stress of the constant masses of rote learning just... diminished him. He went back after a couple of years of home ed when middle school started, but all the old demons came back. Watching your child slap himself around the head crying "I'm stupid"...just heartbreaking.

Internet based school saved both our sanity. I guess I could have done HE again, but it's not that great a fit for me, and he is getting so much more out of the expereince now I am just "mum" and not "mum/teacher". I have so much patience with my own students, just ...didn't seem to have enough boxes of the stuff when it was my own son's education in my hands. I felt overwelmed by the responsibility and the fear I was going to fuck it all up.

As soon as things start to slot into place I promise you'll feel so much lighter. It's only when the huge, emotional, all encompassing deadweight of watching your kid suffer that you realise just how hard it was.

<shoulder squeeze of solidarity>

The transition period is so so tough. Far wse than I think people realise when its not happening to them and they offer a lot of "just" based advice. But once the bits start to fit...both of you will feel such a benefit.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 06-Jul-13 12:08:15

I'm sorry you're on the same train, Carpe sad. DS1 also has a terrible short-term memory, not to mention various 'diagnoses', and he simply doesn't fit the conventional school model. Like you, I gradually ran out of patience when trying to teach him myself and was quite shocked when he recently complained that I was more impatient than his teachers blush (I am generally seen as a very patient person!). It would do both of us good for me to be just mum again and not teacher, but whether this school will take him waits to be seen.

DS1 tried online learning through the LEA, but it was a disaster so we decided internet schooling wouldn't be a good fit.

You are right that the transition period is unbelievably tough. However, I know there are much, much worse things and feel guilty to even be complaining, considering what Trazzle is dealing with, day and night.

DS1's OCD is terrible today - thanks to the stress of going back for a trial at school and then his kitten being PTS - and his outbursts are stressful for all of us.

But I am running away to have an evening with my bestest friend later, so that will cheer me up smile.

Trazzletoes Sat 06-Jul-13 12:30:46

Maaah don't worry Toffee, it's not a competition. I don't have the monopoly on shit things.

NB. I am stuck in an airless hospital room today. If anyone so much as mentions the sun or says "scorchio" I will come and kill you with my bare hands.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 06-Jul-13 12:37:56

Thanks, Trazzles. It's cloudy here, if that makes you feel better wink.

Evening all,

I've been stuck in an airless windowless room all day too, but for a different reason, the long awaited ballet show. It's big, about 150 children, so a massive logistical exercise - I was a backstage chaperone with my friend, looking after 8 gorgeous but identikit 6 year olds in an upstairs, hot dressing room, with lots of running to the toilet and up and downstairs for rehearsals and finally the show this afternoon. It was not as hard as I had feared, a bit chaotic in the morning as we kept getting lost in the theatre which seemed like a rabbit warren, but felt we had got the hang of it by the show started and I felt really proud to have been part of it in the end. DD was not in my group but we were able to watch her dance from the circle which was a bonus. I'm taking DD and her best friend to the seniors show tomorrow, so yet more time at the theatre.

DH took DS to see Despicable Me 2 in the morning and then to Build a Bear, he has always wanted to go (DD went to a party there once and DS has always been a bit jealous). It was something we wanted to do for him before he gets too old (he's 9), he is so happy with his new bear tonight. He then had to sit through his boring sister's ballet, but never mind.

Not much Flying, we had to leave for the theatre at 8 this morning, got back at about 5 and went to the pub for dinner. I'm shattered now.

Ellie - so glad your sister has finally finished the surrogacy process, what a lovely thing to be able to celebrate. I just missed the bird poo trick yesterday, a whole lot dropped on the pavement just in front of me, gross.

Trazzle - hope Joe has improved today.

Toffee - thank you for explaining about the school, I had been very curious. I have got everything crossed for you and DS1, this must have been a very hard week indeed for you all. Interesting about the skin sensitivity, I get it sometimes when I have a cold and it is horrible. DS doesn't suffer with it generally but has spells wherre his socks are obviously bothering him a lot, I shall bear it in mind as an indicator of stress in the future.

Carpe - glad your DS has had a good year this year. Mine has too, although he has never had a really bad year some are definitely better than others and this has been one of the best for him - he has AS and speech / coordination problems and i worry endlessly about him. I get nervous in the summer about what the next year will hold for him.

So tired, going to say goodnight now.

CHBitchy Sun 07-Jul-13 01:19:53

Trazzles I spent the time avoiding the heat by hiding in a cold place, expect for the break when ds was running about a field and the pollen turned my eyes itchy and gritty with hayfever and my shoulders went from ok to lobster red in less the 20mins. I want the rain to come back and clear the air. I hate hayfever!

CarpeVinum Sun 07-Jul-13 07:16:05

<emerges from naughty corner>

I'm not flying. I am pecking.

Wandering around the house doing llittle bits of each Big Job that is looming.

It's good becuase what normally happens is I go Armmargedon on a big job and the rest of the house goes to rat shit cos I can't do the HomeRoutines list AND launch a full blown attack on one hot spot.

So the house is staying under control and the big jobs are being nibbled into oblivion.

As a Tah dah! list it doesn't sound much, a drawer here, a shelf there, a wiping down a dusting off. But I can see dents and the dents make me feel happy. So I feel up to denting a bit more.

The only big job that will take a one day assult to make a difference is the Cabina Armadia (a tiny room that became a walk in wardrobe, becuase very old Italian houses do not have the right proportions for modern wardrobes). But I can do that when all my students go on holiday next week. Will spilt it over three days to avoid the "rest of house goes rat shit" effect. All the winter stuff needs to go away and the clothes reorganised, DS's too small stuff chucked, half dead knickers and bras eliminated, an iron hunted down and rediscovered. Just in case I ever feel like ironing something (highly unlikely)

With any lucky the pecking method will stop future big jobs from emerging in the first place cos I won't let them build thinking I need a full day to do it in, and just nibble it away instead.

The weather is not behaving. I was promised rain. Where is my rain ? Will risk a load of laundry and run and get it all if the heavens do open.

Hope everybody is looking at a better day than yesterday.

Drill still missing. Am looking at DH with suspition. He hates it when I start making holes everywhere. But they are USEFUL holes! How does he think all the shelves got up ? Stick on holes ? I think not.

CHBitchy Sun 07-Jul-13 07:50:07

grin carpe

It is too fucking early.

that is all!

Not in the house again today. no flying will be done. Not even renewing my soul. Today I am going to face one of my greatest fears in the name of allowing ds experiences that he will love and cherish. Tomo I shall renew my spirit and just sleep and still do fuck all!

CarpeVinum Sun 07-Jul-13 08:37:32



I'm an hour ahead of you. GMT+1 .... and a pair of swallows with the most dysfunctional marriage ever seen in the history of swallows have been sitting on the line under my bedroom window having their daily domestic for the last FIVE YEARS! making sure I never sleep past six once spring has sprung and their "love from hell" is in the air.

If he would just start bringing proper nest building materials I'm sure everything would be alright. But Enrico is nest building challeneged... if there is something large, spiky, hard and cold next to the lovely soft nest building materials I have taken to leaving right under his nose in the name of sleep defence...guess what he picks ? And then Cesira goes into suppressed rage mode, eruputting in Mount Etna like proportions at six am on the dot when she falls apart at the seams knowing she faces another day of hurling lumps of concrete like manure and barbed wire like dried grass out of the nest before it makes her babies emotionally damaged.

I am an animal loving pacifict. But dear god those two make me wish for a shotgun and the ability to use it by July.

Bitchy lecturing other about being up too early (pot, kettle) grin.

Carpe having been kept awake since the small hours by the sparrows which nest in next doors eaves (terraced house so about 5 ft along from our bedroom window) I know how you feel. All quiet now, but boy can those birds cheep.

DH has gone to work. My head is full of cold and my eyes are itchy (the skin not the actual eyes, I have sensitive skin round the eyes and something has set them off this week), need to go and get started with a few jobs.

Trazzletoes Sun 07-Jul-13 09:15:09

Another Sunday morning spent crying alone following a row.

Currently wondering why the hell I haven't left. Oh yes, because I've got no money and nowhere to go.

Today I shall mostly not be flying, instead being angry at myself for marrying someone who has, against all my efforts, turned in to my DF.

Still at least we aren't in hospital hmm

<hugs> Trazzle. So sorry.

elliepac Sun 07-Jul-13 09:25:24


elliepac Sun 07-Jul-13 09:28:31

Here is your link for today.

The babystep is laying out clothes This is one of the few babysteps that I actually do religously even if I do fuck all else grin.

Today is 'Renew Your Spirit Day'.

Enjoy everyone smile.

CarpeVinum Sun 07-Jul-13 09:32:41

Another Sunday morning spent crying alone following a row


You are being so hit with the shitty end of the stick right now. It's like a life avalanche falling on you. I have a shovel. Where can we dig to help you haul yourself out ?

ToffeeWhirl Sun 07-Jul-13 10:47:46

Oh, Trazzle. I'm so sorry. If you want to talk about it more, we are here. This thread is about much more than Flying.


Steamedcabbage Sun 07-Jul-13 10:49:31

Just dropping by to say hello and wish everyone well.

Sorry to have gone awol off thread. Been doing lots of dd-related things to keep her occupied, trying to plough through major (unFlylady-like) re-organisation and declutter of house and rl is currently throwing us a few curve balls in terms of ongoing and unexpected serious illness relating to family and friends. All of which needs our immediate attention.

Haven't caught up properly but just wanted to send sympathies to Trazzles - although words are of very little comfort I am sure when you are going through such hideousness - thinking of you x And glad you are out of hospital.

Many congratulations to your sister and your whole family Ellie on the formalisation of the status of the new(est?) member of your family!

Fascinating to follow your house projects Carpe! smile

Sorry to hear your dh is ill again Toffee and that your ds1's anxiety is 'peaking' again. (Use this word deliberately in the hope that it will 'trough' again too.) It sounds like such a good school. I hope ds, you and them can all come to some sort of workable accommodation.

Respect to all of you on the thread battling with sn issues and the state.

Sorry about your mil's cat Blue sad

Also have raspberry envy Swan (have at least managed to get a net on our not-so-bumper crop of blackcurrants this year)

Hope you are both feeling better goth and Asheth

Well done for surviving baking back stage ballet Whoknows!

Good luck today Bitchy!

Got to go. Off to watch Wimbledon final with friends this afternoon and loads to get done before then.

Oh - Body Clutter - spent entire day yesterday eating pizza and ice cream blush although tried to shove done plenty of salad as well

Waves to Feetheart Just PA Lauren Castle Fireandblood PolkadotR Ohhelpohnoitsa and everyone I have missed!

GoingGoingGoth Sun 07-Jul-13 12:47:49

Checking in, don't like to just lurk,
40 hours done, 19 to go then 2 days off!
Shouldn't complain, the jobs a doodle, but the flat is slowly degrading.

Trazzles (hug)
Carpe I thought you were going to offer your shovel for a different use! smile

SC thanks for the good wishes, am almost feeling human today, but am dreading my next weigh in, as I've been eating like a horse these last 2 weeks.

Swanhilda Sun 07-Jul-13 13:02:02

Toffee my friend was in Steiner system for primary smile It worked very well. I think she had a friend who moved to Sussex just for the Steiner secondary - I will have to ask her. I sympathise so much with ds1. Yesterday I was consumed by anxiety over nephew coming to stay and trying to dovetail it with a party and dovetail that with arrangements for ds2 to stay at home because he couldn't cope with party (but of course wanted to go hmm whereas other children didn't want to go, but needed to go, due to numbers catered for etc, and Dh going to York for another party. It was amazing how quickly I deterioated into a angry version of myself when all these things weren't inherently that alarming.
Nephew has arrived from African adventure, aged 17 and is presently being delightfully cuddly to children, possibly because he thinks they will disappear this afternoon and give him a break!! He is a bit shellshocked having spent two weeks in a very poor African village building houses, and keeps saying how lovely it is to have a shower. He said he was woken every morning at 5.30 by crowing cockerels - just to cap your story Carpe.
Trazzle I know that stress makes you feel very angry with the person who is not apparently making the stress go away but compounding it. Life with small children is a test for any marriage, let alone what you are both going through. I regularily used to spend Sunday morning in tears (usually over clashing demands of church and husband). It seems like a bad dream. And the worst of it with small children is that feeling is that there is no way out, you can't storm off saying "that's it", which makes you feel like you are powerless, which in turn leads to even more anger and frustration.

dd music practice with kind friend for her singing part in play
ds2 bike ride - and me vitamin D
ds1 sent to Mass by himself
and yesterday I got through all those hideous arrangements in one piece - I had anxiety dreams all night. I find socialising very exhausting clearly!!!
washing hung out
breakfast served
up early, and dressed children, against their wishes, in clean clothes. Ds1 was trying to wear his pyjama tee-shirt to church, and Ds2 is notoriously revolting in what he considers suitable wear - 3 day old socks etc.

Dh is away, which ironically is creating a slightly more laidback atmosphere as I'm not having to make any specific arrangements with him to do anything. I'm setting myself very small goals today, like stay good humoured and possibly take kids out for a sandwich in a cafe.

House is strewn with washing btw!

CHBitchy Sun 07-Jul-13 15:15:59

oh god. wasn't saying about others being up too early. Was supposed to mean that I was up too fucking early. And clearly was if my post was misunderstood that well. hmmblush

CarpeVinum Sun 07-Jul-13 17:25:58

To Do List.

Lambast DS til he remembers WITHOUT FAIL to charge his phone and TURN IT ON before he goes to youth club. In case of emergency. Like now. When our car won't start and we are 4k from town.

Luckily I caught his best mate's mum right before she turned her phone off before getting in the car and shooting up the autostrada. She called his mate, told both them to go to mates house, they'll get him back to us as soon as they can. Has the little ratbag called me ? No. Can I call him? No. Cos his phone is off. Either flat battery off or turned off.

Riot Act Planned.

Top of To Do List.

If I hadn't been able to catch his mate's mum with him uncontactable we would have been shit creek without a paddle.

Six months he whinged for that smartphone so he wasn't the only one with StarTrek flippy phone. The least he could do is have it on.

Swanhilda Sun 07-Jul-13 21:24:19

carpe ds1 has a phone but hasn't used it for 6 months. It is a losing battle. But at least he seems to return home like a pigeon. Yesterday he disappeared for an hour and half on our way back from party, but found his way home eventually (he had gone on a detour) I wonder whether it is all good training.

all four children swimming and two played tennis
cooked lunch (DH returned unexpectedly from York, so I was forced to revert to formal meals hmm
row with Dh over homework needing to be done!

Rather a scratchy evening, but we have enjoyed the weather today, and our slightly bemused 16 year old visitor!

Put away all the washing
made an ironing pile for a few items
hung up previously ironed stuff
Ds1 did his Spanish under protest

Dh is reading scary book to Ds2, who promptly fell asleep. Then Dh fell asleep, which is why I am on the computer grin

Evening all. It's been such a lovely weekend here that I almost feel embarrassed to post when others are struggling. Yesterday combined picnic in the park, carnival/funfare, BBQ at home. Today was mostly about tennis. Miffed that I had to take DS2 out to a party at the beginning of the 2nd set and missed the historic moment, but the party itself wasn't too bad - from my POV, he had a whale of a time. Also meant that I got to watch the tennis with less nervous tension already knowing the result. grin

[Big hugs, wine and brew to all in need.]

I missed the historic moment too, had to take DD to her swimming lesson, but as I had only watched about 5 mins of the match (probably watched a total of 30 mins of the entire tournament) I didn't feel too gutted.

A nice day here too, WAY too hot for my liking this afternoon, but luckily I was back in the theatre again with DD and her friend for the senior ballet show and unlike backstage yesterday the auditorium was freezing, we didn't know what had hit us when we came out. Had a bit of a row with DH later when he made a derogatory/sexist comment about Andy Murray's girlfriend in front of the DCs which I thought was out of order. Oh well.

Bitchy - sorry, that's me mis-reading your post <slaps wrist>.

The DCs have done a little bit of tidying today, not as much as I had planned, but a step in the right direction. DS was wailing this morning because he couldn't find his favourite tee shirt (he knew he had last worn it 11 days ago), it wasn't in his drawer, well, I let him search and search then went to his room, lifted up a bowl and underneath was a crumpled favourite tee shirt, we had a long discussion about the consequences of not putting your washing in the basket. He sponged it clean himself and wore it (he is not sweaty yet, so it was just food marks).

Went to the kitchen today to find DS cutting up oranges on the patio table and squeezing them into cups, he has decided to go into the fresh orange juice business and sell drinks to us all. He did watermelon juice later too. Sweet in both senses of the word. Bloody glad he did it on the patio though, juice and bits of fruit everywhere, had to give it a good hose down later.

Asheth Sun 07-Jul-13 23:27:09

Haven't done much flying this weekend. Mainly just kept on top of the washing. Still got this cold - not sure how I got it in this weather! So feel ill enough to not feeling like doing much, but not so ill that I get any sympathy from anyone!

Did watch the Historic Moment though! Fab! grin

Hi all smile

Had a lovely holiday, but back to work in the morning, so thought I'd fly by and catch up.

trazzle ((hug)) so sorry your DH is still being an arse sad. Thinking about you x

toffee was very sorry to hear about toffeekitten and that your DS is struggling so much with his anxiety. I'm not sure whether this will be remotely helpful, but I used to have horrendous panic attacks (school related) in late primary/early secondary and I found this book massively helpful. I still use the techniques now if I feel anxious and I haven't had a 'proper' panic attack for nearly 10 years.

Hello to ellie, sc, blue, castle, just - so sorry about your friend sad, carpe, whoknows, bitchy, swan and everyone I've missed.

Not likely to do much flying tomorrow as I've got an evening meeting in Hull. Possibly with a baying mob. We shall see! <nervous grin >

elliepac Mon 08-Jul-13 06:14:07

Morning all.

Have had an absolutely lovely weekend, with BBQ's, friends, sunshine and Wimbledon. WIsh the summer holidays started today sad. Don't want to go to work today even though I am actually on a trip which should be nice.

Back in a sec with links.

elliepac Mon 08-Jul-13 06:19:37

Here are your links for today.

Your babystep for today is beginning your Control Journal.

This week we are in the kitchen

Your mission for today is here.

The Sneak Peek for the week is here.

Have a good day everyone.

Jdub Mon 08-Jul-13 10:23:00

Good morning!!! What a beautiful day smile
Had a bathroom cleaning sesh last night after towels/toys from paddling pool all cleared away (and I even had a dip myself - ace!)
Too hot all weekend for much work to be done, but all my washing is dry, folded and the majority has been stowed!
I am SO excited that summer seems to have arrived, and I shall dust tonight, when it cools down abit!
Big up the summer (please last for longer than a few days!)

ToffeeWhirl Mon 08-Jul-13 10:48:13

pushme - I have that book myself somewhere and found it very helpful. I should have another read through and see if it has any tips that would help DS1. Thank you. And great to hear that you are free of panic attacks now smile. They are appalling things, aren't they?

Swan - good to know of another child who did well in the Steiner system, thank you.

Sadly, we have had to abort DS1's insight week. He is really grieving for our kitten and his worst OCD habit (which involves self harm sad) has come back with a vengence. We had to cancel school today and I'm going to email the teacher and ask if DS can repeat the insight week after the summer. I was really hoping that we would know where we are by the end of this week, but we are going to just have to put up with the uncertainty. The trouble is that DH can't run his business without my help now, as I am replacing his last member of staff. And I can't be in two places at once, home educating and working <sigh>.

Woe betide anyone who crosses me in RL today, because I am teetering right on the edge...

Steamedcabbage Mon 08-Jul-13 10:48:29

Good morning!
Beautiful day here too Jdub! smile

Having spent the weekend socialising (very nice it was too grin) and a fair bit of trying to make order out of case (had list of ten items but only accomplished 3.5 which is better than nowt but seems to take ages to get anything finished) I now have two half-days to whip this place in to some sort of shape ...

Crisis declutter/reorganisation here I come ...

I second Pushme's recommendation re Dr Claire Weekes (have occasional panic myself - thankfully a lot less than I used to).

Good luck with meeting tonight Pushme(sounds somewhat panic-inducing to me!!)

Ta for links Ellie - hope school trip reasonably enjoyable!

Asheth poor you, not pleasant being ill in this weather

Aw re: your ds's drinks enterprise Whoknows!

Have a good week everyone!

Waves to Blue Engels Swan Feetheart Toffee Just Castle Honu Lauren Lplate Lilleth Fireandblood PolkadotR Ohhelpohnoitsa and anyone else who is around!

Steamedcabbage Mon 08-Jul-13 10:58:32

x post Toffee

Sorry things are so tough atm - can't be easy being split between two such important demands - hope you can find a way through x

Correction (previous post)
order out of 'chaos' not 'case' confused

And missed Goth from list earlier - waves to everyone else I missed too!

Asheth Mon 08-Jul-13 11:36:37

Toffee so sorry things are tough at the moment, Fingers crossed that things will improve for you soon.

good luck with your crisis clean SC!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Feeling a bit better now and am determined to get back on track! So far I have done school runs, completed mission, filled in some paperwork for DS1's transition to secondary school, decluttered and cleaned one kitchen cupboard, done some washing, changed one bed.

Hoping to still do - a bit of a house 'bleugh', 15 mins decluttering in another room, water plants, clean downstairs toilet. And anything else I think of along the way!

Steamedcabbage Mon 08-Jul-13 12:03:21

Missed out Bitchy too - sorry!

Steamedcabbage Mon 08-Jul-13 12:04:23

Glad you are feeling a bit better Asheth - good luck with the 'bleugh'!

Backing away from the screen now ...

GoingGoingGoth Mon 08-Jul-13 12:43:38

Afternoon all, last day at work! (Until Thursday)
New week, new start.

Will be back on the MFP today, and Home Blurghing tomorrow.

CarpeVinum Mon 08-Jul-13 14:28:08

I have very techily cleaned and tidied (inc mopping) all of downstairs. Well I say all. Not my classroom. And not the pantry or store room. Which sounds posh, but believe me, is not. Is due to stupid big fat walls with stupid big fat beams sitting on them, so they can't be moved, so I have silly "twiddley" bits. Oh and the washing machine bit. Haven't done that either.

So basically ALL of downstairs should be read as "kitchen and living room only".

It's not my fault, it's really really hot and so muggy. There must be thunder on the way cos my blood pressure has plummeted. I'll do the rest this evening when the temps drop. Can't be arsed right now. And I have to wash me and then teach. Don't want to do that either.

And fly season has started. Bugger.

<swats half heartedly>

Ouufff. Hot. No like.

I did make DS study an hpur of maths and an hour of Spanish this morning. I nearly wore out my eyebrows doing it too.

<knits eyebrows in hard stare to demonstrate>

princessx Mon 08-Jul-13 15:46:15

Hi there, I'd like to join this thread if that's alright?

I've had a look at the fly lady website and it looks like just what I need. I've never been very tidy or organised, and I'm just emerging from a newborn daze with ds2 to face reality which is we're now a family of four and there is a LOT of work to do!!!

Never ending laundry and dishes is my main problem, and I feel I can never quite finish it or get it out of the way to get round to everything else. I've not shined my sink yet, but I'm just about to - honest!! But today I have:
- fed everyone and cleared up and done dishes
- thoroughly swept bathroom, kitchen, hall and living room
- thoroughly mopped floors too
- washed one load- not hung out yet

Major to do now is to sort out dinner for tonight, as I think I may need to go back to the shops.

Anyway I'm glad I've found this thread, it will be great to get some motivation through my never ending chores!

Swanhilda Mon 08-Jul-13 19:12:58

well, I had a silly horrendous day feeling anxious and angry about just about everything which did not go according to plan, which was quite a few things. All went slightly pearshaped by 2pm due to two teens making plans without consulting their taxi driver/tour guide me, which for some reason hit a raw nerve, as I find it difficult enough being a hostess as it is.

Electrics have failed in kitchen shock funnily enough that sort of things doesn't worry as much as having to talk to electrician about mending it, which I've done now.

sorted out the rubbish in the alley
two loads of washing
took dd to buy a dress suitable for her glam role in Hairspray
took dnephew to meetup, and delivered his luggage, finally
ds1 has done football
dh took the tent down
rang electrician

Toffee coming to terms with all those weeks of dealing with a sick kitten and worrying on its behalf would leave the calmest person in a state; also all the uncertainty surrounding the diagnosis.

Another problem now to deal with, I have to go out to a dinner I don't want to go to sad and I'm not sure whether they think I'm attending or not which makes it worse. So I suppose I had better just get it over with and find out! Shower calls.

elliepac Mon 08-Jul-13 19:20:11

Evening all smile.

Lovely trip to a local castle today in the sunshine and DH has flown as if the Fat Fairy was up his bottom dictating to him what to do grin.

This is trivial compared to what others are having to deal with at the moment but I am sad because DS has figured out that Father Christmas is not real. I can no longer kid myself he is a baby. He just asked me outright, I tried to lie but he saw straight through it. Waaaaah.

I have nothing else of note to report. My life really is that boring grin.

Back in a sec with links and round-up

elliepac Mon 08-Jul-13 19:23:44

Your links for Wednesday are as follows:-

Your babystep is focusing on decluttering and 5 minute room rescue

Your mission is here.

This week we are in the KItchen and your zone cleaning is here.

Have a good day everyone!

elliepac Mon 08-Jul-13 19:33:19

So here is a very quick round-up as I have to pick DS up from cubs soon.

swan had a tricky day with teens, electricians and dinners she doesn't want to go to. Hope it's not too bad.

princessx joined us smile. Welcome to the fledglings. Any questions just ask and one of us will answer.

carpe has stupid big fat walls and stupid big fat beams. The heat/DS has driven her to knit her eyebrows together. I have a permanent monobrow due to secondary school teaching winkgrin.

goth is promising new week, new start. I say that every week wink.

asheth is feeling a bit better and not attempting home bleugh instead of just feeling bleugh

sc has been socialising and is now crisis cleaning. All whilst doling out her usual words of wisdom smile

toffee is having a tough time of it at the moment. We offer her an ear and wine.

pmpy returned from her holidays and is looking forward to getting back to work??? She will be very near me this evening <waves>.

Waves to blue, whoknows jdub just chb and anyone else I have missed out. Must go and pick DS up from cubs.

Asheth Mon 08-Jul-13 19:34:41

Welcome Princessx! Never ending laundry is something I have too! I'm on my second month and am finding it really useful. Plus this thread is always great for a chat and biscuit and wine and brew!

Trazzletoes Mon 08-Jul-13 20:59:56

Hi princessx
Sorry to those of you having difficult times. I have read the thread but am in hospital so on my phone and with a VERY sketchy connection.

Suffice to say I left home at 9am and won't return til 7pm tomorrow so no flying here. Had horrific day with Joe screaming in agony for Over an hour and there was nothing I could do about it.

And there's a toddler in the next bed who is still up and still watching Peppa Pig. It's been on repeat since about 3 pm. I never want to hear that damn theme tune again.

Wednesday, Ellie? Time's flying as it is without getting ahead of ourselves! Glad you've had a good day.

Hi to Princessx - jump in!

Sorry to hear things are so hard, Toffee, and that you've had a trying day, swan too.

So, flying. Um, none of that here today. Have done some work though, so that's something.

X-post with Trazzles. Sorry to hear about Joe. And Peppa Pig on top of all that. ((Hugs))

Trazzletoes Mon 08-Jul-13 21:27:43

Six. And. A. Half. Hours.


Eee well, Joe is scheduled an injection c.1am. I doubt he'll be quiet about it!

Swanhilda Mon 08-Jul-13 22:10:44

Trazzles the next door television sets used to drive me nuts in the children's ward. Why do they allow them past a certain hour, I just cannot understand. And why the nurses don't do something about it! [grrr]
I am so so sorry that Joe has been in such pain and you have had to suffer with him that experience.

dinner - it was fine, apart from a dramatic scene where a couple having a a tiff at next door table threw wine at each other, and one stormed off shouting Get the F** Out My Life. shock I had a nice chat about dystopian future books with an acquaintance.
Came back to find Dh watching silly film with children. Why are you back so early he said?

push hope baying mob were placated

More stuff to sort out tomorrow: electrician may want to pull out all the builtinappliances. I also need to cancel dd's piano lesson as she has a rehearsal, which will not go down well with her teacher. Just stuff really, nothing compared to what you are dealing with Trazzles I should be braver.

Steamedcabbage Mon 08-Jul-13 22:20:57

Crikey Trazzles sorry you and Joe have had such a tough day and that it is still continuing this evening ...hope they give ruddy Peppa Pig a rest soon

[sending supportive Fledgling vibes and restorative amounts of virtual alcohol wine wine wine ]

A warm welcome to PrincessX!

Ellie I'm afraid I lied too when asked about Father Christmas - but dd (I reckon by now anyway) knows I am lying and is playing along with it as part of her still wants to believe ... . It is sad though when they grow up so fast ...still, I take solace from the fact that I received a supportive note from 'The Moon Unicorn in Eucornia' this morning .. written in deliberately wobbly writing ...smile

Hope dinner wasn't too nightmarish Swan

Wishing you strength for the long shifts Goth

Arf at Ellie's and Carpe's monobrows!

Pssst - good to share shoe tips Whoknows grin wink

Waves to Blue Asheth Toffee Pushme Bitchy and everyone else!

G'night all

Steamedcabbage Mon 08-Jul-13 22:26:02

x posts Swan!

supper sounds very entertaining grin!

jesstheworstmum Mon 08-Jul-13 22:32:37

Guys. Can I get on board here please ? Y'all seem so lovely and I could really use a place to brain dump the mountains of stuf I need to do to get my place sorted ?

Evening all smile

God trazzles, 6 and a half hours is pushing it even for the most devoted Peppa fan. I really hope the next injection is less painful for Joe sad. I will be thinking about you both at 1am x

swan and sc mob were quite displeased but mostly not with me, so I'm counting that as a plus they called my client and arrogant arsehole, which he kind of is tbh, so it was worth going just for that

Am I waving across the Humber to you ellie? I've got meetings at Grimsby and Immingham tomorrow, and it hardly seemed worth going home. Perhaps I should have turned up hopefully on your doorstep instead grin. How old is your DS? I am dreading the end of FC with my two.

I think the cancellation is to be expected if disappointing toffee. It's been probably the most stressful week your DS has had if not ever then certainly for a long time. I'm sure he'll have a much better chance if he can try again once he's had a bit of time to rebuild his emotional resiliance (can't think of a better way of phrasing that but I'm sure there is one).

Hi blue, jdub, princess, carpe, goth and bitchy. And everyone else I've missed smile

No flying here, but DH has bought a new iron and is excitedly ironing ants and teatowels hmm. But has completely failed to clean up after tea or stack the dishwasher hmm hmm.

Hi jess, of course, jump right in smile. Be warned we are generally better at chatting than cleaning though grin

GoingGoingGoth Mon 08-Jul-13 22:55:05

jesstheworstmum welcome aboard!
And hello to princessx too.

Only advice you'll get from me (ha ha, opinionated really) is remember baby steps don't try to do everything at once.

Well, I'm home, done a small batch of ironing and raised DH's hopes by telling him to strip, yes you've got it, it's a late night wash load to give me a head start in the morning grin


Welcome to Princess and Jess, you've come to the right place, just jump in and feel free to ask if we are talking in a strange code. No question is too trivial for this thread.

Trazzles - grrrr to Peppa Pig. When DS had his arm set the other week there was someone in the next room watching Eastenders on a laptop at 11pm, I was not amused, and that was only on one night, the amount of time you've had to spend in hospital I'm not surprised it's driving you to distraction.

Swan - hope you get the electric sorted without too much hassle. We had our water meter installed last week and it has shown that there's a leak somewhere, so I think we are in for repairs too.

Toffee - <hugs>, such rotten timing, losing the kitten at the same time as the insight week. I don't feel I have any useful suggestions I'm afraid, just want to offer moral support.

Had to do panic Flying today as I had invited my friends over for coffee this afternoon. It was too hot to sit on the patio so we put beanbags and cushions under the cherry tree and had a nice chinwag together, we all act as a valve for each others worries and frustrations, a bit like this thread really, and our coffees are very precious to us all. Anyway that meant downstairs at least was tidy. Forced the DCs to sort out and put away all clothes, clean and dirty this evening, so there is a bit of an improvement upstairs. DS opened the juice bar again today with watermelon juice, lovely.


Morning routine
Tidy kitchen
Clean kitchen and bathroom floors
Two lots wshing
Pilates class
4 bags of stuff to charity shop
unpack shopping
clean kitchen and bathroom
water school garden
school run
paperwork half an hour or so
make dinner

ToffeeWhirl Tue 09-Jul-13 00:04:23

Welcome, princessx and sympathies with the never-ending laundry. (Does anyone else ever see the bottom of their laundry baskets? I never do and I'm not sure I want to know what's down there.)

Hi and welcome, jess - pushme is right about the chatting here. There is a naughty corner for those who've had a bad Flying day too (the bar is usually well stocked wink).

Thank you for the wise and consoling words from swan, push, whoknows, blue, ellie and more about DS1/school/poorly kitten scenario. Have pulled myself together now, I think. Told DS1 this evening that we will be resuming home ed tomorrow, as he isn't going to complete his insight week, but we will be studying in a local park (thereby neatly combining home ed with his CBT challenges grin).

Teacher still hasn't been in touch to arrange a meeting. I don't understand people who don't reply to emails. I have emailed him three times since last week. Am annoyed with him now.

Trazzle - I'm so, so sorry that Joe was in so much pain. And how awful for you to witness it and be unable to stop it. Is there nothing the nurses can give him to stop the pain? Poor baby - and poor you. I hope tonight is better.

SC - I love the fact that you have a note from 'The Moon Unicorn in Eucornia' grin.

ellie - sorry about the Father Christmas stuff. It depends so much on the child. DS1, who is quite naive really, believed in him right up until he was about to go to secondary and cried when he realised he wasn't real sad, whereas DS2 rumbled it in no time and had to be held back from telling all his classmates.

Carpe - I am impressed that you managed to get your DS to study an hour of Maths and an hour of Spanish. Any tips on how you did that, or is it all down to the eyebrows?

Swan - so sorry about the electrics in your kitchen. It's just one more bloody thing to deal with, isn't it?

WhoKnows - we have just had a letter telling us we have to have a water meter too. I don't want one angry.

Anyone know why I am getting a lot of spiders downstairs at the moment? It's not spider season, is it? confused What scares me is that they all look like they are from the same family and they are big <eek>. DH says they are breeding in the cupboard under the stairs shock.

Must go and sort out some work for DS1 tomorrow...

<glances nervously at cupboard door>

elliepac Tue 09-Jul-13 06:33:53

Morning allsmile

Welcome jess smile

pmpy you are indeed waving across the Humbergrin and today within spitting distance. We could have had a fledgling sleepover. DS is turning 10 next month so I knew it was only a matter of time! Thought i might get one more year because he is quite naive but alas it was not to be. Have made him promise on pain of death not to tell DD and that he has to play along. On the positive side he then was ruminating and realised that all presents were actually from us and was shocked at how much money has been spent on him over the years. Maybe, just maybe, he will be a little more grateful!

trazzles having gone through a Peppa Pig obsessed phase with DD, I feel your pain. Hope they have manage to sort Joe's pain out.

Better get on. 8 get ups to go!

CHBitchy Tue 09-Jul-13 07:38:22

<ignores talk of father Christmas as ds NEVER believed too bloody logical>

<ignores talk of 8 legged beasts>

sorry some are having such awful times atm.

I think I might have stuffed up the organisation for today. I need to check but I am up and functioning and have had my first argument of the day with ds already. Now for the coffee and the doing stuff. will be a normal bitchy kinda list today. sorry to the new fledglings just do as the others do and ignore it wink

ta da
fold 1 load of washing
internet stuff
sort through clothes
pin ds down and deal with his infected cuts
pick a second argument with ds re homework
Play hunt the calendar with the info on that is actually needed for today. hmm

jesstheworstmum Tue 09-Jul-13 09:07:11

Thanks for welcoming me
I'm just buying some supplies in Tesco and then I'm hoping to blitz my kitchen !!

CHBitchy Tue 09-Jul-13 09:16:44

Just warning you jess the fat fairy is very against blitzing. The key to the whole system is babysteps and NOT being a perfectionist. The idea that in little bits, a little of a time you won't need to blitz and you will be on top of things without realising it. Perfectionism is very against the ethos and has caused rifts within the thread previously. We do try to keep up this end on non-perfectionism with chit chat, the naughty corner and it's bar for those that require or just wish to hide in it. Good luck but remember to "only pull out what you can put away in an hour" at any one time.

Right flying on coffee today. ellie be warned the car is being tackled it has to go to the garage in 15mins and I am not sending it in its current biohazard state

Steamedcabbage Tue 09-Jul-13 10:09:47

Morning all

Trazzles How are you and Joe this morning?

A warm welcome to Jess Yes, slow and steady really is the way to go smile [Bitchy look away] I confess I broke all the rules and blitzed yesterday and a bit over the weekend though Good luck!

Hope your day gets better Bitchy! brew

Sorry teacher hasn't got back to you Toffee how frustrating. Well done for ploughing on with home ed though. Ditto what Pushme said about trial week coming at worst possible time for your ds1 - he did v. well to get as far as he did in circs. Loads of spiders here atm btw. Lots of webs spread across bushes etc - maybe cold spring triggered early 'nesting' or whatever it is they do.

[Also have creepy crawlies of a different variety in our sitting room. DD has one of those hatching butterfly sets which comes out every year. Live caterpillars arrived yesterday and are already cocooning (normally takes at least a week or so). Must be the heat.]

Another one who had an eventful evening Pushme! Glad you survived the meeting. Arf at your dh ironing ants! grin

Whoknows coffee with friends under the cherry tree sounds absolutely idyllic smile

grin at Goth stripping her dh ....(for Flying purposes only wink)

Hope you get the electricity sorted Swan and the contents of freezer/fridge haven't suffered too much in the heat

Waves to Ellie Carpe and eveyrone else ...

whingy bit part 1:
It's three steps forward, one back here. Had arrranged for a gardener, a builder and two dynamic ladies to come and help me this afternoon with special cleaning projects (following on from my major sort). But, having felt fine all day heaving boxes up and downstairs, was up all night heaving in another way, and doc says I apparently need to have more investigations (stomach and cardiac). (Already had some minor treatment for both.) So have cancelled everyone (except gardener) which is deeply frustrating. This all sounds a lot worse than it is - as feel tired but OK this morning. (Have huge fear and loathing of doctors/hospitals though so dreading the forthcoming appts.) Feel badly for dh though who has been up most of the night and has hugely busy day in office to plough through.

whingy bit part 2:
Am a bit angry with my brother over my sister's 25th wedding anniversary card/present and arrangements. Trying to get them to participate and "they don't have time". They are in UK, v. active family and understand it is very frantic time of year. But equally, said sister always puts herself out hugely for them so am disappointed on her behalf. Men eh?

Swanhilda Tue 09-Jul-13 10:15:06

Well there is something seriously wrong with electrics, but he has done temporary repair till next week. I feel CALM about it, for some reason it doesn't feel like end of the world.

So the plan for this morning is Go to postoffice with five parcels
return with food! we need some
throw away contents of freezer, luckily mostly horrid stuff I am glad to see the back of
tidy and hoover my room

have done
kitchen tidy before electrician

Ellie mine know that FC doesn't exist but they still believe in him ifysim, even at 13/11. They feel the mysteriousness of the presents arriving at the end of the bed must be more than Mum and Dad. It is strange, but sometimes I think I believe in FC too, even though I know I am him confused Too much Polar Express and Raymond Briggs...

Children are all at school, and there is a slight relaxing of tension over homework/tutoring etc/music practice as term ends, but they are still physically at school. This feels like the real holiday tbfrank.

CHBitchy Tue 09-Jul-13 10:25:46

ta da
fold 1 load of washing
internet stuff
sort through clothes
pin ds down and deal with his infected cuts
pick a second argument with ds re homework
Play hunt the calendar with the info on that is actually needed for today. hmm
put on a load of washing
empty the boot
remove rubbish from car
remove recycling from car
remove hair stuff that shouldn't be in the car
remove most of the junk from car
deliver car to mechanic
drop repeat prescription request for ds' meds
request a telephone consultation re ds
put on 2nd load of washing
hang out 1 load of washing
fold 2 loads of washing and sort ironing out ready to go
get changed into sports bra and bikini bottoms (need to buy a new bikini and tops don't fit anymore) blush
drink my 5th cup of coffee for this morning and 1 1/2ltrs water
look at my knives forlornly and wish I was at training where it is nice and cold
5 mins decluttering in my room - stupid hot in there so can't do much in one go

right next job ds' clothes away and his packing for wkend.

Swanhilda Tue 09-Jul-13 10:27:31

SC How organised and positive to get those people to help you. CBT person said I should pay to get declutterer (probably cheaper than CBT sessions hmm In fact she said one of my problems was not accepting help, paid or otherwise.
Sympathy over party pooping mindset and you having to put up with other people's tiresome behaviour. I'm afraid I'm probably a bit like your brother and I curl up in a ball when people ask me get enthusiastic about official celebrations. It is a vice. My sister's trying to organise has organised my father's 80 birthday celebration and I'm not helping her at all, basically because I hate parties (like my mum) although love my Dad sad So I must try harder. My sister has told me to write a poem for an anthology, so that at least is a small thing I can be getting on with.

SC again. Sorry to hear about the medical stuff bombarding you again, and dragging you down. It is so frustrating when the mind is willing but the body won't play ball. Good luck with it all.

Must go now, into beautiful sunshine and dappled streets...

jesstheworstmum Tue 09-Jul-13 11:04:57

What if its just so bad right now tho I can't function in there ?! How do I get it to the point where I can do the small maintaining stuff !!

Steamedcabbage Tue 09-Jul-13 11:10:39

Thks Swan yes, like you, normally loathe having other people "help" in the house (think they almost create more work than they achieve sometimes - except fortnightly ironing lady of course who is ace wink) but stuff I have to do is unmanageable for one person. Needed some one-off help to move on a stage ifyswim so frustrating to have to delay/cancel and costly too. And now future building plans (which might make difference to aforesaid practicality issues) are on hold again too - arrrgghhh.

Db saga worse than you might imagine. No party involved (owing to differing travel plans) - not only are dcs "too busy" to draw/design part of card, they are too busy to sign it and send it on apparently sad

Enjoy the sunshine!

Sorry everyone - know these are very "first world" problems and not nearly as bad as things some of you are facing. Better go, dd back from holiday art club.

Asheth Tue 09-Jul-13 11:15:10

Swanhilda I definitly believe in Father Christmas! There's no way I could have possibly bought the huge pile of toys and chocolate that appears at the end of the DC's beds each year is there? Surely even I'm not that stupid! Given that it will be me who will end up picking up all the toys all year!

Steamedcabbage Tue 09-Jul-13 11:22:50

Jess I think the idea is that you just tackle it for a set chunk of time every day so that you don't burn out ie consistency is the key. Kind of like eating an elephant. Clear entrance first, then path-way, then establish a bit of a plan for the rest.

Having said that ...(Bitchy look away again grin) .. it's going against "the rules" but I sometimes think it is more efficient/doable to do a big lot of clearing in one go eg wardrobe sorting when you actually have to dust/hoover inside the wardrobe (so clothes have to go on bed at some point) think it is personally more efficient to finish the job however long it takes, rather than having clothes lying around everywhere.

Just adapt the system to suit what works for you best. A big "blitz" at the beginning might be appropriate to get you going, followed by more regular maintenance thereafter, as long as you have the energy ....
Good luck!

Steamedcabbage Tue 09-Jul-13 11:23:31

grin Asheth

jesstheworstmum Tue 09-Jul-13 11:48:22

Thanks so much steamed cabbage ! I think I will do as much as I can for short bursts keep going in and out there ..

I just read a tip online to sort my bathroom tile grout so I went and did that - bicarb bleech and an old toothbrush so I'm hoping its gonna look good after a soak smile)

Swanhilda Tue 09-Jul-13 12:44:24

SC aha! Now I think I see what is happening with your DB. I think they probably want to be the one to think of their present and doesn't like sharing what they perceives to be your present/card/brilliant idea. Very very unwarranted, and dog in the mangerish. I would just go ahead and make your card and present as lovely as you want it to be and not feel responsible for their flouncy tiresomeness. You have done your best and teeth grinding is definitely in order.

Alright, I have spent all morning packing addressing and sending off a heavy parcel to my cousin of old and beloved books. (Toffee I am in admiration of anyone who manages this on a daily basis - as it is an admin tour de force finding packing materials, money, addresses etc and actually going to the wretched PO! I just hope she doesn't throw them in the bin, or it will be me grinding my teeth. And also I now have a blister because none of my summer shoes fit!!!! Aargh.

Also done
food shopping
cleaning out freezer, and eating the surprisingly good things (okay they looked revolting but they taste alright) at the bottom of it.
physical exercise
decluttered some books to tip

tackling second PO run
some soup

Swanhilda Tue 09-Jul-13 12:46:46

jess I think big blitzes are fine, to start off with - it is only when they become a regular habit that something is backfiring - speaks the person who finds it tremendously difficult to get little things done.

Steamedcabbage Tue 09-Jul-13 13:08:17

Sadly think db is just very wrapped up in his own world Swan They are not planning to do anything themselves. Partic maddening because he is always very anxious to remind us about dear niece's birthdays or dpil's birthday. [Back to teeth grinding grin]

Sympathies over blisters. Have two "shoe difficulty" threads going atm!!

Good luck with it Jess!

CHBitchy Tue 09-Jul-13 13:16:08

ta da
fold 1 load of washing
internet stuff
sort through clothes
pin ds down and deal with his infected cuts
pick a second argument with ds re homework
Play hunt the calendar with the info on that is actually needed for today. hmm
put on a load of washing
empty the boot
remove rubbish from car
remove recycling from car
remove hair stuff that shouldn't be in the car
remove most of the junk from car
deliver car to mechanic
drop repeat prescription request for ds' meds
request a telephone consultation re ds
put on 2nd load of washing
hang out 1 load of washing
fold 2 loads of washing and sort ironing out ready to go
get changed into sports bra and bikini bottoms (need to buy a new bikini and tops don't fit anymore) blush
drink my 5th cup of coffee for this morning and 1 1/2ltrs water
look at my knives forlornly and wish I was at training where it is nice and cold
5 mins decluttering in my room - stupid hot in there so can't do much in one go
more washing
mostly re string ds' blind
put my clothes away
tame the plant that is trying to invade the house
tame the plant that is trying to kill the rhubarb
sit in the garden with craft project for 15mins
Get burnt eating lunch out in garden. my poor shoulders sad
15mins decluttering in my room
accidentally eat what was left of the chocolate brownies
Speak to nurse about ds and book appointment for tomo
remove name tags out of grown out of/destroyed clothes
make a decision about dress that was in process of making mock up for.
Consider tackling the mountain of paperwork and then ignore it winkgrin
hand washing x 2 lots
discover that runner beans have actually grown and whilst are rather stunted need planting up.
check state of bed for the runner beans to go in
Clear the chair in my room
sort the penny pot out
more washing (yeah I was lazy and let it build up again) blush
sort through the swimming/beach wear box.
sort through the bandage box and put lost bandages away

Consils Tue 09-Jul-13 13:58:47

Clean hob
Clean surfaces

Passport application
Ring builder
Ring dentist
Clear inbox
Plan supper
2nd hand shop
Buy watch
Buy party photographs
Clean food bin

Trazzletoes Tue 09-Jul-13 14:32:08

Ooh I've just remembered I did some online shopping the other day! Got a new diary control journal for 2013-14, plus a similar style calendar for the kitchen. Also bought some clothes for DD for next year in the sales. I can't bring myself to buy clothes for Joe to grow in to though.

There's been considerably less screaming here today and ill be at home tonight to do the online food shop groan and hopefully level 2 of the 30 day shred eeeeerk!

CHBitchy Tue 09-Jul-13 14:53:07

Yay for less screaming.

also ta da as cbe to c&p other list to add onto. blush

15mins decluttering in back bedroom
sort out plan of action for this week
more washing
15mins of paperwork sorting
15mins with a cuppa in the sun with burnt bits covered.
collect recycling together in one area ready to go out
put disinfectant in ds' bin
find hole punch and look for stapler for tackling a file of paperwork later
move family history folders from shelf to different storage position
sort out internet stuff
put anti-virus/firewall thingy on the laptop
sort out one compartment of the letter holder storage thingy on top of bookcase

right must go get changed ready to collect ds from school. will be back later, I really have drunk too much coffee winkgrin

CHBitchy Tue 09-Jul-13 16:45:04

Although I am now drinking decaff, I am also currently clearing out the office so that I can reclaim my bedroom. Erm the word burnout is beginning to feel relevant. Strong meds will be needed tonight/tomo.

GoingGoingGoth Tue 09-Jul-13 16:54:17

Hello all, (look away Trazzles ...) It is so hot here today! <brain melt>

Laundry hung out
Recycling out
Mini Family Fun Day - went to cinema with DD to see Despicable Me 2
Quick trip to IKEA - only bought 1 pillow (plus 2 icecreams)
Laundry in
Collected DD's friend over for dinner

Now sweating collapsed on sofa trying to work out what to feed them.
Dessert is no problem as we have lots of fruit, including perfectly ripe pears!

To do
Weekly bleugh - may happen tomorrow

Jess if you're going to blitz, try doing it in 15 minute sections, and then have a break/a change, that's how I 'did' the kitchen at work in 1 day, including bleaching all the cupboards <shudders>

PolkadotRosa Tue 09-Jul-13 17:35:57

Hey everyone. Hope today's going ok for you all, and sending some good-stuff wishes to those that need it.
Hello to jess i'm new here too and it's great. I always struggle to keep on top of things but so far, so good. It's true about the perfectionism thing- I'm getting so much more done by doing a bit at a time and just getting straight before bed and ready for the next day, with a little routine now developing in the mornings. I've cleaned my fridge out today, but done it through the day one shelf at a time inbetween stuff with the kids etc, whereas before I'd have done it all at once. It doesn't feel like a task really when it's broken down into manageable chunks. Follow the babysteps and start with your sink!
Enjoy the rest of the day everyonesmile

PolkadotRosa Tue 09-Jul-13 17:41:24

Ps hope I've not confused you jess Today's mission is just to scrub your kitchen worktops. I just started the fridge too as it was getting on my pip.

CHBitchy Tue 09-Jul-13 19:09:38

Did a bit more stuff and then chucked all the stuff that pulled out and I didn't have the energy to deal with back on the floor so I have a bed to sleep in. already curled up on my bed. will be early nights all around here.
Do not fly like this. it is a crap way of flying.


Evening! [Waves to Polkadot and Jess ]

Another epic Bitchy day, I see. Hope you get some good sleep.

Haven't done much by way of flying today, but am trying to get back into the mindset of putting things away as a default setting. Was working well at the end of last year, but has slipped.

SC - how annoying to have all your plans thrown out like that. Sympathies. Would also go with just doing what you want for present etc and leaving your brother to it.

Swan - hope electrics can be sorted quickly.

Going - envy at being able to pop into Ikea. We always spend fortunes in there because there isn't one for 100 miles or so, so never know when there'll be another opportunity!

Hi all smile

Have skimmed the thread, but too knackered for personals - sorry blush

I have done no flying as I have been mostly driving or in angry meetings (not me angry) for the past 40 or so hours, but DH has been a star smile

I have put on 6 pounds in a week shock and I had a tummy upset for 3 days of it and barely ate anything! Back on the 5:2 this week though, although I can only realistically find one diet day as too many work functions or long distance driving on other days. Friday will have to be the second day I think, which i hate, because of the no wine

Sleepy wave to everyone, see you in the morning smile

GoingGoingGoth Tue 09-Jul-13 22:51:07

Blue it used to be the same for me, used to spend a fortune there, but now we're. Only a 40minute bus ride away, and the route is practically door to door (useful when I was bring home bookcases)
Dd thinks it's my "treat" after taking her to the cinema. maybe a little

Since last check in I have:
Emptied cat litter
Cooked some rhubarb
Taken DD's friend home
Washed up

Morning all,

Up early so DS can have an early breakfast - he goes to hospital today to have the wires removed from his wrist, and may need to be put under GA, so no food after 6am.

Just been in the garden, lovely and cool and quiet (we get a lot of traffic noise later). Might go back to bed for an hour, DS wants to be left alone (that's my excuse anyway). Actually he does. He says he is very nervous, but he is very calm, so hope he's going to be OK. I'm just trying not to think about it.

Blue - my first house was 20 mins drive from the Wembley Ikea, it was almost entirely furnished from there and I used to bring back all manner of stuff. They built one about 45 mins from here a few years ago and it was 5 years before we got round to going, I am capable of going in and buying only one or two things now, which is good. DS is cross that he is too old for the creche now.


Firstly, Whoknows hope today goes well for DS. Thinking of him - and you. thanks

Well, hello there everyone. Sorry yet again for not being around for ages a while. Just a quick catch up with life in the PA household. We are all back in this country at the moment. Errr, well DD3 is actually away in Tenerife on honeymoon, so not strictly true. Wedding was amazingly wonderful. The bride and groom smiled and laughed and cried tears of sheer joy all day! (Soppy couple!!)
I am now staying in this country. DS is staying here with me, but DH and DD4 will be returning to Cambodia for another year. I know it's not the "normal", but there you go!! They return in just 2 weeks time and hopefully will be back for a visit here at Christmas.
So, I am in a furious cycle of job searching. Not just me, DD1 and DS are also doing the same. DD1 and I have even ended up applying for the same jobs. Interviews are coming thick and fast at the moment. I had 1 Friday, DD1 had one Saturday, yesterday I had 1 and DD1 had 2. DS has 1 today! Hopefully one of them will work out for each of us!! I have been offered 1 job, but I am negotiating a part of it that I really do not want to do.

Anyway, as I am going to be here now and life should be a bit more on the normal scale I am going to be needing to leap right back into this thread and trust you lot to kick me up the bum get me on track. I will have a huge house to keep up together after not doing much housework for a year - no paid cleaner here!! hmm But, there will only be 3 of us living in the house, (me, DD1 and DS) so how much mess can we really make??? - ok, DD1 is just the absolute WORST person for leaving stuff around, so maybe she will make up for the empty house!

Soooo, will you have me back??? Not read through this months thread yet, apologies for missing anything and everything!

I promise to do my best, to do my updates on my lack of cleaning, to keep up to date with the thread and to love you all. grin

Yay PA welcome back!

Steamedcabbage Wed 10-Jul-13 08:31:22

Yay PA you're back grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine wine

Trazzletoes Wed 10-Jul-13 08:42:17

Hi PA lovely to have you back!!!!

I used to live 5 mins drive from Ikea. It became something of an addiction! Our house is also entirely furnished from there!!! But as we are starting to get some money together we are just beginning to furnish it more in our "own" style. We're about 20 minutes away now so it's not so bad, but right next to it is a drive thru Krispy Kreme. I'm glad not to live so close anymore! Or at least my waistline is!!!

At home last night I did 30 day shred level 2; cried; cooked; meal plan for next week; ordered food; slept nowhere near enough.

In hospital all day again today so no flying here.

Trazzletoes Wed 10-Jul-13 08:47:37

NB. The crying related to how hard level 2 of the shred is, even when I didn't even manage half of it and still couldn't see due to sweat pouring in to my eyes! Nothing more sinister than that!!!

Swanhilda Wed 10-Jul-13 08:54:43

Three children off to school.

Now Dh and I are off to Family Therapy but Dh is being v unpleasant about it, so I don't hold out much hope [wry/hmm

Tonight we have a performance of Hairspray and dd is Penny

Better go and get dressed.

Thank you for the welcome back. SC is that you SteamedCabbage? grin Love cabbage!!! grin

Trazzle - have been lurking on your thread. Many thoughts of you from here. and (((((hugs))))) Hope today is a good day for you and the family.

Morning of catching up with lots of paperwork, forms and boring things like that - hence the MN procrastinations!! grin DH is cramming in a lot of bike stroking, like morning noon and night at the moment - making up for a year of only being able to use a mountain bike and no chance of "whizzing" as he says! hmm

So far this morning I have been on a spending spree. Oooops!!
Bought a new laptop for DH to take back to Cambodia so that we can skype each other.
Bought a Kindle Fire HD. - woooooo go me!!!

Now need one of those jobs to pay for it. confused blush

I am officially going to be in holiday mode until Dh leaves me, so minimal housework - any excuse! I might stir myself enough to do some baking today.
One of the reasons I have returned home is so that I can do some of the caring for my mum, who has alzheimers, to relieve my dad, who is now ill, too. hmm But day off that duty today as Dsis is seeing them today (we will be sharing the work) so a little bit of relaxing is in order. I might even sit in the garden and top up mu vitamin D levels! wink All because of medicinal needs, obviously!

Honu Wed 10-Jul-13 09:17:15

A tad late for checking in to July but so.....

Lovely to 'see' you back PA but sorry about your mum.

Flying failing here recently - DH gradually getting worse, mainly partly because he won't take adequate care of himself, and I am getting angry and stressed because of this. The to-do list is so long I don't really have a valid strategy (or the energy) for tackling it and I'm typing this with the piles of urgent paperwork threatening to engulf the laptop.

So I'm off to make my 3rd cup of strong coffee this morning and write a list of the first 3 tasks I can think of. Do those while keeping a notepad beside me to write all the other tasks I keep thinking of that have not made it to the master to-do list so they don't hassle me. Stop after 15 mins, change task .... you know the drill.


CHBitchy Wed 10-Jul-13 09:32:43

Good luck honu
trazzles you are far braver then me. I won't even look at the shred never mind tackle it.
Good to have you back PA

Today I am suffering. Not with burn out but with Ear ache and swollen glands. Got a doctor's appointment for tomo (I love my doctors surgery they have the best appointment system!)

I have considered the stuff I need to be doing and decided that the only thing I will be doing will be to sort out the urgent paperwork and drink coffee/iced water. The rest can wait as have a busy day tomo and need to be able to tackle it. Hard when suffering some sort of bug in this heat.

To do:
find paperwork to deal with
boot up computer
create new uncorrupted email account
retype cv
log in the account that needs new email account
try not to die in heat/ fall asleep when should be working.

Actually I am lying there is also burn out in the mix. Ouch sad

Steamedcabbage Wed 10-Jul-13 09:36:53

Yes, it's me PA! We have missed you lots and lots. (My posts have been far too whingy!! grin) So pleased to hear the wedding went well!!! Sounds so lovely x Bet you are enjoying being back in your own kitchen aren't you without monsoon rains and potential electrocution to contend with? Very sorry to hear about your parents deteriorating health and good luck with the job search, but for now, hope you have a lovely - much deserved - day off today in the sun! [With intermittent pigeon sticking of course wink)

The very best of luck to your ds today Whoknows hope the operation goes well and that you are both not too stressed by it all x

Swan good luck with the family therapy and congratulations to your dd on her leading role! Hope the performance goes well for her!

Trazzles I cry at the mere thought of the Shred, never mind actually doing it!

Goth/Whoknows Ikea virtually the only furniture store here (30 mins away by car). Trouble is, all the furniture and curtains are too short for all the very tall houses here, so everyone has bookcases built up on plinths and curtains with wapping great borders sewn on the bottom! (I've just had to buy two of their bathroom blinds and am chopping one up to add to the other - yes - can't stand the newspaper on the bathroom windows any more!!)

That sounds like a tough schedule Pushme glad you are feeling better though

Wishing you courage with the Flying Bitchy - you'll get there - you did humungous amounts yesterday!

Wise words from Polkadot there - great to hear the system is working for you!

Waves to Ellie Blue Asheth Consils Jess Lauren Just Honu Feetheart Toffee and everyone I've missed!

I'm feeling much better today.

Was in bed for parts of yesterday recovering from gastro thing while the gardener was here and woke up in the afternoon to find it had all been done - like one of dd's "fairy transformations"!! Really looks so much better (they have trimmed loads of overgrown trees I couldn't reach and mulched everywhere). Terrace is three shades brighter instead of looking like an old pond! Only trouble is, I'm feeling guilty now for keeping the rabbits downstairs this morning while I get their outdoor run sorted. They've been used to being able to rampage freely and I don't want them to eat all the newly planted flowers before dd's birthday party! Hope not too much of a hardship for them though - they only really come out at dawn and dusk in this weather. And only temporary ...

Also, sister no. 1 has done some big sister diplomacy and db has now agreed that him and his family will sign anniv card if we all draw it which is underwhelming but better than nothing.

Ta da:
morning routine inc s&s, rabbits, wm, dw, dd off to morning art 'stage'
put 19 bags of garden rubbish out for Wednesday collection
phone friend about baby-sitting arrangements
catch up with this thread!
hang out loads of Ikea linen/net curtainy things to dry
wash next lot

To do:
more laundry
morning = sort out sewing materials and handbags in boudoir
wardrobe decluttering
lunch for dd
afternoon= sister's card painting + start dd's birthday party invitations

Better get on! Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

jesstheworstmum Wed 10-Jul-13 09:46:53

Morning everyone ! Trying to get my head round names and everything but getting all confused so I just hope everyone has a good day smile

Gotta go doctor this morning then I need to crack on with jobs in my kitchen

How is everyone

Steamedcabbage Wed 10-Jul-13 09:49:33

x posts

Sorry things are so tough for you Honu and continue to be so. I imagine that being someone's main carer must completely drain you of inner resources never mind time and energy and the ability to even think clearly. I would find any sort of organisation virtually impossible under those circumstances. Wishing you strength for it all flowers

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rotten Bitchy Hope the doctor can help flowers

Steamedcabbage Wed 10-Jul-13 09:52:05

Waves to Jess good luck at docs!

elliepac Wed 10-Jul-13 10:18:39

Morning all.

Yay pasmilesmile. Lovely to see you and have you back.

Can some lovely person please post links for me as was out v late last night due to a friend's crisis. Up late this morning and now posting on phone at work (mumsnet filtered here.....must be all the swearing chb doeswinkgrin). Can't do links on phone.

Sorry to be crap leader.

Back to work.

CHBitchy Wed 10-Jul-13 13:00:30

Who sir me sir? grin

Had a bit of a fail with the to do list. fell asleep for an hour but can turn most of the to do into ta da so all is not lost.

Ta Da
find paperwork to deal with
boot up computer
create new uncorrupted email account
retype cv
log in the account that needs new email account
take an hours nap
sort out the installation of firefox and ditch pesky IE i know been meaning to do it for ages and just not got around to it

Just got ten mins of so before i need to head out to a meeting. Some serious thinking is required but meh. Pass the coffee